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This Week In Crazy: January 25 Edition

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This Week In Crazy: January 25 Edition


Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the wildest attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5: Ted Yoho

Freshman representative Ted Yoho (R-FL), a Tea Party-backed veterinarian who shocked 12-term incumbent Cliff Stearns in the 2012 Republican primary, could best be described as “eccentric.

In an interview with Florida political blog The Shark Tank over the weekend, however, Yoho’s opposition to gun safety laws veered sharply into crazy territory.

“On guns, [my constituents] were saying that the sentiment, when you read the Second Amendment, is that the militia had the same equipment as the military to protect them against the tyrannical government,” Yoho said. “I think it’s more important today than ever that we uphold our Second Amendment.”

Of course, as Scott Keyes points out at Think Progress, the modern military features far deadlier weaponry than it did during the Constitutional convention — and there’s a very good reason that all citizens can’t have access to landmines, rocket launchers, and other deadly weapons. If you have any doubt, just imagine Ted Yoho with a nuke.

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. Daniel Jones January 25, 2013

    You know it’s bad when the Congressional aides struggle to keep from laughing at you in open session.

  2. Dominick Vila January 25, 2013

    What Yoho doesn’t know, or ignores, is that what his constituents are demanding has nothing to do with a well regulated militia, such as the National Guard. What they want is arsenals, including assault weapons and high capacity magazines to have the freedom to kill fellow Americans they don’t like or disagree with.
    For obvious reasons, the NRA wants us to believe that the root cause of all the tragedies we have endured for decades involves mental illness, the reality is that the root cause for the violence that takes place in every town and city in America every single day is the availability of guns. Violent crime would not be eradicated is guns were not available, but the scope of the crime would be greatly reduced. We can run away or disarm a man with a knife, we can’t get very far from a man shooting a semi-automatic weapon with clips large enough to kill a dozen people without having to reload. That’s the problem.
    Some of the tragedies we have endured were, indeed, caused by people afflicted by mental disorders, but few of them purchased the guns they used to kill their victims. Those guns were purchased by people that have no mental problems, other than supine ignorance.
    The man that killed people at the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin was not crazy, that is, unless we decide to categorize ignorance, racism and hatred as a type of mental illness.
    Let’s not forget that nobody is proposing taking handguns or hunting rifles away from people. What is being proposed is the same thing Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush proposed: banning assault weapons, high capacity magazines, more stringent background checks, greater responsibility by gun owners, and improvements in mental healthcare. Such proposal has nothing to do with the Soviet Union, where the average citizen could not own any type of weapon, it is all about common sense laws and personal/social responsibility.

    1. latebloomingrandma January 25, 2013

      Not to mention that the Soviet Union dissolved 20 years ago. You would think a United States Congressman would know that.

    2. Dukester January 25, 2013

      Just follow the money. The NRA is basically an arm of the gun manufacturers, who only want to sell more guns. Consequently they will sow fear & paranoia at every turn, as well as using the second amendment, in order to make any weapon as easily available as possible. The sad fact is that there over 200 million guns already out there and so even if these assault weapon & background check proposals are passed it is unlikely to help much. That is not to say we shouldn’t try.

  3. Daniel Jones January 25, 2013

    Dear (un)Representative Broun:

    He’s black, and he’s your President.

    I know you’re this anti-science guy that barges into the Science Committee, but just because you’re a walking, talking, farting , living contradiction in terms does not mean you can deny things hard enough to turn Barack Obama white.

    Get. Over. It.


    1. ObozoMustGo January 25, 2013

      Uhhhh… dumbass…. Obozo is as much white as he is black. Haven’t you ever seen that tramp he calls a mother? I know you racists don’t like to admit that Obozo is white, but he is.

      You can go back to your crack pipe now.

      Have a nice high!

      “I am afraid that there is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public.” – Booker T. Washington

      1. Pat Brown January 25, 2013

        You call a woman you don’t know, the mother of the President of the United States — duly elected by a majority, both in the popular vote and the electoral college — a tramp? How low can you get. BTW, Obama is biracial.

        1. ObozoMustGo January 25, 2013

          ohhh… that’s right… Stanley Anne Dunham was the mother of your messiah, wasn’t she? My bad!!!!

          [click image to enlarge]


          Have a nice day!

          1. RonaldS January 25, 2013

            You are really stupid. Ignorance is correctable but in your case stupidy will be forever.

          2. onedonewong January 25, 2013

            I know you are but what am I???

          3. Bill January 25, 2013

            Bozo I thought you at least had some class. If Obama’s mother is a slut then what is the drunken whore who gave birth to a piece of shit like you. You are always so brave and tough behind your alias why not use your name you little coward

          4. onedonewong January 25, 2013

            What’s yours???

          5. smilelaugh January 25, 2013

            You are really stupid and the sad thing is that you cannot recognize your stupidity

          6. patuxant January 25, 2013

            You have stooped to such a low level it is difficult to take you seriously now.

          7. ObozoMustGo January 25, 2013

            Sshhhhhh….. quiet Puxy…. I’m just throwing a few grenades around an otherwise boring topic. Don’t tell anyone. 🙂

            See you later, Puxy! Here’s one of my own……

            “Rule of thumb… never trust what comes from the mouth of a socialist politician. They are only lying to you so they can spend other people’s money to build up their own power base and bureaucracy.” – ObozoMustGo

          8. patuxant January 25, 2013

            You are such a card!

          9. Steve Sapp January 26, 2013

            I guess you are blind to what the republicans are doing. let me give you a list they have already spent everyone social security, they want to privitize everything so they can rob you some more. They ran the economy in the ditch when Bush was in office. Pull your head out of you butt. Obozo must stay.

        2. Anthony Ray Little January 25, 2013

          Ah but there is a history about Obamas mother. There is even nude pictures of her and the men she slept with. Obamas real father lived in Chicago. You need to see the video about Frank Marshal Davis or see his early pictures and tell me if that looks like Obama or that poor shmuch they labeled as the father. Theres plenty we dont know about whats really going on so actually none of us can put much clout in our words and what we think we know. ***See my other response to Daniel Browns post here***

          1. Anthony Ray Little January 25, 2013

            Correction* My response to Daniel Jones 🙂

          2. JUDITH January 25, 2013

            OMG!! Who cares?? Have you people no other life? Gossipy little girls, all of you!

          3. htophet January 25, 2013

            Anthony Ray and ObozoMustGo dumbass, must be swapping spit or reading their daily fix-news memo’s, it is truly a wonder the federal government ever let the southern whites rule after the civil war. This couple here are a perfect example why abortion should be encouraged more often, at least for racists pigs. But nothing slows down stupid people, reason is not an option in dealing with them, common sense, equality all they know is, as long as racism is form of currency in white trailer trash culture these guys will have a hole to poop in, ans stupid people to converse with, in their special language.

        3. Lord_Reaper January 25, 2013

          He can’t get any lower and seeing that he has NO Brains and doesn’t know who his mother is (probably a republicon crack whore) he sits all day wondering how the heck he got on this earth. If you noticed, he cannot even write or speak in a complete sentence! Now, what does that tell you?

          1. onedonewong January 25, 2013

            Barak tries and he’s colored so give him a break

        4. onedonewong January 25, 2013

          Have you seen his father??? The previous poster was absolutely correct in his assessment of barak’s tramp mother

      2. ranuker January 25, 2013

        Your anger permeates your comment but it does not overshadow your bigotry, there is a group in this Nation in which you are a perfect fit it’s called the KKK. Your party lost and lost bad this last election and it was not only a beating but an ass kicking and a referendum to the likes of you, get over it and suck it up and so you have time to take a deep breath in 2016 Hillary Clinton will become the first woman to be elected as president.

        1. Anthony Ray Little January 25, 2013

          KKK? You mean as in the KKK for which your own party was a member? Senator Byrd -Democrat Did you know that Martin Luther King was a God fearing registered Republican? And Abe Lincoln-Republican freed the slaves? Blacks in America are being deceived for their vote. HOW TO KNOW? Watch what people do and not say and do your own homework for facts,unless its easier to repeat others. TV is corrupt look in other places. God bless and i hope the best for all of us.

          1. Hillbilly January 25, 2013

            The only reason Lincoln freed the slaves(freed only in the South) was to keep the South from making money from the cotton they were selling to Great Britian. Read the history books and you will find in most of them that Lincoln when he was elected had no plan to free the slaves just to keep slavery out of the new states and territories and that he freed the slaves to help the North win the war, thinking that all the slaves would turn against their owners and kill the Confederate soldiers for him thus ending the war. The people in the South started the Civil War because they had believed the lies told by some that Lincoln would free all the slaves if elected when all he had wanted to do was to stop the spread of slavery. Just like there are many people today that believe the lie that Obama wants to take everyone’s gun away. One of the largest group of people in the KKK during the time period of 1914-1935 was Republicans in the Northern states, men born and raised in the North. Learn your history and you will find out that at different times there were the same amount or if not more Republicans in the clan as the Democrats.

          2. ranuker January 25, 2013

            OK Anthony let’s take these atrocities one at a time: Robert Byrd, the longest-serving senator in U.S. history, held the Klux Klan’s title of Exalted Cyclops these titles, while odd to the modern ear, were in line with fraternal organizations of the time. Members of the Masons, the forefathers of the fraternal-order movement,
            aspire to be Worshipful Masters or Senior Wardens. The Lamb’s Club, which first appeared in the U.S. in 1874, is headed by a Shepherd and a Boy. When the Shriners formed in 1870, their leaders were styled the Potentate and the Chief Rabban. The Klan that is affiliated today with the Tea Party and the Ultra Right Wing is a totally different animal.
            Martin Luther King was NOT a Republican, weighing Martin Luther King’s niece’s claim against King’s son’s, Honey’s and Garrow’s, and Goings’ speculation that he might have had to register as a Republican even though he always voted the Democratic ticket, it seems that the preponderance of the evidence shows that a claim that Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican is simply False.
            And finally the Great Emancipator Abraham Lincoln was almost the Great Colonizer: Newly released documents show that to a greater degree than historians had previously known, President Lincoln laid the groundwork to ship freed slaves overseas to help prevent racial strife in the U.S.
            Lincoln could not envision a biracial democracy, Lincoln’s public actions were “the way to sugarcoat the emancipation pill” for Northerners. the American Colonization Society already had organized efforts to ship thousands of black Americans to Africa to the colony of Liberia, and the debate over colonization raged even within the black community. So in essence it was you are no longer a slave but get the hell out of the U.S.
            Now please put down the Tea Party Kool Aid because it seems you have overdosed and switch to another channel that is not Fox News. Bye the way keep the faith, HILLARY 2016.

          3. Steve Sapp January 26, 2013

            And you think the republican voter is not being lied to wow talk about having blinders on. The rebublicans are the biggest liars ever. Do some fact checks.

      3. awakenaustin January 25, 2013

        You understand Booker T. Washington was talking about guys like you. As long as race bias occurs, in whatever form it takes, it allows those, who have no claim to any kind of specialness, room in which to claim they obtain some kind of superiority by virtue of their skin color and ancestry. It must be incredibly terrifying to live in that small cramped place you call your life.

        1. ObozoMustGo January 25, 2013

          leave it to comaboy to completely bastardize a quote. Hey moron… yeah, you comaboy…. BTW is talking about race hustlers like Sharpton and Jackson. He even recognized those types of lowlife bums back then. No doubt you are the same type of lowlife.

          Have a nice day!

          “Everybody has asked the question. . .”What shall we do with the Negro?” I have had but one answer from the beginning. Do nothing with us! Your doing with us has already played the mischief with us. Do nothing with us! If the apples will not remain on the tree of their own strength, if they are worm eaten at the core, if they are early ripe and disposed to fall, let them fall! I am not for tying or fastening them on the tree in any way, except by nature’s plan, and if they will not stay there, let them fall. And if the Negro cannot stand on his own legs, let him fall also. All I ask is, give him a chance to stand on his own legs! Let him alone!” — Frederick Douglass

          1. awakenaustin January 25, 2013

            Sometimes your meanness and the narrow minded hatefulness of your offerings in this forum anger me, but most of the time I feel only this deep pity for you. I can only imagine the incredibly heavy burden your ignorance has placed on you.
            If you think somehow it gives sustenance to your beliefs, then you clearly don’t understand the quote you have taken from or offered on Frederick Douglas’ behalf either. Keep venting, otherwise your head might just explode.

          2. patuxant January 25, 2013

            You know nothing about Douglass…Stop your quoting others and use your own wits.

          3. MARK January 25, 2013

            He had a good chance to learn about Douglas all this month on the PBS program about the abolitionist movement.But it probably goes against his grain to watch anything educational.

      4. Rik Tee January 25, 2013

        What the FU$% is wrong with you [ DIPPSH!T ] ????? [ You ] sound like a total A$$HOLE with your “stupid” sh!t comments and assessment of EVERYTHING !!! You, Mr D!ckhead,….. are [ just ] as ignorant as Sarah & her TEA POT jerk-offs !!!! GET A LIFE PUSS FACE !!!


      5. Bill January 25, 2013

        Talk about racism Bozo the Idiot didn’t you accuse Obama of being a racist and ignoring the White people of Coney Island after Sandy. That statement show your ignorance on 2 counts – one that there are a large # of white people in Coney Island and that Obama is considered half black and half white by your right wing crowd. You can go back to you PBR beer and wild turkey. Now go back to your room, your mommy told us she needs some more of her special medicine to dealt with you.

      6. JUDITH January 25, 2013

        What in God’s name is wrong with you?

      7. htophet January 25, 2013

        ObozoMustGo dumbass, bet your tramp momma looks just like a slut as well, huh? You grease balls all have one major problem, you got your asses kicked in the 1860’s and in 150 years you still have not gotten over it yet. This northerner whose families owned property in South Carolina and Virgina, we always loved the country, but the only persons living their that were not 6th grade drop-outs were the Afro-Americans, could not even understand the language the whites were using. Like the gop-teabaggets-kkk your days are numbered, because the next generation will wake up one morning and force out of office as many sick culturally hung up persons so the states can make some money now that the feds will no longer being carrying the welfare states, the red states! So keep displaying your stupidity ObozoMustGo dumbass, and we are laughing at you and yours, not with you, so you will know what an american insult is, out-front and plain in your face :):)

      8. jebediah123 January 25, 2013

        Obozo, you crazy son-of-a-bitch!! You’ve become a disappointment to me because you just haven’t made yourself available for a face to face meeting. I wrote in this forum once before that I would like to meet you personally and would you please leave information about where I could locate you.

        There are a few things I would like to discuss with you personally. Thanks, Jeb

    2. Anthony Ray Little January 25, 2013

      Still pulling the race card eh’ Did you know that Martin Luther King was a registered Republican? Does the blacks that are strongly supporting the Democrats know that senator Byrd was a KKK member? Not to mention Lincoln freed the slaves and he was what? REPUBLICAN !
      This myth about Republicans being for the rich and the Democrats are the middle and low class’s only hope is a joke(all for the sake of the vote) A recent survey was done that found out that the richest politicians in Washington are Democrats while also finding that the least giving (donations ect.)are also Democrats. So people need to stop regurgitating what others say and start doing their own homework… PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT PEOPLE DO AND NOT SAY.
      Yes both sides have their arguments and points but step back and look at the things that truly matter. Obama’s top 2 things mentioned at the inauguration were about things at the bottom of the list in a national survey of what matters the most right now. Global warming,guns. The top 2 that matters to people right now is: #1 Strengthen economy #2 Jobs . In fact the things Obama talked were least concerning right now and not 1thing about our real concerns?
      ARE YOU atheist ? Did you know that Obama cancelled the national day of prayer this past year at the white house siting it might offend some while allowing 5,000 Muslims to gather and pray at capital hill in 09? Did you know while speaking at a Christian university a few months back that Obama asked for a picture to the word Jesus to be covered up 1st? THIS IS AMERICA AND CHRISTIANITY IS OUR CHOSEN RELIGION. Yes everyone has a choice of who they worship and what they believe in but something terrible is happening when we only criticize our homeland religion and allow and up hold foreign beliefs.
      DID YOU KNOW that Obama was sworn in on the koran while in Illinois and magically switched to Abes bible when President?

      1. jmConn January 25, 2013

        What an idiot…check SNOPES.

        MLK was not a Republican and Obama did not cancel National prayer day. In fact a group did try to stop the practice of the President declaring a national day of prayer and the Obama administration defended the practice in court. Obama was not sworn in as a state senator in Illinois using a Koran.

        Per Fact Check, the covering up of the letters IHS was done for cosmetic purposes and that symbol remained repeated all around the room where the speech was given at Georgetown University. Fact Check also notes that the President referred to Jesus’ sermon on the mount is his speech that day.

        And yes, Robert Byrd was a member of the KKK at one time but repudiated the group later in life.

        How about getting your facts straight and stop regurgitating what you hear from Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, etc? These things are so easy to find out.

      2. JUDITH January 25, 2013

        You are simply too stupid to even be able to think.

      3. jebediah123 January 26, 2013

        Take your “christian” bullshit and shove it up “you know where”.

    3. fidel January 25, 2013

      When you are sure ,who you are ,is not Necessary change Color.You are sure who you are? Sincerely Real American.

  4. Robert M January 25, 2013

    Now this is the same Ted Nugent who shit himself to avoid the legal draft in the sixties right? WTG Ted, fling crap at our enemies.

    1. amazonfan January 25, 2013

      Like all the war-mongers, he’s nothing but a chickenhawke.

      1. jimmy w January 25, 2013

        thats heavy on the chicken part

  5. Heriberto R Montalvo January 25, 2013

    All of these people that talk a lot of crap are cowards and they do a lot of shooting where they know they aren’t going to get shot back. Want to use your pathetic guns why not join the war that’s going on. But I guess these jerks don’t have the nerves to do so.All they can do is open their stinky bad breath mouth to try to scare people.But, if you want war go ahead we are waiting just don’t open your mouth for nothing. Jail is full of fools like these jerks that they know where to sing and where not to sing.

  6. trudy January 25, 2013

    I think Ted Nugent smoked to much POT and his brain is completely dead. He should crawl back under the rock he came from and stay there. Along with Sen. Ted Yoho of Florida!!!

    1. Fern Woodfork January 25, 2013

      Hey Trudy It Was Not Just Pot This One Hit Wonder Drug Addict Was Smoking Throw In Some Crack, Snort In Some Coke, Meth And Some Heroin Now You Got The Picture!!!

      1. onedonewong January 25, 2013

        Thank you comment I wasn’t aware that baraks use of drugs was that extensive

        1. htophet January 25, 2013

          onedonewong, funny name, do not think any Oriental would appreciate this kind of crap spewing from rednecks, they, Orientals seem to possess a conscious mind. Never heard any of you racists so called truth seekers speaking of bush’s treason exposing a CIA agent, a more honorable person then he was, as we all know bush [twig] was a deserter. Does do my heart good to see you righties with your tights in a snag . This 66 year old veteran would rather my government turn the useless southern red states into parking lots, as the people who live in those states have never acted like americans, can not see why their allowed to vote? While I am sure not all racists are southerners you can be sure one was near at hand while they were growing up and was spoon fed stories of the great confederacy, insurrectionists, or in Yankee terminology, mere traitors killing american troops! Fine another handle and get some brains, maybe read a printed newspaper harping about college drug use is lame as yourself . Children are also not allowed on adult sites, so if your not 11 take the insults, if your 11 or younger get help!

          1. Billy Linebarger January 25, 2013

            Mr. Htophet. I live in the south (Arkansas) I can testify with some authority that You are 100% right! I live here and I was born here, I am ashamed of the ignorant (conservitives) people who live here. The ignorance that is so profound here should disallow the morons who make this a Red state should NOT be allowed to vote. In doing so they make it more difficult for sane folks to keep
            our flag waving proudly over our great Democracy!!!

          2. Anthony Ray Little January 26, 2013

            You must be atheist then? Everything the Democrat party does is anti God.. #1 for Gays #2 taking a vote at the dnc convention to have God removed from their platform. #3 Obama asked a couple months back for a picture or name of Jesus to be covered up before he spoke at a religious school or university. The list goes on and on if you care to look ?

          3. Independent1 January 26, 2013

            If you’re a true lover of the GOP then you’re as anti-Christian as it gets. You can’t point out on thing about the GOP that is Christian _ certainly not the love of money which is the mantra of the party – certainly not judging other people
            which is about the only thing they know how to do – and certainly not the other party mantra that it’s ALL ABOUT ME!!! Everything, and I mean everything that stinking party stands for is anti Christian!!!!

          4. onedonewong January 26, 2013

            A vet?? I’m sure combat vets would appreciate the crap spewing from deserters who spent their time in Canada as you did. No one was “exposed” a CIA agent, the hubby and wife have had their days in court and were told to go home or don’t you have a newspaper where you live. W was a deserted…thank you Dan Rather for your documents from Bizzaro world, sounds like you and barak toke the same stuff.
            Lets remember that Lincoln should have been tried as a war criminal. There was ZERO justification for the civil war. States voluntarily joined the union and were free to leave..there was nothing in the constitution to prevent it..hence Lincoln was a war criminal and was rightly dispatched by Booth

      2. htophet January 25, 2013

        Fern , Ted Nugent in this 66 year old veterans world, when younger, only could remember one songs [but not now] and then people found out he was really an asshole and only the tattooed, acid head, skin heads, teabaggets and all Benedict Arnold fan clubs members found him great, as their was no one else so revolting, so they made him their poster boy! Did your Mom ever warn you would be judged by the company you keep? Don’t believe Ted’s feet have touched the ground since around 1982! So while your list of drugs seemed to short you know Ted, or at least his crowd! Good for you, keep at it, the dumb-asses are real thin skinned, so every-time you see something to remark about this group of utter barbarians, stop and do your thing! And thanks!

        1. Gerald Larey January 26, 2013

          And keep in mind how many times and WHO he appears with on Faux Snooze…..THAT should help in the credibility dept. ‘_’

        2. 48militaryman January 27, 2013

          He isn’t a Veteran, or were you talking about someone else?

          1. htophet January 29, 2013

            Of course not, nobody could serve with such a scumbag, we did have a few good old boys who use to act like that, they never got old enough to vote in 1960’s. As a veteran I always make sure these civilians know that on these sites, so when I go off in their face over some redneck dumbass BS they can blame that. Glad to see someone is watching these sites, the rednecks have teams they pay to try and write on these sites, since 2007 I have been monitoring many sites, some even righties looking for similar writing styles. They are almost as clueless in writing as their politics are to understand on any issue. Be well brother…

      3. Anthony Ray Little January 26, 2013

        I guess you never paid attention to Obummer’s own admission in the book(dreams of my father) that some one else wrote for him: I smoked pot enthusiastically << his own words but invisible to the zombie followers of him. When will you people start watching what he does(and not what the news says) and watch what he does(via internet & other sources)? Martin Luther King Jr.was a Registered Republican and Abe Lincoln freed the slaves. Was these men dumb? Black America is being deceived for their vote. Vote morals and what seems right. Unless your atheist or for Gays and the dismantling of America? The internet is full of truths if you truly care to know? And i do mean facts like how Obama incorrectly put his birth year on his OWN facebook page.. start youtubing all the blunders and hidden facts surrounding this man…. There is powerful people in the world and Obama is their puppet . His own words to the coal industry was: You can have it but it will bankrupt you. And as we speak the EPA's regulations is shutting them down all over. He gives great speeches but the things he's doing behind the scenes is crippling jobs by 10's of thousands.

        1. htophet January 27, 2013

          Man you and onedongwong are pretty much on auto pilot when it comes to fix-news memo-memory, would say you get more points, don”t think you left one stupid accusation out, he left quite a few. The assumption Obama smoked pot was known before he was a city organizer, even puritanical bush smoked, and Clinton was an admitted hippy, none of which was against the law or had any effect on three re-elected Presidents. As far as MLK he spoke out against all parties to bigotry, never really considered him a party person, he was issue orientated. [would not have cared either] Trying to exclude groups from the matrix of America is a contradiction to our Constitutional goal of all men be equal, being gay, deserters, atheist is a plantation mentality surfacing again. It is what separates the gop from the United States, they are not on-board with democratic principles, or secular democracy and is the reason that once the education level goes back up a little more the gop will be retired. That it is only a matter of a few years as the threat you teabags represent and the problems you bring just to interfere with the operation of our country can not be tolerated much longer. Your party can not be trusted, you have no useful ideas to contribute . It is obvious you people only read what your told, but the debt was almost 13 trillion when this guy came into a absolutely destroyed government. After a deliberate, coordinated, orchestrated attack for 8 years by corporate, bank, gop collusion, by treason, fraud and selling off of everything not nailed down. When the red states finally come back, if they ever come back it will not be under gop control, as they are still fighting any effort to help their people by lies and distortions so this AfricanAmercian president has little success! That is as it should be, one of you is going loose big time, it is going to be the gop, so their anger is understood. But you did cover most issues, that proves you are at least paying attention, unlike most righties.

        2. 48militaryman January 27, 2013

          How old are you? You just know all? I bet no one can tell you anything. You just said puppets? Holy crap, I will stop here. You are just to pure!

    2. onedonewong January 25, 2013

      There is no question that barak was a drug dealer in college and its affected his ability to think and reason

    3. grammyjill January 25, 2013

      Those are the kinds of people that really shouldn’t be able to get even a bb gun!

    4. Reed Tweadon January 28, 2013

      FRom what I now, Ted is crazy without drugs. He is straight edge crazy

  7. Dave Scott January 25, 2013

    Gutless draft dodger and dead beat father. His middle name is “Asshole”.

  8. Eleanore Whitaker January 25, 2013

    Why would any educated Americans pay any attention to Ted Nugent? This guy is lapping up attention he can only get by making outrageous statements. How close is that to mental illness? Pretty close. We treat individuals who go around making dangerous statements we know other equally dangerous individuals cling to.

    Nugent is a perfect example of a bullying, right wing conservative narcissist. The world revolves around him. That makes him a tad off in mental balance.

    1. highpckts January 25, 2013

      And since we all know Ted Nugent is nuts, why is he allowed to own guns???

      1. JUDITH January 25, 2013

        That’s the real question, Highpckts. Problem is, you won’t hear the gun-nuts call him nuts! Isn’t that ironic? They want to blame this violence with guns on mental illness, but fail to see the insanity in the supposed reasoning they all use to fight any changes whatsoever.

  9. stcroixcarp January 25, 2013

    Isn’t Nugent advocating treason?

    1. latebloomingrandma January 25, 2013

      What I don’t get about the Nugent types of the NRA, who feel the need to build personal armories to protect themselves from “gov’t tyranny”—besides being the height of paranoia, it smacks of insurrection, which IS in the Constitution. And how is this different than what Bill Ayers and the Weathermen of the ’60’s were doing? They felt the Viet Nam War was unjust and were pushing back on what they saw as a tyrannical government policy, so they phoned in bomb scares so people would evacuate the buildings before the bomb went off. I am NOT defending what they did. They were rightly called acts of domestic terrorism. But they were acting against the gov’t. How is today’s hue and cry to gather armaments against our evil government different than that which was done in the ’60’s? Both are acts of anarchy or insurrection. Otherwise, the NRA should be holding up Ayers as a champion instead of tying his old acts to a 6 year old Barack Obama, to prove he is “un-American”. Can’t have it both ways, folks..

  10. Tessa Strickland Morgan January 25, 2013

    What a bunch of “wack jobs”!!!! If it wasn’t so sad that grown men could even entertain these thoughts, let along voice them, I would be laughing all the way to the bank!!

  11. MARK January 25, 2013

    Ted,Ted,Ted,You never learned to stop playing in the cat box and you refuse to stop eating moose turd pie.Now look at you.You are not fit to go anywhere other than a roadhouse bar and you will most likely die at your own hands.Along with your guitar,you are out of tune!

  12. Alan Hutchinson January 25, 2013

    For both Yoho and Nugent: Suck lead Ted

  13. montanabill January 25, 2013

    I’d put Beck and Broun on my list, right after Feinstein and Hillary.

    1. highpckts January 25, 2013

      Montanabill – you seem to be just like the nutty people we re posting about! I bet you think you are in good company!! LOLYou fit right in with all those whack jobs!!

  14. ROBERT C HASTINGS January 25, 2013

    What this idiot fails to understand (must have slept through this history lesson) is that the militia WAS the military during the Revolution. Like typical Republicans, he is living in a past that exists only in some parallel universe.

    1. labrown69 January 25, 2013

      No, the militia was most certainly NOT a standing Federal Army. Someone needs to go back to history class and it aint this screwball right winger. Some of us who are socially liberal still honor the truth and the truth is the 2nd amendment DOES protect our right to the private ownership of reasonable firearms. We don’t need 100 round pancake magazines and armor piercing rounds but we are entitled to semi automatic weapons to defend our homes and a literal reading of the second amendment says just what he said it does, that we are entitled to the same weapons as a standing army.

      1. highpckts January 25, 2013

        Labrown69 – Not in the ORIGINAL amendment!!

        1. labrown69 January 25, 2013

          WHAT PART OF “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” IS CONFUSING TO YOU? The only way to disclaim the obvious intent of the framers in the 2nd is to lie:

          “The right of the people to keep and bear arms has been recognized by the General Government; but the best security of that right after all is, the military spirit, that taste for martial exercises, which has always distinguished the free citizens of these States….Such men form the best barrier to the liberties of America” – (Gazette of the United States, October 14, 1789.)

          “No Free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.” (Thomas Jefferson, Proposal Virginia Constitution, 1 T. Jefferson Papers, 334,[C.J.Boyd, Ed., 1950])

          “The right of the people to keep and bear…arms shall not be infringed. A well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the best and most natural defense of a free country…” (James Madison, I Annals of Congress 434 [June 8, 1789])

          “A militia, when properly formed, are in fact the people themselves…and include all men capable of bearing arms.” (Richard Henry Lee, Additional Letters from the Federal Farmer (1788) at 169)

          “What, Sir, is the use of a militia? It is to prevent the establishment of a standing army, the bane of liberty…. Whenever Governments mean to invade the rights and liberties of the people, they always attempt to destroy the militia, in order to raise an army upon their ruins.” (Rep. Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts, spoken during floor debate over the Second Amendment [ I Annals of Congress at 750 {August 17, 1789}])

          “…to disarm the people – that was the best and most effectual way to enslave them.” (George Mason, 3 Elliot, Debates at 380)


          1. highpckts January 25, 2013

            Well you managed to quote everything BUT the 2nd amendment! I don’t care what they “meant”. It’s how it was written that matters!

          2. adriancrutch January 25, 2013

            In this day & age, living in a M1A Abrams main battle tank ain’t safe! I think the problem with these people is FEAR! Their just pussies or glory dreamers. Nugent’s a Hypocrite,But I have to ADMIT VIETNAM WAS JUST A CARPETBAGGERS WAR AS IS WHAT WERE SEEING NOW! I was going to enlist in the marines& my oldman talked me out of it!

          3. labrown69 January 25, 2013

            Let’s be honest highpckts – you don’t want to hear the entire amendment .. you want to play weasel games with what a “well regulated militia” might be but you don’t want to know about the part that says “the right of THE PEOPLE to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Any honest reading of writings and debates leading up to the final language makes perfectly clear that the very intent and spirit of the 2nd was that a militia NOT BE ANY GOVERNMENT ENTITY.

          4. JUDITH January 25, 2013

            What has the right to bear arms got to do with banning assault rifles, large magazines, background checks? None of you ever answer this. Of course yesterday Newtie said it best; what next? That’s a real intelligent response!

          5. labrown69 January 25, 2013

            The fact that you run these issues together demonstrates up front the difficulty of having a meaningful national dialogue. I think most of us support background checks at gun shows and closing the obvious loopholes even though it will have no impact in our life time as this horse is way out of the barn. As for ‘assault rifles’ the problem is and I’m sure this will go in one ear and out the other, there is no such thing. “Assault weapon” is a meaningless rhetorical political term. For every rifle that is called an assault weapon there is a counterpart that is the exact same gun functionally that is used for hunting and legitimate purposes unless you think painting a gun green makes it more dangerous. Nobody can tell you what an assault weapon might be. Is it all semi automatic weapons? Is it any rifle that has a military design regardless of magazine capacity? We can not discuss this unless we discuss among those who understand what they are talking about and discuss it honestly. I would never give up my right to defend my home and that includes semi-automatic weapons however I support background checks under all circumstances and I support getting rid of huge clips, large capacity magazines and armor piercing rounds etc. I have never felt deprived because I can’t legally buy a shoulder fired missal but we must have a rational debate and the US will never be England.

  15. ROBERT C HASTINGS January 25, 2013

    There is something to be said for using abortion to halt the transmission to future generations of mental illness already carried in the family. Looks like his father failed to weigh that possibility.

  16. labrown69 January 25, 2013

    And these loony tunes believe that Obama is trying to “obliterate” the Republican Party. They are really that stupid. They rave like super models coming down from meth amphetamine and then wonder why people think they are having a psychotic break. Sweet. Keep up the good work kids.

  17. ROBERT C HASTINGS January 25, 2013

    I wonder how Glen Beck would like this one – as a result of a rampant conspiracy of the NRA and the gun lobby and gun manufacturers, the children at Sandy Hook were sacrificed for the greater good of gun owners.

  18. beaumisty January 25, 2013

    Ted Nugent should be investigated for threats against the US. He has gone bat shit crazy. His mental health should be questioned. He could be the next mass murderer. He’s the type of person who should not be aloud to own any weapons and to think I used to like this guy back in the day. I went to his concerts back then, what a mistake. The money I paid for tickets back then helped this maniac buy his weapons..

  19. highpckts January 25, 2013

    Numbnuts, there was a militia because there was no “military”!

  20. highpckts January 25, 2013

    Ted, aren’t you talking treason?? Why hasn’t he been arrested?? At the least, he suggested this idea to someone is a little more unbalanced as him!!

  21. Pat Phillips January 25, 2013

    Where do these squirrels come from,and why do people even want to listen? This is a crazy world…we don’t need nutcases with platforms………

  22. highpckts January 25, 2013

    Rand Paul – Who elected to him?? Is that the IQ level of his district? OMG that’s scary!!

  23. highpckts January 25, 2013

    Glen Beck is certifiable!! Nuff said!

    1. adriancrutch January 25, 2013

      Those glenn beck JEANS are the schiltz!

  24. highpckts January 25, 2013

    They’re ALL nuts!!!

  25. Alex McIntosh January 25, 2013

    I think I will not waste my breath on these people.

  26. feeeo January 25, 2013

    The Republicans are all crazy.

  27. feeeo January 25, 2013

    This guy makes the rest of the Republicans look (almost) sane.

  28. sleeprn01 January 25, 2013

    A couple of questions:
    1) Why is Ted Nugent still freely walking around? This is not the first time that he has threatened revolution and to do harm to President Obama!

    2) Should the sanity of any of these knuckle heads be considered before they are allowed to purchase a gun? I distrust these individuals more than than someone under psychiatric care. This group of 5 should not even be allowed to buy a pop gun let alone an assault rifle!

    3) Can someone please ask Mr. Yoho if he can get me my own rocket firing drone so I can send it to Ted Nugents house…locked &loaded?

  29. rothgar January 25, 2013

    I can go along with the Militia having the same weapons as the Regular Army PROVIDED they are handled like Militia Weapons were handled at the time the Constitution was written in a guarded and controlled Central Facility (an ARMORY if you will) like the one in Williamsburg or the one in Harpers Ferry.

  30. jimmy w January 25, 2013

    hey nugent i got buddies too, but they’re not made of paper. and what idiot gave you that stupid hat?

  31. rothgar January 25, 2013

    Actually cheif the Militia was a BIG PART of the US Military up until the 1903 Militia Act which renamed these Militia the National Guard.

    In the War of 1812 Baltimore was saved from British Occupation by 4 regiments of the Maryland Militia who slowed British Ground Forces in the Battle of North Point. We get the Star Spangled Banner from the Naval Bombardment that the Brits resorted to when their ground forces were repulsed.

    Review your Civil War history and you will find vestages of the Militia in the naming of the units in that war. My ancestors served in the 1st or 2nd Vermont Regiments which played a major role in resisting Lee’s flanking attack at the Fishhook at Gettyburg.

    The 1903 Militia Act also includes a group called the unorganized militia made up of able bodied MEN aged 17-45.

    Theoretically, as CIC President Obama, could require all members of the unorganized militia to turn in their weapons for Militia upgrades, storage and deny weapons to all others on pain of incareration in Leavenworth under the UCMJ. No way this would happen but an honest reading of the 2nd Amendment and 1903 Militia Act make it possible.

    I agree that the militia has the need to have the same weapons but Militia kept their weapons in a centralized Armory as does the Regular Army.

  32. rothgar January 25, 2013

    Actually, the Militia was a BIG PART of the US Military up until the 1903 Militia Act which renamed these Militia the National Guard.

    In the War of 1812 Baltimore was saved from British Occupation by 4 regiments of the Maryland Militia who slowed British Ground Forces in the Battle of North Point. We get the Star Spangled Banner from the Naval Bombardment that the Brits resorted to when their ground forces were repulsed.

    Review your Civil War history and you will find vestages of the Militia in the naming of the units in that war. My ancestors served in the 1st or 2nd Vermont Regiments which played a major role in resisting Lee’s flanking attack at the Fishhook at Gettyburg.

    The 1903 Militia Act also includes a group called the unorganized militia made up of able bodied MEN aged 17-45.

    Theoretically, as CIC President Obama, could require all members of the unorganized militia to turn in their weapons for Militia upgrades, storage and deny weapons to all others on pain of incareration in Leavenworth under the UCMJ. No way this would happen but an honest reading of the 2nd Amendment and 1903 Militia Act make it possible.

    I agree that the militia has the need to have the same weapons but Militia kept their weapons in a centralized Armory as does the Regular Army.

  33. rothgar January 25, 2013

    That would be the State of Kentucky as I recall

  34. rothgar January 25, 2013

    Actually cheif the Militia was a BIG PART of the US Military up until the 1903 Militia Act which renamed these Militia the National Guard.

    In the War of 1812 Baltimore was saved from British Occupation by 4 regiments of the Maryland Militia who slowed British Ground Forces in the Battle of North Point. We get the Star Spangled Banner from the Naval Bombardment that the Brits resorted to when their ground forces were repulsed.

    Review your Civil War history and you will find vestages of the Militia in the naming of the units in that war. My ancestors served in the 1st or 2nd Vermont Regiments which played a major role in resisting Lee’s flanking attack at the Fishhook at Gettyburg.

    The 1903 Militia Act also includes a group called the unorganized militia made up of able bodied MEN aged 17-45.

    Theoretically, as CIC President Obama, could require all members of the unorganized militia to turn in their weapons for Militia upgrades, storage and deny weapons to all others on pain of incareration in Leavenworth under the UCMJ. No way this would happen but an honest reading of the 2nd Amendment and 1903 Militia Act make it possible.

    I agree that the militia has the need to have the same weapons but Militia kept their weapons in a centralized Armory as does the Regular Army.

  35. elw January 25, 2013

    What a bunch of ignorant, mentally unbalanced, radicals. They are this Country’s biggest enemy from within and they are cowards who haven’t the stones to follow through on their own threats; Instead they sit safely behind the Right to the freedon of speech in hopes the unhinged will do the dirty work for them. The are the lowest of the low.

  36. Mark Ginn January 25, 2013

    Ted Nugent. He music was just as juvenile then as his opinions are now. I think his script needs a refill.

  37. Bob Shipp January 25, 2013

    Uh, the Soviet Union that collapsed back in the 90’s?????
    Maybe Broun should read a news paper once in a while!
    Dumb ass……

    1. Man January 25, 2013

      I would like to counsel you guys the patience of a the great bird , The vulture. If americans want to do something about the hatrad sweeping across america, take a page in the vultures play book, chapter 1 verse 1, patience is the responce to any difficult task. The white population is fast dying out, few more years will do the deal and america would finally realise its dream. With all respect to the well meaning white people, who would have nothing to fear, but rather contribute to the well being of the great USA.

  38. Ronnie L January 25, 2013

    I never realized how truly racist some people in the country is until Obama became President. I knew it was bad, but didn’t realize how bad. These guys have allowed their bigotry to drive them nuts!!

    1. JUDITH January 25, 2013

      You are exactly right, Ronnie. However, those racists, for the most part don’t even know how transparent they are.

  39. Ronnie L January 25, 2013

    @Dominick Vila. I could not agree with you more. Thank you for so properly articulating precisely how I feel. Please run for Senator.

  40. Bob Chenault January 25, 2013

    Once again the GOP has booked passage on the “Ship of Fools”.

  41. geewilly January 25, 2013

    Ted Nugent represents the republicans of america today. They are so full of hate and racism they would destroy america to rid us of President Obama. And they want respect? I think he should be jailed for treason. If someone verbally atacked Bush or Cheney the way Nugent and Rush Limbaugh do to Obama they would have been removed from the air waves. WE Americans need to tell the FCC that it is time to get hate, distortions and lies about our president off the air.
    Anyone who advotes violence against our president should not be held up in esteem. It just goes to show that the good ole white boys are feeling VERY threatened with extinction!

  42. RonaldS January 25, 2013

    I don’t know why I’m commenting except that I’ve never seen so many idiots who want to push thier stupidy on others. The only reason we have the far right misrepresenting what POTUS stands for is race, pure and simple. They can’t get past the fact that he is considered Afro-American despite the fact that his is biracial. Get used to it.

    As for the wingnuts in Congress and the likes of Geln Beck who makes his living by pandering to the bigots, Ted Nugent should be arrested for fomenting insurrection.

  43. Amy Darnell-Fuchs January 25, 2013

    What a total douche Broun is. How embarrassing he is for his family.

  44. Kenneth Heffley January 25, 2013

    We have to do away with all these politicians including democrats and republicans that think this way.

  45. Kenneth Heffley January 25, 2013

    daqniel james is another nut case.

  46. jointerjohn January 25, 2013

    The best we could do is to push these people’s faces down into dough and make dumbass cookies.

  47. patuxant January 25, 2013

    What the fuck difference does it make Jerk Face? I can’t even believe this BS!

  48. patuxant January 25, 2013

    You are obviously uneducated and a moron. The title “R” or “D” meant not the same as it does today. Further, I am LMAO because you all are such nut cases and have nothing intelligent to offer so now you want to cast some cloud of shit around Obama’s mother? PLEASE! Go f–k yourself!

  49. patuxant January 25, 2013

    Yeah, and your asshole smells like the magnolia bush!

  50. patuxant January 25, 2013

    Agree. The man shit in his pants and lived in his crap for a month to avoid serving his country, plus the jerk wad cant sing either! He needs to suck on the barrel of his big ass gun and pull the trigger.

  51. patuxant January 25, 2013

    That is so true and I have had arguments about this whole issue with the gun loving people and they are veryvery paranoid…someof them don’t even own guns but are trying to trivialize these murders with drunk driving accidents,prohibition on the use of marijuana and stronger drugs and even taking it to cigarettes! It boggles the mind when you cant deal with rationally thinking people. What the f–k is happening in our society???

  52. patuxant January 25, 2013

    Put his mouth and limited brain cells in a room with a semiautomatic and see what happens. If anyone is a mental study on this issue, it is this bastard.

  53. patuxant January 25, 2013

    Plus he probably still shits in his pants!

  54. patuxant January 25, 2013

    Said it before and will say it again….assholes like this don’t stomach a Black man in the White House! Pity such a pity they fail to see the diamond before their very eyes….

  55. patuxant January 25, 2013

    I didn’t hear his “music” then but now to hear him sounds like an elephant getting f–ked. How could anyone consider that entertainment?

    1. MARK January 25, 2013

      You have to be whacked out on something to call that entertainment.Strange things come out of the Great North Woods.I’m just glad that it isn’t all as bad as Ted.

      1. patuxant January 25, 2013

        Huh? Did not think I was complimenting the ass.

  56. onedonewong January 25, 2013

    As usual scott keys hasn’t read the constitution hence his article is nothing but more liberal PAP. If burning the constitution is speech then own any and all hand guns is what the 2nd amendment is all about

    1. ExPAVIC January 26, 2013


      One, you should read your stuff before posting it.. That drivel above reads like you over medicated yourself, you moron.

  57. beaumisty January 25, 2013

    Alexander Tyler was a history professor at the University of Edinborough that studied Democracies. “A Democracy is always temporary in nature ;it simply cannot exist as a permanent from of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury,with the result that every democracy will finally collapse over loose fiscal policy(which is) always followed by a dictatorship” “The average democratic civilizations from beginning of history lasted about 200yrs. During those 200yrs, these nations always progressed through the following sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith, from spiritual faith to great courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to complacency, from complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependence, from dependence back to bondage. The obituary follows”

    This is where the Republicans mainly have taken this country and now they are rigging the system to become the dictators ,we are there and if this country is to last the people must stop the Republicans now or this democracy is over. I wish the best for our country and it’s people, but it’s time to take a stand. Peacefully I hope!!!!

  58. Michael Ross January 25, 2013

    I’m betting on “in jail.” Only it won’t be for what he’s implying. More likely he’ll first get called on for public intoxication, then rack up a ton of assault charges when they come to get him. Nugent isn’t even an authentic gun nut — he’s a spoiled rotten child who is hoping he can convince a couple of genuine lunatics to do all the killing for him.

  59. Bob Mattson January 25, 2013

    Google Ted Nugent and read his own words about the length he went to to avoid the draft, not limited to but including not bathing for months before his physical, allowing feces and urine to build up on his body, etc After you read his own words ask yourself why anyone would listen to this hypocrite. Don’t miss the part about his wanting to marry a young

  60. grammyjill January 25, 2013

    Boy! You’re really making friends today. I’m getting a good laugh out of it. Keep it up.

  61. grammyjill January 25, 2013


  62. grammyjill January 25, 2013

    The thing is it says well regulated. And when it was written it was speaking of muskets. At that time they couldn’t even concieve the crap we got now. And if you need a semiautomatic to defend your home, you should throw that out and get a baseball bat. You’ld probably shoot yourself. It also says WELL TRAINED.

  63. jim beam January 26, 2013

    yes agreed . There has been a lot of talk about Ted molesting a 13 year old girl. The Republican party protecting this pedophile to. Just like Rush L coming back from a vacation spot known for boy prostitutes. That is the only reason an American goes to that country. And then he was found to have someone else s Viagra on him at the airport upon returning. The Republicans are some real criminals. It’s time they all had a freak accident.

  64. jim beam January 26, 2013

    Remember when the black guy beat the living sht out of Romney. Man was that funny. It’s so awesome to see the stupid red necks in the south get there ases beat again and again. They really have earned the nick name loser. The southern accent they have is for a reason. Whenever you hear it the first thing you think of is (who’s this idiot) hahahahaha. southern trailer trash. Those dumb ases don’t even know what landscape is, talk about being 40 year’s behind the rest of us. If i was a southern red neck i would kill my self.

  65. ExPAVIC January 26, 2013

    Truth About Ted

    Ted Nugent is a big mouth, trash talking moron who exposes his brain every time he takes a crap.

    Nugent, you eat donkey droppings.

  66. Barbara January 26, 2013

    Why do you even give this coward any space on here. He is disgusting to hear and even
    worse to look at. The guy is a creep with a lot of mental issues.

  67. mothermaybe January 26, 2013

    Hurry up and get the gates open for the crazies we found another one. It’s starting to look like the “Walking Dead”. We really need a compound for these people so they can receive the help that they need. We need to keep guns out of their hands.

  68. htophet January 27, 2013

    onedongwong only want-a-Be’s and never-bins talk shit like that. Guessing you were born in Alabama, or Mississippi with your knowledge of my country. Your problem is in most nations the insurrectionist are sweep away as the traitors they are. The facts are the south betrayed my country and was not punished enough. Otherwise you would have by now caught up and joined with the americans. It is always been a wonder to me that Lincoln could not see the evil in your kind and gave you back the ability to operate part of the United States, if it had been left up to the ones who burned the south to ground to end that war none of you would still be here.
    So take whatever track you will, but just be honest and up front, tell people your a racists and sexists and will join every effort to destroy this country, because in the end you will treated as a racists, sexists traitors anyway. And for christsake stop making up excuses to cover your racism and sexism. This veteran does not give a shit what you say, it is OK with me, would not hire you, or let you anywhere near my children as your too undemocratic bs, but have heard worst from 6th graders raised in the south, which is what I thought you were at first.
    So twist in the wind onedongwong, the only person your crap impresses is yourself, and many in the north have waited 200 years to finish the job Lincoln left undone, this time their will be no consideration shown for a men whose behavior since you were forced to take an loyalty oath shows you have no self respect, your word, your southern honor is merely words, empty words. So go and think, read something other then fix-news memos and try and be grateful to a nation who has to suffer such assholes for so long.

  69. srgm January 27, 2013

    Sooner or later, someone will have to realize that being addicted to conspiracy theories is probably a mental illness.

  70. 48militaryman January 27, 2013

    This is the guy I was told shit in his pants at the recruiters when he got drafted. Great Patriot. These are the type that call themselves true Americans?

  71. Charles January 29, 2013

    This coward crapped in his pants and sat in it for weeks before showing up at a draft board so he could get out of serving his country in Viet Nam. And he’s going to lead a revolution?? Why does anybody give this coward any credibility at all???? When Obama’s presidency is done, Turd will be still very much alive and won’t have spent a night in jail. He’s all bs. He ain’t going to give up his wealth and comforts to lead any revolution.

  72. Michaelj M. February 2, 2013

    Re ted yoho, or I would call him tea cocoo who supports the 2nd admendment is saying that each family in his state is a militia in their own house and therefore they should buy as many guns as they want. Another bought freshman tea party congressman nut. Norquist must be very proud of him.

  73. Michaelj M. February 2, 2013

    Is he still in the U S??? He stated that he would move to Russia if President Obama was re-elected. Ted how come you’re still here. Apparently you are not a person of your word. You spewed enought bilge and can’t do anything you said. Youu’re a hopeless average geetar player and a menace to yourself. Go and seek help at some mental hospital. You need it.


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