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Trump May Name Iraq War Propagandist John Bolton As Top US Diplomat

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Trump May Name Iraq War Propagandist John Bolton As Top US Diplomat


The dark comedy that will all too soon officially become the Trump administration is still in previews, but already we’re learning that the cosmic joke is on every American who believed whatever the man we must call “president-elect” said. That beautiful big border wall? It’s probably going to be a fence. Those 11 million deportations? That number has been cut by about 80 percent, down to roughly what the Obama administration is doing to rid the country of non-citizen criminals now. Draining that Washington swamp of reptilian lobbyists? They’re in charge of his transition.

And did you believe Donald Trump’s claim that he was against the war in Iraq, as he falsely claimed over and over again? Did you assume that he opposed the neoconservative policies of the Bush administration? Did you think he would be more cautious about foreign intervention than Hillary Clinton, as Trump promised when he blamed her for misadventures in Iraq, Libya, and Syria?

During the past year plenty of crackpots, on the left as well as the right, declared a preference for Trump over the “globalist” Clinton on national security and foreign policy issues, citing her Iraq war vote and her vaguely hawkish demeanor. But that brand of analysis was exposed as pitifully naïve on Nov. 14, as credible rumors began to circulate that one of the top two candidates for Secretary of State is John Bolton, who served as UN ambassador during the George W. Bush administration.

Yes, that’s the same John Bolton who demanded last year that the United States bomb Iran.

If Trump were serious about “draining the swamp,” Bolton would be among the first to be flushed down the ditch; instead, he is evidently preparing to redecorate the top office at Foggy Bottom. He has dwelled deep in Washington’s fetid conservative bogs since the Reagan administration, when he toiled as a flack in the disreputable Justice Department headed by Edwin Meese — an attorney general so steeped in ethical stink that his top deputies, lifelong Republicans, resigned in protest. But Meese’s misconduct didn’t trouble Bolton.

In subsequent years Bolton attached himself to the neoconservatives as an “arms control expert.” That didn’t mean he knew anything about nuclear arms or controlling their perilous spread, but merely that he would regurgitate belligerent right-wing pap about why we didn’t need any arms treaties — not even to safeguard the old Soviet Union’s “loose nukes.”

During his tenure at the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, Bolton committed many offenses against common sense and international security that led actual foreign policy experts to despise him. He tried to destroy the Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty, the Chemical Weapons Convention, the Bioweapons Convention, and every other document that has made the world slightly safer over the past 75 years. But surely Bolton’s most reckless project was to sabotage vital cooperation between the US and Russia to keep nuclear weapons from disappearing into the clutches of rogue states and terrorist groups.

Never a deep thinker, Bolton proved to be an eager instrument of the neoconservative cabal associated with Vice President Dick Cheney during the Bush years. Not only did he support the scheme to attack Iraq — and remake the Mideast through aggressive war — but actively promoted the official lies and propaganda that led to the US invasion. From his perch in the State Department, Bolton helped to promote the forged documents supposedly proving that Iraq had tried to buy enriched uranium from Niger — a fraud that spawned multiple scandals, including the exposure of the identity of patriotic CIA agent Valerie Plame, who had worked covertly against nuclear proliferation.

On other fronts, Bolton was also an advocate of the absurd claim that Iraq was behind the original World Trade Center bombing by jihadi terrorists in 1993. He actively barred analysts who questioned the faked intelligence from participating in policy meetings on Iraq, presumably on orders from Cheney. In short, he was among the geniuses who cost the United States and Iraq many thousands of lives, while wasting trillions of dollars on a war that ultimately empowered a pro-Iran Shia regime.

Actually, Bolton was among the original signatories to the Project for A New American Century letter in 1998 urging an American invasion of Iraq — and reportedly believed that the US should subsequently overthrow the regimes in Syria, Iran, and North Korea too. According to neocon theory, the installation of a friendly government in Baghdad would lead inexorably to the transformation of the Mideast as the dominoes fell in Damascus, Tehran, and elsewhere.

In 2005, Bush and Cheney named Bolton US ambassador to the United Nations, an organization to which he had often declared hostility in the style of the paranoid far right. His record was so dismal, including attempts to mislead the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, that former Secretary of State Colin Powell took extraordinary steps to derail his nomination. With the help of several wavering Republican Senators, the Democrats succeeded in mounting a filibuster of his nomination and forced Bush to install him as a recess appointment.

Perhaps that entertaining drama will be reprised soon in a fresh confirmation hearing, where Bolton can explain the Niger uranium scandal, the horrific outcome of the Iraq war, how he misled Senators in 2005, and why he is so eager now to spark yet another bloody conflict in the Mideast. Or perhaps Trump will instead nominate Rudy Giuliani, whose only foreign policy experience consists of telling tall tales about his role in the investigation of the Achille Lauro terrorist attack. But even considering Bolton indicates the essential phoniness of Trump’s “cautious” campaign pose.

Joe Conason

A highly experienced journalist, author and editor, Joe Conason is the editor-in-chief of The National Memo, founded in July 2011. He was formerly the executive editor of the New York Observer, where he wrote a popular political column for many years. His columns are distributed by Creators Syndicate and his reporting and writing have appeared in many publications around the world, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, The New Yorker, The New Republic, The Nation, and Harpers.

Since November 2006, he has served as editor of The Investigative Fund, a nonprofit journalism center, where he has assigned and edited dozens of award-winning articles and broadcasts. He is also the author of two New York Times bestselling books, The Hunting of the President (St. Martins Press, 2000) and Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth (St. Martins Press, 2003).

Currently he is working on a new book about former President Bill Clinton's life and work since leaving the White House in 2001. He is a frequent guest on radio and television, including MSNBC's Morning Joe, and lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

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  1. Dominick Vila November 15, 2016

    With Stephen Bannon as Trump’s Sr. Advisor anything is possible. Heck, I would not be surprised to hear that David Duke is being considered to head the Department of Education!

    1. swcooper November 15, 2016

      Yes even he would be better then what we have now.

      1. JointhePredacons November 15, 2016

        So , let me understand you. A antisemitic , white supremacist, former KkK grand wizard, Holocaust deniar , would be great as head of the Department of Education ?? Somehow I think you were homeschooled by an idiot, or have no clue who David Duke is.

        1. jmprint November 15, 2016

          I do, he is a cross(dresser).

        2. MVH1 November 15, 2016

          The Republican gutting of education has been a raging success, I see. How tragic for us all. I consider Trump’s election is the great American tragedy.

    2. Lock Her Ass Up November 15, 2016

      SHUT UP!


      Go Bolton

      1. Dominick Vila November 15, 2016

        The only thing you, and other people like you, don’t have – at least not yet – is the ability to change the Constitution to achieve your totalitarian fascist goals.

      2. FireBaron November 15, 2016

        Lock, should you try to press your claim of being in charge, you will find out just how many liberals are 2nd Amendment supporters.
        241 years ago, my fellow New Englanders, along with our allies in Virginia, decided to hold forth against one tyrant. What makes you think that we, along with our allies in Virginia, are not ready to do so again?

      3. Bill P November 15, 2016

        You do realize that writing in all capital letters doesn’t have the same effect as shouting. Well you don’t have a filibuster proof Senate, the current Supreme Court has only 8 justices. Trump’s candidate will have to be approved by the Senate. Your claims are just right wing blather nothing mre.

      4. jmprint November 15, 2016

        Fck off! We still have our 1st amendment rights.

    3. Larry Schmitt November 15, 2016

      I heard something almost as good. Ben Carson.

      1. sigrid28 November 15, 2016

        No, no, no. Dr. Ben Carson is on the short list for the Department of Health and Human Services. He will have his hand in when he is not busy performing brain surgery.

        1. Daniel Jones November 16, 2016

          Thankfully, Ben (while citing his Presidential run wasn’t real, rather that he didn’t want a post due to utter lack of knowledge in how to run a government bureaucracy) realized that Trump’s essential tendency to shuck the blame and the costs on his underlings and employees make a Cabinet post absolute poison.

          1. sigrid28 November 16, 2016

            I’m beginning to get the impression that even Donald Trump doesn’t want to work in government, now that he sees what’s involved: that huge notebook of positions to fill; having to sit and listen first thing every morning to boring security briefings without being able to ship this duty off on an underling; trapped inside all day but worse trapped at home at night–when he’d rather be glad-handing with his fans in expensive Manhattan steak joints than hitting the hay early to get up for the next security briefing bright and early the next. Trump may not have been doing much of the work for his businesses for some time, which is why he wants to just be the president-elect figurehead and have his youngsters and other flunkies who do his bidding take over the transition. Most of those who voted for Trump would not want to do the job either. In this, there is a healthy dose of poetic justice. They have elected a president who also does not want to do the job.

      2. Gerry Francis November 15, 2016

        Ben Carson – Man of Science!…….does not believe in evolution. His quotes:
        0:37 — Humans have big frontal lobes because we, alone, were created in the image of God, who also has a pretty big frontal lobe, you know
        3:30 — Those who believe in evolution will have less guilt about being cannibals, should the situation arise
        4:00 — Evolution is scientific political correctness, Mr. Darwin, you Social Justice Warrior
        11:20 — “Extrapulations”
        24:20 — No one has ever demonstrated one species changing to another species, so unless you’ve found the fossilized remains of the elusive Lizard Man, you can keep your bogus “evolution”

        And that’s a brain surgeon speaking. Wonder if he grows his own pot.

        1. Hansjurg November 15, 2016

          We’re doomed.

          1. Gerry Francis November 15, 2016

            I fear that you may be right.

      3. Dominick Vila November 15, 2016

        Carson will most likely be the next Surgeon General. One of his recommendations will be to use Egyptian granaries (pyramids) to store American cereal for future consumption.

    4. sigrid28 November 15, 2016

      Well, David Duke was Donald Trump, Jr.’s choice before he realized that the Department of Education could just be abolished along with the EPA, Rick (I forget the third . . . ) Perry-style. Then he won’t have to deal with them when he succeeds his father in the presidency. He’s training for this post by receiving the highest level intelligence briefings along with dear old Dad.

      1. bobnstuff November 15, 2016

        Talk about security risks, Trump Kids have not been given clearances so if Trump shares any of the countries secretes with them he will be violating the law for real that he clams Clinton did.

        1. sigrid28 November 15, 2016

          As I understand it (i.e., not sure of the facts), yesterday Trump, the president-elect, requested that his children receive the same highest-level security briefing that he does while they serve on his transition team (nepotism anyone?). I have not heard whether this will be allowed by the current administration. His children are at the same time transitioning to the operation of his business concerns, under something called a “blind trust,” in this case, an oxymoron. It is possible for Trump, once he is president, to tell his children anything he wants them to know after he has received his presidential security briefings each day. What could go wrong?

        2. dpaano November 22, 2016

          Granted, but who’s going to do anything about it? When you run the government, you have more of a say in what happens than anyone else.

          1. bobnstuff November 22, 2016

            When the Republicans in the Congress have had enough they will attack him. Every move Trump makes will be remembered and used against him when the time comes.

      2. Dominick Vila November 15, 2016

        It is becoming increasingly apparent that Trump Sr. is already working on his legacy, which has as one of its central pillars the establishment of a Trump Dynasty. I doubt he cares which of his children succeeds him. It could be Donald Jr. Eric, or Ivanka. What matters to him is erecting a big T in the rose garden, for future generations to worship.

  2. Hansjurg November 15, 2016

    We’re doomed.

    1. Ilham Kocache November 15, 2016

      We are not doomed if we resist. I am retired military intelligence. We need to start the resistance now. Trump will take us down the same path as Hitler did in 1933. History will judge us harshly. Trump is a dictator and all those who supported him will be tried as traitors. This will take time but we must start the resistance now.

      1. Hansjurg November 15, 2016

        We’ve got some complications, though. The Democratic Party is evenly split between young, idealistic leftists and old, corrupt liberals.

        1. jmprint November 15, 2016

          Not all old liberals are corrupt, in fact many aren’t. Can we call out those that are?

          1. Hansjurg November 15, 2016

            It’s the “corporate” Dems that are killing us.

      2. jmprint November 15, 2016

        I’m in.

    2. Lock Her Ass Up November 15, 2016


      GO BOLTON!

      1. Hansjurg November 15, 2016

        Pfft. I live in a deep blue state surrounded by other blue states. I’ll be fine. I feel sorry for impoverished people in the impoverished red states, though.

        1. MVH1 November 15, 2016

          The biggest takers of government largesse in the country while all the blue states pay their way.

      2. bobnstuff November 15, 2016

        Did someone drop you on your head? Trump claimed he was going to clear out all those insiders but now he is giving them more power not less. The question is, did Trump lie when he said he would clean up Washington?

        1. jmprint November 15, 2016


      3. Budjob November 15, 2016

        You probably will never have to worry about a mental breakdown,because there are no moving parts up there Fascist fuckface!

  3. Ilham Kocache November 15, 2016

    There is no other way to describe the Trump cabinet than as a war cabinet. Trump will have us in a war within 12 months. His choices of national security advisors have publicly stated that is what they want. Iran has already bluntly stated that they are ready.
    But the fact remains, how will Trump fight a major war with the smallest standing Army in 80 years? Without Allies? Europe rightly thinks we are idiots. (France is exception) Hollande wants to prove his manhood by talking tough. Valls on the other hand has a brain. No Asian country will help us. In the region, this only leaves the chief exporter of terrorism and Trump’s best friend of Saudi Arabia as an ally. There is a reason why Trump’s best friends are human rights violators, dictators, and abuser of women because that description of Trump fits.

    1. Not Again November 15, 2016

      He hasn’t picked a cabinet yet you moron! Haha

      1. Ilham Kocache November 15, 2016

        First read the my post. I said his choices. This means that I know he has not picked a cabinet and I am discussing his choices.
        Finally, there is no place in this country that I served in the military and my family has served since American Revolution for people who call names and not discuss. Trump supporters follow the example and just call names. This is Steve Bannon play book and yes that is probably who you work for.
        Your are not the Americans that I fought to protect. Hate. Name Calling. You and Trump are disgrace to all that we used to hold with honor not because of your views. You have a right to your views.
        You are disgrace because of your conduct and not your views.
        This will change. Trump will cause a revolution and I urge you to be on the right side of democracy and not Trump dictatorship.
        Trump will be held accountable as the War criminal that he is.

        1. Jon November 15, 2016

          The thing I keep hearing from the vets in my family is that they never placed their lives on the line for our country for the sake of Trump’s fascist movement. Trump wants to destroy democracy and replace it with fascism. With Stephen Bannon as his Chief Strategist and Senior Advisor, he is off to a good start.

      2. jmprint November 15, 2016

        Morons are those that say we, when identifying themselves with Trump.

    2. Lock Her Ass Up November 15, 2016




      Go Bolton

      1. Ilham Kocache November 15, 2016

        You are a disgrace to all the men and women who died to protect your freedom. You are entitled to your views but not your hate, your threats of violence, and your disgusting language. You are simply following your hate filled leader Trump.
        In the end, he will be tried as war criminal after he leads this country in disastrous wars. I will cheer the day Trump has been found guilty of war crimes and walked to the gallows.
        He has four years to go down in history as the criminal he is. In the end the justice system will work and all you will see the inside of a jail cell because the hate and violence spilling from you will eventually catch up.
        May God have mercy on you and show you that hate is not the way.

        1. Lock Her Ass Up November 15, 2016

          And you are a crybaby bedwetter POS. Carry you sorry ass of this board, you lib scum. You lost, now pay the consequences you fool

          1. Ilham Kocache November 15, 2016

            How funny you prove my point. I did not know we let third graders vote. You are a sad human. I feel sorry for your family and anyone you associate with. May God have mercy on you. Keep name calling it shows the whole world your character. It shows the whole world who you are.
            Do you want to be known by this?
            Do you want your family to know this is how you use the brain God gave you?
            By the way no one is anonymous. You will act the same way in public. Eventually that will get the notice of the police and your hate will spill forward.
            All for the lack of love and compassion.

          2. dpaano November 22, 2016

            This person is probably a third-grade bully who got hold of a computer and is taking out his foibles with his stupid, inane comments!

          3. Ilham Kocache November 15, 2016

            You know I am 70 years old and at my age you start thinking about how people will remember you. What memories will live in the consciousness others.
            Is this yours? Name calling. hate. Calling me a POS. Full of hate. Memories live for ever. They are passed from generation to another. I doubt you are only this abusive on the internet unless you a paid troll. Even then something I learned in life that you can not separate the two and this hate will seep into your private life.
            What do you want people to remember you for. Solid views. Thought out disagreements? We all respect that. Or third grader level name calling? Spewing hate?
            Think about this. What lessons are you passing to your family. What example are you setting.
            You have every right to support Trump. You have every right to think that he is the answer. And you have the right to spew hate.
            But is that how you want to be seen?

          4. The lucky one November 15, 2016

            No one will remember this fool for even a minute.

          5. Jon November 15, 2016

            You should ignore this brain dead troll. They are paid by the number of replies they get. While I agree with some of my friends who reply because they don’t want their lies to go unchallenged, I try to keep replies to trolls to a minimum. It doesn’t matter what you say to them as nothing can penetrate their hateful dysfunctional brains. Let those babies cry until they learn their whining won’t be rewarded with a reply.

          6. dpaano November 22, 2016

            I just block them and don’t let them bug me…..it doesn’t pay to reply to them because they don’t listen anyway!

          7. Jon November 22, 2016

            That is my general feeling too and I have blocked some. However, I do understand those friends who don’t want their lies to go unchallenged. Sometimes I just ignore their replies. Other times I reply but try to keep it brief. I learned the hard way not to waste time and effort trying to inform or educate them. As you said they don’t listen anyway.

          8. Gerry Francis November 15, 2016

            Thing is – you’ll pay too. Dumbass.

          9. bobnstuff November 15, 2016

            So Lock Her Ass Up has no profile, is new here and has only nasty things to say. What a waste of time and space.

          10. sigrid28 November 15, 2016

            i.e. paid troll?

          11. Dan S November 15, 2016

            Without a doubt the ass is a troll I certainly won’t respond to. Sounds like they’re off their meds bigly

          12. jmprint November 15, 2016

            Russian paid troll, they love to rile up Americans.

          13. Daniel Jones November 16, 2016

            It’s probably just Autogrief with another new name, anyhow.

          14. dpaano November 22, 2016

            That’s why I blocked him….don’t have time to listen to his senseless BS and lies. He’s drank the Trump Kool-Aid and there’s nothing we can do but sit and wait for him to realize the mistake that he made!

          15. jmprint November 15, 2016

            No fool you won’t be spared.

        2. Jon November 15, 2016

          We had been spared the criminal acts of the Trumpanzees until last night. They must have been out in force as houses and cars were spray painted with swastikas and hate speech with tributes to Trump. One neighbor who had many Vote Clinton Kaine signs in their yard got hit particularly hard. They hanged Hillary in effigy from a low hanging branch of a tree in his yard in addition to spray painting both his house and vehicles. They are who they worship.

        3. jmprint November 15, 2016


          1. dpaano November 22, 2016

            We can only hope that he doesn’t take this country down with him!

      2. charleo1 November 15, 2016


      3. Gerry Francis November 15, 2016

        You’re not the only one who can curse. You fukin’azzhole

        1. jmprint November 15, 2016

          Now you understand where Eleanor comes from. Hats off to you.

      4. Budjob November 15, 2016

        You are a person of rare intelligence,you rarely show any!

        1. Jon November 15, 2016

          Rarely? You are giving this clueless clown too much credit.

      5. The lucky one November 15, 2016


        You are correct about that but if you think your cheeks won’t be spread too then you are a fool. The only difference is that you have spread them yourself.

        1. Gerry Francis November 15, 2016

          Well said.

      6. charleo1 November 15, 2016

        Who’s the one gleefully bending over, me or you?

      7. jmprint November 15, 2016

        You have already received a mouth full, but Trump and his administration aren’t our type.

    3. charleo1 November 15, 2016

      I totally agree! Certainly if Americans buy into it, and let it happen. The facts are such, we may not be able to stop it. Frying pan to the fire.

    4. Jon November 15, 2016

      Trump’s friends and allies prove the adage about birds of a feather sticking together. All Trump wants is an echo chamber as he can’t deal with criticism or conflicting opinions.

    5. jmprint November 15, 2016

      Don’t you know Netanyahu knees are shaking. I bet he regrets playing patty cake with the republicans.

      1. Ilham Kocache November 15, 2016

        Israel is the misguided lynch pin of American foreign policy in the region. There is significant (albeit misguided) support in Congress. Not much will shake this. It is this view that will start the next world war. The fact remains that Iran is in control of the Levant from its border to the Med. Its two most bitter rivals are there: Saudi and Israel. Saudi is a bankrupt state taking on war faster than you can say boo. Israel is surrounded by hostile forces and it is its own fault. Israel has five million strong fifth column (Palestinians) within its borders. Part of its army is pinned down in a brutal cruel occupation of West Bank, the other part is pinned down at Gaza, the other part is pinned down on Lebanon border. Bluntly move any of those chess pieces and its defense collapse.
        What will trigger the war is that Israel–by the way knows this–picks its doomsday option and sends a nuclear warhead to Iran. At that point the world must pick a response. My bet is that Russia will side with Iran and respond.

        1. jmprint November 15, 2016

          And with the new administration loving on Russia, hmm which side.

          1. Ilham Kocache November 15, 2016

            First Bolton is an old cold warrior. He is anti Russia. Second, it just shows how incompetent Trump is. Trump is clueless as to these issue. He is a disgrace to anyone who has held the office before him. But lets always remember that he was elected and people voted for a total unqualified person who made promises that made no sense, that he walked back the second he got elected, who you can not trust. The people voted for that. Our problem is not Trump per se it is the large segment of the population who join into these poor decisions. When Trump stumbles us into a major war everyone will be angry at him just like G W Bush and forget people elected that monster, it was not a military coup. Congress approved Bush’s war just as it will approve Trump’s war and after our country is devastated it make Trump the scape goat just like Bush. We are a very sick nation.

          2. jmprint November 15, 2016

            The cartoon dogs on this morning’s National Memo brought a visual with your statement of Bannon and Bolton turning on each other.

          3. Ilham Kocache November 15, 2016

            Let me explain further and sorry for the personal information but I think it is pertinent. I am Arab American mother from Syria father America. Served in the military and this government as my father’s family has done for over 200 years. I speak multiple languages and have lived in the Levant and know it very well. I served as an intelligence officer in the region.
            My point is that I monitor Iran news both television and print. Let me be Blunt! Iran has already issued an ultimatum and Russia has agreed. Keep the nuclear deal going or there will be consequences. They will not back down. They can not afford to because Iran like America is split between hard liners and moderates.

            Americans are clueless people. You need to understand they watch our media. They know we are divided. They know Trump. They see we are weak and vulnerable.

            They report on our country better than our own media and this is in great detail. Remember there are a ton of Iranian students after living in USA return to Iran and really know us well.

            On top of that Daesh (ISIL to you) want Trump to take the bait and push America into a war. Yesterday in Germany the police raided 200 mosques. Daesh pushed them into that. This will force Muslims to take a side and the world will be left with a choice.

            In essence the year is 1492 and 1933 all rolled into one. Muslims being run out of Europe and the rise of a dictator like Trump.

            Any tampering with the JCPOA will lead to war.
            Bannon wants war. He is a propagandist and knows that war is best channel to control the media message. It is also the best way for the dictator Trump to assume total control. Hitler used the same methods. Bolton is against Iran. Bannon does not care as long as he gets to install Trump as a dictator with
            absolute power.

            In the end Bannon will stand down with his love for Russia and let Bolton push America to war because it suits his purpose. It will be spun that Putin is a dictator and Trump is going to save the world from a dictator.

            We live in very dangerous times.
            In the end, we will see America in ruins. Our economy destroyed by war and over spending on military. And Trump at the gallows for committing war crimes like he has already proposed.
            The world will only one question and it is the same questions we asked the Germans?
            Did you know? History will judge us very harshly and rightfully so unless we resist this dictator. I urge non violent peaceful means but we must bring down this Trump government to save this nation that my father’s family has served protecting since 1776.

          4. jmprint November 15, 2016

            Thank you, first for your service and second for your insight. Very much appreciated.

          5. sigrid28 November 15, 2016

            Thank you for your service. I’m heartsick to read this but grateful for your perspective and persistence. We are a nation torn between trying to affirm the peaceful transfer of power and having to condemn the abuse of power that Trump has promised.

  4. tom laf November 15, 2016

    Go to your safe place and sit down and shut up!

    1. jmprint November 15, 2016

      That will be mandatory effective Jan, 21, 2017.

  5. Doremi Fasolatido November 15, 2016

    Just more alt left nonsense before Trump is even in office. Funny how this crap gets the second headline on Google. And so the assault begins. Anyone who listened to Trump would know that he’s closer to the Libertarians on national defense than he is to the war makers in the political class – both Democrat and Republican.

    1. FireBaron November 15, 2016

      Apparently you were waiting for your rectocraniotomy when Bolton attempted to singlehandedly destroy our reputation before the rest of the world when he was UN Ambassador.

      1. Doremi Fasolatido November 15, 2016

        Don’t look now genius, but if we had listened to Bolton, we would not now be having to re-take Mosul for the second time at the cost of precious American lives. Funny, even when you folks get hit with a 2 x 4, you still don’t get it. Dumb as stumps.

        1. jmprint November 15, 2016

          If we hadn’t listened to him, Mosul wouldn’t be a problem.

          1. Doremi Fasolatido November 15, 2016

            yeah, right.

          2. jmprint November 15, 2016

            Yes I am right.

          3. Doremi Fasolatido November 15, 2016


          4. jmprint November 15, 2016

            Time for a nap.

          5. Doremi Fasolatido November 15, 2016

            yep…you have that effect on most people.

          6. dpaano November 22, 2016

            Actually, jm is well respected on the site….unlike most of the trolls on here!

    2. jmprint November 15, 2016

      Let’s see you have Guilliani a total jerk, Bannon a total racist, and Bolton a total war hawk, what could possibly go wrong?

  6. Jim French November 15, 2016

    WW3 has been cancelled due to a lack of public support.If YOU are not 100% satisfied then your money will be cheerfully withheld.Call 1-800-MASHIACH and
    ask for “Uncle Nuke”.

  7. JoAnn Peeler November 15, 2016

    Really? Is this the kind of reporting the nation needs as a new president puts his cabinet together. That headline is disgraceful.

    1. Jinmichigan November 15, 2016

      Sorry you are so bothered by facts.

    2. charleo1 November 15, 2016

      War propagandist are disgraceful people. Ask the families of the more than 4,500 and 30,000 severely wounded U.S. Soldiers in Iraq how disgraceful. Ask the more than 500,000 Iraqis killed in the Civil War our contemptible invasion of that Country caused, how disgraceful. How disgraceful war hawks like Bolton, and his ilk, who send other people’s sons, and daughters off to be killed because of their own internal prejudice, ignorance and hateful intolerance. This is exactly the kind of reporting, and questioning before carnage, that should have happened the last time Bolton was another useful idiot’s diplomat.

    3. Gerry Francis November 15, 2016

      Well that’s the whole point. It’s accurate which makes it disgraceful. Ahhh The Conservatives – Stewards of Morality……….let’s go bomb somebody!

    4. Jon November 15, 2016

      I know some vets of Bolton’s lying who fought in Iraq. One is 1 of my brothers. They would love to discuss what is and isn’t disgraceful with you. Enjoy your fascist regime while you can. Our heroes never fought and died to see America turn from democracy to fascism.

    5. The lucky one November 15, 2016

      It’s exactly the kind of reporting we need and there is far too little of it. The truth will set you free (or at least enable you to resist despotism).

    6. jmprint November 15, 2016

      So is Trump and his appointees.

    7. MVH1 November 15, 2016

      I wonder what he’s going to have to do, or not do as the case may be before you realize you voted for a cheap, obvious con man. This is the best kind of reporting. But you haven’t shown a real affinity for truth or fact.

  8. Not Again November 15, 2016

    Joe is a communist scum. Talk about propagandist!!

    1. FireBaron November 15, 2016

      And Bolton is one of the reasons we illegally invaded a sovereign country under false claims,

    2. jmprint November 15, 2016

      It’s called speaking the truth, try it sometimes.

    3. MVH1 November 15, 2016

      Aw, you crude cruds always got to yell and insult. That’s what you like about Trump.

  9. swcooper November 15, 2016

    It is obvious, from all your confused ranting, that Bolton would be the perfect
    Sec of State.

    1. MVH1 November 15, 2016

      For Trump country, probably so. We expect even less of them to come.

  10. Nreth November 15, 2016

    I am not American,but I hoped that Trump was really anti war.If he nominates Bolton for SoS,it will be very disappointing.

    1. Lock Her Ass Up November 15, 2016


      Go Bolton

      1. Ilham Kocache November 15, 2016

        I worked in Africa for the UN Security Council and you sound exactly like the African dictators winner take all attitude. This will lead to a revolution and war just like in Africa and that will be the America that our children will inherit. Your legacy and Trumps legacy of winner take all will destroy this nation. May god have mercy on you and your children and they do not grow up as hate filled as you are.

      2. FireBaron November 15, 2016

        No. You are not in charge. There is still a complete legal system. You would have to overturn the Constitution and all of its Amendments, along with 228 years of legal precedent, to be “in charge”.
        You are just a sick little man screaming for attention because more qualified people than you succeeded where you were incapable of.

      3. Gerry Francis November 15, 2016

        So….been living in Montana long?

      4. charleo1 November 15, 2016

        Who’s this “we,” you’re talking about? You’re not in charge. The Party of Trump, and the GOP don’t belong to you. Never has. What made you believe it ever would? Idiot….

        1. Jon November 15, 2016

          The “we” must be the 25.9% of voters who were suckered into voting for Trump. Only an idiot would call that a mandate.

          1. charleo1 November 15, 2016

            Exactly! Obviously Trump’s hard core sh!kickers don’t understand the first thing about government, Congress, the Courts, or the Constitution. Otherwise they wouldn’t have fallen for Trump’s pile of lies about what he’s going to do all by his God-like self as President. Will it be a mess? Absolutely. Will this guy, lockherup continue to be a disappointed, angry, totally confused idiot? Stupid question…

          2. Jon November 15, 2016

            He and his transition team are already proving they don’t have a clue about government. They never realized they had to hire new staff at the White House and aren’t returning phone calls from the CIA, Pentagon and others about scheduling transition meetings. He is not taking part in daily intelligence briefings as he should be doing. President Obama said Trump just doesn’t get it and will take additional time to train him as he would an apprentice.

      5. Budjob November 15, 2016

        I just checked with the clerk of courts,and it seems that your birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory!

        1. charleo1 November 15, 2016

          I like that! We here at XYZ condom, are extremely sorry for our unforgivable malfunction….

      6. bobnstuff November 15, 2016

        Didn’t the republicans have the house and senate for the last two years? they need to pass 40 more bills in order to not get the least producing congress in history title. You really know nothing about how our government works do you? The Democrats can block anything they wish. One man in the Senate can stop laws from being passed.

      7. jmprint November 15, 2016

        But you won’t have the people backing you up, not even those that voted for Trump, you will see.

      8. MVH1 November 15, 2016

        And soon, very soon, when you aren’t even paying attention, he will bury you under a deep manure pile. Unfortunately, you show yourself to be the same cheap, loud, crude, ill-mannered ignorati that generally supports him. I honestly did not realize how many ill-informed people there were in the U.S. He pegged you that voted for him and led you down the path chuckling all the way. I know you’re embarrassed to find you supported someone so empty and that it is you who has NOTHING!!

        1. Lock Her Ass Up November 16, 2016

          First things first.
          No more filibuster. Your asswipe buddy Reid threatened to end it, so, I’m good with that, we end it and you and dumbfuk Pocohantis lose every single Senate vote clean.
          The, we track down Hillary and lockherass up. Right in the deepest sodomite cell underground at Supermax.
          Then, you stinking illegal Mexicans that broke the law, jumped ahead of everyone else, think we have separate laws for you and ones for everyone else, we hunt you down like the dogs you are and kick your illegal ass out of America. Apply without.
          Then, every single executive order signed by the asschimp orangutang (remember, this is what you called Bush) gets repealed at a stroke of a pen.

          Then, the real fun begins.

          1. MVH1 November 16, 2016

            Can’t get past your crudeness. So I won’t read any of it. Your argument is lost in the wind, Crudo.

    2. ivory69690@yahoo.com November 15, 2016

      DONNY DUMP says he loves war THE 5 TIME DRAFT DODGING COWARD is a chicken chit clown like a punk . he only fights women he beats rape’s and rips patches of hair out of their head and has the hair mounted on his wall . likes any kind of war of fighting he dosent have to do him self he beats women ill bet he would have no problem beating children . who knows he prob. did that to his own kids

    3. Jim B November 15, 2016

      If you ever find yourself being shot at by someone who wants to end your way of life and tell you how you should be living, praying to, what clothes to wear, where to live, what to read, say, and let’s not forget “no choice to be GAY” just tell them ” I don’t believe in war”. What an easy solution! I am an American and understand that fighting to maintain our unique freedoms is sometimes necessary.

  11. compduck November 15, 2016

    Gotta Love those angry left wing Hit Pieces. Most of the facts stated are Alice in Wonderland fantasy tripe anyway. The real story is this guy was nowhere to be found while Hillary ran rough shot and enriched her pockets all those years. That was fine with Joe. Another example of how these folks have no problem with Her lying to the families of 4 dead Americans because of an American Election. Hill was all sweeties and nice. These articles designed to hit Trump hard, enflame the left (Who are angry as sport) and continue this Joy ride just and digs a deeper ditch. After trump is done the left will hopefully be buried forever and never see the light of day.

    1. FireBaron November 15, 2016

      Let’s see. Four people who were specifically instructed to NOT travel to Benghazi because the situation was unsafe. Did they follow the recommendations? Nope. As for Teflon Donnie, congratulations – you have supported a man with a history of breaking promises, cancelling contracts, refusing to pay what is owed, and threatening to sue anyone who tries to collect on his broken promises.

    2. jmprint November 15, 2016

      “After trump is done the left will hopefully be buried forever and never see the light of day.” After Trump is done, it won’t matter if your a right wing either.

    3. adler56 November 15, 2016

      Did you miss the fact that Hillary received more votes than you mouthbreathers cast for the trumpster?

    4. Thoughtopsy November 15, 2016

      It’s going to be fun watching your disbelief as F**kface Von Clownstick breaks all his promises to you.
      You’re going to be so sad.
      And angry.

      And as a bonus we get to laugh at you for being exactly what we said you were.


  12. JointhePredacons November 15, 2016

    Not even inaugurated and already backed off 3 of his campaign promises. What’s not mentioned here is how he’s going to keep major parts of what makes Obamacare, Obamacare. I’m not sure what all you Trump voters were thinking was going to happen , but Trump is doing what a-typical politicians do.

    1. FireBaron November 15, 2016

      Teflon Donnie did the same thing every candidate did before him. He made outrageous promises to tantalize his or her base to make sure they would show up and support him (or her). Others voted for him because of their strident “Anyone-but-Hillary” philosophy. Others voted for him because their families would disown them should they ever vote for a Democrat.
      Given his history of not honoring his promises in his various business ventures, why would anyone believe he would honor those he made as a candidate. He has a history of saying things like “I never said that,” or, “You must have misunderstood what I said.” Given his lack of respect for his supporters and their lack of education I am not surprised he has done so.

      1. sigrid28 November 15, 2016

        Another favorite Trump riposte: “Wrong!”

        1. jmprint November 15, 2016

          That’s Bigly Wrong!

  13. Lock Her Ass Up November 15, 2016

    Lot of Lib bedwetters here that are fresh off an asskicking. Whining, need a diaper change.


    Go Bolton, though Rudy is just as good.

    National Memo is another lib webasswipe site.

    1. FireBaron November 15, 2016

      Lock, if you believe NM is just another lib website, then find another location to peddle your vitriol.

    2. charleo1 November 15, 2016

      An idiot that either liked the Bush years, or has huge memory problems. Bolton was, and is, just another inept warmongering chickenhawk that has achieved nothing of any value for us, our causes, or our allies. The way I heard it, Trump voters wanted change at any cost. So how do you like him so far? Same old hacks, same old game. Congrats Suckers, you’ve been had!

    3. ivory69690@yahoo.com November 15, 2016

      spoken like a true retarded brain dead clown

    4. Budjob November 15, 2016

      Trudy,is just another one of Turnip’s hand picked nutjobs that is an ass licker,and boot polisher.What a fucking joke

    5. The lucky one November 15, 2016

      And yet you take the time to post here. What does that make you besides one of the asses being wiped?

    6. jmprint November 15, 2016

      Democracy sold to the highest bidder.

    7. adler56 November 15, 2016

      WE still have our self-respect- unlike you lizards.

    8. Thoughtopsy November 15, 2016

      It’s nice of you to come here to collectively wipe our asses, but we have actual toilet paper for that.

      The really funny thing about your all caps assertion of your racist, misogynist, bigoted faction being “IN CHARGE” is this:

      We can all see F**kstick Von Clownface is a compulsive liar who says whatever he needs to get money and power. Apparently your group is far too stupid to work that out… yet.

      The great part of this is that you are going to come to understand what we already know… slowly… painfully… over many months and possibly years. And through that whole time we get to point… and laugh (somewhat sadly)… and explain at length how f**king stupid you are.

      Why? Because F**kface lied to you. He’s not going to do anything he promised you. Obama was already doing half of it… and he’s going to take the credit for some… and change the deal on the rest… and tell you that he never promised those things.

      – The “big, beautiful Border Wall” is going to be a “fence”. (Because that promise was impossible and stupid)
      – Obamacare isn’t going to be repealed and replaced (because that promise was impossible and stupid). He’s just going to keep most of it and probably call it “Trumpcare”. You pinheads never understood it to start with or you would have voted for it… so obviously a name change will convince you it’s Completely Different Now.
      – The “Swamp” is not going to be drained… (because Trump wants to profit off the swamp and you pinheads are gullible and ignorant). He’s busy mixing his business and children into the Presidency which is so corrupt it’s ridiculous… and appointing Washington Political bottom feeders to all the key positions. He’s filling the Swamp. He’s going to feed off the swamp. We could see this… you were too f**king stupid.

      … and on it goes.

      We understand who f**king stupid and ignorant you’ve shown you are.
      You don’t understand that.

      1. dbtheonly November 15, 2016

        The worst part is that LHAU is right. Der Fuhrer will do as his indomitable will tells him is the cry of the Master Race.

  14. Budjob November 15, 2016

    Bolton,Just another dangerously,deranged,evil Bastard,without any values,and devoid of any morals regarding respect for the American public!

    1. Dominick Vila November 15, 2016

      If somebody had told me 8 days ago that the choices for SoS and Attorney General were Bolton, Gingrich, and Giuliani, I would have died laughing. I am now faced with the distinct probability that those choices are very likely to become reality.

  15. ivory69690@yahoo.com November 15, 2016

    this can be the KING CLOWN in the white house (that’s says he loves war and fighting but is a 5 time draft dodging coward ) and more wars you might see with this old & new bolt of B/S Bolton . what lies will he tell this time . heck will it be that hard to beat his one big lie of Iraq having WMD ? im sure he will try . with the Russian PUTTHEAD calling DONNY DUMP now one can only think what that pair that swing in a bulls sack will have planning

    1. Dominick Vila November 15, 2016

      I am not so sure about that. His pronouncements throughout his campaign had more to do with isolationism than engaging in new crusades.

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com November 16, 2016

        isolation his and a virus of AID’s (he is worse then that for the country and the world )and then try to destroy it . save all from this mental deranged disordered clown . he is truly unstable and should be on heavy meds and locked in a cell to protect all from his evil ways .

      2. sigrid28 November 16, 2016

        Although I never attended one of his rallies, every Trump comment about to war that I heard him say in the media, showed Trump to be an isolationist. He made his share of bellicose statements, like saying he would bomb the whatever out of “them” or that he knew “more than the generals” or that he had a “secret plan” to destroy ISIS. Then there is his admiration for Putin’s warrior stance. But when it came to defending our allies around the world, Trump’s commitment ranged from unwilling to cowardly: we should drop NATO, we should not have gone into Iraq, Obama and Clinton got us into wars in the Middle East we should not have been in. Isolationism is also the spirit behind his eagerness to destroy trade agreements, when you stop to think of it. That’s why his neocon choices for these cabinet posts seem counter-intuitive to those of us who have been listening.

        1. Dominick Vila November 16, 2016

          For once, he told the truth when he admitted that he likes being unpredictable. Unfortunately, for him and for the USA, international markets and governments don’t like unpredictability.

          1. dpaano November 22, 2016

            Maybe when he realizes that these trade agreements are good for this country and have provided MORE jobs in the U.S. than anything else, he may relent, but I seriously doubt it. He’s just not that smart and the people he’s surrounding himself with aren’t either!

          2. Dominick Vila November 22, 2016

            His biggest problem, besides the stupidity of his rhetoric, is that he cannot back off all the promises he made to his supporters.
            You are right, many Americans may lose their job if he does not ratify the TPP and trash NAFTA. The part of this issue that he does not understand, or does but chose to ignore for political reasons, is that our corporations benefit from our trade agreements, and that the revenues they get from them, and from foreign investments, constitute a large percentage of their portfolios. The problem is not that agreements like NAFTA are bad, but that the corporations are more inclined to make their shareholders happy, and pay lavish salaries to their CEOs, than pass some of the earnings down to the work force.

    2. Gerry Francis November 15, 2016

      Hey! Have some respect will ya? It’s COMRADE King Clown….. geeze,

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com November 16, 2016

        HEY I respect those who have RESPECT for others . as for the king clown I seem to have missed something KING CHILD MINDED CLOWN . its im sure brain dead followers that put the king child minded clown in the house . watch the DONNY DUMP turn the USA in the joke of the world . heck with just his child toy his tweeter account . you respect the POS he deserves no respect he is a coward 5 time draft dodger a women beater a rapist fraud , con, and scammer that got where he is with his racist hate and screwing any and all people he could he buryed so many not caring at all for all he screwed nope I cant and wont respect A PICE OF CHIT you do it and if you do then your no better then the king clown him self . wake up and see the facts of how he will bring down the country just as how he fraud . conned . and scammed so many people he’s the true SOB , POS of the world today <<<<< BTW this post is the nicest respect I can have for the DONNY DUMP KING CLOWN and this was being nice

  16. Jon November 15, 2016

    Trump proudly proclaimed “I love war.” Apparently that was the 1 of the every 4 statements he makes that was true. Not only does the consideration of Bolton break Trump’s claim to pursue a more isolationist policy but his promise to drain the swamp as well. He reached to the bottom of the swamp for Bolton. However his selection of Bolton makes sense when you consider both he and Trump are liars who can never be trusted.
    Guiliani is totally unhinged and has repeatedly proven to be a master prevaricator too. It seems Trump is selecting those who share his characteristics.

    1. sigrid28 November 15, 2016

      Well said: “characteristics” one would call his pronouncements, as they do not carry the weight of “beliefs.”

  17. ivory69690@yahoo.com November 15, 2016

    US country get ready for disaster in the 4 years to come by DONNY DUMPS own hands this one clown could ruin all the country has done since it started over 200 years ago and more likely will . or as much as he can anyways

  18. 1Zoe55 November 15, 2016

    Bolton is another one of the “chicken hawks” that Bush/Cheney used to perpetuate the lies of Iraq having WMD. If Trump is surrounding himself with these warmongers, we will indeed be involved in wars in the Middle East. We were still in the Foreign Service when Bolton was at the U.N and we agree that Bolton was despised by his own State Department colleagues and other countries’ representatives. Bush/Cheney funded the failure of the Iraq war by putting the costs on a credit card that we citizens are still paying. Where will Trump and his advisers get the funding for any new involvements in the Middle East? Are the folks that supported Trump ready to send their own children and grandchildren to fight in useless and costly wars? If so, then the wall that Trump promises to build will be one dedicated to the military lives lost in these misguided ventures.

    1. jmprint November 15, 2016

      Now finally I see a good use for that wall, because blood will be shed, unfortunately for those of us that didn’t vote for Trump will be affected equally.

    2. dpaano November 22, 2016

      And it’s interesting that he’s picking Bolton…..he was so adamant about vilifying Hillary for voting for the war in Iraq based on GWB’s and Cheney’s lies! Now, he’s suddenly friends with the guy that perpetuated those lies? Hypocrites anyone?

  19. Eleanore Whitaker November 15, 2016

    And another reward for all the good little Trump suck ups. Wow. Gowdy gets the AG position. Guiliani gets the DOJ top dog position. Gingrich gets in on it and now Bolton. Wow…All dicks and no intelligent women except that hissing snake campaign manager of Trump’s.

    You know what I think will be so much fun? Watching all of these bossy bulls going after each other as men always do because MEN never learn to get along.


    1. Gerry Francis November 15, 2016

      I think it’ll be more fun to see the expressions on the Trumpers faces when the light bulb goes on and they realize they were duped.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker November 15, 2016

        Two of my now middle aged sons had 2 friends who asked me what I thought of them working in the Taj Mahal and his marina hotel and casino. I told them to make sure they documented or used a micro cassette recorder to make sure they had proof, “just in case.”

        Well 2 years ago, after both of them worked in the Taj, one as a croupier and the other as a hotel chef, the Taj was closed. Trump announced the closing less than 2 months after he got that FinCEN fine. He began to pass out the pink slips 3 months before in the hopes he’d fire enough employees to pay off that $22 million fine. When that didn’t work and 2 more lawsuits against him were started, several NJ papers quoted what he told his employees, “It’s your own fault if you are out of a job. You shouldn’t have trusted me.”

        That is WHY I detest everything Trump is and stands for. I know he is a rotten coward who thinks at any minute he can just change course if it gets him off.

        Right now, the judge down there in Florida is already backing down from that racketeering court case over Trump University. Trump’s sister, Mary Ann is a judge. They all talk to each other. And, if they don’t do as Trump wants, he just gets his dirty legal team to uncover something, anything he can use to silence them or threaten them with a lawsuit. That’s why that case of rape isn’t going through. He got someone to make death threats.

        Nazi America. Here we come!

        1. Gerry Francis November 15, 2016

          I’m wondering if he can give himself a “Presidential Pardon”. Maybe if he goes off to jail, Pence will flip him the bird because The Donald told him there was “proof” and none came which makes him look like another Trump shill.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker November 15, 2016

            You know? I think that’s why he ran for president. If what I saw of Trump here in NJ with his attempts to never make any legal case stick, even to paying off judges, you are on the right track.

            Already that Florida judge is saying they may not bring that racketeering case to court. The way Trump was elected was based mainly on his refusals to do what every presidential candidate has done throughout US history. So, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he got Guiliani as head of the DOJ to wash away those charges.

  20. Jim B November 15, 2016

    Joe, Is there anything at all that you like about John Bolton? Bush appointed him to Nato to clean up corruption and he did an excellent job at that time. Had a hard time getting approved by congress at the time who said “Bolton was too straight talking” as they put it meaning he tells it like it is which is refreshing. Pick someone else to vilify next. Jim B

    1. Eleanore Whitaker November 15, 2016

      Oh puhlease…Cheney is more corrupt than any of his supporters know. You can find in several books just how Cheney became the back room GOP president while they used GWB as their silly, childish front man. Bolton has a nasty temper as he proved and I saw watching him at the UN.

      Do you seriously think you and your bully Republicans will “lay the law down to every foreign country of the world?”

    2. adler56 November 15, 2016

      BS. Bolton is as crazy as he looks.

  21. Illbay November 15, 2016

    So much b.s. in such a little space.

    Bolton knows more about international relations than you’ve even taken time to wonder about. Nice to have an adult in charge again.

    A joke? How about “Reset Button” Hillary! and John “What Country Is This Again?” Kerry as SecState, or a President who confuses the Maldive Islands (in the Indian Ocean) with the Falklamds (in the South Atlantic on the other side of the globe)?

    I didn’t vote for Trump out of respect for the dignity of the office, and I didn’t vote for a Hillary! out of respect for rule of law, but now I get to laugh as I watch you media types “suddenly” twist yourselves all around noticing “terrible things” about Trump’s coming administration after eight years of ignoring criminality, incompetence and embarrassment with Obama.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it’s always better to have a Republican president, not because they’ll do a better job, but because you “journ-o-lists” will start doing yours.

    1. charleo1 November 15, 2016

      A Republican President is a way too expensive reason for journalists to do their job. The rest is just a lot of who shot john rw garbage.

    2. Gerry Francis November 15, 2016

      Donald Trump fans – Ass grabbing, wife beaters.

      1. Illbay November 15, 2016

        Which makes Hillary! fans what?

        Well, I guess technically Bill C assaulting and raping Juanita Broadrick wasn’t “wife-beating.”

        The hypocrisy.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker November 15, 2016

          Which makes Hillary a woman who has a sense of honor. You right wing pigs have sex addictions. Trump will pass Melania around to the GOP sex addicts until she looks like yesterday’s dirty laundry.

          Do you always lie, lie, lie? You do realize if we wanted to, we could haul your ass into court and make you prove what you posted.

        2. Gerry Francis November 15, 2016

          Think that trough a little better – where’s the hypocrisy? I said ‘fans’…….apparently that includes you.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker November 15, 2016

            These are Trump supporters who have NO consciences. If they had to face their consciences, they would realize that they are supporting someone they know is a deadly threat to government of the people, for the people, by the people.

            The only jobs Trump will ever create are in oil rigging, fracking and coal mining or worse, his own hotels and casinos, the few he still owns that is.

        3. Thoughtopsy November 15, 2016

          So your best counter argument is: “We’re as bad as you are.”?

          Amazing reply there.

      2. jmprint November 15, 2016

        These Texan men aren’t really for Trump, or care what happens in Trumps presidency, but they kiss the ground that Ted Cruz walks on.

    3. Eleanore Whitaker November 15, 2016

      Really? You obviously forgot that when one of the foreign dignitaries at the UN disagreed with Bolton, he banged his shoe on the table. That’s an adult? Who the hell raised you? Daisy Mae and Lil Abner? Bolton is a loose cannon. Like you when he doesn’t get his way, he acts out. Grow up. This is NOT your country on OUR tax dollars.

      1. Illbay November 16, 2016

        It’s kind of hard to remember an incident that never happened.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker November 17, 2016

          No surprise for a CONman who has a convenient memory. Trump doesn’t remember grabbing any pussies either.

    4. greenlantern1 November 15, 2016

      Who LOST South Vietnam?
      Does the name Kissinger ring a bell?

      1. Eleanore Whitaker November 15, 2016

        These nutbags have a serious problem with accountability. But now they have the Master of the Universe who NEVER accepts accountability.

      2. Illbay November 15, 2016


      3. dbtheonly November 15, 2016


    5. jmprint November 15, 2016

      Tell that to all those soldiers who don’t have legs, arms and are maimed for life, parents, sisters, grandmothers and the rest of world who lost their loved ones in this war, that this idiot LIED about, to allow Cheney to enrich himself and Haliburton.

      1. Illbay November 15, 2016

        Like he two who were killed in Afghanistan over the weekend?

        Funny how you people remember so clearly things from ten years ago but the last eight years are just a blank.

        Bush and Co. won the war. Obama lost it when he obeyed idiots like you and pulled troops out only to have to put them back in again.

        I would mention “junior varsity” but you likely wouldn’t know the reference. You haven’t been paying attention.

        1. jmprint November 15, 2016

          ” idiots like you ” doesn’t that apply to 95% of US citizens. You are dead wrong about “Bush and Co. won the war.” but then again you give Trump credit as a leader.

          1. Illbay November 16, 2016

            I never said anything about Trump.

            Voices in your head again. See a doctor.

          2. Illbay November 17, 2016

            Bush & Co. won the war. Reid tried to lose it, but failed, as he has failed in everything except obstruction.

            I don’t give Trump credit for anything. I did not vote for Trump. Both he and Hillary! were the worst candidates we’ve ever run.

            But at least (at this point) Trump is not a criminal and traitor, as Hillary! is. So I guess in today’s terms, that makes him “a leader.”

            I have no idea how he’ll do. He’s a New York liberal. That’s not a good start.

        2. Thoughtopsy November 15, 2016

          Tell your crap to the families of the 4,000 Americans who died because Bush the Dumber had Cheney’s hand up his ass, and they both decided to invade the wrong country when they knew it was the wrong country.

          Your blindness is institutional and absurd.

          1. Illbay November 16, 2016

            Wow, several hundred thousand died in World War II. Maybe we should start there.

          2. Illbay November 17, 2016

            You don’t seem to recall actual history. You substitute the false propaganda of those Democrats who supported going to war when that was politically convenient, then stabbed the country in the back (Reid’s continual “we lost the war” screed, which he shut up when the USA and allies took Fallujah, and the war was won).

            The Iraq War came as a result of continual provocations on the part of Saddam Hussein. Saddam was harboring terrorists with American blood on their hands (Abu Nidal, Abu Abbas e.g.) He was continually firing on coalition aircraft in the no-fly zones. He even attempted to assassinate George H. W. Bush when he visited Kuwait.

            But you people don’t care about that. You care about POLITICS. You don’t care about the country, only CONTROLLING it.

            You’re pathetic.

        3. Jon November 15, 2016

          Bush set the withdrawal date you ignorant troll. Obama simply honored what Bush had worked out.

          1. Illbay November 16, 2016

            Bush never set any withdrawal date. He is an adult, knows better than that.

            Another thing Bush never did: campaign for his replacement, give McCain a free campaign ride on Air Force One, and constantly comment about “what Obama was going to do when he assumed office.”

            That’s the eternal sophomore, Obama doing all that. All you people can do is come up with things that never happened.

          2. Jon November 16, 2016

            Nice try trumpanzee but you need to come up with better lies and stop whining like a spoiled child.

          3. Illbay November 17, 2016

            I did not vote for Trump.

            And for some reason you continue to behave as though Hillary! had won the election.

          4. dpaano November 22, 2016

            Actually, she did…..she got over 1/3M more votes than Trump, but we can thank the out-of-date Electoral College for voting for someone that was NOT the popular vote.

          5. alsoavietnamvet November 17, 2016

            You are a typical republican; IGNOR THE FACTS!!!

          6. Illbay November 17, 2016

            I’m not a Republican. But I am an American.

          7. dpaano November 22, 2016

            Sure you are!!!

          8. dpaano November 22, 2016

            Try to look up the agreement that Bush signed…you know, the one that President Obama had to obey because of Bush. Do your homework, dufus, and go find another site to spout your BS at because the posters on THIS website apparently know more about this than you do!

        4. alsoavietnamvet November 17, 2016

          Obama “pulled troops out” because Bush SIGNED the SOFA agreement with the GOVERENMENT of Iraq that BUSN/CHENEY put into place!!

          1. Illbay November 17, 2016

            Read this: http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2014/06/obamas-disastrous-iraq-policy-an-autopsy/373225/

            Yes, it’s from the ultra-right-wing publication, “The Atlantic,” but try to pay attention anyway.

        5. dpaano November 22, 2016

          What an uninformed idiot you are….GWB STARTED the Iraqi War based on lies. President Obama pulled troops out because your buddy, Bush, signed a SOFA agreement with the Government of Iraq. The Iraqi government would not allow our troops to stay and said they would not protect them. Apparently, YOU are the one that hasn’t been paying attention. You may want to go check your facts before you come on this site!

          1. Illbay November 22, 2016

            Tell me, again: what “lies” did Bolton and Cheney and co. tell to “get us into the Iraq war?”

            – That Saddam was routinely firing on our aircraft?
            – That he supported and harbored international terrorists who had murdered Americans?
            – That he had attempted to assassinate a former President of the US?

            Or was this the lie?

            “We have to defend our future from these predators of the 21st century. They feed on the free flow of information and technology. They actually take advantage of the freer movement of people, information and ideas.

            “And they will be all the more lethal if we allow them to build arsenals of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and the missiles to deliver them. We simply cannot allow that to happen.

            “There is no more clear example of this threat than Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. His regime threatens the safety of his people, the stability of his region and the security of all the rest of us.”

            Oh, wait, I’m sorry, that was Pres. Clinton in 1998. Why, it looks like he agreed with the assessment if the Bush administration, as did all the other western nations,

            Or were they all in on the lie too?

            Why don’t you and the rest of your Leftard buddies admit the REAL crime of George W. Bush in your eyes instead of claiming “he lied” without any basis whatsoever?

            Admit he was guilty of being a Republican in the White House, which is an unforgivable sin in your world, as we’ve seen from the sillyass shenanigans you people have pulled the last couple of weeks.

            Try honesty fir a change. If it makes you melt like the Wicked Witch of the West, well, apologies in advance. .

    6. adler56 November 15, 2016

      another righty with delusions of grandeur. Bolton should have been deported years ago.

    7. Thoughtopsy November 15, 2016

      It’s funny how those Republican “better jobs” always seem to plunge the country into debt or disaster and need the next Democrat to clean up their mess… isn’t it.

      Nice try. A simple Google of the historical record of the Dumb Bush adequately disproves your point.

      1. dbtheonly November 15, 2016

        Us media types?

        What do you expect from an Astros fan?

      2. Illbay November 15, 2016

        Even funnier how they ALWAYS coincide with Democrats taking over Congress.

    8. dpaano November 22, 2016

      So, Bolton knows more about international relations, huh? He’s one of the designers and liars that stated the Iraqi War with Cheney and his warmonger buddies! He knows NOTHING! As for an “adult being in charge,” I don’t see that at all! Trump is a narcissistic, bloviating jerk with no idea what he’s doing! It will become very apparent as time goes on and his followers, hopefully, will see the folly of their ways!

  22. Eleanore Whitaker November 15, 2016

    Educated women in the US are laughing up our sleeves at Republican and right wing men. Any woman who has ever worked closely with CEOs would tell you that these power mad freaks of nature NEVER EVER get along longer than a few weeks before their competitive nature starts to end the honeymoon phase.

    For us, it won’t matter. All we need to do is sit back and watch Gowdy try to go after Guiliani and Gingrich try to go after whoever else is in his way. There will be your Emperor Trump like the great dynastic ruler trying to keep his boys under control.

    Years of watching the men I worked with climb the ladder up to CEOship was such a great education in how men destroy each other.

  23. Eleanore Whitaker November 15, 2016

    I wonder if Trump’s ass grabbing means women can now go around ripping off testicles? I would love to start with Ryan’s but I know I’d need a microscope to find them. And McConnells would be as easy as pulling a grape off the vine. rofl.

    1. jmprint November 15, 2016

      These are old men, the testicles and prostate are enlarged, the have large testicles, what they don’t have is a back bone and humility.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker November 15, 2016

        Thanks Jim…Learn something new every day…rofl. Most bullies are cowards. It’s why petite women like me scare the living hell out of them. They know we are at eye level with their family jewels and one strike and they won’t spawn another generation of big mouth bullies.

        1. jmprint November 15, 2016

          They hate all women that can think for themselves. They only want women that will run to them at the snap of their fingers.

          1. dpaano November 22, 2016

            Yep, first stripper First Lady in the White House….probably why Trump is keeping her in Manhattan!

  24. greenlantern1 November 15, 2016

    Ever hear of FinCen?
    It is part of the Treasury Department.
    It levied a fine, of $10,000,000, against Trump Taj Mahal!
    That fine was paid!
    It was used, by terrorists, to launder money!
    Which side is Trump on?

    1. Gerry Francis November 15, 2016

      His own.

      1. jmprint November 15, 2016

        You are right he is only in it for himself, that’s why he can only hire loyalist, that’s what dictators do.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker November 15, 2016

      Yes..I know. I know 10 people who worked at the Taj and they still have not been paid their salaries. One of them who worked as an accounting clerk at his marina hotel said that he fired all of the employees and closed it to raise the money he needed to pay off that fine.

  25. Eleanore Whitaker November 15, 2016

    One reason Trump said he won’t live in the White House and intends to stay in Trump Tower? He knows the White House would have him under surveillance 24/7. He can’t run his corporate business without oversight, not that his BOYS would EVER dare to restrict him from that mass conflict of interest. He won’t pass his business to his kids because if you know Trump, you know he follows what Roy Cohn told, “Trust no one but yourself.” So no. He won’t trust his kids to run his corporations. This is going to be the 1st time a US president is allowed conflict of interest.

    Also, Trump knows he can’t pass his wife around to the GOP sex addicts in the White House after they made such a meal of Clinton and Monica.

    The fact is the FAA already had to clear the airways over Trump Tower for his security at 10 times the cost if he lived in the White House. Guess all those hicks will pay for that right?

    1. jmprint November 15, 2016

      Plus his direct server to Russia, don’t think that will pass through security at the white house.

    2. Thoughtopsy November 15, 2016

      He’s merging his business with the Presidency.
      Do you know how much he is going to f**k people over for money and power when he has access to the FBI, IRS and Military?
      He doesn’t even have to do anything obvious. He can just threaten people with investigations, audits and extradition to get any money, power or deal he wants for his business.

      Great job draining the swamp, low-information white knuckle-draggers.
      You’re SO f**ked now.

      1. dpaano November 22, 2016

        I wonder if some of his followers are now thinking that maybe they voted for the wrong person???

    3. dpaano November 22, 2016

      And, we can only imagine how much of our hard-earned taxpayer money will go to equip his Trump Tower penthouse to be the second Oval Office!

  26. barbara.walker.91 November 15, 2016

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  27. adler56 November 15, 2016

    Bolton- Bannon -Guiliani- or as they’re better known – Larry, Curley and Moe.

    1. jmprint November 15, 2016

      Except that Larry, Curley and Moe had a heart.

      1. Gerry Francis November 15, 2016

        And they were funny.

        1. George November 15, 2016

          This is so not funny.. How can they just keep recycling the same losers over and over

  28. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 15, 2016

    Now that Trump has the spotlight on himself(as usual), he already is unraveling long before his coronation as King of the munchkins in the realm of Red Zone.
    By hiring all the wrong people, at least one who is unabashedly racist, at least a few members of the Establishment(the very same Establishment he promised to expel), Trump shows the poor and juvenile level of judgment we knew he would.

    With Rudy the Mad Accuser in the wings for, of all positions, Secretary of State, Donald is providing a steady stream of errors to amuse us, and is proving his unfitness. Never has anyone so unfit for the office been nominated, and elected by an arcane abstract entity called The Electoral College.

    This will get more ludicrous, and macabre. Donald, you asked for it, and you’re going to get it. Poetic justice is just around the corner.

  29. blanche.herrera.92 November 16, 2016

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  30. Lynda Groom November 16, 2016

    Boulton is what you find in the mud after you’ve drained the swamp. In short the perfect choice to represent our new administration to the rest of the world.

  31. kathlyn.gauthier November 17, 2016

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  32. GingerMuzzie November 19, 2016

    Have no fear, beloveds. I have already declared a fatwa against œglobalist.

  33. dpaano November 22, 2016

    What’s ridiculous is that Bolton not only pushed the war in Iraq, but he also helped put it together with GWB and Cheney and their lies. Trump was so adamant about Hillary voting for the Iraq war….now he goes and chooses one of the main designers of the Iraqi war. How stupid can he be? Oh, well, I guess we already know that!

  34. charlottesamuel November 25, 2016

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  35. woods.lorraine January 1, 2017

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