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Trump Names GOP Chair And ‘Alt-Right’ Publisher To Top White House Posts

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Trump Names GOP Chair And ‘Alt-Right’ Publisher To Top White House Posts

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President-elect Donald Trump on Sunday picked Reince Priebus, a Washington insider who heads the Republican National Committee, as White House chief of staff, signaling a willingness to work with Congress to advance his agenda when he takes office in January.

But while giving the influential post to the low-key Priebus, Trump handed another senior White House job to rabble-rousing conservative media figure Stephen Bannon, his campaign chairman who helped engineer his surprise victory on Tuesday over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Priebus is a friend of U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan, who distanced himself from Trump during the campaign but embodies the Republican establishment in Washington and will play a critical role in shepherding Trump’s agenda in Congress. Both Priebus and Ryan are from Wisconsin.

But Bannon, former head of the right-wing Breitbart News website, has been fiercely critical of Ryan.

Trump’s statement announcing the appointments said Bannon and Priebus would be “working as equal partners to transform the federal government,” with Bannon serving as chief strategist and senior counselor to the president.

The White House chief of staff serves as a gatekeeper and agenda-setter for the president, but Trump’s statement mentioned Bannon’s job first.

“I am thrilled to have my very successful team continue with me in leading our country,” Trump said in a statement. “Steve and Reince are highly qualified leaders who worked well together on our campaign and led us to a historic victory. Now I will have them both with me in the White House.”

Before joining Trump’s team, Bannon spearheaded Breitbart’s shift into a forum for the “alt-right,” a loose online confederation of neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and anti-Semites. Bannon’s hiring by Trump’s campaign this year signaled the businessman’s dedication to operating outside the norms of Washington.

Under Bannon’s leadership, the Breitbart site presented a number of conspiracy theories about Clinton as well as Republicans deemed to be lacking in conservative bona fides.

Critics have accused Bannon of harboring anti-Semitic and white nationalist sentiments. In a 2007 court filing during divorce proceedings, Bannon’s former wife accused him of making anti-Semitic comments on at least three occasions.

As head of Breitbart, he repeatedly attacked the Republican Party establishment including Ryan, alienating many veteran Republicans. Bannon showed his willingness to engage in brutal political tactics when he instigated the appearance before a presidential debate of three women who said they had been sexually abused by his Democratic rival’s husband, former President Bill Clinton.

Trump, who will succeed Democratic President Barack Obama on Jan. 20, has been contemplating the candidates for top jobs in the White House and in various Cabinet positions since Tuesday’s victory.

Priebus’ appointment could anger some hardline Trump supporters who were counting on Trump to keep his campaign promise to “drain the swamp” of business-as-usual Washington insiders.

Priebus is a longtime Wisconsin political operative who was credited with marshaling party resources for Trump’s White House bid. The Republican National Committee stepped in and ran most of the party’s get-out-the-vote effort this year in the absence of such an operation by the Trump campaign.

While some Republicans fled from Trump during the campaign, Priebus was unwavering in his backing for the New York real estate developer.

Priebus frequently traveled with Trump on the campaign trail and was seen as a positive force who helped rein in the unpredictable Trump in the closing weeks. Trump made his high regard for Priebus known on election night when he pulled him to the microphone to take a bow for his campaign efforts.

Trump and his advisers already have hedged on some of his major campaign promises, including on immigration, healthcare and appointing a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton.

Trump, in an interview that aired on Sunday, backed away from his promise to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexican border, saying some areas could instead be “fencing.”

Trump, whose pledge to force Mexico to pay for a border wall was a centerpiece of his White House, said in “certain areas” he would accept fencing instead of a brick-and-mortar wall, according to his interview with the CBS program “60 Minutes.”

“But certain areas, a wall is more appropriate. I’m very good at this, it’s called construction, there could be some fencing,” he said.

In the “60 Minutes” interview, Trump said Americans alarmed by his election had nothing to fear. “Don’t be afraid. We are going to bring our country back. But certainly, don’t be afraid,” he said.

Demonstrators in major U.S. cities took to the streets on Sunday for a fifth straight day to protest against Trump.

Trump said in the interview that once he takes office, he would remove immigrants with criminal records who are in the country illegally.

During the campaign, Trump said he would deport the estimated 11 million immigrants in the country illegally, most of whom are Hispanic.

Ryan on Sunday backed away from Trump’s promise during the campaign of a “deportation force” to round up and deport immigrants in the country illegally.

“We are not planning on erecting a deportation force. Donald Trump’s not planning on that,” Ryan told CNN’s “State of the Union” program. “I think we should put people’s minds at ease. That is not what our focus is. That is not what we’re focused on. We’re focused on securing the border.”

(Additional reporting by Steve Holland and Howard Schneider; Writing by Will Dunham; Editing by Caren Bohan and Peter Cooney)

IMAGE: Stephen Bannon CEO of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign is pictured during a round table with the Republican Leadership Initiative  at Trump Tower, August 25, 2016.   REUTERS/Carlo Allegri



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    2. FireBaron November 14, 2016

      Actually, I fully intend to exercise my Constitutionally defined right to protest against and petition against this administration until they step out of office either by criminal prosecution or their ouster in 2020.

      1. itsfun November 14, 2016

        I imagine the right would be saying the same about Hillary if she had won.

  1. Mama Bear November 14, 2016

    “Transform the federal government”…that could be the most chilling prediction yet.

    1. iamproteus November 14, 2016

      In Trump’s words, “But, certainly don’t be afraid”.

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 14, 2016

    How appropriate—An agent of divisiveness is elected to a post to be the nation’s official face to the world for rancor and disunity, and within his cabinet will be the face of the Alt-Right who himself is a person who is infused with the poison of racism and an active proponent of racialism advising Trump.

    One has to shudder to think of the devastating effects on the minds and lives of children and youth in such a toxic environment. But that’s OK, because many of their parents are promised economic boom times and the economy is far more important than cultivating healthy relationships with all the citizens of the country and of the world. Plus, fossil fuel exploration will guarantee enough jobs to decimate the environment.

    And the emperor himself will be such a star that certain “Women For Trump” will want Donald to enjoy the “right of the first night” at their expense.

    It’s going to be beautiful?? Oklahoma and surrounding states along the shale zone will need better earthquake insurance.

  3. itsfun November 14, 2016

    Anybody have any cheese and crackers for this whining writer?

    1. The lucky one November 14, 2016

      What did the writer say that is untrue?

      1. itsfun November 14, 2016

        Didn’t say the writer was lying about anything, Just want him to have some cheese and crackers to go along with his wine, I mean whining.

        1. The lucky one November 14, 2016

          I don’t see commenting on the consequences of Trump’s actions as whining. If it is then the repubs have been whining since the night Obama was elected, even before he even made any choices. As Dom notes Priebus is a solid choice, though I don’t like him, but Bannon is pure pandering to the racist contingent of Trump’s fans.

          1. itsfun November 14, 2016

            All I know about Bannon is what I have read lately. Never heard of him before the campaign. I think Bannon is the “muscle” so to put it in getting what Trump wants. The Rino’s are afraid of him, because he has been talked about as being some kind of Rino killer in the 2018 elections. Many Republicans have been whining since day 1 of the Obama terms.

          2. johninPCFL November 14, 2016

            I think it’s great that he’s brought all of the neo-Nazis in from the cold. Sort of expanding the lower flaps of the tent, no?

          3. itsfun November 14, 2016

            He will do a good job getting what President Trump wants done.

          4. iamproteus November 14, 2016

            He will do a good job of doing bad things!

          5. The lucky one November 14, 2016

            I think if you look at him you’ll find that he is a racist. His appointment as a key strategist belies Trump claim to represent all citizens.

          6. itsfun November 14, 2016

            All I found so far is his ex-wife accused him of saying he didn’t want his kids going to school with Jews. He denies ever saying that. He ran a conservative “news site” His ex-wife also accused him of domestic abuse, but he denied and no charges were ever pressed because of no evidence. So far I have found a lot of “he said, she said” and some on the left jumping on that band wagon. The left is not going to like any conservative news site and the right is not going to like any liberal news site. I will keep researching as now I am very curious as to why he has so many haters after him. There has got to be a lot more than I have found so far.

          7. The lucky one November 15, 2016

            I’ve been searching too. It seems that Bannon is more a panderer to racists than someone who makes public racist statements himself (sort of like his new boss) . We know people partly by their “friends” and neo-nazis and other racists are thrilled with his appointment. We do have this from a former staffer at Breitbart: Ben Shapiro, a conservative who used to work for Bannon, said this:

            “Under Bannon’s Leadership, Breitbart Openly Embraced The White Supremacist Alt-Right. Andrew Breitbart despised racism. Truly despised it. He used to brag regularly about helping to integrate his fraternity at Tulane University. He insisted that racial stories be treated with special care to avoid even the whiff of racism. With Bannon embracing Trump, all that changed. Now Breitbart has become the alt-right go-to website, with [Milo] Yiannopoulos pushing white ethno-nationalism as a legitimate response to political correctness, and the comment section turning into a cesspool for white supremacist mememakers.”

            Under Bannon’s leadership the site also noted in a March article, “The alt-right’s intellectuals would also argue that culture is inseparable from race. The alt-right believe that some degree of separation between peoples is necessary for a culture to be preserved.” That view is racism plain and simple.

            It seems to me that Bannon, like his boss, may not be so much an overt racist himself but just one who plays on racial fears and hatred to sell his product. Which do you think is worse?

          8. itsfun November 15, 2016

            I haven’t read Breitbart for over 6 months now, so I can’t really comment on what they are for today. I don’t know which of these two terrible option is the worst. I think Bannon does play on racial fears to get what he wants. He is a person hired to develop strategy and that is one terrible option he uses. However I don’t believe Trump is a racist. I believe he will try to help inner cities fix the ghetto problems. If he doesn’t do this, I will be very disappointed in him.
            Bannon did spend 10 years in the Navy serving our country.
            Still researching.

          9. The lucky one November 15, 2016

            “I don’t believe Trump is a racist. I believe he will try to help inner cities fix the ghetto problems. If he doesn’t do this, I will be very disappointed in him.” I hope you are right but I see nothing in Trump’s history to indicate that he will do anything to help the disadvantaged.

            Bannon’s military service is to his credit but casts no light on his character or integrity.

            If I wasn’t concerned about all the negatives Trump brings to the office I would find this all very amusing. The GOP now has a tiger by the tail and the tiger himself also has a tiger by the tail. Will Trump use the same bully tactics on his fellow repubs who don’t jump when he calls and what will his fans do when he is unable to follow through on his boasts?

          10. itsfun November 15, 2016

            I hope I am right about him too. It only hurts our country to have anyone living in these types of areas. I guess I am hopeful, because he is the only one I have seen call out the lip service that has been given to this while doing nothing. The GOP does have a tiger by the tail, and that is what the voters wanted. He is not a RINO and won’t be afraid to use the bully pulpit. He wants to drain the swamp as he calls it, but the swamp doesn’t want to be drained and is very powerful. If swamp draining does start to happen, you will see both the GOP and Democrats band together to save the power bases and keep getting rich. That is something that would unite both parties, and not change the corruption in Washington.

          11. The lucky one November 15, 2016

            The appointments that are being discussed Bolton, Gingrich, Guiliani and made with Priebus show no inclination toward draining the swamp.

          12. itsfun November 15, 2016

            Priebus was a surprise to me because he is part of the establishment. My take is he was selected because he gets along with Ryan and Congress as a whole. Plus he was loyal to Trump during the campaign and Trump is said to appreciate loyalty. Newt hasn’t been there for years now. Guiliani has never held a federal position as far as I know. With what I know of Bolton would try to carry a huge stick and I think after our country being involved in a war someplace for the last 8 years, we don’t need any more wars.
            I think draining the swamp will be getting rid of many of the regulations put on small business.

            Voiding many if not all of the executive orders from Obama will also be a part of the draining.
            I am hearing he wants to disband many of the smaller agencies that are just there mostly as political favors and to add regulations.
            I think the heavy lifting of lowering the influence of lobbyists will take a longer time and with the money and power they have, I tend to doubt if much good with happen with that.

          13. The lucky one November 15, 2016

            Trump needed Priebus (carrot) to balance Bannon (stick) if he wants any cooperation form the repubs in congress. As I expected Trump will do nothing to “drain the swamp. Despite being gone for a while Gingrich is a career politician a long time denizen of the swamp. Guiliani is likewise a career politician though not in Washington. I think he’ll use Bolton as the blusterer to try to cow nations opposed to his designs. Bolton is eminently expendable and will be one of the first sacrificed if Trump’s dreams don’t come true with foreign affairs.

            “I think draining the swamp will be getting rid of many of the regulations put on small business.” Why would you think a tycoon with a long history of stiffing vendors (small businesses) would do anything in their regard? Trump wants to get rid of regulations to free BIG businesses from being held accountable, subject to criticism and thus have free reign to reap profits at the expense of the environment and the people.

            “I think the heavy lifting of lowering the influence of lobbyists will take a longer time and with the money and power they have, I tend to doubt if much good with happen with that.” With all due respect I think that is a cop-out.

          14. itsfun November 15, 2016

            Lifting regulations will help both big and small business. Lowering the influences of lobbyists will take a longer time. I didn’t say it was impossible, but it won’t get done in his first 100 days. Maybe a law saying a Senator or Rep cannot accept any fees from any company for making speeches, going to company functions, or any thing at all. Also pass something that says a former Senator or Rep cannot go to work for a lobbyist or any company they represent for at least 10 years after leaving office. Getting things like that are going to be next to impossible or impossible. Many of the current Senators and Reps have only had one President since they were elected. Maybe its not to late for them. I don’t know, but something has to be done to help the average guy out here, not just the special interest groups.

          15. The lucky one November 15, 2016

            Agree with your last statement but again, there is nothing at all in Trump’s history to suggest he cares one whit about the little guy and a great deal of evidence including his own words that he views such people as “losers”.

            “Lifting regulations will help both big and small business.” Well now that all depends on which regulations were talking about doesn’t it. I sure don’t want to see GE resume dumping PCBs and other toxic chemicals in my beloved Hudson River as they did when it was legal despite having known the harm they were doing. There are many other examples of large industry taking the most immediately profitable course of action regardless of the harm caused. Trump’s plans will exacerbate that.

          16. itsfun November 15, 2016

            Didn’t Trump propose some kind of child care for working moms. If I remember a tax credit is what I think it was. That is help for the little guy. It would be stupid of him to even consider removing things like toxic chemical regulations. I think the ban on PCB’s and other chemicals are law. The President cannot change any law. He can only sign one into law or veto it.

          17. The lucky one November 16, 2016

            There is little doubt that Trump will undo whatever he can of the relatively weak pollution measures that Obama enacted. Remember Trump thinks man-made climate change is a Chinese hoax. That alone confirms that he is in fact an imbecile or at the least panders to imbeciles. Apart from climate change air pollution is a big and growing problem in itself.

            Where will the money come from for working mothers’ child care vouchers? He and the swamp denizens of the GOP plan to increase the already obscene share of the nation’s wealth that the ultra rich control by lowering their taxes. He wants a wall. He wants to build up the military. He claims he will invest in infrastructure (One of his few good ideas) but again where will the money come from.? Trickle down economics is a TOTALLY discredited theory and something that has NEVER worked. His proposals to the degree he has said anything concrete don’t add up.

          18. itsfun November 16, 2016

            The money for working mother child care may come from the same place the free college was coming from. I have read where the military is taking parts from broken down airplanes to fix other broken down airplanes. Maybe we do need to build the military. Maybe if we hadn’t been spending millions on wars for the last 8 years in a row, we would find the money for building roads, bridges, etc. He can save federal funds by cutting off funding to sanctuary cities protecting illegal immigrants and criminals. If these cities want to break federal laws, then they can fund theirselves. I don’t want any of my tax money going to give housing and such to illegals. What do you have against tax breaks? We are one of the highest taxed nations in the world.

          19. The lucky one November 16, 2016

            “The money for working mother child care may come from the same place the free college was coming from.” In other words, it’s an empty promise. At least Clinton wasn’t planning any tax breaks for the most pampered group of people in our nation’s history but even she wasn’t going to able to follow through on free college. It’s common sense you can’t increase spending while reducing revenue. Even a dimwit like Reagan knew that.

            There are no cities protecting “criminals”. You don’t want to pay for housing of “illegals” but apparently have no problem funding luxuries for Trump and his ilk.

            I have no problem with tax relief for the middle class but the uber rich already control too much of the nation’s wealth. Giving them even more will not solve any of our problems. I guess if you include banana republics we are relatively highly taxed.

          20. itsfun November 16, 2016

            In other words you believe we can tax the nation into prosperity? Sanctuary cities are protecting criminals. What is it about the world illegal you are having trouble with? I’m not funding luxuries for President elect Trump. I have been funding Obama’s golf trips, and his vacations to Martha’s Vineyard and Hawaii and such. Just one trip to the golf course costs taxpayers in the million dollar category. Check out our corporate tax rates with other countries.

          21. The lucky one November 16, 2016

            Compare effective tax rates. We can have any rate but if the corporations have many legal loopholes for avoiding tax, as they do now, the effective rate is much less. There is also the security an American based business receives from our military and the infrastructure they use. They should pay more for that.

            With all Trump’s private holdings the expenses for protecting him will far exceed all previous presidents. He likes to golf too, wants to be able to spend weekends in his NY apartments and will no doubt be traveling a great deal as he does now serving his private business interests.

            Okay I get it now, you are labeling undocumented immigrants as criminals regardless of whether they have committed any crimes such as robbery, murder, rape etc.

            No where did I suggest that “we can tax the nation into prosperity” but it seems you think increasing the wealth of the mega-wealthy will some how magically improve the lot of working class Americans or make the country more secure. They’ve already been increasing their share of the commonwealth every year. Has that helped anyone but themselves? Do you feel more secure?

            There are expense that even austerity will not relieve. Taxes are used to pay them. if the share of tax revenue of the rich is reduced then you and I and other working class citizens will be making up the difference. That’s what I meant by “funding Trump and his ilk”.

          22. itsfun November 16, 2016

            After seeing how great the security was for the American embassy in Benghazi, I am sure the corporations feel very safe. I want the illegal immigrants that are murderers, rapists, gang members, robbers deported first. I want the illegal immigrants that are actually contributing to our nation to go through a vetting process before being allowed to stay here. Anyone that has started a family, paid taxes, been a good citizen should receive a fast track to staying here. There are not enough rich people to pay all of our bills. Most rich people have worked for and earned what they have. I don’t believe in punishing them for being successful. They should pay their fair share, but not be unfairly taxed. We have been in a war somewhere for 8 straight years now. lets get out of the war business and use that money to help our citizens that need help. Lets build roads and bridges, and schools with that money.

          23. The lucky one November 16, 2016

            It’s nearly impossible to protect an embassy in a hostile country without the strong support of the host nation. Do you really think we are in the ME for any other reason than to support the assets of big oil companies?

            I somewhat agree with your stance on immigrants but suggest that a fair vetting will be unlikely when the “leader” has been so blatantly bigoted in his remarks.

            True that the rich can’t pay all the bills but many, like Trump, pay none of the bills and of course the rich and the corporations should pay a much greater share of the taxes since they reap much more of the benefits of citizenry.

            “Most rich people have worked for and earned what they have” That may be somewhat true of many who are well off but is not true of the majority of the top 5-10% and extremely few of the 1%.

            I agree with your stance on getting out of the war biz and rebuilding infrastructure. From the way defense (read arms) stocks have risen since Trump’s election the “smart” money doesn’t foresee that happening anytime soon.

          24. itsfun November 16, 2016

            Have you seen the stocks of the construction type companies?

          25. The lucky one November 16, 2016

            No but I don’t doubt they have risen with his election. A wise investor would look for companies that the Trump family and/or his supporters have connections with.

            I meant the getting out of the war biz racket. Of course that wouldn’t have occurred under Clinton either.

          26. itsfun November 16, 2016

            I did more research on Steve Bannon. He has never been convicted of anything. He was charged with abuse by his ex-wife, charges dropped, because she didn’t ever show up at court. He left Brietbard in 2012. There is no evidence of him being tied to the kkk, and neo-nazi group. He has been accused of many things, but nothing is proven. He is a lightweight compared to Hillary when it comes to being accused or charged with crimes.

          27. The lucky one November 16, 2016

            Like you I wouldn’t give much weight to allegations made during a divorce proceeding but Bannon is quite clearly a racist or a panderer to racists. Freedom speech permits that but appointing him shows Trump to be a divider and hate mongerer, not a uniter or someone who will serve all citizens.

            “take a look at who’s rejoicing over Mr. Bannon’s selection. The white nationalist Richard Spencer said on Twitter that Mr. Bannon was in “the best possible position” to influence policy, since he would “not get lost in the weeds” of establishment Washington. The chairman of the American Nazi Party said the pick showed that Mr. Trump might be “for ‘real.’” David Duke, former imperial wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, called the choice “excellent” and said Mr. Bannon was “basically creating the ideological aspects of where we’re going.”

            “He has also called progressive women “a bunch of dykes” and, in a 2014 email to one of his editors, wrote of the Republican leadership, “Let the grassroots turn on the hate because that’s the ONLY thing that will make them do their duty.”

            “Andrew Breitbart despised racism. Truly despised it,” former Breitbart editor-at-large Ben Shapiro wrote last week on the Daily Wire, a conservative website. “With Bannon embracing Trump, all that changed. Now Breitbart has become the alt-right go-to website, with [technology editor Milo] Yiannopoulos pushing white ethno-nationalism as a legitimate response to political correctness, and the comment section turning into a cesspool for white supremacist mememakers.”

          28. itsfun November 16, 2016

            He left Brietbart in 2012. Why are you so concerned with what the leader of the American Nazi Party, David Duke and Richard Spencer say? They mean nothing to President elect Trump and will continue to mean nothing to him. After the names I have been called on this site and you have probably experienced the same kind of name calling, Bannon using the word dykes doesn’t insult my sensitivities at all.

          29. The lucky one November 16, 2016

            No, it was Breitbart that left Breitbart in 2012 via a heart attack. Bannon has been CEO since then until he took a leave of absence to work for Trump.

            If the racists who have endorsed him mean nothing to him why has he not strongly rejected their endorsement. Wouldn’t you as a public figure do that if scum like KKK and nazis were trying to attach their names with yours.?

            It’s one thing to be called a vile name by some over zealous nitwit on a blog comment board and quite another when disrespected like that by someone on a national forum. I have no real problem with it. You know the sticks and stones thing but it shows he should NOT be a top adviser to a president claiming to serve all the people.

          30. The lucky one November 15, 2016

            I found this as well on Snopes which further substantiates my thoughts on Bannon.

            “The alt-right, in a nutshell, believes that Western culture is inseparable from European ethnicity. I have no evidence Bannon believes that personally. But he’s happy to pander to those people and make common cause with them in order to transform conservatism into European far-right nationalist populism. That means that the alt-right will cheer Bannon along as he marbles Trump’s speeches with talk of “globalism” — and that Bannon won’t be pushing Trump to dump the racists and anti-Semites who support Trump anytime soon. After all, they love Bannon — actual white supremacists like Peter Brimelow called his August appointment “great news,”

          31. itsfun November 18, 2016

            I though we talked in a respectful manner to each other, but you call me a racist behind my back. You are proving to be no different than other name calling assholes. You don’t know me, you don’t even know what race I am. You are just making things up and telling lies about me like others do. President Trump get use to hearing and saying that.

          32. The lucky one November 18, 2016

            You”ll have to direct me to where I’ve called you a racist but I don’t believe I ever have done that. Trump is racist and Bannon is a blatant racist, A large contingent, though certainly not all maybe not even a majority, of Trump’s supporters are racist. If you identify so strongly with them that you feel tarred by comments I have made about them then that is your choice.

            If you can show me where I have referred to YOU as a racist I will be happy to extend an apology but I don’t think you’ll be able to do that.

            Maybe you are confused because my comment “I think if you look at him you’ll find that he is a racist.” appeared below Zengo’s post. However you bother to look you’ll see that my comment was in response to your post and was clearly in reference to Bannon.

          33. itsfun November 18, 2016

            It is I who owes a apology. I mistook your reply to Zenzo as being about me. I do apologize, my only excuse is I hadn’t had my morning coffee yet and that really is not a excuse. I apologize again.

          34. The lucky one November 18, 2016

            Accepted. Misunderstanding is very easy in this medium. Cheers

          35. itsfun November 18, 2016

            Thank You

          36. Thoughtopsy November 14, 2016

            So…. you’ve been commenting here, on this election, for months… and you never even bothered to look up information on one of F**kface Von Clownstick’s key advisors?

            Was a basic Google search too hard for your delicate sensibilities?
            Did you not think that perhaps informing yourself before either commenting here or voting in the National Election might be a f**king smart thing to do?

            You are the quintessential Trump voter.

          37. itsfun November 14, 2016

            I am sure you are completely familiar with everyone that was on Hillary’s staff. I care about what Trump says and does, not everyone of his staff members. President Trump get use to it.

          38. Zengo November 14, 2016

            yeah but his first action is to appoint a right wing neo-nazi to a co-chief of staff position, isn’t that something that Trump has done? Do you care about that?

          39. Thoughtopsy November 16, 2016

            You’re a f**king zero, mate.

            How dare you opine here without doing the BARE MINIMUM of research… then try to justify it by saying you “only care what Trump says or does”.

            You are the definition of “willful ignorance”… Yet somehow you still feel that you should share your really really important opinions with everyone here.

            How nice that you feel we need to know what you think based on not knowing anything, and not bothering to learn anything.

            I am stunned at your abject arrogant idiocy.

          40. itsfun November 18, 2016

            I am stunned at how big of a ass you are. Like I said I care about what President elect Trump says and does. You have no knowledge of what goes on in meetings, you just make up what you want and yell and whine and whine. grow up

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 14, 2016

      We have that and more for you. You’ve been whining constantly. I’m waiting for you to show some objectivity. Up to now, you’ve just been gushing with enthusiasm over the personality of Donald. That’s also called “fawning”.
      Why are you complaining? You know you can’t stop reading what is written here.

    3. Thoughtopsy November 14, 2016

      How’s the draining of the swamp going?
      How’s “locking up” Hillary going?
      How’s deporting all the immigrants going?
      How’s the border “fence” going?

      F**kface Von Clownstick has only been President-Elect for 6 days and he’s already pissing on all the things he promised you.

      My primary amusement over the next 4 years will be watching you whine.
      As you realise you’ve been totally screwed over by a con man.

      1. itsfun November 14, 2016

        Just in case you don’t know, but Trump is the President-elect not the President. That will happen on Jan 20. Maybe we should wait until then to call him more names.

        1. Thoughtopsy November 16, 2016

          He. Himself. Is. Saying. These. Things.
          Are. You. Not. Listening. To. The Actual. Words. Coming. Out. Of. His. Mouth?

  4. Dominick Vila November 14, 2016

    For a pseudo conservative administration, the appointment of Reince Priebus is logical and to be expected. Priebus is a solid conservative, has relevant management experience, a good knowledge of how the Federal government works, and a good relationship with many Congressional Republicans. The appointment of Bannon is a bone designed to satisfy the wishes of the Alt-Right. His problem is not education, or relevant experience, but his radical views, and the opinions he has expressed in years past and throughout the campaign.

  5. Moderate Black Woman November 14, 2016

    No one can be seriously surprised by this. Trump is gonna dance with the guy (and people) who brought him to the dance.

  6. Jon November 14, 2016

    It can’t be true. Trump hasn’t even been sworn in and he is already breaking his major campaign promises. The only one he is keeping is to normalize the white nationalism of the Republican Party by appointing Stephen Bannon as Chief Strategist and Senior Counsel. At long last white nationalism is not a covert practice of the Republican Party but their dirty little secret is part of the Republican presidential administration.
    Why didn’t Trump encourage his thugs to chant “Drive Those Fence Posts” instead of ‘Build The Wall” if he intended fencing?
    Why did Trump get his rabid slobbering supporters to chant ‘Lock Her Up” if he doesn’t know if he will do it?
    Why was Trump shouting “Drain The Swamp” if he is appointing people like Reince Priebus, a swamp dweller, to be his Chief of Staff?
    Why isn’t Trump delivering on his promise to create jobs by forming a deportation force?
    Why is Trump continuing President Obama’s deportation policies instead of deporting the 11 million plus illegal immigrants as he promised?
    Trump said Obamacare is a disaster and he promised to repeal it and replace it and now he is reneging.
    It looks like Trump was a conning everybody.

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 14, 2016

      That’s the nature of the game—promise much, then reverse one’s stand once elected. Or, if one intends to do something beneficial, then you have to hope that Congress has the same set of values and sentiments as you to get anything done.

    2. iamproteus November 14, 2016

      Well, Jon, you don’t suppose he was lying, do you? Naw, Trump wouldn’t lie…..would he?

      1. Jon November 14, 2016

        Trump and his surrogates lie so regularly and with no hint of shame or guilt, I will be guessing when he and his kleptocrats are telling lies or telling the truth. I am going to assume they are lying.

        1. iamproteus November 15, 2016

          Pretty safe bet, I would say.

  7. FT66 November 14, 2016

    Anyone who thinks Trump is going to change needs to take another thought. He won’t because he is not a normal president/person as we used to see. It is going to be a very long, long, long 4 years.

    1. iamproteus November 14, 2016

      I pity the poor Democrat who takes office in 2021. He/she will have a much harder time straightening out the mess left by Trump than Obama did with the mess left by Bush. When will the electorate learn that the cycle must end: elect a Democrat to clean up after a republican fouls the nest and then elect another republican because the Democrat didn’t clean up fast enough. Shampoo, rinse, repeat.

  8. Thoughtopsy November 14, 2016

    Reince as Chief of Staff?
    Yeah that swamp is totally draining.

    Dumbf**k Voters: Hey! Why is the Washington Swamp water level going up?
    Conway: Oh that’s just part of the draining process… First we have to really fill it as full as we can… right to the top until it’s overflowing. Then we can start draining it after that.
    Dumbf**k voters: How long will that take?
    Conway: Oh about 4 years…

    Democrats: “Always cleaning up after the last Republican.”

  9. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 14, 2016

    While Trump is going about selecting vile elements for his cabinet, why not put Bannon in a new Department—“Dept. of Racial Purity” or some similar name, with Bannon(or David Duke) as the Secretary.
    In addition, create a Dept. of Offense, with Anne Coulter as the Secretary. She has on at least a couple of occasions publicly suggested that the US should strafe the Arab world and bring them to their knees, while confiscating the oil fields.

    Looks like Trump is starting to get some sense re: the hair-brained idea of a wall—what a surprise! Now he wants to backtrack and build a fence(chicken wire or whatnot.
    (Maybe the “Red Zone” will show its disapproval and insist on the Wall).

  10. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 14, 2016

    Trump reassures us that we have nothing to fear—he will bring America back to us. Did America go somewhere?

    Anyway, we have another ringing endorsement from KKK leader Duke who had these glowing words—words that fill many “Red Zoners” with a sense of the well-being to come:
    “The leaders of the white nationalist and so-called “alt-right” movement — all of whom vehemently oppose multiculturalism and share the belief in the supremacy of the white race and Western civilization — publicly backed Trump during his campaign for his hardline positions on Mexican immigration, Muslims, and refugee resettlement. Trump has at times disavowed their support. Bannon’s hiring, they say, is a signal that Trump will follow through on some of his more controversial policy positions.
    “I think that’s excellent,” former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke told CNN’s KFile. “I think that anyone that helps complete the program and the policies that President-elect Trump has developed during the campaign is a very good thing, obviously.

    I feel safer already, and won’t have to look behind my back, no matter where I may walk in this country. Thanks to the new Fuehrer. I also like the insincere and tepid way he tells bigots who might want to go on a rampage: “Don’t do that—pretty please?”


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