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Trump Says He, Mexican Leader Discussed Border Wall But Not Who Pays

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Trump Says He, Mexican Leader Discussed Border Wall But Not Who Pays

Trump, U.S. - Mexico relations

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said on Wednesday he and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto discussed Trump’s proposal for a border wall between the countries but not the New York businessman’s demand that Mexico pay for it.

Trump and Pena Nieto emerged from about an hour of talks at the presidential palace in Mexico City to deliver statements to the news media and take questions.

“We did discuss the wall, we didn’t discuss payment of the wall, that will be at a later date, this was a very preliminary meeting, it was an excellent meeting,” Trump said.

Pena Nieto, in his statement, said the border must be seen as an asset for the region. He said undocumented immigration from Mexico to the United States had dropped considerably since reaching a peak a decade ago.

(Reporting by Steve Holland,; Ginger Gibson, Caren Bohan and Amanda Becker; Editing by James Dalgleish)



  1. Dominick Vila August 31, 2016

    Sheriff Arpaio’s comments on CNN, immediately after Trump’s speech in Mexico City, said it all. After praising Trump for his courage in going to the lion’s den, Arpaio praised him for his ability to cut a deal. He explained the latest reversal on illegal immigration, specifically his plan to deport 11 million people and have Mexico pay for his wall, as a classic business tactic. You go high, knowing that you will have to settle for less…and most likely for what you wanted all along. He was not troubled for Trump’s flip flop, and I don’t expect too many Trump supporters will be troubled by it either.
    The goals at this point are (1) to present Trump as a statesman, a man capable of dealing with foreign leaders, respectfully, and getting the desired results; (2) to convince moderate Republicans and Independents that Trump is not the loose cannon they thought; (3) to convince women that Trump is actually a moderate leader who is determined to protect our national interests and security; and (4) to defeat Hillary on issues. I suspect they know that they are not going to make inroads among African Americans and Latinos. They are simply using them as a tool to advance an agenda conducive to victory in November. Whether or not it is enough to reverse the damage done by Trump’s narcissism, irresponsibility, arrogance, lack of civility, and prejudice, remains to be seen. In the interim, polls are narrowing…

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 31, 2016

      Golly, by the goals you so neatly laid out, I’m a believer in Trump—yeah, right!
      Nice comment, Dominick !!

      1. dtgraham September 1, 2016

        Give Dominick credit for laying it out and pointing out the facts. Hillary’s national lead has narrowed from 10 percentage points down to two in one week, according to today’s Fox Poll.

        I still can’t believe that Trump has any realistic path to victory, but between Kellyanne Conway and Julian Assange…I suppose you just never know.

        1. Dominick Vila September 1, 2016

          Bear in mind that the opinion I expressed had nothing to do with being impressed with Trump. I simply pointed out an obvious change in political strategy that is likely to impress those who called Reagan a Great Communicator because he managed to articulate opinions in a way that most Republican leaders cannot do.
          A goal, that I failed to mention, was the need to continue to dominate the spotlight.
          Subtle gaffes, and evidence of discomfort, by Trump went beyond the controversy between his statement about not having discussed who would pay for the Trump wall. Did you notice how he reacted when he noticed the American flag was absent in the podium area, and Pena Nieto was treating him as a common citizen rather than a foreign dignitary? The fact that Pena Nieto, who speaks English fluently, did not need a translator by his side, while Trump had one whispering in his ear, highlights the effects of our refusal to learn foreign languages, and our insistence of making everyone else speak English. These are probably irrelevant observations, but things that don’t go amiss when events like this are broadcast abroad.

          1. FireBaron September 1, 2016

            Dom, the only thing about Teflon Donnie that has ever impressed me is his survival of two divorces, and his not being thrown in prison. Outside of that, nothing about his is impressive, except for the small size of his hands.

          2. Independent1 September 1, 2016

            And not very many people were impressed with the Donald’s speech – if anything , his speech has done more damage to his campaign than help it.

            From CNN:

            Trump’s dystopian immigration speech out of touch with reality

            (CNN)So much for the Trump immigration pivot. It was intriguing while it lasted — all 10 days. Last night, the old Trump was back.

            His much anticipated immigration speech Wednesday night began with a throwaway line about his “love for the people of Mexico,” and he blew a few kisses at his new best friend, President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico. Also uncharacteristically, Trump had done a little homework,
            consulting with experts and studying up on immigration law.

            But most of the 73-minute speech was given over to a wild, dystopian rant: criminal aliens, foreign terrorists, runaway welfare use, immigrant-driven job loss and downward wage pressure — an immigration system, Trump summed up, that’s “worse than anybody ever realized because the media won’t report on it.”

            And in summary:

            But even in his policy specifics, there is too much focus on an exaggerated threat and not enough understanding of what immigrants bring to America. As Mexican President Pena Nieto
            pointed out in his comments Wednesday, standing on a stage next to Trump, the net influx of unauthorized Mexican immigrants is at a 10-yearlow — in effect, zero.

            It’s not the major problem we face as a nation. And no amount of scapegoating will make it so.


          3. Dominick Vila September 1, 2016

            The most amazing part is that he delivered that incendiary speech just a few hours after the one in Mexico City, and that both the tone and content of those speeches were poles apart.
            The funniest part is to listen to the explanations given by Trump surrogates on TV. I don’t know how much they are being paid, but they are earning their keep.

          4. dtgraham September 1, 2016

            Yes I understood. You were just giving an objective analysis of new developments and strategy in the Trump campaign. I think Aaron took you the wrong way.

            I’ve never seen Trump so in love with Mexico as he was on that stage with Nieto. At one point I thought he was going to put on a sombrero, do a quick change into a tight black outfit, whip out a guitar, and do some mariachi tunes. That would have been a tough one to sell to the build the wall crowd back home.

      2. Dominick Vila September 1, 2016

        It will take a lot more than a well crafted political strategy to make me a believer in Trump. For me, he remains the same narcissistic, arrogant, irresponsible, and ignorant bigot he has always been. He simply found a political team that knows how to sell a sting operation to the gullible. The only thing I admire in Trump is his ability to attract media attention.

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 31, 2016

    Well, what a surprise. Donald had the good sense not to mention who pays for a wall that will never be built.

    Of course, Donald never figured out that you just don’t build structures along international borders without approval by Congress. And if he intends on the wall extending over the legal boundary already established, he’ll have to deal with the International community as well as with Mexico.

    What could compel any sane person to believe that you can build anything in the US and charge another nation to pay for it? Donald still thinks he’s the king of all he surveys, and the sheriff in Arizona thinks Donald has been duly crowned and has gone into the “lion’s den” to dictate terms. (The heat in Arizona doth hath a deleterious effect on the weak-minded).

    1. Dominick Vila September 1, 2016

      Absent from the discussion is the fact that illegal immigration is at its lowest point in decades, that more Mexicans and Central Americans are leaving voluntarily than those trying to enter the USA legally or illegally, and that deportations under President Obama have been at an all-time high.
      The Wall, and all the other nonsense, is just a tool to energy the most bigoted among us, and those consumed by uncontrollable fear of anything foreign.

      1. Independent1 September 1, 2016

        Have you seen this since Trump went into high gear with his con job/snake oil salesman modus operandi where he spews so many lies so fast that people are unable to keep up with the cow dung that builds up around their feet??? Virtually nothing he said in his immigration speech was found true by Politifact; his speech was on lie after another.

        See this:

        Some of Trump’s Hispanic fans are abandoning ship after his immigration speech

        Several of Donald Trump’s most prominent Hispanic supporters are reconsidering their support following his major speech on immigration Wednesday. Jacob Monty, an attorney based in Houston, resigned from the Republican candidate’s National Hispanic Advisory Council after hearing the speech in Phoenix; Politico reported early Thursday morning. “I was a strong supporter of Donald Trump when I believed he was going to address the immigration problem realistically and compassionately,” Monty told the news site. “What I heard today was not realistic and not compassionate.”

        After weeks of toying with “softening” his deportation-based approach to illegal immigration, the GOP nominee on Wednesday gave a speech in which he embraced the hard-line policies and incendiary rhetoric that defined his primary campaign. He said that anyone in the United States illegally would be subject to deportation and vowed to bolster security at the U.S.-Mexico border.


        The Donald has no clue how to act presidential – all he knows is how to con people into buying into plots he concocts to try and sell his failed ideas.

        1. Dominick Vila September 1, 2016

          Trump shifts direction more often than a sail boat.
          The problem for him has nothing to do with how to pay for the wall or who is going to pay for it, his problem is Donald Trump. He took a radical stance throughout the primaries to rally the most radical elements in our society. He succeeded in doing that, but cannot shift gears without angering his base. He knows he needs to expand his base to have a chance to win in November, and he is realizing that if he tries to change his stance on this issue, he would lose by the biggest landslide in U.S. electoral history.
          What worries me is that Hillary has been almost AWOL during the last couple of weeks. Is she so scared to debate Trump that she is spending much of his time preparing for the debates, or is she ill? She looked terrible during her speech at the Legion. BTW, the most that can be said about that event is that she got a polite welcome. Trump delivered a speech at the Legion today, and the audience went wild.
          I listened to her speech, and thought it was well written and substantive. The problem is that she does not demonstrate any passion, and seems unable to know how to energize a crowd.

          1. Independent1 September 1, 2016

            Dominick, the past couple weeks plus, Hillary has been focusing on fund raising for down line Democrats which may have seemed a bit distracted and worn out in her first appearance back campaigning for herself. She’s probably worn out from skipping around the country to support Democrats who are in tight races in both House and Senate campaigns coming in 2016. I think Hillary realizes she’d have a really tough time getting anything done as president unless we get as much support in Congress as is possible. I’m a bit surprised more popular Dems haven’t gotten more actively involved in supporting her to give her a break in campaigning – she’s basically doing it all.

          2. Dominick Vila September 1, 2016

            Her campaign raised a whooping $143M in August!
            Good point on the need to help Dems in tight races. If the GOP keeps control of the Senate, little to nothing will get done.

          3. Independent1 September 1, 2016

            Yes, and for those who are interested in fact checking Donald’s speech, here’s a good article from CBS News:

            An excerpt:

            Fact checking Donald Trump’s immigration speech

            WASHINGTON — Donald Trump’s attempt to clarify his immigration policy instead muddied some of the actual circumstances for people in the country illegally and their impact on the U.S. economy.

            A look at some of his statements after a meeting with Mexico’s president Wednesday and his immigration-focused night rally:

            TRUMP, on people illegally in the U.S.: “They’re treated better than our vets.”

            THE FACTS: People in the country illegally do not have the right to work, vote or receive most government benefits. A modest number have been exempted from deportation because of an Obama administration action but most live under the risk of being removed from the country.

            Veterans are guaranteed government health care and because almost all are citizens, the right to vote and other government benefits.

            The quality of their care has been criticized by Trump and others but people in the country illegally do not have equivalent rights to health care, except for emergency treatment. Public hospitals are required to provide emergency medical care regardless of immigration status.


    2. Independent1 September 1, 2016

      And even on paying for the wall, Trump lied. Nieto told him Mexico WOULD NOT pay for the wall:

      From the Huffington Post:

      Mexican President Peña Nieto Says Trump Lied About Paying For Wall

      MEXICO CITY – Donald Trump told Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto on Wednesday he would build a border wall to keep illegal migrants out if he wins the U.S. presidency, but Peña Nieto held fast to his position that Mexico would
      not pay for it.

      Contradicting Trump’s assertion that the pair did not discuss who
      would pay for his proposed wall, Peña Nieto said after the departure of
      the Republican presidential candidate that he told him during their private meeting in Mexico City that his government would not pick up the bill.


  3. Budjob August 31, 2016

    Trump IS,and always will be a NAZI!!

  4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 31, 2016

    Just read CNN’s report on Donald’s policy(?) speech in which he foolishly asserts and imagines that Mexico will pay for his fool-hardy wall-infatuation fetish. I suppose he’ll appoint himself “Lord of The Earth” in order to force a sovereign nation to carry out his hair-brained fantasy, and will impose his divine will on Mexico and all other nations(except Russia).

    Anyone mentally unstable to fall for this malarkey needs to be sedated and committed.

    The hubris of Donald will be his eventual downfall and will be etched on his tombstone as a cause of his demise, since he shows no inkling of wanting to rehabilitate his mind and soul. What a dark, insecure, and lonely man.

    1. Oddworld September 1, 2016

      One thing I haven’t heard explained adequately is what is in it for Pena Nieto? The wall must be an asset for the region statement sounds a little vague to say the least.

      1. FireBaron September 1, 2016

        What he means is this will keep people from Texas and New Mexico from crossing the border every day to work in the factories US companies have built south of the border to decrease labor costs and eliminate environmental protections, opening those jobs for Mexicans.

        1. Dominick Vila September 1, 2016

          Pena Nieto is also interested in stopping the flow of weapons from the USA to Mexico, which is causing havoc throughout that country. Hey, there may be a use for Trump’s wall after all. It may keep gringos from bringing arms to Mexico and selling them there illegally.

        2. Oddworld September 1, 2016

          So in other words, the wall will work both ways Mr. Trump! Apparently the meeting didn’t go well according to sources. It was reported Trump was in Arizona last night reaffirming his original stance.

      2. Dominick Vila September 1, 2016

        I suspect that the person that President Enrique Pena Nieto wanted to be seen with was Hillary Clinton. The two met before, when Hillary was Secretary of State, but now that Enrique’s popularity is in the low 20% range, he had no choice but to throw a Hail Mary and hope for the best. His strategy backfired, and he ended up with one of the most hated persons in Latin America instead.

        1. Oddworld September 1, 2016

          Bad play on his part then! All indications point to it not going well.

        2. Irishgrammy September 1, 2016

          I completely agree. Pena Nieto apparently has a non-confrontational personality, which is never a good thing when dealing with a demagogue like Trump. Pena Nieto got played and the Mexican people were enraged as well they should be! Trump has and clearly will continue to attack Mexicans to the bitter end, his base loves it and he loves his bigoted base. His speech yesterday made me physically ill along with being completely ashamed of those who worship at Trump’s feet. That, this, is what we as a nation have devolved into is a total failure on the part of the Republican Parties inability to govern in particular with Pres. Obama. for over 6 years now, while the country suffers and allowed the rise of a creature like Trump. Had the Republicans and John Boehner just simply allowed an up or down vote on the Senate’s Immigration Bill, which would have passed with Democrats up vote and even a few common sense Republicans left in the House, think how different this election would have been! Talk about malpractice in politics, Boehner will go down as one of the pathetic excuses of a politician ever!!!

      3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 1, 2016

        You won’t hear anything explained about what benefit there is for Mexico because there isn’t any.
        Walls, physical and mental, are Cold War/Dark Ages artifices that have no longer a place in normal relationships between peoples in this era, and will harm both America and Mexico.

        As Dominick indicated, this was PR on the part of Nieto and Trump. Typical political ploy employed across the world in an age of media coverage.

        1. Oddworld September 1, 2016

          I knew it was a political ploy, what I didn’t understand was the benefit. Now I understand, thanks!

      4. JPHALL September 1, 2016

        He, like most politicians, is trying to save his own neck. Low ratings!

        1. Oddworld September 1, 2016

          Yeah but I think it backfired for both Trump and Pena Nieto. More so for Pena Nieto though! Trump came slithering back to the states and continued to spew his usual rhetoric.

    2. Dominick Vila September 1, 2016

      He is also planning to use dictatorial powers to deny states or cities their right to provide sanctuary to immigrants and refugees. Looks like state rights mean nothing to him, or he simply does not know the boundaries of the Federal government authority.

      1. Oddworld September 1, 2016

        Dominick, I don’t disagree with you but even I tend to be somewhat hypocritical between states rights vs. federal. It really does depend on the issue but it’s a slippery slope regardless.

  5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 1, 2016

    As I write this, CNN just recently put up a story citing a possible source for Trump getting the money for this ridiculous wall he fondly envisions, by hook or crook.

    The possible source would be to use wages of Mexican-Americans who routinely send money back home to relatives in significant amounts annually.

    As I read this, I thought “Only Donald would be so black-hearted and evil to contemplate such a dastardly deed”. The use of money as a weapon was mentioned as a means to ratchet up tensions, assert influence over others and therefore provide a source for possible war(s).
    Little did I know when the letter to the world, “The Promise Of World People”, was written and issued to world leaders that Donald could be one who would shamelessly step forward to possibly play a damnable role.

    If elected, I am certain that he would stoop low enough to use money as a weapon, and on a number of fronts.

    1. Dominick Vila September 2, 2016

      Don’t forget W’s promise to use Iraq’s oil revenues to pay for his crusade…Incredibly, nobody is embarrassed!

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 2, 2016

        That almost ranks with the Iranian fanatics giving a bill to the Baha’i families to pay the price for the bullets used to execute innocent men and women who refused to recant their Faith.
        Yes, we are a desensitized nation living in a world inured to war and the sufferings of others.

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