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Trump Says Obama Founded ISIS: ‘All I Do Is Tell The Truth. I’m A Truth Teller’

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Trump Says Obama Founded ISIS: ‘All I Do Is Tell The Truth. I’m A Truth Teller’

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S., July 5, 2016. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

By Doina Chiacu

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called President Barack Obama and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton “co-founders” of Islamic State on Thursday, in remarks certain to ignite fresh criticism of his campaign style.

The New York real estate developer has previously criticized Obama and Clinton, secretary of state from 2009-13, for how the United States pulled out of Iraq after the war, saying it helped create the militant Islamist group that has seized swaths of Iraq and Syria.

The idea that a sitting U.S. president created a militant group determined to kill Americans and other Westerners took that criticism to a new level. Trump first made the assertion in a speech Wednesday night in Florida. He repeated it in an interview Thursday morning with CNBC.

His remarks followed a troubled week for the Republican candidate. Party leaders urged Trump to focus on the campaign to beat Clinton after he drew strong criticism for a persistent confrontation with the family of Muslim American soldier who died in Iraq and for his initial refusal to support prominent Republican candidates in their primary races.

Recent opinion polls have shown Trump losing ground to Clinton, a former U.S. senator and first lady, in the race for the Nov. 8 election. An average of polls by RealClearPolitics has Clinton 7.7 percentage points ahead, at 48 percent to his 40.3 percent.

“He (Obama) was the founder of ISIS. And so was she. I mean I call them co-founders,” said Trump, who says he opposed the Iraq war. “He shouldn’t have gotten out way he got out. It was a disaster, what he did,” he told CNBC.

Obama had opposed the Iraq war and campaigned for the White House in 2008 on a promise to end it. The United States pulled out combat troops in 2011.

Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, also known as ISIS or ISIL, had its roots in the al Qaeda insurgency that arose after the United States led an invasion of Iraq in 2003. Known for its brutality, the group in 2014 declared an Islamic caliphate in Syria and Iraq, where fighting continues to rage.

Clinton spokesman Jesse Lehrich, in response to Trump’s comments, pointed to U.S. advances against the militant group in Libya this week. “FYI – U.S.-backed militias retook ISIS’s stronghold in Libya today thanks to Obama-authorized air strikes,” he said in a tweet late on Wednesday.

Trump did not back down, asking on CNBC: “Is there something wrong with saying that? Why – are people complaining that I said he was the founder of ISIS? All I do is tell the truth, I’m a truth teller.”

Supporters of Trump, who has never held elected office, like the combative and often insulting style that has drawn him wide criticism, including from some in his party. He said that if that style costs him the election in 90 days, he goes back to a good life.

“It’s not what I’m looking to do – I think we’re going to have a victory but we’ll see,” he said.

In a wide-ranging interview, Trump also said the United States will continue engaging in free trade if he is elected.

“We are absolutely going to keep trading. I am not an isolationist … I’m a fair trader,” Trump said.

(Reporting by Doina Chiacu and Susan Heavey; Editing by Chizu Nomiyama and Frances Kerry)

Photo: Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S., July 5, 2016. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts



  1. Jon August 11, 2016

    Were Drumpf and Putin hacking Clinton and Obama emails? Is that how he learned that they cofounded ISIS/ISIL? Did he have a Trumpie spy at the organizational meeting? Tell us how you learned this little stubby fingers.

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 11, 2016

      He found out by reading his major source for information—“THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER”.

      1. Jon August 11, 2016

        You may very well be right. That does seem to be the source for a number of things he says. If Donnie were writing a doctoral thesis, I would expect him to cite it throughout his work as his source.

        1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 11, 2016

          Very amusing, Jon.
          I just read your response and immediately envisioned footnotes, or the reference page, with “National Enquirer, pg. n”.

  2. 1standlastword August 11, 2016

    It’s so refreshing and exciting the see the unvarnished character of the whole republican apparatus illustrated in the person of one individual.

    It makes it easier to understand them!

  3. Lynda Groom August 11, 2016

    I believe that deep down Trump understands this is just bull twaddle. However, I have to give the man credit for understanding the depths of ignorance of his core audience. He feeds them their daily dose of pabulum which keeps them in line. What a boob!

    1. Independent1 August 12, 2016

      That’s the saddest part of this whole Trump fiasco: That there are actually millions of people in this country or ours, who are so ignorant of the world around them, that a total idiot like Trump can hogswaggle them, by more often than not, spewing what is totally incomprehensible (to a sane person): trivia, lies, racism, hate and violence rhetoric; on and on into what amounts to what you would expect from someone that has severe dementia.

      Anyone who doubts what I’m saying, let’s see you make something reasonably sane out of this typical nonsensical rambling from The Donald (courtesy of the DailyKos):

      This is an actual Trump sentence.

      Look, having nuclear—my uncle was a great professor and scientist and engineer, Dr. John Trump at MIT; good genes, very good genes, OK, very smart, the Wharton School of Finance, very good, very smart —you know, if you’re a conservative Republican, if I were a liberal, if, like, OK, if I ran as a liberal Democrat, they would say I’m one of the smartest people anywhere in the world—it’s true!—but when you’re a conservative Republican they try—oh, do they do a number—that’s why I always start off: Went to Wharton, was a good student, went there, went there, did this, built a fortune—you know I have to give my like credentials all the time, because we’re a little disadvantaged—but you look at the nuclear deal, the thing that really bothers me—it would have been so easy, and it’s not as important as these lives are (nuclear is powerful; my uncle explained that to me many, many years ago, the power and that was 35 years ago; he would explain the power of what’s going to happen and he was right—who would have thought?), but when you look at what’s going on with the four prisoners—now it used to be three, now it’s four—but when it was three and even now, I would have said it’s all in the messenger; fellas, and it is fellas because, you know, they don’t, they haven’t figured that the women are smarter right now than the men, so, you know, it’s gonna take them about another 150 years—but the Persians are great negotiators, the Iranians are great negotiators, so, and they, they just killed, they just killed us.


  4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 11, 2016

    Donald is a nice, large, portly configuration of what the GOP and Conservatism have come to epitomize. All packaged nice and neatly with suit and bloodthirsty-red necktie.

    This daily drama highlighting the revelry of ignorance which Donald and the GOP both tout with glee can be seen as one gigantic dramatic production that may as well be called:

    “THE EDGE OF AMERICA—A Tragedy in (TBD) parts”

    Starring: Donald Trump
    Co-starring: Mike Pence
    Director: Donald Trump
    Writer: Donald Trump
    Screenplay: Donald Trump
    Editor: Paul Manafort
    Co-Editor: Corey Lewandowski
    Producer: Paul Ryan
    Executive Producer: The GOP
    Comedy Relief #1: Rudy Giuliani
    Comedy Relief #2: Chris Christie
    Comedy Relief #3: Ben Carson
    Chief Consultants: The Three Stooges(in absentia)—-(don’t ask me how)
    Make-up: Harpo and Chico Marx(in absentia)—(see above)
    Cheer Leaders and rah-rah men: Innumerable fans both on National Memo, at FOX News, and across a swath of America

  5. PrecipitousDrop August 11, 2016

    So Trump says that President Obama and Secretary Clinton founded ISIS?
    He says this within a day or two of encouraging his Second Amendment fans to “do something” about Secretary Clinton?
    And he smoothly encourages his supporters — who we know are mostly poorly educated angry White men with strong White Supremacist bias — by repeating that he tells the truth?
    Donald Trump is plainly calling for volunteers to assassinate his competitor and our president.
    Exactly which “family value” does this represent to the Republican party?

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 11, 2016

      Glad you pointed that out. His subtle and sinister message completely escapes the attention of dullards; others notice it, but shrug it off because they don’t have “family-values”, or any values worth speaking of; and then, there are the rest of us who immediately see through his thinly-veiled verbal artifices.

    2. Daniel Jones August 11, 2016

      Scorched Earth, repressed wives, and stunted children.

    3. Godzilla August 11, 2016

      Donald Trump is plainly calling for volunteers to assassinate his competitor and our president.

      Complete utter nonsense. Nothing more than a bunch od bull to keep the truth about Hitlary’s illegal use of her position to enrich the Clinton Foundation. Your a gullible zombie. You need to eat some brains because yours is long gone.

      1. King of America August 11, 2016

        Clinton Foundation! Everybody drink!

      2. PrecipitousDrop August 11, 2016

        Why do you defend Trump’s call to arms, Godzilla?

      3. Independent1 August 11, 2016

        Really, So even Dan Rather was wrong when he basically saw through Trump’s outright call to violence??? Of course, knuckle draggers like you and Ag wouldn’t see that because you don’t have brains big enough to recognize it’s time to get out of the rain.

        Dan Rather calls Trump’s ‘Second Amendment people’ comments a ‘new low’

        Rather is talking about Donald Trump’s remark that “Second Amendment people” might be able to stop Hillary Clinton’s appointment of Supreme Court justices.

        The comment raised the specter of political violence and earned widespread condemnation, though Trump supporters denied that he was encouraging violence.

        “To anyone who still pretends this is a normal election of Republican
        against Democrat, history is watching. And I suspect its verdict will be
        harsh,” Rather wrote on Facebook shortly after it happened on Tuesday afternoon.


  6. King of America August 11, 2016

    ISIS used to be called/part of (see: Life of Brian, Splitter! scene) al Qaeda in Iraq, and it gained most of its powers thanks to the actions of Dubya. It became “ISI” in 2006, several years before the election of Obama and the appointment of Clinton.

    (Of course, like all al Qaeda offshots, it ultimately owes its existence to Ronald Reagan /s)

  7. AgLander August 11, 2016

    Although Obama may not have been the keynote speaker at ISIS’s opening organizational meeting, Trump had it exactly right about Obama’s role which led directly to the rise of ISIS. It was Obama who forfeited the hard won peace in Iraq by withdrawing all of our security forces against the wishes of all our top generals operating in the conflict. And it was that withdrawal that created the security vacuum which allowed ISIS to blossom unimpeded and then spread into Syria. Thank you, Barack Obama, thank you very much (sarcasm). Barack may not have officially founded ISIS, but he is their most valuable player by the fact that his feckless actions in refusing to protect the stability in Iraq that had been won by the previous administration of George Bush.

    1. Daniel Jones August 11, 2016

      You are such a liar. The withdrawal was not contested by any of the generals and was scheduled by George W. Bush.
      This has been documented time and time again.
      Stop Trumpeting. We know you’re lying.

      1. Godzilla August 11, 2016
        1. AgLander August 11, 2016

          Ouch!!….but you have to give Daniel Jones his due credit for remaining committed to his ignorance. It’s what Democrat lemmings do!

          1. Godzilla August 11, 2016

            Yes, Clueless minions, or as once said way back…useful eaters

          2. King of America August 11, 2016

            Yes, that youtube video sure does prove … nothing at all.

            It’s hilarious that a person who believes in debunked Clinton Foundation conspiracy theories thinks they are in a position to call other people clueless.

          3. Independent1 August 11, 2016

            Sorry, BUT YOU ARE LYING!!

            Fact is that the Iraqi parliament would not have accepted any number of U.S, troops staying in Iraq after the withdrawl date negotiated by Bush. No matter how many Obama proposed to stay.

            See my calling AgLander a liar above proving that PolitiFact basically called Jeb Bush a liar when he tried to foist your nonsensical BS on the public during the primaries.

            Here’s just a brief excerpt from the PolitiFact analysis of Jeb’s basic lie:

            Remember that the country was considered relatively stable in 2011; ISIS elements existed prior to that, but largely formed into the force it is today after American troops left — and mostly in Syria at first.

            Christopher Preble, vice president for defense and foreign policy studies at the Cato Institute, said a recent Iraqi delegation to the institute agreed the terms of the planned renewal could not have passed parliament.

            “They said that the Iraqi government was too weak, and unwilling to go against the wishes of those Iraqis who wanted the Americans to leave,” Preble said.


          4. 1standlastword August 11, 2016

            You big dumb lizard its “useless eaters”:


            But perhaps you find the people you like to denigrate “useful” for you to feel a sense of ego-inflation that I imagine compensates for your permanent handicaps!!

          5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 11, 2016

            More shallow responses from Agatha.

      2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 11, 2016

        AgLander can’t help himself. He responds according to pre-programmed (il)logic circuits.

    2. King of America August 11, 2016

      Unfortunately for your idiotic conspiracy theory, ISIS has been around since 1999, and in more-or-less its current form since 2006.

      I hope that helps! Read a book, you ignorant moron.

      1. Godzilla August 11, 2016

        Could be, but they only became a violent force that has killed people all over the world while Obama and their MVP, Clinton were in charge. JV my ass, loser.

        1. King of America August 11, 2016

          Absolute nonsense.

        2. PrecipitousDrop August 11, 2016

          And you had no inkling of any of it until Trump said it for you.
          Really, godzilla. Totally lame.

        3. PrecipitousDrop August 12, 2016

          Hey, zilla!
          Trump confirms today that the whole Obama/Clinton ISIS founders and MVP thing was just sarcasm. A joke. He wasn’t serious.
          And YOU FELL FOR IT!
          What a Rube!

      2. dtgraham August 12, 2016

        You’ve got him Tourette boy. Come across hard with “conspiracy theory.” Then give him a quick one-two combination of “weird” and “get better soon!”. Then finish him off with “I hope that helps!” That’s the stuff.

        1. King of America August 12, 2016

          Hi, sorry but I got to reiterate that I don’t really care what you think about anything, on account of you’re human garbage who mocks disabled people.

          I will note that it’s very telling that you show up to defend a neo-nazi. Yet again.

          1. dtgraham August 12, 2016

            No, you’re getting me wrong Tourette boy. I’m encouraging you to fight back against the right in the only way you know how.

            We’re on the same team here.

          2. King of America August 12, 2016

            See previous post. There are no bigots on my team.

          3. dtgraham August 12, 2016

            Sure are a lot of “weirds”, “conspiracy theory or theorist”, “get better soon!”, and “I hope that helps!” though.

            Hope I can fit in. Do I have to use those words and phrases over and over and over and over again?

          4. King of America August 12, 2016

            Those phrases were chosen after considerable research on my part, because they drive self-important manbabies completely nuts. I’ve literally lost track of how many of you there have been by now; suffice it to say you’re not even in the top ten of morons that have got shaking mad about them.

            I hope that helps! Get better soon!

          5. dtgraham August 12, 2016

            Actually you’ve figuratively lost track. If you literally lost track, you would have fallen off some track you were walking on, or lost sight of some track in the distance.

            When you deviate from “weird”, “I hope that helps”, etc…, language starts to get wonky for you I know. I’m here to help Tourette boy.

          6. King of America August 13, 2016

            Yes, I am aware that you lack the introspection to grasp that you’re getting mad about something that is designed to make obnoxious people mad.

            It’s hilarious.

            I hope that helps!

          7. dtgraham August 13, 2016

            Again, language problems once you get out of your Tourette words comfort zone.

            A simply delineation of why the word literally was the wrong choice in your sentence, isn’t descriptive of the emotion “mad”.

            It’s OK Tourette boy. I’m here.

          8. King of America August 13, 2016

            It’s awesome how you keep coming in to inform me that my carefully crafted words not only served to make you have a super hilarious months-long meltdown, but exposed you for the bigoted creep you so obviously were from the start.

            This has gone beyond being a public service; I am basically a saint now.

            I hope that helps!

          9. dtgraham August 13, 2016

            Like the meltdowns that you’ve been having lately?

            Get better soon!

          10. King of America August 13, 2016

            Yeah the “meltdown” “I’ve” been having by following you around and screeching ableist abuse at “you”. Oh wait, that’s you, not me.

            I hope that helps! Get better soon!

          11. dtgraham August 14, 2016

            “Yeah the “meltdown” “I’ve” been having by following you around and screeching ableist abuse at “you”.”

            Yes, those meltdowns Tourette boy.

          12. King of America August 14, 2016

            See previous post. Are you having some sort of stroke?

          13. dtgraham August 14, 2016

            No, just referring to all of your previous angry meltdown posts made to me recently. Wierd.

            I hope that helps!

          14. King of America August 14, 2016

            See previous two posts. I’m not sure WHY you think telling me that I successfully made you shaking mad is helping, but it will never, ever stop being funny.

            I hope that helps! Sorry you’re broken in the head!

          15. dtgraham August 14, 2016

            Gee I don’t know, Tourette boy. That’s a lot of caps lock, italics, and insults just to tell me that I’m the one who’s shaking mad and you’re not melting down again.

            “it will never, ever stop being funny.”

            You got that right.

          16. King of America August 14, 2016

            See previous three posts. I cannot imagine what you think you are achieving, but your inability to admit that your shortcomings is *smacks lips like chef* perfection.

          17. dtgraham August 15, 2016

            Don’t worry Tourette boy. Whenever I see you struggling to argue against the Trump supporters, and then have to fall back on your habitual Tourette words and phrases, I’ll always be here to support and encourage you. I understand where others don’t.

          18. King of America August 15, 2016

            See previous four posts. This is making my entire week.

          19. dtgraham August 17, 2016

            Yeah, I’d like to take credit for making your entire week, but the problem here is that these are also the things that make Tourette boy’s entire week:

            i) On a dark, rainy night, watching a horror movie with your friends while tucked in tightly under the blanket. You know that feeling with Jason and Jimmy, Tourette boy?

            ii) Going for a day out with Jason and Jimmy and other friends, spending some time shopping and gossiping and just chilling out talking about your little lives. It’s the most wholesome thing that your parents agree to isn’t it?

            iii) You know, that feeling of independence you get from your first pay from a summer job? No matter how small the amount is, it brings a smile to your face…doesn’t it Tourette boy?

            iv) I think we can all relate to this one Tourette boy: our first girlfriend/boyfriend holding hands, spending some quality time together, late night chats. Well, in your case it would be with your sister or first cousin, but still — nevertheless.

            If I can add to that Tourette boy, I’m honoured.

          20. King of America August 17, 2016

            See previous five posts. I urge you to continue doing this. Every time you stumble in to remind me how I broke you, I perk right up. This is fantastic.

            I hope that helps!

          21. dtgraham August 17, 2016

            Yeah, none of that is true. Weird.

            Get better soon!

          22. King of America August 17, 2016

            Of course it isn’t true in your imagination, crazy bigot guy who’s been following me around for a month and just posted a wall of text I didn’t read. Of course.

            Get better soon! Sorry that your attempt to co-opt my phrases – and you are like the twentieth person to try it – was as dismal a failure as everything else in your miserable little life!

          23. dtgraham August 17, 2016

            You sure reply a lot to people whose posts you’ve never read. Of course.

            I’d ask what the basis was for all of your replies since you apparently never read the posts that you’re replying to, yet you amazingly seem to know the subject text of the posts that you’re replying to — but I’m not sure that I want to know the answer to that. Houdini Tourette boy?

            I hope that helps!

          24. King of America August 17, 2016

            See previous seven posts.

          25. dtgraham August 17, 2016

            No thanks Java script. Or is that Tourette script? I’ll have to add this to your Tourette boy repertoire. “See previous posts.”

            One of your other groundless, baseless, gratuitous, comfort phrases repeated continually, whose usage is known only to you as something critically constructive.

          26. King of America August 17, 2016

            See previous eight posts.

          27. dtgraham August 17, 2016

            You’re just adding to your own self abuse Tourette boy.

          28. King of America August 17, 2016

            See previous nine posts.

    3. Independent1 August 11, 2016

      You’re essentially doing nothing but parroting nonsense Jeb Bush tried to pedal during the primaries; which PolitiFact after much analysis concluded was MOSTLY FALSE. And in reality, PolitiFact neglected to take into account that Jeb was 100% wrong, because no matter what number of troops Obama had proposed stay in Iraq, the Iraqi parliament would not have accepted ANY NUMBER STAYING.

      See this from the PolitiFact analysis of Bush’s mostly wrong comment:

      Christopher Preble, vice president for defense and foreign policy
      studies at the Cato Institute, said a recent Iraqi delegation to the
      institute agreed the terms of the planned renewal could not have passed
      parliament. “They said that the Iraqi government was too weak, and unwilling to
      go against the wishes of those Iraqis who wanted the Americans to
      leave,” Preble said.

      And I believe that was in reference to Obama’s recommendation to keeping 3,500 troops in Iraq; the Iraqi parliament had essentially refused to accept 10,000 staying earlier and clearly did not want any U.S. troops to stay.

      So, although PolitiFact had concluded that the U.S. leaving 10,000 troops in Iraq, MAY HAVE kept ISIS from forming to the degree that it is today, the fact that the Iraqi parliament would not accept KEEPING ANY Americans in Iraq – IT WAS THE IRAQI GOVERNMENT ITSELF THAT HAS BROUGHT ABOUT THE GROWTH OF ISIS WITHIN IRAQ – NOT OBAMA OR CLINTON!!!

      And remember George W. Bush had negotiated a deal with Al-Maliki that our troops should have virtually left already when Obama was trying to extend their stay,


      1. 1standlastword August 11, 2016

        People who have to hate cannot learn from facts!

    4. PrecipitousDrop August 11, 2016

      You had to wait for Trump to tell you, Aggie.
      It’s too bad you can’t form an original thought — much less articulate one.

    5. King of America August 11, 2016

      I also got to point out that Trump was a huge supporter of the pullout that you’re blaming for the creation of ISIS.

    6. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 11, 2016

      No, AgLander. You, Trump, and the other bottom-dwellers are the ones enabling and abetting ISIL/ISIS yet you’ve allowed yourself to be a tool of Trump, just as Trump is a tool for Putin, and other totalitarians.
      Will you ever learn?

    7. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 11, 2016

      Someone suggested you read a book. You probably want to ignore that since that’s not one of your strengths and interests.

  8. Godzilla August 11, 2016

    Why most of you are idiots!


    1. King of America August 11, 2016

      OK thanks for dropping by to defend a Stormfront poster and call us idiots.

    2. PrecipitousDrop August 11, 2016

      And ANOTHER example of godzilla’s inability to form an independent thought.

    3. Independent1 August 11, 2016

      Democrat socialism doesn’t work??

      Why then have Democrat presidents averaged 4.3% annual GDP growth since 1900 while Republicans only averaged a paltry 2.6% annual growth?

      And why has the stock market in the 42 years under Republican presidents been effectively negative (meaning $10,000 invest in 1930 would be worth less than $5,000 today if kept in the market only during GOP presidencies) – while in the 44 years Democrats were in office the market has gained over 300%???

      And if socialism doesn’t work, why have around 40 million jobs been created during the Carter, Clinton and Obama presidencies in less than 20 years, while Reagan and the 2 Bushes could only manage creating a paltry 24 million jobs in 20 years??

      And if socialism doesn’t work, why have there only been 3 recessions started during Democrat presidencies since 1900 while Republicans have had 14 recessions and 3 depressions start while they were in office??

      And if socialism doesn’t work, why have there been more than 76 straight months of jobs growth under Obama which is more than 2 years longer than under any previous president?? And why is Obama one of only 3 presidents since 1900 who hasn’t had a recession occur during his presidency?? All three of those being Democrats (you know, those socialists).

      Wow!! Only conservatives are stupid enough to vote in a Republican for president who is clearly destined to destroy jobs and our economy just one more time —- NOT 1 REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT SINCE 1900 HAS FINISHED HIS TERM WITHOUT DRIVING THE ECONOMY INTO RECESSION OR DEPRESSION WHILE TRASHING THE STOCK MARKET AND RUINING PEOPLE’S RETIREMENT SAVINGS.


    4. Independent1 August 11, 2016

      By the way, I couldn’t be bothered listening to the BS on that video, because whatever it said was a blatant lie or fabrication of reality!!!!!! It’s conservative ideology that’s a total failure!! Which has been proven by more than 100 years of history. THE GOP’S IDEOLOGY HAS FAILED TIME AND TIME AND TIME AGAIN!!! WHEN ARE YOU IDIOTS GOING TO WAKE UP AND GIVE UP WHAT’S CLEARLY A FAILURE??



    5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 11, 2016

      A perfect specimen, “Godzilla”, is of the “Clara Bell School of Non-Verbal Response”, with a variation—canned photoshopped visuals.

    6. dtgraham August 12, 2016

      Sure, but what you’re not thinking of is that your boy here is the biggest idiot of all. I listened to it and could have spent all night tearing apart the bulls*t that came out of his mouth, like a turkey vulture.

      To you, I’m sure he’s John Kenneth Galbraith. To virtually everyone else, he comes off as Howdy Doody on crack.

      Set the bar a little higher there my lizard friend.

  9. Insinnergy August 12, 2016

    Hi Trolls…
    Are we having fun yet?
    You can cry on my shoulder…

  10. Logical1 August 12, 2016

    Seems to me this is a bigger death incitement than the 2nd amendment flap. Trump called them ISIS’s MVPs. What has America been doing to those folks lately? Killing an awfully lot of them. So calling them that apparently means they should be killed.


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