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Trump’s $5 Trillion Attack On America’s Values And Reputation

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Trump’s $5 Trillion Attack On America’s Values And Reputation


Donald Trump wants you terrified.

If you’re Muslim, he wants you to expect to be harassed every time you take a plane, even if you’re Muhammad Ali’s son. If you have family or friends who are documented, he wants you to think they can be snatched away at any time, even when seeking protection from a potential abuser. If you’re a legal immigrant, he wants you to know that if you’re shot and killed in cold blood, the president will not even bother to mourn you with a tweet.

This week, Adam Purinton reportedly shot Srinivas Kuchibhotla and Alok Madasani at a bar in Olathe, Kansas. Kuchibhotla died.

“He asked us what visa are we currently on and whether we are staying here illegally,” Madasan told the New York Times.

They were.

Purinton was removed from the bar and witnesses say he returned with a gun and shouted “get out of my country” as shots rang out.

If you only get your news from the president of the United States’ Twitter feed, you never heard about this crime. Instead, you’d think the greatest threat to America is a free press reporting on the Trump campaign’s possible collusion with the Russian government. And maybe if you’re Donald Trump, that does feel like the biggest threat in the world.

The rash of hate crimes, an unprecedented wave of anti-Semitic threats, and the federal government’s conscious and public attempts to intimidate non-white Americans all have incalculable costs to our unity and decency, along with calculable damage to our economy, which has been bleeding workers out of the middle class for decades.

“When racism wins,” Ian Haney-López and Heather C. McGhee wrote a year ago, “everyone loses.”

Even if Trump doesn’t go through with the trade wars that Steve Bannon — his Rasputin with a splash of Goebbels — seemed to promise again last week at CPAC, the damage inflicted by their war on American values will be immediate and then possibly permanent.

“Experts across the travel industry are warning that masses of tourists are being scared away from visiting the United States, and the loss of tourism jobs could be devastating,” Arthur Frommer reported this week.

Trump’s religious ban can be tied to a Trump slump of 6.8 percent

“And the fall-off is not limited to Muslim travelers, but also extends to all incoming foreign tourists,” Frommer wrote. “Apparently, an attack on one group of tourists is regarded as an assault on all.”

Trump’s promised assault on undocumented workers is setting off waves of fear for those picking fruit in Florida and glee for Trump supporters.

Why the glee? Won’t this create new openings for Americans who are out of work?

“You can actually make a good living – $15, $20 an hour if you’re good at this – but the truth is Americans don’t want to do this work,” a “prominent Florida farmer” told the Chicago Tribune.

The farmer demanded anonymity, fearing reprisals from the Trump’s administration.

In the short term the decimation of the Sunshine State’s farming industry could result in higher produce prices to go along with the damage to its crucial tourist industry and the long-term curse of unchecked climate change — plus an ACA replacement plan that promises “for individuals ages 55 to 64, total weighted average costs would more than double, rising from $4,078 to $10,167 per year,” while the rich get a “gigantic tax cut.

In exchange for helping to elect Trump, Florida seems to be racking up Biblical plagues.

The president must be assuming that the damage he can do to his “enemies” will make up for the betrayal of his supporters. But all of America will suffer if Trump’s war on the undocumented continues unabated, “with one study suggesting that removing all of them would cost the economy as much as $5 trillion over 10 years,” according to Bloomberg News.

And now we’re back to the incalculable costs. Madasani Jaganmohan Reddy, Srinivas Kuchibhotla’s father, understands those.

“The situation seems to be pretty bad after Trump took over as the U.S. president. I appeal to all the parents in India not to send their children to the United States in the present circumstances,” Reddy told the Hindustan Times.

For centuries, America has benefited from immigrants and their descendants, despite our history replete with slavery, segregation, and know-knothingism. Until a few weeks ago, anyone in the world could look to America and imagine a land where a son — or daughter — could become president.

Now, they see a country that elected a man who demanded our last president’s papers.

Hopefully they also see Ian Grillot — or at least learn his name.

“As shots rang through the suburban Kansas City bar on Thursday, Grillot ducked behind a table and when he thought the gunman was out of bullets, he lunged at the man,” the Hindustan Times reported. “But as the Kansas City Star reported, the man had still one round left and shot Grillot through the arm and chest.”

“It was just, it wasn’t right, and I didn’t want the gentleman to potentially go after somebody else,” he told the Star.

Now in stable condition, Grillot saw Alok Madasani standing in the doorway of his hospital room on Thursday morning. He learned the survivor of the shooting has a wife who is five months pregnant.

Grillot is looking forward to spending time with Madasani, who he now considers his new best friend.

“I don’t think it’s going to be at the bar, though,” he said.

That’s the kind of America the world needs to know. It hasn’t gone away yet, despite Donald Trump and Steve Bannon.



  1. Dominick Vila February 27, 2017

    The civilized world is watching in disbelief as the United States descends morally to a level only matched by the most despotic regimes, and societies, in human history. The fear, prejudice, and ethnic-cultural-religious hatred that is evident in what is happening nowadays in the USA exceed what prevailed in the South African apartheid days. It is, in fact, much closer to the mindset and actions that prevailed during the rise of the Third Reich, including the unequivocal and enthusiastic support that about one third of Americans give to the rise of Fascism, racism, and overt religious hatred in a country founded under the premise of freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and equality for all.

    1. Bosda, The Raccoon Philosopher February 27, 2017

      To My Fellow Americans–

      I joined the American Civil Liberties Union.
      Defend America From The Orange Menace !
      JOIN TODAY !


      1. idamag February 27, 2017

        I did join.

    2. TZToronto February 27, 2017

      That one-third you mention are fed up with what they see as delay in getting things done. What are these things? Well, one of the biggest is affirmative action. They want to know why some people (mainly those with darker skins) should receive advantages that they themselves don’t get. The answer, of course, is that those receiving the advantages have already been DIS -advantaged. They want to end affirmative action because they see it as unfair TO THEM. They fail to see unfairness to others they see as less deserving than they are. For them, the Constitutional guarantees they enjoy are obstacles to their own prosperity because other (darker) people are getting what they don’t deserve. For these people, change, the change they want, comes too slowly or doesn’t come at all. Their personal tyrant is the only one who can bring the radical social adjustment they feel is their due. (And Trump told them that only he can fix what’s broke.) Trump is their best–maybe only–chance to make their dreams reality.

      1. Independent1 February 27, 2017

        And on top of all their evil displays that come from hate riled up in them due to unfounded envy, a majority of them claim to be Christians when nothing in the world could be further from the truth. And clearly God has blinded them so they can’t even see their own evilness or the reality of their evil actions.

        1. mike February 27, 2017

          Bravo Sierra

      2. pisces63 February 27, 2017

        FINALLY!!!! someone got it as I see it. Democrats did not fail. They did too well according to those people who see themselves slighted. People keep saying, no one saw it coming!! No one thought white people would become who they pointed fingers at. Public dole, drug using whiners, what they always called us from Nixon, the welfare queen, criminals let out too soon, drug dealers, buying steaks on FS. This black woman was at a loss!! REALLY!! That coin has flipped??

        1. idamag February 27, 2017

          I worked for Health and Welfare. Believe me, the biggest users of the system were white.

      3. idamag February 27, 2017

        Decency should not have to be legislated. Unfortunately is this country it has to be. A woman, I know, said the other day that her son said Obama made the n****rs get uppity. I told her if she ever said anything like that again we could not be friends. She promised she wouldn’t.

        1. TZToronto February 27, 2017

          The racists have been emboldened by Trump’s ill-gotten win. They think it’s now OK to use the racist epithets they’ve had on the back burner for many years. If Trump says it like it is (whatever it is he’s saying), then they should be able to say what’s on their mind. Try to call them racists, though, and they object vehemently. All that’s needed is a white robe and a pointy white hat, but they make it clear what they are by the way they talk.

    3. mike February 27, 2017

      Dom, your Trump Derangement continues.
      There is no question you and the left have become a bunch Schizophrenics with your delusions, hallucinations with your childlike silliness and agitation toward Trump.
      The left has a divided party, no identity, no agenda, no electable leader, no goals other than to try to delegitimize Trump. The left has no idea how to rebuild the party or bring the base back. What they have decided with Saturdays vote is to stay with the money people and the same old democratic establishment that put them in this dilemma. Look luck with that failed approach coming close to any changes in 2018 let alone 2020.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2017

        No schizo…You are the one who can’t admit Trump lies constantly. Do you also lie like he does? I’m guessing no one can trust you either. You are the one who is deluded. How do you dare try to make the case that the 7 countries Trump banned from US travel have ANYTHING to do with terrorism when the NSA report clearly said they don’t?

        What is your problem? Drugs? Too much booze? Too much womanizer in the past and now you have to pay for your evil spawn like Trump does?

        Do you deny Melania Trump was a nude lesbian porn model? Do you deny that Trump has more lawsuits than any other American in the US? Sure you deny it. Right wing delusional morons like you live in a world of denial. But you know what? Your day is coming.

        You and Comrade Trump are going down. This is the United States of America. Not the United States of Screwballs like you.

        1. PatrickHenry February 27, 2017

          Do you mean the 7 Countries that President Obama had previously listed? The real US of America is finally coming back, but you leftist haters can’t even tell the difference, you have been misled for decades.

          1. pisces63 February 27, 2017

            No, because I read. I know differently. YOU righties are the misled ones. One easy one. Obama lied about losing your doctor. right wing. He lied!! He did not. Your provider decided not to accept their payment arrangement, in Medicare it is called assigned. You keep you physician but you pay more out of your pocket to see them as they become out of net work. There is a difference. yet, you believe the lie. I told the truth and I have worked in the industry for 30 + years and you will not believe me, though I have seen this happen all my 30 years.

        2. Independent1 February 27, 2017

          Mike is just one more troll who gets paid under the table for every lie he can try to put over on non right-wingers!! Just like Patrick Henry.

          They’re probably both blogging out of the RNC or the Heritage Foundation.

          1. plc97477 February 27, 2017

            I don’t completely understand how it works but I heard that they get pennies every time someone answers them or gives them a like. I ignore them, block them.

          2. idamag February 27, 2017

            I understand they are paid by the responses. I block them because stupidity irritates me. It is dangerous to a real democracy.

        3. mike February 27, 2017

          You too are showing your schizophrenia. How sad.
          The Funny Farm incompetent attendants with the van must be democrats for failing to pick you up to institutionalize.
          Your prediction of “Trump and I going down” will be wrong much like your prediction Hillary would win.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2017

            Listen Trump Chump, you may think you can play your deflection games with your righties and your Mommy and Daddy. But, when you try your reverse alt facts on those of us raised to know lies from truth, you only prove what a very sick individual you are.

            Trump IS going down for no reason other than his lies. He lies more often than all 44 past presidents ever have.

            You hear his lies and call it truth. Conway is being investigated for her lies by the Dems. She lies like you do. Openly and with such relish and delight that she actually doesn’t care who KNOWS she’s a liar.

            No one is going to allow you and that Liar in Chief to tear down our government so Bannon and his Nazis can take over.

          2. mike February 27, 2017

            Another of your stupid posts.
            Donald Trump is the 45th President. End of story!
            Day 39/1460 and you are already twisted into a knot. How funny.
            You ignore all the fake news and lies about Trump from the left. What a hypocrite you are.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2017

            Wrong again. Trump is the First and LAST FAKE president. Day 39 and as soon as the FBI and CIA are done with him, it will be Ground Zero. As for hypocrites, don’t you dare call yourself an American you Commie Traitor. You sidle up to a lunatic arrogant bully like Trump and call him “president?”

            Want to explain then why the UK refused him a visit with the Queen? Or why Sweden and France are now both pissed off at him for his disparaging remarks?

            Learn something jerk boy. There is a reason we don’t elect presidents who think every day is combat training at the White House. What you and Trump know about diplomacy, most of pass in our morning BMs.
            Do yourself a favor little boy, grow some balls. At this moment in time, you are going down faster than the U.S.S. Trumptanic.

          4. mike February 27, 2017

            Talk about fake news. You claimed UK parliament had a vote which it didn’t. Trump hasn’t been refused anything from the Queen to a visit.

            You are mentally insane.

          5. idamag February 27, 2017

            He also condones sexual assault on women.

        4. idamag February 27, 2017

          Of course he lies. He is a Republican. He condones lies, hate, racism and attacks on the press.

    4. CPANY March 2, 2017

      Why do you accuse Trump of religious hatred? He has a Jewish son-in-law and his daughter converted to Judaism. Where’s the antisemitism in that?

      If you’re referring to his actions against Muslims, then I have to give you my take on that: While some Muslims may not be violent, it appears to me that every terrorist act has been perpetrated by Muslims.

      I didn’t vote for Trump and I don’t like him at all, but no one is all wrong

      1. Dominick Vila March 2, 2017

        I don’t believe Trump is anti-semitic. He is anti-Islam, and anti anything that does not conform with the Trumpian dogma.

  2. FireBaron February 27, 2017

    By not putting a muzzle on his more blatantly racist supporters early in his campaign, Teflon Donnie gave tacit encouragement to their words and deeds, culminating in a man shooting two South Asians who were part of his community – just because they weren’t White!
    Given my own Mediterranean visage and coloring, I am not looking forward to having to travel by air again anytime soon!

    1. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2017

      My Dad was born in Italy in 1899 and I was born here in 1946. By Trump’s travel ban which is still as unconstitutional according to a judgment by the NSA, I could be deported to Italy even though my Dad died in 1961.

      Trump found his own police in the ICE cops. Now, they are boarding planes and demanding ALL airline passengers hand over their travel documents. When the son of Mohammed Ali gets nailed by ICE, now you know Dickhead Trump has gone too far.

      1. idamag February 27, 2017

        I have read a lot of books about nazi Germany. People were asked for papers even if they were only on the street. We are getting there.

  3. bojimbo26 February 27, 2017

    Come on – Trumpys just a wanker .

    1. Independent1 February 27, 2017

      If you really believe that, you need to wake up from your fantasy land; Trump’s as big a danger to America and the world as Hitler was to Germany and all of the world – and quite likely, even more so.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2017

      Was Hitler also a wanker? Is Putin? Some people in this country who want to “give Trump a chance” are not being honest with themselves. They know there is more than enough evidence of election rigging by the Russians. Are we now to believe the Republicans didn’t know that Trump, a guy who can’t stand to NOT win, wouldn’t play an election as dirty as he plays his business deals?

      1. Independent1 February 27, 2017

        The GOP has been setting up to rig elections for more than a decade; and I’m convinced that in GOP dominate states they have the voting places rigged to a way that they can manipulate the vote counting.

        Although the Russians helped with swaying the vote toward Trump, it was right-wing henchman who actually manipulated the voting – CNN’s exit polls have never been so far out of whack with respect to the final vote count in the decades they’ve been doing exit polling; and certainly not in just 13 red states. That was not a coincidence; and it was not something Russians did by hacking from a long distance away. The GOP is clearly complicit in the rigging of the election.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2017

          According to federal data, the GOP has been playing more election rigging games by gerrymandering and redistricting voting maps. North Carolina was called before the SC for trying to shut down polling places ONLY in minority areas of that state. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Governor Scott in Florida tossed out 3,000 votes using a tornado as his excuse.

          This goes on all the time ONLY in Republican states. Once you compare how often Republican states gerrymander and redistrict to Dem states, you see for Republicans they have only one way to win any election: CHEAT.

          1. Independent1 February 27, 2017

            But gerrymandering and voter suppression do not create significant differences between exit polls and actual vote counts – that only comes from actually rigging the computers that count the votes. Which is very easy to do when you have total control of the voting places.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2017

            Actually, part of their gerrymandering is not always legal. As you posted, when you rig the voting places by cutting the number in minority parts of southern and midwestern states, you also reduce the number of voters who might vote Democrat.

            Look at what the idiots in MT did. For decades, they have always had mail in ballots due mainly to the low numbers in population and the vast miles between populated areas. That saved MT millions every year.

            But, this year, when it was introduced, several Republican politicans decided those very economical mail in votes might show an increase in Dem votes. So they tried to cancel mail in votes. How is that not Voter Suppression?

          3. idamag February 27, 2017

            gerrymandering is a tool for the corrupt. In a year, when this is all unbelievable, the fraud, who has the audacity to call himself after a real patriot, will be screaming and will suffer right along with w, who were smart enough not to vote for these fascists.

          4. Independent1 March 1, 2017

            Did you see where Trump fired back at Pelosi that America
            would soon have a one party system??

            Trump fires back at Pelosi: ‘We’re soon going to have a one-party system’

            After House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi slammed him in an interview over the weekend, President Trump responded by accusing her of undermining the Democratic Party. He even suggested that Democrats would end up becoming irrelevant.

            In a “Fox & Friends” interview that aired Tuesday ahead of his address to a joint session of Congress, Trump branded Pelosi “incompetent” and said she’s “done a terrible job” as a party leader.

            “You know, if you look at what’s going on with the Democrats and the party, it’s getting smaller and smaller,” Trump said.

            “You know, in a certain way, I hate to see it, because I like a two-party system and we’re soon going to have a one-party system. I actually thinka two-party system is healthy and good. But she’s done a terrible job.”


            Of course it’s just one more lie! The Democrat party isn’t the party getting smaller; it’s actually the GOP that has shrunk. He’s trying to cover up all the election stealing that the GOP has been doing the past couple decades plus (they started their real thievery back in 2000 when Jeb Bush and his cohorts in Florida and the SCOTUS stole the 2000 election from Gore).

          5. mike February 27, 2017

            Nothing illegal. You ignore they were voted in by the people.

          6. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2017

            Wrong…When you condone Russians hacking into OUR election, it is ILLEGAL. And no he was NOT voted in by the people. Hillary won the popular vote according the last FEC tally by nearly 3 million more votes than Trump. Which “People” voted him in? The Electors of the EC who were paid by Trump Organization to vote for him? Can you prove they WERE NOT paid off or in any way influenced?

            If you can, let’s see your proof. Trump lied when he told the public he won “more Electoral College votes than even Reagan.” His words, not mine. We all heard that. Then, when he was called out for that lie and it was told to his face, that Obama, GWB and Reagan ALL had more votes than Trump did, Trump didn’t even had the balls to admit he lied. Instead, he used that old corporate standby, “Well, that’s the information I was given.” BS.

            The information YOU are given by Trump are all lies. When do you think you can mentally process truth and distinguish truth from Trump’s delusional lies?

          7. Jmz Nesky February 28, 2017

            From what I read on several ‘fake’ articles was that in many cases [especially the cases where some of the EC’s publicly changed their minds] they were immediately threatened with both financial and jail time if they deterred from their original vote.. who were the ones threatening them? NOT the Democrats.. As for the rest, you can say they got paid off, I won’t argue that point at all.. Now whether they actually received their Trump money is another issue because in either case it’s too late to change their minds now and agent orange knows it.

          8. pisces63 February 27, 2017

            What about that STOU for tomorrow night? Can’t wait. He will recount his victory. How many in attendance and now add how many Governors were at the dinner. Watch and see!! Jump on the media. No substantive!! Same old. Same old. We shall see.

          9. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2017

            I have a feeling this SOTU is going to separate the Republican Wheat from the Chaff. If the Republicans support what they know more than 22 million Americans, some of whom are Republicans who now feel betrayed by Trump lies.

            The reality of Donald J. Trump is that the Republican Party empowered this monstrosity. They can’t possilby use the lame excuse they didn’t know about his numerous lawsuits both on a personal and federal level. They cannot claim they didn’t know he wouldn’t divest his business or that, as he claims, he couldn’t opening him and the Republican Party to massive conflict of interest in any business deals he makes.

            They can’t claim they didn’t know he wouldn’t disclose his taxes because they all knew if he did, it would show their complicity in his donation to the RNC and where all that money actually came from: His foreign campaign donors, which is BIG TIME illegal.

          10. idamag February 27, 2017

            The Republican Party was already bad before trump. They were the easiest party for the t party people to take over.

        2. Jmz Nesky February 28, 2017

          I have to agree with that as in my scenario Putin and the Russian stalag did interfere in the elections but not necessarily to get Trump elected as to keep HRC from becoming president.. In the final stages what they and we thought about Trump actually failed as behind the scenes the pubs themselves made it possible simply to take any third eye off what they were doing to sweep congress.. it was a good plan and with the help of Putin in his fight to prevent Clinton’s win they succeeded otherwise it would have been HRC fighting against a majority conservative congress. Remember, the outlandishness wasn’t Trump’s win as much as it was a clean conservative sweep where the last eight years they were thought of as the do-nothing party by both sides.. Strange indeed that they won so easily.

          1. Independent1 February 28, 2017

            Yes, it just goes to show what voter suppression, gerrymandering and rigging the vote counting computers can do with respect to subverting the will of the people!! And putting fascists into political office.

  4. I of John February 27, 2017

    None of this unfixable, yet.

    1. Independent1 February 27, 2017

      Lets sure hope that sanity can return to demented Republicans in time to fix the disaster they are allowing to take place in America.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2017

        The southern and midwestern Republicans have two very serious issues they are about to face thanks to Trump. First, his so called “jobs” creation program isn’t going to happen. When he made promises to a small coal mining town to reopen coal mines, he forgot one thing: The mine owners who are already gone and will not come back to mine coal in the US where it is rarely used.

        Second, any PhD chemist would tell him there is no such thing as CLEAN coal. He got that BS from Fox News. Where he gets ALL of his mouthy BS from.

        Third, his view of corporations getting yet another round of tax cuts will only further weaken an economy already supporting more than 80% of all U.S. corporations.

      2. PatrickHenry February 27, 2017

        I thought you would have packed by now, before you are arrested & deported!

        1. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2017

          GEt the hell out of MY country you lazy bum. You sit on sites like this paid by your Comrade Trump. We are NOT going to allow a scumbag like Trump to take over this country on OUR tax dollars while you sit there lying like a dirty bum.

          1. PatrickHenry February 27, 2017

            I know how you hate to hear “any” opposing thoughts, or the truth, it bursts your Fake News bubble!!
            I was employed for over 40 years, contributing much more to Society than I ever took, unlike many Socialists.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2017

            I don’t hate hearing opposing thoughts. What I hate are men like you who thinks your bowel movements are 14K gold on MY tax dollars.

            Do you want to continue your delusions of grandeur? Putin coined the phrase fake news when he created dozens of fake news media all over Europe. But you liars can’t admit that.

            Remember when Trump said he has NEVER had ANY Business with Russia? Deny this if you dare: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dn1ZK2kcfQ8

          3. Independent1 February 27, 2017

            You contributed zilch to society. It’s only in your clearly demented, evil, envying mind that you did anything to benefit anyone but yourself!!!!

          4. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2017

            PatrickHenry is a play on the name. Here is a bio on the liberal Patrick Henry this frigbait rightie won’t like: “Virginia lawyer and politician Patrick Henry (1736-1799) was one of the leading figures of the American Revolutionary period. An outspoken opponent of the Stamp and Townshend Acts levied by England, he stirred the seeds of discord with his famous Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death speech to the Virginia Assembly in 1775.”

            It was Patrick Henry who said, “Give me LIBERTY or give me death.” So maybe that’s what this right wing asshat wants.

          5. pisces63 February 27, 2017

            I’m still working, 68 today. Love my job. Try again. from one trump voter in Ohio, he believes they’ve been had. He promised he would start the smoke stacks up and realized it was a lie. Why? There were none left. All torn down years and years ago. No coal mines are even beginning to open. My family has always been workers. Then you look at the Texas hunters who shot each other and blamed illegal immigrants. Law enforcement saw through that right away.

          6. idamag February 27, 2017

            I just blocked that dumbass. I worked from the time I was 18 until I was 68. I went from working in a warehouse and going to school as night, to management. So it is no feather in his cap that he picked crap with the chickens for 40 years.What else did he do to enhance society and build civililty? Obviously nothing.

          7. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2017

            That IS the problem with these middle aged right wingers. They are BONE IDLE and most live off our tax dollars.

            Like you, I put in 44 years in 3 different careers. I have NO intentions of taking the BS these middle aged liars and thieves dish out. I punch back at them with truth and facts.

            Now, all they have left is their “I don’t care” attitudes. And we all know what they will get them.

          8. Independent1 February 27, 2017

            Eleanor, I think the only solution to Trump is for anti-Trump Americans to go on a spending ban and just start saving. Trash the economy to the point that business profits plummet and businesses start demanding Trump and the GOP leaderships ousters. With over half the population disliking Trump a spending ban by over half the population would almost immediately trash the economy and put enormous pressure even on Big Oil and many other large businesses like those run by the Koches.,

          9. Dan S February 27, 2017

            Do you enjoy being lied to ? I know I prefer the truth no matter how hard it may be. When people that supported Trump finally wake up and realize he lied to them about their blue collar jobs returning how do you think they’ll respond ? Quit trying to discredit the news media that works hard to report the news that’s checked and verified before being reported. This is how Nazi Germany and Communist Countries have been able to silent dissent. Don’t be a dupe

          10. PatrickHenry February 28, 2017

            Do YOU enjoy being a gullible fool? President Trump Already is bringing those “gone forever” jobs back that Obama said NEVER would come back.

          11. Dan S February 28, 2017

            What jobs are you talking about ? There has been no reports of coal mining jobs returning as an example. The old 20th century jobs have either been exported and or automated to the point humans aren’t needed. This is the 21st century that requires you to get retrained for the new service economy jobs like working at an Amazon Fulfillment Center for example. Unless Teump and others like yourself expect your old jobs to come back your sadly mistaken

          12. PatrickHenry March 6, 2017

            Ummm, tens of thousands of jobs are ALREADY coming back, hope that helps.

          13. Dapper Dan March 6, 2017

            They were already coming back well before President Obama left office with unemployment below 5 percent. What he’s now doing with his downsizing in his proposed budget will cost people their jobs. Hope that helps

        2. idamag February 27, 2017

          Our democracy would be stronger without the likes of you. I don’t know where you could to. No other country wants their people to be as ignorant as you are.

          1. PatrickHenry February 27, 2017

            So what you’re basically saying is that all the countries in the world “except” OUR own Country, have intelligent people, LMAO. Just can’t camouflage your anti-American, anti-White biases can you.
            I don’t want to leave our Country, especially now that President Trump is making it Great Again, & it will even Greater when you haters of HALF the Country leave!

      3. pisces63 February 27, 2017

        I love all things WWII and Nazi Germany. I have my 11 year old granddaughter interested, now and she is learning German. I went home Friday and watched my video on The Rise and Fall of the third Reich. The rise was scary. Every scenario but concentration camps was there. Propaganda. The minister of propaganda, Goebbels was Bannon. The Brown shirts or opposing group met the night of the long knives. I will keep an eye on our democrats and those republicans brave enough to stand against. The most chilling? The demonizing of the media. it’s as if they are using the Nazi plan, word for word.

        1. idamag February 27, 2017

          A lot of people are starting to see that. I wish every high school would show that film.I read the book and it seems like deja vu.

      4. TZToronto February 27, 2017

        At what point does the power of the Executive overwhelm the division of powers? When will Trump be in a position to disband Congress and the courts, to lock out the legislators and judges, to abolish republican government in the 50 states? Those in Congress who are now willing to support Trump’s transgressions–and the transgressions are becoming more obvious every day–need to look down the road to the day they are arrested and incarcerated for opposing the Trump/Bannon coup d’etat. I fear, though, that most in Congress are still viewing this administration through eyes that are accustomed to seeing well-meaning, loyal Chief Executives inhabiting the White House; they think they will be able to control Trump the way they controlled President Obama if it becomes necessary. They won’t be able to because Trump does not believe in the Constitution. Trump believes in Trump First and power for the sake of power. Make America Great Again is just a meaningless slogan.

      5. I of John February 28, 2017

        Unfortunately, being sane and reasonable haven’t been high on their things to do list.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2017

      I agree. All it takes now is for the SC to review all of the election information to see that it was rigged and all those involved in the rigging must go to prison. Riggin an election is a serious matter because our most sovereign Constitutional right is to a free and untainted election.

      Ask yourself why it was Texas waited to hand over 36 Electoral College votes at the last minute knowing those votes would throw the election to Trump.

      Do we trust a state like Texas not to pay off or in any way intimidate Electoral College electors? Are we to pretend that Texas Tillerson and his Putin business associations are all just coincidence?

      1. idamag February 27, 2017

        Answer to your last sentence – no.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2017

          You know what I find most amusing? The righties can bash liberals till the cows home because we know Trump is not playing a straight hand. But, they cannot stop those outside the US from the same feelings about Trump we have.

          Across Europe, there are NO countries who support Trump. If he is Mr. Wonderful as the righties and Republicans claim, why then is ONLY Russia the country he gets on with?

  5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 27, 2017

    Trump so far has provided enough material to fill a hefty tome on political conservatism, its pernicious and injurious effects when allowed to become a dominant factor, and the lives that have been lost as a direct and indirect consequence of conservatism’s influence..

    Political and racist “jihadists” in America are a constant menace to societies wherever their false doctrines are allowed to be expressed, propagated without the resistance of moral restraint and courage to say “NO” to racism, and when a particular Party with racist tendencies or a message that attracts the “roaches” of racialist thinking is allowed to gain ascendancy in any country.

    The results of early 20th century Germany should have been sufficient warning against being cowardly in the face of the rise of racialism and a gospel preaching separation of groups, but most Americans and Europeans have failed to learn the lessons. When the disease of racism is allowed to linger—as it has since the early settlement of America by the Pilgrims —in the minds of subsequent generations, it will always rise to the surface like a cancer in remission, waiting for the right opportunity to spread. Well, Trump is both the right opportunity and a cancer himself, and other “cancers” in America are realizing that their time to pick up where Hitler left off had come once Pres. Obama was elected in 2008. The GOP and Right Wing storm trooper Media like FOX and Breitbart have been paving the way and have become major catalysts.

    And still, the chickens are coming home to roost, thanks to decades of the existence of the GOP’s deplorable and demonic embrace of racism since the Nixon era.

    There is one way, and only one way, to begin the systematic extirpation of the insidious and deadly mindset and values that provide nourishment for fear, hate, and loathing of other members of human society. I’ve pointed to that Source on numerous occasions.
    And NO—it isn’t a different political ideology no matter how progressive and well-meaning it might be, or whether it has a better ability to connect with a wider swath of humanity than the narrow demographic which conservatism appeal to. Nor can a solution to the current cancer sweeping America be expected to come from Religious quarters still adhering to earlier Religions whose spiritual/social mandates didn’t specifically include the elimination of racialism and its offshoot, racism. Each Religion comes in a specific period, and to specific regions, to address the common goal of edifying the hearts of humanity for that era; to offer specific insights and advice on moving forward for from that moment until the next Message; and provided for new Laws and in many cases abrogation of previous Laws.

    The Vision of the Reality of “The Oneness of Humankind” as boldly presented by Baha’u’llah not just to Persians and Americans, but to the entire human race, is a response to new exigencies presented by out-of-control nationalist fervor backed up by nuclear capabilities, and the ability to use both conventional and unconventional weapons.

    Why would any responsible and proficient physician recommend a medication for a disease that has moved on to a different phase—wouldn’t she or he recommend a different medication than the previous one which worked well then, but no longer is effective? Or would that physician instead choose a newer and/or more appropriate medication and other forms of dealing with the ailment?
    This same methodology would apply to Religion and its unique ability to address issues of the heart and the misapplication of spiritual principles or the absence of any such application. Which is why there was implemented by the SOURCE the paradigm of “Progressive Revelation”, as amply elucidated by Baha’u’llah, aa expatiated on by Abdu’l Baha and Shoghi Effendi, and now being judiciously applied by The Universal House of Justice from its Seat along the slopes of Mt. Carmel in Haifa, Israel.

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 27, 2017

      Should anyone mistake my use of the above analogy—an analogy I learned of from some of Baha’u’llah’s Tablets and other sources of the Baha’i Writings—regarding physicians and medications to mean that some of the “Divine Physicians” who’ve appeared were more skilled than others, that would be incorrect. Each of these Physicians understood the “patient”(humanity), its stage of development(that current era of humanity’s evolution), and recommended the correct “medication” and dosage appropriate for that stage of evolution.

      As relates to a physical ailment, a human doctor would take into account the age of the patient, what the illness is, the stage of the illness, and apply some degree of relief appropriately; at a later stage, should the illness prove resistant to the treatment, another medication and/or a higher dosage would be recommended.

      In some cases, especially when the patient wasn’t given treatment soon enough, the effects might prove irreversible if appropriate actions weren’t taken in time. In the case of Trump, for example, he spent decades not getting the appropriate spiritual treatment, and the results are now obvious to all the inhabitants on the planet.

      1. TZToronto February 27, 2017

        Was he ever “salvageable?” Perhaps no amount of spiritual treatment could have changed this creature into a feeling and honorable adult. Using his own words (projection at its worst), maybe he’s just a “bad dude.”

    2. idamag February 27, 2017

      Very true and very good. However, you went over a couple of heads.

  6. PatrickHenry February 27, 2017

    Just more examples of ms-informed Liberals that get all of their “news” from Leftist propaganda.
    WATCH: Bill O’Reilly Exposes Huge “Fake News” Scandal. Heads Are …
    (Angry Patriot Movement) – President Trump recently made some comments about the refugee situation in Sweden, which the media tried to paint as wrong,…

    1. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2017

      Just more examples of you traitors of the right wing. The only fake news is the one Putin coined when he infiltrated numerous elections across Europe. I am calling your bluff. Prove Trump DID NOT rig the election. I dare you.

      When Trump goes down, so do you and it will be our pleasure to pick the bones off your butts.

      1. PatrickHenry February 27, 2017

        The FBI already investigated it and said it is all BS. You really need to quit eating up the Fake News & face reality.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2017

          The FBI and CIA are STILL Investigating it moron. They have not put out any final report. You need to stop lying you lying sack of cow manure.

        2. pisces63 February 27, 2017

          You listen to faux news. The FBI disavowed this last week, ANGRILY!!!!! Trump and gang tried to get them to say it was BS which is against the law.

          1. idamag February 27, 2017

            Typical right winger. They have to lie. Never believe a word that comes from them and never buy a used car from one.

        3. idamag February 27, 2017

          Another lie. If you are going to tell lies, don’t tell lies that the facts are already out there. Traits you Republicans must have are: You have to be able to hate rabidly. You have to lie. You have to be low informed.

          1. PatrickHenry February 27, 2017

            A Federal Judge in Georgia just called out CNN about FALSE News stories.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2017

            That federal judge in GA did not. You can stop the lying moron. And 2 Federal Judges in Oregon and WA state already stated that Trump’s travel ban is Unconstitutional. First of all, it doesn’t even matter that some hick in GA paid by Trump to kiss his lard ass calls CNN false news. It was already established on NPR last week that Fox News is and has been for over 16 years a right wing fake news media supported by the ultra right wing of the Republican Party.

          3. PatrickHenry February 28, 2017

            Soon, President Trump’s NEW Executive Order will restart the Travel Ban. Aren’t you glad Trump is using the tricks of Obama, he showed us the way! LMAO.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker February 28, 2017

            Wrong. The NSA provided the Trump WH with a report that clearly proved the 7 countries Trump chose have NOT EVER caused any terrorism in the US AND the Syrian refugees are not a threat. But, perhaps you would explain why when the NSA provided that Trump requested report and handed it to Trump, he forged their findings? You do know that forgery is illegal?

            But not to worry. The NSA are honorable people. Something you assbagger in the White House isn’t. They kept an original of their report and handed it to several media outlets to publish without the Trump redactions.

            Slam dunk and you are in the basketball net and struggling for your freedom. Try again hot shot. You are down for the count.

        4. Dan S February 27, 2017

          Calling it fake news over and over is not going to change the truth. Please go read 1984 and you’ll see the kind of world we’ve become

          1. PatrickHenry February 27, 2017

            Big Brother HAS been in control of our individual lives, for many years of Big Federal Government control, especially under Obama. Thanks for bringing 1984 to our attention. This is exactly why Millions of Americans have had enough & voted for President Trump to drain your swamp.Thanks.

          2. Dan S February 27, 2017

            Then why does he insist on filling that swamp with billionaires who have zero experience in government ?

          3. PatrickHenry February 28, 2017

            Your statement shows exactly why our country is in a mess. You instantly believe “Government” is the answer, instead of Successful, Experienced people in the Private Sector. Why do you think sleazy, corrupt politicians know what is best for us?

          4. Dan S February 28, 2017

            That statement makes absolutely no sense. When the government is run by strong smart leaders it can do a lot of good. When it’s mismanaged by clueless inept greedy politicians then yes it can be a true mess. With Hitler at least the trains ran on time. With Trump we’re lucky if the train shows up at all

          5. PatrickHenry March 6, 2017

            Your reply tells me all there is to know about your obvious hate for President Trump, & you are a stooge of the hateful, intolerant Left, comparing him to Hitler. Obama is the one you should had been worried about, if you weren’t blind.

          6. Dapper Dan March 6, 2017

            I’m the blind one ? Now your POTUS not mine is accusing President Obama of tapping his lines. Even FBI Director Comey knows that’s BS and at some point Trump will be removed from office. The nation is literally watching a mentally ill man losing his grip with reality and its peoples blind support for him that’s truly mind boggling

          7. PatrickHenry March 7, 2017

            You should had waiting before that knee-jerk, Fake News sound bite, more evidence is coming out daily how President Trump’s Towers were in fact, wiretapped.

          8. Dapper Dan March 8, 2017

            You can believe whatever fake news makes you happy. In the end President Obama DID NOT BUG TRUMP TOWER

          9. Independent1 February 27, 2017

            The ‘Big government’ under Obama?? Really lowlife. Our government was 330,000 workers smaller under Obama than it was when Mr. Big Government himself, Ronald Reagan, left office in 1989!! Yes, Reagan added over 280,000 people to our government during his poorly guided 8 years in office!!!

          10. I Am Helpy February 27, 2017

            Yes, you ARE a special moron.

        5. I Am Helpy February 27, 2017

          I’ll take “things that never happened” for 5, Alex

        6. I Am Helpy February 27, 2017

          Seriously, why are you so desperate that you resort to outright lies that can be easily checked? The FBI has made NO SUCH CLAIM. Trump is going to go to prison.

          I hope that helps!

          1. PatrickHenry February 28, 2017

            Maybe easily checked by the leftist propaganda you listen to.. More likely Obama Hillary & Loretta Lynch will be in Prison.

          2. I Am Helpy February 28, 2017

            So link to the FBI’s statement, then. Oh, right, you can’t, because it never happened.

            You are a dumb liar as well as an America-hating coward traitor.

            I hope that helps!

    2. Independent1 February 27, 2017

      Are you stocking up for the economic disaster that is about to happen? Have you stockpiled all that money that’s soon going to be worthless because you’re going to have virtually no place to buy anything?

      Have your right-wing moron politicians even done any research to see the disaster that’s coming??

      The tons of economists who say deporting illegals is not only going to cost billions of dollars but also 12-14 million American jobs!!

      The ton of economists who have said that Trumps idiotic tax policy is going to drive up America’s debts by at least a trillion dollars a year or more!!

      The tons of economists who have predicted that repealing Obamacare is also going to cost America trillions over the next decade. Obamacare had reduced the projected costs of healthcare in America by well over 1/2 a trillion in just the first two years it was enacted.

      Come on! Show us some evidence that anything Trump is doing is do is going to end up benefiting America and not just the upper 10%!!!!!

      If you think Trump’s mindlessly stupid economic plan is going to create jobs – you’re a bigger moron than even I have believed you are!!!!!

      You can’t WILL companies to create new jobs like Trump is trying to do!! Jobs have to be created due to consumer demand – and Trump knows absolutely nothing about doing that!! He couldn’t even keep several casinos running!!!!!!

      1. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2017

        Men like MMIkeeeeeee and Patrick Henry have NO proof of anything they post. We do and they know it. All they have are lies.


        1. Dan S February 27, 2017

          That video clip was very eye opening and I hope one day Trump will be charged and imprisoned for Treason

          1. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2017

            You can believe what you see. Right wingers will deny that’s him or his own voice. But the FBI has already added this video clip along with the one of his son at a Russian Investors Meeting in 2008 in Moscow. The very same son Trump lies and claims has NO business in Russia. No business? No investments? Then why is Trump building a hotel in Moscow? No approval from Putin?

      2. PatrickHenry February 27, 2017

        President Trump has only been President for 1 month and already he has reduced the deficit some & created tens of thousands of jobs. The WALL is moving along ahead of schedule & the stock market is at historic levels. Enjoy the ride!

        1. Independent1 February 27, 2017

          The only jobs created during his time in office are the ones idiot corporations who expect less regulations to spur their businesses. Jobs that are not going to materialize for long when the economy goes into the tank and falls into a depression!!!!

          And there is no record he has done anything to reduce the deficit.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2017

            PatrickHenry can’t admit he is a Russian fake news troll. First of all, the only jobs that Trump can possibly create are the ones left by the thousands he is deporting in slaughterhouses, landscaping, being nannies to rich asses kids, coal mining which no one is the US uses anymore and working in the hot agri farms in CA.

            But you won’t see a lazy bum like this Comrade rightie taking any of these jobs. He’ll fly his Stars and Bars and ride with the KKK so he can fulfull his Big Daddy’s dreams.

          2. idamag February 27, 2017

            That is why I ask that backwoods rube where his facts were. One thing Republicans are always short on is facts. Obama was seen golfing a couple of times and those jerkadoodles went ape with it. Trump spends a long every weekend golfing.

        2. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2017

          No he has NOT reduced the deficit. He increased it by over $35 million for the cost of his security in NY City. Ask Mayor DeBlasio about that and Trump has yet to pay for all those freebies he gets on his already 5 vacations in a month at Mar-a-Friggo.

        3. idamag February 27, 2017

          And your facts and your sources are?

        4. Dan S February 27, 2017

          Enjoy the ride while it lasts. Think of the economy as a roller coaster and we’re currently near the top of the ride. Brace yourself when we go down. It’s going to get very scary as the stock market will crash in spectacular fashion

        5. InGen12 February 27, 2017

          Tens of thousands of jobs??!?!? You’re delusional. Take your meds.

          1. Jmz Nesky February 28, 2017

            He doesn’t need meds so long as he can pop stupidity pills.

        6. Independent1 February 27, 2017

          And that’s one month too long. He’s done more damage to America’s reputation around the world in one month than our country may ever recover from. And he’s already got at minimum a recession and quite like a depression coming up in record time. It took Hoover 8 months to start the Great Depression – Trump may start the 2nd Great Depression in 6 months.

      3. Dan S February 27, 2017

        Well put as you’re right. The longer Trump is at the helm he’s going to drive the economy right off the cliff. Talk about killing the Golden Goose

    3. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2017

      Hey stupid! You do realize it was Vlad Putin your FAKE NEWS BS artist who coined the phrase “fake news?” No surprise that your fake president who tweets at 5 AM in his jammies would use his hero Putin’s tactic of trying desperately to take down any news sources that won’t kiss you lard ass.

      1. idamag February 27, 2017

        Hitler would have loved patrick henry. He is dumb enough to believe everything any right winger fascist says. Most of the rabid right wing are racists. They are not defending a party, but their racism. The term fake news came out when the pizza parlor lie caused a man to arm himself and head for the pizza parlor. There was no, none, nil, nada facts to base the pizza parlor lie on. That is fake. Now, the right wing slime balls have redefined it to mean any news that points out who they are. The Bowling Green massacre is fake. It never happened. The treatment of minorities is not fake. There are facts to back it up.

        1. Dan S February 27, 2017

          Oh Hell Hitler would’ve love Steve Bannon for manipulating Trump to help bring down America. Not only are they anti Semitic but Islamaphobic, Anti Hispanic and they don’t like them black people except Ben Carson. Unless your white, rich and priveledged being born here In Trumps America you’re no longer welcome here

          1. PatrickHenry February 27, 2017

            Such a gullible fool are you. Under Obama our ties with Israel sung to new lows. P.M Netanyahu & President Trump have a fantastic relationship.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2017

            Do you always deny truth and facts? That doesn’t work any more. You and your Republicans always try to prove negatives. Now you call that alternate facts.

            I also recall that Tom Cotton that BS boy from AR had contact with Netanyahu shortly before the Yahooodle spoke before the House Republicans. I also recall that Netty old boy insulted our president. Don’t be so stupid. Netty isn’t about to trust Trump anymore than Putin does. Why else would Putin publicly announce he is having his mental professionals do a pyschological profile on Trump before they meet in March?

          3. Jmz Nesky February 28, 2017

            Well at least somebody’s gonna do it.. Seems our yellow back congress would rather go back fighting HRC and Benghazi instead of opening a psycho ward for the orange cheeto.

          4. Dan S February 27, 2017

            The only gullible fool on this forum right now is you. If you want to be a stooge that’s your business. Sooner or later Netanyahu will find a knife in his back courtesy of Trump. President Obama never mislead the Prime Minister and was always straight with him

          5. Eleanore Whitaker February 28, 2017

            Actually? I noticed the expression on Netanyahu’s face as he sat next to Trump when they met two weeks ago here in the US. Netanyahu actually thought Trump would hand Israel the world. Trump screwed Netanyahu over when Trump last words were that he was in favor of a two state policy between Israel and Palestine.

          6. Independent1 February 27, 2017

            Really lowlife?? It may be what maybe most pro Netanyahu Israeli’s think but it;s NOT TRUE!!

            Obama provided Israel with the largest amount of American military aid in U.S. history, including:

            Over $3 billion per year to assist Israel’s military to ensure it
            has the latest and most efficient technologies and weapons available; and $275 million in supplemental funding to develop the Iron Dome missile system, praised by Israel’s defense leaders for its “exceptional” success at saving the lives of Israelis who live under threat from Hamas’ rockets.

            Additional funding for the Arrow and David’s Sling missile systems,bringing the total funding for missile defense to $650 million — double the amount spent by the Bush Administration.

            Obama restored Israel’s Qualitative Military Edge (QME) with advanced weaponry by:

            Signing the U.S.-Israel Enhanced Security Act;

            Selling Israel bunker busting bombs and F-35 fighter planes while fast-tracking arms sales;

            Committing American troops to the 2009 Juniper Cobra and 2012 Austere Challenge joint military exercises — the largest and most extensive exercises ever with Israel;

            Authorizing Israel to use American weapons stored in Israel during an emergency; and

            Working with Israel to combat smuggling into Gaza.

            Obama’s diplomatic support for Israel is unparalleled. President Obama:

            Forcefully opposed the Palestinians’ attempt to unilaterally declare a state;

            Rallied the world against a nuclear-armed Iran and continues to lead the sanctions effort by example;

            Voted with Israel 100% of the time at the United Nations, a first in modern history;

            Defended Israel’s legitimacy on the world stage, and vocally
            protested efforts to isolate Israel at the United Nations and in UN

            Consistently affirmed the U.S.-Israel bond; and

            Asserted Israel’s right to self-defense repeatedly – including against the Gaza flotilla.

            And much more:


          7. Independent1 February 27, 2017

            Just because to right-winger zealots get along doesn’t mean their relationship will end up accomplishing anything worthwhile.

          8. Sand_Cat February 27, 2017

            “Sung” to new lows?
            Perhaps the fact that Israel’s current government has sunk to new lows in theft of Palestinian land and the Israeli Prime Minister has attempted to undermine the president of Israel’s best ally might have some connection to the “singing” of which you complain. I guess it never occurred to you that the tune that Bibi is “singing” has a lot more to do with those “lows” than anything President Obama did.

          9. Eleanore Whitaker February 28, 2017

            Our ties to Israel sunk because big mouth Netanyahu dared to speak in front of an ALL Republican House. Because your Israeli Yahoooo dared to insult the President of the U.S.

            Tell us. How much does Putin pay you and do you work for his fake news media “Sputnik?”

          10. PatrickHenry March 6, 2017

            No, the FAKE News is CNN & MSNBC, which I don’t listen to for more than a few minutes to see just what crap they are spewing. Then I must puke!

          11. Eleanore Whitaker March 6, 2017

            Really? So that must be why the most intelligent people like Buffet, Bloomberg, Huntsman and others won’t touch Breitbart with a ten foot pole?

            The problem for morons like you is that CNN, MSNBC, BBC and CSPAN ALL have licensed credentials that are unblemished. Breitbart is read only by the underdogs of the right who can’t figure out how to put their pants on in the morning.

            Nice Try though Bannon boy.

      2. Dan S February 27, 2017

        I’m sure Trump doesn’t have jammies but instead is wearing his Captain America outfit

        1. sharkbait4711 February 27, 2017

          That right there made me laugh… not a visual I want to see but funny none the less!

    4. Independent1 February 27, 2017

      And talk about fake news: When right-wingers claim that Global Warming is a hoax, they are perpetrating Fake News.

      Come on, I want to see you explain this article away from the National Geographic and prove to us that right-wingers are not in fact the source of more than 95% of fake news!!!

      The Big Thaw

      An excerpt from the article:

      So far, the results have been positively chilling. When President Taft created Glacier National Park in 1910, it was home to an estimated 150 glaciers. Since then the number has decreased to fewer than 30, and most of those remaining have shrunk in area by two-thirds. Fagre predicts that within 30 years most if not all of the park’s namesake glaciers will disappear.

      “Things that normally happen in geologic time are happening during the span of a human lifetime,” says Fagre. “It’s like watching the Statue of Liberty melt.”


      Now, if global warming is a hoax, what melted more than 120 of 150 glaciers in Glacier National park in the last 107 years when those glaciers hadn’t melted in the previous thousand plus years???

      Let’s hear it!!!

      1. idamag February 27, 2017

        Another indicator is the acidity in the ocean from the CO2. Shell fish are suffering and the coral reefs are dying. Other fish are becoming extinct as they do not survive in warmer waters. In 1908 the acidity level in the ocean was 6. That was 120 PPM. Now it is 3 and 380 PPM. The normal acid range of the ocean was Ph3. Now it is 6Ph. These are facts that can be verified. So, if we choose to only believe what we want to, then we are approaching the end of life on this planet.

      2. Dan S February 27, 2017

        But, but it’s snowing outside my home right now so global warming must be a Chinese hoax. Right ? ????

      3. Jmz Nesky February 28, 2017

        If it’s not spoken on Blightfart it’s fake news.. Soon the Trumpanzees will turn on each other. On that day II’ll pass out corn dogs and long necks for free.

    5. Independent1 February 27, 2017

      And if it’s CNN and other MSM outlets that are spewing Fake News, why has Fox News come out and supported CNN and essentially called Donald Trump a liar??

      Fox News’ Shepard Smith: ‘CNN’s reporting was not fake news’

      “CNN’s reporting was not fake news,” continued Smith, seen in video below.
      “Its journalists follows the same standards to which other news organizations, including Fox News, adhere. Senior administration officials regularly speak without attribution so that the public can be informed of what our government is doing — off the record. Just as CNN reports Priebus sent officials to speak off the record against the Russia/Trump campaign reporting.”

      And more than Smith on Fox News have also done the same thing – essentially called Trump a LIAR!!!


      1. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2017

        Thank you! Nothing like brass facts to make righties cringe and crawl back into their Neanderthal caves. rofl.

    6. I Am Helpy February 27, 2017

      Haha yeah stupid “facts” and “science” and “treason laws”. They don’t understand that the REAL victim is straight white loud mouths.

      1. Thoughtopsy February 27, 2017

        You really think he’s straight? :O

    7. Sand_Cat February 27, 2017

      Yes, Bill O’Reilly exposes “fake news” – his own – regularly.
      Obviously you haven’t the intelligence or discernment to detect it.

      1. PatrickHenry March 6, 2017


  7. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2017

    Now Trump has France annoyed at his flaming Combat Boy mouth. He just cannot shut his mouth. First it was Mexico he decided to go to war with. Then it was 7 Muslims countries the NSA Reported had NO involvement in terrorism in the US. But that didn’t stop Trump from forging the original NSA report to make his case. That’s forgery he is adding to his BS lies.

    When a man lies and his supporters condone those lies, you call them pathological liars who want desperately to force the rest of us to condone what we know is wrong.

    These right wingers are less than 40% of the people in this country who want Trump gone. He is an embarrassment to the entire country. The only ones who love Trump are sleaze balls like him and his porn Queen Wife and incestuous daughter and sons who hunt endangered species just to show how ELITE they are.

    1. Dan S February 27, 2017

      Now Trump is going to war with the American people. Before too long dare I say there will be a Civil War if this schizophrenic madman doesn’t get removed. Now California is taking a serious look at seceding from the union. Hopefully the rest of the west coast and Hawaii can join them

      1. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2017

        As long as I lived in NJ, which is all my life, Trump has never not fought with others. You’ll notice his own brother and sister want nothing to do with him and NEVER speak in his favor in public. You can guess why.

        1. Independent1 February 28, 2017

          Well, when you become such a narcissist and believe you got all the best genes in the family and therefore are better and smarter than even your siblings, why would any really rational human, especially your siblings, want to associate with you???

          People who lower themselves to associate with Donald are clearly people who he’s conned into believing he’s going to favor them in some way. There has to be some motivation for people to actually associate with such an outright jerk!!

          1. Eleanore Whitaker February 28, 2017

            I live in NJ. We are 45 minutes from NY City. Trump’s home base. For the past 4 decades, we have seen, heard or read that Trump came from one of the most dysfunctional families.

            First of all, his father married a woman he soon realized was a golddigger Scottish immigrant. They had two sons and a daughter. By the time Donny Boy was Mommy’s darling, his two siblings already knew he was a power and control grabber of Mommy Mary Ann’s attention.

            Trump loves to play it that he and Daddy had a wonderful relationship. Does he think we forgot WHY Daddy sent him off to military school? It was to separate him from his cloying, overindulgent Mommy who virtually ignored her other two children. That’s why Trump’s siblings don’t want any part of supporting him now.

            He was expelled from two military schools. Once for punching another student and the other time for refusing to obey the school’s rules. Mommy Mary Ann took his side.

            Then, he became friends with McCarthy’s attack dog, Roy Cohn, himself a Dora Cohn Momma’s boy whose judge father grew to loathe his own viscious son’s need to destroy others. After Cohn died, Trump was bereft of a role model for his plans to take over the business world.

            That’s why today he is so enamored of Vladimir Putin who bears the same striking resemblance to the ruthless, obnoxious Roy Cohn.

            Trump says he has never spoken to Putin. The 2nd week of January as we all know, he refused to allow his phone calls to Putin to be heard by anyone and had his calls blocked.

    2. mike February 27, 2017

      More of your delusional diarrhea.
      Trump is President. Hillary isn’t. Wonderful.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2017

        He won’t be president much longer. Dream on little boy and take your peanut sized balls and put them through a juicer. Trump is known around the world as a liar. You cannot be so mentally defective as to think anyone in this country who pays their taxes will allow him to start WW3, get out kids nuked and then when he’s done, sit on top of the globe proclaiming is Mr. MAN BS?

        1. mike February 27, 2017

          You crack me up with your idiotic posts.
          You need to be institutionalize.

          1. I Am Helpy February 27, 2017

            OK traitor, sorry you can’t spell.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker February 28, 2017

            Mikee is a mixed up, delusional guy who really has no valid reason to exist. It is true people like Mikeee are too stupid to live. roflmao

          3. Independent1 February 28, 2017

            Yeah! He comes on here to make whatever money the RNC or Heritage Foundation will pay him for spreading his mindlessly ignorant and childish right-wing propaganda.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker February 28, 2017

            Mikkeee has no job other than being a Russian paid troll. Wonder if he works for Putin’s fake media Putin calls “Sputnik.”

          5. Eleanore Whitaker February 28, 2017

            Mikeeeeee Translation: “I can’t prove one damn word I post. I am a liar, a useless pustule and all I have to validate my existence is pretending to be educated.”

            That it Mikeeee? That all you have? So now since you are so well versed in Trump. How exactly did Trump know Paul Manafort? Remember? Trump’s campaign manager until it became public knowledge that Manafort and Putin worked on a scheme to undo the Ukranian election using the Putin Loving Ukranian agent Yanukovych?

            You can pretend away anything you like. But you WILL NOT EVER make election rigging go away. We know Trump is a liar. We’ve all heard his bare faced outright lies in his campaign speeches and in this past month.

            So, now we come down to it, don’t we? You support a faker in chief who not only rigged the election to win (Oh gee like Trump hasn’t done that very same thing in nearly every business deal he’s ever made) but now is desperate to make it “all go away.” Awwwww Too bad his Mommy Mary Ann isn’t here to give a mouthful to those who dare to accuse her little Donny Boy of wrongdoing. Too bad Mommy Mary Ann right now is burning in hell for inflicting a mad man like Donny Boy on our country. Is that what YOUR mommy did to you too?

          6. mike February 28, 2017

            Being Eleanore Witless continues.
            Tortured by your November 2016 loss I now view the outcries of you and your party as pure baloney. The democratic party is a party that has lost its footings and needs Prozac.
            You have lost contact with the real world. You continue to spew more of your hallucinations and irrational emotions which has and never will improve your plight.
            Go get a life.
            Trump will be president for the next 1420 days.

          7. Eleanore Whitaker February 28, 2017

            Being Mikkeeee little boy who never grew up is all too seemly at your ancient age.

            I am not in the least tortured by your pigfaced Liar in Chief who rigged a US election. Truth must really bite the hell out of your balls right Mikeeee?

            I and half the world hates Trump asslicker.

          8. mike February 28, 2017

            No witless one you are tortured. Trumps win is driving you insane or you wouldn’t be talking such garbage about him.

          9. Eleanore Whitaker February 28, 2017

            Face facts “dipshitless” one…no one else agrees with you either. Does that not bother you that more than half a dozen on this thread think you are a nut? Trump didn’t win. He Stole an Election. Anyone can get Putin’s Russian hackers to overturn election results to make it appear Trump won.

            The very fact that he keeps harping on the fact and lying that he won more Electoral College votes than Reagan, Bush ’43 or Obama proves you are still wetting your bed every night.

            Sorry but being dipshitless isn’t a sign of intelligence. Get a job a REAL job or is FAKE all you hicks and Trump asslickers know?

          10. mike February 28, 2017

            Eleanore Witless continues to think stupidly.

      2. I Am Helpy February 27, 2017

        Hahaha yeah you’re a traitor and you cheer on treason

      3. Thoughtopsy February 27, 2017

        “We won… we won”
        – tiny “mike”

        It’s the only thing he can cling on to as President Snowflake slowly exposes the epic dumpster fire already burning in the White House.

        1. mike February 27, 2017

          You have finally got! Bravo!
          Now what time tomorrow does Hillary give her first State of the Union Address?
          Wait! She isn’t president, so sad.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker February 28, 2017

            The only thing you have is a faker in the White House who is already being investigated after only ONE MONTH. Got an excuse for that?

            You live in La La land and the very fact that you believe a BS expert like Trump proves that.

          2. mike February 28, 2017

            As usual with you your posts the expression “garbage in garbage out” fit you to a “T.”

          3. Eleanore Whitaker February 28, 2017

            As usual, anything that is truth or fact is “fake” to you. You won’t get the last word with me Comrade Mikeeee. The only garbage is you. You have no real validation for your existence.

            I would love to know what the hell your Mommy did to you to make you so mentally defective.

          4. mike February 28, 2017

            Eleanore Witless is having another derangement moment. How funny.
            You live on “garbage in garbage out.”

          5. Eleanore Whitaker March 3, 2017

            The only garbage is you. I’m guessing not even the trash collectors want you.

      4. Eleanore Whitaker February 28, 2017

        Trump handed himself the presidency. Hillary had nearly 3 million more popular votes. Popular votes are the VOICE of the people of this country. Electoral College votes are not and can very easily be doctored since as we all know all Electoral College electors are appointed by their state legislators. Don’t even bother to go there with pleading a case that we can trust Republican legislators not to pay off Electors or intimidate them in some way.

        1. mike February 28, 2017

          Hillary and the rest of the world knew in a Presidential Election the “Voice of the people” is the EC, that determines the next president, not the popular voice. 3 blue states voted for Trump over Hillary. Again, end of story.
          Read this to get your head out of your a** as to EC.

          My gosh you are one mental midget.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker March 1, 2017

            Really? You want to explain that in depth? First of all, as everyone knows the Electoral College has nothing to do with popular vote. It has only to do with ensuring that states with the smallest populations get a fair voice in government. So, each state legislator selects an Elector from their state and appoints them to the Electoral College.

            Get over it asshat. The Electors are the ONLY people who are chosen by legislators and not we the people. That’s why if as you so stupidly point out, the EC is the voice of the people, then WE the people should be the ONLY voice appointing Electors.

          2. mike March 1, 2017

            Get a life.
            This past elections as all previous presidential elections is determined by the EC.
            Looks like you didn’t read the article I posted. It’s the party that picks the electors not the “state legislator.”

          3. Eleanore Whitaker March 1, 2017

            Hey shitinyourpants…I already wrote 5 articles today while your Mommy was still changing your Pampers. I have a life…you? You are a pathetic loser who sits on your lard ass day after day posting what you know you can NEVER prove.

            By the way, did you like Trump’s lie? 94 million are out of work? Really? That’s more than the DOL reported in 2008 and since then the DOL reported a consistent increase of about 300,000 jobs a year under Obama. Your lard ass in chief lied about the GM jobs. He said 2,000 and GM slammed his ass to the wall and said he save possibly 300 and those were going to Mexico anyway in 2 years.

            Get a life assboy.

          4. mike March 1, 2017

            The Trump Derangement Syndrome continues in your vacuous mind.
            Can you get anything straight?
            He said, ‘Ninety-four million Americans are out of the labor force.’ Politifact. Nary a word about out of work.
            The only lard ass expressing falsehoods is you.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker March 1, 2017

            How very appropriate you should call your mental illness Trump Derangement Syndrome. Still have any facts you can prove in a court of law or just blowing smoke out of your Lard Ass in Chief’s mouth?

            Not true. 94 million Americans are NOT out of the labor force. Sorry shitforbrains but you are only doing what Twatzilla Conway does: Translating Trump BS into your version of “facts.” Don’t expect people to ever trust a word out of your or Lard Ass inChief’s mouth.

          6. mike March 1, 2017

            You must have dementia. Here is what you said, By the way, did you like Trump’s lie? 94 million are out of work? Trump never said “out of work” douche bag.
            Read and weep! One more example showing you don’t know squat.

          7. Eleanore Whitaker March 2, 2017

            Eat your heart out little balls. Here is what he said according to his OWN speech transcript: “There are 94 million out of the labor workforce.”

            According to Fortune Magazine, that was deliberately misleading and intended to make it appear 94 million out of the work force are also unemployed. Ref: http://fortune.com/2017/02/28/trump-congress-address-misleading-labor-force/

            Does the 94 million include those too elderly, sick or children who cannot work? The entire population of the US is 358 million. You want to play your silly little boy games and explain how many of the 94 million are nuns, priests, rabbis, Imams, monks and abbots? Or maybe he was including all those in prisons and mental institutions? Which, by the way, is where you troll your posts from right dickhead?

          8. mike March 2, 2017

            What the heck is wrong with you? Heres what you claim he said, “By the way, did you like Trump’s lie? 94 million are out of work?”
            He never said “out of work” like you try and claim. Trump said “out of the labor force.” A true statistic which I verified with the BLS figures. https://data.bls.gov/timese
            One more time and maybe this time it will sink into that vacuous mind. Trump said “out of the labor force” not what you claimed “out of work.”
            Go Get A LIFE!

          9. Eleanore Whitaker March 2, 2017

            What is wrong with you? Not in the Russian language enough for your tastes Comrade? If you are NOT in the “labor force” that means YOU ARE NOT WORKING. What in the hell else could it mean?

            Now…do try and explain why he EVEN used those words “out of the labor force” if he didn’t intend it to mislead his dipshit supporters who lap up his every word?

            Does out of the labor force mean you are employed? I have a life. You don’t and your idiotic posts prove that.

            But nice try playing Trump interpreter. We never had to interpret the meanings of Obama’s words. Why do you need to do that with Trump? Is it because you like Trump are a sleaze?

          10. mike March 2, 2017

            Just look at the BLS numbers.
            Quit trying to deflect from what he said. He said “out of the labor force.” The 94 million is a correct number consisting of those who have quite looking for a job, retiring baby boomers, in school, homemakers.
            You are trying to equate “out of work” meaning “unemployed, lost job” and “out of labor force” being the same. They aren’t!
            Give it up mental midget.

          11. Eleanore Whitaker March 2, 2017

            I know you think you can double talk you way out of this but you can’t. First…Why even mention 94 million out of the labor force when it was solely intended to mislead as Fortune Magazine pointed out?

            The 94 million had nothing to do with his attempt to do what you do: delude yourself into pretending you have all the numbers when experts ALL prove you wrong.

            The context in which your Putin comrade used that “94 million” was intended to puff up his flagging ego because he tries desperately to prove he did in one month what 44 other presidents couldn’t do.

            Once you start with HOW he thinks he “won” an election nothing else he does has any value to this country. Not his immigrant pogroms, not his travel bans which is already costing airlines and foreign travelers to the US who are not from those 7 countries and his $54 billion he thinks your right wingers will allow him to hand to the defense, strikes right at the heart of why dickheads like you can’t admit the facts: Trump loves to fabricate his OWN reality. There was no reason to mention 94 million and then follow it by a litany of more BS lies than all 44 presidents have ever told.

            Do..Tell me how will HE the great and wondrous BS artist FORCE drug companies to lower their prices? How will he and ONLY HE FORCE all of those businesses offshore to repatriate and pay American wages which is the reason they claim they went offshore…that and the $67 Trillion they have sitting in offshore tax free accounts. Try again honcho. You are dead in the water.

          12. mike March 2, 2017

            “Why even mention 94 million out of the labor force?” He’s a politician, Duh! Obama never mislead, Right? What is Obama most famous for “you keep your doctor” “you keep your Hospital” “affortable care.” Talk about misleading the country with lies,Obama takes the cake.
            No matter how hard you try to delegitimize Trump’s election it falls on deaf ears on both sides of the aisle. He won! Get over it! What did Biden say to Democrats who tried to object to the tally when the joint congress met to certified the EC votes? IT’S OVER!
            Get a life. Trump’s not going away!

          13. Eleanore Whitaker March 2, 2017

            Another of you lame ass excuses? He was speaking entirely about all the things wrong with this country. What the hell does 94 million out of the labor force have to do with the number of immigrant crimes, drugs brought into the country and the rest of his BAD USA BS he spouted in a single 10 minutes gospel?

            Sorry you can play cover Trump’s lard ass all like. Trump is illegitimate. He hired Paul Manafort and fired him the minute it became public knowledge Manafort was in Russia and met with that Ukraine Agent of Putin’s, Lesyniak. He hired and fired Manafort’s replacement, Corey Lewandowski and then hired on Twatzilla Conway. If Trump is so legitimate, why would he even bother to fire Manafort?

            Your BS excuses won’t hold up in a court of law and your know it but haven’t the balls to admit it. Why is Paul Ryan this very day calling for AG Sessions to recuse himself from the investigation?

            Looks like your boys are all jumping the SS Trumptanic.

          14. mike March 2, 2017

            You are insane!
            You really need to get a life.
            Trump is now president and there is not a damn thing you can do about it.

          15. Eleanore Whitaker March 2, 2017

            So your boy Sessions is being forced to recuse himself. Is that because under oath he admitted he was in Russia twice (you can listen to the YouTube tape if you can’t handle the truth coward).

            Trump is guilty and you know it. But, now that Trump thought he destroyed all of the evidence, turns out Old Stupid is as stupid as you are and there is still the evidence President Obama preserved because he KNEW Trump and the Republican dickheads would try to shove it all under the rug.

            Your boy will be gone before May. Shortest Presidency EVER.

          16. mike March 2, 2017

            Session’s in Russia in 2016. Really? Are you really this uninformed Or just nuts.
            Keep hyperventilating over Trump because each time you do you look more ridiculous.
            You dumb sh** Obama administration gave this information a low classification so more people would see it. Also, douche bag there is evidence of destroyed documents.
            Keep looking and hoping because the chances of Sessions having talked to Russian ambassador about the campaign is about like the left finding another myth Big Foot.

          17. Eleanore Whitaker March 3, 2017

            Read and weep dirtbagger. He admitted it on TV yesterday in front of an entire press corp. Where the hell have you been? https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/sessions-spoke-twice-with-russian-ambassador-during-trumps-presidential-campaign-justice-officials-say/2017/03/01/77205eda-feac-11e6-99b4-9e613afeb09f_story.html?utm_term=.7d8d6e99186d

            You can play your Trump Lover routine all you like. But, he is going down for his lies. Nixon was forced to resign for his lying about what he “knew” about WaterGate until the tapes he tried to hide proved he lied.

            Obama preserved the evidence in multiple copies because he knew you and your right wing skanks would destroy it. Which is exactly what the Trump WH did when they got that evidence using the lame ass excuse they had to “destroy it so it wouldn’t get into the wrong hands.”

            But, our super smart, super savvy President Obama knew what Trump would do and made sure there was sufficient copies. As to the Russian ambassador, why meet with Jared Kushner two days after Obama placed sanctions on Russia for their hacking into our election?

            As for you dipshit, you don’t get alway with this attempt to allow foreign intervention in our elections just so you can get a whoremaster and whore First Lady in the White House. So, how many nude Hustler Magazine photos of Melania did you drool over this week?

          18. mike March 3, 2017

            “Your ridiculous posts continue. Here is what you posted earlier, “Is that because under oath he admitted he was in Russia twice (you can listen to the YouTube tape if you can’t handle the truth coward”
            Notice the words “in Russia” aren’t even in the WP article you posted. You nincompoop Sessions met Russian Ambassador at Republican Convention and in his Senate office.
            Keep your insane post coming I need a good laugh.

          19. Eleanore Whitaker March 3, 2017

            awwwww…What’s the matter Mikeeeee? Your lil weenie is in a knot because you can’t prove what you post? I thought so. By the way, when you are the ONLY one who is disagreed with, don’t you think it’s about time to give up your little boy routine?

            The former president has evidence you can’t hope to deny. He knew you and your lying bastard bullies would try to make all evidence disappear. How skanky do you think you can get in what’s life of your lifetime?

          20. mike March 3, 2017

            Thanks again for a good laugh.
            You said Session was “in Russia” twice.
            What is funny is that you are now trying to deflect from your incorrect statement.
            As I have said many times you are becoming more deranged with every post.

          21. Eleanore Whitaker March 4, 2017

            The government does not allow anyone not officially appointed to the presidential cabinet to have IN ANY WAY conversations with foreign leaders. What about that don’t you get?

            You are such a liar and such a moron. You want to be able to tell your lies and have truthful people accept it until every kid in the country follows your liar examples. Sorry assbagger. Not going to happen.

            You are the one who is deranged and the number of other posters on this thread prove that. So…here you are..Mikeeeee the Liar no one believes always desperately trying to have the last lying word. When you tell the truth some day, then post. Till then your mouth needs to be loaded with radioactive material and sealed with lead cement to stop your brazen lies.

            Trump is going down and so is Pence. So is Ryan and McConnell. Your boys and their games are up. This is WaterGate all over again. Now do go change your Pampers little man.

          22. mike March 4, 2017

            “The government does not allow anyone not officially appointed to the presidential cabinet to have IN ANY WAY conversations with foreign leaders.” You are effin nuts.
            For the record. Pelosi, Schumer, Mc Caskell are NOT in Obama’s Cabinet. Correct? So no member of Congress can meet with a foreign leader, is that correct?
            Then how could this happen. Did Pelosi Schumer, McCaskill break the law or government regulations?



            Shall I continue?
            You are a complete NUTCAKE!

  8. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2017

    All anyone has to do to prove just how guilty and complicit the Republicans are with Trump is to take a look at the job Trump handed to the former RNC chairman, Reince the Prince Priebus. Now Priebus got his bacon in trouble for demanding the FBI and CIA stop all investigations into the Trump Russia Connection.

    Who the hell is Priebus? A middle aged twit who is just as power mad as Bannon, Conway, Spicer, Ryan and McConnell.

    How dare they demand an end to an investigation in the most important issue Americans face? Election rigging. If we let them get away with this, no election in any state or at the federal level is ever going to be transparent.

    1. idamag February 27, 2017

      Have you ever heard Priebus speak? He sounds like a four-year-old trying to convince his mother the cat broke the window.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2017

        Priebus was interviewed by Don Lemon on MSNBC. Whenever questions were put to him that were already proven, he tried to do the usual Republican Cover Up routine. rofl.

        1. idamag February 28, 2017

          Every time I have written to my senators and gotten an answer, they justify their incivility and violations of the Constitution.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker February 28, 2017

            My Republican Senator hears my name and won’t answer his phone. I kind of like that he thinks of me as the “enemy.” It proves what a coward he is.

  9. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2017

    Awww…Poor lil Patty Henikins. Call a rightie’s bluff and they run like the wind.

  10. idamag February 27, 2017

    Let us compare our country to an automobile. You are driving and you hear a tiny noise that wasn’t there before. After a while you tune it out. It gets louder and maybe you should have a mechanic look at it. You will as soon as you are not so busy. Down the road you find out you need a new engine. If you had listened to the noise, you might have only had to fix an oil leak. Doesn’t sound smart and most people wouldn’t let that happen. However, the small noise that was Gowdy, Ryan, and the like has now become a big noise. The engine that is the “Not my president” trump, cabinet and congress means the engine needs to be replaced. It is shot.

  11. PrecipitousDrop February 27, 2017

    Trump referred to deportations as a “military operation”. Homeland Security Secretary Kelly refuted the characterization, but the damage is done. There are too many examples of Trump’s outright rejection of brown and black citizens and LEGAL immigrants. Mohammed Ali, Jr., was detained and questioned about his religion when returning from a trip to Jamaica. Hispanic Americans are literally being rounded up for expulsion.
    Within the next 12 months, we can all expect to see higher costs and shortages of fresh fruits, vegetables, chicken, pork, and beef. Within 18 months, we can expect higher costs and shortages for processed foods — baby food, soups, and frozen foods. Fast food and restaurant prices will spike up. Hospital, assisted living, and nursing home costs will increase as they combat labor shortages.
    The damage has started. As these bigoted policies continue, our cost of food will soon equal or exceed the cost of housing.

    1. Dan S February 27, 2017

      We are literally getting screwed over by Trumps hate and incompetence. We need to get this idiot impeached before he does irreparable damage to this nation from which we won’t recover

      1. Eleanore Whitaker February 28, 2017

        It should surprise no one “why” Trump hates Muslims. First, there is that FinCEN fine of $25 million for allowing Muslim high rollers to launder money in his casinos. So ALL Muslims get the blame for that.

        Then, there is his gross insecurity about Obama as the most successful president. If there in on thing a childish moron like Trump hates, it is success in anyone but himself. So, because he believes Obama is Muslim thanks to right wing BS, he is hot to go after all Muslims.

        Now that Muhammed Ali’s son and wife were detained at an airport as potential Muslims even though both are US citizens, all it proves is that Trump discovered how powerful his use of ICE cops can be in defiance of federal laws that declared his Muslim travel ban illegal.

        If there is a way around ANY law, Trump finds it.

  12. Rebecca Bennett February 27, 2017

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  13. Deskjet March 19, 2017

    Impeach Trump

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that
    they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that
    among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpation’s, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future


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