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All Of Trump’s Possible VP Picks Disagree With Him On Trade Deals

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All Of Trump’s Possible VP Picks Disagree With Him On Trade Deals

Media normalizing Trump

When the Republican platform committee finalized a draft of the party’s priorities early this week, they were noticeably silent on the central issue to Trump’s campaign: Trade.

“We need better negotiated trade agreements that put America first,” the platform reads. “We cannot allow foreign governments to limit American access to their markets while stealing our designs, patents, brands, know-how and technology.”

In other words: “America First!!”

But there isn’t any specific language about NAFTA, which Trump has blamed for the decimation of American manufacturing, or about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which Trump has portrayed as a gift to the Chinese, one that justifies a trade war. What gives?

“We know that our presumptive nominee isn’t in favor of it, one … and we have some senators who are running across the country that were in support of it at one time,” said Tracey Monroe-Winburn, an Ohio delegate, to Politico.

In fact, before Trump stomped onto the scene last year, the Republican consensus on trade was nearly unanimous. Now, Trump has another problem: All of his potential vice presidents are free traders.

Newt Gingrich, the “grandiose” former Speaker of the House who suggested that poor kids work as janitors after school, presided over the passage of NAFTA as Speaker and worked with Bill Clinton to implement it. He also supported joining the World Trade Organization, and granting the president fast track authority to do so.

In 2006, Gingrich said on his website that “[t]hose who advocate economic isolationism and protectionism are advocating a policy that could help China and India surpass the US in economic power in our children’s or grandchildren’s lifetime.”

Now, however, Gingrich has reversed course, saying he agrees with Trump’s stance on trade. “We are now in a different era,” he told Politico, referring to the decades-long process it took to pass NAFTA as a member of the self-styled “Clinton-Gingrich Pro-American Growth Team.”

Mike Pence, the traditionally conservative governor of Indiana, has backed the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, as both The Washington Post and Mother Jones have noted. As a congressman, Pence was, like most Republicans, a reliably pro-trade vote on dozens of bills and amendments.

Pence has trumpeted the benefits NAFTA has had for Indiana and the rest of the nation, saying that under the agreement, “the volume of US corn exports to Mexico has nearly tripled since 1994.” In Congress, Pence made what has become a standard argument for expanding our trade agreements: That they spread economic benefits of globalization to the developing world, opening poor countries up to American political influence.

“Let us not in this Congress and in this nation turn our backs today on those same fledgling democracies that are embracing our principles of free-market economics and freedom,” Pence said in a pro-CAFTA speech.

Chris Christie would suffer at least one immediate effect of Trump’s trade wars: No more Oreos! At least, that’s one dietary order Trump insisted Christie follow, at a campaign event to pay off the New Jersey governor’s campaign debts.

Christie has managed to avoid answering questions on the merits of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, pinning his supposed doubts about the measure on the president: “I wouldn’t let this president buy me a car, that’s how bad a negotiator he is. So, I will not support the TPP as negotiated by this president,” Christie said last November. However, he has not commented on whether he would support the passage of the TPP in a Trump administration.

However, as governor of New Jersey, Christie has repeatedly made efforts to expand the state’s international trade relationships, traveling to Canada, the UK, Israel,

In April 2015, Christie called for the “next generation” of NAFTA. “I do think that we need to take another look at NAFTA,” he said at the annual Washington Conference on the Americas. “You know, it’s been 20 years now since NAFTA was put into effect. And what’s the next chapter going to look like?”



Photo: U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign stop in Tampa, Florida February 12, 2016. REUTERS/Mike Carlson/File Photo



  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 13, 2016

    Oh, no—say it isn’t so!

    How can any of Trump’s chumps lining up to be VP disagree with him? Next thing you know, the unlucky choice(should the country be held hostage) will hear “You’re Fired!”

    Look at that face that only a mother Drumpf could love—imagine that pose on currency, by Harriet Tubman!!!

    1. Dominick Vila July 14, 2016

      Fired and SUED!

  2. Judy5678 July 14, 2016

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    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 14, 2016

      Yeah—and we’ve got a gig for you, Judy.

  3. King of America July 14, 2016

    All Of Trump’s Possible VP Picks Will Absolutely 100% Change Their Minds Next Time They Are Interviewed Like The Spineless Republican Cowards They Are.


  4. Dominick Vila July 14, 2016

    The problem is not trade agreement, which almost invariably benefit U.S. corporations, but the fact that the huge profits our corporations make never trickle down to their employees and the average American. The operative word is greed, and the objective behind The Donald’s rhetoric is distraction achieved by embracing populist themes involving issues the average American is not familiar with.

    1. itsfun July 14, 2016

      Profit is what corporations are in business for. They have stock holders to please and the stock holders share in the profits. Larger corporations normally have union employees and that usually means higher wages every contract, health care including dental and vision. Retirement benefits, paid vacations etc. That is where some of the profit goes and that is trickling down. Large corporations also sponsor things like the Special Olympics, walks for diabetics and other diseases. That’s not greed it is being a good neighbor.

      1. Dominick Vila July 14, 2016

        That was my point. Corporations are not in the business of using their profits for altruistic purposes, and what when it comes to job creation they employ the number of people they need to run their business. If they engaged in massive endeavors to hire unemployed or under employed Americans, who they don’t need to run their businesses, they would go out of business.
        That’s why the government has to undertake some of the projects we need and benefit from as a society.
        One minor correction, corporate profits don’t pay the salaries and benefits of union and non-union workers. Those are operating costs that are an integral part of doing business. Profits is what is left after investment, labor, taxes, and other expenditures are taken into account. Some of the profits are reinvested, but most of it is distributed as dividends to shareholders.
        Trump’s rhetoric on the issue of trade evolves around higher tariffs and sticking it to our trading partners. Neither will encourage our corporations and the multi-nationals to bring their operations back to the USA. Bear in mind that a big chunk of corporate profits come from foreign investments. Trump is well aware of that by the way. That’s why he has investments in countries like Bangladesh, China, Mexico and others.

        1. Charles Winter July 15, 2016

          And remember that all of Trump’s products are made in Asia, probably including the “Make America Great Again” caps.

      2. FireBaron July 14, 2016

        “fun” have you ever heard the story about the time Henry Ford was given a tour of a factory that was almost completely automated? The plant owner bragged about how efficient his machines were at producing consumer products. Then Ford turned and asked “How many of these machines buy your products?” Remember, Ford designed his system and paid his workers so they would also be his customers.

        A company has to satisfy its shareholders, but if it isn’t providing rank and file jobs being paid a living wage, then their pool of potential customers are lost. As for your pointing out their charities, please note you could take a company like Honeywell, and all of their charitable contributions combined is probably less than 10% of their CEOs salary. So they really don’t “give back” that much!

        1. itsfun July 14, 2016

          Factories as big as Ford and smaller one are usually union shops. The unions have made sure the workers receive a livable wage and also receive benefits like health care, dental, vision. They also make sure there is a retirement plan and workers get paid vacations depending on how much time they have in the company. I don’t know how much companies give to charity or to local communities, but you shouldn’t guess the percent.

      3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 14, 2016

        Right, like the colonialists were being good neighbors as they ransacked the resources of other nations they conquered, for profit and to take care of their bottom lines back in the day.
        No one is begrudging profits, itsfun, except excessive profits that line the pockets of those at the pinnacle of the business food chain.

        Will you ever learn anything about the bigger picture beckoning beyond your nose???

        1. itsfun July 14, 2016

          You probably want to live without electricity, furnaces, cars, etc. Do you live in a tent?

          1. Charles Winter July 14, 2016

            I want PG&E To stop trying to penalize me for converting my house to solar and wind.

          2. itsfun July 15, 2016

            You should never be penalized for doing everything you can to make your life better. I have always liked the idea of using wind power. Its like when you do something to conserve energy, some group or government agency will come along to penalize you for doing what they preach. When I was still young and lived in Michigan, I remember how the government was preaching buy a high millage car. The manufactures started to make small and lighter cars. The government in Michigan said they had to change the way automobiles were licensed because they weren’t getting enough tax money. So they changed for basing the cost of license plate from the weight of a vehicle to basing the cost on the value of the car and raised the gas tax. If I still lived in Michigan, my VOLT license plate would cost around $200. The state only allows the value of a vehicle for the cost of a plate to drop to a predetermined level. So if you car is now only worth $2000, you will pay for a 10,000 vehicle.

      4. Charles Winter July 14, 2016

        Large corps, like WalMart and McDonalds, are at the forefront in fighting unions and all benefits for their workers. They provide low wages and few, if any benefits. They do, however, offer guidance in applying for welfare.

        Incidentally, none of corporate profit goes to providing benefits. That is all tax deductible expense.

        As for the Special Olympics, walks, etc., those are all PR, deductible as either donations or advertising.

        1. itsfun July 15, 2016

          McDonald’s is made up of a bunch of local franchises. They are mainly designed to have mostly part time and high school type employees. They are more like a local mom and pop store than they are a large corporation. They are not designed or intended to have career full time employees. They have to purchase their product from the corporation stores. Can corporate profits go to building more stores and thus hiring more employees?
          How many are employed by companies like General Motors, Ford, and other car makers. How many are employed by GE, Motorola, etc. These are example of large corporations that do provide good wages, benefits, etc. Yes, its because of unions. Charitable contributions are deductible, but not 100 percent. Also where would these charities be without the contributions. You talk as if PR is a bad thing. Should companies not talk about the good things they do?

          1. bobnstuff July 15, 2016

            Most McDonald franchises are multi store. Each employ hundreds of workers,Most of the McDonald workers never meet the owners they work for. The big car companies have become a group of manufacturers not just one company. Their feeder companies are not all union or even in this country, things have changed over the last fifty years. Once the owners of the companies worked for the companies, now many don’t even know where the company is and don;t even know they own it. It’s the stock market that runs things and they don’t care about building anything except for profits. Our tax code is set up to support this. Back in the fifties it was more profitable to reinvest in the company then take the money out. You bought a stock to hold on to and you made your money from sales of finished goods. Now the profit comes from buying and selling the stock and has nothing to do with the actual business. The internet stocks are case in point. Many have never made a dime but people are buying and selling them for big money. The world has changed. The more removed the ownership the worse it is for the employees. The more removed the owners the less the do to help people unless they get something out of it.

          2. itsfun July 15, 2016

            Not quite sure about many of the McDonald’s owners have hundreds of stores. I do know in my home town the are 6 McDonald restaurants and I must admit there are only 2 owners of all six. Most of our car companies are union shops. The ones that aren’t are mainly Japanese owned, like Honda, Toyota. And they are giving union like wages and benefits. I agree with you on buying and selling stocks. My mother had a lot of shares of Sears when she worked there. My parents used that stock to help purchase their retirement home. Now the stock market is used for get rich quick schemes. We have lost so many mom and pop type businesses because of franchise types. How many family owned drug stores, hardware stores, food stores are left. Even in the little town I live in now, we have 2 drug stores that are corporate owned, two hardware stores of which one is a mom and pop. The only grocery store is a franchise. We have a McDonalds and Burger King, but no other American food type restaurants. We have a Chinese food restaurant that does great and is the only sit down restaurant on town. One private pizza place and 2 pizza franchises. What now seems like a 100 years ago, I had a college business professor tell us that this would happen. A private guy cannot compete with a franchise. My best friend had the best steak house in my home town, people lined up outside even in the winter to get in. As soon as a couple of franchise places moved in close to him, he was out of business. I guess its just a sign of the times.

          3. bobnstuff July 15, 2016

            I have been that private guy competing with the franchise and did well but I was trained by the franchise, in fact I was a trainer for their management training program. I know all their tricks and was able to counter them. A good local business can go up against the chain store if they are smart and not in trouble to start with. Stores like Home Depot can only handle 95% of the customers needs, the last 5% needs the old style hardware store. Home Depot needs to have a number of turns per year or the get rid if the product, they give the stuff away or even throw it away. The local guy just dusts it off and leaves it on the shelve. If you need parts for something over five or six years old you end up at your local store. In my area we have a number of large local chains like Giant Eagle and Fox’s Pizza. Fox’s is a franchise with over 300 shops. Jim Fox started in the seventies and has had very steady growth. He isn’t the only local pizza chain, we also have Vocelli Pizza, a Domino’s clone, I trained the first head of operations and did some work for them. For years if you wanted to set up a urban pizza shop and intended to deliver by bicycle you called me to set you up. Both these guys went head to head with Domino’s and Pizza Hut and won. There are a number of other companies around here that have pushed the national chains out. The same thing goes for the sit down restaurants. We have two large local chains there’s, Eat n Park and Kings. For some reason the national chains my open here but it’s the local people who do the best. We even have local Drug stores here that are doing well. Once again they can do things that the big nationals just can’t. In Ferri’s case for years it was the families food store that every kid in town got their first job at. I worked there as did one of my brothers. We have many national chains but the good local business’s are still here and doing well.
            The auto industry has been going through changes for many years. The sub assembly work is done out of house and sub contracted out. The American companies are importing there parts and the foreign ones are making the parts here. There is a reason for this. The American companies are not reinvesting and are using their profits for management bonus’s and stock buy backs where the foreign companies invest in the companies and their management makes much less. As long as Wall Street runs our industries our country is in trouble. We need to raise capital gains taxes and tax the heck out of bonus’s. make reinvesting the best deal for the companies.

  5. itsfun July 14, 2016

    What is wrong with wanting America first?

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 14, 2016

      You wouldn’t get it. It’s something Neolithic man will never understand.

      For your information, we live in a connected world where the notion of American Exceptionalism went out of style with “Gone With Wind”.

      Wake up Van Winkle and smell the coffee.

      1. itsfun July 14, 2016

        If you want America to be a second rate country, its up to you. I have no problem with being first.

        1. Charles Winter July 14, 2016

          If you want America to be a third rate country, vote Trump.

          1. itsfun July 15, 2016

            or if you want America to become a banana republic vote crooked Hillary.

          2. King of America July 15, 2016

            Yes, she’s so crooked, like that time she… uh, wait, not one of your idiotic smears has ever contained even a grain of truth. Weird!

          3. itsfun July 15, 2016

            And you have the gull to accuse me of character assassination. The good ole double standard is no problem for you to use. Just like crooked Hillary.

          4. King of America July 15, 2016

            OK so you literally have no idea what words mean. Weird!

          5. itsfun July 15, 2016

            still waiting for a answer

          6. King of America July 15, 2016

            Yes, I do grasp that you are incapable of understanding the answers you’ve been given. Your slack-jawed incomprehension is not my problem, however.

          7. itsfun July 16, 2016

            you are not the kind of America, but you are the jerk of America

          8. King of America July 16, 2016

            Sorry that you think that personal abuse constitutes any kind of acceptable reply. It doesn’t, though.

          9. itsfun July 16, 2016

            Lets see you have been calling me names in every post, when I get enough of your BS and reply, you start whining like a little girl.

          10. King of America July 16, 2016

            I haven’t called you a single name. Are you having a stroke?

        2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 15, 2016

          So, that’s all life is to you, isn’t it. The amoral and self-centered desire to be first is not the sign of a healthy mind. Being first is how our toddlers see their world and that’s natural; for an adult( assume you are an adult) to be primarily focused on being first, while discounting others in that mad dash, is the sign of arrested development, and is not natural.
          America is in many aspects a second-rate country by virtue of the selfish attitudes of so many of its citizens and politicians—being a first-rate nation depends primarily on displaying moral values and greed, a pompous attitude, and an infatuation with being ahead of other nations does not meet those standards. But you wouldn’t understand that because humility and reciprocity are foreign concepts to any person without moral values.

          1. itsfun July 15, 2016

            America is so selfish that we send millions and millions of dollars and food and clothes to every country that suffers a natural disaster. How much medicine do we send to other countries, how many doctors go help other countries during disasters.
            Who put you in charge of deciding who has and doesn’t have moral values. Are you GOD? How much of your money do you give to churches, charities and people in need. Why don’t you just go live in a third world country and then tell us how to live.

            You still haven’t and won’t answer the question ” What is wrong with wanting America to be first”?

          2. bobnstuff July 15, 2016

            What percent of our wealth do we we really give away? How much of the thing we give are just gifts to our own companies that make the items. Most foreign aid is spent with America companies. Is false charity still charity? Of the money given to the Church, how much is spent building those grand buildings vs, taking care of people? America always puts our interests first, it just that they don’t want you to see just what our countries true interests are.

          3. itsfun July 15, 2016

            I don’t know the percent. I do know we send money, food, water, medical supplies to every nation that has a earthquake, flood or other natural disaster. We also rebuild worn torn countries. We give money to charitable organizations like the Salvation Army, Is that false charity?

          4. bobnstuff July 15, 2016

            Ever looked at the percent of the money given that reaches the people they are meant to help? America gave $373.25 billion to charities last year, sounds like a lot until you look at our GDP of $17.42 Trillion. The numbers sound big when we are giving but if you look at the big picture they really are small in relation to just how big a country we are and how rich we are. Last year we gave $2,974 per household to charity in our country with a average income of $53,657 income that’s less then 5.5% and that includes all the money that companies give.

          5. itsfun July 15, 2016

            I won’t disagree with anything you are saying, but if you are trying to raise a family of lets say 2 children, on a income of 53,657, then 2,974 is actually a lot of money to them. What you point out about how much money actually get to the intended is why one must be very careful on who they donate to. Some so-called charities are just a way for a few to get rich by “managing” the money. Even the United Way has had that problem in some local areas. Just one question: Do the figures you have include how much we sent to foreign countries to help in natural disasters like earthquakes and floods?

          6. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 15, 2016

            I answered your question but you have trouble with comprehension because you’ve become accustomed to thinking in terms of a “Me first” ideology, and most of all, because you’re afraid to look within yourself at what must be be an appalling lack of an altruistic attitude and an out-ward looking perspective. You are so content with pondering your own navel that you don’t notice what’s happening around you and in the world.

            For Trump, and for similar minds like his, it’s always about “what’s in it for me”.

            This is due to a phenomenon that I see clearly in the style of writing and talking points by conservatives. Their reliance on simplistic reductionism and reliance on jingoism and overuse of slogans prevents them from understanding a comment that goes beyond a few sentences—sometimes called “Attention Deficit” which is usually seen often in male children and male adults.

            You should try reading “The Shallows—What The Internet Is Doing To Our Brains”, in which the author talks about how overuse of the electronic media is changing the way our brains are wired. Since most conservatives avoid serious reading and rely quite heavily on the media to inform them, their brains apparently have been rewired detrimentally more than the brains of other users of the media. The reason for that selective destruction of conservatives’ brains will be apparent when you read the book.

            I hope you can muster up the stamina to start reading the book.

          7. itsfun July 15, 2016

            You haven’t answered anything, just pushed more of you Karl Marx ideas. You must be a expert in what he wrote.

    2. King of America July 14, 2016

      The real question is: why do you assume that fascism will make America great?

      1. itsfun July 14, 2016

        What makes you think I assume that fascism will make America great. I simply said what is wrong with wanting America first? Now tell me what is wrong with that? Do you also want America to become a banana republic?

        1. King of America July 14, 2016

          I get that you don’t understand things. Sorry you’re like this!

          1. itsfun July 14, 2016

            What kind of answer is that? What is wrong with wanting my country to be great? Where do you want America to be?

          2. King of America July 14, 2016

            I’m sorry both that you are incapable of understanding the difference between jingoistic nationalism and actual patriotism, and that you think you have the moral high ground. The education system has failed you. Still, it’s not my problem that you’re like this!

          3. itsfun July 15, 2016

            Still no answer from you, just a bunch of BS. Are you a politician? You completely ignore the question and just want to call names. You try to make your refusal to answer a question my problem. Good try, but your BS doesn’t work. Are you even a American citizen?

          4. King of America July 15, 2016

            I answered you; you just decided to do what fascists always do (although it has never, ever worked) – attempt to deflect with leading questions. Twenty years ago you would have been trying to claim that people opposing apartheid were doing so because they hate white people.

          5. itsfun July 15, 2016

            Still no answer: What is wrong with wanting America to be first? Whats wrong with that? You are the one that said the education system failed me. That is character assassination. You have not answered the question and you won’t.

          6. King of America July 15, 2016

            Yes, I fully grasp by now that you have no idea what is wrong with nationalism. It’s weird how you people always seem to think you’re patriots.

          7. itsfun July 15, 2016

            still no answer

          8. King of America July 15, 2016

            Sorry you think that you haven’t been answered; again, the education system really failed you.

          9. itsfun July 16, 2016

            another non answer

          10. King of America July 16, 2016

            See previous post. Would you like me to recommend some adult remedial reading courses for you? There’s no shame in your functional illiteracy, if you seek to address it.

          11. itsfun July 16, 2016

            more name calling from a little girl

          12. King of America July 16, 2016

            What names do you imagine I called you? Why do you hate little girls? You’re kind of a mess.

    3. bobnstuff July 14, 2016

      There is nothing wrong with putting America first but in a trade agreement you have to be willing to give to get. We need markets for our goods and also want cheap products to buy. None of the trade deals are big give a ways for our country even if Fox News tells us they are. Our exports to Mexico have grown and their economy has grown so the citizens are staying home. China isn’t part of the TPP deal as far as I know and in fact they are against it.

      1. itsfun July 15, 2016

        Good Morning Bob: I just asked what is wrong with putting America first. I really wasn’t asking about trade, immigration or anything else.
        On trade we do need markets for our goods. If I were to pick someone to negotiate trade deals, I would rather have Donald Trump doing that instead of Hillary Clinton. He has made a whole lot of money making deals. I am curious about your comment on FOX news. I am watching FOX this morning and so far I have seen a lot about France. They also had a panel of 3 (two Democrat strategy people and one Republican) talking about Trump delaying his VP choice. They are all asked the same questions and all were allowed to answer. I see this kind of reporting as fair. Now, I am not talking about you, but I see so many comments about FOX that I have to wonder how many people are watching FOX or how many people just listen to people talk about FOX and believe everything they hear. I am not a big watcher of FOX as I try to get both sides of issues before I make up my mind. I usually get up around 6 and make my coffee and normally will watch a different news channel every hour if I have the time. I’m retired so I normally get to watch 2 channels in the morning. I see MSNBC as the worst of the news channels. I do watch CNN and FOX more the the others because I feel they both present more of both sides of an issue.

        1. bobnstuff July 15, 2016

          Trump has made some really bad deals along the way, He has made money but he is very hit and miss.He is lazy when it comes to doing things, doesn’t do his home work. Just one example of many is when he bought an apartment house in New York but could do any of the things he had planned to do because he didn’t understand rent control. I want someone who will be 100% sure of all the facts before making a deal. As for Fox News, I watch then of and on and when they are doing their straight news they are not much different then any other station but it;s when they bring in their people to explain things that they get into trouble. There so called experts are not to be trusted and people like Rush will out and out lie if it makes good TV. They are the modern tabloids. I trust no media 100% but find Fox very much like Trump in that they both will try to make the facts fit their view instead of following the facts to see where they lead.

          1. itsfun July 15, 2016

            I have never seen Rush on FOX. So far this morning I have seen retired generals, Democratic and Republican strategy people and people I have never heard of. Most of today has been about France and our lack of doing anything to stop ISIS. Now they are talking about who will be Trumps running mate. I guess we can’t trust any news channel to be fair and report both sides of each issue. That is up to each of us as individuals. As far as good deals, how about the wonderful deal Obama made with Iraq.

          2. bobnstuff July 15, 2016

            You mean the wonderful deal that Obama got stuck with when he took office and couldn’t get out of. Do you really believe we are doing nothing to stop ISIS? Just why are their leaders dying, I guess those drone strikes are from some other country. What country has gotten in trouble for listening in on international phone calls and monitoring the internet for chatter? Just because people are not dying doesn’t mean we are doing nothing. Maybe if we had been in less of a hurry to send troops we wouldn’t be in this trouble right now.

          3. itsfun July 15, 2016

            We have been in a war somewhere every year Obama has been in office. He is the only President to ever have this country in a war every year of a two term President. Whether anyone likes it or not, drone strikes are not going to win anything. Boots on the ground, and completely taking our ISIS is the only way they will be destroyed. I am not saying just the U.S., but the United Nations needs to help supply troops. We have our Secretaries of Defense quitting at record paces because of the frustrations from the Administration. How many career Generals have quit or been fired because of the incompetent administration? I don’t think you can win anything by being nice or playing for a tie. They have vowed to kill all of us and won’t change that because we try to be PC. I would rather see the United States get completely out of there and come home, instead of getting our folks killed a little at a time for no reason. Those people have been at war for over 2000 years and will probably be at war 2000 years from now.

  6. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 14, 2016

    ok people here is DONNY DUMP’S new plan scam . he makes these plan for VP at first I thought he would pick the air head S. Palin then thinking how its all a big show to him . he is making mocking the country . for all this is for a TV show when he loses the campaign (THE BIGGEST LOSER DONNY DUMP SHOW ) then I was thinking that the clown car driver would pick one of his kids as VP . then I was watching the news and I go his next scam plan . see its Pence that the DUMPSTER will pick reason way on the news it said that he is who the CROUCH BROTHERS love and its them that wanted him for the 2016 race thy was planning this for him for a long time . now seeing how much the CROUCH BROTHERS love him thy hate DONNY DUMP 100 folds more then thy love Pence . and that sneaky slimy snake DONNY DUMP plan is to pick him for the DUMPSTER hopes the CROUGH bro.’s will give some of their $$ billions to the DUMPSTERS campaign. not for the hate thy have for DONNY DUMP but for the love thy have for Pence . but whats in the big scam plan of DONNY DUMP is to get that money from the CROUCH BROTHERS and he will take the money out and pay himself back from the money he loaned himself . sneaky scam plan for the DUMPSTER but did anyone expect anything different ? DONNY DUMP will use the CROUCH BRO’S money to pay him self back . and you know that when he adds an $$$ interess to the loan’s gave him self when the loans are being paid the CROUCH BROTHERS . DUMP U LOL small tatters CROUCK BROTHERS money he wants then the next bizz he will start the DONNY DUMP SCAM PLAN U and you get get in on the bottom floor with a small first payment of $250,000 and by the time you finish the payments YOU WILL HAVE ALREADY MADE A TON OF MONEY (((BELIEVE ME )))

  7. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 14, 2016

    “I do think that we need to take another look at NAFTA,”.

    Well, Christie, old chum—take another look at the cookie aisle and you may notice to your dismay that no more Oreos will be in stock, if Donny has his way with you.


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