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Trump’s Twitter Cesspool Gets Deeper And Darker

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Trump’s Twitter Cesspool Gets Deeper And Darker

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Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.

In the past week on Twitter, Donald Trump has taken a potshot at “Chuck and Nancy,” endorsed an alleged child sex abuser for Senate, called for a boycott of CNN, and joked about awarding a “Fake News Trophy” to the most dishonest news network. But a series of retweets Wednesday from a British ultranationalist feed, each containing unverified video of “Muslims” and “Islamists” committing acts of violence and vandalism, may have been his most nakedly authoritarian yet.

If the president’s continued attacks on “fake news” pose an urgent threat to American democracy, then the outlets he deems legitimate offer compelling evidence he’s “losing his grip on reality,” as “The Art of the Deal” ghostwriter Tony Schwartz observed Wednesday night.

Before Trump’s tweets, Jayda Fransen enjoyed minor notoriety as the deputy leader of Britain First, a far-right political movement whose mission is to purge Great Britain of Islamic influence. The hate group has waged numerous campaigns against multiculturalism, and the British press often refers to its members as fascists, according to CBS. When white nationalist Gardener Thomas Mair shot and stabbed Labour MP Jo Cox last year, he repeatedly shouted the words “Britain First.”

Fransen herself was found guilty of religiously aggravated harassment after verbally abusing a Muslim woman wearing a hijab during a “Christian patrol” in Luton earlier this year. After the president of the United States exposed her to his 43.6 million followers, bots and all, the convicted felon tweeted the following:

The rest of Britain appeared noticeably less enthused. Theresa May condemned Trump’s tweets, although the Tory prime minister has resisted the Labour Party’s call to cancel Trump’s upcoming state visit, while Jo Cox’s husband has accused Trump of attempting to legitimize the far right in Britain. Even a proven Islamophobe like InfoWars editor Paul Joseph Watson seemed alarmed.

Trump’s nod to Britain First comes just four days after he linked to an article cataloguing his many “accomplishments” in office from a website called Magappill, which takes its name from the president’s own nationalist campaign slogan and a reddit forum for men’s rights activists. (An allusion to “The Matrix,” “red-pilling” is the internalization of extremist views regarding race and gender.)

Like Britain First, Magapill peddles dark fantasies about impending sharia law, but its paranoia is not confined to a particular ethnic or religious group. As ThinkProgress’ Judd Legum reveals, the site has speculated that Lady Gaga is a spirit cooker in a globalist cabal, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta ran a child sex ring out of a Washington pizzeria, and the Vatican is a practitioner of occult magic, among other conspiracy theories. (In at least one of its tweets, Magapill employed triple parentheses to denote a subject was Jewish, a popular tactic of neo-Nazis and white nationalists during the 2016 elections.)

If these developments aren’t harrowing enough, Alex Jones revealed this week that he’s in regular communication with Trump, and that the president repeats what he tells him “word-for-word.” Jones is a relentless self-promoter, and there’s every reason to suspect he’s inflating his influence in the White House. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t more than a kernel of truth to his boasts. When Trump made his notorious claim that Muslims were celebrating on the rooftops of New Jersey during 9/11, it was an InfoWars article he cited. That the president of the United States trusts the word of a Sandy Hook truther should be cause enough to exercise the 25th Amendment.

During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump tweeted a picture of Hillary Clinton against a backdrop of $100 bills with a star of David declaring her the “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!” (At the time, he called it a sheriff’s star.) He has since retweeted a meme from an anti-Semitic Twitter user and a separate tweet from a prominent Pizzagate truther with ties to the alt right, so it’s easy to dismiss his latest activity on social media as yet another diversion, this time from a wildly unpopular tax bill wending its way through Congress.

We shouldn’t. Trump may or may not be a madman, as the New York Daily News argued Wednesday, but his efforts to will his own delusions into reality threaten the sanity of the entire country, not to mention countless lives.

Jacob Sugarman is a managing editor at AlterNet.

Header image by Sarah Wasko / Media Matters



  1. bojimbo26 December 1, 2017

    Well , Trumps IS a Dickhead .

  2. Dominick Vila December 1, 2017

    To say that Trump’s behavior is unbecoming of a U.S. President, and that he is embarrassing the American people by embracing White Supremacists, Islamophobia, anti-Latino and African American movements, and by supporting corrupt candidates like Roy Moore, would be an understatement. The most pertinent question, however, is why is he doing this? Is he truly a racist? A Christian fanatic? Is he losing his mind? Or is this just a distraction to divert our attention from the long term effects of his beloved tax reform, and the ongoing Mueller investigation?

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 1, 2017

      It would appear to be a mix of narcissism on an unprecedented level and Right Wing media that egg him on to continue his antics.

      1. Dominick Vila December 1, 2017

        He is clearly afflicted by malignant narcissism, but his recent behavior suggest something more pervasive or dangerous than that. Could it be that he fears members of his family may be indicted by Mueller? He is visibly shaken, and reacting irrationally.

        1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 1, 2017

          Yes, his reactions are likely a natural defense mechanism which kicks into a higher gear as things get tighter for him.
          Deep down, I have to think that there’s a vestige of goodness locked under wraps, crying out to Trump to do the right thing. But his lower nature is in complete control, and has been for decades, and doesn’t want to give up control, resulting in chaos and a titanic struggle.

    2. idamag December 1, 2017

      I think we can rule out “Christian fanatic.”

      1. Dominick Vila December 1, 2017

        Maybe I should have said pseudo Christian fanatic…

  3. FT66 December 1, 2017

    It is not only painful, but also shameful to watch what Trump is doing/behaving as the leader of the US and the entire world.

    1. northstate December 2, 2017

      He is no longer the leader of the free world; Angela Merkel of Germany has taken that lead.

  4. Moshulu December 1, 2017

    The tweeter is nothing more than a pathetic POS!
    The three women, Hicks, Conway, Huckabee, that lie on his behalf multiple times daily are even worst. I mean seriously, they lie, lie, lie, and think nothing of it. How do women, or men, but women in this instance maintain a relationship of truthfulness with their spouses? And this is a serious question…they make lying look so easy, I can’t see them not lying to their spouses.

    1. dpaano December 1, 2017

      Again, as I’ve said before…..”one lies; the other swears to it.” This seems to be the mantra of anyone working for the idiot in office! If he lies…you just verify it and try to make us believe it was the truth. Unfortunately, more and more of this nation is realizing that this idiot doesn’t know HOW to tell the truth!

  5. dpaano December 1, 2017

    As I’ve said many, many times, this shitgibbon is a total embarrassment to this nation. I’m astounded that so many Republican Senators, etc., have chosen to totally turn their backs on his actions! They should at least realize that he’s making a mockery out of the Republican party! I can’t believe that they are just standing around with their fingers up their a$$es and doing nothing to censure this man! He needs to go before he takes this entire country down!

    1. idamag December 1, 2017

      These republicans are those who signed a loyalty oath to a casino owner in Las Vegas.

    2. Sand_Cat December 3, 2017

      The Republican Party has been a mockery for decades.

  6. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 1, 2017

    It matters not what the exact diagnosis of Trump’s mental illness is—the fact is that he must be removed and committed to an institution under guard, ASAP!!

    1. Sand_Cat December 3, 2017

      As your note pints out, even if Trump vanished now, we still have the criminals who just passed the massive tax “reform” fraud and have rubber-stamped all his criminally-underqualified nominees, not to mention Mike Pence, the dangerous religious fanatic.

  7. idamag December 1, 2017

    The swastikas and newsreels of the concentration camps have faded from the memories and many of those who had memories have gone on to the great beyond. Organized psychopath, in this country, might not find enough Jews to torture and murder so they will attack other minorities. Their lust for blood will never be sated.

  8. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 1, 2017

    so the child minded DUMP 45 tweeter clown go’s on AND ON AND ONNNNNNNNNNN DUMP 45 reason for the wall is just his pathetic EGO wanting something like the Russian wall Ragan had torn down or the great wall of China . that’s it just the f*in moron’s (<REX'S words not mine but so right choose of words REX has ) over inflated EGO B/S !

  9. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 1, 2017

    As for DUMP 45’S brain dead followers so stupid thy all are . The clown cares nothing about them to DUMP thy are just all fools he used . The same way he use’s people all his life . He gets what he wants from them then his thank you to them is he SCREWS THEM ALL , He cares nothing for anyone not even his KLAN family are just used pawns .

  10. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 1, 2017

    so the child minded DUMP 45 tweeter clown go’s on AND ON AND ONNNNNNNNNNN DUMP 45 reason for the wall is just his pathetic EGO wanting something like the Russian wall Ragan had torn down or the great wall of China . that’s it just the f*in moron’s (<REX'S words not mine but so right choose of words REX has ) over inflated EGO B/S !

  11. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 1, 2017

    so the child minded DUMP 45 tweeter clown go’s on AND ON AND ONNNNNNNNNNN DUMP 45 reason for the wall is just his pathetic EGO wanting something like the Russian wall Ragan had torn down or the great wall of China . that’s it just the f—in moron’s (<REX'S words not mine but so right choose of words REX has ) over inflated EGO B/S !

  12. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 1, 2017

    The world laughs at the USA as DUMP 45 also laughs at America him self . Seeing how stupid the country’s morons are to have put his evil Satan like butt in the house . The DUMP 45 WILL FALL ! One way or the other . And the reason why the clown will fall will be only because of his own idiot doings .He himself will be the only reason he falls . As and when the clown falls may it be the deserving that he suffers the most possible on his ride down to the sewer swamp he made . This suffering long & hard is more deserving for the POS and cant never be hard enough . No one will care only maybe his brain dead followers (then again what would thy know anyways thy are brain dead ?)

  13. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 1, 2017

    Now there’s this idiot Sessions seems to always be smiling like its all a big joke . (Sessions its you that is the joke & a sad one at that for the country ) Sessions says he wont talk about what DUMP 45 talked to him . He will be forced to if not then all can see how much and far his stupid smile will get his butt in jail ! Sessions hearing team members I don’t believe will wait long on him saying nothing before the do SOMETHING ..As I feel there will be a time when Sessions dose turn on DUMP 45 when its clear its the only way to save his own butt and tell the truth .See all this the DUMPSTER CLOWNS thinks will never happen

  14. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 1, 2017

    The secret service are meant to take a bullet for DUMP and in his pee for brains head he thinks every one would and will take the same shot for HE THE FOOL IN THE WHITE HOUSE . Surprise im sure DUMP clown as your ones that you think thy stand for only you will all start falling as will also happen to you the BIG FALL OF DUMP 45 . That should be a holiday in America paid one of course and coming out of DUMPS HIDE

  15. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 1, 2017

    . One can hope and if the country’s lucky all the stats will come out on the DUMP 45 & GOP tax plan or bill . And the reality of it should be known to the people and ones in office voting on it . And seen as the B/S tax plan that it is this plan dose help the people of the USA BUT ONLY THE VERY FEW ! Only the 1 & 2 percent the greedy bastard rich . Leaving the rest of the people paying for just those 1 & 2 % 89 to 99 % of the country with this tax plan will have to folk over to the few . The ones that need the breaks the most have to give to the ones that don’t need the breaks or money at all

  16. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 1, 2017

    TODAY I THINK THE FOUNDING FATHERS DIDNT PLAN ON THERE BEING SUICH GREEDY RICH BASTARDS in the country back then . if the country’s very lucky there will be enough in office that will see and know just how lop sided this tax plan is and stop it before its just another big mess of DUMP 45’s makings that will have to be cleaned up before its too late . For the longer it go’s on the bigger mess it makes . Like all of DUMP 45 doings of his whole life always the same results . VERY BAD ONES FOR ALL BUT THE DUMP 45 CLOWN HIMSELF

  17. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 1, 2017

    The thing with this one of many promises from the PATHOLOGICAL LIAR DUMP 45 will never come close to happening only having an opposite effect from the clowns promises . What the DUMP 45 CLOWN said he would give is rather what he takes away in reality nothing would or will be given all will be taken away . That’s how the DUMP 45 game is always played

  18. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 1, 2017

    He dose his speeches telling his B/S saying how the tax plan will make him lose a fortune and his so called rich friends he says wont like him after his tax plan passes . now the stats from the think tanks come up with the story that DUMP 45 & HIS KLAN looks to make a $ BILLION for them . SO then if it be that you would lose a fortune DUMP then what would you have gotten if the Tax bill was different ? you saying maybe you would gotten $5 billion the other way ? DUMP 45 A $ BILLION DOLLARS IS A FORTURE ! Again your loses you say would be a fortune the stats tell a different story the think tank and their stats say your loss of a fortune really is just a fortune of a $$ BILLION in your pocket . NO LOSS DUMP ONLY BIG GAINS and that just you not counting the fortunes your greedy rich bastards friends will be making .

  19. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 1, 2017

    The Gang Of Pinheads =GOP Its talked a lot of well mostly DUMP 45 about the ISIS TERRORIST and terror around the world and even in the USA . But as it seems and looks like with the governments finances the GOP looks like the country’s own ISIS Terrorist destroying the USA’s money markets, finances from within . And giving to the rich with the help of DUMP 45 ! So you’re right DUMP 45 there are terrorist in America its you and the GOP !

  20. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 1, 2017

    ///// The GOP has always said in all the B/S deals thy always want to do for (TOO THE COUNTRY MORE LIKE IT ) the country saying every time the tax plan wont add to the country’s DEBT at all . its funny how this tax plan you don’t hear not even one of the GOP saying that this plan wont add to the debt . (NOT ONE SAYING THAT ) why don’t thy say that ? Thy have said it on every other one in the pass. Thy said its tax plan wont add to the DEBT so why not say it this time ?????? Thy know this time that their and DUMP 45 ‘S main plan with this tax plan centers around just that adding to the country’s DEBT . DUMP 45 can say it because he’s a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR . and the GOP are also but haven’t made it up to the DUMPSTER DONNY’S stage of lying yet .

  21. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 1, 2017

    Another thing DUMPSTER DONNY & GOP say is this tax plan will get the people more money per hour on their jobs . Thy say and want you to believe its important to them that the American people make more money per. hour on their jobs . is that so ??????????? IF this be true then tell the people DUMP 45 & GOP . why is it when a might have been chance of the whole country getting a raise in their wages you all said no BIG TIME TO THAT? And made sure it couldn’t happen . You know and remember don’t you ? when it was up that the minimum wage was to go up ? And it was that it should be $15.00 per hour you all said no way bad idea and did all you could do to make sure it didn’t happen . AND IT DIDNT HAPPEN ! but now and again you all say you want the American people to make more money from their jobs . DUMP 45 your resent words seem to fit in here well you know and remember don’t you ? ALL TALK NO ACTION these words are much better fitting for the DUMP 45 & GOP pair that’s B/S swings from the back of a bull in his sack .

  22. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 1, 2017

    Why is it today there is so much fact’s B/S right in front of every one now and still nothing is being don’t by the law ? Now its said that there is going to be a report coming out on how much money has been spent on Mueller’s investigation and with that also being said its a for sure act that the DUMP 45 and his dysfunctional side kick will be yelling and screaming of the waste of time and money being spent on this .. Then one should throw right back at that pair that swing . Do you mean like the waste of time and money on Hillary’s investigations that at the end came up with nothing .Thus proving of a real waste of time and money is that the waste you might be talking about DUMB & DUMBER ?

  23. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 1, 2017

    After years of deficit preaching, Republicans face a hard lesson in a report on their tax plan .. Republicans seemed almost shocked by how little credit the Joint Committee on Taxation report gave to the power of tax cuts to drive economic growth. The tax committee projected the bill would raise economic growth by only 0.8 percent over a decade, a small fraction of what Republicans had projected, resulting in a projected $1 trillion increase in the deficit over 10 years.

  24. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 1, 2017

    and hers the GOPS answer believe it or not ? (BETTER TO NOT BELIEVE THEM ) >Wonkblog: Why it’s such a big deal the bill would add $1 trillion to debt Republicans had approved adding up to $1.5 trillion to America’s debt to pay for tax cuts, claiming that the price tag won’t be nearly that high because the plan would unleash a lot more economic growth. The estimate says that growth makes up for only about a third of the bill’s cost.

    1. northstate December 2, 2017

      Is this like Reagan’s “trickle down” economics which produce no jobs, only tax cuts for his cronies. He added to the debt with a farce known as the Star Wars defense. Clinton paid down the debt and left a surplus. “W” returned the surplus to his “base” and started a war to find non-existent WMD’s. It was a war for the oil fields of Iraq. Iraq is now fractured; and, we didn’t get the oil fields.

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 3, 2017

        yes its the republican party that all want to give gifts to the greedy bastard rich for doing nothing . Just being greedy rich the GOP feel that’s reason enough for giving them the gifts all the time . mean while all that the republican promises from the gift thy give NEVER EVEN comes true . at the end its the same old GOP B/S adding to the DEBT and its the children that are to pay this off not the ones that made the DEBT . as for Clinton yes he might of been a Perv. (are there any less pervert in office today ? or more perverted ) but I believe he was the only president to ever have a surplus . this is a true GIFT for the country and it’s people . I guess its a gift that make the Gang Of Pinhead = GOP & the whole republican party sick . seems more like how can the brain dead people that put us in office be treated so nicely ? thy sure have their way of fixing being nice to the people NOT THY ?

      2. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 3, 2017

        the Iraq wars was the screwed up way the GOP likes to build up the DEBT for their own children to pay off . what the hell is wrong with the whole republican party ? more and better question if one can ever get the answer is WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THAT KEEP VOTING THEM INTO OFFICE ? (THIS SHOULD BE THE TRUE QUESTION ASKED . the thing about this is one might say ok if the GOP messed up on time by screwing the American people BUT THY DO IT EVERY SINGLE TIME THY CAN AND GET INTO OFFICE BY THE VOTE OF THE PEOPLE ONLY UNDERSTANDABLE ANWSER IS THAT THY ALL ARE BRAIN DEAD !! what other reason can explain this ?

  25. Tony Barreda December 1, 2017

    Cop the bog, lock up the ass, leader of the morass, drain the real swamp. They cheated the American voter. Collusion with the Russians is tantamount to TREASON against our Country. Lock them up and make America great again

    1. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 3, 2017


  26. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 3, 2017

    This week’s Saturday Night Live cold open brings back Alec Baldwin, now preparing to flee the country as he confronts a parade of ominous Christmas ghosts. /// this ive stated in the pass will happen DUMP 45 at some time will be trying to do this . his walls in his DUMPSTER TOWER will be falling in on his MORON butt and like the COWARD he is he will run like chicken chit as fast as he can all the time running he will be knocking down every one so he can save his own POS but . and every one means his own KLAN his own kids will be thrown under the bus !as all of his CULT ,STAFF & AS MANY BRAIN DEAD PEOPLE THAT FOLLOW HIM !! NO ONE WILL BE SAFE IN HIS EYES ALL SHOULD FALL TO SAVE HIMSELF !!

  27. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 3, 2017

    Trump May Have Just Admitted To Obstruction Of Justice. On Twitter.<< and is REX T wrong for labeling DUMP 45 A F&$KIN MORON ?


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