Web Buzz: Help Organizing A Vacation Bucket List

Web Buzz: Help Organizing A Vacation Bucket List

By Jen Leo, Los Angeles Times (TNS)

Here’s a website that makes creating a vacation to-do list much easier.

Name: Likebucket.com

What it does: You create a “bucket,” a tool that helps you scan and collect trip ideas from online articles and travel websites such as TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Airbnb and Facebook Places. It also gives you the option to note the place with a pin that includes photos, ratings, reviews, a map and a spot for you to add your own notes.

What’s hot: The Chrome app extension is an easy way to add destination hot spots and activities to your “bucket.” When you’re reading an article, click the blue and yellow bucket and it’ll add it to a list that you can name and edit. I quickly made a 20-item bucket of must-try restaurants and bars for an upcoming trip to Charleston, S.C. Don’t miss the website’s “Features” section for a number of ways to add items. The Chrome app didn’t always pick up the listings, but I could easily highlight basic information about the place or type in the venue’s name to do a search and add it to my list. Expansion is in the works, with Western Europe up next.

What’s not: I hope that a future version of the site will have a better way to prioritize bucket items. Right now you can use the star feature to move an item to the top of your list, but there’s no way to organize them manually or to add to a day-by-day itinerary.

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Photo: successtiming via Pixabay