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Univision Anchor Briefly Ejected From Trump News Conference

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Univision Anchor Briefly Ejected From Trump News Conference


(Reuters) — Jorge Ramos, an anchor with the Spanish-language Univision network, was removed from Donald Trump’s news conference in Dubuque, Iowa, on Tuesday after the Republican presidential candidate said the journalist was asking a question out of turn.

Ramos, who later returned to the televised event, was trying to query Trump when the real estate mogul told him several times to sit down.

After Ramos said he had the right to ask a question, Trump said: “No, you don’t. You haven’t been called. Go back to Univision.”

As Ramos kept trying to question Trump, the candidate called on another reporter. A security official then removed Ramos from the room.

Asked later at the news conference about the incident, Trump said: “I don’t know really much about him. I don’t believe I’ve ever met him except he started screaming and I didn’t escort him out. You’ll have to talk to security.”Saying he did not mind if Ramos came back, Trump said: “Certainly he was not chosen… he just stands up and starts screaming, so maybe he’s at fault also.”

He added of Ramos: “He’s obviously a very emotional person.”

After coming back to the news conference, Ramos, who has been critical of Trump’s position on illegal immigration, got the chance to press Trump on the immigration issue.

Trump, the front-runner for the 2016 Republican nomination, has made immigration a central plank of his campaign, saying he would deport all undocumented immigrants and rescind President Barack Obama’s executive orders on immigration.

The billionaire businessman began his campaign in June by saying Mexico was sending its criminals and rapists to the United States. The comment angered Hispanic civil rights groups and others.

In a statement afterward, Univision News President Isaac Lee said Ramos had previously requested interviews with Trump.

“We’d love for Mr. Trump to sit down for an in-depth interview with Jorge to talk about the specifics of his proposals,” the statement said.

(Reporting by Peter Cooney in Washington; Editing by Eric Beech)

Photo: Jorge Ramos, via Facebook.



  1. Paragryne August 26, 2015

    And that pretty much sums up Trumps immigration plan.

  2. The lucky one August 26, 2015

    If they ever do a remake of The Ugly American Trump is the prototype.

  3. Looner August 26, 2015

    Trump is always going “Hey, I’m the reasonable one here. I didn’t do anything…” As he acts like he is better than everyone else. Go ahead you fools and say he is “a breath of fresh air” and “tells it like it is” while you insert your head in the dragons mouth for it to be chomped off.

  4. itsfun August 26, 2015

    I have seen replays of the incident. The reporter was out of line and got what he deserved.

    1. anothertoothpick August 26, 2015

      I just wish Trump would have addressed Ramos’ questions.

      What would have been so hard about that?

      1. itsfun August 26, 2015

        He did, he allowed him back into the room. He asked his question and Trump answered him, even though Ramos kept interrupting him as he was answering the question.

        1. latebloomingrandma August 26, 2015

          I saw it the other way around. Trump kept interrupting him and talking over him, never really answering a question, just like he always does. Though the reporter was disruptive before he was evicted, he was not screaming,ranting and raving as the Don insisted. The reality show star only knows how to bark orders and dominate everyone in his domain,but obvious to me, lacks any depth of knowledge.

          1. itsfun August 26, 2015

            He knows how to make money and build. He knows how to surround himself with the best and brightest to achieve success He has brought illegal immigration to the front of the news. He is making this campaign the most watched one ever. He is much more than a reality tv star. I am not a big fan of his because I see him as a “my way or the highway person”. That type of person cannot negotiate or work well with people of different opinions. We have seen that for the last 7 years in Washington. We need a President that can and will work with Congress, not another “pen and phone” one.

          2. bobnstuff August 27, 2015

            You love that quote . I am will to guess you don’t even know when he said it or why. I’m sure you can’t remember the whole statement. He said it in 2014 after 6 years of trying to get congress to pass legislation on equal pay and on education. Six years of a do nothing congress. How long should he have waited to try a different tactic? We don’t need a President to work with congress we need a congress that works.

          3. itsfun August 27, 2015

            He said it in the State of the Union. He had a House and Senate controlled by Democrats and had to bribe them to get his obamacare passed. He is a completely incompetent person. He is now giving Iran 150 billion to make atomic bombs they will drop on the US.

          4. bobnstuff August 27, 2015

            No he didn’t he said it in his first cabinet meeting in 2014. After six years of being stone walled by the republicans he instructed his cabinet to look for other ways to get the job done. He had congress for nine months out of six and a half years. And yes he did let them change 43% of the ACA.


            Go read the facts.
            Iran doesn’t need the money to build a bomb, we train their people well, most were educated in the US. What we are doing is getting the west back into their economy and their lives. They have to spend that money some were.

          5. itsfun August 27, 2015

            If you believe Iran is going to all of a sudden love the US and Americans, you are living in a fantasy world. The only thing they respect is strength, not kindness, fairness, honesty. They are allowed to make their own inspections. How wonderful.
            How many unconstitutional changes to the obamacare tax did Obama make. He changed a tax law without Congress. According to the constitution, Congress makes and changes laws, not the President.

          6. bobnstuff August 27, 2015

            I spent 6 years 60 hours a week with people from Iran. The people like American things and most of the top people were educated here. It’s the Religious leaders that want to keep the Western influence out, We are the great Satin. As far as unconstitutional changes, name one. All he has done is delayed enforcement of parts which is one of the powers of the president. Do you believe that the republicans would have let anything pass without dragging him into court,

          7. itsfun August 27, 2015

            Your circle of friends in Iran means nothing when it comes to Iran building a bomb and policing their selves. They follow their religious leaders and always will. Changing any law without the Congress of the United States is unconstitutional. Delaying the law is changing the law. Obama refuses to enforce our immigration laws.

          8. bobnstuff August 27, 2015

            They follow their religious leaders as well as we do. The people want to buy cars that work and Iphones. As far as delaying enforcement it has been done for two centuries. It’s legal. Don’t take my word for it check it out.


  5. latebloomingrandma August 26, 2015

    Every four years, the USA’s spectacle of presidential campaigns gets more bizarre and embarrassing. So much for our fictional exceptionalism. I can only imagine other countries head scratching and eye rolling and outright laughing as they plot against the Great Satan. Maybe some are hoping for a buffoon to run our country to make their job easier. Think about it. It scares the hell out of me.

  6. Dominick Vila August 26, 2015

    I don’t watch Univision often, and I very vaguely remember Jorge Ramos. The little I remember about him is that he is a professional journalist with a calm demeanor.
    First and foremost, let’s not confuse a presidential press conference, which often include members of the press corps asking follow up questions that are, at times, out of line, with a campaign press conference. Ramos, if I am not mistaken, was asking Trump questions about his comments regarding illegal immigrants and anchor babies. Trump did not like his questions, and since allegations of bleeding would have only elicited laughter, his bullies simply removed Ramos from that venue…until Trump’s political strategists decided that acting like a tin pot dictator was not a good idea and they let Ramos back in.
    What is really important to me is not so much Ramos’ questions and Trump’s answers, but the way that Trump and members of his campaign reacted…until cool heads intervened.
    Is this the kind of person we need in the White House, within a couple of feet from a red button that could produce the end of life on planet Earth?

    1. Whatmeworry August 26, 2015

      You didn’t notice Barak asking for security to remove a lesbian today from his nonsense??

  7. bobnstuff August 26, 2015

    There are questions Trump can’t answer, he either doesn’t have an answer or if he is truthful he sinks his own ship. He has no grand plan for the country, He can’t back up half of what he says with any facts so he has to bully his way through by attacking the person asking the question. The question is just why does the right like him? Are they that stupid? This is a msn who has made his money building casino’s. He has cheated on his wife’s and can’t tell you how many times he has gone to church. He has changed his views on almost everything they hold dear at one time or another. This is the man they want to be president?

    1. Whatmeworry August 26, 2015

      He’s head and shoulders more astute than the little Kenyan

      1. bobnstuff August 26, 2015

        Who cares, President Obama is out in 16 month. Trump is everything the right hates so why do they support him. Everything you hate about he Presidents style of governing Trump will do ten time worse. He has the morals of a dog.

        1. Whatmeworry August 26, 2015

          Trump is honest something Barak can never be

          1. johninPCFL August 26, 2015

            OK, Let’s just explore that a bit. Trump says he will round up and deport all 11 million undocumented. Germany had that same problem in the late 1930s and created the SS to round up and deal with 6 million “undesirables”.

            Will The Donald also be expanding the role of the federal government to create a larger federal police force to round up 11 million “undesirables”? Where will they be jailed? Who will build and pay for the new jails (since the millions already in jail seem to be taking up the necessary beds)? Who will negotiate with the Chinese to accept the repatriation of the “undesirables”? Do we care that they will be killed, along with their American children?

            Maybe, the stupid bullshit he spouts to the toothless droolers is just not honest?

          2. Whatmeworry August 26, 2015

            A larger police force? No the one we have is sufficient. ICE complains al the time that Barak on’ let them do their jobs.
            New Jails?? We can ship them all to sheriff Joe in Nevada and he can expand his tent city for them.. You think they will stay living in a tent knowing they have O chance of staying?
            E-verify will be mandatory in every state. Those who won’t comply lose federal funds for police roads and schools.
            If some Chinese are here they will get to go home like every other illegal. Killed?? We can sig the UN on them for human rights violations they carry a big stick.
            No what Trump advocates is compliance with this countries laws. Everyone sent back saves the taxpayer $750,000. But libs don’t care because they are the biggest part of the 47% who don’t pay taxes

          3. bobnstuff August 27, 2015

            Just what in Trumps history would make you think he is honest? He has admitted to bribing people, even bragged about it. He has flip flopped all over the place in the past. He cheated on his wives. He works well with the mob and has made his money running casino’s. He hate companies that send there
            manufacturing to Mexico but his line of suits are made there. He
            hates illegals but has them building his buildings. If this is your
            idea of honest I think you should rethink it.

          4. Whatmeworry August 27, 2015

            Hmmm so Barak’s show job for his wife was OK. The piece of land that he got from the Mafia. Barak’s ties to terrorist groups, accepting $$$ rom the Saudis and Chinese for his campaign. Using the IRS for dirty tricks

          5. bobnstuff August 28, 2015

            Who care what you have to say about the President. He is on his way out. It’s Trump that we are talking about. I ask once again, what in his history makes you think he isn’t a liar? The man has the morals of a dog.

          6. joe schmo August 28, 2015

            He’s a deliberator and deal maker who mostly gets his way. What’s wrong with that. We need a strong leader and negotiator in the WH.

        2. joe schmo August 28, 2015

          Thank God! Frankly, I think that Trump is the gift that keeps on giving. I don’t think you libs even counted on this one. Hillary was just waiting for her coronation. With all the baggage, doubt it will be happening. Desperation makes people state ridiculous lies.

          1. bobnstuff August 29, 2015

            Is desperation why Trump lies so much? Have you taken a good look at Trumps history, he is has been taken to court over and over again for lying. He makes his money by gambling. He cheated on his wives he ripped off investors. He makes money and says what you want to hear. Just what does he stand for? He’s not even that good of a business man. If he had taken the money he started with and just invested it in the stock market he would have made more money. I could understand you supporting Cruz, he’s a jerk but he’s not a thief. You like to call people RINO’s well Trump redefines the word.

  8. edddoerr August 26, 2015

    Jorge Ramos just happens to be the most watch TV news anchor in the US. I have read a couple of his books and found him to be one of the best journalists in either English or Spanish. Trump is nuts. — Edd Doerr

    1. edddoerr August 26, 2015

      Oops, I meant most “watched”.

      1. oldtack August 26, 2015

        I am not a Trump supporter and this Country certainly doesn’t need his Hitler type of Government ideology.

        However, there is protocol in any press gathering. You are free to ask question WHEN you are signified to speak. One does not get on one “soapbox” and begin their orations unasked or unrecognized. He should have been removed. And, after a period – should have been allowed to return and engage in dialogue . This was done. The Media seem ot think they are the WORD of the World and they are not. The Media Representatives should attend, ask questions, listen and digest the full meeting and then REPORT. They should never be Politically Partisan. Being Politically Partisan is reserved for WE THE PEOPLE – Not biased Mass Media.

        1. joe schmo August 28, 2015

          We don’t listen to the media any longer…..

          1. oldtack August 29, 2015

            Wise Decision

    2. Whatmeworry August 26, 2015

      Most watched??? By who illegals. He’s a little pip squeak with no viewers. And yet No mention of Barak tossing a bisexual at the WH today. Wonder why??

      1. johninPCFL August 26, 2015

        Because it didn’t happen? No mention in any news articles, no mention in any blogs, no mention on Bill O’Reilly, no mention on Hannity.

        Maybe you’re just hearing those imaginary voices again?

        1. Whatmeworry August 26, 2015

          Thanks little johnney for playing

          1. johninPCFL August 26, 2015

            “You’re welcome” says the mirror back to you.

      2. edddoerr August 27, 2015

        Your anti-Latino bias is as bad as Trump’s.

        1. Whatmeworry August 27, 2015

          anti latino?? No just anti ILLEGAL

    3. joe schmo August 28, 2015

      Trump made him look like a little mouse…. Ramos was rude!

      1. edddoerr August 29, 2015

        Ramos is a seasoned journalist, sort of the Walter Kronkite of Latino newsmen. It was Trump who was rude.

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