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Unskewed Polls Guy Falls Further Down The Rabbit Hole

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Unskewed Polls Guy Falls Further Down The Rabbit Hole


According to Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, the last step of the mourning process is acceptance. But the guy who ran UnskewedPolls.com — the site that advanced the popular Republican notion that pollsters were systematically under-representing Romney voters — is now even unskewing his own mourning process.

On the day after the election, Dean Chambers told Business Insider that his site was wrong. “Nate Silver was right, and I was wrong,” he said. He went on to blast right-wing Rasmussen Reports, the pollster he based his unskewing on. “He has lost a lot of credibility, as far as I’m concerned,” Chambers said. “He did a lot of surveys. A lot of those surveys were wrong.”

Now Chambers has moved past acceptance into his normal state of delusion. His new site, oh-so-amusingly called “Barack O’Fraudo,” accuses President Obama of winning as the result of massive voter fraud. His evidence? There isn’t any, really. Instead you get the conjecture you can find on any right-wing site. For instance, he points out that some precincts in Cleveland didn’t record one vote for Mitt Romney.

ThinkProgressJudd Legum points out that this is an excellent chance for Republicans to prove the massive voter fraud they constantly allege, but fail to substantiate. They can go out and find one person in those precincts who voted for Mitt Romney.

But that would take actual effort. The beauty of the unskewing method is that with basic website-building skills, you can enter into the political discourse by accusing the national media and even the president of fraud.

During the campaign, Chambers’ site caught fire when Governor Rick Perry (R-TX)—a man so delusional that he thought Rick Perry could be elected president—tweeted a link to the site. Soon the right-wing media glommed on to the concept as a way to cast doubt on what pollsters and poll averages knew the whole time—Mitt Romney was never even close.

“The Unskewed Polls people know that President Obama stole them using voter fraud or something,” MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow said on her show. “It’s the states that are black, wink, wink, they were stolen. I would try to explain how they say the president stole them, but I don’t speak crazy. Telling yourself things about politics to make yourself feel good feels good, I understand.”

Republicans don’t seem to be gravitating to Chambers’ new fraud hypothesis the way they did with Unskewed Polls. Instead, they’re attacking the president for offering gifts, engaging in identity politics or calling Mitt Romney a poopyhead. They understood their credibility was damaged with the certainty the unskewing granted.

FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver is encouraging people to ignore Chambers with the sage advice to not feed the troll.

But hopefully, Chambers’ new indulgence in voter fraud accusations will cast the same pall on that tired, risible argument that he brought to unskewing. But this is unlikely, as the GOP’s War On Voting seems to be continuing, though it backfired.

Making terrible websites, voting restrictions and excuses will always be easier than reaching out to the voters you’d rather pretend do not exist.


  1. nobsartist November 22, 2012

    Thats funny, I just read an article about hackers that hacked into karl “the pig” roves network, discovered ties into the black states election computer systems and then changed all of the passwords. the pigs people made 105 attempts to figure out the new passwords before they discovered they had been had.

    good article, you all should read it. apparently the FBI will be.

    I guess the moral of the story is, republiCONs have none, they are poor losers in addition to being losers AND they are stupid, too.

    1. TZToronto November 22, 2012

      You know what Deep Throat said about the people trying to cover up the Watergate affair. “These guys just aren’t very bright.”

    2. july860 November 23, 2012

      Where can I find this article? I would like to read it. Thanks

      1. nobsartist November 23, 2012


        google this

        1. johninPCFL November 23, 2012

          Great read. Thanks for the link.

  2. Dominick Vila November 23, 2012

    The only pollster that was right on the money was Nate Silver. The rest of them, and especially Rassmussen and FOX, were so far off the mark they should not longer be considered reliable pollsters. They were cheerleaders supporting a doomed candidacy and a political agenda that was inconsistent with reality and the aspirations of most Americans.

  3. Jim Lou November 23, 2012

    Alice in Wonderland.

    The Tea Party and the Hare is still in dream land.

  4. frank v November 23, 2012

    The only election views that i had any trust in was Real Clear Politics . And in the end they had every state right except Florida , they had it leaning to Romney by 1.3% . Other then that error they were dead on .

  5. Ed November 23, 2012

    Actually,Republicans HATE Democracy!. Oh, if only wishing could make it so.

  6. Grunge45 November 23, 2012

    It always js more satisfying to dream up conspiracy theories than it is to accept reality.

  7. Charles November 23, 2012

    Republicons actually believe the lies they tell, so that makes them true only to other Republicons and uninformed citizens.

  8. Michael Kollmorgen November 23, 2012

    I hate to see what the next 4 years is going to bring us.

    The Republicans used every possible twist n spin, hot-button wedge issue there was on the market to try and split the democratic voting base and still lost. They’ve gone as far down in the barrel as they could, even to the level of scraping rust off the bottom to look for garbage.

    What really bothers me the most is how fearful, bigoted, ignorant and easily swayed at least half of the american voting public actually is.

    And, just because we have elected Obama again don’t mean we don’t have the same problems we had before. They’re still there just under the surface. All it would take to bring this all up is another Romney Wannabe be with a better line of BS, more TV Appeal and better organized.

    I have to wonder how this country manages to function at all considering these people are constantly running for office and voting not for what is right, but for what their special interests are paying for.

    What a way to run a freaking country.

  9. howa4x November 23, 2012

    Why dosen’t he look at voter suppression tactics used in republican satesand see how many voters were denied the right to vote. But that would take some painful self confessing by the right wing media or as we all think of it, reality

  10. OldManRiver November 24, 2012

    Mitt Romney is probably one of the best men to never be elected president. He didn’t lose because of the overwheming support of Americans for the president– Although that’s what the Democratic Party has convinced themselves happened– Mitt Romney lost because so many Republicans failed to vote. They decided the foreign born, secret muslim, gun control addict, white man hating, Arab loving, economy busting, socialist leaning Obama, wasn’t a big enough threat to bother going to the polls on election day. Apparently, as they cling to their guns and religion, they want four more years to complain about the president. Mitt Romney should have run a different campaign to be sure, but make no mistake about it, he would have been the most moderate Republican president since Richard Nixon. Now, unless the president is really smart enough to worry about his legacy, we can look forward to four more years of gridlock, a bad economy, a major war in the mideast, an improvement in the president’s golf game, and a reactionary Republican in the White House come 2017. If Dems really think they’re going to retain control of the White House past this term, they must be drinking the same kool-aid Dick Morris had before this election.

    I don’t hate the president. Like Colin Powell, I don’t believe the wheels are coming off the choo-choo train. Unlike General Powell, I do believe that President Obama is in over his head. At the rate his hair is turning white, he’s going to look like an old man by the time he leaves office. (It would be funnier to say he’d look like Mr. BoJangles, but someone would accuse me of racism) I don’t think the president knows what he’s doing, hasn’t surrounded himself with very good people, and isn’t likely to get any better over this next term. The Republic will survive of course, but it didn’t have to be this way.

    The Republican Party let Mitt Romney down. Maybe they knew once he got in office they’d be unable to control him. Maybe they knew how moderate he truly is. Maybe they want their chance to put a reactionary in office next election. Whatever the case, the reason Governor Romney lost rests directly with them. Had three million more Republicans come out to vote, Romney would be the president elect right now. The Democrats can live any fantasy they like, but those are the facts.

    For better or worse, President Obama is my Commander and Chief for the next four years. I’ll never vote Republican again, though. I’ll vote Libertarian, or Green Party, or for a consservative Democrat if one actually exists. I’ll never again vote for a party that, in my opinion, threw this election.

    1. Michael Kollmorgen November 25, 2012

      I suppose you haven’t seen EVERY President’s hair turn gray during their time in office?

      IF more Republicans? Please, the party is Loosing, not gaining. Actually, they are disenfranchising themselves from the body politics as we speak right now. As the party continues to go further to the right, the more the republican party will become null and void.

      I don’t think “they” let Romney down. In fact, because of him being a Mormon, the republican Christian who actually followed their own beliefs, RAN from Romney.

      Of course, the rest of these christian republicans who did support Romney were pure Hypocrites and everyone else saw right through it.

      It scares the hell out of me to think a guy like Romney was this close to becoming President. And, what scares me even more is the fact that nearly half of the american public supported the guy.

      If Romney could potentially get in as President, why don’t the Republican Party put Charles Manson on their 2016 Ticket. He’d probably stand a better chance of becoming President than Romney did.

  11. Martin November 25, 2012

    “For instance, he points out that some precincts in Cleveland didn’t record one vote for Mitt Romney.” That might be because he didn’t get any.


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