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Up Next On Fox: A Guy Who Thinks President Obama Should Be Assassinated…

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Up Next On Fox: A Guy Who Thinks President Obama Should Be Assassinated…


The publication of a story in The New York Times debunking many of the right wing’s claims about the attack that left four Americans dead in Benghazi has inspired Fox News to go into overdrive to keep the story alive.

And on Fox Business, host Lou Dobbs was so eager to attack the Times for allegedly defending Hillary Clinton that he brought on Michael Scheuer, a former CIA operative who had only days before seemed to be calling for the deaths of both President Obama and British prime minister David Cameron.

Daily Beast columnist David Frum pointed to Scheuer’s Decemeber 23 blog post in which he urged supporters of Obama and Cameron to read the words of a 17th century British republican who wrote, “…every man might kill a tyrant; and no names are recorded in history with more honor, than of those who did it.”

A former speechwriter for George W. Bush, Frum obviously has a beef with Scheuer, whom he calls “one of the most prominent critics of the Bush administration’s war on terror.” The former intelligence official opposed the invasion of Iraq and called for the “elimination of the Jewish state,” full American withdrawal from the Middle East and other non-Fox-friendly opinions. But he’s willing to say Hillary Clinton has blood on her (“up to her elbows”) over Benghazi, though she was not directly involved in the security of Ambassador Christopher Stevens as he made an impromptu trip to eastern Libya, according to Thomas Pickering, the respected Republican diplomat who investigated the attack.

In his interview with Dobbs, Scheuer also suggested that former NSA contractor Edward Snowden likely has been working with Russia “the whole time.”

Even though Fox is having to search the fringe to keep the Benghazi flames blazing, the “Benghazi truther” movement is still very much alive in the mainstream of the Republican Party.

Scheuer on Fox Business


  1. Buford2k11 January 3, 2014

    There are no words…They are coming out of the wood work in droves now…all the infected minds…the real crazies…and thanks to a furriner, Murdock, he continues to help destroy our UNITED States…Roger Ailes is a traitor to this country…And with all the revelations of the Koch brothers, and their attempt to destroy our country… they will be considered less than patriotic by the historians…and schmucks that need their asses kicked by the rest of the country…

    1. joe schmo January 12, 2014

      Really….. I think maybe this little article will prove otherwise if you dare read it:


      Snippets from the article:

      Yet today in America, the majority of rich people statistically are not Republicans but are liberal Democrats, many of them on the far left. They live in places like New York and Hollywood and San Francisco and Chicago and Silicon Valley, hardly the home turf of conservatism. Most of the richest congressional districts are represented by Democrats. Many of the richest people in the US congress are liberals.

      And the three richest men in America – Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Larry Ellison – all are liberals.

      This runs contrary to the media fiction that the rich people in America are Republicans. This fiction is repeated over and over in the media in order to win over ignorant people to the Democrat party. And there are plenty of them, mostly among the angry, envious poor; in the agitated and shrinking middle class; and in the perpetually enraged labor union movement.

      So why are so many rich people liberal Democrats?

      The capitalist rich are generally Republicans. They “make things” and “build things” and “manufacture things” and provide basic resources like coal or timber in the ‘hard’ side of the economy. Henry Ford was an example of old-school capitalist rich. Andrew Carnegie too. Or Cornelius Vanderbilt, who constructed the famous New York Central railroad.

      But today as manufacturing moves abroad, we have fewer and fewer of the old-school capitalist rich, and the middle class is shrinking as the wealth to support it is eroding away.

      And why is this happening?

      Because of Democrat party attacks on wealth-creating, capitalist private business through excessive taxes, regulation, lawsuits, enviro restrictions and labor union agitation.

      (It is important to remember, however, that the capitalist rich generally are not ‘conservatives’ by any stretch of the imagination. In fact most capitalist rich Republicans are so-called ‘Rockefeller Republicans’ who are fairly liberal because they are concerned only with the economic agenda of the Republican party like lower taxes and less regulation.

      Replacing the shrinking class of capitalist rich are the socialist rich who do not actually “make things” or “provide resources” that the society needs. In fact, the socialist rich largely shun production altogether. They are mostly urban elites (New York, San Francisco, Follywood) who don’t get their hands dirty building power plants or constructing homes or cutting trees or mining coal or building railroads.

      In fact many of today’s socialist rich are environmentalists who do not even believe in the extraction of resources. This happens even though they use more resources than anyone, like Oprah Winfrey flying around in her private jet while showcasing Al Gore on her TV show and supporting bans on oil production across the US.

      These socialists do not get rich through wealth creation like Henry Ford did but by taking for themselves larger and larger chunks of America’s existing wealth through wealth appropriation. And they indeed are getting richer as America gets poorer.

      Indeed, after wealth is created through hard work the socialists at every level set up shop. So, for instance, the moment that a capitalist company becomes economically successful, you will see the unions moving in to get as much of that wealth as possible. But those unions never take any of the risk involved or put in the long hours to build that company up.

      Or once a company is successful you will find the government taxing it relentlessly; or the Democrat trial lawyers seeking any grounds for a lawsuit. Because liberals are in love with money more than any capitalist ever was.

      Easy money, that is… Money that they can “take”, not “earn”.

      Notice that there is not much gritty manufacturing going on with these people. They are not really getting their hands dirty, are they?

      And of course who could forget about all those politicians, especially Democrats like Al Gore, who build huge fortunes based simply on their own political power. No, they are not creating jobs or products for others. They are just getting money for themselves.

      So again, the socialist rich are not wealth creators, but wealth appropriators. They work in the ‘soft’ side of the economy, not in the ‘hard’ manufacturing side. This is why the middle class is shrinking as Democrats become the dominant rich – because the capitalist rich are becoming fewer in number and are creating less wealth, while the socialist rich are appropriating more of the nation’s existing wealth for THEMSELVES.

      Read it and weep…..

      1. Buford2k11 January 12, 2014

        Bull shit…

        1. joe schmo January 12, 2014

          No not really, you need to make the circles around and weigh things out a bit more before you pass judgement. You haven’t noticed this at all because you are so asphyxiated within your own narrow-minded belief system. Like I have said before, the fault is not on only one side. Many Republicans have come to realize this. We can’t stand the Boehner’s, McConnell’s, McCain’s and would like nothing more than to be rid of them. We believe most of our politicians are self-serving and only do what is necessary for their own perpetual greed and political gain. The members of Congress who are wealthy are not only the Repubs. If you look at the latest article by the Associated Press you will see that Issa(R) is on top followed by three Democrats and then the list goes on down as quite mixed up and down. Pelooser is one of the wealthiest. So you see, getting more information all the way around gives you more fuel to rebuff.

          What you will notice is that many of the Dems are just as guilty as the Repubs….where do you think that leaves us?

          1. Buford2k11 January 12, 2014

            neck deep in bull shit…

          2. joe schmo January 12, 2014

            Bingo! We are not all as unlike as you may think we are. It is rather our Chief that divides us:)

          3. newhope4all April 4, 2014

            I also have family in Europe and I lived there for many years so I know what they think of America and I’ve seen the change in attitude over the past 50 years. Basically they’ve grown to despise us. Don’t give me the BS about blaming our Chief because believe it or not despite how they feel about the capitalist pigs in America, President Obama has a high favorability rating throughout the world. Get real.

          4. joe schmo April 4, 2014

            Gee, I wonder why they despise us? They used to respect us. Putin really has no regard for Obama, nor do the British. Germany tolerates him. The Middle East doesn’t respect him nor does Israel. The French have a bone to pick with everyone and the Italians tend to be bigoted. My family lives in the thick of Europe. I know all to well what is going on. Many Europeans are very Liberal but that is changing…. They are sick to death of all the immigrants raising havoc and getting freebies, plus all the taxes. France is finally waking up. They are voting more Conservative as we speak. They are sick of the taxes and immigrants. I’m sure Germany won’t join in until other countries do, but Merkel is all for Germany….Italy has it’s own bias and the Pope is more popular than ever, and I certainly hope England gets their head out of their ass. Putin…LOL is having the last laugh.

            You are either my age or older than me. If you are older you are from ‘that’ generation. The one I don’t want to be associated with. The long haired, pot smoking, heroin, free love generation that has been so burned out by drugs that the brain cells have become null and void. Most of them are in office now…Peloser and Reidtard are part of that ignoble generation. Boy, will I be glad if they lose the house this year. Frankly, I’m tired of their ignorance…..

          5. newhope4all June 20, 2014

            I’m sick of complete strangers thinking they have the right to define me when they don’t know shit about me. You’re a complete asshole and you’ve define yourself very well. Stick to what you know.

          6. joe schmo June 20, 2014

            Let me give you a little insight as to how you think:

            1)You believe in the environment and will do anything beyond extreme to push this country to the brink with your ‘climate change’ agenda which is false.


            2)You believe we need to tax the shit out of people who make over 250,000 dollars. Spread the wealth so everyone has the same things, same chances, same money. Fair and square = no innovation.

            3)You believe in welfare and giving giving giving to the masses until we have nothing left to give. Oh those poor people who use the system to buy cadillacs, houses, travel etc….. Anything other than food.

            4) You believe the border should be wide open because you feel sooo sorry for every Tom, Dick and Harry that wanders into this country. How we gonna pay for these people?

            5) You believe every business should have Union involvement. Again, how we gonna pay?

            6) Anti-gun. You would prefer it if we eliminate the 2nd amendment and the guns so that the common citizen is left defenseless.

            7) You would prefer if we had NO military. I am anti-war but your precepts are ridiculous.

            Now don’t tell me that these points are not you because I know they are.

            You know there is a problem, but you are willing to turn the other cheek, and turn the other cheek, and turn the other cheek because……your guy is in office. He’s losing it…..

          7. Dominick Vila January 13, 2014

            I also have family in Europe and South America, and lived overseas for 30 years. Comparing the USA today with living under communism is the epitome of hyperbole.

      2. newhope4all April 4, 2014

        I’m sick of hearing about the “makers” and the “job creators” because it’s so twisted. If you Republicans are the job creators than we would all see it in real time and the subject would be mute. You got and continue to get tax breaks that were meant to encourage you to invest in America but you didn’t pay your workers decent wages and do all of the things you were meant to do with “our” taxes and you took the money and ran. You broke the deal with America and made us out to be fools. After all of “our” hard work that made you rich you cheated us and now you label us with tags such as slacker, lazy, taker, etc. when the opposite is true. You capitalist pigs are not just takers, you are low down dirty crooks. I’ll leave it to others to comment eloquently as some on this site are so adept and more qualified to do and just talk plainly as an everyday, hardworker with one big question—–WHERE ARE THE JOBS?

        1. joe schmo April 4, 2014

          Yes, WHERE ARE THE JOBS?….Why don’t you tell me. Why don’t you tell me why businesses are taxed to death, why we are being taxed to no end, why the fuel prices are so high, why everything nowadays is outsourced, why we are told that we have to take Government insurance, why a business has to Unionize, why pot is OK but smoking is not, why illegals have more rights than citizens, why we should spread the wealth, why welfare recipients shouldn’t work for what they get, why the kids getting out of college can’t get a job, why many adults can’t get jobs, why prices from clothing to food is increasing, why religion is no longer a choice, why ethnic bias is now in, and why their is such a divide in this country? You tell me. Instead of cussing at me find some solutions…. Stop blaming and playing the victim……and join the club of those that have been outsourced and pushed out of jobs.

          Conservative resilience comes in the form of a subliminal rebellion. So our jobs get taken away from us or we get pushed out of them by illegals…We search for ways to start businesses or new enterprises. You slap our kids with ‘Common Core’ and ‘no child left behind’ and, if we can afford it, we seek parochial schools and home schools so that our kids have better educations. You stomp on our religion and we pray even more.

          The next thing we know, if you are a Conservative you will no longer get the job of your choice or go to the college of your choice (most colleges are ‘uber’ liberal anyway) solely because of your political affiliation. No….Backwards as Liberals are, if you are not a part of the cool club Liberal you are a piece of sh*%.

          By the way, if you had read the article I uploaded, you would realize that the Capitalist pigs that you scream about no longer exist. They have been pushed out by the Liberal pig who sits in his easy chair making easy money on the computer….

          1. newhope4all April 5, 2014

            I just read your entire profile and I determined that you are a bigger Joe Schmuck than I could have imagined. All the economic shit we suffer today was brought down on our heads long before Obama was President. The fact that Republican obstructionism is so rampant that he hasn’t been able to improve the situation much should give you a clue as to the enormity of the problem he inherited. The man is a hero just for risking his life to run for President to begin with. What have you done for your country? You are a sick rabid animal and no one is “cussing out” your paranoid old ass. Go take some meds or a laxative or smoke a little weed before you freak out on everybody. I will ignore any post from you in the future so don’t waste your energy. I don’t suffer fools easily.

          2. joe schmo April 5, 2014

            Yah, he’s a hero alright. He’s a hero for raising gas prices (Seriously over $4.00), he’s a hero for raising taxes, he’s a hero for outsourcing (the internet), he’s a hero for failed policies (no recovery, failure to reduce the debt, housing policies have failed to stop foreclosures, health care costs are not lower, college costs have not been lowered) he’s a hero on the international front (Russian, Libya, Afghanistan, Benghazi) , he’s a hero for spying on all of us and not saying a word about it(NSA), he’s been a hero in Benghazi (4 killed and no remorse), he’s been a hero for failed green energy and green energy jobs(Solyndra), he’s a hero for not reaching across the aisle(he never does why do you think the Republicans filibuster and won’t budge), he’s a hero for selling out the internet, he’s even been a hero in hiring Communists as Czars to his cabinet, he’s a hero for keeping the US number one in the world with regard to standing,,,,,and most of all he is a hero for the biggest atrocity of all, Obamacare. That’s right…HE IS THE MOST TRANSPARENT PRESIDENT WE HAVE EVER HAD. After 6 years in, we should be well on our way to prosperity. All I see around me is more carnage. The hole is getting even deeper with no resolve in sight. Lowest approval rating ever. How do you explain that?

            As far as Bush is concerned….the Conservatives weren’t all that wild about him either. He was way too moderate for us….and Clinton, he was the beginning of the end. Can’t wait until Hillary gets in. It will then soon be all over for the Country once known as America. All thanks to democratic progressive policy.

            Yup, his psuedo American politics, plus neither party cooperating with each other has put a kabash on the Constitution. Not to mention that his anti-colonial agenda is ruining us….

            Why don’t you stop being a suppository for Obama and see the real world without your rose colored glasses on. Because if you keep smoking that weed you will only continue to see the world within your own foolish head.

            By the way, you never answered any of my questions. Typical Liberal. Always acts as an emotional ninny with no factual solutions…..

            Go ahead and lamblast me for cussing you out. Not as old as you think…. Someone needs to stand up for this Country as it swirls down the drain. Nothing good lasts forever……The Roman Empire outlasted us by 1763 years……Good Luck!

          3. newhope4all April 6, 2014

            Why don’t you put your considerable writing ability in a place where it can do the most good for the most people and stop reading the conservative talking points. Everybody knows what the Democrats stand for and it’s the extreme opposite of the Republicans for good reason. Do you have the courage to run for office and show your character? You are part of the problem. You are on the wrong side and you are speaking out against you own self interest. Do you really think the Republican party has you on their guest list and want you as a member of their country club? I think not. So many of the things Obama has tried to do have been stymied by Tea Party types and Boehner, Cantor, and Paul Ryan. They are so jealous of Obama and such bad losers. Get over it and stop bloviating. You could be one of the good guys. You’d be welcome in the Democratic country clubs.

          4. joe schmo April 7, 2014

            You know what. I don’t have to totally listen to Conservative talking points because many of the ideas I mention have come from my families and my own experience. Plus, it’s all about common sense. I come from good ole line of educated, hard working business people both here and abroad who have lived through various political regimes. You yourself probably do not have a clue about the differences between past and present regimes?

            I’m on the wrong side.. Aye yi yi. My own self interest…shaking head. And your conglomerate of associates would have you sit at Hillary’s & Obama’s table? Everything even steven in your camp? Do you realize spreading the wealth will lead to an even bigger divide. On one hand you have the Government elites who have all the money. Then you have all the ‘po’ folk earning the same wages, working the same hours, standing in line for food and provisions they need to feed their families. The government tells you what to do, how to live, where you should work, owns the property you once had, controls what you eat and what you drive. Yes, and even dictates whether you should live or die. All the while taunting human good will for all just to pacify your emotional necessities…. Where is that good will for all…it doesn’t involve money because they have it all, it doesn’t provide provisions because they dictate what and what you cannot have. Hell they may as well add a chip under the skin to keep track of your every move. What does this remind me of. The communist regime my family escaped from.

            Get a clue, that Conservative country club you mention does not involve Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, Christie, McCain and other RINO’s like them. We are all aware of what they are and seek to get rid of them in the next election if we can. Jealous….I doubt it. About the tea party, which I am not a member of, they were started by grass roots Americans who felt their Constitutional rights infringed upon. Not sure why you all have a problem with that?

            Guess what….your !% wouldn’t welcome me to their country club. They wouldn’t invite you either. They are making money off you. You all go around saying how great your party is and how much they do for humanity when all the while they make a mockery of you all. Problem is: You are way too tolerant of your higher ups. Makes sense because of your emotional bias to humanity. You see that is where the problem begins.

            “Democrats are more likely to be liars, cheats, and crooks than
            Republicans are… And now we learn that Democrats are also more
            tolerant of their politicians lying to them too. So Democrat politicians
            will do just about anything in order to get elected including lie,
            cheat, and steal.”

            We just are very suspicious…we tend to look at everything with eyes wide open nowadays. Especially injustices against the Constitution.

            The problem continues with your tolerance of Conservatives. You have none. This divide leads me to where the problem ends…Because of your parties unwillingness to work together with Conservatives, it leads me to deduce that democracy will soon be shredded away and replaced with an unAmerican agenda. Who will be the losers in this regime. Not us because we tried to save the Country. When this happens, you will only have yourselves to blame.

            Just as welcome as I am here, I would certainly not be welcome into the Democratic country clubs. With all the tolerance you preach your bias draws the line when it comes to Conservatives. That to me is prejudice and unAmerican.

          5. newhope4all June 20, 2014

            I’m from the a similar background as you say you are . . .My family are hard working, educated, professional people who take pride in their education, ethics and humanity. Nothing was handed to us and we do not belong to the country club set or see ourselves as elites, but we do know how to think critically and know better than to lay the fault on any one person. The problem is extremely complex and you know it. Get off your soapbox.You aren’t “saving” anybody with your ill-conceived bias. Please stop this shit of thinking you know anything about who I am and what I’m made of. You know nothing if you don’t know who you are first.

      3. newhope4all June 20, 2014


        1. joe schmo June 20, 2014

          I sure hope there is ‘newhope4all’ after the next election…..and not for your side. LOLOLOL

          No one is trying to change you. I know exactly who I am. I have been around liberals enough in my life to know how they tick. Truth is we just don’t get along anymore and your fearless lunatic put us here. If we don’t get our shit together and if our situation remains weighted to your side, you will have helped destroy the greatest Country there ever was. We refuse to be FORCED.

  2. dtgraham January 4, 2014

    Fox News is a fake media outlet that peddles total bullshit 24/7, and went to court to challenge the FCC in 1999 on their insistence that news networks not rely on, or use, lying and distortion in news broadcasting. Fox argued their case on the basis of the first amendment, and incredibly…won. Not right away, but in subsequent appeals. They actually won the right to lie to the American public due to freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Unbelievably, they didn’t argue that they weren’t lying. They simply argued that they should be allowed to. It was one of the most egregious things that courts have ever inflicted on a nation in my opinion, although Citizen’s United was right up there.

    Fox News is something that no other news organization in America is: it’s nothing less than the propaganda broadcasting arm of the Republican Party. It is not news, it is pure unadulterated political spin all of the time.

    They have dumbed the nation down to a point where only the most simplistic and bigoted, paranoid, right wing rhetoric will ever get through to far too many passive and complacent skulls. The modern day political right are absolute masters at getting the poor, the old, the dumb, and the gullible to vote against their own economic self interest, based partly on ridiculous wedge issues. Hey! Forget those cuts to food stamps, pensions, unemployment insurance, WIC, and denial of health care and an adequate minimum wage. We’re fighting those latte drinking elite liberals for you on the war on Christmas and the war on Duck Dynasty.

    Fox News is a parasitic travesty that makes a mockery of objective journalism. It’s a barrage of idiocy that’s done havoc to the culture and society of America. It has polarized the country and turned all political discourse into a matter of stark, black and white, over-simplified nonsense. Frankly, it has made the country stupid.

    When a political party’s policies fly in the face of all available evidence, the collecting of evidence and facts themselves become a threat. Information, and those that share it, automatically become your enemies. Republican success is based on public ignorance and that’s where Fox News comes in.

    1. Dominick Vila January 5, 2014

      I find some comfort in knowing that people in other countries, especially in the UK, were not as kind to Mr. Murdoch.

      1. dtgraham January 6, 2014

        Nobody does freedom better than the United States of America Dominick, but Rupert Murdoch and other evil empires have sure taken advantage of that.

        1. Sand_Cat January 6, 2014

          Not so sure your first sentence is true anymore, and we’re certainly working hard to see that it becomes a lie, or at least some of us are.

    2. joe schmo January 7, 2014

      ….and MSNBC is no better. Mockery of Journalism? How many commentator’s has MSNBC had to let go because they went over the top with their decadent comments? Worse than anything the Conservatives could ever think of mustering up. You’re just mad because out of all the decades that we had to listen to Liberal News bullsh*%, now we have a voice. You just can’t stand it.

      Dumbed the nation down. Don’t you know or haven’t you heard that it is the secular schools that have dumbed down the generations with their ‘new math,’ and ‘no child left behind.’ Common Core? Seriously. We all know that each child is uniquely different as is their intelligence and drive. They are in no way equal or the same in brain power and talent. This will only encourage ninny’s with no back bone. I have said it countless times we are 30th in math (dead last), 27th in science and 22nd in language.. Geee, let’s just have them compete with some of the best students such as those from Poland or China who rate 1st.

      You all keep berating the rich ‘Kock’ brothers when you can’t even smell the rats in your supposed corner.

      Why are So Many Rich People Liberals?

      And the three richest men in America – Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Larry Ellison – all are liberals.

      The capitalist rich are generally Republicans. They “make things” and
      “build things” and “manufacture things” and provide basic resources like
      coal or timber in the ‘hard’ side of the economy. Henry Ford was an
      example of old-school capitalist rich. Andrew Carnegie too. Or Cornelius
      Vanderbilt, who constructed the famous New York Central railroad.

      News flash, they are job creators……or have been

      But today as manufacturing moves abroad, we have fewer and fewer of
      the old-school capitalist rich, and the middle class is shrinking as the
      wealth to support it is eroding away.

      And why is this happening?

      Because of Democrat party attacks on wealth-creating, capitalist
      private business through excessive taxes, regulation, lawsuits, enviro
      restrictions and labor union agitation.

      Indeed, after wealth is created through hard work the socialists at
      every level set up shop. So, for instance, the moment that a capitalist
      company becomes economically successful, you will see the unions moving
      in to get as much of that wealth as possible. But those unions never
      take any of the risk involved or put in the long hours to build that
      company up.

      Or once a company is successful you will find the government taxing
      it relentlessly; or the Democrat trial lawyers seeking any grounds for a
      lawsuit. Because liberals are in love with money more than any
      capitalist ever was.

      Easy money, that is… Money that they can “take”, not “earn”.

      ….and who is the joke on…..

      This runs contrary to the media fiction that the rich people in America
      are Republicans. This fiction is repeated over and over in the media in
      order to win over ignorant people to the Democrat party. And there are
      plenty of them, mostly among the angry, envious poor; in the agitated
      and shrinking middle class; and in the perpetually enraged labor union


      You can read the rest if you dare. Now I can finally laugh at your ignorance….. We Repubs may not like who we have in office at the moment. The Boehners, McCains and McConnel’s mean nothing to us. You can hang on to your Savior President if you choose but you are the ones getting blindsided. $11 milllion holiday vacation. If he were not such a spend thrift he would have saved the taxpayers some money and stayed home for the Holidays…

      1. dtgraham January 8, 2014

        When I said “dumbed down” I was hardly referring to school test results. It was more a commentary on a nation’s political IQ regarding what’s happening, where the problems lay, and why.

        Your post sort of illustrates what I’m talking about. You actually seem to have some kind of a handle on some of the core issues but are out to lunch on the causation and who’s behind it. Then, of course, throw in the obligatory right wing claptrap on trial lawyers, regulations, labour unions, the EPA, and so on. You might be there, but Fixed News and the rest of the winger media have badly misled you.

        We are where we are because of Wall Street regulating Congress through their lobbying and campaign contributions…and Citizens United greatly intensifying that process. Wall Street fought for the end of deregulation, Glass-Steagall, the Volcker rule, and fought to allow investment banks, commercial banks, and insurance companies to all merge. They argued that they should be allowed to sell worthless products without proper regulation. They basically bribed the country into financial ruin. That’s the real story and that you won’t hear in the conservative media. Hell, they want to deregulate more. Romney did.

        The problems really began when banks started trading for their own gain and not for their customers and the economy as a whole. It was the rise of proprietary trading that shifted the culture. Trading became 3-4 times bigger than the banking side because that’s where the big money is. They’ve stopped serving the interests of the client and have been serving their own interests because they’ve been allowed to. Selling derivatives and making proprietary bets (trading for the bank’s own account) became the lifeblood of the banks. It’s been estimated that two thirds of trading revenue have been directly or indirectly associated with derivatives, which would be one heck of a risky and unhealthy way to finance productive activities, except that far too often it hasn’t financed anything productive. This is not to mention the chaos it caused in financial markets when investments couldn’t properly be valued due to the opaqueness and exotic nature of derivatives. That was by design.

        I agree with you that there was a time when Wall Street and the financial services sector bankrolled productive things that got done, be they the rail roads, interstate system, factories, etc.. What has changed is that they’re in the business of making money for themselves only. If it happens that they can also finance something productive along the way—-ok. However, that’s no longer part of the core business, or at least it hasn’t been for decades.

        There are other issues such as the private equity scourge which is far too big a player in the American economy. Without going into it too deeply, companies being purchased in leveraged buyouts are typically forced to pay about 70% of the cost of their own acquisition. In return, there’s a giant loophole in the tax code that gives some relief to the leveraged company and short changes taxpayers—both. These companies can deduct the loan interest from their corporate taxes to assist them to pay down their debt (along with layoffs and cutting capital costs). The problem being, that provision was intended to encourage borrowing to build new factories, not to finance leveraged buyouts. Most of these companies never make it anyway, but by that time the private equity company has generally resold the business, or what’s left of it, at a profit and moved on.

        Incidentally, don’t believe this mindless mantra about over taxation. Before the recent, small, increase on over $400,000 incomes, federal revenues were about 15.8% of GDP. That was far below historical averages in the post WWII era. You’ve had top earners with 75% or more of their income being declared as capital gains and dividends due to the 15% tax rate. That might be all right if it really helped with capital formation (which is how it was sold) but there’s no evidence whatsoever that the 2003 cut in the dividend rate from 39.6% to 15% had any meaningful economic effect at all. Actual Job creation during the 2000’s was very poor despite the lower unemployment rate earlier in the decade.

        You also have things like the carried interest provision, allowing hedge fund managers to declare their enormous incomes as capital gains and pay only a tiny tax rate when it looks to all the world like this was really their wages. The thing is, when you tax speculation at a much lower rate, you’ve rewarded it and will get more of it instead of productive activities that make things.

        The people who are behind the promotion of these ideas and policies are the Republican Party and the conservative media, yet they’ve convinced you that it’s really the awful progressives, unions, poor, regulations, the CRA, and so on that are the culprit. That was what I was getting at.

        And Lloyd Blankfein and Jaime Dimon are no liberal/progressives.

        1. joe schmo January 8, 2014

          Thanks to Wikipedia:

          Dimon donates primarily to the Democratic Party.

          Blankfein contributes to mostly Democratic party candidates and donated $4,600 to Democratic Party candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2007. He self-identifies as a Democrat.

          Liberals all seem to say the same thing at the same time. It always seems to be about the Billionaire Koch brothers. Democrats have so long called the Republicans the “Party of the Rich” and the party of Big Business that they have come to believe that it is true. They try to tar the Republican party with being the party of Wall Street. (In the last election, Wall Street supported Barack Obama, and the administration is filled with people from Goldman Sachs). Although both parties are lucky enough to have some wealthy supporters, Obama’s claims of support from thousands of little people just wasn’t true, he was supported by the labor unions, big money from Wall Street and environmental organizations, and foreign money as well.

          You might want to notice that liberal attacks are usually based on — the rich, racists, fascists, fat-cats, Wall Street, Big Business, Big Oil, the poor, the children, the homeless and of course — billionaires. Those on the right want to talk about policy. They want to talk about what works and what doesn’t and why. They want to talk about history and evidence from other countries. Liberals do not want to talk about evidence — it doesn’t interest them. As Nancy Pelosi so aptly described their position: “We have to pass the Health Care bill, so we can find out what’s in it.”

          George Soros gathered together a group of seventy millionaires and billionaires to form a fledgling political financial clearinghouse. They called it the Democracy Alliance, and to join there was one requirement. You had to be rich. Members paid a $25,000 fee to join and $30,000 in yearly dues. They must also pledge to give at least $200,000 annually to groups that Democracy Alliance endorses. You have Billionaire George Soros, Billionaire Peter B. Lewis, Billionaires Herb and Marion Sandler, Rob McKay (Taco Bell Fortune), SEIU (Members Dues), Bernard Schwartz (Loral Space & Communications), Rob Glazer (RealNetworks), Tim Gill (Quark), Ann Bowers (widow of Intel founder), and so on through at least seventy members. Lists of the millionaires in Congress are readily available, and dominated by liberals. Blaming Republicans as the party of the rich begins to look a little, well, rich! Being without foundation has never deterred a Democrat accusation.

          Google “the Koch Brothers” and you will find articles by the dozens about “Billionaire Koch Brothers” as the evil force behind the Tea Parties (they’re not), Billionaire Koch Brothers are polluters (they don’t buy the global warming myth), The Billionaire Koch Brothers are partly in the business of refining petroleum (dirty oil not clean wind) Fred C. Koch co-founded the company in 1940 and developed an innovative crude oil refining process. His sons, the Billionaire Koch Brothers are libertarians, and confirmed philanthropists. David Koch has recently given one hundred million dollars to Lincoln Center, 2.5 million dollars to the New York City Ballet, over forty million to Sloan Kettering, fifteen million to New York-Presbyterian Hospital, a hundred and twenty-five million to M.I.T. for cancer research, twenty million to Johns Hopkins University, and twenty-five million to the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. They are concerned with free market causes, and support some of those organizations as well.

          That smug remark sums up the liberal position. Statistics, studies, evidence simply do not matter. What matters is winning, and the power that winning creates. If they actually cared about all those groups they pretend to favor, they would be interested in just how their policy would work. They don’t care that the law they passed that they celebrate as an achievement after 60 years is failing everywhere else. What they care about is that they won.

          You can play the blame game all you want, but many of the rich in this Country are those people you tend to loathe and they are not Republicans. Rather they are the Liberals who sit on their pulpits behind the computer making plenty of money through trading. There is no job creation because they hire no one. The money they earn they make for THEMSELVES. That makes them worse than any Republican Capitalist could ever be. Job creators and innovators are becoming a thing of the past. So all the information you tried to feed me about Wall Street and the Banks can be traced back to Democrat involvement as well.

          1. dtgraham January 11, 2014

            Haven’t had a chance to respond due to website changes and malfunctions. I’ll try to keep this as short as possible.

            Your concerns about Democracy Alliance are kind of laughable in this day and age. They’ve raised $150 million dollars since their inception in 2005, and that’s meant for support of progressive causes around the world. That’s 18 million dollars a year for global purposes. The Republican and Democratic parties spent 1 billion dollars (almost) each on just the 2012 Presidential race alone. Democracy Alliance is a grain of sand on a beach.

            The bankers have been switching their allegiances back and forth and it is very, very common for big money interests to donate to both sides as a way to hedge their bets. They do it consistently.

            In 2008 Wall Street generally supported Obama because they were staring down an abyss of total collapse and therefore their lobbying budgets and employee contributions tilted Democratic. There was a clear rationale for this. Even though the Dems campaigned on driving regulatory stakes through the heart of Wall Street’s proprietary and derivative trading desks, at least there was a hope that these Democratic lawmakers could save the industry from the brink of ruin.

            When the bailouts came and the crisis was over, they switched their support to Romney in 2012 although still gave the obligatory lesser amount to the Dems.

            It was Bill Clinton who gave in and signed away what was left of Glass-Steagall, under pressure from the GOP…admittedly. I also don’t blame anyone for wondering why Clinton and Obama would have surrounded themselves with Wall Street types like Robert Rubin, Larry Summers, Alan Greenspan, Timothy Geithner, and Summers (again). All valid concerns.

            The point is though, how could you not know that it’s been the Dems who’ve been pushing for bank re-regulation since at least 2007 and the Repubs who’ve fought like tigers to prevent it? You seem to think it’s the opposite or something. Have you never heard of Dodd-Frank? I know that Fox News frames it very differently, but do you never watch any other station? Do you not watch CSPAN? Do you not read newspapers? Have you only looked at far right websites until you came here? How could you be so unaware? That was the general gist of my original Fox News post.

            While Hillary has been disturbingly friendly to Wall Street in recent years, Blankfein now wants deep, deep cuts to SS and Dimon rails against Dodd-Frank. They don’t really sound like Democrats, Joe. In the end though none of this matters. What matters is a party’s policies and what they say they will do, not who once gave money to who.

            I’ll tell you something else that doesn’t matter—-how much money you have. It’s not how rich you are, it’s the societal policies that you propose. It’s easy for the wealthy to advocate for cutting the minimum wage, Social Security, Medicare, labour protections, denial of universal health care, food stamps, collective bargaining, and so on. That’s easy. What’s much harder is to use your power, influence, and money to do the right thing…the just, fair and humane thing. That is harder, and the reason why I admire families like the Roosevelts and Kennedys, and other rich liberals. No one here is against wealth creation and the idea of getting rich per se. The issue of excessive societal inequality, and the problems that it causes, is much deeper than that.

            By the way, you mentioned that liberals attack the poor, the children, and the homeless. When is the last time you’ve ever seen that?

          2. joe schmo January 12, 2014

            Being on this site, being on the internet, being around quite a few liberal friends has only enhanced my own views. My family immigrated to this Country in the 50’s. They have also lived through quite a few political regimes in their lifetime. Since I have a rather large family that remained in Europe, I was able to here the news from Europe as well as America. American’s were less informed several decades ago and they tended to only listen to what the American Television fed them. When I was a child, I often listened to what my family talked about politically. I was around some very intelligent well versed family members. Whom I adamantly respected. As I stated before, they lived through different political regimes. They say what we are facing now is like it was under Communism. The very thing they wanted to get away from when they immigrated. Sorry, if that offends you, but that is what it is. If someone has lived it, I believe that over the news which can often be misconstrued and false. All of this has only solidified my point of view.

            You read that part wrong about the Dems attacking the poor, children and homeless. I was referring to the belief that the Democrats believe that Conservatives fit that criterea. A total falsehood. Do you really think that Republicans would put the poor, disabled and downtrodden on the streets? Children, OMG are you kidding me. Come on, no American would ever do that. It is just not our way. In fact, many Republicans are church goers and the middle-class church congregations give more to charity and the poor than all the Democrat’s combined. (and yes, I can drum up the statistics to prove it) We don’t just let the Government take care of it, rather we get more involved in helping out the poor, and especially children…

            Also, I believe that most of the government institutions that provide some kind of compensation or welfare for the poor are, sadly, unorganized. There are some poor who abuse the system and you know that to be the truth. I think each case regarding the disabled and/or welfare should be checked from time to time to make sure that they are truly in need of government assistance. I also believe that people on welfare could work for the money they get. That is unless they are women with children to raise or the disabled. Maybe then some women with children could be provided with educational assistance and childcare to help them become viable working citizens. What I resent is ‘freebies.’ Getting a free ride and that is something Liberals promote. It only inhibits laziness and disrespects the very people you are trying to aide.

            Why don’t you just admit that there is fault on both sides of the political aisle. Most Republican’s are realizing that. The more you realize that the divide that we now face will start to combine into a stronger America if we come together and work as a team, the closer we will be to becoming a stronger America once again. Unfortunately, your Man has divided us in every way, politically, economically, socially, internationally and racially. Good luck on that one. If you want a more Communist assist then you will be at fault for destroying the greatest Democracy there ever was.

          3. newhope4all June 20, 2014

            You are such a rabid sicko. Take your meds.

          4. joe schmo June 20, 2014

            I’m perfectly fine, I do not need meds. Never even taken recreational crap. Look down on those who have.

            What’s the matter, cat got your tongue? Time will tell……

          5. Elliot J. Stamler March 15, 2014

            You have pretty much the right user name, Mr. Schmo..but it really should be Mr. Schmuck. I am delighted the Democratic Party has a number of very rich supporters and contributors; those men and women differ from the Republican millionaires in that they support making everybody prosperous; eliminating poverty and institutionalized inequality, giving everyone a fair chance and opportunity. Most of them come from humble beginnings…Lloyd Blankfein whom you reference, grew up in a housing project in Brooklyn, the son of a postman (not exactly like the supercilious aristocrat, W. Mitt Romney and his wife, Marie Antoinette Romney.) The Democratic Party has saved capitalism in this country; the Republican Party’s notion of capitalism is unrestrained greed: more for me and mine, screw everyone else. My Democratic Party has rescued the country from yet another Republican disastrous recession verging at the cusp of complete depression. Those Democratic millionaires you cite have the brains and the humanity to understand this..you, Schmo, don’t. And while I am hardly in their class I am a Democrat and yes, jerk, I am a millionaire.

      2. newhope4all April 4, 2014

        You are so full of shit up to your eyeballs no wonder you can’t see straight. Where did you get your false information? There’s so much ignorance in your comment it’s absurd. Obama spent $11 million dollars for vacations!!! How can you repeat such nonsense? You are not just Joe Schmo, you are Joe Schmuck.

        1. joe schmo April 4, 2014

          An unnecessary vacation abroad…in a time when we have a huge deficit….a deficit that the dude has solely contributed too. No….taking Air Force One everywhere on our dollar. Not right! We all know he needs a vacation but some of his actions have been unnecessary.

          Before you condemn me to Hell, why don’t you get your facts STRAIGHT. You are fine an dandy to cuss me out, but when it comes to finding ways in which to make things work your emotions kick in.

          NewHope4all should be NoHope@All. Guess what! You would be pained to know that the States run by Republican Governors are now having surpluses and those that are taking all the freebies (like Californio) are heading the opposite direction with their hands out to Obama for more. Hmmmm….Gee I wonder why? Lower taxes…..business incentives ring a bell……..LOL

          1. newhope4all June 20, 2014

            You got me on “fine and dandy to cuss you out”. Thanks Joe. I needed your permission. LOL

          2. joe schmo June 20, 2014

            NoHope@All…… didn’t phase me so get over yourself. Just keep paying those taxes, Comrad. The government needs an excuse to spend your money frivolously so that you have nothing….

      3. SteveCO April 12, 2014

        MSNBC tells the fact, little Tea hater. FAUX News and Rupert Murdoch created, financed, publicized and employed the Tea Crap party purposefully, as a racist and misogynist opposition to newly elected Obama.
        There is no mystery: House Teas operate like the Ku Klux Klan, and they’re damn proud of it.
        I think it’s time to prosecute insurrectionists.

        1. joe schmo April 12, 2014

          You need to do your research:

          You most likely won’t but read this but:


          Founder was a strong Conservative Woman, namely, Jenny Beth Martin:)

          “The Tea Party does not have a single uniform agenda. The decentralized
          character of the Tea Party, with its lack of formal structure or
          hierarchy, allows each autonomous group to set its own priorities and
          goals. Goals may conflict, and priorities will often differ between
          groups. Many Tea Party organizers see this as a strength rather than a
          weakness, as decentralization has helped to immunize the Tea Party
          against co-opting by outside entities and corruption from within.”

          I can imagine that the group has sponsors just like your ilk does….

          Racist? KKK! No way Jose. There are many different ethnic groups leading the Tea Party you moron.


          Guess what, I support the group because they are Conservative but I am not a ‘Tea Partier.’ Not all Conservatives are.

          I see you are devoid of certain brain cells. Imprisoned, narrow-minded and centered with no place to go except within. A follower, not a leader. A treasonous Communist minded imposter who wants to fundamentally change this Country and the Constitution. A romantic notion of suppression hosted by Father government who’s hand you hold steadfastly. Your mind never wavers from your father because your senses won’t allow you to.

          Screw you, go fundamentally change another Country and leave this one alone.

        2. kenndeb May 29, 2014

          I feel it is time to prosecute the traitors to our country, starting with the Emperor. Those that stand against tyranny are patriots.

      4. mbuch65 April 24, 2014

        This has the best example of Projection I think I have ever seen. Here, for the ill informed: A way to blame others for your own negative thoughts by repressing them
        and then attributing them to someone else. Due to the sorrowful nature
        of delusion and denial it is very difficult for the target to be able to clarify the reality of the situation.

    3. toptwome March 5, 2014

      Yes they did. Fox is only an entertainment channel but people continue to think they are honest. They are lied to by the talking Fox heads and they should realize that, but don’t have the sense to know that they are being lied to. People really are dumb a lot of the time and don’t have to sense to realize the lies they are told by republicans are never going to be true.

  3. Dominick Vila January 4, 2014

    The Benghazi tragedy, the NSA surveillance, Fast and Furious, the alleged IRS “scandal”, are tools being used by the GOP to deflect attention from their dismal record, and to score political points among those who are more likely to react to hyperbole and a well crafted 30-second commercial than look for facts.
    Dismissing the relentless FOX propaganda is dangerous. As ridiculous as it may seem, there are many among us who believe every word they say and who, while they may not be inclined to embrace the irrational insinuations of people like Scheuer, are sympathetic to the overt hatred he inspires.

    1. Dee January 4, 2014

      Dominick You are absolutely correct its what they do and it baffles the mind when we see so many fall for this act of misdirection over and over again. And in all my 53 yrs of life I can
      honestly say I’ve never heard of any one going on a news program saying the President should be assassinated and not a thing is done about it. People can say what they want about Obama but I’d like to see any of those cowards do what he does and still get up the next day. and do it all over again. That’s a man of substance unlike any one of those traitors who gleefully cant get enough of trying to destroy him but of course the American people loves an underdog except of course the Conservatives the People would love to see an end to their non American non Democratic policy making, and from what I can tell they would celebrate it..

      1. Dominick Vila January 4, 2014

        Once upon a time, the FBI would have been knocking on the door of anyone who said or insinuated the assassination of a U.S. President. Obviously, things have changed. Can you imagine what would have happened if President Reagan had been called a liar by an elected official during a State of the Union Addressed being broadcast to the entire world? Or someone calling for his assassination? The whole thing is reminiscent of what happened 50 years or so in parts of the USA.

        1. Lovefacts January 4, 2014

          And that no one’s knocked on anyone’s door bothers me. When did the FBI and Secret Service stop doing their job? Given our political climate, this isn’t freedom of speech but rather yelling fire in a crowded theatre. Lou Dobbs obviously doesn’t know the definition of a tyrant. Last I checked, it isn’t someone who voted against or disagree with, but someone who violates the law and subjugates and oppresses people.

          1. idamag January 4, 2014

            I remember watching Lou Dobbs a couple of times as he billed himself as “Mr. Independent.” I do not belong to a political party so I thought I might like him. Independent, my bummy. He is a right wing jerk.

          2. dtgraham January 4, 2014

            I actually used to like Lou Dobbs in the 2000’s quite a lot when he was at CNN. He billed himself as an independent but he sure sounded like a populist to me. As unbelievable as it sounds now, he talked about stagnant wages, corporate greed, a shrinking middle class and that kind of thing. He was only down on illegal immigration. That’s a remarkable transformation. I wonder if anyone else on this thread remembers him from those days?

          3. Sand_Cat January 6, 2014

            Yeah, I do. I have to say, it really is a sad thing to see.

          4. toptwome March 5, 2014

            Yes I do. He did yell constantly about illegal immigrants all the time. But for the most part he was reasonable on CNN. Now on Fox I wouldn’t watch anything Lou Dobbs has to say.

          5. Allan Richardson January 4, 2014

            The problem is that, unless someone says “I will …” there are no grounds for the Secret Service to act on. Just saying a political OPINION that “someone ought to …” is protected by the First Amendment. Dobbs seems to be safely on that side of the line so far. Ted Nugent is right ON THE LINE with some of the things he has said, so I would assume that they are at least “watching” him, and would probably put him through a “special” screening if he wanted to attend a public event at which the President would appear (I hope so anyway).

            He must know it, since he made the prediction that, with Obama re-elected, he would be either “dead or in jail” by the end of 2013. He was trying, of course, to imply that he would be killed or jailed by “the government” ONLY because of his opinions, to get his supporters revved up; but if he actually TRIES anything, he probably will (and SHOULD) be jailed, or killed if necessary to stop him.

            I didn’t approve of Nixon, Reagan, or either of the Bushes, but I approve of the action taken against the person who attempted to kill Reagan, and I am grateful he was not killed, because that is not the RIGHT WAY to do things in America.

          6. Lovefacts January 4, 2014

            I agree, Allan. While I didn’t support Reagan, I sobbed when over the assassination attempt. What these people don’t get is that this reflects upon all Americans, not just the killer.

          7. Todd Nelson January 4, 2014

            Which is exactly the definition of what Barack Obama is doing, lying, violating the constitution and trying to destroy the American economy. He is also killing Americans with Obamacare. Those who are the sickest just got killed by Obamacare by it eliminating their health insurance and with it their doctor and hospital network. The expensive drugs they were receiving under their “substandard” plans are not covered in any of the Obamacare plans, so they can no longer afford the drugs that have been keeping them alive. On top of which Obama has been changing Obamacare to help his fat cat and union friends to the detriment of those of us who have to pay the bill. That is the very definition of a tyrant. It was Thomas Jefferson who said the tree of liberty needs to be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants, so why doesn’t one of your uneducated fools try to arrest him. Oh, yeah, he’s been dead for around 200 years.

          8. Lovefacts January 4, 2014

            Wrong, Todd. The ACA does not violate your constitutional rights anymore than laws that regulate the speed you drive, forcing people to wear helmets when riding motorcycles, and a host of other laws that regulate our lives. As for your claim the ACA is killing the sickest among us, that’s been repeatedly proven false. The ACA helps save lives in the following ways:
            1. Allows he sickest to finally buy medical insurance or deal with life-time caps, they can get the care they need.
            2. The Federal government helps pay the premiums of those below a specific income level.
            3. Expanding Medicaid allows the working poor to get medical care.
            4. Putting the focus on preventive care will lower medical expenses over the long haul.
            5. Between #4 and increasing reimbursements to primary care doctors will hopefully lessen the current shortfall.
            6. The ACA also requires 85% of all premium income be spent on medical care–the effect will be lowering of premiums.

            So, unless you can provide me with more than Republican talking points, you have nothing to offer other then party propaganda and fear.

          9. plc97477 January 4, 2014

            I take it you are a fan of faux news.

          10. idamag January 5, 2014

            As you can tell by his canned rhetoric, he is one of those programmed Obama haters.

          11. Independent1 January 4, 2014

            Destroying the American economy?? What a joke!!
            Is that why there have been more than 47 months of positive jobs growth with more jobs created in that time than Bush created during the disastrous 8 years he was in office?
            Is that why the auto industry is recording profits it hadn’t seen since the 1990s?
            Is that why deficit spending has fallen faster the past 4 years than at any time since WWII?
            Is that why America is on a trajectory to overtake Russia as the world’s greatest producer of oil and natual gas on the planet within the next year?
            Is that why more criminal illegal aliens that have been costly to our economy have been deported in the past 4 years than during any previous presidency?
            I could go on for quite a while with this – you need to add facts to your claim!!

          12. Russ Kendall June 15, 2014

            Independent1, I’m a bit puzzled by this robust economic growth. In the last month we finally hit the point where as many people are employed as were before the housing crisis. Lowest work force participation since I think the Carter years which explains the artificially low unemployment numbers when you add in the folks who entered the workforce since President Obama took office. And then there was that negative growth thing last month,
            On the auto industry, I seem to recall reading that the government took a 10 billion hit on the GM stock it sold after the first of the year. Claiming credit for deficit reduction too; hmm. I thought the sequester was responsible for a lot of that. A great progressive initiative? Oil and natural gas production on private land; blocked as much as possible where the government could. Deportations are a joke. Take a look at the chaos on the border and rethink that. PS the deportation numbers were cooked.

          13. I Zheet M'Drawz January 6, 2014

            Tard…Faux News must be on.

          14. Sand_Cat January 6, 2014

            Thomas Jefferson also kept slaves and favored slaughtering the natives to steal their land. He wasn’t a god, or infallible.
            But you insult the good that was in him with your idiotic and delusional post.

        2. idamag January 4, 2014

          I remember those days.

        3. toptwome March 5, 2014

          No things have not changed that much. They will get that knock on their door and they will find out just how serious threats to the President are taken.

          1. Dominick Vila March 5, 2014

            I hope so.

        4. Russ Kendall June 15, 2014

          Dominick Vila; Actually he was lying. And of course you were outraged at the movie Death of a President (2006)? Right, yea.

      2. Joan Belanger Boudreaux January 4, 2014

        This “talk” is dangerous. Bill O’Reilly managed to get George Tiller killed with his “talk” of “Tiller the Baby Killer”.

      3. toptwome March 5, 2014

        Hopefully anyone who wants to say that should get a knock on the door by the FBI and they should be locked up because that is what happens when you threaten the President of the United States.

      4. joe schmo April 7, 2014

        Assassinated! Seriously! ….No no no that was a lie spewed to you by your media… Conservatives don’t act as violent when things get rough as the Liberals do……

      5. Russ Kendall June 15, 2014

        Dee; did you get all worked up over progressive calls for Bush’s death? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_a_President_(2006_film)
        Seen a number of you progressives doing tour mock outrage thing. Did any of you protest this movie?

    2. MrStoneheep January 4, 2014

      These “tools” were given the GOP by the present Administration.
      The article itself is a grand case of the left using ‘selective’ editing to make a
      less than accurate point, something both the Dems and Repubs are quite
      good at, so I feel it wise for us all to be free thinkers searching through BOTH
      sides of the argument to be more ready to cast an informed vote rather than
      the spoon-fed type. I did notice, Dominick, you left the ACA rollout off your
      tools list. Selective?

      1. Dominick Vila January 4, 2014

        Not really. Problems during the roll outs of major new programs are inevitable, and never raised an eyebrow. The ACA website problems became an issue only because it played well into the demonization efforts employed to repeal or undermine a program that not only helps millions of Americans get the preventive medical care they have done without for decades at affordable prices, but that help us as a country to reduce spending and become more competitive.
        Yes, it is very true that both parties and most politicians don’t miss an opportunity to attack the opposition, that is an integral part of politics, but what has been going on since President Obama became President in 2009 has been unprecedented. Even President Clinton’s sacking and eventual impeachment, did not elicit the overt hatred that President Obama inspires among the most radical members of our society. IMO, he is not being attacked because of his policies, which are just instruments to derail Obama’s agenda and damage Hillary Clinton’s credibility.

        1. idamag January 4, 2014

          With intense thrust to see that the ACA act fails, I wouldn’t be surprised that the problems with the rollout were caused.

          1. Independent1 January 4, 2014

            What’s surprising me is that I’m not aware that even one congressional rep or Senator has suggested investigating why things went wrong. I’ve read comments that have suggested that the Healthcare.Gov website was coded by a company with ties to Rick Perry. If that’s true, then it’s quite clear why things went wrong.

          2. Dominick Vila January 5, 2014

            I worked at NASA 40 years, and I can assure you that problems are bound to be encountered when a new program is rolled out. That is almost inevitable, regardless of how hard you try to avoid it. Something else to consider is that the initial problems we encounter when a new program or policy is put in place often result in a more reliable and effective system.
            I am not too worried or upset about the ACA website problems, what worries me is that there does not seem to be an effective tool to reach out to those who do not have a computer, do not know how to use one, and have no idea how beneficial ACA is to them. There are hundreds of thousands of poor Americans, homeless folks, and others who have been left behind for a variety of circumstances who should have enrolled in ACA by now and have not done so because they don’t know how to do it. The administration must put something in place ASAP to reach out to them. After all, they are the ones that need help the most and there is no evidence they will be getting any unless something is done to educate them and help them.
            That is an important concern, and trying to sugar coat it or ignore does not help ACA, the administration, Democrats, or the nation.

          3. Independent1 January 5, 2014

            I agree, but the ACA website was so flawed that it could have only gotten that way deliberately. I was a systems programmer for 30 years in the health and life insurance fields and from what I’ve read, some the flaws were too agregious to have been there because of dumb design/coding errors.

            Check out this article that says Newt Gingrinch may well be at least partly to blame for the glitches in the ACA website because in trying to cut government back in 1995, he cut the budget of some groups that were there specifically to inform Congress on technically related issues like website rolllouts:


            But with respect to your comments on the poor getting ACA, a good bit of the problem is that these folks will fall under Medicaid and therefore getting them enrolled is really a state issue. Admittedly, ACA does permit some low income folks to sign up for Medicaid but those are only people who are making over $11,170/yr. See this from an article by the Huffington Post:

            The Supreme Court said states can turn down the Medicaid expansion. But if a state does so, many of its poorest residents would have no other way to get health insurance. The subsidized private coverage also available under Obama’s law is only for people making more than the poverty level, $11,170 for an individual. For the poor, Medicaid is the only option. Although the health care law fully funded the Medicaid expansion and Obama has protected the program from cuts, the federal government’s unresolved budget struggles don’t give states much confidence. Most states, including Republican-led Virginia, are considering their options.

            And in another excerpt see the comments about FLA:

            “Obamacare” was once assailed as a job killer by detractors, but on Wednesday in Missouri it was being promoted as the opposite. Missouri’s hospital association in released a study estimating that the economic ripple effects of the Medicaid expansion would actually create 24,000 jobs in the state. The University of Missouri study found that about 160,000 state residents would gain coverage.

            “This is not a political issue for us … this is the real world,” said Joe Pierle, head of the Missouri Primary Care Association, a doctors’ group. “It makes no sense to send our hard-earned federal tax dollars to our neighbors in Illinois.”

            By Thursday, Gov. Jay Nixon, D-Mo., had announced his support for the expansion, but he faces a challenge in persuading Republican legislative leaders.

            In Florida, where GOP Gov. Rick Scott says he is rethinking his opposition, the state could end up saving money through the Medicaid expansion, said Joan Alker, executive director of the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families, which studied the financing. The reason is that Florida would spend less on a state program for people with catastrophic medical bills.

          4. idamag January 5, 2014

            When NASA had problems, there weren’t a bunch of dips waiting in the wings to salivate over the problems.

          5. jmprint January 5, 2014

            I have had my suspecions, I was able to get on at the beginning without a glitch, and then after that things started happening to the website.

          6. idamag January 6, 2014

            That is interesting.

        2. Independent1 January 4, 2014

          Dominick, here’s one about a Florida station kicking Limbaugh and friends off and going to Hot Country. Would be nice if they were starting a trend in FLA!!


          1. Dominick Vila January 5, 2014

            Thanks for the link. There are, indeed, subtle changes taking place. One of the most promising is increased endorsement of ACA. I suspect Gov. Scott’s change of heart has more to do with re-election strategy than ideological change, but the fact is that some of the most adamant ACA detractors are quietly embracing the new law.
            As for Rush, Glenn and the rest of the gang, I can’t believe people listen to these clowns and some believe what they say, even when the reality around them suggests otherwise.

          2. Independent1 January 5, 2014

            I also can’t believe that there are as many Americans who would waste their time listening to the drivel that Rush, Glenn and others spew. What’s unfortunate is that millions of Americans do and vote based on the lies and distortions they hear from Rush and company. I have a son-in-law who’s a financial advisor who not only listens to Rush but insists that Faux News is the only truly balanced news outlet. I’ve tried persuading him differently by forwarding him some articles from the NM and other progressive websites that tell it like it really is, but instead of believing the truth he’s sometimes gotten ticked off so I’ve stopped trying to getting him to see the light.

      2. elw January 4, 2014

        I notice that while you rush to point out the flawed roll-out of the ACA, you failed to point that our last Republican President had an even more disastrous roll-out of his unpaid for Prescription Drug Program. How you think that calling for the President assassination is a tool that is somehow acceptable and provided by the President is twisted thinking and carries the same selective ignoring of fact you are accusing others of. Not to mention that threatening the President life is against the law and treasons.

        1. Independent1 January 4, 2014

          In case you haven’t seen the article about practitioners who are really excited about ACA, here’s an excerpt an the link:

          Here’s the good stuff. The ACA provides funding and guidance for a new way to approach health care. The Comprehensive Primary Care initiative is a program that involves about 500 practices across the country, in several geographic areas. Southwest Ohio/N. KY, New Jersey, Arkansas, Colorado, New York, Oregon, and Oklahoma have participating practices. Practices were selected based on a number of factors, including past willingness to participate in such things as NCQA quality recognition, and patient-centered medical home (PCMH) certification.


          1. elw January 5, 2014

            Thank you, that is called an initiative – the ACA has several of them that are an attempt to control costs. Another example is surrounding the purchase of durable medical equipment which has been a big source of fraud. In the State participating Medicare patients can now purchase their durable from specially licensed vendor with no or very little copay. California is one of those State. Most medical groups and hospitals already participate in NCQA, it is required and the only way they can care for Medicare and Medicaid patients, I am not surprised that it will be emphasized in the ACA. Providers like and hate the initiative, they love the money but often find it difficult to complete the work required for the money. The work I did for both medical groups and health insurers was almost always involved with those initiative. I use to develop the plans for how the provider (or insurers) would meet the initiatives requirements then make sure they happened, I also collected data and wrote quarterly and annual reports. They come up with new ones on a regular bases. At times it was very interesting work and always stressful.

        2. idamag January 5, 2014

          How about the roll out of the weapons of mass destruction ?

      3. Lola Johnson January 4, 2014

        Certainly one ought to check out the facts, searching out both sides of the argument. Name-calling, hatred and outright lies do not a side of an argument make. Check out the facts and form your own opinion, but do not rely upon Fox for anything other than hate.

      4. Independent1 January 4, 2014

        Bush didn’t get the Medicare Part D fiasco fixed for over 6 months; at least the ACA rollout problems were fixed in less than 2 months such that there are now as many as 14 million people enrolled in Obamacare policies that didn’t have insurance coverage in 2013:

        How many people are currently covered through the law? Start with the 1.1 million who have gotten care through the federal website. If you layer on the number of enrollees who have gotten coverage through state-run exchanges that number tops 2.1 million, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius announced Tuesday. Then throw in the 3.9 million people who have gotten health coverage under Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion. Oh and don’t forget about the young adults under 26 who are still covered by their parents’ health insurance plans thanks to the Affordable Care Act. A year-and-a-half ago, the Department of Health and Human Services put the number at 3.1 million but an August study by the Commonwealth Fund, a private foundation that focuses on health policy research, estimated that the figure had reached 7.8 million. Total those numbers and you get a minimum of 9 million Americans covered through Obamacare and a maximum of nearly 14 million.


    3. RobertCHastings January 4, 2014

      Which one of their hosts said Fox News was not involved in news, but entertainment. Food and games for the masses, the same way the Romans controlled the public.

      1. Dominick Vila January 5, 2014

        ,,,that eventually led to their demise…

        1. Independent1 January 5, 2014

          Let’s hope history repeats itself.

          1. joe schmo April 10, 2014

            Back at ya. Everything on your end which is often ‘de ca dent’ will most often have a consequence. Not unlike the Roman Empire…..the jokes on you.

    4. Nick Clark January 5, 2014

      Here’s something you can rub republican faces in. Whenever they mention benghazi spam the page with this link http://www.policymic.com/articles/40811/13-benghazis-happened-under-president-bush-and-fox-news-said-nothing

      1. Dominick Vila January 6, 2014

        In addition to the dozen terrorist attacks against our embassies/consulates when Bush was in office, it is important to highlight that three of those attacks were carried out against our consulate in Karachi, Pakistan. Not one attack, but three against the same facility. Interestingly, the media and the administration simply acknowledged that terrorist attacks had taken place, and that was the end of it.
        I disagree with the premise that those attacks are a sign of American weakness. Every foreigner is well aware of our military and intelligence might. They are also very aware of our tendency to settle matters by force, and they fear our over reactions and tendency to meddle in the internal affairs of other nations. What those attacks mean, at least to me, is the determination of Islamic fundamentalists to reject Western values, do everything they can to limit Western cultural influence in their homelands, and punish crusaders. They don’t think we are weak, they hate our guts.

      2. idamag January 6, 2014

        Back then, as a nation, we came together outraged. Now the divide and conquer strategy is in place to benefit whom?

        1. joe schmo April 10, 2014

          The communist/imperialist who is in power at the moment and only benefits the government elites…… It is he who is dividing us…. Get a clue!

      3. joe schmo April 10, 2014

        LOL, already pointed this one out to Vila. Oddly, only one diplomat was killed. The Americans, Indians, Pakistany’s, and Arab allies were doing their job. Benghazi was plain flat out negligence. I believe many of us felt that our government just didn’t care. Isn’t it odd that it happened on 9/11.

    5. idamag January 6, 2014

      Watch the documentary, “Koch Brothers Exposed.” In their speeches you will hear word-for-word rhetoric espoused on these boards by what we have thought were trolls. They are kochsuckers.

      1. I Zheet M'Drawz January 6, 2014

        Imagine how much of a miserable life they have had especially growing up with a name like Koch (Cock).

        1. joe schmo April 10, 2014

          Made them stronger and more powerful than you didn’t it.

      2. joe schmo April 10, 2014

        OMG, here we go again….Soros, Buffet, Gates, Hollywood Elites. Get off it already…. Is that the only people you have to lamb blast in your camp. That’s not saying much at all…. The Liberal elites are much more in your pockets. You are the fools that believe in them

    6. joe schmo January 12, 2014

      What would you have us do? Not have opinions and follow like sheep to the slaughter? Facts! That is something you far too often revert from. Everything you people do and think is perfect without flaws while the right has no right to even peep a voice. America was not based on such a strong bias in only one direction. In the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s we Republicans had no voice because all media was Liberal. Now that we do you keep saying everything is covered in lies. The sooner you realize that there are falsehoods on both sides and check your facts, you will become more independent in your thought process. As a result, you will be able to deduce you stance much more reliably.

      1. Dominick Vila January 13, 2014

        Terrorist attacks during George W. Bush’s tenure:

        2001 – World Trade Center, New York and Pentagon, DC; 3,000 killed.

        2002 – U.S. Consulate in Karachi Pakistan attacked, 12 killed; 51 injured.

        2003 – International Compound, Saudi Arabia, 17 killed .

        2003 – U.S. Consulate, Karachi, Pakistan, 2 killed.

        2004 – U.S. Embassy bombed in Uzbekistan, 2 killed 9 injured.

        2004 – U.S. Consulate Saudi Arabia, 8 killed.

        2006 – U.S. Consulate, Karachi, Pakistan, 4 killed including a U.S. diplomat.

        2006 – U.S. Embassy, Syria, 1 killed and 13 wounded.

        2007 – Grenade launched into the U.S. Embassy in Athens. No casualties.

        2008 – U.S. Embassy, Serbia, attacked by thousands, no one killed.

        2008 – U.S. Consulate, Turkey, 3 killed.

        2008 – U.S. Embassy in Yemen bombed, 13 killed.

        – Terrorist attacks during George
        H, W, Bush’s tenure:

        9-11-01 NYC – 3,000 killed
        12 Embassy attacks with 60 killed.

        GOP reaction: George W. Bush
        transformed into a war President, and praised for keeping us safe!

        1. joe schmo January 13, 2014

          Great and good thing. You all need to bring more facts over cussing to the table. It’s what we understand and shows us you have information to back up the points you make.

          I am anti-war and did not approve of any ridiculous war that Bush got us into. I already lived through one ridiculous war. Namely, Vietnam. Truth be told that most Conservatives were not all that fond of Bush. One huge difference between the former administration and the one we have now. Accountability. Where Hillary and your ‘Man’ tried to cover it all up, Bush was up front. They lied. We knew what was going on when Bush was in office when we were supposedly in another senseless war.

          Might I add, your Man did not want anything to do with any form of War when he was inaugurated into office the first time. In fact, he was supposed to withdraw all our troops. Sadly, he did not. Trying to go into Syria? Come on….why? That was one of the dumbest things I had ever heard of. It simply made no sense. Our interference in the Middle East and around the world has been a complete International failure. Could Hillary have been part of the problem? Do you realize she is like 10th out of 10 of the most praised around the world and in the US. Just below your most hated Rush Limbaugh. The Pope, rightly, held the number 1 spot, Obama (for whatever reason in the US held number 2). At this point, I have more respect for Putin…..

          1. Dominick Vila January 13, 2014

            President Obama proposed the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, and closing the Gitmo prison camp, shortly after the was inaugurated in 2009. He was accused of compromising our national security by the GOP, at the behest of our arms industry, was called a Muslim appeaser, and judging by all the pro-war rhetoric you would have thought Muslims were about to invade the USA, the way President Reagan predicted when the goal was to arm the Nicaraguan contras and justify the invasion of tiny Grenada.
            The problem with President Obama is not that he is pro-war or that he is planning to intervene in Syria, he is not. The real problem is that he succumbed to GOP pressure on Iraq, Afghanistan, Gitmo, raising the tax rate of those earning over $250K, expanding Reagan’s Brady Act to include gun sales via the Internet and at gun shows and, with the exception of ACA, just about everything else the GOP wanted, I can’t say I am too impressed with his tendency to fold it under pressure.

          2. joe schmo January 13, 2014

            Not exactly……

            Found several articles regarding Gitmo. Seems there were more pressing issues….

            Seems that Obama faced opposition because there
            Administration officials lay blame for the failed initiative on Congress, including Democrats who deserted the president, sometimes in droves. The debate, they said, became suffused with fear — fear that transferring detainees to American soil would create a genuine security threat, fear that closing Guantanamo would be electoral suicide. Some Democratic lawmakers pleaded with the White House not to press too hard, according to administration officials.

            But the White House official technically in charge of the issue at the time wasn’t Emanuel; it was White House Counsel Greg Craig, who was removed as the lead on closing Guantánamo as it became apparent the effort was failing in fall of 2009. But Craig was repeatedly overruled by Emanuel when it came to implementing the president’s policy. Emanuel saw Guantánamo as a lower priority than other pressing matters such as Iraq, Afghanistan, the economic crisis, and the health-care bill.


            Pertaining to Gun control nationally…..

            If gun control were effective, Chicago would be the safest city in the country. Prior to 2013, Illinois was the only state where carrying a concealed weapon was illegal. In December, federal judges struck down the ban, ruling it unconstitutional. But now Illinois lawmakers are working to pass other gun regulations, like an assault weapons ban. Despite a history of strict gun policies, Chicago is one of the nation’s most violent and deadly cities. In 2012, there were over 500 gun-related deaths in Chicago. That is up over 10 percent from the rate in 2005. Gun control is clearly not working in the Windy City.

            Houston is similar to Chicago in socioeconomic factors like population, density, and racial segregation. Both cities are plagued with drugs and human trafficking. Chicago and Houston are America’s third and fourth most populous cities, respectively, each with between 2 and 3 million residents. Non-whites make up 50-60 percent of the population in both places, and the poverty levels in each city are almost identical at just under 30 percent. Yet in 2012, there were only 217 murders in Houston — less than half of Chicago’s death toll. A major difference between the two cities: Houston has very few gun laws. Criminals there know that many citizens are well armed for self-protection.

            Read more: http://benswann.com/more-gun-laws-do-not-mean-less-crime/#ixzz2qLIzZyij
            Follow us: @BenSwann_ on Twitter

            …a comparison internationally…

            A Harvard Study titled “Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide?” looks at figures for “intentional deaths” throughout continental Europe and juxtaposes them with the U.S. to show that more gun control does not necessarily lead to lower death rates or violent crime.

            Because the findings so clearly demonstrate that more gun laws may in fact increase death rates, the study says that “the mantra that more guns mean more deaths and that fewer guns, therefore, mean fewer deaths” is wrong.

            For example, when the study shows numbers for Eastern European gun ownership and corresponding murder rates, it is readily apparent that less guns to do not mean less death. In Russia, where the rate of gun ownership is 4,000 per 100,000 inhabitants, the murder rate was 20.52 per 100,000 in 2002. That same year in Finland, where the rater of gun ownership is exceedingly higher–39,000 per 100,000–the murder rate was almost nill, at 1.98 per 100,000.

            Looking at Western Europe, the study shows that Norway “has far and away Western Europe’s highest household gun ownership rate (32%), but also its lowest murder rate.”

            No true American, no president with his nations best interests at heart would behave as Obama has. His feelings for the United States are clear:

            -Not routinely pledging allegiance when the national anthem is played.
            -Repeatedly not returning the salute of servicemen and women who would lay down their life protecting him, and fighting for their country.
            -Continually condemning a generation of military personnel to fight for causes nothing to do with the United States
            -Allowing a government body to spy on private citizens
            -Attempting to disarm United States citizens
            -Executing executive orders that go against the will of the people
            -Spending obscene amounts of money on vacations when everyone else is belt-tightening
            -Buying votes by giving illegals citizenship
            -Running the national debt up to impossibly high levels
            -Failing to tackle unemployment
            -Dumbing down of the education system
            -He has enacted the dream act on his ow
            -suspended employer mandate and stuffed Obamacare down our throats.
            -Lying every time he opens his mouth

            He has clearly abused his power as president to become a government of one. We want to avoid going back to the time of the Union Jack. It is what we fought to get away from.
            Lawmaking authority of one person as a dictator does not constitute a constitutional republic, he needs to follow our constitution. But then again maybe that is something that you all want, the rule of a dictator that is. Frankly, that is not for me and many people I know.

            In reality, the Repubs are coming to the conclusion that neither side works. Maybe one day, when you all wake up, you will see it the same way.

          3. Dominick Vila January 14, 2014

            Yes, President Obama’s proposal to close Gitmo and transfer a dozen or so true terrorists to maximum security prisons in the USA was derailed by Republican opposition and, soon thereafter, by dozens of Democratic lawmakers too afraid to offend their constituencies. The same happened with President Bush’s decision to invade Iraq. Democrats in Congress were too afraid of confronting Bush and went along with one of the most blatant lies in U.S. history. As a result, they are as guilty as those who engineered that crime against humanity.
            Nobody is talking about taking guns away from us. The initial proposal involved banning semi-automatic weapons and high capacity magazines, and expanding Reagan’s Brady Act to include sales via the Internet and at gun shows. At the moment, the only part of that proposal that is brought up every now and then is the latter. Admittedly, it is doubtful the expansion of the Brady Act would prevent criminals and the mentally ill from getting the lethal weapons they need to kill people, but if it saves a single life, that’s good enough for me.

    7. joe schmo April 7, 2014

      Honestly, Vila….they didn’t even happen? One question for you. Why don’t you explain to me where these things disappeared. Everything is swept under the rug with this man. If the shoe were on the other foot there would be one big gigantic public hanging by the Liberal media, and don’t give me the lame excuses enacted by our policy makers which includes the press secretary, Holder, Hillary and Obama himself….. Don’t even mention MSNBC, please…. I want your own opinion which, to tell you the truth, is always quite good….

      1. Dominick Vila April 7, 2014

        Nobody claimed that Benghazi, Fast and Furious, or the alleged IRS “scandal” did not happen. What many of us are saying is that none of these issues constitute a scandal, and would not have elicited the slightest attention had the occupant of the White House been someone else.
        Benghazi was the last in a long string of terrorist attacks against American and Western institutions. The goal of those who are determined to inflict pain on us is to end the influence that the Western culture and special interests are having on Islamic fundamentalism. It has nothing to do with Obama, or for that matter Bush. The worst attack was not Benghazi, but 9/11 when 3,000 people lost their lives, with the GOP in control of the White House and Congress. The Benghazi tragedy probably started as part of the demonstrations that took place throughout the Islamic world in response to the film released two days earlier, ostensibly, to inflame passions and create chaos a few weeks before a U.S. presidential election. When a U.S. diplomat by the name of McFarland visited Benghazi 2 days before the attack he was warned by pro-Western militia leaders that the safety of Westerners in that part of Libya could no longer be guaranteed. The broadcasts from Egypt covering the offending film were being heard in Benghazi and civil unrest was imminent. Incredibly, Mr. McFarland either neglected to pass on the warning to Amb Stevens or ignored it for reasons that only he can explain. The demonstrations served as a catalyst or cover for the attack of terrorism that followed.
        F&F was a sting operation like all the others that preceded. I don’t have insight into the details of this operation, but it appears that it was badly mismanaged. The intent was to identify and prosecute the individuals or organizations involved in the sale of arms to Mexican gangs. Nothing unprecedented or nefarious. What went “wrong” is the fact that they got too close to certain organizations whose activities and interests our government is not supposed to interfere with.
        The IRS “scandal” has more to do with the failure or unwillingness of the Obama administration to engage its detractors than anything that would have elicited more than a couple of articles in the back pages of local newspapers. An alert IRS manager, who happened to be a registered Republican, noticed irregularities in tax exempt status applications submitted by Tea Party organizations and went after them. The fact that the GOP managed to turn a crime, or at least a misdemeanor, into an alleged plot to punish innocent Tea Party organizations, and got away with it, is a testament to the effectiveness of their propaganda machine and their knowledge to use effective psychology to turn things around. The real scandal was the number of TP organizations lying in their applications for tax exempt status, not the IRS, the Obama administration, or the government as an institution. The IRS manager should have been promoted for doing a splendid job. Instead, the Obama administration spent months babbling explanations, fearful to expose the criminality of its nemesis.

        1. joe schmo April 9, 2014

          Dominick, there have been countless incidence where Obama has been in office that would have made you all shudder if the shoe had been on the other foot. Yet you all idlly push everything Obama does under the rug and ignore his shortcomings. The man is not a GOD.

          Remember I voted for him in 2008. What I have seen him do to this country since he has been in office is leaving us in shambles. Plain and simple, Benghazi was not just a mere riot because of a film that was made against Islam, It was a ruse to cover up a terrorist plot. Otherwise why would a top official at the Pentagon say it was terrorist related……

          “Testimony by Gen. Carter Ham, head of AFRICOM at the time of attack, before the House Committee on Armed Services in June 2013 suggests that Defense officials did not raise the prospect of an out-of-control demonstration and immediately deemed the incident an attack.”

          “When we saw a rocket-propelled grenade attack, what appeared to be pretty well aimed small arms fire — again, this is all coming second and third hand through unclassified, you know, commercial cellphones for the most part initially. To me, it started to become clear pretty quickly that this was certainly a terrorist attack and not just not something sporadic,” he stated.”

          Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/pentagon-labeled-benghazi-terrorist-attack-obama-administration-wavered-newly-declassified-tes-article-1.1579141#ixzz2yM3i7rbx

          Your damn straight it was mismanaged and misinterpreted. Internationally, I believe America is too self assured and naive at the same time. The result is evident.

          ‘Our Government is Not supposed to interfere with?’ Gun running to the cartel…. No kidding.. This incident was plain flat out stupidity that went amuck and, to get caught at it….. was very sloppy. Mismanaged is an understatement. So much of what this government does under Obama not thought through or an after thought.

          IRS incident is disgraceful. Never in my life time have I seen a president lack diplomacy in his own country like I have seen with this one. Face it, he cannot stand Conservatives. He has shown us that time and time again. Not only that instead of working with or shoving the criticism off his back, he instigates more deceit by degrading the Republican’s if they don’t go along with his plan. And his never ending excuse is…..

          “He has convinced himself that he is disliked by many Americans because he is black. PLAYING THE VICTIM CARD…..

          “I don’t dislike Obama. I dislike his beliefs and his policies.” BINGO, REMEMBER I SAID I VOTED FOR HIM…..

          “When Obama blames “some folks” for not liking him because he’s black, he refers to conservatives and white Americans. I’m an unapologetic member of both groups.

          It’s an interesting excuse.

          If we disliked him for the color of his skin, that would excuse his failed performance as president. How convenient. That would excuse everything he’s done to damage or destroy American exceptionalism, capitalism, and the U.S. economy.”

          Oh and with regard to the IRS targeting the Tea Party…

          “It would excuse his using the power of the IRS to persecute Tea Party groups and conservative critics (like me), while allowing the IRS to hand out fraudulent tax refunds to illegal immigrants claiming fake dependents not even living in the United States.”

          “Last I checked Obama is not just “black.” He’s half white, born by a white mother, raised by white grandparents.”

          I despised the policies of President Jimmy Carter, whose policies were almost identical to Obama’s today. Did I hate white Southern men?

          “Today, I despise the policies of ultra-leftist politicians like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Do I therefore hate white Mormons and Italians?”

          “In each case a Republican conservative like me despises the political beliefs and policies of people I believe now, or believed back then, to be extreme, radical, socialist, economically ignorant, and damaging to America and capitalism.

          “No, Mr. Obama, we don’t dislike you because you’re black. But we do despise your policies, your lies, and your destruction of the greatest country, economy and middle class in world history.”

          Wayne Allyn Root, Capitalist/Libertarian/conservative Republican….

          I totally have to agree with Mr Root. I couldn’t have said it better myself…

          1. Dominick Vila April 9, 2014

            What left us in shambles was 9/11 and its aftermath, and policies that contributed to financial abuse, fraud, and the eventual near collapse of the U.S. economy and our financial system.
            We should not forget Benghazi, and we should not forget 9/11, the 12 terrorist attacks against U.S. diplomatic facilities in the Bush era, the free pass we gave Saudi Arabia after Saudi Wahabists planned, financed, and executed 9/11, the redistribution of public funds to corporations engaged in the “rebuilding” of what we destroyed in Iraq, and all the Americans that were killed or maimed in Bush’s crusades. Interestingly, we all seem to be suffering a serious case of amnesia, and prefer to focus on a tragedy that resulted in the death of four Americans.
            I did not say the attack against our consulate in Benghazi was the result of riots by protesters demonstrating against the release of a film that offended their religious sensibilities. The riot served as a catalyst for a well organized terrorist attack, which I suspect was carried out by former Kadaffi loyalist seeking revenge.
            We knew, and we remain very much aware, of the dangers inherent in serving in a part of the world where our values, interests, and interference are not welcome. Our diplomats know how dangerous their assignments are, our military personnel in the region know it, and they do their jobs because they believe in what they are doing.
            My problem with this incident is not that it was not tragic and the result of overt extremism, but that the same focus on finding the truth was conspicuous by its absence when 12 U.S. diplomatic facilities were attacked in the Bush era. Why wasn’t there the same level of scrutiny? Especially when one of those facilities, our consulate in Karachi was attacked not once, but twice?
            Of course a sting operation to determine who was behind the sale of arms to Mexican drug cartels was warranted. That’s the whole point. Infiltrating gun runners to determine who was behind the whole operation is SOP for law enforcement agencies, and that exactly what we were doing. This was not a scandal, in a way it was a tragedy when the valor of our agents was used as a political football to criticize the Obama administration for doing something that should have been done years earlier.
            The only scandalous action associated with the IRS identifying false applications for tax exempt status submitted by Tea Party organizations is not what the IRS did, but what the cheaters did. Incredibly, their smoke screen worked and there are many who see them as innocent victims instead of the liars they are.
            These are not scandals, or something that somehow put our society in shambles. These are attempts to establish parallels between the misery we endured in the Bush era, and what is happening today, ignoring the reality of facts.

          2. joe schmo April 10, 2014

            Yes, to some extent I agree with you about 9/11, but you also have to realize that Bush was not that great of a president to begin with. I think everything was exasperated and the problems increased with Obama and his anti-colonial agenda.

            Of all the problems in the Middle East that you mention, do you really think that it was our right to interfere with these countries? I can remember how we helped out Afghanistan before they turned on us. How we are still giving Egypt money. Why? For what purpose does America have to be the police state for the world. Oh….that’s right. It’s the great fossil fuel debate. Don’t you think fuel independence is the way to go? By that I mean all fuel not just solar (which at the moment is coming along, but a bit of a loser) or electric (which is getting better). Don’t forget though that those electric cars that you all are sooooo excited about run on electricity usually powered by a nuclear or fuel plant. Libya….I won’t even go there. Do you realize that Libya was doing very well and had one of the best economies in the world until we got involved. What a mess we have created all in the name of fuel. Stupid. Instead of working with each other to resolve a common goal, these constant attacks on both sides have caused nothing but grief. All in the name of fuel.

            Re Benghazi – Why wasn’t there the same level of scrutiny? Karachi? I read about all those attacks. Many were surprise attacks. Yet, assistants whether American or Pakistany or Indian, or Arab were right there to defend the US Embassies and Consulates. In all those attacks, there was only one US diplomat killed. Unlike Benghazi where no one came to the rescue….and oddly enough it occurred on 9/11. It wasn’t a terrorist attack? Kind of coincidental isn’t it?


            …and the point about the gun running. Couldn’t that have been done much more tactically. Just like many incidents under Obama, sloppiness ends up in innocent deaths….and you would state ‘what about Osama bin Laden….yah right, what about the helicopter attack on the seals that carried out the attack soon thereafter. Was a bit odd wasn’t it?…and what about Obama during his first term approving oil drilling in the gulf and then miracles of miracles happened….the Gulf oil spill explosion…. A little unusual don’t you think? Come on give me a break.

            Innocent victims, smoke screen and liars. Wow! Vila this is where you and I go down different roads. I am not a Tea Party activist but I believe in their cause. They are just grass roots patriots who want to see the Constitution upheld. Not a parody to a political ruse. No, your side is cooking the books while ruthlessly attacking their opponent….Is this a way to run a Country? To its demise maybe. What ever happened to the honor system?

            Bush, seriously….after 6 years? Still playing the blame game and victim. As far as the scandals, if this had all happened on our watch, heads would have rolled and then some. I have been stuffed full of the Liberal agenda to last me a lifetime. If we continue down this path, things in this Country will continue to deteriorate. Will we end up like France? We can only hope because only then will the pendulum swing back the other way.

            On a final note. I think we can both agree to some extend that neither party is stellar and that each political affiliation has its flaws, but one thing is for sure, this President takes the cake of cakes in destroying what once was a great democracy.

          3. Dominick Vila April 10, 2014

            What is wrong with opposing colonialism or, perhaps more accurately imperialism?

            Of course it is not right to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, regardless of whether those countries are Muslim nations, Asian, or Latin American. The USA does not have to be the policeman of the world, and our tendency to be that is one of the most fundamental reasons for the hatred that so many people have towards us. I spent 30 years overseas and I can tell you with absolute certainty that while most foreigners admire many of our values, freedoms, and life style, most oppose our tendency to interfere in their internal affairs and the influence we exert on their traditions and way of life. That, by the way, is one of the reasons I support President Obama’s foreign policy.

            There is no point debating the Benghazi, IRS, and Fast and Furious issues. You have your opinion on those subjects, and I have mine.

            I support foreign aid to countries where extreme poverty, malnutrition and disease are decimating their populations. I oppose military aid, which simply improves the strength of one side against another, or foreign aid that looks more like bribes to gain influence than actual aid to help the people of the countries we give money to. I favor ending all forms of aid to Israel, Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Colombia immediately.

            Energy independence would make a huge difference in our ability to balance the Federal government budget, stop borrowing, and be able to invest at home. The large increase in oil production in the USA in recent years helped us reduce oil imports and helped our trade imbalance. Improvements in solar, nuclear, and wind energy are also helping. Obviously, more energy efficient cars and appliances are also contributing to a reduction in our dependence on foreign oil. I wish there was more interest in public transportation in the USA, but we all love our cars and the freedom of mobility they give us.

            Libya was doing fairly well, Iraq was doing exceptionally well, and so are countries such as Dakar, Bahrain, The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately for Libya, their leader was instrumental in the downing of a U.S. Pan Am plane, and we should not allow those who murder our people get away with their crime. I think it is important to note that our role in the ousting and killing of Kadaffi was limited to intelligence gathering and logistics. The UK and France, and domestic militias, did most of the fighting.

  4. FT66 January 4, 2014

    What Lou Dobbs always say is beyond anyone’s beliefs. Thats why he was kicked off from CNN and joined Fox News. Lou Dobbs and the former CIA Operative Michael Scheuer must be dealt with accordingly. Calling for the death of any leader of any country is a major offence, leave alone the leaders mentioned happen to be of USA and Britain.

    1. 1olderbutwiser1 January 4, 2014

      Your opinion is there is no such thing as justifiable homicide. Read the good book, yes, there is such a thing. Do you remember Adolf Hitler? We have today a spending machine stealing the future of a nation, and you feel you can argue with tyrants and win? I know where there is a toll bridge for sale very cheap…..

      1. edwardw69 January 4, 2014

        So then, you condone the assassination of the President? Who next after him? May we have the list, please?

        1. 1olderbutwiser1 January 4, 2014

          I started typing two months ago Have worn out several keyboards. Still typing…..

          1. edwardw69 January 4, 2014

            I see. Well, when you come for me, be sure to pack a lunch.

          2. Duckbudder January 4, 2014

            He better have his Kevlar on too.

          3. 1olderbutwiser1 January 4, 2014

            While I sense senility creeping up on me, I can’t recall you being on the list. (politician answer)

          4. idamag January 4, 2014

            Senility – figures. We’ll try and cut you some slack then. By the way, your pj front is open.

          5. 1olderbutwiser1 January 4, 2014

            You have a good sense of humor. Now if we can just work on your intellectual capacity a bit …..(ha ha)

          6. idamag January 4, 2014

            Intellectual capacity, otherwise known as I.Q. for Intelligence Quotient, is something you are born with. There is no way you can increase my intelligence as you would have to be smarter than me in order to do that. And there is no way that is going to happen. Standford University did a study on ideologues. They don’t have a great capacity for learning. One thing that hinders them is they will only study that which reinforces their belief system and are more likely to resort to name calling than to study both sides of any issue. BTW, I am not a Democrat nor a Republican. You are an example of why I wouldn’t want to belong to a party.

          7. 1olderbutwiser1 January 4, 2014

            I put ha ha in parentheses to tell you I was smiling or laughing with you, not at you. No reason to insult you, you are obvious an intelligent person.

          8. rothgar January 5, 2014

            What is the reference for that Stanford Study?
            I ask because it might explain the discussion and points of another blog thread discussing the poor state of Right Wing Xtian knowledge of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

            Before that broke down into apologectic chaos the claim had been made that these Xtians had not read the Bible which does not match my personal experience. They’ve read it but it didn’t seep past their pre-concieved notions.

          9. idamag January 5, 2014

            I need to go back and find that one for you.

          10. Ed January 5, 2014

            1older: Don’t waste your time with these IDIOTS. Remember, you can’t fix STUPID …

          11. jmprint January 5, 2014

            Just because you couldn’t accomplish the task, doesn’t mean others can’t.

          12. Ed January 6, 2014

            jimmy: What a good laugh you dummy are providing us!
            I wrote: “1older: Don’t waste your time with these IDIOTS. Remember, you can’t fix STUPID …”
            ….and you dummy answered: ” Just because you couldn’t accomplish the task, doesn’t mean others can’t.”
            YOU ARE RIGHT !!! Just because I could not accomplish the task of fixing stupid guys like you doesn’t mean that ” 1older” can’t ” fix” you !!!
            You are right, you dumbass !!
            You are (unintendently) right..
            Now go back to your toys ….

          13. jmprint January 6, 2014

            ED the talking horse, time for you to go back to the barn you are starting to talk out of your ass, and take the 1 older with you, looks like he is in need of a friend. You guys have had too much of the CRUZ CRAP.

          14. Ed January 6, 2014

            jimmy: Your IQ, combined with “WHUT HE SAID”‘s, is 58.
            My IQ, combined with “1older”‘s, is 290.
            jimmy: you are making a fool of yourself and you are too old for that …

          15. jmprint January 7, 2014


          16. Ed January 8, 2014

            little jimmy: Is “troll” the word you use to identify a person whose comments & arguments you cannot possibly counteract or contradict?
            Is “meaningless rant” the term you moron use to describe an argument/statement that your low IQ will not allow you to comprehend, much less answer?
            Go back to your play dolls, little jimmy …

          17. 1olderbutwiser1 January 5, 2014

            Couldn’t agree more. Some of these people would kill their grandmother for a twenty dollar a month raise ,on their welfare checks or maybe a free 15 dollar a month phone. WOW entrenched socialists with no sense of reality.

          18. idamag January 6, 2014

            Or a monthly social security check.

          19. Philip Quinn January 4, 2014

            That incompetent?

        2. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG January 4, 2014

          I believe he sees himself as a “Good Christian” with his list of people who should be assassinated. I would think people like you and I have recently been added.

          1. Duckbudder January 4, 2014

            How do I sign up?

      2. FT66 January 4, 2014

        Oh! please, can you stop those nonsense. Stealing the future of a nation? What has the future made if not from what was made from the past and at present? With the problems we are facing now, were they created from the past and not the present time? No one can make the future at all, if he is not able to make the present.

      3. Jambi January 4, 2014

        You’ve got an awful lot of “opinions” …Justifiable homicide? Adolf Hitler?…but the best is “stealing the future of the nation” … who or what will benefit from any of these things?…perhaps you should re-read “The Good Book”

        1. idamag January 4, 2014

          He should read, carefully, the New Testament, which was the fulfillment and thus made the Old Testament null and void. He should take the hand of Jesus via the Good Book and walk with him. He should discover what kind of person Jesus was. He should ponder Jesus’ words. However Jesus would be too liberal for him.

          1. Nick Clark January 5, 2014

            Regardless, liberal or not…jesus wasn’t real.

          2. 1olderbutwiser1 January 6, 2014

            Are you saying you are an atheist?

          3. 1olderbutwiser1 January 6, 2014

            The Old Testament shows the power and wrath of God. The New Testament shows forgiveness of a loving God through the worship of his only begotten son who he gave for us to be forgiven for our sins. When you find Jesus in your heart, you will rarely to never, live a sinful life. Not because you fear Jesus, but because you are aware of the wrath of God. The Old testament sets down the rules to live by, even including the food to eat. Why do we protect Israel? Jesus was King of the Jews ….as the inscription reads (in ri)

          4. idamag January 6, 2014

            I didn’t ask you to interpret the Bible for me. I asked you to walk with Jesus in the New Testament. Start at the beginning and try to imagine being there with him and supporting him.

          5. jmprint January 6, 2014

            “When you find Jesus in your heart, you will rarely to never, live a sinful life.”

            SO, All the Catholic priest who molested boys, all the pastors that have murdered their wives and all the layman that have committed adultery, never had Jesus in their heart. I don’t call that rare. But you are right about Jesus being in our heart when we accept Him. Just don’t forget the bible was written by man.

      4. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG January 4, 2014

        You had a spending machine and it was Bush, under Obama deficit is decreasing faster than it ever has before. I don’t argue with tyrants I argue for and with our Democracy as opposed to False Prophets such as the Tea Party who are bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers, Heritage Foundation and others who wish to control the Government. When you reference the “good book” are you meaning the Bible? The bible was written by men, men who were limited in education at that time, their recollection and interpretation of the word of God through his son Jesus. The bible which states you should kill stubborn and rebellious son , kill a man or woman if they are adulterers, kill a man for divorcing his wife because he is an adulterer if he marries another, or God telling Abraham to kill his own son. Do you not question why would God relay all that killing through his son Jesus after giving the ten Commandments to Moses which states Thou Shalt Not Kill. Nothing justifiable in what Michael Scheuer or Lou Dobbs were suggesting.

        1. 1olderbutwiser1 January 4, 2014

          I don’t recall Lou Dobbs suggesting Obama be killed. Maybe it would just kill him if Obamacare goes down in flames???

          1. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG January 4, 2014

            His failure not to oppose what Mr. Scheuer was implying, suggests he is in agreement with Mr. Scheuer.

      5. plc97477 January 4, 2014

        Adolf Hitler killed himself. Not so much homicide there.

      6. Nick Clark January 5, 2014

        I remember Hitler was a practicing Catholic.

        1. 1olderbutwiser1 January 5, 2014

          Don’t know about that, Nick. When I spoke of justifiable homicides, I was referring to all the Germans we killed in WW2 trying to get rid of the kraut army. War is foolish, but sometimes justified. It’s a shame so many undoubtedly wonderful human beings were suckered into losing their life to a guy who in the end, supposedly killed himself. In the latest (revisionist history) it has been reported the Germans were working on a time machine they called The Bell, and it was a double that was killed to look as a suicide, and Hitler escaped in the Bell, which surfaced 20 years later in Kecksberg, Pa. Also, it commonly flies in and out of Antarctica through a hole in the ice, which NASA has photos of those occurences. Also, that Hitler is still alive and is ruling the world subversively.Ever hear that?

          1. idamag January 6, 2014

            Just how many Germans were killed in WWII trying to get rid of the Kraut army? Where do you get your figures?

          2. 1olderbutwiser1 January 6, 2014

            Don’t know the exact number any more than anyone else. I have known ww2 American GI’s who killed numerous German soldiers, in different countries, not just Germany. Want to downplay the great one? While fighting in many different countries, liberating many countries from Nazi control, we maintained a greater sense of decency that anyone we fought against. We took prisoners, nursed them, even educated some of them. I would surmise easily in excess of 100,000 german soldiers, at least 20,000 german civilians in the bombings. While in Germany, in Augsburg and Munich, I saw the bombed out schools and churches, the remains. Bombing then was not nearly as accurate as today. Leaving the remains reminds Germans, who can be an extremely aggressive people, a reminder of what war can do. Germany and Japan both rely on us to protect them in case of an aggressor attacking them, NATO as well. America is one incredible nation. Our freedom of speech and a tendency of media to be socialistic, duns the accomplishments we have done to benefit all of mankind. Look at the world as it is, and it is easy to see justification for having so many foreign bases, and interests worldwide. Japan and China are both currently arming up, I understand. there is a dispute over an area claimed by both where some important mineral resources have been found. In this age of high-tech push-button annihilation potential, it is best to pray for peace.

        2. idamag January 6, 2014

          Hitler claimed he was doing God’s work in eliminating the Jews and other undesirables.

      7. jmprint January 5, 2014

        Yes you do! his name is Ted Cruz, now go and tell all your friend to vote democrat so that this nation moves forward.

        1. 1olderbutwiser1 January 6, 2014

          Has it struck you odd that Rubio and Cruz are frontrunners for presidential contention, and both are first generation Americans whose parents had a true work ethic, not an American Democrat work ethic?

          1. jmprint January 6, 2014

            No it doesn’t strike me odd. It’s fools like you that think they will be garnering the hispanic vote, guess what, hispanics are not as stupid as you think.

          2. idamag January 6, 2014

            And you got your greedy hands out for your Social Security check.

          3. 1olderbutwiser1 January 6, 2014

            What kind of whacko are you?

  5. Susan Garrett January 4, 2014

    Lou Dobbs hates everyone. He was so filled with hate of G.W. Bush even liberals became sick of his rants on CNN. FOX News is getting desperate for ranting entertainment nutts to fill their broadcast time. Who can even stand to watch it more than 5 mins without gritting their teeth in fustration at all the nonsense.

    1. Nick Clark January 5, 2014

      I either can’t stop laughing or end up raging at the tv and need to shut it off before I braking shit.

  6. 1olderbutwiser1 January 4, 2014

    The word progressive should be defined as it really is, being the march to the cliff, gaining speed as it goes along. Clinton and Obama have one thing in common, both being abandoned as a child; and because of that, they want to make sure everybody has a parent who is benevolent and lifts them to that of the entitled status. WE NEED TO FIND A MAN OR WAMAN FOR PRESIDENT WHO HAS RISEN FROM POVERTY TO WEALTH ON THEIR OWN ACCOMPLISHMENTS, OUTSIDE OF GOVERNMENT, AND THE STOCK MARKET (just a gambling casino, really) NOT THAT OF THEIR PARENTS OR GRANDPARENTS and who has lived a clean life from their birth, and still having accomplished the seemingly impossible, that of maintaining a moral compass, as they made great accomplishments. There has to be someone like that out there, time to find them. WE ARE VERY NEAR THE FACE OF THE CLIFF.

    1. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG January 4, 2014

      If Republicans would have passed the Jobs Act in 2011, people would have been going back to work, our failing infrastructure would have been on the mend and people would have been being trained to re-enter the job market. Had this been done there would be no need for extending unemployment benefits, less people would need assistance feeding their families and putting and keeping a roof over their heads. What do you deem “a clean life from their birth” and “maintaining a moral compass”? Who determines what that is? I thought only God could judge us. There is a separation between Church and State for a reason – you should not and can not legislate religion, morality and sin.

      1. Ed January 4, 2014

        disqus: As with all you libtards that populate this cesspool, you are full of easy answers to complicated solutions; to you, the solution to poverty would be passing a law, fixing infrastructure, spending more money (news for you, money we don’t have!), and raising the minimum wage to $16/hr. (while you are at it, let’s REALLY eradicate poverty, let’s raise it to $52/hr !!)
        You do not even have a faint idea about what is “a clean life” or (MUCH LESS !) “maintaining a moral compass”.
        That’s one of the (many) problems with morons from the Left (and I admit that there are MANY morons from the Right): You have no idea (until a completely compass-less abomination like Obama tells you) about what is a “moral compass” because to you “morality” is relative.
        I know, I know, you do not understand what I am saying, but take my post to a Conservative friend of yours and he will explain it to you …

        1. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG January 4, 2014

          Judgmental Much? You do not know me so how do you know if I lived a “clean life”? I can’t even answer that because I don’t know what you define as a “clean life”. As far as my moral compass that is between me and God, he will on judgment day determine if I have had a good moral compass – not you or any other person walking this earth. How is the President in your words “completely compass less abomination”? The hatred you show towards liberals is that the teachings of Jesus or is your moral compass broken? No response necessary your posts say it all.

        2. Duckbudder January 4, 2014

          Lost credibility at “libtard”.
          Flag, and Down Vote.

          1. Nick Clark January 5, 2014

            To true.

        3. idamag January 5, 2014

          All generalities are lies, liar.

      2. 1olderbutwiser1 January 6, 2014

        The Ten Commandments are the moral compass. Our constitution is supported by these commandments.

        1. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG January 6, 2014

          Our constitution is not supported by these commandments, Our constitution declares different religions may exist along side of each other in peaceful coexistence. The doctrine of the “separation of church and state” means that the government takes no position or alignment with any particular religion. The only position on religion the constitution takes is the protection of any religious infringement upon another religion which denies that particular religion the right to the “freedom to worship as they see fit.” This not only applies to the physical institution of a given religion, but also to the conceptualization of their religious ideas which is the profound foundation for the structure of that particular religion.

    2. rothgar January 4, 2014

      So where does one find someone like this?

      Please list the industries where Government R&D or chaos deconstruction has not enabled the accomplishments of those “self made” plutocrats?

      Since the 1930’s some have known that conservative economic models/theories are complete BS. If the were accurate there would have been NO unemployed people.

      1. 1olderbutwiser1 January 4, 2014

        You seem to wish to deny the fact that we have many people who simply are unemployable. In the past year, I have been totally ripped off by 3 “”contractors”” who are in my experienced opinion, are all 3, simply unemployable people. Look at people who the first thing they do in life is procreate, they are most often simply unemployable. To have an employee infers stability, performance, reliability and many other things associated with the traditional adulthood. We have many old-aged children who have only been parasites their whole life. One of our great faults as evidenced by contemporary societal standards is the thinking that “all people are dignified”. Only an idiot can possibly think that a truism.

        1. rothgar January 5, 2014

          Answer the question. Enough with the Bullshit.

          1. 1olderbutwiser1 January 5, 2014

            Back in the thirties, the dead wood was carried along, Yes, there were achievers such as whom you seem to represent, being those men of industry who demanded the best of their workforce and there were those who just worked at a gas station or maybe a shoe or coat salesman, or such, Most jobs were much less intellectually demanding than today’s workforce require. Since we are in international markets today, the competition we face are those workers in foreign lands who work for peanuts, as did our forebearers. and to effectively compete with them, we must be a lot smarter and have greater output per man-hour. The contemporary solution seems to be robots of all types. Advantages of robots in manufacturing are many, such as flawless output, extraordinary consistency, no sick days, no bathroom breaks, no lunch time, the list is long. But robots do not buy the finished product, that is the fallacy of all the other listed advantages. But with our current regulated industry approach, it costs too much to employ real living people to do what the robots can do. I DON’T see the solution to be having a man work for what it costs to have the robot do the job, that would be senseless. There is no simple solution, so the government sees a solution of extended unemployable’s benefits and unemployed employable people benefits, even extended way beyond the initial scope of the intended duration per individual, when these programs were initiated.. I don’t know the solution, I wish I did.
            The current approach is to have more and more regulation, where as we become a “service society” and have greater and actually unnecessary division of labor, with the pretense this will improve employment figures. That’s a false assumption, as it just adds more and more to the cost of all business be it service, or, manufacturing durable goods. A good example would be an electric clothes dryer. Look at one 40 years old, and try to work on it, then look at a new one made today. A new one weighs far less, is well designed as to be “componentized” if you will, making for easier individual components to be repaired or replaced, and the cost today is far less when computing man-hours of median wage pay for the finished product…..these advantages due to intelligent engineering, and volumes of sales as well, since population increases result in larger markets. If you look at a ’48 chevy and an “08 chevy, well…..drive them a quarter million miles, see how many times you have to rebuild the engine on each, the engine alone. an ’08 chevy will easily last those miles if simply maintained as required by the manufacturer, get much, much better gas mileage, far less pollution, many better safety features of all types. I honestly don’t know the number of median-wage man-hours required to buy the 48 chevy at that time, nor do I know the median-wage man-hours necessary to buy an ’08 chevy in ’08, but I would guess they were similar, albeit a huge difference in quality and convenience of the finished product. We live in an enlightened age. But a drawback is the regulatory aspect of doing business today in America, so countries with less of that atmosphere, and a hungry workforce not loaded with people demanding their “rights” being protected, can produce products identical or superior to our products for half as much, sometimes even less. And good products as well. Look at Asian cars, their designs are miles ahead of us and we produce as our newest innovation what they had 5 years ago. We are now, after 10 years of losing sales for it, starting to compete with the Prius. Maybe a VOLT at 35K can compete with a Prius at 22K? No, the Prius has more technology and legendary Toyota durability. The Volt has a prettier design…..being like American women, who look great but can’t cook an egg. A Volt is a great winter car though, as is the Tesla….on a really cold day, they can burn to keep you warm.
            As far a answering your question though, I am not going to name names. But I will say, Cheney is a good shot, if he did do it on purpose. It looked like an accident, eh?
            Politics are a whole ‘nother story.

        2. hotflashweave January 5, 2014

          How can you bear to love in this country which you so disdain?

          1. 1olderbutwiser1 January 6, 2014

            I CAN BEAR TO LOVE IN THIS COUNTRY BECAUSE I HAVE A WONDERFUL WIFE OF 42 YEARS, AND THREE WONDERFUL GROWN CHILDREN I can bear to live here, because this is home. I have been thru Europe, trust me, America is better. We have our problems, and in due time will hopefully, hopefully, hopefully solve them. Piling on more debt most certainly will not solve them. Gov approach is only to pile on more debt, presumably to have some inflation worse than Carter style, to pay off with very cheap dollars. If we lose our status, the loss currently underway, of world reserve currency we will become a banana republic. Until 2 years ago, all payments internationally for trade were computed in dollars with appropriate exchange rates. In the last two years, 4 other countries have challenged our standing, and now pay for oil in their own currencies. I see the writing on the wall, unless we strengthen the dollar now with deflation here, which makes the dollar stronger abroad. Painful, but it’s a must-do.

          2. jmprint January 6, 2014

            And what will that strong dollar do to the millions of middle class people that will become lower class, and the lower class will be destitute, with yours and the Tparty ideology.

          3. 1olderbutwiser1 January 6, 2014

            Stagnant wages during a deflationary period results in the dollar buying more. The same number of dollars goes farther, simple as that. A stronger dollar abroad makes imports a little cheaper, but I would look for tariffs to be put in place to guard against the current dumping from nations who have no worker protection laws, as we have. This would enhance industry potential growth here at home, where we need it. With the lower class on entitlement programs, or having whatever income they can scavenge with limited skills and/or intellect, the dollar they do manage to come by, will buy more than it now can purchase. One exception may be food, if this cold weather wipes out growing vegetables in the south, as well a potential freezing of livestock. We are having record lows going back to the first temperature recording dates. As is current, food stamps abound, paid for with a printing press. One must realize the value of a dollar is to watch the moving target..

    3. ORAXX January 4, 2014

      Dwight Eisenhower would be a good example.

      1. 1olderbutwiser1 January 4, 2014

        Unfortunately dead. I view him as great as Lincoln. In particular, his remarks about the military industrial complex.

    4. Ed January 4, 2014

      1olderbutwiser1: Your (and my) man is Dr. Ben Carson. Read what is out there about this EXTRAORDINARY man.

      1. 1olderbutwiser1 January 4, 2014

        Yes, he is extraordinary, and rational. I would have him on the short list, to be sure. Quite a man.

        1. edwardw69 January 4, 2014

          You need to do your homework: just like Mr. Obama and Mr. Clinton, Dr. Carson grew up in a single parent home. Check out your second sentence, above.

          1. 1olderbutwiser1 January 4, 2014

            You are a thinker. We need more of you on here.

          2. Philip Quinn January 4, 2014

            Get off then and make room!

          3. 1olderbutwiser1 January 4, 2014

            OK, I am off now, bossman.

          4. awakenaustin January 4, 2014

            How long have you been out of prison? “Bossman?”

    5. WhutHeSaid January 4, 2014

      Um…perhaps this news never made it to your trailer park, but the United States was formed by liberals as an experiment in a liberal new form of government. Everything you have is the result of ‘progressive’ policies.

      Sorry to interrupt your slumber, but everyone has to wake up sometime.

      1. 1olderbutwiser1 January 4, 2014

        Read the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution. Now, you will tell me these people were liberals? These were men of stature, not liberals at all. They valued freedom and independence, not dependency. Webster’s unabridged would help you a lot.

        1. idamag January 4, 2014

          Reading words is one thing. Reading comprehension is another.

          1. 1olderbutwiser1 January 4, 2014

            A socialist ideology tilts all rational understanding.

          2. idamag January 4, 2014

            And you, a senior citizen have your greedy hand out for Social Security (notice the word social in it) and Medicare, but would rather see other people’s children die because they didn’t have healthcare. Sure you paid into it. That is what socialism is.

        2. WhutHeSaid January 4, 2014

          These were liberals — each and every one. Varied opinions, yes, but all progressive thinkers. Nobody can dispute this — not even ZZ-Top refugees who have a bigoted ax to grind.

        3. plc97477 January 4, 2014

          Boy if you are wiser now that you have gotten older, you must have been really stupid before.

          1. 1olderbutwiser1 January 4, 2014

            Spoken as a true liberal, deny the truth, deny the truth, deny the truth,……then you can feel good about yourself……

          2. Independent1 January 4, 2014

            And exactly what is the truth??

            The fact that Bush and Cheney deliberately started the Iraq war based on lies and distortions for one main purpose: to make money via the defense sector of the American economy while adding at least a trillion to America’s debt??

            The fact that Bush and Cheney pushed for UNFUNDED tax cuts so they and their other wealth buddies could keep more money inTHEIR pockets while the costs to run our country added up on a credit card (over 6 trillion added to our debt in 8 years)

            The fact that Bush and Cheney pushed to add a prescription drug benefit to Medicare as a GIVEAWAY TO BIG PHARMA for whatever payback Big Pharma would give them while continuing to add more to America’s debt??

            The fact that Bush and Cheney DELIBERATELY allowed a terrorst attack to happen on 9/11 by refusing 7 TIMES to allow the CIA to try and stop it???

            The fact that Bush and Cheney allowed the financial sector or America to run amok with fraudulent credit instruments that ended up creating the biggest recession since the Big Depression??

            The fact that Bush and Cheney presided over the most lackluster economy in America since the Big Depression with the worst jobs and growth and personal income growth in 7 decades???

            Just what is the truth?? I don’t think you have a clue!!!

          3. 1olderbutwiser1 January 4, 2014

            I assume you know the truth. When you make that announcement that shakes the earth?

          4. Independent1 January 4, 2014

            How about these truths:

            Obama is the smallest spending president since Eisenhower with a 1.4%/yr budget growth in contrast to Reagan and Bush 2
            who both averaged over 8%/yr.

            Obama has reduced deficit spending faster than any president since Truman right after WWII, cutting the 1.9trillion in Bush 2’s last Budget to under 680 billion for the 2012-13 budget year.

            Obama’s administration has brought more crooks to justice and recovered more fraud monies related to the defense and healthcare sectors than any previous president.

            Obama’s administration has rounded up and deported more problem illegal aliens than any previous president.

            And if you’re looking for many many more Obama accomplishments take 10-15 minutes and review the list at this link:


          5. 1olderbutwiser1 January 5, 2014

            Skewed statistics from government can be used to present any argument, but look at the total debt of all levels of government combined under the Obama administration to get a true picture of the situation. It’s horrible.
            But I will say this…..when we have a government filled with liars and thieves, the last thing to expect is honesty.
            I might also note, Obama has probably done about as good a job as anybody else would have done at handing over the country from deficit spending, to international bankers and corporations.. And he has done an exceptionally good job of defying our constitution. And shameless congress goes right along, protecting the status quo. This year, in November, let’s make it THE NOVEMBER TO REMEMBER and throw all the libtards into the garbage can.

          6. Independent1 January 5, 2014

            Wow!! Faux News really does brainwash people to the point where all they can believe are its lies and distortions.
            Sorry sucker!! I’m not buying one word of your asinine lies!!!

          7. 1olderbutwiser1 January 5, 2014

            Bare, bold, proven statistics, and acknowledged in court pleadings statistics are not lies. They simply fly in the face of your Pollyanna view of the world. Fantasyland should only be at Disneyworld, not mainstream mentality among adults. Yes. Sometimes truth hurts, even to the point of disbelief.

          8. Independent1 January 5, 2014

            And let’s see those statistics!! Not implications and accusations
            BUT STATISTICS!!!
            You haven’t got any!!!!!!!

          9. idamag January 5, 2014

            names, dates and reliable sources please.

          10. 1olderbutwiser1 January 5, 2014

            All national publications vindicate my statements, Yes, many cities are headed into bankruptcy. Sates being down low on fed subsidy, down to state level, the city level, terribly underfunded retirement plans, about everything that can go wrong, has gone wrong. More bad news every day. You should read newspapers financial columns.

          11. idamag January 6, 2014

            You are still being abstract. Everything you say might be true, but you have not proved it. national publications is abstract. Were they objective or were they biased? Were they owned by Murdock or the Koch Brothers? You did get one thing right, federal subsidies are down for public entities, but they are up for special interests. I am an avid newspaper reader and study everything in it except the gossip columns and football. If you are reading Koch owned publications, there is a method to the madness they are spreading.

          12. idamag January 6, 2014

            “All national publications” is abstract. Even if you were telling the truth, you are still not proving diddle-dee-dee. When cities find themselves in financial difficulty it is due to the lack of a healthy tax base. Unemployed people cannot pay taxes. They do not have the purchasing power and the merchants suffer. All of this affects the economy. And if we decide to eliminate the Education Department, the EPA and other government entities, we throw more people on the unemployment rolls and eventually, 1929 will be revisited. You didn’t say whether your sources were unbiased. Are they publications owned by Rupert Murdoch? Are they owned by the Koch Brothers? I do read newspapers. I am a newspaper junkie.

          13. Independent1 January 5, 2014

            Thanks for the link!! The GOP and Faux News hypocricy is astounding!!

          14. Nick Clark January 5, 2014

            How about this for denying the truth. Everyone rages about benghazi, take a look at this.


          15. 1olderbutwiser1 January 5, 2014

            I’m sure there is some truth to this. The difference is the level of spywork done by this administration, and it’s still denial of forewarning. They were well forewarned. Bush had no real spy setup like Obama. I am sure he did have at least some spying going on, which one would expect of government. It upsets me Obama was spying on Germany as he was. If you look at the media you see mainstream wanting to punish Snowden. I think the guy is a hero. Mainstream is bought and paid for by the feds.

          16. idamag January 6, 2014

            I don’t know, I am not a liberal, but I agree with plc7477

    6. BillMohon January 4, 2014

      You might think about jumping off of that CLIFF!

      1. 1olderbutwiser1 January 4, 2014

        Reality angers you? We have 2 trillion dollars in circulation, over 100 trillion in debts to pay off using that 2 trillion dollars. Enlighten me as to you resolution of this impossibility?

          1. 1olderbutwiser1 January 5, 2014

            Yes, look into total debt that the treasury must pay out with the current schedule, it’s actually over 120 trillion. And climbing daily. We are in a real serious level of TROUBLE

        1. Nick Clark January 5, 2014

          Just so it’s clear…the debt…just over 17 trillion, not over 100 trillion like your preacher or conservative friends are telling you it is. They’re lying to you, and between you and me…the preacher is the biggest lair of them all, he’s convinced you his imaginary friend is real.

    7. idamag January 4, 2014

      Dipped in, you better go back to school or are you still in school? If so, you need to find a better school. The word progressive comes from progress which means moving forward. period. The downfall of our country is going to be the ideologies that fight one another instead of making progress. And you are one of the problems with your ideology.

      1. 1olderbutwiser1 January 4, 2014

        And the blind man espouses his ideology as he walks toward the cliff, and then starts to jog ….and then a full sprint……not seeing the cliff as an abyss……

        1. awakenaustin January 4, 2014


        2. idamag January 5, 2014

          You are just another old geezer with his hand out for Social Security and Medicare.

          1. 1olderbutwiser1 January 5, 2014

            I am older, yes. I sincerely doubt I will live long enough for you to see the light, it’ll probably be a long, long time.

  7. Dee January 4, 2014

    One thing is certain when someone can say the president should be assassinated. and gets away with the threat then there is some serious racist people in Government had Obama been a white man first he wouldn’t be as hated as those in Congress and so forth are against Obama and second if it had of been a white president and someone threatened or even hinted at the possibility he would have been shot mere hours after saying it,. We hear this and that but we cant imagine what it must be like for Obama trying to get even the simplest of things done with no cooperation whatsoever.
    makes me sad for him as it would for anty human being being made to feel less and hated.

    1. edwardw69 January 4, 2014

      I wouldn’t worry too much about it: these people are all blow and no go. Check out the comment section of any Fox story; every third comment proposes assassination, and yet, in five years no one has as much as tossed a pie his way. All talk, and nothing else.

      1. Dee January 4, 2014

        Wow I had always thought it was a crime to say that or at the very least get someone the attention of those whom we wish not to come visit us ever!

        1. edwardw69 January 4, 2014

          It is a crime: I’m just saying that these people would like to see it happen, but have no intention of doing it themselves.

  8. Ed January 4, 2014

    Jason Sattler, you poor caricature of a journalist”:
    Only the libturds of this cesspool of leftists believe your inane arguments. You state: “The publication of a story in The New York Times debunking many of the right wing’s claims about the attack that left four Americans dead in Benghazi has inspired Fox News to go into overdrive to keep the story alive.” There are 2 very subtle arguments underlying this claim: 1) That The New York Times article ACTUALLY debunked the claims about the attacks; it did NOT and, furthermore, most people (the ones that do not swallow everything that is spoon-fed to them) know that The New York Times is a discredited (and bankrupt) mouthpiece of the liberal leftist (big) wing of the DemocRat Party; 2) Strange that Sattler took the CYA measure of subtly clarifying that the (defective) “debunking” only included “many” (not all, mind you!) of the claims of what he obediently characterizes as “right wing”.
    Gimme a break.

    1. edwardw69 January 4, 2014

      Good grief, give ME a break. Even that arsonist, Darrell Issa has quietly let the subject drop. Mr. Obama has some things to answer for, but he did not stage the attack on the CIA safe-house in Benghazi.

      1. Ed January 4, 2014

        edwardw: But OF COURSE Obama did not “stage” the Benghazi attack!!
        Who ever said that?
        That is not what he (and Hillary) is being accused of.

        1. edwardw69 January 4, 2014

          That is just the most ridiculous of ridiculous claims I have seen. So, what criminal act(s) are Mr. Obama and Ms. Clinton being accused of, by you?

          1. Ed January 6, 2014

            Nick: There are abysmally BIG differences between what happened in Benghazi to 4 brave Americans who were denied help because “we did not have all the details of what was happening …” and what your obscure ” source” reports about other attacks on American Embassies.

          2. Jerry Harness January 13, 2015

            Yet when Congress denied them the help they asked for months ago, WHEN THEY NEEDED IT, that was just a big misunderstanding hu? Its like asking your kid to go to the store at night and when he ask for someone to come with him, you say he don’t need it; but when he get mugged on the way home, you blame your wife for no being there.
            Your arguments are all smoke and mirrors. Nothing more.

        2. jmprint January 5, 2014

          No, it was the t party that staged it fool.

          1. Ed January 6, 2014

            jmprint: You are the dummy here, jimmy. What you and the rest of the Leftie “posters” here cannot fathom is that the Benghazi attack was not “staged” by ANYBODY or anyone, neither Killary, nor Obama, nor the State Department, nor the Tea Party. The Benghazi attack was REAL and NOT STAGED.
            What was staged was the initial attempt at damage control by Killary, Rice and King Obama who tried to make the voters believe (please God, for only ONE more month to go before the election!!) that the attack had no connection to Al Qaeda and that NOTHING could have been done to save these 4 brave men.

            The BIG problem with Benghazi was not that it was “staged” by anyone. The problem was (and still is, for Killary) that neither the State Department she headed at the time nor the White House responded IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM to the plight of these 4 brave men. They had plenty of time and the wherewithal to respond and perhaps would have saved them but decided not to do that.
            In my book, that’s tantamount to CRIMINAL dereliction of duty and Killary should have been prosecuted for it.

          2. Jerry Harness January 13, 2015

            Yet, you were silent during Bush’s 7 embassy attacks? Why?
            And you don’t hold Republicans at least partially responsible for refusing the additional security funds requested by these consulates? Instead, you cry because our executive branch failed to cover your Republican Congress’s lack of foresight.
            So first, Republicans claim we can’t afford additional support for these consulates, then they expect us to scramble after the fact, in the wild hopes we get these folks the help they need, when by all rights, they should of had it to begin with.
            What is worse than turning your back on your own people? When they get hurt, you blame it on everyone else! Its almost like the Republicans want all the responsibility, but without any accountability. Just like children playing house.

    2. FT66 January 4, 2014

      To hell you go with your so-called post while it contains nothing. You are calling us “libturds of this cesspool of leftists”? What about calling you: “The know nothing right-winger who has no respect to others and pretends he knows everything?” Stop your name calling and may be one day we can consider you as one who is breathing without contributing something.

      1. Ed January 4, 2014

        FT66: You are a FUNNY clown. You felt PERSONALLY alluded to.
        Of course, as with MOST (not all) people who respond to my occasional posts, you DO NOT contradict, you do not even argue, what I say but limit yourself to claiming I know nothing and you lefties know everything.
        Your HATED President Ronald Reagan, a REAL president, said it best: “The problem with our liberal friends is not that they don’t know anything; it’s just that they know so much that just ain’t so.”
        I know, I know, these words from a truly outstanding President really drive you libturds NUTS, but that does not matter because you are already nutjobs.

        1. edwardw69 January 4, 2014

          They weren’t his words: he stole them from Mark Twain. (Paraphrasing.)

        2. WhutHeSaid January 4, 2014

          Hey! It’s Mr Ed, the talking horse ass!

          Hey Mr. Ed — did Wilbur ever inform you that Reagan supported gun control and granted amnesty to millions of undocumented immigrants? I always thought Wilbur should have sent you to the glue factory long ago anyway.

        3. FT66 January 4, 2014

          I always respect people who respect others and themselves, BUT those who try to stick their fingers in my eye, I never let them go without understanding what they did was wrong. You can’t call us that we belong to cesspool and expect we will praise you. What about using a filter and use the right words to address people. Do you know what goes to the cesspool?

      2. idamag January 4, 2014

        Backwoods comes to mind.

      3. Ed January 4, 2014

        FT66: Listen to yourself! NOT ONE argument to argue or counteract mine! NOT ONE ! WHY? Because you, poor clown: 1) do not possess the intellectual wherewithal to argue against any of my points; 2) prefer to “congratulate” each other on your mutual stupidity (“wow! Could not agree more!”, “well taken point !”, “you, Dominick, should start your own blog!”, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc); 3) are, like MOST “posters” on this collection of idiocies, a BUFFOON.
        I decided to call a spade “a spade” on this cesspool and I KNOW that OFFENDS (your favorite word!) you and the 7 stupid idiots who gave you a “thumbs up”.
        Get a life, FT !!

        1. kanawah January 4, 2014

          Your cesspool scum does not deserve any response. it is total elephant manure.

      4. Ed January 5, 2014

        FT66: It is YOU, dumbo, who gets to go to hell. It becomes obvious, by a quick read of your infantile “post”, that you are even more STOLID (look it up, you dumbass!) than that abomination of nature who poses as a woman nurse, Fern Woodcock.
        If you want to appear as borderline intelligent, and not as the mental midget everybody knows you are, ADDRESS, ANSWER, and OPPOSE my points!! Don’t just stand there like the slobbering old fart that you are, crying out stupidities!
        Give it a try, FT69, you might actually make some sense, ….. although I very much doubt it …

    3. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG January 4, 2014

      When you start your post with “libturds of the cesspool of leftists” you immediately indicate you have no argument. Discussions and differences of opinions can be relayed without the name calling, unless you have nothing factual to contribute.

      1. idamag January 4, 2014

        He certainly didn’t graduate summa cum laude from any college.

      2. Ed January 5, 2014

        Hey disqus: You are FUNNY and PATHETIC at the same time. You are a dumbass, but still funny.
        Now, disqus, go and play with the rest of your “mice” friends until your Mommy calls you in for dinner, ok?

        1. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG January 6, 2014

          Late to the party are you Ed. First what is the point of the caps, are you screaming? Second, you proved my point with the text of your response. Thank you.

          1. idamag January 6, 2014

            Late to the party? The lack of invitation was deliberate.

          2. Ed January 6, 2014

            disqus: You are right; I should have said: “Disqus, you area funny and pathetic at the same time. You are a dumbass, but still funny.”

            Now, sonny, go and play with the rest of your little ” mice” friends until your Mommy calls you in for dinner, OK?

          3. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG January 6, 2014

            What are you smoking? Perhaps if you share than perhaps your posts will make more sense.

          4. Ed January 7, 2014

            disqus: I am not the one smoking anything; it is you who got yourself the “handle” of a little (just like your little fried brain) mouse …

    4. Duckbudder January 4, 2014

      When you start with name calling, like a child, you loose all credibility.
      Flag, and Down Vote.

      1. idamag January 6, 2014

        Old troll, new name.

    5. kanawah January 4, 2014

      Wait until the LSD wares off and try that post again. You are totally hallucinating and deluded.

      1. Ed January 5, 2014

        kanawy: That LSD I bought from you didn’t work.
        Why don’t you answer/counteract ANY of my arguments instead of criticizing the bad LSD you sell for a living?
        Methinks YOU, my friend (haa! you wish!), is the one hallucinating and the one with no rational arguments.

    6. Jerry Harness January 13, 2015

      Sorry Ed, but I find no facts here to debunk.
      1) Here you just claim their wrong. No facts. Just opinion. Nothing here to dispute other than simply disagreeing, which I do.
      2) You claim that because he failed to address ALL the crazy claims, then his report doesn’t count. Really?
      In other words, your post contains no facts, so there is none to dispute. Why don’t you try taking a deep breath, collect your thoughts, and try making a logical argument, other than ‘Obama has cooties’. Otherwise, your just a child trying to debate with grownups.

  9. Guest January 4, 2014

    Notice the above ad asking is Jesus God? what they are trying to do is mess with our version of religion they want us to believe in lies.even if one doesn’t believe in God the point I’m making its bad enough we have lost so much of our own policies now they want to try and convince us that Jesus claimed to be God trying to get Christians upset over that lie Jesus never claimed it no matter what they try and convince .I’ve never spoke out in my life about religion until today, It just makes my blood boil to see that if some had it there way we would all feel a sense of not belonging. Or maybe even feeling like second class citizens~ “Just saying”.

  10. JohnRNC January 4, 2014

    “…every man might kill a tyrant; and no names are recorded in history with more honor, than of those who did it.”

    Let’s look at a list shall we:

    Lee Harvey Oswald (JFK)
    John Wilkes Boothe (Lincoln)
    Charles J Guiteau (Garfield)
    Leon Czolgosz (McKinley)

    John F Schrank (T. Roosevelt – attempted)
    Arthur Bremer (Nixon – attempted; went on to shoot & cripple Gov. Geo Wallace)
    Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme (Ford – attempted)
    John Hinckley Jr (Reagan – attempted; perm. disabled Press Sec James Brady)

    Don’t see much honor. Do see alot of mental illness….

    Tyrants brought down by assassins are generally replaced by other tyrants. “Democracy” is supposed to be a civilized step forward in the transition of leadership so that there’s not a bloodbath every time a leader falls or is replaced. Those that propose murder are free to talk about it (under the 1st Amendment). However, should they be disregarded as ignorant [or disturbed] or should they be watched in case they [are stupid enough to] try something?

    The questions we need to answer as a society are: Do we want to be ruled by gun-toting Neanderthals and just shoot whoever we disagree with? Or do we want to be ruled by a set of rules that promotes peaceful transitions of power?

    Fox – which side are you on?

    1. idamag January 4, 2014

      Excellent post.

    2. Allan Richardson January 4, 2014

      Actually, the Fox viewer base probably includes a good sized minority who WOULD “honor” Booth or Oswald. On the other hand, I know of NO LIBERALS who would “honor” those who attempted to assassinate Nixon, Ford or Reagan, no matter how harmful they believed their policies to be. Liberals believe the way to change bad policies is to ELECT better leaders who will change them (and, incidentally, to elect them in FAIR ELECTIONS, NOT by suppressing other people’s votes).

    3. plc97477 January 4, 2014

      Do you need to ask?

    4. Charles November 22, 2014

      Oh, and tell us again which TYRANTS were killed by that group? Not ONE. Ford, pick any of them, was a TYRANT? Ford?? Freakin idiot post.

  11. 788eddie January 4, 2014

    Fox News has become desperate to scream about Benghazi with the publication of an extensively researched article debunking the coverup theory that some right-wingnuts have been espousing.

    Feedom of speech is an important part of our country’s essential character. But with this freedom comes responsibilities. Lou Dobbs needs to start showing some responsibility before people begin accusing him of seditious activity.

    In the Lou Dobb’s interview Michael Scheuer said “ It is shameful for a professional news organization to be involved in this clear deceit.” I think that is exactly what could be said of Fox News (but then again, it is stretching the position that Fox News is a news organization).

    1. kanawah January 4, 2014

      As I always add to the name “Fox News (NOT)”

    2. Nick Clark January 5, 2014

      Here’s something else to throw at Fox viewers and anyone that screams benghazi. http://www.policymic.com/articles/40811/13-benghazis-happened-under-president-bush-and-fox-news-said-nothing

  12. Jim Myers January 4, 2014

    Lou Dobbs had a program many years ago. I don’t remember what it was called.

    I looked forward to the program, because he covered some rather unusual and interesting subjects.

    Now, it looks like he is into creating “Fantasy” features designed to incite unrest in the “Right Wing Whack Jobs.”

    Facts obviously are not required in his world. Actually, twisting facts seems to be what he is really good at doing.

    It is sad commentary when the best he can do is to re-write history to suit his Ultra Right Wing Conservative audience.

    Never mind the fact that the Republicans were responsible for blocking the funding requests to beef up security at primary and secondary Consulates.

    While Lou Dobbs is at it, why not bring up the “birther” crap again. That always seems to bring out the anguish of the “Right Wing Whack Jobs.”

    1. kanawah January 4, 2014

      Yes, several years ago I looked forward to Lou’s show. Now, I just want to puke on him.

  13. DBH316 January 4, 2014

    How else are they going to keep viewers other than to appeal to all the real crazies out there. Fox has given them a forum to spew forth their anger and disdain of all but themselves.

    1. Charles November 22, 2014

      Yes, when someone is wrong. The way you have it, anything Obama says must be right and true and anyone else must automatically be wrong.

  14. FT66 January 4, 2014

    Dear Progressive, the time has come that we must forget the old saying of conservatives that we must not steal from future generation. The narrative should be: “what can we do to make sure the present and future generation feel for what we had prepared for them”. The future generation should also work like the past and the present generation have done. They should not sleep and wait for what the past generation did for them. It must not work that way, and doesn’t make any sense.

    1. kanawah January 4, 2014

      Want to explain what you are talking about.

      The last line of you post describes it well.

      It must not work that way, and doesn’t make any sense.

  15. One Thirsty Bear January 4, 2014

    Always keep in mind that Hussein Obama’s primary war is against the Constitution of the United States.

    1. JohnRNC January 4, 2014

      Based on…let’s see…No Evidence.
      And he has had plenty of opportunities to infringe our constitutional rights (specifically around firearms & free speech) but he has not done so. The US Supreme Court has done far more damage to the ability of individual citizens to exercise their individual rights than the President (see Citizen’s United)

      I recently read a story about the migration of the slave trade in the Americas from the US to Brazil as it became clear who would prevail in the Civil War. A quote from a woman who fled Savannah, Ga for Brazil in 1865 reads: “My heart is filled with an intensity of hatred toward the authors of our misery that I cannot mollify. There is no happiness within or without. I cannot reconcile myself to this wretched servitude.”

      Sound familiar???

      This sort of exaggerated dramatization of the effects of change (in this case the end of slavery in the US) has sadly been perpetuated into the 21st century. This woman was willing to buy and sell other human beings in order to make a living and not have to do her own laundry. But OH! the “wretched servitude” resulting from the freeing of the slaves…..and so, John Wilkes Boothe shot President Lincoln.

      We are right back where we were in 1865 and if we are not careful about whipping ourselves into emotional frenzies over lies we will end up in another [bloodier] civil war.

      Are we ready to take on the FULL responsibility of living in a free society? If so, we need to set the example and the standard for truth and reasonable dialog.

      1. One Thirsty Bear January 4, 2014

        Cass Sunstein, a former member of Hussein Obama’s criminal marxist regime, has written extensively about undermining, subverting, attacking, and assaulting our sacred Bill of Rights.

        1. daniel bostdorf January 5, 2014

          The real Cass Sunstein free from your troll rants:


        2. daniel bostdorf January 5, 2014

          Great group of extreme right wing loonies you support mr troll:

          Cass Sunstein Received Death Threats After Fox News Smear Campaign Led By Glenn Beck



          March 21, 2013 3:36 PM EDT




        3. daniel bostdorf January 5, 2014

          I suggest you read these articles—-if you know how to read—


        4. daniel bostdorf January 5, 2014

          You also need to know definitions of political concepts:

          Marxism: (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the economic and political theory and practice originated by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels that holds that actions and human institutions are economically determined, that the class struggle is the basic agency of historical change.

          Semantics: branch of linguistics and logic concerned with meaning. There are a number of branches and subbranches of semantics, including formal semantics, which studies the logical aspects of meaning, such as sense, reference, implication, and logical form, lexical semantics, which studies word meanings and word relations, and conceptual semantics, which studies the cognitive structure of meaning.

          Demonizing a political group (in the hands of any dominant power structure) for political advantage requires blurring definitions and replacing them with lies and propaganda which is opposite of truth.

          History has definitions that are not subject to selective interpretation. Truthful definitions are truthful definitions.
          There are established absolutes that have clear defintions. Here are some…

          Fascism:: a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government: very harsh control or authority.

          Nazisism: the body of political and economic doctrines held and put into effect by the Nazis in Germany from 1933 to 1945 including the totalitarian principle of government, predominance of especially Germanic groups assumed to be 
racially superior, and supremacy of the führer.

          Benevolent Dictator: is a form of government in which an authoritarian leader exercises absolute political power over the state through elected epresentatives. A benevolent dictator may allow for some democratic decision-making to exist, such as through public referendums. Absolute power has NOT corrupted this individual. This person demands accountability and transparency of his or her subordinates.

          Police State: a political unit characterized by repressive governmental control of political, economic, and social life usually by an arbitrary exercise of power by police and especially secret police in place of regular operation of administrative and judicial organs of the government according to publicly known legal procedures . (can be an essential element of any political system)

          Propaganda: ideas or statements that are often false or exaggerated and that are spread in order to help a cause, a political leader, a government, etc. (an essential element of Nazis fascism—-Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

          Communism: a way of organizing a society in which the government owns the things that are used to make and transport products (such as land, oil, 
factories, ships, etc.) and there is no privately owned property.

          Capitalism: an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market

          Vulture Capitalist’: An unethical venture capitalist who, by any means necessary, deprives an inventor of control over his or her own innovations and most of the money the inventor should have made from the invention…..capitalist who invests in floundering firms in the hopes that the firms will turn around by any means necessary.

Oligarchy: a country, business, etc., that is controlled by a small group of people: the people that control a country, business, etc.: government or control by a small group of people (the essential element of fascism)

          Plutocracy: government by the richest people : a country that is ruled by the richest people: a group of very rich people who have a lot of power (another central element of Fascism)
          Anarchism: a political theory holding all forms of governmental authority to be unnecessary and undesirable and advocating a society based on voluntary 
cooperation and free association of individuals and groups.

          Nihilism: the belief that traditional morals, ideas, beliefs, etc., have no worth or value: the belief that a society’s political and social institutions are so bad that they should be destroyed. (Essentual element of Anarchism)

          Finally Troll that you are: This is you…

          A social media troll as someone who seeks to lure or bait people into negative, disruptive rhetoric for their own edification or to commandeer an otherwise free-flowing discussion among colleagues. They don’t recognize anyone that may be interested in discussing something that bores them and opt to criticize or yell “boring” instead of engaging in the discussion. They choose to belittle those who seek the information and discourse as well as those who try to provide it. They simply have no interest in anything that is not self-serving. Trolls will defend their focus on expressing contrary opinions as an honorable attempt to rid the online community of fake-experts, get to the truth of a matter or enlighten their followers; however, their intent has nothing to do with community building or public enlightenment.

    2. daniel bostdorf January 5, 2014

      Give it a rest “one thirsty bear” or whoever you are…probably another previous troll banned here that snuck in the back door?

      1. daniel bostdorf January 5, 2014

        see above…..

    3. daniel bostdorf January 5, 2014

      Just discovered that One Thirsty Bear is, in fact, a serial poster trol. He has posted same nonsense over the years:
      He is a serial posting cut and pasted one liners

      Always keep in mind that Hussein Obama’s primary #war is against the Constitution of the United States.
      @LibertySeeds Nov 28, 2013 01:06:15 GMT Follow @LibertySeeds


  16. RobertCHastings January 4, 2014

    Lou Dobbs, isn’t he the jackass who was kicked off CNN for all the lies he was spreading about the immigration issue? Yeah, that was him. Thanks, Lou, you sure helped set this country back a few years. Without your input, the issue would have been settled already.

  17. howa4x January 4, 2014

    FOX once again shows that it is an arm of the GOP and should have it’s broadcasting license revoked for a lack of impartial reporting

    1. Charles November 22, 2014

      Oh but when National Memo pushes progressivism with total partiality that perfectly OK, right?

  18. kanawah January 4, 2014

    Faux News strikes again.
    They are and always have been the propaganda arm of the republiSCUM party.

  19. Nick Clark January 5, 2014
  20. brickman January 6, 2014

    I usually don’t comment here but if you go to where I do (Real Clear Politics) people are always talking about shooting or hanging Obama and Hillary. I hope that the Secret Service monitors them. They also have people who advocate the violent overthrow of the government. Bernie Goldberg’s and Michelle Malkin’s sites have this type of person too. I ALWAYS call such posters on this by suggesting that THEY lead the charge . This usually shuts them up but nobody from the Right EVER joins in the condemnation.

    1. idamag January 6, 2014

      All of this is being fueled by the Koch Brothers. They have an agenda.

      1. brickman January 6, 2014

        As much as I dislike the Koch Brothers, I can’t blame the violence talk on them. They would not profit from disorder. This is really the attempt of Birchers and Racist groups to use frustrations with the status quo to legitimize themselves. Go on to conservative sites and by argument separate these people (the nut jobs) from the people that you merely disagree with.

        1. jmprint January 6, 2014

          Who do you think funds the Birchers and the racist groups, if not the KOCK BROCKERS.

          1. brickman January 6, 2014

            The Koch brothers only fund Birchers as far as they fund the Tea Party to co-opt the Tea Party. Birchers
            are trying to co-opt the Tea Party from the other end by trying to convince Americans who are getting screwed that Progs are the ones screwing them. The Birchers view the Tea Party as a recruitment opportunity. It’s not really working.

            People I know that initially reacted favorably to the Tea Party have left it. They were tired of being manipulated by people who only saw them as GOP foot soldiers, or they didn’t want to be associated with crazoids. Think Dick Armey for the former, think Victoria Jackson for the latter.

  21. I Zheet M'Drawz January 6, 2014

    All this hoo har could be eliminated if they simply dropped the enrollment age for the Medicare program to 0 instead of 66 years of age.
    No exchanges, no web sites, just Medicare.
    We’re going to have single payer universal health care INSURANCE before too long.

    1. Summer Tyme January 9, 2014

      no GOP will ever vote for that – so you 1st have to remove them from congress.

  22. Ed January 6, 2014

    Jimmy: You, poor slob, are a pathetic dummy. You think you can call me a ” fool” but resent it if I call you a ” dummy”.
    Jimmy, I repeat, you are a dumbass.
    Having settled that, go back to my post and try, just TRY, to counteract or contradict what I say (that is, of course, if you can understand what I said with your 19 IQ).
    Funny how you morons from the Left believe everything Rachel Madcow or Chris Matthews (or Obama Keep your Doctor, for that matter) tells you to believe.
    “… nothing in them indicate that anyone in the administration had fault.” I have this bridge in Brooklyn for sale ….
    Jimmy, poor slobbering Jimmy, go back to your toys …

    1. jmprint January 6, 2014


      The only criminal act that was enacted on us was the Bush/Cheney war. How come you don’t cry about that? We lost thousand of young soldiers. Can you guess who profited from this war?

  23. Ed January 6, 2014

    jimmy, jimmy, jimmy: You are the dummy here.
    Jimmy Carter: I give you another “Jimmy” as much an idiot as you …
    To your credit, jimmy, let me say that Jimmy Carter is (probably) a bigger idiot than you, …. but perhaps not….

  24. Hutch King January 9, 2014

    Hussein Obama is a delusional marxist.

  25. terry b February 25, 2014

    I wish he would put Antonin Scalia on his hit list. He is by far more deserving of being number one on that list. Many consider him the worst member on the supreme court of their lives. He has more power to screw up people’s lives than anyone else in the country.

    1. Elliot J. Stamler December 15, 2014

      This is a terrible comment. I disagree utterly with . Scalia on the great majority of issues and on his judicial philosophy but you are urging his murder. This proves my long-held contention that the radical left is as bad as the radical right.

      1. terry b December 16, 2014

        Scalia is an evil little man who loves to use power to damage our country as often as he possibly can. I would prefer for him to either have a heart attack or a severe stroke to protect our country from him. He is the worst SC member who simply does not know what the word justice means. His list of evil decisions is very long. He is a threat to the rights of over half of our citizens with his inability to know the difference between right and wrong. He says he believes in god but he seems to follow the devil with his many terrible decisions to back up this statement.

  26. toptwome March 5, 2014

    Anyone who says that should be arrested and investigated as a treasonous person. It is bad enough that they think anything else that they could do to our duly elected president. That is why the people at Fox are always lying and the people who watch that trash are always misinformed and some are irrational and crazy.

    1. jonesky December 4, 2014

      I agree, and find it puzzling that if you or I went on some social media outlet and advocated for the death of the president, we could count the seconds until the secret service arrived to see if we were a serious threat, but idiots like this can vent their homicidal spleen on national television without any penalty at all.

  27. Carol Dijkhuyzen March 14, 2014

    Lou Dobbs is one loser..with gutter fox waste!

  28. SteveCO April 12, 2014

    I laugh at the blatant racism and misogyny that is the Tea Party personified. People like Louis Gohmert and his Confederate asshole attitude, I personally would enjoy beating the crap out of until his bald head bled.
    There is NOTHING regular Americans care about in the fake Issa hearings. Zero. Americans have moved on.
    Tea Crap like Issa, the richest man in Congress with well over half a billion dollars, is like a teenage punk trying to tick off the old man. This upcoming Lerner “contempt” charge will be thrown out by a judge in fifteen seconds.
    These are the last shrieks of dying domestic terrorists, who realize their time is over but their hatred still foams. Colbert exposed their raw hatred and fear, with Fat unprosecuted Oxycontin dealer Rush spitting and having a psychotic moment, with his “attack against the heartland” sobbing.
    Rush baby, you are on the far outer fringes of lunatic. Colbert IS the Heartland of America.

  29. Lilyrosalie August 15, 2014

    Here is a man who does not believe in democratic government. I’m glad he is no longer with the CIA, but God knows who he is with today. Regardless of whom the people elected, if he doesn’t agree with them, they should be assassinated? Scheuer doesn’t like Snowden because he brought attention to the rogue aspects of the intelligence community. Scheuer is a scary man who should not be given a national platform from which to spew his bile. Regardless of their politics, this was irresponsible on the part of Fox News. The revolution they are trying so hard to spark would destroy what is left of our freedom.

  30. Elliot J. Stamler December 15, 2014

    I’ve read Michael Scheuer’s books. He is a raging hater of all Jews everywhere and like many such modern anti-semites uses Israel and Zionism as surrogates for his bigotry against Jews per se.


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