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Voting Still Matters When It Comes To Political Clout

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Voting Still Matters When It Comes To Political Clout

Voting provisional ballot

More than a half-century after brave protesters marched and bled and died to demand the right to vote for black citizens, the ballot box remains a potent weapon for civic and political change — a radical undertaking that can shake up social systems and correct inequities and injustices. If there is any good news in the untimely death of Michael Brown, it’s that the black residents of Ferguson, Missouri, have been reminded of the power of the franchise.

As protests have ebbed and activists have sought solutions to police brutality, they’ve started to register Ferguson’s underrepresented black citizens to vote. That won’t solve every problem, nor will it produce instant results, but it’s certainly one obvious avenue toward social change.

It took tragedy and weeks of unrest — the unarmed Brown, a black teenager, was killed by a white police officer on August 9 — to awaken a sense of urgency. Even as the two elections of President Obama proved, once again, the persuasiveness of the ballot, many Americans, especially those in historically oppressed ethnic groups, failed to appreciate its power in state and local affairs.

As the demographics of Ferguson have changed over the last 10 to 20 years, its newer residents have not exercised their political clout. The city was about 80 percent white in 1980, but its white population was down to less than 33 percent by 2010, according to the U.S. Census. You wouldn’t know that from looking at its local leaders.

The city council of six has just one black member; the school board comprises six whites and one Latino. Of the 53 sworn police officers on the force, just three are black. That helps explain a law enforcement agency that shows disrespect and hostility toward its black citizens.

There is a danger, of course, in exaggerating the power of politicians to change the habits formed from centuries of racial injustice or to correct systemic inequities that remain stubbornly entrenched. Obama, indeed, is a case in point. He has attracted a noisy, if tiny, group of black detractors who regularly denounce him for failing to appreciably roll back the racism that has haunted black America for generations.

He has been criticized for failing to adopt a “black agenda” that would employ black Americans and close the gap between white and black earning power. He has been excoriated for occasionally reminding black audiences that hard work and responsible conduct engender success, even as racism remains a cultural force. He has even been castigated for failing to speak out more forcefully against police misconduct in Ferguson.

It’s understandable that there’s a degree of frustration and disappointment that Obama’s election hasn’t done more to mitigate historic forces. After his election in 2008, it seemed that barriers to black success would fall rapidly. Instead, there remains a significant gap in most measures of economic well-being, starting with the unemployment rate. While about 6.6 percent of whites are currently unemployed, about 12.6 percent of blacks are jobless.

That gap hasn’t changed in 50 years, and educational attainment doesn’t alter it appreciably. While the unemployment rate is lower for black college grads than for blacks with high school diplomas, there is still more joblessness among blacks with college degrees than among whites with similar educations.

There’s not much Obama, or any president, can do to change that. Still, elections matter because politicians can encourage progress in any number of ways, large and small. The Affordable Care Act — or Obamacare — is just one example of that. While its provisions apply to all Americans, it affects blacks disproportionately because they are less likely to be able to afford policies without it.

If the vote didn’t matter, Republicans would not have worked so hard over the last decade to block the franchise. They’ve pushed through voter ID laws, cut back early voting and purged voter rolls — all in an effort to block a few voters of color, a cohort that tends to vote for Democrats. That’s testimony to the enduring power of the vote, a power that Ferguson’s black citizens should put to good use.

Cynthia Tucker won the Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 2007. She can be reached at cynthia@cynthiatucker.com.

Photo: Vox Efx via Flickr

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Cynthia Tucker Haynes

Cynthia Tucker Haynes, a veteran newspaper journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner, is a Visiting Professor of Journalism and Charlayne Hunter-Gault Distinguished Writer-in-Residence at the University of Georgia. She is also a highly-regarded commentator on TV and radio news shows.

Haynes was editorial page editor of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper for 17 years, where she led the development of opinion policy. More recently, she was that newspaper’s Washington-based political columnist. She maintains a syndicated column through Universal Press Syndicate, which is published in dozens of newspapers around the country. Besides winning the Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 2007, Haynes has also received numerous other awards, including Journalist of the Year from the National Association of Black Journalists.

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  1. Dominick Vila August 30, 2014

    When I voted last Tuesday there was only another elderly couple voting in the precinct I went to. Dependence on two incomes to make ends meet, the cost of the expectations we have imposed on ourselves, the effects of the demonization of government that began in earnest in the Reagan era, and that continues now in the form of ridiculing or denying the economic progress we have made during the last few years, all contribute to the political ambivalence that results in only a tiny fraction of the electorate exercising one of our most important privileges.

    1. ericlipps August 30, 2014

      Which has the effect that highly motivated zealots, even outright crazies, can tip elections their way. See “Party, Tea.”

      1. Whatmeworry August 30, 2014

        what about the 8 million illegals who voted absentee??

        1. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

          That is Total BS, you lying troll.


          1. joe schmo August 30, 2014

            That’s the only way you can win, by preying on the ignorant and innocent. Yes, unless things change and we actually have a Republican in office that has some balls by following the laws already on the books, the new ILLEGALS will definitely vote Democrat. That is your ONLY motive for wanting these people in here.
            Keep em stupid and they will follow your Marxist notions around by the nose.

            Not even sure why the Democrats are the Blue party. They should be Red because their ideology leans more towards Communism.

            If the shoe were on the other foot, this article wouldn’t even be relevant.

          2. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

            You have it backwards, but I don’t expect intelligence from the tbagger trolls. You’re not worth my time. Buzz off!

          3. joe schmo August 30, 2014

            Have you contributed anything intelligent? Nope!

            Just cussing banter that is seemingly useless:)

          4. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

            Actually I have, you tbaggers are too clueless to know it. Go back to reading your scripts from the Kochroaches, or just go chase cars, but leave me alone. You bigots just cannot stand that we have a good, intelligent black man in the white house. Live with it.


          5. kenndeb August 30, 2014

            “a good, intelligent black man in the white house.” Many would say an evil Muslim in OUR White House. His color is not of any import, but his ideology is.

          6. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

            No, only you KKK types would say that.


          7. kenndeb August 30, 2014

            KKK was a democratic society.

          8. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

            Now it isn’t, did you know that?


          9. kenndeb August 30, 2014

            KKK isn’t really all that relevant anymore. Now our real problem is the democratic communists.

          10. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

            You morons are so dangerous. You have no idea how crazy you sound and act. Leave me alone.


          11. kenndeb August 30, 2014

            Yeah, I know. I use to think my family and friends that were constantly complaining about what got voted into office, were crazy. I said ” give the guy a chance, he just inherited a mess from Bush. hings will get better.”

          12. joe schmo August 31, 2014

            Yup:) A Democratic terrorist organization…. Look it up, ‘Bluebelly knothead.’

          13. Dominick Vila August 31, 2014

            Since when do Muslims attend religious services at the St. John’s Episcopal Church across from Lafayette Park in Washington, DC?
            As an agnostic leaning atheist, I could care less where our presidents find spiritual comfort, but it certainly looks like that lacking logical and convincing arguments, and after failing to get any traction from the Rev. Wright tactic, you pitiful souls had no choice but to perform an instant case of spiritual metamorphosis, and transformed the “usurper” in the Oval Office into, gasp, a Muslim!
            BTW, do you happen to know that one of the prophets worshiped by Muslims is Jesus Christ?
            What is important to me are President Obama’s accomplishments, especially his ability to help prevent the imminent collapse of the U.S. economy predicted by W in 2008. The investor and consumer confidence that contributed to the rise of the DOW Index from a dismal 6,500 points in January 2009 to the 17,000 range, an all time record. His ability to save industrial icons such as GM and Chrysler from bankruptcy, thus saving thousands of American jobs at automotive plants, suppliers, and dealerships. His role in ending record levels of bankruptcies and foreclosures. Turning the real estate market around. The role of Democrats like Elizabeth Warren in putting in place effective regulation to prevents recurrences like the ENRON, AIG, and Bernie Madoff crimes. Ending torture, renditions and other inhumane practices that were inconsistent with our values and traditions. Keeping the homeland safe, fighting for equality, fighting for livable wages, and putting in place an alternative to the most exclusive medical system in the world. These, and so many other accomplishments, are the things that really matter to people like me. Save the Muslim garbage to Tea Party speeches, where gullible people, like the woman that asked Sen. McCain in a tremulous voice when he was running for president, if the thought Barack Obama was an Arab!

          14. kenndeb August 31, 2014

            Keep reading the government propaganda. You seem to really believe everything you are told to believe. My congratulations on being a good democratic drone. If only you would try doing some research on something other than a liberal propaganda site. How can seemingly intelligent people follow so blindly?

          15. joe schmo August 31, 2014

            How hard do you want me to laugh. Kenndeb, you are right on the mark:)

          16. Blueberry Hill August 31, 2014

            Wow, I think this article was written for you. Enjoy:



          17. Whatmeworry August 30, 2014

            what’s source? for denying he truth

        2. ericlipps August 30, 2014

          Do they actually exist, or is this another right-wing myth? What’s your evidence?

          1. Whatmeworry August 30, 2014

            Just look a the last Presidential election in which Romney was ahead in EVERY poll and lost

          2. joe schmo August 31, 2014

            My Spouse and I actually talked about that very thing today. We just couldn’t figure it out. That is, Obummer winning a second term. Could it be that the votes were being sent over to ‘Soro’s’ Spainish organization to be counted? I just don’t trust government anymore. We have gotten as corrupt as Mexico. Come to think of it, we are becoming Mexico.

          3. Allan Richardson August 31, 2014

            Soro’s? Spainish? Are you aware that George Soros is of GREEK ancestry, not Spanish (or “Spainish”)?

            You can’t even get the agreed-upon facts right, much less the fact that Republican ideology wants to KEEP people poor and NOT provide any help, neither to live and be healthy, nor to vote. The conservatives are waging war on America’s middle and working class since Reagan was elected, and deceiving poor people into voting for them against their own interests. But most of the poor voters they CAN convince are white poor people blinded by hate; the other poor people, more and more of them being FORMERLY middle class, see through the deception, and since many of them are black or Latino, the GOP wants to keep them from voting, using false charges of “voter fraud” as an excuse.

          4. ericlipps August 31, 2014

            “Romney was ahead in EVERY poll?”

            Not even Romney believed that. He wrote off 47 percent of the electorate just to start, and knew he’d have to get almost every remaining vote to win.

            Electoral fraud on the scale you suggest couldn’t possibly have been concealed or gotten away with. There’d have been an uproar to make 2000 look like a picnic. And Romney himself would have been out there roaring.

            In any event, the actual polls did not have “Romney ahead” as clearly as you insist. Gallup’s final survey had Obama slightly ahead among registered voters, 49 percent to 46 percent, though Romney held a slight lead among “likely” voters. All that proves is that it was a close election–but Romney supporters, like Nixon’s, will likely go to their graves insisting that “we wuz robbed.”

            If you want to claim eight million illegal immigrants were among the registered voters in 2012, go ahead. It’s not a crime to be a sore loser. But it’s not much of a virtue, either.

          5. Whatmeworry August 31, 2014

            An up roar??Seriously? The State Run Media has been running interference for Barak for 7 years. Over looking EVERY scandal.
            Holder has REFUSED to look into any voting issues UNLESS he thinks it will affect Republicans and whites. In 2008 a sitting US Senator from MN, Al Frankenstein was put in office by OVER 800 illegal votes.
            In many blue states you can obtain as many absentee ballots as you want, just walk in and grab a handful without even an ID. The caveat is that who ever submits the vote has to attest that they are a citizen and 18.
            In many other states absentee ballots are mailed and in a large number of cases 200 to a SINGLE box

          6. ericlipps September 1, 2014

            The “State Run Media”? Snicker. The mass media in this country are thoroughly corporate; if anything, they tilt a bit Republican. They’re not about to “run interference” for a Democratic president.

            And just because you don’t like Al Franken doesn’t make his election illegitimate. (I’m guessing you’d assume he was illegally elected no matter what. After all, he’s a Democrat, and that apparently makes it illegal for him to have won, as far as you’re concerned.) Nor does playing childish games with his name make you any more credible.

          7. Whatmeworry September 1, 2014

            92% of journalists who represent the State Run Media are liberal wing nuts. ABC NBC CBS NPR washpost and NYTimes have a daily morning meeting in the WH to get the WH take on stories and their spin.
            You only have to watch the Nightly News as they follow the WH story line verbatim and in the same sequence.
            To deny reality is a reflection of your upbringing

          1. Whatmeworry August 31, 2014

            Gee what a moronic article. Don’t you have something rom the communist daily?

    2. plc97477 August 30, 2014

      And unfortunately that tiny fraction is mostly republican.

    3. mike August 30, 2014

      Government needs to demonized, it isn’t as good as you think. One just has to look at the VA to see how Americans have and will be treated by the bureaucrats. The debacle of Obamacare roll out has changed the opinion of many Americans as to how effective the govt.actually functions. They see their liberties being taken away by out of control departments like the EPA, Obamacare(choices). They see the immigration issue and what it is costing them, without any voice. They see illegal children put into their neighborhoods without any choice, as to the monies spent on these illegals and not there own children. This administration is out of control and must be stopped.

      As to your voting, what’s new about turnout in primaries?? They have never had large turnout. This year lower than most, down almost 20%. When you have 18 million voters out of 123 million eligible to vote to date, this country has a real problem. Even states that have made it easier to vote are showing lower numbers than 2010, it isn’t all about 2 incomes.
      To me it is more about motivation than convenience.

      As to economics, yes there has been a slight increase in economy but after 5 years since the recession was over we are still way behind. Yes, there was a good 2nd quarter but all said by end of year we will be still far behind the necessary 4% increase to get us back on our feet as a nation. Projections look like 2% again for year end. Nothing to be proud of. U6 still close to 20 million and most new hires are part time not full time. Not much to be excited about.

      A president that isn’t giving the country much confidence to believe in him. Wrong guy, wrong time.

      1. Dominick Vila August 30, 2014

        Without a viable alternative to government, other than anarchy, the focus should be on improving existing programs rather than eliminating the social programs that allow millions of Americans to live with a modicum of comfort and dignity.

        1. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

          Here’s what the t/thugs have up their sleeves for us:


          Check it out, truly scary!

          1. Whatmeworry August 30, 2014

            Did you read the article?? Obviously not

          2. joe schmo August 30, 2014

            Huh! What your side is doing is criminal and who wants to believe the Huff Post anyway….

            Truly scarier!

          3. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

            It’s caught on tape, or did you not know that? Buzz off now and go chase cars. I’m too busy to be pestered by you moron.


          4. joe schmo August 30, 2014

            I work in the film industy. VFX to be exact. Film can be altered and edited in such a way that it is no longer what it was. Need I say more:)

          5. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

            Not everyone alters film. Need I say more?
            Your whole problem is your bigotry. Move on. It shows like a neon light with every utterance out of your keyboard.


        2. mike August 30, 2014

          There you go again!!! Anarchy, elimination, you are unbelievable.
          “Talk about modicum of comfort and dignity”, tell that to you democratic friends. This spending has to stop. At the rate we are going we will be out of money for discretionary spending. No education, No military, nothing, nada, we will be spending it all on the real entitlements and interest on the debt(800 billon) a year in next ten years. SS is unsustainable at it’s present rate, you seem to forget that in the last few years part of payments have come from General revenue(2012, 48 billion) because more was spent than collected. 2013 SS represented 37% of FEDERAL SPENDING and that will continue to grow.
          Obamacare will add another 6 trillion to deficit.

          Someday you guys will wake up and find it is all gone.

          1. joe schmo August 30, 2014

            Yup, exactly what I always say. They just don’t have a clue.

            Obama’s intention is to ruin this country is obvious and he is doing a good job wouldn’t you say? Just heard this morning that this new green brain fall of Obama’s will cost American’s more jobs. Did you have any doubt.

            Again, I see the intelligence and factual observations of a fellow Conservative which, as usual is, right on target:) I’m glad I am no longer the lone ranger on this site……

          2. mike August 30, 2014

            The left could care less about the future of this country, all they want to do is spend and give so as to control the masses. They want a big govt. who is ineffective and wasteful. The govt has never produced anything and lives off the backs of the taxpayers, who by the way are becoming extinct.

          3. Dominick Vila August 30, 2014

            The Federal government deficit has been cut in half since President Obama’s inauguration in January 2009. Borrowing and accumulation of debt is down.
            Yes, Social Security, MEDICARE and, to a lesser extent, the Affordable Care Act are expensive. What you failed to mention is an alternative. Do you want to go back to the days when many seniors were homeless and eating cat food because they could not afford a modest rent and a meal? Do you want to go back to the days when children were denied insurance coverage because of a pre-existing condition? How about the days when people who paid premiums all their lives were denied coverage because they had reached a cap, and had no choice but to sell everything they had to stay alive? Is that the world you want us to wake up to?
            Ultimately, it is all about personal and social responsibility. We either bite the bullet and pay for what we know we need, as individual and as a nation, or throw our most vulnerable citizens under the bus. Again, what is the alternative?

          4. kenndeb August 30, 2014

            As many here like to say…BS

          5. Dominick Vila August 31, 2014

            Yes, I suspect your fellow workers, at the political outfit where you work, tend to confuse the evidence of facts with BS. After all, it works out so well at Tea Party rallies that it almost seems logical to focus strictly on illusions, distortions of reality, and empty rhetoric to convince zombies to follow your lead.

          6. kenndeb August 31, 2014

            I don’t work for anyone, just myself. It would be great to be paid for my recreation here though. Any ideas on how to make that happen?

          7. Dominick Vila August 31, 2014

            The Heritage Foundation is a good place to start. If they are not interested, check Karl Rove’s outfits. Who knows, Rush may need an assistant.
            As for having fun, I don’t doubt that. In fact, I suspect many of the bizarre claims made by right wing posters on the NM are designed to get a kick out of the reaction by Democrats and, at the same time, distract us from the gerrymandering that is taking place in anticipation of the midterm election.

          8. kenndeb August 31, 2014

            I think we both know that our entire government is now corrupt. I thought the republicans were the worst, especially under the Bush regime. I was all for going to Afghanistan, but thought Iraq was just Bush trying to get even for his dad. I thought the Patriot act to be the most blatant power grab there ever was. It was a sad time for our country. But now we have an even worse threat in what we have presently in office. I still can’t understand how intelligent people can continue to support a communist tyrant. How is it that you still believe that this thing we have in our White House is looking out for our country when all he does is downgrade America?

          9. Taz202 August 31, 2014

            Pres. Obama is not a “thing”! He is a decent human being, loving husband and father. He is hard working and has the patience of a saint – considering all the crap he has to deal with. He is not a communist, Marxist, muslim, tyrant, emperor, etc. What I can’t understand is how you can believe such drivel! Unless you don’t and you’re nothing but a paid troll.

          10. Dominick Vila September 1, 2014

            Do yourself a favor, read up on communism if you wish to stop making a fool of yourself. The last thing a communist would do is sign legislation that uses for profit insurance companies, private practice medical doctors, and for profit hospitals to provide medical care. The last thing a communist would do is give tax breaks to small businesses, or bail out industrial icons.
            A communist would have gotten

            rid of private enterprise and replaced it government run programs, with service providers being government employees and all institutions being government owned.

          11. mike August 30, 2014

            A deficit is a deficit and it adds to the debt. Duh!!!
            Obamacare over the next 10 years will add 6.1 trillion to the debt. This debt is unsustainable.
            There are good alternatives but your side isn’t interested. The dems made sure that republicans had little say in the initial bill and it was passed by one party only. You paid the price in 2010 and will pay the price again because of the lies of Obama and his lack of being trusted. Premiums going up, deductibles going up, out of pocket going up. Those are undeniable.
            Just remember the majority do not like it and they will be motivated to vote in November, maybe not in the same numbers as 2010, but they are voting.
            I think you need to worry more about biting the bullet on the spending.
            I never said throwing out anyone, typical old Dom, twist the words. They should be protected.

          12. Dominick Vila August 31, 2014

            Yes, a deficit is a deficit, but smaller deficits add less to our national debt than the out of control deficits that prevailed in the Reagan and Bush II eras.
            Yes, there are alternatives, and there are always better ways to get things done, unfortunately, we never hear what those solutions are, and you are not an exception to that rule.
            My premiums are not going up, my co-pays and deductibles are not going up, and the same doctors that treated me before the ACA became law continue to treat me now. Yes, the irresponsible Republicans who had substandard insurance coverage and relied on ER freebies to get the care they needed when their problems were not covered, now have to pay higher premiums. Welcome to the club of responsible citizens, the citizens who paid taxes, and who paid high insurance premiums their whole lives.

          13. mike August 31, 2014

            It is still more debt.
            Isn’t interesting that the Clinton years, the Debt as a % of GDP was higher than Reagan and Bush(except 2008). Just an inconvenient truth, I guess for you. And yet with Reagan who had a Democratic Senate for both terms and a split House majority it is all Reagan’s fault.
            But the irresponsibility of both parties has to end when it comes to debt. No matter how you want to play it, this debt is unsustainable for this country to survive as a viable country.

            Dom, the premiums are going up that is a fact, that you can try to ignore but they have again increased for 2015. Higher deductibles, and higher out of pocket is also a fact. Hell, it could be snowing outside and you would deny it.
            “Irresponsible Republicans who had….”, what a crock of horse dung. All republicans fault, what a laugh.


            You might have been lucky but there is a whole lot of people that can’t say all is well with their healthcare.
            Talk to the people who have lost their insurance and had to purchase a one fits all insurance, having to drive past hospitals they once went to but no longer can use. Talk to the people who have lost doctors, seen premiums go up.

            You seem to ignore Obama’s lies, premiums would go down by 2500.00.

          14. kenndeb August 31, 2014

            You most likely have not had to get into the obamacare program yet, just as I have not, thank God. I pay now for my wife and I, around 1600 dollars per month for insurance. Now under obamacare, the premiums might be less, but so would the coverage. And than there is the deductible of maybe 5000 dollars. Obamacare is not good for the country, not good for anyone.

          15. Dominick Vila August 31, 2014

            I doubt I will ever need to take advantage of the benefits afforded by the Affordable Care Act, not because I would not want to, but because I am on MEDICARE.
            The level of coverage and co-pays or deductibles depend on which option a person uses. If someone chooses the bronze option his/her co-pays and deductibles are higher than those who choose the gold option. Bear in mind that coverage for the various options are not provided by the government, but by for profit insurance companies. What the government does is offer “pools” that allow individuals interested in getting insurance coverage to bargain for lower premiums by bidding as part of a large pool of people rather than as an individual. The government also offers subsidies that help people earning less than $96K to pay for the insurance premiums. The amount of subsidies vary dependent on how much the insured person makes.
            Yes, I am sure you would have preferred the old system, which was unaffordable to millions of Americans, a system that denied access to people with pre-existing conditions, a system that declined coverage when the cost of care exceeded an artificial cap, and a system that was so expensive that most Americans had no choice but to wait until they were eligible for MEDICARE to retire. Those who could not afford the high premiums depended on ER care, those with pre-existing conditions depended on alms, and those with a serious ailment that required extensive and expensive care had to sell everything they owned to stay alive.
            I suspect that for those who have it all, Obamacare means absolutely nothing to them, but for those who have trouble making ends meet and who did not have insurance coverage because they could not afford it, Obamacare is the best thing that ever happened to them.

      2. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

        Unfortunately, the two wars the the Bush Bullies lied us into caused so many maimed soldiers that the VA is overwhelmed with trying to help them. Have you thought of volunteering at a VA hospital to help things along?


        1. mike August 30, 2014

          Still obama knew about it 2008, said he was going to fix it, had major increases in VA budget and yet the bureacracy never changed. Even Shinseki admitted he was kept in the dark.

          1. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

            It is no secret that Congress wouldn’t do a single thing to help solve the country’s problems, and only added to them. The Congress writes up the Bills, the President only gets to sign them or Veto them. He did send a Bill over, of his own, the House blocked it. The tbagger/thugs would not allow a single Bill to be passed.


          2. mike August 30, 2014

            No, the president can play a major role in all legislation, unfortunately for this country our leader won’t dignify bringing both sides together. It is all ideological politics. It is his way or the highway, very little compromising. In his first term how many times did he meet with opposition?
            Clinton was smart enough to move to the center and move the country forward, Obama still to the left and nothing is done.

            You seem to forget the Bush tax cuts hated by Democrats, but in 2012 all for them.
            Either you don’t know or just in denial but the House has sent 300 bills, including 12+ job bills, to the senate and no one has been brought up by Reid. Are they all perfect? No!! Were they given a chance? NO!! Both sides are wrong but when you have 2/3 of the govt. you would think some compromise who happen. Obama could, if he wanted too, change the atmosphere but no, he would rather try and score political points rather than lead. Who wants to work with, or trusts an individual who is always attacking.

            Also remember, Obama’s poll numbers are dismal. On economy, On Foreign affairs(no strategy, Putin), On being trustworthy, direction of country, Obamacare. every major poll has his numbers in the negative.

          3. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

            Actually, it is not true that the House sent 300 Bills to the Senate. The only things they did was try to govern our bodies, and stop us from having Health Care, over 50 times. They knew they wouldn’t get passed when they did it but just wanted to waste time, as they were doing nothing that would help anyone. They would not pass the Jobs Bill, the Unemployment Extension, the immigration Bill, the Agriculture Bill, etc., etc. All that were passed by the Senate. I watch the Senate and I watch the House during quorum calls, but the House sets the schedule to work 1/3 of the year, so there wasn’t much happening very often. They are scheduled to work only 10 days before the election and will be off until late November. They collect a lot of pay and benefits to do nothing.


          4. mike August 30, 2014

            Wrong again, blueberry hill.
            I agree they don’t spend more time in session, but whose fault is that??? Both parties are at fault.

            They wouldn’t pass the Jobs, Unemployment, Immigration, Agriculture bills as Obama wanted. DUH!!! Where’s the compromise?? It doesn’t exist. Everyone is at fault. Where’s Obama leadership?? AWOL AS USUAL.


          5. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

            I already told you that the HOUSE sets the work schedule, so that is where that fault lies. As far as compromising, the Rs would not compromise with ANYTHING for the past 6 years. They had a secret meeting on Obama’s first inaugural night plotting how to stop him. They didn’t compromise right from the beginning. I heard McConnell repeat several times that their “Only goal is to make Obama a one term President”, well that didn’t work out so well for them, but they still would not compromise on anything at all. I watched it all. I can see that you are just another RWNJ, and won’t waste any more of my time on you. Buzz off. There is no way for you tbaggers to make any sense, and all you do is spread lies.


          6. mike August 30, 2014

            And the House sets the schedule for the Senate, Right!!! If you think that you are wasting my time. Each chamber sets its own schedule here is 2013 just to help you out.

            Your ignorance is unbelievable!!! McConnell’s comment was in 2010, never before that.
            Yes the republicans met and it looks like there thoughts were correct about Obama and where he wanted to take the country. He is and has been a poor leader, it is only in this past year that his numbers have tanked. A liar, untrustworthy, incapable of leading the country and economy fit him to a “T”.
            Poor baby, truth hurts doesn’t it.
            Time for you to Buzz off. LOL!!!

          7. kenndeb August 30, 2014

            And every bill the dems put forward have things hidden in them, mostly gun control schemes.

          8. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

            You’ve been so brainwashed with lies that you wouldn’t know up from down. There have been nothing about gun control in any of the bills, you moron.


          9. kenndeb August 30, 2014

            You might want to rethink that, and perhaps do a little research, other than what you are told to think.

          10. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

            Naw, not necessary, I’m not the one being told what to think.


          11. kenndeb August 30, 2014

            Apparently you are.

          12. kenndeb August 30, 2014

            When did the Emperor ever want congresses approval? He ignores what laws he doesn’t like, and only follow those that fit into his agenda. He even ignores the laws he himself passed illegally.
            As far as congress goes, Reid will not put up anything for a vote unless it fits HIS agenda.

          13. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

            You are too stupid to know that he is a President, not an Emperor. You are such a bigoted tbagger that you don’t know anything.


          14. kenndeb August 30, 2014

            I seem to know that we have a tyrant in power. That he believes he has divine rule, and that our laws are below him.

          15. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

            You obviously don’t know a single thing, you are just fed so many lies you believe them.


          16. kenndeb August 30, 2014

            I use to be just like you. I believed in our government, but once you lie to me, I lose all trust. Perhaps you are not beyond hope. You, too, can open your eyes and become a real person instead of a minion of the Emperor.

        2. Whatmeworry August 30, 2014

          Hmmm his incursions had the House and Senate approve of them. When will barak ask for congresses approval?
          No the VA isn’t “over whelmed” its it 1940 era work rules fostered by the unions that won’t allow efficiencies nor pay based on performance

  2. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

    I have voted in every election since I was old enough to vote. It is the one thing we have to help control who is put in office. It can determine what kind of life we will have for the duration of that election. The Rs want us to think our votes are needless or meaningless, but they wouldn’t be trying to stop us from voting if that were true. So get out there and VOTE, the consequences could be more than we could bear.


    1. kenndeb August 30, 2014

      Funny how the black panthers were at the polls intimidating voters to vote for dems, yet requiring a voter ID is racist.

      1. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

        It’s the Gerrymandering, stupid.


        1. kenndeb August 30, 2014

          Having a known terrorist group at the polls with the blessing of the democratic party and the Emperor is gerrymandering? I’d say more like intimidation, but it’s ok because it is the dems doing it. Liberals seem to think just like the Emperor does. Our laws are only suggestions and the liberals only follow those that they choose to follow.

          1. sleepvark August 30, 2014

            kennbooby, your tampon is leaking onto your keyboard again.

      2. sleepvark August 30, 2014

        They were just exercising their 2nd amendment rights 😉

    2. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

      Here is a petition every Dem should want to sign:



  3. underledge August 30, 2014

    It’s not the act of voting but the lousy choice of candidates!

    1. plc97477 August 30, 2014

      Even if you have to choose the lesser if 2 evils it is still better than the worse of 2 evils.

      1. underledge August 30, 2014

        Doing that has worked out real well for us!

        1. kenndeb August 30, 2014

          It gave us our Emperor and the communists rapidly taking our rights and freedoms from the American people.

      2. kenndeb August 30, 2014

        Voting for the communist party is always the worst of all evils, yet liberals seem TO WANT TO KEEP THE COMMUNIST PARTY IN POWER.

  4. Taz202 August 30, 2014

    It is so important to vote – I’ve NEVER missed an election since I was first registered at age 21. I’ve also never aligned myself with any one party – I consider myself to be an Independent (if there was a true Independent Party, I’d join), and have voted both Republican and Democrat. However, since the Bush II administration and rising influence of the extremist Libertarian Tea Party in the GOP, I do not see me voting for a Republican ever again. The Democratic Party is not perfect but it’s the only chance we 99% have, so I encourage all to vote BLUE!

    1. kenndeb August 30, 2014

      If you want to continue to lose your rights and freedoms, vote blue. If you want to continue to see our country turn into a communist state, vote blue. If you want to see a tyrant RULE over us, instead of having a government that works for the PEOPLE, BY ALL MEANS, VOTE BLUE.

      1. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014



        1. kenndeb August 30, 2014

          Why? Because you do not agree? Of course.

          1. sleepvark August 30, 2014

            kenndebbie, your husband needs a cup of coffee. Back to the kitchen, wench.

          2. kenndeb August 30, 2014

            So, who are we today? Did you talk Spock into letting you take over the Enterprise from Captain Kirk? Or maybe you can lie about something else? You have ZERO credibility.

          3. sleepvark August 30, 2014

            kennboobs, I’ve missed you so much! Now go check your makeup.

          4. joe schmo August 31, 2014

            Sexist Pig…. and you preach equality for all….. LOLOLOLOL What a hypocrite. Why not make some sense for a change, ‘sleepfart.’

          5. sleepvark August 31, 2014

            joe schucko, long time no see! Or is it la schmucka? You’re sounding kind of sensitive here. In fact, you sound like a hysterical feminazi. I am lead to wonder what joe is short for; josephine? joanne? joan? Your feminine side is clearly showing.
            Does your husband know that you waste so much of the time that you should be spending on him while trolling like this?
            The list of my vices is very long, my virtues non existent. Sexist pig is a label I’ll proudly wear while I deal with the pusillanimous likes of you and kenndebbie.
            My wives, concubines and girl friends have long ago gotten used to me and my sexist pig inclinations. I am at peace with it.
            Change your tampon, take a valium, and get a life.

          6. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

            You are totally irrational, no wonder no one wants to talk to you, especially with any logical conversation.


          7. kenndeb August 30, 2014

            And when has logic ever come from a liberal?

          8. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

            You don’t see much logic? Well maybe it is because the only place it comes from any more is from a Liberal. Too bad for you.


          9. kenndeb August 30, 2014

            Yeah, like a new communist country that was once the United States of America.

          10. Taz202 August 30, 2014

            You really are delusional. Off you meds again? Oh, and I do not mind at all being labeled a Liberal, even though I’m a Moderate. Better a Liberal than a Fascist. Webster defines a Liberal as “having, expressing or following views or policies that favor non-revolutionary progress and reform; the freedom of individuals to act or express themselves in a manner of their own choosing; tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others.” Definitely Liberalism. Now he defines Facism as “a philosophy or system of government that advocates or exercises a dictatorship of the extreme right, typically though the merging of state and business leadership.” And Communism as “a strong devotion to the interests of one’s own ethnic group rather than those of society as a whole.” Last two sound like GOP to me.

          11. joe schmo August 30, 2014

            You are the delusional. Your eyes are wired shut.
            Fascist – I don’t believe you know what that term means.

            Communism is another story altogether…..

            “Communism – Communism (from Latin communis – common, universal)[1][2] is a socioeconomic system structured upon common ownership of the means of production and characterized by the absence of social classes, money,[3][4] and the state; as well as a social, political and economic ideology and movement that aims to establish this social order.

            Public ownership and management of the means of production by society will be established – this is known as socialism. As the development of the productive forces end scarcity, goods and
            services are made available on the basis of free access. This results in the disappearance of social classes and money.[5] Eventually, as the class struggle ends, the state ceases to be relevant
            and fades from recognition, as the social institutions for the collective self-management of the human community continue without it.[6]
            The result is communism: a stateless, classless and moneyless society, structured upon common ownership of the means of production.

            In a perfect world, everyone would have food
            and shelter, and a true utopian society would be devoid of sexism, racism and other forms of oppression. But for most of the world’s population, this perfect society just isn’t possible. Communism is one proposed solution to these problems.

            Most people know what communism is at its most basic level. Simply put, communism is the idea that everyone in a given society receives equal
            shares of the benefits derived from labor. Communism is designed to allow the poor to rise up and attain financial and social status equal
            to that of the middle-class landowners. In order for everyone to achieve equality, wealth is redistributed so that the members of the upper class are brought down to the same financial and social level as the
            middle class. Communism also requires that all means of production be controlled by the state. In other words, no one can own his or her own
            business or produce his or her own goods because the state owns everything.”


            “Marx predicted that socialism and communism would be built upon foundations laid by the most advanced capitalist development. Russia,
            however, was one of the poorest countries in Europe with an enormous, largely illiterate peasantry and a minority of industrial workers.”


            Guess this is how you see us in the not to distant future…..? I know all to well about Communism because my family lived under it. I have my reasons for hating it so much.

          12. Taz202 August 30, 2014

            I’m sorry to hear that your family lived under Communism. It must have been difficult – not being able to live or work where you want or travel. You certainly should know, then, the difference between Communism and Socialism. Much of Europe has socialist governments and enjoy freedoms like we do. Marx’s ideas are irrelevant today except maybe in North Korea. Even China is becoming more westernized.

          13. joe schmo August 31, 2014

            I know the difference between, Communism, Fascism and Capitalism. There is a very thin line between your version of Socialism and Communism. In my opinion they are becoming one and the same.

            May I remind you, this is not Europe. i don’t want to be like Europe. I have family in Europe. Their form of Socialism still isn’t as free as America ever was.

            Marx’s ideology is alive and well in the USA. Don’t let it’s demise fool you, It is creeping in our back door.

            Because of their new found freedom, I have heard that the Chinese government is beginning to put the vice back on it’s people. Again, don’t be fooled.

          14. Taz202 August 31, 2014

            Europe sounds pretty free to me; many of my friends vacation there. Marx’s ideology may be alive in the US, but so are a lot of theologies. That doesn’t mean it will take over our country. Going to an extremist government envisioned by the TP/GOP isn’t the answer – one that benefits a small portion of our society and leaves the rest suffering can only result in violence. Stop being so neurotic.

          15. kenndeb August 31, 2014

            How does that saying go? Evil prevails when good men do nothing? Why would someone sit back and watch while our country is destroyed by a regime that wants to fundamentally change our country into a communist state.

          16. Taz202 August 31, 2014

            The evil prevailed during the Bush administration. Our current President is a Centrist – he does not have a communist agenda. You are delusional if you think so.

          17. kenndeb August 31, 2014

            Yet he is bent on the destruction of our country.

          18. Taz202 August 31, 2014

            Answer me this: why would he want to destroy our country? He has a wife and children – why would he want to see our country go down the tubes?

          19. kenndeb August 31, 2014

            Why would he care? He isn’t from America. He was raised elsewhere, and learned how to hate America there. He would most likely head back to wherever he came from once he is removed from office, that is unless he is thrown in prison.

          20. Taz202 August 31, 2014

            Now you’re really showing your ignorance and bias. Barack H. Obama was born in Hawaii to a Kansas-born mother and Kenyan-born father. His parents were divorced; his mother remarried an Indonesian where he lived for a couple years. His mother and step-father separated (don’t know if they got divorced) and she moved him and his half-sister back to Hawaii where he grew up with his grandparents. He’s as American as you and me. And he’s done nothing to be thrown in prison except to stabilize the country after the Bush fiasco, end one war (with a second ending this year) and doing his level best to keep us out of future wars – in spite of the continuous obstruction from the right. You make me want to be uncivil with your ridiculous lies.

          21. kenndeb August 31, 2014

            I don’t lie. I state what I believe to be true always. Lying seems to be a liberal trait, and you don’t seem to realize not everyone lies.

            I tend to believe this geneology of our Emperor than I do your government issued propaganda. This was posted on a conservative site by another poster.

            Barack Hussein Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, to Barack Hussein Obama Sr. (black muslim) of Nyangoma-Kogelo, Siaya District, Kenya, and Ann Dunham of Wichita, Kansas. (white atheist ).

            When Obama was two years old, his parents divorced and his father returned to Kenya. His mother married Lolo Soetoro — a Muslim — moving to Jakarta with Obama when he was six years old. Within six months he had learned to speak the Indonesian language. Obama spent “two years in a Muslim school, then two more in a Catholic school” in Jakarta. Obama takes great care to conceal the fact that he is a Muslim while admitting that he was once a Muslim, mitigating that damning information by saying that, for two years, he also attended a Catholic school.

            Obama’s father, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. was a radical Muslim who migrated from Kenya to Jakarta, Indonesia. He met Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham – a white atheist from Wichita, Kansas – at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Obama, Sr. and Dunham divorced when Barack, Jr. was two.

            Obama’s spinmeisters are now attempting to make it appear that Obama’s introduction to Islam came from his father and that influence was temporary at best.

            In reality, the senior Obama returned to Kenya immediately following the divorce and never again had any direct influence over his son’s education.

            Dunham married another Muslim, Lolo Soetoro who educated his stepson as a good Muslim by enrolling him in one of Jakarta’s Wahabbi schools. Wahabbism is the radical teaching that created the Muslim terrorists who are now waging Jihad on the industrialized world.

            Since it is politically expedient to be a Christian when you are seeking political office in the United States, Obama joined the United Church of Christ to help purge any notion that he is still a Muslim.

            Now it all makes sense.
            Read more at http://www.westernjournalism.com/painful-watch-sorta-obamas-speech-american-legion-major-fail-even-crickets-asleep/#cjiJSovLOwJSKTyP.99

          22. Taz202 August 31, 2014

            I knew it – you’re another birther nut! I know he went to a Muslim school – so what? Doesn’t make him a Muslim. One has to convert to do that. He was a kid and didn’t live with his stepfather that long. He grew up in Hawaii with his white grandparents. He married a Christian girl from Chicago. Now tell me, do you really think Michelle would buy into the Muslim traditions of women being chattel? Not in this life, bub! So, get back on your meds so you can face reality.

          23. joe schmo August 31, 2014

            What an idiot. Vacationing is not the same as growing up with family in Europe, and having family in Communist Europe. The Europeans are much more political than we were then and we are now. All we had to do was listen to the news coming out of Europe to find out how much the U.S. didn’t know and how much our media lied. I learned this early on.

            Hmmmm. neurotic….You see that is part of your problem. You think your Liberal world is becoming the Utopian ideal when that is the furthest from reality. You don’t believe it can get that bad because America has never been that bad. With those pesky TPer’s and Citizen United folks lapping at Obama’s heels, the Libs want nothing more than to annihilate these groups so that they can further their Marxist agenda. That is the reason why they say that these groups are terrorist in nature. They are fearful of losing everything they have accomplished. In reality TPer’s and Citizens United merely stand up for America. Ordinary folks.

            My Father lived under communism for several years until he escaped to the U.S. He says it is looking more and more like that old homeland. He hated Communism and I do as well. History does have a habit of repeating itself. Don’t be fooled by Obama’s good will. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

          24. kenndeb September 1, 2014

            Khrushchev said “We will take America without firing a shot…….We will BURY YOU! We can’t expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism. We do not have to invade the United States, we will destroy you from within.”
            It’s happening under our Emperor.

          25. ericlipps August 31, 2014

            Actually, under communism according to theory, he workers would directly own everything. That has never happened.

            What your family lived under called itself Communism but would more accurately be described as state capitalism.

          26. kenndeb August 30, 2014

            I tend to believe that your definition of communism more closely describes the liberals. This regime seems to favor minorities over whites. If our country continues down the road that the Emperor has chosen, we will be living in a communist state.

          27. Taz202 August 30, 2014

            Definitions quoted are from Webster’s Dictionary – not mine. I think ethnic can be defined as economic, which is the current TP/Libertarian/GOP group. They wish to do away with all social programs so the rich can pay little or no taxes. This is Fascism pure and simple. And you say the “Emperor” favors minorities over whites? You sound like you think it should be the other way around. Poor little white person (I’m white too and don’t feel that Pres. Obama, who is as much white as black, is discriminating against me). I’m also a senior and greatly appreciate the social programs I paid into for 50 years. You have a skewed idea of what communism is – I suggest you check with Webster.

          28. joe schmo August 31, 2014

            No in their emotionally warped sense of ‘goody goody’ is deranged hypocrite.

          29. ericlipps August 31, 2014

            Would you recognize logic if you saw it?

          30. joe schmo August 31, 2014

            You say that to all the good guys….. We just don’t believe you or we no longer care what you think.

          31. joe schmo August 31, 2014

            Wow! This coming from an all excepting hypocrite, what a ‘sexist’ remark….shame….

          32. kenndeb August 31, 2014

            He is a complete fraud. He also can’t keep a coherent thought going from one thread to another. He still thinks I’m a female, and that he is a starship captain.

      2. Taz202 August 30, 2014

        And what rights have you lost?

        1. joe schmo August 31, 2014

          The right to choose our own healthcare.
          The right to practice our Christian religion
          The right to free speech.
          Losing the right to bare arms.
          The right to privacy

          The right to fly the American flag freely at our homes.

          Here’s a few more for ya….

          The 1st Amendment:

          How It’s Under Attack:

          Of all of the rights the First Amendment ensures, the freedom of the press is the one that has been most in jeopardy this year. America discovered earlier this year that Attorney General Eric Holder personally signed off on the investigation of a number of journalists.

          2nd Amendment:

          How It’s Under Attack:

          In one of the more controversial issues of the year, the Second Amendment’s ambiguity has allowed some Americans to argue that
          high-powered assault rifles fall under the rights covered in the Constitution. With high profile gun violence filling American newspapers, some states, like Connecticut, have been passing stricter and stricter gun control and regulation laws. Although the right to bear arms is not nearly as close to
          being extinct as some of the other rights on this list, the days of “anything goes” gun ownership in the United States may be at an end.

          4th Amendment:

          How It’s Under Attack:

          The Fourth Amendment means that the government cannot acquire information about you without having a reason and also requires having a
          judge certify that suspicion with a warrant. The illusion of this rightwas shattered when Edward Snowden revealed, by leaking classified NSA documents, that the government has been amassing phone metadata (call numbers and call durations) and records of Internet activity for almost every American. Although President Obama has claimedthat government officials still need a warrant to access that information, the collection of this data alone seems enough to put the Fourth Amendment at the top of the endangered list.

          5th Amendment:

          How It’s Under Attack:

          With all of the Supreme Court decisions being churned out, one went relatively unnoticed. Last week’s ruling Salinas v. Texasputs the Fifth Amendment on our endangered list. Texas man Genovevo Salinas had not been arrested when he was questioned by police officers about a crime, so he felt comfortable answering their questions
          voluntarily. However, once a question made him uncomfortable he stopped responding. The police used Salinas’ silence in court to signify a confession of guilt.

          The Fifth Amendment allows any person safety from self incrimination,meaning a person does not have to answer a question if he believes it
          will get them into trouble. The Supreme Court also decided in 1965 that in Griffin v. California
          that the government could not use a person’s use of the Fifth Amendment and their unwillingness to testify as evidence of their guilt. Last
          week’s ruling adds the caveat that if the person does not specifically express that they are utilizing the Fifth Amendment, their silence can be used as an admission of guilt. Know your rights! ”

          You can read the rest here:


          1. Taz202 August 31, 2014

            Lost freedom of speech? Seems you just exercised that right here. And the ACA gives people more freedom to pick their own health insurance, unlike company plans. When did you lose your right to practice your Christian religion? I’m Christian and getting ready for church right now. So, you are either a paid troll or delusional.

          2. kenndeb August 31, 2014

            Having the government mandate that you must buy a product is unconstitutional. During the Bundy incident, the government set up free speech zones. We have to be in certain areas to speak freely? Did you know that there a constitutional free zone in our country? Within 100 miles of any of our borders, the constitution has been suspended. The government can do whatever it likes within those areas. Search and seizure laws do not exist within these boundaries.

          3. Taz202 August 31, 2014

            So you object to being required to buy health insurance? You’d rather sponge off of those who do have it? It is irresponsible not to have health insurance; I’ve always had it. And, we already have free speech is this country, except for slander laws. Otherwise you wouldn’t be permitted to continually post your opinions here – no matter how delusional they are.

          4. kenndeb August 31, 2014

            I’ve never spoonged off anyone. I either paid my own way, or did without. I was using the VA, but the care there is substandard at best

          5. Taz202 August 31, 2014

            The Supreme Court said it is. Deal with it.

          6. kenndeb August 31, 2014

            Funny you would bring up the SCOTUS. Again, liberals only want to abide by laws that they want. Let’s look at the Hobby Lobby ruling. The court decided in favor of Hoppy Lobby, yet I get emails daily from democrats wanting to over rule it.

          7. Taz202 August 31, 2014

            That’s because the Supreme Court was right (for a change) on ACA but totally wrong on Hobby Lobby. Exemption from law should not be afforded to any employer. By doing this they are pushing their beliefs down their employees throats (talk about loss of freedom). Also, if they are anti-abortion, it makes sense that they should be supporting birth control. What better way to prevent abortions? Religious zealots just totally perplex me.

          8. kenndeb August 31, 2014

            So following the supreme court ruling is right only when it suites your agenda? Unfortunately, that is the way our Emperor thinks. I guess liberals follow the lead of their ruler.

          9. Taz202 August 31, 2014

            I think you are extremely close-minded and self-righteous. You refuse to accept facts. Further discussions with you are a waste of time. I’m done with you.

          10. kenndeb August 31, 2014

            I don’t accept government issued facts. This regime has done nothing but lie to us. As I have said here before, I was just like you. I really think if you would just try to take a close look at some other sources, you might start to see what a sham has been put over on the American people. Instead of believing everything the democrats tell you, try not believing. Start to read some of the conservative sites, but stay away from the white supremacy groups. They have nothing good to say about anything. I really think if you would try to look at the other side, you may start to see that which you were unable see before.

          11. kenndeb August 31, 2014

            And what about common core? The federal government does not have the power to mandate education. That is part of the states responsibility. Yet school systems are now required to adopt common core, which is nothing but a communist style indoctrination of our children.

          12. Taz202 August 31, 2014

            Without federal funding, there would be little education. States cannot afford it on their own. Imagine what our property taxes would be without federal funds. Without federal mandates, each state would do what they want, which means the wealthy kids would get a great education and the poorer ones crap – which is going on in a lot of states; i.e., charter schools. Charter schools get federal funding, which takes away from public schools. And common core Communistic? It teaches critical thinking…something, I think, you lack.

          13. joe schmo August 31, 2014

            Kenndeb it is already not being well received. Don’t you worry pretty soon it will be bye-bye. Why do these liberal humanistic institutions feel that is necessary to experiment on our children. A smart parent would home school or, if they have money, send their kids to parochial schools. Primary and Secondary schools are the worst.

            Why don’t we talk about those Liberal colleges while we are at it. Now there is pure Communist indoctrination for you. Thankfully, the standards of most colleges are still up there. The grade you get is the grade you earned. But some of the required GED classes. Geez, lucky for me, they did not change my opinion one bit. (Batchelors) Cultural Pluralism, Required undergrad World History with an emphasis on Communism, (Masters) Crossing Borders, Art and Culture in a Global Society.

            I honestly had to suck it up in these classes. Nowadays, since it is hard to get into some of the better Universities, I predict that one day the Liberals Institutions will only favor Liberal students. Conservative students will not be allowed to study unless they change their affiliation. Only time will tell.

          14. kenndeb August 31, 2014

            Most colleges have always been liberal havens. I always thought it strange how many of the domestic terrorists of the 60’s are now teaching in liberal colleges. Makes one wonder why?
            From what I have found on common core, it seems to have rewritten history to show what an evil people Americans are. Just power hungry, land stealing devils all. Things like people coming here to start a new life through hard work and a dream seem to have been thrown out. English classes have tossed out classics in favor of reading economic books, liberal economics. I think if my kids were still in school, I would be home schooling.

          15. joe schmo August 31, 2014

            LOL, ACA DOES NOT GIVE PEOPLE FREEDOM TO PICK THEIR OWN PLAN OR DOCTOR. People on Medical are told where to go and who to see. Many people have to pay higher premiums for themselves and their families. I predict that the rates will just keep growing to help offset Medical. Then what? There is no competition to reign in how much you pay. REMEMBER OBAMA’S FAMOUS LIE: You can keep your private plan, you can keep your Doctor. Lies, lies lies lies lies. If you are a Christian how do you let him get away with telling all these lies?

            LOL….Athiests united have requested on several occasions that a plaque (that has been there forever), a cross (that has been there forever), a nativity scene (that has been there forever) be removed. Who cares whether these Christian icons are where they are. They have been there for decades. Who cares if you are an atheist. That’s your privilege. I just don’t feel it is right that one person or group try to push out the rights of another, period and that is just what your side is doing….and we have to stuff it.

          16. Taz202 August 31, 2014

            Bush and Cheney lied; Obama was given the wrong information. He made a mistake and apologized for it. Haven’t heard Bush or Cheney apologized for the Iraq war or torture yet – have you? Get off your soap box and back on your meds.

          17. ericlipps August 31, 2014

            The right to bare arms? We can’t wear short sleeves anymore?

            And hey, Joe, Lois Lerner’s Fifth Amendment rights are under attack from Republicans, not from President Obama.

          18. joe schmo August 31, 2014

            Let’s just see where this all takes us shall we. As long as HOLDER is head Comrad in control, the Republicans don’t have a pot to piss in now do they? Such a suppressor and arrogant to boot.

            This arrogance by Liberals is beyond normal. It borders on tyranny. The lies and deceit by your side just seem to grow and grow. I believe it will implode on itself one day and the pendulum WILL most certainly move the other way……

          19. ericlipps September 2, 2014

            Republicans “don’t have a pot to piss in”? What have you been smoking? Whatever it is, it can’t be legal!

            First, they don’t need a pot; they piss on the Democrats, just as they have all along. And second, they have trainloads of money; they’re just unhappy they don’t have their traditional 2-to-1 (or greater) advantage over the Democrats, since they have a hard time winning without it.

            And you could at least learn to spell “comrade.” I know this site has a spell-checker; pay attention to it.

          20. idamag September 1, 2014


    2. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

      Bravo! Right on. You are so correct, the Dems are our only chance. The others will never benefit us with anything. We only need to check to see all the Bills blocked by the T/thugs for the past 6 years. They have no intentions of doing anything to help us.


      1. kenndeb August 30, 2014

        Harry Reid blocked anything that did not further his agenda, but do blame the republicans, by all means.

        1. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

          You don’t know much do you? The Rs have blocked over 500 Bills. Sen. Reid doesn’t block Bills, he calls them up for votes. Take a government class that might help you. I watch the Senate by the way, so don’t try pushing your BS off on me.


          1. kenndeb August 30, 2014

            It’s really hard to push BS to someone already full of it. Reid only puts bills up for a vote if it meets HIS agenda, and anything presented by a republican would not have gun control hidden in it.

          2. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

            Yes, I know, it’s been driveling from you all day.
            Just move on, you troll, and leave me alone.


          3. kenndeb August 30, 2014

            And yet you reply to my every post.

          4. joe schmo August 31, 2014

            Notice…. His ignorance is showing, he has not got much to say……

          5. kenndeb August 31, 2014

            I just think he is majorly ill informed, and just needs to open his eyes and stop believing everything he is told by the regime.

          6. joe schmo August 31, 2014

            Yes, kenndeb…. I have heard he has at least 300 bills on his desk that he hasn’t even looked at.

            I grew up in Nevada and I can remember when he started his journey into politics. He was a nobody.

            I used to compete in rodeos and I recall on one occasion when his nephew rode around the arena with a bumper sticker stating ‘vote for Harry Reid’ stuck to his horses ass. I still think he is a horses ass:) He is hardly ever in Nevada and owns a 4 million dollar home in Washington DC. He is a good reason why we need term limits. Waaaaayyyy tooo long in office. I think the power has made him nuts!

          7. ericlipps August 31, 2014

            Most people are “nobodies” when they start out in politics.

            Unless, that is, they come to it as generals with bemedaled chests, ne’er-do-well scions of fabulously wealthy families or “self-made” billionaires who got rich off government contracts (see “Perot, H. Ross”), in all of which cases they enter the political arena oozing entitlement from every pore.

          8. joe schmo August 31, 2014

            Wellllll…..just who are the wealthy nowadays? You know that 1% you all are always screaming about:


            ….and who do we have for support. Those little old Koch boys whom you all are always having fits about. Read it and weep…..LOL

          9. ericlipps September 1, 2014

            Laugh, you mean.
            Whenever anyone dares point out how the right is supported by the rich, right-wingers always trot out George Soros in rebuttal. They’d be a lot more convincing if they could find more than one such heretic among the very wealthy. (There are a handful of others, but not nearly enough to balance things out.)
            As for all those richies on the “soft side of the economy”–most of them are Republicans too, you know. They have to be, since they’re terrified of regulation of the financial industry, which might make it harder for them to make their next million. Republicans won’t mess with that, but Democrats might.

          10. joe schmo September 1, 2014

            Why not! You keep throwing the Koch’s (By the way, did you know they gave 25 million to the Negro College Fund?) in our face when your side has way more nut heads who don’t live in the real world to crow about. I guess it is OK for you banters to keep crowing off about what is morally (if you could call it that) right or wrong.

            ….And the three richest men in America – Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Larry Ellison – all are liberals.

            I might also add Zuckenberg to that list…..and what about those Hollywood elites. Oprah and Spielberg are two of the biggest offenders.

            Nancy Pelosi, the former Democrat speaker of the US House of Representatives, one of the most far-left politicians in America and oneof the richest people in Washington (estimated fortune is $30 million, earned by her husband), represents one of the richest districts in America, near San Francisco.

            Soros-I believe to be the lead henchman. He almost ruined England economically. He is behind so many American organizations it would make your head spin and he is not looking out for the best interest of this country, believe me. He is only looking out for number one. The power he must feel as he destroys a country as big as this one must be exhilarating for him.

            Manufacturing is ‘kaput.’

            ‘Replacing the shrinking class of capitalist rich are the socialist rich who do not actually “make things” or “provide resources” that the society needs. In fact, the socialist rich largely shun production
            altogether. They are mostly urban elites (New York, San Francisco, Follywood) who don’t get their hands dirty building power plants or constructing homes or cutting trees or mining coal or building

            Indeed, after wealth is created through hard work the socialists at every level set up shop. So, for instance, the moment that a capitalist
            company becomes economically successful, you will see the unions moving in to get as much of that wealth as possible. But those unions never take any of the risk involved or put in the long hours to build that company up.

            Or once a company is successful you will find the government taxing it relentlessly; or the Democrat trial lawyers seeking any grounds for a
            lawsuit. Because liberals are in love with money more than any capitalist ever was.

            Easy money, that is… Money that they can “take”, not “earn”.


            Regulations for the financial industry?…..What side of the planet do you reside on? Hmmmm, what abut that World Bank? In our own Country, why don’t we just start with that idiotic Federal Reserve and eliminate that burdensome IRS.

            Hypocritical is an understatement……

          11. ericlipps September 1, 2014

            All right, schmo: the Koch brothers are popular targets at the moment. But anyone reasonably familiar with U.S. politics can easily come up with more: the Coors beer dynasty, the Welch family (of grape juice and John Birch Society fame), the Olin Trust, H. Ross Perot, Rupert Murdoch. Even Ted Turner, before his lurch to the left concurrent with his marriage to Jane Fonda, gained fame as a right-wing wild man who asserted that the heads of the major networks should be taken out and shot for treason. And that’s just off the top of my head.

            And if you want to dump the Fed, what would you put in its place? In any case, remember that although the President names its chairman, its member banks are entirely privately owned and the chairman does not take orders from the White House. (If anything, it sometimes seems the other way around.)

            And, since I’m sure you’re a big fan of the military, how would we pay for it if we abolished the IRS (and presumably repealed the Sixteenth Amendment as well)? Tariffs and booze taxes, as in the nineteenth century? I don’t think so.

          12. kenndeb August 31, 2014

            Yes, we need to have term limits on ALL elected officials, including appointed positions such as judges.

          13. itsfun August 30, 2014

            When he refuses to call them up for votes, that is blocking them.

          14. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

            Troll Alert!!


        2. Taz202 August 30, 2014

          Harry Reid blocked bills that did not have a chance in hell of passing. Why waste time and money bringing them to the floor? Too bad Boehner didn’t think this way: wasting the House’s time on 50+ ACA repeals that he and all he GOP KNEW would go no where. This was our tax money wasted.

          1. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

            You are so correct and I agree totally with you. Bravo!

            I think all Dems would like to sign this petition. Please sign and pass it on. Thanks. It has over 62,000 signatures so far.



          2. Taz202 August 30, 2014

            I just signed it and will forward to my Dem friends.

          3. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

            Thanks so much, and ask them to forward it on too.
            Great job!


          4. paulyz August 31, 2014

            Move-on.org, the extremely Liberal organization bought & paid for by Billionaire Socialist George Soros?

          5. kenndeb August 31, 2014

            You know that only republicans get monies from wealthy donors like the Koch brothers. Democrats only get their money from poor people, and our tax dollars.

          6. ericlipps September 1, 2014

            Actually, no, and that’s a problem: the Democrats are nearly as bought off by corporate interests as are Republicans–but at least it’s only “nearly.”
            And the D’s don’t feel the need to truckle to the KKKhristian right, either–the folks who used to infest the Democratic Party but began fleeing in rage and terror when Harry Truman desegregated the military, and who kept up their migration thereafter, winding up secure in the GOP they used to hate because Lincoln freed the slaves.

          7. joe schmo August 31, 2014

            He is the head puppet master…….

          8. midway54 August 31, 2014

            Ya need to quit bursting that guy’s balloons he regularly acquires and hoists from crackpot sources..

          9. idamag September 1, 2014

            Yes kenneb is one of the ideologue haters that makes me disgusted with Republicans.

          10. kenndeb September 1, 2014

            I’m a democrat, not a republican.

          11. dpaano September 23, 2014

            You have a very funny way of showing it!

        3. Dominick Vila September 1, 2014

          Harry Reid blocked bills that included riders such as funding programs with ACA monies.

          1. joe schmo September 1, 2014

            Here you go Dominick. You all need to start looking things up. You can’t just make remarks that are meaningless. It’s like ‘spitting into the wind.’

            “The president is fond of referring to the House as the ‘do-nothing Congress.’ But we have 352 reasons why it’s a ‘do-Nothing Senate.’

            “352 bills are sitting on Harry Reid’s desk, awaiting action.

            “98 percent of them passed with bipartisan support — Republicans and Democrats working together to pass legislation.

            “50 percent of the bills passed unanimously, with no opposition.

            “70 percent of the bills passed with two-thirds support in the House.

            “And over 55 bills were introduced by Democrats.

            “352 bills. Why won’t Harry Reid act? These are good bills; bills that put the American people back to work, put more money in hardworking Americans pockets, help with education, and skills training.
            We call upon Harry Reid to get to work before he adjourns in August to pass some of these bills. The American people deserve better.”


            Wolfensberger sees Reid as the bigger offender by blocking bills and amendments “to protect his vulnerable members who are up for re-election
            in November. You can blame the threat of filibusters and politically sensitive amendments from Republicans, but politics ain’t bean bag.
            Senators were sent there to cast the tough votes, not to be pampered, protected and coddled by their leaders.”

            “It is true that some bills, including some of substance, are being blocked by Reid from action because he wants to avoid Republican
            amendments of the ‘gotcha’ variety that could work against some of his endangered incumbents up this fall,” said Norm Ornstein, a congressional
            scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. “You can make a case thatthe role of the majority is to suck it up and do votes, even if some
            are uncomfortable. But on the balance sheet, the bigger reality is that very few of the bills passed by the House were aimed at compromise or agreement with the Senate.”

            A spokesman for Jenkins, Thomas W. Brandt, told PolitiFact, “Only Sen. Reid can bring these bills up for a vote, and if he did, it would go a long way in ending the legislative gridlock currently plaguing

            Again, it is always about your side. Your vote. No such thing as WORKING together. Nooooo that’s just too honest.

            Funny thing Peloser and Reidtard were a laughing stock during Bush’s presidency. Both a perfect examples of term limits.

          2. Dominick Vila September 1, 2014

            Looks like you copied Rep. Jenkins claim to the letter. Some of the House Bills mentioned include matters that should have never been sent to the Senate since they are well within the purview of THE House to handle. Examples include the election of Boehner as Speaker of the House, appointments to House committees, and other such matters. Some include riders that require taking funds from the ACA to pay for them. Others are clearly designed to undermine the candidacy of Democrats running for re-election. Thirteen were technical changes to local federal lands; five approved
            honorific names for postal or other buildings; four addressed federal
            studies or advisory committees; three were bills sponsored by a
            non-voting territorial delegate; three concerned narrow technical
            corrections to existing legislation; one concerned U.S. coinage; and one
            was a private bill granting an immigrant visa to an individual.
            It is also important to understand that some of those Bills were sent back to the House for changes, and eventually passed or rejected, and that some did not see the light of day because they violated procedural matters.

    3. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

      Here is a link to the list of just some of Obama’s accomplishments; in spite of all the Rs did to try to stop him from accomplishing anything. Enjoy:



      1. joe schmo August 30, 2014

        Pahuh….. and no Congress has done nothing, but I feel there is a reason for that……like Obama will cook his own goose:)

        Most corrupt President in my lifetime….. I hope he goes down in history as such. The no can do man…. Golf is a diversion:)

        1. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

          Buzz off you bigot.


          1. kenndeb August 30, 2014

            There is that warm and fuzzy liberal response to anything that is not part of the government talking points. Just call the opposition racist and bigot. Works every time.

          2. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

            Guess the shoe fits. Hmmm?


          3. kenndeb August 30, 2014

            Not really. I think it fits you and your liberal friends more.

          4. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

            News Flash: I really don’t give a crap what you crazies think. So keep it to yourself and buzz off.


          5. kenndeb August 30, 2014

            I would crazy is someone that blindly follows and refuses to open their eyes and see what is right in front of them. You have just lost your way, like so many of did. Consider all this tyrant has done. Stop believing all that you are told by the government and their minions. Their truths are manipulated to show what they want you to think.

          6. joe schmo August 31, 2014

            A blind mind is a terrible thing to waste and they do their best to waste their brains by being beholden to Father Government. No incentive, no innovation. Ho Hum just a hand held out waiting for the goods to be handed to them without having to really WORK for it.

          7. ericlipps August 31, 2014

            A blind mind, whatever that is, is surely wasted already.

            And from the babbling incoherence of your post, you must have been pretty wasted too.

          8. kenndeb August 31, 2014

            Seems so, Joe. What really troubles me is that we are so divided as a country and as a people. I can’t remember a time this has ever happened to this degree. We had Nam, and of course Bush, but nothing like it is now. I think this has happened because it is what the regime wants. The more divided we are, the easier it is to control us.

          9. kenndeb August 31, 2014

            I really feel bad for you after reading the link you provided. This is the stuff that you read to get your information? And you believe any part of it? Please, please, please, try reading some other sources, perhaps just a few conservative sites. What I read is nothing but complete lies and distortion of truth. Common core is nothing but an indoctrination program. Look at the curriculum for common core. Nothing but propaganda . It is a service to constituents to funnel monies from public schools to other educational services if they are ILLEGALLY mandated to follow common core. Bud, really, you need to try finding other places to get info. What you are getting is bogus. I have no animosity toward you or liberal in general. Like I have said many times, I use to be you. We have been lied to and conned by this regime. The sooner you realize this, the quicker we can start to get our country back to where it should be.

          10. flyinjs September 4, 2014

            If that is the case you will see who the conservative vote will put into office. here’s a hint, they cut a lot of education out of their budgets in the RED states.

          11. dpaano September 23, 2014

            Gee, I think you’ve got that wrong…..

          12. dpaano September 23, 2014

            Blueberry: It doesn’t help to argue with them….you can’t change stupid!!! It’s better to just ignore the trolls and not respond. Nothing you say or do will change their narrow minds.

          13. Blueberry Hill September 23, 2014

            Thanks, I am going to do that. They are a special kind of stupid and not worth our time. Crazy is as crazy does.


          14. joe schmo August 31, 2014

            We’re getting a bit bored with that aren’t we kenndeb….. yawn….. We’ve gotten so wise to this sort of response. So predictable.

          15. ericlipps August 31, 2014

            If the hood fits . . . !

            Seriously, though, why should anyone listen to an incoherent rant, no matter what its political orientation might be?

          16. kenndeb August 31, 2014

            We listen to yours, sometimes without gagging.

        2. flyinjs September 4, 2014

          We have ACA eat them beans

      2. dpaano September 23, 2014

        Blueberry….it’s a wasted effort because they can’t read to begin with, and they refuse to believe ANYTHING that isn’t written by the conservative right-wing party! The one that uses lies and innuendo, as well as fear, to get their story out.

        1. Blueberry Hill September 23, 2014

          Well, you are correct of course, but we will do what we can and maybe find a brain cell or two out there. I realize it may take a miracle, but we can at least know that we tried to tell them the truth, and if they don’t want to listen, it is to their own peril, and not because they were not told.


    4. joe schmo August 31, 2014

      I honestly believe you need to rethink the wheel. Blue should be Red. I mean that literally. Because Red stands for the Communist Socialist Party of the United States of America = Liberals.

      My friend, Bush was a psuedo Republican. Even I voted for Obama in 2008 because I was so desperate for change. You can imagine my disappointment when he showed his anti-colonial/Communist colors. So I hightailed it right back to the other side. Conservatives aren’t perfect, they need to get rid of Boehner, McConnell, McCain, Christy, Jeb Bush and some of the other RINO’s that are polluting the party, but it sure beats the Lefties.

      1. kenndeb August 31, 2014

        Sounds right to me. I do think both parties are presently corrupt, but I can’t support what this regime and the liberals are doing to this country. We fought against communism only to have a communist in our white house.

        1. flyinjs September 4, 2014

          That remark doesn’t even merit an educated disclosure of the real truth as you would not comprehend it anyway.

      2. Taz202 September 2, 2014

        I do believe you are paranoid about Communism. Liberalism (from the word “liberty”) is not communistic. It is true that we are becoming more socialistic but I don’t think that is a bad thing. In a perfect world, each person should be able to take care of themselves (that’s how I raised my kids – to not depend on others for financial support). However, we do not live in a perfect world. Stuff happens and a compassionate government should exist to help those who cannot help themselves. As I’ve said, I am a senior and am very thankful for Social Security and Medicare. Without it I’d be a bag lady on the street (I do have other sources of income but not enough). Republicans are against government-run social programs and want to privatize or turn over to each state to administer. What a nightmare this would be for all seniors. I read recently how much Paul Ryan’s budget would give each senior as a voucher to buy insurance on the market: $6,700 year. I have a Medicare Advantage plan with no premium other than for Medicare; my agent told me Medicare gives them $800/month (or $9,600 a year) for each senior it insures. That means, under Ryan’s plan, I would have to make pay the difference – that is, if I could even get this plan for the same cost. You need to wake up and realize that the TP/GOP is backed by big money that only cares about less taxes and regulations – not the middle class, seniors, working poor or very poor. The Republican party of the past is gone.

    5. idamag September 1, 2014

      You and I think alike. I am against political parties, altogether as they divide the nation and weaken Democracy. We can see that in the dipped-ins that were sent to the House. However, the past performances have convinced me to vote Democrat from now on.

    6. dpaano September 23, 2014

      TAz: I’m with you….I tend to vote for the person that I feel would do the best job; however, lately, I don’t see myself voting for any of the clowns that pass for Republicans nowadays!!!

  5. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

    Here’s what the right wing thugs have in store for us, check it out, really scary.:




  6. charles king August 30, 2014

    I agree with Cynthia Tucker, the vote is still Supreme along with some Critical Thinking there is no stopping your Democractic efforts. Think People cause MONIES are blaring the picture of What? is going on in America. MONIES do not mean a thing if you are in tune with your country’s governing policy cause in our country of Democracy there are States in your America that are governing them by Plutocracy(Commissioners) Greedy Capitalistic Pigs, Non-Tax-Payers Corporations Who? are riding the coat-tail of your Democracy, your Voting Power elimanates all of that distraction. Make sure all the rules about Voting are kept entact, do not let policitians corrupt your Voting system because it is the greatest in the World, the main thing is to keep it working correctly and honestly. Thank You are the magic words in my book. I Love Ya All. Mr. C. E. KING P. S. VOTING and Critical Thinking works that is Why President Obama received a second term because the People did some Critical Thinking.

    1. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

      In total agreement with you. Thanks for your comment, you truly make sense. Watch out for the trolls on here.


      1. charles king August 30, 2014

        I dont think the American People are giving their self the real facts about What? the hell is going on in our Country. Democracy is needed and the voters has to be prepare and know Who? is making the waves going in the wrong direction. I use Critical Thinking on myself in most situation. I am (85yrs young) and I am a Korean War Vet and the State of Pennsylvania gave me (500 dols) but I thought I was fighting for the Country’s Democracy’s but the State is governed by Plutocracy What? the hell is going on. I am still fighting for Democracy. Thank You are the magic words in my book. I Love Ya All. r. C. E. KING

        1. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

          Thank you for your service and congratulations too, you have seen a lot of history. There are trolls on here (Kochroaches) who don’t want to learn, they all just stick to their printed out daily scripts.

          I think all dems should like to sign this petition, care to sign it and pass it on? There are over 62,000 signatures now. Thank you.


  7. ExRadioGuy15 August 30, 2014

    Cynthia Tucker is correct….
    But, those of us who possess intelligence and sanity (aka, people who aren’t Republicans or Libertarians) know this already.
    Here’s something else some of us know: one of the “defining characteristics” (DCs) of Fascism is “fraudulent elections”, where the Fascist regime (GOP here) does everything it can to suppress the vote of their political opponents, including the use of legislation. Hence, the GOP’s completely bogus “widespread voter fraud” claim and the voter suppression laws they’ve written and passed in the Red states, many of which have been struck down by the federal courts.
    Since the beginning of this calendar year, I’ve noticed an increase of awareness by the “masses” regarding the GOP’s Fascist activities/ ideology, especially by the Progressives and Moderates of the GOP. Fraudulent elections is just one of the 14 “DCs” of Fascism, to all of which the GOP adhere and have since October 2001. If voting truly didn’t matter, the GOP wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing to try and suppress the vote of those who vote Democrat.
    Included with that increase of awareness about the GOP’s Fascism are comparisons of the GOP to the German Nazi Party in the 30’s and 40’s. In a Facebook note I wrote 16 months ago where I detail the reasons the GOP are Fascists, I also detail the three main differences between the Nazis and the GOP. It is completely correct to call the GOP Fascists. But, we must be careful not to violate “Godwin’s Law”, which is the proposition that, during an argument, someone plays the “Nazi card” in comparing what’s done now to what was done then and “loses the argument”.
    The three differences between the GOP and the Nazis:
    1. while Dr. Joseph Goebbels, the “Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda” for the Nazis, wrote all of the propaganda (as Frank Luntz unofficially does for the GOP now), Adolf Hitler was mostly responsible for dissemination of that propaganda. The GOP, in contrast, take a “Socialist” view with propaganda, which is why you can’t trust almost everything they say. It’s usually the same cast of characters, but it’s disseminated by more than one person;
    2. While it took nearly a decade for the Nazis to slowly accumulate power and enough of it to take control of the country (they were virtually unopposed by “Kristallnacht”, the Night of Broken Glass, in November 1938), the GOP have to deal with the Democratic Party. But, that leads us to a frightening conclusion: what if there were no Democratic Party right now? I know…perish the thought. But, when that thought does arise, I shudder and move on.
    3. While the GOP’s “Civil War” tragicomically rages on, once the Nazis gained enough power, they dealt with insurrection within their ranks quite brutally. Anyone who’s seen the 2008 movie, “Valkyrie” should know that, with very few exceptions, that movie depicted perfectly how the Nazis dealt with rebellion. Once “Traitors” were revealed, they were summarily executed. But, just as was detailed in the movie, the executions were done in secret. Then, the Nazis employed another “DC” of Fascism, control of the mass media, to announce the executions on radio and in the newspapers. They wouldn’t detail whom was executed; they would simply say or write that “Traitors” were executed for crimes against the Fuhrer (Hitler) and the Third Reich. Doing it the way they did it served two purposes: first and foremost, the traitors were executed. Second, because they publicized it in a generic fashion, any other person or group of people knew very well what would happen if they got caught. Several attempts were made to assassinate Hitler and most of them actually came from “within”, conscientious objectors that didn’t want to be remembered as the Nazis are now: as brutal Fascists.
    In the final analysis, the GOP’s voter suppression tactics provide just one piece of proof that the GOP are Fascists. But, let’s not go too far…due to circumstances, they are not completely the same as the Nazis, as I detailed above. I wrote a Facebook note called, “Godwin’s Law nullification”, where I simply detailed that, if a correct or valid comparison is made with the Nazis and the GOP, it’s not a violation. But, where an incorrect one is made, the law is violated. Such as those three “One-Percenters” earlier this year who compared themselves to the German Jews during the time of the Nazis; the bogus claim that “Progressivism is Fascism” and that Progressives are waiting to carry out their own version of “Kristallnacht”. That proves that those One-Percenters are Fascists. Such a propaganda campaign as that can’t be laughed off.
    As of now, voting still does matter. But, if we allow the GOP to take enough political power, you can be sure that one of the first things they’ll do is to make it nearly impossible to vote them out of office. So, let’s not allow them to get that power. Vote the GOP out of office and elect Democrats this fall. While the Democrats are not perfect, they are clearly and significantly better than the GOP.
    And, don’t get me started on the “Firebaggers” (Libertarians)….

    1. Taz202 August 31, 2014

      You hit the nail on the head. The TP/GOP are truly fascists.

  8. Whatmeworry August 30, 2014

    What a xenophobic article from Tucker. So the only people who can address blacks needs are black?? I notice that she didn’t ask black leadership for ideas on how to change the 38% of their population on welfare and another 40% on food stamps. She didn’t ask them to address their inability to work hard in school, drop the thug mentality.
    She didn’t address why only 22% of blacks pay taxes while the rest ride in the wagon

  9. joe schmo August 31, 2014

    Here’s some fuel for thought:

    “When incompetent, cowards can attend worthless college classes and then go into a government job where they make double and triple the national average income while spending their days engaged in activities that would get them fired in the private sector without fear of losing their jobs, we have a problem. We need to eliminate the public sector unions, revamp the civil service act to make removal of do nothing, or incompetent employees easier.

    We need to implement methods for insuring an honest election. That includes revamping motor voter and eliminating mail in ballots for anyone but the military. Why are we the only major country that doesn’t require photo ID to vote? It’s no more racist to demand to see photo ID to vote than it is to demand it to buy a firearm. The Constitution does not say that the right of the people to vote shall not be infringed. How can demanding ID to vote be any more of of an infringement than demanding ID and a background check to buy a firearm from a dealer? The federal government demands that you produce current. valid photo ID to buy a firearm from a dealer, and has for over 45 years. And you haven’t been able to buy a firearm through the mail in that long as well.

    You also have to provide your ID to prove you’re old enough buy a beer or a pack of cigarettes.

    Odd, isn’t it, you don’t have to prove you live in the area you’re voting in. And you don’t have to prove you’re not dead to vote.


    🙂 From some fellow patriots….. Laws have gotten too lax in one way and way to restricted in others. This is no longer the home of the free, rather the home of strange bedfellows….the lawless and the Communist. Who ‘woulda’ thought….

    1. dtgraham September 1, 2014

      “Why are we the only major country that doesn’t require photo ID to vote?”

      America isn’t the only country that doesn’t require that. Canada also doesn’t require that. Elections Canada sends out a voter card to every Canadian citizen once they turn 18. Officially the card is supposed to be presented to the scrutineers when you show up to vote. In actual fact however, it’s always overlooked if you don’t have the card for some reason.

      The reason it’s overlooked is because you’re already on the voter list due to Elections Canada sending out that information to riding precincts across the country. Your name is already on the voter list and you just have to be crossed off. How likely would it be that somebody who knows you would actually try to impersonate you to get one extra vote? Give it some thought. I’ve forgotten my voter card more than once and was still able to vote without any ID, let alone picture ID. Nobody ever questioned me or asked for ID.

    2. ericlipps September 1, 2014

      Not you, since you don’t seem to think at all.
      Just to take one example: your proposal to eliminate mail-in ballots for “everyone but the military.” If the system were as corrupt as you claim, what would keep some evil official from intercepting military ballots and “adjusting” the count by throwing out a certain percentage of those for the “wrong” candidates?
      What you seem to have in mind is something else: eliminating mail-in ballots for people whose votes would skew Democratic while keeping them for people whose votes would tend Republican. That actually would be election tampering. You might as well admit it and be done.

      1. kenndeb September 1, 2014

        The liberal nanny state regulations that penalizes anything that they think is bad for us. What happened to freedom to choose for yourself?

    3. dpaano September 23, 2014

      Gee, Joe, I don’t have to show my photo ID to buy a beer or cigarettes….probably because I’m 68 years old. So, an ID is not ALWAYS required for these things. Get your facts in order.

  10. marriea August 31, 2014

    Whenever we vote, we like to think that our elected appointees will keep our best interest at heart. One should always exercise their right to vote ever if sometimes one has to hold their noses closed to do so. I remember growing up in the Mississippi 60’s. There was much intimidation going on to keep blacks from the poll. One has to wonder why? There is power in the poll whether one realizes it or not. I reared my kids to understand that many people died so they could vote. It is to spit on the graves of those persons not to vote. I remember when the persons in South Africa got the power to vote. I cried tears of joy at the amazement that some of those folks walked for miles, some more than 20 miles for the chance to vote. In this country many of us won’t walk around the corner. It irked me to no end that with a minority population like the town of Ferguson had so many unsympathetic whites directing they livlihood. I’m not saying things will change much with blacks in charge, but at least they could try. My big problem with any POL is when power is granted, they end up acting and carrying themselves like the corrupt powerful folks of yesteryears. It is my hope that whomever is elected to run the city the next time around is that they realize that thing and accessories are floating. You don’t need to flauant your status like a peacock that not’s use to anything. Guide with a compassionate hand full of intergrity. Be as honest as one can be to the constituents and don’t use their monies like a drunken sailor. At the end of the day whether one is rich or poor, your word should always be your bond. If your word ain’t ‘shit’ then neither are you regardless of one’s titles.
    There’s a saying in one of Shakespeare’s plays, Hamlet I think…To thine own’s self be true, and it will follow as the night the day, thy can’t be false to any man. To any POL, one has to know right from wrong even if it hurts. But the right thing will carry one as long as they live and even after they die, they shall live.


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