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Is Trump Losing Fox News?

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Is Trump Losing Fox News?


Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.

Fox News remains President Trump’s favorite news channel, and Sean Hannity his single greatest champion. But mounting criticism from the latter’s Fox co-anchors this week suggests the network’s support for the president may be eroding.

“Just today John Roberts, Fox News correspondent of the White House walked out of a White House press briefing,” explained “Young Turks” host Cenk Uygur. “Sarah Huckabee Sanders… said ‘I guess he has somewhere better to go,’ and he said ‘yeah, we’re not on camera. You are not doing this on TV, so I have to do a live show.'”

Roberts isn’t the only Fox News correspondent who appears fed up. Nightly panelist Charles Krauthammer torched Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Kremlin-connected attorney on “The Story” with Martha MacCallum, three days after the New York Times bombshell report. Krauthammer continued his attack on Thursday’s “Special Report With Bret Baier.”

“I’m willing to concede it is not a criminal act, but it is certainly an unethical act,” he said of the meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya last June at Trump Tower.

“Damn,” exlaimed Uygur. “Fox News calling the Trump administration unethical and saying they were deceiving you all along.”

Even Judge Andrew Napolitano had some choice words to describe the Trump Tower summit. According to Napolitano, Don. Jr. was lucky not to receive any information about Hillary Clinton from Veselnitskaya.

“That would have been a felony,” he concluded. “That would have been the completion of a crime.”

“This is a guy Trump liked so much that he thought about putting him on the Supreme Court,” Uygur reminded viewers. “[And] even Napolitano is saying this looks really bad.”

Earlier in the week, a furious Sheppard Smith told viewers, “There are still people out there who believe we’re making it up, and one day they are going to realize we are not.”

“This is a weird topsy-turvy world where I am agreeing with Fox hosts,” Uygur noted. That makes two of us.


Alexandra Rosenmann is an AlterNet associate editor. Follow her @alexpreditor.

This article was made possible by the readers and supporters of AlterNet.



  1. FireBaron July 20, 2017

    Wow. Faux News and Drudge Report slamming on Teflon Donnie and the boys in the same week! Looks like he’s gonna have to count on Alex Jones as a reliable news outlet from now on.

    1. dbtheonly July 20, 2017

      Or is Fox just trying to avoid the label of Trump TV?

      A bone now and then does not change the basic propaganda arm of the GOP that Fox was designed to be. Fox was, and still is, of the flagship of the RWMO.

      Off topic, is it wrong of me to ask John McCain & his friends, where he’d be without his “government paid” health insurance?

      1. plc97477 July 20, 2017

        I don’t think it is, although from what I heard mccain was planning on voting against the travesty that is trumpdon’tcare. The more we remind them of their constituents the more we can expect them to care about them.

      2. Paul Bass July 20, 2017

        Would it be wrong of me to be glad the GOP won’t have 52 votes till after McCain death and special election in NV? Isn’t this the same incurable brain cancer Ted Kennedy died from?

        1. Jim Samaras July 20, 2017

          McCain is a dead man walking but don’t get any ideas of a democrat replacing him in AZ not NV

        2. dpaano July 20, 2017

          Yes, this cancer is the same that killed Kennedy….it’s a very fast moving cancer also and generally fatal after a couple of years (if that long). It’s sad to see such a man put down by this….but I do hope he gets back to the Congress and votes his conscience….whatever that is.

      3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 20, 2017

        TRUMP TV would be an appropriate name-change. And they should hire Alex Jones as a regular co-host for comedy relief.

        1. dbtheonly July 20, 2017

          Agreed, as long as Jones’ show is clearly labeled as comedy.

          Bad things happen when people take him seriously.

          1. dpaano July 20, 2017

            Personally, if I want comedy, I tune in to Trevor Noah or Samantha Bee….they’re REALLY funny!

          2. dbtheonly July 20, 2017

            You see where Trump’s talking about pardoning everyone Mueller’s investigating? Junior? Jared? Mantafort? Mueller will question them, they’ll lie through their teeth, & then walk away with a pardon.

          3. dpaano July 21, 2017

            Yes, but also heard on the news this morning that Trump’s lawyer, Sebelow (sp) said there has been NO discussions about pardons by either himself OR the president. So, who do we believe?

          4. dbtheonly July 21, 2017

            That’s a rhetorical question, right?

          5. dpaano July 21, 2017

            Yeah, you’re probably right, but with Trump and his minions saying that most news is “false,” this may be false too. After all, how can we actually believe a president who has NO idea about lies vs. truth?

          6. dbtheonly July 21, 2017

            True enough. Why believe Trump when he threatens to fire Mueller? Why believe anything?

            But when there’s a leak, I’m inclined to accept that the matter is under discussion. In the issue of pardons, self, or otherwise, all we have is Trump’s opinion on what is acceptable behavior. A thin reed upon which to base anything.

      4. Dapper Dan July 20, 2017

        And to think Trump falsely called CNN Clinton TV during the campaign. He literally does have Fox as his voice while falsely labeling other news outlets as Fake

        1. dbtheonly July 20, 2017

          I’ve never quite been able to decide. Are the Republicans raging hypocrites, blaming Democrats for that which they do themselves? Or are the Republicans just totally clueless and don’t notice the similarities?

          One would think Jon Stewart opened their eyes to doing what they criticized in Democrats. But I have trouble thinking so ill of people.

      5. dpaano July 20, 2017

        Yes, FAUX New IS the flagship of the RWMO, but I think that even they have suddenly realized their big mistake in allowing this maniac into the White House. Maybe they are still RW, but they aren’t THAT bad that they can’t suddenly see the evil before them!

        1. dbtheonly July 20, 2017

          I suspect they are THAT bad. Evil, good, right, wrong, all need to be seen through those Trump colored glasses. What we see as sane is insane in Trumpville. What they see as SOP, we see as a foreign country interfering in our election.

          Fox likes the fig leaf of pretending to be real journalism. But like the leopard; Fox doesn’t change.

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 20, 2017

      Wouldn’t that be hilarious—Alex feeding info to Donald. A madman giving the Okey-dokey to another madman is going to be a sight. Maybe the major networks should give Alex a 2 minute slot so viewers can see and hear him rant like some exotic primate.

      1. Dapper Dan July 20, 2017

        Now here’s the scary part. Last year before the debates Alex Jones of Infowars said that Clinton was the Devil. Then in the last debate Trump came out and said to Clinton your the Devil. I was floored he was quoting garbage from this vile man. So now you know he’s listening to worse news sources than Fox

        1. dpaano July 20, 2017

          But, but, but….these are VIABLE news sites according to the Trumpster!

    3. Dapper Dan July 20, 2017

      Perhaps he can get Lucifer to put in a good word for him. I understand Bannon who loves the darkness knows him well ????

  2. bojimbo26 July 20, 2017

    But , but , Fox Shrews is Donnys Intel Service .

  3. Dapper Dan July 20, 2017

    LBJ once said during the Vietnam War that if I’ve lost Walter Cronkite I’ve lost America too. So if trump has lost Fox is he going to lose his core supporters also ?

    1. dpaano July 20, 2017

      Probably since FAUX News is their “go to” station for all the news….false or otherwise!

  4. jakenhyde July 20, 2017

    Hannity is such a douche bag. A few days ago he complained that Shepp Smith was too anti-Trump.
    He forgot to mention that on the other side of that coin, he, Hannity, spends his whole show sucking on Trump’s scrotum and licking his boots.
    Looks like the only people on the national stage who are backing Donnie are people who don’t have a clue about real life….like, Hannity, Rushbo, Rick Perry, and Carson. The last two really don’t have a clue about anything.

  5. waggaze July 20, 2017

    When you have Dubya’s WH staff attorney using the word treason to describe the current administration it is time to part the sheets so you don’t get anything on you.

  6. dpaano July 20, 2017

    Trump’s pissed off every news media outlet out there…..and, if he loses FAUX News, he won’t have ANY news outlet supporting him. That would be an interesting concept! It’s amazing that even FAUX News is getting the picture that this guy is a total nutcase and should NOT be sitting in the oval office…..after all, you can only hide your head in the sand for so long before you realize you can’t breathe! They suddenly have discovered they can’t breathe and have to NOW come up for air like the rest of us!


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