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WATCH: Did World War II Vets Fight For The Citizens United Decision?

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WATCH: Did World War II Vets Fight For The Citizens United Decision?


The American Future Fund — a shadowy right wing 501(c)(4) “social welfare” group which can raise any amount of money without disclosing its donors– has released an absurd online ad suggesting that World War II veterans fought and died to protect unlimited corporate political spending.

The ad features images of the founding fathers, American troops on D-Day, and video of Mitch McConnell’s impassioned defense of Citizens United. As patriotic music soars in the background, the ad warns:

Heroes fought and died four our rights. Among them, the right to speak freely. It’s what makes us American. And our president swore to uphold it. But now, the First Amendment is under attack. By our own President.

Somehow it seems unlikely that, as American troops stormed the beaches at Normandy, they were thinking of how to make it easiest for Sheldon Adelson to give $100 million to Newt Gingrich.

As Think Progress’ Josh Israel points out, the ad is not only outrageous, but also irrelevant:

Prior to the Supreme Court’s election buying decision in Citizens United, no corporate CEO was prevented from saying anything he or she wished about political candidates and issues, as loudly and as often as he or she wished. This ruling was about whether CEOs and other corporate leaders could use unlimited pools of money from their corporate treasury to drown out the speech of everyone else.

Furthermore, McConnell himself is on shaky ground when he attacks President Obama for pushing in favor of disclosure. After all, the minority leader himself said in 2000 that “Republicans are in favor of disclosure…Why would a little disclosure be better than a lot of disclosure?”

Surely McConnell’s friends at the American Future Fund could answer that question for him.

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. William Deutschlander June 20, 2012

    When you are DEMENTED you can make anything sound reasonable in your demented state, the GOP revels in this fantasy!

  2. ChuckT June 20, 2012

    The system is a scam and a sham , The supreme court does not measure up in any small way to being suprime and both parties are laughable. With the advent of social media the people of the world become better informed and the traditional media is being questioned about it’s purpose and it’s ability to inform truthfully. I or most of us wont see the changes for they take time and are subtle. The world it is a changin my friends

    1. Ed June 20, 2012

      Hitler and Goebbals proved that when you repeat a lie often enough and loud enough it becomes truth in peoples minds. The advertising business recognised this immediately in 1946 and shortly politicians got into the act. To think that social media keeps you more informed is laughable. Everyone has their own slant on things. As for the “mainstream media” ,unless you want to know who is screwing who, who is divorcing or what heinpous things occured somewhere in the world today IT IS WORTHLESS!

    2. metrognome3830 June 20, 2012

      While I agree with your assessment of the Supremes, I must tell you I have a much different view of the social media keeping the world better informed. Too much of the power of the social media is aimed at blatant disinformation than it is toward trusted information. And yes, much of the traditional media has questionable motives as well, but the best solution is to do one’s own research rather than rely totally on our news media in any form.

  3. howa4x June 20, 2012

    Those heros that fought the great battle of WWII came home and got the GI bill handed to them for their service. Free college, and houses that cost $4000. by a grateful government.

    They also joined unions that fought against corporate greed, and waged pitched battles that ended in the creation of the middle class.
    Corporate America fought back against these heros and their Republican lackys carried the fight by creating the house on unamerican activites committee staring Joe Mc Carthy which tried to paint these union organizers as communists. Yes these same heros that fought WWII and wanted a decent wage and working conditions when they came home, were branded as un patriotic by the Republicans and their corporate allies. That was the way it really happened. There was no love affair with the corporations that brought on the great depression, and misery to their families before the war.
    They were also the last generation that came home from a war that were called heros.

    1. ivanneal June 20, 2012

      very good

    2. onedonewong June 20, 2012

      No question that unions were in fact communist. they are the only organization that are allowed to beat murder and steal to get their way so says the Supreme Court

      1. DurdyDawg June 21, 2012

        Then the Supreme Court are idiots.. Anybody with a brain realizes no matter how beneficial an endeavor is, through time (because of human interaction) it eventually becomes corrupt (the proof has been staring at us since G. Washington retired).. The Unions brought morality into the business community.. Why should men toil for pennies to make a man rich beyond proportion? The unions forced these entities to share the wealth. Once their gone we go back (relatively) to those times and THAT’S a prophesy!!

        1. onedonewong June 21, 2012

          Sorry unions have done nothing in the past 40 years but to send good paying jobs over seas. In a Global economy companies won’t tolerate union thugggs and their 1900 work rules. Workers can either help the company to succeed and partner with them or they will be out of jobs.
          There is no such thing as union loyalty just look at the auto companies, walmart etc the term union made is a death knell

          1. DurdyDawg June 21, 2012

            And I agree with you wong, did I not say, ” no matter how beneficial an endeavor is, through time (because of human interaction) it eventually becomes corrupt “..? The premise of labor unions helped millions of Americans get out of poverty because of their wealthy, money miser bosses.. As you say in the last forty years they’ve become corrupt doesn’t mean the idea behind it has also fallen under.. I’m really not defending unions, I’m trying to make those who never went through those lean times of pre-depression understand that without at least an advocate (someone or group who will be the voice of the worker) that it will (eventually) all revert to those times where a man will be forced to work 12 – 14 hours a day just to pay his bills because wages will not go up once unions die and as a matter of fact they can be lowered even to minimum wage .. No vacation, no insurance.. No more benefits. We need balance, if it means gutting the crookedness of unions and replacing them with responsible citizens then I say let’s do this.. Not erase it from memory. We will all lose if we give all power back to corporate industry. Do you think it’s g’ment mandated that a person must work 30 – 35 hours a week? No, it’s the corporations and it’s a loophole in not providing benefits.. This will no longer apply once the workers voices are hushed.. They’ll simply wipe benefits off the slate.. No more time/half.. No more breaks. Slave labor for the worker, more wealth for b’ness and it’s rich share holders.

          2. onedonewong June 23, 2012

            If people want to join unions based on free will that’s fine. I’m opposed to closed shops and the employer collecting union dues. If the union is worth its dues then workers will pay them with out coercion.
            Also the law that forbids prosecution of union leaders for actions taken by its members has to be changed. Lets be honest here unions have killed, bomber beat up and intimated those who don’t honor picket lines or refuse to join

          3. DurdyDawg June 23, 2012

            I can only agree on that.. This is the result of human intervention and it’s morphed into it’s on entity.. Indeed the entire industry needs revamping and all involved prosecuted but no politician wants that.. They want to wash their hands of it, allow the crime bosses to walk on free ground, refuse to inact g’ment intervention and jeopardize our childrens future by not providing them an advocate when they get into the work force. We have no alternative but to end the corruption and take our chances with the generosity of America’s corporations.. My only hope is that they don’t betray us by reverting to the ideals that out grandfathers had to live with before unions.

          4. onedonewong June 23, 2012

            If people wish to form and join unions of their own free will then more power to them. My objection has to do with closed shops and the employer having to collect unions dues. Let the union collect their own dues. The TSA is a perfect example of how out of touch unions are. the vast majority of members voted “not” to form a union but the Obama regime said no it only wold count the votes of those who voted in the affirmative
            The next issue is the law that prevents union leadership from being prosecuted for their members action even when they authorized their them. Unions have killed, beaten maimed and blown up property and homes of those who won’t join or won’t honor the picket line

          5. ObozoMustGo June 25, 2012

            Great discussion wong. I would add that we need to separate private unions from public employee unions. The latter being nothing but DemocRAT money laundering schemes. They should be made illegal AT ONCE!

            Have a great day.

          6. dogmadhatter June 21, 2012

            Who is sending jobs over seas???Corporations are moving the jobs to cut wages and return more dollars to shareholders. dig into who the shareholders are(who contraols mutual funds and persion funds who relay gets the money….

          7. onedonewong June 23, 2012

            Absolutely corporations are moving jobs over seas the question is WHY??? The answer is Unions and govt regulations they are always the cause.
            Except when Barak and the Dem’s get involved then they use tax payers $$$ to set up jobs over sea and then blame guys like Romney

      2. howa4x June 21, 2012

        Do you actually understand what communism is?. It is state controlled capitalism with a suspension of civil rights. What supreme court ruling are you refering to, regarding unions?Do you actually think that the super rich built the middle class? Before unions there was very rich and mostly lower income people like small shop owners or farmers. Wages and working conditions in industry were terrible.
        that’s why unions were created, to improve conditions.
        You write like someone who watches way too much Fox and listens to way too much Glen Beck, and has a limited understanding of your own countries history and what the terms you throw around really mean

        1. onedonewong June 21, 2012

          he 1973 Enmons decision that exempt Union leaders from prosecution that results from their actions in a strike. Yes I know what communism is each according to their abilities and each according to their needs. Which is exactly what unions and government workers preach..
          Unfortunately your ideas are a reflection of the State run media that has never seen a tax increase they didn’t like or a quota or give away program that doesn’t meet their approval.
          Unions had their place eons ago now their only function is to send jobs overseas or bankrupt those that stay

          1. howa4x June 21, 2012

            You really watch too much Fox news. Bush II made the largest tax cut in history and people like Romney took his 250 million and put into overseas accounts. In fact during the Bush years 2.9 million jobs left this country, by the rich exporting them not unions, and middle class wages were flat.The 1% made 256% more than the next millionare. Greed was rapmpant and that greed pushed this country over th edge into near bankruptcy. All the major banks had to be bailed out(remember all this?)Hank Paulson, Bushes treasury secratary, not Obama did the Tarp or bailout. As for tax increases, your hero Reagan raised taxes 17 times during his 8 yrs in office, which is a fact. This idea of tax and spend liberals is no different than the conservative idea of borrow and spend. Large budget deficits where rung up by Reagan and Bush II, who started 2 unfunded wars and a gave the seniors an unfunded drug program. He borrowed the money from China for all this. It was Clinton who erased the Reagan/bush 1 deficit
            Government and unions don’t preach communism and I realize you have no clue what the word means. I think you listen to that genius Glen beck too much. Once again communism is where the state owns the means of production, all property and sets prices and wages, also suspends civil rights.Not done here where it is private investment.
            Most of our government supports big business by giving them giant subsidys, like giving oil money to drill or big agra business money to grow corn or ADM money to make ethanol. which is far more than any state gives out in welfare benefits. We are the only country in the world that dosen’t negotiate drug prices, so we give big Pharma millions that other countries don’t. Yes government has regulatory responsibility so when you go to the market you feel the food supply is safe. The EPA shut down older coal burning plants because they were spewing mercury on to the people living near and winds carried it far.
            We have no state run media otherwise Fox wouldn’t get away with what it broadcasts. It is you that has to find out more about the world. the only response you give me is tired slogans made up by Karl Rove.You are not going to be able to cut your way out of this mess. The super rich will have to pay their fair share.

            On other thing Beck, Limbugh, Coulter, Hannity, O’Reilly, get paid millions to lie to you on a steady basis. It’s your kids that will suffer from climate change,and your kids will have no health insurance, and your kids will get paid minimum wages from the super rich once the unions are destroyed.
            think about it

          2. onedonewong June 23, 2012

            This is from some one who gets his information from the State Run Media, Chairman Mao would be proud of you!!!
            . W had to do something with the recession that he inherited from Clinton and the tax cuts did just that. Did Romney benefit from the tax cuts sure but it was HIS $$$$ to start with. Unlike Solyndra that was taxpayers $$ that cost $600M and generated O jobs.
            . Did jobs leave the country under W you be just Iike they did under Clinton. But you left out why…govt regulations and unions both the foundation of the dem party. Even after adding $10Trillion in new debt Barak has fewer americans working now then at any time during W’s 2nd term.
            . Did Reagan raise taxes yes he did 1 was to save SS. The others were a package deal with Tip. For every $1 in tax increase Tip would cut spending by $3, what happened taxes went up and spending went up. Same thing under HW only this time it was $1 in taxes and $2 in spending cuts and again the dem’s increased spending.
            . Clinton played no role in the balanced budgets of the 90’s it was all Newt, Billy boy spent all his time defining what is is.
            . Did W increase drug coverage for seniors yep and it was unfunded. Now we have Barak with his Obamacare that will cost the taxpayers $1 Trillion a year compliments of the Chinese. Barak also ensured the early demise of SS with his ‘tax holiday” so that the fund can’t even pay current recipients and is borrowing $$ from China
            .This country has 5% of the worlds population and 25% of the lawyers. Trial lawyers cost the Healthcare system $400Billion thru unneeded tests, admissions, malpractice premiums and frivolous lawsuits. Butttt trial attorneys are the Dem’s #1 campaign contributors so pleease don’t whine about drug prices.
            . sorry again the only people’s children who will suffer are those who think they don’t need to work, study or apply themselves and think the govt will provide. Your already there and I’m sure your setting the example for your kids to jump on the welfare roles

          3. howa4x June 24, 2012

            Conservative are the ones in the bubble and Chairman Mao would be proud of you since you only see the world through Republican eyes. The biggest economic collaspe since the great depresssion was caused by W’. It happened because of de regulation of Wall st. He was in office for eight years and inherited a surplus from clinton which he ran into a large deficit. The other financial mess of the late 20’s early 30′ was also under republican presidents, Cooliege and Hoover
            Bush was the one that started borrowing from China since Clinton didn’t have to. He was the only president in history to cut taxes and start 2 unfunded wars. 2.9million jobs left our country under his rule. (See labor stats) Bain capital was at the head of outsourcing, and Mitt was on the Street during Bush’s rule. The Bush administration was the one to approve the funding and gave the intital funds at Solyndra(you can look it up)
            the wealthy didn’t create jobs wiht the tax cut that Bush gave them, they invested it in debt. Romney took all his money out of the country to off shore banks. Shows how partriotic he really is

            The individual mandate that is in the affordable health care act is an idea of the heritage foundation, first brought to the Senate floor by Bob Dole to counter Hillary Clinton’s plan . It is interesting to me that conservatives so against this since it makes people personally responsible for their health care and leaves the government out of it. The alternative is a public option which is a government takeover of health care. Notice I wrote alternative.

            I can tell by what you wrote you have a limited understanding of how health care is funded. There are 4 parts to it 1. private pay 2 private insurance 3 medicare and 4 medicaid. The problem isn’t with any of these, it is with the now 50 million uninsured. These are the people who are going to the hospital emergency room for treatment and not paying. This is the most expensive way to deliver care. States usually reimburse hospitals for this care, which is taxpayer dollars. So the real issue is how do we get these people insured and into a private doctor? Right now we are cost shifting from one level of government to another Fed to state but the payer is the same Us. since I’m familiar with this states can pay upward of 2 billion for this expansive care. The AHCA also does some other things like allowing kids(2million) to stay on their parents work policy till the age of 26, and does some other things to try to bend the cost curve in health care. Once again since the individual mandate was a republican idea, it was tried with a republican governor and not a democrat. Romney was the 1st to try it and until the republican party got sooo far to the right, was going to tout it as a major accomplishment. The federal plan is patterned after his plan.
            So watch something other than Fox for a change. you may actually learn something

          4. onedonewong June 24, 2012

            The recession was caused by Dem’s who took over congress in 2007. The roots of the failure were sown in 1997 when Dodds and Franks passed the community reinvestment act that forced bank to make bad loans to foster ‘diversity’. Th previous depression was caused by smote hawley that was the democrats legislation. Besides it lasted 10 years longer than it should have because of FDR. Britain had the same recession and were out of it in 1938 why??? No new deal
            W inherited a recession from Clinton the difference was he was a man about it and never blamed or complained just went to work unlike the boy wonder now in the WH. The surplus was the result of Newt and the Republicans Clinton had nothing to do with it.
            How many jobs went overseas under Clinton ?? How many under Barak?? One thing is for certain there are fewer people working under Barak than at anytime under W’s 2nd term.
            Your comment about Bain is not only wrong but dead wrong….you must be listening to the state run media playing barak’s commercials.
            As for Obamacare there is nothing in it that has any redeeming features the net cost to the taxpayers is over $1Trillion a year just more debt piled on top of more debt.
            There is nothing wrong with Medicare/Medicaid ??? Are you delirious both are burning thru cash and waste in the $100’s of billions every year. Why are people going to the emergency room and not paying?? Why Dem’s passed a law that no hospital can turn them away so that illegals from all over the world come here for free care, that’s why the uninsured are a problem. No states DON”T reimburse the hospitals for that care. They are forced to eat it thanks to Dem’s who think its OK as long as the $$ doesn’t come out of their pockets.
            No your not Familiar with emergency care based on your above post just another soothsayer trying to justify the govt trying to take over 1/6 of the economy. Do you think allowing adults to stay on their parents care till age 26 is FREE???
            Until Tort reform is in place the HC system will continue to bleed $400B a year, the only reason why barak refused to deal with it is Trial lawyers are the largest group of campaign donors they have
            Turn off the state run media they all have the exact same stories watch 1 you have watched them all

          5. ObozoMustGo June 25, 2012

            wong… more great posts and discussion. I think you’ll find that, with some minor exception, the leftist nutjob posters in this sea of leftist insanity dont like people like us bringing up common sense, for it offends them.

            Keep up the good work and fighting the good fight.

            Have a great day!

  4. ObozoMustGo June 20, 2012

    The last 3.5 years summed up in one photo…. unfortunately! ;-(

    Have a nice day!

    1. WhutHeSaid June 20, 2012

      Don’t worry Bozo — you can always close one eye and only look at Obama’s white half if that makes you feel better.

    2. WhutHeSaid June 20, 2012

      Here – this should help.

      1. ObozoMustGo June 20, 2012

        heheheheheheeh… that’s funny…. but very old. The original was captioned with “DemocRAT”….

        Have a nice day!

    3. Justin Napolitano June 20, 2012

      Obozo, you are like an ugly pimple that shows up the day you get a closeup picture of yourself taken for the school yearbook.
      I am pretty sure you have been asleep for the last 3.5 years so you really wouldn’t know what happened during that time frame and more importantly wouldn’t care.

      Have a nice day.

      1. ObozoMustGo June 20, 2012

        JNap… I’m reasonbly certain that your experiences with pimples and school pictures was probably only just a couple of years ago. No other explanation could possibly define why you are so ignorant. When you grow up, you’ll be a conservative. That’s what happened to me.

        Have a nice day!

    4. Bigspender June 20, 2012

      BOZO — the picture is too small to see what you’re trying to say. Reminds me of your IQ.

      1. ObozoMustGo June 20, 2012

        Bigblunder… don’t be so stupid. Click on the picture to enlarge it. I suppose I’ll need to include instructions for you brain-dead leftist nutjobs when I post a pic.

        Have a nice day!

        1. Bigspender June 20, 2012

          No BOZO. Unlike the teabagger photo, yours won’t expand. Perhaps it was never meant to.

          1. ObozoMustGo June 20, 2012

            Expands perfectly fine for me, Bigblunder. Here it is again for the technically challenged and cro-magnon-browed lefttist nutjob like you.

            Have a nice day!

    5. DurdyDawg June 21, 2012

      Whadda fake.. Photoshop at its worst!.. Is that all you’ve got to convince us that you hate your name sake.. Okay, Bozo, you’ve convinced us.

      1. ObozoMustGo June 25, 2012

        Yo Dawg… sorry for late reply. Been gone for 5 days. I hope you are well. Dont care if the pic is real or not. The message is LOUD AND CLEAR, my friend! hehehehehe

        Have a great day, Dawg! 🙂

        1. DurdyDawg June 25, 2012

          Yo’kay.. BUT !.. It works both ways does it not? Why don’t we just fire the lot of ‘um and set up our own Republic? I think there’s people in America that still think beyond wealth and power who could make this a great Nation again, don’t you? Why aren’t they the one’s running? Oh yeah, I forgot.. It doesn’t coincide with the puppet masters.

          1. ObozoMustGo June 25, 2012

            Yo Dawg. Nice chatting with you again, my leftist nutjob friend! 🙂 🙂

            I agree that there must be people who will run and put the national interests ahead of their own. It’s what sets apart our two greatest presidents, Washington and Lincoln. I’m afraid that our politics has become so divided that it may not be possible for one of those people to make it through the process, however.

            Let us hope that President Romney will become that type of president. He is going to win, you know? By a landslide, as well. Sorry to inform you, Dawg.

            Have a great evening my friend!

          2. DurdyDawg June 25, 2012

            Of course (being the ‘leftist nutjob” you accuse me of) I have to disagree.. There will be nothing that will resemble a ‘landslide’ in this election. Eke is the flavor of the year. I have no idea who will become the big potato head but you won’ be able to insert a pin up either’s asshole as they will be contracting it throughout November’s entertainment. I of course want someone who will take OUR interests at heart and it doesn’t matter who so long as they help us in our time of need as we helped them during better days. Right now I don’t see this ability in Mittens but I feel just as disappointed with Obama because of inner AND outer resistance. In either case, who ever becomes POTUS, I’m determined to respect the position.. Too sad that others don’t abide by that rule. You can hate the man (I experienced this with several military brass in my day) but above all, respect the rank. Oh, and BTW, I thought it humorous that you included a (?) in your last statement.. “He is going to win, you know?”.. And in answer, no.. I don’t know, any more than you ‘know’ Obama will lose. (also, nothing personal taken in the name calling). Thanks for the best wishes, I’ll try to enjoy every minute.

          3. ObozoMustGo June 26, 2012

            Yo Dawg! You are right, we never really know what the future holds. But I have a pretty good idea what will happen. Truthfully, I’m not a big Romney fan either. I’m much more libertarian than he is. But I do know that Romney is NOT an leftist idealogue with Marxist tendencies like Obozo is. And for that reason alone, I support him. It’s just another election where I’m voting against someone rather than for them. It sucks, I know, but what can a person do? BTW… I never take any name calling in here personally, and I certainly don’t ever mean it personally, especially with you as I know we have different points of view but I respect you and actually enjoy my chats with you quite a bit. I only intend to inflame some in rare circumstances with particularly igorant and mean posters to me. One other point, thank you for your service to America! God Bless you, my friend!

            Have a great day, Dawg!

  5. tampajim June 20, 2012

    Almost all voters should vote for Democrats. They are the only ones who really care about most of us….that is those of us with less than a portfolio of $200,000,000.

    1. onedonewong June 20, 2012

      No ems only care about the 475 who don’t pay federal taxes. they want them hooked on the handouts like some one addicted to crack

      1. fartley1 June 21, 2012

        well onedonewong don’t you sound just like someone who wouldn’t spare a crumb for a fellow human being. I guess that makes you feel good right?

        1. onedonewong June 21, 2012

          That’s the difference between me and you. I give my OWN $$ to charities you like most libs never give a dime of your own $$. You also sure want to tax others to provide for the causes you like just as long as the tax is on the other guy

  6. davidfishman2001 June 20, 2012

    The first amendment does allow freedom of speech. Money is not speech, it is the volume knob. I don’t recall that money can talk or is a person.

  7. WilliamGoldstein June 20, 2012

    Say it isn’t so, Mitch!

  8. ObozoMustGo June 20, 2012


    Only one issue is actually of interest and import to the American people today……….

    FAST AND FURIOUS —-> Why, Mr. President Obozo, invoke executive privilege? What did you know about illegal gun running to Mexican drug cartels, and when did you know it?

    Please answer the questions.

    Have a nice day!

    1. metrognome3830 June 20, 2012


      Hey, OMG, didn’t I just see these comments under the Cartoon of the Day? I don’t see what they have to do with that joke of a political ad. That super patriot, Mitch McConnell, jowls flapping in the breeze, telling us that our WWII soldiers fought for “Citizens United”? I was just a kid then (yes, I was) but I don’t recall the rallying cry, “Let’s Win This War For Citizens United!”

      1. ObozoMustGo June 20, 2012

        I love you metro! You are the best!

  9. Bigspender June 20, 2012

    Mitch McConnell is a practicing necrophiliac. Look it up.

    1. onedonewong June 20, 2012

      and barak is bisexual look it up

  10. ivanneal June 20, 2012

    Typical repubs, the Dems are going to take your guns, the terrorists are gonna get you, if you don’t agree with us you are un-American, giving the richest people in the USA bigger tax breaks creates jobs, and on and on.

  11. David Bruce James June 20, 2012

    For all of you who dislike Obama, how do we tell if the money comes from US citizens or foreign citizens. Since there is no disclosure. Most of Sheldon’s money comes from Taiwan and Hong Kong. His business, of course, but he isn’t the only partner. Yeah, I was a baby killer in the Nam, that is what I was called. For those that deserve it and I haven’t gotten around to yet, F–K YoU. Now that is settled Freedom of speech is just that, same as religion, all speech and all religion. But not when a foreign power or group is trying to buy our government. At $2,500 a pop even our politicans can’t be bought, rented a couple times yeah, but not bought. At $2.5 million or more, yeah where do you want your ass kissed now. And yeah, Holder needs to be told, spill your guts on ‘fast and furious’ or go to the slam. Period. Right now. No discussion, No phone calls to the White House. Now. A Pox on both of your houses.

  12. onedonewong June 20, 2012

    We certainly didn’t fight WW2 so that foreign governments could buy them. The fact that Obama took $$ from china and the Saudis in 2008 should be a wake up call to his treachery. Even the FEC has his donations under investigations

  13. jarheadgene June 21, 2012

    HERE IS ME….Invoking my 1st Ammendment right to free speech. The right, that I not only inherited by birth, but earned by serving 4 HONORABLE (ACTIVE)Years in the USMC. Sen. McConnell you are a MONEY GRUBBING BIGOT, you have lost your way Sir. You served in the Army reserve during Vietnam. One of my brothers was ACTIVE USMC. My oldest brother had just served 4 years active USN. My cousin died in Vietnam (USMC) And I served during the Cold War.
    You single handedly called upon all GOP to make the #1 priority, “get Obama out of office.” You have repeatedly defended BIG OIL, which gives you lots of money, when you thought Obama would try to block their drilling efforts. You have called on Congress and the Senate to block Obama on everything……PUTTING AMERICA Second to your politics and your pocket……YOU HAVE LOST
    WAY…….WAKE UP…or get VOTED OUT…..I will pray for you.

  14. Michaelj M. June 23, 2012

    Just listen to the B/S that this mitch mc connell is talking about. If the people ot the U S believes this person as to what he says in the past, then you are not interested in bringing this country back to what is was. Blame georgie bush for putting this country on a path to ruin and thank the republican/party who are following the programs. These paid off po.iticians who want to destroy everything that President Obama has done. Beware of the Supreme judges who are paid off.

  15. howa4x June 25, 2012

    You are delusional. to write that Bush II did nothing wrong is to defy history. It was Phil Graham who pioneered the de regualtion of the banking industry and the repeal of Glass-Steengal, and Clinton signed it. You say unions forced the exodus of jobs and right now JPMorgan-Chase has the food stamp contract for 5 states and do you think they hired Americans to deal wiht the complaints and issues? The answer is no ! they outsoursed it to India. It was because of greed.
    Look at the CBO scouring of rhe affordable health care act. They concluded it would lower the deficit. You conservatives make me laugh. You all say you are followers of Christ but your statements about the fact thast people have to betreated if they show up at an emergency room, lets me know you would just let them die in the street. Is that the essense of Christianity? No compassion?
    I don’t know where you get your medical information but I sat on the bd of a teaching hospital for over 1o years and have seen the mess up close and know the issues. I don’t get it from Fox news or glen beck. We are moving toward a crisis in healthcare. With 60% of the population overweight, 14% of kids and 30% morbidly obeses.This group will consume a larger and larger share of our health care. Most already have type 2 diabetes, and the kids that have it willsuffer from heart disease by the time they are 30. this will be a health care tsunami. what is the conservative plan?
    Medicare is in trouble because we reward doctors for testing, and not outcomes, so the more they test the more they make. Seniors are over medicated and take drugs to counter the side effects of the drugs they take. I know a doctor that tried to put new knees in a 87 yr old. the operation would have cost $250K
    You are only going to solve this through regulations and a change in the paradigm of health care. We can prevent these costs by having people eat better and exercise.
    People make fun of mayor bloomberg trying to limit the consumption of soda and you caonservatives call it the nanny state, but there are thousads of hungry lawyers that will get around to the soda industry like they did with cigeretts, and the fun will start. So what are your answers? any fool can criticize.


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