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WATCH: Ernst Moves From Castration To Gunshots In New Campaign Ad

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WATCH: Ernst Moves From Castration To Gunshots In New Campaign Ad


Iowa Senate candidate Joni Ernst (R) released her second ad of the campaign on Sunday, and it’s almost as ridiculous as her first.

Ersnt, a Tea Party-backed state senator, earned national headlines in March when she cut an ad threatening to castrate congressmen who don’t agree to reduce spending. But in her new ad, Ernst trades in her hog knife for a handgun:

“Conservative Joni Ernst: mom, farm girl, and a lieutenant colonel who carries more than just lipstick in her purse,” a narrator says as a leather-clad Ernst rides a motorcycle to a shooting range. The candidate then loads her gun and fires six shots into a target.

“Once she sets her sights on Obamacare, Joni’s going to unload,” the narrator says. “Oh, and one more thing: Joni doesn’t miss much.”

If the ad gives you a strong Sarah Palin vibe, that’s by design; the former Alaska governor has been one of Ernst’s most prominent surrogates throughout the campaign, and Ernst has eagerly co-opted Palin’s “mama grizzly” brand.

Ernst currently holds a narrow lead over energy executive Mark Jacobs in the Republican primary race. If no candidate wins 35 percent of the vote in the June 3 primary, then the nominee will be selected through a state convention two weeks later. Such conventions tend to favor more conservative candidates like Ernst. Whoever wins the Republican nomination will face U.S. Representative Bruce Braley (D) in the general election.

Screenshot: YouTube

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. Dominick Vila May 6, 2014

    The last time a Republican politician posted a political ad like this, a congresswoman and several other Democrats were shot in Arizona. Claims of innocence and feigned indignation rapidly diverted our attention from what was, ostensibly, a call to violence for some. Looking at the picture in this article, it is readily apparent that our Republican “friends” did not learn anything from that tragedy, and are once again demonstrating their extremism by exploiting the paranoia of so many among us to get re-elected. They will do whatever it takes for a buck…

  2. Marsha Matthews May 6, 2014

    LMAO … “Obamacare – BOO!!!!” Teabaggers sure are a dense bunch!!

  3. stcroixcarp May 6, 2014

    What will the tea party think of next, a pig castrating, fully armed Stepford wife. What red blooded american male wouldn’t want that to cozy up to her at the NRA convention?

  4. Annemb May 6, 2014


  5. Pete Prez May 6, 2014

    Some advice for Dems, just keep going balastic over stuff like this. You will find that come November the Senate will be controlled by the GOP. All the work for Health Care will be for naught. I am a Independent.

    1. dtgraham May 6, 2014

      You might have a point except that we’ve seen this movie before as Dominick Vila mentioned in his post. Sarah Palin painted shooting targets over Gabrielle Giffords’ (and others) campaign headquarters and urged people to “lock and load” on those candidates. At around the same time, Michelle Bachmann was imploring her constituents to be “armed and dangerous” on Obamacare.

      Obviously Joni Ernst is not going to shoot the President or any ACA administrator, but what troubled mind might be inspired by that ad? There’s a lot of strong subliminal imagery there.

      Not that I can imagine that political ad being run anywhere else, but shouldn’t America–especially–be a little cautious when it comes to ads like that?

    2. Bill Thompson May 6, 2014

      You are exactly right, every time the Democrats have taken up this worthy cause they wound up back on the ropes and losing elections. Gun sales then go through the roof people buy boatloads of ammunition, this is a fool’s errand and can only weaken democrats chances to regain the house and maintain the Senate. First and foremost before change can happen you must have control you cannot make change before you are in Control.

  6. Mr J. May 6, 2014

    Nobody said these people were smart.

  7. Darklady May 6, 2014

    She probably stands in opposition to any number of policies that have helped her achieve the level of independence and self-sufficiency she’s attempting to convey. Oh, the irony of GOP women.

  8. SirWilliam13 May 6, 2014

    It shouldn’t be said that Joni Ernst rode to a shooting range on a motorcycle. The commercial doesn’t show that at all. It shows the bottom half of someone ride up on a motorcycle and park it. Then we see Ernst standing next to a motorcycle taking a helmet off. Another shot of someone’s legs next to a motorcycle and then Ernst walking into a building. They showed her face when she is shooting and there’s probably a good reason why they didn’t show her face riding a motorcycle. I wonder what it could be?


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