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WATCH: Landrieu Calls Obama ‘Simply Wrong’ In New Ad

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WATCH: Landrieu Calls Obama ‘Simply Wrong’ In New Ad


Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA), one of the most vulnerable incumbents in the nation, is further distancing herself from President Barack Obama with the second television ad of her 2014 re-election campaign.

The ad, titled “Will Not Rest,” emphasizes Landrieu’s differences with the White House on energy policy. It shows Louisianans watching Landrieu on television, pointedly calling the president out.

“The administration’s policy is simply wrong when it comes to oil and gas production in this nation,” Landrieu says in one clip.

“We produce the oil and gas, that’s the message we told to the president,” she says in another.

There’s plenty of reason for Landrieu to distance herself from the president; his approval rating in Louisiana has hovered in the low 40s for most of his time in office. When President Obama visited the Port of New Orleans in November, Landrieu was noticeably absent.

In addition to featuring clips of Landrieu on Capitol Hill, the ad also includes a particularly unsubtle reminder of the benefits of a third-term senator’s seniority.

“Now as the new chairman of the Energy Committee…she holds the most powerful position in the Senate for Louisiana,” the ad’s narrator says at one point.

The energy industry certainly recognizes the value of Landrieu’s chairmanship of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. She has raised $593,886 the oil and gas industry in this cycle; her top Republican rival, U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy, has raised less than half of that amount.

Landrieu’s ad is backed by a $250,000 buy, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune. That sum, while significant, still falls far short of the millions that Republican outside groups (such as the Koch brothers-backed Americans for Prosperity) have spent attacking Landrieu.

Landrieu and Cassidy are currently locked in a dead heat, according to The Huffington Post’s polling average of the race.

Photo: Mary Landrieu via Flickr

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. Lynda Groom April 15, 2014

    Gee Mary, is there an election coming up?

  2. highpckts April 15, 2014

    I sincerely hope she loses!!

    1. mike April 16, 2014

      So do I, stay home in Nov.. LOL!!! At least she admits the Obama Administration is a disaster on Healthcare, Energy, IRS, DOJ, etc.. She was no where near Obama on his last visit to Louisiana, flew down with him and headed the other way once on the ground. Why fly with him if he is so wrong on the issues.
      He raised money for DSCC in NYC for their candidates, but will she take the money?
      She can try and run and hide but her record is her record and she is still a pawn of Obama. And, that is what the voters see.

      1. Allan Richardson April 16, 2014

        Disaster on healthcare? Tell that to someone who got health insurance for the first time, then got a physical, found cancer, and is being treated for it, before it was too late. And tell that to someone whose relative did NOT get insured, did NOT catch cancer in time, and DIED, BEFORE Obamacare was passed. And remember, fossil fuels MUST AND WILL be replaced by other forms of energy someday, one way or another; either by deliberate changes in policy and the innovation it can encourage, OR by running out or being flooded out, and reverting to a medieval lifestyle; which way is better? And the IRS and DOJ “scandals” are totally made up and contradicted by the facts. Despite this, people with no other source of guidance but Rush, Glenn, Sean and Bill believe them.

        1. mike April 16, 2014

          Obamacare was to add 40 million uninsured, where are they??? 7.3 million signed up(obama #’s), during same time 4-6 million lost their insurance. Last numbers show 3.9 million PURCHASED policies while only 1/3 were uninsured. Rand Corp.
          Your argument falls flat-how many people had been denied treatment before Obamacare??
          Problem is this Admin. won’t and can’t tell the truth on any subject. Keep burying your head in the sand.
          Scandals are for real and still evolving.
          Climate change only in your pea brain. NIPCC. Go campare the IPCC and NIPCC and see who is full of crap.
          Hell you can’t handle the truth.

          1. Allan Richardson April 16, 2014

            And you never answered the situation of those INDIVIDUALS who could not get insurance before, some of whom DIED as a result, and the SURVIVORS who finally DID get insurance, and now have a chance to save their lives, they would not have had before.

            Never mind numbers, what would you say to these people FACE TO FACE? Do you even CARE about human beings outside your immediate circle?

      2. judi April 16, 2014

        Do you just go from article to article and spew your ignorance and hate….or are you a paid troll here???

        1. mike April 16, 2014

          Ignorance is seen when you look in the mirror.
          So 40 million have signed up for Obamacare? 4 to 6 million did not lose their healthcare?
          Your the ignorant one who lives by emotional with little interest in facts and the truth.
          I guess you have all the facts to refute my numbers, Right???


          1. toptwome April 17, 2014

            You are a fool and the right wing sure appreciates that fact. But you are also a victim and don’t have the sense to know that the right wing lies and they deceive and they are not telling the truth about anything.

      3. toptwome April 17, 2014

        Well you are a right wing nitwit. President Obama is not a disaster for health care, energy, the IRS or the DOJ, but you and republicans like you sure are. The Affordable Care Act is a great improvement over what Americans had in the very recent past. Now no pre-existing condition will keep you from getting health insurance. Now there is no limit to the care you can receive. Now young people can stay on their parents insurance until the age of 26. The benefits are great and 7.5 million have signed up. There is no IRS issue other than to the GOP who are never going to get anywhere with it. The DOJ is just a great part of our government and it always will be. But the republicans like you are just full of the hate heaped out of Fox and other right wing liars.

        1. mike April 17, 2014

          Yes, there are several good things about Obamacare and will be kept after Nov., but the rest will go. Oh wait a minute it has already gone. Obama has made over 28 changes because it was not working.
          Even the WP has said the 7.1 numbers are misleading. Hell, Obama announced the phony numbers on April Fools Day.
          If this is so great then why haven’t the 30+ uninsured signed up.
          DOJ was a great department but is now just a tool of radicals from within. Holder is the first Attorney General held in Contempt of Congress. We now find there were numerous emails between Lerner, Cummings and DOJ working together against the non profits. No wonder the IRS won’t release emails to Congress.
          The liars are among you.

  3. Grannysmovin April 16, 2014

    She is from Louisiana!!! It appears the Tea Party doesn’t have a monopoly on ignorant – Democrats have skin in that game too.

  4. Allan Richardson April 16, 2014

    This may be one of those cases where the bad guys’ money will do more good than harm in the long run. A GOP controlled Senate for the last two years of Obama’s term would put a two year hold on anything that could improve the economy, help wean America from fossil fuel (and Louisiana could stand to benefit from that also; how about tidal power?), or fill the gaps in insurance coverage left by state refusals to allow Medicaid expansion. Even with the veto pen (and there is no immediate danger of veto-proof Republican control), which would prevent the “repeal Obamacare” movement and save coverage for those who JUST GOT INSURED from being cancelled, the best progressives could hope for is stagnation until the 2016 elections.

    And it requires more thinking power than most voters are willing to exercise to recognize that the President’s failure to do something when BLOCKED by the very people voters elected is not the President’s failure, but that of the obstructionist Republicans.

    Incidentally, the analogies of war and sports are not accurate for politics. A general is expected to prevail by force against a force known to oppose him, by killing their people. An athlete is expected to prevail by physical skill and strength against another athlete or team on the other side (not by killing or injuring, of course). But a political leader is supposed to enact laws for the good of EVERYONE by negotiating with people elected by EVERYONE to find a “happy medium” everyone can endorse. When the other side is TOTALLY opposed to doing ANYTHING constructive, there is no way short of getting the voters to REPLACE them that anything can get done. Conservative politicians claim that “government IS the problem,” and when THEY are in office, they prove it.

  5. unStunned April 16, 2014

    If this is what it takes for Landreu to win in Louisiana, go for it. After all, this is the state that has picket Bobby Jindal as its governor and turned over its public education money to the professionally ignorant.
    What is most striking though about Landreu’s attack on Obama is, it’s a complete lie. The Obama administration has been enormously sympathetic to the oil and gas industries. Other than rolling over for the Keystone XL con (which decision it is apparently stalling till after the next election) and actually showing some decades-overdue support for alternative energy development, the Obama administration has been as pro-oil as the Bush administration was.
    But, as noted, if Landreu’s dissembling helps preserve a Democratic senate, rock on, lady. Landreu 2014!

  6. elw April 16, 2014

    Would you expect anything else out of a politician – they all lie to get into office.

  7. Kurt CPI April 16, 2014

    Louisiana is an energy producing state. Landrieu represents the people of Louisiana. The people of Louisiana are pro-energy. Isn’t she doing exactly what the taxpayers are paying her to do? Representing their interests? It’s one thing to bash a politician for representing corporations INSTEAD of their constituency. But here they’re both on the same page. Not that her motives are noble. I don’t think for a minute that it’s not the energy-industry cash flow that drives her statements. But there’s no conflict of interest in this case. In Louisiana energy is jobs and the people want those jobs.

  8. WriterDude April 16, 2014

    Gosh, Mary, when you were friends with my mother, you weren’t nearly as rabidly ratwang as you are today. What happened to you? Wait, I don’t really care. I just hope you lose your Senate seat to someone with some brains and some guts, and you never seek public office again. And that goes double for your brother. This country isn’t supposed to have political family dynasties…or didn’t you know that?

  9. toptwome April 17, 2014

    Mary Landrieu is not taking a wise approach. I do support President Obama and I live in Louisiana. I know that this is a pitiful state where Fox News reigns supreme among the republican idiots in this state. She won’t be getting Democrat support if she keeps this type of crap up. President Obama is not popular in this state but unfortunately neither is Mary Landrieu.

  10. Katela April 18, 2014

    What a whore.


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