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WATCH: McConnell Compares Obama To Nixon In New Ad

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WATCH: McConnell Compares Obama To Nixon In New Ad


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) re-election campaign has released a new online ad attempting to tie President Barack Obama to controversy surrounding the IRS, and comparing him to former president Richard Nixon.

The ad, titled “Demand Answers,” suggests that Obama is responsible for the IRS’ targeting of Tea Party groups due to the supposed “culture of intimidation” surrounding the White House. The video juxtaposes audio of McConnell criticizing the president with images of IRS officials testifying, dogs barking, Obama looking sinister, and more — all set to a score more befitting a disaster movie than a political ad.

Most controversially, it includes the famed clip of Richard Nixon saying “if the president does it, that means it’s not illegal.”

The ad arrives one day after a Public Policy Polling survey found that McConnell is deeply vulnerable in his 2014 re-election campaign. According to the poll, McConnell’s approval rating is underwater, and he would be deadlocked at 45 percent in a hypothetical matchup with Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes.

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. ORAXX May 29, 2013

    McConnell will campaign like a rat fighting for its life. It will be unbelievably ugly. I would like to hope it will backfire on him but, I’ll believe it when I see it. Anyone with a grasp of what Watergate was really about knows how absurd McConnell’s comparison is, but a lot of voters won’t.

    1. lana ward May 30, 2013

      Obama gate is MUCH worse. He is behind the targeting. And stealing information about the AP, letting 4 in Benghazi die, Fast and Furious. And the hearings will go on

      1. highpckts May 30, 2013

        Will you please take your non facts elsewhere!

        1. lana ward May 30, 2013

          They are facts, like it or not!!

          1. highpckts May 30, 2013

            I was right the first time!! Non facts!! You have never posted a true fact! Never!! All you post is venom and trash!!

          2. lana ward May 30, 2013

            All my posts are true. You are just so far up Obamas’ a** you won’t see it

          3. highpckts May 30, 2013

            Your truths are true only in your demented mind!! Go away or go to a site that appreciates your type of looney!!

          4. SteveCM May 30, 2013

            Yes, dear – of course. Must be ghastly for you having those “voices” all calling to you at the same time…..

          5. holyreality May 30, 2013

            Excuse me but…..
            It is rabid rightwingers so far up POTUS’ arse they taste Brylcreem, and that is all they have.
            Targeting by IRS? That would be one RM Nixon who ordered those je*ish c*cks*ckers be audited. Obama’s lackeys had no sway in the Cincinnati IRS office.
            “Letting” four die in Libya? Semantics over acts of terror versus terrorist act, versus riots over a youtube video is hardly “allowing” anything, Stevens even was “allowed” to turn down extra security, twice.
            Fast and Furious? That began as a W program left to it’s own devices with bad supervision. Placing this as some false flag to seize our guns is fantasy at it’s worst.

            It appears that fantasy is all that today’s GOP has, well and Brylcreem too.

          6. lana ward May 30, 2013

            Smartass looking punk, typical dem

          7. ralphkr May 30, 2013

            Actually, lana, he looks pretty sharp unlike your anonymous avatar and he is obviously at least 70 points higher than you on the IQ scale..

          8. ralphkr May 30, 2013

            Lana, I suggest you start getting your “facts” from real world reports instead of from FUBAR News and Marvel Comics.

          9. ralphkr May 30, 2013

            Oh, lana, not even Murdoch’s FUBAR News claims those lies are facts anymore.

      2. ORAXX May 30, 2013

        Forty people, including the attorney general of the United States, went to prison after Watergate, and Nixon would have as well, had he not been pardoned. The Watergate beak in was an attempt to recover papers documenting Nixon’s treason, when he sabotaged the Paris peace talks during the 1968 election campaign.

      3. Howard15 May 30, 2013

        So what? It is not like anything is going to happen to him. He already won the election.
        Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
        See ya

        1. lana ward May 30, 2013

          Many are changing their minds about him. His ratings are going down. Ha Ha Ha

          1. Howard15 May 30, 2013

            His ratings do not matter- he already won his last election. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahah

          2. lana ward May 30, 2013

            He didn’t win. He and the IRS stole it

  2. Lynda Groom May 29, 2013

    What? I thought the right believed Obama was more like Hitler. I wish they could keep their demagoguery straight…it is so confusing trying to keep up with the insulting remark of day.

    1. lana ward May 30, 2013

      Obamagate is much worse than Watergate–watch and see what is exposed

      1. holyreality May 30, 2013




        You show your prideful ignorance with this post.

        Ignore what is exposed in the Nixon treason;

        at risk of your precious “facts”.

        1. lana ward May 30, 2013

          This is worse than Watergate, this Obamagate

          1. ralphkr May 30, 2013

            Compared to Watergate this scandal is non-existent.

  3. charleo1 May 29, 2013

    These Republicans sound like they’re getting desperate again. For one thing,
    they’ve been playing a very risky type of politics. To make a not very complicated,
    story to begin with, even simpler. The Country was in pretty rough shape when
    Obama came in. And, with the help of what could only be described as a disastrous,
    two terms, with Bush. In two election cycles, Republicans had managed to lose
    both houses of Congress, and the Presidency. After holding one or both, for the
    previous 14 years. Well, like I said, the Country was in terrible shape, and they
    figured a new President just might fail, if they would give him a little shove, in that
    direction. But, Republicans found out the hard way, it’s never a good bet, if you’re
    betting aganist America. Now, they’re afraid Americas have caught on to their
    cynical little game. And, they are going to get their just reward, in 2014. As far as
    McConnell goes. If you’re playing gutter politics, with all the Democratic Presidents,
    going back to FDR, to choose from. The fact he had to use a former Republican President, to do the smearing, should be embarrassing.

  4. Dominick Vila May 30, 2013

    Outlandish claims, devoid of evidence or fact, are signs of desperation. Mitch McConnell, like many of his colleages, have not contributed anything positive to strengthen our economy, to create jobs, and improve our national security. Politicians devoid of a vision and the intellectual acumen to suggest long term solution have no choice but to engage in demonization, obstructionism, and overt manifestations of intolerance to appeal to constituents whose values and competence are similar to those of their elected officials.

    1. lana ward May 30, 2013

      Obamagate is much worse than Watergate. Your leader is a communist dictator. Evil, underhanded Chicago thug

      1. geraldhoey May 30, 2013

        And you are a teabagging idiot!

      2. Dominick Vila May 30, 2013

        The “plumbers” plot was planned and authorized in the Oval Office, the same place where incriminating tapes were recorded and erased, and the same place where a man who swore allegiance to the USA perjured himself repeatedly, until his lies forced him to resign. I understand how difficult Nixon’s and W’s lies and examples of deceit, including one that led to the death of over 4,000 American soldiers, thousands maimed, and 600,000 Iraqis dead, but until something conclusive is put forth about President Obama having anything to do with any of the “scandals” that have been floating around the past few weeks, I would say those scandals have more to say about the accusers than the accused. Not an iota of conclusive evidence of wrongdoing has been offered thus far, and none will be offered in the future because of one simple reason, President Obama, one of the best Presidents in the history of the USA, has nothing to hide and has done nothing wrong. In fact, the reason the GOP Torquemadas are after him is because of his intelligence, honesty, vision, and accomplishments. He is being maligned for being exceptional, rather than for being a sequel to some of the despicable examples of humanity that preceded him.
        As for McConnell, I would say he is a blabbering idiot. Only an idiot would have acknowledged that the top priority for Republican members of Congress was to ensure President Obama was a one-term president. Does he, and his supporters, realize how much damage he did to the credibility of the GOP as a viable alternative?

        1. lana ward May 30, 2013

          I can’t believe you think Obama has nothing to hide. I almost fell on the floor, seriously. OMG!!! Well, you are going to be one of the hardest to fall when truth comes out about him. OMG!!! I don’t have meds, but I will take them now

          1. Howard15 May 30, 2013

            Give it up already! YOU LOST – WE WON. You are looking at another 3 .5 years of Obama followed by 8 years of Hillary and the 8 years of Warren. Enjoy it!
            Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
            Have a nice day, Loser

          2. lana ward May 30, 2013

            You’re the loser, you believe Obamas’ lies

          3. Howard15 May 30, 2013

            Say what you like but we are in full control. We own you, bitch! It is our way or the highway, so go piss off. Your life must suck!

          4. lana ward May 30, 2013

            You’re not in control of anything, Right now the Republicans in Congress are

          5. DurdyDawg June 9, 2013

            THAT’ S RIGHT! And they are part of the ones who dictates the law like NOT giving financial aid to the Benghazi fiasco and dictating everything you blame Obama of doing.. Congress does this, NOT the president.. You wanna string someone up for all the screw ups you blame dems with? Target the TRUE criminals.. String up congress you blithering idiot. Stop saying stupid things.

          6. lana ward June 9, 2013

            OHitler let those people die . He wouldn’t send help. He was sleeping while American Heroes were dying. Fu**ing bas**rd

      3. ralphkr May 30, 2013

        Oh, lana, make up your mind (if you can find it). Is Obama a Communist, a Nazi, a Muslim, or a dictator wannabe, i.e. a Republican.

      4. Jim Myers May 30, 2013

        HA, HA, HA!!!


        1. lana ward May 31, 2013

          He’s not my P-resident. He’s a fraud in the WH. Dictator

      5. Robert P. Robertson June 2, 2013

        lana ward is a deep throat too. . . No, wait. I was thinking about Linda Lovelace. lana ward is anal draw. She gives anal.

        1. lana ward June 2, 2013

          Some people never grow up, do they pervert

        2. DurdyDawg June 9, 2013

          Actually, the truth is;

    2. CrankyToo May 30, 2013

      I wish I could be as gracious as you are, Dominick, but I’m just too cranky. Bitch McConnell is a eunuch, with a severe case of penis envy.

  5. docb May 30, 2013

    This is rather clueless and ignorant of him..the people that remember Nixon know he was a paranoid republican crook and that fact puts him in the Turtles side of the ledger not the dem side and those voters are dying off… Replaced with young, diverse, and educated voters who do the quick search and know that the turtle is LYING!

  6. latebloomingrandma May 30, 2013

    So the Obama administration has a “culture of intimidation”? I guess we are supposed to have such short memories. This is so rich coming after the reign of intimidation by Darth Corleone Cheney.

  7. Mark Forsyth May 30, 2013

    McConnell is like the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz after she’s been hit in the face with water—– going down!

    1. lana ward May 30, 2013

      It’s your fly face OHitler that;s going down, and not on Reggie Love either : )

      1. ralphkr May 30, 2013

        By the way, lana, I understand that they have found a way to keep Obama in office for another 19 years so you see, you are once again saved from boredom in your little rubber lined room.

    2. holyreality May 30, 2013

      I see a lame turtle.

      1. Mark Forsyth May 30, 2013

        I definitely see the resemblence but I hate to insult turtles that way.

  8. ISAIAH May 30, 2013


  9. JDavidS May 30, 2013

    Mitch McConnell… Foghorn Leghorn… Are they one and the same? Have you ever seen them both together at the same time? Draw your own conclusions…

  10. highpckts May 30, 2013

    I wish there was a “deep throat” that could look into McConnell’s past and reveal some of the awful things he is capable of! This man is all sorts of mean!!

    1. Robert P. Robertson June 2, 2013

      Bozo has a deep throat, deeper than Linda Lovelace’s. You’ll have to grab Bozo’s ears to keep from being swallowed up whole!

  11. ObozoMustGo May 30, 2013

    Obozo is nothing like Nixon…. Nixon was an honorable thief….. Obozo is a corrupt street thug with no honor…. clearly!

    Have a nice day!

    “I have made it clear that the United States government had nothing to do with this video,” – Barack Hussein Obozo lying to the world in his speech to UN General Assembly 2 WEEKS following the Benghazi attack

    1. Mark Forsyth May 31, 2013

      Oblowmo leaving the house——“Where are my scandals? I cant find my scandals.I can’t post on the Memo page without my scandals” MEH!!!

  12. howa4x May 30, 2013

    Ever hear the term grasping at straws?

  13. eb19720 May 31, 2013

    What was in the “One Term President” All Out Attacks of Mitch McConnell and his band of traitors.
    They all should be hung for treason


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