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WATCH: Mitt And Ann Romney Are Still Making Republicans Cry

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WATCH: Mitt And Ann Romney Are Still Making Republicans Cry


Mitt and Ann Romney were back in the media this week, reminding America just exactly who Mitt and Ann Romney are.

On CNN, the former GOP presidential nominee said he wished Hurricane Sandy never happened — because it gave President Obama the chance to look presidential. Of course, there were a lot of other reasons to wish Sandy didn’t happen — including 125 deaths and about $62 billion in damage. But Mitt has his own problems.

However, Ann Romney assures us that the couple who thought they would be living in the White House right now are done with grieving their loss. And she’s often been joined in the grieving process by people who burst into tears when they see her.

“It just happened yesterday, again,” she said. “It’s happening less and less when people see me and start to cry.”

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite


  1. JPT June 7, 2013

    Ms Romney,

    It wasn’t the storm. Your husband is incapable of projecting genuine empathy. He’s calculating, always calculating what he thinks a human should be feeling at any particular moment, given the surrounding circumstances. He calculates what to say and how to get what he wants, without any compunction regarding the fallout for others.

    You undoubtedly know exactly what I’m saying…but you’ve made your own calculations, haven’t you?

    1. Rez June 8, 2013

      That’s very typical among the ultra-wealthy, the lack of empathy, particularly those who have lived among the trappings of wealth from birth.

      1. Fern Woodfork June 8, 2013

        LOL!! Born With A Silver Spoon Up His Ass That’s Why He Walk Funny!!! Maybe He Should Have Broke Open One Of Those Bank Accounts He’s Hiding Overseas And Bought Some Gifts For Everyone Like He Said President Obama Did!! LOL I’m Still Waiting For My Gift!!! LOL

        1. plc97477 June 8, 2013

          It would have taken more than he can afford to get me to vote for him.

          1. Fern Woodfork June 8, 2013

            Same Here My Friend There’s Not Enough Money In The World That Would Make Me Vote For That Greedy Lying Thug!!!

        2. lostintheswamp June 9, 2013

          well, i didn’t get my phone for sure…. so, i’ve decided not to vote for obama next time ….

          1. Fern Woodfork June 9, 2013

            Same Here My Friend Next Vote Will Be For Hillary Clinton!! Or Elizabeth Warren Anybody But Another Warmongering, Lying Greedy GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Member!!!

      2. idamag June 10, 2013

        There have been some wealthy people who were able to relate. Franklin Roosevelt, and John Kennedy to mention a couple. Mitt Romney is just not an empathetical person,

    2. Fern Woodfork June 8, 2013

      You Got That Right My Friend Besides Stripping Our American Companies And Shipping Our American Jobs Overseas To China , India And Where Ever Else He Can Find Sweatshops With Cheap Labor!! Just Like An Uppity Rich Elite Asshole It’s Everybody Fault But His Own!!!

    3. old_blu June 8, 2013

      Oh come on let them add the storm to the list, there are so many.
      People voting twice, illegals voting, President Obama buying votes, now we can add the storm, Oh! And my personal favorite dead people voting. hahaha

      1. Allan Richardson June 9, 2013

        You have no evidence for any of these activities. You are probably doing what psychologists call “projection” which is attributing to your opponents something which is part of your own character.

        1. old_blu June 9, 2013

          Allan you are preaching to the choir, I was being sarcastic I can’t believe all the reasons they have come up with as to why Romney lost, (the list is longer than what I’ve put down) and none of them having anything to do with him being out of touch with the American people, I thought the Republicans would’ve learned a lesson from it, but it doesn’t appear that they have, and that’s a good thing for you and me Allan.

          1. Fern Woodfork June 9, 2013

            Hey old_blu Great To See You My Friend!!! :-)!! <3

          2. old_blu June 9, 2013

            Hello to you Fern it’s good to hear from you, I’ve missed you, been real busy at work so it’s my fault. I hope you don’t mind that I started following you, so I can keep up on what you’re up to.
            I’m not sure where all that free stuff the regurgitating tea baggers said I was going to get for voting for President Obama, but I still have to work 11 hours a day.LOL

          3. Fern Woodfork June 9, 2013

            Same Here My Friend As Long As The GOP Tea Party Is Controlling And Holding A Lot Of Offices We Will Be Working Our Butt Off With The Long Hours!! 🙁 Time For The American People To Wake The Hell Up And Get These Thugs Out Of Offices!!!

        2. Fern Woodfork June 9, 2013

          Allan, old-blu Is Just Being Sarcastic!! LOL

          1. Allan Richardson June 10, 2013

            He is very good at it. Thanks for the entertainment, Blu, I did not know your identity when I wrote that post. I assume you would agree that some people need psychiatric help. Your local Democratic Party offers a support group for recovering conservatives, by the way.

      2. BDC_57 June 9, 2013

        I see that Mitt the twit has more excuses why he lost than what the truth is he was a idiot.

        1. old_blu June 9, 2013

          Oh yeah BDC the list is pretty extensive. They counted votes twice, they intimidated voters, etc, etc.

  2. Lynda Groom June 7, 2013

    Ann always struck me as a woman cock sure of her coronation as first lady. A sense of entitlement seemed to drip from her like sap from a tree. Mitt on the other hand never seemed to really want the job. Has she accepted the reality of ‘their’ run for the office of President and First Lady? I doubt it and they both still seem stunned by their rejection by the American people.

    1. Independent1 June 7, 2013

      When you’re as clueless as Mitt and Ann Romney are about how the world really works, and especially when you’re used to having everything given to you on a silver platter, it must be really hard for you to accept the reality of failure.

    2. Mark Forsyth June 8, 2013

      I guess they are still trying to figure out why the world does not operate according to the Mormon bible.”But it says right there on the page—”
      Mitt and Ann

    3. plc97477 June 8, 2013

      I really believe they felt god wanted them to win. They do say he works in mysterious ways

      1. Fern Woodfork June 9, 2013

        Ain’t No Way In Hell GOD Wanted Them To Win , If So They Would Have Won!!! LOL It’s The Devil Who Wanted Them To Win!!!! LOL

        1. plc97477 June 9, 2013

          He apparently wanted to Obama to win that is why he wanted mittens running

    4. idamag June 10, 2013

      Actually, I think they thought they were the fulfillment of a prophesy.

  3. charleo1 June 7, 2013

    Electing Mitt Romney to the Presidency, would have been like inviting the
    rapist, to the victims welcome home party.

    1. Independent1 June 8, 2013

      Charle, you are so right!! Even up to the week just before the election, Mitt was involved with some of his buddies buying out another American company, stripping it of its assets and shipping thousands of American jobs overseas. All the while that he was crowing about having a plan to create 12 million jobs in 4 years (all of which was proven to be a fairytale), Mitt was actively engaged in destroying more American jobs. Over the years, he was by a far a much larger American job Destroyer than he was ever an American job creator.

      And it’s not just jobs, Mitt wanted to turn the presidency into a quasi Corporate boardroom, with Mitt as the celebratory head of the clan and all the corportions that bought him the election with their thousands of distorted TV and media ads as board members. At a corporate fund raiser just a week or two before the election, Mitt convinced the CEOs of a number of companies to help him win by intimidating their employees via a letter telling them that if Obama won, there would probably be big layoffs. And a number of CEOS took Mitt up on the offer – the Koch Bros, the CEOS of BofA, GE and a number of others. Can you even imagine the leverage these companies would have had over Mitt if he had won and how they would have expected him to jump through hoops to repay their donations??? It’s really scary how close America came to the being the world’s first corporate-run nation.

      1. charleo1 June 8, 2013

        I continue to harbor my own pet conspiracy theory, about the
        entire Republican Presidential, primary. I’m not saying it’s true.
        I’m just saying it looked to me to be contrived, pre-planned, and intentionally, scripted, to make Mitt Romney look like the brightest
        guy on the stage. (A tall order, as it turned out.) And, in the end,
        the obvious choice. I also found it curious so many of the GOP
        Party, “Stars, ” decided to sit this one out. Haley Barbour, Jeb
        Bush, Bobby Jendal, Chris Christy. While other people, Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, and everybody’s favorite Grandpa, who also had a snow-balls chance of winning, Ron Paul. The hilarity began, when the Republican primary voters actually preferred all of these faux candidates, over the headliner, Romney. Which, as it turned out, nobody could stand to be around. Was, of course, the one the Party bosses had set up the entire show!
        And, as you say, and I completely agree. Mitt Romney was the perfect poster boy, for what had gone so wrong with the economy, for so many. And his running mate, Paul Ryan, is the epitome of a Congress that has accommodated the corporations, and special interests of the top 1%, so completely, for such a long period of time, the rest of the Country is literally going to Hell.

        1. Allan Richardson June 10, 2013

          I remember what David Letterman said the day after the Puerto Rico GOP primary when Mittens had three “competitors” still on the ballot. He quoted the “ballot” as listing:
          (1) El Loco
          (2) El Muy Loco
          (3) El Gordo
          (4) Mitt

      2. Elisabeth Gordon June 10, 2013

        That’s why I no longer eat at Papa John’s Pizza – they ran with the intimidation effort….id jits

  4. latebloomingrandma June 8, 2013

    I suppose she thinks her remark would be endearing to us all. Sigh…..NOT

    1. adler56 June 8, 2013

      I can’t stand the moron

  5. roguerunners June 8, 2013

    Want some cheese to go with that whine?

    1. plc97477 June 8, 2013

      But not the good stuff okay.

  6. adler56 June 8, 2013

    Like most repugnants they’re out of touch with anyone but their own little group- that’s why they’re not living in the White House. How frustrated and angry they have to be that a black man beat them at anything other than shining their shoes.

  7. Mark Forsyth June 8, 2013

    Mitt Romney,Nov.2012- I really,really,really want to be President.
    Mitt Romney 2013 – I never really wanted to be President,but I still can’t figure out why I lost. I’ll keep coming back because I’m a glutton for punishment and thrive on rejection.
    Diagnosis- Latent Masochistic Tendencies

  8. Jim Myers June 8, 2013

    “Middle class income? About $250,000 per year.”

    1. old_blu June 8, 2013

      Holy cow! I’m doing worse than I thought.

    2. Elisabeth Gordon June 10, 2013

      ….that one killed me…pathetic twit Mitt

      1. Jim Myers June 10, 2013

        Thanks for the comment.

  9. hjs3 June 8, 2013

    Whiny Willard and his side-kick Lassie can lament, cry, kevetch t’il her horses come home with all this “What If” silliness but the simple fact remains that he lost the General Election by 5 Million votes. With all these post partem chicken cordon bleu interviews it’s still woefully apparent that neither one of ’em “get-it” either….
    Just deserts indeed….:-)

  10. Tony Black June 8, 2013

    there is a special layer of “first world problems” for these assholes.

  11. JDavidS June 8, 2013

    They’re crying because Mitt the Twit lost? Imagine the tears if that clown had’ve won!

  12. ArchiesBoy June 8, 2013

    Yes, and they have a lot to cry about: 250 million, at la$t count…

  13. Susan Dean June 8, 2013

    I seem to remember a certain amount of glee in Republican circles after Sandy struck. They thought the chaos would keep people in those blue states from voting and allow Mitt to win the election.

  14. DurdyDawg June 8, 2013

    Warning! Sarcasm Alert:
    Well I think they would have fit right in seeing as how corrupt congress is.. Can you imagine the escalation in corruption had these posers taken over.. I shiver to even think. They would still be celebrating their majesty on some exotic island on our dime while their minions would be stripping away all the so-called entitlements that FDR imposed upon all of us.. Banks would be waiting in line for their second bailout and all the warheads left in the Soviet Union would be pointed at us.. Such fun.. Such profit.. Such dildos..

  15. Mark Burger June 8, 2013

    “We’ve come out the other end.” Ha! She’s making me cry right now.

  16. donaldogomez June 8, 2013

    Of everyone who ever got a nomination from a major party, he is the most clueless. His father was a decent man who was a political outcast for attempting, in his own way, to actually make some tiny changes. Nixon screwed him in an instant. Old George never got over it and Twit must have vowed to never let shit like scruples, values or ideals get in his way. When lo and behold he discovered how to rape and then ruin other peoples dreams, hopes and lifelong ambitions by buying up and gutting companies, he made himself rich. He got blood money from Salvadoran death squads( Mr, high moral ground in bed with thugs who killed 50k innocents in one year)

    Twit broke,battered and bedeviled every aspect of the New Deal (or even Nixon’s version of same) In doing so, he convinced himself of all those highly moral assumptions he voiced in his 47% speech. Nothing, absolutely nothing in his background has anything to do with how working people live. He and his K-Mart version of Princess Grace saw no conflict in cutting social security and having a car elevator installed in one of their six homes.

    I read all the other posts before writing this one so as to not repeat the same outrage .But all the other posters are correct. This self centered, overgrown Little Lord Fauntleroy will never accept that he didn t just lose the election, hell, that happened to John Mc Cain and he is an actual politician, people rejected him because he is the spoiled rich snotty ass daddy’s boy who thinks he is both culturally and morally superior to everyone else. What a pathetic duo.

    1. Independent1 June 8, 2013

      You described Mitt very well, and here are some excerpts from a story about how Mitt and Paul Singer destroyed what was Delco, and became Delphi (the auto industry’s largest small parts maker) during the auto bailout process:

      Romney has slammed the bailout as a payoff to the auto workers union. But that certainly wasn’t true for the bailout of Delphi. Once the hedge funders, including Singer—a deep-pocketed right-wing donor and activist who serves as chair of the conservative, anti-union Manhattan Institute—took control of the firm, they rid Delphi of every single one of its 25,200 unionized workers.

      Of the twenty-nine Delphi plants operating in the United States when the hedge funders began buying up control, only four remain, with not a single union production worker. Romney’s “job creators” did create jobs—in China, where Delphi now produces the parts used by GM and other major automakers here and abroad. Delphi is now incorporated overseas, leaving the company with 5,000 employees in the United States (versus almost 100,000 abroad).

      Third Point’s Daniel Loeb, whose net worth of $1.3 billion owes much to his share in the Delphi windfall, told his fund’s backers this past July that Delphi remains an excellent investment because it has “virtually no North American unionized labor” and, thanks to US taxpayers, “significantly smaller pension liabilities than almost all of its peers.”

      And if that’s not bad enough, during the process, Mitt and Singer tried to destroy GM and Chrysler by not providing them the small auto parts they needed to start production. Here’s a little on that:

      Rattner could not believe that Delphi’s management—now effectively under the hedge funders’ control—would “want to be perceived as holding GM hostage at such a precarious economic moment.” One Wall Street Journal analyst suggested that Singer was treating Delphi “like a third world country.” Rattner likened the subsidies demanded by Delphi’s debt holders to “extortion demands by the Barbary pirates.”
      Yes, Mit and Paul singer tried to force GM and Chrysler into bankruptcy by not shipping them the parts they needed, why? so they could buy out GM and Chrysler for peanuts like they did Delphi, can all the union jobs and shipping thousands of jobs overseas. And this is a person that almost 1/2 the American people wanted to vote in as president?????????

      1. plc97477 June 9, 2013

        Just 47%. But yes that is way to many.

    2. Robert P. Robertson June 9, 2013

      You are right in so many ways. my friend.

  17. lostintheswamp June 9, 2013

    i cried a river …. maybe an ocean …. laughing at fox news on election night ….

  18. Robert P. Robertson June 9, 2013

    Man, that’s a touching portrait of Myth and Ayn waving goodbye. . . Whew! Good riddance!

    1. BDC_57 June 9, 2013

      Mitt the twit needs to go to china where he sent the jobs.

      1. Independent1 June 9, 2013

        I would take out a loan if needed to pay for their airfare!! It would be -Good riddance!!!

  19. Elisabeth Gordon June 10, 2013

    Did you guys hear that the Moon shifted orbit on November 6th as the earth breathed a collective sign of relief….it was awesome!

  20. Rickster Rickster June 14, 2013

    they are some piece of work those two.


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