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WATCH: Romney Said He Wanted To ‘Abolish PACs’ In 1994

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WATCH: Romney Said He Wanted To ‘Abolish PACs’ In 1994


In 1994,  Mitt Romney — running against Ted Kennedy for Senator in Massachusetts — chastised his Democratic opponent for raising $10 million. “To get that kind of money, you’ve got to cozy up, as an incumbent, to all of the special interest groups,” Romney insisted, “and that kind of relationship has an influence on the way you’re going to vote.”

The younger Romney strongly disliked political action committees. He thought all PACs should be abolished. “The kinds of demands that are being placed on the economics of running a campaign suggest an increasing power on the part of moneyed interests, and I think it’s wrong and we’ve got to change it,” he said.

Flash forward to 2012: So far, Romney has raised about $250 million, much of it bundled by lobbyists (and others whose names he won’t reveal) — not counting tens of millions donated to the SuperPACs that support him.  While he thought that $10 million was a big deal in 1994, last month Romney received $10 million in a single donation from embattled casino mogul Sheldon Adelson. That contribution went to his Super PAC, which has spent a total of $53 million to this point.

If Romney was right in 1994 to worry that a candidate’s relationship with “moneyed interests” will affects the way he governs, then present day Romney can be expected to cater to Adelson, the Koch brothers, the lobbyists who filled his warchest, and all those unnamed bundlers.


  1. bcarreiro July 17, 2012

    obama when it comes to the debating and mitt only has one minute to respond….he will eat his words. we the people need to abolish superpacs and congress. As for romneys superpac well they only dish out… they cant dish it in.

    1. Don July 17, 2012


  2. Don July 17, 2012

    MR is lucky, he can’t take his billion dollar stash with him when he goes to meet his maker, Jesus Christ, who he doesn’t believe in any more than the son of God. In truth it was Jesus at the beginning of time when He created the Universe and all that was in it and all we needed to do was to confess our sin and become born again [and I don’t mean going back into your mother’s womb]like many feel.

  3. bcarreiro July 17, 2012

    These people who donate millions to superpacs, are they writing it off on their taxes the following year??? (donate means donate) doesnt mean you get 1/2 off.


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