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Watch: Trump Revs Up The Crowds Against Protesters

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Watch: Trump Revs Up The Crowds Against Protesters


As the scrutiny mounts over violence breaking out against protesters at Donald Trump’s rallies, The Donald is reacting by… egging on the crowds.

Check out this video below, compiled by Reuters, of Trump’s reactions from the stage at his rally Friday in St. Louis.

Some highlights:

  • “These are not the people that made our country great — but we’re gonna make it great again. But these are not the people.”
  • “I mean, isn’t this better than listening to a long, boring speech? All right? You can hear that from the other candidates. They don’t say anything, anyway.”
  • “You know, part of the problem, and part of the reason it takes so long, is nobody wants to hurt each other anymore. Right?”
  • “These people are bringing us down. Remember that — they’re bringing us down. There’s no reason for it.”
  • “These people are so bad for our country, you have no idea, folks. You have no idea.”
  • “Get ’em out. Get ’em out. What, it’s the same guy trying to come back? Right, see that? In the old days, didn’t come back, I can tell you that. They were gone. They were taken out, they were gone.
  • “All right, thank you. Oh, it would be so nice — it would be so nice. I won’t say what’s on my mind, folks. It would so nice. I won’t say it. I refuse to say it. I’m a nice person — I refuse to say it.


  1. Independent1 March 11, 2016

    Trump has clearly spent much too much time associating with mobsters. He’s nothing more than a quasi gangster himself; and what’s really sad is that he has millions of Americans thinking that someone who is willing to act like nothing more than a thug is qualified to run for president.

    1. Dominick Vila March 12, 2016

      First he insulted and threatened anyone who dared questioned him about anything he said or stands for. Then he taunted protesters at his rallies, including a woman wearing Islamic garb, one he asked repeatedly if she was Mexican, allowed his manager to manhandle a Breibart reporter, and encouraged the cultists that attend his rallies to insult and threaten anyone that dares question what he says or wants. Now that the opposition is growing and is more active, he pretends to be a little innocent lamb only trying to defend himself from the huge liberals that disrupt his discourse, such as it is.
      He does not know it yet, but he is now harvesting the fruit he planted not so long ago. The same goes for the GOP. They allowed far right politics to set the tone, allowed ridiculous “birther” claims, never questioned the attacks against ethnic minorities or women, or the generalizations against Muslims…and they ended up with The Donald!

      1. Independent1 March 12, 2016

        And did you notice that he had to cancel a rally last night in Chicago because of security concerns brought up by confrontations between his supporters and some demonstrators not supporting his hate rhetoric?

        1. CPAinNewYork March 12, 2016

          So, now you’re supporting those who interfere with free speech?

          1. Independent1 March 12, 2016

            Spewing the kind of hate rhetoric that Trump does is no different than yelling ‘Fire’ in a theatre when there is no fire. It endangers the lives of millions of innocents and just like yelling ‘Fire’ in a crowded theatre should be illegal and be punishable by the law. Trump should be in jail for the violence that he’s promoting.

          2. paulyz March 14, 2016

            BUT, you support violence by the leftist protesters. Yup, still the radical nut-job.

          3. hicusdicus March 14, 2016

            This independent person is without a doubt a paid hack for the liberal movement. His litany of answers are right out of a copy and paste play book. You could get more viable remarks from having a discussion with a tree trunk.

          4. paulyz March 14, 2016

            You ain’t kidding, he is one, radical, nut-job acting right out of Rules for Radicals. He may be arrested someday.

          5. Independent1 March 14, 2016

            Like a typical right-wing you twist the truth. I never said that I condoned any violence. I only said that if the opposing protestors were getting violent it’s because Trump and his followers have promoted violence. And I’m not believing your lies that the protestors opposing Trump started or really got that involved with the violence. Trump was scared off just by the shear number of the people opposing his hate rhetoric!!!

      2. CPAinNewYork March 12, 2016

        The Muslims are a threat to America. They’re a violent, hate-ridden bunch of miscreants who need to be neutralized.

        1. Independent1 March 12, 2016

          No where near as big a threat to America has bigoted, racist people like you are!!!

          1. CPAinNewYork March 12, 2016

            There is is again. I disagree with the presence of the Muslims, whose very religion orders htem to kill “infidels,” and “Independent1” calls me a racist.

            I think that “Independent1” is a traitor.

          2. paulyz March 14, 2016

            Independent 1 is an avowed Communist nut-job. He also believes the Holy Spirit came down to Earth to spread Communism. He is an anti-American, anti-White traitor, & an Illegal Alien Trespasser.

        2. johninPCFL March 12, 2016

          Wow. They’ve killed 3500 Americans in the last decade and a half. Your next door neighbors with the full throated support of the NRA kill 35000 per year.

        3. Joan March 12, 2016

          Well, if as you say you want to neutralize hate ridden miscreants using their religion let’s start with the home grown Westboro Baptist Church? What about the recent pastor of a puesdo church in FL. who Trump praised, after said “pastor” indorsed him. How about the KKK, also Trump supporters? I am all about declaring war on hate and intolerance. I am not in favor of declaring war on All Muslims. I would take very strong exception to the idea that I am traitorous or not a patriot. I served for 12 years in the US Army which should be ample proof of my regard for country to anyone but a Trump supporter.

        4. charleo1 March 12, 2016

          And if I’m elected Furor!! Isn’t that about the gist of it? “They’re a violent hate-ridden bunch of miscreants,” [not quite human,] who need to be exterminated. All 1.5 billion of them! You know what part of my anatomy you may suck with that statement? And here I thought we were a civilized country, in which all of us had progressed beyond what I’m hearing. It’s absolutely outrageous.
          Do you know how outrageous you sound? Tell me you do.

          1. CPAinNewYork March 12, 2016


            I hesitate to match wits with you because when it comes to wits you are an unarmed man, but you deserve this:

            You ask if i know what part of your anatomy I may suck with my statement: You are a disgusting piece of crap.

            How outrageous I sound: You first misquote me by substituting “exterminated” for my “neutralized”, which indicates that you are intellectually dishonest. But we both know that, don’t we?

            You thought that we were a civilized society: We are, if you mean America, but even civilized societies must protect htemselves. What about the World Trade Center attacks? Over 3,000 people killed by being trapped in a burning skyscraper by Muslim terrorists? What about the Boko Haram disgrace, where Muslims captured children and women? You see that and you continue to maintain that the Muslims are civilized? Where is your moral compass charlieo1? In the gutter, I guess.

            As to your opening sentence: The word that you’re struggling to say is “fuehrer,” not “furor”. Your ignorance marks you as a pseudo intellectual of hte first order! You are truly dangerous, because you have no understanding that your pretensions to knowledge make you ridiculous.

          2. charleo1 March 12, 2016

            So you do know what you can suck!

          3. CPAinNewYork March 14, 2016

            You are just a foul-mouthed piece of crap.

          4. charleo1 March 14, 2016

            I relish, no in fact I’m honored such a person as you would think so. I case you haven’t gotten the message, I have zero respect for a hateful bigot. I don’t associate with people like you any longer than it takes me to tell them to kiss my rear end. Got it?

          5. The lucky one March 13, 2016

            Do you know anything at all about the history of the christian religions? If so then you must advocate for the neutralization of them as well. Just so I don’t put words in your mouth, what do you mean by “neutralizing”, kill or imprison?

            While you’re at it maybe you could explain what you mean by “civilized society”. How many people have died as a result of American imperialism? Being technologically advanced does not equal civilized.

          6. paulyz March 14, 2016

            IF Christians or any other religious radicals were cutting off heads, burning people alive, drowning them, and stating that all infidels must convert or die, then any civilized society would keep them out. But the only religion doing that is the Muslims. Nice try with your anti-Christian BS.

          7. The lucky one March 14, 2016

            Really? What have the Israelis, a Jewish state, been doing to the Palestinians? Apparently you haven’t heard some Christian fundamentalists screaming that gays deserve to die. Not all or even most Christians are that bigoted and violent and neither are most Muslims.

          8. paulyz March 14, 2016

            People haven’t noticed Armies of Christian terrorists murdering thousands like ISIS, or are you sympathetic to their cause?

          9. paulyz March 14, 2016

            It’s useless trying to reason with an ignorant, set in their ways, leftist like charleo.

        5. len March 13, 2016

          Instead of Muslims replace it with bigots and racists.

          1. Dohk March 13, 2016

            Len: Not trying to question your suggestion, that’s not what’s happening. It is more a re-write of “and then they came for me…..” People need to be afraid. People need to vote.

  2. paulyz March 11, 2016

    I imagine the National Memo will side with the leftist, intolerant Move-on.org on denying peaceful Americans their Rights of Free Speech. I see Communist Independent 1 already does. Hateful, racist thugs in a planned violent protest, with non-American flags flying, nasty Spanish signs, Bernie supporters, yeah, real nice slice of our transformed America.

    1. charleo1 March 12, 2016

      Well yes. The fact is, to the average Right Winger today, there’s nothing more “un-American” than a bunch of otherwise law abiding citizens taking to the streets to voice their disagreement with what they see as the very real possibility of an honest to God Fascist regime taking power. That would naturally move aggressively against their best interests. That would certainly move to stifle thru violence, their Rights to free speech, and assembly. Would without hesitancy move to quash their abilities to express their truths to power.

      In effect I believe what we are seeing from an ever more extremist, ever more racist, and divisive Right, is nothing less than the rise of Authoritarianism via intimidation, and terroristic tactic.

      I would actually expect to see before long, if Trump is as concerned as he says about not being able to enjoy his bigoted hate filled Klan like Rallies, free from protest. That he’ll most likely form his own personal “security brigade,” that have pledged their allegiance to him. That would undoubtedly punch people in the face, crack some Leftist heads, and put them out, out, OUT!! And pretty soon, we might find ourselves like millions of similarly oppressed people around the World today.Trump’s problem is he’s exactly like dozens of other tin horn dictators around the World that just can’t be held responsible. After all, their opposition was warned. As have we all been put on notice. We either get in line, or suffer the retaliation of those, “Real Americans, in that great, “Us versus “Them,” paradigm Trump creates. “Them,” being as you put it, ” hateful racist thugs,” and millions of democrats like myself, and, others equally as concerned with the rise of a demagogue in American politics. Or, as Trump likes to call us, drug dealers, rapists, criminals, and other undesirables to be cowed into submission. Yeah, as you say, “real nice.”

      1. CPAinNewYork March 12, 2016

        The only way that “…an honest to God Fascist regime” can take power in America is if it’s voted in. That’s the way it happened in Germany in 1933. The Nazis won at the ballot box.

        1. Joan March 12, 2016

          Which is why people are concerned about Trump. What kind of ability will we have to petition our government for a redress of our greviances with a President Trump? Why is it that only candidate Trump has protester violence at his rallies? Trump is a liar and a con man who will lead his supporters down a destructive path. When you ramp up the level of hate and intolerance that Trump has – violence is inevitable. Trump supporters will claim that it is the protestors fault, that their signs, slogans and singing were weapons waged against him, yet similar protests, signs and singing did not erupt into violence at a Sander’s, Clinton, Rubio or Cruz rally.

          1. CPAinNewYork March 12, 2016

            Well, if they’re “concerned,” they should vote against Trump. That, Joan, is called democracy.

          2. Independent1 March 12, 2016

            Wow!! Do you actually have brain cells between your ears?? You’re clearly not using them. Trump does not need to incite violence to get his messages out – no one else is?? Why can’t you see the wrong in what Trump is doing??

          3. CPAinNewYork March 12, 2016

            Despite your insulting remarks, I’ll try to answer you.”

            Yes, I have brain cells. I use them to decite whether I’ll vote for Trump. I will not. As to his inciting violence, I believe that it “takes two to tango.”

            He is gaining support beccause he’s hitting two nerves in the American populace. The first is what appears to be a growing disaffection with “political correctness” extended to people who respond to civility with violent and insulting language. The second is that Trump appears to be saying what a lot of people, especially white people, are thinking. A good example of this is the white majority’s growing anger at the invasion of illegal Hispanics into America and the tendency of the Hispanic advocacy group to counter this anger with charges of “racism.”

            That, I believe is the basis for Trump’s growing popularity with white voters.Liberals like you may not like that, but I believe that it is a clear explanation of a phenomenon that is disturbing to you and liberals like you.

            Now, for your last question: “V

          4. Independent1 March 12, 2016

            Trump has no justification for making the outlandish racist remarks he makes about Hispanics and Muslims. The problem is that there are too many people in America like you, who have a gross misconception of illegal immigrants because of the outright lies that have been told about them by the GOP over especially the past 7 years.

            There were more illegal immigrants in America during the Bush years, the number actually peaked in 2006-2007 and right now are about 500,000 less illegals right now than when Obama took office. So magically, the illegal immigrants were not a major problem while there was a Republican in the White House, but suddenly, according to the GOP they have become a major problem even as border crossings over the past several yeas have declined sharply, and the actually number in America has declined. So it’s clear THE PROBLEM OF ILLEGALS IS PURELY POLITICAL.

            Fact is, that according to the CBO, illegals really cost states very little beyond what they spend already to provide the services illegals qualify for just to provide those same services to American citizens in their state.

            And the fact is, illegal aliens commit FAR LESS CRIMES than people born right here in America, And one of the reasons for that is that the majority of illegals are not stupid – they know if they get caught committing a crime – they will be deported and not be able to send money back to their families south of the border.

            In addition, according to the CBO, the economic activity of illegal aliens is keeping at a minimum 8 million native-born Americans working with a job. The menial work that illegals perform in doing jobs that native-born Americans won’t do, creates millions of jobs for truck drivers, carpenters, electricians, motel/hotel clerks and managers and on and on and on. I addition, immigrants operate 35-40% of America’s smalls businesses (many of them illegal aliens) which employ hundreds of thousands of native-born Americans.

            In addition to providing jobs, the CBO estimates that 55-70% of illegals pay Billions in income taxes just like you and I and contribute over 12billion per year to Social Security which illegals don’t qualify for which means they’re extending the lifespan of when SS can continue paying full b enefits
            And last but not least, many economists claim that should an idiot like Trump get his way and start deporting hordes of illegals, it would devastate the U.S. economy and make the Great Depression of the 1930s look like a walk in the park.
            In other words, illegal aliens are a driving force of the U.S. economy, without them thousands of U.S. businesses would go belly up and the American economy would collapse.

            So Trump has no basis whatsoever for making his hate filled racist comments about Hispanics crossing our southern border despite your misguided claim.

          5. paulyz March 14, 2016

            Hello Dummy, Trump only criticized ILLEGALS committing crimes crossing the border, but radical leftists as you believe in open borders, unless you live in Mexico, or just about any other Country that secure THEIR borders. Time to go back home Dummy.

          6. Independent1 March 14, 2016

            More lies. During rambling speeches he’s thrown in hate rhetoric against a whole expanse of different people’s including Jews and Muslims and more besides just illegals.

          7. Independent1 March 12, 2016

            And just so you’re aware, maybe you should spend a little time reading these articles:

            Attacks on Muslims across the country as Trump rhetoric puts them in ‘the line of fire,’ congressman says


            Donald Trump Bristles At The Idea He’s Inspired Kids To Act Racist


          8. The lucky one March 13, 2016

            “Ah, the essence of the liberal’s mindset,” Ah, the essence of the republican mindset, label someone liberal or better yet socialist so that no response to the substance of what has been stated is needed.

            Trump has tapped into fear and the underlying bigotry that has always been part of the American culture. In good economic times when ” a lot of people, especially white people” are doing well it lies relatively dormant with occasional eruptions. When the times get hard the afflicted start looking for targets for their anger. Demagogues like Trump take advantage of that for their personal aggrandizement and ego satisfaction. I think Mencken’s definition of a demagogue like Trump is spot on: Demagogue – someone who tells what he knows to be lies to people he knows to be idiots. If Trump’s supporters think he has even an iota of respect or concern for them they are extremely naive.

          9. paulyz March 14, 2016

            But mr. lucky, the Democrats ARE Socialists. They used to try and deny it, but now they embrace it, like Bernie & his supporters. Hillary is also a Socialist, she just hides it to get elected. Unless of course she is indicted.

          10. The lucky one March 14, 2016

            Your statement shows that you have no understanding whatsoever of socialism. Hilary is every bit the corporatist and the majority of Dems are staunch capitalists. Even Sanders is socialist lite. Corporate Capitalism has a death grip on our political system that won’t likely ever be removed until it crashes.The crash has already begun and Trump will hasten it.

          11. Joan March 12, 2016

            Thank you Captain Obvious, that thought had never occurred to me (snark intended and richly deserved).

          12. paulyz March 14, 2016

            Because, Trump is interfering with the leftist’s gains in Socialism, the others in the Republican party aren’t the frontrunner, but if they become a frontrunner, they will get the same treatnent. As for Hillary & Bernie, they ARE Socialists, so why would leftists protest them ?

          13. Joan March 14, 2016

            So all GOP front runners will have violent protests? I really don’t think so. How is it that Clinton is both cozy with Wall Street bankers and a socialist? You appear to just throw out insults with little regard to veracity or even consistency. Fairly typical of those who support Mr Trump. I have long been struck by the cogence, intelligence and civility of their discourse (not)

        2. charleo1 March 12, 2016

          Isn’t that exactly what the Founders were afraid of?

          1. CPAinNewYork March 12, 2016


            Possibly. That’s why they established the Electoral College. They were, after all, elitists who didn’t trust the common man to exercise good judgment in casting his ballot.

            Is that what you’re suggesting for today’s electoral situation, that the law be changed to restrict the ballot to the nation’s elites? Most likely, you’re not recommending anything, because you’re too pathetically naive to have a useful recommendation.

          2. charleo1 March 12, 2016

            Yeah that’s right Trump. Everybody’s a stupid loser that disagrees with you. I still say you’re an idiot.

      2. paulyz March 12, 2016

        The FACT is, Millions of Americans clearly saw the intolerant, violent, planned protests at a peaceful rally, by leftists, so typical of 3rd. World Countries . Many anti-American foreign flags, nasty Spanish signs, (I can read Spanish), hateful activity.

        1. charleo1 March 12, 2016

          Intolerance absolutely! If intolerance of intolerance is at all a Leftist, or third world thing, then more power to the third world. The reaction of the so called very antiestablishment, anti-politician Right to Trump’s hateful rhetoric, has been so predictable, and exactly the same as their reaction to anyone that finds themselves disagreeing with them. Example the Occupy Movement. Which they seem to be in their own ignorant way, agreeing with now. But, they dismissed Occupy as lazy good for nothing scum, living in their parent’s basement, that needed to quit rocking the boat with their Leftist equality nonsense, get a job, and take a bath. Then, they set the Police on them. So what flag would be appropriate to protest of a man who favors mass deportation? The, “Don’t Tread on Me Flag?” Or how about Lee’s Battle Flag, as being perfectly “American.” But somehow a group of immigrants aren’t allowed to fly their flag, because it might offend the very group of bigots they are there to protest in the first place. It seems about right to me.

          1. paulyz March 13, 2016

            Nothing hateful about enforcing our Laws & bringing manufacturing & related jobs back to our Country. Why would you have a problem with that?

        2. The lucky one March 13, 2016

          “(I can read Spanish)” maybe but if your comprehension is as bad as it is with English that’s not saying much.

          1. paulyz March 13, 2016

            Ok pendejo!

          2. The lucky one March 13, 2016

            No doubt you do know the meaning of that word. i would guess you’ve been called an a$$hole in many languages.

          3. paulyz March 14, 2016

            Ok pendejo, Chinga tu. Just repeating what I read on the signs of the nice people protesting.

      3. paulyz March 13, 2016

        The US against Them has Always been the policy of Leftists.

    2. len March 12, 2016

      All I see at a Trump rally is rightist, intolerant bigots and racists denying peaceful American protesters their right of free speech. The only violence is the Trump supporters hitting and kicking the protesters.

      1. CPAinNewYork March 12, 2016

        If one protests the presence the 12 million illegals in America, one is racist, right? Is that how you think Ien?

        If you do, then in my opinion you are a traitor.

        1. len March 12, 2016

          Not protesting the presence of illegals. They should be deported and the people who hire them should be thrown in jail and fined.
          What I’m referring to is the way the people who are peacefully protesting at the rallies are being beaten and kicked by Trump supporters.
          As for your opinion of me I don’t give two shits what you think!

          I have treated people as I want to be treated with respect and dignity. To treat people otherwise is disrespectful! So take your opinion and shove it!!!

          1. The lucky one March 13, 2016

            “the people who hire them should be thrown in jail and fined” Good idea, that would end the farce of Trumps candidacy since he would be in jail.

          2. Independent1 March 14, 2016

            You realize of course that deporting large chunks of illegals would devastate the U.S, economy – so say numerous economists; and would result in up to around 8 million Americans losing their jobs – the CBO has projected that the economic activity created by the work and spending of the 11 million illegals is keeping at least 8 million Americans working.

            Now I’m not condoning illegals being in the U.S. and I believe we need to reform our immigration laws in a way that results in far fewer people crossing our borders in order to find jobs that will keep them alive and allow them to send money back to their families who generally live in poverty outside the U.S.; without them having to cross our borders illegal to accomplish their objectives.

            But deporting the illegals IS NOT THE SOLUTION. There simply are too many jobs in America that need doing – and it’s only people like the illegals who are really desperate for work and are willing to work as hard as they do – that keep thousands of American companies even viable. Without the illegals – thousands of U.S. companies would not be able to survive in our economy.

      2. paulyz March 12, 2016

        Nice try, but Millions of voters clearly saw the leftist, organized, violent protests at a peaceful rally, denying Free Speech in unlawful behavior. Thanks for increasing support for Trump. LMAO.

        1. len March 12, 2016

          Yep. I saw the protester peacefully walking up the stairs and the Trump supporter hitting him in the head. The only ones being denied free speech was the protesters as the were escorted out.

          1. paulyz March 13, 2016

            Check out the Chicago violent protesters, all planned. If that is Free Speech, why were many arrested? This wasn’t a protest, it was planned, unpeaceful, & violent. That isn’t Free Speech like the Socialists told you in school.

          2. len March 13, 2016

            I believe people from both sides were arrested and I don’t think the nuns were Socialists.

          3. paulyz March 14, 2016

            Your candidates & the planned protesters ARE Socialists.

          4. len March 14, 2016

            So you’re calling Trump’s planned protesters Socialists?

            Have you ever used or received unemployment Insurance, college or student loans, public education, US Postal Service, Police Fire or Emergency services, public subways, Metro systems,buses, light rail, sidewalks roads,highways, public museums, libraries, social security, medicare, public parks, beaches and zoos?

            Those are some of the Socialist programs that have benefited you and yes I DO SUPPORT THEM!!!.

          5. paulyz March 14, 2016

            As I mentioned before, most of those are NOT Socialist programs, just necessary functions of the Fed. Government for society, but aren’t supposed to become excessive with unbridled growth.

          6. Independent1 March 14, 2016

            Sorry all the programs len listed are socialistic programs – they’re created, paid for and maintained by the people not private industry. You can’t just pick and choose what you believe is socialistic and what isn’t – but then being a right-winger, who keeps claiming that you like smaller government, although all the growth in government over the past 50 years has been by Republicans – is just one more way you demonstrate yourself as being a pathological liar!!
            ou constantly try to change the rules to suit your misguided beliefs – sorry, that doesn’t fly here!!!

          7. paulyz March 14, 2016

            So says the Communist Dummy & liar.

          8. Independent1 March 14, 2016

            You really need to move to some dictatorship, like maybe Russia, where you can edicted your failed ideology on idiots similar to yourself. You clearly don’t like living in a democracy where people have the freedom to make their own choices.
            You and your ilk love only to dictate who can love who, what religion people should belong to supposedly be patriotic, and what women can and can’t do with their bodies and what they can decide for themselves to take as medications; and what government defined identification cards the people YOU WANT TO VOTE need to have in order to vote and on and on.

            In other words, you and your ilk are working to create your own dictatorship of GOP approved rules and regulations for everyday living!! So don’t let the door hit you as you leave America on your way to Moscow!!! Trump has already made friends with Putin!!

          9. paulyz March 15, 2016

            Hi Dummy, I see your still making comments to me when you told me THREE times you wouldn’t. LMAO. Well Dummy, since you are a Communist, why don’t YOU move to a Communist country, instead of trying to force Government control on the FREE (not so much after 7 years of Obama), People of the U.S…….You would be much happier than the hateful, intolerant person you are by living in a Country you hate.

            I think Putin figures Trump will be the next President & he knows he won’t be able to push Trump around & mock him like he does with Obama. Maybe that is why Putin is pulling troops out of Syria.

          10. len March 15, 2016

            They are Socialist programs! You can’t pick and choose and say what are Socialist programs just to fit your views of things. All those programs are for the common good of all the people not just a few therefor socialist at work..

        2. Independent1 March 13, 2016


          1. paulyz March 14, 2016

            Oh, did the Dummy learn a new word from Communist Bernie? (pathological )

      3. paulyz March 13, 2016

        The intolerant hateful bigots are the viokent, leftist protestors, Trump want prosperity for everyone & enforcing our Laws, why would you leftists have a problem with that? Guess you just hate others that are different than you.

        1. Independent1 March 13, 2016

          MORE OUTRIGHT LIES!!!!!!!

          1. paulyz March 14, 2016

            Remember Dummy, re-read your Rules for Radicals booklets.

        2. len March 13, 2016

          I don’t hate others that are different than me. I’m a retired Construction worker and I worked with people of different races and beliefs and I remain friends with most of them. A lot of them are even republicans. What we do is RESPECT each others opinions! Sure we argue some times but at the end we show respect to each other. WE don’t go calling names and threaten violence just because we don’t agree. THAT is called ACTING AS AN ADULT!
          It seems like the protesters are only at the Trump rallies. That in itself may tell you something! And it is Trump that is advocating violence at his rallies by suggesting he would punch a protester in the face and taking them out on stretchers!
          So no I don’t hate people who are different than me just people who judge others by the color of their skin, politics or sexual orientation. So grow up and act as an adult!!!

    3. Independent1 March 12, 2016

      Wow! You really do live in your own fantasy world don’t you?? It’s a fact that Trump has routinely associated with gangsters and mobsters. And only a total moron such as yourself would no be able to see that the way he handles his rallies is nothing short of gangland style. What kind of mental idiot are you???

      1. paulyz March 12, 2016

        So you condone the violent protesters I see, which doesn’t surprise me one bit. These jerks just proved why we need Trump & Millions more now see why. Thanks! LMAO.

        1. Independent1 March 12, 2016

          Like I said you’re living in an alternate universe. At virtually all the other rallies protestors come and are treated respectfully. If they come looking for violence its because Trump had incited violence against them in the first place. Ted Cruz got it right when he deplored the violence being shown by protestors, but said that the responsibility for the violence actually happening starts at the top (meaning with Trump). Wake up clueless!! As others have pointed out; Trump had no right to be suppressing the free speech of protestors at his rally with violence in the first place as he been doing all along!!

          1. paulyz March 13, 2016

            You are really a Dummy, the hundreds of protesters were “planned”, and quite violent, not there to assemble peacefully, but to incite chaos. That is not the definition of Free Speech. And why would they even want to really protest, when all Trump wants is prosperity & jobs for everyone, fair trade, and enforce our Laws. But you being a radical Communist, this is what you do.

          2. Independent1 March 13, 2016

            If so, which I don’t necessarily believe what you say, Trump has asked for demonstrators to be violent back to the violence that he has routinely showed to them IN ALL HIS RALLIES!!! GO STUFF IT LOWLIFE!!!

          3. paulyz March 13, 2016

            I believe it is you Liberals that like “stuffing it”. LMAO. …., Dummy.

          4. Independent1 March 14, 2016

            Of course being a looney bin you would think that. But Trump has made it clear to everyone in the world that you right-wingers are nothing but pathological lying scum.

          5. The lucky one March 14, 2016

            “And why would they even want to really protest, when all Trump wants is prosperity & jobs for everyone, fair trade, and enforce our Laws.” You have no idea what Trump wants. The man is incapable of telling the truth and EVERYTHING in his history shows that he is completely self-serving in everything he does.

      2. paulyz March 13, 2016

        Sure you aren’t discussing Obama, who has associated with leftists radicals, terrorist Bill Ayers, anti-White, anti-American Rev. Jeremind Wright, & others his entire life.

        1. Independent1 March 13, 2016

          More fabrications of reality and trying to compare issues that are totally different. Obama has never closely associated with outright gangsters like Trump!!!

    4. Dominick Vila March 12, 2016

      The overwhelming majority of protesters are white or African Americans, and I have not seen any signs written in Spanish. If there were any, it would not be too difficult to understand why.
      The right to free speech goes both ways. Donald Trump and the members of the Cult he presides over do not have an exclusive on free speech. Bear in mind that the only reason Donald Trump has been able to make the bizarre, libelous, divisive, and hateful claims he has been making is because we all enjoy the right to free speech.
      Signs that read Trump equals hate do not promote hate, they highlight the existence and promotion of hate by a man willing to sell his country, and our values, in the pursuit of his narrow personal goals.

      1. paulyz March 13, 2016

        Wrong Dominick, there were many Mexican & other foreign flags & I saw lots of ugly Spanish words written on the back of Trump signs, including one that said Chinga tu, something. The protesters were leftists of all colors. You excuse planned, violent behavior while blaming a peaceful rally. Free Speech doesn’t include violent, planned, disruptime behavior, but peaceful protests.

        1. Independent1 March 13, 2016

          More of your lies and fabrications!! Everything you post is an outright lie!!!

          1. paulyz March 14, 2016

            You need to use different responses to all comments, reread your Rules for Radicals.

        2. Dominick Vila March 14, 2016

          On the contrary, I condemn the incitement of violence and lack of civility, which often deteriorates to situations such as this.
          Since the only protesters and signs I have seen on TV were white, and some African Americans, I cannot comment on what you saw, although it would not surprise me considering the hate and threats directed at Latinos by your hero.

          1. paulyz March 14, 2016

            There isn’t any hatred directed towards Legal Latinos, indeed, Legal Latinos feel the same as all Legal Americans about the burdens, costs, & crimes caused by many Illegals. The problems are caused by Illegals refusing to obey American Laws, expecting politicians to eventually give them yet another Amnesty. I support any Republican candidate that stands for enforcing our Laws, increasing prosperity, & decreasing debt & excessive Federal government. Who is your hero?

          2. Dominick Vila March 14, 2016

            A couple of very lose family members. For me, political preferences are limited to those of politicians whose qualifications and vision are consistent with my expectations.
            I support immigration law reform, and some sort of accommodation for the 11 million illegal immigrant that does not include a path to citizenship. I consider mass deportation inconsistent with our history, our values, and our best interests. Most importantly, I consider the deportation of children of illegal immigrants, born and raised in the USA, unconstitutional and reminiscent of what happened during the Third Reich, the Soviet Union, and during the apartheid days in South Africa. Supporting a constitutional amendment to be able to punish children for the crimes committed by their parents highlight what many Republicans think of our Constitution, our history, values, and international credibility.

          3. paulyz March 14, 2016

            But then explain to me this one thing. If we pass ANOTHER AMNESTY, then what will you propose to do with all the Illegals that enter our Country AFTER this new Amnesty? Since you claim it is un-American to enforce our Illegal “immigration” LAWS by deporting anyone, what is your solution, never-ending Amnesties?

          4. Dominick Vila March 14, 2016

            Changing the constitution to deport children born and raised in the USA because their parents committed a crime is unAmerican.
            What would I do after the 11 million illegal immigrants get a permit to live and work in the USA without a path to citizenship? Reforming our laws to satisfy our labor needs would make it unnecessary for anyone to come in illegally.

          5. paulyz March 14, 2016

            But you KNOW many more Illegals will continue to enter, so, what will you do with those that come Illegally after your NEW Amnesty?

          6. Dominick Vila March 14, 2016

            No, I don’t know that. People don’t enter the illegally because they like to jump fences or crawl in through tunnels. They do it because they are desperate, because they know our immigration system has no provisions for the entry of unskilled or semi skilled laborers, and because they know many entrepreneurs are eagerly awaiting their arrival to offer them a job. One of them is Donald Trump.
            If our laws are reformed to allow the legal entry of migrants willing to work in areas where most of us don’t want to work, and employers of illegal immigrants are fined – and shut down after repeat incidents – illegal immigration will slow down to a trickle, more than it already has.

          7. paulyz March 15, 2016

            Why, there will still be Millions of desperate ILLEGALS trying to come here, regardless, more come than would be even needed, plus you fail to address the Millions of American Citizens & LEGAL Immigrants that are still unemployed. Glad you agree that Trump will create a healthy economy though.

    5. jeffromac23 March 12, 2016

      Pauly, the only people being denied free speech are the protesters but Mr Trump has all the free speech he needs just check his bank account. Since Citizens United decided that corporations are people and money is speech he must actually be more than one person kinda like the Koch brothers should be 3 people Charles and David is and Koch Industries makes 3.
      And it’s only a matter of time before they demand that from their bought and paid for politicians so they can have even more control of people’s lives.

      1. paulyz March 13, 2016

        Wrong Jeffro, violent, planned disruptive behavior is NOT Free Speech.

      1. paulyz March 13, 2016

        Good one, what the Media won’t show Americans. They excuse the violent protesters and blame Trump, typical Rules for Radicals. But they only succeeded in pissing off Millions of Americans.

      2. Independent1 March 14, 2016

        Prove that’s not a picture of Trumps followers!!!

        1. Otto T. Goat March 14, 2016

          Zoo apes don’t follow Trump.

          1. Independent1 March 14, 2016

            So you’re describing Trump’s followers as zoo apes, are you?? Interesting!!

    6. Otto T. Goat March 12, 2016

      They were also groping women, which is typical for their kind.

      1. The lucky one March 13, 2016

        What kind is that, Trump supporters? Or were the Trumpsters too busy groping themselves?

  3. The lucky one March 12, 2016

    Only an idiot could see a mob’s violent suppression of peaceful protest as a violation of the mob’s right to free speech.

    1. Cloudherder March 12, 2016

      I hope the mob you are referring to is Trump’s mob?

      1. The lucky one March 12, 2016

        Absolutely. Pauly seems to think Trump’s angry spittle flecked supporters have the right to manhandle and abuse anyone that protests against his heart throb the Duck. He thinks it’s their right to free speech.

        1. paulyz March 13, 2016

          And you believe (not really you don’t), that the planned violent devisive mob protests by hundreds & hundreds of leftists, is Free Speech, denying a peaceful rally their Free Speech. That is exactly what inflames division. But you intolerant Socialists would scream & bitch & riot had Trump or Cruz supporters by the hundreds incited & caused violence at a Sanders or Hillary rally. Just like the violence from the Occupy Wall Street mobs or the BLM mobs, you ignore that, but call Tea Party rallies “racist”. You overplayed the false race card ad nauseum, doesn’t mean anything anymore. The real racists are YOU.

    2. Dohk March 13, 2016

      Only an idiot could see a homosexual/pro-choice/athiest/etc (just pick from the ever-growing list) asking for equal rights/protection from violence as a violation of a christians right to freely practice their religion.

      The right have gotten away with it for so long, its become policy.

      1. len March 14, 2016

        No one is saying that christians can’t practice their faith just that they don’t force those beliefs on others.

      2. The lucky one March 14, 2016

        It’s their crusade don’t you know. Personally I’m not a believer but part of me hopes God is real. Boy would those people be in for a surprise when they go to collect their “reward”.

        It’s also amazing that a Christian of any denomination would be drawn to Trump. It must be his Islamaphobia because he has never done anything to support Christian organizations or believers in any way.

        1. Dohk March 14, 2016

          I have told many “christians” (little c) that they better hope they’re wrong (but secretly hope they’re right 😉 I never thought I could become jaded to their hypocracy.

          The Nazis used christianity to justify their actions until they went after them too.

          “And then they came for me….”

          BTW: I always enjoy reading your posts.

  4. Cloudherder March 12, 2016

    This scares the crap out of me. This man can not become president. What is really even sadder is the people on the audience, and the people who comment here like paulyz that don’t see that they are the ones that are being intolerant and denying free speech. From studying the beginnings of nazism, this is how it began. Is this how our country will end?

    1. Dominick Vila March 12, 2016

      In addition to being extremely divisive, his calls for violence and intolerance could easily deteriorate into something very dangerous for our country.
      Members of his cult want blood, and there are many willing to shed blood if that’s what it takes to stop this opportunist lunatic.

      1. CPAinNewYork March 12, 2016

        The problem is that the anti-Trump protesters are trying to stir up trouble. I think that they may succeed, but they’ll wind up getting bloodied. Trump has money and money always wins.

    2. paulyz March 13, 2016

      You mean to be tolerant, we need to ignore our Laws, voted for by the Congressmen we, the People elected. If you are here Legally, then you have nothing to worry about. When good Citizens are denied their Liberty for too long, & their elected officials only worried about power & re-election, seeds of discontent are sown. Most Americans didn’t vote for transforming our government into Socialism, but forced on them, are clearly dissatisfied with the direction of our Country according to all polls by large margins, & why Trump is popular, as Cruz, because they want to reverse the failed direction of debt, poverty, & division.

      1. len March 14, 2016

        Tee latest poll give President Obama a 51% favorable rating. As to the Division you can thank the republicans in Congress who have fought Obama since he was elected President in 2008. The amount of debt has fallen with each of Obama’s budgets. The republicans refused to raise taxes to pre Bush levels which would have helped with the debt problem. I Bush would have left taxes where they were at the end of the Clinton Presidency we probably wouldn’t be where we are now with the debt. We now have 17 million more people with healthcare now which helps keep premiums down because now the people who had insurance are not paying for the uninsured. More jobs have been created in the past 7 years than both the Bush Presidencies. It has been the best job growth in the past 100 years.

      2. Cloudherder April 12, 2016

        Social programs were created in Franklin Roosevelt’s term, and aren’t Socialism.

        1. paulyz April 12, 2016

          When the Federal Government takes money from the People for their social plans, and then tells them how & when they “may” get some back, that’s Socialism. They start out slowly with good-sounding po,icues, but lead to ever growing control, as well as not the means to pay for them. Someday, when you won’t get what you paid into for decades, a light may go off in your head.

  5. yabbed March 12, 2016

    Trump instigates this violence at his rallies and now he has to live with the discord that will accompany each and every one of his campaign stops. He fed the beast with his taunts and encouragements and now the beast is threatening to devour his campaign.

  6. CPAinNewYork March 12, 2016

    The protesters look like a bunch of disgruntled Hispanics. It’s not hard to see where they’re coming from.

    1. Independent1 March 12, 2016

      And it’s not hard to see your rampant racism in every word you post!!!

  7. charleo1 March 12, 2016

    One of the most common complains for years of the Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazis, assorted White Supremacists groups, and other “proud and patriotic Constitutionalists.” And so it is now with Mr. Trump. Is the intolerable situation in this horribly politically correct Nation of mambie-pampies, race traitors, and hoards of illegal invaders, enabled by the worst, [read that as Black] President of all time. Is their inability to hold a good old fashioned hate, slash, cross burning, rally in the freest country in the world, without the ever present Leftist protesters trying to take away our freedom of speech!

    1. Ekpe March 13, 2016

      You seem to think that what you need for a great country is the white skin and capacity to hate! No brain, or perhaps brain with white and no grey matter! Wake up Charleo. Hate will not get you anywhere. It is eating you up!!

      1. charleo1 March 13, 2016

        I was not endorsing the hate. But merely pointing out the commonality of intolerance among those spreading hate of any opposition either by those being singled out by the haters, or by others, not in the present crosshairs. But objecting on the principle that evil is allowed to happen when good people stand by, and say nothing.

        1. Ekpe March 13, 2016

          I misunderstood you. Sorry about that.

          1. charleo1 March 13, 2016

            Perfectly alright. I re-read it, and it wasn’t written very well. Thanks for the reply.

          2. paulyz March 13, 2016

            No, you didn’t misunderstand charleo 1, what he believes is when violent, hateful protesters are leftist agitators , then it is perfectly ok, since he labels Trump supporters as White racists. He is consumed with hate & bigotry.

  8. Siegfried Heydrich March 12, 2016

    We just found Drumpf’s Achilles Heel. Like all bullies, he’s a braggart and blusterer before an adoring audience but flees in the face of a determined foe. If there are just a few protesters, that’s fine with him – he can have them thrown out to the cheers of the mob, calling them names as they go, and encouraging his supporters to take a crack at them on the way out. He’s been encouraging this behavior more and more.

    He has been calling for violence over and over, as long as he had the upper hand. Well, for the first time, he faced opponents who were enough in number and strength of will to actually confront him, and he backed down. When he’s faced with more opposition than he can send his bullyboys to go pound on, he folds like a papier mache lion in a rainstorm. For once, he’s facing opponents he can’t bully, beat down, orTweet to death. And he simply can’t deal with it.

    He didn’t cancel over ‘security concerns’, he canceled because he was afraid to face a crowd that didn’t consist entirely of adoring fans. He simply cannot handle being booed or mocked. And that’s his weakness. He’s a hollow man, and is terrified that people will see that. In short, he just can’t play a tough room.

    You don’t see violence along the lines of what’s becoming the norm at any of the democratic events. In fact, often the protesters are allowed to have their say and make their points. But in Drumpf’s case, it’s more a matter of dominance and authoritarianism.

    Democrats and republicans alike – take note. If you actually stand up to him, he has
    nothing to resort to than bluff and bluster and evasions. If he’s in front of his fanbase, he’s YUUUUUGE! But if he’s faced with opponents who stand up to him and face him down, he’ll cut & run. And blame everyone else for his cowardice.

    In this case, he tried to blame the cops, only the cops simply weren’t having any of it. As for the ‘violence’, pfffft. If you REALLY want to see violence, wait for the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations! There was less violence last night than you see after a Cubs game lets out . . .

    1. DisqoK1ng March 12, 2016

      Well said.

    2. 1Zoe55 March 13, 2016

      I totally agree, and I also noticed the frightened look on Trump’s face when the Secret Service agents quickly protected him. He’s a big bombastic blowhard who will run and let others do the fighting for him. We have to stand up to this brown-shirt bullying.

    3. paulyz March 13, 2016

      So you support hundreds of violent mobs to shut down Free Speech, wanting innocent people at rally to be harmed by them if Trump didn’t shut it down. You are some kind of weird.

      1. Siegfried Heydrich March 14, 2016

        My, you ARE quite the drama queen, aren’t you? You seem to approve of free speech only when that free speech agrees with you. The only violence we’ve seen thus far has been from Drumpf supporters.

        Drumpf simply can’t deal with tough rooms. If the audience at his shows aren’t completely composed of his fanbase (with just enough protesters for the base to beat up as they’re being thrown out), he simply can’t deal with it. And neither can his fans; if they don’t vastly outnumber the protesters, they may fuss and fume, but that’s about it.

        Oh, and based on your posting history, you are some kind of . . . ancient. Another relic of a bygone age where cold warriors ranted about communists and socialist, and didn’t get laughed at the way they do today. Keep ranting, Grandpaw. It’s all you have left.

        1. paulyz March 14, 2016

          Wrong again Mr. Progressive, everyone saw clearly the planned, violent protesters that were sent by the hundreds to incite discord. Your “progressivism” stems from hatred of all the values that made this Country a wonderful place to live, why Millions want to come here. Problem is, the law breaking Illegals & ignorant Liberals that haven’t a clue to American History, want to transform hundreds of years of American culture to suit them. Not the way it works as you will eventually understand. Our Republic form of Government guaranteed in OUR Constitution explains that clearly.

          You still must support violent leftist disruptions since you ignored answering .

          1. Siegfried Heydrich March 14, 2016

            You see what you want to see. I saw local people coming out to protest a demagogue, and doing so in a constitutionally appropriate manner. I saw no violence, I saw spirited debate. The only violence I have seen anywhere in this campaign season has come from Drumpf supporters.

            If you would, please cite some examples of these ‘violent leftist disruptions’. Indeed, methinks thou doth snivel and bleat too much. This is what has become of the right . . . eternal victims, always whining about how they’re being picked on, and how there’s always a war on (insert shibboleth here).

            What I do see from you is the frustration of an old has-been railing against a rapidly changing society who is incapable of change, watching the present move past him as he sinks into impotence and irrelevancy. I see an old cold warrior still trapped in an endless war, unable to admit that the war is long over, and that his part in it is no longer required. Old, useless, and furious with a present that frightens him and a future that has no place for him. Dismal, doleful Panataloon, downcast eyes and shuffle shoon . . .

          2. paulyz March 14, 2016

            Well Mr. Progressive, you are AGAIN proven wrong. These violent, disruptive protesters can be imprisoned for up to a year thanks to a Federal Law, H.R. 347. They do NOT have any right to do what they are doing, & Trump doesn’t even have to press charges, Law Enforcement is required to arrest these punks, which you, as an anti-American progressive, support.

          3. Independent1 March 14, 2016

            And there go more of your outright blatant lies – you are nothing but a pathological lying machine!!!

          4. Siegfried Heydrich March 14, 2016

            Well, Mr. Regressive, you go right on ahead believing that. There were cops all over the place, but they didn’t report all that much in the way of troubles. There are only a few arrests, and those were for misdemeanors. And once again, where are all the violent leftists you keep bleating about?

            Here’s another example of your brain on Drumpf – 3 dead because this Drumpfatista didn’t theink they spoke english well enough – http://www.jsonline.com/news/crime/milwaukee-man-charged-in-south-side-triple-homicide-b99685274z1-371687421.html . I’m still waiting for your examples of leftist violence.

            But carry on all you like . . . After all, what else to you have left in your life any longer than whining about how the world is passing you by? It’s the 21st century, Grandpaw, I would tell you to catch up and get with the times, but I can see that you can only move your walker just so fast.

          5. Siegfried Heydrich March 14, 2016

            Pauly, I’m still waiting for you to provide me with some examples of that leftist violence you’re going on about. I however, offer you and the rest of the reading audience a couple more examples of rightwing violence.


            So far, I see that I’m providing you with actual actual violence committed by those you regard as ‘patriots’ while you just rant and make wild, baseless accusations and can’t back up any of your empty bluster.

          6. Siegfried Heydrich March 14, 2016

            Pauly, I’m still waiting . . . did you run away to hide, or did the nurse decide you were getting too agitated and took you back to your room for a nap? In any event, here are a few more fine, fine specimens of Drumpfa-Lumpfas in action


            Oh, and I found a story about your early years – in which of these pictures do you appear? I always like to provide a bit of nostalgia for you old fossils, and I know you’ll enjoy reminiscing about this . . . http://www.chicagoreader.com/chicago/1939-nazi-fascist-rally-chicago-history/Content?oid=21376284

            And I still want to see some of those ‘hundreds of violent mobs’ you keep sniveling about. Surely you can have found at least one by now?

          7. paulyz March 14, 2016

            Why didn’t you check out the facts I sent you, Fed. Law H.R. 347? Afraid it might show everyone what an ignorant fool you are? Check out Politico, they said most protesters were black, latino, & young, that there were 2500 outsude, & hundreds inside, & the event planned for over a week by Nathaniel Lewis, along with Moveon. Enlighten us Mr. Socialist.

          8. Siegfried Heydrich March 14, 2016

            Ah, I see the nurse finally let you onto the computer again. Be a good boy this time so she doesn’t take you back to your room again.

            Big deal. It doesn’t apply, only in your mind. The 1st Amendment and all that. As for the racial composition of the protesters, what’s your point? Almost all of the ones I saw watching the live feeds were white. And are you saying that minorities don’t have any constitutional rights?

            And I’m still waiting for some evidence of those ‘hundreds of violent riots’ you were carrying on about.

          9. paulyz March 15, 2016

            More racist ASS-UMPTIONS by you again? You are fixated on race. Already gave you the facts but like a typical Lib tard you post useless nonsense. Today’s Article in the National Memo from Froma Harrop, agrees with me, not radical leftists like you. Did you forget to take your free Med’s again?

          10. Siegfried Heydrich March 15, 2016

            Who said anything about race other than you? I pointed out that race is immaterial to the 1st amendment. What part of that are you having difficulties with? And the useless nonsense I posted were facts you have issues with. I’m still waiting for evidence of the ‘hundreds of violent mobs’ you were carrying on about

            As for the article, I’ve long argued that the non-violence of MLK is far preferable to the violence of would be ReichsFuhrer Drumpf. As a tactic, it’s far better to let them take the first shot. And laughing at the Drumpfster for his Alzheimer’s addled word salad buffets is a far better tactic as well.

            And having read your posting history, I find you to be a really rather pathetic specimen of hateful trollery, rantin futilely in your impotent and marginalized existence. I also find it rather sad that your reading comprehension skills and attention span has degraded to the point that you cannot stay on topic in any conversation, meandering off into incoherent, fact-free screeds of frustrated angst.

            Ah, well, I guess those years of substance abuse are finally taking their inevitable toll.

          11. paulyz March 16, 2016

            What a long, boring comment, are you through with your talking to yourself? I know you have unrealistic illusions of self-importance, so take a deep breath & get a life.

          12. Siegfried Heydrich March 16, 2016

            I accept your sniveling surrender with amused indifference. Enjoy your rants with people less capable of dispatching you as I.

          13. paulyz March 17, 2016

            See, an elevated, unrealistic, sense of self-importance, typical of know-it-all Liberals as yourself. LMAO.

          14. Siegfried Heydrich March 17, 2016

            Pauly, don’t you have a cross burning to prepare for tonight? Or does your nurse not let you do that in your room any more?

          15. paulyz March 17, 2016

            Ok, will do, right after you take that buritto out of your _____.

          16. Siegfried Heydrich March 17, 2016

            Why, are you hungry? Poor Pauly, I guess they don’t feed you well there at the home . . .

          17. paulyz March 18, 2016

            Nope, I eat good American food, eat your own burrito. Might taste better on the other side of the WALL.

  9. oldfed March 12, 2016

    We have paid organized protestors at these rallies just like at Ferguson trying to steal our democracy. Sorry Barak its not going to work

    1. The lucky one March 13, 2016

      You have that backward, the Duck is the one who pays people to attend rallies.

    2. Daniel Max Ketter March 14, 2016

      No, I used to live near Ferguson at the local Ford assembly plant, and believe me those cops HATED black people. Nobody paid these folks to protest Trump The Chump, these are just common Americans who believe our nation should be a little more socialism friendly instead of corporate friendly. Me & Linda Rae just laughed at that idiot Trump trying to speak his drivel.

    3. oldfed March 14, 2016

      We have unpaid organized protestors at these rallies just like at Ferguson police
      trying to steal our democracy. Sorry fat dan ketter its going to work

      1. Independent1 March 14, 2016

        Those outside protestors at Ferguson were clearly right-wing lovers from around the nation trying to make the blacks in Ferguson look bad. Who are you trying kid???

        1. oldfed March 15, 2016

          I agreed with protestors toward the bigoted Ferguson police. It was just street thugs that were taking advantage of the situation

          1. Independent1 March 15, 2016

            Yes, and those street thugs were the right-wingers from around the nation that came to create havoc in an effort to make the blacks of Ferguson look bad. Just so people around the country could say: ‘Why are the blacks pillaging and looting in their own neighborhoods, if their grievances are supposed to be against mistreatment by the police. The blacks are just a bunch of hoodlums!!”

          2. oldfed March 16, 2016


  10. FireBaron March 13, 2016

    But he really didn’t do this. And if you claim he did, he will sue you until you show the video proof of him doing so. Then when he apologizes, it won’t be for egging on the treatment of the protesters but that you found the video of him doing so. Listen to some of the earlier ones he issued. He didn’t apologize for his behavior, but that someone found proof of it.
    This is what happens when just about everyone attending one of his rallies can offer proof of what is happening as it occurs.

    1. plc97477 March 13, 2016

      And with smart phones everyone has video.

      1. Irishgrammy March 13, 2016

        And thank God for Smart phones! Think of the number of lies the public has been fed, then thankfully a video appears, quite often at personal risk of the person taking the video evidence, that exposes the obscene indifference those lies are being spewn with no care what-so-ever of how they affect the lives of the innocent/victims or the resulting damage to institutions we should trust, i.e., the police, government agencies, the press, etc. etc……..I know it’s simplistic and polyannish, but blatant lying that is clearly provable by public officials, politicians, etc., should be against the law and procecuted. With Trump there is sooooooooo many videos, soooo much evidence, and he still lies, lies on top of lies, lies to deny he is lying about his lies……….and still he is winning primaries, the main reason…. from the start to present, his voiced overt and vieled racism and bigotry, PERIOD!!!

        1. plc97477 March 13, 2016

          In the 90s a university did a study that showed that repugs would crawl over hot coals to vote for a repug who is having political mud thrown at him even if the mud sticks. No matter how bad the problem they will vote. Dems. not so much. Dems don’t like political mud. So trying to get rid of trump by the gotp is going to come back and bite them in the ass.

  11. jif6360 March 13, 2016

    I’m going to play devil’s advocate. We have 11 mill. Illegal. We’ve done nothing to these people, yet we allow them to stay in this country. With this in mind. In the Middle East we’ve helped destroy millions of lives. Should we not take responsibility for our actions and take in at least 11 mill refugees. Should we not help these people rebuild their lives, should we give them homes, feed them and pay to educate them, should we not give them jobs. Hell let’s just open all our borders.
    If u think we become a militarized country, u haven’t seen nothing yet. Let’s not forget about the resent court ruling against Iran (9/11 family).

    The protesters at the Trump rallies should be standing up against the wars. Note I’m not defending Trump but he’s not responsible for our current problems. Trump hasn’t referd to blacks as super predators. VOTE for Trump or Sanders. At the same time vote out all the incumbents in Congress and keep voting them out until they restore our voice and rights.


    1. CPAinNewYork March 14, 2016

      It’s not “do” you ignoramus. it’s “due.”

      1. Siegfried Heydrich March 14, 2016

        Ignoranus. FIFY.

      2. jif6360 March 14, 2016

        I’m going to play devil’s advocate here. We have 11 million Illegal immigrants living in the US. We’ve done nothing to harm these people, yet we allow them to stay in this country as though we are atoning for some crime against them. With this in mind, the US has helped to destroy millions of lives in the Middle East. If we are willing to house illegal aliens in our country for no reason whatsoever, then we definitely should be willing to take responsibility for our
        actions and take in at least 11 million refugees from the Middle East. We assumed responsibility for helping these people to rebuild their lives by contributing to their decimation in the first place. The recent court ruling against Iran (9/11 family) has created a precedent. If
        Iran is truly responsible for 9/11, every country in the Middle East that we have invaded since 9/11 was actually innocent of the crimes that we accused them of committing. We attacked these countries without any due process. Therefore, all of these countries that have
        been detrimentally affected by our nonsensical foreign policies should have the ability to file a lawsuit in the US Courts. Perhaps such a lawsuit could expose some truth to the world about our actual sinister motivations for invading these countries. Make no mistake about it: the wars in the Middle East are Washington D.C.’s wars. The refugee crisis in the Middle East is the direct result of Washington’s wars. Government-sanctioned organizations such as
        the CIA and Israeli Mossad, as well as the intelligence agencies of Great Britain, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, contributed indirectly to the formation of terrorist groups such as ISIS and may very well have been directly responsible for false flag operations such as 9/11.

        On a side note: The protesters at the Trump rallies should not be wasting time attacking Trump. The true criminals are
        those who currently control our government and are continually instigating wars to destabilize the Middle East. I find
        it incredibly difficult to believe that Trump can make things any worse than they already are should he become President.
        I would like to note that I am not defending Trump: he is an extremely
        rude person and he certainly isn’t my first choice to become President. However, he is not responsible for our current problems and it is unfair to treat him as though he is responsible. The current
        establishment of our government is what is truly responsible for our country’s problems. This is why I would encourage everyone who is concerned with the direction that our country is taking to VOTE for Trump or Sanders. These are the only two candidates currently
        running for President that are not part of the establishment and that is why they are being attacked so enthusiastically by the media and mainstream government. We don’t want to elect a
        puppet to the Presidency; we should want to elect someone who is willing to stand against the majority of our government in order to protect the American people. The people should always come
        first and Trump and Sanders are the only candidates who may have the opportunity to truly turn things around within our government and rewrite the status quo. At the same time, we should
        be voting out all the incumbents in Congress and keep voting them out until they restore our voice and rights.

        Note: I don’t actually think it would be a smart idea to take in 11 million refugees from the Middle East. I was simply pointing out the hypocrisy of our government since it is not willing to bear responsibility for its actions and attempt to provide support to the refugees that have been created as a result of our foreign policies.


        1. Independent1 March 14, 2016

          I’m not trying to be critical of your comment, but you clearly do not understand the enormously significant role that illegal immigrants play in America. I take from this comment of yours:

          ” If we are willing to house illegal aliens in our country for no reason whatsoever,”

          I’ve pointed this out numerous times, but illegal immigrants are actually driving America’s economy. Without them, the American economy would come to a standstill because there are simply so many jobs they do, that are keeping thousands of companies in America functioning.

          And not only does the work illegals do create millions of jobs for native -Americans; their spending and job creation in small businesses they run is keeping an estimated 8 million native-born Americans working. And in addition, they contribute billions of dollars to our government in tax payments (non of which they get refunds for); and over 12 billion into Social Security.

          So please, don’t keep passing on the notion that illegals are not a very integral part of the U.S, economy – because that is simply not true.

          1. jif6360 March 14, 2016

            I never said I wanted to deport these people.
            Not to insult u, but the point on taxes and Social Security sounds like a republican view. sorry
            I’m more against the war then any other issue.

          2. Independent1 March 14, 2016

            The point about taxes and SS sound like Republicans?? How so – Republicans keep trying to sell people on the notion that illegals are getting a free ride in America and are paying nothing to live and work here. When nothing could be further from the truth.

            The CBO projects that 55-70% of illegals pay income taxes and pay-roll taxes. The monies that illegals are contributing to SS which they don’t get any benefit from are actually helping to extend the time that SS will be able to pay full benefits – what Republicans are ever making a point like that; they try to sell people on the notion that illegals are crooks and getting away without contributing anything to our economy. (Despite the fact that Texas estimated that in 2013, it’s illegal population contributed over 18 billion dollars to the state’s economy.)

            And the CBO estimates that the monies states pay to provide the meager services illegals qualify for, is very little beyond what the states have to pay anyone to provide those same services to native-born Americans in those states. Republicans keep claiming illegals are costing us billions – which is a lie.
            And aside from that, studies show that illegals create far less crimes than native-born Americans – actually 1/8th to 1/10th the crimes of native-borns. Which is one of the reasons why the crime rate in the U.S has gone down sharply as the percent of Hispanics has gone up.

            And Republicans also lie about the illegal population going up under Obama – fact is that the illegal population peaked under Bush 2 in 2006-2007 and has declined ever since as stricter border security has gone into effect and the illegal population now is down about 500,000 since its peak.

          3. jif6360 March 14, 2016

            I think u make a great argument. All good points. Rep like slave labor and people paying into SS that will never see it. This is stealing no matter how u look at it.

  12. Nick March 13, 2016

    Breaking news, Trump gains 10,000 new supporters in Missouri and Illinois do to the protesters.


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