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This Week In Crazy: Alex Jones Makes Incoherent Case For White Reparations

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This Week In Crazy: Alex Jones Makes Incoherent Case For White Reparations


Eclipse apocalypse, white reparations, and a journalism crash course from a conspiracist blogger. Welcome to This Week In Crazy, The National Memo’s weekly update on the loony, bigoted, and hateful behavior of the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5. Joe Arpaio

Awaiting sentencing for a July contempt of court conviction, the former Arizona sheriff — who, along with then-Celebrity Apprentice host Donald Trump, was at the forefront of the birther movement in 2012 — Skype’d into Alex Jones’ show on Wednesday to thank theTWIC regular for potentially convincing the president to pardon him.

“I want to thank you, Alex, and your staff, Jerry Corsi, Roger Stone, for bringing this story out and reaching the president,” Arpaio told Jones. “I supported him from, what, two years ago at the same forum that he did yesterday and I’m with him and I’m with him to the end.”

Despite early rumors to the contrary, Arpaio was not invited — and didn’t show up — to Trump’s rally on Tuesday night in Phoenix. He told reporters on Monday, “I don’t want to cause any havoc, if you know what I mean.”

(h/t MediaMatters)



  1. dbtheonly August 25, 2017

    I keep hoping that some of these are spoofs.

    How can an eclipse on the other side of the world impact a Liberian Tanker running into the McCain? For that matter if the eclipse was a sign from on High, how come it missed most of the world?

    Mr. Gauthier, thank you for wandering in the insanity so that I don’t have to.

    1. dtgraham August 25, 2017

      One of the many mysteries of the effects of an eclipse. For 3 minutes last Monday, werewolves had no idea what to do either.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker August 25, 2017

        dt! I love it! Great post!

        1. dtgraham August 25, 2017

          Every so often I say something right.

          1. Sand_Cat September 19, 2017

            Does “^ a racist” refer to Graham or you?

          2. ???? BRAINTHRUST 5000 ???? September 19, 2017

            What do you imagine you are accomplishing here? Why do white people HAVE to explain why something racist is DEFINITELY IS NOT RACIST? What is wrong with you?

          3. Sand_Cat September 19, 2017

            You’re right. I’m wasting my time on someone too twisted to carry on a coherent conversation. Won’t make that mistake again.

          4. ???? BRAINTHRUST 5000 ???? September 19, 2017

            OK thanks for explaining that the REAL problem is calling out racism, not racism itself.

            You are, once again, utter garbage.

          5. ???? BRAINTHRUST 5000 ???? September 19, 2017

            I will say it’s EXTREMELY weird how many white people have loudly tried to tell me I’m at fault for being racially abused over a period of MONTHS. What is up with that?

          6. ???? BRAINTHRUST 5000 ???? September 20, 2017

            fair warning: I’m including you in my follow-up article about racism on the left.

          7. ???? BRAINTHRUST 5000 ???? September 19, 2017

            More and more, though, I’m starting to think it refers to you.

      2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 25, 2017

        Excellent post!! Great werewolf angle—maybe a script by a creative writer could be written for a made-for-TV SCI FI special.

        Maybe someone creative, like Eleanore, can fit Trump into this as the Leader of the Werewolves, daring to look at the eclipse before totality, because his superior genes make possible magical powers to filter out the sunlight. The other werewolves would suddenly stand on their hind legs, don red caps, and circumambulate around Donald, howling—“Make America Great Again!”

        1. dtgraham August 25, 2017

          Luckily, Trump didn’t need his special Eclipseman powers. He said that he remembered to put plenty of sunscreen on his eyeballs, and he trained for it by staring into lightbulbs for longer and longer durations.

          1. Sand_Cat September 19, 2017

            If this is supposed to embarrass Mr./Ms. Graham, it certainly fails. It’s you who looks foolish in the case you cite.

          2. ???? BRAINTHRUST 5000 ???? September 19, 2017

            OK, thanks for dropping by to defend racism.

            You are garbage, of course.

        2. idamag August 26, 2017

          Trump cannot successfully lead anything or anyone. He bumbles through life like an amoeba.

          1. BDC_57 August 28, 2017

            Trump does not know what he is doing he is a total idiot

    2. Independent1 August 25, 2017

      That Snyder and Begley would use a solar eclipse as being some form of omen is all the more ridiculous given that a total solar eclipse hits some place on earth every 18 months; this latest one just happened by chance to sweep through the heartland of America. And with Begley being a pastor and using it to serve his ridiculous religious fantasies, only shows that he’s just as ignorant of solar eclipses as he is of the Bible.

      1. PrecipitousDrop August 26, 2017

        Michael Snyder is pretty ignorant of time zones, too.
        The USS McCain collision happened in Singapore — at 4:24PM, CDT, on Sunday, August 20th.

        1. Independent1 August 26, 2017

          Yeah! And if Begley is looking for omens, what about the fact that the first category 4 hurricane to hit the U.S. in more than a decade is right now devastating the state, Texas, which I think, has infected America with the greatest number of totally whacko and evilly corrupt politicians and many other supposedly religious nut cases just like Begley that spread lies upon lies as they work to destroy our nation??

          1. idamag August 26, 2017

            The gods are angry at texas.

          2. BDC_57 August 28, 2017

            You so right

      2. dbtheonly August 26, 2017

        We are at the confluence of at least two key concepts.

        First, if you look at prophesies, they were generally ignored by the folks at the time.

        Second, the “end times” have been consistently predicted to be any time for the past 2000 years. Just about every generation has its own “end times” prophets. I, personally, have read writings that claim that Jack Kennedy was the Anti-Christ. I’ve read that Mikhial Gorbachev was the anti-Christ.

        I view it as a lack of humility to claim the knowledge of the plans of the Almighty. But am open to arguments that, this itself, shows my lack of humility.

        In the end, I trust that if the Lord and Creator of the Universe, has something He thinks I need to know; He’s quite capable of making it known to me.

        Still need to respond to you on the Confederate Statues issue. I may well be the “Historical Purist” the Right Wing so eagerly seeks. On the other hand any Historical Purist is going to know about the German-American Bund and not go marching in a Nazi rally.

  2. dtgraham August 25, 2017

    I thought I had a handle on this whole eclipse thing from the loony right. Now Paul Begley and Michael Snyder say it’s an apocalypse warning. I suppose. The religious right believed the eclipse was God’s anger over gay marriage, while the Scott Pruitt right believed it was God’s way of saying that he hates solar power. The Alex Jones right thinks that the eclipse was faked on the same sound stage where the deep state faked the false flag moon landing.

    In any event, I still think that Mike Pence not being allowed to watch the eclipse without his wife with him was wholly unnecessary.

    I wouldn’t take that Alex Jones travel advisory too seriously. Alex claims that all of the Charlottesville events were really just a false flag hoax operation to distract everyone from the government turning frogs gay.

      1. Sand_Cat September 19, 2017

        So, what specifically have you got against dtgraham? With all the lunatics who troll here, why waste your time? Why not pick one of them to shadow:
        leftout, david, informed[sic]voter, kep, and plenty more.

        1. ???? BRAINTHRUST 5000 ???? September 19, 2017

          What more do I need that 48 pages of racist abuse stretching over 4 or more months? Absolutely puzzled by this question.

          dtgraham, like all Bernie cultists, is the enemy.

        2. ???? BRAINTHRUST 5000 ???? September 19, 2017

          I’m also not quite sure you understand how much I’ve automated in my responses to these losers. I don’t post those; they are generated automatically.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker September 21, 2017

            Hey stupid! you just now admitted you are a propaganda bot. Do we need to have you removed from this site like we do other Russian bots?

          2. my feet are normal September 21, 2017

            How come none of you white people did anything about the ACTUAL RACIST STALKING, which went on for FOUR MONTHS, but get mad when you have to see screencaps of it?

            Never mind, I worked it out.

            Shameful cowards, the lot of you.

        3. dtgraham September 20, 2017

          Thanks for the backup and support, but this dude is seriously f**ked. I always knew what he was, but I used to have some fun with him. It was all in good humour until he started weirding me out. Then I blocked him. I can’t see his posts anymore so I don’t give a crap (like I ever did). I’ve never seen anyone like him on internet comment boards, in so many ways.

          As you say, it’s a waste of time trying to converse with him, and he has zero sense of humour.

          1. ???? BRAINTHRUST 5000 ???? September 20, 2017

            “I just happened to be reading this month-old thread, and I wanted to thank my fellow white person for downplaying and dismissing my racism, which is definitely a coincidence and NOT pre-arranged support from another fake liberal.”

  3. FireBaron August 25, 2017

    Someone may want to remind the “Reverend” Falwell that the thinnest of skins are usually found on the conservative side of the aisle.

    1. idamag August 26, 2017

      Falwell is someone who can break all the commandments and mere water will wash his sins away.

  4. Eleanore Whitaker August 25, 2017

    I am sure that the eclipse was all Obama’s fault and that Hillary masterminded it. roflmao.

    It seems to me that when the religious right lives in that alien dimension, they lose touch with Planet Earth. To them, everything is a sign or symbol of doom and gloom. So why can’t the convince the rest of the busy, working country of that?

    When you spend your days lolling about in the Old and New Testament and try to reframe 2017 to Biblical days, you do feel a deep sense of doom. All that fire and brimstone would make any bible thumper prepare for the Armageddon they’ve been predicting virtually forever.

    The trouble is they can’t reconcile their misguided religious reinterpretations with the rest of educated society.

    1. idamag August 26, 2017

      The religious right are neither.

    2. Sand_Cat September 19, 2017

      “When” the religious right lives in that alien dimension?
      When do they not?

      1. Eleanore Whitaker September 20, 2017

        If I live to be 100, I will never understand how the religious right didn’t know what a pig Trump is. How didn’t they ever see his face all over the media with pig women he literally bought for sex?

        Those tapes of him in the Russian brothels are Putin’s insurance and collateral to keep Trump in the palm of his hand.

        Trump knows the minute Putin releases those tapes, Trump will be see for the pig he is.

        1. dtgraham September 20, 2017

          I’ve heard a few comments on TV from the religious right, concerning this, that can sort of clue you in as to what may be going on. They talk about God working in mysterious ways and using unexpected people to accomplish certain things. They believe that God is using Donald Trump.

          To them, appointing far-right conservative supreme court justices, destroying abortion rights, and putting those gays and transgendered in their place, is far more important than all of Trump’s immorality — sexual and otherwise.

          They get the former from Trump, so they’re willing to overlook the latter. They justify that by thinking that God is using Trump in some strange way. He keeps them on the string by appointing the Betsy Devoss types and by citing “two corinthians” occasionally at evangelical churches.

          They’re being used by someone who’s suddenly done a 21st century reversal on their wedge issues for strictly political reasons. That’s my take on it anyway.

          This is such a disgusting type of morality from both them and Trump.

          1. PrecipitousDrop September 20, 2017

            For the Christian Right, it’s an abdication of morality.
            For Trump, it’s just one of his symptoms.
            No interpretation of “god” has anything to do with either one.

          2. dtgraham September 20, 2017

            Certainly. That was just my take on Eleanor’s question, based on what I’ve seen and heard.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker September 21, 2017

            My ex’s darling grandmother, Lily Evans Whitaker, was part Seminole Indian and part Irish born in the deep south and worked on plantations after the Civil War lost the south its FREE labor.

            I always lapped up her experiences since I’m a born and bred Yankee. One of the things she always said that I loved was, “I hate a damn man who gits religion. He got a lot of sins in his pocket.” That was when I realized she had an astute view of why the Bible Thumpers she encountered most of her life seemed so phony to her.

            She always said the biggest whiner sharecroppers of which her family was in order to survive post Civil War poverty were the ones who really didn’t want to have to work. These were the people who had gotten all too accustomed to having free black slave labor do it all and all they had to do was play “overseers.”

            Mind you, Lily Evans Whitaker had her own take on religion. She dumped her only husband because as she said, “Albert was a HARD man.” So, back in those early 30s, she raised two children as a single mom and never once complained. She loved to read the Bible but wasn’t about to live her life in fear of some supreme being full of fire and brimstone.

            Life brings some amazing people crossing our paths. Lily Evans Whitaker also said, “Thar’s only two kinds of men in this world…the high minded and those who have no mind to do right.”

          4. dtgraham September 23, 2017

            Many times the most profound wisdom comes from people like your grandmother by marriage. It often doesn’t come from the fancified, banal, bromides of the highly educated. She sounded like quite a woman.

        2. Sand_Cat September 20, 2017

          They did; they just wanted to make sure a woman or (gasp) another black man didn’t become president, because – you know – Jesus wouldn’t like it. Never mind that they’d crucify Jesus in a New York minute if he dared to show his face and preach the sorts of things attributed to him. All he is to them is a “get out of Hell free” card.

  5. Richard Prescott August 25, 2017

    Arpaio, don’t worry, the end is near. Begley said it was so, and Snyder confirmed it. Want a paddle?
    Falwell declares Trump is not a racist. Coming from Falwell means so much. Pick me up off the floor.
    And Jones, yes, I saw that someone in Seattle tossed coffee on him. Shut that rant up. Maybe more hot coffee is needed for him. Anything is better than that chocolate chicken bone barf he pushes. And for anyone who thinks Jones is brilliant. Hey, your bulbs must be really dim right now, on the verge of going out. Just saying.

  6. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 25, 2017

    Each person profiled above is a sobering and distressing picture of the severity of the illness brought on by rabid partisanship, and showcases the depraved nature of so many of our so-called Christian clerics as well. Those clerics who call themselves Muslims, who issue bizarre fatwas based on pure superstition, have no monopoly on deranged faculties—there are plenty clerics who insist on pretending to follow and understand the Message of Jesus, who are in the same boat.

  7. Independent1 August 25, 2017

    Talking about crazy, here are a few articles NM posters may appreciate which show just how crazy Donald Trump’s presidency really is:

    Psychiatrists tell Congress Donald Trump is ‘a clear and present danger’ to the world

    Trump’s Afghanistan Plan The “Definition of Insanity,” Say GOP and Democrat Congress Members

    Polls Show Trump, the Least Popular President Ever, Is Seeing His Approval Rating Sink to an All-Time Low

    Fallout from Trump’s Charlottesville response lands far and wide

    President Trump approval rating in Michigan below 30 percent, MSU survey finds

  8. idamag August 26, 2017

    Jones put Idaho on the map. Zollinger (R) keeps us there. These hate group and white supremacist attacks were claimed by zollinger to be staged. He says they were set up by the liberals. Any states, out there, that can beat Idaho for the dumbest?

    1. dbtheonly August 26, 2017

      Mississippi. Ranks lowest in just about every category.

      What little I’ve seen of Idaho is very pretty though. Is it true that the locals are getting priced out of their real estate market?

  9. johninPCFL August 26, 2017

    One wonders how many virgins Begley sacrificed to bring the sun back?

    1. dtgraham August 26, 2017

      lol. Good one. Or how many goats.

      1. johninPCFL August 28, 2017

        In most of the toothless states, they’d be the same, right?

        1. dtgraham September 19, 2017


  10. Sand_Cat September 19, 2017

    If anyone in the entire world needs to “grow up,” it’s Trump and sycophants like Fallwell, Jr

    1. ???? BRAINTHRUST 5000 ???? September 20, 2017

      OK thanks racist dude who refuses to examine his own disgusting behavior.

    2. dtgraham September 20, 2017

      I have him blocked so I’ll have to imagine what he said (I can). You’re in for it now.

  11. my feet are normal September 21, 2017


    Just to save time, if you’re interested in perpetuating & downplaying – or actually denying – OBVIOUS RACIST STALKING, such as shown in these screenshots, please let me know here.



    The list of cowards so far:

    Mama Bear
    Elanor Whateverhernameis

  12. Eleanore Whitaker September 22, 2017

    Ever notice how the crazies of the right have normal feet and mentally defective brains? roflmao. Anyone want to bet his feet aren’t clean and have ten inch long toenails like Howard Hughes had when he died?

    As for his attempts to prove he isn’t racist, there isn’t a hick in all of DogPatch who isn’t. It is so deep in their Confederate blood, they can’t pass a bowel movement without making sure it is “white.”

    1. dtgraham September 23, 2017

      Ha. That first sentence describes Tomato Brain, who’s apparently changed his posting name again for the 45th time.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker September 24, 2017

        The name changes are part of the way these troll bots get their posts out there.

        But, with all we now know about how the Russian hackers have operated, it is far easier to be rid of them with simplified ethical hacking into their accounts.

        If you know how to “ping” their ISP addresses, you can discover their locations. From there, it’s a simple matter of IDing their internet provider, filing a complaint or lodging the accusation and they go Poof! rofl.

        1. dtgraham September 24, 2017

          I don’t know Ellie. I have a hard time imagining Tomato Brain as a Vladimir Putin bot, but I suppose you never know. Somehow I think Putin probably expects a little more than just typing in some simple “see previous post” auto-script, and then considering himself an evil genius if anyone responds to it.

          Actually, I think you’d need the IP address in order to access the ISP address. That’s a little tough to get from someone else’s computer unless you’re either a website administrator or awfully skillful. I’ve heard that even an e-mail header can give it away if you really know what you’re doing. Even then, those bots use proxy servers and VPN blockers to hide their location and true IP addresses.

          Can be done, but you sound like you’re a lot better at this than I am.

        2. dtgraham September 24, 2017

          I don’t know Ellie. I have a hard time imagining Tomato Brain as a Vladimir Putin bot, but I suppose you never know. Somehow I think Putin probably expects a little more than just typing in some simple “see previous post” auto-script, and then considering himself an evil genius if anyone responds to it.

          Actually, I think you’d need the IP address in order to access the ISP address. That’s a little tough to get from someone else’s computer unless you’re either a website administrator or awfully skillful. I’ve heard that even an e-mail header can give it away if you really know what you’re doing. Even then, those bots use proxy servers and VPN blockers to hide their location and true IP addresses.

          Can be done, but you sound like you’re a lot better at this than I am.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker September 25, 2017

            I won’t name names here, but one friend of a friend has said that most of us will be able to uncover bots in the near future more easily as a result of the growing security industry.

            This friend of a friend was an IT systems analyst. These are now the jobs that are all going to the IT security industry in droves. He is still young enough to get in on the action.

            Unfortunately, he warns that the end result of our proficiency in taking down hackers and bots, and being able to spot them more expediently is that it becomes a cyber space war game not unlike what kids today are playing online.

            For most of us, we can immediately spot a bot or a hacker by their posts. They are always the same: You post truth. They respond with lies and distortions. You demand they prove their negatives and they disappear but only long enough to return when the subject of posts change.

            This is pure Trump BS. He’s played his distraction games so long that it is like a second skin to him.

            That works in his business deals. NEVER in government where he is paid by taxpayers who take umbrage with any elected official who cannot play by the rules of the land.

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