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This Week In Crazy: Ron Paul Is Ready For Secession

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This Week In Crazy: Ron Paul Is Ready For Secession


Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the wildest attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5. Ralph Peters

Only 9 percent of Republicans believe that Barack Obama is a Christian, but that doesn’t stop the far right from describing the president in Biblical terms.

The latest Republican to dip into the New Testament for an anti-Obama attack is Fox News strategic analyst and Vladimir Putin fanboy Ralph Peters. Appearing on America’s Newsroom Wednesday, Peters broke down President Obama’s efforts to fight ISIS. You could say that he disapproves.

“Christian women are kidnapped and raped and raped again, our president does nothing! Christians are driven from their homes in the Middle East by the hundreds of thousands, slaughtered by the tens of thousands, and our president does nothing!” Peters raged. “He is the reincarnation of Pontius Pilate washing his hands, but this blood’s not coming off.”

Shockingly, Peters is not even the first conservative to compare President Obama to the guy who killed Jesus.

But on the plus side, the next season of The History Channel’s The Bible promises to be just as controversial as the first.

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. Dominick Vila February 27, 2015

    I hate to say it, but in some cases secession may be the best thing that could happen to the United States. In any case, that we all know that Republicans are in favor on perpetual invasions to make sure we do something whenever women are raped and innocent Christians are killed (obviously, that does not include helping people in Sudan or the Heathens in Haiti), now that we know that the cure to all our ills rest in the capable hands of far right charlatans, and now that we know that the best form of less government is to have one that requires women to swallow devices to better examine their anatomies, I would say that expediting secession may be the only recourse left to save the Union.

    1. FireBaron February 27, 2015

      I wonder how Texas will survive when they lose all those federal dollars after they secede? After all, the Johnson Manned Space Center in Houston will have to close and relocate to a non-secessionist area. All the Army bases in Texas will need to close, unless they agree to occupation by troops of a foreign government. Hmmm. Putting up border crossings on I-10, I-40, etc.? Forcing people who moved to Texas to take advantage of their tax codes to either declare Texas citizenship or return to the United States.
      Only one priviso – they have to take Idaho and Montana with them!

      1. Dominick Vila February 27, 2015

        The only thing I liked about the Johnson Manned Space Center was all the great barbecue places in Houston. Nice places in Galveston too…
        That Center should have been part of KSC. It would have made a lot more sense and would have saved us a lot of money.

        1. FireBaron February 27, 2015

          Ah, but remember, if it wasn’t for LBJ, Eisenhower would not have gotten the funding he needed for NASA! So, as a sop, they let the control center be where LBJ could keep an eye on things (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

      2. idamag February 27, 2015

        I live in Idaho.I don’t want to go with those nutjobs.

      3. jamesowens February 27, 2015

        exansachevd 100,000 sgnatures to susceed the other states gathered 500,000 to let them

      4. hicusdicus February 27, 2015

        Aren’t all the nukes built somewhere in Texas?

        1. FireBaron February 27, 2015

          Nah. You need a high school diploma to build them and Texas can’t find anyone who earned one there.

          1. hicusdicus February 27, 2015

            Somebody in Texas must have graduated. They are all assembled in the Texas panhandle.

    2. stcroixcarp February 27, 2015

      I have yet to here one of those people who cry about ISIS killing Christians offering asylum to these Christians in this country.

      1. Dominick Vila February 27, 2015

        Considering their reaction to granting asylum to Christian Central American children, and some women, this is not surprising. Their ire is limited to anything that may paint President Obama in a bad light. Pragmatism, objectivity, a sense of humanity, and true Christian values are conspicuously absent from their rhetoric and actions. As for what their solution to the ISIS problem they created may be, let’s not forget than when it looked like President Obama was planning to deploy ground troops they opposed it, and now that it looks like we are going to limit our intervention in the Syrian-Iraqi quagmire, they did the usual about face and they sound like the champions of military intervention once again.
        The best course of action for President Obama is to say the opposite to whatever he wants to do, the GOP will oppose it, and he can then that he is going to go along with what his detractors supposedly want to get what he wanted in the first place.

    3. mike February 27, 2015

      What a load of horse s##t.

  2. 'Tis Moi February 27, 2015

    The mouth-breathers want their facts in a sammich, dontcha-know?

  3. ps0rjl February 27, 2015

    All these people w think President Obama should do more against ISIS, I have just two questions for them. Should this include “boots on the ground”? If this involves “boots on the ground”, then who in their families should we put on the front lines?
    I love Week In Crazy! Hell yes Texas should secede and take a few more of those red states with them. The rest of us will save quite a bit of tax money.

    1. FT66 February 27, 2015

      No one of those who want boots on the ground have come forward and say: myself, my son, my brother, my nephew, my cousin etc.etc are ready to go to fight. None. Bless her soul the woman in Alaska gave her first born child to go and fight. What about those who are beating drums to go to war, don’t they have kids or have no love to their country?

      1. ps0rjl February 27, 2015

        They love their country enough to send anyone else’s but theirs. Look at all the neocons for the Iraq war. Almost all of them are on the Chickenhawk database.

        1. FT66 February 27, 2015

          If they think sending someone’s kid to go and die for any Christian they never know, they may take another thought again. How many Christians are there in every corner of the world? Should American lives be sacrificed anywhere any Christian is attacked so as to show US has Power? This time they have hit the wrong button. No one’s kid will go to die before their kids going first.

    2. idamag February 27, 2015

      Most people who scream for “boots on the ground” are not the ones who go to the front lines. My advice to them is “Don’t send our boys into danger, lead them.”

    3. TZToronto February 27, 2015

      Of course, once they secede, they’ll discover just how impoverished they really are. Then they’ll come begging to the un-seceded USA for foreign aid–the same kind of aid they wanted to scrap when it was going to the rest of the world.

      1. plc97477 February 27, 2015

        I wish they would secede. Lets those of us in blue states stop covering their lazy butts.

  4. atc333 February 27, 2015

    And people wonder why the GOP is unable to understand why, or even care about why Trickle Down economics has not created jobs, but has redistributed almost 40% of all this nation’s wealth to the top 2%, and added 8 Trillion Dollars, (not including accrued interest) to our Federal Debt.

  5. pisces63 February 27, 2015

    We can answer that question as to what to do about ISIS by reinstituting the draft and watch all that righteous indignation fly out the window. PLUS, they question the president being a Christian? Really? I guess over twenty years in Reverend Wright’s Christian church doesn’t matter. Oh, that’s right, he was denigrated for being a Christian, too. Which is it?

    1. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2015

      Idiots can never make up their minds which side of the tracks to stay on. It’s why the freight train always aims straight for them.

      1. Dominick Vila February 27, 2015

        Eleanore, you are doing the morons who question President Obama’s Christian beliefs, his eligibility to be President, and his scholastic achievements, a favor when you call them idiots. They are plain, unadulterated, racists. Don’t forget that the decision to undermine President Obama’s agenda, his ability to govern, and engage in relentless personal attacks, began the day after his inauguration, before any policies had been put forth and before he had a chance to find his way to the Oval Office. The problem the far right has with Barack Obama has nothing to do with policies, it starts and ends with who he is and what he represents to them.

        1. mike February 27, 2015

          What a load of Crap. It is his policies, nothing more, nothing less. He has shown himself to be a liar many times over. He has shown to be incompetent as a leader in almost every area. His foreign policy is in shambles, his signature program is on life support because how it was written and implemented, his administration is the least transparent ever. We now have Holder’s office saying that DOJ has a political arm within the DOJ, in a department that is not suppose to be political. His administration lied about the lost tapes of the IRS and now they are found. In congressional testimony IG said IRS never asked the IRS depository for them.
          You can try and play the racist card all you want but the majority of Americans know and feel it his policies not his color. It is evident when you play the “race card” you have lost the argument.
          We know he said he was going to “transform” this country and we know it is not working or making the US or world better.
          What you should agree with, is that every person running for office and especially POTUS should unseal all records of their personal life. If you don’t, then you are the problem.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2015

            Awwwwww Mikey doesn’t like it….But you loved it from 2004 to 2008 when 8 million Americans were unemployed? You loved it when Halliburton made off with $350 billion on a NO BID contract for the Iraq war?

            If you are unable to face your own mental deficiencies, let me do it for you…YOU are a narrow minded LIAR.

            The GOP today is going down faster than the Titanic because men like you believe in FORCE…Got news for you little boy…the FORCE is NOT with YOU and You won’t EVER force any of us to you childish, spiteful way of thinking.

            You do realize that when, not IF, Hillary Clinton becomes president and your GOP pulls yet a 3rd BS obstruction tactic, they will be on their last leg. Strike 3? They are OUT…roflmao

          2. mike February 27, 2015

            You really make me laugh. Not one thing in this post refutes my points, just more of your diarrhea of the brain.
            Think, in little under two years you won’t have to keep making excuses for his failures. The albatross will be off your back.
            if Hillary becomes president, now that is really funny, considering the new revelations of the foreign governments giving donations to the Clinton foundation(Bill, Hillary, Chelsea). Looks bad, stinks, and is typical Clinton and getting access to them.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2015

            First of all, you are brain dead. Men like you never accept facts. To do so, you’d be proven wrong. Wrong is a state you are so pathetically fearful of.

            Hillary WILL be president. What then? Resurrect the Salem Witch trials? Burn her at the stake? You should win an Oscar for your award winning performance as a drama king.

            The only thing that stinks is your dead brain. It’s so rotted with a perverted ideology. You are one sick dude. I can prove what I post in a court of law. You can’t. That makes you an asshat bully who is desperate to never be wrong. Too late…being born was the first wrong thing you did.

          4. mike February 27, 2015

            More inane comments from the delusional Eleanore.
            I needed a good laugh to start the weekend.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2015

            Nothing sane about your beak nosed narrow minded posts. You can’t prove them in a court of law…You need a psychiatrist for that mental problem. Little Mikey can’t have his way so little Mikey is a Certifiable WUSS.

          6. mike February 27, 2015

            As I said before, more inane and worthless responses from you.
            You are making my weekend start even better with laughter.

          7. Eleanore Whitaker February 28, 2015

            You can be as dismissive as you like. All that proves is that a big baby like you can’t stand facts and truth. You get to have your OWN opinion. Not your OWN facts (Quote from the late Sen. Patrick Moynihan). Men like you play your silly little boy games and think that makes you right. All its does is prove what women know about you. You are a bunch of spiteful, willful little morons no one bothers to respect or give credibility to. Now go change your Pampers…they are overloading. You lost the argument the minute I provided facts…not your BIAS that you roil in.

          8. mike February 28, 2015

            Keep up that hatred of men whose opinions don’t fit yours. Facts?? What a laugh!!

          9. Eleanore Whitaker February 28, 2015

            Wrong again OH Grand Pubbah of Upper Butt Crack. Some of my favorite people are men. Just not nut jobs with beak brains who are so disgruntled, bitter, angry and full of BS…like you for example.

          10. mike February 28, 2015

            Man I would hate to be one of your so called friends and say something you didn’t agree with, they would soon become persona non grata.
            The anger is all yours.

          11. Eleanore Whitaker March 1, 2015

            My army of friends know I am nothing if not fair. It is NOT possible to be fair to narrow minds like yours. I am not going to dignify your presumptions since you have no idea who I am and we have never met. Your posts, however, are indicative of the group of Daycare Generation Twits who think they know everything. They haven’t lived long enough to amass life experience and become life experts.

            I think perhaps, men like you believe you can force people older than you to accept your wheeler dealer, freeloading attitudes and then force them to pay for your mistakes too.

            You had your 8 years with Bush/Cheney. We all know how scarred that administration is and why. You would rather spend you days feasting at the table of denial in the way most little children do.

            So…do tell us…Do you really think the Tea Party takeover will just be allowed to go forward while those of us who paying the most for their stupidity get to pretend they are Masters of the Universe? Best think again. Seniors today are far more savvy than your great grandparents and most of us are still not retired. However, to allow a dozen Tea Party asshats to think they will FORCE the rest of us into submission is laughable. We are the ones with the experience they don’t have. Gowdy is a moron, Boehner is now the laughing stock of the world and McConnell is so dirty as a politican he can’t even look any honest man straight in the eyes. Great little party you have there.

          12. mike March 1, 2015

            My God you make me laugh!!!
            I just read another stupid post from you.
            Do you really believe the Democrats have the high ground? If so, then you have less grey matter than I thought.
            Just look at your idol Hillary and her foundation taking Foreign govts. money and the perception of access. She has some real “splainin” to do, same old habits like the 90’s and the Clintons selling access to foreign governments. WP found it interesting the year Algeria gave money, the State Department had 12 visits, yet before and after there were just a hand full. .
            No, when someone like you and the other on left live in a Glass House they shouldn’t throw stones.
            The one that thinks he is Master of the Universe is your incompetent leader.
            Keep eating and breathing the rot from the left, it fits you and your army. 🙂

          13. idamag February 27, 2015

            He loves the convicted war criminals and agrees with torture.

          14. stcroixcarp February 27, 2015

            No Mike, it really is racism. And sadly you are taken in by batshit conspiracy theories. If you turn off Fox news, stop drinking, eat right and get exercise, you will feel better.

          15. mike February 27, 2015

            LOL!! No, you are the delusional one.
            He was called an Amateur at the start and is now part of the VJ team now.
            Sadly, his legacy continues its downward spiral.

          16. BOC February 27, 2015

            Nothing can be further from the truth. Too much documentation and data that show how he turned government around after taking over from an amateur.

            His legacy will not only show him as a Nobel laureate, but as bringing PPACA, Automotive recovery, employment opportunities, and soon immigration reform on-line and effective to date.

          17. mike February 27, 2015

            And he deserved the Nobel Prize, Right??? LMAO!!
            He has turned diddly-squat around. VA STILL A MESS!! Race relations worse, you know “cops acting stupidly”..
            IRS has been caught in lies and deception says the IRS INSPECTOR GENERAL, DOJ now has a “political arm” inside the department, which suppose to be neutral, “Foreign relations policy a total cluster f##k, Name one government that relations have improved since he took office. ISIS a JV team. The list goes on.
            We will see on immigration reform and Obamacare with SCOTUS.
            Keep drinking the Kool Aid.

          18. plc97477 February 27, 2015

            You really don’t like African-Americans do you.

          19. mike February 27, 2015

            What an asinine statement from you!!
            Not worth dignifying.

          20. idamag February 28, 2015

            As much as they try to hide it – it shows.

          21. BOC March 2, 2015

            Fox news hands out the ‘Kool-Aid, ‘Joe-Bob and you keep chugging it down. He deserved it and recieved it. 43 didn’t get one. In fact, only about 4 POTUS got this award because they are not easy to get because of their strenuous vetting process made up of various committees and institutions. It’s no mistake when one is awarded and you’ve never heard of a mistake being made.

            Race relations is going backwards in this country and you think you can blame the president, when you should be looking in the mirror? Give us a break, some conservatives and extremist are more likely the cause, based on their stupidity and ignorance just like you are displaying here.

            How long has the VA been a mess? Decades, right. It was definitely a mess under W. Bush who gutted every agency he could. and deregulated everything regulated. The IRS wasn’t caught up in anything other than one person being replaced. You sound worse than Darrell Issa and Faux Pas, both failures in the credibility category. Hey, you left out Benghazi.

            There wasn’t and isn’t any political arm inside the DOJ. This allegation is nothing but a ‘bald face lie’ and shoots any credibility that you might think you have left in the foot. You must be the late Senator, Joe McCarthy’s cousin. But since you tried to (falsely) shed light on the DOJ, one could understand why you would venture down this path of destruction. Case in Point under the W. Bush administration:

            The campaign to turn the Justice Department into an enforcement arm of the Republican Party extended even to its hiring of legal interns. By federal law and by longtime tradition, legal internships at the Justice Department had been awarded strictly on the basis of merit. But in the W Bush administration, the program was illegally hijacked.

            Well-qualified students deemed to have some sort of hidden liberal bent were systematically rejected; less qualified students with poorer academic records but a record of conservative activism were hired instead. It was affirmative action for the dumb but partisan.

            The right-wing response to such charges would be that everyone does it. No, everyone does not do it. Before the W Bush administration, nobody did it. Before the W Bush administration, politicians of both parties had too much respect for the law and the power of the agency to stoop to such intellectual corruption. Administrations would come and go, both Republican and Democratic, and none of them attempted anything like what the W Bush administration tried to do at the Justice Department.

            According to a new report by the Justice Department’s inspector general — a Republican, by the way — the Bush approach “constituted misconduct and also violated the department’s policies and civil service law that prohibit discrimination in hiring based on political or ideological affiliations.”

            In other words, those appointed to enforce the law instead knowingly violated it to advance partisan interests.

            But what we already know is enough to label it the worst administration in our nation’s history.


            “Name one government that relations have improved since he took office?”

            Google it. You should be able to find that under President Obama, foreign leaders thought relations with the USA had turned around from the abyss it experienced during 2001-2009. Surveys that were taken a year or more after President Obama assumed office, as I remember it. W Bush had our country in the dumps and no one liked or trusted us to do anything which was evident in our wars with Iraq and Afghanistan, no British or French, a few Canadian.

            So since you and your people have tainted SCOTUS and rendered them partisan, the deck is stacked regarding Immigration and Obama care? I don’t think SCOTUS will ruin the little reputation they have left when it comes to Obama Care, which they previously ruled on in the POTUS and American peoples favor. What SCOTUS SHOULD RECONSIDER IS MAKING COVERAGE UNIVERSAL IN ALL STATES, AS OPPOSED TO, LEAVING IT UP TO THE STATES TO MAKE THE DETERMINATION. Because of SCOTUS initial ruling Americans who want and need PPACA are at the mercy of and victims in the (red) states with no redress.

            These are the facts, most with citation devoid of Kool-Aid.

          22. mike March 2, 2015

            Why did Obama deserve the Nobel prize?? What were the reason or reasons. Let the world know. He did nothing as a Senator, had not accomplished anything as president when he nominated in his first month in office.
            You just can’t seem to answer the question, Name a country that relationship is better than when Obama took office? Waiting for a real answer!!
            As to race relations:


            Obama is one worthless president and leader of the free world.

          23. BOC March 10, 2015

            I’m sure they made it clear why he was awarded such. They have never been known to make awards to anyone that was not deserving or for political reasons. Come-to-terms with reality and stop making fools of yourselves.

            This is not a tea party moment.

          24. mike March 10, 2015

            You really are slow, not only with content, but length of time, 8 days ago really!!!

          25. BOC March 10, 2015

            There are no statute of limitations here. But we understand why this bothers you because you have nothing else to do but drink Jack Black and Coke and chase it down with 2.0 Beer while lounging around in a dirty T-Shirt and underwear mad at the world because you’re a slackard.

          26. mike March 10, 2015

            No, I am a single malt guy.
            What concerns me that it took you 8 days to come up with some silly response but only minutes for this insipid post.

          27. BOC March 13, 2015

            No this means I have another life which keeps me very busy. I’m trying to be cordial to you here. Read between the lines, YOU ARE NOT A PRIORITY.

          28. mike March 13, 2015

            I hope your life is good, but your post are of no interest because they say nothing.
            Cordial on this site? That’s funny!!!

          29. BOC March 13, 2015

            If my post are of no interest to you, why are you responding to them. Convoluted reply, indeed.

          30. mike March 13, 2015


          31. BOC March 13, 2015

            Oh! Mike. Other more pressing things to do. I’ll catch up to you if time permits.

          32. mike March 13, 2015

            Don’t waste my time on your stupid responses. They show your lack of depth.

          33. BOC March 13, 2015

            You mean, over your head. Or, better yet, you cannot counter because you can’t get around my citations and references that support my position and not yours.

          34. mike March 13, 2015

            You give one article back to 2008 but you seem to forget the the 2014 Inspector General report on the IRS and its use of officials IN WASHINGTON, targeting conservatives. How about the DOJ trying to silence the critics of the administration like AP, Rosen and others. And it is only Bush, what a laugh. More shoes will drop as to the misconduct of this administration, wait and see.
            We will see what happens in 2017 and what is revealed about Obama after he is gone. Which by the way can’t happen quick enough.
            Opinions of yours don’t count, what citations or references did you produce. Not opinions.
            Still can’t find the answer. Name a country we have better relationship with now than before Obama? You can’t!!! There are none.
            Now where is Hillary? Did she sign SD form OF-109?? Why her own server?

          35. BOC March 16, 2015

            I don’t recall anyone being indicted. Lerner resigned but not because of any crimes, because destroying documents and covering up during any type of investigation is certainly criminal. You’re just ‘blowing smoke’ again.

          36. mike March 16, 2015

            No, you dummy. They just found all those lost/destroyed emails of Lerner’, in the last 2 months, that IRS claimed were lost forever.
            What is more damning is the Inspector General found them and was informed by the IT people they were never told to look for them. They were there all along.
            IRS Commissioner John Koskinen was plainly caught in a lie.

          37. BOC March 20, 2015

            We can tell when you’re blowing smoke, you start name calling instead of using your emotions toward supporting what you say with credible citations. Let me Caution you on a few things:

            We know you like Crazy. Your wild attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior tells us how increasingly unhinged you are along with the other extreme right wing bloggers on here.

            Please do not use: WND.COM / directorblue.blogspot.com/Paul ‘post nasal drip’ Ryan

            as sources because they fit the crazy profile I just posted.

          38. BOC March 23, 2015

            Missing emails are not a ‘smoking gun.’ You should have learned something from the Hillary emails which were personal in nature, not government business related.

          39. mike March 23, 2015

            Nice try!!! Her problem is deleting emails from HER OWN SERVER, not govt. property. Her refusal to turn over PERSONAL server/servers to third party for review presents a bigger problem.
            You don’t know what was personal and what was government communications.
            She continues to change her stories as to deletions.
            She has a credibility and trust problem.

          40. BOC March 23, 2015

            Only a few republicans like you think, she has a credibility and trust problem. In actuality, you few are praying that she has a credibility and trust problem come 2016 contest because you have no opponent capable of toppling her presidential bid/win.

          41. mike March 23, 2015

            She does have problems and it isn’t from the right. Polls have already shown a drop in numbers FROM DEMOCRATS not republicans.

          42. BOC March 23, 2015

            “You don’t know what was personal and what was government communications that was deleted?”

            You don’t know either and that was the one of the points I was making. There was no NARA violations according to how she submitted the emails to authorities. There is no smoking gun, you’re just wishing for one because you can’t think of any other way to eliminate a 2016 Clinton win. Republicans never play by the rules that’s why they get sanctioned or booted like the latest congressman from Illinois, Aaron Schock.

          43. mike March 23, 2015

            Nor do you know what was personal or govt.!!! She deleted emails she was not authorized to do.
            Your ignorance is again even more breathtaking. Go get Foreign Affairs Manual, volume 5 handbook 4 and make that asinine statement about violations.
            This from Motherjones:
            Since 2009, NARA’s regulations have stated that “Agencies that allow employees to send and receive official electronic mail messages using a system not operated by the agency must ensure that Federal records sent or received on such systems are preserved in the appropriate agency record keeping system.”
            Nothing on her server is hers and hers alone. All communications on her server are the property of the US govt., period. She did not have the authorization to delete not even one email without approval of a NARA official.
            Your ignorance is showing through again.

          44. BOC March 23, 2015

            By the way, name calling an indicator of someone who has nothing to say. It hilarious to me, when you people plead for me to ‘dummy-up’ my dialog on here.

          45. mike March 23, 2015

            Dummy fits you will!! You normally have no response just inane comments, as this one.

          46. BOC March 23, 2015

            “Dummy fits you will!!?”

            Now who’s the dummy?

          47. mike March 23, 2015

            OMG!!! I misspelled a word.
            The breadth of your ignorance makes my mistake look quite simple in comparison.

          48. BOC March 23, 2015

            There is nothing stupid about the facts, when presented properly. Try it sometime.

          49. mike March 23, 2015

            Again, I misspelled a word, big deal, but you still got the meaning.
            Your lack of information is still breathtaking.

          50. BOC March 23, 2015

            Just what did the Inspector General find in those emails that would lead to malfeasance and abuse of office? I haven’t heard a thing and neither have you.

          51. mike March 23, 2015

            First, he found them when the IRS Commissioner said they were destroyed. It isn’t the job of the IG to review them, what he find was that the IRS was wrong in the targeting of conservative groups to the greater extent than other groups.

          52. BOC March 10, 2015

            There is no list and you keep trying to make one. The IRS is a non-issue and the VA is being addressed that’s why no one but you are talking about it.

          53. idamag March 1, 2015

            Like a parent, that abuses one child, and looks for excuses to abuse that child, Obama haters take out their magnifying glasses and keep searching and if they cannot find something, they make it up.

          54. idamag February 27, 2015

            The proof of racism? The Southern Poverty Law Center keeps tabs on white supremist groups and they doubled when Obama was elected president. We have had Republican Presidents and Democrat Presidents. None of them have ever been treated with the disrespect that Obama has.

          55. neeceoooo February 27, 2015

            Not only that but the purchase of guns increased since he became president, gun stores reported a 400% increase.

          56. mike February 27, 2015

            All deserved!!

          57. BOC February 27, 2015

            He keeps drinking that tea.

          58. joe schmo February 27, 2015

            I watch Fox. I don’t smoke or drink (never taken drugs or smoked). I eat very healthy. My parents were into health foods when it wasn’t cool. I get plenty of exercise and I work hard. I am a Conservative.

          59. BOC February 27, 2015

            The first part of this post sounds more like W Bush. This secret records nonsense has already run it’s course through nowhere. This was a weak tactic used to deflect the progress the POTUS is making on multiple platforms and issues e.g. economy, jobs, health care etc.

          60. mike February 27, 2015

            Keep trying but the facts are very clear, he is an Amateur!!!

          61. BOC March 2, 2015

            What facts? You don’t have any. 43 was the amateur. He’s the only president I know that:

            1. Could read a primary school book upside down.
            2. Had a shoe tossed at him during a press

          62. mike March 2, 2015

            1. ISIS just a JV team.

            2. Ukraine crisis and lack of help from Obama.

            3. Implementation of Obamacare
            4. VA scandal
            5, An American is beheaded, he makes a statement and heads for the golf course within seconds.

            Plus many more, all the result of his poor leadership skills.

          63. BOC March 2, 2015

            Again, we are not the UN or the World police.

            ISIS isn’t our responsibility alone, it’s Global. We don’t run the world

            What about Ukraine, we do what’s in our power to do, but we are not the UN.

            VA scandal is being addressed and when do you think these problems started, 6, 10, 15 years ago?

            You can’t link a beheading with the POTUS, that’s a global issue, not domestic. And you most certainly can’t claim he didn’t care about these atrocities when he emphatically stated that he will hunt them down. His track record speaks volumes e.g. Bin-Laden.

            Your ‘mythical attempt,’ “he’d rather go to the golf course?” You getting the White House mixed-up with what the house GOP does most of the year, instead of in-session working on bills.

            Then you have the nerve to list ‘Obamacare’ which has accumulated over 10 million members, and counting.

            In essence, you haven’t any concrete facts of poor performance. You’re just ‘blowing smoke’ against someone that will go down in history as one of the greatest Presidents of all time despite every attempt by conservatives and racist to obstruct, lie, and discredit him.

        2. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2015

          I realize they are racists. You know how you can tell for certain they are? They deny it. If they take the time, effort and trouble to deny it, they are trying to prove a negative that can’t ever be proven.

          The point is that this is now the 2nd Democratic president duly elected for 2 terms who has had to deal with the GOP obstruction. Both presidents endured the threat of impeachment. The joke is that they like to say “it’s HIS policies.”

          Bush ends 8 years as president with a Financial Meltdown, 2 unpaid for wars and 8 million Americans without JOBS but it’s THIS president’s policies that raise their hackles?

          You have to wonder about people like this. They will nitpick THIS president apart, criticize and bash everything he does, all while they are the guilty parties.

          Kind of reminds me of thugs who blame someone else for the crimes they commit rather than man up.

          1. joe schmo February 27, 2015

            The only racists are you. Not only have you sold your own race down the drain with your decadence, you are bigoted and many Liberals of any color are more racist than those of us in the GOP will ever be. Dr. Ben Carson for president. Bobby Jindal for president, Marco Rubio for president, Ted Cruz for president, Carly Fiorina for president. We have more diversity in our camp than you even have. Seriously, Hillary? Better not to put ALL your eggs in one basket.

        3. plc97477 February 27, 2015

          It starts and ends with the color of his skin.

          1. joe schmo February 27, 2015

            Oh, that is SO old.

        4. joe schmo February 27, 2015

          Nah, he’s just another Muslim pretending to be a Christian and we know it.

      2. joe schmo February 27, 2015

        I suppose that’s why that drunken Mexican took a wrong turn in Oxnard, Calimexico causing the train crash carrying mostly Liberals, right?

    2. plc97477 February 27, 2015

      Most of the chicken hawks managed to get out of serving during the last draft. I am sure they will figure out how to do it again.

      1. joe schmo February 27, 2015

        You mean most Liberals went to Canada for a time?

  6. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2015

    Again with the GOP idle threats. Secession is another of the pile of BS idle threats the REDs will never attempt. Why? Because KY can’t make it on its own. It relies heavily on taxes flushed to KY from other states. TX, CO, MS, LA…these are all the biggest freeloading trough feeders.

    I would nothing more than to see the Biggie Piggies in these states once and for all time CUT completely off our federal tax dollars. Go ahead, loonies…secede. You’ll enrich the rest of the states by billions for not having to support the Confederacy.

    Of course, as we all know, these boys are light in brain power. So, don’t get your hopes up they will EVER secede. All we have to do is empty out the federal slush money their states get from our taxes.

    So..let’s see now…these good ole good ole good ole boys thought they could enjoy a backwoods DogPatch game of playing possum and “catching “them” a chicken” …roflmao

    1. joe schmo February 27, 2015

      Reds, Rednecks, Men. Same broken record.

      Gosh Eleanore, Texas is a Republic and they seem to be doing just fine all on their own. I suppose if they secede, they won’t have any problems. They can then shut the border up tight and send the Illegals packing. They will have a choice, finally.

  7. anothertoothpick February 27, 2015

    One way or another, the social, political, and economic gridlock that is paralyzing this country has got to be broken.

    There are a lot of people running for office claiming they know how to do it, bot none is bold enough to acknowledge the Rebel elephant in the room. Breaking up up the country through peaceful secession might be the most sane and effective way of saving it

    1. joe schmo February 27, 2015

      I agree! You can take all the vagrants, and welfare recipients, and all the lazy drug addicts. We will be happy to accommodate.

  8. highpckts February 27, 2015

    I want the definition of “Christian” from Mr. Peters! Does being Christian include Jews, Budhists, Protestants, etc.?? They all believe in God. Or does it just mean white Christians that prescribe to the same beliefs that he does??

    1. CPAinNewYork February 27, 2015


      What a dumb posting! It’s not “prescribe to.” it’s “subscribe to.” “Christian” means those who believe that Jesus Christ was the savior of all mankind. If one believes that, he or she is a Christian.

      You really present a fantastic degree of ignorance.

      1. Independent1 February 28, 2015

        Sorry, but even your description of a Christian is grossly lacking: It’s more than just believing that Jesus was the savior. It also requires: living up to ALL the commandments Jesus taught that are recorded in Matthew’s gospel chapters 5-7 and in the parables he related during the years he was preaching. He was certainly telling the truth when he said; Narrow is the path, and few there be that find it.

  9. latebloomingrandma February 27, 2015

    For those people who go on and on about American exceptionalism, they need to read This Week in Crazy for a few weeks. It is pretty scary that so many stupid people are voted into office and making laws. We’re experiencing a real dumbing down of America. Even the “free press” is no longer free, when the corporate owners can tell the “reporters” what to report. Facts be damned.

    1. CPAinNewYork February 27, 2015


      You’re sure no student of American history. The “dumbing down” that you’re obsessing over isn’t new. It’s been here since the early days of the Republic and even before that.

      Doing dumb things is endemic in government, ALL governments. Democracy gives public office to those who receive a plurality of the votes, period. There are no intelligence requirements for public office in a democracy. Just votes. You may be familiar with the saying that in a democracy the people get the government they deserve. It’s true.

      1. joe schmo February 27, 2015

        Yes, and I suppose they will get what they deserve…. LOL They have NO clue:)

  10. anothertoothpick February 27, 2015

    The republican party as it stands today.

    1. Independent1 February 27, 2015

      You could probably add one more layer to that toward the very bottom, “Totally unChristian, Misguided Evangelicals”

      1. anothertoothpick February 27, 2015

        Jesus of Nazareth was not a Peak Performance Strategist as the prosperity preachers would have it. Nor was he an foreigner-hating patriot as the Tea Party would argue.

        1. joe schmo February 27, 2015

          Jesus was a converter and he wanted sinners to repent and that includes people who are atheists, gay and prostitutes:)

          1. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            Obviously something that you and your antiChristian chums know absolutely nothing about!!!!

          2. idamag March 1, 2015

            I don’t recall Jesus screaming, “Repent!” do you?

    2. Independent1 February 27, 2015

      I forgot to mention in my 1st post that you created a great pyramid. It really captures the essence of those supporing the GOP.

      1. anothertoothpick February 27, 2015

        With your help, Indepentent1 perhaps we can shame the right wing Nut jobs into some realty.

        1. joe schmo February 27, 2015

          See my post above. Wrong, wrong, wrong…. and NEVER!

    3. joe schmo February 27, 2015


      The new rich: ‘Why are so many rich people liberals.


      1. Independent1 February 28, 2015

        Really? Then why is it that our federal government under Obama is 330,000 employees smaller than the day Reagan left office in 1989??

        And why is it that if you lump all those governments together in your pyramid, that when Bush 2 was in office, that pyramid grew by over 900,000 people across our nation?? While under Obama, those numbers have come down by over 700,000??

        And since when have the Democrats passed legislation recently that has increased the intrudence into everyone’s lives like the Republicans have?? Passing one piece of legislation after another that authorizes the government to intrude not only into peoples’ married lives, but even into their bedrooms and how they can control their own bodies??

        Your title for the pyramid is clearly misguided, it should read

        The symbol of Conservative Tyranny!!!!!!

  11. idamag February 27, 2015

    Ralph Peters: It is your so-called brand of Christianity that drives people away from church. Michelle Fiore: It looks like we’ve wasted a lot of time on cancer research, when you, a Nevada politician had the answer all along. Vito Barbieri, you are an embarrassment to my state. You, and Rex Rammell have made us a laughing stock. It makes me wonder about the gene pool that elected you. If we could ingest something and it could get into our organs, heaven help us – septicemia, here it comes. Ron Paul: If our Democracy is so offensive to you, you are free to secede and move elsewhere. No one keeps you here.

  12. Grannysmovin February 27, 2015

    Ralph Peters: Ralphee boy- Obama presented his request to the War Powers Act and GOP things it limits his power too much and Democrats
    think it doesn’t limit him enough. So again it is in held up in Congress, they need to debate and vote.
    Barry Loudermilk: “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.”- Winston Churchill
    Michele Fiore: Nevada needs to flush the Fiore Fungas out of Nevada politics.
    Vito Barbieri: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” Abraham Lincoln
    Ron Paul: Please secede Mr. Paul, and take all the Southern States and anybody else who doesnt like our country with all it’s warts and scars. All you people do is b*thc, moan and complain and never offer workable solutions.

    1. mike February 27, 2015

      Wait a minute!!! You seem to ignore the leader of the Democratic pack, Obama saying about campaigning in all 57 states.
      Obama and Obamacare “you can keep your plan, doctor hospital.”
      Biden makes the republicans look like pikers. H#ll, he out does republicans almost on a daily bases with his creepy and inappropriate conduct and statements.
      How about Clinton ” I did not have sex with Monica.”
      How Sheila Jackson, TX, saying e-verify would discriminate against illegals. DUH!!

      When you live in a “Glass House you Shouldn’t Throw Stones.”

      1. Grannysmovin February 27, 2015

        How many people died from the lie Obama said “you can keep your plan, doctor hospital”

        How many people died from Bush/Chaney lie about WMD leading us to go to war in Iraq?

        1. mike February 27, 2015

          How many died because they were refused treatment before Obamacare??? Give me a number.

          Clinton, Kerry, Reid and many other democrats voted for the war?? Right??

          What you ignore is the fact that 50,000 young Americans died because of a real and proven lie by Johnson, a democrat president.

          1. Grannysmovin February 27, 2015

            You have to give me the number, people have options for other policies. So who was refused treatment under ACA, the only death panels are insurance companies and GOP governors refusing medicaid expansion. You seem to forget how many more people have coverage, better policies, no pre existing exemption. Prior to the ACA I had carriers stop carrying policies forcing me to switch, with less coverage and higher rates.

            They voted for a war based on the false information provided by Bush/Chaney/Rice.

            Back to Johnson? What about the Iran/Contra lie of Reagan.

            You don’t agree with my post that is fine, and I don’t agree with yours. Have a nice weekend.

          2. fortunev February 27, 2015

            You can’t fix stoopid.

          3. mike February 27, 2015

            You want to compare Vietnam to Iran/contra, now that is ridiculous. 50,000 killed by a lie and another 200,000 injured by Johnson’s lying.
            So all these supposedly bright democrats got hood winked by 41, Right??? Again, ridiculous, 58% of senate democrats and 40% house democrats were force fed with lies, Right???
            How many people died from no treatment before ACA?? Give me a number.
            How many have a choice of coverage with ACA?? No one has a choice, on size fits all.
            You’re right, I disagree with you and will not let you have your own set of so called facts without rebuttal.
            Have a nice weekend, I know mine will be full.

          4. Grannysmovin February 27, 2015

            “(Reuters) – Nearly 45,000 people die in the United States each year — one every 12 minutes — in large part because they lack health insurance and can not get good care, Harvard Medical School researchers found in an analysis released on Thursday.

            “We’re losing more Americans every day because of inaction … than drunk driving and homicide combined,” Dr. David Himmelstein, a co-author of the study and an associate professor of medicine at Harvard, said in an interview with Reuters.

            Overall, researchers said American adults age 64 and younger who lack health insurance have a 40 percent higher risk of death than those who have coverage.”

            Wasn’t it Nixon who brought us into the Vietnam war?

          5. Independent1 February 27, 2015

            Granny, it was actually Eisenhower who put our troops into Laos back in 1955 to try to squelch the spread of Communism. It was fighting that war that spread into Vietnam. Admittedly, JFK expanded the war in an effort to try and bring it to a close; but what’s even more damning, is that it was Nixon who committed treason by deliberately sabotaging the Vietnam peace talks that LBJ set up which may have kept the war going for about another 6 plus years. Had LBJ been able to get himself re-elected, he was planning to have Nixon tried for treason.

          6. Grannysmovin February 27, 2015

            Thank you for that correction, really do want to put forther correct information.

          7. joe schmo February 27, 2015

            That does not make any sense. Nixon was Eisenhower’s VP. LBJ was JFk’s VP. What does Nixon have to do with the Vietnam peace talks? He was out of office when LBJ and JFK were respectively President and VP. LBJ should have been tried for treason for profiting from the war. (Huey)

          8. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            He sabotaged the talks in 1968 dumbcoff, while he was working to run for president. And you talk about not being old enough to hold up your diapers.. you clearly must have been!!!

          9. mike February 27, 2015

            First, it was released in 2009, not yesterday.
            It was a study using parameters from 1993, it was a study. Nothing more
            Again, tell me how many people were denied treatment.
            Going by your logic and using CBO figures that 30 million will not have insurance by 2024 even with ACA, means many of the 30 million will die, Right???

            You sure don’t know your history, do you???
            it was Johnson!!! And it was based on a lie fabricated by Democrats.

          10. Grannysmovin February 27, 2015

            Apparently I don’t know my history as far back as I should, shame on me. However Independent 1 has a better knowledge, so read her post. I found it very informatrive. If you want exact number than go around and the nation and gather death certificates and compare to insurance carrier records. Personally I rather focus on the living and going for universal healthcare for all our citizens.

          11. ralphkr February 27, 2015

            No, Mike, it was Eisenhower who sent our troops into Vietnam in 1954. I remember thinking that it was a good move at that time as it gave our troops a chance to evaluate training & weapons under combat conditions.

          12. mike February 27, 2015

            You seem to forget Kennedy continued sending in troops but Johnson did it in a massive way on a lie, NSA 2005 report, there was no attack on our ships.
            Yes, Eisenhower sent troops in and 4 died.

          13. ralphkr February 27, 2015

            Well, mike, you certainly do dance around a lot. First, you say it was Johnson who first sent troops into Vietnam (in answer to Grannysmoving) and now in answer to my post pointing out that Eisenhower sent our troops in 1954 you say that I have forgotten that Kennedy and Johnson sent troops which had nothing to do with the question as to who sent in the first troops but you do admit that you knew about Ike sending troops all along (Evidently that did not fit your storyline). (Actually, it was Roosevelt but that was to fight Japanese in WW2).

          14. mike February 27, 2015

            No dancing here. I never said he was first to send in troops. I said he lied and got over 50,000( killed in action and wounded who died from wounds and other deaths in country is closer to 58,000),
            Don’t try and put words in my mouth.
            i know you can copy and paste my statement that Johnson was first to send in troops. Can’t you???

          15. ralphkr February 27, 2015

            A pity you have such a problem understanding the American English, mike. No, you never explicitly stated that Johnson was the first to send troops but you certainly implied it. Grannysmovin: “Wasn’t it Nixon who brought us into the Vietnam war?” mike: “it was Johnson!!!” when taken in context any reasonable person would realize that mike was saying that Johnson was the one who brought us into the Vietnam war. After I pointed out your error you then state “You seem to forget Kennedy continued sending in troops but Johnson did it in a massive way on a lie, NSA 2005 report, there was no attack on our ships. Yes, Eisenhower sent troops in and 4 died.” which had nothing to do with the subject of who first sent in troops and also ignored the fact that Nixon also sent troops into Vientam.

          16. joe schmo February 27, 2015

            You are the poor soul who is confused. You’re twisting again. Johnson was as corrupt as a president can get. Oh, that’s right, Obama is worse. Johnson was the main man.

          17. ralphkr February 27, 2015

            Aah, another dead head heard from.

          18. joe schmo February 27, 2015

            What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue….

          19. ralphkr February 27, 2015

            Naw,joe, just impressed by the sheer stupidity demonstrated by you and mike.

          20. mike February 27, 2015

            Nice try!!!
            For the record, small groups of American military advisers were there in the 50’s, in 1961 more advisers were added, in 1965 active combat units were added under Johnson. One more time ACTIVE COMBAT UNITS were added under Johnson on a lie. We had advisers not combat troops before Johnson.
            Again, nice try!! Under Johnson the troops increased and mass killing of good Americans are all his and that you can not refute.
            You can try and parse my words but the deaths of Americans, over 45,000, were under his watch.
            Keep trying, but one more time, American participation grew at a rapid rate under a Johnson lie.
            There were no combat troops before 1965 and many feel 1965 was the start of the war for America, not before. Before 1965 we were not at war but that all changed in 1965 when we clearly were at war.
            The Tonkin Resolution by many historians was the equivalent of a Declaration of War. George Herring, a historian puts it as 28 July 1965 press conference in which Johnson announced “to defend the small nation and valiant nation”. Not Nixon but Johnson, most people would be able to see the real combat by Americans began in 1965.
            You can try a play your name game, but the combat started under Johnson. Most people would under stand that.

          21. ralphkr February 27, 2015

            Interesting, mike, that you do not consider the teams of our Green Berets in Vietnam in 1954 as being combat troops. I am sure that some of the men who trained me before they went to Vietnam in 1954 could quickly convince you otherwise. The politicians may have called them advisers but they were combat teams sometimes on their own & other times leading locals in setting up ambushes.

          22. mike February 27, 2015

            Keep trying but the glove doesn’t fit.
            Nice try!!
            “On their own” is the operative words.
            Nice try though!!!

          23. joe schmo February 27, 2015

            Johnson was the one who sent troops over en-mass after Kennedy’s death…..

          24. idamag February 28, 2015

            They have hated Johnson since he signed the Civil Rights Act in 1964.

          25. joe schmo February 27, 2015

            Exactly, the ball really got rolling under the Democrats, and it was for selfish reasons.

          26. joe schmo February 27, 2015

            It depends on how you look at it……

            ‘President Kennedy then sends additional
            military advisors along with American helicopter units to transport and direct South Vietnamese troops in battle, thus involving Americans in combat operations.’

            ….and Johnson got the ball rolling after Kennedy’s death….

          27. Independent1 February 27, 2015

            And you’re wrong again – politicians back in 1964 made decisions based on erroneous data provided by NSA.

            See this from an article on the Gulf of Tonkin incident in wikipedia (notice the last sentence – the Hanyok article stated that intelligence information was presented to the Johnson administration “in such a manner as to preclude responsible decision makers in the Johnson administration from having the complete and objective narrative of events.” Instead, “only information that supported the claim that the communists had attacked the two destroyers):

            An excerpt from Wikipedia:

            In October 2005 the New York Times reported that Robert J. Hanyok, a historian for the US National Security Agency, concluded that NSA deliberately distorted intelligence reports passed to policy-makers regarding the August 4, 1964 incident. He concluded the motive was not political, but rather to cover up honest intelligence errors.[41]

            Hanyok’s conclusions were initially published in the Winter 2000/Spring 2001 Edition of Cryptologic Quarterly[42] about five years before the Times article. According to intelligence officials, the view of government historians that the report should become public was rebuffed by policymakers concerned that comparisons might be made to intelligence used to justify the Iraq War (Operation Iraqi Freedom) which commenced in 2003.[43] Reviewing NSA’s archives, Mr. Hanyok concluded that NSA initially misinterpreted North Vietnamese intercepts, believing there was an attack on August 4. Mid-level NSA officials almost immediately discovered the error, he concluded, but covered it up by altering documents, to make it appear a second attack had occurred.

            On November 30, 2005, NSA released a first installment of previously classified information regarding the Gulf of Tonkin incident, including a moderately sanitized version of Mr. Hanyok’s article.[7] The Hanyok article stated that intelligence information was presented to the Johnson administration “in such a manner as to preclude responsible decision makers in the Johnson administration from having the complete and objective narrative of events.” Instead, “only information that supported the claim that the communists had attacked the two destroyers was given to Johnson administration officials.”[44]


          28. joe schmo February 27, 2015

            Dude, I use wikipedia often, but seriously! I doubt you were even alive during that period. We who lived during that period know otherwise.

          29. angelsinca February 27, 2015

            Twenty times as many die each year in the US, before birth.

          30. Independent1 February 27, 2015

            Granny, it’s impossible to argue with mental midgets like Mike who are determined to not believe anything you say despite how many facts you used to disprove their lies and distortions of reality.

            Obama did not lie about the doctor/policy issue with respect to ACA – it was a group of health insurance CEOs who had promised Obama after meeting with him during the development of ACA that they would honor the provisions of ACA who lied. When Obama made those statements he was trusting that these insurance companies would keep their word – they clearly did not.

            And as you pointed out, the cancellation of private health insurance policies toward a plan year was a typical health insurance policy – health insurers always did that so it would give them the ability to check the health aspects of each insured and determine if in fact they wanted to cover that insured for another plan year. If the insured had a history of medical problems during the prior year – they would just not offer the insured a policy for the coming year, so as not to put themselves on the hook for a lot of big claims.

            The only difference in 2013 was that the health insurers did two things 1), they couched their cancellations for that year as if they had something to do with compliance to ACA provisions even though they knew their policies would be grandfathered by ACA (as Obama had said); and 2) the letters they sent to insureds informing them of the cancellations intentionally did not include telling their insureds that they could find cheaper replacement policies on the ACA exchanges – they instead tried to con their insureds into renewing a policy with their company at a much higher premium. (Many insurers paid high penalties from our government because of their attempt to defraud their insureds by not being truthful and complying with the ACA provisions).

            In addition, there are still unscrupulous insurers still out there, offering non ACA compliant policies with deductibles, policy maximums and co pays that exceed the ACA legislation. Which some unfortunate Americans are being conned into buying and which a lot of these RWNJs like Mike keep bringing up as examples of high ACA premium policies with high deductibles etc., which are in fact, not ACA compliant.

          31. mike February 27, 2015

            What a load of horse s##t from you again. Premiums(in some cases), out of pocket for sure, deductibles for sure have increased in the state and federal exchanges.
            So Obama did not say people can keep their plans if they like them, their doctors or their hospitals? What a liar you are. No he lied and he knew what he was saying. Are you that stupid to believe he would put any faith in the words of an industry he dislikes and didn’t have it in writing. Really!!!
            Washington Post, a left leaning news organization, said Obama was liar of the year, not once but 3 times in 2013. What you won’t admit is Obama did make a deal with the insurers if they went along with Obamacare he would block any lowering of drug prices. Now that is a real fact known in the industry.

          32. joe schmo February 27, 2015

            Nah…. People with common sense dealing with suppositories stuck up Obama’s behind. You need to get out and see the light.

          33. joe schmo February 27, 2015

            Where have you been? In the dark? Do you ever talk to other people who hate Obamacare?

            You people are in for a rude awakening… LOL just makes me laugh…. You’ll see:)

          34. jakenhyde February 27, 2015

            @Mike. Those folks voted for the war because, stupidly, they believed the lies that Dubya, Cheney, Rummy, and Wolfowitz told them. Didn’t take them long to change their minds after they found out the truth. ……Or did you simply blank that fact out of your memory?

          35. mike February 27, 2015

            Have you ever noticed they never talk about the so called lies perpetrated on them or said they were misled. They knew what they were doing.

          36. Independent1 February 27, 2015

            Really?? As spoken by the NM’s master LIAR!!!

            And you know that how??? What makes you an expert on what other people were thinking or being conned into!!!!

            Lie by Lie: A Timeline of How We Got Into Iraq

            At A congressional hearing examining the march to war in Iraq, Republican congressman Walter Jones posed “a very simple question” about the administration’s manipulation of intelligence: “How could the professionals see what was happening and nobody speak out?”

            Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, Colin Powell’s former chief of staff, responded with an equally simple answer: “The vice president.”

            But the blame for Iraq does not end with Cheney, Bush, or Rumsfeld. Nor is it limited to the intelligence operatives who sat silent as the administration cherry-picked its case for war, or with those, like Colin Powell or Hans Blix, who, in the name of loyalty or statesmanship, did not give full throat to their misgivings. It is also shared by far too many in the Fourth Estate, most notably the New York Times’ Judith Miller. But let us not forget that it lies, inescapably, with we the American people, who, in our fear and rage over the catastrophic events of September 11, 2001, allowed ourselves to be suckered into the most audacious bait and switch of all time.

            See the link for more:


          37. mike February 27, 2015

            Nor are you an expert on what they knew or were thinking. I find it strange they haven’t spoken out since they hate 41 so much. Why have they not attack him on these so called lies. Why???
            Motherjones, Really??? Now time for you to go back under the Rock.
            Keep trying to justify with your limited intelligence.
            Wonderful laugh, Thanks

          38. joe schmo February 27, 2015

            What makes you and EOE? Expert on Everything?

          39. idamag February 28, 2015

            They cannot use the excuse that they were lied to. Joe Wilson went to Niger and investigated the claim that Niger was selling yellow cake uranium to Iraq. He found it false and when he reported that he found it false, cheney’s office outed his wife who was an undercover CIA operative. She was in Iraq doing an investigation and two of her sources were killed when she was outed.

          40. idamag February 27, 2015

            Bush, cheney, and rumsfeld are convicted war criminals. They were convicted, in absentia, in Norway and Malaysia and several other countries have warrants for their arrest so they can’t go to those countries. However, those are not our week in crazies, nor are any that mike, the dolt, mentioned.

          41. Independent1 February 27, 2015

            You have absolutely no proof of any of that, it was the treason committed by Nixon that may well have kept the Vietnam war going for 6 plus years after LBJ was out of office. Nixon committed treason by getting the Vietnamese to back out of the peace talks with LBJ – whoc was going to have Nixon tried for treason had he been able to get himself re-elected. Any estimates about Americans who died in Vietname and LBJ are BOGUS!!!

          42. mike February 27, 2015

            Surprised you came out from under the rock. Did Johnson lie about one of our ships being attacked by N. Vietnam surface boats, or did he not. Go read the declassified 2005 NSA report showing the lie on the American people when it came to being attacked, it never happened.
            You truly are an idiot if you don’t know the numbers killed and wounded in Vietnam. Over 3/4 deaths happened under Johnson.
            But your comments are no surprise you being a mental midget.

          43. Independent1 February 27, 2015

            See my other post: LBJ did not lie, he was basing his declisions on erroneous information on the Gulf of Tonkin attack given him by NSA. And numerous historian have concluded that had the Gulf of Tonkin incident not occurred, that would have resulted in no change in what eventually occurred. America was not going to allow Communism to spread any further in southeast Asia than it had already intruded into.

            You trying to suggest that it was the Gulf of Tonkin incident that is responsible for thousands of American soldiers being killed in Vietnam is just more evidence of your absolute lunacy!!!!!!

          44. joe schmo February 27, 2015

            Again, did you participate in the War or were you alive during that time?

            By my guesstimate I’d say no. Historians are not always correct. Tend to believe those that were there. Why not ask a Vietnam vet. They will be more than happy to share the lies our government has told about Vietnam.

          45. mike February 27, 2015

            I read you post.

            NSA was under the DOD, right?? Who is Commander and Chief? Johnson, right?? Who controls DOD? Johnson, right??? But it is all McNamara’s fault. Typical democrat ploy, blame it on some one else.

            So, McNamara whose boss was Johnson lied to Johnson. And Johnson never knew, And yet Mc Namara stayed until “68”. Such baloney.

            Johnson lied and Americans died.

          46. bikejedi February 27, 2015

            So he was lied to just like Bush was lied to be Dem Genereal Colin Powell ???? Just asking

          47. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            No! Not the same. George Tenet actually told GWB that the latest intelligence showed that Iraq probably didn’t have WMDs; but GWB and Dickie boy brushed that off; just like they had brushed off 7 warnings by Tenet and his staff that bin Laden was planning an imminent attack on the homeland which ended up being the 9/11 attack. Sorry, but Dick and George are guilty of some very nefarious actions which is why you don’t see them leaving our country much these days because they’re wanted for crimes against humanity by a number of other countries.

          48. bikejedi February 28, 2015

            Wow what spin .. Had Clinton taken out Osama Bin Laden on NUMEROUS occasions we would never have had that issue . Also if you knew anything about Military tech or WMD’s you would know that 1 Hussein had already used chemical weapons against his own people and that those weapons could be hidden and buried in a matter of minutes making it almost certain thay would never be found . 2 You dont build centrifuges unless you are planning on enriching Uranium . 3 It has been widely reported that Obama’s friends In the Islamic Stat er I mean the Violent extremists of ISIL ( lol ) found the former caches of chemical weapons or what was left of them … Anyone who is blind enough to believe that Saddam didn’t possess and was building WMD’s is simply naive and believing everything Liberal Media tells them too

          49. idamag February 28, 2015

            They are convicted war criminals. Malaysia and Norway have convicted them in absentia and several other countries have warrants for their arrest if they ever enter those countries.

          50. joe schmo February 27, 2015

            I also know that the Vietcong could shot out of the rubber plantations and we were not allowed to shoot in. This comes from a Vet we know…. Such ludicrous actions caused many of our young men to be killed.

          51. joe schmo February 27, 2015

            I know someone… See the above post……

          52. bikejedi February 27, 2015

            It is very hard to have a conversation with independent .. He will just spin like a devoted cult member and when he loses the debate he will get immature and intolerant

          53. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            I know , all those facts I post that discredit the lies, distortions of the truth and total fabrications of reality you spew are really immature and intolerant!! Kenndeb calls them propaganda. You childish RWNJs can do nothing but try to discredit reality in order to try and make the convoluted nonsense you spew believable; sorry but it’s never going to work!!

            You can’t turn fantasyland into reality no matter how hard you try!!!

          54. idamag March 1, 2015

            When you can’t put out any credible facts, you snarl, “Bullsh*t.” That makes all you said something to ponder?

          55. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            I’m a Vietnam era veteran sonny boy. You need to grow up!!!

          56. Godzilla February 28, 2015

            Utter Bullshit! You no more a veteran than you are intelligent. Your a fucking coward.

          57. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            Since I consider you to be a total mental incompetent, whatever you say means absolutely nothing. Run along and tell mommy that you need your diaper changed and your mouth washed out with soap.

          58. Independent1 February 27, 2015

            ACA has a provision which stipulates that Medicare and Medicaid will not fully reimburse hospitals for the costs they incur to treat patients that are readmitted to a hospital because of a condition they contracted will previously in the hospital. Because of that provision, hospitals across the nation have been working hard since 2010 to clean up their acts with respect to cleanliness of the hospital, and creating guidelines to ensure that each patient gets the treatment they should be getting.

            Because of that effort, readmission rates have fallen from about 19% down to under 16%; such that between 2010 and 2014, 50,000 fewer patients that had been readmitted to a hospital have died in our nation’s hospitals than had died in them under the same guidlines between 2006 and 2010. And prior to ACA being implemented the readmissions rate was actually going up; so the 50,000 lives is a very conservative number.

            And on top of that, given that of the 15 million plus Americans that now have insurance, theere are thousands that have visited doctors and had checkups for the very 1st time in years or possibly ever in their lives, and projections by health analysts is that ACA had conservatively saved more than 15,000 Americans their lives in 2014 – totally unlike the projections that took place in RED STATES where murderous Republicans intentionally have allowed thousands of red state residents to die in 2014 when they refused to expand Medicaid!!!

          59. mike February 27, 2015

            All projections!! Where are all the law suits by individuals denied treatment or deaths by those not treated.
            Projections, Projections, Projections!!!
            Produce the laws suits!!
            Where are the TV cameras with people saying their loved ones were killed by the states for not getting treatment.

          60. joe schmo February 27, 2015

            I know someone who has Medicare. They have a physical disability caused by a disease which they have had for decades. 80% of their medical bills were always paid for and they paid the rest. Since the exchange started, they are no longer able to get all the tests done that they need. It was never a problem before Obamacare. Also ALL drs. used to take this person. Now they ask you if you have Medicare? If you do, they decline to take you as a patient. You either have to pay cash or find a Dr. who takes Medicare. Makes them feel like a Medical patient, yet they still have to pay. They are also unable to get the tests they need because of Obamacare and the Liberals say it is working? Not!

          61. Independent1 February 27, 2015

            Why do I waste my time responding to you low IQ, mental midgets with tunnelvision??

            When have you ever heard of a state’s residents being able to sue the state for benefits that it’s politicians decide not to provide??

            The 1st thing our idiot GOP governor did back here in 2010 was pass a tax cut for the wealthy and then just turned around and cut the state’s budget for Medicaid which ended up dumping 70,000 Mainers off of the state’s medical program akin to Medicaid. And now the dirtbag wants to cut the budget even more so he can get rid of the income tax, cut the state subsidies to towns so not only will property taxes skyrocket but 50,000 more will be dumped off the Medicaid program.

            And don’t sit there low life and try and tell me you’re not aware that the life expectancy of people who don’t get appropriate medical care isn’t years shorter than it is for people who get regular medical care because they can afford to because they have insurance. And if you don’t understand that, YOUR EVEN A BIGGER MORON THAN I’VE BEEN BELIEVING!!!!!!

          62. mike February 27, 2015

            Why do I waste my time responding to your bull s##t.
            Where is the outrage by the people, where are the cameras recording their outrage. Where is the print media decrying their treatment or lack of treatment.
            Thanks for a good yawn.

          63. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            Oh! So because there’s no outrage due to the fact that the majority of Americans are ignorant like you with respect to what’s happening, that somehow means that it’s not happening?? Wow!! You’re clearly more clueless and have even more tunnelvision than even I had perceived!!

          64. Independent1 February 27, 2015

            And if you’re so clueless you have trouble believing that thousands of people have been dying prematurely for years because of hospital incurred illness?? You really need to grow up and really start learning something that’s worthwhile instead of the idiocy that you post here on the NM!!

            Here’s some substantiation for my note to you about the 50,000 lives that ACA has saved JUST BECAUSE OF READMISSIONS, and I hadn’t even mentioned the 12 Billion dollars in reduced Medicare/Medicaid costs that its saved our government:

            Some excerpts from the commonwealthfund.org:

            Fifteen years ago, the landmark Institute of Medicine report, To Err Is Human, estimated that medical errors led to 44,000 to 98,000 deaths each year. Later estimates put those figures even higher. Because the lion’s share of errors seemed preventable, the report asserted that, “it would be irresponsible to expect anything less than a 50 percent reduction in errors over five years.”

            But change may finally be on the way. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced at the end of 2014 that the rate of “hospital-acquired conditions” fell by 17 percent between 2010 and 2013. Hospital-acquired conditions include post-surgical wound infections, dangerous drug reactions, patient falls, and pressure ulcers for bedbound individuals. All told, the decline in such preventable problems saved about 50,000 lives and $12 billion. The rate of improvement also appeared to be quickening over the three years studied.

            Saving lives and saving money is the ultimate win for American patients and their families—and the epitome of value, which is the holy grail of current health care reform efforts. A safer health system could improve Americans’ well-being as much or more than many high-tech breakthroughs in pharmaceuticals, genetic therapy, or imaging, and cut spending in the process. Improved safety could even help explain the welcome but puzzling recent decline in the U.S. health care spending growth.


          65. mike February 28, 2015

            You are so delusional.
            “Hospital incurred illness” will go down with Obamacare, Right??
            “Human err” will go down with Obamacare, Right???
            Thanks for the idiotic post and delusional thinking on your part.

          66. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            Oh! So now all the people involved with implementing the hospital-care improvements that have been mandated by ACA are lying??? You prove your increasingly heightened degree of mental retardness with every nonsensical post you make!! You really need professional help!! I wouldn’t wait too long to go out and get it!!

          67. mike February 28, 2015

            You’re the one claiming all the deaths from “hospital incurred illness” and Human err before Obamacare are now gone because of Obamacare. That is plain delusional and plain ludicrous.

          68. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            No one said they were “all gone”. You’re doing the typical RWNJ trick of distorting what people say. The article I posted said the error rate had come down 17% which has resulted in about 50,000 less people dying over the past 4 years and 12 billion less in costs hospitals have had to incur because of patients being readmitted for illnesses they caught by being in the hospital. For you to try and deny that people were dying because of hospital contracted diseases is idiocy to the max; PURE STUPIDITY ON YOUR PART!!!

          69. mike February 28, 2015

            You try and justify Obamacare by citing a 2010-13 report before it was ever implemented. Expenditures grew at 3.3% in 2009, 2010 at 2.5%, 2011 to 3.8%,2012 to 4.1%, 2013 to 3.6%, 2014 looking at 5.6%. Following the recession cost were down, not because of Obamacare but because of the economy.
            You ignore the lowering of costs was partly because of the recession and people going less to ER and medical offices.
            You are so delusional to believe they will continue to drop even though millions more will be added to the rolls with little change in level of staff and by 2020 200,000 fewer doctors. That logic is laughable.
            And you are an idiot that Obamacare is the panacea to stop human err and hospital incurred illness.

          70. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            Are you serious?? Or are you really that clueless!! The vast majority of the ACA legislation was effective in 2010 right after it was signed into law by Obama. Especially those parts that were intended to start improving our health care processes in order to save money for our government.

            Remember that 716 Billion over 10 years that RWNJs tried to claim was Obama stealing money from Medicare?? Well that 716 Billion wasn’t money ‘taken out of Medicare’, it was a projected 716 billion to be saved by making improvements in the way our healthcare system worked; and by reducing the fraud associated with those supposedly providing Medicare related healthcare but were cheating our governments out of billions (like Rick Scott of Florida).

            You really are clueless if you honestly believe that the costs reductions incurred in 2010 and later aren’t related to ACA – because virtually all of those costs improvements are. It was only the individual mandate portion of ACA, which said every American was supposed to buy health insurance, that was delayed until 2014. The vast majority of the other parts of ACA becam,effective shortly after March of 2010.

          71. mike February 28, 2015

            What you just can’t get through your head is that cost were dropping will before 2010. From 2000-2007 healthcare was averaging around 7%. 2006-6%, 2007-6%, 2008-under 4%. 2012 marked the 4th straight year of historic low growth.
            This included two years before some parts of Obamacare was even implemented.
            What really started these slower increases was mainly the Economy and Sluggish recovery. Prescription drug cost lower due to expiration of patents, and the one time reduction in Medicare payment level to skilled nursing facilities.
            One more time Obamacare had a “minimal” impact on slowing down spending.
            If you believe each family is spending less on healthcare as promised, you are totally nuts.
            PS: must experts(you not included) say that spending will rise at a higher rate as more people are added.

          72. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            And it’s not just hospital care that ACA has pushed, it’s the computerization and coordination of virtually everything associated with providing healthcare even in doctors’ offices.

            I live on and island, and the improvements being made in coordinating the healthcare of people on the island, which is in compliance with some ACA mandates, have been revolutionizing over the past 4 years. The only paperwork utilized in our health center are the papers given to patients with the results of their physicals/other healthcare they’re provided from a visit; other than that, our doctors and nurses virtually touch no paperwork.

            When I go see a specialist off the island, my doctor on the island knows the results of my visit before I even get home. When I need a prescription, it’s waiting for me in the island pharmacy to pick up by the time I drive over to pick it up. And everyone of my doctors knows instantly if anything in my medical history changes. And all those improvements have been driven by ACA. Resulting in dramatic decreases in the instances of people being given the wrong medication, or any other treatment. Wake up!! Like Joe Schmuck, you’re living in your own mentally retarded fantasy land!!! You’re determined not to believe all the improvements that have been going on around you!!! Move in to the future!! Stop living in the past!!!!!!!!!!!!

          73. mike February 28, 2015

            Only you would believe that Obamacare has changed the world, no more mistakes, no more errs, no more problems just bliss.
            So the doctor knows all your blood work before you canoe back to the island. Baloney.

          74. idamag February 28, 2015

            I knew people who, because they could not afford it, put off going to the doctor until it was too late.

          75. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            As I’ve pointed out, one of our current senators, Angus King, fortunately took a job that provided health insurance, went for a physical where it was found he had a melanoma at a stage that could have been fatal had he not gotten that physical for another few months. His wasn’t fatal, but it was virtually a discovery just in time to cure it -which has been happening to a lot of the 15 million who now have insurance under ACA -many who hadn’t been able to afford medical care in years, and some for the 1st time in t heir lives.

          76. joe schmo February 27, 2015

            LOL, and where pray-tell did you get this ridiculous information? Let me guess ‘Huff Post’ or Politico?
            GOPer Virus Death Toll? I have never heard of anything so stupid in my life. Since when did Republicans cause a virus.. Geez….

            I know a lot about the medical field and this is a doozy.

          77. Independent1 February 27, 2015

            Not sure why I waste my time responding to you low IQ mental midgets, but as usual you’re wrong as you always are:

            Some excerpts from the commonwealthfund.org:

            Fifteen years ago, the landmark Institute of Medicine report, To Err Is Human, estimated that medical errors led to 44,000 to 98,000 deaths each year. Later estimates put those figures even higher. Because the lion’s share of errors seemed preventable, the report asserted that, “it would be irresponsible to expect anything less than a 50 percent reduction in errors over five years.”

            But change may finally be on the way. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced at the end of 2014 that the rate of “hospital-acquired conditions” fell by 17 percent between 2010 and 2013. Hospital-acquired conditions include post-surgical wound infections, dangerous drug reactions, patient falls, and pressure ulcers for bedbound individuals. All told, the decline in such preventable problems saved about 50,000 lives and $12 billion. The rate of improvement also appeared to be quickening over the three years studied.

            Saving lives and saving money is the ultimate win for American patients and their families—and the epitome of value, which is the holy grail of current health care reform efforts. A safer health system could improve Americans’ well-being as much or more than many high-tech breakthroughs in pharmaceuticals, genetic therapy, or imaging, and cut spending in the process. Improved safety could even help explain the welcome but puzzling recent decline in the U.S. health care spending growth.


          78. mike February 28, 2015

            Spending growth has been going down since the recession well before Obamacare.
            H##l, I am tired of writing so here you go.


          79. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            But not at a rate that was below the actual inflation rate. The rate of healthcare spending has always exceeded the general rate of spending in America, but that has changed since Obamacare. ACA has managed to slow the rate of healthcare spending growth to a level below the growth in the overall economy – which is what Obama was talking about. Healthcare spending growth had fallen to the slowest rate since they’ve been tracking the growth back in 1960. And Yeah, it all can’t directly be attributed to ACA:

            See these excerpts from the Huffington Post:

            For the first time in more than a decade, health care spending grew more slowly than the U.S. economy from 2010 to 2012, according to a new report by government auditors.

            Total U.S. health care spending was $2.79 trillion in 2012, up 3.7 percent from the previous year — that amounts to 17.2 percent of the national economy, the Office of the Actuary at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services conclude in a report published by the journal Health Affairs. It’s the first time since 1997 that health expenditures didn’t outpace the gross domestic product.

            The historic slowdown in the growth of health care spending since 2009 — the lowest rate since the federal government began tracking the data in 1960 — has sparked a debate about its causes. President Barack Obama partially credits elements of the Affordable Care Act, such as reduced fees for hospital services, for reduced inflation in national expenditures, but there’s no consensus among experts. The actuaries at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are among those who believe the phenomenon is nothing more than a repeat of normal patterns that occur during and after economic recessions like the one that began in 2007.


          80. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            And anyone with an ounce of commonsense should realize that it’s going to take years for a program like ACA to really start driving down our healthcare costs. You don’t magically put in changes to a system that has been corrupt for decades and expect sudden decreases in costs.

            It’s going to take time for hospitals and healthcare professionals to become comfortable with the fact that ACA has dramatically decreased the uninsured rates (around 40% in some states that have embraced the law and expanded Medicaid), such that they are willing to stop padding their charges because of all the free healthcare that the previous system forced them to provide – thanks to Reagan.

            But the fact that hospitals across the country have already seen over 7 billion in reduced costs to them because of having to provide care to fewer uninsureds; with some hospitals actually seeing profits for the first time in their existence; is a good sign. In some states the lower uninsured rates have increased the profit level of hospitals that were profitable from around 4% to over 6%. And expanding Medicaid using the ACA provision, has kept many hospitals from having to close because they were going bankrupt – which has been happening in several Red States that have refused to expand Medicaid like GA and NC.

            So it’s not just that the people who GOP legislators in Red States have increased their chances of dying prematurely by not expanding Medicaid that are at risk; it’s also people in those states who have insurance, but because hospitals in their area have had to close, are now at a higher risk of dying should they need emergency care: because it can now take 45 minutes or more to reach a hospital – there have already been a number of people dying in accidents along the I-95 corridor because an ambulance wasn’t able to get them to a hospital that’s open quick enough.

          81. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            I know. keep being in denial dumbcoff!! Those were projections made by a number of different analysts in the medical field based on HISTORICAL EXPERIENCE!! But relating things to actual experience is something you on your low IQ ilk apparently know nothing about.

          82. idamag February 28, 2015

            I can give you an example that I witnessed. Well, I can give you a couple. My friend’s husband went to the hospital for hemorrhoids. He contacted a staph infection, at the hospital, and died. She had to pay for him being in ICU because of the staph infection. My husband contacted a secondary infection in the hospital and had to pay for the extra days in isolation. That was before ACA.

          83. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            Sorry to hear about those difficult experiences you’ve had to endure. It’s been good news that because of ACA that hospitals have been doing a better job of preventing those unfortunate situations from occurring as often. It’s unfortunate a lot of people not only do not realize the improvements ACA have made, but as shown by RWNJs on this blog also even refuse to believe that not only were these sad incidents occurring, they refuse to believe ACA is making things better. And why? My guess is to misguidedly stand up for their failed ideologies.

          84. joe schmo February 27, 2015

            Yup, a Democrat got us into that Godforsaken ‘political’ war that killed thousands, and a Republican brought our boys home.

          85. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            More of your lies and distortions of the truth!!

            President Eisenhower was the one who first sent troops over to fight the Communists in southeast Asia. He sent them to Laos in 1955 to combat the spread of Communism; and after years of fighting in Laos the war spread into Vietnam. The war in Vietnam had been going on for a couple years before JFK took office. No Democrat has ‘started a war outside of the U.S.’ all of those wars have been started by Republicans!!

            And here’s a response to your nonsense post about Nixon and his treason of sabotaging the Vietnam peace talks. (By the way sonny, I’m old enough to be your grandfather. I was 10 years old when FDR was giving his fireside chats.)

            From the BBC:

            The Lyndon Johnson tapes: Richard Nixon’s ‘treason’

            Declassified tapes of President Lyndon Johnson’s telephone calls provide a fresh insight into his world. Among the revelations – he planned a dramatic entry into the 1968 Democratic Convention to re-join the presidential race. And he caught Richard Nixon sabotaging the Vietnam peace talks… but said nothing.

            After the Watergate scandal taught Richard Nixon the consequences of recording White House conversations none of his successors has dared to do it. But Nixon wasn’t the first.

            He got the idea from his predecessor Lyndon Johnson, who felt there was an obligation to allow historians to eventually eavesdrop on his presidency.


          86. idamag February 28, 2015

            He is a nazi. He, and one other nazi defended it on another blog. They are the lowest of the low and a disease to Democracy.

          87. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 28, 2015

            Be careful who you accuse as being a Nazi. It might show that you have no clue as to which way is up and which way is down.

          88. idamag February 28, 2015

            You are right to question. Those throwing out the word nazi to describe people, indiscriminately, owe the victims of the holocaust an apology. However joe schmuck claimed his parents were experts on communism because they escaped from the communists. Later, he said he was half German. Those, of his parents’ age, who escaped from communism in Germany were usually nazis. You see, after the nazies sent 8000 russian soldiers to the gas chambers and because they had murdered entire villages in Russia, they weren’t exactly loved by the Russians in East Germany. Both he, and one other person stuck up for hitler – so go figure.

          89. bikejedi February 27, 2015


        2. joe schmo February 27, 2015

          Granny, the death panels are just beginning. I see many people getting turned away from tests and surgeries. You certainly won’t get the quality care unless you pay for it!. Many Drs. are taking a certain amount from their patients a year for care. While others take cash. Sorry Obamacare IS NOT working. Part of the reason Obama wants illegals to become citizens is to help pay for the exchange, and, of course, the obvious, for the vote.

          We will suffer the consequences of our in action in the Middle East. Don’t worry, it’s coming.

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 28, 2015

            Ahhh, the fictional “Death Panels” that Palin conjured up, while looking across the Bearing Strait to view Russia, has come back into the conversation. What outlandish and clownish malarkey. But, oh well—limited mentalities love those sorts of Bogey Man stories. “BOOOH!”

        3. bikejedi February 27, 2015

          Funny thing Granny … way more have died in wars under Obama than Bush hmmmmm

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 28, 2015

            What fictional source of false numbers are you basing your flimsy assertion?

          2. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            And more blatant lies spill out of your filthy mouth!! The Iraq war raged for 5 years under Bush with the vast majority of the almost 4,500 soldiers dying during those years. Obama pulled our troops out of Iraq within a year with far fewer casualties. And that doesn’t even include the 3,000 Americans that Bush and Cheney LET DIE on 9/11 because they refused to allow the CIA and FBI to try and stop the 9/11 attack after they were warned about it coming 7 times in about 3 months!!

            You are clearly a lying idiot!!!!!!!

          3. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            And what I just posted doesn’t include the fact that under Obama, America’s overseas offices have been the safest they’ve been in almost 40 years with only 1 fatal attack costing 4 lives. While under GWB there were 13 attacks, 10 of them with fatalities and more than 70 people dying including an ambassador in the Karachi Pakistan consulate which had seen 3 attacks over 5 years with 18 people being killed and the Bush administration doing nothing to prevent any of them!!

            And not only that, but under Reagan and the 2 Bushes there was actually an average of 10 fatal embassy/consulate attacks during their terms (12 during Bush 1s 4 years); with an average of more than 100 people dying in those 10 attacks – when you factor in the 241 Marines who died while they slept in their Lebanon barracks because Reagan edicted that those guarding the Marines’ compound gate couldn’t carry loaded weapons which allowed the driver of the truck with the bombs to just run through the compound gate while the guards unsuccessfully tried to get their weapons loaded in an effort to stop him!!

            Republicans are a disaster in everything they touch!!!!

          4. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            And not only are Republicans a disaster in running wars: it was Eisenhower that got us into the Vietnam war in the 1st place; it was Bush 1 who got us into the Gulf War and it was Bush 2 who started wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. FDR didn’t start wars with Germany: the war with Japan was started because we were attacked; and we got into the war with Germany because our ally Britain was being attacked.

            And aside from wars, the GOP is a disaster for our economy. Since the stock market crash of 1929, stock market gains for people trying to save for retirement have actually netted 0% under the administrations of Republicans while over 300% during the time Democrats have been in office. And even our country’s GDP has done far better: gaining an average of around 4.5% under Democrats and 2.6% under Republicans. And even with respect to job growth; In the 20 years that Reagan and the 2 Bushes were in office, about 20 million jobs were created; while in the 18 plus years under Carter, Clinton and Obama, there have been almost double that – over 38.5 million jobs created.

            There’s virtually no economically related measure wheree Republicans do better than Democrats – aside for the wealthy because of their propensity for cutting tax rates that allows the wealthy to get away without paying their fair share of anything!!! And is one of the main causes for today’s enormous income inequality where 20% of Americans garner about 95% of the income earned.

          5. James Bagley February 28, 2015

            How many Americans have been killed in wars Obama started? You anti-American right-wing haters lie incessantly about your irresponsible policies that are designed to placate your zealous hate. Everyone knows that right-wing actions not only are the ones that get Americans killed, but always destroy the American economy to boot. Seems like you are on the same side as ISIS.

          6. bikejedi February 28, 2015

            More Americans have died in wars on Obama’s watch then died in the entire 8 years of Bush . Do a google search . This also does not include the number that will end up dying fighting Obama and Hillarys JV team of ISIS . Rest assured that after Obama punts HIS problem to the next President that one will probably fight ISIS … Those loses are on him . The other stuff in your post is just typical Liberal Hate and Intolerance and people on the right hate ISIS and call them Radical Islamist Muslim Terrorists .. You people call them violent extremists and want to do Community Outreach to them and who is on the same side as they are ? You post is laughable

          7. James Bagley February 28, 2015

            I wouldn’t even bother to look it up, because I know they are wars started by Bush. Bush’s wars are responsible for creating the instability and chaos that gave rise to ISIS and other terrorist groups.

            That’s the problem with you right-wing bigots — when your mouth (or fingers) is moving everyone knows you are lying. Your anti-American hate is getting old. You should go back to Europe since you hate America so much — we wouldn’t miss you, I promise.

            Say, aren’t you the one whose hero is the Christian terrorist Timothy McVeigh? Yes, I think you are. So you not only have the same goals as ISIS, but you probably have a shrine for their leader in your home right next to where you hang up your white hoods, I’ll bet.

          8. bikejedi March 1, 2015

            Of course you wouldnt bother because you dont want to know information that disagrees with your position even if it is the truth … You only want to hear propaganda and Lies that agree with your position . Bush warned way back in 2007 that to leave a vacumm in Iraq would see a Muslim Terrorist group like ISIS to fill that void and boy was he spot on . If Obama had left a small force behind ISIS would just be a rebel group fighting in Syria .. Obama allowed them to expand their turf and pick up notoriety and funding as they looted the cities they sacked .. Now they have a fortune and they have oil fields … Obama called them the JV team and then blamed James Clapper for not keeping him informed and under estimating the threat … Maybe if he would have been attending his Security briefings instead of golfing he would have known

            Also get through your head it isn’t the right that is lying that would be people like Obama Reid Pelosi and Gruber … The problem is that Gruber was right when he said he knew he could lie and get away with it because the voters are stupid and here you are proving that by blindly believing what they tell you . Whenever Obama’s lips are moving you should assume he is lying to you with all the lies he has been caught in ,

            Next stop accusing me or the right of being a bigot when it isn’t we who are spouting hate but yourself …bigot indeed

            And stop calling McViegh a Christian terrorist to try to equate him with your Muslim Terrorist people .. He did his act of terrorism out of hate of the Government not for Christ …That is miles different than Muslim Terrorists following their religion their Quran their ideology and the history of their culture … You didn’t hear McVeigh ever bring up Christ in his Terrorist attack but every time a Muslim plies his faith they always praise Allah… Stop making ridiculous comparisons like Obama did when he compared Christians fighting a defensive war centuries ago to ISIS today or you will make yourself sound just as stupid as he did … Whatever you personally think of those Christians from Centuries ago they have proven though the lens of time that they can coexist peacefully with anyone anywhere .. They build schools hospital orphanages all around the World and they dont try to take down symbols of Islam … Now compare that to Islam’s history .. They have never been able to get along with ANYONE else and they even kill their own fellow Muslims .. they build nothing and want no education other then the Quran .. They destroy other cultures and all other symbols of other faiths wherever they conquer … they dont coexist with anyone anywhere … Got it …Your comparison of Radical Islam and Muslim Terrorists to a single Terrorist who hated the Govt and happened to be Christian is just as ridiculous as that Obama comparison

          9. James Bagley March 1, 2015

            There are far more arrests every single day of Christian terrorists and violent criminals than Muslim ones — so much more, in fact, that Muslim crimes pale in comparison. Christians commit as much violent crime in the name of their God as anyone else, and Christianity is arguably the largest purveyor of religious violence in history.

            But that’s a debate point. Let’s hear you denounce Christian terrorists like Timothy McVeigh right here and now. Let’s hear you applaud the first black US President for pursuing and killing Osama Bin Laden.

            Next tell us how you — an immigrant — support and respect immigrants and especially the 14th Amendment. Americans are mostly immigrants, so tell us how you love mostly-immigrant America.

          10. bikejedi March 1, 2015

            I don’t want to get insulting so I may just stop conversing with you ..Who in their right mind would equate common criminals to Muslim Terrorists ? How could you possibly make such a ridiculous comparison ? Oh that is right you listen to a President that makes erroneous and ridiculous comparisons about Christians from centuries ago to Muslim Terrorists throughout history . And common criminals don’t commit crimes for religious reasons you do know that right ? And that isn’t a ” debate point ” it is Liberal lunacy

            Tim McVeigh was a Terrorist who was disgruntled against the government who happened to be Christian . He did not commit his act in the name of Christ . You know for Liberals to be oh si willing to show sensitivity respect and empathy to Muslim Terrorists you sure show none to other faiths … Hypocrite Liberal . It is no wonder people around the world call Liberals hypocrites ? I denounce Tim McVeigh he is despicable just like you . I don’t care what color the President is nor that he is 50% White and 44 % African Arabic and only 6 % African Black . It is ONLY Liberals who play the race card . I have dated and lived with black woman so I dont care that the first 6% Black President got Bin Laden as that isnt the issue . I applaud Panetta for getting Obama of the golf course and pushing him to order the raid … I applaud Hillary for lending him her balls … And I am glad that goat fucking Muslim Terrorist is dead

            I am not an immigrant and I think the 14th should be LEGALLY amended because our founding fathers could bever conceive that a Political Party would be so self serving as to use the issue for their own Party’s political ends and to the detriment of America itself .. Look if you are going to keep accusing me of things you know nothing about I just wont converse with you anymore . If you are going to keep accusing me of siding with terrorists when that is clearly a Liberal thing then have a nice day

          11. James Bagley March 2, 2015

            You are already insulting enough by you anti-American behavior.

            You ARE an immigrant, so you can stop your lying right now. If immigrant-haters like you had their way you would still be living somewhere in Europe.

            You STILL defend Timothy McVeigh the Christian terrorist, which proves that you don’t oppose terrorism at all — you just hate Muslims.

            Of course you will stop ‘conversing’ with me, because I’ll point out your nonsense without any hesitation. You are a racist, which is why you hate Obama and can’t give him credit for doing something you bigots failed to do. You people have done NOTHING recently to help America — all you do is obstruct and spew despicable hate for everyone.

            People like YOU need to go back to Europe. You represent the very worst that American has to offer: bigoted, racist, selfish, disrespectful and totally useless to other Americans. Nobody would miss you, I promise.

          12. bikejedi March 2, 2015

            First do you understand the difference between a natural born citizen of American citizen parents and an immigrant or not .. Secondly I don’t lie nor do I have a reason to lie to a person like you . I have dated two black women go on my fb there are several pictures . You will see that both of them were very pretty . If you aren’t going to answer what I post and only spout hate why should I talk to you … You ask questions I respond politely and then you don’t even answer my question you just get all Liberal . By the way I have also had 3 Muslim borders in my house so don’t accuse me of hating .. One was from Iraq and would tell you he was more American than you because he served in Nam … The other was a Palestinian from Ramallah and the other was from Lebanon . I know many Muslims from the industry I work in and since I sold my house the building I live in is probably 40% Muslim … I have to say that I didn’t not know that there were this many Muslims in Jefferson Park Chicago …

          13. idamag March 1, 2015

            How about the KKK?

          14. James Bagley March 2, 2015

            Bush warning about vacuums in 2007 is about 4 years late. If you invade a country and topple the government, instability and chaos is a predictable result. Bush never had an exit strategy, if such a thing is ever really possible. I was no fan of Saddam Hussein, but lying to the American public to start a war that did absolutely nothing good for anyone and cost thousands of American lives and trillions of dollars is incredibly stupid. And morons like you are stupid enough to blame Obama for the inevitable results like rampant terrorism and the huge increase in the national debt.

            For the record, and despite your lying, Obama was turned down on the prospect of leaving a sizable American force in Iraq. None of this would have been necessary, of course, if people like you who hate other people for no good reason would stop trying to start unnecessary wars that cost real American lives. What do you have to say about all of the dead Americans? I’ll bet it doesn’t bother you one bit, now does it?

            Just as I thought, you are once again defending Timothy McVeigh the Christian terrorist as if what somebody shouts when committing murder and mayhem makes the slightest difference to those people who are being murdered. Get it through your head, you moron, that a victim of terrorism is just as dead no matter the religious beliefs that the terrorists hide behind, if any at all. Idiotic excuses like yours are the root of terrorism to begin with, as every stupid moron claims that their murder is justified by their beliefs. It isn’t.

            Until you can condemn despicable Christians who commit murder with the same fervor that you readily condemn Muslims, YOU are the problem. And until you can get over your despicable hate for other Americans and realize that we are all in the same boat — YOU are the problem.

            So get it straight — nobody is falling for your anti-American excuses.

          15. bikejedi March 2, 2015

            I’m am going to try this one more time and if you keep lying and if you keep accusing me of being anti American when it is the people you support who are and if you keep accusing me of being a supporter of McVeigh I will waste no further effort on you . In short stop spreading your hate and bigotry on to me . Bush did warn of a power vacuum and he did have an exit strategy . After the surge he left a stable Iraq with an elected Govt in place . ALL Obama had to do was support that . It was Obama’s idea to leave the very vacuum Bush warned of and try to remember because Leon Panetta The Pentagon and the Intel community ALL warned Obama not to do a total pullout .. He did it anyway . It is on him .. So that isn’t up for debate . Please stop arguing that point because you cant win it and are only going to make yourself look uninformed
            And once again don’t project your feelings of hatred on to me . I didn’t start a war and I only hate Terrorists and despots . Glad you weren’t a fan of Hussein , I wasn’t either . And what are you talking about that Obama wanted to leave a sizable force there but was turned down ?? First off it was his stated political goal to do a total pullout and secondly if he really wanted to leave a force who was going to stop him ? Are you referring to SOFA because that is laughable . We have often left troops behind to ensure stability . We have been in Germany since WWII for example . Stop with the silliness James and just admit that it was Obama’s decision and he pulled everyone out so Liberals could gloat that he actually kept ONE of his promises .. Well that decision gave birth and growth to ISIS and Obama will simply punt his problem to the next President . And what do I say about all the dead Americans ? Well I am sorry that because of Obama all they sacrificed was for naught . I support our Military unlike the left .
            On McVeigh if you accuse me of supporting him again this conversation is over . The differences between a religious Terrorist and someone like McVeigh is simple and if you wont acknowledge the differences you are either brainwashed lying or totally without logic .. A Religious Terrorist like most Muslim Terrorists are doing their deeds for Allah and in the name of Allah . That is markedly different then a guy who was pissed at the Government and decided to go off the Res so if you are going to act dumb on that I will have no further time for a discussion with you.
            I do condemn McVeigh and what he did but not because he just happened to be Christian .. You are right that to the victims it doesn’t matter why they are dead but what does that have to do with the difference between why someone is committing their Terrorism … You see that is the difference . Muslim Terrorists are committing their atrocities in the name of Allah and to follow their Quran .. Sure they are mad at the world and hate everyone but they do it in the name of Allah and to kill or convert all none Muslims as their book commands …

        4. Allan Richardson February 28, 2015

          How many people died from the pre-ACA private insurance death panels cancelling or denying coverage for medically necessary surgery or medications, or regular checkups which would have caught progressing disease in time that a halfway-affordable procedure or treatment might have stopped it?

          One estimate by statisticians, based upon the number of people with NO health insurance, but also no big trust funds or bank accounts, was 45,000 deaths per year in the US which could have been prevented by access to medical care and ongoing access to a doctor without waiting for the absolute last gasp trip to an ER.

          That is equivalent to the 9/11 attacks REPEATED 15 TIMES EVERY YEAR. The ACA has reduced the number of uninsured Americans by 50 percent already. Putting those people BACK on the uninsured list would KILL about 20,000 more every year. That’s a “jobs bill” all right … for the FUNERAL INDUSTRY.

          1. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            Yup! I hadn’t thought about the number of Americans who may have died when health insurers used recission to cancel their policies just when they needed some major medical care. It could be some hospitals went ahead and provided the care even though the insurer backed out; but then again I’m sure there were many instances when the doctor or hospital refused to go ahead with an expensive operation because an insurer decided at the last minute they were not going to cover the procedure. And what’s really appalling, is that the GOP and its supporters posting here on the NM want to return to those days when insurers made decision based on profits, not on what was best for the people they were insuring. And what’s even more appalling, is that some insurers actually gave bonuses to their insurance analysts who tracked these insureds who needed expensive healthcare, and managed to cancel that insured’s insurance coverage just in time to save the insurer lots of money by not having to pay that big hospital bill that may have saved someone’s life.

          2. Godzilla February 28, 2015

            You a valor stealing punk, you are not a Vietnam veteran like you claim, admit to your lies POS!

      2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 28, 2015

        Make sure you remind O’Reilly and the CPAC nation about the Glass house.

        1. mike February 28, 2015

          But it was NM trying to make a case against Republicans, forgetting that the left lives in a glass house.
          Just remember what party has Biden!!! Creepy old Biden!!!

          1. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            Let’s see! One creepy old Biden compared to dozens of creepy RWNJs!! I think I’ll take one creepy old Biden!! In place of people like Boehner, Emperor McConnell, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Ted Nugent, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbag, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Rick Scott, Scott Walker, Chris Christie (aka Tony Soprano), Louie Gohmert, and on and on. Need I continue??

          2. mike February 28, 2015

            Oh, you have many more but the most visible is Biden and to the majority of people, an embarrassment, but not for the left.
            Sad but true!!!

          3. idamag March 1, 2015

            Don’t you think a good Republican presidential ticket would be, “Palin – Nugent.?”

    2. joe schmo February 27, 2015

      Debate and vote! Are you serious. What’s that word? Debate. Frankly I don’t think that is a word Obama understands.

      “Humans are capable of so much more. Power mongers like you (Obama) have stripped away what is most valuable to us, the importance of our heritage and family values. We have been robbed of this, blinded by your authority, while you encourage us to burry ourselves in debt and rely on our corrupt governments. Men and women around the world have been forced to work long hours to keep up with inflated debts, all the while abandoning the families they struggle to support. History repeats, and repeats. It’s time to break the cycle and start anew.”
      ―Aaron B. Powell,
      Doomsday Diaries IV: Luke and the Lion

      Let the secession begin…….

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 28, 2015

        Please make sure you’re first in line!!!

  13. Julieann Wozniak February 27, 2015

    I can’t wait for CPAC. Seriously. It’s like an extended SNL skit.

    1. idamag February 27, 2015

      without the organization.

      1. joe schmo February 27, 2015

        Who said the DNC had any organization whatsoever. It’s brought to you buy the government, funded by Soros and leaves behind potty mouth commentators like Olbermann, Bashir, Baldwin, and Melissa Harris Perry.. Such stellar individuals.

    2. joe schmo February 27, 2015

      Can’t wait to see DNC. Mao Clinton is sure to be the one hit wonder. Can she make it through all her corruption is anyone’s guess. We’ll really get to see the out of touch loonies come out in force. Right, comrad?

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 28, 2015

        Loonies come out in force?? Surely you jest, or maybe you haven’t paid close attention to the “CPAC Follies”—that modern-day musical-comedy-tragedy. Every year they make us cringe with their latest performances.

    3. bikejedi February 27, 2015

      We see that every day .. Especially when John Kerry is saying we are safer then we have ever been or Obama compares Christians from Centuries ago to ISIS today … How about when that Harf chick says we need to do Community outreach to ISIS and have a jobs for jihadis program … Yeah that will do it … That will stop those radical islamis er I mean those Muslim Terroris er I mean those ” violent extremists ” ( lol ) form killing us right ? So they are now looking for Christians to mentor these Muslim Terrorists .. Specifically they want Christians with good ” heads ‘ on their shoulders who are willing to work in ” confined spaces ” and in “extreme heat ” conditions that some say are hotter then hell …. Yeah that CPAC thing should be a hoot compared to the failure of Obama and Liberalism

      1. joe schmo February 27, 2015

        OMG, standing ovation………LOL, this was great!

        1. bikejedi February 28, 2015

          Thank you I like your stuff too

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 28, 2015

            Like seeketh like and takes pleasure in each others company.

          2. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            Wow!! Two low IQ morons agreeing with one another. Who would have thunk it???

          3. Louis Allen March 1, 2015

            “Two low IQ morons agreeing with one another. Who would have thunk it???”, you say?? WHO agreed with YOU??!!

        2. Independent1 February 28, 2015

          Interesting, one low IQ moron agreeing with the post of another low IQ moron!! How cute!!

      2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 28, 2015

        Somebody call 911 for this guy—he’s gasping for air and common-sense !!!

        1. bikejedi February 28, 2015

          Just using a little satire to show the absurdity of Obama and the Liberals who repeat everything he says to … So let me ask you … ISIS you know the people who have Islamic as the first word of their name and have told the world they are waging Jihad for Allah … are those people Muslim Terrorists or simply Violent Extremists .. of course your answer will display whether you have the freedom to exercise your own common sense and opinion or if you are not free to do that and must repeat Obama’s version no matter how wrong and laughable

          1. James Bagley March 1, 2015

            Tell us all how upset you are over Obama (he’s black) nailing Osama Bin Laden. Next tell us about how your hero is Timothy McVeigh the Christian terrorist. Now try you crap about terrorism again with a straight face.

          2. bikejedi March 1, 2015

            Grow up . I don’t care what color the President is and I would ask you and other Liberals why you always have to play the race card ? What difference does it make that Obama is 50% White and 6 % African Black ? Also I have dated and lived with black woman so please dont play that stuff with me … I’m betting like most Liberals you probably live in a White only wealthy suburban enclave …Next if you keep insisting McVeigh is my hero or that he was a ” Christian ” Terrorist I will have no time for you as I don’t converse with stupid people and that is so stupid it is beyond belief

            And one other thing … Please explain what you think I have wrong as to Terrorists or give it a rest because you know I am right

          3. Louis Allen March 1, 2015

            Again, this time not a peep from Bag.
            They can not bring themselves to
            saying anything that could conceivably conflict with, or contradict (GOD
            FORBID !!!) The Great Prevaricator.

          4. James Bagley March 2, 2015

            Stop your ridiculous lying — your racist hate for Obama literally oozes out of your every post. You dated and lived with black women, eh? Well, I must say that’s an interesting twist on the old “I have lots of black friends” bit. Sorry, nobody’s buying it.

            Of course you have ‘no time’ for people who point out what your are. You may as well go wash your sheets and white hoods now, because your posts are wasting everyone’s time. America doesn’t need anti-American, immigrant-hating, racist European immigrants who are stupid enough to hate on other immigrants when they themselves are the same thing.

            So run and hide, you hateful, anti-American terrorist lover. Nobody will miss your hateful lies.

          5. Louis Allen March 1, 2015

            Not a peep from Aaron.
            They can not bring themselves to saying anything that could conceivably conflict with, or contradict (GOD FORBID !!!) The Great Prevaricator.

      3. James Bagley February 28, 2015

        Besides causing terrorism in the first place, what plan do you right-wing haters have to address the issues you’ve caused? None? Cut funding to Homeland Security so that you can get more people killed just like you did in Benghazi when you cut funding for security and later tried to pin the results of your irresponsible actions on Democrats?

        1. bikejedi February 28, 2015

          So you are now blaming American Patriots for Muslim Terrorism the delusion and hate is strong ion you but that doesn’t mean you are right . It only means you are spreading hateful lies … How Liberal of you . The GOP did not cut funding to DHS or the embassy’s Sequestration is where those cuts came from and that was Obama’s dumb idea so stop with the lies … Lies work on Democrats and Liberals as Gruber pointed out … They dont work us .. see Obamacare .. Gruber and Obama lied and Conservatives told the truth .. Unfortunately out of hate and ignorance the Liberals listened to the lairs … By the way even with Obama’s cuts to spending Hillary still cant account for 6 billion from her State Dept budget so maybe look there for your answers … In summation deal in actual truth and don’t believe liars like Obama Gruber and Hillary

          1. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            More lies. Do you ever tell the truth??

            Excerpts from the Hill:

            Democrats enacted $1.803 billion for embassy security, construction and maintenance for fiscal 2010, when they still controlled the Senate and House. After Republicans took control of the House and picked up six Senate seats, Congress reduced the enacted budget to $1.616 billion in fiscal 2011, and to $1.537 billion for 2012.

            Republicans have sought to cut hundreds of millions of dollars slated for security at U.S. embassies and consulates since gaining control of the House in 2011.

          2. Godzilla February 28, 2015

            Excerpt from Independent1:

            I’m a Vietnam veteran.
            You are the real LIAR jackwagon.

          3. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            Now you’re lying! I did not say I was a Vietnam veteran; I said I was a Vietnam era veteran. Big difference clueless!! I served 9 years in the Air Force and 3 years overseas but not in Vietnam.

          4. Godzilla February 28, 2015

            It’s the copy and paste from YOUR post, come clean LIAR!

          5. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            Here’s the copy and paste from your first post – better check it out:

            Independent1 joe schmo • 2 hours ago

            I’m a Vietnam era veteran sonny boy. You need to grow up!!! see more This is stolen valor and a complete LIE! This coward isn’t a veteran at all. POS!

          6. Godzilla February 28, 2015

            Yea, you edited it you Lying POS!

          7. Godzilla February 28, 2015

            When were you born LIAR 1995?

          8. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            Like I told Joe Schmuck, I was almost 10 years old when FDR gave his last fireside chat.

          9. Godzilla February 28, 2015


          10. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            I’m old enough to be your grandfather!

          11. Godzilla February 28, 2015

            What unit and where did you serve Gramps? What was your job, Gramps? Come clean Gramps!

          12. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            Believe it or not I worked for the NSA when I was in the Air Force Security Service. I served 3 years in Germany; 18 months of them in a city that was 5 kms from the East German and Chech borders where the people in the city were 70% communists.

          13. Godzilla February 28, 2015

            Keep talking, nothing is Top Secret from that era, what did you do and why?

          14. Godzilla February 28, 2015

            Waiting on your answer superhero.

          15. Godzilla February 28, 2015

            By the way, I copy and pasted your original unedited post to several other blogs, just in case you wanted to play silly games!

          16. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            I’m not looking to play silly games. I’m really trying to figure out why bloggers like you are so hellbent on supporting the GOP when over the past 20 plus years they’ve done absolutely nothing beneficial for America. I’m at a total loss as to why folks like you are supporting them; and why you can’t see that although he’s not perfect, at least Obama has honestly been trying to do what the thinks is right for America; which is a complete turnaround from the 8 years that George Bush spent in office. What in the world to you see positive about what the GOP is d oing?? I’m at a complete loss: and believe it or not, I voted for Eisenhower, Ford and Bush 1 for president. In normal circumstances I’m a strong independent. But even like Bernie Sanders and Angus King that are also independents, I’m dead set against what today’s Republicans are trying to do to America.

          17. Godzilla February 28, 2015

            If you would learn to read, you would know I support neither party. But, since you live in a fantasy land that doesn’t exist, it is understandable.

          18. idamag March 1, 2015

            Old enough, but I am sure you don’t want to.

          19. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            Go back and look at it. It’s at the top of the blog. You are really mixed up!!

          20. Godzilla February 28, 2015

            I copy and pasted it on several stories here, it’s all the same. You are not a veteran at all lying jerk. Who did you serve with, what unit and what was you pos?

          21. bikejedi February 28, 2015

            You will never get Independent to admit he lied … even though he did

          22. Godzilla February 28, 2015

            He’s a loser. I’m a real USAF vet and know a lot about it’s history, including the time he claims to have served but can’t name the job. I doubt he is much past 25 and still living in mommies basement. I hit him with that a while back, so now he uses it as his own. Nothing but a lying parrot.

          23. bikejedi February 28, 2015

            I don’t doubt you sir and thank you for serving . All I know of Independent is that he is a liar and he is intolerant . That is why I don’t engage with him

          24. Godzilla February 28, 2015

            May peace be with you and your family. I was a NCO, the term Sir , as polite as it is, an I’m grateful for your intended respect, just never fit me. I always preferred being called simply “G”. I also appreciate your thanks, and like your choice of freedom over subjugation. What I always like to share with people is that freedom isn’t free, it comes with a cost and a constant fight against those who want to enslave you, like the F-ing Progressive Nazi bastards , LOL. Fight the Good Fight! Phuk the Progressive populist Nazi bastards.

          25. bikejedi February 28, 2015

            Agreed Freedom isn’t free And I always do try to fight the good fight

          26. Louis Allen March 1, 2015

            Godzilla and bike:
            Copying you guys re what I sent to this cretin “DEPENDENT1”:

            “Listen to yourself, dummy: “Obama may have stretched the point once in a while, but he has rarely if ever outright lied.”
            There’s SIX (6) QUALIFIERS in your ONE sentence !!
            1) “…may have…” (MAY??!!)
            2) “… stretched …” (as opposed to LIED??!!)
            3) “… the point …” (as opposed to the TRUTH??!!)
            4) “… once in a while…” (as opposed to FREQUENTLY??!!)
            5) “… rarely if ever…” (as opposed, again, to FREQUENTLY??!!)
            6) “…outright lie …” (as opposed to LIE BUT NOT “OUTRIGHT”??!!)
            Dependent, you cretin half-wit, you are an “OUTRIGHT” idiot !!!”

          27. Louis Allen March 1, 2015

            bike and Godzilla:
            Copying you guys re what I sent to this cretin “DEPENDENT1”:

            “Listen to yourself, dummy: “Obama may have stretched the point once in a while, but he has rarely if ever outright lied.”
            There’s SIX (6) QUALIFIERS in your ONE sentence !!
            1) “…may have…” (MAY??!!)
            2) “… stretched …” (as opposed to LIED??!!)
            3) “… the point …” (as opposed to the TRUTH??!!)
            4) “… once in a while…” (as opposed to FREQUENTLY??!!)
            5) “… rarely if ever…” (as opposed, again, to FREQUENTLY??!!)
            6) “…outright lie …” (as opposed to LIE BUT NOT “OUTRIGHT”??!!)
            Dependent, you cretin half-wit, you are an “OUTRIGHT” idiot !!!

          28. bikejedi March 1, 2015

            CLASSIC RESPONSE . His post shows the extremes that Liberals will use to spin for Obama and you illustrated that with the 6 different qualifiers or excuses he made in one sentence

          29. bikejedi February 28, 2015

            You will find that independent is full of lies and spin and when he is cornered will just start calling names

          30. Godzilla February 28, 2015

            He is now finding out what tenacious means. I hate liars, with a passion, hence my despise of Obama and mostly all politicians.

          31. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            You’re the one living in fantasy land. Sure, Obama may have stretched the point once in a while, but he has rarely if ever outright lied. That’s a ll a figment of your imagination.

          32. Louis Allen March 1, 2015

            Listen to yourself, dummy: “Obama may have stretched the point once in a while, but he has rarely if ever outright lied.”
            There’s SIX (6) QUALIFIERS in your ONE sentence !!
            1) “…may have…” (MAY??!!)
            2) “… stretched …” (as opposed to LIED??!!)
            3) “… the point …” (as opposed to the TRUTH??!!)
            4) “… once in a while…” (as opposed to FREQUENTLY??!!)
            5) “… rarely if ever…” (as opposed, again, to FREQUENTLY??!!)
            6) “…outright lie …” (as opposed to LIE BUT NOT “OUTRIGHT”??!!)
            Dependent, you cretin half-wit, you are an “OUTRIGHT” idiot !!!

          33. bikejedi February 28, 2015

            I lean Conservative and make no excuses for that but I too hate Liars on both sides … Lately Obama’s Lies and his purposeful mislabeling and double speak is too much .. I will also call out my side when they act the fool .. Independent is a Liar and he gets intolerant so I just ignore him …

          34. Godzilla February 28, 2015

            Since I lean for freedom, I guess I’m labeled on the conservative side. I have given up on the Federal elections, as I consider them nothing more that more of the same. I do work with local elections. Strangely enough, many of our local Democrats are not anything like the Liberals that we all love to dislike. Many haven’t been infected with the Progressive/Communist/Fascist virus that most have. Thanks for the back up, I got yours when I’m around!

          35. charleo1 March 1, 2015

            Independent gets intolerant? Really? What has, “your side,” actually purposed? What do they even agree on proposing? Other than ignore our record, while we trash talk the other side. It’s called, here’s what ought to be done, and why. Not we’ll oppose that, at all costs. It’s ignorant to support such garbage. Here’s an idea for you. Make people work for your support.

          36. bikejedi March 1, 2015

            Sure he does . Have you read his comments up and down these threads ? Whenever he cant win a debate which is about 90% of the time he goes off the res and starts name calling . It is why I usually dont bother to engage him anymore . I have given him chance after chance and it always ends the same way sooo.. As for our side they are admittedly fractured between the ones who want to be Democrats and the real Republicans … Having said that they have shown that they can work with the other side . When the GOP controlled the house they had no problem reaching compromise with their Dem colleagues . They passed and forwarded over 350 bills to the Dem Senate 98% of those had wide bi partisan support and 55 of them were advanced by Dems .. Harry Reid did not allow a vote in his Dem controlled senate on a single one of them and the he LIED and labelled them the obstructionists … Of course Obama is always looking for someone else to blame so he did the same thing ( LIED no surprise there right ) the liberal media lied about it and in true Gruber fashion Liberals believed the LIEs and still repeat them … For this new Congress I think it is too early to tell what they will advance but get ready for a lot of vetoes as Obama is a my way or the highway type of guy … I mean he vetoes the Keystone pipeline that is favored by about 70% of Americans and would create jobs …No jobs for American but he wants to do Community Outreach to Radical Isla er the Islamic Stat er i mean the Muslim Terroris er I mean the ” Violent Extremist ” Community ..lol … You people aren’t even allowed to call Muslim Terrorism Muslim Terrorism ….Anyway no Keystone but we will do Jobs for Jihadis .. maybe I’m just not nuanced enough hahahaha

          37. charleo1 March 1, 2015

            Your entire post is conjecture. In other words, your way of looking at things. Including the characterizing the frustration at times of Indy, as intolerant. And who among us that hasn’t called some knucklehead a name, may now cast the first stone. As far as Indy, he does bring many facts to the table, which are summarily dismissed without further comment, as Media Lies, Liberal Lies, and so forth. Almost always without offering any alternative facts, assessments, or numbers, as the case may be. When the GOP controlled the House? When do think they took control of it? You mean this last time? Since they’ve taken control the last time, beginning in Jan 2011, there have been efforts to bankrupt the gov. Hold the economy hostage, and the gov. has been shut down once, and threatened to be 3 times. It looks to me as if they are too discordant to govern. As to the XL. Can you please explain why 70% of Americans would be for a project that would risk the breadbasket of the Country to environmental damage. To produce no more than 70 to 100 full time jobs, all to service a Canadian Oil Co., and refine diesel fuel to run the factories in China, that are undercutting our jobs? Why? If Americans truly knew the facts on the XL, would they support a deal investors themselves are pulling out of, due to it’s unprofitability, given the recent discoveries of natural gas, and the policy of OPEC to keep production levels high into the as yet undetermined future? What benefit would the American People receive from the XL? Or looked at another way. What risks would we need to accept along with the XL? And does that risk/benefit ratio make sense for anyone, other than the oil companies involved in the deal, and the Chinese? So, as you see, there are more ways honest people can look at the same things, and have honest disagreements about what they are looking at. I would suggest the next time you disagree, state why you do so, and offer up facts or other evidence to advance your own point of view. Before disparaging, or calling into question the motives of people, who I’ll guarantee you are on the same side as you, me. and this our Country. A thing we all forget to properly acknowledge often enough.

          38. bikejedi March 1, 2015

            In regards to Indy .. It isn’t conjecture or my way of looking at things it is what has happened in our conversations . So I chose to ignore his nonsense his immaturity and his intolerance .. If you are impressed with him that is your business . I have refuted his talking points and his links too many times to count and you have probably witnessed some of those . So when we tried to talk I just didn’t dismiss him as you portray . Maybe others have but I tried to have a dialogue with him . As for the time period I was talking about with the GOP house I was referring to the period after the 2010 midterms when the GOP took control of the house . Harry Reid did not allow a vote on a single bill the house sent to his Dem senate and then he and Obama the Liberal media and liberals themselves called them the obstructionists all while the facts show the exact opposite . You still have Liberals repeating that talking point and actually believing it proving once again that Gruber was right … At least about the people he described and who were those people ? The Government shut down was due to the need to comply with Sequestration that was Obama’s idea until he didn’t want to abide by it yet Liberal media put that on the GOP as well . They didn’t come up with the idea Obama did so Obama and the Dems should have negotiated the necessary budget cuts and we never would have been there… I agree the Republicans are too discordant because they are divided between old school Republicans trying to just keep their positions and Conservatives trying to do what the people who voted for them sent them to do . The establishment RINOS should just come out of the closet and switch party’s for full disclosure . I cant explain why 70% of Americans want the keystone and It might surprise you that I have concerns as well but since those Republicans were elected on that as well as other issues and since the overwhelming majority of Americans want it Obama should have just used it to horse trade as other Presidents have always done . Maybe he could have gotten that clean DHS bill for this and he would have looked fair . As it is he is proving it is he who has the my way or the highway mentality . I think if we do it we should get agreements that we get some of that oil for the risk involved .. As it stands now Warren Buffets trains are moving that Canadian oii all over and then blowing up all over the Country.. How good is that ?

          39. charleo1 March 1, 2015

            Well, you’re right about one thing. The GOP needs to get it’s
            act together in the House. If Boehner keeps insisting on a majority of the majority in order to call a bill. Those bills that do
            pass in such a one Party manner, will continue to die in the Senate. It’s that simple. Because here’s the deal. If the GOP is into it with itself, because one faction believes the other faction of conservatives is too liberal. And the most conservative faction holds the votes for passage. How do you suppose any bill ever passing thru such a system is going to go over with the Democrats, or the Democratic President? I really think you need to go back, and re visit the debt ceiling discussion of 2011. And
            pay special attention what the super conservatives/ultra- conservatives, whatever term you want to use for them. were demanding of Boehner, before they would allow him to call a bill to the floor that would have passed with Democratic help. Which is what eventually happened. First they were demanding
            5 trillion dollars be eliminated from the budget over 5 years.
            Which all economists agreed would have cause a depression.
            See where top business people came up to Washington and tried to reason with these hard heads, Most of whom had never
            served a day in government. And told them point blank what such a budget would do to their businesses. To no avail. Then,
            they also demanded a Constitutional Amendment requiring a
            balanced budget passed before they would allow the bill on the floor. A process that would have taken months, and polls predicted would have failed to garner enough support to have
            met the requirements. Then, they insisted the Democrats vote with them to repeal all of the healthcare law. Now say what you will about what the people wanted. But, believe me, this would not have been it, had they succeeded. Finally after costing the economy billions due to the fear, and uncertainty injected, and
            a needless, first ever credit downgrade, a deal involving the
            sequester was agreed upon to meet the Country’s obligations,
            and literally save the still recovering economy. But it, [the sequester] was made so unpalatable to each side on purpose, as an incentive so as to reach a deal on a comprehensive budget bill. Looking at taxes, entitlements, various agencies, and government expenditures across the board. That agreement never happened because once again these ultra conservatives demanded the Moon, and Stars, and held up the bill, and refused to compromise, and the mandatory date for the sequester to be in effect came. And the problems started almost immediately. First with air traffic controllers that
            would necessarily be laid off permanently. Or, until a budget deal could be reached. So they exempted the ATControllers.
            As I said there are two sides to every story. I would urge you to
            listen to both, and see which one makes more sense. All facts,
            all comments made, and all final results considered.

          40. charleo1 March 1, 2015

            Get a life, Pal!

          41. charleo1 March 1, 2015

            Yes. We wouldn’t want any name calling here. Now would we? BTW. Who told you why the GOP House insisted on taking DHS funding out of the regular budget process at the end of the last fiscal year? Do you think it might have been to create just this hostage taking situation on a must pass bill? Do you ever get the
            feeling you’re being played? Well you should.

          42. bikejedi March 1, 2015

            Wow why didn’t Obama just put funding for his Illegal and UnConstitutional EO in the INS budget …Instead of DHS … hmmm talk about a trap

          43. charleo1 March 1, 2015

            No. Obama did not “put his initiatives on immigration into INS instead of DHS. Immigration was incorporated into the Dept.
            of Homeland Security by the Congress, at the urging of the Bush Administration after the 9/11 attacks. When it was uncovered the various security, and law enforcement agencies weren’t communicating well enough with each other. So a cabinet level position was established to run the multi agency dept. That includes, the FBI, CIA, NSA, INS, Treasury, Secret Service, Postal Inspection, a new air transport agency, TSA, Air Traffic Controllers, and so on. So that’s the deal. Fund, or defund?

          44. bikejedi February 28, 2015

            Godzilla … I love that name ..You will find that independent is full of lies and spin and when he is cornered will just start calling names

          45. idamag March 1, 2015

            If you weren’t in Viet Nam, at least, you didn’t participate in the Mai Lai Massacre nor the napalm dropped on children.

          46. idamag March 4, 2015

            And now that Netanyahu has addressed our Congress promoting war and dissing our President, how many want to give up the rest of the Social Security trust fund to start another unfunded war?

          47. Independent1 March 4, 2015

            Bibi is the classic war hawk; and not an especially sociable guy.

          48. James Bagley February 28, 2015

            Everyone knows that when you have to proclaim yourself a patriot, that means you are really an American-hating terrorist worshiper. We all know that you America-haters caused the Benghazi deaths by cutting funding for embassy and consulate security, and you probably capered around with glee when you first heard that Americans were killed, didn’t you? Yes, sure you did — just like your hero, the Christian terrorist Timothy McVeigh did when he killed American men, women, and children in Oklahoma City. Then, of course, you tried to blame the Democrats, but that didn’t work out so well — did it?

            Americans don’t care much for you terrorist-loving European immigrants, nor do they ever fall for your lies. We see that you are trying to cut funding for DHS so that more Americans might get killed. The next time you light up candles to pray before your shrine to Timothy McVeigh and Osama Bin Laden, just remember that Obama and the DHS are watching you.

          49. bikejedi March 1, 2015

            Wow you are really sick to infer any American either Conservative or Liberal desires to see fellow Americans die . especially needlessly… Hillary had plenty of money for Security I mean we are still looking for about 6 billion of her budget right ?.. And let me see if I have this right .. It was people like me and not Muslim Terrorist who killed those people in Benghazi ? Rest assured that I unlike most of the left loves my country and would not fly to Benghazi to kill fellow Americans . While you accuse the right of loving terrorists it is the left that wont even call them Muslim Terrorists . We DO ! While your side preaches sensitivity respect and empathy for Radical Islam .. WE DONT ! While your side thinks Community Outreach to the Islamic Stat er I mean ” violent extremists ” is the way … We would like to see them all exterminated .. I dont think I have ever read a comment even from a Gruber Liberal that was so 180 degrees away from reality … You look at the facts and see the way the left views these Terrorists and the way your side preaches sensitivity to these ” extremists” ( lol ) … Wow you are just a hateful twisted and sick person to view your fellow Americans the way you do but it is the mantra of the left so I can see where you got brainwashed

          50. James Bagley March 1, 2015

            Nice try, but you aren’t fooling anyone. Republicans get Americans killed. You are anti-American, as many Republicans and nearly all Tea Baggers are.

            Let’s give you the patriot test right now, shall we?

            1. Timothy McVeigh was a Christian terrorist who killed American men, women and children. He deserved his fate. Let’s hear you here and now denounce McVeigh and any Christian terrorist who uses violence to promote their hateful agenda.

            2. Osama Bin Laden was the most infamous and wanted terrorist in the world until President Obama gave the order for a Navy SEAL raid that ended his life. Let’s hear how appreciative you are that our first black President made Bin Laden a priority and evicted him from the world.

            3. Most Americans are either immigrants or recent descendents of immigrants. Please outline how much you appreciate the 14th Amendment birthright clause that gives the children of immigrants born on US soil automatic citizenship. Tell us how important that right is for immigrants like you, and how you respect America — the country of immigrants.

            Good luck!

          51. James Bagley March 2, 2015

            Stop you pathetic lying. I’ve seen you defend the despicable murder of innocent men, women, and children by Timothy McVeigh the Christian terrorist, and I’ve seen you belittle President Obama for risking his Presidency to kill Osama Bin Laden. People who truly love other Americans don’t behave this way.

            People like you are just as responsible for the deaths of Americans as the terrorists who pull the triggers because you sit here comfortable in their protection while playing hateful and irresponsible games over very serious issues.

            Everybody calls Muslim terrorists “Muslim terrorists” you lying moron, but unlike you, decent people understand that terrorists are terrorists, and stupidly trying to claim that any terrorist is more or less acceptable because of their religious beliefs (or lack of them) is playing an irresponsible, ignorant, and dangerous game with the real lives of people.

            Just the way you say “your side” shows your abject ignorance and hate. Such ignorance and hate is EXACTLY why terrorism exists in the first place. For the record, what you presume to be ‘my side’ is currently fighting terrorism, and is also responsible for nailing Bin Laden — which ‘your side’ claimed wasn’t important. Why don’t you just spell out what ‘your side’ has done recently to help America other than try to obstruct everyone else, hmm? Nothing — that’s what.

            You are an anti-American hater. You waste everyone’s time and risk the lives of real Americans every day with your anti-American, racist, hypocritical nonsense. Get a life or go back to wherever you family came from — we could do perfectly well without you.

          52. bikejedi March 2, 2015

            As I already addressed the issue of you projecting your hate and bigotry on me and that I would stop conversing with you if you cant be civil and sane I only want to point out one thing about this post . You claim everyone calls Muslim Terrorists Muslim Terrorist and that is a Lie .First off Obama tells Liberals not to even use the terms Radical Islam or Muslim Terrorists . He claims that ISIS isn’t ” Islamic ” ( lol ) even though it is the first word of their name and they say they are . He tells Liberals they are Simply ” Violent Extremists” as if their religion and ideology have nothing to do with why they are committing these horrible deeds . This mantra has now been picked up by most Liberals who on the other hand have no problem calling Christians Terrorists ( inaccurate hypocrites ). If you watch any of the Liberal networks they all now show radical Islam the respect Obama wants them to and are referring to the Muslim terrorists of ISIS as simple Extremists … So let me ask you … ISIS are they Muslim Terrorists or simple extremists … Are you allowed to exercise you own common sense or do you call them extremists

  14. bikejedi February 27, 2015

    I wish Texas would secede . There are plenty of Americans sick and tired of watching the Obama admin erode our freedoms and act in UnConstitutional manners . It would be a blow to Obama and the Liberals and the Texas economy would seriously go up as even more business would decide to locate there to be in a State the followed the real American model

    1. joe schmo February 27, 2015

      I would love that too. We would love to move to Texas:) I betcha other states would follow…….. Let’s see how the morons do on their own. Let them flip the bill for all the vagrants of the world. Let’s see how far it takes them…… LOL

      1. Independent1 February 28, 2015

        Considering the low IQ of most Republican legislators, you may be right!! One moronic state following another moronic state over the debt cliff to oblivion, just like lemmings that charge over the cliff to their destruction!!

        1. Allan Richardson February 28, 2015

          Hey, that’s offensive to lemmings. Those cute little guys DO NOT commit mass suicide. They just get so caught up in a stampede when they get scared that they can’t stop when they come to a cliff because of the momentum of the lemmings behind them.

          Republicans, on the other hand continue to head for the cliff even when there is a MAP showing it a mile away, because they refuse to BELIEVE the map.

          1. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            Sorry! I didn’t mean to denigrate lemmings.

          2. bikejedi February 28, 2015

            If Obama told you that the Kool ade wasn’t poisoned and that you could keep your Kool ade you would drink it .. ( lol ) It is the Liberals who all act like lemmings … Lets test that theory on you … ISIS ..Muslim Terrorists or simply Violent Extremists ? I await your answer

          3. Louis Allen March 1, 2015

            Do you really think these 2 Obama unconditionals, Allan and Dependent1 will answer your question about “Muslim Terrorists or simply Violent Extremists”??
            They have their (empty) skulls too far up their arses to be able to think independently of The Great Prevaricator”.
            To give you an idea about how dumb these 2 are: Joe “The Clown” Biden is smarter than them !!!!
            LOL !!!

          4. bikejedi March 1, 2015

            I agree . just to let you know I ask Liberals that type of question all the time . It is designed to show them to their face that they are not allowed to have their own opinion if it goes against Obama talking point . Obama can say the most ridiculous thing in the World that even a Liberal with a brain ( rare breed I know ) will agree with .. Like calling Muslim Terrorists Violent Extremists as if they aren’t doing the deeds they are doing for Allah .. So I ask them that type of question to see if ANY of them will say why yes I disagree with that and they are Muslim Extremists .. The other one I have been asking is if they agree with Obama comparing Christians fighting a defensive war centuries ago to ISIS today .. Anyone with a functioning brain knows it is an erroneous and unfair comparison that is ridiculously stupid but none of them will admit it and they go to extreme lengths to try to portray Christians as the Terrorists like that James Bagley keeps trying to do .. A more indoctrinated bunch of defenders you will never find .. They are rabid … It doesn’t matter how stupid something Obama says is they will defend it .. I ask them to show that they as Liberals are free to have their own common sense opinions when Obama says something that stupid and instead of saying … Yes that was a dumb comparison they just go for spin excuse and defense

      2. bikejedi February 28, 2015

        Texas is the only State that has a secession clause as part of their State charter … Although other States may just revolt and do it anyway

        1. charleo1 March 1, 2015

          The secessionist clause of TX. was nullified by the Civil War. You may have heard of it? Rick Perry is a patronizing, self serving, publicity seeking opportunist, who actually knows better. As does the vast majority of Texans. You’re not from Texas, are you?

    2. Independent1 February 28, 2015

      Really, when 14 of the 17 states that suck the least welfare are Blue States. And although Texas is one of the states that sucks back less than $1 for each tax dollar it sends to Washington, it just barely does that by getting back 98 cents. And the two other red states get back more than 96 cents for each $1. If Red states seceded they would drown in their own red ink: the only reason the majority haven’t drowned in their own budget red ink is because of the federal dollars they’re sucking from Washington.

      Here’s some excerpts from an article that show without question that Republican ideology is convoluted and destructive. While Scott Walker has led Wisconsin into more than a billion of debts, Mark Dayton a Democrat has led Minnesota out of a 6 Billion dollar debt created by Pawlenty, doing exactly the opposite of what RWNJs like yourself would recomend: Not only did he raise taxes on the rich, he raised the min wage, and he enacted a law that required equal pay for women. And during that time, Minnesota has created 172,000 jobs after creating only about 6,000 jobs during Pawlenty’s 8 years in office.

      Unlike the disaster that Walker has created in Wisconsin, Dayton has erased the 6 billion debt Minnesota had such that today it has a 1.2 billion surplus and the income ofl people in Minnesota is $8,000 higher than the national average; and it has a 3.6% unemployment rate: far below the national average. And unlike virtually every idiot Republican, Dayton has also made it far easier for people in Minnesota to vote.

      Show me where any Republican has even come close to accomplishing all that!!

      What happens when you tax the rich and raise the minimum wage? Meet one of USA’s best economies

      When Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton took office in 2011, Minnesota had more than a $6 billion dollar deficit and an unemployment rate of 7%. Today, Minnesota’s unemployment rate isnow below 4% and they have a budget surplus of over $1.2 billion dollars. How did Mark Dayton do this? Did he heed his Republican opponent Tom Emmer’s advice?

      No. No, he didn’t.

      During his first four years in office, Gov. Dayton raised the state income tax from 7.85 to 9.85 percent on individuals earning over $150,000, and on couples earning over $250,000 when filing jointly — a tax increase of $2.1 billion. He’s also agreed to raise Minnesota’s minimum wage to $9.50 an hour by 2018, and passed a state law guaranteeing equal pay for women.

      Between 2011 and 2015, Gov. Dayton added 172,000 new jobs to Minnesota’s economy — that’s 165,800 more jobs in Dayton’s first term than Pawlenty added in both of his terms combined. Even though Minnesota’s top income tax rate is the 4th-highest in the country, it has the 5th-lowest unemployment rate in the country at 3.6 percent. According to 2012-2013 U.S. census figures, Minnesotans had a median income that was $10,000 larger than the U.S. average, and their median income is still $8,000 more than the U.S. average today.

      Dayton is a billionaire heir to the Target fortune. It wasn’t just a majority in the legislature that forced him to do it — Dayton had to work with a Republican-controlled legislature for his first two years in office. And unlike his Republican neighbor to the east, Gov. Dayton didn’t assert his will over an unwilling populace by creating obstacles between the people and the vote — Dayton actually created an online voter registration system, making it easier than ever for people to register to vote.

    3. Independent1 February 28, 2015

      I forgot to mention that all 15 of the states that suck more than $1.50 per $1 of taxes they send to Washington are Red States and would sink quickly into bankruptcy if they seceded from the Union. How would you suggest a group of debtor nations would survive all on their lonesome?? You are aware that it was Reagan who really turned America into a debtor nation by tripling our debt in his 8 years in office. Right?? He spent more money in his 8 years than had been spent by presidents in office over the prior 50 years COMBINED!!!

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 28, 2015

        A very troubling and sobering statistic. What a travesty of a legacy the cowboy actor left us.

        1. bikejedi February 28, 2015

          You can say that with a straight face with the train wreck that your community organizer has been… Lets do community outreach to the Muslim Terrorists hahahahaha

          1. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            You do realize that Reagan one was one of the first presidents to deal with terrorists; and actually supported Saddam in the use of chemical weapons in his war against the Iranians?? Reagan was the most devious, worthless president that ever sat in the oveal office!!

            And Adam Hartung wring for Forbes doesn’t agree with your assessment of Obama being a ‘train wreck”. Since Obama has clearly outperformed anything Reagan ever did, if Obama is a train wreck what was Reagan?? Clearly something far worse!!! –

            Obama Outperforms Reagan On Jobs, Growth And Investing

            “As this unemployment chart shows, President Obama’s job creation kept unemployment from peaking at as high a level as President Reagan, and promoted people into the workforce faster than President Reagan.

            “President Obama has achieved a 6.1% unemployment rate in his sixth year, fully one year faster than President Reagan did. At this point in his presidency, President Reagan was still struggling with 7.1% unemployment, and he did not reach into the mid-low 6% range for another full year. So, despite today’s number, the Obama administration has still done considerably better at job creating and reducing unemployment than did the Reagan administration.

            “We forecast unemployment will fall to around 5.4% by summer, 2015. A rate President Reagan was unable to achieve during his two terms.”


          2. Godzilla February 28, 2015

            You do realize you have no integrity and can’t be believed about anything, right?

          3. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            As I’ve said before, I could care less whether or not You believe it because you don’t have the brains of a 6-year old. So that’s not going to keep me from posting facts to refute you and your low IQ buddies outright lies, distortions of the truth and fabrications of reality, which I’m comfortable that sane posters on the NM will believe who aren’t wedded to Faux News and you RWNJ’s lies.

          4. charleo1 March 1, 2015

            Keep posting my friend! Ignore the trolls looking for attention. This one’s got less than usual. He, “thinks,” and I use that term very loosely, we’re all ‘Communist, and Fascists.’ Which actually reveals a World of what he, and many wingers like him, don’t know about either. If fact we’re finding out the ignorance level of a large segment of the U.S. population is more profound than anyone had previously realized, or would have guessed. Except for P.T. Barnum of course. Who was all over it more than 100 ago. Now we have a set of new circus ringmasters, relying on the same principle of not going broke overestimating the intelligence of the American public. And like P.T. are finding acres of fertile ground, in the vacuous minds of the Right. Who literally now live in a totally self contained, esoteric dome of misinformation. Where Communists may also be Fascists, who then easily become America hating, Democrats. Where opposing teacher’s unions can be conflated as akin to taking on Mid-Eastern Terrorists. Then a President, who has killed thousands of terrorists to date, may be openly accused of supporting them. And no one bats an eye. Because it’s all said in an atmosphere, of you’re with for us, or you’re against us. Where no one dare stand up and question anything, lest they risk being labeled, un-American, or a traitor, a terrorist, or a craven liar. This, as the gratuitous/meaningless words of freedom, liberty, or patriotism, are being interjected into the conversation at nearly every other word. This all a testament to a staggering lack of awareness of a population where a third believe man roamed the Planet with the dinosaurs. And has existed on Earth in his present form, since shortly after creation.

          5. Independent1 March 1, 2015

            Thanks!! It seems like we’ve had an especially large onslaught recently of more fanatical RWNJs, who seem intent on disrupting the blogging of the sane posters here. I kind of miss being able to exchange thoughts on NM articles without being distracted by the nonsensical posts of people like Mike, Joe Schmuck, Angelsinca and other flakes. It’s a bit beyond me what these wackos think they’re accomplishing; I know for me, they’re making me even more anti Republican; even though I had voted for Republicans in the past – that’s not likely to happen again anytime soon, unless the GOP makes some big changes in its failed ideologies.

          6. charleo1 March 1, 2015

            You’re welcome! And pay no never mind to these dead enders. Do not let them distract you from your excellent comments here, on both the truth, and the lies. I find them actually helpful at times. When their rat hole philosophies reveal their true Authoritarian inclinations. Their lack of respect for freedom of expression, and their disdain for anyone who disagrees even in the slightest from their Right Wing Groupthink mentality. You just have you a great Sunday, okay? And we’ll look forward to your future posts.

          7. Louis Allen March 1, 2015

            charleo: You are such a servile guy.
            You will actually bend over for this idiot Dependent1.

          8. charleo1 March 1, 2015

            Again with the disparagement of people you don’t know, haven’t read all that much, but are pretty sure you know what they are all about! What is it with you two lug heads? Instead of bad mouthing, why not try using facts, logic, or critical thinking to support your point? That’s if you’re not a worthless troll, and actually have one. As you must realize your personal opinion of me is not on the topic of discussion. Nor of any importance to anyone, especially to me. Look, I have a site to recommend you
            might love. It’s called, Common Dreams. The commenters there
            all think they are the smartest, wittiest, and best writers on the
            board. And no one likes or respects anyone. And everyone commenting thinks everyone else is an idiot. Try it, you might fit right in. You’re welcome!

          9. Independent1 March 2, 2015

            I’m not sure just where one of your latest mindless responses to me is so I’ll respond to your worthless self here.

            You deliberately have no responses to many of my posts because your so devoid of actual understanding of reality that all you can do is trying to denigrate the messenger. Just like the vast majority of your low IQ friends on this blog.

            In a way, I really feel sorry for you and your ilk. You don’t even realize what you and your mindless minions have deprived yourself of over the past 6 years by supporting a group of outright childish criminals that have infected our Congress over those years. You don’t even take a moment to stop and think of just how far the Republican nitwits in Congress have held back America with their constant obstructionism, and how much it may well have kept America from progressing.

            And when you’re given fact after fact that proves just how inept Republicans have been in our government since Teddy Roosevelt was in office, you turn a blind eye and deliberately refuse to believe the truth:

            That Democrats have clearly run America in a way that has been more prosperous for everyone. Our country’s GDP has grown at about a 4.5% average rate under Dems and only 2.6% under Republicans. And Democrats have clearly shown they can create far more jobs than Republicans: Reagan and the 2 Bushes in 20 years in office were able to create only 20 million jobs during those years while Carter, Clinton and Obama have created almost 39 million jobs in a little over 18 years.

            And even with respect to the stock market, it has shown a gain of over 300% during the years a Democrat was president and a net gain of ZERO during the years a Republican has been in president. Just think about that for a moment as to how much easier retirements for me and you and other Americans would be right now if those worthless Republican presidents had never been in office!!

            And even with respect to the lost lives of our soldierse. The only wars that Democrats have governed during were either wars the Republicans started or ones the enemy started against us or one of our critical allies like Britain. While Republicans outright started wars in other countries that realistically had no direct effect on America: Eisenhower got us into the Vietnam war by sending troops to Laos in 1955 and the 2 Bushes started the Gulf, Afghan and Iraq wars – and even Reagan put our troops in Lebanon where 241 of them were killed.

            And even with respect to the well being of the American citizens, instead of working to improve the lives of people below the top 20%, Republicans have worked tirelessly to destroy programs that are very popular to the vast majority of American citizens, even Republicans: they’ve fought constantly to destroy Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid while constantly working to gut the budgets of other programs that help the needy like SNAPS, WIC and others.

            And during all this, you and your ilk sit back and ignore reality and keep supporting these absolutely despicable Republican politicians that are nothing more than replicas of the Italian Mafia disguised as politicians: doing everything they can to pass legislation that will siphon tax dollars out of your my and every other Americans pocket into the pockets of the ubber wealthy. Trying constantly to turn America into the world’s 1st Corporate-Run state.

            And while doing all this, you and your ilk sit back and call yourselves Americans!!!! How appalling!! You’re no more Americans than I’m king of the world!!!!!!

          10. idamag March 2, 2015

            My advice, exactly. These white supremists are a disease on Democracy.

          11. idamag March 2, 2015

            The way you do it: Ignore them. They add nothing. They are not well educated nor well read.They are tedious. They are bullies who call names and cast aspersions because that does not call for knowing anything.

          12. Independent1 March 2, 2015

            Thanks for the suggestion!!

          13. idamag March 2, 2015

            I know some six-year-olds and believe me, they are smarter than the byllying name callers.

          14. Louis Allen March 1, 2015

            This guy, Dependent1, claims that “you don’t have the brains of a 6-year old”. OF COURSE YOU DON’T !! Because you have shown the few SANE and SMART posters in this cesspool of liberal/leftist “thought” that you have a bright, adult brain !!
            Dependent1, on the other hand, is the one that DOES have the brain of a 6-year old ………. AMOEBA !!
            LOL !!

    4. Independent1 February 28, 2015

      And don’t forget, Texas has by far the largest number of people living below the poverty level of any state in America; and leads the nation in the percentage of its people without health insurance (and obviously by far the most people also); and it ends up being in the 10 worst in the nation in 100% of 23 subjective socio/economic measures including police protection, fire protection, what its teachers get paid, the fact that it’s poor folks like most of us posting here on the NM who pay the bulk of the low texas taxes, the fact that Texas has the 3rd largest number of politicians convicted of a crime, the fact that government rating agencies rate Texas as having the 5 worst governments in America and on and on. Texas is the CESSPOOI of America – and that includes having the most polluted overall environment in the nation!!! So by all means – take it away!!!!

    5. Independent1 February 28, 2015

      And here’s some excerpts from a local OpEd article to show you the other side of the coin – the idiocy called Scott Walker:

      Walker slashed spending and cut income taxes while reducing the tax credits (typically lower-income) renters would receive, opposed a minimum wage increase and refused to take federal funds to expand Medicaid.

      Dayton increased the tax credits for renters, created a new income tax rate of 9.85 percent for the top 2 percent, cut income tax for the middle-class and raised the minimum wage to $9.50 an hour while also indexing the wage to inflation.

      The result? As Wisconsin’s LaCrosse Tribune notes, Wisconsin has “private-sector job growth that continues to lag behind the national average. The latest 12-month period numbers that ended in June show Wisconsin 32nd in the nation in job growth. Minnesota was 26th. Minnesota’s jobless rate in November was 3.7 percent. Wisconsin’s was 5.2.”

      Wisconsin has a $2 billion deficit, while Minnesota has a $1.2 billion surplus, even as Walker cut education and transportation spending and Minnesota increased both.

      Forbes ranked Wisconsin 32nd best for business, with Minnesota ranked 9th best.

      Politico reports that, “Walker is using budget gimmicks to postpone more than $100 million in debt payments.”

      Walker, a member of what columnist Jonathan Chait calls “the Republican anti-math wing,” holds firm to his belief that tax cuts boost state revenues and jobs.

      Maine’s economic growth under a Republican governor continues to lag the rest of New England and the nation. Evidence about what works should guide our direction.

      You have to agree with the LaCrosse newspaper that, “Economic measures of income and employment clearly favor Minnesota. At least Wisconsin has the Packers.”

      1. idamag March 2, 2015

        Don’t forget walker’s current gaffe, saying those who disagree with him are like ISIS

    6. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 28, 2015

      Perhaps you should secede. We’re tired of reading foaming mad diatribes about the administration while you were as quiet as a church mouse during the previous Admin’s miscues and egregious errors.
      What ails you, my friend??
      The Texas economy seriously go up? What sort of revamped LSD are you taking? I’d like to see how Texas would fare, or any other wrong-headed state run entity, in an isolationist mode—who would Texas trade with, who would sustain it faltering infrastructure, who would feed the masses of impoverished residents living in Texas??
      These are questions you should carefully consider before suggesting a willy-nilly fool-hardy proposal of secession.

      1. bikejedi February 28, 2015

        So why are all of you lazy liberals afraid they will do it ??? lol You all know why … Texas would go on being the success they are and Liberals would lose … Business would flock there for a better business environment and would prosper in the freedom … It would be beautiful

        1. Independent1 February 28, 2015

          Lazy liberals?? Is that why of the 24 states with more than 12% of theire populations on the welfare doles that 20 of them are red states? And why Texas, being 6th in people living in poverty has more people on the welfare doles than any other state??
          And why Texas is now 6th or 7th in job creation; actually behind California now?? And the only reason Texas is attracting companies is because Rick Perry has gimmicked the Texas budget to shortchange every other responsibility of government so it can give massive tax breaks and help to businesses – which by en large created a large percentage of low wage jobs; which keeps adding to number of Texans living below the poverty level. It’s all going to hit the fan one of these days and Texas is going to collapse upon itself.

          1. Louis Allen March 1, 2015

            You are talking about California, you dumbass.

          2. Independent1 March 1, 2015

            Really loser?? Why is it then that Gerry Brown has completely turned California around such that in 3 1/2 years he has been able to pay of 27 billion in debt that just one more failed Republican named Arnold ran up in his disastrous 8 years in office?? And since the beginning of 2014, California by the simple numbers has created more jobs and at a greater rate than virtually any other state in the nation – and that includes Texas!!!!

            See this:

            Gov. Jerry Brown said Wednesday that California is a “job creation engine,” defending his administration’s handling of the economy and state budget in a forceful election year speech.

            “California is definitely back,” Brown told about 1,300 people at the California Chamber of Commerce’s annual Host Breakfast in Sacramento. “Just a few years ago … a few pundits, a few national publications were talking about California as a failed state. Well, just 3 ½ years later, that deficit and that credit rating have been utterly transformed. We’ve eliminated — we, I mean the Legislature and my office working together — have eliminated a $27 billion deficit. That’s never been done before, but we did it.”

            Brown, a popular Democrat, is widely expected to win re-election in this Democrat-leaning state. Facing criticism from Republicans over the state’s high poverty and unemployment rates, Brown lauded the state’s job growth, venture capital and agricultural production.

            “This is a job creation engine,” Brown said. “It’s a place of imagination.”

            Read more here: http://blogs.sacbee.com/capitolalertlatest/2014/05/jerry-brown-calls-california-job-creation-engine.html#storylink=cpy

          3. Independent1 March 1, 2015

            And talking about creating jobs and resurrecting a state from the ashes, here’s what Mark Dayton a Republican did for Minnesota. A state that a Republican presidential wanabee named Pawlenty virtually trashed by running up 6 billion in debt and creating a measly 6,200 jobs or so in 8 years!!!

            And while Scott Walker was trashing Wisconsin and running up 2 billion in debt himself, in the state next door, Dayton was working an absolute miracle by erasing that 6 billion in debt, creating a 1.2 billion surplus and creating 172,000 jobs in just 4 years!!!

            And how did he do it?? By doing just the opposite of what you nonsensical RWNJ idiots would like to do: he raised taxes on the wealthy (although Dayton is a billionaire) and he raised the min wage and he passed legislation that requires equal pay for women: all things that Republicans are against – but they absolutely resurrected Minnesota from the ashes of once again, a Republican created DISASTER!!! And on top of all that: he also made it EASIER, rather than harder, for everyone in Minnesota TO VOTE!!!

            What happens when you tax the rich and raise the minimum wage? Meet one of USA’s best economies

            When Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton took office in 2011, Minnesota had more than a $6 billion dollar deficit and an unemployment rate of 7%. Today, Minnesota’s unemployment rate isnow below 4% and they have a budget surplus of over $1.2 billion dollars. How did Mark Dayton do this? Did he heed his Republican opponent Tom Emmer’s advice?

            No. No, he didn’t.

            During his first four years in office, Gov. Dayton raised the state income tax from 7.85 to 9.85 percent on individuals earning over $150,000, and on couples earning over $250,000 when filing jointly — a tax increase of $2.1 billion. He’s also agreed to raise Minnesota’s minimum wage to $9.50 an hour by 2018, and passed a state law guaranteeing equal pay for women.

            We all know that equal pay for women is a slippery slope that leads to voting rights and the loss of corsets and hoop skirts. Mark Dayton’s approach of making people who can afford to pay, pay, helped eliminate the deficit. Raising the minimum wage gave more people money to spend. Businesses like money and they like people who have money to spend.

            Between 2011 and 2015, Gov. Dayton added 172,000 new jobs to Minnesota’s economy — that’s 165,800 more jobs in Dayton’s first term than Pawlenty added in both of his terms combined. Even though Minnesota’s top income tax rate is the 4th-highest in the country, it has the 5th-lowest unemployment rate in the country at 3.6 percent. According to 2012-2013 U.S. census figures, Minnesotans had a median income that was $10,000 larger than the U.S. average, and their median income is still $8,000 more than the U.S. average today.

          4. Louis Allen March 1, 2015

            Deppy, you cretin:
            You liberal/leftist nincompoops (understatement for idiots), do not ever measure or nuance your thoughts !!
            Perfect example: You state: “he also made it EASIER, rather than harder, for everyone in Minnesota TO VOTE!!!”
            WOW !! What a great ADMISSION this is, coming from you!!
            “… for EVERYONE to vote” means EVERYONE, illegal immigrants, dead people, non-citizens !!
            That’s precisely what you dishonest DemocRATS want: for EVERYBODY to vote !!
            What a cretin, this looser.

          5. Independent1 March 2, 2015

            Wow!! And you keep on with your fantasies: I have links to numerous websites which prove that more than 1/2 a dozen idiot red states spent millions of dollars trying to justify their voter suppression legislation and after spending all that money find only a handful of bona fide instances when anyone like you described ever actually voted (dead, illegals, whathave you) – the percentage of those instances was actually .00007% of the votes over the past decade – a number which actually proves that what you’re trying to sell us is just one more RWNJ BLATANT LIE!!

            However, what isn’t a blatant lie, is that fact that although ‘voter fraud’ is virtually non existent, ‘election fraud’ is not. And far and away ELECTION FRAUD has been proven against Republicans time and time again: putting up fake signs in cities that give false voting information to lower income voters; calling people on the phone claiming to be legal voter takers then throwing away people’s votes; standing in voting booth lines claiming to be a legit rep of the voting district then throwing away more people’s votes; put in voting machines which have been shown to record votes for Republicans that were actually put in for Democrats; and any number of other outright nefarious schemes. I have links upon links I could post for you documenting one Election Fraud incident after another COMMITTED BY REPUBLICANS!!!

          6. Louis Allen March 2, 2015

            Deppy, you crazy loser:
            Your rants keep getting LONGER and LOOOONGER and more and more BOOOOORING.
            “I have links upon links I could post for you …”, ha, ha, haaa!! The only links you have, dummy, are excerpts of (Dem) Gov. Brown in California CLAIMING that he has done a good job.
            Of course, to morons like you and so many of the idiot “posters” on this CESSPOOL of leftist/liberal/populist/”progressive”/socialistic/communist/Obama-unconditionals/Gruberidiots “THOUGHT”, whatever Gov. Brown (or Barry Soetoro, or Pelosi, or Joe “The Clown” Biden, or Killary say, is ALWAYS the unquestionable truth.
            Oh brother.

          7. Independent1 March 2, 2015

            It’s obvious that trying to carry on a conversation with you is a waste of time: you’re clearly a long lost case. I just notified Bellview Sanitarium that they apparently left the door open and you walked out.

          8. Louis Allen March 2, 2015

            I guess it takes one to know one …

          9. Independent1 March 1, 2015

            Come on loser!! Outline for me all the great things that Republican governors have done for their states!!

            Explain to me why Chris Christie has led NJ into an absolute economic mess where he’s having to steal NJ state pension monies to try to keep NJ out of bankruptcy!!

            Explain to me why Scott Walker has driven Wisconsin to the point of 2 billion in debt and is looking to steal 100 million from educational funds again to keep from adding millions more to Wisconsin’s debts!!

            Come on!! Identify for me one Republican governor whose state isn’t struggling!!! And that includes Texas!! Abbot’s pulling all kinds of shenanigans to keep Texas from running in the red.

          10. Louis Allen March 1, 2015

            Quoting from your IDIOTIC (what can I expect from you?) post:

            “Scott Walker has driven Wisconsin to the point of 2 billion in debt and
            is looking to steal 100 million from educational funds again to keep
            from adding millions more to Wisconsin’s debts!!
            Listen to yourself, dummy, you ARE delusional !
            …. just like Lenore “Whiptaker” LOL !!

          11. Independent1 March 1, 2015

            And I missed a couple more Republican disaster states: What Corbett did to PA which now has 2 billion in debt and a new Democrat governor being asked to fix it; and the disaster capital of America called Kansas which is virtually in economic freefall.
            And I haven’t mentioned my state of Maine where our idiot governor is trying to play ever trick in the book so he can shuffle more money into the pockets of the wealthy by eliminating our income tax while foisting huge tax liabilities on us lower income property owners.

            You RWNJs really need to step back and start asking yourself – if I’m not in the top 5% – why am I supporting these politicians that are nothing more than the Italian Mafia in disguise???

          12. Louis Allen March 1, 2015

            You, the king of “copy and paste”, did it again.
            In your complete, utter leftist/liberal ignorance, you feel the “sick” need to reply to my short (but so true) post WITH THREE (3 !!) VEEERY LOOOONG POSTS of your own, the contents and “facts” of which come from a QUOTATION from a political campaign speech given by the governor of California. How DUMB can you get ?!!
            Dependent: You can not overwhelm the truth with false information/allegations contained in false posts, no matter how LONG these are, and no matter how MANY (in your case, 3 !!!) you post.
            As always, you, Dependent, are PATHETIC.
            P.S. – But everybody already knew that, even Lenore “Whip”taker.
            LOL !!!

          13. Independent1 March 1, 2015

            Sorry loser, by trying to discredit the messager
            isn’t going to buy it. Everything Brown said in that campaign speech can be easily verified. All you worthless RWNJs can do when presented with reality is to try to discredit it. That’s not going to work on this forum!! Go back to Yahoo News or one other of your RWNJ blogging sites if you think anyone is going to believe your diatribe other than the other worthless RWNJs posting on the NM!!!

          14. Louis Allen March 1, 2015

            Dependent1, you sore looser:
            YOU WISH that myself and the very few other smart posters on this cesspool of leftist/liberal “thought” would just disappear from this site. Ha, ha, ha, haa!! YOU WISH ! Won’t happen !!

            Before the smart people started posting here everything was: “You are soo correct”; “Could not have said it better myself !!”; “Dominick, why don’t you start a blog? You have so many great comments !” and so on, and so forth with self-congratulatory messages (like the IDIOTS in Hollywood congratulating themselves on the INANE Oscar night !!)
            Get a life, you dumbass.

          15. Independent1 March 1, 2015

            And as usual, you pulled the typical RWNJ trick since you can’t respond to my request about identifying a Republican governor who is really doing good things for their state: cop out and try to change the subject onto what I’m posting. Typical losers all of you!!!!!!

          16. Louis Allen March 1, 2015

            Dependent1, you pathetic, discredited loser:
            Today is a SUNDAY, for crying out loud ! Go outside, take a long walk, go to a movie (or a park, and/or to a neighborhood restaurant) and thus engage in something more productive (and more conducive to restoring your mental health) than blabbermouthing stupidities on your computer night and day, SEVEN days a week!!
            I am sure that if you ask nicely (rehearse, DEPENDENT, rehearse !) the caretakers at your zoo will let you out of your cage each and every Sunday afternoon.
            Try it.

  15. mike February 28, 2015

    Good morning, I hope all is well with you.
    I have seen the report and as you have said “can be tied”. It is all projections no actual facts.
    One more time, how many were denied treatment which cost them their lives???
    I have never said the healthcare shouldn’t be changed, nor are parts of Obamacare not without merit. What the left won’t acknowledge is that more people will have access but it doesn’t guarantee treatment will be the same or better.
    This massive healthcare law taking over a 1/5 of economy is nothing more than redistribution of wealth and more control of the American people. We were given no choice, one size fits all, some premiums have gone up, some down(all have increased maybe not as quickly as in past), but out of pocket went up as did deductibles. We were told it would lower deficit/debt, which it hasn’t, it has slowed it down. CBO and JCT will longer make projections because of the changes and delays, making estimates impossible. Having said that, CBO in Oct. 2014 went back to previous projections used new numbers available and are now projecting 130 billion deficit, not surplus in next decade.
    There also reports in major print organizations showing people are holding off treatments due to out of pocket and deductibles being so high.
    Using the Harvard study, CBO projections that even after Obamacare is implemented there will still be 30+million without insurance, one can come to the conclusion that there will be millions not thousands of Americans dying for lack of insurance that “can be tied” to lack of insurance.

    1. dtgraham February 28, 2015

      That turned out to be a difficult question to answer because there’s no national data for denial of treatment. There’s a ton of anecdotal stories on denial of treatment that I’ve read, and many are well documented, but specific records aren’t kept in that way. I didn’t know that.

      There’s no shortage of studies done by credible organizations on the topic. I could have provided you with numerous links but you’ve probably seen many of them. That Harvard study found that people without health insurance had a 40% higher risk of death than those with private health insurance–“as a result of being unable to obtain necessary medical care.” Professors David Himmelstein and Steffie Woolhandler concluded that almost 100,000 people died in the U.S. each year because of a lack of needed care (not lack of insurance). New England Journal of Medicine 336, no. 11 [1997].

      A big problem seems to be serious life threatening conditions needing longer term care that aren’t a dire emergency right at this moment. You’re not likely to receive cancer treatment or treatment for failing kidneys for example without insurance. That’s what I’m reading but I don’t know exactly how many. There’s such a thing as indigent care at public hospitals but good luck finding one and getting the treatment you need. Budget cutbacks have really hurt there including the sequester.

      I’ve heard of all of the ACA flaws but was just trying to answer that specific question. I think it should be assumed without studies that there will be unnecessary deaths in people who can’t access health insurance. Private for profit hospitals won’t treat everything despite the ER law but I don’t know exactly “how many were denied treatment which cost them their lives.” No official numbers on it. Just studies purporting to show it.

      Good chatting with you mike.

      1. idamag March 1, 2015

        I can give you an example. It happened in 2001. A young father, in a community, north of where I live; needed a liver transplant. Before they would even consider finding him one, he had to have $100,000 up front. So all up and down the valley there were fund raisers and jars in stores. There was just about enough money when his time ran out and he died. Dick Cheney got two heart transplants and his body does not want to have a heart. I took my name off the donor list.

        1. dtgraham March 2, 2015

          I don’t blame you for taking your name off the donor list under those circumstances. That sounds like something I would have done, and I’m in favour of a law forcing everyone to be on a donor list after death. This is the first I’ve heard of Cheney getting two heart transplants. The first one obviously didn’t take, and what are the odds of getting a second heart? The system is rigged in favour of the wealthy and well connected in more ways than one.

  16. idamag February 28, 2015

    The other day, I heard an old man say Obama was a coward for not sending troops to the Mideast. I asked him if his children were in the military. He replied that he had no children. So. arm chair bravery. There is an old Chinese proverb, that the man a mile away from the tiger is brave.

  17. idamag February 28, 2015

    I, too, was amazed at the numbers.

  18. idamag February 28, 2015

    I shall pray for you. After a jury found a woman, who obviously murdered her child, innocent and failed to convict a stalker who stalked and shot a boy returning from the store at 9 p.m. with candy and ice tea, I was beginning to hope global warming would destroy the whole state. You are welcome to my state. It is one of the reddest. However, it is one of the safest. I live in the Northwest and I’ll take the cold any day.

    1. Independent1 February 28, 2015

      I agree. It’s better to deal with the cold than to be at a greatly heightened probability of being dead. I live in the most northeast state in America.

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 28, 2015

      That’s just jolly good for you. You just make sure you stay cloistered in that cubbyhole somewhere in the Great Northwest. You seem the sort of guy who’d wish disaster upon others.
      Such a lovely “Christian”(?) sentiments you have.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 28, 2015

        Oh, and enjoy your “redness” but make sure you have plenty of ointment.

  19. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 28, 2015

    Dr.(?) Paul—our resident Wizard of Bizarre continues to come up with the most outlandish and irresponsible suggestions. What a disaster of a leader—it speaks volumes of the electorate that support him.

  20. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 28, 2015

    Ideological ostrichs love to avoid reputable sources of rational thinking, research, and carefully-reasoned presentations.
    If its not squawking, bellowing, braying, and/or blowing hot air from all the orifices, then it can’t be the truth—thus sayeth FOX Nation.

    1. JasonX March 5, 2015

      You sound like a big Libbie fembot Erin. Trash.

  21. Mikey7a February 28, 2015

    Once a week, no more, I force myself to try and watch an hour of Fox(hahahaha)News. More often than not, I never can make it past the 15 minute mark. It’s right around that point, that my Mrs. stomps into the room, grabs up my t.v. controller, mumbles something about “not sitting through you having a second Open Heart Surgery”clicks it off, and stomps back to the bedroom. This is a bit off topic, except that the three monkeys on Fox and Friends this morning, were actually lambasting The Republicans for daring to even hint, that they might force another Govt. Shutdown!! All was redeemed though. The very next Topic, was how stupid closing thousands of ISIS Twitter recruiting accounts, had no bearing on anything, and we should already be in a long, protracted Ground War, back in Iraq. See? As much as I do enjoy This Week in Crazy, you can turn on C-Span and see The RWNJ’s Live, daily!

  22. Godzilla February 28, 2015

    Independent1 joe schmo • 2 hours ago

    I’m a Vietnam era veteran sonny boy. You need to grow up!!! see more
    This is stolen valor and a complete LIE! This coward isn’t a veteran at all. POS!

    1. Independent1 February 28, 2015

      Wow!! And the total juvenile just goes on proving it!! Like I said, I consider the source. Sadly you just can’t grow up can you!!

      1. Godzilla February 28, 2015

        You have been warned LIAR!

        1. Louis Allen March 1, 2015

          Godzilla and bike:
          Everybody knows that Dependent1 is a LWNJ (Liberal-or Loony- same thing, Wing Nut Job).
          That’s why he joined the “loony club” presided by my ex-wife Lenore Whitaker (she now claims her name is Eleanore, the crazy cow).
          They are BOTH (mental) basket cases.

    2. Independent1 February 28, 2015

      And say! If you RWNJs are so intelligent, why is it that all you can do is trash everything that Obama and the Dems are doing, but somehow, whenever I ask, you can never seem to come up withg any really positive things that you can ell us about what you apparently think are the wonderful GOP!!

      Explain to us what it is the GOP has ever done for you that makes you make nincompoops of yourselves here on the NM!!

      1. Godzilla February 28, 2015

        Screw the GOP loser! You have stolen valor and until you recant your lies I will haunt you everyday you post here. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

        1. Independent1 February 28, 2015

          Be my guest: all the sane posters here know who the idiot is.

          1. Godzilla February 28, 2015

            Now all the posters, sane or not, know you are a lying valor stealing jerkoff.

          2. bikejedi February 28, 2015

            Independent is right … His own side knows he is a liar

          3. Louis Allen March 1, 2015

            bike and Godzilla:
            Everybody knows that Dependent1 is a LWNJ (Liberal-or Loony- same thing, Wing Nut Job).
            That’s why he joined the “loony club” presided by my ex-wife Lenore Whitaker (she now claims her name is Eleanore, the crazy cow).
            They are BOTH (mental) basket cases.

          4. bikejedi March 1, 2015

            agreed … If you want some real amusement check out some of my exchanges with James Bagley … he must be fighting for membership to that looney tunes club

          5. Godzilla March 1, 2015

            Correct. I hope they don’t mate and have offspring. Talk about diminishing the gene pool.

          6. James Bagley March 1, 2015

            We all watch while Independent paddles you bigot-butt to a rosy red color. If you had shame, you’d be embarrassed at how badly you lose every exchange, but you are a Tea Bagger. Tea Baggers have no sense of shame or they would run and leap off the edge of the Earth.

          7. bikejedi March 1, 2015

            Well now you are either being silly or flat out LYING … I haven’t seen you post before so I will assume you are new . As such you probably have missed that I have cleaned his clock in every single debate we have ever had . By the 2nd or 3rd comment he is usually just reduced to his immature and intolerant name calling and that is why I don’t engage him anymore …

          8. bikejedi February 28, 2015

            Even your side knows you lie and are an idiot

          9. Independent1 February 28, 2015

            As spoken by new of the most despised posters on the NM.

          10. Godzilla February 28, 2015

            That should by my claim! Lying little twat!

          11. James Bagley March 1, 2015

            Of all the posters on the NM, you currently hold the all-time record for lying. The 37,369 words you have posted so far contain a record 48,321 lies. Congratulations.

        2. Independent1 February 28, 2015

          But nice cop out. Can’t think of anything wonderful to say about the GOP huh???

          1. Godzilla February 28, 2015

            The GOP has just slightly more integrity than you, not by much though. Lying valor stealing jerk that I will haunt until you come clean, LIAR!

      2. idamag March 2, 2015

        Bullies are name callers. Facts take reading comprehension. That is why all they can do is trash and call names.

      3. BOC March 2, 2015

        Anything constructive and meaningful scares them. They are terrified of making a solution to a problem because of their track record of failure and catastrophic results.

      4. Jmz Nesky March 3, 2015

        Simple Indy.. They believe in the GOP no matter the facts and they are compelled to stand behind that belief and defend it to your childrens death because if they second guess themselves, if they go against their beliefs then it would truly reveal them as hypocrites thus, better to be considered a nincompoop than pathetic hypocrites. Plus, they actually enjoy being a…

    3. Eleanore Whitaker March 1, 2015

      Godzilla…Congratulate yourself. You have single handedly identified the Wuss Generation in all its glory. These guys are somewhere between the ages of 35 and 50 and are so wrapt in getting attention.

      They will bash their own country to the delight of those men like you fought to keep from destroying our democracy.

      Now these little twerpie twits come along, mouths bigger than cow’s anuses and they go after people like you who have more experience than they will EVER have.

      The schmo is one of those HAVES who likely never had to work because his daddy made sure he lived in a cushy cushy cocoon most of his middle aged life.

      His posts are the most militant, defiant, bitter and angry and all because they can’t be the Masters of the Universe.

      What they need is a good swift kick in the pants to reactive their brains.

      1. charleo1 March 1, 2015

        You must read more of this one’s comments, Eleanor. As he lumps you in with the Liberals. Who he claims are both Communist, and Fascists.

        1. Godzilla March 1, 2015

          Don’t diminish the thought, I have no doubt EW is a Communist Hag.

          1. hicusdicus March 1, 2015

            You are both wrong she is Muslim camel toe jockey with two humps. She selects the virgins for the suicide bombers. Will they ever be in for a surprise..

          2. Eleanore Whitaker March 4, 2015

            For a corporate socialist like you sucking up MY tax dollars to keep your corporate welfare flowing, perhaps a busy assend might be more productive? Men like you have waaaaaaaaay too much free time on your hands. Go play with yourself jerk.

          3. hicusdicus March 4, 2015

            I am way ahead of you on that one. That’s what I do with my free time in between your visits. Just thinking of you makes me feel like a big jerk.

          4. Louis Allen March 5, 2015

            Again, hicus, you are killing me with LAUGHTER!
            I can’t BREATHE!!
            P.S. – I am sure my stupid ex-wife is seething angry!!
            ROTFLMAO !!

          5. Eleanore Whitaker March 4, 2015

            Oh please DO DO DO diminish YOUR hater boy thoughts. Sorry, little man…either you move with the rest of us or we leave your assbrains behind.

          6. Louis Allen March 5, 2015

            Listen to yourself, dear: “… either you move with the rest of us or we leave your assbrains behind.”
            As crazy as when we were husband and (bad) wife, I see.

          7. Eleanore Whitaker March 5, 2015

            Nut job listen to THYself. You can’t listen to yourself. You babble like a baboon in heat. Try again.

          8. Louis Allen March 5, 2015

            Ellie, you IGNORAMUS:
            They are both acceptable, …. the only difference being that “thyself” is Old English, …. like yourself.
            LOL !!!
            What an idiot !!

          9. Eleanore Whitaker March 5, 2015

            Louie….Get a life. You’ve been sitting at a computer for over a month now obsessing over trying to get the last word. If you’re trying to prove your case for mental insanity…we get it.

            If not, do get some help…and take a shower…preferably a cold one. Hot nuts are highly flammable with all that odor you are likely reeking.

          10. Louis Allen March 5, 2015

            Lenore, my dear ex-wife:
            1) You have made such a fool of yourself on this CESSPOOL of leftist/liberal/idiotic thought.
            2) No one, sweet tits, NOT EVEN ONE of your fellow Gruber-idiots has come to your rescue; that’s because they admit that because of Jack Daniels abuse you are too far gone.
            3) Get a life (without me), Lenore bitch; no more “Mr. Nice Guy” (hee, hee!) from me.
            You, dear, are a PATHETIC, men-hating, vengeful, mean, uncharitable, ignorant (especially that!), DIRTY, foul-mouthed, lesbianic, miserable, stingy, lazy STUPID IDIOT.
            ….. and EVERYBODY has noticed, Lenore.
            STOP making such a fool of yourself.
            Not that I care; couldn’t care less….
            P.S. –

        2. bikejedi March 1, 2015

          She is simply a hateful loon is what she is … If she were on my side I would be agreeing with the other side as to her level of crazy and I would be asking her to stop making us look bad

          1. Eleanore Whitaker March 4, 2015

            Aw….little bikey hates that someone else has more brains than him. Gee…I’m guessing as much as you asshats hate this president, a woman in the White House will cause (I can only hope) terminal hemorrhoids? What will you Great White Angry CONfederates do? Resume the Salem Witch Trials and burn her at the stake? You’ll be lucky not to have those big mouths stuffed by there rest of us fed up with your BS.

          2. bikejedi March 4, 2015

            My poor sad Lenore quoth the Raven nevermore . Well if someone has more brains that would indicate they have a bigger cranium not more intelligence so it would indicate you have a big head and are just well stupid . Did you catch Killary saying ” dont you want to see a woman President “? Well I have no problem with a woman but it’s like Killary is just making the case to vote for her regardless of the fact she is totally unqualified and a pathological liar just because she is ( or says she is ) a woman . In short I would have no problem voting for a qualified woman with a record of accomplishment and honesty but I don’t care for people who are appealing to voters to vote for her just because it would be historical … Look how bad that worked out when Stupid( Grubers words ) voters believed the lies and voted for Obama . If she gets elected will it be like Obama where no matter how epically and historically bad he is you aren’t allowed to criticize him … and if you did you were a racist ??? It couldn’t possibly be that people aren’t racist and that he just sucks right ? hahaha You would think the last 5 years of failed domestic economic and foreign policy would have taught Liberals the folly of supporting someone who is totally without any qualification has proven to be devoid of ethics and morals is totally anti American and who are PATHOLOGICAL LIARS ? I mean who did it work out when Liberals voted for Obama ? Especially since most were prodded to vote for him just because of his race …hmmm … Now Liberals want to make the same mistake with a woman candidate ???? You think the failure of Obama would have scared the crap out of you . Oh , and dear Lenore …. the Confederate slave owners were all Democrats and they were angry as hell… Poor ignorant bitter man hating Lenore quoth the Raven … Lenore just isn’t getting enough Dick and will Nevermore .. She will be bitter and hateful evermore … Maybe she needs a man with testosterone even more but she hangs with lil Liberal boi’s and they need more …….

          3. BOC March 23, 2015

            You’re very confused.

          4. bikejedi March 23, 2015

            Yes she is

            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          5. Louis Allen March 23, 2015


        3. Eleanore Whitaker March 2, 2015

          Thank you Charles. I shall. The reason the CONS are so hateful is they actually hate themselves most. I do not consider myself an ideologue. However, I am avidly progressive and a populist.

          Here’s why. First of all, I’ve worked with men who had the most incredibly progressive minds. It simply was not possible to be disrespectful for a tiny moment to their foresight and vision that propels progress. I am a dedicated populist because I believe people, not businesses are the priority in our democracy.

          When you consider what the CONS hate most: labor, voting rights, women’s rights, reforms, progress, advancement, regulations and law and order, you see where they go off the deep end in any post they try to validate.

          What I hate most are wasted minds that refuse to be open to new ideas and those viciously, militant minds who are addicted to control for control’s sake.

          A conservative today cares more about lining their pockets and preserving their long standing traditions of corruption and violence in any form they can manage.

          It’s no secret why they keep us in for profit endless wars. It’s their violent, lawless natures. It’s no surprise they tie every tiny aspect of life in the US to a corporate profit. It’s their nature to be corrupt.

          Honesty is not their strong suit. Sneaky, underhanded, high handed outright lying and deception is always the first rung of their ladder to take control.

          Wouldn’t you think they learned something from the legacies of GOP Presidents who have been the worst in US history?

          1. charleo1 March 2, 2015

            Well said, Eleanor! Thanks for saying it like it is.

          2. mike March 3, 2015

            I see you are spewing more garbage, as has been your modus operandi.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker March 4, 2015

            I see you are still spewing your rage, bitterness, anger and blindness. Little wonder to you boys, truth and facts are “garbage.” If brains like yours were at all functioning, it would be to fill a landfill of trash. Sorry, you can’t get in there, turn all the screws to your advantage. Do you little boys of the Great White Angry Male Bulls ever grow up? More’s the pity someone didn’t kick your butt to activate your brain.

          4. mike March 4, 2015

            LMAO!! is all your post is worth.

          5. Independent1 March 4, 2015

            Wow!! Does Eleanore ever have you pegged for the absolute dirtbag you really are!!! You’ll have to exlain to us some day how you and your rotten filthy ilk ever sleep with yourselves and are evere able to clean yourselves of that filth of lies, distortions of the truth and total fabrications you wallow in every day!!!

          6. mike March 4, 2015

            Wow!!! Another inane comment from you.
            The fabrication is all yours.
            As to you, LMAO!!!!

          7. BOC March 23, 2015

            He is not in control of his actions. A spirit is a manipulative thing when its not of God.

          8. BOC March 24, 2015

            Watch out, Independent1 they both will claim that you are most certainly, Lenore or Eleanore. They both are in ‘twitch-mode.’

          9. Eleanore Whitaker March 5, 2015

            Laugh all you like. It doesn’t ever change facts or truths I know I can prove. Your laughing requires professional mental help. Little children always laugh when they’ve told a lie, done something they shouldn’t or have gotten caught. So do you. Get help.

          10. mike March 5, 2015

            You wouldn’t know a truth even if it hit you between the eyes.
            Still laughing at an insipid person, you!!!

          11. Eleanore Whitaker March 5, 2015

            My I ask just why it is you feel YOUR opinions are truth? As Sen. Patrick Moynihan once stated, “You can have your own opinions. You can’t have your own truths.”

            You are a certifiable moron. You think your opinions are fact.

          12. mike March 5, 2015

            Back at you.

          13. mike March 5, 2015

            Back at you.

          14. BOC March 23, 2015

            NO! He keeps attempting to turn lies into truths.

          15. Louis Allen March 23, 2015

            How can you write to Lenore when you are HER??

          16. BOC March 24, 2015

            Nice try! No I am Not.

          17. Louis Allen March 24, 2015

            Yes you are. Yes you are.
            Her self-congratulatory self is so obvious.

          18. BOC March 24, 2015

            I’ll call the wagon for you.

          19. BOC March 25, 2015

            You’re a blind man and don’t know it. Stop torching yourself in this fashion, it’s embarrassing and I’m sure she’s laughing at you.

          20. BOC March 25, 2015

            That blogger has you all wound-up.

          21. Louis Allen March 25, 2015

            You are a mad cow, dear.

          22. BOC March 26, 2015

            That’s because you are blind. Follower’s generally are.

          23. Louis Allen March 26, 2015

            On the contrary: I can see right through you, Lenore.

          24. BOC March 27, 2015

            A figment of your imagination.

          25. Louis Allen March 27, 2015

            Ha, ha, haa!!
            Lenore, you crazy fat cow:
            “Figment” is exactly the word I used in one of my “endearing” messages to you a while ago.
            Go back to your pigsty, “BOC”.

          26. BOC March 24, 2015

            No! Louie.

          27. BOC March 25, 2015

            Trust me, I’m not her.

          28. BOC March 23, 2015

            She’s not boring, that would be you.

          29. mike March 23, 2015

            Only in your vacuous brain.

          30. BOC March 23, 2015

            Empty, are your posts.

          31. Eleanore Whitaker March 5, 2015

            Laugh all you like. It doesn’t ever change facts or truths I know I can prove. Your laughing requires professional mental help. Little children always laugh when they’ve told a lie, done something they shouldn’t or have gotten caught. So do you. Get help.

          32. BOC March 23, 2015

            So at the very least, you have an idea where the threshold is you have to reach before you can engage her in conversation.

          33. Louis Allen March 23, 2015

            That LOW???!!!!!

          34. BOC March 25, 2015

            Yes, you are.

          35. Louis Allen March 23, 2015

            This idiot BOC is REALLY Lenore Ferrantis posing as somebody called “BOC”.
            She is PATHETIC.

          36. BOC March 24, 2015

            No! I am not her. Stop ASSuming things because you are so confounded. I don’t know Lenore or a Eleanore. My threads are based on the content, or lack thereof, on these so-called threads.

          37. BOC March 23, 2015


          38. dpaano March 18, 2015

            Mike: Apparently, you don’t recognize intelligence when you read it….typical!

          39. mike March 18, 2015

            Oh, I recognize when it is present but I haven’t seen an intelligent remark from you or Ferranti.

          40. BOC March 23, 2015

            Open your eyes and when you do, don’t look at the trees, look at the forest.

          41. Louis Allen March 23, 2015

            GOOD one !!

          42. BOC March 23, 2015

            In Mike’s and a few others on this thread, intelligence is not allowed dialog.

          43. Louis Allen March 23, 2015

            deep anus:
            Mike surely CAN recognize intelligence when he reads it; it’s just that there is NONE in this crazy cow’s posts….

          44. BOC March 23, 2015

            Reads very factual to me. We know that you have trouble coming up with anything credible. You find a rock but never lift it to look underneath, because you are afraid of what you might find.

          45. mike March 23, 2015

            You wouldn’t know a fact it hit you between the eyes.

        4. BOC March 23, 2015

          Lost in the wilderness, for sure.

      2. Louis Allen March 1, 2015

        Lenore dear:
        Try to make some sense, dear, at least SOMETIMES?
        Please, pretty please??
        P.S. – I am soooo glad I divorced you before you became an alcoholic.

        1. Godzilla March 1, 2015

          LMAO! Your communist hag ex wife and Dependent1 can team up for the next installment of the Dumb and Dumber trilogy.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker March 2, 2015

            Louis is a liar. You know? Like You. I have never met this mental patient. He was asked 6 times to give my mother’s maiden name and couldn’t. He evaded 3 times the question of who the divorce court judge ever was because he like you is a liar and can’t do much more than have his sick fantasies.

            Time for you idiots to get lost. I was married to a man for 15 years from Florida. He died in a year Louis BS artist cannot name. At what point do you asshats EVER realize how you make complete fools of yourselves?

            What do the Koch boys and Murdoch pay you mental patients to post all of your lie and your BS tripe? Worse, it serves to prove that the Koch boy hunt around mental hospitals to dig up mental patients like you and Louis BS artist.

            To prove my point of how mentally ill the right wing in the US is today, if a guy like Louie can convince a moron like you he and I have ever met, it proves the two of you both need group therapy in a mental hospital.

          2. Louis Allen March 5, 2015

            Lenore, dear:
            1) “I was married to a man for 15 years from Florida.” WOW !!
            “15 years from Florida” IS a looooong, loooooooong distance, dear!!
            Are you sure?

          3. BOC March 23, 2015

            How much do these trolls and bots get paid.

          4. Louis Allen March 23, 2015

            BOC, you slob, how much does George Soros pays YOU??
            Get a life and stop “defending” a CRAZY COW !!!!

          5. BOC March 25, 2015

            So, you’re baffled by it all are you.

          6. BOC March 23, 2015

            Another one with nothing to say. Stop posting.

        2. BOC March 23, 2015

          Slander gets you nowhere fast.

          1. Louis Allen March 23, 2015

            BOC, you are pathetic. You are responding to something I posted 22 days ago.
            1) This is not slander. What I say about this crazy cow, whose name is really LENORE (why she now calls herself Eleanore, I have no idea!), is the truth.
            2) Get a life. Go outside and get some fresh air. Learn to read.

          2. BOC March 24, 2015

            There is never anything pathetic about the truth. Are you telling us you have nothing intelligent to say, that seems to be what I’m reading from your post.

            I got credentials, how about you?

          3. Louis Allen March 26, 2015

            Yep. I guess being the “Head Loonie” at the Lenore Whittaker Institution for the Mentally Retarded can be “credentials”.
            LOL !!!

    4. Guest March 1, 2015

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    5. BOC March 2, 2015

      Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a debilitating anxiety disorder that occurs after experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event that involves a real or perceived threat of injury or death.

      Agent Orange has multiple health problems, including mental disabilities. We understand your behavior and will continue to pray for you.

  23. idamag March 2, 2015

    With all the gun nuts, with itchy fingers, you’d think they could raise a militia group to go over there and fix the problem. Only one draw back for them, ISSA shoots back.

  24. dpaano March 18, 2015

    Just when I think they can’t get any more idiotic….they prove me wrong!!!


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