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Weekend Reader: The Center Holds: Obama And His Enemies

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Weekend Reader: The Center Holds: Obama And His Enemies


This week, Weekend Reader brings you an excerpt from Jonathan Alter’s new book, The Center Holds: Obama and His Enemies. Don’t jump to conclusions — this isn’t your run-of-the-mill Obama-loving account of his life and presidency. But trust us, you won’t see it on any Fox News bestseller list either. Alter delves into President Obama’s campaigns and his presidency with the help of well-placed sources close to the center of power in both Washington and Chicago. The Center Holds provides a candid account of the many ups — and countless downs — of this president’s tumultuous tenure. 

You can purchase the book here.

Significant political change in the United States is usually the result of social movements that work their way into the political realm. The years 2009–12 saw the emergence of an angry reactionary movement that will be best remembered for the part it played in the 2010 midterms and for the severe political dysfunction that flowed from that election. Its racial and ethnic undertones were subordinated to a brilliant marketing pitch: the old whines of even older white conservatives bottled as a refreshing new tonic for anxious voters.

At bottom, the Tea Party—the fastest growing political brand of the modern era—was more a temperament than a specific agenda for change. Its unifying idea was visceral opposition to the left in general and to Barack Obama in particular, especially to Obamacare and what conservatives considered the “socialistic” expansion of government. The movement was animated by a sense of foreboding that the survival of the nation was on the line, with opposition to immigration and Islam bringing together disparate elements of the coalition. Obama’s “otherness,” his not-from-here quality, became a euphemism for race and fueled absurd conspiracy theories.

At first it seemed as if the Tea Party was a godsend to the GOP. The energy it brought to the conservative movement helped its five pre-existing wings get along. The economic establishment wing (deficit hawks), the neoconservative wing (foreign policy hawks), the antigovernment libertarian wing, and the Christian right wing all worked together with the help of the Murdoch-owned media wing: Fox News, the Wall Street Journal editorial page, and the New York Post.

One of the achievements of the Tea Party was to convince social conservatives to embrace an economic agenda. To Rob Stein, one of the founders of the liberal Democracy Alliance, this was an important moment in recent political history. Stein figured the billionaires subsidizing the conservative infrastructure must have experienced “orgiastic joy” when they found out the Tea Party could be the arms and legs of libertarianism and turn it into a grassroots movement. The result was that one strain of conservatism, an ideology of enlightened selfishness, took center stage.

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It wasn’t clear if the energy behind the movement would translate into genuine power on the ground, where the Republican gap with Democrats seemed to be shrinking. Unions, once the backbone of the Democratic Party, had slid from representing 35 percent of American workers in 1954 to 11 percent in 2012 (and only 7 percent in the private sector). Labor still had plenty of bite, especially when it came to the use of union dues for political campaigns. But the left trailed the right in building party infrastructure. It had no comparable network of closely linked organizations and no feeder system for the young. The progressives’ best training ground and alumni association was the 2008 Obama campaign.

The Tea Party was born three weeks after Obama took office, when a libertarian business reporter for CNBC, Rick Santelli, lit into the new administration on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade for making Americans “pay for [their] neighbor’s mortgage [when he has] an extra bathroom and can’t pay the bills.” In fact Obama had unveiled a modest foreclosure relief bill that week but never endorsed a full housing bailout; he and his advisers thought it would have been political suicide to rescue every homeowner facing foreclosure. But Santelli’s call for a “Chicago Tea Party” resonated, and within hours twenty conservative activists using the Twitter hashtag #tcot (top conservatives on Twitter) held a conference call to build on the idea. Greta Van Susteren’s Fox News Channel show picked up the story, and by tax day on April 15, 2009—less than three months after Obama took office—tea parties had spread to 850 communities, fueled by round-the-clock coverage on Fox, where four anchors went so far as to cobrand with the movement by reporting, and cheerleading, on scene from “FNC Tea Parties.”

It was hard to discern what lay behind the sense of outrage. Amy Kremer, a former flight attendant and real estate broker who helped organize Tea Party Patriots and later Tea Party Express, believed that the million or so people who took part that first spring were “united by anger over Washington not listening.” But listening about what? The bank and auto bailouts were rarely mentioned by Tea Party members asked about their grievances. Despite some grumbling, no one had organized street protests on the right when President Bush pushed through huge bailouts, not to mention trillions in new spending on wars and a prescription drug benefit that wasn’t paid for.

In late 2009 Obama said that he thought it was the debate over the stimulus that led to the Tea Party. (At the time, he was paying so little attention to the protesters that he inadvertently called them “teabaggers.”) But when he saw the “Take Our Country Back” placards on television, he was under no illusions about the racial subtext. “‘Take back the country’?” he said one night to a couple of friends gathered in the treaty room in the residence. “Take it back from . . . ?” he didn’t need to finish the sentence.


  1. Eleanore Whitaker June 8, 2013

    The enemies of this president are enemies of all Americans. If all these enemies want is a white, middle aged male president, that’s a very telling commentary on who they want in control…white middle aged males. It that the only representation of the United States government to hope for?

    1. labrown69 June 8, 2013

      You are a clueless air head and so are the others around this site who spend their whole life in denial that Obama ran against the Patriot Act in 2008 and then took Bush’s worst policies even further down the field. Nothing
      this administration does from here on out will effect your
      Constitutional rights because we don’t have any. It is existing law that
      the military can arrest you because the sky is blue, they can hold you
      until you die of old age without charging
      you with anything and they can either kidnap you to a foreign country
      and torture you or they can just fly a drone overhead and blow you to
      kingdom come and this is all within current law so to speak of our
      constitutional rights is a little late. When we only have rights if they
      “say we have them” we don’t have em anymore. The Patriot Act and the NDAA are a de facto repeal of the Bill of Rights and a declaration of martial law into perpetuity but don’t let little details like that interfere the the hero worship of the essence of your idolatry.

      1. WhutHeSaid June 8, 2013

        Do you ever wake up in the morning and ask yourself when you became so nutty?

        The sky isn’t falling, Chicken Little. Just the fact that you and others can spew out your opinions here without fear of reprisals should tell you that the US Constitution is still in full force and hasn’t been repealed. If you have concerns about the Patriot Act and other policies/programs enacted by the Republicans under Bush, then by all means complain that Obama has not undone the damage inflicted by the Bush Administration fast enough. But to make absurd and hysterical claims about the demise of the US Constitution just because you don’t like the current administration just makes you sound like a fruit loop.

        I too dislike the Republican-manufactured Patriot Act and drone program, but I’m not going to cry about the end of the world or dance around in dog feces wearing a tri-cornered hat because of it. There’s a difference between Tea Baggers and real people who dislike government overreach — it’s called the truth. Tea Baggers only started hating the Patriot Act, Guantanamo and drone strikes when the President became black. Real people disliked them all along, and you won’t see them dancing around in the Tea Party’s rhetorical dog turds just because the bitter bigots suddenly SAY they dislike government overreach.

        1. labrown69 June 8, 2013

          After campaigning against the Patriot Act, Obama has greatly enhanced the Patriot Act and if you don’t realize that you are too blindly partisan to carry on a rational conversation on this topic. Even the right wing Reagan administration indicted 1200 bankers after a much lesser failure of our financial services industry and to date Obama’s score is ZERO while the economy stagnates and the middle class atrophies. You sycophants make me ill.

          1. WhutHeSaid June 8, 2013

            It seems to me that you brought your illness with you. If you could read with comprehension you’d see that I dislike the Patriot Act and drone program, but you are apparently too busy hyperventilating over a black man in the White House to pay attention.

            When real people hear the constant stream of hysterical bullshit spewing forth from the redneck goober Tea Bigots they tend to close their ears.

          2. labrown69 June 8, 2013

            I voted twice for Obama because the alternative was even worse but if you were thinking you would thank the Tea Baggers and the racists who are a small minority but apparently are the only ones doing the right thing for the wrong reasons and in doing so waking up jerks like those on this site who are asleep at the switch as long as it is a Democrat stealing their freedom. I don’t give shit who says what … right is right and wrong is wrong and ignoring the Bill of Rights is dead wrong even when a Tea Bagger points it out. You people are unable to think.

          3. WhutHeSaid June 8, 2013

            I don’t thank bigots and racists for being despicable even if I believe that their antics serve as a useful warning for the rest of us. Tea Baggers serve as a warning to us all that vile and despicable people still exist.

            If Obama received a real vote for every person who CLAIMED to vote for him on this site he would have gotten far more votes than there are voters.

            For all of the times that you accuse others of being unable to think, you appear not only incapable of lucid thought but also incapable of understanding plain written English. I’ve now posted more than once that there are things that I don’t like about what our government is doing, but it didn’t appear to register in your consciousness.

            For whatever policies I oppose, I will take actions to do what I can to correct them that make sense. Hysterical rumor-mongering, hating, and bigoted behavior is not a rational approach to problem-solving. If vile and despicable behavior and rampant lying were answers to our problems, then perhaps I could appreciate the Tea Party. But vile and despicable behavior and lying are NOT solutions — they’re just vile and despicable — so I see the Tea Bigots as being about as useful as dog-shit on my shoes and far less pleasant.

          4. labrown69 June 9, 2013

            I see you as being unaware that you already have dog shit on your shoes and between your ears as well:

            Now read your Huffington Post moron:

            Extraordinary Rendition Report Finds More Than 50 Nations Involved In Global Torture Scheme

            WASHINGTON — The U.S. counterterrorism practice known as
            extraordinary rendition, in which suspects were quietly moved to secret
            prisons abroad and often tortured, involved the participation of more
            than 50 nations, according to a new report released Tuesday by the Open Society Foundations.

            The OSF report, which offers the first wholesale public accounting of
            the top-secret program, puts the number of governments that either
            hosted CIA “black sites,” interrogated or tortured prisoners sent by the
            U.S., or otherwise collaborated in the program at 54. The report also
            identifies by name 136 prisoners who were at some point subjected to
            extraordinary rendition.

          5. WhutHeSaid June 9, 2013

            What does that have to do with the US Constitution, Einstein? Nothing, that’s what.

            You continuously prove that you either can’t understand English very well or you just don’t pay attention. I’ve already stated on multiple occasions that there are things the US government does that I don’t like. The problem is that you seem to equate being a vile and despicable Tea Bigot with actually caring about these issues, when nothing could be further from the truth. Tea Bigots hate Obama because he’s black, and that’s all they really care about except perhaps for the desire to cheat on their lowest-in-over-60-years taxes. We expect such things from vile and despicable people.

            The difference between Obama and Bush on this issue is that Bush and his sordid and hateful Vice President purposefully lied and cheated in order to inflict torture on people, while Obama outlawed the practice immediately. It’s a matter of character, really, which is something that I don’t expect vile and despicable Tea Bigots to ever understand because they never had any.

          6. labrown69 June 9, 2013

            “What does this have to do with the Constitution”??? I guess nothing UNLESS YOU THINK THE BILL OF RIGHTS IS PART OF IT…………….. Einstein! There is not a right in the entire Bill of Rights which the Patriot Act and the NDAA does not violate. Here is a headline that you would do well to take note of because not all of my fellow liberals are empty headed partisans like you.

            Democratic Lawmakers Bail on Obama Over Surveillance Program – Wyden, Udall Rebuff Obama on NSA Surveillance Program

            Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.com http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/democrats-obama-surveillance/2013/06/09/id/508837?s=al&promo_code=13C52-1#ixzz2Vl2XHvzi

            President Barack Obama is losing support among numerous Democratic
            lawmakers with each new controversy engulfing the scandal-weary White

            The disclosures this week that the Obama administration has seemingly
            morphed into a surveillance state by sifting through millions of
            Americans’ phone and Internet records has angered left-of-center
            Democratic Sens. Ron Wyden of Oregon and Mark Udall of Colorado who are
            in open disagreement with the president.

            “We disagree with the statement that the broad Patriot Act collection
            strikes the ‘right balance’ between protecting American security and
            protecting Americans’ privacy. In our view it does not,” the senators

            Liberal icon and former presidential contender Al Gore also lashed out
            in a tweet that the secret blanket surveillance was “obscenely

          7. WhutHeSaid June 9, 2013

            Pardon me for saying so, but you complained about the extraordinary rendition practice, which is only employed against detainees who are non-citizens. This makes you appear to be a dolt, since the US Constitution only protects the rights of citizens.

            Under Bush this was a favored way to conduct torture without getting your hands dirty. Obama put into place some rules that are supposed to prevent the use of torture, although I don’t know how well that works in reality.

            Either way you don’t appear to know what you are talking about.

          8. labrown69 June 9, 2013

            You got it all figured out dont ya? First of all the NDAA authorizes rendition to be used on Americans as well nor was my sole complaint ever rendition alone but rather the repeal of all of our rights. Furthermore you idiot, the article I posed demonstrated beyond a doubt that the CIA has arrested the wrong guy more than a dozen times so if they don’t know who the fucking guy is how do you suppose they are going to verify citizen ship or not. One CIA arrest was perpetrated against a college professor who was held without charge for 5 months. It turned out they arrested a terrorist suspect who had taken his class and gotten a bad grade. It is sad that men like me have to explain this to fools like you who have the unselfconscious temerity to call anyone a dolt. If you are not pissed off about the government over reach just as much as you were when Bush did it than have the ethical acumen of something off the bottom of a shoe.

          9. labrown69 June 9, 2013

            But don’t worry about a thing … Obama will learn about it from the nightly news. You would give him a blow job if he was here.

          10. WhutHeSaid June 9, 2013

            With every post you prove yourself incapable if both rational thought and reading with comprehension. That makes you a dolt in my book.

            The NDAA DOES NOT authorize the US military to go around rounding up US citizens. It contains very specific language for people engaged in hostile activities against the US in alliance with Al Qaeda and the Taliban. I do not support this authority anywhere, but you are probably too stupid to understand this.

            You can thank people like Lindsay Graham and John McCain for this kind of bullshit, as well as most of the Republicans in the House. The House even fought hard to once again obstruct Obama’s goal of closing Guantanamo, which in my opinion was always a travesty. I don’t hear you squealing about that — why not, I wonder?

            I do not support wiretapping, email-mining or other electronic eavesdropping on US citizens without a warrant either, but that doesn’t mean that I will ever support the vile and despicable Tea Bigots. What the bigots in the Tea Party want is worse: they would like to strip away entire constitutional amendments and rights from entire groups of citizens based upon their race or ethnicity.

            This crap all originated primarily with Bush and the Republicans, so it’s just another horrible example of what so-called conservatives do when given the chance. Get your facts straight, stop over-hyping the reality of the situation and you might find that many more people would agree with you.

          11. labrown69 June 9, 2013

            And of course our devoted government agencies always act with integrity so why not give them unfettered power. The NDAA most certainly does allow US citizens to be “rounded up” and all that is necessary is an accusation. You are a blind partisan and you are convinced that all the ills of the world are caused by Bush and the GOP and nothing I or anyone says will change your mind. It is sad because I only hold Obama responsible for what he is responsible for and you don’t even know what he is responsible for and when it is presented to you you shut your eyes and put your fingers in your ears like a child. You are not part of a constituency .. you are part of a fan club and that is why we have the government we do.

          12. WhutHeSaid June 9, 2013

            You are so thick that I’m guessing you must suffer from bad acid flashbacks or something similar. You certainly appear incapable of listening to what other people are actually saying.

            People do what they feel they can get away with, and that’s especially true with government (which is also made up of people). I always expect the government to try to get away with what they can, just like I expect people in general to do so. Trying is one thing — succeeding is quite another.

            I don’t shut my eyes or put my fingers in my ears even rhetorically, but you appear to do it literally. From the sheer number of times I’ve clearly stated my opposition to government intrusion, your inability to ‘get it’ either makes you dumber than your average rock or suffering from the aforementioned flashbacks.

            Almost every single gripe you’ve been ranting about — at least the ones with any truth to them — are entirely attributable to the Bush administration or Republican members of Congress. Obama has very little to do with any of them, except that he can be held accountable for general overall responsibility of the executive branch of government. That’s a far cry from the active participation and/or outright deception practiced by members of the Bush administration and members of Congress (most usually Republican). That’s a fact — not partisanship. That’s not to say that he doesn’t do some things that I disapprove of, but you are either too thick or drug-addled to understand this point.

            The long and short of all this is that Obama is the least of your problems if you are truly worried about government intrusion. I don’t believe this is what you’re worried about at all. I’m not really sure yet what drives you since you appear to veer all over the map with wild accusations and declarations that bear no resemblance to actual fact. For now my money is on the flashback theory.

          13. labrown69 June 9, 2013

            The mass foreclosures of American homes are entirely attributable to Obama refusing to hold banks to existing black letter law. You can blame Bush till the cows come home but the market went soft in 06 and continued sliding backwards however Bush never really had a chance to address the foreclosures when he bailed out the banks in exchange for a pledge to modify loans, a pledge with which they have used every trick in the book to refuse to comply with successfully. Forgery, perjury, outright theft and the only song you know is Bush Bush Bush. Obama ran on two primary issues, reforming the financial services industry and ending the wars which encompassed reeling the Patriot Act back in. He has not only failed to perform either of these, he has helped the banks steal and killed more people in Afghanistan than Bush did in 8 years.

          14. WhutHeSaid June 10, 2013

            It’s funny how you like to blame Obama for crimes committed by financial institutions. What about the financial institutions themselves — do you ever feel they have any part to play in this? And oh yes, let’s not forget how hard the Republicans in Congress fought against Obama’s CFPB, Elizabeth Warren, and financial regulations in general. Are you seriously this disillusioned or just dense? All the while that you whine about Obama, you neglect to whine about the politicians fighting his efforts every step of the way, then you have the nerve to criticize his lack of success.

            All I can say to you is “Far out, man — stay away from the brown acid!”

          15. labrown69 June 10, 2013

            I expect “the bad guys” to be bad guys. I thought Obama was one of the “good guys” when I voted for him. The settlements to come out of his administration are a disgrace. As Elizabeth Warren herself just asked regulators, “how many billions of dollars does a bank have to launder for drug cartels and how many sanctions do they have to violate before you pull their charter”? The American people have suffered severe damage, not the least of which is the outright fraudulent theft of their homes as a direct result of Obama and Holder putting politics ahead of ethics. It has been official federal government policy, the policy of the Obama administration to sweep the tragedies under the
            rug. Despite the fact that we know that most of the foreclosures that have already been deemed completed were in fact illegal, we have had millions of “auction sales” in which strangers to the transaction were awarded title to the house without ever having made a single payment of
            any amount of money to originate or acquire the loan that was allegedly in default but which was fatally defective and certainly not in default despite the illusions created by Wall Street banks. I am deathly sick of people making excuses for these guys who walked right by several million slam dunks while real people lost their lives.

          16. WhutHeSaid June 11, 2013

            You know, I think it would be interesting to know why you voted for Obama (twice) as you claim. Please share with us what it was that you thought he was going to do that caused you to vote for him.

          17. labrown69 June 11, 2013

            Reason one is he does not think woman’s bodies “expel rape babies” or that evolution is a lie from the pit of hell to make me forget I need a savior” … reason two is that he promised to standup to Wall Street and end the wars and he said “To build a freer and safer world, we will lead in
            ways that reflect the decency and aspirations of the American people. We will not ship away prisoners in the dead of night to be tortured in far-off countries, or detain without trial or charge prisoners who can and should be brought to justice for their crimes, or maintain a network of secret prisons to jail people beyond the reach of the law. We will respect the time-honored principle of habeas corpus, the seven century-old right of individuals to challenge the terms of their own detention that was recently reaffirmed by our Supreme Court.” – Barak Obama OBVIOUSLY HE LIED ABOUT ALL OF THIS AND I AM PISSED.

          18. WhutHeSaid June 11, 2013

            So that leaves a couple of questions:

            1. Did Obama do the right thing by immediately banning torture?
            2. Do you believe that sending Navy Seals into Pakistan after Osama Bin Laden was a mistake?

          19. labrown69 June 11, 2013

            I do not believe he has banned torture” .. he has only given lip service to it. All the so called “enhanced interrogation” techniques are still official policy. We know that “rendition” is still administration policy and if torture was not a consideration why would they wisk suspects off to barbaric foreign countries? The CIA has always done what it wants and my guess is they still do. Anyway, if I am 100% wrong about this, even a broken clock is right twice a day and I am totally disgusted about Obama’s stand on the financial services industry and nothing else mitigates allowing the economy to plod along for 6 years while Americans suffer, knowing that it can never straighten out and the players will never return to the table until we offer an honest game. I will add that I defended Barney Frank for 8 years of Bush administration just to see him have to be dragged kicking and screaming to implement the tiniest reforms when Obama had all three houses of government. The financial services industry is a Cancer and it goes to everything else we speak about, including our foreign policy. It is the primary incentive for everything this asshole does.

            My answer to your second question is that I have mixed emotions about “getting Bin Ladin” because we violated the sovereignty of Pakistan and if we were not going around the world snuffing people by the tens of thousands there would never have been a Bin Ladin in the first place. I love the idea of killing the prick as much as anybody but radical Islam is still a huge problem and at some point we are going to have to lead by example and act civilized if we expect others to learn not to blow themselves in return for virgins etc. Bin Ladin was our creation to a large extent and a spiritual leader to these barbarians so strategically you could make a pretty good case for biting the bullet and letting the prick die of old age. This is an answer I do not feel certain of but when it comes to Obama’s relationship with the financial services industry via Geithner and Holder, to my way of thinking it eclipses every other issue.

          20. idamag June 10, 2013

            One thing I have to agree with LA is that those people in Guantanamo should have been brought to trial a long time ago. It is following the Golden Rule to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I certainly would not want to be imprisoned indefinitely without a chance to defend myself. As for me, I would like to see hearings and trials, just in case some are innocent.

          21. WhutHeSaid June 10, 2013

            LA really doesn’t gripe much about Guantanamo, presumably because he knows that Obama has tried to close it and the Republicans in Congress have blocked him. I think that all of these extralegal activities are a travesty. Terrorism isn’t really a new thing, and these kinds of actions just incite more fanaticism. As a general rule, people don’t much like being killed or maimed and will generally do their level best to kill you right back.

          22. labrown69 June 11, 2013

            TO clarify my position, I think GITMO is a more difficult issue for a number of reasons, not the least of which is as you mentioned Obama has had to work with an obstructionist congress for most of his tenure and in fairness, there are more pros and cons to GITMO’s existence than meet the eye. What I can not forgive is that American banks who themselves were largely responsible for engineering the collapse of the American economy, lied and committed felonies every step of the way doing it, lied on loan docs, inflated appraisals and fired appriasers who would not play ball, sold the same loan over and over again exponentially amplifying debt so that for every 100K they lent they were able to steal a million from the economy and in fact never lent A PENNY because they were doing what is called “table funding” loans which is instead of putting a penny of their own money into mortgage loans, they funneled money directly from swindled Wall St investors which means “pension funds” and “charitable orgs” etc. In order to do this they have to change the fraudulently obtained “NOTE” into “a security” but a security can not be used to prove ownership in foreclosure and they did not in fact have any legal claim of ownership to most of the homes they stole from Americans. What they did was, because, in order to affect their Ponzi scheme they no longer had a “note” (converted to a security) they forged the non-existent notes and perjured themselves in court so that “servicers”, .. banks who did not originate the loan and had never made a loan, didn’t have a penny in the home now show up in court with a forged document which had been notarized in blank and filled out later, often using fictitious names as “bank officers” and bearing phony dates and times and for years the judges just couldn’t get it through their heads that this was possible. Guys like Limbaugh had a very easy sell telling rednecks that this was all the fault of “minority lending” or “lending to people who couldn’t pay it back” but that was utter bullshit and the entire reason they knowingly made bad loan after bad loan to anyone with a pulse was to feed the Wall St securitization machine which was a money machine that made thousands into billions. TILA, the truth in lending act says all parties to the loan must be accurately stated on loan docs. That felony alone carries the “right of rescission” (to re-negotiate) and to sue for damages many times the loan amount. These rights were hidden from the publc who were not aware but were hidden by so called “fiduciaries” who’s job was to use their greater knowledge ethically.

            Now after creating massive joblessness and a housing market crash, these banks were bankrupt and about to close their doors but instead they made a promise in return for a bail out to modify loans and keep people who were already their victims in their homes. They did exactly the opposite. They lied, they asked homeowners to submit modification packages which were 70 pages or more and then claimied they lost them over and over again or that they had changed file managers and it had to be resubmitted etc and wore down the public who were already bleeding money. Consider that these banks were all Eric Holder’s clients at the white shoe DC law firm of Covington and Burling before coming to Obama. I am sorry but there is no way on earth you can excuse Obama and this has nothing to do with Republican obstructionism. It’s just about ENFORCING EXISTING LAW which is just now working it’s way through the courts no thanks to Obama and Holder. The ONLY good thing I can think of that Obama did with regard to this situation is veto ” The Interstate Notarization Act of 2010.”which would have rubber stamped and basically rendered legal much of the wrongdoing I have already enumerated. Nonetheless, all it would have taken is for Obama to stand at the podium in the Rose Garden and tell the American people what I have said in the last few paragraphs and they would have written their congressmen and senators and gotten the job done. Unfortunately most people are not in the Real Estate business like I am and have a very limited understanding of the full criminality of what took place. On top of that, what the fuck are we doing in Afghanistan? The British learned and the Russians learned right on their own doorstep but we have learned nothing. There will always be terrorism as long as we Americans are the world’s greatest mass murderer. That was a long explanation but that is basically why GITMO is barely on my radar screen. It is a lesser priority than the economy and the immediate cessation of mass murder. WELL OVER a hundred years ago Rudyard Kipling wrote:

            When you’re wounded and left on Afghanistan’s plains,
            And the women come out to cut up what remains,
            Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains
            An’ go to your Gawd like a soldier.
            Go, go, go like a soldier,

            I hope other understand my positions better now.

          23. WhutHeSaid June 11, 2013

            I don’t disagree much with your take on the banks and Afghanistan. Where we part company is where you seem to believe that Obama has it in his power to stop all of the financial shenanigans AND the war in Afghanistan all at once with no problem. Congress and especially the Tea Party crowd are doing every single thing they can think of to obstruct Obama, and they don’t really care if it hurts other Americans as long as it hurts Obama. Shutting down the war in Afghanistan too fast would also cause a lot of problems, so even though the current schedule seems to slow for my taste at least I understand the argument. After all, Obama didn’t start the war — but he IS ending it.

            Quite a few people want to see us pick a fight in Syria and Iran — what do you think about that?

          24. labrown69 June 11, 2013

            I think Syria is a lose/lose proposition and an inevitable win for the Russians. Assad stays regardless and what is the advantage to backing Hamas or Hezbollah or Al Qaeda or whoever the Hell the so called “rebels” are? There are no good guys here and this is what the UN was created for. Maybe if we stop being the world’s cop the light would shine on the UN’s incredible ineptitude and lack of commitment. They have become nothing but a sponge.

          25. idamag June 9, 2013

            I know, I do.

          26. Allan Richardson June 9, 2013

            President Obama became privy to information after becoming President that he did not have on the campaign trail. The fact is that we, as a people, must CHOOSE where we want government to stand on the trade-off between preventing attacks on us and preserving our privacy. At this point, although I would like to repeal the Patriot Act (fat chance with neo-con Republicans controlling the House and having veto power over the Senate), I am also aware that terrorist attacks NOT PREVENTED would get a much worse reaction from the public (and from those same Republicans who were in favor of W doing it but not O) than spying on people to stop them. As soon as a majority of the population AFFIRM that they REALIZE this is a trade-off and they are WILLING for us to be less safe in order to be more free, that will be the national agenda for both parties.

            That being said, the extent of the surveillance has been overblown in some media reports and pundit opinions. I was literally afraid that the Bush administration would crack down on peaceful domestic dissent (and relieved they did not), but not so much Obama, since he needs (and has gotten, twice) votes and support from dissenters.

            So let your President and your Senators and Representatives know: “I will forgive you for another 9/11 size attack if you truly could not have prevented it without unlawful surveillance, which you rightly chose not to perform.”

          27. labrown69 June 9, 2013

            Allan – Now THIS was a well reasoned response in my book. Nonetheless, we now know that “rendition”, the kidnapping to other countries and possible torture of suspects has been performed in error quite a few times. Unlike GITMO prisoners there IS NO review of who the CIA arrests, detains indefinitely without chargers and God knows what else they do. We have crossed way over the line of merely defending against terrorism and this end does not justify the means. We know when we allow the TSA to screen us at the airport we are giving up a little privacy for security but the secrecy surrounding these programs is an outrage. The spying on AP journalists and the prosecution of Bradley Manning who did not reveal any top secrets and whose crime was revealing that our troops were firing on unarmed Iraqi journalists and other war crimes were being committed in our name and being concealed is a shot across the bow to journalists and those who believe in a free press everywhere. I believe we have compromised our Constitution far more than most realize. The 4th Amendment was passed with a deep understand that without privacy there can be no democracy and that absolute power corrupts absolutely 100% of the time no matter how “swell a guy” anyone thinks Obama is.

        2. itsfun June 9, 2013

          The constitution is still in full force, to bad the Obama Administration chooses to ignore it. Obama care is an example of that. Any tax bill must start in the House not the Senate. Since the Supreme court says Obama care is a tax, then Obama care should be tossed because the Constitution was violated when it was deemed a tax.

          1. WhutHeSaid June 9, 2013

            Well, I’m almost certain that all of America will appreciate your legal ‘pearls of wisdom’. Since the US Supreme Court has the authority to rule the law unconstitutional yet didn’t do so, perhaps you should ride your ornery old donkey to Washington and inform them that you’ve come to admonish them and overturn their ruling. Please take a video of the event so that the rest of us can be as amused as the Supreme Court Justices themselves.

          2. itsfun June 9, 2013

            The Supreme Court said it is constitutional as a tax! All taxes must originate in the House, not the Senate. Therefore since it originated in the Senate, it should disappear and be reintroduced in the House. Its that simple, just read the documents genius

          3. WhutHeSaid June 9, 2013

            So let me see if I have this straight:

            The Supreme Court Justices were too stupid to think of this when they ruled the law constitutional. Only you possess the necessary legal brilliance required to make this proclamation, therefore you are forced to impart your superhuman legal knowledge upon us lesser mortals — including nine Supreme Court Justices who have practiced law all of their lives and whose very job it is to consider such things.

            Sound about right?

          4. itsfun June 9, 2013

            nope; if you check, you will find out this is in federal court as I write this note.

          5. WhutHeSaid June 9, 2013

            Allow me to offer you a little bit of help on this one:

            The US Supreme Court is the highest authority in the federal court system. If they (despite lacking your incredible legal wisdom) ruled the law constitutional, then that’s that — unless they decide to reconsider their recent ruling. I doubt that such is the case.

            I’m not going to bother to verify your claim of a case in the federal system that makes such a flimsy argument. Anyone can bring a case in federal court. Winning a decision is a different matter, and getting the Supreme Court to everturn their own recent decision (which such a scenario would require) is about as likely as Justin Bieber and his entire entourage suddenly leaping out of your ass to perform a personal concert just for you.

          6. plc97477 June 9, 2013

            Funny! That was a great vision.

          7. itsfun June 9, 2013

            The new case is going after obama care as a unconstitutional tax. They are not questing the Supreme Court decision to call it a tax. They are saying the constitution says new taxes must be originated by the house not the senate. Therefore they are saying the new tax is unconstitutional.

          8. WhutHeSaid June 9, 2013

            The Supreme Court ruled it constitutional. The court isn’t filled with simpletons who don’t know how Congress works. If there was a legitimate argument, you’d better believe that some of the more conservative justices would have thought of it — not to mention a pack of very experienced, knowledgeable and expensive attorneys who argued the case.

            I’m not about to waste my time researching something that sounds like an idiot’s pursuit in the first place — at least not before the lyrics of ‘Baby’ start emanating from your pants — but feel free to post the details of this misadventure here in this forum for our collective amusement. I’m guessing that it’s another Tea-Nut-Bigot group running amok with their despicable and time-wasting antics.

          9. itsfun June 9, 2013

            Believe it not I know how the supreme court ruled. I was just trying to point out there is another court case about Obama care. I couldn’t care less what you do or don’t do. You mean absolutely nothing to me. You are just another of the tolerant liberals that only care about what being tolerant of terrorists, criminals, and trash. You think you are privileged to be able to decide what is right or wrong. You only know how to play the race card and call people names when you don’t agree with them. By the way, how many food stamps and welfare do you get?

          10. WhutHeSaid June 9, 2013

            Sounds like the typical whining that redneck goobers start whenever somebody points out their stupidity. Just like the redneck goober states that are chock-full of slack-jawed rednecks who talk about ‘liberal entitlements’ while they and the rest of the rednecks in their state slurp up all of the tax dollars from the ‘liberal’ states.

            I tell it the way I see it, and if you don’t like that you can call 1-800-CRY-BABY. YOU trotted out a ridiculous claim in public, and now you are whining and sniveling because you got called on it. Either you have details to post or you don’t — I couldn’t care less because I didn’t really believe you to begin with.

            I make a very good living and don’t need any public assistance — as if it was any of your business or would help your ridiculous argument — however, you appear too stupid to hold a job for long so I suspect that you might.

          11. plc97477 June 9, 2013

            I think we already know how much you care about others. I have never used welfare nor food stamps. I pay my taxes like a good person and still care about the welfare of others.

          12. labrown69 June 9, 2013

            No, actually your constitution was repealed by the Patriot Act in 2001 which was supposed to expire in 2005 but was made permanent and while you we were all asleep at the switch became a declaration of martial law into perpetuity. If you only have rights when the CIA and the Military say you do, you don’t have rights at all. One thing the Bill of Rights might still be good for is wiping your ass. Health Care while greatly flawed is damn near the only good thing this flat ass prick has done.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker June 8, 2013

        Please seek professional help. Your post is so far from truth, it’s fiction. You call others names like a sociopath and then expect your bizarre claims to be considered believable? Think again oh Wonder Wizard of the anti-government BS brigade. Your post is proof positive of how insane some righties and anarchists have become. You obviously never heard of due process of law? Must be a lot of low lives off their meds these days.

        1. labrown69 June 8, 2013

          Thanks for demonstrating all the standard signature empty vapid leftist rhetoric for which the brainwashed new American left is famous. I hope you are sitting downEleanore because the REALITY is that Obama signed the NDAA which is like the Patriot Act on steroids and authorized all the warrentless surveillance that is taking place.

          I don’t mean to confuse you any further than you obviously already are but candidate Obama said in 2008 – Direct quote; “To build a freer and safer world, we will
          lead in ways that reflect the decency and aspirations of
          the American people. We will not ship away prisoners in
          the dead of night to be tortured in far-off countries, or
          detain without trial or charge prisoners who can and
          should be brought to justice for their crimes, or maintain
          a network of secret prisons to jail people beyond the
          reach of the law. We will respect the time-honored
          principle of habeas corpus, the seven century-old right of
          individuals to challenge the terms of their own detention
          that was recently reaffirmed by our Supreme Court.”


          – All discussion of this topic stops. Obama administration
          maintains the use of indefinite detention and makes use of
          proxy detention, Gitmo etc.

          Warrantless Surveillance/Patriot Act


          – Obama rhetoric constantly reaffirms his support of
          constitutional protections and judicial oversight on any
          and all surveillance programs involving Americans. He
          rejected and condemned warrantless wiretapping under Bush
          and Obama rejected the use of national security letters to
          spy on citizens who are not suspected of crimes. He
          rejected the tracking of citizens purely because they
          oppose a current policy.


          – Obama
          failed to reform the PATRIOT act when they had a majority
          in both house of congress.

          RAVE ON AIR HEAD!

          1. labrown69 June 8, 2013

            PS: Eleanore – WHAT EXACTLY DOES DUE PROCESS OF LAW MEAN TO YOU? You would be laughable if you were not so pathetic. Everything this president is doing circumvents due process. Due process demands a warrant for eaves dropping. Due process means you need to charge someone with a crime when you arrest them or let them go. Due process means you can not assassinate people. The reality is Obama is every bit as much of a war criminal as Bush was. He has murdered tens of thousands of civilians.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker June 8, 2013

            Due process of the law according to the law books gives me the right to haul your butt end into court and force you to prove every accusation you make…before a jury of your peers…Due process means people like you actually get a fair trial before a jury of your peers…it means you get to be heard and judged by your fellow Americans…Come off your BS line. You are haters all of you. If you had your way, there would be NO democracy…just a bunch of mentally ill right wing loonies dominating the rest of the free world. Go tell your BS line to the rest of the mental patients.

          3. labrown69 June 9, 2013

            Now that you have attempted to explain due process, not a great explanation but close enough, please read the Patriot Act and see if you still have the right to due process. Here is a hint. You don’t. Then read the National Defense Authorization Act which President Obama signed which places the Patriot Act on steroids and then you will have a tiny clue into what is taking place in what you call your “democracy”. Your democracy no longer exists. You are not guaranteed a fair trial … you are not even guaranteed ANY trial. You can be arrested without being charged with anything and held until you die of old age without a trial. If you think I am a right winger please seek out one of your liberal friends and ask him if I am correct. Then do this one other simple thing and either read up on this shit or stop voting.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker June 9, 2013

            I’ve read the Patriot Act as GWB and his honchos wrote it back in the earliest days. Sorry…you can’t have it both ways….protection from WMDs and terrorists and expect the government to be numbed and dumbed down because you want such privacy levels. Where are you from? The Idaho militias? Wyoming militias? TX militias? FL militias? Those good ole militia bois are always the ones with the most to hide. In the words of George W. Bush in 2002 regarding datamining and tracking of personal information: “If you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to worry about.” Obviously, your kind has a whole lot to hide and a whole lot to worry about.

          5. labrown69 June 9, 2013

            You hate the right wing so much you have become it. Better luck with that brain in the next life.

          6. idamag June 10, 2013

            When someone points out some things that make them think the way they do, it is hate. If the wingnuts call the President ugly names and cast aspersions on his birth, his sexual orientation, and his religion, that is not hate? Hate is a deep emotion that clouds thinking. Hate is what the neo cons spout.

          7. itsfun June 9, 2013

            Can I haul your butt into court for calling me least educated and force you to prove it? you also inferred I am white trash, Can I haul your butt into court for that and make you prove it?

          8. plc97477 June 9, 2013

            You could try but you have to be able to prove her wrong.

          9. itsfun June 9, 2013

            piece of cake

        2. labrown69 June 8, 2013

          I can document my claims because they are facts.

          1. fishingfly June 8, 2013

            If you can, then do it. Otherwise STFU1

          2. labrown69 June 9, 2013

            Read the Patriot Act you senile old fool!

          3. idamag June 9, 2013

            Again, you show what you are by calling anyone who disagrees with you an old fool or worse.Go back to the ultra right wing site, Brietbart, where ugly gets you pats on the back.

          4. labrown69 June 9, 2013

            UGLY is saying you hate right wingers and then becoming one. The Bill of Rights is everyone’s guarantee of freedom and it is not to be pissed on.

          5. plc97477 June 9, 2013

            I don’t think Obama has been the best president but he has been the best president we can get. I too wish he could have cracked down on the banks more and gotten single payer but he is just the president. His hands are to some extent tied. He needs the doj and the house and the senate to work with him to get those things I would like done and he hasn’t gotten much help there.

          6. labrown69 June 9, 2013

            Holder IS the DOJ and serves at the president’s pleasure. Listen to Dylan Ratigan, to Elizabeth Warren or Neil Barofsky for a full and comprehensive explanation of the fraud that has become standard operating bank procedure for half a decade without a single consequence and you will be very angry next time you see an American family sleeping in their car.

          7. idamag June 10, 2013

            You are right. Obama is not perfect. He is too nice. However, he was the best and the most intelligent in the running.

          8. idamag June 10, 2013

            I don’t hate. I wasn’t brought up in an angry home. I don’t belong to a party because parties are tearing this country apart and destroying our Democracy. As for the size of the government, I read a line once, that said, “When the second man came on earth, the first man’s privileges were cut in half.” That means the more people you have in a country, the more people it takes to run it.

          9. fishingfly June 10, 2013

            You’re the old fart riding a Harley trying to look tough! Don’t bother to reply, i’ve better things to do. I bet you haven’ read the Patriot Act , I’ve perused the highlites enough to know I am not in favor of a lot of it, but your application is way out of whack

          10. labrown69 June 10, 2013

            When you can be arrested and held indefinitely without being charged or granted a trial or facing your accusers, when you can be spirited out of the country and tortured or executed by the CIA who have admittedly already done this mistakenly to the wrong person more than a dozen times, you have no rights, Constitutional or other. NOW go back to your fishing you old fool. You couldn’t even hold my Harley up.

      3. charleo1 June 8, 2013

        Oh Boy! Here we go! There was a time, I railed aganist the draconian curfews tyrannically imposed on me by my heartless parents. That is until I became the heartless parent, myself. Responsible for a little know it all, of my own. Look, I’m not ragging on you, because of your concerns about these various anti- terror tactics. High tech listening to phone, and internet chatter. Does it help much, that the monitoring is done by a computer program, that looks for the commonalities involved in terror related communication? That Congress, as well as the Courts are aware? Perhaps not. To know that Lincoln suspended habeas corpus, and declared martial law on the entire State of Maryland, for the duration of the Civil War? Sometimes extraordinary circumstances, call for extraordinary measures. And there was a lot of fear based policy that found it’s way into the Patriot Act. But, listening to President Obama’s speech earlier this week, I believe is the beginning of building public support in dialing back some of these powers
        Congress granted back in those very uncertain days following
        the 9/11 attacks. But, we must also be cognizant, a President
        that disassembles this large security apparatus, only to have the
        Country suffer another large attack. Will not be treated very kindly,
        if it’s found, or even claimed, that one of the programs he took down,
        might have prevented the loss of, (here, you fill in the number,) lives.

        1. labrown69 June 8, 2013

          Remember the FISA Court? Secret warrants issued by a judge? That was the compromise for security. You obviously don’t rail anymore against Daddy Obama or more accurately Big Brother. You have already lost the entire Bill of Rights and you are spewing the party line like a robot. Rendition? Detention without charges and now warrantless spying? You dim wits have lost your tiny minds. You are not liberals. You are morons.

          1. fishingfly June 8, 2013

            You claim that the entire Bill of Rights has been lost, yet you are freely speaking your mind on this forum. Please , tell us what Utopian country you are sending these messages from, so that we may all escape to where you have such freedoms to speak your piece. We certainly wouldn’t want to continue being morons by making stupis statements that are contradictory!

          2. labrown69 June 9, 2013

            IF the NSA sees what I have written here and decides I am an enemy of the state they can arrest me under existing law and hold me indefinitely without trial and/or without charging me with any crime. Just because they don’t act upon that in my case or in each and every case does not mean I still have the right to a trial, the right to speak, the right of habeus corpus because I don’t. There was a time when they would have had to charge me in order to hold me or release me. Rights are not rights when you only have them if the military says you have them you moron.

            It gives the government agencies the authority to take you, arrest you
            without charge, hold you without trial or benefit of lawyer or trial,
            for any amount of time that they see fit…..all on the sole definition
            of what the President considers reasonable, and by him the AG, without
            any appeal, oversight or explination.

            So you have lost all rights that are supposed to be INALIENABLE to every human and all the rights granted to American citizens.

            THAT is how the (un)Patriot Act changes Habeas Corpus…it abolished it

          3. plc97477 June 9, 2013

            Maybe you can tell me. How did you get so paranoid?

          4. labrown69 June 9, 2013

            Probably around the same time you got so stupid!

            The CIA, working with other intelligence agencies, has captured an estimated 3,000 people, including several key leaders of al Qaeda, in its campaign to dismantle terrorist networks. It is impossible to know, however, how many mistakes the CIA and its foreign partners have made.

            Unlike the military’s prison for terrorist suspects at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba — where 180 prisoners have been freed after a review of their cases — there is no tribunal or judge to check the evidence against those picked up by the CIA. The same bureaucracy that decides to capture
            and transfer a suspect for interrogation– a process called “rendition”– is also responsible for policing itself for errors.

            The CIA inspector general is investigating a growing number of what it calls “erroneous renditions,” according to several former and current intelligence officials.

            One official said about three dozen names fall in that category; others believe it is fewer. The list includes several people whose identities were offered by al Qaeda figures during CIA interrogations, officials said. One turned out to be an innocent college professor who had given the al Qaeda member a bad grade, one official said.

            “They picked up the wrong people, who had no information. In many, many cases there was only some vague association” with terrorism, one CIA
            officer said.


          5. labrown69 June 9, 2013

            I can’t wait until your sons and daughters start being among those mistakenly taken to Pakistan and tortured. Maybe then you will quit circling the wagons regardless of wrong doing. Obama is no Madison or Jefferson.

          6. idamag June 9, 2013

            I wonder if paranoia is genetic or it is taught?

          7. BDC_57 June 9, 2013

            I think he/she must be born that way how can anybody be that stupid.

          8. plc97477 June 9, 2013

            good afternoon friend. I am not sure he is stupid just uninformed.

          9. BDC_57 June 9, 2013

            Hello my friend you my be right or he listening to the wrong people.

          10. Eleanore Whitaker June 9, 2013

            You are posting on a public forum….And YOU are worried about Big Brother? A little muddled thinking, wouldn’t you say? You use a cell phone? How much privacy do you have when you are yapping away in public on a cell phone? I never worry about Big Brother. I don’t indulge in the kinds of hi tech tracking devices that track my every move. See? Stupid is as stupid does as Forrest Gump would say.

          11. charleo1 June 9, 2013

            Certain groups think Liberals are morons. Doesn’t mean a
            thing. You do make a valid point, I am more comfortable
            with President Obama having these powers, than Rand
            Paul, or Ted Cruz, having them. So, there is more work
            to be done in some of these areas. Whether it’s more
            oversight, by Congress, or the court. But we can’t just
            ignore reality. These changes to guard aganist gov’t
            abuses, should be done in close consultation with those
            who are trained, and experienced in these National
            Security matters. Believe it, or not. There are those from
            all sectors who love their Country, and believe in preserving
            Constitutionally guaranteed Rights, and freedom.

          12. labrown69 June 9, 2013

            There are morons on both sides of the aisle and although I am pro choice, I support same sex marriage and I am liberal by most criterion, I STAND ON PRINCIPLE whether it is MY GUY desecrating my constitutional protections or the OTHER GUY because the law works on precedent and whatever my scoundrel does the next guy will do too. In some ways Obama is MORE dangerous because he is not a fool like Bush was. He is more cunning and passes the buck to everyone while having his way. For almost 6 years while millions of Americans have had their homes illegally stolen by the banks that own Obama and Holder, while these banks have laundered money for Al Qaeda affiliates and international drug cartels, and while Obama and Holder sat with their thumbs in their asses when they are not actively preventing any indictments or prosecution of these criminals, I have listened to these same partisan morons say “oh, he will do better in his second term when he doesn’t need to be re-elected”. If “excuses and rationalizations” were brains you folks would be geniuses but they are not and you are not. Wake up! Have some fuckin pride. It is God’s mercy that you are born too stupid to realize how stupid you are or else you would surely cut your own wrists as a public service.

          13. charleo1 June 9, 2013

            You understand, I’m always very skeptical of those that
            say, I’m right, while all those other people over there,
            that disagree with me? They are, either willfully ignorant,
            or, lack the capacity, to put all the facts together, and arrive at my conclusion. And sometimes that will be the case.
            But, far more often, than not, it is the singular person that
            has inadvertently omitted, misconstrued, or otherwise failed to take into consideration, that element, or fact, which has put put the individual, in conflict with the group. Make sense?
            No one holds all the answers. As to your other issue, is Holder, or the President of the Country, the only persons in the entire Nation, that could bring prosecution of unethical,
            or unlawful activity to these banks? Congress? SEC, State, class action. No one, outside the President, or the AG has
            legal standing? So, by your way of thinking, the President, who is dealing at any number of urgent matters. From Syria, and Iranian nukes. 4 million remain unemployed for more than 6 months. Cyber security, immigration, just to start.
            That doesn’t sound right to me. But, I think you are simply
            out of line, and without a leg to stand on, to say the AG,
            and President, are so beholden to the banks they will not
            bring suit. Hell, the home owner certainly has legal standing
            here. And the Wall Street bankers spent millions trying to
            stop financial reform. So, if they truly own Obama, all he had to do was not sign the bill. My impression is, you’re over the top. On the Constitution, Bill of Rights, vs. National Security, and the war aganist international terrorists. Just pretty much,
            over the top in general.

          14. labrown69 June 9, 2013

            All those who are angry enough to revolt or protest are “over the top”. I am sure when American troops fired on the British King George thought it was over the top. We are living with a government that pays no attention to us and they are more powerful and less responsive by the day. Holder has had five years and he is the nations top law enforcement officer. The deals this administration has cut with banks are a disgrace and that is largely Giethner with Obama’s blessing and Holder’s ( who formerly represented these same banks at his previous law firm’s) The buck stops with the president and I VOTED FOR HIM AND IT ME AND THOSE LIKE ME THAT HE HAS BETRAYED. A real leader does what ever he has to in order to get the job done and a president job is to take his message to the people. It is abundantly clear this president is on the side of the banks.

          15. charleo1 June 9, 2013

            Well, you have your opinions, and bones to pick with your
            government. And, you’re certainly entitled to them. I grew
            up in the sixties, six months shy of my government drafting,
            and sending me to Southeast Asia. We were all poor kids,
            and we knew, poor kids were exactly the ones, that would
            be called up. So, in that respect, the government today
            seems a lot less powerful than it was in the 1960s. As far
            as deals Obama has made with the banks. You don’t know
            that. I tend to see the problem as these very large, and very
            profitable enterprises, influencing, and probably writing
            a good deal of the laws, that are supposed to protect the
            public. And, most everyone agrees there is too much money
            in politics. That it leads to bad policies, and lax regulation.
            You said a President needs to do whatever it takes, to get
            the job done. The buck stops with the President. I would
            suggest, for a moment, put yourself in his shoes. Say, I’m
            going to do, whatever it takes! As President you would be
            constrained by the powers alloted to the executive branch.
            So, the whatever he has to do, part, Is limited by what the
            Constitution says he may do. He can’t make law. He can’t
            spend money. The President cannot ratify treaties, declare
            war, or even pick his own cabinet, without Senate,
            confirmation. So, it’s a tough job. I try to give the President
            the benefit of the doubt. Regardless of Ds or Rs. The
            Presidency is the only position, where the entire Country votes. So, even as I believed Bush to be inadequate, and
            not up to the job. I honored the decision of my Country.
            in choosing Bush. And always tried to be fair with my criticisms, out of respect for the Office. That’s only how
            I feel about it. Others have a different opinion, that’s fine.
            Respecting those opinions, is a big part of what America
            is all about.

          16. labrown69 June 9, 2013

            The president has a podium in the Rose Garden from which a real leader would be screaming at the top of his lungs and taking his message to the people to shine the light on the cockroaches instead of demonstrating their loyalty to cockroaches as with roach Holder or promoting them as with Susan Rice which is truly a curious choice given recent events. Clearly the GOP has made a dog and pony show of Benghazi for all the wrong reasons but there is more going on there than meets the eye and nobody could hear that he is promoting Susan Rice at this point without wondering about the choice. Between she and Holder it’s almost like they have a video of him having sex with a Great Dane or something. He should be telling the people nightly to stand up and fight against the tyranny we are living through. Instead he is initiating it and participating enthusiastically in it.

          17. idamag June 10, 2013

            If you read your history, you will find that it was King George’s men who fired on the Colonists.

          18. labrown69 June 10, 2013

            Either way, the “over the top” solution is the only one that ultimately worked. Possibly the worst and most suicidal trait of my fellow liberals is they tend to believe there is always a Utopian solution to every problem. In the final analysis Darwin was right and they are wrong.

          19. BDC_57 June 9, 2013

            Do you notice if you don’t agree with them your always wrong.

          20. charleo1 June 9, 2013

            Why, yes. Yes I have noticed. Every time!

          21. idamag June 9, 2013

            OMG, yes.

        2. plc97477 June 9, 2013

          Now that he is finally getting some of his staff positions filled he is able to talk about dialing them back. He couldn’t do that when the positions were still held by baby bush hold overs.

          1. labrown69 June 9, 2013

            ROTFLMAO – PLC you equivocating whore. “Dialing them back”? Are you not aware he has greatly beefed them up? Bush did not sign the NDAA, Obama did! You are an idiot.

          2. idamag June 9, 2013

            That kind of name calling is disgusting and so Republican or should I say tparty? I do not even believe in political parties as they divide this nation. However, the tparty made it so I will not vote Republican again until real Republicans return. You owe plc an apology for the ugly name calling.

    2. itsfun June 8, 2013

      How can you believe anything this guy says after:

      months of lying about Benghazi; Five different time frames of what happened in Benghazi.

      the IRS scandal

      The Justice Department secretly obtained extensive records on reporters’ phone calls;

      many high ranking officials have illegal secret email accounts;

      the EPA giving farmers names to lawyers;

      Secretary Sebelius pressuring companies to give money to get around congressional limitations.

      Fast and Furious

      hiring Susan Rice just to say f_you to Americans

      1. sigrid28 June 8, 2013

        It is a waste of space here listing Republican talking points that are demonstrably false. Ditto name calling. If you could say something illuminating about the Tea Party and its future, or how the far right plans to create jobs–that would be interesting.

        1. itsfun June 8, 2013

          Sorry about that. I didn’t realize you are the one who decides what is a waste of space. Of course isn’t that what you liberals want? You preach tolerance, love, compromise etc. and then when one doesn’t kiss you hind end, you resort to name calling and put yourself in charge of what is important and what isn’t.
          Won’t wok, You hero is proving to be a incompetent President or a criminal or both. I can’t believe you have the gull to place yourself in charge of what a waste of space is. Also you want to change the subject here to what the Tea party policies and future are. Changing the subject and name calling won’t work anymore.

      2. WhutHeSaid June 8, 2013

        Good heavens — why go to all that trouble just to say you hate the black man in the White House? Nobody believes your complaints are anything other than cover for bigoted hate.

        Listen, being a redneck bigot isn’t illegal, so why must you manufacture all of your phoney gripes? I mean, why not just boldly state your real gripe (you hate the black President because he’s black) and be done with it?

        Why are redneck goobers such cowards?

        1. itsfun June 8, 2013

          Typical Liberal response. Lets just ignore the facts showing how Obama is a miserable President, probably a criminal. At least he is extremely incompetent and has no clue as to what his hired hands are doing.

          Sooo, lets just call anyone that doesn’t like his policies and actions a bigot, racist and any other vile name you can think of. You can’t defend what he has done or is trying to do, so call people names and change the subject. Or better yet, lets blame
          George Bush. Oops can’t do that because Obama has increased the use of spying on Americans. Your name calling won’t work anymore, even Democratic reps and senators are beginning to jump the ship.

          1. WhutHeSaid June 8, 2013

            You and the rest of the redneck bigot goobers don’t have facts. What you have is an endless stream of bizarre conspiracy theories and rants. This is nothing new — it’s been the standard redneck goober script since Obama was first elected.

            Obama is competent enough that he a) whupped redneck goober ass in two presidential elections, b) saved the American auto industry, c) reversed the incredible economic disaster caused by Bush, d) nailed Osama Bin Laden, and e) ended the war in Iraq. This is just a partial list, and every single accomplishment is one that the redneck bigots would love to take credit for but can’t.

            Oh yes, and one more thing: He did all of this and more while being a black man. That’s what REALLY blows up your skirt, because you are a redneck bigot goober, and redneck bigot goobers hate to be reminded that they were bested by a black man. But you WERE bested by this black man — sorry ’bout your luck. You’ll just have to deal.

          2. itsfun June 8, 2013

            Just more liberal crap from you. Keep changing the subject and call names. Like I said before it won’t work any more. We will just let the scandals of this administration destroy it.

          3. WhutHeSaid June 8, 2013

            Your manufactured scandals and ridiculous lies aren’t going to affect Obama much. He’ll serve out his second term despite your antics.

            People like you tried the same thing with the Clinton administration, and all it ended up doing was to make the public so sick of the shrill whining and lying that they gave Clinton a pass on the Lewinsky scandal. Whining like yours lost the 2008 & 2012 Presidential elections, so what makes you think that being a whining, lying loser is suddenly a winning proposition? It isn’t, so sorry.

          4. fishingfly June 8, 2013

            You wasted millions of dollars during the Clinton Administration trying the same thing to no avail. Are you planning the same thing when Hillary becames President also?. Between your manufactured scandals, gerrymandered districts, attempts at voter suppression, questionable ballot accountability, mega- billions of un-identified donor dollars, and equally questionable SCOTUS appointees, you can barely compete for President. Why not just start being inclusive and coming up with good solutions?

          5. itsfun June 8, 2013

            Don’t know to tell you this, but I didn’t make up any scandals. I liked Bill Clinton and probably will vote for Hillary if she wins the nomination. Attempts at voter suppression, did you check out the black Muslims threatening white voters at the polls? Check out Indiana where democrats have been convicted for voter fraud. I have a great solution, fire Obama

          6. Eleanore Whitaker June 9, 2013

            Did you recall when Gingrich as Speaker of the House was forced to resign for his redistricting games he played and his coochie cooing with Abramoff, the K-Street King with whom these two slugs both bilked the Native Americans in that casino deal?

          7. itsfun June 9, 2013

            Here we go again, lets change the subject when you have no answers. So far you have blamed George Bush, and Gingrich. Who is next; George Washington or Abe?

          8. plc97477 June 9, 2013

            You will have to find a real “scandal” not the manufactured crap you have so far.

          9. fishingfly June 8, 2013

            And he did this with Republicans fighting him EVERY step of the way, backed by huge funding from unidentified sources!

          10. fishingfly June 8, 2013

            I like how you clowns always use the term “typical liberal response” and then follow up with statements like “probably a criminal”. These statements make it very clear that you have only opinions and absolutely nothing to support your opinions. How about presenting some actual statements, numbers and/or data for once and citing some legitimate sources. If you have a point, there are government agencies that will pursue this, and I am not talking about that politically motivated convicted felon Darrel Issa. Acting like George Bush’s actions did’nt have far reaching impacts into the future of this country is either an act of supreme ignorance or an attempt to deny culpability for the conditions and situations that exist in this country. Expecting any President to know the details of what all of the “hired hands” are doing is pure BS. To begin with, nothing done has been proven to be illegal, nor is it likely to be. Some things, in hindsight, might have been better handled, but thats true of almost all human effort. After wading through all of your empty rhetoric and attacks on the President, we are left seeking a real reason behind what is obviously more than a strong criticism and the most obvious answer is the one you vehemently deny. I wonder why? Trying to convince yourself I suspect, because the rest of us see right through it.

          11. itsfun June 8, 2013

            How about the IRS itself for a legitimate source. The IRS comes under the executive branch of our government. Obama is the executive branch, therefore the IRS reports directly to him. How about the public knowledge of the IRS director going to the white house 157 times to see Obama. What do you think they talked about?? It is never bs to expect the boss to have a idea of what is going on with his own staff. That is his JOB.

            Must be George Bush’s fault.

          12. Eleanore Whitaker June 9, 2013

            The Ohio IRS that got its butt in trouble is in OH. Is the President expected to know what goes on in Boehner’s state before Boney does?

          13. plc97477 June 9, 2013

            Bonehead wouldn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground.

          14. fishingfly June 10, 2013

            Everyone knows that the IRS is part of the Executive Branch. Everyone but you apparently knows that The Director of the IRS is not on the President’s Staff and that business other than that conducted directly with the President is done at the Whitehouse. There were less than 157 visits to the Whitehouse and only on 11 occasions were meetings held in the presence of the President (meaning they weren’t necessarily one on one) and the they could have talked about anything and everything. You don’t know and niether do I, but I’ll bet it’s on record if you want to check. You are foolish to believe that he would know what every employee in the government is doing. I suspect that the Director of the IRS didn’t even know the specifics until it became an issue revealed by some politically motivated IRS employee. I suspect the short staffed IRS (thanks to your Republican House budget cuts) tried to find the quickest way to come up with a list of possible 501-4C violators and sorted a list of names with politcal sounding agendas instead of the required social nature, and whoa and behold a few liberal and a whole slug of right wing groups showed up. I also bet that when the actual “law” gets applied, that a number of these folks will lose their status. That’s why they are howling so loud now. They want to frighten away any further scrutiny.

          15. itsfun June 10, 2013

            It is a matter of public record that the IRS director visited the White House 157 times. You say only 11 meetings were held in the presence of the President. What makes you think they didn’t have their own little private meetings? Were you there? The IRS reports to the Executive Office, Why would a understaffed and overworked employee spend time just looking for Tea Party and Conservative groups requests? These overworked people are just going to take requests as they come, not spend time looking for certain groups. Whether anyone likes it or not, the President is responsible for knowing what goes on. These IRS questions have been asked for the last 2 years. He had to hear about them and should have found out what was going on.

          16. plc97477 June 9, 2013

            “Expecting any President to know the details of what all the hired hands are doing” especially when some of those hired hands were hold overs from baby bush. Obama has tried to get staff in place and has had to fight for every single one.

          17. old_blu June 9, 2013

            “miserable President” You must mean because he brought back the housing market, rescued the auto industry, got Bin Laden, the list goes on and on. Oh, and my 401 is worth more than it has been since 2006.
            Of course you guys only think the buck stops at President Obama when it’s something like the “scandals” that have been pressed toward him since he took office. And that list is extensive as well.

      3. Eleanore Whitaker June 8, 2013

        I believe the president because ….unlike your kind…he can prove in a court of law what he says….that you loonies are trying to overlook 4,000 men and women your Texas buffoon killed from 2001 to 2008 shows your “ignernce.” Isn’t this Happy Dance Day in DogPatch where all the red staters get their welfare checks the rest of us work for?

        How many millions did Rip Van Romney’s Adelson pour into the GOP campaign? How many millions were poured into that same campaign by righties like the Aemricans for Prosperity…theirs…not yours? Time for the righties to stop feasting at the table of racism…Just because your butts are white doesn’t mean some of your granddaddies didn’t lay up with people of color in those backwoods shacks?

        1. itsfun June 8, 2013

          What makes you think my butt is white?

          1. Eleanore Whitaker June 9, 2013

            Unfortunately, your stereotype is before you. White, least educated, most likely to live in a red state off huge federal tax dollars the rest of the states are paying for and oh…let’s not forget….not necessarily out of bed at dawn and off to the four letter word the white trash hate most….W O R K…

          2. itsfun June 9, 2013

            Lets see; I have a associates degree in Information technology live in a blue state, and am retired after working a tad over 36 years for the same company. In that 36 years I missed less than 30 days due to sickness. So much for your stereotype.
            Why can’t you accepts the facts: So far Carney has given 5 different time frames for Benghazi. Holder has admitted tracking the AP reporters and trying to get the Fox reporter arrested. IRS employees have admitted they targeted the Tea party. The Director of the IRS visited the White House 157 times. I doubt they talked about the price of tea in China. These things are all on the public record.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker June 10, 2013

            Duh…Because you can’t prove those so-called facts in a court of law before a jury of your peers can you? Do you clods of the right have any idea of the twisting of truth you manage to dredge up and only about this president? First of all, this president isn’t the only one who had a Dir. of the IRS visit the Whitehouse…Bush had his visit up to 357 times…I guess it’s okay if a Republican does it especially when the 2016 presidency is going to Hillary Clinton as a landslide. No one is going to touch a GOP president with a 10 ft. pole because of the gross exaggerations of truth you Obama haters and Obama bashers all love to manufacture. As for Benghazi…anyone who heard the testimony of both Hillary Clinton and the president such as McCain and several other GOP men of integrity (your kind are liars…you can’t admit that can you?) all have stated that the truth has been told about Benghazi. Now …can you say the same about the sneaky, underhanded BS the Bush Administration pulled off with Keystone Pipeline and Iraq? You bet you can’t…Prove it in a court of law or its BS from the right. By the way…I live in a blue state and I’m a former Republican who got fed up with the male domination of the right wing GOP gangsters. Don’t you loonies have anything better to do with your lives than try to disrupt the natural progress the rest of the people of this country are entitled to? It’s awfully funny how a person so gainfully employed has so much free time to spend on dividing the country, obstructing the Executive branch you refuse to whisper about during the prior administration and get this and get it good…No one with any sanity believes the right wing BS…only the right wingers who stick to each other for dear life.

          4. itsfun June 10, 2013

            The IRS has admitted to targeting Tea Party and Conservative groups. Holder and the President have admitted getting into AP reporters emails and phone records. Public record shows Carney giving 5 different time frames on what happened in Benghazi. Apparently you won’t even believe Obama, or Holder or the IRS. I don’t care where you live. We have a Chicago gangster style in this administration now. Lady get this and get it well – your nuts.

          5. Mulligatonney June 12, 2013

            Now – there’s some of that “progressive”, tolerant, liberal, socialist, equality, “greater good” talk.

            How is that different than the people you criticize?

            People of color? You mean “colored people”?

            Oh – S’cuse me, Miz White Akuh – yuh needs tuh switch the words around and put “of” in the middle of ’em – you know, switch colored people to “People OF Color”, ‘den yuh wont’s be a-prejoodiss…

            …and you “progressives” say that you don’t have a religion?

            Mrs. Buttface – that is the very definition of religion. And you have all the judgement and ignorance you need to accompany it.

            You are more of a zealot racist than any of those “ignernt Dogpatchers” you are so adamantly lampoon.

            You and your Mack Daddy Hussein OBama can travel the road to perdition together….

          6. plc97477 June 9, 2013

            She thinks that because that is all the repugs have left.

      4. idamag June 9, 2013

        There are ugly sites out there that will think you are cute. I suggest you go there.

    3. Mulligatonney June 8, 2013

      That is absolutely not true.
      This charlatan is doing everything in his power to dismantle the Constitution, piece by piece.
      When are liberals going to get some “group therapy” and understand that this is not a “black thing”?
      Its basically a “Constitutional thing”, and a HUGE and growing number of Americans understand that.

      Wake up! Why do you liberals hate Clarence Thomas so much? Because he’s black? Or because he is a conservative thinker?
      Your thinking that OBama’s enemies only oppose him because he is black demonstrates that you yourself are a racist. This guy is a signed member of the Communist Party (The New Party (Chicago, of course) – look it up) and has associated with almost exclusively anti-Americans since he was a teen-ager.
      That’s why he has enemies and why half of America opposes him and his ideology. There are many who voted for him in both elections that are beginning to see the truth, and he is losing support. You cannot keep that kind of stuff under wraps forever, and it is finally beginning to be reported by the media – too bad that they had to get their feathers ruffled by the discovery that the OBama Administration was wiretapping their own reporters before they had the gumption to start doing their job, or the corruption of this administration would have been in the news for a long time now.
      You have been propagandized and have allowed yourself to be brainwashed while the present communists in power steal your freedoms from under your nose, one by one…

      1. fishingfly June 8, 2013

        Gee, there are Communists in power? Do you discuss this in group? I am certainly glad that I am not so afraid that I have to look over my shoulder all of the time. I didn’t think Bush (or Reagan, for that matter) were much as Presidents, but I never thought that there was a single Nazi in the government. Was I wrong?

        1. Mulligatonney June 9, 2013

          Look it up, butt-face…

          Its not my job to educate you. Simply google “New Party and OBama” and see for yourself. Or read a book. There are plenty of them out there on that subject.

          He is the one who signed the membership document in order to gain their support for the Illinois State Senate, not me. There is no way to spin this truth. He signed the membership papers.

          His entire life has been a kaleidoscope of associations with anti-Americans, and conspicuously – no associations with anyone right of Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers and Frank Marshall Davis.

          You are confusing your “joy in being unafraid” with pure stupidity.

          1. latebloomingrandma June 9, 2013

            I think you’re on the wrong site. Don’t you want WorldNetDaily?

          2. Mulligatonney June 10, 2013

            Actually, I thought this was a hookup site for seniors… I was looking for a “late blooming grandma” to deflower as a fraternity prank….


          3. latebloomingrandma June 10, 2013

            Generally speaking, most people, including gangbangers and mafia leaders, would not think very much of you for disrespecting a grandmother in the way that you did. If you actually have a living grandmother, she would be mighty ashamed of you right now.

          4. Mulligatonney June 10, 2013

            I am quite certain you are no stranger to the “free love” influence of the 60’s… So spare me the feigned indignation.
            And if you are going to hand out insults or cast disparagements at people of dissenting opinions, you should at least have the ovaries, if not the grace, to accept what you get in return.
            You women marched for equality – now you have it. You don’t get any more “free slaps in the face”, as a gentleman would have given you in times past… Now, you must expect to get knocked on your ass.
            And your fake outrage most assuredly does not elicit any sympathy from me.
            You should be ashamed of yourself for pretending to be an innocent, “late-blooming-grandma”…
            You are simply another cult member of the OBama Down Low Club…

          5. idamag June 9, 2013

            Your name calling tells me exactly what you are. Go to one of those sites that pat each other on the back for thinking up the nastiest names to call the President. They will fit your mentality.

          6. Mulligatonney June 10, 2013

            WHAT? Go to “one of those sites”? And deprive you cult members of one of your few connections with reality and/or input of the truth?
            Just be happy that I didn’t accuse him of being a Democrat – which is inclusive of, but not specifically limited to being a butt-face.

            However, if you are offended by the stark language that is apparently not present while you are viewing pornography or liberal movies, I will amend my insult and inject an element of true gentlemanly virtue..
            I will now refer to the idiot as “Mister Butt-face”…
            Thank you, ma’am – you were right. I feel so much better already.

          7. fishingfly June 10, 2013

            Butt Face? My what a snappy wit you have! You’re right, it’s not your job to educate me, but that’s OK, I’m already educated. It’s your job to educate yourself and at that, you are a failure. If you want to believe crap then read crap! And I don’t think I was confused at all, I haven’t the fear you have but I do believe you brought into play another word that also describes you that I didn’t use. Its the last word in your diatribe. Also, if you aren’t a coward, why are you afraid to post a photo of yourself?

          8. Mulligatonney June 10, 2013

            More liberal deflection in yet another pointless attempt to shift the focus elsewhere.

            My statement is that OBama is a communist, which is a fact. He signed on with the Chicago-basedNew Party when he was running for the Illinois State Senate.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker June 9, 2013

        Reread your own post loony tune….What you post isn’t ideology. It’s hate. Why don’t you just man up and admit why your kind really hate this president? Or are you too much of a coward to have the raisins to do it?

        1. Mulligatonney June 10, 2013

          The fact that you do not have the ovaries to look up or process the truth is why you try to deflect the focus elsewhere. If you were not a cult member, you would see this easily.

          Hussein OBama is a certified, signed member of the New Party – a communist organization based in Chicago.

          That is a fact.

          Maybe you like to eat raisins, but that is beside the point. I would oppose any communist that usurped the office of the President.

          You liberals love to cry, “HATE” every time someone expresses an opinion that doesn’t line up with your religion.

          That is also not true. Opposition to the dismantling of the Constitution, which Hussein and his cronies are busily doing – is my patriotic duty – and yours as well.
          That makes you complicit in the treasonous acts of this administration. You are a co-conspirator.
          Again – wake up.

  2. Catskinner June 8, 2013

    And the books we do find on the New York Times best seller’s list are often books generated by Bill O’Reilly. Just saying…

  3. latebloomingrandma June 8, 2013

    I’m about a third way through this book. It is not a liberal love fest. Alter really captures the pulse of the country like a sociologist. The Republican/teaparty is given no pass. I loved the chapter on Obama Derangement Syndrome–so true. But Obama’s way of governing, his strengths and weaknesses, and personality flaws are given no short shrift either. It’s always fascinating to learn more about this President that is not conspiracy oriented or outright lies. Obama is following the “pattern” of most US Presidents thus far—-they are an eclectic group of men: dedicated, patriotic, smart, ambitious and love America; they are also deeply flawed, have personality quirks, differing levels of honesty and talents for governing. Obama is not perfect, but he is not deserving of the level of obstruction, loathing, and general lack of respect given to this decent man. It’s shameful..

    1. sigrid28 June 8, 2013

      Not yet having the book in front of me, I can, nevertheless, support your observations based solely on the book’s title: “The Center Holds: Obama and his Enemies.” I believe it is derived from a famous poem by Irish poet William Butler Yeats entitled “The Second Coming,” its first stanza in particular:

      Turning and turning in the widening gyre
      The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
      Things fall apart; the center cannot hold;
      Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
      The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
      The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
      The best lack all conviction, while the worst
      Are full of passionate intensity.

      First published in 1920, following World War I, “the war to end all wars,” in this poem Yeats writes of “the worst” who “are full of passionate intensity,” referring to the rise of fascism throughout Europe, to which he was witness.

      In choosing a title drawn from this poem, Jonathan Alter implies that–unlike the allies in World War I, who were over-confident (“lack all conviction”) and had been drawn into a conflict they had not anticipated, where many of their young lost their lives for no clearly defined reason (“everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned”)–President Obama’s leadership, when challenged by the fascistic zeal of the Tea Party, is a center that has held, that has not fallen apart, loosening anarchy upon the world. His center is not like the center in Yeats’s poem, where “the best lack all conviction.” Nevertheless, he and his allies have had to contend with enemies that seek to destroy the very foundation of governing in America. Their deafening threats to order seek to create a condition in which “the falcon cannot hear the falconer”–the leader cannot act on the laws he has taken an oath to uphold because the Tea Party has done everything within its power to obstruct the process of governing. Or we could think of the president as the falcon and the public as the “falconer,” telling the falcon what it should do. In President Obama’s administration, the falconer-public demanded that there be a background check for all sales of firearms within the United States, but the Tea Party blocked the opportunity for the falcon to follow the orders it had been given by the falconer.

      You can’t tell a book by its cover, but you can tell a great deal about a book by its title.

      1. latebloomingrandma June 8, 2013

        Thank you. I learned something today. Just reading part of the book so far, I feel sure that Alter used this poem’s message as his framework to tell his story. Makes sense.

      2. charleo1 June 8, 2013

        Some of us, (me,) need to brush up on our Yeats!
        That was pretty terrific!

        1. sigrid28 June 9, 2013

          While you are perusing poetry, you might enjoy learning about Wallace Stevens, a highly acclaimed Modernist American poet whose primary career was as an insurance executive. In addition, much of his best writing appeared after the age of 55, further proof that a few creative writers posting on the National Memo comment threads might have some literary works in their future. I’m still promoting the creation of the definitive popular book selling the benefits of Obamacare, so Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public can understand them well enough to take advantage of them–and enjoy doing so.

      3. idamag June 9, 2013

        Thank you, Sigrid, that was enlightening.

  4. Pokey June 8, 2013

    The teabag party is an abberation that was channeled into the void resulting from O’blabla’s servitude to his Wall Street masters. Frustration and resentment over the evaporation of financial security and the craven bailout of the cause of our problems had to be expressed. There was no place in our minature president’s domain for criticism of the Masters. Along came the crackpots like Dick ( “Koch tool”) Armey, Glen Beck, and the most vulgar of them all, Rick (“the rant”) Santini. The next thing we see is a bunch of angry, old, poor people balming other poor people for the damage caused by the 7 figure bonus crowd who, without thanks to taxpayers who funded them, continued to enjoy their bonuses.

    Anyone who praises O’blabla for his roll is blind and clueless. His only positive is being slightly better than the crud running against him, faint praise indeed.

  5. jesse brink June 8, 2013

    ” . . . the old whines of even older white conservatives bottled as a refreshing new tonic for anxious voters.”
    That summarizes the tea party better than anything I’ve heard yet.

  6. howa4x June 8, 2013

    I’ve met some tea party members and these are people that are easily led by half truths and slogans Like 999. They don’t understand the macro economic theories that are protesting. People like the Koch’s are using them to try to limit regulations that affect their industries and wrap in in government over reach. To the Koch’s it is just about a larger accumulation of wealth than the 31 billion each of them have. Tea party people have no clue about what is really in the ACA. When you question them about it specifically they can answer it. They have been lied too so much like Palin’s death panels it is hard to have a reasonable conversation without hearing something like that. They don’t believe in facts and try to get people riled up on a visceral level. Trying to scare people. Even though storms have become more virulent these people cannot make the linkages to climate change. They would rather hear Glenn Beck talk about it than a climate scientist who they can’t understand. The core of the tea party are blue collar people who are angry. It is the cynical pols like Rove who are trying to re direct it at Obama.

  7. labrown69 June 10, 2013

    YET ANOTHER HERO STANDS UP AND IN DOING SO SHINES THE LIGHT ON THE FASCIST COCKROACHES, OBAMA, HOLDER, AND OTHERS WHO SUPPORT THE BANANA REPUBLIC STYLE REPEAL OF OUR BILL OF RIGHTS AND DECLARATION OF MARTIAL LAW! If we continue electing fascist pigs like Obama soon we will look like Cuba with tens of thousands of political dissidents in jail. They can not stop us all and this is America! HATS OFF to American HEROES Edward Snowden, a 29-year-old NSA contractor and to PFC Bradley Manning who understand that secrecy is the arch enemy of democracy and a free people require a free press.

  8. Eleanore Whitaker June 13, 2013

    I love being a socialist. It proves I’m not a right wing sociopath who is nourished by their daily hate fests. I love being a Progressive because it proves I have a forward thinking brain that refuses to stagnate in the Antebellum white supremacy days of high glory of Big Daddy Plantation Owner and Big Mama getting her palms buttered for opening her legs once a month. I’m thrilled to be a former Republicans who detests the GOP male bulls with no brains, no class and not a shred of integrity. A pack of liars who can’t tell the truth for all their years of lies and deception they call “partisanship.” Partisanship my ass….it’s A good ole bois network of red state moochers who live off the taxes those of us in blue states pay double to support red state asses on phony disability and welfare. Take a good look at where welfare funding goes the most…red states. Take a good look at where the highest federal dollars go to pay phony disability claims…lazy asses in red states. Bitch away bois…you’ve got no lives, no jobs and not much else. Pathetic!


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