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Libertarian Vice-Presidential Nominee Bill Weld Vouches For Hillary Clinton

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Libertarian Vice-Presidential Nominee Bill Weld Vouches For Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton and Bill Weld

Reprinted with permission from AlterNet

Libertarian vice-presidential nominee William Weld has taken to the national airwaves to defend Hillary Clinton.

Splitting with Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson, Weld defended Clinton Tuesday night in an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. Weld criticized FBI director James Comey’s decision to publicly announce the agency was looking into more Clinton emails days before the election, and praised Clinton’s candidacy.

“I’m here vouching for Mrs. Clinton, and I think it’s high time somebody did,” Weld said.

Conservatives who saw the Johnson-Weld ticket as a principled alternative to voting for Trump cringed at Weld’s remarks.

“Sadly, Weld’s willingness to help out Clinton was predictable,” wrote Jim Geraghty, writer of National Review Online‘s “Morning Jolt” column.

Citing his own profile of Weld from last spring, Geraghty said Weld has known Clinton for decades and respects her. Geraghty wrote:

“Weld graduated summa cum laude from Harvard with a degree in economics, studying the subject further at Oxford before returning to Cambridge, Mass., to earn his JD from Harvard Law School. Three years later, he was hired to work on the U.S. House of Representatives Impeachment Inquiry into Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal. ‘If I was the first staffer, Hillary Rodham from Yale Law School was the second staffer,’ Weld told the Nixon Library Oral History Program. ‘She’s just a very decent person, and if I recall correctly, on the occasion when I got in the middle and [special counsel to the Judiciary Committee] John Doar himself got frowny-faced with me—which he should not have, by the way, I was doing my duty—I think Hillary intervened and defended me on that and I’ve never forgotten that.’

“(Weld isn’t kidding: Earlier this year, he dismissed the scandal surrounding Clinton’s private email server as much ado about nothing. ‘I’ve never bought that email thing,’ he told Boston Herald radio on February 29. ‘I don’t think anything was classified when she did it, it got classified later. … I don’t think she would lay a lot of stuff on the table that she thought would compromise our national security.’)”

Whether or not Weld’s comments will sway young millennials who have been drawn to Johnson’s candidacy is an open question. But it is striking that the vice-presidential nominee of a competing ticket is agreeing with Clinton that the FBI’s latest disclosures in the email controversy are a smear based on a non-issue.

IMAGE: Reuters/Mike Segar/Getty/Bryan R. Smith



  1. Independent1 November 2, 2016

    It’s nice to see that there’s at least one politician running in 2016 outside of the Clinton/Kaine ticket who is intelligent enough to put everything into perspective and call out an action committed by a clearly partisan FBI director who should have long since lost his job – months ago. Comey clearly overstepped his bounds and authority several months ago when he held a news conference and rattled on like a total idiot about something he knows absolutely nothing about – Hillary’s use of a private server when not one email the FBI found on her server was correctly marked as classified when Hillary worked with the email – and the fact that government servers are no more secure than private servers which are adequately secured as HIllary’s was.

    1. Box November 3, 2016

      You werent calling him partisan when he said that since he didnt find intent in her “mistakes” that he wasnt pursuing the case. Why didnt you call him biased, idiot and a fabricator at that time? Because ______________________.

      And if its all a big fabrication, why did Michelle suddenly dump all her previous tweets with hillary the other day, and why did Podesta ask staff to hurry dump emails also the other day? Why is everyone scattering to the four winds?

      Listen to the video today that I posted above. GOP didnt even start the emails, and video explains why, but the GOP took up the cause after Clintons newspaper mouthpiece broke the story.

      Classified or not? Last night I listened at length to a fellow online staunchly defending the Clintons. Though I dont recall it myself, he said out of ALL the emails only three were “troublesome” and therefore there should be no case. The interviewer asked, 1) what was in those three? 2) how many bad ones does it take? The fellow refused to answer.

      1. Independent1 November 3, 2016

        You’re a flat out liar and full of total BS! I’ve been calling Comey a traitor ever since he made those ludicrous comments at the news conference months about Hillary supposedly being careless about handling classified information when Comey couldn’t prove there had been any emails legitimately marked as classified on her server. At the time I pointed out what BS it was he was spewing and said he should have been fired months ago!! Go stick your head in a toilet you lying fool – that’s where it belongs along with the other crap that you constantly post!!!

      2. Girlpower November 3, 2016

        Have another slug of vodka and tell us how the weather is there in Russia troll

  2. Box November 2, 2016

    To vouch for her either makes him a criminal too or he doesnt know her. You decide which. Why not listen to a brand new words by someone who actually knows the Clintons very well?


    1. JPHALL November 3, 2016

      Infowars? How hilarious. No wonder you post student comments!

      1. Mama Bear November 3, 2016

        Box o’ rocks piping up again? Just when you thought ignorance could go no deeper.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker November 3, 2016

          Yep…He is better than that morning jolt of coffee…he has no proof he can give that come from court records. How can he? Hillary has never been indicted for any crime. Now Trump? The courts can’t even handle the number of offenses he has committed.

          1. Mama Bear November 3, 2016

            I blocked him long ago but just go through and upvote everyone who calls him on his crap.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker November 3, 2016

        Boxie is suffering from the same delusions all hicks like him always do. He isn’t part of the democracy we live with. Anyone who would be stupid enough to put a skank like Trump in the White House only proves just how long Box has been gaming the system to pad his profits.

        1. Girlpower November 3, 2016

          Box is a paid Russian troll sitting in his jammies drinking vodka and trying to screw with our election. They are all over the internet doing Putin’s bidding.

    2. Independent1 November 3, 2016

      When are you going to grow up and realize these videos you keep posting are severely editted/photoshopped to lie just like the GOP lies about everything it does these days??? You haven’t grown up beyond that kiddie stage where you just love to watch fantasies all the time???

      1. Eleanore Whitaker November 3, 2016

        Not only that…Look at the right wing link he uses every time…REDFLAG News? Red? As in Communist RED? Or as in CHINA RED? Boxie is your typical right wing phony who hides behind the wall of cyber space that protects his scumball identity.

        Guys like the Boxface always manage to play their games thinking they will always get away with it. Trump won’t. His rape trial isn’t going away.

    3. Jim Samaras November 3, 2016

      You can’t educate people who refuse to see the truth. If I weren’t a patriot and lived elsewhere I’d actually like to see what a cankle queen presidency may do for/to America. But alas, I do not and look forward to Jan. as we inaugurate Donald J. Trump as POTUS

      1. CrankyToo November 3, 2016

        Yeah. Like the Cubbies lost the game in the bottom of the ninth last night. Oh, wait….

        1. Jim Samaras November 3, 2016

          Almost lost it in the eighth and thought for sure the curse would continue but if the BoSox can lose theirs I suppose it was time for a Cub victory.

          As far as politics go I still can’t see anyone voting for a corrupt individual like HC

          1. CrankyToo November 3, 2016

            As to your first assertion, surely even a White Sox fan is cognizant of the fact that no major league baseball game was ever lost in the 8th inning. It takes at least nine innings to decide a game, as the Cubs proved, yet again last night – thereby flushing another of your misguided predictions down the sh!tter.

            And as to your second assertion, all I can say is, stick around, Squire. Next Tuesday, you’ll see about 60 million votes cast for the ‘corrupt’ HC, plus or minus – and somewhat fewer for your hero, Agent Orange. Now there’s a prediction you can take to the bank.

          2. Jim Samaras November 3, 2016

            You were crapping your pants last night in the eighth when it was possible my prediction were to come to pass, at least admit that much.

            If the fact that she’s a corrupt hag doesn’t dissuade you from voting for her there is no help for you. I can’t believe there are that many of you losers out there that still support such a vile individual but we shall see

          3. CrankyToo November 3, 2016

            As to your first assertion, unlike you, I can’t admit what’s not true.

            And as to your second, there are zero “facts” to support the right’s various contentions that Mrs. Clinton is corrupt. You know what facts are, don’t you? In the legal sense, they’re data points which generally form the evidentiary basis for prosecuting and convicting someone of a crime. And since Mrs. Clinton has never been prosecuted for anything, (much less convicted), as a former law enforcement professional, I cannot in good conscience conspire with you wingnuts to advance your
            unsupported claims of corruption.

            The authority which girds my opinions on this subject is the United States Constitution – that tired old relic of a document that you cons love to trot out to excuse all the dumba$$ things you say and do, but are happy to pi$$ on when it doesn’t conform to your bankrupt ideology. And, of course, the principle therein which refutes all your nonsense is the one which stipulates that a citizen of this country is innocent until proven otherwise. To put it another way, don’t tell me about the pain, just show me the baby, or else STFU.

            One last thought: call me a romantic, but I can generally find something of beauty in every woman. So I take exception to your description of our next president as a hag.

          4. Jim Samaras November 3, 2016

            Well, the only thing I can say about her is that she will look attractive in prison stripes. I do believe this time her goose is cooked. As soon as it’s her a$$ or her underlings that will go to jail the bus will be rolling over her like a raccoon in the middle of the night on a deserted highway. She and her hubby have the undeniable ability of creating a situation where plausible deniability has been the order of the day but you can fool all the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time but not all the people all of the time. Her jig is up and won’t you feel like a retard when, after you’ve backed this hag, she’s off to the crossbar motel in shiny bracelets?

          5. CrankyToo November 3, 2016

            Obviously, everything I said earlier was lost on you. And therein lies the problem with you wingnutz. You’re so firmly entrenched in your bullsh!t that you’re incapable of reasoned discourse. Everything which emanates from you is vitriolic nonsense based on your feelings – which have no foundation in reality. You’re so myopic that you can’t distinguish goosesh!t from tapioca.

          6. Jim Samaras November 3, 2016

            Explain to me how, with all the things coming out against her, that you cannot see that there’s SOMETHING there? I understand the rule of law and she is entitled to innocence till proven guilty but do you really want a commander in chief that may have all this going against her when she should be running our country? Is your hatred for DT that strong that you’d rather have her?

          7. CrankyToo November 3, 2016

            In terms of perceived or suspected illegal or immoral behavior, there’s no comparison to be drawn between DT and HC. His behavior with respect to cheating employees and contractors, evading taxes, perpetrating frauds on the consuming public, committing sex offenses against women and consorting with our country’s enemies is far more flagrant and infinitely more heinous than anything you may suspect Mrs. Clinton of having been involved in. The fact is, she probably isn’t guilty of anything that can’t likewise be pinned on any sitting member of Congress or any political appointee past or present. She’s a politician and, as we all know, politicians are devious creatures who talk out of both sides of their faces. That goes with the territory. But let’s get real, every word out of Trump’s mouth connects to a lie. And it’s far more likely that Donald Trump will be convicted of honest-to-God, no-sh!t criminal activity in the very near term, while she never will.

            Now, as regards my choice between the two to be America’s chief executive and leader of our armed forces, that’s also an easy one for me. Hillary has vast experience to recommend her to the job while Donald has none. In twenty years of military service from the Vietnam conflict thru Desert Storm, I served under Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan and Bush 41. And if I was still ten feet tall and bulletproof, I would proudly serve a President Hillary Clinton. Trump? Sh!t, I wouldn’t follow that a$$hole to a dog fight.

            That’s not to say that I hate Donald Trump; he’s no more worthy of my hatred than the pile of turds my dog deposited on my back lawn this morning. But as a 65-year-old, lifelong Republican, I hate the GOP for having betrayed the majority of us over the course of the past three decades in favor of the 1% who think everything we have belongs to them. From my perspective, if you pull the lever for any Republican on your ballot, you’re either stupid or wealthy.

          8. cthetruth November 4, 2016

            Dear God! Someone with a brain. Thank you! You have made my day a little bit better. I too am a lifelong Republican and my country means to much to me to vote for that threat to our way of life.Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service!

          9. CrankyToo November 4, 2016

            Cheers to you, Mate. I’ll see you at the polls on Tuesday when we throw the Turd Party a proper beating.

            PS – There’s nothing to thank…. serving our country was an honor (something else Donald Trump will never understand).

      2. Independent1 November 3, 2016

        Shall we just take a look at history there nutcase?

        GOP – Paltry GDP growth of 2.6%/yr since 1900 vs 4.3%/yr for Dems.

        GOP – Paltry 24 million jobs created by Reagan and the 2 Bushes,
        Almost double the jobs, 40 million, created by Carter, Clinton and Obama.

        GOP presidents routinely trash stock market resulting in less than zero gains since 1930. vs over 300% gains under Dem presidents.

        How would you like dummkopf to have invested $10,000 in 1930 and find out that you lost more than 1/2 that $10,000 because you only kept your money in the market while a Republican was president? While had you done the reverse, your $10,000 invested in 1930 would be worth over $320,000 today.

        And let’s just look at the Big Picture. Of the around 30 states that are governed by Republicans today, only 3 of them suck back less than $1 in federal aid to keep them afloat than their poverty stricken residents send to Washington in income taxes;.and those 3 states all get back more than 96 cents on the dollar in aid relative to the taxes they pay.

        While in contrast, of the 20 or so Blue states, 14 of them suck back in federal aid less than 90 cents on $1 of taxes these states much more prosperous citizens send to Washington in taxes.

        So essentially, virtually all the GOP run states are staying out of bankruptcy because of the monies they’re sucking from what the Democrat run states putting into the kitty; meaning essentially, that the only reason America isn’t totally bankrupt today is because of 14 Democrat-run states. America is running on BLUE!!!!!!

        Now, only a total moron such as yourself would take a look at just these statistics and not wake up and realize they are being taken to the cleaners by a political party that has morphed into being nothing less than America’s equivalent to the Italian Mafia.

        And the above are not even the worst of the GOP stats. How about:

        All 10 states found to be most miserable for people to live in are run by the American Mafia.

        All 25 states found to have the most people broke and on the verge of bankruptcy are run by the American Mafia.

        30 of 32 states where people are so poor they can barely get from pay day to pay day and therefore have the lowest personal product consumption in the nation are also run by the American Mafia.

        Given all this, are you really so moronic and such a saddest that you want the American Mafia to inflict their governance disaster on all of America?????

        1. Jim Samaras November 3, 2016

          Figures lie and liars figure schmuck! I may tend to have more faith in your statistics if you would knock off the continual talking down to and name calling of anyone with a different opinion.

          The bottom line here is there is and has been enough circumstantial evidence on the Clinton family to sway anyone with a brain from electing her to office. If you’re okay with a person as despicable as she continuing the shenanigans and pay for play tendencies that she has obviously associated herself with then there is no talking to you to convince you otherwise. The only logical reason for your vote is that you’re on the government dole in one way, shape or form. Yourself, a family member either a government employee in fear of losing your job, a relative or even yourself afraid of deportation or the fact that your check won’t magically appear in the mailbox after Trumps election. It’s not the fact that he announced that because of his celebrity status he can get laid without even trying that irritates you. It’s more than that! Admit it Inde….the fact is your a good for nothing government moocher afraid of losing his status. Man up and tell the truth dipstick!!!

          1. iamproteus November 3, 2016

            You said:
            “I may tend to have more faith in your statistics if you would knock off the continual talking down to and name calling of anyone with a different opinion.”
            And then you proceed to talk down to and call Independent1 names! Are you familiar with the term,”hypocrite”? As long as you seem to put a lot of faith in “circumstantial evidence”, you shouldn’t mind if I look at the abundant circumstantial evidence you have provided and say that you are a typical conservative (probably Putin paid) troll. You OK with that, troll?

          2. Jim Samaras November 3, 2016

            Inde has shown me disrespect and will get the same from me but is really none of your business. You sleeping with him? If not STFU!

            I am a typical patriot who is tired of the liberal hypocritical rhetoric you short loads put out there.

            Trump/Pence 2016

          3. iamproteus November 3, 2016

            That was a typically stupid retort, Jim. FYI, I am not sleeping with him and no, I am not going to STFU. I will call out trolls such as you any time I damn well please. And no, you are not a typical patriot. You have proven that with every comment you post. You are a typical troll that should be taken out behind the barn and flogged daily. You are so anxious to convict HC on evidence that you have admitted is circumstantial and totally ignore all the proven wrong-doing on Trump’s part….even the stuff he admits to and even brags about. That’s the very definition of “hypocritical”!

          4. Jim Samaras November 3, 2016

            Okay, you’ve proven locker room talk, that he’s used the laws for tax minimization and bankruptcy laws to his advantage. He’s admitted the ability, because of his celebrity status, to get laid at the drop of a hat. Any comparison to the HEAVY, albeit circumstantial (to this point) evidence of treason on the part of HC? At what point do you say that although circumstantial, there is too much pointing to the fact that she runs a criminal enterprise and is in no way, shape or form fit to be POTUS? You are just another fool who must be worried that a Trump presidency will end your government subsidies.

          5. iamproteus November 3, 2016

            Another stupid remark! You’re just full of stupid bullshlt, aren’t you? Oh, what the hell, I’ll answer your stupid question….there is no point where we should convict someone based on nothing but circumstantial evidence. It takes actual, proven-to-be-true evidence to determine an accusation to be fact. If you were actually a true patriot, you would support the Constitution on that point. But you’re not a true patriot, are you, troll? A true patriot would reject and condemn a foul mouthed, misogynistic, lying, cheating, xenophobic, homophobic, bigot such as Trump. But not you….you approve of his habit of contracting for work done and then refusing to pay for it; his importing labor from outside the country instead of hiring Americans; his importing Chinese steel for his buildings instead of buying American made steel; his shipping jobs off to Mexico, Taiwan, Korea and China among others. Don’t talk to me about being a patriot when you’re nothing but a Putin paid troll!

          6. Jim Samaras November 3, 2016

            Convict? No…Elect as president? Stop it you unmitigated fool! Reject a guy who has been playing by the rules laid out by YOUR government? No! You have obviously never had to meet a payroll in your insignificant little life. Who would pay twice as much for steel when, as a law abiding businessman, he can enrich himself and employees by buying it LEGALLY from China? Maybe a retard like you…. I can’t help that the big boys picked on you as a youth and if the truth were told they do today. Your boss gives you no respect and your wife is probably doing someone else with more brains. If you care to look beyond your short little pr^ck you’d understand that the moves Trump will make will cost his companies more money but for the betterment of America will make them anyway. You’re nothing but a pimple on the a$$ of a true American you retard

          7. Independent1 November 3, 2016

            “I am a typical patriot who is tired of the liberal hypocritical rhetoric you short loads put out there.”

            What a joke this is!! You;re not patriot!! You’re a moron!!!

          8. Independent1 November 3, 2016

            Nice try at deflection lowlife. I talk down to GOP lovers like you would talk down to a serial killer. We’re not talking about differences of opinion here lowlife, we’re talking about the difference between being a gangster and being a law abiding citizen.

            The GOP has morphed into an organization that willing lets people die just so they can stuff more money in their pockets – how is that any different than a bank robber that kills the teller on his way out of the bank? Most GOP politicians, and their supporters like you, are no different than Al Capone; and that especially relates to Trump who essentially embezzled 916 million dollars from the U.S. Treasury by claiming the monies that countless banks wrote off and forgave him paying back were losses when in fact they should have been recorded as income. So Trump has been paying no taxes for 18 years when he should have been paying millions upon millions in taxes every year. (Al Capone got 11 years in jail for failing to py $250,000 in taxes – Trump has defraud the U.S. of millions!!)

            So when I talk down to you worthless GOP-loving trolls, like I said, it’s like you talking down to someone who’s such a lowlife that he’s chosen to be a serial killer. (The GOP has willingly allowed thousands of Americans to die very month just by not expanding Medicaid in 20 states. How’s that any difference than what ISIS has been doing? Believe me, dying a slow death with cancer that wasn’t caught because you were deprive the healthcare you deserved is every bit as inhumane as having your head cut off!!!!!!)

            Sorry lowlife – as far as I’m concerned you’re worth less than dirt!!!!!!

          9. Jim Samaras November 3, 2016

            No deflection here pal. You are what I thought you were! It’s ok, there are plenty of you out there that won’t know what to do when the gravy train ends.

            I’m no fan of the GOP. I’ve said many times that I voted for Obama in 08 and I own that mistake. Trump is a breath of fresh air that has brought down the establishment one brick at a time and will continue to do so by shining a light to the public on what’s been going on in Washington for decades on BOTH SIDES.

            I am what I am but you sir are one stupid mf that like the rest of the sheep on this site cannot see the forest for the trees

          10. Independent1 November 3, 2016

            What gravy train is that there dummy?? The one that right-wingers suck far more of than liberals?? Yes, right-wingers are by far more on welfare and food stamps than liberals – and why? Because Republicans dumb down state economies and pass laws that allow companies to pay people in their states poverty level slave-labor wages. (Workers in Blue States make 18-23% more per year income than people in red states.)

            That’s why it’s 30 of 32 states in America run by Republicans that have the lowest per capita personal consumption.

            I mean come on, wake up!! Texas has the 2nd highest GDP in America, while the people living in Texas have the 32nd lowest personal consumption. And why, because Republicans running Texas have rigged the taxes so it’s the people with the less money that are paying the bulk of taxes to keep Texas running; and Texas has a right-to-work law that allows companies to pay people in Texas wages that the average Texan struggles to live on!!

            Like I asked you before, when are you going to wake up to the fact that unless you’re in the upper 10% of income earners – the GOP is taking you to the cleaners!!!

          11. Jim Samaras November 3, 2016

            In the words of a true Richard Cranium “Nice try at deflection lowlife” Are you too stupid to realize I was referring to you and your mundane existence? I can’t help the fact that you need the gubbermint to take care of you although it’s no surprise hearing how you think! I’m tired of hearing from you about how the states run by a republican governor are the lowest in this or that when it’s the cities run by your party that create that situation. As far as taxes go, Trump will change it to a more fair system. Like it or not!

          12. Independent1 November 3, 2016

            ” this or that when it’s the cities run by your party that create that situation.”

            That comment proves your total stupidity – do you think it’s only red states that have very large cities run by Democrats??

            How stupid can you get!! Fact is dummkopf that six of the ten largest cities run by Democrats are in Blue states – so why aren’t the blue states performing as poorly as red states which have far fewer large cities run by Democrats??? You really can’t be that stupid!!

            When’s the last time a big city mayor passed legislation that allowed companies in an entire state to pay its employees poverty level wages? People who live in big cities and have to work for companies in red states that pay them nothing. All 10 states in America with the highest min wage so fewer people, including those in big cities, are living in poverty ARE BLUE STATES!!

            Or when’s the last time a mayor past laws that allowed open-carry of guns or stand your ground idiocy??? Which mayors in most red states have to live with.

            Or what mayors set the state budgets which cut the benefits to people who need help staying alive – people who live in big cities – which has boosted the crime rate because now people have to go out and steal just to put food on the table?? (That’s why it’s 21 of the 24 states with more than 12% living in poverty that are run by the GOP.)

            And do you even realize dummy that Chicago, which you moron right-wingers like to claim has so many killings, actually has 2/3rds of the gun-related homicides per 100,000 residents of cities in red states like Houston, Indianapolis, Memphis, Louisville….(Chicago has 97 killings/100,000 while even St. Louis has 147/100,000.

            Sorry, but you lose no matter what you say because Republicans know nothing about running a government!! NOTHING!!!


          13. Independent1 November 3, 2016

            And you wonder why I’m on here calling you right–wingers names!! Because I’ve been retired and have had the time to do research and I’m absolutely appalled at the devastation to America that the GOP has come to inflict on our country over especially the last 30 years – since America’s worst president ever – Reagan – started the GOP off on the missions of steal as much taxpayer money as is possible even if that means millions of Americans have to die in the process!!!! The degree of depravity that GOP politicians have reached is absolutely appalling!!!!!!

          14. Independent1 November 3, 2016

            My mundane existence?? I’ve been on retirement for over 15 years drawing a pension and my social security – I make far more money each year than the national average income. Like I said, you are a total fool – you only wish you live where I do there sucker; I’ll guarantee you that if you were ever to visit you wouldn’t trade my home for yours for a million bucks!!! –

          15. Independent1 November 3, 2016

            And would you care to list all those issues that were a mistake when you voted for Obama?

            The president who has reduced deficit spending faster than any previous president in history.

            The president in office who has guided the economy through the smallest spending since Eisenhower was in office.

            The president who holds the record for the longest positive jobs growth of any previous president by over 3 years.

            Only the 3rd president since 1900 to have completed his 8 years in office without a recession starting.

            The president who saved America from falling into a depression which experts thought would happen as a result of the Great Recession created by Republicans.

            The president who was in office when America became the largest producer of oil and gas on the planet – surpassing Russia and Saudi Arabia in gas and oil production.

            The president who has brought more fraudsters in the health and defense sectors to justice and recovered the most fraud monies in history – billions upon billions.

            And I could go on for much longer- you are an absolute fool!!!

          16. Jim Samaras November 3, 2016

            Created by republicans? It was the greed of Wall St that your candidate is in bed with representing insolvent mortgages as AAA paper and giving loans to, perhaps, lowlifes like you who if it took a nickel to go around the world and you had 2 cents wouldn’t get off the block you live on.

            Job growth? The $10 an hour jobs that people like you are doing then complaining that they deserve $15 for flipping burgers? What a man he is! People like you make me puke

          17. Independent1 November 3, 2016

            “The bottom line here is there is and has been enough circumstantial evidence on the Clinton family to sway anyone with a brain from electing her to office.”

            And this statement is just one more evidence of how big a lowlife you are – you’re such a dirtbag that you’d actually convict someone based on circumstantial evidence made up by right-wing propaganda site after right-wing propaganda site!!!

            You’ve proven just how big of a dirtbag you can be!!! Since when are people in America convicted of crimes based on circumstantial evidence??????

          18. Sand_Cat November 3, 2016

            “Evidence” only to dimwit pathological haters who fear women and have centered their lives around a sick obsession with Hillary Clinton. Once again, you’re one hell of a poor judge to question anyone else’s intelligence, sanity, or motives.
            Get some help, man.

      3. dbtheonly November 3, 2016

        YouTube. The fount of all knowledge. Nothing incorrect is ever posted there.

      4. Sand_Cat November 3, 2016

        You’re right. That’s why you and Box never learn, and keep coming back and repeating the same old BS. Your last sentence makes it abundantly clear why you – who have the stunning lack of self-awareness to style yourself a “thinker” – are in absolutely no position whatsoever to question ANYONE’s intelligence. What a laugh, “thinker.”

  3. Box November 3, 2016

    As a Democrat who voted for Bill Clinton, it would take a lot for me to change sides. At that time, neither I or anyone knew their history. I wouldnt say Bill was a bad president but the Monica thing is what broke open the desire for people to really dig their past. Thats why the digging has gone on for so long. What been missing is the will to actually prosecute but I at least was left with the will to abandon them and I did. Since then, they only got worse, drunk on power and lawlessness. Simple as that and they have to GO.

    Among the reasons to vote for Trump, and I say strongly i despise his personality, is immigration, particularly refugees. Hillary wants to increase them, Trump wants heavy vetting. France is sinking into civil war because Muslims refuse to obey laws, and today in Germany Merkel concedes they have lost control and the country is sinking into lawlessness, partly because the refugees scattered and cannot be accounted for anymore. See the story.

    How it relates to US is that the incoming muslim refugees here have also disappeared and are pushing for sharia law and to dump the Constitution. Thats intolerable. Nobody can do that. I fear the situation will get far worse like Europe and we should not accept any premise under which we lose control of immigration or invite civil war between religions. Trump wants care and soverignty, Hillary (and many of you) want an open and borderless world where anything goes. We also should not except any immigrants whose purpose is to create mayhem leading to UN rule. Some of you want that but many more, including Trump, do not.

    What I want is to get rid of the Clintons once and forever, and work towards finding a proper moderate Democrat for 2020. That would be great. But they couldnt be found this time and also the GOP couldnt raise any good ones either. So we try again.

    So you know, foreign press says Clinton should not be elected because she would be worse than Obama and a failure, and Trump should not be elected because he is too much of a loose-cannon and wild card. Foreign press wants to know why Americans are so incredibly dumb, stupid or something not to raise higher quality candidates.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker November 3, 2016

      And the BoxHead proves that square minds are limited. Why not just admit it? When Comey decided to out ONLY Hillary’s emails and not Trump’s, he screwed himself. But then, all BOXheaded men always do. Cheney did, Bush did, Reagan did, Nixon Did, Herbert Hoover did, J. Edgar Hoover did, Roy Cohn did, Texas Tom Delay did, Gingrich did, Guiliani did, Warren Harding did and his own wife offed him for his playing around until he brought an illegitimate kid into the world…you want more Boxbrain?

      It is time for you men to step aside and let the women show you how it should be done. Not by endless for profit wars and certainly not by allowing a skank like Trump to steal our money and take everything we work for away from us so he can pad his fat butt more than it already is.

      You got nothing and you know it. But that too is part of your game isn’t it Box BOY? Little boys like you never do grow up to the reality that there is nothing that says MEN must have the last word or MUST always be President of the U.S. Time you moron males of the right got some smarts and faced facts. Hillary isn’t the first and she won’t be the last. What will you do when Michelle O’Bama is elected by a majority of women, cut your own testicles off?

      1. The lucky one November 3, 2016

        “It is time for you men to step aside and let the women show you how it should be done.” Do you mean like Maggie Thatcher did in Britain?

        1. Eleanore Whitaker November 3, 2016

          No I mean like Hillary Clinton. Nice try though. Do you want to blast every woman in the rest of the world too? Every country of the world BUT the US has had women in government other than those that are theocracies of ancient backward males. Grow up. Time for you to step aside. Your gender has not exactly been successful at keeping peace, stabilizing the economy or providing jobs for ALL AMericans.

          1. Mama Bear November 3, 2016

            someday….most likely well beyond our lifetime men will lost the tiny teenie fragile little egos they are cursed with and start to understand cooperation and respect.

          2. The lucky one November 3, 2016

            ” Do you want to blast every woman in the rest of the world too?” Do you mean like you often do with men? I see no real difference between male and female politicians in general. There are very few of either gender that show any true leadership qualities. For every E Warren there is a M Bachman.

            I agree it’s time for a woman president but for me Hillary is not a good choice. Unfortunately Trump is at least as bad, probably worse, and personally I find the arrogant POS to be despicable. So i will take your advice and vote for a woman, Jill Stein.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker November 3, 2016

            No stupid…I blast men who asked to be blasted…That’s the difference between you and me. I know when a man is a gamer. You ignore their games and then make the rest of us pay for their screw ups and yours.

            Check again. Michelle Bachmmanistan is not a full American citizen. She holds dual citizenship with Switzerland because her husband is NOT an American citizen. He is a Swiss Citizen and a banker. You need to bone up on your public figures moron.

            Elizabeth Warren is a born and bred American Consumer Advocate. She has no ties to Swiss banks and loathes the cheaters on Wall Street who fatten Michelle Bachmannistan’s Swiss bank account.

            You fool no one with that “Hillary is the wrong choice.” You can’t even come up with proof she was EVER indicted of a crime and yet you sit on your fat butt on your pretend throne and play judge and jury? And just who are YOU to make any judgments without proof?

            In case you need reminding, when a husband commits adultery as Hillary’s did and Huma Abedin’s did and Ivana Trump and Marla Maples husbands did…you don’t crucify wives for the decisions they make about their marriage. Why? It’s none of YOUR business. Now..unless you have proof that Hillary is not trustworthy, you owe her thanks for traveling to 112 countries as SOS, something your SOS Rice NEVER did. You owe her AND Pres. Clinton thanks for donating tens of millions every year to third world countries to advance women’s and children’s rights to have food every day. Grow up.

            You have proved NOTHING and quite frankly, yours is one of the heads I’ll be happy to shave when, not if, Hillary becomes president. A shaved head will identify all of your Trumpensteins.

          4. The lucky one November 3, 2016

            You are really no different than Trump except that he spouts his nonsense from the right and denigrates women while you pretend to spout yours from the left and denigrate men. You’re both totally full of shite.

            I’ve done none of things you accuse me of and you display a woeful lack of reading comprehension to be judging someone else’s intelligence. I’d try to explain it to you but you have already demonstrated repeatedly that you already know it all and anyway I’m male so what could I possibly have to say worth considering, right?

            BTW I’ve never referenced any spouse’s infidelity, HRC’s e-mail usage or Benghazi as reasons to oppose Hillary. Her war hawk attitude, indifference to climate change and subservience to banksters and oligarchs is all the reason I need.

            We’re screwed no matter which of the demagogues wins. the only good thing will be watching aglander meltdown if Clinton wins and watching you splutter if Trump manages to pull off the upset.

          5. dbtheonly November 3, 2016

            I date myself.

            When he said E Warren, I thought of Earl.

    2. Independent1 November 3, 2016

      Does that fantasy world you live in also have fairies with pink bows floating around? You right-wing nutcases are such wimps that all you can do is make up fantasies about refugees turning into ogres that are keeping you from crossing the bridge. There are no Muslims entering America today that haven’t gone through a minimum of close to 2 years of vetting and more. Stop being such a wimp and join the adult world!!!

      1. Eleanore Whitaker November 3, 2016

        Box is not going to be around AFTER Hillary is elected. And, if she isn’t, his life won’t be worth much if, thanks to him, Trump gets elected, trashes the military as he stated, builds a wall around the US as he stated and then gets rid of religions he doesn’t like, minorities he doesn’t like and women he hates most of all.

        Too bad he and Boxie will have their heads shaved by women if they dare try it. Not that it will matter to Baldy Boxie.

    3. The lucky one November 3, 2016

      “muslim refugees here have also disappeared and are pushing for sharia law and to dump the Constitution.” How can can they disappear but still advocate for sharia? I have seen zero instances of anyone publicly advocating for sharia.

      “Foreign press wants to know why Americans are so incredibly dumb, stupid or something not to raise higher quality candidates.”
      Now that’s a good question. Unfortunately however we are not the only country with poor quality leadership. For us the highly concentrated media ownership is a big part of it. But it really boils down to the laziness of the American public that care more about sports and their electronic toys than current affairs.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker November 3, 2016

        BoxHead is a mental case. Expecting these nutbags of the right to make sense to sane people is like walking into a mental asylum and trying to reason with a mental patient.

        1. The lucky one November 3, 2016

          Yes, but more and more this country is becoming an insane asylum.

      2. Jon November 3, 2016

        I guess you don’t read Red Flag News and other fantasy news sites. Haven’t you heard that Santa Fe, Tempe, San Antonio, Wichita, Boise, and Pierre have been overrun by Muslim refugees who have burned the U.S. Constitution and imposed sharia law? Every Springfield in the U.S. is next.

    4. Sand_Cat November 3, 2016

      I bet you voted for Bill Clinton. Sure.
      Maybe you “despise his [Trump’s] personality” because it so strongly resembles yours, or at least what you’ve chosen to show us here. Self-hatred would certainly explain your support for a mentally-ill, self-obsessed, super insecure creep like Trump. All your fancy talk boils down to xenophobia and bigotry. Trump has made these, combined with a tendency towards violence, respectable among a certain type of low-intelligence low-information bigoted person.
      You deserve him.

  4. lori.wester November 3, 2016

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  5. Eleanore Whitaker November 3, 2016

    Look what it ALL comes down to is that a tiny minority of the country’s dumbest, least intelligent men do not want Hillary for president. And then, they get their simpering, clinging vine, financially dependent, cloying women to go along because as educated woman all know, these women can’t make it on their own unless some guy gives them the green light and parcels out what HE thinks she should be ALLOWED to earn.

    This is what all these boys bitching and whining is all about. How dare a woman like Hillary give women the idea they can get ahead of any man in government? Especially when the males with this mentality have lived in their “tradition” of always being the boss, always have the last say and always making all the decisions.

    Well, these are them who are now pissing off all the wrong women in this country. If educated women left it to these guys, we’d all be pregnant, barefoot and kneeling at Mr. Man’s knees. Now, they’ll say, “How dare you be a feminist and support YOUR gender! You Support MEN or else!” Or else what? Or else, these men will have to shut their mouths, stop playing their games and grow up? Sounds fine by me!

  6. Eleanore Whitaker November 3, 2016

    When does Trump plan to admit that he and Larry Levenson and Fred J. Lincoln were “business associates?” Most of us knew these two owners of the infamous Plato’s in Manhattan were best buds with Trump. Plato’s got shut down by Mayor Koch which pissed off Trump big time.

    1. Independent1 November 3, 2016

      There’s a great article on the democracynow.org website about an interview with David Cay Johnson on Trump’s dealings with the mobs. At one point David Cay says that Trump was in close cohoots with mobsters from Miami to Ohio; and how after some of these mobsters were indicted, Trump worked to get them light sentences and released from prison early. See these excerpts from that article on democracynow.org:

      JUAN GONZÁLEZ: David, I wanted to ask you about this issue which we discussed previously with Wayne Barrett, as well, on the issue of Donald Trump’s relationship to the mob and his connections over the years to mobsters. And you’ve also looked into that, as well.

      Yes, and it’s not just the traditional Mafia families in New York. First of all, Donald Trump’s father had a business partner who was a mob guy. I’m sure Wayne talked about that. But Donald has done business with people with the Russian mob. He’s done business with con artists. The guy who supplied his helicopters and managed his personal helicopter, called the Ivana, from his first wife back then, was a major cocaine trafficker, who actually handled the drugs. And after he went to prison, Donald wrote a letter pleading for mercy for him, so he got 18 months as the head of the ring. The little fish who delivered the drugs, they got 20 years. Donald continued to do business with him after he was indicted. Donald has done business all his life with mobsters
      and criminals, because it’s a way to make money.

      AMY GOODMAN: Can you talk about Joseph Weichselbaum?

      Yes, that’s the guy. Joseph Weichselbaum is this mob associate. He once—he used to do Cigarette boat racing in Miami, and he once was—came in third, right behind Charles Keating, the infamous financier who ripped off people for a billion dollars. And Weichselbaum provided helicopters to the Trump Organization, even though there were better-capitalized, better-run companies. Donald rented an apartment to Weichselbaum and his brother under very unusual circumstances.

      When Weichselbaum was indicted, it was for a drug operation that went from Miami to Ohio. When he agreed to plead guilty, the case was mysteriously moved to New Jersey. And who did it come before? Federal Judge Maryanne Trump Barry, Donald’s older sister. No one knows how this happened. Now, she removed herself from the case, but imagine, Amy, that you, or one of the listeners, you’re the chief judge, and the judge comes to you and says, “Oh, I can’t handle this case, because I fly in this drug trafficker’s helicopters. My husband flies in them every week. My children have flown in this drug trafficker’s helicopters.” You know, it helps explain how this guy got a light sentence.


      And David Cay keeps mentioning that Trump doesn’t know anything about any issues – all Trump is interested in is making money which is one reason his casino went belly up because Trump refused to learn anything about gambling all he did was suck money out of the casino. but see this:

      So, that was Senator Rubio and, before him, Donald Trump. And, of
      course, then there recently Joe Scarborough, the talk show host who’s a
      former Republican conservative congressmember, saying he heard from an
      international diplomat who was advising Donald Trump—Trump said to the
      person three times, “If we have nuclear weapons, why don’t we use them?”

      Well, this is indicative of Donald doesn’t know anything. I mean, if Marco Rubio, who is pretty much an empty suit, has to school you on something this basic, that should have screamed to people back in December, “This man has no qualifications!” He doesn’t qualify to be in Congress, much less be president of the United States. On the other hand, in his own mind, of course, Donald is the greatest living person. And, Amy, if you don’t appreciate that, Donald has a word for you: “Loser!”


      1. marriea November 3, 2016

        Oh course Trump is not qualified to be Dog Catcher and it’s for this reason I look at the GOPs.
        It’s stuff like this that I believe is why the GOP is so quiet.
        You know that like a when a baby or toddler get’s too quiet, you have to investigate why.
        I suspect that they have so much stuff on Trump that within a year of his being in office (OH GOD I HOPE IT DOES NOT COME TO THAT), he will be impeached.
        And he will be convicted.
        I can’t help but think that this is why Comey is ‘quietly’ trying to throw this election to Trump by releasing this e-mail (non-sense) addendum into the mix.
        I’m betting that once Trump is securely in office, charges will be made, especially about his Russian connections, which would amount to treason, and the GOP will claim that ‘see, we got rid of one of own who was breaking the law’ even as they hate Trump even more than Clinton.
        They stand the chance of smelling like a rose, when this is all over.
        Then Pence who always have this laughing smurk on his face will be president which is what the GOP wants anyways as he is one of ‘old boys club’ having been a convervative in the Senate before becoming govenor of Indiana..
        Trump, when found guilty will then have all of his business confiscated
        up to and including anything that even his kids own as the govt will claim that it was brought with funds that Trump provided.
        That way they can calim that we got back the funds that Trump cheated the govt out of by not paying taxes.
        Oh, yes, and the country will be in torn in two or three.
        But that is the nature of the GOP. It has been that way for years.
        They take playing low down and dirty to a new heights.

  7. TMZ1928 November 3, 2016

    Not only is Hillary totally corrupt, but she is quite ill. Look at her bug eyes in this photo – she has Parkinson’s. Not only will she be indicted soon, but she would have to be propped up with someone else pulling the strings as her health is deteriorating rapidly.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker November 3, 2016

      Got proof? No? Don’t have proof? Then time to stop posting your delusions of grandeur. No one cares what you think. Why do you bother to post what you know is ONLY YOUR opinion and is a pack of lies. Come up with unbiased court records or stop posting your filthy trash.

      1. marriea November 3, 2016

        HI Eleanore,
        Well, one thing you’ve got to admit about his book, the art of the deal is right on
        It’s a book written by a con man on how to con.
        I didn’t realize that there were/are so many people succeptable to such an obvious con as Trump is perpetrating on so many people.
        I don’t know if it’s because of his TV show or too much TV in general.
        I’ve never looked at the show as I’m not into so called reality TV save for the court TV , like Hot Bench, Judge Judy and The People’s Court.
        I on occasion might catch Judge Mathis, although the drama is a bit to much for my taste.
        But don’t ask these folks for proof of what they are saying.
        As Trump said in his book, facts don’t count, only emotions.
        I suspect many of Trump’s followers are also dismayed that black man was/is president.
        So to them any white man, even one as dumb and ignorant as Trump has to be better.
        It says more about our nation and years of being feed white privilege whether by indoctrination or observation.
        It also reveals more about what’s in the heart of many people who declare themselves to be good people.
        Trump is reflection what they truly feel.
        Many of these folks don’t even possess a high school education and certainly lack the ability of reasoning.
        The one who is seemingly suggesting that there is something wrong with Clinton, other than the fact that she is in her late sixies, is trying to play TV doctor.
        But yet the things she is saying about Clinton doesn’t apply to Trump who is a seemingly very over weight junk food eater.
        And the way he conducts his rallies is so basic, the language he uses, it’s almost like Mr Hanney on Green Acres.
        Trump is a con artist, and he has correctly guessed that many in this country are ripe for being played.
        After all of the stuff he has admitted he is guilty of, they still cheer him on.
        There just ain’t nothing one can do about stupid especially if it’s willful stupididy.
        In the meantime, Pence is just waiting gleefully in the wings..

        1. Blueberry Hill November 3, 2016

          He even lies about writing the book. He had someone else write it for him.


          1. marriea November 4, 2016

            Folks tend to hear only what they want to hear or read.
            Even the ‘ghost writer’ has said that Trump shouldn’t be anywhere near the power of President.
            Right now, I’m on pins and needles.
            I can only hope that many of the young folks get their heads on right and trully vote the LEFT way.
            I’m even hoping that since the Cubs finally won, we can finally if nothing else get a female at the head. I don’t think it has occured to many that are very sexist in our country, even as it has been MEN who has brought on many of our national woes. I hope that folks will finally realize that not only is it important NOT to LET TRUMP win this election, that we also realize that those other races, the House and Senate need to change.

        2. Eleanore Whitaker November 4, 2016

          I so agree with you. The big difference in voting for a President of the US and a CEO like Trump is that the President takes an oath to protect ALL of the people of the USA. A CEO’s only obligation is to protect profits.

          For the past 4 decades, Donald Trump has been in our local and NY/NJ news media nearly every week for one or more egregious acts of corruption. When you live in a state that had 2 of his casinos fail, what some Americans miss is what that really means to the country:
          It means our tax dollars bail out men like Trump when they dump their bankruptcies on our states and the federal government. WE pay. They get off scott free.

          On this, Sen. Warren is so right. When Citibank was sued by a Whistleblower, Citibank settled and never went to jail. Then, Bush handed them hundreds of millions in bailouts. When Obama took office as we all know, he got banking reforms passed. But, men like Jamie Dimon of J.P. Morgan Chase and the rest of the banker crooks told Senator Warren: “Go ahead, sue us. We can afford it.” Sure they can and Donald Trump will make sure our tax dollars keep bailing them out.

    2. A. D. Reed November 3, 2016

      Not only is TMZ1928 totally gullible, but he is quite mentally ill. Look at his strange assertion of false statements that he swallows whole without understanding the difference between reality and tin-foil-hat fiction. Not only should he be committed soon, but he would have to be given electroshock treatment to get the tin-foil hat off his head where it’s so firmly affixed.

    3. dpaano November 3, 2016

      And you know this for sure, how??? I don’t think you have a medical degree, do you? You may not realize, but when you get older and also from lack of sleep (which I’m sure Hillary is suffering from during this last few days of her campaign), you tend to get bags under your eyes! It has NOTHING to do with Parkinson’s OR with her health! Seriously?
      BTW, have you bothered to look at the bags under Trump’s eyes…..along with his big mouth?

      1. dbtheonly November 3, 2016

        True, but as I ask above, isn’t the whole issue an irrelevancy?

      2. Blueberry Hill November 3, 2016

        And how he can’t open his eyes all the way, most likely to his cocaine habit.


    4. dbtheonly November 3, 2016

      This question is honestly asked.

      Even assuming that, God Fobid, Hillary is in death’s door, why should that make me more likely to vote for Trump?

      I’m voting for policies and programs. Trump just doesn’t make it. Hillary is my first choice, but there are others to carry the torch if she can’t.

  8. Eleanore Whitaker November 3, 2016

    You know when the worst gamer men in this country will stoop so low to win an election what their real motive is: POWER. Is that what democracy is? Male Power?

    These guys have to be stopped. They keep violating the law by allowing the FBI to become Republicanized. Do any of you realize how serious an offense that is?

    One of the provisions of the Hatch Act is to forbid federal employees from influencing the election. The only two who can are the president and VP.

    Why is this so serious? Because it now means that the Republican Party is no longer just a majority. It is the final voice on law in this country. Allow that and no one is safe from Republican ideological edicts.

  9. CrankyToo November 3, 2016

    “Sadly, Weld’s willingness to help out Clinton was predictable,” wrote Jim Geraghty, writer of National Review Online‘s “Morning Jolt” column.

    Sadly, the National Memo’s willingness to help out the odious GOP by relentlessly excoriating the Clinton’s without justification is predictable.

  10. Blueberry Hill November 3, 2016




    1. teresa.belk.92 November 3, 2016

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    2. vexedshelly November 4, 2016

      Yes, that’s exactly what he is.

  11. vexedshelly November 4, 2016

    Johnson’s “candidacy” is a joke and has been from the start. In part, because he’s a mental mess, probably from smoking way too much weed.


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