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What The Republican Assault On James Comey Reveals About Today’s GOP

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What The Republican Assault On James Comey Reveals About Today’s GOP


The confrontation between FBI director James Comey and his would-be tormentors on the House Government Oversight Committee revealed something far more fundamental about politics in America today than the reasons why Hillary Clinton will not be prosecuted over her “damned emails.”

The calm, intelligent, upright Comey, focused on facts and fair play, represents what the Republican Party once was at its best. The dim, ultra-partisan, conspiracy-obsessed Republicans who interrogated him on Thursday represent the sad condition of the Grand Old Party today.

That dismal contrast between sanity and lunacy is why such Congressional show trials repeatedly flop. The interrogation of Comey ordered by Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), the committee chair, provided a perfect example of the syndrome that afflicts them, which now appears to be incurable.

House Republicans blew a perfectly good opportunity to embarrass Clinton over the highly critical remarks made by Comey in announcing his decision not to prosecute — remarks that were unusual, since most investigations are just thumbs up or down, with no public explanation.

The Republicans could have invited Comey up to Capitol Hill to enumerate the problems his investigators found in Clinton’s email system. They could have asked him to explain why he described her handling of classified and sensitive information as “extremely careless.” They could have displayed those findings in a way that emphasized the distrust too many Americans feel toward her.

But that kind of hearing would have required them to accept Comey’s decision, as Chaffetz had previously said they would. Instead, they denounced his decision, hinted that he had participated in a corrupt process, and attacked the integrity of the FBI director and his agency. They set up a debate that they could not win, since he knew the facts and they clearly did not.

Indeed the hearing may well prove beneficial to Clinton overall, with revelations of basic facts that tend to bolster her exoneration and soften Comey’s verbal indictment of her.

The committee Democrats, led by the sharp and indefatigable Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), made the most of the opportunity afforded them by the Republican leadership. Meanwhile the Republican members, throwing up baseless theories that Comey easily shot down, repeatedly violated the most basic rule of competent trial attorneys: Never ask a question if you don’t already know the answer. Their reward was to listen haplessly as Comey, whom they had antagonized from the beginning, delivered answers that made them look foolish.

Was Clinton’s email system penetrated by “Guccifer”, the Romanian hacker who had boasted of purloining her messages, asked one of them expectantly, reiterating a staple of right-wing conspiracy-minded websites? “He admitted that was a lie,” replied the FBI chief. “Well…it’s good to know that,” said his inquisitor, lamely.

The Republican questions pandered heavily to their most paranoid constituents, who believe that “the Clintons” have repeatedly escaped punishment for a variety of mostly imaginary offenses. Having suggested that Comey colluded in that pattern, by allowing Hillary to escape prosecution for conduct that led to convictions in earlier cases, they forced him to prove those charges false. And with the assistance of committee Democrats, who became his de facto allies, he did.

Comey demonstrated exactly how the offenses committed by retired General David Petraeus, who had disclosed reams of highly classified information to his mistress (and biographer), differed from Clinton’s accidental disclosure of a few innocuous documents that probably shouldn’t have been classified at all. He retreated from his criticism of Clinton, to a degree, when he conceded under Democratic questioning that out of tens of thousands of documents, only three were arguably “classified” when they crossed her email account — and that those three were incorrectly marked. Based on the inconspicuous and incorrect markings, the FBI director could scarcely defend the notion that she should have known those pages were classified.

None of those fundamental findings will change the aggrieved mindset of the GOP base, however, as they listen to whispered accusations against Comey, an honorable, lifelong Republican who has devoted three decades to public service. Republican leaders, to their disgrace, have encouraged those corrosive attitudes for many years and continue to do so. Then they ask, in self-pitying tones, why their party is afflicted by a figure like Donald Trump.


Photo: FBI Director James Comey testifies during a House Judiciary hearing on “The Encryption Tightrope: Balancing Americans’ Security and Privacy” on Capitol Hill in Washington March 1, 2016.      REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

Joe Conason

A highly experienced journalist, author and editor, Joe Conason is the editor-in-chief of The National Memo, founded in July 2011. He was formerly the executive editor of the New York Observer, where he wrote a popular political column for many years. His columns are distributed by Creators Syndicate and his reporting and writing have appeared in many publications around the world, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, The New Yorker, The New Republic, The Nation, and Harpers.

Since November 2006, he has served as editor of The Investigative Fund, a nonprofit journalism center, where he has assigned and edited dozens of award-winning articles and broadcasts. He is also the author of two New York Times bestselling books, The Hunting of the President (St. Martins Press, 2000) and Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth (St. Martins Press, 2003).

Currently he is working on a new book about former President Bill Clinton's life and work since leaving the White House in 2001. He is a frequent guest on radio and television, including MSNBC's Morning Joe, and lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

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  1. JPHALL July 8, 2016

    POOR GOP! Hoisted on their own petard.

    1. Daniel Jones July 8, 2016

      Worse, they sold the rope for the hanging then kicked the lever themselves.
      I do take issue with the term Grand Old Party, as it is increasingly clear the Geriatric Oligarchs’ Party has staged a coup d’état and refuse to let go of command, even at the cost of the Republican Party’s very survival.

      1. Evelyn5421 July 8, 2016

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    2. charleo1 July 8, 2016

      As small as their ‘petard’ is lately, it probably still hurt!

      1. TZToronto July 8, 2016


    3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 8, 2016

      An outstanding response! Succinct and a most appropriate summary.

  2. Irishgrammy July 8, 2016

    The faux indignant outrage from Paul Ryan all the way down the Republican line starting with the over the top response by Chaffetz, chairman of the Government Oversight Committee today and so many of the ridiculous conspiratorial fantasy peppered questions from Republican members chomping at the bit to put Hillary Clinton in jail for something, anything anyway they can is beyond sick, psychotic and a relentless obsession with the entire party, has again exposed the nasty Republican politics in action this has become and will continue to be! This Republican Party failed miserably 8 times “investigating” Benghazi to pin something nefarious on Clinton……if they could just get someone to perjure themselves to “confirm” their insane obsessive conspiracies……..instead they expose their sick twisted obsession to bring down this woman for now over 25 years……..pathetically transparent, obvious and just plain stupid. My continuing question is why the Republican obsession to destroy this woman for 25 years now, why…..not one of their “investigations” has produced one illegal action, NOT ONE! And yet they persist trying to “get her” while using their relentless made up self fulfilling scandals as attacks …..Getting so old, so obvious, so contemptible! Wait until tomorrow when they start attacking Loretta Lynch, my God it’s going to be unhinged insanity on an epic scale from these worthless idiots!!!

    1. charleo1 July 8, 2016


    2. Karen_in_KC July 8, 2016

      Well said!

    3. Karen_in_KC July 8, 2016

      I hope there is a way Hillary can sue their butts off one of these days for defamation of character! I’m probably dreaming but sure hopeful!

    4. TZToronto July 8, 2016

      Hillary Clinton must have the thickest skin of anyone now living. How does she remain standing after all of the crap that’s been thrown at her. Fortunately, nothing has hit her, but it must get really tiring having to duck every minute of your life. She should get the Medal of Freedom for simply standing up to all of the insults, accusations, and downright lies–all for the sake of the country, as it turns out. I don’t want to sound overly dramatic, but she is the single greatest obstacle to a total Republican/Tea Party takeover of the United States.

  3. Dominick Vila July 8, 2016

    What the Inquisitorial trial of FBI Director Comey tells me is that for many Republicans not getting their way is tantamount to sacrilege or high treason, and must be dealt with immediately. The most troubling example of overt retaliation was presented by the man that represents the District I live in, Rep. Mica, who cynically produced a chronological list of events to demonstrate that Director Comey’s conclusion and announcement was politically motivated.
    Director Comey, and his team, did their job. Their conclusion was based on the results of an investigation within the parameters that were given to them. Suggesting that they should have taken into consideration allegations of perjury by Hillary during her depositions to Congress, were an example of either ignorance or a with haunt that is unlikely to go away any time soon.
    The Inquisitors were correct about one thing, there are consequences to what we and, in this case, what they do. By singling out an opponent for alleged crimes that were ignored when their own heroes did similar or worse things, they are demonstrating an unprecedented level of partisanship, and they are eliciting retribution when they are no longer the majority party in Congress. Personally, I would start with 9/11, the eleven attacks against U.S. embassies and consulates when W was President, and the fact that Colin Powell, Condi Rice, and many members of Congress are doing pretty much the same thing Hillary did, with no outrage or consequences. Add to that the result of the incompetence of those cited above, including loss of life, destruction, and loss of credibility, and I think it is fair to say, that in depth investigation are warranted and desperately needed.
    Hillary demonstrated poor judgment, and was not as careful as she should have been, but nobody died as a result of her decisions.

    1. Karen_in_KC July 8, 2016

      I agree totally! IMO, this pack of rethuglicans should be investigated themselves and put on trial. SURELY, there is SOMETHING they have done that is against the law that THEY can be tried for! SURELY, we just have to turn over enough rocks to find it! (Sarcasm). I think we should start with chaffetz! We could start with dereliction of duty for doing nothing for almost 8 years… To their own admission of intention to do that very thing on the day of the POTUS inauguration.

      1. TZToronto July 8, 2016

        Is there any place other than Congress where, the day you get a job, you tell everyone working for the company that you’re planning not to do your job for as long as the boss is running the place? And, in fact, you’re going to do everything you can to make the boss lose his job ASAP–and still keep your job.

    2. plc97477 July 8, 2016

      The gotp are acting like children having a temper tantrum.

  4. I of John July 8, 2016

    This is one of the reasons the GOP is failing and doomed to continue to be. Over reach is just a symptom on the greater malady though. Complete party failure seems imminent.

    1. Karen_in_KC July 8, 2016

      I’m sure hoping!

      1. I of John July 8, 2016

        Unfortunately, As much as the GOP should pay for their collective screw ups, we need at least two parties in our system to keep it working properly. The sooner The Republicans sort themselves out, the better we will all be.

        1. charleo1 July 8, 2016

          I completely agree. Right now they are obstructive, destructive, and potentially down right dangerous. We like to think if they only discredit themselves enough, their base constituencies will turn to the Democratic Party for social justice, and equity. They will not, of course. What they have shown is, they will most likely become even more radical, more unhinged from reality, more conspiratorial, and vulnerable to demagoguery, charlatans, and slick con-men offering simple solutions to complex problems.

        2. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

          The GOP isn’t the GOP. It’s the Koch Boys Tea Party now. So, when you refer to them as Republicans, that’s a misnomer. From now on let’s all call them who they are: members of the Koch Tea Party.

          With the rabid dog attacks on Comey, it is obvious that Gowdy and Chaffetz were smarting because Gowdy couldn’t take Hillary down and Chaffetz couldn’t get his way with the results of his Planned Parenthood investigation.

          Is it just me or were all of the rabid dogs at this investigation’s investigation all the same age? Ryan, Cruz, Gowdy, Cotton, Chaffetz and that other jerk from OH who had the gall to say he was “speaking for his people in OH.” NO that liar was NOT.

  5. charleo1 July 8, 2016

    It has become a pattern we see all too often with this GOP. This determination to blindly obstruct, while spending almost all their energy looking for dirt in order to wound the opposition. Emanating I believe, from an almost total bereft of direction, policy, or consensus on anything, save wanting to hold power, wanting to, “win.”
    To my thinking, they are a Party still wandering leaderless thru a wilderness where the duel failed policies, both foreign, and economic of the Bush experiment lead them, with no clear way back. Unless that is, they can somehow find the courage to completely redefine themselves. Before the demagogues, and social barbarians, already at their gate, consume, and do that redefining for them.
    For there is much truth in the old saying, that you’ve got to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything. And there is no better example anywhere of a base constituency, hungry for leadership, their Party’s offering them nothing, and then, Donald Trump. Even as Trump is about as close to nothing as one can get. He is, or he talks a good game about being and standing for something. And you know what they say about something, it beats nothing every time.

  6. David July 8, 2016

    Comey on Clinton’s emails — “At this point, what difference does it make?”.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

      He’s absolutely right…When Gowdy that lizard prickface tried to get Comey to say Hillary was “GUILTY” and Comey wouldn’t, Gowdy went all ashen.

      Both Gowdy and Chaffetz will get theirs. No one EVER attacked an FBI director without the FBI digging into their actions. Gowdy presented false emails at the Benghazi hearings and Chaffetz edited the Planned Parenthood video.

      The entire nation is going to raise the flag and cheer the minute these two are investigated by the FBI. They asked for what they’ll get now.

      1. David July 8, 2016

        Eleanore!!!! And let’s not forget to have the IRS audit them also!

        1. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

          I’d settle for the IRS auditing Trump and publishing the results. Trump would be disqualified faster than the GOP can pull a ply off a roll of Charmin.

          1. roguerunners July 8, 2016


      2. TZToronto July 8, 2016

        I like your style. Lizard prickface! What an image!

        1. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

          TZ…I do tend to get overly passionate when I know someone is up to no good. My ex was in the Navy during the Cuban crisis and came home with some gems I wrote down because they were so good! rofl.

          I don’t walk around all day angry and spitting fire. But, when something gets beneath my craw, I can let fly with some of my ex’s “best.”

          See? Ex-husbands really have a lot of benefits. They just don’t know it at the time. lol.

          1. Karen_in_KC July 8, 2016

            I’m right there with you Eleanor! My thoughts exactly lol!

      3. jmprint July 8, 2016

        Please sign the petition to investigate Chaffetz, we need signatures.

  7. yabbed July 8, 2016

    Batshit crazy GOPers are demolishing their own party and that suits me. It needs to be taken down and started over. The horrifying right wing hate machine that now owns the Republican Party needs to fail big time.

  8. itsfun July 8, 2016

    Its about national security. Did any CIA or other undercover operatives for the United States get murdered because of her carelessly allowing top secret documents to be compromised. The Director wouldn’t even say who the suspected hackers were and what was compromised.

    1. charleo1 July 8, 2016

      I know you’re dreaming of indictments of Hillary Clinton for negligent homicide, prison, a cover-up involving President Obama. But facts, and the law don’t agree with those partisan dreams. If the GOP wants to win elections, they ought to try doing their jobs, instead of wasting time and the people’s money engaging in politically motivated witch hunts that lead nowhere.

      1. itsfun July 8, 2016

        So national security means nothing to you.

        1. Jan123456 July 8, 2016

          If that was the point of the “investigations”…it would be another thing. I watched the hearing yesterday. The GOP questions were all “gotcha” types….not intended to elicit additional information, but to put Comey in a corner. Nothing to do with national security.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

            I also watched it. I am old enough to recall the very same tactics one Roy Cohn, McCarthy’s rabid dog used on innocent people during those Communist McCarthy hearings. Cohn so harrassed and dogged these people that 4 of them committed suicide rather than endure any more of the Gowdy/Chaffetz Cohn BS.

          2. charleo1 July 8, 2016

            That very parallel occurred to me, as I watched Director Comey’s interrogation. Although I was pleased with Democrats on the panel, especially Congressman Elijah Cummings. I was hoping someone would finally ask Chair Chaffetz, “Have you no shame?”

          3. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

            Remember when Cohn’s interrogation of the IRS director was so ruthless that the man committed suicide?

            Cohn did precisely what Gowdy did…he refused to give the man a chance to answer and then made statements that made the man look guilty.

            If the Democrats do not put a stop to the GOP now, this is just the beginning of another McCarthy Era rabid interrogation until some innocent member of Hillary’s staff commits suicide.

          4. TZToronto July 8, 2016

            It’s obvious that Comey was well-prepared for his “trial.” It’s also obvious that the Republicans on the committee were not. After all, they had a day to prepare; Comey had months to prepare and the truth on his side. How dumb can these guys be? The answer is that there is no lower limit. Of course, if they didn’t call for a hearing immediately, they’d be skewered by the far, far right, labeled RINOs, and defeated in November.

          5. Jan123456 July 8, 2016

            It’s like Trey Gowdy’s committee last fall. It was clear Hillary was well prepared and their game plan was to wear her down from all angles. When they couldn’t do it, Gowdy left with his tail between his legs.

        2. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

          It means nothing to you dunderheads. Who the hell do you men think you are fooling?

          You allowed Bush to get away with violating the Geneva Convention which every US ally considered to be a violation.

          So you boys love to “get away with it,” do you? Those two asshats Gowdy and Chaffetz were like rabid dogs desperate to get Hillary disqualified. Eat your hearts out. She WILL be president because real Americans and not you American terrorists make the decisions on who will be president.

          1. itsfun July 8, 2016

            What are you bitching about now? You are still in the Obama mode of blaming Bush for every problem in the world. Your man Obama has done nothing to get us out of wars. He is the only President in history to be in a war all 8 years of his terms. Hillary has accomplished nothing in her years of living off the tax payers. Have you seen how many people don’t believe anything she says, and how many people don’t trust her. You can have all of your political fixes and payoffs, but she will never be a honest or trustworthy person

          2. jmprint July 8, 2016

            But Trump with all his luggage will be forever be your bright light to heaven. You know him being a christian and all.

          3. itsfun July 8, 2016


          4. dpaano July 11, 2016

            I don’t even think he knows what the inside of a church looks like…..he certainly doesn’t know enough about the bible to talk about it sensibly!!! Amazes me that so-called “evangelicals” are voting for him…..he’s the least evangelical I’ve ever seen!!! But, then again, they are such hypocrites!

          5. itsfun July 11, 2016

            I wonder if he knows what the inside of a mosque looks like. I am sure Obama does.

          6. bobnstuff July 8, 2016

            How many troops do we have in Iraq? How many in Afghanistan? How many body bags did we bring home last year? Now tell me about Obama doing nothing to get us out of War. With media outlets like Fox telling everyone that Clinton is evil every day is it a wonder there are a number of people who don’t trust her. These same people believe in Big Foot. Keep telling lies long enough and loud enough and some people will believe it. I think Trump said that.

          7. dpaano July 11, 2016

            These are also the same people who don’t believe in climate change…..tells you how brilliant they are!

          8. dpaano July 11, 2016

            But, you have to look at who started that war and all the wars that have come from the invasion of Iraq! Once we started the fiasco in the middle east, it escalated from there to what we are now experiencing and it will take years before we will EVER be able to get the middle east settled again. So, yes, we CAN blame Bush for what’s currently happening, and President Obama has done everything he can to keep us out of it as much as possible.
            As for Hillary, I would trust her with this country’s security more than I would trust big mouth Trump!!! You can NEVER tell what’s going to come out of his mouth when he gets going…..possibly even this country’s secrets!!!

          9. itsfun July 11, 2016

            The war was started by Muslims hijacking airplanes and flying them into buildings and murdering people in the building and the airplane passengers. Your big in civilians dying, do you even care about the people murdered on 9/11? Hillary made top secret documents available to any hacker in the world, she let people with no kind of clearance read her email and you trust here with national security. You don’t have high standards at all. You can’t believe anything that comes out of Hillary’s mouth.

          10. dpaano July 11, 2016

            Ah, no, the war was totally NOT started by Muslims hijacking airplanes…..which, by the way was done by the Saudis and NOT by Saddam’s people. The war was started by GWB who decided he needed to get back at Saddam as revenge for the slights he supposedly rained down on Bush Sr. It had NOTHING to do with 9/11 at all! 9/11 was just a catalyst and gave him an excuse to bomb the heck out of Iraq. Saddam never had anything to do with Bin Ladin or the Taliban! So, GWB had absolutely NO reason to start the bombing of Iraq, which has caused the Middle East fiasco that we’re currently seeing. Again, every time you open your mouth and post, you show your lack of intelligence!

          11. itsfun July 11, 2016

            9/11 had nothing to do with it. Lady you are as stupid as you post. I am tired of talking to a complete idiot. adios forever you POS.

        3. roguerunners July 8, 2016

          Did you care about it when the Bush administration used private servers?
          How many people may have died because of their poor judgement?

          1. itsfun July 8, 2016

            Bush’s people did not use private servers located in their houses.. They did have private email accounts.

          2. johninPCFL July 8, 2016

            And then they irredeemably erased all of their email traffic. Seems like Rice and Powell should both be under indictment.

          3. itsfun July 8, 2016

            If they did erase documents then they both should be indicted

          4. johninPCFL July 8, 2016

            Try to keep up. Both Powell and Rice have said that they used commercial servers (AOL and Google), both erased all of their emails when they left office, both cancelled their accounts. That means that their email traffic is irredeemably erased. However, like Clinton, all of their work-related traffic was sent to other staffers using servers that were backed up, meaning that their work-related traffic, just like Clinton’s, was retained. That was how the GOP clowns in Congress knew that the email list dumped from Clinton’s server was incomplete.
            The private traffic is no-one’s business.

          5. jmprint July 8, 2016

            Does it really matter where the private account is housed?

          6. itsfun July 8, 2016

            YES. Have you ever heard of internet security? The government networks are some of the most secure in the world and they can still be hacked. Hillary has less security than a average gmail user. Also, once the documents are on a government server, they are backed up and saved for years and years and can’t be completed erased as Hillary did with hers. You seem to forget that any document she had was government property not her personal property.

          7. jmprint July 8, 2016

            So how did Bush get away with destroying his daddy’s emails.

            You know that was government property.

          8. bobnstuff July 8, 2016

            Who told you that our government network was the most secure in the world? I wouldn’t buy a used care from them. Our government has been hacked so many times it doesn’t even make the news anymore. Truly sensitive information are not sent over the NET but sent by courier. The governments computer system is totally out of date. We get our security from the lowest bidder. http://enterprise.netscout.com/expertise/industry/federal-government

          9. bobnstuff July 8, 2016

            They used AOL. Everyone knows that they are secure.

          10. roguerunners July 9, 2016

            And they never used them at home. And they didn’t delete them. I have a bridge to sell you.

          11. itsfun July 9, 2016

            You don’t just pick up a server, carry it past security guards. That kind of action would be reported and recorded.

        4. charleo1 July 8, 2016

          This wasn’t about National Security. Unless we are to believe political witch hunts, and wounding the opposition’s nominee for POTUS are about National Security.

        5. Buford2k11 July 8, 2016

          If you are so concerned with National Security, than you should be in a real panic when you look at Trump and his followers…The rest of the world is looking at us being weakened by the Trump campaign, and the Republican party…they are PROJECTING their weakness to our allies and friends, and our enemies are taking full advantage of it…Putin and China are making moves that has the potential to drive us to a war…It is on the Republicans’ heads for this situation…they are and have been seen as traitors, and they are seen as preaching sedition…but worst of all, they have been dividing this nation for their slimy purposes…the gop is, after all, nothing more than a collection of overpaid and corrupt people, unwilling to honor their Oath Of Office…this is our Nation’s Shame…the entire Republican Party…

          1. latebloomingrandma July 8, 2016

            Putin would love to have Trump as our Pres. He has his MO. All he has to do is compliment him, and Trump would do his bidding

        6. timmfr30 July 8, 2016

          it means something to me lizard, that’s why i feel it was compromised when bush/cheney lied us into the war in Iraq….

          1. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

            I so agree…if there was anything MORE devastating and lethal to the US, it was Bush and mostly, Cheney’s refusal to even consider al Qaeda a threat. 3300 people died on 9/11.

            But the GOP wants to pick gnat dung out of a haystack because 4 diplomats died in Benghazi. No one diminishes their deaths but Bush had nearly 100 diplomats and staffers in Iraq killed on his watch.

            This is what happens when Americans do not do their job and prosecute the real criminals to the fullest.

        7. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 8, 2016

          Is that all you’re programmed to bring up as a talking point? You sound more and more like a wind-up toy that is manufactured to mutter simplistic slogans.

          1. itsfun July 8, 2016

            And your posts make you sound like a ISIS loving jerk.

          2. jmprint July 8, 2016

            You’re the one trying to protect them, not caring enough to pass laws that make it harder for them to obtain weapons.

          3. itsfun July 8, 2016

            You can’t be that stupid. Do you actually think ISIS will obey any or all of our laws? They have ways to get weapons without going to the local gun store. The only people that obey laws are good law abiding citizens, not criminals or terrorists.

          4. jmprint July 8, 2016

            How can we expect them to obey laws, when we don’t, I bet you speed every day. We can make it harder, stupid is acting like there can be nothing done, without offending a few idiots.

          5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 9, 2016

            You have trouble hearing I see. Are you able to string together 2 or more sentences together at a time and which convey useful information without harping on the same theme like a broken record?

            Are you ever happy aside from when you eat? I hope your friends aren’t as one-dimensional and morose as yourself.

            Well, it has been nice chatting with you. If you ever have something important to say, please let us know.

          6. itsfun July 9, 2016

            It hasn’t been nice chatting with you. I doubt if you will ever have something important to say. Go back to your ISIS friends

        8. Lorr July 8, 2016

          Of course National Security is important, however, the standard has to apply to all – Republicans and Democrats alike. Didn’t that danger exist when Powell and Rice used private e-mail accounts? Didn’t that danger exist when than President George W Bush was caught using the domain gwb43 (short for George W Bush, 43rd President), which was owned and hosted on an email server ran by the Republican National Committee? What about the latest reports that Rep. Jason Chaffetz and Rep. Trey Gowdy also use private emails and I believe Gowdy uses a private server. Didn’t Gowdy out a CIA operative by releasing documents to the public as he was investigating Clinton for somehow exposing our national security to outside risks.

          Let me be clear, I don’t believe any elected or appointed government official, at any level local – state – federal, or their staff should be using private e-mail accounts or servers to conduct official business. Nor should they be using government e-mail accounts to conduct personal business. Nor should e-mails be destroyed or erased or hard drives (Romney) replaced when people leave office. These records and computers and servers belong to “we the people” not the person holding office. However, that has to be applied evenly across party lines.

          1. itsfun July 8, 2016

            There is a huge difference between having a private unsecured server in your basement and having a private email account on a secured government server. According to the FBI the server Hillary had, did not have as much security as anyone using a public gmail account. How many emails did Hillary delete, wasn’t it something like 60,000. She allowed people with no security clearance to read her email. She had top secret documents that these people could read or do anything with them they wanted.
            With the time frame of this investigation, Bill (the sexual predator) having a private meeting with Lynch, Hillary saying Lynch would get considered to be on her cabinet. Lynch saying she would go along with the FBI, then within a week the FBI says she won’t be indicted. Sounds like the fix was in.

          2. bobnstuff July 8, 2016

            You keep saying unsecured. I think the company that provided the security might not agree with you on that. The server had 24/7 guards so physically it was safe, The FBI had to go the the security company to get into it so the use of the term unsecured is false.

          3. itsfun July 8, 2016

            It didn’t have proper internet security to keep hackers out. The director of the FBI said that the average private gmail user had better security. They went to the company to try to get the erased documents back. If she had a decent company doing her security, they would have had backup tapes, discs. Having guards on the server means nothing. Hackers don’t break in and steal the physical machine. They use their own software and expertise to get complete access to the computers disc.

          4. bobnstuff July 9, 2016

            Here is what Wired had to say. The FBI never used the word unsecured. Yes there were problems with a private system but to date there has been no evidence that she was hacked or that anything was gotten from her server. The real problem wasn’t her server but her Blackberry. Any wireless device is at risk. Her use of wireless devices when she was traveling out of country was the greatest risk. The republicans are clueless about these things and the sheep out there will believe anything. Our government is very bad when it comes to computer tech. The governments systems are so out of date and badly set up that nothing is secure but the republicans in congress know nothing about computers and really don’t care. They just want to get Hillary.

          5. itsfun July 9, 2016

            You can purchase protection for your cell phone. I agree her phone was probably the greatest risk. The FBI said she had less security on the server than the average gmail user has. I call that unsecured. My background is over 30 years in the IT business. I was the IT security officer for my company of over 1500 employees when I retired. I know what a secured server is. The only people that actually know what the government has for security and how the network is actually set up are the IT security people for the government.

          6. bobnstuff July 9, 2016

            Clinton is not an Tech type person and she believed her system was secure. This is why the FBI did not think charges should be brought against her. The State Department still uses paper for there secure communications. It looks like I have been dealing with IT stuff longer then you. I started beck in the early seventies with a computer that used GW Basic. I’m uses to dealing with out of date junk, at Y2K the system I ran was out of date and the owner wouldn’t spend the money on the patch. I kept it up and running for six more months before I quit working for him.

            There is no such thing as a truly secure system that is set up online. Once you connect to a network you become a target. Wireless is even less secure, even the laws dealing with it are out of date. A few years ago A friend wanted me to see if I could fix his cordless phone. I was driving down the road with it turned on and picked up a number of conversations from the houses I pasted. I wasn’t even breaking any laws doing it.

          7. itsfun July 9, 2016

            I started back in the 1971. I was a computer operator then, working on a RCA mainframe that took up a whole room. I remember running 80 column card after card through card readers. Also remember cleaning up card jams and trying to duplicate or fix bad cards. Now I have a laptop that has more power than the old RCA big iron.

          8. bobnstuff July 9, 2016

            The first one I dealt with was an old Univac, 24 ft long 6 ft wide and 10 ft tall, use paper tape. My cell phone is 100 times the computer it was but it was a marvel in it’s day. For years my brother had a key punch machine in his dinning room, his wife worked at home. Mostly I have dealt with small POP systems and book keeping systems. I set up a number of inventory control programs and wrote my own payroll program. At one time I ran a chain of Domino’s Pizza shops and my owner was to cheap to buy a new system so it was my job to make a bunch of junk work. I was lucky though, if I got in over my head I had some of the top computer people in the country to go to for help. There are advantages to hang with the folks at CMU. I grow up in the world of high tech, I spent my teen years hanging around the head of industrial systems at Westinghouse. The Unicav had belonged to Duquesne University and ended up in another friends garage. With your back ground you should understand that our government is pretty clueless when it comes to dealing with Tech and congress is the most clueless of them all. Our government still has systems using floppy discs.

          9. itsfun July 9, 2016

            I remember when Unicav bought RCA. Our field tech came into the machine room, put new Unicav decals over the RCA ones and told us “you now have Univac computers”.

          10. bobnstuff July 9, 2016

            Did yours have the speaker on it? Boy things have changed. We had an Brothers word processor that used a odd sized disk and was one step up from a typewriter. I haven’t though about those old machines much lately but I still like MS Dos 3.1 the best, I hate Windows 10.

          11. itsfun July 9, 2016

            I can’t remember. I really liked 3.1 too. I don’t like Windows 10 either. A kid from Best Buy told me 10 is suppose to be a combination of the best of 7 and 8. I don’t think so. Its just amazing how things have changed so much. I retired 12 years ago and am sure I couldn’t do my job now. I wrote so many COBOL programs and systems though,, I think I could still write in that language.

          12. bobnstuff July 9, 2016

            They are trying to make my PC and my smart phone the same. I hated my smart phone and got rid of it. When Windows came out they joke that it made you PC work just like a ten year old Mac. Back in the day you tried to write clean programs using as little memory as you could, not now. You do know we are talking like old people about the good old days. “Back in the day we only had a 10K hard drive, things were tough.” I do miss DOS though.

          13. itsfun July 9, 2016

            I guess we are, but getting old beats the alternative.

          14. itsfun July 9, 2016

            Because I was a old COBOL programmer, I had to fix all of my companies programs to accept the date 2000.

          15. plc97477 July 9, 2016

            The gotp needs to let up on the purse stings a little bit so the government can upgrade the system to current standards or shut the f up.

        9. jmprint July 8, 2016

          Itsfun, it means nothing to republicans, you’ve been conned.

        10. MissNomer July 8, 2016

          This isn’t about national security, which was never even close to being threatened by Hillary’s emails.

          This is about preventing Hillary from being elected.

      2. Joan July 8, 2016

        They have told their base for years, an entire decade and more that Hillary was going to be indicted and disgraced, fill in the latest scandal. The base is rightly angered by the constant teasing of red meat denied. Meanwhile on every channel Trump is being interviewed, quoted or a twet read discribing Hillary as corrupt, and a liar. This idea that the media can and should present both sides serves to elevate nonsense and obscure the truth. The media never feels compelled to point out Mr. Trump’s actual indictments, actual and verified frauds perpetrated, and whopers told. They should put a disclaimer * verified black pot, calling kettle black.

        1. charleo1 July 8, 2016

          Exactly! The idea of a known flim flam such as Donald Trump calling Hillary Clinton, “crooked,” over and over is a hoot of outrageous proportion to begin with. But he’s been allowed to perpetrate such verifiably black pot buffoonery by the years of lies, and false narratives given origin by the RW propagandists. and conspiracy theorists. Not the least of which has been Trump, as he took the lead in 2008, promoting the racist lie, that Pres. Obama was born in another country, and therefore not eligible to become President.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

      Yes…as a matter of fact, what you right wingers won’t admit is that Secy. of State Condoleeza Rice should be in prison for ignoring 6 memos about an al Qaeda attack that occurred on 9/11.

      How easy it is for you to try you hardest to get Hillary disqualified so she can’t be president while you allowed 2 SOBS, Bush and Cheney to get away with outing a CIA agent, lying about WMDs to get Halliburton Cheney’s war and then you have the balls to claim what Hillary did is so terrible?

      Face reality pallie…Bush is responsible for refusing to pay attention to al Qaeda…This is what comes of not prosecuting Rice, Cheney and Bush for their part in killing 3300 AMericans on AMerican soil.

      1. TZToronto July 8, 2016

        Perhaps President Clinton will ask for a Justice Department investigation into the complicity in 9/11 and its aftermath (we’re still experiencing it today) of Bush, Cheney, et al., that President Obama did not. These people need to be outed before they die, not fifty years from now by historians.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

          I so agree…If you recall, When Bush left office in 2008, the US was on its knees financially. How exactly does any president wait till the 8th year of office to discover all of the tax cuts he handed out caused the Sept. 2008 Financial Meltdown?

          Doesn’t say much for his Harvard MBA.

          It is so gratifying to know that the next Republican president has not been born yet.

          1. TZToronto July 8, 2016

            Let’s be honest. I think that most Democrats realize that a one-party system won’t work, at least in the traditional American sense. Something will have to replace the tattered remains of the Republican Party after its demise in November. Perhaps it can be called the Rational Right Party. Let the RWNJs have their own organization. They can call it the Ku Klux Klan, for want of a better name. At least we’ll know what they stand for.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

            I agree….But, most Americans do not really want a one-party system.

            But we also do not want extremists like Ryan, McConnell, Cornyn, Issa, Gowdy, Cotton, Jordan and Grassley who want to BE the only party.

            If you watch the House sessions on CNN, you’ll notice what the Republican majority consistently does. When a bill is introduced, the first to speak are always Republicans. When the Dems speak, the next speaker is always a Republican attack dog. We need this? This is government of the people, for the people, by the people? Or is it a United States of Republicans of the Republicans, for the Republicans by The Republicans?

          3. dpaano July 11, 2016

            Unfortunately, the constituents of these congressmen and women pay their salaries, but these people don’t vote what their constituents want. Thus, we get nothing accomplished and it’s the American people who suffer! Maybe we need to garnish their wages each time that they do something stupid against what the American public wants.

      2. itsfun July 8, 2016

        Wasn’t it Bill Clinton that refused to take Bin Ladin when he had the chance?

        1. johninPCFL July 8, 2016

          Yes. Bill Clinton could have invaded a sovereign country to do so, and chose not to. Or he could have sent in a few cruise missiles to do it, but chose not to.
          Invading the wrong country on a whim took a different president.

          1. itsfun July 8, 2016

            Bush did not invade any country without the approval of Congress. Hillary voted to invade if you remember. He also had the approval of the United Nations and several countries sent troops in also. Bush actually did something, while Obama draws red lines, lets our sailors get captured and then thanks the capture’s for treading our sailors nice while they held them. I’ll take the way of Bush anytime over the way of Obama.

          2. johninPCFL July 8, 2016

            Congress approved a “use of force” bill that did not list any particular country. Bush then lied to everyone on the planet, which is how he built the UN approval, to continue with his father’s war, which GWB thought indicated GHWB had failed. This was nothing more than GWB’s failed attempt to finish his father’s war. That is why he is under indictment for war crimes.
            The actual Navy report indicates that our sailors took a shortcut, violated orders, entered a sovereign country’s territorial waters, and broke down. They fucked up, were detained, and were released without going to war again with another wrong country. Since it didn’t lead to another trillion dollar expense with another 4000 soldiers killed, that is a success.

          3. itsfun July 8, 2016

            Just where do you think a use of force would be used, in outer space or where? Bush used the best intelligence he had from our CIA and other spy organizations. Saddam had used chemicals on his own people. It would be very easy to bury the chemicals in thousands of miles of sand over there.
            They only had to tell the sailors they were in their waters and to leave. We only know they were picked up where Iran says they were. We have no ideal where they actually were.

          4. johninPCFL July 8, 2016

            Bullshit. Bush talked about “nukler wepins” and got so pissed when Wilson’s report on yellowcake said Saddam didn’t try to buy any (and the Brits backed him up), that GWB outed Valerie Plame (which resulted in her entire overseas network being killed.) When questioned about it, Cheney replied “if the president does it, it’s legal”.
            “Is a fib really a fib if the teller is unaware that he is uttering an untruth? That question appears to be the basis of the White House defense, having now admitted a falsehood in President Bush’s claim, in his State of the Union address, that Iraq had tried to buy uranium in Africa. But that defense is under mounting pressure from a variety of sources claiming that the White House could not have been unaware that the claim was false, because it had been checked out — and debunked — by U.S. intelligence a year before the President repeated it.”

          5. dpaano July 11, 2016

            John….there’s a great book by Vince Bugliosi…I think the title is “The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder,” or something along that line. You can check it out on Amazon. It details the ENTIRE Iraqi War BS that we were fed and how it came about. According to Bugliosi, GWB and his cronies should have been tried for murder, etc. And, if he were still alive, he had volunteered to help any state’s attorney general file the case against Bush, et al!! Unfortunately, he’s passed away, but the information in his book is very telling about the lies that were told to the American people AND to Congress.

          6. johninPCFL July 11, 2016

            I saw a review of the book several years ago and I think the points he made were valid, but my perspective was that no sitting American president would ever relent to allow a former president to be tried for anything. Obama has followed that path, much to our national regret.

          7. dpaano July 11, 2016

            Yes, but according to Bugliosi, ANY attorney general of ANY state that lost citizens in the war has the right to prosecute Bush and his cronies. It doesn’t matter what the current president says….it would not be a “federal” case, but a “state” case from what I understand. This pretty much means ANY attorney general in the U. S. since citizens from every state were lost in this ridiculous war. The problem is that there isn’t any AG that has the balls to do it or doesn’t know that they can (and since many states have Republican governors….you KNOW that they won’t allow their AG’s to file charges). Bugliosi even offered to act as “second chair” to any state AG that wanted to prosecute, but he has since passed away. Such a shame because he had the case all set out, along with exhibits, etc. They wouldn’t have had a chance in hell!!!

          8. dpaano July 11, 2016

            No, he did not. The intelligence he received from the CIA, etc., was not heeded. He listened solely to Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfield, and the rest of the puppet masters that controlled him.
            As for our sailors getting picked up…..I’m sure if an Iraqi ship sailed near New York Harbor or anywhere else near our shores, you can bet your bottom dollar that our Navy would pick them up, check them out, and verify their reason for being there before releasing them. They certainly would NOT just willy nilly ask them why they were in our waters and let them calmly sail away!!! Really???? How dumb are you?

          9. itsfun July 11, 2016

            Were you sitting in the meetings with Bush? You have no damn idea what was and wasn’t said or who said what. The United Nations agreed with the United States too. You are the dumb one here. Picking up our sailors like they did is a act of war. I wish your word was good. You have proven your word means nothing.

          10. dpaano July 11, 2016

            I know I’m a hell of a lot smarter than you are and have read many more books about the situation than you have. As I said, if the tables were turned, we would have done the very same thing! Trust me on that one!

          11. cthetruth July 8, 2016

            Bush received approval from Congree based on the info he submitted which was a lie and was done solely for the purpose of getting Halliburton and Blackwater in Iraq with no bid contracts. Cheney to date has pulled out approx. 68 billion and still counting.
            I want to know why Nixon was not investigated for killing four unarmed Kent State students for peacefully protesting and why he was not charged for intentionally deleting 18 minutes of his tapes that were crucial to the Watergate investigation. I want to know why Reagan was not arrested for treason for selling weapons to our enemy Iran and for holding a secret war with the Sandinistas and Contras. I want to know why the Republicans did not investigate why Reagan ignored Casper Weinberger when he told him not to go into Beirut resulting in 241 Marine deaths as they slept. I want to know why the Republicans did not investigate Bush Cheney and Rumsfeld when they found out the war in Iraq was based on lies. Until the Republicans answer those questions which are far more criminal and obviously done with intent than the Clinton’s e- mails, I really don’t take the Clinton investigations for anything other than a which hunt because the Republicans can’t win fairly and honestly!

          12. dpaano July 11, 2016

            He invaded the country based on lies that even Congress was led to believe. Most of them know better now, but hindsight is a wonderful thing! Unfortunately, those lies started the middle east fiasco that we are going through now and will probably have to deal with for years to come! So, yeah, Bush did something all right…..he killed over 4,000 of our young men and women, plus God knows how many innocent Iraqi citizens and his war has continued to kill our soldiers and countless innocent citizens!

          13. itsfun July 11, 2016

            Bush used the dame intelligence the Congress had access to. He didn’t create the intelligence reports. Have you forgotten the 3000 that died in 9/11 or don’t they count to you? Obama has had us in a war somewhere all 8 years of his terms. The only President ever to do that. Somehow you want to blame Bush for the 8 years of Obama incompetence. In case you didn’t know, civilians get killed in wars too. Always have and always will. The ME has been at war for over 2000 years and will probably be at war for another 2000 years. When they attacked the United States, we have no choice but to hit back and hit hard. The United Nations also was involved and several UN countries had troops involved too.

          14. dpaano July 11, 2016

            We wouldn’t be going through the 8 years of war during President Obama’s presidency if the idiot past president hadn’t started the war in the first place. It was all due to the overthrow of Saddam! Do you even KNOW how the Taliban or Al Qaeda was formed? Seriously? You need to actually read some books that make sense and quit reading your comic books!! As for 9/11…GWB and Rice had been told by Clinton’s intelligence group about a possible terrorist act within the U.S.A., but Bush didn’t want to hear about it and dismissed the reports from the FBI, the CIA, and the rest of the intelligence groups that tried to warn him! So, no, I haven’t forgotten, but apparently Bush didn’t seem to care enough. AND, BTW, who was it that secreted the Saudi Arabians and Bin Ladin’s relatives out of the country on private jets after 9/11? I supposed you didn’t hear about that either, right?
            Bush didn’t use the same intelligence that Congress had…..he and his cronies were the ones that put forth all the lies so that Congress would vote for the war…..even Powell lied to the United Nations in his speech to get them to agree that Bush’s invasion of Iraq was a “good” thing!!! As for “creating the intelligence reports,” no, he wasn’t intelligent enough to do that, but Cheney, Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld created the reports that were fed to GWB! Apparently, you weren’t aware of that either!!!
            Each time you make a comment, you show your inate stupidity and lack of knowledge of the past and what happened. You need to go back and get a library card and maybe learn something instead of just parroting what the GOP has been telling you…..of course they’re going to protect their own, and GWB was one of their own!!! He was their “puppet king!”

        2. jmprint July 8, 2016

          You mean after Bush couldn’t get the job done!

          1. itsfun July 8, 2016

            Bush was President after Clinton.

    3. bobby July 8, 2016

      There were no suspected hackers, all Comey said was that she could have been hacked there is no proof that she was. There were tons of e-mails hacked through Government programs, Clintons never was compromise, maybe private servers are a good thing.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

        Bobby, I agree. but you cannot reason with these rabid dogs. All they want is for Hillary to concede defeat so they can put a Republican in the White House.

        That IS what all of these stupid misguided investigations are ALL about…getting Hillary disqualified.

        If they do that, they deny us our Constitutional right to vote for the president WE, not they, want.

        1. TZToronto July 8, 2016

          This election is about so much more than who will inhabit the White House for the next four years. The current breed of Republicans want to install a “strongman” as President to go along with a rubber-stamp, Republican-dominated Congress to do his bidding. If they get what they want–Trump in the White House, McConnell and Ryan running Congress, and a complicit Supreme Court packed with Republican stooges, the only thing that will keep the U.S. from becoming a dictatorship will be the inability of new amendments to the Constitution (the ones that repeal the Bill of Rights) to win ratification by the Blue states. Those Republican idiots who brand President Obama a dictator ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

            That’s the joke on the GOP. There is NO WAY Trump will march to a back room GOP presidency.

            I live in NJ. I know Trump and his tactics for more than 4 decades. He is the lowest form of human excrement there is. But, if there is anything that stands out about Trump from the day he got his Daddy Fred’s money, it is that he takes orders from no one.

            It is now up to President Obama to put a stop to the GOP McCarthy redoux before it does this country in.

            Think about it. The GOP wants Trump gone because he’s a worse nightmare than Nixon ever was and they also want Hillary gone…the savors of a GOP government takeover if the GOP could, in fact, get rid of both Trump and Hillary.

          2. dpaano July 11, 2016

            The GOP wants Trump gone because they know they can’t control him…..they thought they could at first, but he’s proven that he can’t be muzzled or controlled. So, now they’re running scared!!!

          3. Eleanore Whitaker July 12, 2016

            My recollection of The Donald in his 20s goes back to when he got into a mess with the then very admired and respected, Mayor Ed Koch over the Brooklyn Navy Yards Deal. The Donald was new to his father’s real estate business. Trump just thought what he wanted he must have. Mayor Koch had different ideas.

            Fred Trump told his son in public to “shut your mouth.” Not even Trump’s father could control him. He has always been a willful, aggressive bully. He figured he wouldn’t deal with the lowly Mayor Koch and he then went over his head to Albany to plead his case for why he should have that land. They refused.

            When they found out he was already beginning development, he got slapped with his first fine with several more to come.

            The GOP is just using Trump as a distraction. I’ve said right along that the GOP is not going to allow Trump to be president. As you pointed out, he just isn’t the template they look for. He has too much money, too much power and too many back room friends in many crooked high places. Not that the GOP doesn’t also. But, Trump’s allies are more like Mafiosi and the GOP knows it.

          4. Grandma811 July 8, 2016

            No, TZToronto, this election is about who will sit on the Supreme Court. The next president will probably name 3 or 4 new Justices. If that president is a Republican, the Republicans will have a lock on the Court until at least the middle of this century. NOT GOOD for ANY social programs to help the poor, the sick, the unemployed, the uneducated and under-educated, the infrastructure, the environment, SCIENCE, etc., etc., etc. This is what is at stake in this election and why the Republicans will employ any underhanded schemes and “legal” maneuvers to discredit Hillary Clinton.

          5. TZToronto July 8, 2016

            I don’t disagree, but the perfect storm would be Trump, and Tea Party Congress, and, as a result of a GOP Senate, a Tea Party Supreme Court. The worst outcome for America would be a Trump victory because he would probably drag along a bunch of regressive Congressional cave dwellers and, consequently, a subservient Supreme Court.

          6. dpaano July 11, 2016

            Especially all the states run by Republican governors who follow their leaders blindly and do their bidding at every turn!!! All the GOP wants or has EVER wanted is an Imperial Government….they want to reinstate kingship. I actually heard someone say that Trump might even choose one of his children as his VP……that’s even scarier, but it goes right along with the GOP’s plan….they just have the wrong guy to start it!

      2. Lorr July 8, 2016

        His editorial comments about “could have” amounts to if pigs had wings they could fly.

        1. dpaano July 11, 2016

          Kinda like my mom used to say…..”if wishes were horses, beggers would ride.”

      3. Bill P July 8, 2016

        But you know that for trolls like “itsfun” stating that it could have happen means that they believe it actually did happen.

    4. jmprint July 8, 2016

      Is it’s about national security why won’t the republicans pass a simple bill to keep guns out of terrorist hands? WHY?

      1. itsfun July 8, 2016

        Do you really believe terrorists and criminals will obey and gun laws? Their is a black market for any weapon the terrorists want to have. Do you think the black market will go out of business if a law is passed? The only thing a law would do is take away the only means of protection a honest citizen has. I can see the terrorists now just giving up killing and be-headings if another law is passed.

        1. johninPCFL July 8, 2016

          Sellers obey gun selling laws, and right now in many states (Va, Az, La in particular) you can buy anything you want at a weekend gun show with no background check at all. If you pay in cash, the transaction is completely untraceable.
          The GOP has decided that the most effective thing they can do with regard to terrorists and criminals buying guns is to make them wait for the weekend.

          1. itsfun July 8, 2016

            tough issue. We can’t trample on the right of the people to protect their selves, I truly believe more laws will only effect honest law abiding citizens. With our borders completely open, the terrorists and thugs will always have access to any weapon they want. It would almost be like punishing honest citizens for the actions of criminals. I don’t even know if the feds really have the right to make individual states follow federal gun laws. Until the black market can be destroyed, more laws won’t have much effect.

          2. johninPCFL July 8, 2016

            Doesn’t “trample” on anyone’s rights. It says that the same sellers have to obey the same laws on Saturday that they obey in their stores on Monday through Friday But you’re right, the sellers are honest and obey the laws as they’re written now. That’s what allows them to tell the criminals and terrorists “I’ll see you on Saturday”. Since Saturday no-check sales are legal in lots of states, most of the black market that exists is there because the legal sellers created it to sell to criminals. Can’t stop them profit dollers, y’no?
            Our borders are no more open than they’ve ever been. 45+% of the “illegals” are here on visas (student, tourist, H1B) that they’ve overstayed. You are in more danger of being shot by the police than by an “illegal” by a large multiplier.

          3. itsfun July 8, 2016

            We can make law after law, and they will work like the war on drugs. We have had laws against machine guns since the 1930’s and look at how good that has worked. The drug cartels use them all the time and they smuggle drugs across our open borders every day, just as the black market weapons sellers will do. There is just no easy answer to this issue. More laws will only affect people that obey laws.

          4. johninPCFL July 8, 2016

            So, once again, nihilism raises its head. No need for any laws at all since only law-abiding people will obey them. No reason to outlaw speeding since only turtles will obey.
            No reason to outlaw machine guns at all then. Apparently, at least in your mind, anybody that wants one can get one. I’m amazed that they’re not for sale in the classifieds. As it is, the BAR (the criminal’s favorite machine gun from the 1930s) hasn’t been used in a crime since then. Jesus, it’s almost like the criminals suddenly started obeying the law, right? What is this world coming to when a law has a positive effect?

          5. johninPCFL July 8, 2016

            Nihilism raises it’s ugly head again. No reason to have any laws, then, since only law obeying folks will obey them, right? No reason to outlaw speeding since only turtles will obey the law, right?
            The BAR was the most popular machine gun for criminals in the 1930s. Since anybody can get one (at least in your tiny corner of the universe), they’re still a popular gun with criminals, right? When was the last time one was used in a crime? Oh yeah – six decades ago. Wow. It’s like the criminals all started obeying the law. What is this country coming to when criminals obey the law? Cartels typically buy UZIs, by the way. Israel sells them to everybody.
            Anyway, it’s not about making “law after law”, it’s about telling the sellers “hey, you know those laws you obey from Monday through Friday? Well, they apply through Sunday now.”

          6. johninPCFL July 9, 2016

            Well, since nobody obeys laws, then we just don’t need any, right? Why have speed limits when only turtles will obey them? Again, in case you forgot from last time, it’s called nihilism.
            But, the point you miss, it’s not making “law after law”, it’s saying “hey, that law you obey Monday through Friday? Continue with it through Sunday.”
            Machine guns. The BAR was the choice of criminals in the 1930s, so they’re still used today, right? When was the last crime in which a BAR as used after the machine-gun ban in 1934? Wow, it was over six decades ago. Seems like the criminals all went legit, right? Or maybe since the criminals couldn’t BUY THEM FROM SELLERS, they had to go a different route.
            Drug cartels use Uzis, sold to them by our friends the Israelis.

          7. itsfun July 9, 2016

            The BAR is a automatic weapon. Ever hear of the Thompson? Are Uzis automatic? Any automatic can be classified as a machine gun. I don’t care who sold them, my point is criminals will always be able to get their weapons of choice. In fact you made my point by saying the Israelis sold them the weapons. There will always be people making money illegally. You also make my point when you say the criminals went legit. I said they won’t obey any new laws, and they won’t. When you start comparing a speeding ticket to murder, drug dealers, etc. you are completely missing what I have saying.

          8. johninPCFL July 9, 2016

            When was the last time a Thompson was used in a crime? Seems like six decades ago, too. Uzi’s and MAC-10’s are automatic.
            My point, in case there’s even a small chance it’ll penetrate the thickness that’s developed around your common sense, is that criminals can get weapons, but it can be made harder, and “harder” makes them unavailable to low-level criminals. BARs and Thompsons were legal and easy to get, and criminals preferred them. Once illegal and hard to get, criminals chose other options. There were no house-to-house searches to “grab the guns”, there were restrictions on who SELLERS could SELL TO. Once the sellers who illegally sold to criminals were dealt with, the use of machine guns in crime virtually disappeared. Today, the thugs in Chicago don’t use Uzis. They are still available to criminals with limitless money supplies, but unavailable to the folks you and I will ever meet.
            Again, just trying to dynamite through the intentional baloney you throw up, the law affects sellers. Sellers sell to criminals on weekends because it’s legal to do so. Extending the same laws the sellers obey Monday through Friday to be in effect through Sunday affects no one but the criminals.

          9. itsfun July 10, 2016

            Do you even know the definition of a machine gun? Terrorists and criminals want automatic weapons and have ways to get them. They don’t go to legal dealers because legal dealers don’t have them. Dealers don’t sell automatic weapons at weekend gun shows. Just maybe if the authorities in cities like Chicago actually tried to stop the violence by gangs and thugs crime would go down. Instead they make sure they are PC and only enforce laws they like.

          10. johninPCFL July 11, 2016

            Jesus, you’re thick. You brought up the point about machine guns – the Mexican cartels use them. I’ve pointed out (three times now) that the laws put in effect in the 1930s have all but eliminated machine gun use by American criminals since then. Your dense, and I suspect intentional, refusal to admit as much tells us a lot about you.
            The point of the current discussion, which you continually refuse to admit, is that the current gun laws allow sellers to legally sell to criminals on weekends in over a dozen states. The GOP, marching hand-in-hand with their overlords in the NRA have successfully blocked every attempt to have the gun sellers in this country in every state do the same things they do on Saturday that they do on every other day of the week.
            Chicago can do little to stop gun violence when the thugs doing the violence can simply go to Indiana on Saturday to buy their guns. Get it now? If no guns at all could be sold in Chicago, the GOP insists that the criminals wait until Saturday and buy them in Indiana, where no background checks are done.

            Again, just trying to dynamite through the intentional baloney you throw up, the law affects sellers. Sellers sell to criminals on weekends because it’s legal to do so. Extending the same laws the sellers obey Monday through Friday to be in effect through Sunday affects no one but the criminals.

          11. itsfun July 11, 2016

            Are you stupid enough to believe new laws will stop the attacks? These killers will always be able to get guns. There are millions of weapons on the black market and no law is going to eliminate the black market. You really don’t know the definition of a machine gun. Every state should have their own gun laws, we don’t need the feds making more laws for the criminals not to follow.

          12. dpaano July 11, 2016

            Or by a mentally deranged individual with a gun, much like the recent shoot-out with several white police officers killed for no reason at all except someone was deranged and had a gun! We can thank the NRA for that.

          13. dpaano July 11, 2016

            Unfortunately, Federal law trumps (pun) state law in many cases.

          14. itsfun July 11, 2016

            another tough issue. The 10th amendment says anything not covered in the constitution is up to the individual states. The Constitution only says we have the right to have guns, not who can buy them.

        2. jmprint July 8, 2016

          Do you honestly think that if a person is on a no fly list, is giving up any rights if he cannot purchase a weapon of mass destruction. My spouse was on a no fly list and it didn’t bother him to get the record straight, whom are you protecting?

          1. itsfun July 8, 2016

            Who makes the lists? All the gun control people have to do is put everybody on the list, then no one gets to purchase a gun, except the chosen few by who ever makes the list.

          2. jmprint July 8, 2016

            People that are suspected of having ties with terrorist or have common names, or suspects. Please if you have doubts about the government, all you have to do is ask them, they will answer your questions. .gov has answers. Nobody is trying to takes guns away, in 2009 I received propaganda from the NRA about Obama coming for your guns, it’s false. They have a very strong hold on there members, I think members that are FOR gun control ought to boycott them.

          3. dpaano July 11, 2016

            Sure, that’ll happen……are you serious????

          4. itsfun July 11, 2016

            Yes, when you start making lists you have to know who makes them and what the parameters are. Remember when Obama took office and one of his people said the most dangerous people were veterans. If we had lists, then he would have put every veteran on it. When you start making lists of any kind, you are starting a slippery slope.

        3. dpaano July 11, 2016

          Gee, is this another one of those NRA myths that “good people with guns will take down bad people with guns?” That certainly didn’t happen during the shoot-out recently. Many “good” police officers were shot down and killed (and they had guns) by a bad guy with a gun. So much for that myth!!!

      2. dpaano July 11, 2016

        Because the NRA owns them lock, stock, and barrel and they’re afraid to vote for anything against what the NRA wants or they are threatened with not being re-elected. We need politicians with balls who will stand up to the NRA and not let them scare them out of doing what is right and what their constituents want.

    5. Phyliss Rampulla-Kirk July 8, 2016


      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 8, 2016

        Thank you for reminding us of that loathsome and chuckle-headed maneuver.

    6. A. D. Reed July 8, 2016

      The only undercover operatives for the U.S. who got murdered were the ones outed by Dick Cheney when he got mad when Valerie Plame’s husband made an honest report about the administration’s lies about yellow cake radium, and Cheney outed Plame as a CIA overseer. As a result, a number of her agents, working for the U.S., were murdered. That, my friend, was treason.

      In Mrs. Clinton’s case, nothing of the sort happened. Only 3 out of 60,000+ emails that passed through Secretary Clinton’s server contained information that was deemed classified — and was not marked as such, and was later determined to be erroneously classified in the first place.

      So, NO, there were no top secret documents compromised; there was no hacking of her server; there were THREE incorrectly classified, and not marked classified, pieces of information in 60,000 emails, none of which was top secret.

      So, NO. Give it up.

      1. itsfun July 8, 2016

        Didn’t you see or hear the FBI director said the documents were marked classified when she send them out and received them.

        1. johninPCFL July 8, 2016

          The part you apparently missed was the determination that they were “border-classified”, meaning that someone had used a red pencil in the border to identify a passage in the email that was classified (in his/her opinion), but that “classification” never made it to the banner on the email. The three “starters” were then part of 52 chains of email posts, comprising 110 total emails out of tens of thousands.
          Oh, yeah. And the data marked “classified” were speaking dates and times, now half a decade old. They’re no longer classified.

          1. itsfun July 8, 2016

            didn’t miss anything, they were classified, thus coming under the federal records act.

          2. johninPCFL July 8, 2016

            They were “classified” by Fred Dingleberry at the copy machine. They are no longer classified. Got it?

          3. dpaano July 11, 2016

            And most of them had already been made public in local newspapers like the New York Times, Washington Post, etc., so how can these actually be considered “classified.” And, as JohninPCFL says, they were “border” classified which means there was a little “c” in parenthesis next to some paragraphs. A lot of people have no idea what that means, and it’s been stated that Hillary had no idea what exactly this meant because you don’t see if often and it usually doesn’t mean as much as a “header” that clearly states ‘CLASSIFIED.”

    7. johninPCFL July 8, 2016

      No, but our local agents in Africa were following Cheney’s release of Plame’s name. Maybe there’s still time to put him up for treason?
      What the director explicitly said was that the one hack claimed was proven to be false. Maybe try a different lie.

      1. itsfun July 8, 2016

        He was talking about the hacker that admitted he lied about that. He did say he could not name the countries he thinks hacked her server.

        1. johninPCFL July 8, 2016

          What he said was that he could not verify that the account had EVER been hacked. He could also not verify that the sky was pink at your house. Both are equally likely.

    8. Ann Waldrum July 8, 2016

      There were not any “top secret” documents. They discussed top secret programs, namely the drone strikes that were published in the NEWSPAPERS.

      1. itsfun July 8, 2016

        There were top secret documents, she lied about even having them on her private unsecured server.

        1. Ann Waldrum July 8, 2016

          And NOT ONE email was marked, confidential, secret or top secret — NOT ONE.

          1. itsfun July 8, 2016

            Not according to the directer of the FBI. Are you saying he was lying?

          2. Ann Waldrum July 9, 2016

            No, he did not say at any point that any of these emails had classified headers indicating that they were classified! He said they “contain information deemed” … That is a distinction with a difference!

  9. Karen_in_KC July 8, 2016

    Today’s pack of Rethuglicans remind me of a pack of rabid dogs hunting something to kill! With chaffetz and Paul Ryan as leaders of the pack! I am one person who erroneously voted rethuglican in the distant past but you can bet I’ll NEVER, EVER vote for a rethuglican again! In my opinion now, They aren’t even qualified to be dog catchers! Sorry to give dogs a bad name, comparing rethuglicans to a pack
    Of rabid dogs!

    1. jmprint July 8, 2016

      Thank You, please talk to your republican friends and shine light onto the truth. Together we can make this a better world for all, leaving hate and greed out of the equation.

      1. Karen_in_KC July 8, 2016

        I have tried that! When I ask them where they get their information they invariably say FOX News or a (male) family member. I MAY have been able to open the eyes and brain of one of them but haven’t talked with her for some months. Maybe I got through when I said how angry I was about how uninformed ppl are and that they don’t research anything. I didn’t say anything about her being uninformed. She called later to say that that comment ‘insulted her’. The truth hurts. I never met a republican who was concerned with FACTS.

        1. jmprint July 8, 2016

          I know most will just stick to “both or evil” statement and it’s hard to get them to think otherwise, we need to concentrate on the younger generation and instill to them the importance of voting for their future.

  10. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

    When I watched that rabid dog investigation of Comey, I thought I was hearing a replay of the McCarthy hearings with Roy Cohn doing all of the talking and attacking and no allowing any rebuttal from people he accused of being Communists.

    Well now the US has finally outed the real fascists in this country: Chaffetz, Cruz, Gowdy, Cotton and Issa. These guys are so guilty of more than Hillary could ever be and that’s the reason for their extreme degrees of attack.

    They know the minute she becomes President, she will get even with the GOP for years and years of their attempts to smear her. And all she has to do is call for one massive investigation of the ties between the Tea Party and the Koch boys.

  11. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

    I urge Americans now to contact their state reps. and put a stop to these right wingers who are destroying our right to choose the president we want. It is now obvious that with the billions the GOP spent and the Koch boys $995 billion, they realize nothing they ever do will force Americans to vote by force.

    It is also obvious that what Gowdy and Chaffetz did was nothing short of an attempt to sabotage the election process. Add that to both of them being guilty of falsifying evidence in federal investigations.

    Before days end, my Republican senators in NJ are going to get blasted by me. I am fed up with this BS.

    When 60,000 emails are MORE important than the 22 million Bush erased that proved his Daddy was complicit in the Iran ContraGate Scandal, you see the slime these men are wallowing in. It has to stop.

    The very fact that less than 2 weeks after Bush took office in January 2001, the first act as president was to delete all of Daddy’s emails and documentation. Not to mention all of the emails deleted BEFORE Bush left office.

    This is what comes of Americans not punishing those who are guilty of REAL crimes against the country.

  12. 1Zoe55 July 8, 2016

    Why did Comey think he had the right to inject his editorial opinion about Clinton being careless? That sort of commentary has never happened before. It was Comey’s job to deliver the decision, but he, too, pandered to the nutcases that define the Republican Party. In one sense we are witnessing the death throes of the current Republican/Teabag party…and thank God! Clinton has demonstrated more courage and steely resolve than any of those weak, pompous idiot Republicans on that committee.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

      Comey stated at least 3 times that his panel of investigators used the same investigational formats they used for all other similar investigations.

      The real reason these rabid middle aged attack dog boys are sucking up to their back room GOP is because they know Hillary right now is the ONLY woman who won’t back down to the GOP.

      Whenever the GOP go after women, they always use the same sneaky, underhanded tactic of trying to make the woman look guilty when she isn’t. Roy Cohn used that tactic in the McCarthy hearings. With other women who dare to stand up to the GOP, the GOP does their lying smearing and the women run for the hills.

      Hillary is not afraid of these men. She has NOTHING to be afraid of. And she is the ONLY woman in the US who isn’t afraid of anything the GOP says or does.

      You’ll be happy to know that right now, there are two right wing sites that are offering “guns at discount prices.” That means if Hillary continues, these jerk boys intend to take it to the streets with their AR-15s blazing.

      1. jmprint July 8, 2016

        With supporters like Joe Walsh of the “Patriots” who is intising hate towards our President

        1. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

          In order to understand the mentalities of the Mutton Chops and Corn Pones, you have to study their history carefully.

          Is it not true they believe their white skin makes them superior? So did Hitler with his Aryan Nation. This was the reason they believe anyone with black skin is beneath them. White is also might to these “ignernts.” But the biggest benefit to them in their history was NOT having to work.

          They had FREE slave labor and all they had to do was throw them a rickety shack, a patch of ground to grow their food and beat them senseless when the slaves didn’t make huge profits for rich white male Plantation owners.

          As to the Corn Pones, these are people who allowed Wall St. to con them into industrializing agriculture until their farmland became so depleted, it then became a dust bowl.

          Not to worry, the good old Yankees provided funds to restore the south and FDR brough jobs back, not to mention allowed the Dept. of Agricultural to spend millions to show these loonies how to farm without creating dust bowls.

          So, their laziness, lack of ambition, lack of proper education is why they are all too dependent and why they hate hate hate a woman like Hillary who makes fools of them because she is a leader who did it all on her own.

          1. Elena Hamilton July 9, 2016

            <<o. ✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:::::::!uf464w:….,….

  13. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 8, 2016

    To look foolish is what the GOP seems to relish for some unknown reason. Whether they are haunted by some shared traumatic group Freudian experience, humiliated over how “naked” they appear before the world in their persistence at looking backwards, or because they suffer from being called on standing in the way of humanity’s onward march towards entry into the Age of Maturity, is hard to say.

    Maybe it’s a combination of all these, along with representing a slice of humanity that looks, talks, and acts the same—a sight surely to put a hurting on any sane person’s vision.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

      Think about it. When your children do something they know is wrong, their knee jerk reaction is to try and “get away with it.” Good parents do not allow that. The problem is that all of the middle aged men at Comey’s investigation have never been held accountable. You see that in their manner of interrogation.

      It’s like something out of the brainwashing you’d see in the movie “Manchurian Candidate.” Don’t give the person a chance to speak, inject their opinion of what is fact and then, pronounce a verdict.

      I find it immensely curious that the two very guiltiest men, Chaffetz and Gowdy, were also the ones doing their Roy Cohn vicious interrogation of Comey.

      You just know now the GOP will be under more serious investigation for trying to attack an FBI director. It will only be a matter who the FBI investigates first, Gowdy, Chaffetz or Cotton…who also took a bribe from Israel to sabotage the Iran Peace Treaty.

      A lot of this GOP rabid attack dog behavior is our fault for not punishing Bush, Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld in January 2009. They got away with it and now the GOP feels they have carte blanche to exert control over the entire country, using our tax dollars.

      When Jim Jordan of OH said he was “doing what the people of OH expected of him,” I had to wonder “which” people in OH he was representing.

  14. opinioned1 July 8, 2016

    One more time the GOP/bags stick their foot in their mouth and end up choking on it. These partisan hacks exemplify the very reason why no republican will ever set in the Oval Office again for decades, and why the senate will flip and the house will see a diminished presence of GOP/Bags for the next term. You morons just don`t know when to give it up.. Hillary in a 2016 November landslide, all thanks to you partisan hacks efforts to keep the lies thriving. Stupidity know no boundaries..

    1. A.T. July 8, 2016

      I cannot wait to vote these despicable morons out of office in November!

      1. opinioned1 July 8, 2016

        Voter turn out is imperative. No doubt the racist KKK types are going to show up to support their bigot Trump. The key to defeating the moron is voter turn out. Encourage everyone to vote and Hillary will make history, and turn the GOP/Baggers into a pack of sniveling little whining morons.
        Trump is killing the GOP, and I hope his flapping mouth continues unchecked. The moron didn`t even have an idea who`s running in the GOP senate and who`s not. He`s a flat out moron.

        1. A.T. July 8, 2016

          He also thought constitutional articles were the same as amendments. His idiot voters think he’s going to uphold their precious constitution, and he’s never even seen it. I don’t even need to describe how he’s clearly against the first amendment.

        2. plc97477 July 9, 2016

          If the gotp continue in the direction they are heading turn out won’t be a problem. Dems. will come out in force to defend their nominee.

  15. latebloomingrandma July 8, 2016

    I could not believe what I was watching yesterday. America is exploding like Baghdad, and these asshats are investigating the FBI”s investigation . I would like to enter that room and collectively knock their heads together very hard. Maybe if they had traumatic brain injury it would re-set their brains to normal.
    This is the reason their party has Trump and the country is so divided. This is no more a “thanks, Obama,” despite how they try to spin it. This party is rotting, needs put down like a sick dog, and someone with an ounce of statesmanship to start all over.

  16. Jim Samaras July 8, 2016

    Bye, Bye Miss American Pie

    It was the day after the 4th of July and once again as an American it was inspiring to see the fireworks light up the night in a show of patriotism.
    Unfortunately the next day my enthusiasm was instantly dashed watching the FBI director on national TV deliver a message that seems to defy logic. It was as if a fun night of drinking too much was followed by a massive hangover. My enthusiasm for my country was dashed the next day watching Lady Justice being raped, and beheaded by ISIS.
    For a long time I think most Americans other than the liberal Zombies that never question the ethics of the Clintons have thought that the e mail scandal would FINALLY be the stop sign on the numerous Clinton scandals that they seem immune to. As I watched and listened the FBI director laid out a very well detailed list of areas where clearly Hillary Clinton lied to the nation. I said to myself almost in tears FINALLY someone has the integrity to do the right thing and show the rest of the average downtrodden Americans that the legal system is blind to power, wealth or position. It seemed that Hillary had finally met her political train wreck. Then at the end he uttered the words that he would not recommend indicting Hillary Clinton.
    It was as if she had been caught speeding 95 in a 35 mile an hour zone and the cop let her go because she was the mayors wife.
    Today I am left watching the mainstream media tell us to move on while the majority of people paraded on Fox felt as I did that this a travesty. From this point on how can anyone that sends or receives classified documents EVER be charged ? They will undoubtedly refer back to Hillary and say “If she can do what she did then how can I possibly be guilty”. Somehow I watched our national security just get a torpedo broadside.
    So now we have to make a decision in November do we elect Trump or put Richard Nixon back in the White House?
    Hillary has now proved unequivocally that she is a bald faced liar and will be emboldened from this point on that she is untouchable and above all the laws that we are supposed to follow. But why shouldn’t she feel that way. Her husband lied on camera to the nation about depositing his DNA on a black cocktail dress and even though impeached got away with it. Hillary and Bill must be sitting back in Chappaqua having a good laugh at the little people tonight.
    Donald Trump may not be exactly who I would have chosen as the Republican nominee but I will vote for him over a cunning, unapologetic liar like Mrs. Clinton.
    Mrs. Clinton must be sleeping pretty well knowing that she has bamboozled the country once again and may end up in the White House so that she can torment the Secret Service who she has little respect for.
    The past couple of days I have been singing the lines out of the song American Pie. “And the three men I admire most, the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost They caught the last train for the coast the day the music died. So Bye Bye Miss American Pie.”
    Once again a little bit of our country died in the past day when the top officials put party politics over the letter of the law and our country slipped a little bit further into the sewer of corruption.
    Tricky Dick must be furious that his missing 18 minutes got him thrown out of office when Hillary Clinton left our national secrets vulnerable to every tin horn thug that might have managed to hack that server she kept in the basement. I am sure that in a crisis with Vladimir or the Chinese if they have the goods on Hillary she will cave in order to protect her power and position. That is what will keep me awake if she gains access to the White House. I guess we might never know because like everything else she would hide that from the American people.
    Bye Bye Miss American Pie the Chevy just drove over the levee.

    1. Chuckles Hotzenpfeff July 8, 2016

      It’s called the law. Have your daddy look it up. Maybe you’ll learn something other than just parroting lies. Every single Hillary “scandal” has been proved to be trumped up (pun intended!) or flat-out bullshit, made up by assholes who lead idiots like you right off that levee (which means you’re drowning in bullshit).

      1. Jim Samaras July 8, 2016

        You cankle queen followers will NEVER pull your heads out of your collective A$$es no matter what, will ya?

        1. pisces63 July 8, 2016

          Mine was never there. I pay attention and last time I looked that levy was dry!!

        2. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

          You Mutton Chops, Corn Pones and pretend Rambos need to get those lazy butts busy and get jobs. Which brings up the question…Where in the FRIG is the GOP jobs creation bill?

        3. Patricia McCullough July 8, 2016

          “Cankle queen”??? Seriously? Please tell me that you don’t vote by looks, because that would leave the fat, bloviating ugly T-Rump out.

          1. Jim Samaras July 8, 2016

            Of course not Pat but the lies, deceit and self serving ways make her an ugly individual

          2. roguerunners July 9, 2016


    2. pisces63 July 8, 2016

      It was NOT the 18 minutes. It was the break end and money paid for the crime. get real. I watched this real time and followed it all. Watch All the President’s Men, that laid it out completely. If just for missing information on HIS tapes which most of you still cannot read by his decree, why did so many of the others go to jail. As for HER emails, this is BS. Only three out of thousands and they were miss labeled and you still don’t get it? 3, trois, tres, etc. THREE mislabeled documents? NO, Vladimir will love the Donald. He endorsees his friends(pro Russians). Hillary, by his own word, isn’t it. I work for a health insurance company who has to follow federal guidelines to protect patient information. We had to encrypt our servers to and from information. No matter to whom I send an e-mail, if certain catch words are present it auto encodes/encrypt and that’s to a from the servers to mine or anyone else I contact and you want me to believe they do not have this for all top officials in the government? Yeah, my head screws on backwards. Don’t believe it. this is all bogus and they have been trumping up lies on these people since 1990’s when Bill ran for president and the village idiots did not like it that she went by Rodham. Its been a hate/hate every since. At first it was ridiculously funny. NOW, it’s embarrassing. I WILL vote for Hillary, gladly. I am 67, a black woman, widowed, college grad, still working in a high paying job, in other words I do not meet your stereotypes for black people.

      1. Jim Samaras July 8, 2016

        But lying to the American people has nothing to do with anything, right? It’s not really about the e mail thing to me as much as the audacity of lying about it that irks me. She lies about this what else is she capable of lying about?

        1. pisces63 July 8, 2016

          She did not lie to me. I didn’t ask her. I don’t care. I am not privy to any of that information. IF I voted or not voted for a candidate because of ‘lies’, I would never have voted for anyone. I look at deeds and hopes of the future. I am looking for someone who will stop the attack on my voting rights. civil rights. Someone who will stop the tide of the bigoted right to put me back into jim crow. The republicans are NOT it. E-mails? It does not appear on any of my meters. More annoying than an insect bite.

        2. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

          Samaras…Did you mind when Cheney hand walked documents to Bush filled with lies that there were WMDs in Iraq?

          Don’t try and nail Hillary because you want another Republican dickhead in the White House.

          1. Jim Samaras July 8, 2016

            Whitaker…I hate BOTH parties with equal disdain. Trump is a patriot that wants to change the status quo. They all lie and deceive for their own purposes. I voted for Obama in 08. Now how he got REELECTED in 12 is confounding to me

          2. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

            YOu hate yourself most. YOu are so filled with self-loathing and misery you can’t get along with anyone.

            He got re-elected by a 62% margin in 2012…He is the most admired president in the world today. You? You are a lowlife who can’t wipe your own butt without help.

          3. Jim Samaras July 8, 2016

            Okay cupcake, now I’m bored with ya. Get back to your 20 cats….and pull up those goyder hose

          4. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

            Samaras…You are a bore. Been a while since any woman looked your way? Take a shower once in a while and stop using the shower as your favorite place to play with yourself.

          5. plc97477 July 9, 2016

            She hit a nerve didn’t she.

          6. roguerunners July 9, 2016

            You voted for Obama??? Tell us another one.

          7. Jim Samaras July 9, 2016

            Yes I did runner, because unlike you robotic dimocrats, I actually vote for who I feel is the best candidate that I feel will do the best job for the American people. I was DEAD wrong and not afraid to admit it! When McCain chose that dingbat for a running mate it made me rethink his judgement as any thinking person SHOULD do when it comes to HC. Obama promised a transparent presidency but as it turned out nothing could be farther from the truth and the truth is a prerequisite, imo, to qualify for the POTUS. Something which should give EVERYONE pause before pulling the Democratic lever this November

          8. dpaano July 11, 2016

            There is only so much transparency that can be given by our government without giving away secrets to the enemy. There are many things that the government does that we don’t need to know about, which is understandable to those of us with brains.

          9. Jim Samaras July 11, 2016

            I agree when it comes to military strategy and if that’s the case why is Trump criticized by the left for HIS strategy with the same excuse? Hypocrites….all of you

      2. plc97477 July 9, 2016

        The lies actually started when he ran for governor many years earlier.

    3. Patricia McCullough July 8, 2016

      See, now you just proved the point that the RWNJs are insane. If it isn’t against the law, IT’S NOT AGAINST THE LAW! But since you hate HRC you must find something. WTF are you going to do for the next 8 years while she is POTUS??? #BeatByAGirl

      1. Jim Samaras July 8, 2016

        You’ll be VERY surprised come November doll!

        1. Patricia McCullough July 8, 2016

          my guess is that I won’t. As reputable organizations, NOT FAUX NO NEWS, you absolutely cannot win with out women, Blacks, Hispanic, Muslims and LGBT! Old, ignorant, bigoted white men just aren’t enough. But keep on drinking the Tea…

          1. Jim Samaras July 8, 2016

            LGBT? They represent many millions I’m sure. Thinking, LEGAL immigrants will be on the Trump train. Why jump through the hoops to be here LEGALLY only to see amnesty for the ones who refuse to pay the price? You’ll see

          2. pisces63 July 8, 2016

            Reagan and Bush gave them amnesty by executive decree. Your point?

          3. Jim Samaras July 8, 2016

            My point is ALL politicians are despicable pricks. Trump will change the face of this nation for the better

          4. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

            No Trump won’t. That shows how stupid you are. Trump will going to be disqualified. He cannot be president if he cannot pay all of those casino employees he stiffed or the suppliers he also stiffed all of whom are now suing his butt.

          5. Jim Samaras July 8, 2016

            You really ARE a hoot Whitaker…mildly entertaining as well

          6. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

            I know what you are…a political pimp who whores out your own mother to any Tea Party boy with big bucks.

          7. Patricia McCullough July 8, 2016

            I love the remark about Hispanics voting for T-Rump!! Bwahahahahahahahaha! I live in So NM, more than 50% Hispanic, (legal) and there might be ONE who will vote for T-Rump. I am 40 miles out of El Paso, 84% Hispanic…good luck with those votes. AND, 1/2 of my family is Hispanic, very legal and they’d choke before voting for T-Rump. I have no clue where this idiot lives, but he really has NO CLUE! Which is how I like the G.O.P.!! CLUELESS!

          8. Jim Samaras July 8, 2016

            Every legal has a few who aren’t in their family. Of course it will be tough to vote against your own. But there will be enough to win

          9. dpaano July 11, 2016

            Again, PLEASE hold your breathe, okay?

          10. pisces63 July 8, 2016

            Thus, politician. I do not look at them through rose colored glasses. My eyes are open wiiiiide (Walking in Space from Hair) A despicable person cannot do any such thing and he is that. He does not understand Brexit. He does not understand anything. He does not attend church. The thing that makes me angry? President Obama had to jump through hoops and this man an ignoramus of the lowest sort gets a pass by them. My 10 year old granddaughter who was published at 6 heard him speak, looked at my daughter and asked how could he be a president and sound that stupid? Through the eyes of a child.

          11. Jim Samaras July 8, 2016

            Take away the teleprompter and Obama is just one of the boyz in the hood

          12. pisces63 July 8, 2016

            NO dear. He is articulate. He is articulate. He knows how to speak. He knows how to speak. he won with millions and milllions of votes. he received millions and millions of money. Many, many , many , many, many…….My mine wandered!! He does not use the teleprompter all the time but it, to me is the mark of an orator since I, when speaking in class for debates had index cards which were yesterday’s teleprompters. What’s the difference. Considering his people are begging Trump to use it you do not agree? Left to his own devices such as the other day with the praise to Saddam Hussein, it explains why. That would NEVER happen with Obama, me,. my sisters, my grandchildren, my children. We do not need it but it is a help to keep you on point. This per long standing debate rules.

          13. Jim Samaras July 8, 2016

            He doesn’t think on his feet dear. He really doesn’t. I don’t like Trumps delivery when he’s reading the teleprompter, he’s mechanical. But he’ll get better. Put Obama in a group of his own and he goes right into his Ebonics rhetoric, I’ve heard him. As far as Trumps speech on Hussein I believe he was on the mark. Since he’s been gone the animals over there have run amok! He knew how to control the animistic behavior of the people in that part of the world. That cannot be denied.

          14. pisces63 July 8, 2016

            He can and does speak on his feet very well. Trump cannot and Trump is not getting better but laughably worse. Yes, Saddam kept the peace but I did not want the war in Iraq, did you? I wrote letters against it and the e-mail spying. I knew when the government paid for the digitizing of everything, it was to monitor phone calls on line. Did you. Yes, they have run amok because Bush and company invaded Iraq looking for Osama bin Laden who was in Afghanistan at the time. They fired Saddam’s premier army, left them broke with no means to feed their families and they formed the fledgling ISIS which officialy became this in 2006. He has NEVER gone into ebonics level ever. I hear him and I know the difference even if you don’t and apparently you do not. He could no more use ebonics than my grandchildren. A voice inflection is different from the broken English of ebonics. Me, I love doing it to emphasize my point when needed.

          15. Jim Samaras July 8, 2016

            I did support the war, at first. I then learned that we were lied to by Bush and his cronies. I personally feel that 9/11 was a false flag event to rile up the American people to get us into this never ending war but that’s a different subject. As I’ve stated before I believe they are all in this together for their own agenda and we the people are collateral damage while lining their own pockets. Obama is just another puppet to achieve their NWO and he has done a great job toward that end. How else could a community organizer get the the presidency of the United States without the help of an Ayers or a Soros.

          16. pisces63 July 8, 2016

            Ayers did nothing for him but present a forum for what ever was done. Soros gave money but the vast majority he received from small donors. That is in the records. Take Ayers and try again I lived through the Weathermen or who ever they were called, he and his lady Bernadine . Obama was child or not even born. the FBI, et all blew the case to get them. Do not dare equate this president with that man who was against the Vietnam was as I was and MLK and others. bombings were not the answer, though, nor was the shooting of 4 students at Kent State, here in Ohio, either. Obama is not a puppet. He went in trying to get us out of both arenas, Iraq, by following George Bush’s agreement with Maliki who did not want us there, neither did his people and still do not. since we took personnel from Afghanistan to shore up Iraq, that allowed the jihadists back and now he has to shore it up again. If not for the debacle of Iraq, we would have had Afghanistan pretty much sown up long before now. He won legitimately, at least and not by cheating Supreme court fiat. Where would we be if not for them?

          17. Jim Samaras July 8, 2016

            These theatrics they throw at you really has you hook, line and sinker doesn’t it? It’s all about our “interests” in these other countries pisces. If not for a profit motive do you think these, so called “leaders” would give a sh^t about what goes on over there? See south Africa for an example.

          18. pisces63 July 8, 2016

            What theatrics. You have me mixed up with a trump follower. They love the theatrics. You know, talking loud and signifying nothing?? There you go injecting non sequitur. Yawn. Really??

          19. Jim Samaras July 8, 2016

            What theatrics? What do you think that grilling of Comey was? Grandstanding….it’s done on both sides. Wake up please

          20. pisces63 July 8, 2016

            Yep by the republicans for this and Benghazi. Bush had over 10 attacks under his watch, one in Saudi Arabia and no review. which is why I disregarded it and the E-mails. If I want theatrics I will watch the experts on game of Thrones. Yet I loved how he dropped the mike on them.

          21. Jim Samaras July 8, 2016

            Now if you didn’t appreciate this just wait till they begin showing the graft and corruption with the Clintons’ handjob foundation…lol. Now there’s gonna be some crap coming out of that hornets nest

          22. pisces63 July 8, 2016

            I’ve got a life. I have voted since 1970 and my first presidential was in 1972. Do you really think at 67, I will get myself twisted in a knot over politics? I will vote by mail, again. refuse to show them an ID not needed until a black man ran and not needed when I first registered as I registered for college classes. I will just wait for the trump dog and pony show of lies and innuendo with no purpose or reality and watch his idiot minions back out of his next faux pas.

          23. Jim Samaras July 8, 2016

            Was it Mark Twain that said “if a conservative at 20 you have no heart, if still a liberal at 40 you have no head”? ID is necessary in every other aspect of our lives. Why should it be deemed not so in anything as important as an election?

          24. pisces63 July 8, 2016

            Sorry, I am an adult. I can be both, depending on the situation. I have very conservative views on some things and liberal on others. both. My true ideal of a democrat. I cannot deal with people who are continually trying to undo someone’s rights. stick their noses in a woman’s womb. Destroy public schools to get their parochial schools and non performing charters and cronies paid with no over sight. Deliberately destroy public schools and my sisters, our children graduated from CMSD. My grandchildren now attend.

          25. Jim Samaras July 8, 2016

            I believe we’re on the same page on many things. Actually, if pressed, I think most of us are Libertarians. If the republicans would stay out of the womb, as you put it, and stop trying to make laws quoting the best selling novel in history I think there really isn’t much difference between the parties.
            Now the destruction of our educational system I put directly on the heads of both sides. No child left behind was a bipartisan bill signed into law by that POS Bush in 2001 that has done nothing but hurt our children by putting the federal government in charge. I don’t think Hitlery will change that but I do know of one candidate that will.

          26. pisces63 July 8, 2016

            I didn’t LEARN, I knew when they first spoke of it and started protesting and was call a traitor and un-American.

          27. dpaano July 8, 2016

            Yeah, you probably believe that President Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii, that the first man on the moon was a fake, and that 9/11 was an “inside job.” What a total uninformed idiot you are (excuse me for calling names, but it gets to the point where no other name works)!

          28. jmprint July 8, 2016

            Jim you can spray fragrance on $hit to cover up the smell, but in the end Trump will still be $hit.

          29. plc97477 July 9, 2016

            I take it you have never been invited to the correspondence dinner.

          30. Patricia McCullough July 8, 2016

            racist much…you must have missed the news about how educated he is. But bigoted, ignorant racists can’t understand.

          31. Jim Samaras July 8, 2016

            It’s just that, news. Which brings to mind his transcripts, I’d love to see them…oh, I forgot, that’s none of our business

          32. latebloomingrandma July 8, 2016

            I’ d love to see Donald’s. Also, his tax returns, which is actually our business if he’s running for POTUS.

          33. Jim Samaras July 8, 2016

            Tax returns reveal nothing in the end other than charitable deductions and taxes paid which I’m sure will be too low for the MSM. They’ll make a big deal out of it and you will get all butthurt over it. Don’t like it? Vote for Trump and the tax laws will change. He’ll pay more as a percentage of his income and you’ll pay less. His transcripts would be turned over in a minute if anyone cared

          34. dpaano July 8, 2016

            But, I bet if Hillary failed to show her tax returns, the Republicans would be ALL over that like flies on you know what!!! They’re already complaining because she hasn’t shown the transcripts of her speeches to Wall Street, which has NOTHING to do with her running for the presidency!!!

          35. plc97477 July 9, 2016

            Not only does it have nothing to do with running but in some cases they might not even be hers to show. If a business hires her to give a speech they take ownership of the speech.

          36. dpaano July 8, 2016

            And Trumps income tax statements….I’ve love to see those too. Oh, I forgot, that’s none of our business despite the fact that every presidential nominee has shown these for the past 70+ years. What does he have to hide??? Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

          37. dpaano July 8, 2016

            Give Trump a teleprompter and he STILL can’t keep on topic! He sounds more like Sarah Palin every time he opens his mouth! He has nothing to say except about how wonderful he is! Not sure why he needs to keep repeating that except that maybe he needs that self-aggrandizement!

          38. jmprint July 9, 2016

            Take a away your computer and the atmosphere is better.

          39. Jim Samaras July 9, 2016

            Get to your safe space and you won’t be able to hear anything that counters your point of view sweetpea

          40. jmprint July 9, 2016

            I am in my safe space, your opinion is mute. Anyone voting for trumpf is very low in my space.

          41. Jim Samaras July 9, 2016

            Likewise to you cankle queen voters

          42. iamproteus July 9, 2016

            What the holy cat hair is a “cankle queen voter”? You’re getting dangerously close to losing that bonus, Jim!

          43. dpaano July 11, 2016

            Whoooo, I’m upset!!! Wow, calling names. Seems that’s a RW tactic when they aren’t winning an argument. If you can’t win the argument, you just call the other person a name!!! We are SOOOOO afraid of you, Jim!!!

          44. Jim Samaras July 11, 2016

            Nothing to be afraid of dear…names? Sweetpea? Please….I’ve lost no argument here. If calling your candidate a liar by Comey isn’t enough to give you pause before pulling the lever there is no hope for you or this country

          45. iamproteus July 9, 2016

            “Take away the teleprompter and Obama is just one of the boyz in the hood”

            Uh, you do realize that your comment is very, very lame, right? Scraping the bottom of the barrel is always a sign of desperation. You must remember, Jim…..never let ’em see you sweat. Be very careful, you don’t want to lose that bonus we talked about earlier.

          46. jmprint July 8, 2016

            I guess very stupid is the prominent and obvious description.

          47. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

            Keep digging your own grave. That’s why dumb people always do.

          48. jmprint July 8, 2016

            Eleanore my response are to Jim, I am asking him, which is he and I suspect it’s stupidity. I am with her.

          49. Eleanore Whitaker July 9, 2016

            jm…it wasn’t meant for you. Sorry if it appeared that way. Here is something to pass on…On Thursday, July 7th of this week, the NY Times had this tiny, mostly obscure article about the GOP filing a document to disqualify Trump before the GOP convention ends.

            Think about. The GOP is using any investigation to get rid of Hillary AND secretly is getting rid of Trump? That means NO election. That was the GOP’s only option left. To somehow, someway call a halt to the election.

          50. dpaano July 11, 2016

            Now they’re trying to figure out a way to nominate their OWN VP and not whomever Trump decides to nominate; i.e., Newt! This convention should be very interesting!!!

          51. Eleanore Whitaker July 11, 2016

            Of course, Because they already know Ryan is going to end up president in situ. But while they allow Sanders his moment of glory, they need to make sure the VP is one who is cut from the same Cut SS, Medicare, Repeal the ACA, Gut VA benefits and send all that money to Wall Street,” Republican mold.

            Right now the GOP is praying a novena to the patron saint of Civil War to stop the election cold. In the meantime, Sanders gets to be their front man. It’s a Bush redoux, or as Yogi Berra would say, “deja vu all over again.”

          52. jmprint July 8, 2016

            Yes, trump will give you change, he will turn those dollars into change are your ready?

          53. iamproteus July 9, 2016

            “My point is ALL politicians are despicable pricks.”,,,UNTRUE
            ” Trump will change the face of this nation for the better”…UNTRUE

            Two sentences….two lies. Way to go Jim! You’re keeping your average in the 97% range. Remember, you qualify for a bonus if you can manage to stay above 95% for three consecutive weeks. You could use an extra five bucks, right?

          54. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

            So Rambo…Do you actually hate the entire country too?

          55. Jim Samaras July 8, 2016

            I hate no one! I hate the direction our country is heading is all

          56. jmprint July 8, 2016

            At what point, or year did you start experiencing this hate for our country, was it before or after 2008?

          57. dpaano July 8, 2016

            I have an idea…..why don’t you leave it if things are so bad for you!!! Maybe you can go to South America and troll about their problems for a change!

        2. pisces63 July 8, 2016

          Yep, like that surprise in 2012 when the republicans scratched their collective butts for months wondering what went wrong. Mitt was the funniest. Every place you saw him he bemoaned he should be there. You DO notice the big money players are NOT handing him any money, don’t you? He had $1.2 million dollars last month and Hillary, $50 million. He had 7 people in the field, 7, really?? Hillary had over 10 times that. say again? They do not want to be seen at the convention with him, here in Cleveland.

        3. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

          Wrong Mr. MAN with the big mouth…The only surprise will be yours. Hillary is 14 points ahead of Trump.

          Your attack dog BS ends with that Comey investigation. You and your right wing bullies can get our butts beat if you dare an try to stop our right to choose the president WE want.

          1. Jim Samaras July 8, 2016

            Typical lefty aren’t ya, trying to silence free speech with insults. The Brexit vote was supposed to go the other way too if you listen the the left wing media controlled POLLS

          2. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

            Typical screwup aren’t you? The Brexit vote is now being recalled…so much for your knowledge of world events.

          3. Jim Samaras July 8, 2016

            Oh stop it! Recalled? That will never happen cupcake. It’s the butthurt elite that WISHES they could try again. Get back to moms basement

          4. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

            Yes…recalled…And, not only that but the UK’s answer to Trump, is also resigning from the heat he’s taking.

            Sorry Fuckaroo…I own MY home…I don’t need a double wide trailer like so you can fit your double wideass in Mommy’s white trash home.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

            So …Fess up Rightie Boy…How much do they pay you to troll? This is your career? Wow…not much brain power needed to be a tool troll.

          6. Jim Samaras July 8, 2016

            I just get bored after checking on my businesses in the morning where I make plenty of money. Messing with people like you with IQ’s of room temperature can be entertainment of sorts

          7. jmprint July 8, 2016

            Three things: Greedy, White nationalist or very stupid, that’s trumps followers are, which one are you. I suspect all three.

          8. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

            Three things…Freeloaders, dumbass Mutton Chops and Corn Pones, who live off Dem tax dollars and still still still KS, IA, OK, WVA, NC and MI are failing….you want to explain how if they get back more than the $1 they pay in federal taxes they are broke? You want to explain how the Dems states get an average 55 cents for their federal tax dollar, they are doing fine?

          9. plc97477 July 9, 2016

            If there was a law saying that states could not get more than $1.50 for each dollar they send to DC, the red states would either turn blue or keep their mouths shut.

          10. dpaano July 8, 2016

            jm: It’s useless to talk to these trolls….first of all, they know nothing; they don’t care to hear the truth; they are dedicated FAUX News listeners; and their brains are the size of peas! Trying to talk to them and give them facts is like trying to get through to a brick wall….it’s impossible, so why try and waste OUR time!

          11. iamproteus July 9, 2016

            jm, the three are NOT mutually exclusive. Need proof? Just read a few of Jim’s post and all doubt will be removed.

          12. dpaano July 8, 2016

            Then why do you waste time on this site….go run your businesses and leave politics to people who know what they’re talking about. Talk about IQs at room temperature….I don’t thing yours even goes that high, toots!!!

          13. iamproteus July 9, 2016

            Oh, Jim, you are so funny! Great imitation of Trump!

            “I win so much, I get bored. I make so much money, I need to mess with uneducated people for entertainment. I love uneducated people and they love me. I’m so great!”

            When are you going to take your act on the road? Soon, I hope. Don’t forget to take your orange wig!

          14. plc97477 July 9, 2016

            It astounds me how little some people will prostitute themselves for.

          15. Eleanore Whitaker July 9, 2016

            The reality of what the GOP today has become is similar to the destruction of Rome. Nero fiddled while Rome burned or so we are told. The GOP fiddles while they set fire to the country and our government.

            What the right wingers want is total control of the masses. They believed by privatizing as much of government in subtle moves to create a too wealthy 1%, the would weaken Constitutional rights of citizens. So their slash and burn went on like Rome’s fires. The problem was, it never hurt the Dem states as it was intended to. In retrospect, it hurt their own Republican states more.

            What I saw in the Comey investigation were rude, out of control men like Gowdy and Chaffetz, literally interrogating an FBI Director.

            It’s obvious Mother Nature never told them “It’s not nice to attack an FBI Director.” Now, Comey will take revenge for what they put him through.

            What the attack dogs don’t get is what Comey was trying to tell them, “you cannot politicize law or the legal procedure used to determine law.”

            When Bush tried that Alberto Gonzalez had to resign for trying to turn the entire Justice Dept. Republican by hiring ONLY Republican U.S. Attorneys.

          16. Miyako July 9, 2016

            Really..? GOWDY….CHAFFETZ..? Liar Hillary, Is Supported by Homosexuals,Lesbians,Uneducated Blacks, Bolshevik jews In America (Marxist Lovers) Hispanics, Black Lives Matter, Illegal Aliens and Their ‘anchor baby’s’,People on Welfare,The ‘Sky is Falling people’ And All The Other ‘Deviants’ in Americas Society. di d i Miss Any…..? wackos. PS: Comey..a sellout and Future Marxist dumbocrat Voter”! GO TRUMP””!

          17. dpaano July 8, 2016

            And, it’s really interesting that even Republicans and wealthy donors have turned their backs on your candidate. He can’t even find enough people to speak at the convention for him…..he had to turn to his family to do it for him! And, the individuals that DO think he’s great aren’t that great themselves!

        4. jmprint July 8, 2016

          heeeheee, you’re funny!

        5. dpaano July 8, 2016

          Don’t hold your breathe…..or, actually, do hold your breathe (for at least 10 minutes)!

          1. roguerunners July 9, 2016


    4. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

      Grow up little man. Balls the size of raisins do not a man make.

      Hillary will be president. Shut your mouth. Learn to practice saying, Madame President and go visit Gowdy and Chaffetz when the FBI nails them and sends THEM to prison for falsifying evidence in federal investigations.

      1. Jim Samaras July 8, 2016

        LOL…don’t like hearing it huh cupcake? Need a safe space or maybe a counselor to tell your feelings to?

        1. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

          Love reading your hate filled posts. It tells me who I can report to the local mental institution as a lone wolf dangerous nut.

          1. Jim Samaras July 8, 2016

            Everything is hate filled or racist to you leftards isn’t it? No hate posted by me here just from you and your infantile name calling

          2. jmprint July 8, 2016

            If you are so upset that she did not get indicated, why are you not calling for everybody that has committed the same mistakes, starting with daddy Bush. Did we not loose a slice of that pie then?

          3. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

            Not only that…but anyone who accepted a single one of Hillary’s emails would also have to be indicted for what the GOP and right wing nuts believe is breaking the law.

            This never was about anything but disqualifying Hillary. Come hell or high water, the GOP is now so obsessed with disqualifying her because if they don’t, their party is dead and they know it.

          4. jmprint July 8, 2016

            That’s why they need the witch hunt, that’s the only way they can get the presidency.

          5. dpaano July 8, 2016

            They don’t have a chance, thank God!!! Trump’s lies have far out weighed anything that Hillary has said or done. Every word out of his mouth has been a lie, but, of course, these individuals don’t seem to care that he lies more than Hillary and gets away with it. I guess it has something to do with the “party line.”

          6. iamproteus July 9, 2016

            Actually, jm, that’s NOT the only way because there is NO way……it is simply their last slim HOPE of salvaging something…ANYTHING…out of this disaster they’ve brought upon themselves.

          7. Jim Samaras July 8, 2016

            Ya know, I’m REALLY not that upset about it. I realize that she is toast in the court of public opinion (present company excluded of course) and with an indictment it would drag through the courts for years wasting the nations money and allow the Hildabeast to keep saying (and rightfully so) that she’s innocent until PROVEN guilty and perpetuating her madness to the WH. Believe me even most thinking democrats will have reservations before pulling the lever knowing that, although politically Comey could not indict, his words indicted her in the only court that really matters come November

          8. jmprint July 8, 2016

            JIm, ok, so Trump has lawsuits pending on fraud, racketeering and rape, is he worthy of the presidency?

          9. dpaano July 8, 2016

            How do you know that “MOST” thinking democrats will have reservations…..you don’t know squat! It’s amazing that Hillary is ahead in the polls over your narcissistic, lying nominee!!

          10. iamproteus July 9, 2016

            I find it amusing that, like his idol Trump, Samaras either precedes or follows his lies with “believe me”. If we were playing poker, we would call that “a tell”.

          11. dpaano July 8, 2016

            And who’s using infantile name calling here? “Cupcake,” “leftards,” “infantile?” Really???

    5. LCR78 July 8, 2016

      You need to stop watching so much Fox news. There are other points of view out there that don’t agree with Fox or you. That doesn’t make them wrong or evil just different.

      1. Jim Samaras July 8, 2016

        Differing opinions are good, I agree. Unlike most on this site

        1. charleo1 July 8, 2016

          Well there are differing opinions, and then there are those that say crap like, “I just watched Lady Liberty getting raped!” You really need to get over yourself, and get some perspective while you’re at it. Before you have a vascular event of some kind! This was not the Rosenberg Trial, but a hastily staged political event put on for the benefit of the Republican Base.

          1. Jim Samaras July 8, 2016

            I agree with your assessment of it being a staged political event. They are done on both sides of the isle. However, given the words Comey chose in his speech on Tuesday, one could construe that the fix was in because his choice of words were certainly indicting enough in the court of public opinion

          2. dpaano July 8, 2016

            What fix? Do you realize how many people in the FBI and other groups would have to be in on this “fix?” I don’t think many of them would put their jobs in jeopardy for something as stupid as this. Seriously?

          3. Sand_Cat July 8, 2016

            Sour grapes, creep!
            Just can’t stand the fact that after all the GOP lies and witch hunts, thinking the “fix” was in against Clinton, you came up empty-handed yet again, can you? Keep ranting, we’re enjoying it.

        2. dpaano July 8, 2016

          That’s the word….MOST people on this site. Doesn’t that tell you something?

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 9, 2016

            Touche and bingo!!

    6. A. D. Reed July 8, 2016

      How sad you must be, Jim Samaras.

      Your team of Rethuglicans, hired by the Kochs and their friends, take over Congress and immediately start investigating everything Hillary Clinton does, says, thinks, or is curious about (as an intellectual mind would be).

      You hold seven investigations by special and standing committees of both houses of Congress to “learn what happened” (actually to “blame Hillary for what happened”) in Benghazi. Each of them proves what the previous ones proved: that there was no insidious plot, no lies to the people, no order to stand down, no bad-faith action taken … no there there, in fact. So you set up a new, special, “all-star” committee solely to find out why the other committees found nothing, and after spending $7 million American citizens’ dollars, you bring Secretary Clinton in for 11 straight hours of grilling: 15 angry white teenagers against one middle-aged woman. And she scrubs the floor with you. I’m sure you love the image of Trey Gowdy wiping sweat off his face, his brow, his Alfalfa hair. So that committee closes down a year later with three reports: a minority report from the Democrats that says there’s no there there; a majority report from Mr. Gowdy that says they couldn’t find any there there, though they’re sure it was there somewhere; and a nutjob report from two members saying why wasn’t there any there there!?!?!?

      But you do discover that this woman who has been hounded, investigated, lied about, and accused of everything from treason to murder for 25 years decided that she would keep her emails safe and protected from you people while she was Secretary of State. And she did. So you investigate the emails. And you applaud the right-wing Republican FBI director as someone you can rely on to do a “fair, impartial investigation of the facts” — that is, someone you can rely on to smear and disparage and indict Mrs. Clinton. An lo and behold, after another year, he says, “no indictment, no reason for an indictment, no reasonable prosecutor would indict.” He also says that under one statute, only one person has been charged in 97 years and that was for espionage, and he clearly explains why nothing Mrs. Clinton did would lead to an indictment.

      So you decide to investigate your own investigator for — incompetence? being bought off? giving in to pressure from above? being a DINO? And a team of the most low-IQ idiots in your party (and that’s saying something!) questions him in public under oath, and his answers make them look like angry, incompetent schoolboys. So now they say HE was lying to them.

      God, you must be sad, Jim. All the deuces and one-eyed jacks of the house of cards the Rethuglicans have built are collapsing. Your Clinton Derangement Syndrome is reaching critical levels, the vital signs are flat-lining, all the little people in little suits in little seats with little brains are running around in a panic like an anthill that’s been kicked by a four-year-old, and there you sit, all alone, watching Faux “news” where “all the people” you see on that station agree that Mrs. Clinton is a crook, a liar, a thief, a traitor, a tormentor of the Secret Service ….

      And the best you can come up with, in response to women commenters on this site who call you out for your sad ignorance, is to call them “cupcake” and “doll.” What is that all about? I imagine it’s the exact same psychosexual immaturity and lack of emotional intelligence that motivates people like Chaffetz and Goudy and Ryan and Trump, et. al.

      “I got beat up by a girl. I hate girls!!!!”

      Truly sad.

      1. jam July 8, 2016

        Thank you! You’ve spelled out the Rethugs playbook very very well. Nice job.

        1. A. D. Reed July 8, 2016

          It’s pretty obvious if you just watch it play out! Like having a playbook for a football game. 🙂

    7. dpaano July 8, 2016

      Fortunately, it only defies YOUR logic….everyone else has no problem with the final report. It has been explained numerous times by numerous people WHY Hillary Clinton will not be indicted, but you seem to not want to understand the legal ramifications! Try to understand…..she did nothing wrong except use bad judgment. That isn’t an indictable offense! And, the so-called “classified” e-mails were classified only AFTER she had responded to them in most cases. God, you trolls are so ridiculous!

    8. j_verria July 8, 2016

      You’re one of them ‘splodey ‘sploder guys ain’t cha? You betcha! Come down from the tree Ms Palin..it’s okay now..everybody whisper so you don’t spook him okaaaay?

  17. Chuckles Hotzenpfeff July 8, 2016

    Did Jason Chaffetz send out notices of the hearing…on his gmail account? Talk about hypocrisy….

    1. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

      Jason Chaffetz was never once investigated for the doctored video he presented that made Planned Parenthood look like murderers. Now, you just know Comey will go after his butt.

      1. plc97477 July 9, 2016

        I kind of wondered why they thought it was a good idea to piss off the director of the FBI. Not too intelligent.

      2. iamproteus July 9, 2016

        Do it, Comey, do it! Please!

  18. A. D. Reed July 8, 2016

    Aaron of Portsmouth asks (rhetorically?) why the GOP insists on looking foolish. I suggest it’s because they, collectively, are a case of arrested development. To wit:

    Most of the men who become GOP candidates for Congress and state legislatures have the emotional intelligence and psychosexual maturity of eighth-graders, i.e., 14-year-old boys. They were scared of girls in middle school, they resented female teachers who had not only more knowledge but also authority over them, and they had deep insecurity about their own manliness (as who doesn’t at 14?). Their response and self-defense — as I remember well from my own junior high school days — is to band together and disparage girls who are “too fat” or “ugly” or brainy or not sexy enough or, in fact, who don’t pay any attention to them. Or worse, turn down their offers of attention.

    Locker-room talk and attitudes have always continued outside the locker room, as we know from college rape statistics and the unending accusations against men in power (Cosby, Ailes, etc.). The idiots in the GOP Congress are simply the most public manifestation of that syndrome, and — like teenage boys everywhere — an embarrassment to everyone but themselves. They sneak into closed caucus rooms for mutual reinforcement, then go out and put their insecurities on display in front of the cameras, but with no more awareness of how foolish they look than the typical teen bro.

    Imagine their fear, hatred, fury, and frustration when faced with Hillary Clinton — a smart older woman just like the teachers they feared and hated, with authority and power and knowledge and much bigger balls than they have. Is it any wonder they behave as they do?

    PS: I’m not a trained psychologist, but I have watched similar clowns in the North Carolina legislature for the past five years up close, so I’m confident in my diagnosis. 🙂

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 8, 2016

      Being so close to NC legislators was risky but someone has to be in close proximity to such a strange species of beings in order to take biometric readings. We’re all glad you got the job done without contracting the contagion.


      1. A. D. Reed July 8, 2016

        Thanks, my friend. Cheers to you (and Eleanor Whitaker, too!)

    2. Irishgrammy July 8, 2016

      You A.D.Reed missed your calling…..who have given a astounding diagnosis for so many in the Republican party as well as their completely unqualified obscenity of a Presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump, who is in dire need of therapy and should never, ever be let anywhere near the White House, or for that matter given any measure of power ever……

      1. A. D. Reed July 8, 2016

        🙂 You make me feel as if I won the Internet today! 🙂

  19. Eleanore Whitaker July 8, 2016

    Here is something to ask yourselves…Why, when Bush and Cheney were both supposed to be deposed for the 9/11 Commission did those two coward claim “extraordinary executive privilege in a time of war?” A time of war they created for profit for their states.

    Why when Rove was called to testify, did Bush save Rove’s butt and refuse to allow HIM to be deposed? Yet, typical cowardly Republican men…they allowed Nanny Rice to testify. Shows you what Republican prickheads think of women.

    Rice got the worst reaming from the 9/11 Commission. Yet, Bush’s overloaded Republican Texified Justice Department and FBI never once investigated why Rice ignored 6 memos of an imminent attack on 9/11. Notice how the right wing dickheads never address this but obsess over Hillary’s emails?

    Which is worse a SOS who uses a private server to send emails or a SOS who ignores warnings of an attack by al Qaeda? Don’t ever ask any Republican that one…their balls go dead from the shock.

    If Americans do not take action now, Chaffetz, Gowdy, Cotton, Bush, Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld will all continue to act as if they can get away with anything.

    1. Jim Samaras July 8, 2016

      Don’t forget the SOS that ignored the cries for help in Benghazi.

      1. Irishgrammy July 8, 2016

        Give it a rest…..that has already proven to be untrue 8 TIMES and no amount of lying by people like you can change that FACT!!!

        1. Jim Samaras July 8, 2016

          Okay grammy. Go back to the oven to check your cookies, I think they’re done

          1. dpaano July 8, 2016

            No, actually, you’re done!!!

          2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 9, 2016

            Looks like “dpaano” beat me to the punch. Only a cad like yourself would refer to Ms. “Irishgrammy” as “grammy”. You’re such an unwashed little man in need of basic training which your mom was negligent in providing.

            And yes, you’re overdone.

        2. Box July 8, 2016

          Youre saying it as it it never happened. It DID and she was right there. The only accurate thing to say is that the government decided that her role and actions are not criminal events worthy of punishment.

          1. Jim Samaras July 9, 2016

            You’re talking to people who will NEVER see the truth here. What’s worse is they regenerate and VOTE

          2. dpaano July 11, 2016

            I have to agree…..we’re talking to the trolls who will NEVER see or understand the truth because they have been brainwashed to only believe what the GOP wants them to believe.

          3. Jim Samaras July 11, 2016

            Ha, if we listened to the GOP Jebby would be our nominee. It’s YOU who are brainwashed by the leftards who have convinced you that, just because she wasn’t indicted, Hitlery would be a good choice as a lying POTUS

      2. dpaano July 8, 2016

        Apparently, you haven’t heard the news…..the Secretary of State did nothing wrong in the Benghazi fiasco. Maybe you need to listen to news from REAL stations and not just from FAUX News!

        1. Box July 8, 2016

          Real news? Ok, you like MSNBC, right? Here, take a look at real news then. Who among any of them on the station are on her side? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-sZr9zqCJo

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 9, 2016

            Looks as though you’ve picked up the “Goat” ‘s peculiar interest in posting useless visuals.

          2. dpaano July 11, 2016

            First of all, I don’t listen to MSNBC nor do I listen to Rachel Maddow or FAUX News.

          3. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 12, 2016

            PS as for JOEZAPPIE he is an arrogant pathetic loud mouth clown that just gets louder if he dose not like what your saying interrupting all the time . I truly don’t know how he still has that job

      3. Sand_Cat July 8, 2016


      4. Sand_Cat July 8, 2016

        Sour grapes, anyone? We’re laughing at you.

      5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 9, 2016

        The ladies who responded to you are vastly superior in their knowledge of affairs than you are. It would be wise for you to maintain silence and reflect on what they’re saying.

        1. Jim Samaras July 9, 2016

          Oh, I see. I’m absolutely humbled. You don’t care to see the truth either huh? Fools

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 10, 2016

            It’s impossible to humble someone who no longer knows what humility and fair play mean.

        2. InformedVoter July 10, 2016

          Eleanor is filled with penis envy and just hoots on anything men do. She has no logic behind her comments (can she really be on PMS 30 days a month?) She continues to post about Trump law suits that have been dismissed and claims that because she lives in NJ that she knows the truth. She never seems to have read the articles that show she knows not what she’s talking about.
          dpaano was a career reservist who had no interactions with anything that makes her qualified to make meaningful comments. She is regularly shown to have wrong “facts” and yet she continues to quote them even after they’ve been destroyed.
          So your comment about “superior knowledge” is totally laughable.
          But then again, you have posted your share of garbage and had your arguments trashed, but you continue to make worthless post.

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 10, 2016

            I see your problem—you have an innate fear of women, especially women who clearly demonstrate intellectual abilities that far surpass your own. Did you hate your mom, or did some other woman cause you distress and discomfort so that you have to resort to a cowardly and crude Trumpian reference to genitalia?

            You have been so seduced by the Dark Force of the GOP, and Darth Trump has a vise-like grip on a mind like yours that is mostly cerebellum and minimum cerebrum.

            I suggest you take some long walks in the woods, sit down and reflect about a lost past, and see if you can regain your humanity and composure. Don’t be a lost cause as Trump has become. He has been so influenced by the Dark Side that he barely resembles a human being.

            Please keep us informed of your progress along the road to recovery, and good luck.

            Fare thee well, “Informed Voter”.

          2. dpaano July 11, 2016

            As I’ve said many times….most of these trolls suffer from Stockholm Syndrome….they believe WHATEVER they’re told to believe by the GOP. They have lost the ability to think for themselves!!! Pretty sad!

          3. Jim Rousch July 19, 2016

            Conservatives and thinking are polar opposites.

          4. InformedVoter July 11, 2016

            I have no fear of anyone, especially folks like Ellie, dpaano and least of all you. You are what Social-Psychologist have termed “the low information generation”. With little or no correct information or facts, you draw the dumbest conclusions and then wonder why your generation is laughed at. Trump called that shot correctly “you are bleeding from your eyes”.

          5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 20, 2016

            Oh, yes you do—you’re just ashamed to admit it. Otherwise, you would have by now shown the ability to expand your thinking beyond its current narrow confines. Something is clearly holding you back.
            You are infatuated with that one phrase “low-information” yet you display that phenomenon repeatedly. You should take the time to reflect on what it really means, vis-a-vis you, and then maybe you can substantiate your hubris of being an “InformedVoter”.

            Fare thee well, pal.

          6. InformedVoter July 21, 2016

            I see what your problem is: your mother nursed you until you were in your teens and you had sexual relations with your sisters and brothers. You seem to be the opposite of Eleanore, the poster with tremendous penis envy. You must be getting ready to pull a Brucie Jenner and have your LITTLE problem removed. That way when someone tells you to go F yourself, you can tell them you are not capable of that action.
            I shall continue to call you and your crowd what they are LOW INFORMATION because just about all your posts demonstrate that’s what you are. You refuse to expand your knowledge source from MSNBC and thus are doomed to forever remain LOW INFORMATION. You would think by now that you could have figured out that’s why our lose so many arguments in these forums.

          7. Jim Rousch July 19, 2016

            Don’t ever give a right-winger a brain, as he’ll believe it’s from the devil.

          8. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 20, 2016

            I’ve posted before about what seems to be an odd phenomenon of the mixing of education with conservative ideology.

            Why else would college-educated people all of a sudden aspire to be a moron, once they come in contact with conservative ideology??

            As for the base of their support, furthering one’s level of knowledge has never been a priority.

          9. Jim Rousch August 28, 2016

            They’re afraid of going to Hell-which is ironic. Conservatives will more than likely burn in Hell anyway, as they have no compassion for the poor and the sick.

          10. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 28, 2016

            An irony that it is. It’s as though they’re aware of how wrong-headed and pig-headed they are, and have been, regarding proper behavior, yet they’re doing their best to contort this expectation to fit a distortion they’ve constructed and are now trapped in.

            What a conundrum, and one which is richly-deserved.

          11. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 28, 2016

            You should not have that phrase regarding an envy of someone else’s genitalia in your vocabulary since you clearly don’t know how to use it properly.

            It makes you appear gross and impotent. Why else would you have used such coarse language with a woman. You and Trump both need to see shrinks and resolve your carefully guarded deep-seated fears.

            I hope by now you’ve managed to make some progress on this issue. Let me know if I can assist you.

          12. InformedVoter September 5, 2016

            Eleanore has shown herself to be vindictive and hostile. She hardly ever makes a post without demeaning males. i called her out on this on several occasions and received even more vile responses from her.
            Hence, I decided to refer to her what she really is and that is a hag full of penis envy!
            You even insult her when you use the phrase “with a woman”. Are you now claiming that women are too sensitive or unable to stand the heat in the kitchen and can’t be treated the same a men? Shame on you, you have just shown you are a sexist!
            The truth is, Eleanore makes worthless posts, claims she was someone important and understands current events. Her constant anti-male rantings demonstrate she is unstable, vindictive and totally incapable of making learned posts. For the record, psychiatrists coined the phrase “penis envy” to describe females like Ellie.

      6. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 10, 2016

        Jim, stop trying to revive a dead horse—it’s sheer folly and a waste of a wasted life on your part.

    2. Box July 8, 2016

      What has Gowdy gotten away with? Tell me. Bush, Cheney, yes, they lied about WMD, so did Blair, and caused untold harm in the name of grotesque war profiteering. But did Obama keep his promise of ending it? AND of ending the Patriot Act which alone was a reason to vote for him? NO and NO. So who got away with what? And dont say the GOP blocked Obama, many of his campaign lies didnt need GOP cooperation. Go watch the 65 Lies of Obama on youtube. Thats what I voted for.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 9, 2016

        Chill out Box—your underwear is too tight. That’s probably why you can’t relax.
        You’re such a cheerful fellow—about as cheerful as Eeyore.

        1. Progressive Republican July 15, 2016

          Almost, but not quite.

      2. A. D. Reed July 9, 2016

        You do realize that a president cannot “end the Patriot Act” without the agreement of Congress. And you do realize that instead of 85,000 troops overseas fighting Bush’s wars, there are now 4,500 in Iraq and 8,400 in Afghanistan. No, he hasn’t “ended” the war, but he hasn’t pulled all the troops out to leave it to ISIL, either. Those aren’t lies, you dimwit.

        And what Gowdy got away with is spending $7 million in taxpayer money (out of my pocket, thank you) to persecute Hillary Clinton after 7 previous committees had cleared her — and had his butt handed to him on a platter. So he didn’t get away with hurting her — in fact he helped her — but he did get away with lying, smearing, and government waste to his own electoral benefit.

        1. dpaano July 11, 2016

          Plus, wasn’t there a bill (can’t ever remember the name of it) signed by GWB that stated that we would withdraw troops at a certain time, which President Obama did. Maybe we need to censure GWB again!!! Apparently, he thought that we had won the war even before he left office!!!

          1. A. D. Reed July 11, 2016

            Yes. Dubya’s administration, in 2008, negotiated the draw-down agreement, and Obama decided to abide by it after he took office.

          2. Jim Samaras July 11, 2016

            And any THINKING president would have known that it was the WRONG time to be drawing down troops in the region that was obviously still in turmoil. We’ll never know if the pos Bush would have changed his mind

          3. A. D. Reed July 11, 2016

            Whoever suggested that Bush was a thinker?

          4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 15, 2016

            That’s one thing he’ll never have to worry about being accused of.

          5. dpaano July 11, 2016

            President Obama had to abide by the draw-down agreement negotiated by GWB. He didn’t have much of a choice.

          6. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! August 2, 2016

            Did Obama call u racist!

    3. A. D. Reed July 12, 2016

      Hey, Eleanor; were you ever affiliated with the Fairfax County, VA school system? Just curious because a friend of a friend … etc.
      Email me at reedroid53@gmail.com if you like.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker July 13, 2016

        No…Sorry. I’ve lived in NJ my entire life. If there are any with the same last name, they may be former in-laws. I use his last name since it is also my two sons last name and they like it that way.

        There are many with the same last name throughout the south since my ex’s family live in NC, GA, MD, DE, TX and FL.

        1. A. D. Reed July 13, 2016

          Okay. Sorry about living in NJ all your life. I love the state (Aunt Rose lived in Teaneck), but under Christie …. Arrrggghhh! Keep up the good fight. 🙂

          Just found out my friend’s friend was a two-T Whittaker.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker July 14, 2016

            I love NJ. Just not the current govenor. His game is to squeeze the low and middle income classes so there’s enough money to flush to his corporate cronies so they can use that slush money to donate back to his campaigns.

            NJ is a wonderful state even beyond the coastline full of pretty beaches, cranberry bogs, railroads and the most amazing Revolutionary war history in the country.

            There are so many Revolutionary war sites and artifacts that it sometimes feels as if George Washington never left.

            More impressive is the number of famous people from NJ, not the least of which is a U.S. President, Thomas Edison and the Poet Walt Whitman.

            I think when I was president of our local Historical Society and Museum, I took on a new appreciation of a state I’ve lived in all my life.

            At present, per square mile, NJ is the most densely populated state.

      2. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! August 1, 2016

        AD she was affiliated with the Clinton Crime family and the Democrackhead racist party! email Eleanore@keephatealive.com

    4. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! August 1, 2016

      Take a ride…..

  20. Gary Graves July 8, 2016

    The worst thing the Repubs assimilated Comey didn’t do his job correctly. He did his job Congress has not done anything for six years. We need to cut government, get rid of congressional troublemakers. That is what they want is to cut government waste.

    1. dpaano July 8, 2016

      It has nothing to do with “cutting government waste,” but it has EVERYTHING to do with getting rid of those Congressmen and women who sit on their hands and do nothing! Since President Obama’s first day in office, they’ve done nothing to help this country and everything to bring it to ruin (unfortunately, it didn’t work). It’s pretty sad to see such a great body turn out to be so bad. They refuse to reach across the aisle and work with Democrats like they used to do…..and as long as that abyss between them continues, we will never see them do anything! We need to not cut government….we need to cut the GOP senators who can’t seem to play nice on the playground, so to speak! It’s time to get rid of some of them and bring in individuals who don’t just vote the party line, but vote for their constituents…..you know, the ones that pay their salaries?

    2. Progressive Republican July 15, 2016


      They seek to rule, not govern.

  21. Lynda Groom July 8, 2016

    These GOP members of todays Congress are not very good at picking opponents. They tried to intimidate the Director and bascially got their butts handed to them. It is never a good idea to try and get into an intellectual argument when the smartest man in the room is your oppponent. Game, set match to the Director and the American people.

    1. 4Justice January 4, 2017

      Especially after the clinton groupies are blaming Comey for her loss.
      Game, set, match.

  22. dpaano July 8, 2016

    When it gets to the point where Republicans don’t even believe one of their own, then it just shows how we’ve lost partisanship altogether! And, we can thank Newt Gingrich for that since he was the one that told Republicans never to socialize with Democrats (when he was Speaker). From that point on, Republicans and Democrats could not reach across the aisle and negotiate anything, which is pretty darn sad!! But, now they are at the point where they are eating their own!!! Pretty sad comment on the GOP of today!

    1. Bubububba Bubba July 9, 2016

      hi dpaano…. I am so glad someone out there remembers Newt Gingrich and the Machiavellian machinations that he used to increase partisan tensions and make compromise impossible…. all leading to today’s hyper-partisanship that is now the norm of the Republican party memeber.
      Everyone should look back at this memo…. titled : “Language: A Key Mechaism of Control” and see how evil Newt has been and continues to be.
      Newt’s 1996 gopac memo…
      The list is divided into two sections: Optimistic Positive Governing words and phrases to help describe your vision for the future of your community (your message) and Contrasting words to help you clearly define the policies and record of your opponent and the Democratic party.

      1. dpaano July 11, 2016

        Yeah, ol’ Newt was something else!!! Because of him, we no longer have bipartisan actions or “across the aisle” negotiations. Republicans aren’t even supposed to socialize with Democrats without being threatened with censure by their own party. No wonder we can’t get anything done in Congress!!! Thanks, Newt, for your actions! We don’t want any more of them in the future!

    2. InformedVoter July 10, 2016

      The FBI director was appointed by Obama, and the last time I looked, he wasn’t a Republican.

      1. A. D. Reed July 12, 2016

        He was a Republican for at least 30 years; some reports have said he re-registered as an “Independent” or “unaffiliated” voter last year, but his campaign donations went to McCain and Romney.

      2. Progressive Republican July 15, 2016

        Then perhaps you should start looking.

        But if you did that, you wouldn’t be conservative.

        1. InformedVoter July 15, 2016

          I anxiously await your proof that Obama is a Republican.

          1. Progressive Republican July 16, 2016

            I was referring to Comey: a Republican.

          2. InformedVoter July 19, 2016

            Comey made his recommendation for two reasons. If he had recommended charges, then the left would cry discrimination. Second, there is strong reason to believe he was threatened by the Clinton crime family. At this point, Comey’s career over.

          3. Progressive Republican July 19, 2016

            I’m sure you have credible evidence to back up your claims of intimidation.

            Please provide them.

            Be specific.

          4. InformedVoter July 19, 2016

            Might this explain the recent Clinton fiasco!! Crooked then and crooked now!

            It seems that recently everyone knows who James Comey is but too few remember him from 1999 !
            Do you ? Remember Whitewater?

            20 years ago, James Comey, as an attorney on the Senate Whitewater Investigation, was looking into the conduct of President Bill Clinton and first lady Hillary Clinton.

            It seems as though he could find no wrongdoing then either, (a lotta men tried and a lotta men died)

            The investigation was to determine whether Bill Clinton used his political position as governor of Arkansas
            (in the 1980’ s) to push through an illegal loan to benefit Bill and Hillary’s business partner in Whitewater.

            Several people involved in Whitewater went to jail, but no criminal prosecution was in the cards for Bill and Hillary. (Hmmmm)

            James Comey was the Deputy Special Counsel for the Whitewater investigation….
            In Christopher Anderson’s book, American Evita: Hillary Clinton’s Rise to Power, Anderson gives details of the New Square offenders, (who had been convicted of bilking the government of $30 million dollars). pardon by Bill Clinton.

            Christopher Anderson relates that, at Hillary’s urging Bill gave clemency to 16 Puerto Rican terrorists who took the lives of 16 Americans and wounded many others.

            Anderson tells us that Hillary admired the Marxist Carl Oglesby and Saul Alinsky. It is from her admiration for Saul Alinsky that she formed her belief that “the only way to make a real difference is to acquire power.”

            The pardon of billionaire Marc Rich (who traded illegally with America’s enemies including Iran) by President Bill Clinton was something that everyone knew reeked of impropriety after learning that Rich’s wife donated $450,000 to the Clinton Library.

            Again James Comey oversaw investigations of the pardon matters as well. Unbelievably James Comey did not recommend charging the Clinton in any of these matters. Wouldn’t it be fair and balanced to give news coverage to these facts?” (Maybe nobody told ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC or NBC of these investigations)

            Does it look like Comey has had a successful career at unsuccessfully investigating the Clintons.
            I think he’s getting really good at his job.

            Comey and the Clintons worked out a deal years ago to push Comey’s career and paying them back. When Trump wins, Comey’s gone and he and Hillary will face charges. It’s at that time that Comey will reveal the threats.

          5. Progressive Republican July 21, 2016

            Ah. I think I see the problem.

            Perhaps this will help:

            [kred-uh-buh l]


            offering reasonable grounds for being believed; accurate; truthful

            I’d say ‘nice try’ but I’d have to be a conservative to lie like that.

          6. InformedVoter July 21, 2016

            So FACTS are no longer considered credible if you don’t agree with them. Comey’s career is over. If Clinton wins, he gets to fade away and retire. If Trump wins (most likely scenario), he gets investigated and forfeits his retirement in disgrace. It’s becoming obvious that you have little education (GED at best) and are trying to compensate for your shortcomings. Typical for most lefties.

          7. Progressive Republican July 21, 2016



            How unusual.

          8. Jim Rousch July 19, 2016

            Yet, you’ve said nothing about the Bush crime family-linked to the Bin Ladens.

          9. InformedVoter July 19, 2016

            The last time I looked, no Bush family member was running for president. Now, if you have proof otherwise, I will gladly review your information. Comey is finished and when Trump wins, he will put Comey on the stand and Comey will rat out the clintons to save his own butt. What’s the new poster? Hillary For Prison. i love it!

          10. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! August 1, 2016

            We are not talking about the Bush Dynasty you Liberal moron! We are talking about the Clinton Crime family and liar who you support!!!

          11. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! August 2, 2016

            Clinton Crime Family belongs in a cell…

          12. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

            Clinton Crime family Bush is not relevant you moron!

          13. Catherine Bouey August 2, 2016

            By the same token neither have you and no pictures with text in them aren’t relevant to anything.

      3. Catherine Bouey August 2, 2016

        Comey got his start under Bush and yes was appointed by a democratic president as head of the FBI that doesn’t change his party affiliations.

        1. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! August 2, 2016

          Crooked Evil Hillary is Guilty as the light of Day!!!

        2. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

          Crooked lying Hillary!

          1. Catherine Bouey August 2, 2016

            It wasn’t cute when the same thing was said about Vince Foster it’s not cute now.

          2. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

            Isn’t she cute why don’t you kiss her …

  23. Box July 8, 2016

    I can rest the case right here. Comments? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKsymgIENDA

    1. old_blu July 9, 2016

      Comments? Okay!
      I notice the good Judge doesn’t name the law she broke, but at about 135-140 he explains “IN MY VIEW”.
      Even as smart as you are, you should know you can’t arrest and prosecute someone because of an opinion.
      Thanks for your help.

    2. iamproteus July 9, 2016

      “I can rest the case right here.”

      If only you would! But you just can’t resist beating that dead horse, can you?

    3. greenlantern1 July 9, 2016

      Was it “patriotic” to order Oliver North to sell arms to Ayatollah Khomeini?

      1. Jim Rousch July 19, 2016

        You’ll never get an answer from a Republican, pal. Forget it.

        1. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! August 1, 2016

          You’ll never get an answer from crooked Lying Hillary shes to busy lying! Forgetaboutit!!!!!! You liberal trash!!!

          1. Catherine Bouey August 2, 2016

            Just like your guy Trump is too busy lying and being crooked and expecting people to forget about Trump University or all the times he’s declared bankruptcies?

          2. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! August 2, 2016

            Crooked Evil Lying Hillary belongs in Jail! Email scandals, Clinton crime family gifts & money from foreigner’s, Benghazi, Monica, and much much much more!!! I declare Crooked Lying Hillary incompetent and unfit to lead our Great nation of America!

          3. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! August 2, 2016

            Keep blaming Bush and Conservatives and we will keep letting you know the Divider n chief is Gone !!!!

          4. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

            Crooked evil Lying Hillary!

          5. Catherine Bouey August 2, 2016

            Game don’t recognize game in Trump’s case that’s why he squints.

          6. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

            Crooked evil demonic hateful lying Hillary and her side kick Obama !!

          7. Catherine Bouey August 2, 2016

            Well one thing isn’t in dispute you like your idol Trump have a thing for shitposting rather saying anything substantive or intelligent.

          8. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

            You do have one thing in common with Crooked Hillary and Obama Both Ignorant!

          9. Catherine Bouey August 2, 2016

            “Hillary is smart, tough and a very nice person, so is her husband. Bill
            Clinton was a great president. They are fine people. Hillary was
            roughed up by the media, and it was a tough campaign for her, but she’s a
            great trooper. Her history is far from being over,”

            – Donald Trump, 2008

          10. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

            “Hillary is a Liar, ignorant and a very anti Real America. Bill is a
            Pervert and a phony!

            Clinton was a low energy weak president. They are losers people. Hillary is a Liar. Her history is over and will be in an orange suit see below Great depiction of ignorance, lies and hate!

          11. Catherine Bouey August 2, 2016

            Nice way to deflect from the fact your hero and sugar daddy Trump supported Hillary back in 2008.

          12. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

            Crooked evil lying hating pathetic Hillary!!!

          13. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016


          14. Catherine Bouey August 2, 2016

            A guy who got rich with father’s money isn’t strong or powerful especially when he can’t pay loans on time or in full or keep himself from declaring bankruptcy. Also a real American doesn’t disparage a dead US soldier’s family while he let’s his surrogates disparage the soldier himself.

            Trump does tell it like it is or rather how it might be.

          15. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

            Crooked Hillary donations exceed 200 million in bribes, Countries that hate us and want to destroy us, she is a traitor, lies to lie…She is a fraud! Democrackheads luv Hillary!!

          16. Catherine Bouey August 2, 2016

            Yeah because Trump isn’t in tight with Putin and The Russians and hasn’t declared bankruptcy multiple times or lied about Mexicans or never having met disabled reporters that he mocked.

            You’re sucking Trump pipe and it’s not a good look.

          17. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

            No sista u sucking Crooked Hillary nipples with lies and deceit..heres a blow up doll below enjoy!

          18. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

            lies and more Crooked Hilary lies, liar!

          19. Catherine Bouey August 2, 2016

            Funny because none of those lies are propagated by Hillary it’s been established by many people even those not involved in this election.

          20. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

            HILLARY= LIES

          21. Catherine Bouey August 2, 2016

            Because Trump lying about his net worth, his successes, his qualifications = unvarnished truth.

            I have a few steaks with Trump’s name on them to sell you.

        2. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

          Liberal punks are alive!!!
          Low energy!

  24. Elena Hamilton July 9, 2016

    <<o. ✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:::::::!uf464w:….,…k.

  25. greenlantern1 July 9, 2016

    Our ONLY, convicted, attorney-general was Nixon’s first, John Mitchell!
    Perfectly clear?
    Were the WATERGATE TAPES classified when President Nixon ordered Rose Mary Woods to erase them?
    Perfectly clear?

    1. InformedVoter July 10, 2016

      No, the tapes were part of Nixon’s personal memos that were made to allow him to write his memoirs. The tapes were not recorded when classified meetings took place. Perfectly clear to anyone who knows what they’re talking about – spoiler, it’s not you.

  26. Zye Zxe July 10, 2016

    Republicans in the House haven’t yet figured out the horse goes before the cart, not after.

    They assumed guilt first, then held hearings to find the proof … and many of them are suppose to be lawyers?

    Now if they had opened an investigation to reassemble the correspondence and talking points that lead to Benghazi, the private e-mail sever running under the radar without adult supervision would have presented them with ample opportunity because that’s the real elephant in the room. They could have looked more closely at her insecurity and fears that seemed to be more in charge and running the show.

    I wonder if they realize House republicans are Democrats best friends?

  27. Jim Rousch July 19, 2016

    I think the Republicans have dumped too much toxic waste in the red states because there was a time when conservatives expressed their bigotry in more subtle ways and they would quickly excuse their behavior by saying: ‘Oh, I was just joshing ya!’

    They’re comfortably upfront about it now. I’ve seen it. I’ve experienced it. I’ve responded to it.

    The funny thing is that they run scared when they face a liberal who takes them on, which means that they’ve either forgotten 2 Timothy 4:18, the verse in which Paul stated the Lord would shield him from every attack.

    With regard to that particular verse, what was the Lord doing on the day Paul’s head went ‘WHOOSH!’, courtesy of a Roman sword?

    On the bright side, Roman swords were known for their ability to slice through marble like butter, but on the down side, death from decapitation isn’t instantaneous. Paul was sill conscious and aware while the blood flowed out of his neck.

    They learned about this during the French Revolution.

    1. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! August 1, 2016

      Let me correct your Liberal ignorant ass…

      I think the Democrackhead liberals have dumped too much toxic waste in the blue states because there was a time when Democrackheads expressed their bigotry in more subtle ways and they would quickly excuse their behavior by saying: ‘Oh, I was just joshing ya!’

      They’re comfortably upfront about it now. I’ve seen it. I’ve experienced it. I’ve responded to it. Thank you Obama for divide and hate!

      1. Catherine Bouey August 2, 2016

        You seem to casually ignore the fact that Obama got those votes legally in both elections which is more than what I can say for how Bush got the presidency back in 2000.

        1. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! August 2, 2016

          VOTER Liberal Fraud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Catherine Bouey August 2, 2016

            More like conservative voter fraud but hey keep believing in the bullshit republicans want you to believe. Because they hate the idea of people with actual common sense making the smart decision not to vote for them every election cycle.

          2. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! August 2, 2016

            Obama registered Illegals, dead people, Intl votes…
            I know it’s hard for you to believe the Truth because the anointed one can do no wrong in your Liberal feeble mind….Voter Fraud is rampant with the Demorats!!!!!

            Obama will go down is History as a divider, hater, fool, worst President Eva! Unless your a Liberal Moron you love the guy….
            Now you have a wicked Crooked Lying Hillary another phony like Obama that brainwashed people with her slick lies !!!

            The only common sense you have is you can coherently respond to what I say!

            People in America do not like Obama & Crooked Hillary they are not operating right!

          3. Catherine Bouey August 2, 2016

            “Obama registered Illegals, dead people, Intl votes…”

            No he didn’t

            “I know it’s hard for you to believe the Truth because the anointed one can do no
            wrong in your Liberal feeble mind”

            I know it’s hard to for your brain to coalesce with reality when you have a bunch of entitled, miserable, lying,crazy bunch of assholes feeding signals into your tinfoil hat. Turning you into one of them in the process

            “….Voter Fraud is rampant with the Demorats!!!!!”

            Despite this being a lie no republican has ever been able to prove as the crux of all those voter id laws they made after the 2010 midterms?

            “Obama will go down is History as a divider,”

            So will Bush over the Iraq War..


            Yeah because Putin, Netanyahu, Shady Republicans, & Police officers actively engaged in profiling blacks and murdering blacks without probably cause deserve all the support and recognition possible and not an ounce of criticism and condemnation for legitimately horrible things they do or condone.


            W, Reagan, & Hoover are much better fits

            “worst President Eva!”

            Nixon, Carter, Hoover, W all far more legitimately awful

            “Unless your a Liberal Moron you love the guy….

            Yeah cause being a crazy conservative or libertarian who spouts silly criticisms and unfounded details about Obama like insisting he won because of voting fraud makes you look 1000% less of an idiot.

            “Now you have a wicked Crooked Lying Hillary”

            Just like Republicans have crooked lying Trump? who most of the Republican party can’t stand?Or are you going to selectively ignore that like everything other bad thing associated with Trump

            “another phony like Obama that brainwashed people with her slick lies !!!”

            [Buying into lies insisting Obama won because he rigged the voted]

            Irony & hypocrisy doesn’t exist in your lexicon does it?

            “The only common sense you have is you can coherently respond to what I say!”

            Because you’re behaving stupidly much like Trump feels the need to lob insults at the father of dead U.S. soldier for rightfully criticizing him. I have every right to comment on your irrationality and stupidity.

            “People in America do not like Obama & Crooked Hillary”

            Republicans, Libertarians, & just plain crazy people don’t speak for everybody else.

            “they are not operating right!”

            Neither are you if your entire comment didn’t make that clear enough.

          4. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

            Obama a Fraud!

          5. Catherine Bouey August 2, 2016

            Posting something you already posted doesn’t give your argument more weight.

          6. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

            truth hurts????

          7. Catherine Bouey August 2, 2016

            Can I ask you the same question because you didn’t ever respond to that response I made regarding those questions you asked me earlier that I humored you by answering.

            All you did was ignore the fact they got answered, shitted on whatever point you think you were trying to make, and posted pictures that didn’t refute anything I posted in response to you likely because you had nothing to say.

          8. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

            Can I ask you a question. Why do you hate Trump? Why are you ignorant? Why do you support a crook and liar? Why are you a liberal socialist wacko? Why are you always angry? Why do you posts lies?

            You are very sad and pathetic, I feel sorry for you but I don’t blame you’re ignorant ass I blame you’re upbringing of hatred!

          9. Catherine Bouey August 2, 2016

            You just asked a question that was already answered, try looking through your notifications instead of being dumb.

          10. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

            I will throw a Party and when Trump wind will pay for you’re one way tickey to Saudi Arabia sean penn, michael moore, Beyonce, Rosie the pig, Jesse, Samuel Jackson, George clooney all leaving when TRUMPS WINS!!!

            Hallelujah Thank you Real America!!!

            TRUMP 2016!

          11. Catherine Bouey August 2, 2016

            “I will throw a Party and when Trump wind will pay for you’re one way

            Its hard to take you seriously when you ignore facts, cite lies, (and as shown above) repeatedly disregard to spell check when you finish typing your dissents. On second thought you should stick to posting pictures that seems to be the only thing you’re good at.

            Lastly I’m pretty sure the word you were attempting to spell were “win” and “ticket”. It must suck when you went to public school and struggled apparently with English whereas your faux hero didn’t.

          12. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

            You liberal Democrackheads are rubbing off on lol…

            Now go watch yo racist CNN!

          13. Catherine Bouey August 2, 2016

            Sorry but I have no interest in listening to Trump’s shills of Lords, Pierson, & Hughes.

            But feel free to have fun watching Trump’s campaign collapsing in on itself.


          14. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

            President Trump we coming and you cant do a thing!!!

            TRUMP POWER!!!!

          15. Catherine Bouey August 2, 2016

            Sure he is just keep saying that too yourself as the kind men in the white clothes put you your straitjacket and push you into the back of the van.

          16. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

            Sista the only lunatic that will be in the mental institution is you…seek therapy and help!!!

          17. Catherine Bouey August 2, 2016

            Why don’t you and him find somewhere private where you can take turns plowing each others fields…..oh wait Trump doesn’t like that.

          18. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

            Obama is Voter Fraud!

          19. Catherine Bouey August 2, 2016

            You and Trump suffer from short memories as you posted that before moron.

          20. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

            Catherine the only ignorance is you. I feel sorry for how mentally weak you be. You sound low energy and pathetic.
            Typical Liberal nonsense you a hater!!!!

            Massive Voter Fraud!!!! Typical Liberal retard!!!!

          21. Catherine Bouey August 2, 2016

            Can you prove that instead of posting pictures with text in them or citing things you heard Republicans telling that was based off of nothing?

          22. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

            The TRUTH will set you Free..catherine TRUTH IS THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          23. Catherine Bouey August 2, 2016

            A poorly educated Trump shill , is a poorly educated trump shill.

          24. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016


          25. Catherine Bouey August 2, 2016

            Nice to see you’ve also adopted Trump’s strategy of repeating insults rather than debate intelligently.

          26. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

            Like Obama

          27. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

            Obama a fool

          28. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

            Why are you Hateful, Low energy, weak, Liberal and pathetically

          29. Catherine Bouey August 2, 2016

            Why are naive, redundant, ignorant, conservative, and intelligently bankrupt…..like Trump?

          30. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

            You are ignorant, low energy, pathetic, low class, Hateful, Sick and a Liar like Hillary!

          31. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

            You are one weak ignorant low energy liberal hatin fool…catch up!

          32. Catherine Bouey August 2, 2016

            The out of shape, poorly educated, conservative isn’t in position to tell anyone to catch up go get you a sandwich and a large coke.

          33. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

            Liberal shady bunch!

          34. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

            Now Now don’t be angry and hateful, You are low energy to me. You have been crushed already. Let me tell you how you have been crushed you been responding to us and our survey was to test how ignorant liberals, democrats, progressives really are…guess what you won!!!!! You passed!!! Now go grab me a sandwich hahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahha

          35. Catherine Bouey August 2, 2016

            Was your survey also an attempt to illustrate to me your inability on how to spell properly or debate?

            Two things Trump nor his supporters are good at doing.

          36. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

            Wow you remind of a 1950’s fighter Jake Lamotta Raging Bull you keep getting hit but Damn Catherine you one tough women! What Hood you from?

          37. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

            Crooked Lying evil Hillary and the Democrackhead racist party!

        2. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

          Obama is a Failed President History will say he is a jive talkin disgrace Worst President Eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        3. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 2, 2016

          Get on dat broom stick lol

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  31. 4Justice January 4, 2017

    The way the left is blaming Comey for Clinton’s loss, must make you feel really stupid.


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