While Carlson Whines About Diversity, His Show's Job Listings Endorse It

While Carlson Whines About Diversity, His Show's Job Listings Endorse It

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Tucker Carlson has been one of the media’s most outspoken opponents of diversity, stating that “diversity isn't our strength” and workplace diversity policies lead to “warring tribes fighting each other for the spoils.” But postings for jobs with the Fox News host contain language claiming that “we are deeply committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion” and that diversity makes “great things happen.”

Carlson is the host of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight and Fox Nation’s Tucker Carlson Originals and Tucker Carlson Today. He uses his top-rated Fox News program to push white nationalist talking points. One of Carlson’s go-to narratives has been complaints against pro-diversity rhetoric and policies, including in the workplace. Among many examples:

  • Carlson criticized corporate diversity policies by claiming they lead to “warring tribes fighting each other for the spoils.”
  • Carlson called for the firing of a Republican staffer who wrote a pro-diversity tweet for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).
  • Carlson complained: “Our leaders are radically and permanently changing our country, wholly on the basis of their faith that diversity is, in fact, our strength.” He added: “Diversity isn't our strength.”
  • Carlson said: “How precisely is diversity our strength? Since you've made this our new national motto, please be specific as you explain it. Can you think, for example, of other institutions such as, I don't know, marriage or military units, in which the less people have in common the more cohesive they are? Do you get along better with your neighbors or your co-workers if you can't understand each other or share no common values?”
  • Carlson said of corporate diversity policies: “Our corporate leaders are now openly determined to award this country's spoils on the basis on skin color, rather than merit. They say that out loud. This is unfair and it's deeply divisive. It makes Americans hate each other. It's also, as a factual matter, illegal. Corporations are not allowed to practice racial discrimination, neither are universities.”

If Carlson wanted more examples of workplaces touting diversity, he could look at job listings for his own programs and across his network.

Fox News’ listings for jobs with Carlson’s shows contain language stating that “we are deeply committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion” and “reflecting the diversity of the world around us is critical to our company’s success.” It also includes a link to an “inclusion” page on Fox Corp.’s website claiming that the company supports “diverse communities.” From a recent Tucker Carlson Tonight job listing:

At FOX, we foster a culture and environment where everyone feels welcome and can thrive. We are deeply committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, including attracting, retaining, and promoting diverse talent across our company. We live in a diverse world, with different ideas and different perspectives that come together to spark new ideas and make great things happen. That means reflecting the diversity of the world around us is critical to our company’s success. We ensure that our viewers, communities and employees feel heard, represented, and celebrated both on screen and off.

Click here to learn more about the diverse communities of people behind our brands.

The pro-diversity language appears on listings for jobs across Fox News, including positions with Carlson’s programs for head of booking, freelance producer, freelance associate producer, production assistant, coordinating producer, and field technician. (It should be noted that Carlson’s actual hiring practices and the language in job postings are not the same thing.)

Fox Corp., the parent company of Fox News, has repeatedly claimed over the years that it is dedicated to diversity. Its most recent Corporate Social Responsibility Report includes a section on the company’s “inclusion and diversity” efforts and states: “We are committed to diversity from the very top. Our Board of Directors requires that minority and female candidates are presented for consideration with each director vacancy. We believe that the more voices in the room and the more diverse the experiences of our colleagues, the better FOX’s internal culture and external programming are.” The report does not mention Carlson.

Reprinted with permission from Media Matters.


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