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White House Trolls Bibi With Tweet On Iran Deal


White House Trolls Bibi With Tweet On Iran Deal


The Obama administration on Wednesday posted a message on Twitter to promote the deal framework with Iran on nuclear development — and also appears to be ridiculing Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s opposition to the deal and longstanding hawkishness against Iran.

“Worth sharing: Here’s how the #IranDeal would shut down Iran’s pathway to a nuclear weapon,” the tweet says, along with a cartoon-style bomb drawing in which a red line at “90%” is shown being directed downward to a blue line with “0%.”

The tweet is an obvious takeoff on Netanyahu’s infamous 2012 address to the United Nations, in which he held up a visual aid of a cartoon-style bomb in order to illustrate Iran’s alleged progress toward building a nuclear weapon. He drew a red line at the “90%” point, to claim that Iran was almost at the goal.

Also notably, leaked documents that have come out since that speech have suggested that Israel’s own intelligence service had a sharply different view of whether Iran had successfully reached those same necessary benchmarks.



  1. Bibi will ask Sheldon Adelson to explain it to him.

    Bibi: Wha?
    Sheldon: Online gambling is bad!
    Bibi: ???
    Sheldon: BOMB IRAN!

  2. jmprint April 9, 2015

    Hopefully the 6 democrats that sided with Schumer saw the tweet.


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