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Who Are We Americans Now? And Who Will We Become Under Trump?

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Who Are We Americans Now? And Who Will We Become Under Trump?


Reprinted with permission from The American Prospect.

“That’s not who we are,” Barack Obama often says when appealing to Americans to oppose illiberal policies such as torturing prisoners, barring immigrants on the basis of their religion, and denying entry to refugees. But now that Americans have elected a president who has called for precisely those policies, Obama’s confidence about who we are may seem misplaced. Questions about the defining values of our common nationality have haunted us before at critical moments in American history, and now they do again: In the wake of Donald Trump’s election, what does it mean to be an American? Will Trump and Republican rule change not just how the world sees us but our self-understanding?

National elections create a picture of a people, and they send a signal about changes the voters want. The picture and the signal may be distorted and subject to interpretation, but they cannot be ignored. The 2016 election left many people angry at pollsters for failing to predict the outcome, but it revealed a more serious misapprehension among Democrats and on the left about the future. Eight years earlier, Obama’s victory had seemed to demonstrate the historical inevitability of a more diverse and progressive America, and his reelection seemed to confirm it. Yes, Republicans had their base, but it was old and nearly entirely white. Misleading but widely influential demographic forecasts indicated that the United States was destined to become a majority-minority society. The growing acceptance of LGBT rights, especially among the young, suggested that the cultural backlash against the 1960s was receding. Political analysts interpreted demographic and cultural changes as ushering in an inexorable social and political shift that would favor Democrats and that Republicans would have to accommodate.

We cannot be certain that the arc of the universe ultimately bends toward justice, but we do know that for long periods it has been bent the other way.

A historical perspective should have urged caution. Progressive changes have been arrested before. Alongside the civic, universalistic conception of American identity—the idea that people of any race and religion can come from anywhere in the world and be fully American—there has always been an exclusive view of the country’s core identity as white and Christian. When Americans imbued with that understanding have felt under threat, they have struck back. We cannot be certain that the arc of the universe ultimately bends toward justice, but we do know that for long periods it has been bent the other way. After Reconstruction in the 19th century and the civil-rights struggle a century later, the South—the white South—did rise again. Nothing is guaranteed politically by changes in demography, economics, or culture. Every battle for justice and equality must be fought again and again.

So Trump’s victory may not be the “last gasp” of an old and dwindling white majority. It threatens instead to be a tipping-point event. Although the outcome hung on only a sliver of the electorate in three states, it may produce a disproportionate swing of power to the right and a remaking of American society. Only concerted political action—informed by an accurate understanding of our national situation—can stop that from happening.

The Shock of Two Impossibilities

Before Obama’s election, a black man as president had seemed an impossibility, and before the 2016 primaries, Trump as a major-party nominee, let alone as president, had also seemed an impossibility. Historians decades from now will be asking how these two impossibilities followed one another in immediate succession. If elections create a picture of a people and send a signal about the changes voters want, Americans could not have created two more different pictures of themselves and sent two more different signals than they have now.

When the improbable happens, we may have just gotten the odds wrong. When what we believed to be impossible happens, it tells us we were wrong in a more fundamental way, in this case about our fellow citizens. The victories of Obama and Trump, however, sent two conflicting error messages about who we are.

Obama’s victory seemed to demonstrate that, contrary to what we may have thought, the greatest shame in our history might finally be history. Perhaps the American people were willing to judge a man by the content of his character rather than the color of his skin. To those who rejoiced at that thought, Obama’s election was not just a hopeful sign of racial healing but an act of national redemption. It was an event, moreover, of global significance, promising a renewal of America’s reputation for equality and decency in the eyes of the world, a fitting culmination of an era of sweeping worldwide change. Hadn’t the Berlin Wall fallen and South African apartheid ended? Obama’s presidency was one more sign of the triumph of tolerance, pluralism, and democracy.

It would be easier to make sense of Trump’s victory if Obama had become unpopular and the voters were repudiating his administration. As of November, however, Obama enjoyed a healthy approval rating. Nonetheless, Americans elected the very man who spread the birther lie about Obama and came to epitomize the hard-right view that his presidency was illegitimate.

Perhaps Trump’s election shouldn’t have been a surprise. The antecedents can be found in the radicalization of the Republican Party in recent years, and the parallels can be found in the resurgent combinations of populism, xenophobia, and oligarchy in other countries. But Trump’s triumph was shocking because he acted so often in ways that would have sunk any other candidate. He didn’t just disregard the norms of civility, for example, by bragging about the size of his penis and insulting leaders of his own party. He openly appealed to prejudice when he denounced the Indiana-born judge in the Trump University case as a “Mexican” and called for a ban on Muslim immigrants. As he had with the birther lie, he resorted to obvious and outrageous falsehoods such as the claim that Ted Cruz’s father had been involved in John F. Kennedy’s assassination (or the more recent lie that millions voted illegally for Hillary Clinton). He violated the norms of democracy by encouraging violence against protesters at his rallies and refusing to say before the election that he would accept the results.

Trump’s brazenness didn’t just reveal who he is and how he might govern. Of course, we shouldn’t project all Trump’s views onto all those who voted for him. But when Trump’s statements and actions didn’t prove disqualifying, they revealed something first about the Republican Party and then about the voters in November who chose him as president. This was the real shock: Trump’s ability to get away with violating norms against incivility, violence, prejudice, and lying told us something that we didn’t know, or may not have wanted to believe, about America itself.

Which American Story?

Successful political leaders usually offer a narrative about their country and the world that encourages voters to see them in command. The story about America told by Trump has deep historical roots, though it is fundamentally different from one that Ronald Reagan, the Bushes, the Clintons, and Obama have been telling. Trump’s story is nationalistic, inward-looking, dark, and divisive but well-calculated to mobilize a coalition of the resentful and the opportunistic. His two campaign slogans, “America First” and “Make America Great Again,” each encapsulate that story while attacking those who he implies have betrayed the country and dragged it down.

The plain implication of “America First” is that our political leaders have not been putting the nation first. Although few may have recognized it, “America First” was the name and slogan of the leading isolationist group that before Pearl Harbor opposed going to war against European fascism and Japanese imperialism. Trump’s revival of the phrase was not unrelated to its original use. It highlighted his attack on internationalism, as in the television ad late in his campaign that denounced international bankers and displayed photos of Jewish financiers. “America First” also fit perfectly with his phony charges against the Clinton Foundation as a source of foreign influence when Clinton was secretary of state.

The genius of Trump’s attacks on globally oriented elites is that the 2016 election did include a candidate who owns a global business empire with financial interests abroad that pose unprecedented conflicts of interest in decisions about foreign policy—and that candidate, of course, was Trump. Moreover, Trump’s business is aimed precisely at catering to wealthy global elites. But by dressing himself up as the “America First” candidate, he telegraphed a message about national betrayal directly to people who believe that wealthy global elites have slighted them.

“Make America Great Again” appeals to the same belief that the leaders of the country have failed it and suggests that Trump, a winner himself, will bring that winning game to the nation. At a time when the president was black and a woman was running to succeed him, it hardly needed to be spelled out for Trump’s followers what was great about the past that needed to be restored. While Obama and Clinton symbolized an increasingly diverse America that was increasingly comfortable with its diversity, Trump embodied the discomfort with diversity among whites, particularly men. He artfully summoned up all the smoldering resentments of the Obama years—against blacks, against immigrants, against women, against the media, against “political correctness.” To all those unhappy with the changes since the 1960s, Trump presented himself as their way of taking back America—taking it back to an older, exclusive vision of who Americans are and must continue to be.

It’s tempting to say that there’s nothing new about these ideas. “America First” and “Make America Great Again” could have been slogans of nativist movements in the 19th and early 20th centuries. We have had a long line of racial and religious originalists who have insisted that America’s greatness stems from its white, Christian founding, rather than from the civic ideals of freedom and equality. The exact lines of conflicts between the forces of closure and those of openness have shifted, but the logic has been the same. When older-stock, native-born whites, typically more small-town and rural, see their power slipping away, they try to shut the gates and reclaim control. That was the impetus behind the immigration restrictions of the 1920s, which were designed to limit the entry of eastern and southern European Catholics and Jews. The same social and cultural forces also typically line up against internationalism and free trade.

Yet, as familiar as Trump’s narrative is, it was not the story about America that recent Republican presidents have told. Reagan was as sunny as Trump is dark. Even when using coded messages to appeal to whites, Reagan and the Bushes stayed within the norms of American politics, declining to incite hostilities, much less violence. The story they repeated was the exceptionalist, civic story of America as a city upon a hill, a beacon of freedom in the world. This is the vision sometimes called the American Creed.

Rhetorically, in fact, there is a more direct line from Reagan to Obama than from Reagan to Trump. Obama has sung the old exceptionalist saga, albeit in a liberal key. Here, for example, is Obama at his second inauguration:

…what binds this nation together is not the colors of our skin or the tenets of our faith or the origins of our names. What makes us exceptional—what makes us American—is our allegiance to an idea articulated in a declaration made more than two centuries ago: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal ….’

The patriots of 1776 did not fight to replace the tyranny of a king with the privileges of a few or the rule of a mob. They gave to us a republic, a government of, and by, and for the people, entrusting each generation to keep safe our founding creed.

Starting with this familiar invocation of “our founding creed,” Obama then takes the story in a progressive direction:

We do not believe that in this country freedom is reserved for the lucky, or happiness for the few. We recognize that no matter how responsibly we live our lives, any one of us at any time may face a job loss, or a sudden illness, or a home swept away in a terrible storm. The commitments we make to each other through Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security, these things do not sap our initiative, they strengthen us. They do not make us a nation of takers; they free us to take the risks that make this country great. …

It is now our generation’s task to carry on what those pioneers began. For our journey is not complete until our wives, our mothers and daughters can earn a living equal to their efforts. Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law—for if we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well. Our journey is not complete until no citizen is forced to wait for hours to exercise the right to vote. Our journey is not complete until we find a better way to welcome the striving, hopeful immigrants who still see America as a land of opportunity—until bright young students and engineers are enlisted in our workforce rather than expelled from our country. …

Obama’s use of the American Creed to make the liberal argument infuriates conservatives. Christopher Scalia, the late Supreme Court justice’s son, writes that when Obama criticizes conservative positions by saying, “That’s not who we are,” he is accusing conservatives of being “un-American.” (Scalia cites a count by a conservative website that Obama has used the line “That’s not who we are” 46 times.) But Obama never questions conservatives’ patriotism or loyalty. When he says, “That’s not who we are,” he is saying, “That’s not who we are when we are at our best. That’s not who we should strive to be.”

Obama’s version of the optimistic, exceptionalist narrative has been a way for him not only to reappropriate it from Reagan, but also to speak for the nation, rather than as a “minority” leader. As a black politician, Obama has continually had to guard against the danger of being seen as representing blacks alone. The American story he has told, beginning with his speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention, has enabled him to lay claim to national leadership. Democrats will need to remember that lesson, especially as they confront the nationalism of the Trump presidency.

Will Trump Change Us?

We are now on the verge of one of the greatest U-turns in the history of national policy and politics. It may well change the basic workings of our government and private institutions and the role of the United States in the world. The impact is likely to be profound. Since government is a national looking glass, Americans will see themselves reflected in their government in an altogether different way from the Obama years. Many will look at that reflection and insist, “That’s not who we are.” But to the world—and to many Americans—that is who Americans will be, unless we organize and resist.

When a party controls all three branches of the federal government, it has the power to change society, not just policy. During the past 74 years, Republicans have controlled both Congress and the presidency for only six years (1953–1954, January–May 2001, and 2003–2006). Republicans now have their biggest opportunity since before the New Deal to consolidate a regime of their own making. Largely shorn of their moderate wing, they are a radical party with a radical president, eager to seize a rare moment to undo not only Obama’s legacy but many earlier achievements of Democrats going back three-quarters of a century—and to institute their own regime in ways that will be hard to reverse.

It is a peculiar fact of our political system, but a fact nonetheless, that a president’s loss of the popular vote has no effect whatsoever on his power. The fewer than 100,000 people in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan who gave Trump an Electoral College majority have altered the course of American history—the only question is by how much. The 2016 election was literally a tipping-point election for the Supreme Court. Trump and the Republican Senate can immediately tip the majority back to the Court’s conservatives, and with additional seats likely to be filled, they will probably push the balance further to the right. With little to fear from the Court, Republicans can also pursue more vigorously the course they have already adopted through voter suppression and gerrymandering to make it difficult to vote them out of office. The power of incumbency in American politics is notorious. Since 2010, Republicans have used that power to consolidate their hold on state governments, and they are now poised to entrench themselves federally.

Many of the policies favored by Republicans for ideological reasons do double duty as means of political entrenchment. Policies weakening labor laws and unions strike at an organizational base of the Democratic Party. Deporting undocumented immigrants who have lived in America with their families for years, instead of providing them a path to citizenship, throws those communities into disarray. Privatizing government transfers not just functions but power and influence to private companies. Turning Medicare into a voucher and Medicaid into a block grant to the states eliminates the rights of beneficiaries under federal law and the role of federal agencies in upholding those rights. Defunding climate science at the Environmental Protection Agency and NASA defunds troublesome climate scientists.

Trump adds another element to the Republican potential for entrenchment. Immediately after the CEO of Boeing criticized Trump’s views on trade in early December, Trump tweeted that it was time to cancel the company’s contract to develop a new design for Air Force One. The message to corporate America was clear—that he would use all means at his disposal to punish any criticism. During the campaign, Trump threatened Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, owner of The Washington Post, with federal investigations because of the Post’s coverage. This is standard practice in populist governments, and not only with respect to the media. Through a combination of favors and threats, the regime turns business into an arm of the state. Republicans were supposed to prefer small government and oppose crony capitalism; they are bringing America the exact opposite.

If Trump does consolidate power in this way, it will have ramifying effects on American thought. Political leaders shape public knowledge and public opinion, even how people think about themselves. Never has more of a bully occupied the bully pulpit of the presidency. Americans identify with winners, and Trump has made winning the supreme good of his public philosophy. Winning governmental power does confer legitimacy as well as power. Those who win power can communicate their view of the world from a privileged, official position. When Trump was mainly known for birtherism, the media could treat him as a political crank. When he steps to the podium to speak as president, he must be accorded the respectful attention due the office. It is the greatest platform for grandiosity and falsehood the world offers.

From that position and the power that comes with it, Trump is going to affect who we are—but it may not turn out the way he intends. After assaulting the norms of American politics during the campaign, he seems a good bet to assault the norms of government and international relations as president. His bluster and recklessness will lead to crises, perhaps to war—and that is where the twin possibilities of Trump’s presidency may become clear. Populist leaders often look to crises as a means of enlarging their powers and suppressing dissent; war especially puts the opposition in the difficult position of appearing unpatriotic if it does not join in cheering on the troops. A people’s sense of their national identity may change in the process.

But crises are also the undoing of governments; leaders who take their countries to war often miscalculate their odds of a quick and easy victory. Crises may arouse a discouraged opposition and enable it to get back on its feet after being knocked down. When reversals of fortune come—whatever the occasion—the opposition must be ready with its own alternatives and its own story.

Remembering Who We Can Be

Trump and the Republicans now hold the upper hand. But an election in which Trump lost the popular vote by more than 2.7 million does not erase what Obama’s election disclosed about America. The United States is a divided society; many people may wonder whether it is even possible any longer to talk about “we Americans.” Trump’s America and Obama’s America may seem to be two entirely different countries. One and the same nation, however, made Obama its president twice and has now elected Trump, and our common reality is not one choice or the other but the contradiction between them.

Nationally, Democrats have been winning majorities and losing elections. They have won the popular vote for president in six out of the past seven elections since 1992. But that support hasn’t been enough to win sustained power under the American political system. In the two elections in 2000 and 2016 that saw Democrats turn over the White House to Republicans, they have won the popular vote but lost the Electoral College. Clustered on the coasts and in cities, the Democratic vote has also been poorly distributed from the standpoint of controlling the House of Representatives, the Senate, or a majority of the states. The metropolitan clustering of Democratic votes undermines their ability to control the House and state legislatures, and in U.S. Senate elections, Democrats “waste” millions of votes running up big majorities in big states like California and New York. Democrats are now strongest in cities, the weakest part of the federal system.

The Electoral College, the structure of the Senate, and other aspects of the American constitutional system may be unfair, but they are not going to change anytime soon. If Democrats are going to regain power, they will have to broaden their support beyond the constituencies that now support them. They cannot expect salvation from demography even in the long run. Many progressives expect that “people of color” will become a majority and shift the balance of power. The very terminology is misleading. In the 2010 Census, 53 percent of Hispanics who chose one racial category identified themselves as “white” and when Hispanics intermarry with non-Hispanic whites (as 80 percent of Mexican Americans do by the third generation), the children overwhelmingly see themselves as non-Hispanic white. As a result of this pattern of “ethnic attrition” and the likely continued redefinition of who counts as white (and perhaps more important, who counts themselves as white), a majority-minority society will probably be a disappearing mirage.

Democrats have made a bet on being the party of diversity, and there is no going back on it. But they have a choice about how to frame their case. They can tell a story about the struggles of separate and distinct groups—racial minorities, immigrants, women, gays—a list that typically leaves out most white men. Or they can tell a story about America that brings whites in by honoring the country’s traditions as well as by emphasizing common economic and social interests. As Obama has shown, the national story can serve as the frame for contemporary struggles for equality. This is not exactly a rejection of “identity politics.” It is an identity politics of a kind—an effort to ground a majoritarian politics in a shared national identity.

The outcome of the 2016 presidential election wasn’t predetermined by demography, economic conditions, or other circumstances. Clinton might well have won the few additional votes she needed if not for intervention in the election by Russia and FBI Director James Comey. But Democrats still would not have won control of Congress or many of the states, and they will not be able to reverse the regime Trump and the Republicans put in place unless they can win that kind of widely distributed majority. Democrats can hone a much stronger economic message, and they should. They can hope that Republicans fall out and fight among themselves, which they may. But if we are to recover from the damage and national dishonor of Trump’s presidency, Democrats need to appeal to all Americans as Americans and help all of us remember how we can be genuinely proud of our country again.



  1. Dominick Vila January 1, 2017

    The problem with the 2016 election is not that most Americans have abandoned the values and traditions we have held since we became a Republic, but that a minority managed to impose its will on the majority, and it is likely to redefine what we, as a nation, stand for. Almost 3 million more Americans voted for issues ranging from willingness to improve our social programs, to respecting the rights of others, for freedom of speech, ending the abhorrent and unconstitutional use of torture, protecting our environment, and preserving the socio-economic gains we have made during the last several decades. Let’s not confuse what people living in some of the most impoverished states, the states with the worst education systems, the worst medical systems, the lowest median incomes, the worst opportunities for growth, and the worst environment, with what the majority of us want and are determined to preserve.

    1. itsfun January 1, 2017

      Perhaps the election reflected what people were thinking and not saying out lout because of the politically correct society the left has tried to create. President-elect Trump said out loud what people were thinking.

      1. Dominick Vila January 1, 2017

        Almost 3 million more voters than those who supported Trump expressed their preferences loud and clear. Unfortunately, we have an antiquated, anti-democratic, system that allows a minority of the population to impose its will on the majority.

        1. itsfun January 1, 2017

          You 3 million number comes from California and California only. Take California out of the picture and President-elect Trump wins the popular vote by something like 1.5 million votes. The electoral college system is not antiquated or anti-democratic. It tries to give all states a say in who wins the Presidential election. Without the system, there would be no need for any of the middle states to even vote. How many states did President-elect Trump win compared to Hillary? The electoral college vote was a landslide vote. One could always say since President-elect Trump won the majority of states, the majority did win. Have you seen that since 2008 when Obama took office, the left has lost over 1000 federal and state congressional seats. The number of states with a Republican Governor has grown to something like 33 states. The majority of people don’t want the Socialist Progressive government.

          1. Dominick Vila January 1, 2017

            The 3 million more votes for Hillary come, mostly, from California, New York, and Illinois. The Electoral College concept does give small, impoverished, states the same power as states with a population many times higher. That is inconsistent with the definition of democracy.
            Having said that, the EC is an integral part of our election process, in fact, it has precedence over what the majority of the U.S. population wants and, therefore, Trump is our President-elect, and our future president. That is not in question. What is very much in question is the conclusion that a majority of Americans voted for Trump and support his agenda.

          2. itsfun January 1, 2017

            Dom: check the numbers; you will find that Trump wins the popular vote if only California is taken out. He lost California by about 4 million votes and the election total by about 2.5 million.
            That give him a 1.5 million advantage counting 49 states and not California. I for one don’t want the state of hippies and the progressive deciding who my President is. The EC gives states a vote for each Rep and Senator. If state has 20 reps in congress, then they get 22 electoral college votes. If they have 40 reps then they get 42 votes. The states with more population have a advantage, but the EC helps to balance the playing field.

          3. Independent1 January 1, 2017

            The problem is, Trump only won the battleground states because Russian hacking of the election computers fudged the numbers!! The discrepancies between the computer numbers and CNN’s exit poles were way outside of the historical variations found in CNN’s exit poles over numerous election cycles for 13 states. The only logical answer for that was someone fudged the numbers produced by the vote counting computers!!

          4. I Am Helpy January 1, 2017

            You dumbasses can never explain why the largest and most prosperous state – the one that supports all the red states – should have its vote ignored.

          5. RED January 2, 2017

            Ahh, good ole sick Con logic:If you would just remove all the voters that hate us then we would be the majority in a democracy. The debilitating nature of the Con sickness on human intellect is truly tragic and sad.

          6. itsfun January 2, 2017

            good old liberal denial. The Democrats lost over 1000 seats in state and federal congresses. The sick denials of liberal progressive are just getting old. You lose lose lose and just deny deny deny. Just check out the numbers and then deny some more.

    2. A_Real_Einstein January 1, 2017

      We lost because the Democratic candidates are no longer credible messengers of a progressive message. As a party they muted the populist message of Bernie Sanders and his movement and made mockery of democracy with their rigged primary. They turned over the very voters they need to be a viable party in the future to Trump and the GOP. Hillary and the DNC opted to forsake very progressive voters like me and the millennials and instead went after moderate republicans like Bill had 30 years ago. A terrible miscalculation with disastrous and predictable results.
      As long as democrat candidates continue to take money form corporations, superpacs and special interest groups that are not in line with progressive values then we will continue to lose. Trump got to the left of Hillary on some economic issues like taxes and trade and that is how he won the electoral college. Democrats cannot take money from the fossil fuel industry and still be credible on climate change. I am for banning fracking , Hillary and the Establishment are not. I am for a carbon tax, Hillary and the Establishment are not. Heck, Hillary could not give us a straight answer on TPP or the Canadian pipeline. That is not PROGRESSIVE. There so many more examples from healthcare to education to foreign policy I can point to.
      As you know, as a whole our population is liberal. However, the people that benefit most from progressive policies are not likely voters. These are the voters that Bernie appealed to by the millions and many came out for Trump or not at all which landed him the Presidency. The Dems must purge their party of this donor obsessed politics and put up candidates that speak to the people not provide water downed policies and messaging on policies that their donors would never allow them to implement. Show me a candidate’s donor list and I will give you their ultimate policy positions.
      After predicting the results of this disaster of an election, I maintain my belief that it is what we do as a party after this election that will determine our fate as a competitive party in the future. Whichever party wins over these young progressive voters hold the key to the kingdom. If the dems can put up candidates that appeal to the grass roots left and the youth then we win everything. If the GOP can continue to keep them disengaged, nothing changes. Electing anyone other than Keith Ellison to the DNC will be fatal. We must learn from and put into our leadership people like Tulsi Gabbard, Nina Turner, Jeff Merkley and others who bucked the system at great political risk and are now the only credible progressive messengers in the party.

      1. I Am Helpy January 1, 2017

        We lost because white people like you spent the entire general election helping the Republicans spread their message.

        1. dtgraham January 2, 2017

          What was the Republican message that white Bernie Sanders supporters spent the entire general election in supporting? Please, do tell. Here’s the proviso: you have to be specific.

          I understand this lunatic bullsh!t from you. However, Independent1 should give his head a shake for giving you an arrow up, thumbs up. Independent I generally respect. You, not so much.

          1. I Am Helpy January 2, 2017

            Yeah, you spent the ENTIRE GENERAL ELECTION spreading right-wing horsecrap about Clinton. You are STILL DOING IT. I don’t have to explain myself to you, although I get that as an entitled authoritarian you think you are in a position to demand other people jump through your idiot hoops.

          2. dtgraham January 2, 2017

            Wrong again, Tourette boy. Sanders supporters only spread the kind of information about Hillary (in the primaries) that Wikileaks DNC hacks later revealed were true. In the general, Bernie told all of his supporters to vote for Hillary. I agreed.

            All politicians in a primary will make arguments against their opponents that the eventual winner must shake off, if they’re to win in the general. Both parties. Hillary was no special snowflake.

          3. I Am Helpy January 2, 2017

            Sorry, I didn’t read past your usual ableist slur, bigot.

          4. dtgraham January 2, 2017

            You never read past anything…you illiterate, ill-informed, low-information, little a$$hole.

            You’re actually not that far from the progressive/left. Just stretch a little and give us some space. Examine what we have to offer and you might like it.

          5. I Am Helpy January 2, 2017

            Actual liberals don’t use hate speech.

            I hope that helps!

          6. dtgraham January 2, 2017

            Actual liberals do not say that they don’t even care whether Hillary is progressive or not, as you once told me early in the Democratic primaries.

          7. I Am Helpy January 2, 2017

            Sorry, but I don’t care what bigots think. I can’t imagine why you’d think I do, you hateful wretch.

          8. dtgraham January 2, 2017

            Actual liberals have no credibility and legitimacy as liberals when they remark that they don’t even care whether their prefered candidate is progressive or not. I will never forget what you said.

          9. I Am Helpy January 2, 2017

            See previous post.

          10. I Am Helpy January 3, 2017

            I do love that you’re still soiling your panties over an imaginary slight from a year ago, though.

        2. A_Real_Einstein January 2, 2017

          We lost because people like you nominated terrible candidates that take money from Big Pharma, private prisons, payday loan sharks etc….
          If you want my vote in the future you must quit the donor addiction. You can blame us Progressives all you want. It won’t change our revolution or stop our movement. Join us for a progressive future or get out of the way. The Clinton era is over. We lost. Get over it.

          1. I Am Helpy January 2, 2017

            Yes, I get that you want to absolve yourself of your role in helping fascists win. You don’t get to.

          2. A_Real_Einstein January 2, 2017

            HRC was offering the same but slightly watered down fascism. That is why she lost. She had no message and made no
            Promises. She was emblamantic of a corrupt political system. The Clinton era is over. Time to rebuild. Time to build a progressive party that speaks for all the people not just the elite. Join the revolution. Be part of the solution and demand more from the people that want to represent you.

          3. I Am Helpy January 2, 2017

            Jesus Christ. Yes, I get that you’re an utter moron. No need to demonstrate it further.

          4. I Am Helpy January 3, 2017

            I mean, I can’t get over how perfectly you illustrated my point. You’re an entitled white guy who won’t have to suffer the worst Trump and his morons will enact, so you helped them to win.


          5. I Am Helpy January 4, 2017

            UPDATE: several days later, still laughing at what an incredible moron you are.

        3. Eleanore Whitaker January 2, 2017

          Actually, we did lose.74 million very PO’d Americans had their votes overridden by 270 Republican electors. So you can bet your boodle the Republicans want this “past” election rigging issue to disappear as fast as they can make it.

          But the problem they overlook is that those 74 million Americans were cheated out of the president THEY voted for by Trump who committed treason by sidling up to the Russians. By Trump as he himself claimed, “I know more about the hacking than anyone.” Sure he does. He and his Russian loan sharks made sure Putin had a hand in our election, the election the Republicans and right wing now want us to forget all about. Sorry…not going to happen.

          When you mess with OUR votes, you get the butt kicking you asked for. Now, Democrats will be forced to demand to know WHO in the RNC and GOP knew all about the Russian hacking and DID NOTHING.

          They don’t own this country and never will. They are men with money who only think money. But now they are on OUR tax dollars. They better work for us or they will end up in front of the Supreme Court.

      2. RED January 2, 2017

        Couldn’t agree with you A_Real_Einstein!! The Cons rallied their rabid ignorant base but Democrats ignored theirs. Did Dem leaders really expect the Democratic base to show up and for a candidate that was actively and almost exclusively appealing to the right wing? Seriously? Were progressives supposed to vote for the candidate who not only voted for a terrible war in the past but still appeared hell bent on starting some more, this time with RUSSIA? While Trump, who is a complete moron of course, is out suggesting that we need to avoid war with Russia? And of course I don’t believe a thing Trump says because he’s ignorant lying sociopath, probably would have made a good cop in modern America, but still he proclaimed being left of HRC!

    3. Melissarseymour January 2, 2017

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  2. Patrick Drazen January 1, 2017

    Ot wasn’t so much that Comrade Tramp won–because he didn’t. This was Karl Rove’s defining act of electoral larceny. This is what we have come to as a political system.

  3. Mama Bear January 1, 2017

    Well…here is to a 2017 that is not as bad as we think it will be!

  4. miscast January 1, 2017

    I see we are just going to start off 2017 like it was yesterday.

    Mr Starr it seems has confused a complete lack of leadership with what he considers progress. It’s a funny thing how someone can spend so much time looking for a way to cover for an inept, waaaay over their head president with zero experience and no ability to realize when he was wrong.

    The best thing Obama did as president was one clause in the giant cluster f___ of a law that didn’t 1/10th of it’s intention. The other was gay marriage. Not wanting to force any building anywhere to allow anyone to use any bathroom they feel in the mood for today.

    I voted for the man in 2008 and was so very happy, and proud that he was elected. All that pride turned to disappointment in short order with a sense of fairness shown only on a playground between 4th graders. It’s never been more true and hopefully this phrase will be so overused people might start to believe it in earnest.

    You can’t legislate morals. You never have been able to and you never will.

    1. I Am Helpy January 1, 2017

      OK thanks for the gibberish.

  5. Sundance98 January 1, 2017

    As Mom always said: “You don’t have class or good taste just because you have money! However, if you don’t have money when you’re old you are considered crazy. When you do have money when you are old …you are considered – eccentric!” Honestly, we do have to reveal – Mom had some cash. Our new President however is a “wannabe billionaire” and proud of it. Not so attractive! Pushing your collective weight around and not listening seems to be a fault of both candidates in this last election. Hey, we have had some pretty bad Presidents folks and as Americans we take that responsibility seriously. We did with LBJ, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush and even the Clinton’s. This is going to be one heck of a year….but America..we will get through it and we will make our voices heard loudly. Happy New Year 2017!

  6. Todd Nelson January 1, 2017

    This entire article, being the steamy pile of bull excrement that it is, shows the very reasons Donald Trump won the election of 2016. Had it not been for Barack Hussein Obama, Donald John Trump would never have been president. That and the fact that the democrat party nominated a candidate who made John McCain look like a winner. The left misread Barack Obama’s victory in 2008. He won because he was black, could read a teleprompter well, and had an opponent who was unelectable. Had he been white and his name John Smith, with his lack of experience and radical ideas, he would never have made it past the first democrat primary debate. It says a lot about Obama in that his wife had hated America until her husband was running for the presidency. “For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country”. His approval ratings are high now because no one pays any attention to him. The left believes his policies were good, but not articulated well is the reason for Mrs. Clinton’s loss. That is where the left is totally wrong. The country has heard the democrats loud and clear. Americans simply don’t like what they are hearing from the democrats. This is evidenced, not by this one election, but rather by the 1042 elections that democrats lost across the country during Obama’s terms of office. In local, state, and national offices there are now 1042 republicans in office than there were in 2008, and, consequently 1042 fewer democrats. There are now only 5 states where the democrats have control of the governorship and the state legislatures. America is a center right country, and the democrat party has gone too far left. During the 2016 presidential election, much of that credit goes to the socialist Bernie Sanders. Because of his popularity, Mrs. Clinton believed that was where the democrat party had gone, and she had to go to get a base to vote for her. It wasn’t his popularity, but rather her unpopularity that got him so many votes. The fact that a 74 year old unfriendly, independent socialist, not even a democrat, could get that many votes in a democrat primary shows how wildly unpopular she was, so unpopular, as we found out from the WIkileaks publishing of the DNC emails, that had the DNC not tipped the scales for her with everything they did, he might have beat her for the nomination. There was a joke going around conservative circles in late June of 2015, just after Trump announced his candidacy, and many thought it was just a joke, that she was so bad that even Donald Trump could beat her.
    Well, he did. What the democrat party has yet to understand is that the American public is not as leftist as the modern democrat party. John F Kennedy would not be welcomed into this party. Fortunately for the country, Barack Obama tried to overreach for the liberal, progressive statists, and the country got to see the true identity of the democrat party, and they don’t like it. For the democrat party to not be lost in the political wilderness for the next 2 generations, their message will have to be much less progressive and statist.

    1. Sundance98 January 1, 2017

      *”Blame it on the Bossa Nova……that you do so well!” Edie Gormet said that. People hate both parties bucko! The problems caused in our country come from Special Interest…..when they were crafting Obama Care – 7700 Medical Lobbyist invaded the Congress with open check books. This is how politricks works folks. You can personalize it, twist it, memorize it or throw it out the window. 15 minutes later the Cockroaches called Lobbyists will be back to work, because they have families to feed and brother’s in law to employ!

    2. Thoughtopsy January 1, 2017

      There are several false lines of reasoning in your post.

      Firstly, current research shows that this election ran on racial bias. This is distinct from “Left” or “Right”. The economy was of moderate consideration, but the bump F**kface Von Clownstick needed in the key states to get over the top, and that contributed to his majority everywhere else, were White voters re-engaging and voting based on Racial bias. Without these racially charged voters he would not have managed his hair-thin, and unpopular, win.

      Secondly, you do not account for the misinformation both historical and in this election, touted by the various wingnut news agencies. This started with Roger Ailes discovery that in America you get more votes by screaming at the top of your voice and making people feel scared and outraged.

      If you want to see how deep this goes… and haven’t realised yet that Fox News viewers are the most uninformed in the country (as repeatedly shown by research), then just look at the Republican voters who are now starting to realise that voting in Pres-Elect Loser means that they lose their healthcare… “But that’s not Obamacare, is it??” they say… in complete ignorance. Because McConnell called it “Kynect”… Suddenly they realise they’ve been conned… and not only Healthcare will be going… but those programs many of them are on like Medicare, Social Security… which many of them believe are not government “socialist” programs. Because they have been regularly lied to about what it means when a party of corporate blow job artists get into power on lies about how Democrats are ruining Republican America by giving them a social safety net…
      Don’t worry… this is going to sink in when it hits them in the wallet… and through killing their family members. Then this coalition is screwed.

      Thirdly, Republicans are blind to the damage they are about to do, or literally don’t care about the deaths of Americans. Funny when you consider the 8 Investigations into the deaths of just four Americans in Benghazi….
      They are generally wealthy (The GOP Politicians) and in true Ayn Rand style, see the world in black and white terms of winners (them) and losers (minorities and the poor). They regard wealth as certification of your virtue, intelligence and business acumen… despite more wealthy people in the US being born into money (Like Cheeto Jesus) and never having had to work their way up from nothing, or prove their virtue or business acumen. Pres-Elect Tiny Hands is a classic example… Given over 100 Million… hired some good people… and still bankrupted 8 businesses and made far less than simply investing all his money in the DOW.
      But in America now… money means you are automatically virtuous. Especially if it’s measured in Billions. Poverty means you are dirty, stupid, and lazy. It’s the Ayn Rand way. Winners are the geniuses with money and good ideas… Losers are the poor stupid parasites that feed off the Geniuses. (Check out “Atlas Shrugged” – Ayn Rand… you’ll love it).
      As proof you don’t get much more blind that a recent quote by Paul Ryan on Obamacare Repeal: “People would rather have no insurance than bad insurance.”
      Yeah… that’s absolutely not correct. Because: Death.
      And just shows that Mr Ryan has been wealthy his whole life and has never had to worry about whether he could afford health insurance.

      Fourthly, speaking as someone from a country outside the USA… Your Democratic party is a Right Wing party. It was only ever slightly left of center before the Fox News and the Tea Party and Freedom Caucus began dragging the center to the right. For the last 20 years (since Clinton) the Wing Nut Right, their braying, lying media outlets, and the complicit Republican Politicians have been pulling the party a long way to the Right. Unfortunately this has also moved the Democrats to the right in an effort to try to find common ground. One amusing proof of this was watching the Republicans in Obama’s first terms demand concessions from him to not shutdown the Government. In one notable case a TEN TO ONE concession on spending. When he moved a long way right and agreed to that… they still refused to do the deal and moved further Right. What happened next? The Government shut down. Why? Because the GOP never wanted to agree to anything with the black guy. How do you know this to be true? Because the whole argument was over money THAT CONGRESS HAD ALREADY SPENT. In other words the idiots at the table were engaged in political theater over paying for things they had already decided to buy.
      So now your Democrat party is Right Wing from a international (or even sane, rational perspective) and your Republican party is so far right they are starting to look like Religious fanatics who just don’t give a damn about human life (outside the womb).

      Fifthly, aside from race… your rural white voters are hurting, missing employment, and needing help. They are frustrated and really needing assistance… And they just voted in the guy who is about to sell the country out to the 1% and the GOP Ayn Rand fanatics who think help makes you weak, and it’s better to let you die.
      Guess what happens next?

      Lastly… you didn’t take into account when talking about Orange Caps Lock Key’s glorious victory…. of 70,000 people and not the popular vote…. that the Republicans have been perverting your Democracy in many states for years.
      For example: North Carolina just got a Democracy Rating of less than a Third World nation.

      You see, Voter ID laws, intimidation, gerrymandering, and other suppressive or slanting mechanisms are all non-democratic. Why? Because the aim in all cases is to slant the voter base to ensure part of the population does not vote… so your party can win.
      That’s not Democracy. By definition.
      That’s what Third World pseudo-democracies, and Dictators use to stay in power.

      So far from your imaginary “preferences of America” you “won” because your party has taken a dark path for ideological reasons that involves misinforming America on a diet of misinformation and outrage, and because fear, frustration and racial bias remain unaddressed by either party. (although Obama tried many things like penalizing Companies that move jobs overseas to help keep jobs in the USA… that the GOP blocked… because: Black)

      If you want to see a real mess, just let Trump screw over all those people, deepen inequality some more, and change the laws to ensure the Republicans win no matter who tries to vote.

      That’s civil war territory right there.

      1. dtgraham January 2, 2017

        Keep posting. You’re amazing.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker January 2, 2017

          The joke is that these middle aged nutbaggers actually think they will control seniors and the younger generation. They can’t even parent their own kids properly.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker January 2, 2017

        This generation of Daycare bullies had to fight for attention from the daycare worker who had 20 other little wailing infants to attend to. So Toddie and his whining, complaining, attention hogs always feel they are oh so superior and know it all.

        When Trump uses Twitter to get his messages across, people of true class see that as a moron who has the same mentality as a two year old in Daycare. When Trump claims he knows more than anyone about the hacking, he is admitting to treason. He knew, did nothing and won an election? Really? and through what reasoning could we assume otherwise? He said “I know more about the hacking than anyone.” That’s an open admission of treason that he knew ALL about how the election was going to be rigged.

      3. RED January 2, 2017

        Beautiful, Thoughtopsy!! Excellent post and right on the money!! Of course, I don’t expect a person or people who have been absolutely blind to every one of these facts so far to suddenly be blessed with sight, they likely won’t be, even as it “hits them in the wallet.” After all they haven’t seen it before. But my hope now is that the people who aren’t blinded by this ignorance will be moved and motivated to fight back and put a stop to the complete looting of our country by these thieves. And I don’t believe that’s going to happen through the Democratic party, after all they just put Pelosi back in charge and Schumer for the Senate and these are the same leaders who’s leadership and direction have brought us this horrible and frightening place. Nope, I think it’s time for us to start making our leaders afraid, more afraid of our votes than they are of losing corporate money. And personally I think mobs in the street, outside their offices, their homes, filling D.C. tend to make the point that people are upset. They’re so ensconced in their bubble and the elite that they have no idea how much suffering occurs where we live and the anger that is boiling. But huge large mobs greeting them everywhere they go might clue them in.

      4. mike January 3, 2017

        TDS, Trump Derangement Syndrome has you by the balls.

    3. stsintl January 1, 2017

      Republican controlled US Congress had the approval rating of less than 10% while President’s approval rating was around 59%. Yet the dumb electorate re-electred the US Congress. That’s the country we are living in.

      1. mike January 3, 2017

        No, they knew it wasn’t Congress holding back economy but obama’s policies. They saw Hillary extending those policies and voted for change. 3 blue states walked away from DP.
        They saw that they had a better shot of a economic growth trump. That’s the country live in now.

        1. stsintl January 3, 2017

          Check the economic data over the last 8 years compared to the mess Dick Cheney and his side kick JWB left the country in. DJT has a record of multiple bankruptcies to his credit and has filled up his cabinet with egomaniacs like himself. Feel sorry of the idiots who bought the “Snake Oil” this guy sold them.

          1. mike January 3, 2017

            Your superiority complex is showing. Thanks for the chuckle.
            This election three BLUE STATES voted against obama’s policies and Hillary’s desire to continue them.
            Those 3 states said Obama ignored their blight and wanted change and were willing to give trump a chance. What’s not to get?

    4. I Am Helpy January 1, 2017

      OK thanks for the incoherent racist horsecrap.

      1. Todd Nelson January 3, 2017

        It is people like you who have reduced the meaning of “racist” to just a throw away term when anyone disagrees with you. Your kind have reduced its meaning to practically nothing.
        So I hope the lazy people out there, like you, will give more thought to what they have to disagree about, rather than just calling your opponent terrible names designed to ,make their
        argument worthless because he, or she, is such a bad person.

        1. I Am Helpy January 3, 2017

          No, it still has the same meaning.

    5. Eleanore Whitaker January 2, 2017

      You do realize that everyone who is sane thinks you and Trump are a joke? We can laugh our butts off at nuts like you. The fact is that men like you are cowards with big mouths. But, guess what Mr. Big Mouth? YOU CANNOT EVER force your will on us. Try it. I dare you. You’ll be mowed down like yesterday’s lawn clippings and turned to the mulch you are.

      We know this election was rigged. Now you get what you asked for. You will get dozens of Benghazi like investigations into who in your Republican Party KNEW about the Russian hacking. You will get it right back and shoved as far up your trailer sized butts as it can get.

      You live in fantasy land and that’s why you are amusing. Adults with any sense of responsibility who have not been raised like you in Daycare and had to bond with perfect strangers so your McMommy and McDaddy could show off their McMansion they couldn’t afford without forfeiting their parental rights is about to show YOU fools what we do to fools who never shut their stupid mouths.

      Hope you enjoyed your holiday…because HERE IT COMES…

      1. Todd Nelson January 2, 2017

        My holiday is Thanksgiving every day I thank God the most corrupt, sexual predator enabler ever to run for office did not get elected. I am also thankful for Wikileaks, which exposed the lies of the Clinton campaign, the DNC and the main stream press.. Wikileaks also gave us documentary evidence of the main stream press colluding with the DNC and Clinton campaign to distort the truth and get democrats elected. If the Russians were involved in getting the emails from the DNC and John Podesta, then good for them, for the American public would never have known the truth without them. The fact that the public found out the truth about the press and the democrats is what really has you up in arms. The left supported Russia no matter what happened, Stalin murdering over 22 MILLION of his own people, Russia giving missiles to Cuba, Putin taking over Crimea, Obama telling Putin he will have more “flexibility” after he won the 2012 presidential race. It is only now, after the left got its ass handed to it in the presidential race because Russia may have made it possible for Americans to learn the truth about the left, that the left is becoming unhinged. And, reading some of the comments, am certain of 2 things 1) liberalism is a mental disorder and 2) for liberals, reality is only an option.

        1. Jim Samaras January 2, 2017

          LOL…now you’re getting the man hating rhetoric from Ellie Ignorance and called a racist by lil Helpy the septic filler. You’ve done well….

      2. mike January 2, 2017

        “We know the election was rigged.” What an asinine statement. Are you talking about Detroit, that very blue city, where more votes were cast than people.

    6. RED January 2, 2017

      Yep, Americans sure rejected Democrats! And to prove how much they gave democrats around 3 million more votes!! Now that’s some rejection there. But judging from your post you obviously have zero ability to recognize facts and certainly no ability to analyze them. The insane unbelievable fact that you think a President, Obama, who is actually to the right of Ronald Reagan is some kind of leftist just highlights how absurdly ignorant you actually are. But enjoy your day now for the election of Donald Trump foretells some seriously bad times to come. But someone as dumb as you who thinks that somehow it’s “leftists” or poor people or those at the bottom with no economic power that are to blame for the conditions in this country will never figure that truth and even now as the sick Con control all three branches of the federal government, we still know that you’re so foolish and ignorant that when they drive us in to a ditch AGAIN, you will still blame someone else, that’s just the nature of your stupidity. Btw, don’t bother with the usual ignorant Con retort of I have no facts so I call people names, it’s an old game, a weak childish retort, and I call you stupid because you have no facts and you are stupid.

      1. mike January 2, 2017

        Facts you can’t refute.
        Under obama, democrats in 6 short years lost the House, the Senate, Lost the WH, 12 Governorships, 1000+ state democratic seats.
        This election all we heard is republicans had 24 senate seats up for reelection and how the senate was in play. Out of 24 Republican seats Dems got 2, big deal, one in Illinois other in New Hampshire . Republicans won decisively in Missouri, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Wisconsin, N.c. You got 6 in house whoopty doo.
        Those 3 million mean zilch! It’s the EC, stupid! Hillary knew that everything depends on EC. She was a poor candidate and also ran a poor campaign.

        Democrats have not been so decisively defeated and weaken since the late twenties.
        Now you know and see real rejection.

    7. Jim Samaras January 2, 2017

      Oh Todd, you’re in for it now. Way too much common sense for these libtards to wrap their heads around. Very well said sir and welcome to the loony bin that is the NM. Keep the comments coming as with posts like that you will open a few illiterate eyes here

  7. Stuart January 1, 2017

    Donald Trump’s America isn’t worth fighting for.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker January 2, 2017

      I agree. My intent so long as this fake president remains in office is to resist, revolt and generally obstruct. I learned these fine arts from right wingers and Republicans. Now, it is their turn to take it on the chin.

      1. Jim Samaras January 2, 2017

        Except for the fact that we now have the majority so kick and scream all you wish to no avail.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker January 6, 2017

          You have No majority. YOu have spiteful little boys like you who actually are stupid enough to think you won’t get the blowback you are askign for. Men like you are big babies whose gross insecurities from lack of proper parenting shows up as your childish need to always have the last word even when that last word is the wrong word.

      2. mike January 2, 2017

        So who are you going use to resist, revolt and generally obstruct? Use that “monolithic block of women” you guaranteed would be voting in mass for that lying old hag Hillary. My My how wrong you were. Between Hillary and Obama they have decimated your party, Last time your party was so irrelevent politically was the late twenties. Look at your leaders, a bunch small minded, dead weight old farts. Good luck with that.
        Someday there will be a women who will really be worthy of the Presidency. No Hillary coronation, what a blessing.

  8. jointerjohn January 1, 2017

    Who are we Americans Now? An intellectually lazy people who consume televised intellectual junk food rather than pertinent news. A people so entirely self-centered unions are vanishing from the workplaces because workers are so worried about “old number one” they can no longer unite with their coworkers to have any chance of standing on par with the megacorps. A people who run around taking pictures of ourselves rather than the breathtaking sites we visit. A people who will buy a car made in Korea even when an American-made alternative is readily available, “ahhh, screw all those American auto workers, it ain’t my job at stake.” A people who no longer know our own neighbors, self-isolated with our faces glued to tiny screens filled with none but our “friends”. A people going bankrupt to the pharmaceutical companies who load us full of pills and empty our wallets so we never have be hungry or sad or wakeful or in anyway inconvenienced by reality. A people who medicates our children into behavior rather than parent them. A people who worship celebrity and wealth no matter how either was gained, ethically or not. A people who abandon our marital and parental duties as soon as either become inconvenient. A people with the power over our own fate fully available by the ballot box yet half of us don’t even bother to use it.

  9. Thoughtopsy January 1, 2017

    On an unrelated note… it’s funny how I see most of the regular NM posters… but almost none of the Trolls.

    Looks like their Astroturfing employer gives them the holidays off, and they don’t post here unless they are paid to.

  10. Eleanore Whitaker January 2, 2017

    If it is liberal to not want our children to starve while Ivanka lives on foi gras, I’d rather be a liberal. If it is liberal not to want our elderly vulnerable to be treated like garbage to put put out on trash day, I’d rather be liberal. If it is liberal to adhere to the U.S. Constitution as it was written and intended to be carried out, I’d rather be a liberal who prizes law and order that keeps our society from becoming wild animals turning our kids into extinct beings, I’d rather be a liberal.

    If being a conservative, means taking it ALL for yourself from those who have the least, I’d rather play with a dozen boa constrictors. If being a conservative means calling the loaf of bread I pay for, an “entitlement, I’d rather be a hungry alligator. If being a conservative means the only way to keep my state from falling into economic ruin is war, swaggering through the streets armed like Rambo, I’d rather be a free flying dove with wings to soar as high as “I” please.

    Be honest people, the Republican Party is now owned by billionaires who in typical CEO style expect US to serve THEM. Too bad my taxes pay their salaries and they damn well better get it through those thick heads that THEY SERVE ME, I DO NOT NOW NOR EVER WILL SERVE THEM.

    Let them fail. They always have and always will. When you err on the side of evil intent, you always fail if for no other reason than the scales of justice strive for balance.

    1. mike January 2, 2017

      Delusional is your middle name.
      Was there Law and order under Obama? Barack Obama has presided over more instances of civil insurrection than have occurred in the US at any time since the Vietnam War era. Urban riots and violent occupations have become frequent occurrences throughout Obama’s second term. Throughout these events, he has remained either strangely silent or has offered subtle indications that he supports the insurrectionists. This is the most un-presidential if not anti-presidential behavior imaginable. The job of a president is to appeal for peace in the streets, respect for the rule of law and to support police officers in their duty to clear the streets so that peace loving people can go about their daily lives without disturbance, vandalism and molestation.Obama has been an abject failure in this respect.

      1. Jim Samaras January 2, 2017

        All you say is true! I’m shocked that wasn’t spoken of in any of the many meetings Obama had with Al Sharpton in the oval office.

        1. mike January 2, 2017

          Surprise Surprise
          They were all of his ilk.

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 2, 2017

            You two are having such a lovely conversation in your echo chamber.

          2. mike January 3, 2017

            And yet you responded. it’s working.
            We are just pointing out how your hysteria continues with these over the top, silly, and absurb narratives without an ounce of facts as to how Trump will govern.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker January 3, 2017

            Mikee and Sammy are two morons paid to troll. It’s the only jobs they can get with such limited intelligence. So don’t expect to see them in any POWER positions. They’d both get laughed out of existence.

          4. mike January 3, 2017

            Thanks for giving me another of your laughable posts.
            “Paid to troll” another one of your asinine and incorrect comments.
            Not surprised one bit. Your mental stability has always been in question.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker January 3, 2017

            Of course hyenas like you laugh. Who’d expect more? You are a paid troll. You just haven’t the nuts to admit it. Do you? You don’t like it when someone calls you out. You love to do all of the calling out and bitchy boy nutbagging.

            Sorry if your blather is useless and won’t become part of US history books any time too soon. Get a job you lazy bum.

          6. mike January 3, 2017

            Wrong again my brain dead friend.
            What will be in the history books is the devastating loss by Hillary, a candidate you and left said was a shoo-in because she was a women, qualified, really smart but she lost and got fewer votes than Obama. Hmmm
            What will also go down in history is the loss of power not seen since the late twenties by the Democratic Party. Under 6 years of obama and Hillary’s desire to perpetuate his policies the left has lost the WH, the House, the Senate, 12 Governorships, 1000+ Seats in state legislatures. Lost the power to nominate candidates for SCOTUS, lower court judges and governing the country.
            And you call us morons. The moronic actions of small minded dead weight leaders of th DP caused this debacle. They watched at federal levels plus state houses going right but continued their identity politics and got their butts kicked.

      2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 2, 2017

        No, mike—You’re the one in manifest error. You’re too much infatuated with yourself(like Trump) to recognize it.

        1. mike January 3, 2017


          1. Eleanore Whitaker January 3, 2017

            Mikeeeee LOL LOL LOL LOL …most hyenas have limited intelligence and all they do is LOL LOL LOL LOL …Don’t you know when to shuty that moron mouth?

          2. mike January 3, 2017

            Keep trying!
            Loving your insane and stupid responses.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker January 3, 2017

            Have no fear…I intend to make you prove you are as mentally ill as I know you are. I am having a ball outing you nutbagger. Prepare yourself. You dished it out for 8 years. Better pull out your victim card now before you lose it.

          4. mike January 3, 2017

            Now there you go again acting stupidly.
            You are assuming trump will be as bad as Obama. Don’t hold your breath.
            Even today Ford announced its 1 billion plus deal is dead and they are not going to Mexico. Should he get the economy finally perking your party is toast.

          5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 3, 2017

            That’s the pathetic response we would expect from a man for whom serious thinking causes migraines. I wouldn’t want you to try typing more than a sentence or two. I would hate to have to read about you suffering a stroke from mental exertion.

          6. mike January 3, 2017

            Perfect response to your worthless post.
            Talk about a non-starter.

      3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 3, 2017

        Mike and Jim, please refer to my response above to your narrow-minded posts which the two of you felt proud about and congratulated one another over.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker January 3, 2017

          What Mikkeeee and Jimmy Joe Bobby John Sammass don’t like to admit is that they KNOW they are outnumbered. These are little boys who always think they must have their way..till Mommies get good and fed up and start beating some butt.

          There are 74 million voters who got screwed out of their right to vote for the president they wanted by 270 REPUBLICAN electors. Now we get them and get them good.

          The Republicans knew all about that hacking that’s why yesterday they were in an all fired hurry to dissolve the Ethics Board. They know their jobs are on the line for not saying a word about what they knew about that hacking and when they knew. Their hurry to dissolve the Ethics Board is to prevent any investigations. How guilty do they plan to look? They didn’t dare dissolve it when they were so hot to GET Hillary were they? Now suddenly they think they can get full approval to stop full investigations into the rigging of an election?

          1. mike January 3, 2017

            Eleanore! Eleanore!
            How can 74 million voters get screwed out of their vote, when just a little over 64 million actually cast a vote for her? Just more of your fuzzy thinking.
            Wait, just look at Detroit and how more votes were casted than people voting. I get it!
            Even Obama administration said “no hacking of states election systems.” Just more of your hysteria. It was a fair election, live with it. Obama/Hillary policies and her poor performance that doomed the DP with a devastating loss.
            When is Hillary’s coronation?
            PS ethic board live and well.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker January 4, 2017

            How? Very simple…you do what hick states do…close polls in minority voting districts like they did in North Carolina. That ended with a lawsuit and NC before the SC. How? By states like Florida, suddenly deleted votes. Or States Like WI that knowingly refused to count votes. Not to worry…it was the Russians who hacked into DNC emails like Nixon’s burglars who broke into the DNC Headquarters at WaterGate and got caught.

            Hillary won the popular voted by over 2.6 million votes, the highest record of popular votes EVER recorded in any US election. Now do you want to lie about that too?

            First of all, it is awfully funny how for 2 years prior to the election the Republican states were so hot to redistrict their voting maps. Why didn’t Dem States? Not a single Dem state played with voting maps to increase the number of electors.

            Crooks like you and your Republicans believe you commit the perfect crimes and get away with it until we start asking all the right questions. Like why the Russians hacked into the DNC emails in the first place if not to make sure Trump won the election. And why was it so important for Trump to win? Mr. Big Mouth owes Putin’s Russian loan sharks tons of money. That’s WHY Trump refuses to show his tax records.

            You boys always think Mommy won’t find out what you are up to. Think again genius.

            Why were the Republicans in an all fired hurry this week to abolish the Independent Ethics Board if not to save Ryan’s bacon? Ryan and McConnell both knew all about the hacking and did nothing. Why else would the Republicans want to put an end to any investigations? Guilty Guilty Guilty…and you can bet we have NO intentions of allowing you little boys with no balls to get away with rigging any election ever again.

          3. mike January 4, 2017

            I know you are angry I would be angry too if my candidate ran as disastrous campaign based on identity policitics as she did. Got her a$$ kicked because she really had no idea of the real mood of a large part of the U.S. What is unfathomable is after 6 years of big loses at Federal and State levels not one leader in the democratic leadership recognized they had a problem. Popular votes does not determine the presidency.

            As to your post. Still thinking and acting stupid.
            Your delusion continues. If there was real evidence of your so-called irregularites and if there were the democratic party would have been in court in a NY minute. You can make up all the bulls*it you want but it doesn’t change the outcome.
            The sure winner Hillary, lost my the only way that this country determines the winner, Electoral College. Popular votes means nothing. Hillary knew that from the beginning and since she is the smartest women ever, she blew it. She had 6+million less votes than Obama. End of story.
            The world now knows that Podesta’s password was “password”, talk about be a moron. I’m shocked it wasn’t 123456.
            You also know Obama knew about the hacking 18 months ago and as late as October told Putin to “knock it off.” Talk about being naive and laugable. If Obama thought a bully like Putin is going to listen to him just shows how pathetic a leader is. Keep that fake news going.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker January 5, 2017

            Wrong dickhead…I NEVER get angry. I always GET even. And you can bet your next lunch, that before March 2017 ends your boy the Penthouse Hump will be gone.

            As for the rest of the tripe in your feeble brained posts, I’d suggest you get a real education in US History mongrel pet.

            The world knows Bannon is a bigoted bastard child of a man who abandoned him at birth. As for Melania, we all saw what kind of porn star she is. So what have you got really?

            A crook who doesn’t DARE show his tax records, a treasonous traitor who thinks he and only he knows it all and a slut for a wife whose only validation of her existence is that bush between her legs. You know nothing dimwit.

            Watch what happens when the GOP sinks 22 million people in their OWN states with their ACA repeal. You boys just never learn do you? Don’t think you’ll come crying to us when your 401K sinks to the pits. And from the sound of it, Wall Street is already aware of Trump’s inability to make REAL profit and not the phony thieving profits he claims to earn …but then..You can’t really know what he really is worth, can you dipshit? Maybe, if you get down on your knees deplorable, he’ll allow you to have a peek at his tax records? Yeah right…the only ones now who have the authority to do that is the IRS. And since your boy cannot keep his asshat mouth shut and bashed the CIA and FBI, so he can kiss Pootzie’s butt, how soon do you think these 2 agencies will tip off the IRS?

          5. mike January 5, 2017

            No you’re angry. You put all your money on Hillary and women voting in a “monolithic block” for her and she was soundly beaten.
            Trump will not be gone. As usual you have no evidence other than believing your irrational thinking.
            Trump Derangement Syndrome has consumed you.
            Your post is just one more example of your diarrhea of the brain.

          6. Eleanore Whitaker January 5, 2017

            Only little asshats like you get angry like little boys whose weenies got caught in the door. I voted for the candidate who didn’t lie in those campaign speeches 150 times as several Factcheckers stated. I voted for the candidate you little dirtbag boys think smearing a woman’s reputation was the only way your pathetic human excrement can win an election. By the way, asshat…Right now the FEC found that 50 of those GOP electors who voted for Trump were not qualified to vote in those voting districts your pigfaced GOP redristricted. Oh gee…guess I was on the mark again about how YOU and YOUR MORON Republicans rigged the Electoral college votes.

            So…guess you’ll be doing the Wango Tango and the Kid Rocks inhishead pole dance with nude Melania Right nutboy?

            Trump is deranged. He has no friends but maniac mental cases like you. That’s why he wants that KKK anti Semitic Bannon at his side and ConPussie who has to tell us “what Trump meant.” Sorry you pathetic excuse for a human being but you are about to see rage like you have never seen it before. I suppose a coward piece of crap like you will be under your bed hiding when those Million Women protesters head your way Big Mouth?

          7. mike January 5, 2017

            LOL! Did Hillary or did she not lie to the American people about sending or receiving classified emails on her unauthorized server. Her lies had a much greater effect on the electorate than whatever Trump said which was confirmed by her loss.
            Say what you want but Hillary lost.
            No the derangement is all yours.
            Produce this FEC allegation.

          8. Eleanore Whitaker January 6, 2017

            No moron. Hillary didn’t lie. You are doing what all nutbaggers do…trying to prove a negative. Tell me did your Daddy smear your Mommy’s reputation the minute he seduced her in the back seat of his car and spawned a numb nut like you? Is that why you spend so much time trying to prove what Gowdy, Issa and Chaffetz, spiteful little boys just like you, tried and failed to prove?

            Morons like you only know how to use your smear tactics. But you know what? Now, you give all of us the same smearing rights to do the same to you and any of your spiteful little boys of the right. Stand boy moron…the blowback is coming.

            Trump will lose too…and massive disgrace. First for sidling up to Putin who has Trump eating out of his hand. Second because you and your right wingers thought you got away with rigging an election and Third because mentalities like yours are so warped, you believe any BS out of Trump’s mouth.

            How’s that national debt not going to grow when 22 million are cut off healthcare insurance? How will you like paying for Trump Wall now that he knows he cannot hope to FORCE Mexico to EVER pay for it and he thinks and hopes US taxpayers will fund that massive Trillion in cost. Enjoy fat mouth. When your drug addicted liver gives out, one less nutbagger to deal with.

          9. mike January 6, 2017

            Your denial of the facts of Hillary’s email/server pretty much confirms just how dishonest you are.
            Answer this, since Trump is rebuilding the Military, Strategic Arensal moving toward Energy Independence. How is that good for Putin?
            I think it is time to stick your head back up where the sun never shines and only women have.

          10. Eleanore Whitaker January 7, 2017

            Of course, you can not provide court documents as proof of what you posted, Right Mr. Delusion?

            Trump isn’t going to rebuild the military, strategic arsenal or anything else you moron. He is ONLY the president. He doesn’t have the power to do anything that Congress won’t spend the money on and your Republicans won’t spend one dime if they don’t have to. They love cutting, cutting, cutting, remember jerkoff?

          11. mike January 7, 2017

            Court documents? Are you as deranged as you sound.
            “Doesn’t have power” republicans control the 3 branches of govt. He will get what he wants and then so from Congress.
            Time to stick your head back where the sun doesn’t shine, you know quite well where that is.
            You’re insane!

          12. Eleanore Whitaker January 7, 2017

            Yes…Court documents. You know? Those depositions, legal responses and any other proof. Don’t have it do you liar?

            In case you missed it, the Republicans have 2 less seats in the Senate than before the 2016 election and have lost quite a number of House Seats. And, Mr. Bossy, you and your Republicans all guilty of redistricting illegally. NC already went before the SC for that and lost. You want to try again?

            You bet you don’t. The US Constitution NEVER gave a majority so much authority as to be DICKtators. That’s only YOUR right wing ideology that believes that BS.

            Stand by…If we don’t get Trump on an illegitimate presidency, we’ll spend the next 4 years keeping him in court for all of that conflict of interest he is hiding. Get ready fat butt..your fat mouth is about to take the hit.

          13. David January 4, 2017

            Eleanore!!!! If you take away the votes in California, turns out that Hildebeast didn’t win the popular vote. With the electoral college, the weasel liberals in Nee York and California can’t run this country.
            By the way, are you getting used to saying, “President Trump” yet?

        2. mike January 3, 2017

          Really! “Trump and KKK” your delusion continues. For the record how many times was Big Al officially logged in the WH? Close to 100 offical times on the books and lord knows how many off the books.
          How many times did Trump meet with KKK? Nada!
          Simple-minded and narrowed-minded is all yours big A-aron.

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 3, 2017

            Mike, you’re doing a poor job being a PR man for the KKK and all of Trump’s other racist loyalists. Rather than pretend that you aren’t in bed with Trump and those pernicious influences that find Trump appealing, just admit that you are a member of their club.
            You would make a poor espionage agent.

          2. mike January 3, 2017

            Go ahead and ignore “Big Al” the racist, tax cheat and his many times at the WH.
            Looks like you too have joined the intellectually dishonest on the left, or are you just plain brain dead?

            A-aron, the Trump Derangement syndrome has really got you by the balls. Your hysteria continues to grow.

      4. Eleanore Whitaker January 3, 2017

        I always know when I get all too close to the truth about right wingers, Trump and his sex industry wife and Republican men, that little boys like Mikeee, suddenly tries to create the mirror image of right and wrong. Little boys always do that when they know Mommy is onto their games, right Mikee?

        First of all, ALL of the civil insurrection occurred in the Republican Confederacy. All of the mass murders with the exception of Newtown happened in Republican states where gun laws are non-existent. So, tell us all about the Civil unrest in those states Mr. Big Mouth little boy with no brains. And, a bigot white boy like you knows that in 2016 3 Georgia good ole good ole gun smuggler boys got their butts thrown in jail for trying to smuggle gungs into inner cities where you good ole good ole boys think selling Saturday night specials to minorities in these areas ONLY is your White BOY version of KKK herd culling right bigot boy?

        As for Obama, you can’t wipe the dirt off his shoes and you know it. You are not now nor EVER will be as smart as he is. He has made fools of your GOP so often in the last 8 years and all you good ole good ole boys do is makes jerks of yourselves. Do yourselves a favor morons. Stay in your DogPatch comfort zone where Mammy and Pappy Yokum can teach “yall alls” to yall your lives away like the good lil Confederates yall all are.

        Folks, Mikee loves blood, guts, gore, killing our kids and anything else he can do to make this country into a militarized zone. Look at who he voted for…Trump…the HUMP. Humping women is what Trump is most successful at. He, like Mikee believes stealing from his own employees to become a billionaire is fine and dandy. Gets Mikeee and Trump the Hump what they want. Too bad Mikee forget that there are others in this country not raised by sluts and womanizing Daddies who breed like cock roaches and then run off to their next breeding session.

        So tell us Mikeee…Which states have the greatest number on welfare? According to the GAO, that would be MS, MO, AL, KY, WV, LA and good ole good ole TN. Time for Mikee to realize there are 74 million very very angry voters who KNOW Republicans stole an election. For the last time. There won’t be anymore elections where Republicans win by Electoral College votes they deliberately rigged by increasing the number of electors in their states. How about we now demand that these Republican states prove that those Electors match the increase in their population numbers. Then, we will see how much the EC was rigged, Right MIkeeeeeee? Get a life. Yours is so low on the totem, you don’t even qualify for snakehood.

  11. PatrickHenry January 2, 2017

    As is usually the case, this article clearly shows the obvious, anti-White biases of Democrat-Socialist voters. They are the Party that put America in a U-Turn, by trying to “fundamentally transform” America through legislation, regardless of the Millions of whom they consider “Deplorable”.

    The reason Hillary & Socialism took a hit was Millions of average Americans lived through the corruption and failed policies of the Democrat-Socialist Party under Obama. His “magic” wore off, no matter how hard the MSM & their Party tried to convince us otherwise.

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 2, 2017

      As usual, you’re always primed to think in terms of us versus them, blacks versus the poor besieged whites as you like to think of yourself.
      You’re always expressing yourself as though your castle stronghold of all those who treasure “Whiteness” is under assault, and that you will be extinguished if you don’t fortify your castle against those awful blacks thirsting to take all you have acquired in life.
      It’s time to wake up from your over-active imagination and join the human race—not just the white race.

      1. PatrickHenry January 3, 2017

        On the contrary, it is the Democrat-Socialist Party that always uses race, always insinuates White America is the reason for the problems of minorities & women. They do this of course for votes, because without gimmicks, they would never get enough votes. Why they need to divide Americans, why they Always Oppose a balanced-budget amendment & term-limits.

        How about businesses that advertise, “Minorities & Women are encouraged to apply?” Another way of saying that is, “Everybody is encouraged to apply EXCEPT White males.”

    2. Eleanore Whitaker January 3, 2017

      Awww…what’s the matter White Boy…you earning $1 to the 80 cents women earned not enough MAN for you? How about you get over your Confederate BS? 74 million voted for Hillary. Now you think those 74 million will just allow 270 RIGGED Republican Electors to override those 74 million?

      As for your Hillary and Socialism BS, if you had your way, you would sitting on your fat Conboy butt stuffing your pockets with every dime of our tax dollars. What? Not enough Virginia gets 52% of the 57% earmarked for the miltiary? Not enough that Big Oil gets $17 billion? Or that your Republican states have the worst records of welfare, unemployment and phony claims for SSDI? Sorry if we don’t want to go back to heating homes with filthy carcinogenic coal.

      But do go back to the coal mines and see how fast you can kill yourself with black lung moron.

      1. PatrickHenry January 3, 2017

        You may be in luck, the next female President of the U.S. may be a woman after-all, but a Conservative Republican!

  12. Jim Samaras January 2, 2017

    The country was ready for the right black president we just chose the wrong one. Trump may be a knee jerk reaction to putting the divider in chief in office but will get the nation back on the right track

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 2, 2017

      A nice fantasy you constantly contemplate. Wishing for Trump to clean up his filthy act won’t make his transformation from a churl happen like magic.
      In case you haven’t noticed, Trump has distorted his soul to the point that only an External Source could straighten him out.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker January 3, 2017

        Sammy lives in La La land. His version of reality has him being a Rock Star. Ergo that long hair and phony baloney act of his. All we need to do know to take down these wingers is expose their phony acts. And expose we will.

  13. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 2, 2017

    It’s illuminating to hear two commenters below agree among themselves as to the source of America’s ills:

    Mike below had the following bizarre comment: “The job of a president is to appeal for peace in the streets, respect for the rule of law and to support police officers in their duty to clear the streets so that peace loving people can go about their daily lives without disturbance, vandalism and molestation.Obama has been an abject failure in this respect.”

    Jim Samaras, in response to this childish and superficial assessment of America’s plight, said the following: “All you say is true! I’m shocked that wasn’t spoken of in any of the many meetings Obama had with Al Sharpton in the oval office.”

    From this brief exchange we have a perfect reflection of a jaundiced view of what is overtaking the country. Both men are unable to understand the history and current trends, and have no notion of the concept of cause-and-effect. For Mike and Jim Samaras, everything happens in a limited and finite set of circumstances that they count on one hand, and all problems can be attributed to a bogey man or bogey men of one’s choosing.

  14. Eleanore Whitaker January 3, 2017

    Once you get passed the right wing version of “right” and “wrong,” you see ill bred, dumbed down lunatics who actually think they can just flip a switch and the dirty sexual deviant Trump will become Saint Donald of the Porn Industry. Both Sammy and his Mikee cheerleader fit into the same kind of slime that all wingers do…they slog around in slime for so long, they know believe it is “normal.” So you bet they want to normalize a dirtbag low life like Trump who screws his own daughter Ivankeeeee and can’t keep his hands off her boobs. You get his slitty eyed Russian wife helped him get the billions he borrowed from those Russian loan sharks of Putin’s. You bet Trump as he stated on New Year’s Day is the “only one who knows all about hacking.” Sure…when you are the one who owes the Russians big bucks, you bet you know “all about hacking.”

    Trump is already getting up the noses of Republicans because he is opening that big mouth like MIkeeeeeee and Sammy both do…and now Ryan, Gowdy, McConnell and Chaffetz who ALL knew all about the hacking and did nothing to stop it are scared like all little boys caught with their fingers in the cookie jar while one of their big mouths is about to unload on them.

    Funny situation isn’t it? It was okay for the Republicans to use Benghazi and EmailGAte to destroy Hillary and keep Americans distracted but now that the spotlight is on WHO in the GOP knew about the hacking, did nothing and are now taking the heat for Trump, are desperate to hide what they THINK we don’t know. They are as GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY as Trump and they think we will just “get over it.” Yeah…when pigs fly.


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