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Who Else Could Benefit From Romney’s ‘Retroactive’ Alibi?

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Who Else Could Benefit From Romney’s ‘Retroactive’ Alibi?


Republican strategist Ed Gillepsie, one of Romney’s senior advisers, claimed last Sunday (video above) that Mitt Romney had “retroactively retired” from Bain Capital.  But of course! Even though SEC filings show that Romney was still receiving a six-figure salary as the CEO, president, chairman, and sole stockholder of Bain through 2002, he had suddenly escaped the blame through a loophole in time. (Presumably Bain should be accepting applications for the CEO position between 1999 and 2002. Anyone interested may apply here.)

Other politicians might have wished they could take advantage, like Romney, of such magical retroactivity:


  1. William Deutschlander July 17, 2012

    Romney’s RETROACTIVE bullsh-t is beyond fiction, it is insanity!

    1. SaneJane July 17, 2012

      It also shows that he thinks the American people are really stupid. How can they think that insulting our intelligence on a daily basis will win anyone over? Unfortunately, it seems that about half the people are actually this stupid and believe, and actively defend, every outrageous claim.

  2. Dominick Vila July 17, 2012

    The idea that Mitt Romney is not responsible for the outsourcings recommended by Bain Capital to its clients because he was a CEO and President in absentia, and claims that he does not know how or where his sizable overseas investments are, may satisfy the faithful, but it is likely to be his downfall. The best thing he can do at this point is come clean, which may be too much to ask when you consider the likelihood of him not reporting all his investments and profits to the IRS. Ignorance is not an excuse when an IRS auditor finds wrongdoing in our tax returns, it should not be an excuse for a candidate for President of the USA. Mitt Romney needs more than a good running mate, he needs a miracle!

  3. joseph620 July 17, 2012


  4. joujou228 July 17, 2012

    He cited Kerry”’s wife who never ran for office. He doesn’t even have a credible argument. I don’t think this would be so damming if he were not running on his business record. What kind of businessman sign SEC documents and said he had nothing to do with this company? Is this the way he would run the country?

  5. GARY July 17, 2012

    Then one has to ask himself if the nation is ready for a non-Christian president. True Mormons put the Book of Mormon above the law of the United States. Can a Morman swear to uphold the laws of the United States when they may conflict with the word of Joseph Smith ? Then, if a person is not true to how they profess to believe in God, how can they be honest when dealing with men ?

  6. Amy Robillard July 17, 2012

    What stuns me is the number of idiots who plan to vote for this thieving, lying, well-connected low-life.

    I have said many times that the thing the American people need to be most afraid of is the brazen theft of this election through jerry-rigging the voting machines and deliberately skewing the results. This “voter fraud ” crap is another rethug attempt to grab all power. Remember the precinct in Ohio that recorded nearly 4,000 votes for bush when the entire district had fewer than 700 registered voters? That was made public because of the presence at closing time of someone who worked for the local public radio station. It went on the air ONCE and was gagged immediately. We all know Al Gore WON the vote. The rethugs will stop at NOTHING to destroy this country unless the people revolt. The bloodless way is make our voices loudly heard regarding our votes, and help EVERYONE you can get the required ID so this flagrant attempt to suppress the vote is stymied. Otherwise, the revolt is coming, and if anyone thinks the last civil war was bloody, wait.

    1. jarheadgene July 17, 2012

      OK Amy that is really BOLD….but do you seriously think ANYONE is willing to be the next John Brown….fyi…..he may have been the last Good Republican. That was when the party was worth something. Now they are Greed Over People lead by Gordon Gekko himself.

      1. jarheadgene July 17, 2012

        Abraham Lincoln is rolling over in his grave over ROMoNEY and the GOP.

  7. Melvin Chatman July 17, 2012

    Good imagination and creativity MITT.
    Having a “Flash Back” to the days of “W” where new and dynamic words were used to explain certain positions, like “STRATEEEGERY and now “RETROACTIVE”.
    If we keep up the destruction of our Educational System, our children will be as intelligent as these two guys – ain’t that GREAT?
    Then we could be known as the “Retro States of Retro Amercia – OOPS – America – My Bad!!

  8. Gammaanya July 17, 2012

    You people live in a lalala land. Romney will win, because the money machine will pay people to vote, just like they do now pay people to cheer and say all these stupid things. Second, I don’t recall that Kerry’s wife run for President nor I hear that Ann is running. Nobody is asking for Ann Income taxes but HIS. Some people do not see the difference because they are so racist and bought, and listen to Faux News, Limpy and Sarah Palin who see Russia from her window. Now Bachmann joins the crowd of insane, stupid, ignorant herd of sheep that 60% will follow with fear of Muslim, Communist, Marxist, Liberal, Democrat and the Devil himself and not American.. Minnesota people are just as dumb as ther Rep. Michelle Bachmann. They should seek help in her clinic and expect a miracle or they will be totally retarded. I wonder how they will bill ACA???
    By the way the true Americans are the Indians and see what the so called true Americans did to them – put them in reservations and we are in 21 Century. Expect under Romney to be back to plantations and only landowners have the rights. Wisconsin experienced that cheap ham and cheese sandwich for your vote. Boy people are cheap, but then who says they know what they are doing. None can think for themselves., they pick people who promise them everything under the sun and then makes them pay for THEIR stuff also.

  9. michelle2622 July 17, 2012

    This is another example of protecting him.If you are the CEO and president of your company you are AWARE of everything its doing.This man was getting paid $100.000.00 pr.yr.for those next two years his name continue to be on the letterhead! Mitt Romney also made $100 million from his IRA account!!! HOW? He has offshore accounta,plus a swiss bank account??!!When he tried to be the vice president he sent Sen.John McCain 12 years of his tax reports and Sen.John McCain choose Sarah Palin to be his running mate instead. His top five contributors to his campaign are 1.Sheldon Addelson,2.Bank of America,3.Wells Fargo,4.JPMorgan &Chase,5.Citi Bank!!! This man wants to ruin America again and if he’s elected be very afraid,because maybe the Mayan Indians did get it right.

  10. turnipgreens July 17, 2012

    And to think, here’s a guy that firmly believes that the little guys can be swayed to think that all is right with the GOP. All you have to do is bury your head in the sand, vote GOP and magically, we will suddenly reduce unemployment and put the entire country back to work with high paying jobs. Think about how some businesses have excess cash that they will have to release sooner or later. They plan to do so just after Romney wins in November so that the GOP can say how they will get credit for stimulating the economy in the right direction. But, what will they do with it when Obama wins? they have to turn it loose sooner or later. Regardless of who wins, they will have to pump new and old money into the economy. I look for the unemployment rate to drop into the 7% range by January 2013, and 6.5% by July 2013, but some businesses will spite their shareholders and hold back more of the cash they are holding.

    1. DurdyDawg July 17, 2012

      TG you hit a soft spot.. Indeed, b’ness will have to release their coffers sooner or later.. That’s what’s freaking the GOP. They’ve already told them they were willing to suppress hiring and expanding for four years because of what was promised them but after the four years it will cut into their profit margin so four more years will be out of the question especially when GOP will not be able to insure a win in 2016 so GOP is trying everything in (and off) the books to insure a win because when the economy is forced to stabilize in Obama’s second term you can bet the Pubs will have a rough time convincing the voters they are the answer come 2016. But with a win, THEY get the credit and it will look legitimate, clinching two terms at least. Oh yes, GOP is running scared and is willing to spend billions if need be to grab the highest seat.. Meanwhile (if O wins) expect economic recovery but continued filibustering and rebelliousness from the pubs if they aren’t at least replaced by more moralistic pubs.. 4.2 million dollars to keep his phony baloney position? Wonder what back pocket the Boner found that windfall in? Oh yeah, I forgot.. “Get millions, don’t tell”..

  11. jarheadgene July 17, 2012

    This guy must think Americans are REALLY REALLY STUPID, oh wait, we are.

    1. DurdyDawg July 17, 2012

      Speak for yourself jughea, uh! I mean.. jarhead. People ARE stupid but individuals aren’t.. (go figure that one out). Americans aren’t stupid, the media that feeds them lies and truths at their leisure are stupid.. How can you know who’s performing without a program? Who you gonna believe when two respected speakers tell us the opposite of the other? No, not stupid.. Just dumbed down.. It can be cured with absolute truths.

  12. DurdyDawg July 17, 2012

    That was both fun and entertaining Lynn.. Now for the result. All those scenarios could have worked if only they would have had Mitten’s brain pan, in fact once it caught on (legally) the chances of escalation would have become rampant while the sleepers scratched their heads and trudged on with their (semi-conscious) lives. What am I trying to say? If this scheme skates, who’s to say my theory won’t sprout wings and fly today? Just another mouth fart from a brainless nincompoop with a reality phobia.

  13. Fran July 17, 2012

    Remember..what a “Bully” he was in college..he thinks he is the most important person..he is so into the “me” generation and not into the “we” generation…he is always trying to outwit the people but, is a liar and a crook..just look at all of the homes that he owns..that is paid by the taxpayers monies as he works for the government and the taxpayers pays his salary…as well as his families insurance..as well as all of other government employees are paid with the taxpayers monies…he wears a mask believe me and when Bush stopped the rich from paying their fair share of taxes it not only got rid of a lot of government jobs for people and they lost their homes..and just think about this one..the people that work on the highways their salaries are at least $22.00 an hour are being paid by the taxpayers monies…so, you see if the rich would have continued to pay their fair of taxes more jobs like the state highway department jobs that have opened up would have increased for other people in other areas of work…this action by Bush crippled America severely for government workers as well as the middle class and the poor….that is one reason..that many thinks it is Obama’s fault that the recession is here..once the rich pays their fair taxes which the taxpayers monies is spent on the people in high places..their salaries their health insurance and their trips and vacations..etc..so, once the rich pay their fair share of taxes everything will straigthen out and even the programs for the poor will improve.. like the jobs will open up..it is the taxpers monies that pay everything and even pay for all of the homes that Mitt owns….and all of the top people in the government that have homes..all the governors for sure..I think that even the people that make 250,000 a year should be included..all people that are rich need to pay their fair of taxes since the taxpayers pay their salaries and everything for them..just think it is the taxpayers that are paying for Bush’s penison..it is a pity that so much is kept hidden from the public…

  14. ayaya July 17, 2012

    Today, Arizona Senator John McCain says that Sarah Palin was a “better candidate” than Mitt Romney in 2008, in what may be the least helpful defense of Romney’s tax return problem imaginable

  15. ralphkr July 17, 2012

    I love watching Ed Gillespie desparately fighting to keep from succumbing to hysterical laughter as he states “and retired retroactively…” I believe this comes under the heading of “Priceless”

  16. Merritt Birky July 20, 2012

    Why has no one addressed the connection of Mr. Romney’s failure to pay his share of personal income tax (off shore accounts, etc) and patriotism? Here we have a presidential candidate who, if elected, and as commander and chief, will make decisions about national security in which he will ask young men and women to give their lives to protect him and the nation, while he refuses to pay his fair share of taxes to protect the lives of these troops. Furthermore, this country has given him so much opportunity, but he is unwilling to give back. There is something fundamentally wrong with this man and his priorities.


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