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Why Seniors Are Turning Against The GOP


Why Seniors Are Turning Against The GOP


Grandma CGM

There’s something going on with seniors: It is now strikingly clear that they have turned sharply against the GOP. This is apparent in seniors’ party affiliation and vote intention, in their views on the Republican Party and its leaders, and in their surprising positions on jobs, health care, retirement security, investment economics, and the other big issues that will likely define the 2014 midterm elections.

We first noticed a shift among seniors early in the summer of 2011, as Paul Ryan’s plan to privatize Medicare became widely known (and despised) among those at or nearing retirement. Since then, the Republican Party has come to be defined by much more than its desire to dismantle Medicare. To voters from the center right to the far left, the GOP is now defined by resistance, intolerance, intransigence, and economics that would make even the Robber Barons blush. We have seen other voters pull back from the GOP, but among no group has this shift been as sharp as it is among senior citizens:

—In 2010, seniors voted for Republicans by a 21 point margin (38 percent to 59 percent). Among seniors likely to vote in 2014, the Republican candidate leads by just 5 points (41 percent to 46 percent.)

—When Republicans took control of the House of Representatives at the beginning of 2011, 43 percent of seniors gave the Republican Party a favorable rating.  Last month, just 28 percent of seniors rated the GOP favorably. This is not an equal-opportunity rejection of parties or government — over the same period, the Democratic Party’s favorable rating among seniors has increased 3 points, from 37 percent favorable to 40 percent favorable.

—When the Republican congress took office in early 2011, 45 percent of seniors approved of their job performance. That number has dropped to just 22 percent — with 71 percent disapproving.

—Seniors are now much less likely to identify with the Republican Party. On Election Day in 2010, the Republican Party enjoyed a net 10 point party identification advantage among seniors (29 percent identified as Democrats, 39 percent as Republicans). As of last month, Democrats now had a net 6 point advantage in party identification among seniors (39 percent to 33 percent).

—More than half (55 percent) of seniors say the Republican Party is too extreme, half (52 percent) say it is out of touch, and half (52 percent) say the GOP is dividing the country. Just 10 percent of seniors believe that the Republican Party does not put special interests ahead of ordinary voters.

—On almost every issue we tested — including gay rights, aid to the poor, immigration, and gun control — more than half of seniors believe that the Republican Party is too extreme.

What do seniors care about now?  Our Democracy Corps July National Survey found that:

—89 percent of seniors want to protect Medicare benefits and premiums.

—87 percent of seniors want to raise pay for working women.

—79 percent of seniors think we need to expand scholarships for working adults.

—77 percent of seniors want to expand access to high-quality and affordable childcare for working parents.

—74 percent of seniors want to cut subsidies to big oil companies, agribusinesses, and multinational corporations in order to invest in education, infrastructure, and technology.

—66 percent of seniors want to expand state health insurance exchanges under Obamacare.

All of these issues will be critical to the national debate as the 2014 election nears. The more seniors hear from Republicans on these and other issues, the more we can expect the GOP’s advantage among this important group to decline. And we can count on one thing in 2014: Seniors will vote.


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  1. DownriverDem August 7, 2013

    It’s about time. I just couldn’t understand why those who collect and need Social Security and Medicare would vote for repubs who want to destroy them.

    1. hjs3 August 7, 2013

      What’s even scarier? Try and figure out how Romney only lost by 5-million votes?

      1. edwardw69 August 7, 2013

        I don’t care if it was one vote, he lost, and that’s all that counts.

      2. Steph in Texas August 7, 2013

        But what’s so great about Romney’s loss is how he and the GOP were so CERTAIN they were winning, up to election night! That was truly rich… I loved the footage of the Obama supporters on election night showing the incredible JOY of victory, and the beautiful acceptance staging for the First Family that night!

        1. edwardw69 August 7, 2013

          Yes, that was something. I kept thinking that they knew something I didn’t–like all the polls were wrong. I had actually resigned myself to a vodka breakfast on Wednesday morning, when I woke up to the fact that Fox had outfoxed itself with their lies.

        2. hjs3 August 7, 2013

          Ah c’mon the temper tantrum re-runs of Karl Rove refusing the obvious over on FAUX were simply delicious…..
          Just the cherry on top!

          1. AttilatheBlond August 7, 2013

            Especially satisfying when one considers what Rove might have paid to make sure of Ohio. Nothing like a hack block to put the turd blossom into a snit.

          2. hjs3 August 7, 2013

            He did it to Kerry and got away with it….
            How many ballots did they find in that dumpster again?

          3. AttilatheBlond August 7, 2013

            Yep, but the hackers said they found his guys’ routes into the voting machines and blocked them. I am inclined to believe the hackers cuz we know Rove steals.

          4. NCSteve August 8, 2013

            I’m not one to buy conspiracy theories, but the evidence regarding 2004 and what the hackers said combined with his onscreen tantrum in 2012 is pretty hard to ignore. I’ve also always suspected that for some reason, that sneaky little s**t in the Ohio SOS office, was supposed to be in charge of the op but lost his nerve at the last minute for some reason.

          5. AttilatheBlond August 8, 2013

            Good theory about the SOS in Ohio. Once Anonymous made comments about finding the hack and blocking it, there was probably some real panic among the GOP operatives in Ohio. Whether or not Anonymous’ claim/threat was real, the GOP guys are bullies and we all know bullies are cowards.

            As to 04, even gW knew he was beaten. You could see it in his posture when he got out of the chopper on election night. Karen Hughes was distraught. Then suddenly, the whole thing just rolled his way. The only thing that made me madder was how Kerry just rolled over and took it. Yeah, Rove gets the big bucks because he has no ethical boundaries. He doesn’t take America seriously and, like you, I am pretty convinced by the past plus his 2012 tantrum.

            Good to see you, NCSteve.

          6. NCSteve August 8, 2013

            The story I read said that Bush and Rove got the exit polls out of Ohio and Bush basically said “welp, that’s that,” then Rove said, and I think this is an exact quote, “let me make some calls.” A few minutes later, he comes rolling back in with excellent news.

          7. Vanbren5 August 8, 2013

            I honestly believe he was waiting to see how FL and VA played out

          8. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

            You are correct.

          9. idamag August 8, 2013

            What about the faulty voting machines put out by Diebold who gave large sums to Bush?

          10. AttilatheBlond August 8, 2013

            Something about Diebold most miss: After 2000 and going into 04, the banks in this nation were forced to buy new Diebold machines when the Treasury changed how they would handle check processing. Instead of actually sending checks to central processing centers (which is why everyone got a day or two of ‘float’ time) checks were run through the new Diebold machines at the banks (no matter how small) where they were deposited. Instant cash out or your account. But when every bank HAD to buy the machines, THAT was a huge pay-off to Diebold. They had to just LOVE team bush.

          11. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

            What is most important is that they love Team Obama now.

          12. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

            That problem has been solved.

          13. glogrrl August 29, 2013

            Something like 60,000 (and that was just one Dumpster). When I went to bed at midnight on Election Night, the media said Kerry pretty much had it in the bag, and the Bushes looked pretty downcast….then I woke up to 4 more years of Bush!! Coincidence? I don’t think so.

          14. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

            I stayed up very late and thus got to see the coy knowing smiles on the faces of the entire Bush family while they sat around together and “waited” for Ohio to change the outcome.

          15. gramiam44 August 8, 2013

            Gotta love Anonymous!

          16. 80mgsProzac August 10, 2013

            I’m an old lady that has ended up with no savings, debt and an insultingly low salary. Watching Anonymous do what they do makes me happy. It is good to know that there are ethical people out there that are willing to protect us. I have lived long enough to have watched the transfer of wealth to the 1%. Knowing Anonymous is out there makes me feel as though we’re being protected by Robin Hood.

          17. ellenry August 12, 2013

            We were not affluent but comfortable until the Bush depression hit..lost $25,000 on our 401K and then as things spiraled downward, in the last 2 years we both got laid off We had to sell our house because the only job my hubby could find was 1000 miles away. The house was upside down and cost us $5000 to sell it and another $3000 to move across country. We have a huge CC debt. We are now living check to check in an 800 sq ft apartment. I’m turning 65 and can’t find anyone that will hire me. I only get $560/month SS and now they will take $100 of that out for medicare. Why anyone supports the GOP is beyond my understanding

          18. 4sanity4all August 23, 2013

            And sadly, many people who once were doing well have a story similar to yours. I just do not understand how anyone with common sense or compassion could fall for the GOPs baloney about ‘takers’.

          19. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

            Free legal advice: Let all the credit card debt go into default and then hire an attorney (do not pay more than $1,000) to get the Feds to eat most if not all the defaulted credit card debt under one of several great programs. Google HARP.

          20. walldodger1969 August 7, 2013

            imho.. he thought he could steal it …one more time by the back door ( machine tampering)… and it was blocked by anonymous …..one day some one will write a book.

          21. hjs3 August 7, 2013

            The “spoilage count” that had worked for the Repukes in ’00 with Katherine Harris in Florida and Blackwell in ’04 simply wasn’t going to float in ’12. Seriously at what point doesn’t it become embarrassing?

          22. Teto85 August 8, 2013

            That’s the problem. They have no shame and they show no embarrassment because they believe they are not doing anything wrong.

          23. AttilatheBlond August 8, 2013

            Only wrong if they get caught seems to be the attitude of the GOP.

          24. Teto85 August 8, 2013

            And even then they act like the victim. “How dare you accuse me of wrongdoing. That digital recording is faked.”

          25. idamag August 10, 2013

            I think they think that the populous is not paying any attention.

          26. Teto85 August 10, 2013

            There is that but I think they just have the gall to think that it doesn’t matter to them who knows.

          27. ellenry August 12, 2013

            They aren’t embarrassed because they are sociopaths. They honestly believe that if THEY want it, that is all that is important. If it feathers their nest, if it helps a crony, or a cousin is good, what it does to the common man isn’t important. And then you get R. Murdoch and the Koch Brothers who have a malicious intent..They want society to be like the Hunger Games with everyone reduced to abject poverty and our only purpose…to support the small city of the vastly wealthy.

          28. Teto85 August 12, 2013

            I wasn’t going to go there with describing them as sociopathic, but you have made the most accurate assessment I have read concerning the situation. The Hunger Games analogy is most chilling. I guess I need to pull out the guillotine and get it ready.

          29. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

            It is MUCH WORSE than that: The new American Greed Boys believe that they can (and SHOULD) do whatever they want in order to gain control of all the wealth in America. Why?
            Because the end (i.e., you and me in control) justifies the means.
            New American Creed: Go ahead and lie, cheat and steal as long as you believe you are ordained by God to be in complete total control and “in charge” of the American people.
            Britain’s King George tried that back in the 1700s; remember?

          30. gramiam44 August 8, 2013

            BTW, The lovely, articulate and black legislator, Nina Turner of Ohio is running to replace the GOP tool who tried his best to steal the 2012 election. “I am running for secretary of state because I believe Ohio needs to be the gold standard for elections,” Turner said

          31. Teto85 August 8, 2013

            Thanks for the info. I be sure to send a donation to her campaign.

          32. gramiam44 August 8, 2013

            Happy to share. The only way we are going to get this country back on track is to support those who fight hard for the real Constitution.

          33. Aggie L August 9, 2013

            Nina has been working for the people a long time. She could kick the daylights ouf of any GOP candidate!

          34. infadelicious August 8, 2013

            lovely articulate and black?? gee joe biden…..is she “clean” too? sheesh!………..try some better reasons for voting for someone than those you mentioned…….that is just sad……….lots of people are lovely articulate and black and lots are lovely aritculate and white but they still shouldn’t be in office………..have a great day

          35. enkelin August 8, 2013

            Hoiw about she is honest and has the people’s interests at heart and not the corporations

          36. infadelicious August 8, 2013

            Now you see, honest I like……..that would pique my interest and I would definitely want to know more ………….I know nothing about her-maybe she is good… but ive seen politicians from both sides turn into totally different people once elected , so i say all of em need to be vetted..from all parties, black, white, purple with polka dots…….all of em………….

          37. enkelin August 8, 2013

            Yes I have seen many politicians turn as well. When they shift from being a spectator and critic to the Captain at the helm and understand all the job entails they often change their tune. I liken it to the people complain about power company workers after a hurricane or blizzard when they are seen taking a break. I say let that person try that job for one week and they would sing a different tune.

          38. ellenry August 12, 2013

            NC is a perfect example McCorey ran as a moderate for Governor and as soon as he got in he turned Tea-party on us, disgusting!

          39. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

            You are wasting your time on this pro-Obama thread bozo.

          40. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

            How is your racism working out for you?

          41. infadelicious August 31, 2013

            Try reading more than one post in a thread. Have someone read it to you. I did not bring up skin colour. I merely pointed out that content of character and past accomplishments of candidates may be a better way to pick a representative. I guess joe Biden and MLK were racists too. Have a blessed day:-)

          42. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

            Racists very rarely “…bring up skin colour (sic).” That’s because they are cowards. They also think no one will notice that they hate black people (or Mexicans, Aisans, whatever) if they do not mention race or color.

          43. infadelicious August 31, 2013

            So I suppose that al sharp ton and Jesse Jackson are not racist because they exist to point out white on black crimes and now white hispanic on black crimes only, real or imagined, Race pimp is a very lucrative career. Al wears a fine Rolex they can’t be racist because they mention skin colour. What a crock !!

          44. THS_Warrior September 1, 2013

            FYI: I am a very experienced civil trial attorney who learned
            long ago not to spend valuable (billiable) time entertaining untrained humans who try to impress other untrained humans with circular reasoning. Accordingly I will not respond to your example.

          45. infadelicious September 1, 2013

            You just did reply and like your buddy byrdy you must have the last word so go ahead take it Oh and excuse me if I’m not impressed with your “experience” Your use of racist is boring try other insults or labels. Thats typically how leftist freaks react when someone has a different viewpoint Go fling poo at someone else from your cage –now have the last word if it will make ya feel better Mr Attorney. You are dismissed . Haha! have a nice evening

          46. idamag September 1, 2013

            And, as an attorney, you realize that provable facts is the key.

          47. infadelicious September 1, 2013

            Provable facts? He has only name calling and labels. ” it ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble , it’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so”. Mark Twain

          48. THS_Warrior September 1, 2013

            Yes, of course. But truth be told: All experienced trial attorneys learn early-on that the “provable facts” are whatever facts that the judge “finds from the evidence” or whatever facts the jury is convinced to believe by successful attorneys. The real key is in knowing more about the “facts” than anyone else does, and then knowing how and what to do to win.

          49. plc97477 August 10, 2013

            Nina Turner is great. I hope she makes it.

          50. AttilatheBlond August 8, 2013

            Somebody did write a TV show script, but most people aren’t connecting that to reality.

          51. Steve Davis August 9, 2013

            How was he gonna steal it? Obama could have given up Ohio and still comfortably won.

          52. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

            We only know Ohio “did not matter in the end” from hindsight. Karl (Marx) Rove and his Anti-American Greed Boy followers were not privy to the final state by state outcomes in 2012. Nor will they ever be again.

          53. Sand_Cat August 7, 2013

            I loved the way he was nearly in tears at one point. That made the whole year worthwhile!

          54. Jo Hargis August 8, 2013

            It’s the only time EVER I purposely changed my TV to Fox. I am just one of many who say this =) It was absolutely glorious watching Rove melt.

          55. Aggie L August 9, 2013

            I was watching with my sister on the phone. She turned over to Faux and gave me a blow by blow of the meltdown. Aaaaaahhhhhh.

          56. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

            Little fat boys look pitiful when they sweat too.

          57. Beth Dalton August 8, 2013

            It was like Christmas came early in 2012! 😀

          58. infadelicious August 8, 2013

            Christmas? Don’t you mean holiday season?

          59. TheTransactionTaxdotOrg August 12, 2013

            Get off that old drum — businesses and institutions use “Holiday Season” because they have employees, customers, etc. of various beliefs — but the institution still sharing an inclusive greeting.

            People are free to wish Merry Christmas or any other greeting they wish… Sheesh

          60. infadelicious August 12, 2013

            Come on lighten up! Just poking fun at how ridiculous things have become. People look for things that are supposed to offend them and/or a certain group of people. I say Shalom Aleichem !

          61. TheTransactionTaxdotOrg August 12, 2013

            We are cool then — שָׁלוֹם עֲלֵיכֶם

          62. infadelicious August 12, 2013


          63. Beth Dalton August 17, 2013

            I would have said holiday then. 😀

          64. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

            Please stop playing the clown. There are too many Clown-Boys in the GOP now. Go post on the WT or some other rightwing rag.

          65. infadelicious August 31, 2013

            Right! Petulant clown in chief hates any competition. He’s in clown category all by himself. Red line. ..paper tiger idiot in chief

          66. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

            Congratulations. I see you have gained a total of three “plus” votes since 9:00 am this morning. Your batting average has improved from .000 to .003 in the last five hours.

          67. infadelicious August 31, 2013

            Thanks for noticing THC. I didnt think the leftist freaks kept score. Doesn’t everyone get a ribbon for participation? Obozo got a “peace” prize for doing nuttin’. So keeping score is meaningless. Have an infadelicious day. Shalom Aleichem

          68. Dana Blankenhorn August 8, 2013

            Only election of my lifetime where I should have been watching Fox all night. But their smugness during the early returns got me scared…my bad.

          69. hjs3 August 8, 2013

            Everyone’s a thier bunch of those…

          70. Sand_Cat August 12, 2013

            I hope you caught the reruns: I think a bunch of the other channels showed at least some of it several times. If not, I should think it would be on YouTube. DEFINITELY NOT TO BE MISSED!

          71. Linda Hundley Shaffer August 12, 2013

            He paid good money for that election and could not believe it had been stolen.

          72. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

            His money-bag contributors are taking it out on him big-time too.
            I even heard Lush Rimbaugh ragging on Karl (Marx) Rove a day or two after the call; Lush also believed Mitt Romney was going to unseat President Obama. Hahahahahahaha!!!

          73. plc97477 September 2, 2013

            It is debatable how good the money was though.

          74. glogrrl August 29, 2013

            Yeah….I saw that in real time ( never watch Fox, but when MSNBC called it for Obama, I flipped over to Fox just to see Rove’s reaction–it was gloriously satisfying)….then had to watch it on YouTube over and over and over again….it was just too spectacularly fabulous!

        3. Saaby000 August 8, 2013

          The minute I heard the 47% recording I was the happiest person on the planet. I knew he was doomed. 🙂

          1. Fern Woodfork August 11, 2013

            Romney Is A Sore Loser He Cut Off His Staff Members In The Middle Of Them Taking Taxis After Midnight Going Home After He Lost!! Priceless!!! 🙁

        4. Teto85 August 8, 2013

          Rove is still trying to flip Ohio.

          1. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013


        5. MrRubble August 11, 2013

          The hate that spilled over on Nate Silver and his last laugh were just as precious.was

        6. Ohjeezareez August 12, 2013

          Indeed, it was a night I relive again and again, with a smile on my face.

        7. glogrrl August 29, 2013

          They thought that they had disenfranchised so many minorities and poor people who vote Democratic….and I think they had rigged some machines in Ohio (remember KKKarl Rove’s freak-out when the media called the election for Obama BEFORE all the Ohio votes were in?)—and of course, all the raving looney pundits on Fox had predicted with confidence that Romney was going to win….Those Foxbots are pliable sheeple who believe whatever Rush and all those fools on Fox tell them as gospel.

      3. gramiam44 August 8, 2013

        hjs3, who says it was only 5 million? We will never know just how many votes weren’t counted, machines weren’t tampered with etc.

        1. hjs3 August 8, 2013

          Point well taken…

        2. Sand_Cat August 12, 2013

          And of course, we all know that lots of the takers voted 9 or 10 times, courtesy of Catskinner.

          1. gramiam44 August 12, 2013

            With all the screaming and ranting about voter fraud since 2008, out of millions of votes cast there were only about 60-80 cases of voter fraud. There were far more cases where votes were tossed out by crooked polling officials.

          2. plc97477 September 2, 2013

            Most of the voter fraud seems to be coming from the right also.

      4. CPAinNewYork August 8, 2013

        The 2012 election was so close because a lot of white people couldn’t bring themselves to vote for a black man.

        1. DownriverDem August 8, 2013

          Well this white woman did and could. I would never vote for repubs. They hate everyone but old crusty white men who drag their women along with them.

          1. topjob66t August 9, 2013

            And this old white guy voted for Obama … twice! (Nice seeing you here downriverdem.)

        2. gramiam44 August 8, 2013

          I find that incredibly sad. This man is the “real deal”. He cares about people and works very hard in our best interests. I don’t agree with him 100%, but compared to who else is available out there he is the best choice. I stopped thinking about him as black about 5 minutes after his first Inauguration. Those who are still beating THAT dead horse need to get over themselves…quickly!

        3. hjs3 August 8, 2013

          Down by 20% but far less problematic than Romney’s 44% GULP with Hispanics

        4. enkelin August 8, 2013

          This white Texan woman did too, twice

          1. CPAinNewYork August 8, 2013

            You’re reminiscent of Chicago, where even dead people get to vote.

          2. enkelin August 8, 2013

            Perhaps I should have said in 2008 and again in 2012, but I made the mistake of assuming you knew he had two different elections.

          3. CPAinNewYork August 9, 2013

            You wrote that you voted twice. Learn to write properly.

        5. toptwome August 8, 2013

          It was amazingly easy when President Obama was the smartest, most caring, decent and well spoken of all the candidates. Very easy both times.

      5. NCSteve August 8, 2013

        Losing by 5 million votes when the unemployment rate is as high as it was at the time is actually pretty damn humiliating.

        1. CPAinNewYork August 8, 2013

          I don’t think that the people blamed Obama for the high unemployment rate. There seemed to be a suspicion that the conservative big business element intentionally kept hiring down to embarrass Obama. I’m referring to the Ohio coal mine owner, “Papa” John Schnatter and the like.

          1. infadelicious August 8, 2013

            yes the great coal mine no -hiring conspiracy … who can forget that? hahahaha…….

          2. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

            You must actually enjoy receiving all negative votes; are you some sort of self-abuser too?

          3. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

            There was no “suspicion” about it. It was (and still is) true. Many small businessmen have cut back on the number of jobs they usually have; and many others have reduced the hours worked by their long-time employees, trying to avoid having to provide access to healthcare insurance.
            The ones who hate President Obama are still claiming that they are “just being cautious” when in fact they are holding America down, trying to “punish” President Obama and the Democrats.
            Anyone who thinks small businessmen are fearful of making money and worried about America’s economic future are kidding themselves. Everyone will be very surprised when we see what’s coming in 2015-2016, when President Obama has absolutely no one to worry about any more.

          4. plc97477 September 2, 2013

            I choose the places I shop by how well they treat their employees. They will feel their mistake on their bottom line.

      6. plc97477 August 10, 2013


        1. hjs3 August 10, 2013

          Yup, but that was a given…
          Both Romney/Ryan promoted that and Jeeps being made in China at the tail end of that disastrous campaign…

      7. EZ2figure August 18, 2013

        Voter ID laws, in the Red States, of course!

    2. Fern Woodfork August 7, 2013

      The GOP/Tea Party Congress Now Has An Approval Rating Of 7% And Falling LOL Looks Like They Nearing Their End Of Major Power Here In The USA!! The Sooner The Better!!! 🙂

      1. idamag August 8, 2013

        Except, I don’t expect the kind of people, who send people like we have in the house, to congress to get smart.

        1. toptwome August 8, 2013

          Yes there are some very mean, spiteful and hateful republicans who should never vote for republicans who are against the middle class and every benefit that matters to our lives. But they get that hate from fox and other conservative sites and vote against every benefit they need.

      2. plc97477 August 10, 2013

        Unfortunately even though they think congress is worthless most of them still think their own representatives are doing a bang up job. It’s just the other guys that are POS’s.

    3. Russell Byrd August 8, 2013

      Too many people are “single issue” voters that use their vote to “nullify.” They are often driven by bigotry, or even racism, to vote against their own interests. Such as anti-gay and anti gay marriage. For instance, I vote Repub, even though Paul Ryan will kill me and my spouse with his Medicare vouchers that only buy a few office visits. God will welcome me with open arms because I mistreated another of His creatures. Not to dwell on gay issues, but that is the reason that the myth of “choosing’ to be gay is so important to the righties. If gays were made that way by an all knowing and infallible God, then those bigots would be damned for hating them. So it HAS to be a choice. . . . My conclusion is their god is made in their image, but that is another long discussion.

      Sorry for the off-topic soapbox sermon.

      1. Kurt CPI August 8, 2013

        Good points. And, as an independent, I would point out that too many people won’t even consider a candidate (republican, democrat, third party, independent, et.al.) who is not a member of their party regardless of their positions on various issues. That kind of unconditional loyalty should be reserved for one’s life partner – not their elected leaders.

        1. DownriverDem August 8, 2013

          Why do you think that is? I’ll tell ya why. Once a person gets to Washington they are taken under the wing of the party they ran with. Look to what the candidate’s party stands for. That is how they will be in Washington. Now with the teabaggers it’s even worse for the repubs which makes me laugh big time.

          1. Kurt CPI August 8, 2013

            I understand why, but there’s more to consider. If the government were all Republican, we’d all be serfs working for one of three corporations. If it were all Democrats, we’d soon be bankrupt and we’d be safer and less-informed as a result of giving up some of our rights. To dismiss the favorable aspects of either of the two philosophies (and yes, both have highly honorable tenets as well as unrealistic aspirations) is to go down a dangerous road. Just sayin’…

          2. enkelin August 8, 2013

            If you actually looked at the record, Going back to Reagan the republican party has blown up the deficits and debt much more and any democratic President. RR tripled the National debt, GHWB took it up another 2 trillion almost doubling it. Clinton only allowed it to rise by half a trillion and the national debt was on a tragectory to be PAID OFF by 2010. GWB got in office and Ayn Randian Greenspan got him to cut taxes on billionaires TWICE all the while starting two wars. NEVER IN THIS NATION’S HISTORY HAVE WE GONE TO WAR AND CUT TAXES.. Insanity. Now with the worst recession since the great depression to deal with Obama is finally getting the deficits under control, 2013 is projected to fall to 600 Billion. Republicans while they say they are fiscally responsible have provent to the the most fiscally IRRESPONSIBLE party of all.

          3. plc97477 August 10, 2013

            You don’t really understand history much. Apparently you have missed the part about the economy being much better under dems, And that the loss of most of our rights happened under repugs.

          4. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

            Let me guess: You are a Libertarian, right?

        2. enkelin August 8, 2013

          Wake me up when a Democrat is even remotely worse for a working person than a Republican. Who is always trying to raise the minimum wage and Who is always trying to block them. Who has passed laws to help working people take care of their sick loved ones with the family leave act, and who fought it tooth and nail. Who took away overtime from certain employees and want to end all the labor protections like the 40 hour week for everyone and Who has held the line on them not destroying the NLRB and all the labor protections like the Lilly Ledbetter act. I think it is pretty clear starting with Reagan busting the Patco union who is against the worker and who is for the working person. Republicans have hated American workers for the last 35 years and Democrats have stopped them from destroying the middle class completely. I dont need to know much about a Republican to know they would hurt me if they could because not only am I a working person but Im a woman. This post would go on forever if I listed all the things they want to do to hurt women. And BTW a vote for a third party is a vote for the Republicans, just ask Ralph Nader.

          1. Kurt CPI August 8, 2013

            Well, here we go back into the topic of the global economy and the US position in that. Some Republicans (no, not those Republicans) have some great ideas for spurring the economy, creating jobs (real jobs – not government sponsored ones) and reducing our deficits in budget and trade. To President Obama’s credit, the budget deficit is getting smaller. So my point is that if you look only for the good in one side and only for the bad in the other, that’s exactly what you’ll find. Both camps have their pros and cons.

          2. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

            “And BTW a vote for a third party is a vote for the Republicans, just ask Ralph Nader.” Not always. Just ask George HW Bush, who clearly remembers that crazy multi-billionaire Texan named H. Ross Perot, who helped America elect President Bill Clinton.
            Third party candidates can be useful to either main party.

          3. enkelin August 31, 2013

            True, the Republicans learned that from that election. That is why the TEA party runs as Republicans and not as Libertarians.

          4. THS_Warrior September 1, 2013

            Yes, Forrest Gump’s momma was right: “Stupid is as stupid does.” IMO the TP’s “strategy” of defeating the very senior Republicans in the primaries and then supporting novices for the seats formerly held by the senior Republicans merely insures that senior Democrats end up occupying most of the senior slots on the most important committees. The seniority system cannot be ignored with impunity.

          5. enkelin September 1, 2013


        3. idamag August 10, 2013

          This is a sad situation. Here, in my state, we had a real nut job in congress. He spewed the most hateful vitrol on anyone,but him, in government. Although Sali was a Republican, he said some awful things about the Republican governor. When they asked the governor if he was going to vote for sali’s opponent, the governor said he could not vote Democrat so he just wouldn’t vote at all.

          1. plc97477 August 10, 2013

            Good morning, ida.

          2. Kurt CPI August 10, 2013

            That might be considered sad, or in the case of a governor it might just be safe. I suppose it’s no great revelation that party politics define the actions of the politicians their party supports. It’s the blue collar workers, college students, small business owners – you know, the working class – who get trapped into a single way of thinking. Just like someone who won’t buy any soda other than Coca Cola, or any car other than a Ford, their reasons for both of those are based on blind loyalty to a brand. With soda or cars, it makes little difference. But a politician is in a position to do plenty of good or plenty of harm. I’ve never voted a party ticket in my life. To just blindly cast your fate to the party (whichever one) and trust that any candidate they put forth will automatically have your best interest in mind is a bigger leap of faith than I’m willing to make.

          3. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

            So I guess you are saying that politicians who call themselves “Libertarians” are somehow fundementally different from other politicians who admit they belong to one of the two major political parties? How does your belief in a system of political elitism now called Libertarianism square with the concepts of equality?

          4. Kurt CPI August 31, 2013

            Not saying that at all. I’m saying that the good of the party often trumps the good of the country and that a concientious voter will distinguish between the two before just choosing any ole candidate that a party puts forth. This is a country, not a religion.

          5. THS_Warrior September 1, 2013

            As a educated human who has apparently chosen to associate with the Libertarian Party you must be aware that the founders of this great nation invented and clearly favored the two party system, and no doubt assumed that their model would continue into the indefinite future. (Please note that they were correct.)
            History also teaches that the same two political parties existing
            in the beginning have changed names and morphed quite a bit over the centuries; but the fact remains that no third party has yet managed to attach or append itself to the American political system for any length of time.
            If you will, please tell me why you suppose the two party system remains etched in stone today?

          6. idamag September 1, 2013

            Many of the founders were against parties. James Madison said they would divide and cause chaos. We can see his prediction come true.

          7. THS_Warrior September 1, 2013

            I find that very difficult to believe. James Madison may have been opposed to LIMITING the number of political parties allowed (several founders wanted to limit the number to two); but he dang sure was NOT opposed to allowing the People to do whatever they wanted, so long as it was lawful. IMO, no founder who agreed with the People’s inherent right of freedom to assemble, freedom of expression and the freedom to seek redress of grievances could have opposed the People’s right to form as many political parties as they wanted. Duh.

          8. idamag September 7, 2013

            Read, “The Rise of American Democracy.” I cannot remember who the author is, but he uses quotes and cites sources. Yes, James Madison said that. I know it is hard to fathom a government without political parties, because it has always been there. However, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were all against political parties.

          9. THS_Warrior September 8, 2013

            I am not prepared to argue published “facts” that I have never read with you or anyone else. Please clean your brain of all information and “facts” you have heard and read about “the founders” and then tell me if it makes sense to you that a sane human professting to believe in freedom of expression and freedom of assembly could also entertain exact opposite views and be opposed to political parties? I think not.
            Therefore, if the unknown author of the book you cite is correct
            there can be only one rational explanation: That Washington, Jefferson and Madison LOST that important issue (along with several others) when forced to accept ten amendments to the main text before the states would ratify the Constitution. (Most individual rights are established in the first ten amendments.)

          10. Kurt CPI September 1, 2013

            First, most of the founders were opposed to political parties, including Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. However, the party system as we know it was born while Washington was still president. The original parties were essentially divided on the role of the federal government. Those who favored a strong Federal government on one hand (“federalists”), Adams being one of the most vocal advocates, or others who favored a high degree of state autonomy, the federal government only legislating where necessary to resolve conflicts between states (the Jeffersonian faction). Although Jefferson and Adams were bitter rivals, each respected the other for the reasoning behind their positions. They opposed each other in Congress, but corresponded right up until their deaths (both on July 4, 1826 – 50 years to the day after the signing of the declaration of Independence). The two party system has survived because the “morphing” you speak of has continued to reflect timely versions of the two visions of how our republic should be governed. I’m not a member of the Libertarian party (or any other party). I identify myself as a centrist. There’s good and bad in all party philosophies. Let me guess that you are a confirmed Democrat? But surely as a thinking person you must find some fault in the party dogma! From my perspective Republicans have corrupted the Jeffersonian mantra of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” to mean “life liberty and the pursuit of wealth and power so long as you pay the piper”. Democrats want to “spread the wealth”, basically take from my $75,000 annual household income (for which my wife and I work at least 100 hours a week) and give it to people who don’t have to do anything for it (and they know it), or pay government employees with my tax dollars who are doing the same job with far less individual responsibility 40% more in wages and who knows how much in benefits (we have no health insurance except for myself because it’s provided by my employer, we can’t take a vacation because we run a business, we have no pension plan – we finance our own 401k). So when you ask about fairness, I ask fair to who? The two party system will be around long after I’m gone, nothing short of anarchy at the level we’re seeing in Egypt and Syria will bring that down. But there’s a balance provided by embracing the good points of both philosophies and fighting against the oppression – which manifests itself in many forms. I stick to my assessment that voting for a party instead of voting for a candidate is akin to cultism. The founders gave the people every tool to insure the power remained vested in the people, not the parties.

          11. THS_Warrior September 2, 2013

            First responses aimed at these questions: “Let me guess that you are a confirmed Democrat?” Response: I was raised as a Republican and voted that way until 1972 when I realized that President Richard Nixon (who I strongly supported in 1968) had intentionally lied to my face and lied to all of America when he said he “had a secret plan to end the Vietnam war.” I have not ever voted for another Republican for president since then because I have never seen an honest Republican candidate since Eisenhower.
            “But surely as a thinking person you must find some fault in the party dogma!” Response: Yes, of course I cannot and do not just accept everything the Democrats say about every issue. But at least the Democrats I support are open and honest about what they want to do in office.
            “From my perspective Republicans have corrupted the Jeffersonian mantra of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” to mean “life liberty and the pursuit of wealth and power so long as you pay the piper”. Response: You made my point about the basic dishonesty among Republicans.

          12. THS_Warrior September 2, 2013

            Second set of responses to these other comments from you:
            “Democrats want to “spread the wealth”, basically take from my $75,000 annual household income (for which my wife and I work at least 100 hours a week) and give it to people who don’t have to do anything for it (and they know it)…” Response:
            I am willing to bet you would NOT trade places with any of the dirt-poor people who “…don’t have to do anything for it…” Admit that and perhaps you will soften your cold heart.
            “.,,,or pay government employees with my tax dollars who are doing the same job with far less individual responsibility 40% more in wages and who knows how much in benefits…”
            Response: If you really believe that BS why not go get a “great government job” yourself?
            “we have no health insurance except for myself because
            it’s provided by my employer” Response: That just changed thanks to the Democrats. “we can’t take a vacation because we run a business” Response: Please stop whining. I ran my own busineses for 30 years, never missed one vacation.
            “…we have no pension plan – we finance our own 401k).” Response: You made all these choices yourself. Please stop blaming the government for your poor choices.

          13. Kurt CPI September 2, 2013

            You are a government employee, you’re not fooling anyone. One could search for weeks and not find a greater testament to hypocrisy than the one provided by your post. Your utter contempt for people who have tried to live the American dream by starting their own businesses shows the true colors of party politics. You shield yourself under the banner of “social justice” while finding no fault whatsoever with the working folks of the private sector providing a job for you with wages and benefits they will never have for themselves due to their “bad choices”. They shouldn’t “whine” about having to work their lives away to provide retirements for government employees that they’ll never have for themselves. This is fairness by your definition. Hypocrisy is difficult to conceal, it tends to be self-illuminating. Yours glows in the dark.

          14. infadelicious September 2, 2013

            yep! his hypocrisy glows brighter than a Fukishima Tuna…

          15. THS_Warrior September 2, 2013

            FYI: I am a 70+ year old professional (trial attorney). Unlike you, I have worked in both the private sector and the public sector during my life. The period of my life when I was a “government employee” occurred in four different situations, for a total of about 16 years during the total of 52+ years that I have worked for a living here on planet earth.
            I have worked as a goverment employee as follows:
            From August 1966 to September 1969 (during the height of the Vietnam war) I was a commissioned officer in the US Army Field Artillery branch.
            From January 1975 until December 1978 I was employed as a legislative staff director (while in law school and beyond).
            From March 1981 until January 1987 I was employed as a state assistant attorney general, and was also chief advocate for the state ethics commission.
            From July 2010 until July 2011 I was employed as a senior assistant general counsel in a large state agency. And
            From August 2012 until the present I have been employed as a senior assistant general counsel in a larger state agency.
            The large gap of time in the middle was spent owning and operating three diffferent civil law firms employing as many as 20 other attorneys and professional staff. Satisfied?

          16. Kurt CPI September 3, 2013

            I applaud your successes and those of every other business
            person whose successes have rewarded them with a comfortable level of income
            for their retirement. If I gave the impression that I was complaining about my
            life I apologize for that, I most certainly was not. My “bad choices” included
            an education and, like you, more than one professional stint over the course of
            my working years. For the record, since we’re comparing demographics, I’m 56
            years old, and spent my first 25 years working for a once-great American
            corporation. After its relative demise and the ensuing fallout I am now the
            senior engineer at a small fiber optic service company. My wife and I also
            operate a small business (no employees), hence the after-hours and weekends
            that account for the extended hours. I love my jobs, have a great family and
            would not consider any of the choices I’ve made to be bad ones. I currently have
            2 boys in college and we make too much to qualify for the “low income” supplemental
            education programs – we just wrote a check for almost 12K, a substantial
            portion of our income. We all see things from our individual perspectives; that’s
            human nature. I’m guessing that yours is from a significantly higher financial
            perch than mine. But you’re right, I wouldn’t trade places with people who have
            addictions, no skills, no education. Those things amount to truly bad choices
            in my book. In retrospect, maybe a government job would have been the safe
            thing. Still, I identify with other whiners who are forced to pay our employees
            what seems like an exorbitant package compared to our own even though they put
            in fewer hours and always have several people standing behind them to cover
            their backs while they’re taking one of their five weeks of vacation, or just if
            they screw up. It’s difficult to think of ourselves as whiners when we point
            out that we ‘ll spend 15+% of our gross income on college tuition this year
            while the guy down the street (literally) who hasn’t worked a dozen days in his
            life sends his kids to college pretty much for free. I’m all for safety nets
            and helping out those who fall on hard times. But when you speak of fairness, I
            believe from your vantage point you’re missing part of the landscape. Quoting a
            bumper sticker I saw the other day, “I’m not judgin’, I’m just sayin’”. What
            does any of this have to do with the two-party system? You got me. You’re the lawyer
            – maybe you can find some way to show relevance 🙂

          17. THS_Warrior September 4, 2013

            There was a time in America when 95% of all able-bodied Americans worked for themselves, doing every sort of job or profession imaginable, and never even gave the possibility of failure a second thought. Back in the day if someone failed at blacksmithing, barbering, raising goats, chickens, horses or
            cattle, or owning a feed store or clothing store, they just got up of the ground, dusted themselves off and tried something else.
            Somewhere along the way America got the bright idea that if the American entreprenurs started hiring uneducated non-skilled workers and trained them to become part of a workforce, the entreprenures could greatly increase the productivity (and profitability) of whatever kind of work they were trying to do.
            Over time the number of workers kept increasing as demand for their labor (needed to produce products) increased until they soon greatly outnumbered the entreprenures. That trend has contnued unabated to this present day, to the very great detriment of all Americans; why do I say that?
            Because today’s entreprenures who cannot make it either do not know how to increase their business’ productivity or give up trying too easily, and workers relying on entreprenures are pushed out of good jobs and left to fend for themselves.

          18. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

            IMO, failing to vote is being lazy and stupid. However, refusing to vote is anti-American. Politicians who refuse to vote should be run out of office themselves.

        4. Sand_Cat August 12, 2013

          Regrettably, some people keep voting for Republicans who sound reasonable, only to be betrayed. Your post would make sense in a society where honesty and goodwill were valued, but here one just has to do the calculation: which party is likely to go crazy once they get in office? The Dems have been nothing to write home about lately, but I’ll take my chances with them against any Republican I know of.

      2. DownriverDem August 8, 2013

        I have been waiting 30+ years for this to happen while folks worshipped at the repub altar starting with Reagan. I watched in horror as folks voted these bastards in blind to what they were doing behind our backs. Please proceed repubs and keep on keeping on with your insanity, hate, fear, homophobia, racism and anti everyone but old crusty white men. As a woman I can’t relate to repub women at all.

        1. idamag August 8, 2013

          I have to tell you a story about a Republican Woman, I know. She asked what I had been up to and I told her I had been at the museum with my brother. She asked if it were interesting and I started getting enthusiastic about the Da Vinci display. I was telling her how brilliant Da Vinci was, not only in art, but mechanics and civic affairs. She asked me, “Is he a local man?”

          1. AttilatheBlond August 8, 2013

            My county is full of such people. I feel your pain. Great story to illustrate the root problem.

          2. idamag August 9, 2013

            Thank you. At least you know why I pointed that out, unlike some.

          3. infadelicious August 8, 2013

            i doubt a lot of the democrat women in the bankrupt city of Detroit know who Da Vinci is either……even though I know they have museums there………and i’m sure you and your brother went for fois gras with truffles on toast points and champagne afterwards…does that make you a better person? sounds snobby and elitist to me. come on! because she didn’t have your interests, it becomes a “story”? that’s really scraping the bottom of the barrel. severe shortage of story material there……….

          4. idamag August 9, 2013

            Did I feel superior to her? No, I felt sad that we are becoming such an ill-informed society. This is why we send rank amateurs to congress. Because we don’t know any better. As for fois gras. I also have the sensitivity to not eat anything that I know causes pain to the creatures that produce it. I am very careful what eggs I buy and where the chicken and fish, I eat, comes from. What I was pointing out is how ignorance plays a part in who goes to our government.

          5. AttilatheBlond August 9, 2013

            It’s not about snobbery, it’s about having interests beyond the end of one’s own nose.

            By the way, I grew up VERY poor and we still got to learn about art, history, music, and other cultures. Knowledge really doesn’t cost much more than a trip to a library where books, lectures, and Public Access Computers open windows to the world. People who are so ignorant in this day and age have to work at it. We get better, as people, when we take time, make effort and LEARN.

          6. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

            Have you noticed that you are still batting .000 infadelicious?

          7. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013


        2. Russell Byrd August 8, 2013

          I appreciate your reply deeply. I realize that our politics are very much the same, so it is no surprise that I agree with you, but I ENJOY just reading the truth out loud. Every Repub I know votes for those criminals because of too much ego, greed, and especially with the Teanderthals, because they literally hate anyone that is not exactly like them.

          That is why I see the Repubs being gone within ten years. The Tea Party is wrenching their guts out, BUT without them, the Repubs will become irrelevant at the ballot box. A real Lose-Lose (-Lost-Gone) situation that the Repubs have righteously worked for. Unfortunately, like a dying animal, they will probably get even meaner before their evil “dies.” But I hope I live to see it. 🙂

          By the way, the very last Repub I voted for was Gerald Ford. Though I could count all the Repub’s I have voted for on my toes. I gave him credit for being as close to normal as we could get after Nixon, but I still like Carter to this day.

          1. AttilatheBlond August 9, 2013

            The Republicans COULD change their focus from making life easier for the Hoarder Class and being genuinely representative of the people in their districts. They COULD be honest and stop pandering to the worst of their voters. They COULD lead by educating the voters about why government exists and why compromise is often necessary rather than spread the propaganda the Koch bros want. That way they would survive as a party as their racist, homophobic, willfully ignorant, single issue voters die off. They COULD be inspiring another generation, but they would have to work for people rather than the top tier of corporate pirates.

          2. Russell Byrd August 9, 2013

            I totally agree. I guess I am a little naive, but I cannot believe the Pubs do not understand what you just posted. You make total sense, but they would rather throw it all away to serve things that will destroy them. Why? For money? For perverted lust for their idols? Is it stoooopid that drives them?

            A line from “A Man For All Season” that I have always loved and remembered:

            “It profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world, but for Wales?” In other words, for something a lot less than the whole world. Why can’t they see this greed and hate are not going to get them anywhere in the end. Unless, they are amoral, empathy lacking, sociopaths.

            {I hope I got the quote right.)

          3. Robert Pagan August 12, 2013

            Check McConnell’s current portfolio. He’s up to 20+ million now. How do you suppose he made all these
            millions “serving” in Congress? You are making this more complicated than it is. All those guys give a hang about is their coffers which continue to overflow.

          4. plc97477 August 10, 2013

            They couldn’t do that because their base would not allow it. Their base is the racist tea party and they will not vote for anyone who is not as crazy as they are.

        3. plc97477 August 10, 2013

          I assume all repub women are as intelligent as Palin hence the answer as to why.

    4. hjs3 August 10, 2013

      DD: They ain’t xactly wild about Disabled folks either….trust me..

    5. Archies_Boy August 25, 2013

      You make an excellent point. Once a belief (true or not) is firmly established in the mind, two things go into effect: anything perceived as supporting the belief is taken in, and anything contradicting it is blocked out. Once a belief is firmly established, it’s virtually impervious to change.

      1. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

        Your observation about problems associated with being a closed-minded person applies to very small-minded people only. The “larger” the mind (i.e., the more educated one becomes) the more open that mind is. Refusal to consider opposing views or entertain new ideas is a sign of ignorance; and ignorance is usually borne out of some kind of fear.

    6. glogrrl August 29, 2013

      Because they watch Faux Noise?

  2. Sharon Mills August 7, 2013

    What took so long?

    1. FedSec August 7, 2013

      Seniors didn’t believe that the Republicans would turn on them–just those “others.” It’s only now that they can see the GOP is a party solely for the 1%.

    2. CPAinNewYork August 7, 2013

      It didn’t take long at all, because the shift in loyalty occurred when the Republican Party changed from a conservative party to the radical right wing party that it is now.

      I’m a senior and I voted for the Democrats primarily because I want to preserve my Medicare benefits. It’s obvious to me that the Republicans want to dismantle those benefits completely. I voted my wallet.

      There are also a number of other issues that led me to vote Democrat, but generally I focused on the financial aspects of their platform. The Republican Party is clearly the party of the super rich and the enemy of the middle class and poor. If the Republican Party and their elitist leaders get their way, democracy in America will disappear.

      Hopefully, the republican Party will go the way of the Whigs.

      1. disqus_LcxpBv2uzz August 7, 2013

        But why do so many poor older white people keep voting for republicans? There are many seniors at TP rallies. WHY??

        1. CPAinNewYork August 7, 2013

          My guess is that older white people have been taken in by the ultra conservative rhetoric, which may include racial and patriotic overtones. In short, the older whites didn’t vote their wallets, as I do, but their prejudices and emotions. They identified with the white right wing conservatives, especially on matters like illegal immigration, because the older white people look like the white right wing conservatives

          I think that is changing, because the Republican Party is losing its hold on white seniors. The white seniors are getting wise to the conservative rhetoric and are starting to vote their wallets.

          That’s just my guess. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

          1. edwardw69 August 7, 2013

            Notice the way everyone has got one down vote. That’s the guy Obozo the Clown. He doesn’t even read the comments.
            Oh, you’re not wrong.

          2. CPAinNewYork August 8, 2013

            By “Obozo the Clown” do you mean “Obozo must go”?

            I agree that he’s an ultra conservative.

          3. disqus_LcxpBv2uzz August 7, 2013

            Thanks. I do hope that you’re right, no scratch that; I hope that you are correct.

          4. AttilatheBlond August 7, 2013

            All that and the fact that FOX News comes with most basic cable packages, so there are a lot of people watching that instead of getting facts.

          5. Nancy Beaudrot August 7, 2013

            There are channels other than Faux pas in the cable packages.

        2. enkelin August 8, 2013

          Just like many older Americans are seduced by flim flam men and con artists that will sell them a home repair and then run with the money, most of these people have never been active in politics until a black man winning the presidency got their attention. So then they are wondering what the hell happened. They will fall for any old lie if it makes them feel more secure that things will not change. All of the time those who are whispering in their ear “We will make it go back to the good old days when you were on top” are slipping their fingers into their back pocket and stealing their savings and security in their old age. And the old pesron thinks they have found a savior when in actually they have found the arbiter of their death.

  3. DaffySez August 7, 2013

    I am a tax preparer with many senior clients who I have worked with for several years and I have definitely noticed this trend against the GOP. Several of these clients have given considerable sums to the GOP in the past but have cut them off completely because of their positions on Medicare, Social Security, reproductive rights and their war on women. At least four of them admitted to me that they had voted for Obama in 2012 because they just couldn’t support the GOP anymore. One of my clients who has been very active in the GOP for decades had a 15 minute rant against the extremist “nutjobs” this year that made my day. All the GOP has to do is keep talking and it will implode.

    1. RSDrake August 8, 2013

      Well said

    2. Jo Hargis August 8, 2013

      I see the same thing from a different angle. Last fall I had a pretty good sized yard sale in my rural area in east Texas. I’m surrounded by a ton of old, white crusty men, ranchers, etc., and as they came to my yard sale, I suppose they saw my Obama bumper sticker and that started us on the topic of politics. With the exception of one racist rant, every one of them were disgusted by the republican party. This is when I knew Texas was really changing.

      1. Vanbren5 August 8, 2013

        East Texas woman with an Obama bumper sticker!! Courageous, thy name is Jo Hargis! Bless you

        1. Charlene Boydston August 9, 2013

          I was thinking the same thing Vanbren5!

        2. gailillly August 9, 2013

          Gee you are brave to be riding around Texas with an OBAMA STICKER, but can’t say that I blame you. I am so dam bs with Paul Ryan wanting to stick us on vouchers and take away wihat is OURS. Without SS and Medicare we will be in the streets as many other seniors will be.

        3. Jo Hargis August 12, 2013

          LOL funny! Yep it was tacky for a few years. I was followed once by a cop for miles, all the way to my driveway, and I can’t think of any other reason than my sticker. I had to be careful where I drove my car and wore my Obama shirts. All that has eased up now quite a bit in the last year or so. It’s actually had more positive reactions than negative lately. I ran into an elderly woman at the vet’s office one day, and she was downright effusive about my sticker! We stood and talked about Obama and politics for a good 15 minutes. Both of us agreed we hadn’t had anyone to talk to in years about this stuff, because you didn’t dare mention it. All is much better now.

        4. glogrrl August 29, 2013

          My back bumper is so full of stickers: Obama/Biden, I *heart* Obamacare, Not A Republican, Turn Off Fox–Bad News for America…..you get my drift. I live in Blue Oregon, but if I ever crossed the border into Arizona or Texas, I’d be lynched immediately. My cousin from Arizona came up to visit me recently when I was in the hospital and recovery for a while and I told her she could drive my car—she was afraid to. I said as long as she stayed in Oregon, she’d be OK.

          1. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

            Because of our jobs my wife and I live in Georgia and in Florida. We solved the current political divide problem by having two cars with completely different bumper stickers. We use the fancy car with the “I heart Obamacare” and “Obama-Biden 2012” stickers when driving in most urban areas and use the older (beat-up) car with “I hate Obamacare” and “Impeach Obama” stickers when we have to travel through the sticks. We get thumbs up signs everywhere we go. Hahahahahahaha!!!

          2. glogrrl August 31, 2013

            Hahahahaha! The perfect solution. Unfortunately, I have only one car, but I live in a lovely blue city.

      2. DCinAZ August 15, 2013

        And yet Romney crushed Obama in Texas by 16 points. Some change…..

        1. glogrrl August 29, 2013

          Yeah, but when the Repubs keep putting down Latinos, immigrants, blacks, the elderly, the poor—-it’s gonna catch up with them soon. In less than another generation, Latinos are going to be in the majority in Texas—and then, where will they be?

        2. idamag September 1, 2013

          Of course, Texas is a racist state.

    3. Eric Susee August 12, 2013

      I live in a little redneck town south of Eugene, Oregon, and the seniors are Teabaggers to the end no matter what the GOP has planned for them. They refuse to believe it, and they still think Obama is a Muslim Kenyan who isn’t a citizen. Dumbasses.

      1. EZ2figure August 18, 2013

        It’s because they only get the Rush Limbaugh Show on their radios! I have the same problem in Fallbrook, California, where his is the clearest channel, too. Talk about disgusting ill-informed people! They are walking bullet points! It amazes me when they take their afternoon walks and stop to chat about the weather, then start blaming the woes of the world on Democrats, whom they are about to deal with, when they try to convince me^^. I don’t really mean to rock their world, but it is sooooo easy ^^.

      2. Reta Lane August 19, 2013

        My sister and husband are rabid republicans. My sister has shocked me with her hate filled rants to the point I am not even speaking to her. There is no talking to her or people like her. When she brought up Obama healthcare, I asked her about Romney care and the fact that he said Obama had stolen his health plan and she had never heard about it. They watch Fox News and believe everything they say. She calls people parasites that receive assistance even though our own mother did and her son has for almost 30 years because he is disabled. They don’t even bother to find out if what they are voting against will affect them. If it has anything to do with the democrats or President Obama, they are against it.

        1. ffakr August 29, 2013

          Like you, I’m of the opinion that Family matters to an extent but that’s tempered by the reality that you don’t get to pick your family. No one in their right mind would choose to be close to people they have nothing in common with. That’s especially true of people who are incapable of getting along with you.

          If my Republican brother weren’t my brother, I’d have nothing to do with him. I don’t avoid him and I’d help him out in a minute if he needed it but we don’t call each other just to chat.
          Don’t let anyone put you down for putting distance between you and your sister.

          If this is just avoidance and not a hard break, I’d suggest you ask her about her opinion on the components of the ACA without mentioning they’re part of it. Most republicans are in favor of most of the major components of the ACA but they only see it as one monolithic monster, a monster they’re told will end up killing them around the time it topples the Government. [<– which they oddly enough want to topple themselves]

          1. ffakr August 29, 2013

            On a related note…
            Speaking of the GOP loosing support..

            One of the reasons why I dropped my Facebook account [aside from Facebook itself] was because arguing politics with my brother, my cousin, and my brother’s in-law [occasionally a friend’s dad as well] was just too tiring. It wasn’t just that I was arguing with them [usually not incited by me], but that they were impervious to rational arguments backed up by hard numbers.

            I did notice though, particularly with my Brother, they got quieter over the course of the last two years of the Bush admin.
            When it became impossible to deny to themselves that the Republicans had trashed the country, they stopped lashing out.
            Backed in a corner, they’d pull out a lame excuse about everything only going to hell after the Democrats took over Congress in 2006, but they couldn’t explain away everything that started earlier, like the never-ending wars.

            When Obama was elected, it all ramped up again.
            Like Republicans past, they blamed Obama for the sins of his predecessors. On January 17th, the 1.3 Trillion dollar deficit left by Bush was all Obama’s fault.
            It was still hard for them to support anything they said when pinned down by facts, but they were energized again because their party wasn’t in charge and the country was in the crapper.
            The fact that Obama was a Communist-Socialist-Black Liberation Christian, Mooosluum, Athiest, Kenyan, Domestic Terrorist Collaborator certainly fueled their furnaces.
            I was back to arguing against patently absurd talking points that they refused drop not matter how thoroughly they were debunked.

            Here’s the revenant part.. [FINALLY]
            It’s happening again.
            I’m not exposed to them like I used to be on Facebook but when I do see my brother and his in-law [my Cousin moved to the South long ago], the snide comments are gone.
            If I cornered them, I’m sure they’d still fight but their heart isn’t in it anymore.
            They can’t delude themselves into supporting their party any more. They won’t admit they were wrong, but they won’t charge into an ideological fight to support today’s Republican Party.

            One thing hasn’t changed though. They may realize that their party is off-the-tracks, but they’ve been convinced that the Democrats and Liberals are the enemy. For the hard-core winger, it’s a matter of the lesser of two evils.
            The most pertinent question is, Republican’s disollutioned with their own leaders enough to overcome their pavlovian reaction to Democrats.

          2. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

            The inabilty to admit that your chosen political party is wrong, or is hurting America, or does not care about you does NOT mean you can just “switch sides.”
            The human inability to admit error is why so many people in both major parties have been (and still are) changing their old party affiliation to “Independent” or “NPA” or to some other alleged “non-affiliation” status.
            When they are discovered the most stubborn, most pitiful ones among Americans who do change to NPA from one of the major parties will insist that they “didn’t leave the party; the party left me.” That is the epitime of self-centeredness.

          3. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

            The better advice is to avoid these hot-button issues and just talk about the weather, dogs and God with your close family; getting angry with people you love over things that will never change is counter-productive and divisive, i.e., exactly what Diablo wants.

          4. Vanbren5 September 1, 2013

            Its amazing how people can grow up in the same family and have completely divergent views in politics and religion.I grew up in rural Georgia. Im the only Liberal in a family of six and yet I’m the only one who has never accepted public assistance. They scorn me for supporting Obama and all Democrats and yet they have a self righteous indignation about Liberals and any collectivist programs such as SSI disability, food stamps, Medicare. All the while they have their hands out for these programs.

          5. THS_Warrior September 1, 2013

            You must have also noticed that not all members of the same family have the same level of personal values, character or morals. tf they did, just think how boring each Thanksgivng dinner would be. Relax, and just love them for being stupid.

        2. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

          I advise compassionate people to try to be patient when having to deal with racial hatred, especially within the family. Most of the older white people who hate President Obama are very very unhappy, fearful people; they realize that their day has passed and also know that every passing day brings them a little closer
          to the Grim Reaper. Fear distorts reality.

        3. idamag September 1, 2013

          And it probably went like this: You, knowing it would do no good to tell your sister your opinion, avoided politics. Your sister would not shut up about it until you did respond. I know what these people are like.

        4. aileen cheetham November 11, 2013

          Just agree to differ, don’t argue and fallout about such things as politics and religion.

      3. Archies_Boy August 25, 2013

        “There’s no fool like an old fool.”

        1. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

          Except young fools– who will find out what that means soon.

      4. glogrrl August 29, 2013

        Hey, I’m almost 71 and have been a Democrat all my life. I live in Portland and my back car bumper is covered with progressive & liberal stickers. Come on up—we’ll be nice to you!

        1. idamag September 1, 2013

          I have a daughter in Oregon. Oregon is a more progressive state than mine. I am amazed at the higher level of conversation when my daughter and son-in-law have friends over while we are there. I hunger for that kind of conversation.

          1. glogrrl September 1, 2013

            Many people in Portland are very politically active…..we love our green spaces and our progressive Senators. The rural areas are pretty red, but Portland is what tips the balance to blue.

    4. Archies_Boy August 25, 2013

      Thanks for the good news! 😀

  4. Bill August 7, 2013

    If Common Sense and Intelligent Evaluation are considered this would certainly be affirmed, however I have witnessed the registered republicans stab themselves in the gut repeatedly over the past 33 years. The old order Republicans have assumed that the Republican Cartel of the 21st century are Eisenhower Republicans, when in fact the 21st Century Republican Cartel are Autocrat Republicans truly representing less than 15% of the population of this country, they desire that 85% of the population concede to the mandates of 15% of the population.
    Our Republic and cherished Democracy can not survive the Autocracy sought by the 21st Century Republican Cartel. If Democracy, government of all the people, for all the people and by all the people is to prevail the voters of this country are required to view the elections with a keen sense of preserving our heritage of majority rule that benefits the majority of the population, that includes the Affordable Health Care Act and Equality.

  5. Mark August 7, 2013

    While this is good news, I think it is naive to say, “The more seniors hear from Republicans on these and other issues, the more we can expect the GOP’s advantage among this important group to decline.”

    Beware of the very clever and highly developed right-wing lie factory. Just look at how their spin-masters have so many people — including Dems and Dem members of congress — buying into the notion that the deficit will doom America’s future. That is a propaganda lie worthy of Joseph Goebbels.

    Progressives have to go on the attack with a singular message that Republicans are slaves to their corporate masters, and consequently enemies of seniors and working class Americans.

    1. DownriverDem August 7, 2013

      In Michigan the state started taxing their pensions if under a certain age. Our state protected seniors. Not anymore. Seniors finally are waking up.

    2. Giselle August 9, 2013

      The shrinking deficit that people like Eric Cantor still insists [lies] is growing? Yes, that one. I don’t understand how an entire party thinks they can get away with out and out lying. It WILL catch up with them sooner or later.

  6. boobeh August 7, 2013

    Hallelujah! Better late than never…

  7. ObozoMustGo August 7, 2013

    “A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.” — George Bernard Shaw

    1. jmprint August 7, 2013

      Fortunately our government is not robbing Peter.

      1. edwardw69 August 7, 2013


    2. terrorsaurus August 7, 2013

      Cute. Except that in this case both Peter and Paul are turning away from Republican intransigence.

      1. edwardw69 August 7, 2013

        You too.

    3. stcroixcarp August 7, 2013

      What if Peter is rich because he has robbed Paul?

      1. edwardw69 August 7, 2013

        This guy is a shill for the site: he just got paid for your reply.

      2. ObozoMustGo August 7, 2013

        Carp… Curious how that business of robbing poor people that have no money is such a good way to get rich! You’re an idiot!!!! And anyone that thinks like you is too.

        As well, you’re demonstrating your extreme ignorance of how freee market economics works, and instead an adherence to a belief system that isn’t at all reflective of reality. In fact, the only thing it’s reflective of is a committment to Marxist cliche`s.

        Have a nice day!

        “The most important single central fact about a free market is that no exchange takes place unless both parties benefit.” – Milton Friedman

        1. infadelicious August 7, 2013

          That must be the shovel ready job the obozo in chief was focusing on like a laser beam the last five long years

          1. Russell Byrd August 7, 2013

            It gets so deep when you are around, that we need shovels.

          2. infadelicious August 7, 2013

            you may need shovels for my comments but, you won’t need em for obozos shovel ready jobs, cause there aren’t any! and you –poor, sweet idiotic byrdbrain…………..i see you’re still fighting mental health… so sad.. that won’t be covered under obamacare……and you’ll be one of the first to have the death panel visit ya…….have a nice evening birdy

          3. Russell Byrd August 7, 2013

            But at least I am well adjusted in my mental illness, unlike yourself. You are madder than the proverbial Hatter.

            As long as there are Republiturds in control of the House, we will not have shovel-ready jobs. So go celebrate the evil that you enjoy inflicting on this nation and its people.

          4. infadelicious August 7, 2013

            Libtards had the house for awhile. But I know. It’s …. Wait for it… Bush’s fault. That must be some mighty strong koolade you’re suckin back birdy. What a dope u are!!

          5. Russell Byrd August 7, 2013

            How would know? I am surprised you are still conscious, since you drink so much of that (infant) delicious “Tea.” And that is one strange brew that is little more than narcotic laced shit. I do mean a real pre-digested product “dumped” by Limppud, Faux, Insanity or any other right-wackjob. And you just suck it all down. I am reminded of the sound Hannibal Lector made when he was talking about eating liver with the Chianti.

          6. Russell Byrd August 7, 2013

            You lie so routinely, I am never surprised. Keep drinking that “Tea.” That stuff is just Limpballs bodily waste that you cannot get enough of.

          7. idamag August 8, 2013

            I know you are probably not a Rhodes Scholar, but have you not paid attention to anything that was really taking place? Or, do you find faux news and hate blogs your source of information. Look up the word, filibuster. How was it started? for what reason? and how has it changed? It has been used 400 times in the last 7 years and was used only 29 times throughout history.

          8. infadelicious August 8, 2013

            I know you are probably not a Rhodes Scholar, but when you can reply without starting out with an insult, I may be interested in what you have to say….look up “you are dismissed”

          9. Russell Byrd August 8, 2013

            You just said what? You have got to be kidding. What a lying hypocrite you are. You even smarted off to a lady about saying Christmas. Your motives were clear. Heckle a Liberal, because as YOU well know we all hate Christmas and Christians.

            Well, you know sh*t. And if we hate Christians it is for their overbearing, self-righteous, judgmental hypocrisy.

            If you have not yet understood, I will be more direct. You routinely insult everybody you even think does not see things your way, but you demand kid glove treatment in return.

            As for your earlier quip about being entertaining, nonsense. Your strange, wacko punctuation, and inept syntax, makes you almost unreadable at times.

          10. infadelicious August 8, 2013

            Big difference between smarting off sarcastically and saying “IF we hate Christians, it’s because blah blah blah ( see your own words ). …….” Wow! You just said what?? Nuff said you just insulted all Christians. and who elected you grammar king? Over and out! Thanks for showing that side of yourself

          11. Russell Byrd August 8, 2013

            O thee of limited intellect! I did not complain about anything specific in your grammar I just pointed out that your wacko punctuation and syntax makes you nearly unreadable. Like it or not, you are a beast to read and make sense of. Of course, that is a positive for someone that has nothing sensible to say. You keep us guessing, so to speak.

            Now, I never insulted any Christians. They may feel insulted, as they often do, but I did not make any insults. I noticed that you avoided saying, “You insulted Christians by saying, blah, blah, blah. However, as always, you a reasoned argument. The passage is about you heckling someone else because of your wacky pre-conceived notions. You reminded a Liberal that they referred to “Christmas.” Now, can you not see the difference in our techniques. I accuse, you accuse. I explain, you just ramble.

            As for showing my true side. Seriously, you are a wack-job. I am not harming anyone that does not hate his fellow man or wants his fellow man to live in misery, or wants to run the lives of his fellow man.

            You are definitely somewhere in that last statement.

          12. infadelicious August 9, 2013

            “However, as always, you a reasoned argument” ??? That was taken directly from the above bs filled post……..SYNTAX Russy, syntax… you are a beast to read!!!!……………..and again you start out and finish with an insult………..and i was not heckling…..just being sarcastic…….. lighten up and get over yourself. You shouldn’t speak for all liberals when you say “And if we hate Christians it is for their overbearing, self-righteous, judgmental hypocrisy”. ……seems you’re doing a lot judging yourself……..and a lot of dems are Christians. As for someone who wants to run the lives of his fellow man, look to the cool dude in the whitehouse……… cradle to grave thinkin there…………

          13. Russell Byrd August 9, 2013

            That is not syntax, moron, that was a misspelling. Get some education. As for true syntax errors, punctuation mistakes, and lack of reasoning, refer to the above post. To explain to a moron like you, that means that ball of confused malarkey YOU posted.

            Why not insult you, you came here to disrupt conversations. Do not waste YOUR time by denying it.

            And to any intelligent person, the gibe about Christians was a prediction of your typical response and, in any case, was purely rhetorical. No judging of any particular individual was done, or implied. Of course, when there is any doubt, you just tell another lie. For you, LIES are a normal part of procedure.

            No Liberal is trying to run your life. We are only trying to level the “playing field” as much as possible. You hate us because you want a world that you can indulge you need for bullying of your fellow man.

            Treat other people with some respect, and you would not be the object of derision.

            “Cradle to grave thinkin here.” Oops, you made the same type of error you are going at me about! A**hole, hypocrite. Go ahead and keep judging and hating your fellow man. You will get to Hell rather sooner than later. Your not only a hypocrite, but a liar as well.

            Yeah, I realize that being a liar makes you a good Teabugger. Below is the truth of your life being “run.”

          14. infadelicious August 9, 2013

            That’s great Russ keep fighting for your mental health. Lovely family photos. Since your first paragraph is wrong and you continue to be a beast to read I read no further. I’m sure your little tirade consists of many more lies and name calling I choose not to read your posts. But feel free to have a meltdown by yourself. Your posts are much like your brain ——dead to me. Bye now

          15. Russell Byrd August 9, 2013

            You mean you did not recognize your own father. Of course, when he probably beat you daily and kept you locked in a cage, no wonder you are so full of hate. As for myself, this is what I do and I feel fine. . . . Work on that syntax, will you.

            Unlike yourself, I normally do not harp on a minor spelling error or two. I believe it is okay in casual conversation, if you are communicating. Unfortunately, your nonsense is such a ball of confusion that a real effort has to be made to figure out what you are saying. Of course, when someone knows that every sentence you type represents an off-topic, irrelevant falsehood, you get easier to understand.

            The post you have just made is probably the best I have seen. You should thank me, because you have improved!

          16. idamag August 9, 2013

            Since I know quite a few Democrats that go to the Christian Church on Sundays, I need to warn them that religion is reserved for Republicans.

          17. Russell Byrd August 7, 2013

            Well, at least I am coping with my mental illness. Unlike yourself that is a psychotic sociopath.

            Strange that you trash always talks about death panels that never existed, were never proposed, and have no chance of coming to reality. BUT then, you are a fan of putting Medicare on Ryan’s voucher plan. That will kill anyone that does not have enough money to afford their own insurance and gets sick. Not only does that defeat the whole purpose of the program, but IN FACT, does create REPUBLICAN DEATH PANELS. You are so arrogant you think we do not notice the sh*t you are pulling and so stupid you really think you can get away with it.

          18. infadelicious August 8, 2013

            wow! and i’m the arrogant one…..psychotic sociopath? trash? well at least i m not boring……….hahaha………i laugh in the face of your insults..i left 3rd grade long ago…..do you ever read the crap you write? you do not know me……..or anyone else you call names on here…and you assume too much……….don’t tell people what or whom they do or do not support……and I believe there is a 10 yr old girl in Pennsylvania with a lung transplant that knows about death panels……..try to stay focused birdy……..maybe have nurse (wink wink) ferny woodrot adjust your meds…………..have a great nite,,,,

          19. Russell Byrd August 8, 2013

            All right, tell us about how those death panels work. Please try to do so. Or shut your lying a** up. Take a clue here, lies will not be accepted. Of course, I realize that the fact that you can type something makes it true. How very fair that is, Dr. Goebbels.

            I assume nothing, I merely listen to your lies. Lies are offensive to me. That is why I rarely post until one of you liars show up.

            Oh yes, that story is another of Limpbag’s lies. Sibelius does not even have the right to make that decision. Especially, as Obamacare has not been fully implemented. The rule and the decision are the responsiblity of the TRANSPLANT board that oversees such treatments.

            Your not fooling anybody here, dirtbag.

          20. Russell Byrd August 8, 2013

            How about considering. If the child gets the transplant and is unsuitable as the transplant board has determined, i.e. NOT Sibelius, then you will be responsible for killing another person as well. As tragic as it is, that is why these rules are created. Of course, for liars like you, life is all about the “LIE.”

        2. disqus_LcxpBv2uzz August 7, 2013

          Free market, my ass! You still believe in that Reagan trickle-down shit??? That is sooo yesterday!
          Socialism ROCKS!!!

          1. edwardw69 August 7, 2013

            Democratic socialism. The Scandinavian countries are the model.
            International socialism. One flag, one people, one planet.

        3. Russell Byrd August 7, 2013

          So what you are saying, with your out of context quote, is we really do not have a free market. . . . Your reference to Marxist cliches is, in fact, a cliche. When in doubt, blame it all on Marx. If you really knew any economic theory or any practical economics, you would know that Marx is considered VERY important in the general scheme of things. Only con-men and idiots use the specter of Communism in an argument when it does not even relate to the topic.

        4. Russell Byrd August 7, 2013

          Here is what Galbraith said about “trickle down.”

          “If you feed enough oats to the horse, some will pass through to feed the sparrows (referring to “trickle down” economics).”

          Of course, the rest of us know what the main product is, even if Bozo doesn’t.

        5. metrognome3830 August 7, 2013

          First of all, does free market economics really work? It seems to be working for only a small segment of the country. When your theory is falling out of favor and the majority of the people don’t believe in it any more then it would be wise to start looking for some way to fix the system, not just go with business as usual for as long as you can get away with it. What would be your assessment of what will happen once the middle class (the one’s who are getting robbed, actually, not the poor) are eliminated?Who, then, buys the goods and services that keep your free market economics working? Your cartoon is more correct than you might think. If things don’t get better, start looking for your spot to land in the part-time pile. If I’m still around, I’ll be around to ask you how your day is going.
          Have a great day, OMG!

          1. idamag August 8, 2013

            That is because it is not a free market anymore. It has become a market where global and huge national corporations (with the help of congress) swallow up the smaller businesses. Stop and remember all the individual businesses in your community before WalMart.

          2. metrognome3830 August 8, 2013

            I concur. It is NOT a free market economy any more.

        6. Len Charette August 8, 2013

          You’re the idiot pal. Talk about a lack of understanding of basic economics. The more people who have cash to buy goods and services the better the economy gets.

        7. CPAinNewYork August 8, 2013

          You’ve got the wrong figure as the bulldozer’s driver. It should be a businessperson like “Papa John’s” John Schnatter who, piqued at Obama’s victory in 2012, declared that he was going to put his full time employees on part time to evade paying benefits.

    4. infadelicious August 7, 2013

      paul needs to get off his a$$ and get his own money….. hey! obozomustgo, how do i get in 0n the “getting paid for replies” thingee?………….hahaha

      1. ObozoMustGo August 7, 2013

        I wish I got paid for replies on here. I’d be making a great living the way I’m able to stir up the leftist freak hornet’s nest around here with regularity. Just goes to show you how ignorant and stupid most of the useful idiots that post on here can be. Not all, but most.

        Have a nice day!

        “There is all the difference in the world, however, between two kinds of assistance through government that seem superficially similar: first, 90 percent of us agreeing to impose taxes on ourselves in order to help the bottom 10 percent, and second, 80 percent voting to impose taxes on the top 10 percent to help the bottom 10 percent — William Graham Sumner’s famous example of B and C decided what D shall do for A. The first may be wise or unwise, an effective or ineffective way to help the disadvantaged — but it is consistent with belief in both equality of opportunity and liberty. The second seeks equality of outcome and is entirely antithetical to liberty.” – Milton Friedman

        1. Russell Byrd August 7, 2013

          We currently live in a society where half the people pay no functional Federal tax. Why? Because they no longer make enough money, when adjusted for expenses and inflation, to do so. It is that simple.

          The top 15%, and especially, the top 0.3% SHOULD pay all the taxes. They make most of the money and have control of ALL surplus cash.

          We have people with my employer that have not had a raise in 13 years. Adjusted for REAL inflation, those people are making about half what they did then. Yet Wall Street and corporate America are making record profits. How does that work for a strong America?

          1. edwardw69 August 7, 2013

            President Eisenhower paid for WWII by taking taxes as high as 90% He presided over the greatest economic expansion in the history of the country–and we rebuilt Europe and Japan at the same time. He was the last great Republican.

          2. Russell Byrd August 7, 2013

            Well, there was Clinton. 🙂

            He did everything the Pubs claimed they wanted to do and could do, . . . and didn’t. And they hated him for it. Clinton was just about as conservative as Eisenhower.

            Agree, Eisenhower was the last great “real” Republican.

          3. edwardw69 August 7, 2013

            Mr. Clinton did fine. But the administration of President Eisenhower pulled-off a minor miracle.

          4. Len Charette August 8, 2013

            If like me you were a kid when Eisenhower was president you probably remember the huge expansion in our infrastructure that took place during that period. Now we can’t even afford to maintain what was built then. One thing to remember is that te wealthy will always be wealthy but the poor don’t have to remain poor.

          5. idamag August 8, 2013

            Yes, he taxed the rich 90%. They paid it and stayed rich.

          6. Russell Byrd August 8, 2013

            A lot of people miss the fact that during that time, and still to this day, if the high earners keep their money in play, i.e. in the markets, then they did not pay any taxes on it. Well there were exceptions. That is why corporate giants don’t pay taxes. They DISPOSE of the income pre-tax.

            Only individuals that “withdrew” their money were paying the 90%. I hate saying this next phrase, but this kept the money “working” for American growth. (Money does not really do any work.) If the money was withdrawn, then the rich taxpayer took a “spanking” and the government got the lion’s share.

            Now, with the Reagan, “W,” current Repub model, taxes must remain low and go even lower. This lets the rich accumulate large sums at a relatively low liability. This money can then be used to do such negative actions as raiding other corporations, or left to mold in a foreign bank, or like the Kock brothers, buy our media, our laws, and our elections. My emphasis here is on “our.”

            At first glance this may seem to be counter-intuitive, but on examination, is nonetheless correct. I am just trying to flesh out the reasons that idamag has been right all along . . . just for those that doubt the wisdom of the 90% tax.

          7. idamag August 10, 2013

            Even the Bible addressed inert money. One of Jesus’s parables tells of an incident where he was asked to describe sin. He told of a woman who had a talent (coin). She lost it. She needed it for food. She swept the searched the entire house until she found the talent. While the talent was lost it was not doing that which it was designed to do. That is sin. So when money is stashed in offshore accounts and banks, it is not fulfilling its purpose.

          8. Russell Byrd August 10, 2013

            Thanks, it has been a long time since I heard that story. I guess the lesson was about hoarding money. Those riches do nothing for a man, or woman, while they are just lying around.

            Of course, this nation seems to have a system that is the anti-thesis of Jesus’ teachings. Greed is good, and surplus cash equals power. Sad that we have so many that claim to be Christian, but have that as their creed.

            The creed of greed. . . 🙂

          9. hot1tin1roof August 8, 2013

            If this doesn’t say America is very broken, nothing will.

          10. Russell Byrd August 8, 2013

            I bring this up from time to time because of the right-wing’s fascination with the subject. Of course, the Teaparty solution is to force those people to pay increased taxes on the income they do not have. Unfortunately, the situation is only going to get worse until we change our economic philosophy and drive these Teanderthals out.

            One of my favorite quotes by John Kenneth Galbraith has it:

            “If you feed enough oats to the horse, some will pass through to feed the sparrows (referring to “trickle down” economics).”

            I don’t think any of us wants to be a sparrow and pick our livelihood out of the rich man’s sh*t.

      2. Russell Byrd August 7, 2013

        I admit that was a good poster. Isn’t that a slogan put up by Exxon and the rest of big oil? Or is that about the right of the rich to obscene profits and low taxes?

        1. Nancy Papas August 7, 2013

          The push for voter suppression went into high gear when Pres. G. W. Bush was pushing for privatization of Social Security.
          Many seniors don’t have birth certificates and don’t drive, so finding acceptable ID to register and vote is a problem for tens of thousands of seniors.

          I could not understand why any politician would take on such a reliable block of voters on an issue so dear to them. Do Wall Street investment managers mean more than voters and retiree financial security?

          1. Russell Byrd August 8, 2013

            I think that the Repubs see those that do not drive and do not have birth certificates as losers, for want of a lengthier explanation. Those people are likely from poorer families, were less successful in life, and are still relatively poor in old age. In other words, not there kind of folks. And NOT their kind of voter either. (I hope you give me a little license here for brevity.) Rightly or wrongly, in their view, these are the takers they despise. As well, the Repubs believe they mostly vote Democrat.

            In a perfect world, I would have no trouble with voter ID. Yet, as you have said, this is problematic for a lot of older voters, and a lot of younger as well. The problem comes from the knowledge, though often reluctantly admitted, that voter fraud is not the real reason for instituting an ID requirement.

            As I am sure you have heard before, it is about voter suppression. I have actually heard elected Repub officials admit this. Of course, they try to keep it amongst themselves. The Repubs believe, whether false or not, that the poor and working class are largely Democrat voters. If they can disqualify or discourage them from showing up, then they will have an edge in elections. Of course, they realize that there will be some Repub voters as collateral damage. That is just a side effect that must be borne.

            Though this is another subject, I believe this “theory,” and its practice, are at the heart of all Repub campaigning. Buy the minds of the vulnerable electorate and disqualify or discourage those they see as scum. In other words, Romney’s “47%.”

            I think though, that the Repubs are going a lot slower on Social Security since the rise of the Teaparty. A lot of seniors profess Teaparty affiliation. The Repubs do not want to alarm these folks too much. However, and to the point, the Repubs are not proposing to take away the present retirees Social Security. What they are promising is to make younger people pay for the current retirees and then slowly phase these people out of the system. To me this is morally reprehensible, but plays well with Teaparty logic. I find it hard to blame older people that must live in fear of ending there lives in total want. But it is still wrong and most decent seniors know it.

            Teapartiers are prime users of government services, however, they typically do not want to share. Particularly with anyone they see as unworthy.

            I have generalized, but this is the crux of the matter as I see it. There are a few crazy’s like Ryan and Paul, but most Repubs do not want to go too quickly with the present older electorate. That does not mean that a large number of Repubs do not want to get rid of Social Security and Medicare completely. It is just that there is not a clear consensus to do so at this time.

            Sorry if I am wordy and a little incoherent. It’s past my bedtime.

          2. Russell Byrd August 8, 2013

            Sorry, I think I did not address your question quite correctly. I will add that during the Bush administration, Seniors were viewed as a mixed, and mixed up, group. I always did think privatization was driven by the top 20%, more or less, of the electorate. Those are the people that have “portfolios.” Before the crash, they were making a mint in investments. Their excitement at all the money they were making contrasted greatly with the fact that they saw Social Security, at best, as a third rate investment. So they wanted a system they could opt out of. In other words, leave us little people to fend for ourselves. Since the crash and the strengthening of the Teaparty, the dynamic has changed. More Seniors want their guaranteed benefits. As well, it is harder to sell privatization to people that have just seen fortunes disappear in the private sector.

            Unfortunately, voter suppression has gained momentum rather than lessened. . . .

            Have a good night.

      3. hot1tin1roof August 8, 2013

        Liberty is a euphemism for not wanting to contribute your fair share but keep collecting the cheque at the end of the month. Liberty is, “I’d like to vanquish Iraq but I don’t want to pay for it”. Liberty is what Greece had, a complete breaking down in law and order. George Bush did a good job of it, and now your grandchildren can pay off his excesses. America with its hyper-securitised levels of interference does not operate under the guise of “liberty”.

      4. CPAinNewYork August 8, 2013

        ObozoMustGo: Is it true that someone’s paying you to post conservative replies on this billboard?

        Does anyone have information on this?

    5. Russell Byrd August 7, 2013

      No wonder the “Pauls,” the 0.3% of the population, are buying our politicians and our laws, to the detriment of the “Peters,” the 85% of the population that actually does “build it.”

  8. Tom Nunnery August 7, 2013

    Just remember this: Republicanism is a disease.

    1. plc97477 August 7, 2013

      I hope it is fatal.

      1. Russell Byrd August 8, 2013

        Unfortunately, that disease is capable of killing the entire “family.”

      2. idamag August 8, 2013

        It can be – to Democracy.

  9. JScotty13 August 7, 2013

    I’m in my 60’s and sure don’t like them republican messing up my Social Security benefits and medical care.

  10. edwardw69 August 7, 2013

    I won’t reply to the comment by Obozo the Clown at the bottom of this page, because he gets paid for replies. But this is for you, pal: When “Peter” is 2% of the population and owns 40% of everything, you better believe that “Paul” is going to be honked-off.

    1. djc84 August 7, 2013

      We also have to remember that “Peter” had the rules of the game changed to make sure he owns 40+% of everything and the GOP was the tool used to change the rules. It didnt just start happening over the last 30 years out of thin air! Conservative economics carried forth by both parties made it happen.

  11. hjs3 August 7, 2013

    Another Oh Dear memo to the Teatards….
    But sadly….They don’t care…

    1. edwardw69 August 7, 2013

      They don’t, but the Republicans might. If they hope to survive as a party, they will toss these people and return to sanity. I believe it is already happening. More and more, mainstream Republican leaders see what they’ve gotten themselves into, and they don’t like it.

  12. stcroixcarp August 7, 2013

    I love the sign, I’m Grandma and I support the freedom to marry. I want one that says,”I’m Grandma, and I support the right of my daughters and granddaughters to choose.”

    1. cafreeman August 7, 2013

      My septuagenarian mom votes R every time, only because she is religious and anti-abortion. Even though she has benefitted from, and continues to depend on many progressive policies and services, she votes on that one issue. Sad.

      1. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

        These “single-issue” voters are rapidly meeting their Maker. IMO, that problem will be gone within the next ten to 15 years.

  13. Whitney Roberson August 7, 2013

    My mother, in her nineties, asked me a couple of years ago to help her change her registration from Republican to Democrat. She’d been a registered Republican all her voting life, but just couldn’t be associated with the GOP any longer!

    1. AttilatheBlond August 7, 2013

      Give her a hug, and make sure she has all the papers she need so meet any Voter ID requirements the GOP runs through in her state.

      We know the GOP tries to keep ethnic groups, working poor, students from voting. We have to make sure ALL our seniors are documented and can thumb their noses at GOP attempts to keep them from voting too. Gonna take some good grassroots work all over America to keep seniors from being shut out of the ballot booths. We have to start NOW.

      1. Liz Decker August 7, 2013

        Yes, even though she may not drive a car anymore, she needs an ID. My Dad is in his nineties and doesn’t drive any more, but we took him to get a picture ID anyway, so he’ll be able to vote. Not to mention, it’s a good idea for seniors to carry an ID anyway.

        1. CPAinNewYork August 8, 2013

          Watch. The next GOP move will be make everyone carry a passport.

          1. plc97477 August 10, 2013

            Maybe a gun registration.

          2. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

            Everyone in our family also has a permit to carry.

          3. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

            Some 18+ years ago we made sure all our children had valid passports; and we have made sure they keep their passports current too. Why? Because passports not only allow Americans to travel abroad with very little hassle; passports also allow those who have them to return to America if the need ever arises.

      2. disqus_LcxpBv2uzz August 7, 2013

        Sad commentary when we need to remind our senior citizens to make sure they have the papers they need to meet Republican voter ID requirements, especially if they have switched their party affiliation to Democrat. I can see it now…”Oh, Mrs X, you’ve voted Republican here in this precinct for what, the last 60 years,,,and now you want to vote Democrat? Do you have papers to prove that you have the right to vote? No? Oh, too bad, dear, no papers, no vote!”

  14. AttilatheBlond August 7, 2013

    Keep in mind, a lot of today’s ‘seniors’ were the very far left youths who pushed America left in the 60s. Yeah, some got too busy with careers and family to stay actively involved over the decades, but guess what, we have time now and we’re heading for the streets again. Nothing more dangerous than a huge group with time on their hands and nothing much to lose by taking on the GOP and the Hoarder Class.

    Meet the new shock troops for change, same ones as the last time! We’re gray and way beyond the point of being easily conned. Put on some old rock and roll and look out! Everything old is renewed and ready to fight for America.

    The GOP has a tiger by the tail. Not all seniors are selfish fools. Most probably are not. The GOP pandered to the worst and forgot the majority. Now the party of No will pay for their selling out of America and American dreams.

    1. disqus_LcxpBv2uzz August 7, 2013

      Attila, I hear ya! We all need to become the new Gray Panthers! (My dear sainted mother belonged years ago). Fire up some Creedence, some Janis, some early Bobby, a little bit of righteous weed and katy bar the door! Run, republicans, run!

      1. AttilatheBlond August 7, 2013

        I don’t need no steenking weed. I am fine in my cruisin’ gear.

    2. velvetnsteel August 8, 2013

      Let’s go then my sisters and brothers! Lots of time…still lots of energy…..just been listening to all the counter culture songs from the 60’s. There is no other group as large and powerful as ours if we all stand up, band together and ACT! We are still those same people we once were….perhaps gray, perhaps wrinkled…but…the fire has NEVER left the soul!

      1. 4sanity4all August 8, 2013

        The times, they are a changin’!

      2. idamag August 9, 2013

        That was one of the greatest generations. They took on the establishment and we were getting the kinder, gentler nation that the elder Bush envisioned. Things are going the other way, now.

        1. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

          Be patient. Wait until you see what is coming in 2015-2016 when President Obama does not have anyone in America he has to listen to or be beholden to– ever again. The last two years of any president’s incumbancy is the best by far.

  15. kingartie1 August 7, 2013

    I’m glad to see this trend being confirmed. The Republican’ts are losing or have lost African-Americans AND Latinos AND college students AND now senior citizens. They can camouflage the truth with their inflaming rhetoric, for a while, but they can do nothing against the hard data of demographics. Their white-right “policies” and/or party ideologies are doomed. This nation needs a strong, viable two-party system. (A competitive third party would help to keep the other two far more honest, but we won’t be going there, unless one considers the Tea Party the third party, and that is a clearly deficient solution.) Right now this system may be strong but in its present form it is not viable. The self-righteous half-paranoid Tea Party usurpers and the ignorant poseurs who seem to speak for the Republican’ts are strangling the party.

    Please, indeed, let’s confirm these numbers in the Congressional and next main election. However, President Obama has to take off the smiley mask far more often and climb the bully pulpit every day to emit some brass-knuckle oratory. His case is strong, but he needs to make it far better. It’s odd that senior citizens, among other voting blocks, are saying quite clearly what Obama mumbles and fumbles. That he does so is one reason the Republican’ts have been able to sustain this pathetic charade for over four years. Now seniors are on record: Boehner and Ryan and Cantor — change direction or your days are strictly numbered. Adios and amen.

  16. Beaulieu6 August 7, 2013

    I’m a 62 years old Senior in which I receive Social Security benefit since 2012 and I certainly don’t want Speaker Boehner, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan and the Republicans mess up with my Social Security.
    Those Republicans simply don’t care about us Seniors they never did because they only favor the Wealthiest 2% percent the millionaire and billionaire. They just left for vacation in which they didn’t deserve because they have done nothing.
    We must replace the Republicans on November 2014 we must replace them with Democrats!

    1. RSDrake August 8, 2013

      That is a two-edged sword.

      When the House, Senate, and President are the same Party, they spend like drunk sailors. Obama in 2008 – 2010. Same is true for G.W. Bush who with the Republican House and Senate ran up a $5 trillion debt, most of which was authorized under supplemental budget appropriations which were outside the budget – they only showed a $1 trillion deficit.

      Clinton, with a Republican House and Senate accomplished the most. He balanced the budget along with Newt and the Contract with America. The difference is that Congress and the Administration worked together and compromised for the good of the country. This scenario is not possible with the makeup of the current House and Senate (filibuster).

      The only answer is to work together, but that can only be accomplished in the current environment with term limits.

      1. enkelin August 8, 2013

        Except that Obama did not even take office until Jan 20 2009 and the 2009 budget was formulated and voted on in 2008 under GWBush. The First Obama budget was in 2010 when unemployment was peaking and government revenue was a its nadir.
        Clinton was who fought the Republicans on spending. He cut military spending, it was called the Peace dividend and the GOP fought it tooth and nail. The Contract on America only hurt people IN America. It was the cut in military spending and the rise in Revenue from having the capital gains be the same as the income tax rate (GWB changed that as soon as he got in office) and taxing Billionaires at 39% and not 10% Cap gains. You dont really think a billionaire works for wages or even a salary, do you? NO 95% of their income is Capital gains from the stock market or real estate.

  17. markofgeorgia August 7, 2013

    2014 is going to send the Republicans a message Either change there tune or get booted out.

    1. idamag August 8, 2013

      I would like to think you are right. However, the people who sent that type of people to Washington are not exactly thinkers. What makes you think they have changed?

  18. Brent August 7, 2013

    I AM a taxpaying Senior Citizen on a ‘fixed income’ and switched parties after reading and seeing what the GOP had in store for me, along with the other 98% of our Citizenry. I am not a ‘Person Corporation’, or part of the 2% they kowtow to; and after living a lifetime of making a living in the Public Sector, which has opened my eyes to the backwards moving injustices foisted on the General Public in the name of ‘GOP Progress’, I have aligned myself with the more compassionate Majority, as so many other Seniors have and are continuing to do.

    1. idamag August 8, 2013

      And, while they are yammering about taxes, our legislators are working three to four half days a week. They spend the rest of the time campaigning. When they retire, they get a top of the line retirement. While they are working and after, they get the best medical care. Took care of themselves, didn’t they?

  19. Dominick Vila August 7, 2013

    I am a senior and so are most of my friends. Most seniors are turned off by the continuing efforts to privatize Social Security, dismantle MEDICARE, and underfund MEDICAID. Many poor seniors use the latter to cover hospice expenses. Most importantly, we learned that all the claims advanced by the GOP during the last campaign were scare tactics, and we don’t appreciate being taken for fools.

    1. ObozoMustGo August 7, 2013

      Dommy…. that’s because you all will be dead when the bill for payment comes around and there’s nothing left in the til for those who are financing your life with their work right now. So why give a sheet about them… .gotta get yours now. SCREW THEM, right?

      Have a nice day!

      “The march of tyranny is so subtle that it goes unnoticed by those poor and timid souls who gladly trade their liberties for the false promises of security from the
      political class seeking to control them. It certainly is one of the great paradoxes of our time how a formerly great, free, and independent people are being transformed into a bunch of cowering wimps clamoring to be led, and provided for, by charlatans.” – ObozoMustGo

      1. djc84 August 7, 2013

        You wouldnt have spit unless it was built for you by their generation. Id insult you with how pathetic you and your kind are but youre obviously just a troll. Or forgot your meds.

        1. infadelicious August 7, 2013

          Unfortunately we’ll have to tell the next generation that they would have had “spit” but it was spent by this generation or at least the part of this generation that feels “entitled” and that’s not talking about seniors who worked all their life and put into “the system”

          1. djc84 August 7, 2013

            You mean that 3% of real “takers” that are committing fraud? That’s not what’s bleeding the system. Great con talking point though! The real issues are things like health care costs spiraling out of control and the working class’s wages staying flat (while the top 1% of the class’s income SOARED unlike anything ever seen) so the money that was put in doesnt have the same buying power when it comes out. The trick is to ignore all of that and focus on the fabled “welfare queen.” That way the root cause of the problem wont get fixed and the ones who cause it and sustain it run off with the money together. And who would that be? Just follow the money! Who has it all and who has served them?

          2. Russell Byrd August 7, 2013

            Yeah, a lot of us have worked all our lives and “put into the system.” It’s just none of us realized that “the system” was the pockets of 0.3% of the population. That 0.3% are the people that never built anything, except a big bankroll.

          3. rozlee August 8, 2013

            You mean like the deficit that YOUR guy ran up from 2000-2008 and that Obama has now reduced to 500 billion from over 1.5 trillion? According to the CBO, repealing the ACA would have increased the deficit (google “CBO says repealing Obamacare will increase deficit). This year marks the slowest increase in medical spending in 50 years. If the ACA was increasing spending, we wouldn’t be seeing the deficit lowering and we wouldn’t be seeing medical costs slowing.

          4. idamag August 8, 2013

            When I was paying into Social Security (and I paid into it for over 60 years) I knew I was paying for the checks sent to the people f my father’s generation. My father also paid into Social Security for years. He paid for the previous generation. That was how it worked until this narcissistic generation who are too selfish to keep up with the program. We are supposed to scrap the program to appease the “me” people. I am sure Wall Street would love to get their hands on the 3.7 trillion dollar trust fund. I pay a monthly premium for Medicare and subscribe to both medical supplement and a drug program. Also a monthly fee.

          5. enkelin August 8, 2013

            If they wont have spit, it was because of the deregulation of the derivatives indusrty by the GOP that caused the worst recession since the Great Depression. That and the outsourcing of basically ALL manufacturing jobs to China and India Under their watch and enabling of the GOP, Nafta was Ronald Reagan’s campaign promise and GHWBush signed the treaty with Canada and Mexico. Remember Romney’s visit to his Chinese Factory? Go to Bain’s website to see how many American companies they bought, sold the Assets, moved production overseas, often the headquarters too all the while keeping the American name. It is your kind that has that has spent, with outsourcing, two wars, one in the wrong country, tax cuts for billionaires the seed corn as well as the savings of a generation.

          6. infadelicious August 8, 2013

            They also will be “spitless” because Obama s job czar sent a lot of GE jobs over there as well. What a joke! Not to mention the greedy union pals of obozo -getting wages pensions and benefits for workers that raised the price of those manufactured goods so high the companies had to move overseas or close Now they are pissed at him cause they’re getting screwed by obozocare. Yeah lots of reasons they’re not getting spit ! I know print more money and hand out food stamps and Obama phones.

      2. Russell Byrd August 7, 2013

        “The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in
        moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification
        for selfishness.”
        — John Kenneth Galbraith

        No, actually, screw you Bozo!

      3. disqus_LcxpBv2uzz August 7, 2013

        Who do you think is financing your future with their work? You will be dead when your bills come due for today’s kids. Inasmuch as you sound like a morally deficient mental eunuch, you might want to consider frequenting a site where your empty idiotic diatribes will be more appreciated than they are here.

      4. Dominick Vila August 7, 2013

        OMG, thank you for the explicit answer, which highlights why seniors are leaving the GOP in droves. Those who are being “financed” supported the previous generation, and they supported the previous one. Neither Social Security nor MEDICARE are socialist freebies, like President Reagan’s ER medical care. We paid for both programs throughout our professional lives via FICA contributions, and we continue to pay MEDICARE fees after retirement. That concept demonstrates personal and societal responsibility, something that people like you do not understand.

        1. edwardw69 August 7, 2013

          Good grief, why do you keep answering him?

        2. Russell Byrd August 7, 2013

          Another Repub freebie, that we tax payers pay for, is the Part D coverage. Bush only started the program because there was movement rolling to hold drug companies accountable. That is why Medicare did not get to negotiate. Seniors got a big break on meds, the taxpayers got the bill, and the drug companies got the profit.

          Yet, I am thankful for the program. It helps my mother, and myself, because I was paying a lot of her prescription costs out of pocket. Part D was also the right thing to do from a moral viewpoint. My only problem is Part D was instituted primarily to save big Pharma from having to reform. The costs are still there, the profits are still obscene, the drug supply is still problematic, but the “pay” has been shifted.

          1. edwardw69 August 7, 2013

            Medicare for all. Prenatal until death.

          2. Russell Byrd August 7, 2013

            Absolutely, Edward!

          3. jack August 18, 2013

            yea abortion will make that pretty cheap since your life will be pretty short!

          4. enkelin August 8, 2013

            That part D is why the same medicine costs a fraction in other countries than it does here in the USA

          5. Russell Byrd August 8, 2013

            It is a real crime that can succeed because we have too many people that think the system should only work for them. They would rather we all pay more to get them what they need, but then they oppose those they do not approve from getting their share.

          6. toptwome August 8, 2013

            The Affordable Care Act closes the do-nut hole in Medicare Part D.

          7. Russell Byrd August 8, 2013

            Isn’t it such a crime that the right-wing wants to use lies to destroy the program without even giving it a chance.

            Forty votes for repeal. If the Democrats had voted three times to repeal a Repub program that they know cannot be successfully repealed, I would be screaming for their heads. How hatefully ignorant can people be . . . oops, that’s the credo of the Teanderthals. My bad.

        3. Saaby000 August 8, 2013

          Well said Dominick… And don’t forget, those that are rich and super rich DO NOT contributing anything towards the SS or Medicare/Medicaid funds from their INVESTMENT Incomes or their hidden overseas incomes… Or a penny in salary over $150,000.

          1. Russell Byrd August 8, 2013

            BUT that would be, er eh, sosh…, uh sosh. . . , oh my, soshuuul, ugh, socialiiiiiiiiiizzzz, gosh darn, socialism. Now look what you made me say. Don’t you know that providing for all is against God’s will. Being fair is just flat wrong.

            They earned every penny of that money by doing almost absolutely nothing. That is the way money is supposed to be made. And why should they not keep every dime. Instead of complaining about how they are shafting the system, you should be out there working like a slave making sure that the “we built its” are getting their money’s worth. What do you want? To get paid fairly? That’s silly. Next, you will actually be wanting to collect that pension that you paid into. Don’t you realize that just because you earned something does not mean you should get to enjoy it. That money would be better used by those that can appreciate huge accumulations of cash. 🙂

            Oops, someone snapped their fingers and I woke up from this nightmare. . . .

        4. RSDrake August 8, 2013

          by Bozo I meant the adversarial reply by ObozoMustGo, who seems to be a Bozo …

          1. CPAinNewYork August 8, 2013

            ObozoMustGo is an ultra conservative who said in a previous posting that he formed a business after service in Viet Nam, made a lot of money, then sold his business, but “took care” of his employees.

            His behavior is typical of self-made people: they despise anyone who works for a living, especially anyone who works for them. They are Social Darwinists to the core.

          2. idamag August 8, 2013

            and a racist.

          3. CPAinNewYork August 8, 2013

            I’ve been exchanging arguments with “ObozoMustGo” for a while and haven’t seen any evidence of racism in his postings.

            From where do you get your accusation?

          4. infadelicious August 8, 2013

            as far as OMG…I haven’t seen the proof of those racist allegations either..yes, it seems that a lot of people on this site , when they do not have the same opinion as you…….start off by insulting your intelligence or claiming that you are racist when the subject of race or intelligence is not the issue……i also notice that people like gramiam? below. and others……,have to put people into their little categories…..such as black , female, hispanic, homosexual, senior……… when we vote, lets aim for content of character.,,,,,,,see how many politicians from both sides that would eliminate….Can you not just discuss topics as Americans with different viewpoints? thankfully, since obozo has been president and he and his minions have constantly thrown our differences in our faces , we forget what we have in common………….a nifty obama diversion from the fact that American is being taken down a bad road . wake up Americans!!!! oh and have an Infadelicious day! i’ll duck now…INCOMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          5. Russell Byrd August 8, 2013

            You need to study Lee Atwater. He actually expounded the exact methods that Bozo and the delicious infant use. They never use direct language, but just allude to the inferiority of certain classes. They are, at the very least, very Social Darwinist. If we use the broader term of “bigot,” it becomes impossible to defend them at all. Bigotry they have in abundance.

            By the way, I did not tell the exact truth. They HAVE made direct disparaging racist comments, but admittedly, they usually veil their true intentions. Also note, they never give a rational explanation when called to account for their bigotry. What they will do is wail endlessly about “there you go playing the race card.” That is what those morons have been spoon fed by their propagandists to do.

          6. infadelicious August 8, 2013

            “They HAVE made direct disparaging racist comments???? ” show us one!!!…….just because you “read” something into what is posted, doesn’t mean its’s really there russy…………….try looking at things from a nonbiased viewpoint yourself……..ok! now fire back with some childish name calling rant because you cannot point out one direct disparaging racist comment………have a nice nite….

          7. Russell Byrd August 8, 2013

            From an interrogator’s point of view, you just admitted that you are indeed racist. You did not deny and cite examples. You just claim that you have not been “caught” making direct slurs. That is exactly what Mr. Atwater preached to the Republican party and it is exactly what I have been warning my fellow Democrats about for the past 40 years.

            An example is denigrating poor people, knowing an inordinate number of them are minorities. Then you attack any form of assistance that is designed to help them enter “mainstream” America. Don’t give me that bondage due to government assistance BS. The proof against you is in 400 years of history.

            As an old adage says it quite accurately: What starts behind stays behind.

            In the case of Capitalism, what is behind gets farther behind, and fast. Of course, for racists like you and your new found friend, CreepPA, that suits you fine. Unfortunately, history teaches that will just lead America to the same end as Tsarist Russia or Revolutionary France.

          8. infadelicious August 8, 2013

            Interrogator??? Hahaha wow ! You have serious problems with the differences in what someone posts and what you want the post to mean Maybe someone can read them to you By the way I did not “admit” that I am a racist because i am not. And I don’t have to cite examples you are the one who accused me of it so it is on you to cite examples but you don’t. When you have no arguments or examples you just throw out a label or name call. As for those who start behind stay behind? What a horrible thing to tell anyone. That is a sad statement and totally untrue How do you explain obozo who claims to have been so disadvantaged becoming president? Or Oprah or any person who worked their butt off to get ahead because they wanted more but didn’t ask for a handout to do it. Welfare is there to help people but its not a career choice. Some of the able bodied receivers of welfare in Detroit got a little ticked off when told they were being cut off after 5 years ! 5 years?? Doing nothing? Where’s the incentive? You offer them hope and give them food stamps and obama phones Democrat run city for decades. Now dead! Pffft! And Russ try to stay focused. Remember what the Dr said, no more circumlocution Interrogator? Hahaha One more thing. Success does not always mean becoming wealthy . It’s about having self respect and personal accountability Being dependant takes away ones dignity.

          9. Russell Byrd August 8, 2013

            You offer nothing but hunger and deprivation. . . . You have no self-respect. Liars by definition do not have any. Yeah, you did admit you were a racist. You were more interested in the fact that you could not be caught in the act than you were in the reality of your theories and actions.

            Your statement “Some of the able bodied receivers of welfare in Detroit got a little ticked off when told they were being cut off after 5 years !” proves your a disciple of Atwater. You exaggerate the 1-5% that might be cheating and present them as the 95-99%. A person, like myself, that is not racist, would propose reforming the system and rooting out the corruption. By depicting nearly everyone as a deadbeat, you can rationalize destroying the entire system. Knowing as you do that the majority are minorities.

            Finally, if you were to get your wish and all government assistance were to be eliminated, what would these people do for livelihood. Keep in mind that a number of us have already been in extensive arguments with your lying compatriots over unemployment figures. Don’t try to downplay unemployment after you overstated the number of unemployed. Of course, you will do so, but you are on notice that it is meaningless to try that tactic.

            Or more simply, for a mental midget like yourself, what do you propose employing all these new able bodied workers at.

            As to dignity, that is your version, and is another racist remark. You assume to know what other people feel, when you have absolutely no empathy whatsoever.

            Everytime you post this sh*t, you party likely loses another voter. Life is about living and being human. It is not as simple as your numbers games and your sociopathic, no empathy opinions.

            So, please help our cause, by continuing to tell lies. You are off-topic so much, for so long, and have such poor reading skills, you do not even realize that the article is about the failure of your poisoned, lying propaganda back-firing on you.

          10. infadelicious August 8, 2013

            Well you’ve reached a whole new level of stupidity and delusion. Dignity is racist? . You are as usual seeing things that Are not there. I put out no number or % of unemployed in Detroit. I spoke of able bodied people on welfare longer than 5 yrs. I also said welfare is necessary. Not to eliminate it !!! you do this constantly to anyone who disagrees with you. I see you’re back to name calling I must have you on your heels again. Like obozo has alqueda. Haha! Have a good nite. We are done here. You are dismissed now, go twist someone else’s posts, tell them they said things they didn’t , And call them names. So typical. So sad. If only you could use your brain for good.

          11. Russell Byrd August 8, 2013

            You are not suggesting or promoting “dignity.” In fact, you are proposing to steal the little bit of dignity that the poor possess. In your reasoning, cold blooded deliberate murder can be a mercy killing. The buzz words you use do not fit the definitions that you describe. For instance, I can talk about dignity and propose that cancelling unemployment extensions will promote this dignity. Yet, what is to happen when only one job exists for ten applicants. That, BEFORE you end unemployment. So now the person has nothing and no chance to do any better. How does that promote dignity. What if the person is just not a good candidate for employment and never gets any of the jobs he applies for. Should he gain “dignity” by starving or being homeless If I say, “let’s give incentives to create jobs” or create menial government jobs, will you support me. NO, you won’t.

            So tell me, what is the nature of this “dignity” you tout. Besides being a propaganda slogan, you do not even know what it means. Yet you wave it around like a magic talisman.

            Of course, you will just give another of your stupid slogans without any thought, fact, or heart behind it. Typical sociopathic, borderline personality. NO empathy.

          12. infadelicious August 9, 2013

            cold blooded deliberate murder?? who brought that up?…. you’re rambling again Russy…….. and “That, BEFORE you end unemployment.” syntax fail again!!! only pointing this out because you are so obsessed with my writing style -as you grasp for any straw to insult me with . as for rooting out corruption, so many Detroit politicians are up on charges……like ex Mayor kwame kilpatrick who obozo could not say enough good things about a couple years ago………..Focus on what i was talking about……the welfare recipients in Detroit that have been receiving it for over 5 yrs……….. not the disabled, elderly or sick, 5 yrs is adequate time for an able bodied person to get some kind of job.. 5 years is plenty of time to upgrade skills or acquire new ones… and there are lots of programs to help them with that………and if one area does not have any jobs for you after 5 yrs, RELOCATE……….lots of people do this…………come on! Since I was 14 I have never been without a job for more than 5 weeks, let alone 5 years.. America is the land of opportunity….quit telling people “if they start out behind, they end up behind” that statement must have fell out of a horse’s behind.,,,,,,, and only serves to keep people down ,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,. I believe the figure for food stamp recipients in Detroit is 40%?,. horrible…………a solution is needed, but not just pumping more $$ at them to exist on scraps….Dignity comes in being self-reliant……… Booker T W promoted education and entrepreneurship………….it is done all the time.. So many self made people have started out taking menial jobs while getting an education…………or volunteering while receiving welfare to acquire skills,.,.,.quit telling people they can’t do it.
            “No race can prosper till it learns that there is as much dignity in tilling a field as in writing a poem.”
            ― Booker T. Washington

          13. Russell Byrd August 9, 2013

            Are you an amoral idiot. YOU really do propose that all ideas must come from you alone. The bit about “murder” is a comment on your lack of empathy for your fellow man, and your lack of morals, and lack of ethics.

            About Detroit, you lie and exaggerate to a ridiculous degree. That one line alone has the same value as your entire rant. Not only that, it happens to be the truth.

            You lie about your fellow man to in order to justify YOUR HATE and RACISM. John Kenneth Galbraith, a very wise man, explained in simple terms what you are doing:

            “The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.”

            That’s it. You use no fact or evidence, but you want to justified in your want for control of others lives. Nothing further needs to be said!

          14. infadelicious August 9, 2013

            Return to sender. Russ ‘s posts much like his brain are dead to me. Have a nice day

          15. Russell Byrd August 9, 2013

            But cry baby, you sweet little “infant,” you did not return anything to me. You have nothing that makes coherent sense, but you have got to have the last word anyway.

            Really, why don’t you go to one of those brainless ditto heads, Limpballs manure tea drinking, the bigger lie is the best, groups where you would be appreciated.

            As I have said, your mob is just here to shut down the free exchange of ideas that are not only different, but more truthful and reasonable, than your own.

          16. Russell Byrd August 9, 2013

            F*cking moron, I do not tell people that they will stay behind. BUT the truth is the poor rarely become well-off, much less wealthy. You twist every common sense fact into something sordid and indecent, in order to support your platform of hate. For you 2 = 98, and 98 =2, as in percentages for example.

            A few poor people do become well-off, but it is nearly like finding the proverbial hens-teeth. With a few exceptions, the wealthy started out wealthy. They have the money and power, and if they are ruthless and aggressive, they will become much richer.

            You are a Hellbound sociopath that has no empathy for anyone except the “chosen few.” What happens to the rest of the world, a**hole. You probably have spent your entire life licking the walls of a rectum of some rich scum. And you think that the rest of us ought to do that for you. Some dignity you propose, you sack of sh*t.

          17. plc97477 August 10, 2013

            His knowledge of history is also abysmal.

          18. Russell Byrd August 10, 2013

            Indeed. He just makes it up as he goes along. Whatever he needs to make a point, he manufactures. Either that, or he just let’s Rush tell him what history is.

          19. infadelicious August 10, 2013

            Almost as abysmal as obama’s knowledge of geography LOL

          20. CPAinNewYork August 8, 2013

            Your reference to someone named “Lee Atwater” falls on deaf ears, because I don’t know who he or she is or was and i don’t want to take the time now to do the study that you recommend. But since you invoke his or her name, I’ll ask you to tell us how this person impacts ObozoMustGo’s alleged racial bigotry.

            While you do that, perhaps you can expand on your use of the term “delicious infant.”

            In view of the rather vague nature of your accusations, I must say that I’m not convinced. If you have concrete examples of ObozoMustGo’s being racially bigoted, let’s hear them.

          21. infadelicious August 8, 2013

            i think when russ is stumped, he resorts to name calling and labelling… i think “delicious infant” is supposed to be a clever insulting? twist on my chosen name of Infadelicious.. shucks, it really hurts.. good tactics of diversion………why not just yell SQUIRREL!?..

          22. Russell Byrd August 9, 2013

            I am never stumped. I do like attacking your ignorance, arrogance, and untruthfulness. Making a play on your name is just my way of insulting you overworked ego.

            It is not like you did not set the gold standard on insults. You began that bit of warfare long ago, and you still do it. Then you want to look like the cat that ate the canary. WHO, little old me, NOOOOOO! Who calls themselves “delicious” anyway.

          23. idamag August 9, 2013

            Maybe, a pole dancer?

          24. Russell Byrd August 9, 2013

            I’m glad I never frequent those kind of places. I don’t think I could sit through that act. . . . Ugh! 🙂

          25. Russell Byrd August 8, 2013

            You really are the jerk a lot of the posters think you are. . . .
            If you will not inform yourself when you have been given the name of the designer of the racial politics of the Repub party, then you are destined to remain a misinformed, uninformed, but rather loose cannon that shoots at friend, foe, and indifferent at the merest whim. Sorry, but you are now persona non gratia with me.

            I gave you a very gentle nudge with a little humor, and shared my viewpoint. I did not demand that you agree with me. If you want evidence that disproves the myths formed in your own infertile mind, then find out for yourself. I know and speak the truth, shame on you for not caring. BYE!

          26. CPAinNewYork August 9, 2013

            Your “little humor” is less than little: It’s pathetically small. You’re given to making charges and then posting insulting comments when challenged.

            You’ve demonstrated all of the characteristics of a third rate mind. I won’t miss you. Do me a favor: Crawl into your hole of ignorance and rot.

          27. Russell Byrd August 9, 2013

            You demonstrated in the first sentence of your reply, that were not interested in the answer to your question. How very right-wing. That sentence also was very insulting. So my reply is f*ck you. That sentence also indicated your laziness.

            As your first sentence is such an inane failure, your next sentence becomes irrelevant. You already were given the answer, but you were too insulting, lazy, and stupid to bother with a little information.

            No, you do not have sense of humor. From your posts I realize that you are the worst form of amoral hard-shell Repub. You only voted Democrat because you think you can get more out of us. YES, you said exactly that several days ago.

            As for insults, I will point out that you initiated this exchange by belittling me. That I can accept, but then you refuse to listen or do a little research that will inform you as to why we make those accusations. If I used typical warped right-wing logic, as you do, I would conclude that you are a racist yourself. You are, aren’t you.

            So, sorry I will always be here to p*ss down that rat-hole that vermin like you occupy. Like every one of the conversations that I have with vermin like you, and your buddies, the ability to avoid these encounters, is entirely in your power.

            And thanks, for not “missing me.” Now tell me again, why on Earth should I care?

          28. CPAinNewYork August 9, 2013

            You shouldn’t care, because you’re a pathetic piece of garbage unworthy of consideration.

          29. Russell Byrd August 9, 2013

            Oh, thank you. The secret squirrel is riled now. Cooool!

            Is that the level best you can do? You are unworthy of my talent.

            I do not normally ask, but you owe me an apology. DO NOT think I even remotely entertain that I will get one, but you did overstep your bounds.

          30. CPAinNewYork August 9, 2013

            I’m sorry that you’re so pathetic and I’m sorry to have taken advantage of your ignorance.

          31. Russell Byrd August 9, 2013

            You are a misguided arrogant fool. You started this because you think so little of other people. I do not melt in the face of your false superiority. Something that you will be constantly reminded.

          32. CPAinNewYork August 9, 2013


          33. Russell Byrd August 9, 2013

            I admit I read these posts in revers order, but that is the fifth time you have indicated you were done. But you are not, are you.

            Can’t quit lying and bullying to save your immortal soul. . . .

          34. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

            Why not just ask CPAinNewYork to marry you and get it over?
            You know you are in love…

          35. Russell Byrd August 31, 2013

            That was one of the dumbest cracks I have ever read. Think you are in some kind of vacuum? Why don’t you just crawl out of your closet and marry him yourself. I am sure he is more to your taste. You even sound like him.

            Grow-up and admit that you are a self-loathing, crypto closet queen that is scared to death that your right-wacko buddies will bend you over a railing and give you something that will make you smile. That is after they beat you up and call you names.

            Go ahead and admit it. The Liberal world is a liberated one, though unfortunately, I realize your Teatard world is not.

          36. THS_Warrior September 1, 2013

            Hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha!!! Gotcha!!
            FYI: I posted the same exact comment that ate your lunch in response to CPAinNewYork, and then voted AGAINST him!!
            (His short rude response was his usual one to me: “Go f**k yourself”). Explanation: I am nearly as liberal as you are Byrd.
            And I have had long battles with CPAinNewYork, until I grew tired of trying to train him. Conservative rocks do not listen.
            FACTS: Had you bothered to click on my avatar you could have read that (according to Disqus) I have posted 6390 very progressive comments, mostly on the right-wing forums (which explains why I have received only 4966 “up” votes).
            BTW: I clicked on your name and noticed that you have only posted about 1774 comments, but which accumulated some 3873 “up” votes. Advice: Stop cheating. Hanging around the progressive threads just to get “liked” does nothing for America. Come help me do battle at WT and other Red Spots, where lunacy abounds.

          37. Russell Byrd September 1, 2013

            I am afraid my motivations are different than yours. I used to seek out all those lunatic sites, but there are just too many and my time really is rather short. I wish I could do more. I must admit I enjoyed it and still do. A little too much, really.

            I just come to read the comments made by others to get a different take on things. I enjoy reading the ideas of others. It helps me put a proper perspective on my own views and life. My number of comments is very misleading, as is the number of “up” votes. The few comments I make in conversation here usually get 2-8 “ups” and sometimes as high as a 100+ (once). However, though I do enjoy seeing people appreciate what I do post, the number of likes is somewhat irrelevant to me.

            The thing is, I do not post that much, UNTIL I see one of the master race show up. When they refuse to participate and only post sh*t, then I stay on them until they are gone. They never get the last word. Of course, I only do this when I have spare computer time. Working on documents is ideal. I used to work in the field and never got much office time. I type a bit, read a bit, and then take a break and abuse (a sorry sack of sh*t) a bit.

            My point is, most of my posts are made long after the main contributors have left, and they are mostly responses to the wack-job Teanderthals. They always give “down” votes. Of course, so do I as a strict matter of habit. So understand, that though I am doing much better in my on-topic posts, my

            “extra curricular” activities get abysmal ratings. Those posts are probably 90% of my activity.

            To explain further, I do this because I despise bullies, and haters, the racists and homophobes, the bigots that hate the poor and working people, the trolls, the disruptors, and above all, the liars. Of course, all of the above are liars. That is what they do to “win.” And boy, do they ever need to win. Funny, I have never seen the trophy they get, yet.

            To be brief, as I have already rambled on too much, I tell these sorry wastes of skin exactly what my motivations are and exactly what I do, and will do to make their life miserable. They never get it. They always think they will get the last word, insulated in their fuhrer bunkers away from the real world. Yet, really what I am doing is more of a fetish than anything practical. I have noticed that there is a lot less of this scum around these days when they know I am there, but what there is usually makes a special point to start with me.

            As I tell them, that is exactly the plan. I am not saying that I prevent them from going to other blogs, but I have noticed that even a week after everyone has left, they are still battling it out on the old topics. My philosophy is, I would probably not post anyway, and my opponent is wasting his time abusing me, And I love it, and I never quit what I begin. Therefore, sh*t like CPA never gets any joy. There is an old adage, “while they are abusing me, they are leaving some other poor soul alone.”

            The truth about the CPA deal is kind of odd. He is a winger that has seen the light. He has realized that the Pubs are not working in his interests. At least, that is promising. Of course, he has not got one Liberal idea in his head. So when I conversed with him about a couple of our wing-nut posters, he turned on me in an instant. So, I became my most charming self and gave him a “treatment.”

            I say this with considerable regret, but I will not accept his abuse. Really, this is sad, because it is something of an internal squabble. That does not do us much good, but it is questionable if CPA is really a “friendly.”

            And finally friend, I did check out your avatar. Unfortunately, AFTER I dumped that load of malarkey. (By the way, I can edit or delete what is left, if you like.) That is what happens when one does not pay attention, but CPA is a touchy subject with me.

            So, please accept my sincere apologies. I realize I did not do any real harm, but I reacted improperly.

            Just don’t shake me up like that again. 🙂

          38. THS_Warrior September 1, 2013

            As I said in one of my earlier posts, your dogged persistence in fighting with CPA reminded me of another very persistent commenter way over on the far right whose screen name is Henry Miller. I liked to call him Professor Miller– immediately before I called him out and occasionally wiped his hate slate clean. Conservative Henry Miller is very prideful (I get to say that because I am at least as boastful of my accomplishments as is Henry). Professor Miller unabashedly refers to himself as an intellectual conservative– which you and I both know is (in most cases) an oxymoronic description that appies to very few humans I have ever met or conversed with over the ‘net.
            The difference between progressive intellectuals and pompous conservatives like Miller is in the ability of the former to change his/her mind when presented with facts that will not go away; and the ability to admit their mistakes when pointed out (as you immediately did when I explained my playful little trick!). So I say let’s both agree to fight the good fight Russel Byrd. Tear ’em up.

          39. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

            Why not just ask Russell Byrd to marry you and get it over?
            You know you are in love…

          40. CPAinNewYork August 31, 2013

            Why don’t you go to hell?

          41. Russell Byrd August 9, 2013

            Ooh, I have been chastised. Please master, spare your poor slave.

          42. Russell Byrd August 8, 2013

            By the way, one of your racist friends liked your post! Good luck!

          43. CPAinNewYork August 9, 2013

            You’re well named, Byrd brain.

          44. Russell Byrd August 9, 2013

            Well, dipsh*t, maybe so. But a least this Byrd brain is interested in facts, is not totally absorbed in his own personal pleasures, values the truth above all else, and FINALLY, can do his own research and learn about new concepts. I know it is far too late for you, but you should have gotten a little education. Sticking your head in a tax book is not learning about people and the world. Neither does it teach truth or ethics. Only numbers and taxes.

            If you do not know who Lee Atwater is, then you do not care about racism anyway. You are just another closet racist. No wonder you do not see the obvious in Bozo. I see your one “positive” is from your new found friend, the “delicious infant.” If you have no sense of humor, OK, but if you are just that touchy, you can take your old retarded face and shove it up Bozo’s a**. Well, maybe I should have said, you should come out of his a** for a little air.

          45. CPAinNewYork August 9, 2013

            Byrd Brain:

            You don’t seem to be too clear on who Lee Atwater “is”, because he died in 1991. You’ll probably catch up in a few years, when you get tired of substituting invective for facts.

            You’re obviously a typical flaming liberal who never got a decent education and haven’t the slightest idea how to conduct research into anything. Actually, you don’t have to do research, because your closed pea brain is incapable of admitting anything that approximates a contrary opinion.

            Interesting that you assume all CPAs do nothing but taxes. Actually, you may be interested to know that the field is quite wide, encompassing accounting, auditing, computer systems, financial planning, forensic investigations and a number of other disciplines. Studying accounting in college, which is the general prerequisite to earning the CPA designation, is excellent for a number of business positions.

            I don’t know what you do or did to earn a living, but I suspect that whatever it is or was you’re an insufferable pompous ass. You strike me as a know-it-all clown who is always certain in his opinions, but frequently wrong. People probably avoid you.

            I don’t know why you think the “delicious infant” is my “friend’ but that doesn’t surprise me. I didn’t come up with the term and I’m at a loss to understand the connection that you’ve apparently invented, but a Byrd brain like you is capable of any demented thought.

          46. Russell Byrd August 9, 2013

            So what you are saying in a nutshell is, you have no real defense against what I said. All you are explaining are different facets of the same profession.

            NO, YOU ARE JUST A STUPID A-HOLE. So what if Lee Atwater did die in 1991. I already knew that. BUT Atwater was the theorist that taught the basis for the Repubs closet racism.

            You have used a typical right-wacko tactic to cover your own stupidity, rudeness, and racial ambivalence. Obviously, you have done some research into Mr. Atwater. As such, you have at least an inkling of why I brought it up Atwater.

            Yet, you spin this back to me as if you are think I am responsible for your rudeness and stupidity. All the while, knowing what the truth is. Old fool, everywhere I have ever been you would be called a LIAR.

            A decent, reasonable man could have said, “I checked up on Mr. Atwater and I see where you are probably right,” OR “I do NOT agree that these posters are really racist.” Yet, you wanted to be confrontational, well, I will give you confrontation. It will end when you will it to, or until I feel like quitting, or I decide to start replying to every post you make. That is what your new “friends” do. I have the same rights, don’t I?

          47. CPAinNewYork August 9, 2013

            So now you’re trying to preach to me that I should throw in the towel. Why should I, because you’re running out of steam?

            You’re nothing but a rude, pompous ass who’s met his match.

            Yes, I Googled Atwater and found out immediately that he died in 1991 and saw your reference to racism. You could have been more honest in your posting and said how Atwater related to racism, but you didn’t. Instead, you tried to go one up on me by referring to an obscure campaign manager from the South. You wanted to flaunt your erudition. You’re intellectually dishonest.

            Quit if you want. I don’t care.

          48. Russell Byrd August 9, 2013

            I am just getting warmed up. I just am not evil like you. I will not let you pull your sh*t on me, or anyone else. Your whim of just smacking us “untermensch” out of your exalted path, will not be tolerated.

            However, if you wanted peace, I would give it to you. As I said, I am not evil, or self-centered, as you are. I just gave you the opportunity to bow out gracefully. Normal people would not waste their valuable time to prove absolutely nothing. I will not let go, as long as you want to use me, or others, as your door mat. So why do you have the need to?

            As I said, it is your choice. I can go all night, and tomorrow, and, etc., “until the end of time.”

          49. CPAinNewYork August 9, 2013

            Because you don’t have anything better to do with your time.

          50. Russell Byrd August 9, 2013

            I could say the same for you. How hypocritical can you be.

            Actually, I have plenty to do, but I am not going to allow a natural born bully like you to walk all over me, or any other decent person.

          51. Russell Byrd August 9, 2013

            So, Lee Atwater died in 1991. Karl Marx died in 1883 and the right-wingers will sometimes rag on all day about him. Atwater was the architect for the closet racism of the Repubs. He is the proponent of the “southern strategy” that wins national elections for the Pub.

            If you do not care, then you are too ignorant to factor into the conversation and are not worthy of the right of free speech.

            I know the field of “accounting” is quite wide, but it is still a part of the same profession. You avoided my statement with you own, and actually inferred that I was correct. As I said, that does not prepare one for life or dealing with other people. It would be a good field for a sociopath as well. You don’t need any empathy to do what you do. This is not to insult all CPA’s, but it does not make you an ethical person either.

            Actually, the blurb about me not doing research, not only proves the veracity of my comments, but demonstrates in a practical sense that you are a most willing liar. YOU are the one that refused to do what I have EASILY done. You were lazy, insulting, and willing to grovel in your ignorance. Those are your failures, not mine. My only sin is not tolerating you intolerance.

            As for being a flaming Liberal, maybe, but the only reason that you are not a Teatard is your sense of superiority. You just think they are too stupid for you. OR is it, you equate them with the minorities they see as inferior? You think they/we are ALL human refuse.

            By the way, I am certain you do not want to compare educational qualifications. Unlike yourself, I do not carry on about my superiority.

            That is your defect and one of the reasons that Capitalism is evil. You are all just too d*mn entitled. In your view Socialism, the caring for the entire population is bad, yet you expect to make ten times the money for one-tenth the work. I think I have missed the mark as you are a lot lazier and greedier than that. As Marx did say, “Democracy is the road to socialism.” Capitalism is the road to Fascism. Perfectly sensible to a perfectly sensible mind.

          52. CPAinNewYork August 9, 2013

            I’m glad that you just wrote that “capitalism is evil.” So, you’re not a flaming liberal. You’re a Communist. You believe in a failed philosophy: “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.”

            What utopian drivel. Good by fool.

          53. Russell Byrd August 9, 2013

            No Mr. McCarthy, I am not a Communist. You are just a Fascist spouter of stale slogans. Your whole useless life is a cliche.

            Actually, I am a REFORMED Christian. I am no longer a religious man, because I have watched to much filth like you in action. Yet, I still believe in the basis of Christ’s teachings. Jesus did not teach that “greed is good.” On the contrary, he taught very much the opposite.

            I am glad you were so quick to, sorry, I can’t quite quit laughing here, play the “commie card.” (Thanks for letting me spoof the right-wing morons. I love satire.)

            That philosophy has not really failed. Look at China. Still Communist, but in control of just about every product we consume. We put millions of Americans out of a job, and then we pay the Chinese to do our dirty work. We sell their goods to our own people at high profit and wonder why we have a “welfare” problem.

            You see, I am pro-Democracy. The average Capitalist is a blatant Fascist. Capitalists want the Constitution to cease functioning at their door, and like the Kock boys, they will spend millions to have their way with our people, our government, and our laws.

            You arrogantly say Communism has failed, yet ignorant, greedy bastards like yourself are going to cause it to come back with a vengeance. If you live long enough, you might find yourself standing against a pock marked wall. BUT sadly, the Democracy I love so dearly, will be dead.

          54. CPAinNewYork August 10, 2013

            So, you’re not a Communist, but you’re a “reformed Christian,” whatever that is. I think that you’re a garden variety jerk.

          55. Russell Byrd August 10, 2013

            And again, you have returned after telling me I was not worth posting to on at least five occasions. I guess lying is another of your “better” qualities.

            I think you are a very special kind of jerk. Maybe rather, a jerk-off. Anyway, I told you what I was. If you are too stupid to figure it out, then I am not surprised.

            I’m not, but if I were a Communist, what would be the crime. Your class of people believe in buying our laws to de-criminalize behavior that is immoral and evil, in order to make more money. What does that make you.

            Please continue, you old foolish, cranky, b*st*rd.

          56. Sand_Cat August 9, 2013

            Not to get into the disagreement between you two, but I’m glad he said “capitalism is evil” (if he in fact did so; I lost interest after the first few broadsides) because it is. So is Communism, and any other system that puts money and “production” ahead of everything else, which guarantees at least two things:
            1) The natural world will be destroyed, even if many of the people honestly care about saving it, because exploiting everything for money and constant growth is incompatible with the welfare and survival of living systems and organisms
            2) These systems are also incompatible with human wellbeing: accumulation of wealth by one group always means another loses out, and somebody always ends up on the bottom, plus they’re ultimately wasteful and unsustainable. Once they got rid of Lysenko’s pseudo-science and his patron, Stalin, the USSR may have had fewer dirt-poor people who were starving than the US (or maybe not), but almost everybody except for the privileged party elite had to live with privation, not to mention the KGB. I doubt Mr. Byrd is a Communist; he seems like a pretty bright guy to me. On occasion, so do you. Why are the two of you tearing into one another when there are always right-wing trolls if you want to get into name-calling.

          57. CPAinNewYork August 10, 2013

            Regarding your last sentence: I don’t like Byrd. His postings strike me as the posturings of a pompous ass.

          58. Sand_Cat August 9, 2013

            Although Lee was an exploiter of southern racism, and probably was at least somewhat racist himself (believe me, it’s hard to shake the habit when you grew up in South Carolina with a southern mother), he was also a HUGE admirer of James Brown and a number of other black singers and musicians; in fact, he had no use for the Beatles or the British groups at all, so far as I know, though he may have liked the Stones. He was ambitious, talented, and fortunate enough to play in the backing band for one R & B icon, though I can’t remember who.

          59. Russell Byrd August 9, 2013

            Yeah, wasn’t Atwater a little bit of a musician himself? I’ve noticed that musicians are often more racially neutral than the average citizen. I never like to beat up on Atwater, because as I understand it, he pretty much fessed up to what he was doing later in life.

            Like you said, he “probably” was somewhat racist, but his primary aim was to get HIS candidate elected. Or another way to say it, this was the method he came up with to attain his goals. The real fault I find with the “southern strategy” was a racist electorate that was only too willing to along.

            What is important in a campaign, is to devise a strategy that helps garner the most votes. In interviews, Mr. Carville said pretty much the same. These guys personal views are important, but they are still secondary to reaching the intended goals. Which I think is a great strength in politics. Pre-conceived notions do not get in the way of getting the job done. I mean, for this for the “good” operatives.

            I despise the so-called ‘”southern strategy,” but I have to admit, in its day, it was effective. So, Lee Atwater may not have been that much of a racist in his personal views, but he sure knew how to tap a vast resource of voters.

          60. infadelicious August 12, 2013

            Byrd in his desperate quest to find something to insult you with, saw that I had “liked” one of your comments. Just because I don’t agree with someone on everything, doesn’t mean I can’t like one of their posts……isn’t it good to at least find agreement on something? I think in Byrd’s lonely world, if someone “likes” his comment, that makes that person his friend….but you have to agree exactly with his viewpoint, or he lashes out with name calling and labelling. When insults don’t work, he just gets angrier and continues, this time adding profanity.He is very predictable and it is important to him to have the last word, which, even when I allow him that, he still carries on…quite sad really. In a previous post he writes “If we hate Christians, it ‘s for their overbearing, self-righteous judgemental hyprocrisy” (gee, that sounds familiar)……….then, he claims to be a reformed Christian? I guess you even have to be his exact kind of Christian…. that says it all. The only friend I see him having is Fern Woodrot and her posts are so vulgar and hatefilled they would make Satan blush…..have a nice day

          61. Sand_Cat August 9, 2013

            Lee Atwater was a close advisor to H. W. Bush. He is generally associated with the Willie Horton ads against Michael Dukakis, and I believe taught Carl Rove most of what he knows, though Lee was never an ass like Rove. While his politics and the tactics he was willing to use were in my opinion despicable, he repented and apologized to Dukakis and others before he died. I knew him when we were both kids, and he was a loyal and courageous friend with a quirky sense of humor that could really make you laugh. He seems to have retained that last, even through the political battles. He was also a talented guitarist.

          62. toptwome August 8, 2013

            It is racism to me that he is calling President Obama Obozo.

          63. Russell Byrd August 8, 2013

            This joker cannot see the obvious. He buys into the fact that Bozo says he is not a racist and he has made it clear to me that he does not care too research the reason why that is wrong.

            If I were a simple minded Teatard, I would yell he was a racist too. Guilt by association. Of course, though it is against by nature, he may very well be a racist. Apologies for being so severe.

          64. idamag August 9, 2013

            During the presidential campaign on one of these posts. Cannister cook and Oboza said these things. I can’t remember which one said which, but I think it was oboza who said the President spoke in ebonics. I did see a racist remark from him.

        5. idamag August 8, 2013

          And people, like bozo, are quick to get in line for SS and Medicare when they reach 65.

          1. Dominick Vila August 8, 2013

            Many of them are on food stamps, and never held a job for more than a few months.

        6. ObozoMustGo August 8, 2013

          Dommy, good to chat with you again. I hope you are well.

          What you are describing is support for a Ponzi scheme. You’re no more entitled to a return than anyone who was dumb enough to give money to Bernie Madoff. The only difference between Madoff and SS is that SS is thousands of times worse. Your support for a continued Ponzi scheme and calling it “social responsibility” is morally reprehensible because it requires acceptance that it’s OK for you to live off the backs of other people who work, and whose work and labor are their own. Nevertheless, your support for authorizing politicians to commit plunder for your benefit continues, despite the shameful aspects of such a belief because your greed overcomes your moral virtue and principle.

          What is socially responsible? Well, let’s start with taking care of ourselves and our own families. Get married, have kids, stay married, educate the kids, and instill self reliance and charity in them. THAT is socially responsible. Giving people the idea that it’s OK to live off the labor of other people is a despicable act to both the individual and society.

          Just my 2 cent’s.

          Have a nice day, Dommy!

          “When men once get the habit of helping themselves to the
          property of others,” warned the New York Times in 1909 about the proposed federal income tax, “they are not easily cured of it.’”

          1. Dominick Vila August 8, 2013

            You can call Social Security and MEDICARE Ponzi schemes, I call them retirement and healthcare insurance programs. You pay throughout your professional life and when you reach a certain age you collect the benefits you paid for. In the case of MEDICARE you continue to pay fees after you retire. There is no difference between the concept used to fund for those programs and insurance coverage. In both cases you are entitled to collect what you paid for. The only difference is that, proportionally, the premiums/FICA/fees are much lower than what you pay for healthcare insurance, life insurance, car insurance, etc.
            I have been married 50 years, supported my kids, help take care of my grandchildren, worked 44 years, was never unemployed, paid taxes my entire life, and understand better than most Republicans the meaning of personal responsibility.
            Social responsibility includes having an understanding that not everybody can find a job that pays enough to cover all expenses, that even holding two jobs is not enough to make ends meet, that most Americans struggle and live paycheck to paycheck and cannot save money for retirement, and that being poor is not a crime.
            Interestingly, those who claim to be Christians and who pretend to have high moral values are the first ones who refuse to give those in need a helping hand, and who instead of trying to help the poor prefer to demonize them. One thing is to avoid being taken for a ride by people who know how to beat the system or are too lazy to get a job, denying those who want to work and cannot do it for a variety of reasons in something that only the disciples of the anti-Christ can support.

          2. jack August 18, 2013

            social security was never intended to be a retirement plan! it was intended to be a social safety net. so if you got into your old age with nothing you would have something to survive. it was never intended to pay out to everybody that paid in so you could maintain you standard of living into old age. that is why net worth means testing makes sense after you spend your own wealth down THEN you can draw social security! tell me how it’s fair that a 30 year old guy making 40,000 a year should pay into a system that sends a check to a guy with a net worth of millions? just so he can pay his country club dues with his social security check. just because he paid in to the system when working?and does so for 15- 20 years paying him way more than he contributed! the reason the system is in trouble is because the “premiums”/”fica”/fees were much lower than what you pay for life insurance/ health insurance,car insurance etc. you were not paying the true cost of the “benefit”/ liability/ risk !!!! with private sector insurance you are!

          3. Dominick Vila August 19, 2013

            I doubt anybody ever expected Social Security to cover all retirement expenses, or even a significant portion of it. With the exception of people earning very low wages, many retirees depend on other forms of income, such as private pensions, savings, and investments to cover their retirement expenses. SS, however, is the difference between and living an independent, albeit modest life, and becoming a burden to their children for tens of millions of lower income Americans.

            Yes, it is not fair for a lower income person to make FICA contributions 52 weeks a year, and a multi-millionaire satisfies his FICA contribution requirements before sundown on January 1st, that is one of the reasons I believe the contribution cap should be raised, and I believe those who do not need SS benefits to survive should forego those benefits to keep the program solvent for those who need them. I doubt SS benefits will cover the country club dues our billionaires pay.
            You must be very young if you think for profit insurance policies will cover retirement and survival expenses for most Americans. The moment I turned 65 my life insurance premium went up to over $200 a month. When I turned 70 it went up to over $300 a month even though I dropped the coverage to less than half, and it has continued to go up to almost $400 a month.
            Social Security is the difference between having a modest income and having no income at all for most elderly Americans. That is the reason most retirees support it and will fight tooth and nail to preserve it. Social Security is not a freebie, we all pay into it throughout our lives and are, therefore, entitled to receive the benefits we paid for, regardless of whether they are enough to cover all our retirement expenses or not.

          4. Dominick Vila August 19, 2013

            The overwhelming majority of retirees worked throughout their lives, paid taxes, paid their FICA contributions and earned the Social Security and MEDICARE benefits we receive. The benefits we receive are not freebies, like the socialist Emergency Room freebies put in place by former President Reagan, which people like you are determined to preserve, WE PAID FOR THE SS AND MEDICARE benefits we receive and we are entitled to get what we paid for.

        7. jack August 18, 2013

          do you realize todays social security recipient receives 5-10 times the amount in benefits that they paid in in contributions. because when social security was conceived life expectancy was 57.5 years most would never collect life expectancy is now reaching into the 80’s most recipients will collect for 15-20 years this is not realistic! plus in 1950 there were 17 workers paying in for every recipient now its down to 1.75 thanks to the oboma economy this is not sustainable it needs to be net worth means tested there is no reason a 35,000 dollar a year worker should be paying for bill clintons viagra !!!!!!!! please educate yourself before you bankrupt your grand children!!

          1. Dominick Vila August 18, 2013

            The folks that were paying FICA when Social Security was first conceived are no longer with us. Most of the current retirees began to pay into the program in the 1960s.
            Yes, the beneficiary-contributor ratio has declined during the last 3 or 4 decades, and it is likely to continue to decline, but that has absolutely nothing to do with President Obama’s policies or the economic crisis caused by President Bush’s economic and fiscal policies. The reason for this problem is demographics. Our fertility rate has declined dramatically since the industrial revolution, and our population is aging. Effective immigration policies would help offset the effects of low fertility, but the current anti-immigration sentiments and policies, and the fact that the standard of living and opportunities are improving in other parts of the world are not helping.
            Changes to Social Security, ranging from raising the contribution cap to a higher retirement age are inevitable. We must also take steps to ensure the SS trust fund is never used again to give the illusion that the Federal government deficits are not as bad as they have been. Hopefully, the effective economic policies of the Obama administration and the dramatic reduction in the size of government will be embraced by future administrations and a sequel to what happened in the Bush II era never happens again.

          2. jack August 18, 2013

            if you think obama’s economic policies are effective and giving low skilled low wage workers amnesty will save social security and obamas policies are like aca are reducing the size of government your delusional! and the economic crisis that did happen under bush were caused by housing policy brought to us under clinton it just took a decade to catch up to us and bush did nothing to stop those failed policies from collapsing the housing market both parties are selling us up the river

          3. Dominick Vila August 18, 2013

            Life expectancy in the USA has been rising during the last 100 years as a result of a multitude of reasons, including the creation of social programs such as Social Security and MEDICARE, tremendous improvements in the medical field, greater emphasis on preventive medical care, significant improvements in working conditions, better eating habits, more awareness on the benefits of exercise, etc.
            Citing the life expectancy 100 years ago to blame future financial problems on President Obama is an overt attempt to ignore the factors that are contributing to the problems we are facing and avoid making the tough decisions that must be made to correct them.
            Most of the contributors to Social Security when that program was created are long gone. Most of the current recipients were born in the 1930s and 1940s, and contributed to the program when life expectancy was over 70, which is nothing to brag about since most European countries, Canada, New Zealand and others have a better life expectancy than the USA (I believe we currently rank Nr. 16 in the world).
            In any case, the main reason for the skewed contributor-beneficiary ratio has more to do with demographic changes than a longer life expectancy. Our fertility rate in the USA has declined dramatically during the past 100 years for a variety of reasons, ranging from the availability of contraceptives to better education and expectations. The end result is that our population is aging and, indeed, there are more people receiving SS benefits today than there were 50 years ago, and even worse, there are fewer contributors than there were 50 years ago. Blaming societal changes like this on President Obama’s policies is bizarre.
            There is no doubt that changes to SS are inevitable. To keep the program solvent for future generations we must raise the contribution cap substantially, and in the not too distant future we will have no choice but to raise the eligibility age and/or end early retirement eligibility. That does not mean Social Security is doomed, in fact, it is solvent and will remain so for several years, but like every other program and business model, changes will have to be made as we go along to reflect the demographic and socio-economic changes that are bound to take place in the not too distant future.

          4. jack August 18, 2013

            if social security is so solvent than how come my social security statement sent to me a 49 year old has this disclaimer on it ? it reads like this. “the social security administration will only be able to pay you 70% of benefit stated in this statement”. so it looks to me like they are already admitting it has become a “ponzi scheme” they have to pay out the money they are collecting from the late “investors” to the earlier “investors” to the point they will not have enough money left to pay the late “investors” back. sounds like a ponzi scheme to me! plus they have already raised my retirement age moving the goal post on me. and will likely keep doing that so they never have to pay me any benefit! why can democrats not ever admit their utopian programs are failures or agree that net worth means testing is needed? maybe it’s because many of them are wealthy and still want to get on the government dole. they also can’t seem to understand the concept that higher taxes and high energy costs are preventing economic growth that leads to higher revenue to the treasury. if they took the time to look up the stats they would find that revenue to the treasury went up like a rocket after the bush tax cuts the only problem was government spending went up even more! why should i believe the government taking my money for health care now will provide the care i need later in life when they have been taking my retirement money for 31 years now and are already welching on their obligation to pay me the benefit they say i am entitled to! stop playing the republican vs democrat game OPEN your eyes, look at the facts and see that both parties are selling us out then maybe you can stop being a use- full idiot of one party. Quite frankly it’s obama’s energy policy, health care bill and reckless spending that has us in the great depression of the 2010’s. my wife’s employment situation is a great example. after obama care was passed her employer cut her hours to less than 30 hours a week and dropped her health insurance{so much for if you like your health plan you can keep it} this has had a devastating effect on our economic situation leaving us scrambling to cut expenses{that does not help the economy when we cut off cable,phone,trash pick up etc} so we can pay ever increasing health insurance premiums and rising taxes and energy costs plus the effects of inflation driven by the printing of money by the fed to pay for the housing problems driven by housing policies of the clinton administration continued by bush{example of both parties selling us out} that allowed people to buy more home than they could afford that led to the collapse of the housing sector. even though we did not buy more house than we could afford and would like to move into a larger home, which would help the economy we can’t afford to because of the severe drop in the value of the house we are currently in and the reduction in both our incomes due to the weak economy. my overtime and bonuses have dried up because people can’t afford to fix their broken appliances and the cost of gasoline has driven up the cost to my employer to run the service call! more government spending will not help any of that! we are paying the price for the irresponsible behavior of our fellow Americans who thought they could have everything they wanted without having to work and wait for it! and those 48% of Americans that think they can get a free ride in the wagon and live on the backs of the tax payer. as one of those tax payers i am getting tired of carrying the lazy and am considering finding a way out of having to continue to pay for the dead wood! when i and all the other tax payers do the dead wood will find themselves in a real pickle. so they better wake up and stop demanding i provide more than i can produce. i don’t mind helping people who really need it. i just don’t want to pay the living expenses of people who just chose not to work because it’s easier or more fun to live on someone else’s hard earned wages or pay benefits to people with net worths 10 times mine! what happens to all these wonderful democrat give away programs when those of us paying for them decide we want in on the free ride and stop working, stop paying taxes and start demanding benefits? they collapse under their own weight!!!!!!!!!!!!

      5. Nancy Beaudrot August 7, 2013

        No, you and your ilk must go.

      6. Saaby000 August 8, 2013

        Wrong sir. Obamacare extended the life of Medicare by at least 10 years. When the pass immigration reform that will extend SS and Medicare for another generation. Republicans have been repeating you message since the beginning, and they were wrong 50 years ago and they are wrong now.

        1. ObozoMustGo August 8, 2013

          How stupid can you be? Don’t bother answering that. I know the answer and it’s pretty damned stupid. You’ve bought the lies of the left hook line and sinker like a good useful idiot. A few points for you to ponder while the drool drops from your chin:

          1) Obozocare DID NOT extend the life of Medicare a single day. Just because Obozo lies to you about that does not make it true. The fact is that they TOOK AWAY $500 MILLION from Medicare in an accounting trick to try to paint over the real costs, which at the time were estimated (read LIED) to be $1 TRILLION, but which today is now estimated to be closer to $3 TRILLION.

          2) The reasons the DemonRATS was to give amnesty to 11 million illegal aliens includes the need to have more people coming into the pipeline of their Ponzi schemes while others are falling out the other end. It also includes their motivations to add 70% of those illegals to the voting rolls of dependency seeking DemonRAT voters who want more freebies paid for by the work of other people.

          3) SS and Medicare are already dying the slow death of bankruptcy that all Ponze schemes die. Look at there own Trustees reports and statements of warning.

          You idiots on the left don’t seem to understand basic math because it does not comport with your wide eyed dedication to the socialist ideals of a so-called “saftey net” that actually cannot ever exist because it requires politicians to commit plunder in the name of “helping others” while incentivizing sloth and bad behaviors.

          But who cares what the real consequences or your socialist ideals are? As long as it makes you feel good, then consequences be damned. Right? Let those poor fools who are unlucky enough to be born in later generations pay for your benefits today. Right? That’s the way you see it, isn’t it? Screw them. You greedy bastards are going to “get yours” while you can. F%$k everyone else.

          Have a nice day, you greedy bastard!

          “Speaking the Truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

          1. infadelicious August 8, 2013

            YES! well said OMG, remind them that “how stupid can you be”? is not , I repeat NOT a challenge………

          2. Sand_Cat August 9, 2013

            You’re right. Even Obozo isn’t as stupid and racist as you. No need to challenge him.

          3. Russell Byrd August 8, 2013

            So you are really not for the Ponzi scheme known as Capitalism? You do not even understand how Capitalism works. All you are interested in is how much money you can scam for yourself. I do not think you are even any good at that. If you were really successful, you would not be here running every poster down.

            And Bozo dirtbag, life is not just about arithmetic. People do matter, everyone is worth as much as you. Yes, I know you do not agree.

      7. enkelin August 8, 2013

        Except for the fact that the ss trust fund has a 2.6 TRILLION dollar surplus which is actually making the deficit look smaller than it is. If we cut military and pentagon spending that would actually mean something about financing the needs of the USA but then that would put a lot of contractors out of work. You throw out a lot of platitudes but have no FACTS.

    2. RSDrake August 8, 2013

      but we can’t continue to fund all this with debt. We need to align taxes with expenditures … if we just keep running up debt, Bozo is right.

      1. aspromised August 8, 2013

        30 yrs of anti-revenue policy takes a toll and catches up with you. America has underfunded itself for decades constantly holding out “low taxes” as a carrot-on-a-stick vote-buying gimmick.

        1. CPAinNewYork August 8, 2013

          The biggest unfunded expense has been the Mideast wars that we were lured into by Dubya and the rest of the lying Republican crooks.

          1. Russell Byrd August 9, 2013

            You really need to slow down and read the posts. Stop your ego from posting to your id, and reply to what is said. The word was “underfunded” and the topic was about low taxes for those that need them the least, as an incentive to do what a capitalist does naturally.

            Hopefully, I will not see the need to do this again, but I rather think this little observation is an apt one. So please forgive this one errant excursion into the arrogance you love so well.

            Or am I going to have to translate this for you?

            You did not need to start this by being unreasonable, uncaring, and insulting, but so-it-goes. It ends when you wish it to. . . .

          2. CPAinNewYork August 9, 2013

            I’m tiring of your pseudo intellectual drivel. You evidently have nothing to do but reply to self-evident statements like the disaster of waging war without sufficient funds with arcane references to ego and id.

            I don’t know if you’re a conservative or a liberal, but it doesn’t matter, because you’re a self-important clod. I don’t regard you as anything more than an underemployed old fart who’s meagre education prevents him from responding logically to any argument.

            Good bye

          3. Russell Byrd August 9, 2013

            I was VERY specific. That is not what the esteemed poster was talking about. Yet, normally, I would say you have a perfect right to post. But since you want to badger about opinions you have misconstrued, then you are not worthy of my tolerance.

            I have never been “self-important.” That is why I could never be as successful in business as you. I am the guy that will step aside and hold the door open for you. I just did not like being the whipping boy for self-superior scum like you. So, I learned to be more assertive. BUT, I would still hold the door for you, or even run into a burning building to save you, or give the equivalent of my bodily blood supply twelve times over the years. All just to save your rotten a**. But then, I am a flaming Liberal.

            I have responded, but you are just irritated that one of the untermensch has the temerity to NOT prostrate himself in your exalted presence. I think it is rather you that are not responding logically.

            Ego and id are only arcane to a man that is lacking in education. Need I say more. . . .

          4. CPAinNewYork August 9, 2013

            Goodby Communist. You’re not worth bothering with.

          5. Russell Byrd August 9, 2013

            I love Democracy, Senator McCarthy. Something you believe in only when you get everything you want at someone else’s expense.

            Might I assume that you have no answer, after four tries, for my statement that you are a lazy, greedy b*st*rd that thinks you are worth ten times your fellow man, BUT need do almost nothing to get it. Hmm?

            Guess calling your worthlessness to account makes me a Communist? Well, I am not, but so be it.

            But you are still a greedy, worthless prick.

          6. CPAinNewYork August 10, 2013

            And you are a jerk with no discernible beliefs.

          7. Russell Byrd August 10, 2013

            Five times you have told me “BYE,” and that I was not worthy of replying to. Yet, here you are again.

            You claim I am insulting, but except for a few stale accusations, you have done nothing else. The proof of that is in you post.

            As for my beliefs, they are well defined. They are based on what is right, fair, and what causes my fellow humans joy and builds a better world. Right is right even if it does not pay.

            You will say with disdain that is Utopia. Well, it is not, it is doing exactly what the misused slogan of Capitalism says. “Doing what is in our own best interests.”

            Yet, if it were Utopia, what is wrong with that. That is what keeps us getting up and serving sorry sh*t like you. That and the desperation you must create to keep your “system” running.

            Your belief is in your self-importance. When you really consider it, you have ONLY one discernible belief. Everything is about you.

            At that, using your own philosophy, you are a failure. You are not, as the old song says, president of General Motors. You got part way up the ladder, but you never really made it. People like me, in your view, are the untermensch that you can use your yardstick of greed to compare yourself to. We are always too lazy. Though we are not all failures, we will never measure up to your single-minded view of the world.

            Remember “ego and id.” A college education is wasted on your kind. If you wish this to go on, please continue. The problem here, the real problem, is you are just a cranky old b*st*rd.

          8. CPAinNewYork August 12, 2013

            And you’re an old dumb shit.

          9. Russell Byrd August 12, 2013

            Still can’t get it out of your system, can you. You started this because you are just a stupid, rude, empathy lacking, self-mportant, jerk. Your just a CreePyAssholeInNewYork that thinks your shit doesn’t stink.

          10. CPAinNewYork August 12, 2013

            And you are a foul piece of garbage no matter where you are or are from.

          11. Russell Byrd August 12, 2013

            Still no contrition after starting am unnecessary conflict with your inane and rude behavior?

            And you are still a greedy, worthless prick. . . .

          12. Russell Byrd August 9, 2013

            By the way, how many times have you said or implied that you were “going.” You do a lot of posting to someone that you claim isn’t worth the trouble. Must be you have some sort of unnatural attraction towards me. An old adage has it, “They hit the ones they love.” Sorry, I am not that into you, nor do I care for S&M.

          13. idamag August 10, 2013

            And you are the one whose labors made others’ businesses great. You are also the consumers they need. What kind of business would they have without consumers?

          14. Russell Byrd August 10, 2013

            While not exactly stupid, the AVERAGE business person is not that smart, and definitely is not a deep thinker. The only thing they consider is making as much as they can right now. Tomorrow’s projected customers are assumed to remain available and their strategies address how to keep them, and increase them. The fact that you just sold poison to all of them, and you have killed your own customer base, rarely is a consideration.

            Of course, someone like me has that in the back of my mind at all times. This means my latitude for action is limited before I even start. Therefore, I remain poor. Though I may be quite happy and well adjusted by being so, I will always be a failure to the business types regardless of what I accomplish in life. . . .

          15. idamag August 10, 2013

            I have a theory: If being rich is your passion, you will be rich. I am perfectly happy not being so. However, the rich thinks we resent some of their practices because we are jealous. I took time to smell the flowers and do things with my family. I was fortunate to travel over a large part of the world and the U.S. I have time and energy to give back to my community and, yes, I am happy,

          16. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

            Your “theory” is very real for those smart enough to embrace it.
            Great thinkers long ago noticed that every single human action is preceded by some human thought. Example: Every building ever constructed existed in the mind(s) of humans who created and helped build it. Humans who allow their brains to waste time dwelling upon negative thoughts and/or worry about a possible unhappy outcome rarely achieve anything positive and will not ever be happy.

          17. THS_Warrior August 31, 2013

            Wow. If I had but one wish (today) I would wish to introduce you to an incurable opinionated flaming CONSERVATIVE intellectual who used to do battle with nearly everyone else posting on WT, YouGov and other political threads. His screen name was Henry Miller. “Professor” Miller claimed to be an educator, referred to himself a “scientist” and acted as if he who had all the answers; until he embarrased himself profoundly by repeatedly predicting a Republican presidential victory last November. Apparently a baked crow was too much for Professor Miller to swallow.

          18. Russell Byrd August 31, 2013

            Sorry about before.

            I would rather just have a reasonable conversation with another person or two or several, but when a “Professor ” Miller type shows up, I do tend to go off. I learned that most of them come to these blogs to “spank” someone that has a different viewpoint. As I despise, really hate, arrogance, I treat them like someone trying to stomp out a fire. Most of them can’t take it. Passing off lies as evidence and acting as a bully are my two other main angst’s.

            The scary part is . . . I love going at it with the Professor types, but then, maybe I shouldn’t. Like the old joke about what the masochist asked the sadist.

          19. THS_Warrior September 1, 2013

            Apologies accepted. I will admit my part: helping to set you off when I tricked you by clicking “Up” at the same time I suggested that you and CPAinNewYork get married. Hahahahahaha!!
            My intent was to point out (to both of you) that IMO it is a huge waste of time to continue arguments with people whose minds are so obviously set in stone (as is mine, yours and CPAs). The two of you went on so long it reminded me of myself and one of my ex-spouses who liked to argue as much or more than I do. Always having to have the lst word is not a good recipie for a marriage.

          20. AttilatheBlond August 9, 2013

            Well spoken!

          21. AttilatheBlond August 9, 2013

            We, as a nation, also underfund the true cost of our reliance on oil and our avoidance of mass transit, alternative fuels for private autos and the power grid. If we actually had to pay the real price of a gallon of gas, think roads, health issues from bad air and accidents, and the DOD/State Dept monies to protect the oil fields, transit, and dictatorial leaders in oil rich nations, well, we would be walking more and driving a LOT less.

            Big Oil and all it’s connected costs are subsidized by the working people of America. And the GOP wants to deny some basic benefits that people have been paying into their entire working life. Well, not all people, just people with wages and then only up to a certain point, so mostly middle class and working poor people. The GOP tries to denigrate those who are using their earned benefits by calling SS and Medicare ‘entitlements’ and welfare. Nope, it’s insurance and workers have been paying into the funds all their working lives. The GOP wants to villianize SS because the Boomers ARE retiring now and if they GOP can’t cut the payouts due, they will have to put that money they ‘borrowed’ from the fund back where it belongs. They just don’t want to pay their debts.

      2. idamag August 8, 2013

        High employment pays down the debt. The working man pays taxes and buys things. Both the government and business profits.

        1. disqus_LcxpBv2uzz August 8, 2013

          Also, raise taxes on the super-rich. In general, the 1% takes and takes, and gives back very little. Put them in the 50% tax bracket with limited deductions. They’ll still be super-rich.

          1. idamag August 9, 2013

            They will still be super rich.

      3. Dominick Vila August 8, 2013

        Absolutely. We must pay for everything we use and benefit from. I favor higher taxes at all levels above the poverty line. I am also in favor of eliminating ALL loopholes, subsidies, limiting foreign aid to countries afflicted by famine or epidemics, closing obsolete military bases, merging government agencies with identical or similar charters, reducing the civil servant/contractor ratio, and going after those who use tax havens overseas to reduce their tax liability.
        We should also increase the SS contribution cap, tighten SSI eligibility, and find ways to further reduce MEDICARE expenses, particularly the RX scheme.

        1. RSDrake August 8, 2013

          Exactly. I will add reducing the DoD budget significantly. My office took a 25% hit during the Clinton Administration. Ran a lot better after that.

          Retired DoD SES

          1. Dominick Vila August 8, 2013

            NASA also took a hit when Clinton was in office and Al Gore was constantly looking for ways to reduce spending. One of the greatest ironies of the spending and debt claims advanced by the GOP is that spending and the size of government usually goes down when Democrats are in office, and they grow out of control when Republicans are in control.
            I am a retired division manager. My government counterpart was a division chief (SES).

        2. idamag August 9, 2013

          I am with you on taxes. Raise everyone’s, but the poverty level, taxes.

      4. AttilatheBlond August 9, 2013

        Social Security cannot, by law, contribute to the national debt. It is self funded. In fact, under Reagan/Bush the elder, the SS funds were raided so they could claim the general fund had too much taxpayer money and it needed to be returned in the form of tax cuts. Of course, this was AFTER Reagan increased the payroll deductions for Social Security so there would be more funds available as the Baby Boomers began to retire.

        1. jack August 18, 2013

          it was democrats during the johnson administration that move social security contributions to the general fund to pay for the great society programs. you know like the government housing projects like the ones in chicago where our well publicly educated citizens who can’t read or write are gunning each other down in the streets. the great society was neither great or a society i want to be a part of. the reagan tax cuts increased revenue to the treasury thru more economic activity just look at the charts it’s a FACT! the only thing that can save social security now is net worth means testing and raising the retirement age look at the stats about life expectancy and worker to recipient ratio when the program started compared to where we are at today

      5. idamag August 10, 2013

        When the present Republicans talk about debt reduction and pay-as-you-go, they don’t find it hard to reduce the rich’s taxes to 14% before deductions and to subsidize the rich. They do find it hard to do programs that benefit the people.

        1. RSDrake August 10, 2013

          Well said

  20. djc84 August 7, 2013

    Sounds like the people who grew up watching this country get built remember how it was built! And exactly none of it is by enacting GOP based policy. Many fliers out there on the Internet about the GOP of the 50s pushing for the expansion of education, unions and other things that would help the working class. Now they’re just for turning this nation into the next version of feudalism so the Lords they serve have serfs to take care of things as cheap as possible.

  21. Jesús B Ochoa August 7, 2013

    a lifelong democrat, obama and his splendid ability to chose lying as a way of life finally drove to vote for Dr. Stein last time around just as i turned 78.. i see no need to change, if i survive to cast more votes.

    1. disqus_LcxpBv2uzz August 7, 2013


    2. Russell Byrd August 7, 2013

      Well, it is unfortunate that the brain is already dead. . . .

      1. Jesús B Ochoa August 7, 2013

        most people who can’t reply using logic dwell in the gutter, like you.


        in 2011, i was a juror at the international tribunal of conscience which met in Mexico City. late this month i will be a delegate at the permanent peoples’ tribunal in the same city. i was well taught, given that i had and have an open mind. notre dame ’56, texas university school of law, ’64, u.s. navy vet

        what have you done with your life?

        1. Russell Byrd August 7, 2013

          I do not believe you are a lawyer. I do have a Master’s degree from IU. I have been a volunteer almost all of my life. I will stop there because I realize only a fake would be so quick to “pull rank.” You should understand what I mean. As for your education, read what you wrote. What you wrote that I appllied to. Even this last message sends mixed signals about your literacy.

          Remember, you brought it up. As for Obama lying, what lies has he really told. Compare him to Bush and Cheney. Maybe, compare him to Reagan. We know you lie, but enlighten us.

          As for what have I done with my life, probably a lot more good than you. You were probably in the Navy for your own purposes. Either that are you are Puerto Rican and you got drafted. Notre Dame, so what, and my school I would have used proper case out of respect. So you are a lawyer. Whoopy shit. I worked my way through school.. From start to finish.

          As for being a juror in Mexico City, OK, but so what. By pulling for the Republitards you are voting for your enemy. That does not show much intelligence. You are a fake.

        2. Russell Byrd August 7, 2013

          You invited my derision when you falsely accused OUR President of being a liar. So, guess what? “most people who can’t reply using logic dwell in the gutter, like you” fits you perfectly. You are a lying, hypocritical son of a female dog.

        3. idamag August 8, 2013

          People who brag are never as great as they would like people to think they are.

          1. Russell Byrd August 8, 2013

            That was one of the things that irked me so much, . . . and still does.

          2. idamag August 10, 2013

            My mother-in-law had a saying about boasters. She would like to buy them for what they are worth and sell them for what they think they are worth.

          3. Russell Byrd August 10, 2013

            Very astute view. We would all be rich selling Republicans.

        4. disqus_LcxpBv2uzz August 8, 2013

          If you are a lawyer, then chances are pretty good that you’re a liar, too.

          1. Russell Byrd August 8, 2013


    3. aspromised August 8, 2013

      Oh? Just him? He’s the only one? Everyone else is pure as driven snow? A smart guy like you should recognize that everything coming from the mouths of GOP uses skewed, selective, creative “facts”. They easily lead the “pants-on-fire” race and are disproved time and again. You didn’t notice that?

    4. idamag August 8, 2013

      Saying Obama is lying is abstract. If you weren’t racist, you would have said, “Obama lied when he said…” and listed the lies. I know your name is Hispanic, but I also know racist Hispanics.

      1. Russell Byrd August 8, 2013

        I really shouldn’t have apologized, but after looking at his link in more detail, I just think he might be an OK guy that lost his way. Or maybe, went senile.

  22. velvetnsteel August 7, 2013

    Why on earth would you say you are surprised at seniors comments on jobs, healthcare, retirement security, etc.? Many of us are out of the sixties and fought then for fairness, equality, getting rid of bias and rigidity. Many of us still hold true to our former beliefs.

    1. idamag August 8, 2013

      That is because seniors come from a generation where they cared about other people and they still do.

  23. Technoglyf August 7, 2013

    If seniors don’t vote overwhelmingly republican, look for new voter suppression laws focused on the poor and people with healthcare issues requiring competency testing perhaps. Also cracking down on “benefits cheaters perhaps” along with rhetoric to divide the senior vote and hang on to as much s they can. “You planned, THEY didn’t, (THEY characterized as a small percentage of cheaters messing it up for good upstanding patriots!) they’re stealing from you!”

    1. edwardw69 August 7, 2013

      Tell me this: how many service members in our armed forces are minority (all persuasions,) who the Republicans damn; have parents who are just making it; have grandparents who will get screwed by the Republicans in some future bill to kill Medicare; have disabled children, brothers or sisters, etc. who are cut-off by their insurance companies; who see their own wife and children depend on “food stamps”; and see them cut-off? And they are expected to fight some fight against people whose problems are not our business?
      Do you think they will stand by and support the pigs feeding at the trough?

  24. Bob_Mulholland August 7, 2013

    And hopefully the Republicans continue on their present course.

    1. edwardw69 August 7, 2013

      Well, it would be better if they didn’t, and came to their senses, and joined the human race again. Sooner would be better than later–and they will eventually have to come to their senses.

    2. Russell Byrd August 7, 2013

      I think it is profound that you got a down vote. The TeaPublitards claim to know everything and they hate Liberal views, but when you say they should continue on the same course, they vote you down. The point is, they know they are selling snake oil. Yet, they want us to “buy” some anyway, even if it is pure poison.

  25. Ann Snyder August 7, 2013

    There’s hope for the future!

  26. RobertCHastings August 7, 2013

    Two years before he passed away, my former father-in-law changed his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat (about six years ago). My wife’s cousin’s husband had been a lifelong Republican but changed his affiliation about four years ago. I personally know of several others who have done the same thing. Unfortunately, there are many who still have not awakened – sort of like the old Robin Williams/Robert DeNiro movie “Awakenings”. Old folks may in somewhat of a stupor, but they will eventually wake up.

  27. SouthernYankee August 7, 2013

    Well I’m 65 yrs old. I have always been a democrat and never will change because the republican party doesn’t care about working people who make under $30,000 or less. My father grew up during the depression and said never trust a republican because they don’t care about your financial issues. They only support the rich. He was right.

    1. Beaulieu6 August 7, 2013

      I agree with you at 100% percent about the Republicans as they never care about the working people they only care about the wealthiest, wall Street, and their pocket book, this is why that in November 2014 we will replace them with Democrats and put back Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi D-California as House Speaker.

    2. idamag August 8, 2013

      I used to laugh at my mother-in-law for saying when the Republicans get in the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Now, I am thinking she may have been right.

  28. 1standlastword August 7, 2013

    No…this generation of GOP/T-P is winding down the way it wound up and that is…fast.

    I think the more people pay attention the less and less they like the modern republicans. And we have three more years of eating their glass before we can hit them again for the big job.

    If the readers here among us haven’t read Jonathan Alter, The Center Holds: Obama and His Enemies, let me recommend it. I feel confident saying that those people who didn’t pay attention to the 2012 presidential campaign background dynamics can get a fairly unbiased blow-by-blow from Alter’s recounting of how (IMO) perverse people become in the pursuit of power: and, just how venomous the game of politics really is

  29. diverdown48 August 7, 2013

    You can teach an old dog new tricks.

  30. Beaulieu6 August 7, 2013

    The Republicans doesn’t care about the middle-class, seniors, and the poor living below poverty line they only care about the millionaire and billionaire, they cannot handle the truth this why that in November 2014 we will give back Congress to Democrats, and we will keep the Senate Democrats and will give back the gavel to Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi D-California.

  31. robertbenefiel@att.net August 7, 2013

    Really, the American political system is one constant fight. Do we really need all of this grief. I remember when members of Congress would have disputes but at the end of the day, they could actually work with each other. This even included Reagan, Nixon, Ford, Kennedy, George H. Bush, Carter, but now it is all about Me, ME, ME, and the country is just an afterthought. We got to giver this extreme people a real licking, but the problems is that the political folks are just surrogates for the special interest groups.

  32. mikem42 August 7, 2013

    The only demographic that should favor the R’s are the rich or corporate types. Young people don’t think they need health insurance yet, but as they age, they will see how important it is. Also, older folks, as I am, want our kids and grandkids to have the benefits we had as younger citizens, and be able to afford to live a normal life. Two and three jobs don’t add up to one good one, and of course, no benefits go with the part time jobs. Older people will support reasonable candidates, with the exception of the far right and tea party types. They are just plain stupid, and vote against their own best interests. I believe most are bigots of one sort or another. And, oh yeah, regional differences definitely exist. The civil war rages on. God help us all.

  33. Bill August 7, 2013

    The GOP has been telling us the same message for years but most people haven’t been listening. They have been blocking everything that helps the middle class for as far back as I can remember. They have just gotten so crazy now that they can no longer be ignored. I hope they get everything they deserve in the next election.

    1. Beaulieu6 August 8, 2013

      Yes, you are absolutely right their message has been the same one for years they don’t care about anyone but the rich and themselves, this why on November 2014 we will replace the Republicans with Democrats and give back the gavel to Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.

  34. JohnnyP August 7, 2013

    DownriverDem: I think it’s because they believe the lies in 2010. So did a lot of other groups (Latinos, Women, Gays……)

    My hope is that the more the truth gets out there (i.e., what the Republican agenda really is,) the more shifting we will see.

    My biggest question is: How do we get the truth out to the various demographic groups negative affected by the Republicans, and how do we keep it out there and then get them to vote in 2014? Any comments would be appreciated.

    Great newsletter!! Keep it coming!!

    1. plc97477 August 10, 2013

      I am quite proud of the fact that I have talked a few repugs into changing their vote. The way to do it is to talk about issues not party. Talk about how the parties differ while not making others defensive.

  35. Sandra Smith Page Houle August 7, 2013

    The GOP has never cared about anyone but the Rich, which includes them…they don’t care about important issues…environment, global warming, poor, seniors, sick, animals, children! I am so so sick of their arrogant behavior…they do not earn any of the money they are receiving and benefits…we need to get t out of office and to decrease all salary’s and benefits!!!!

    1. Beaulieu6 August 8, 2013

      I agree with you at 100% percent you are abosolutely right this is why come November 2014 will replace the Republicans wit Democrats.

  36. howa4x August 7, 2013

    This spells trouble for the GOP who geared their policies to greedy seniors. Now they realize they are not so greedy and want more social justice and treat republicans like kryptonite on issues like social security and Medicare. I just turned 65 and think the republicans are out of touch on many issues.

    1. demz taters August 8, 2013

      It was so good to see that seniors weren’t biting on the promise that GOP plans to gut the system weren’t going to affect them. Turns out they want their kids and grandkids to have the same benefits they enjoy.

  37. Tex Viet Vet August 7, 2013

    I hope the conservanazis get the party going further and further to the right. I say, ” make the GOP more conservative”. What has amazed me for the longest is how a Senior can draw Social Security and received Medicare and be against it. Baffles the heck out of me. So, I’m glad they are waking up. I’m 64 BTW and I have never voted for a conservanazi repuke. NEVER.

  38. Irmgard Alderman August 8, 2013

    Goes to show that if you kick a dog enough he will turn around and bite you where it really hurts!

  39. goodmandawn August 8, 2013

    This is exactly what the GOP deserves for their despicable policies and behavior.

  40. nina bartoletta August 8, 2013

    The old Teabaggerz I know do nothing but sit and listen to FOX all day. These are truly some of the greediest, meanest hateful spiteful people on the face of the earth who pride themselves on their “Christianity.” They are frenzied with worry that someone else is getting something free and they aren’t. Of course, like everything else, that’s “Obama’s doing!” Most of these morons are seriously damaged goods from the 50’s and 60’s.

  41. MollyBee64 August 8, 2013

    There was a time when the GOP was much more honorable. Then along came Ronald Reagan who started the war between the classes. Progress and ‘liberal’ became dirty words and being “conservative” became popular under his leadership. His “good ol’ gipper’ image and mass media skills were very successful. He ‘envisioned’ FOX as a right-wing propoganda machine. Now it’s time that reasonable Americans take our country back from right-wing zealots, dismiss FOX as a dishonorable hate machine and demand that our leaders in Washington do their jobs….including compromise.

    1. Alexis Betancourt August 12, 2013

      regan was communist. He was on McCarthy’s black list.

  42. writenow August 8, 2013

    But given that the rules of voting have gotten worse in the red states…any election will be a squeaker.

  43. WesleyV August 8, 2013

    As one nearing retirement the Republicans stress me out with their plans to dismantle Medicare and Social Security for me and my kids. Instead of always giving Wall Street more how about leveling the playing field for all Americans.

    1. Beaulieu6 August 8, 2013

      I’m 62 years old and receive Social Security benefit since 2012 and will be eligible for Medicare in 2015, I have signed many petition in expanding both Social Security and Medicare as we earn it.

      1. John Richter August 9, 2013

        Don’t worry, Im sure republicans will give you a voucher big enough to buy very good private insurance at your age.

  44. EZ2figure August 8, 2013

    The GOP exists to serve the Elite Class by supporting the depraved portion of our society no other party would want under its wing. This would include racists, bigots, fascists, Tea Party haters of all government, and ill-informed voters, not in order to serve those who elect them, but to gather 51% of those who they can fire up to vote for them, while almost 70% of Americans fail to vote at all!
    This means that Republicans exist for votes, not for what they can contribute to our nation, as is obvious by the multiple factions within the Republican Party, holding its own leaders impotent in the House of Representatives, where Republicans can’t even get a majority of their own representatives to agree upon anything!

    Seniors are awakening to this reality!

    Want Progress? Vote Democrat!

    1. jack August 18, 2013

      you need to learn your history the fascist nazi’s were called the national SOCIALIST party and got there idea’s of the master race from the progressive movement in the USA. google and read article titled eugenics, American progressivism, and the german idea of the state if you want to have a clue. progressives are statists where the individual becomes nothing but a number in the collective for the benefit of the “state”! want “state” slavery? vote democrat! its the democrat voter that is ill-informed it’s obvious from your comments like all lefty’s all you can do is call names because you cannot win the argument with facts. free market capitalism is what made this country great not socialism just ask bono! and tea party people don’t hate all government just corrupt out of control spend us into oblivion government! and if the republicans were such racists why are there so many new black candidates running as republicans?

      1. EZ2figure August 18, 2013

        Get a life! Just because a person has Progressive ideals, it doesn’t have to mean he is for collectivism, or Nazism, idiot! A person can be proud to call himself a Progressive for the fact he is not Regressive, like a Republican, the White Party that seems to want to take us back to a nation of feudalism, reliant upon the lords to shower their gifts down to the serfs, (dribble down theory) which is exactly what you promote, and you have failed to ever prove works! But, because Republicans know only one dance, you push it every time, with the same results, while the sociopathic greed of your demigod rich, whom you serve, never dribbles down! Republicans tie themselves to the donation providers, to the exclusion of the rest of the Americans, unlike the progressives, but you willingly, by design, support only the factions that can gain you one per cent more than fifty, in order to win an election, with no fealty to anyone else! So, Republicans tie themselves to the deviants, who want a secular society in the televangelist zealots, who push for a “Christian Nation”, and the fascists, who support an elitist state, run by the corporations, hand-in-hand with government under their wing, at the same time Republicans try to serve the Tea Party, who believes in minimal government, that brings you guys in conflict with yourselves, killing the viability of your own party!
        Then, to top it off, Republicans tie themselves to the fringe elements of the White Supremacy Movement, the racists, just to gain that last one per cent of people who you can fire up to vote for your party of greed and racism! You do not represent our Middle Class or OMG “the poor” at all! You just hire PR firms, using wordsmith advertisers to make it seem like your utopia is awesome, if only Democrats and Progressives weren’t trying to lie about the truth you refuse to accept! In order to win, you must bring us down to your level by besmirching our ideals!
        When Progressives look at our future, it includes everyone, without fealty to your elitists, or your fringe, because it is designed to benefit the economy, as a whole, placing protections for the people in as high esteem as the ability of a person to amass wealth, with the exception that it must circulate, not be held in an off shore tax haven, like your Cayman Island LLC’s holding 30 trillion out of reach, gathered from our local economies, and whisked away, to grow nothing domestically, hoping for a day to sneak it back into this economy by dodging the taxes on it!
        Progressivism means growth of our nation out of the old world into the new one! Progressivism means that forests, and rivers and wildlife and humans are all part of a collective organism that must have balance, and maybe that’s what you Republicans try to twist our message into calling it “Socialism”, to preserve your your love of guns and killing!
        I don’t know why Republicans prefer to attack our landscape, if it is not for the campaign finance dollars gained from Big Oil, who spews 80% of the natural gas into the atmosphere, while you burn it off at the wellhead! Monsanto, and Big Koch Brothers carbon producing refineries are your heroes, along with Ronald Rayguns, your god of war debt!
        Quit trying to paint a false picture of what you think Progressive thinking is by using Rush Limbaugh as your standard. He makes his money teaching you to hate, to divide you, to bend your ears, to convince you that your pigs are more equal than others, to keep your attention upon him, as your new messiah, while you ignore the teachings of Christ, adhering to the hate and division and war found in the old testament instead! Republicans, since Reagan, never learned to share anything! Like spoiled, lonely single children, you seek each other’s company in the belief that the singularity is more important than the collective, and that wealth is somehow the measure of your success, kicking everyone else to the curb, with no empathy at all!
        If you don’t like the shoe, don’t wear it! But Progressive goals protect the planet, while Republicanism destroys it! Your goals are drill, drill, drill, for a commodity that is killing us, warming our planet by degrees, with carbon that takes hundreds of years to diminish, once it gains the atmosphere! Do you like seeing the Eastern seaboard being washed away because the oceans are rising and the warmed water creates more chances for hurricanes we are not prepared for? Apparently you do, because you refuse the one thing that can fix it; bigger government, with the ability to control the carbon content spewed out of the smokestacks of coal and oil fired generator plants! Republicans oppose alternative energy and green energy, because you are tied to carbon producer funds that keep your party afloat!
        Don’t blame that on Progressive thinking! It’s all Republicanism, and cronyism, and secular thinking, and the power of one over the power of many, and wealth accumulation that never dribbles down, while all you have left is the hate…….

        1. jack August 18, 2013

          please read the article mentioned and learn your progressive history it’s not pretty maybe thats why you chose to ignore it and proceed to engage in name calling and continue to drink the kool-aid. there has not been any measurable warming in the last 15 years all the models you base your global warming religion on have been proven inaccurate! you also need to learn your climate history it has been changing ever since the birth of the planet without mans influence. i found out after being slammed by hurricane isabel that the government makes great promises when they take your money but the only government official i saw after my house and both my cars were crushed by trees was a county building inspector who tacked a condemnation sign on my house on my wedding aniversary and then proceeded to tell me that the county was not opening any shelters leaving me no place to live! fema was NOWHERE to be found! i spent 90 minutes on the phone with fema giving them all kinds of personal information they did not need other than to gather data because after 3 months i got a letter saying i qualified for 0 assistance because i had prepared MYSELF with insurance.I PAID premiums to cover MYSELF for just such an occasion instead of relying on others thru TAXATION to recover from this NATURAL disaster! hurricane activity has not increased at all there has always been violent weather and i found out with isabel you better prepare YOURSELF because you can NOT count on any government entity! the bigger the government gets the more of YOUR money it WAISTS leaving you without the resources you need to take care of YOURSELF! i am not rich or a republican just an average joe trying to live his life and finding it more and more difficult to survive due to government interference in my life mostly due to increased taxation and burdensome regulation that makes things much more expensive and makes products like appliances less affective at doing the job you want them to do. i repair appliances for a living so i see the affects on a daily basis. explain to me how raising energy costs out of the reach of the poor thru GREEN energy helps the poor. I and many poor country blacks heat our home with a woodstove {i know that makes me and them evil} because we can’t afford electricity at it’s current price how is double or triple the cost going to help? green energy has proven to be ineffective and unable to meet the energy demands of the country at a price even the rich can afford let alone the poor you say you care so much about. i am not opposed to government, there is a place for government like building infrastructure and keeping the private sector honest but the government today is so busy doing things it should not it can’t do what it should properly and the government and multinational corporations are as corrupt as ever because they work together in the corruption. wake up corrupt government employees and politicians are enriching themselves as much as corrupt corporate executives! government policies that corrupted the mortgage sector that then led to people buying houses they could not afford led to the bank bail outs it’s not hard to figure out if you look at the facts instead of relying on feelings. it was timmy current treasury sect that came up with the bank bail out scam both political parties are selling out the american people you just need to open your eyes to SEE IT! and as far as the whole white supremacy thing is concerned you don’t know me at all i do not subscribe to any of that nonsense! if you read the article i recommended you would find out it’s the progressive movement of the early 20th century that believed in the idea of hereditary purity! i give more price breaks on appliance repairs to poor blacks and whites and tend to increase the price for the white rich. so how does that make me a racist or a greedy capitalist? i just prefer to do wealth redistribution on a voluntary bases to people i think deserve it instead of by force thru taxation to people who don’t! the only people i hate are the idiots that call themselves progressives without knowing the history of progressivism who don’t take the time to educate themselves by independently verifying facts but just suck up the propaganda fed them by the agenda driven media! thats you based on the fact your reply contains nothing but repeated propaganda points from that agenda driven media machine!

          1. EZ2figure August 18, 2013

            Jack, you’re an idiot! When I was young, Mount Kilamanjaro had snow on it! I slept at the edge of glaciers in Yosemite! The ice was not disappearing from the tundra, in Alaska, and the icebergs were not melting as fast as they are now! We still had most of the rain forests, which have been cut down, and the carbon in our atmosphere was below 300 ppm! Carbon, in our atmosphere takes hundreds of years to dissipate, and we are now over 400 ppm! Did I imagine that, too?
            Did I imagine the oceans have increased in depth by over a foot, too? Your study, you have staked the life of future generations on, is killing our planet!
            99.98% of climate scientists agree that the earth is warming, and that man is contributing to the speed at which it is doing so!
            You want me to read a study that was funded by BP? Get off your high horse, oh ignoramus! Yes, the planet changes in temperature, over billions of years, and cyclicly, too, when there is a meteor, or a huge volcanic eruption, or if we continue to pump hydro-carbons into our atmosphere faster than the rain forests can assimilate them! Our rain forests are down to less than 10% of what they once were, less than one hundred years ago! Did your study take that into account? Did you ever stop to consider that even if your study was entirely right, that doing nothing won’t solve it, and that lowering our carbon footprint might even slow it down? Republican philosophy when staring ointo the face of a disaster; “Do nothing, it might cost a billionaire some profit?”
            In regard to my progressiveness, I will once again stretch your imagination outside of your comfortable bubble, and tell you I consider myself Progressive, not because I fit any definition, as presented in your Rush Limbaugh textbook of how to convince yourself that you are the only intelligent person in the room, because these lies can be used to back up your facts! I am Progressive, because I see government as the solution rather than the problem, as opposed to the BP approved Koch Brother, “Profit at any cost to the Planet” reader you may guide your life by!
            Regulation does not create an eneven playing field, so why is regulation “across the board” of any consequence, if all businesses adhere to the rules?
            In regard to your nightmare with FEMA, that was when FEMA was already under attack by the Bush Administration, who placed horse racing judges in charge of it! You do understand that it is FEMA who provides Food Stamps and Meals on Wheels to disaster areas, as well as low cost loans for rebuilding, so you don’t have to wait for banks, and the Bush Administration was in the middle of defunding it, when Hurricane Isabel struck! It’s can’t work if the funds are detained by the House of Representatives, who will use is as a barter chip, or a Paul Ryan believes it should not ewxist in the first place! We all know the Bush Administration and the republican Party, in general, have been pushing federal costs down, claiming big government costs too much, while shifting the costs to the states, who are now having to suffer under the weight of their own resources, because your party has defunded the fed! The result: the red states are using this as an excuse to rob the pension plans of the teacher’s unions, and the police and fire department unions, and blaming them for what your Republican representatives failed to resolve in Washington, because one Grover Norquist makes every Republican sign a blood pact with him to never raise taxes, while we have a national debt that needs to be paid down, and your party refuses to put one loophole for the rich on the negotiating table, while cutting jobs even more with the Sequester!
            Thirty trillion untaxed American dollars sit in the Cayman Island LLC’s that George Bush is visiting, while giving seminars on how to “protect your profits from the U.S. Tax System”, while his was the administration that needed to find a way to pay down the debt, not prolong it! It maight seem to one with open eyes, that Republicans do not care to pay down our national debt at all, because they derive their funds from the billionaires, who pay them to keep their taxes low! And they are low, at 12.4%, because they use loopholes, and never pay at the 39% rate they constantly whine about!

          2. jack August 19, 2013

            please stop calling me a republican i am NOT one and it’s clear you have not read article i suggested because it has nothing to do with global warming,bp or anything else in your media propaganda driven response. i have no clue as to what study you are talking about because i mention no study in my response just an article about the history of progressivism you seem to want to ignore. as far as co2 in the atmosphere is concerned it makes up less that 1/10th of 1 percent of the atmosphere and though it may be on the rise natural events like volcanic eruptions contribute way more to the rise than human activity! climate change has way more to do with the cycles of the sun than anything man has been doing. glacial recession has accord before in the past, before their were suv’s there was tropical climate as far north as canada when the dinosaurs roamed the earth. did man cause that global climate? as far as the rain forest is concerned i don’t like the fact they are being wiped out but that has more to do with both the democrat and republican rich yuppies wanting exotic wood products in their excessively large homes. when manufacturers were not burdened by government regulations in the 1950 and 60s they built great appliances that lasted 20-30-years and were profitable doing so now under so many government mandates they produce crap and go bankrupt even though you have to replace their product every 5-10 years just look at what happened to maytag! and the fact is the states and cities going bankrupt are the very ones run by democrats who paid union government employees unsustainable pensions while driving away the MAKERS,the tax paying residents by driving taxes up so high the residents could not afford to stay. and leaving behind the takers! LOOK at DETROIT! fema can’t work because it’s to big and can’t tailor the aid given to each individual to meet the need of each individual it’s a one size fits all solution that fits none just like obama care and every other government program i have seen! if it were up to me we would all pay the same percentage tax rate no loopholes no deductions no special interest favors it’s the dems that want to cling to the current tax code that allows special treatment for certain individuals like obama’s buddy at GE. a recent study shows that food stamps contribute more to the obesity problem in america than anything else driving up obesity related health care costs to the government! government IS the problem not the solutions to them! i have to go to work now to make a living unlike most democrats who can sit around making nonsense arguments because they have all the time in he world living on the backs of others! maybe if more dems worked for their food instead of voting for handouts from others and burned some calories they would not be obese!!!!!!! i love how you blame the republicans for governments FAILURE when DEMOCRATS have been in power more of the last century than republicans. republican run states like texas are booming while democrat government mandate driven states like california and michigan are failing miserably !!!!!!!!

          3. EZ2figure August 19, 2013

            Dude, we are talking about climate change that occurs when we have gone from 300 parts per million to 400 parts per million! It’s not even a 10th of a 10th of a 10th of a per cent! It doesn’t take much to entirely change our weather patterns! What carbon we add to the atmosphere hangs there for more than a hundred years, and we are adding mass amount to it from power generation, car exhaust, and burning wood for fires, while 80% of all produced natural gas is burned into the atmosphere at the wellheads, never making it to market, where it could replace oil, but, because it costs less, providing for less profit, is burned off instead! We are painting the sky with carbon that reflects heat back toward us instead of escaping to the heavens, while cutting down the forests that scrub C02 from our atmosphere! Please do the math!

          4. jack August 20, 2013

            dude one large volcanic eruption like mt pinatubo puts more co2 into the atmosphere than man has since the start of the industrialized period what are you going to do tax the volcanoes into submission?

          5. EZ2figure August 19, 2013

            In regard to your whines about crappy products, and Detroit’s failures, based upon Democratic leadership: it was Mitt Romney’s dad, who shuffled American Motors to Wisconsin, to get a better deal, while abandoning the workers he left behind in Detroit! Mitt, being just a trained monkey, copied his dad, with daddy’s wealth and circle of friends, and bought Maytag, fired the union workers that were making good money, and shipped the factory to his Romney Enterprise Zone, in China, where I agree, the products are still made by slave labor! Some of the Maytags were made in Canada, too.
            Back to Detroit, 88% of the manufacturing jobs in Detroit were harvested by these investors, and shipped to far-off lands, never to be seen again, as well! You blame this on the Mayor of Detroit, because he was a Democrat? Let me ask you this? If you managed a repair shop, and had an idea to make more money for the firm, but your owner decided to ship you to China instead, would you blame yourself (the Mayor), or the owner (the Republican Governor of the State), who defunded you and left your shop (or city) jobless? Don’t point fingers at the manager (mayor) when the CEO (the Governor) fails to keep you funded! At the same time, don’t blame the workers, in Detroit, who just lost their jobs, and a loss to the tax base, due to the greed of the Governor’s cronies! The reason Detroit is filled with jobless people is because Republicans, who ran the state, allowed it to happen! After all, Detroit was a bastion of union power, representing wealth and a voting block against Republicans! Do you understand why Republicans wanted to let GM die, while it was President Obama, who saved it, and our auto industry?
            Maytag, was harvested, shipped to China, and Canada, while Mitt Romney had kiiled it in the states, in order to promote his next acquisition, Frigidaire, who also made washing machines and refrigerators! Where do you think Servel went? Same thing! They were harvested, sold off, or closed down, to foreign investors to eliminate competition, allowing the one company left behind to build as crappy as they wanted, your biggest complaint, since they commanded the market share, guaranteeing them sales! All this is Republican cronyism tactics of the good old boy networks, that go all the way back to the reconstruction era of our nation that Republicans are trying to take us back to, with financing from those they made wealthy!
            You sound like a walking testimonial from an Ayn Rand novel, Atlas Shrugs!
            In regard to your tropical climates in the Northern latitudes, you do know this earth has shifted on its axis a few times in its history! And you do know that trapped greenhouse gases did, indeed, warm the atmosphere back then, and filled it with vegetation, after scrubbing the heavens of carbon, so nature could find new balance, while today, nature is thwarted by bulldozers and greed, and the mighty plains states no longer support forests and have become dustbowls, while drought is the norm, rather than the exception! There is no balance as long as mankind fights nature! We kill apex predators, like wolves, bobcats, and coyotes, because they eat a few cattle, then wonder why we have billions of rabbits and field mice, their main staple! Man is terrible at managing ecological systems! We can’t put out fires in Idaho! Oops, there goes a few million more square miles of forests! No scrubbing there!
            I really don’t think you understand macro economics at all!
            If a man has money, but does not share it with those who work for him, then how can he expect them to buy his products! Reducing wages, which is the trademark of the Rapepublican Party, is the reason we have poor people! Poor people cannot finance, or get a loan, to start a business! Poor people are dependent on access to jobs, that the elites want workers to fight over, to lower our wages and benefits! It becomes a race to the bottom, don’t you see? Then, Republicans blame the poor, because they need assistance, calling them lazy!
            Non-union wages have followed the wages made by unions, since Reagan began his attacks upon them! Private wages follow exactly! Check real studies that show you reality, not FOX lies that convince you to believe in the lies they promote!Republicans do not want union power to be able to promote Democrats, so they attack unions! Blame Republicans! Understand what motivates them, what finances them and their willingness to lie to get into office, where they revert to being the same Party of Puppets, they have been since Reagan became their Demi-god! Now, with the Tea Party, they are stopping the wheels of government, yet you want to blame the Democrats equally, even though they are like cats, unherdable, with free will to do whatever floats their boat, versus the “Dribble Down theorists” of the Republicans Clone Party, turning us into a third world economy, because they will not collect taxes needed to stimulate our economy and build new technologies!
            Blame yourself for allowing them to brainwash you into thinking Democrats are as bad as Republicans! You are so out of touch with reality that Paul Ryan is smiling as he reads this! You say it was high taxes that drove people away from cities? I say it was low wages, which were overtaxed, and loss of jobs, due to factory moves to China, while Republicans saddled the poor and the Middle Classes with the bills, while they dine in their Chateaus, sipping wine, and making Merry, and eating cake!

          6. infadelicious August 19, 2013

            Get a grip! Both parties have enough pigs at the trough. Nancy Pelosi owns a winery and moochelle O ate plenty of fat cakes in Africa and lobster tacos every where else at the taxpayers expense. Your long winded posts are eating a hole in the ozone.

          7. EZ2figure August 19, 2013

            And George Bush had his first oil well drilled by the Bin Ladens! So what! Pelosi represents me a hell of a lot more than Darryl Issa, or Ed Royce does! The Schwartzeneggar did nothing to fix
            our problems that Jerry Brown finally has had to resolve! Our economy is finally in the black, and we are starting to pick up steam! Jobs are returning! New Construction is getting more of us back to work! We only have the San Diego Democrat, Milnor, to get rid of, because he hung around too many Republicans, and got too many of their bad habits!
            I don’t care that Pelosi has a winery! Does it bother you that Paul Ryan and John Boehner met with the Koch Brothers, at a rented resort in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to re-affirm their loyalty to them, before heading home with their marching orders, before even holding one town hall meeting? It bothers me a hell of a lot!

          8. infadelicious August 19, 2013

            So what? Exactly my point! You re the one who suggested that the republicans are the only ones “sipping wine at their chateaus and eating cake”. Both parties are giving the middle class and the poor the bill. These politicians are filthy rich But you make it seem that Only the dems came by their $$ honestly. We all know thats Not true And yes, Jerry Brown is resolving those big issues like transgender bathrooms for schoolchildren. ( bleeding eye roll) sheesh!

          9. EZ2figure August 19, 2013

            Not once have I ever impuned either party for being rich! I have been to their social gatherings, and know what goes on their fancy affairs, rubbing shoulders with the rich, and the secret sales, and offered trips, and all the rest. But, it is the Republicans who, by far, sell themselves to the highest bidder, willing to make the poor the butt of their greed, not the Democrats. I can say that about the Representatives I have dealt with in California, and followed their votes! Democrats seem to actually have the capacity to spend most of their time working on bills, and being progressive, not just “saying no”, while actually debating the plusses and minuses of the bills up for a vote! They have a willingness to listen to those they represent. Republicans don’t respond at all! Republicans often say they don’t even read the bills, and are famous for introducing bills at the last minute, giving no time for debate, or stuffing reproductive rights bills into a motorcycle rights bill, like they have done in North Carolina, and Ohio, certainly bills that should demand much debate, and contemplation!
            Both parties benefit, after serving as representatives, in lobby jobs, and it was the Democrats who tried to pass bills to make 5 years the minimum, after leaving public office, for taking a lobby job, which Republicans opposed vehemently! Maybe we can agree this should be stopped, but it is the trip of our representatives, while in office, that should allow us to see where our representation comes from and it sure as hell isn’t from Republicans! Republicans, from my view, are anti-people people! They do not represent the poor! They attack the safety nets, designed to protect the poorest from hitting rock bottom! They do not represent the Middle Class! They represent the wealthy, protecting their wealth, while the rich siphon it out of our country into the Cayman Islands, tax free, whom Republicans rub shoulders with, exclusively! Republicans oppose minimum wages. They oppose regulations that protect the citizens from the bad behavior of corporations, and promote pollution, defund the agencies who should have power to bring the worst offenders to justice. Republicans want to provide the last 22% of all of our public lands to the oil producers that already control the rest, who sit on capped wells they refuse to pump, while the leaseholders are begging them to turn the capped wells on, before they die, so they can get a cut in the profits, the reason they bought up the leases in the first place! Meanwhile the Republican chorus of drill, baby, drill is choreographed in the background as the solution to our energy costs, but because of the Koch Brothers stranglehold on building enough refineries, who control the output of the commodity drop by drop, we never drop the prices at all, even though the wells cost the same today to pump out the oil as it did fifty years ago, since they operate off the oil that they own and refine themselves! The Republicans are the “ugly Americans” whose greed for corporate power outweighs the worker’s union power to provide the funds to make our elections en equal race! Republicans have three people that can afford to finance the whole Republican campaign in the Koch Brothers and in Sheldon Adelson! So, you tell me what the solution should be to make it a fair fight! Do you agree that the Red States should find ways to restrict Americans from voting, based on their economic status, or race? Can you see why Democrats are skeptical? Can you see why we disagree with your idea that both parties are equally corrupt, when one party never represents the people at all? Name one bill, authored by Republicans this year that would have resolved problems that didn’t punish the poor in order to pay for the solution! You can’t because there was no bill like that! There was no budget, no passable Farm Bill, no Appropriations bill, no “fix the Sequester Bill”, and no Americans rights bill to guarantee equal pay, not based on gender! The Republicans have the majority, and can pass whatever they want in the House, but they choose to pass nothing but name changes to bridges, libraries and post offices, and threaten us, after they return from their more than a hundred days off this year, to cut food stamps for the 20% of all of our population of starving children, by another forty billion dollars, rather than pass a budget! Republicans lost seats in the House, the Senate and the White House, and still want to control everything, and they threaten to stop the military from paychecks, our Social Security recipients from getting their checks, unless we guarantee the Mega-Farmers will be subsidized by our tax dollars to cover any losses they have if they don’t make at least 90% of what they made the year before, due to crop failure, natural disaster, or they bet on the wrong crops to plant! Some of our representatives are Mega-Farmers! Can you still put your faith in the Republican Party? Why should anyone? They refuse to fix our infrastructure, pushing the costs to the states, when they make the Middle Class pay the tab, not the rich they represent! Republicans suck! They want 30 million people to lose access to Obama-Care, because they do not want Americans to know Obama-Care will create more than a million new jobs in nursing, doctors, labs, insurance, janitorial, textiles, and construction of new facilities! Why else have they tried to repeal it 40 times, without offering one solution to any part they hate, but holding contempt for the whole bill? Republicans have no alternative healthcare plan they are pushing! Why don’t you tell me why they oppose getting the poor out of the emergency rooms and into yearly check-ups? Why don’t you tell me why they oppose a Healthcare solution that will save our government almost a trillion dollars over the next ten years! Do you think it is because they don’t want anyone to know that President Obama, as our first black president, did what no one has been able to do in 75 years, passing a bill that provides more coverage to our citizens, while lowering the costs, bringing us closer to the European Standards that all other Progressive nations already have? Boy, doesn’t that make the racists wail? Republicans will never regain power by trying to perfect a front story to the same old “Dribble down Theory” they will always push, that never works! It’s like we get two sets of Republicans, for each one we elect! The one who lied to get into office, and the liar who refuses to live up to the promises he made. To me, that is a lose-lose situation and I cannot, in good faith, support that party! Sorry, They disqualify themselves! What solutions do they offer, except more war, less regulations, less taxes with which to pay down our national debt, and no way to pay it down, except by punishing the upward mobility of Americans, with no strings on the rich, who never dribble anything down?

          10. jack August 19, 2013

            ever thought poor people might be poor because of the bad decisions they make like wasting their money on lottery tickets! i suggest you go into a convenient store in an inner city neighborhood one day and watch how many people spend tons of money on lottery tickets! or by buying their appliances at the rent to own places and pay 3 times what they would if they saved their money till they could afford to buy it the smart way and then trash them before they are even two years old, or by wasting their money on booze and cigarettes! and yes many are just lazy i know because i have tried employing them as helpers! i believe in evolution, too bad darwinism has been defeated by welfare! i fully understand macro economics in a way you never will! i started out life poor and built what i have the good old fashioned way, HARD WORK and SAVING money not blowing it ! i did not need the wealthy man to “share his money” with me i EARNED MY OWN! i also worked my way thru school and educated myself so i could get a skilled job without the help of a union and now make a pretty good wage without union representation! and yes i have come up with new ways to make the company i work for more money and still have a job because of it, otherwise our little shop would be being crushed by “necessarily skyrocketing” energy prices and overburdensome taxation and regulation. it’s those reasons i struggle to make bonuses on everything we make above expenses because high energy costs and regulation compliance costs are strangling us and driving up expenses! sure we could raise our price like you think government should raise my taxes but then customers would find it even harder to pay for the repair or not even bother just live without because they can’t afford! see i do understand macro economics! i live in reality i don’t need fox news or the msnbc propagandists to tell me what reality is! you want to talk about cronyism what about solyndra? where billions of tax dollars given to it by obama made his ceo buddy rich! can you say cronyism by democrats! funny how ford survived without a bail out huh? and what about the corrupt alliance between democrats and unions? unions fund democrat campaigns then get kickbacks in the form of unrealistic contracts that have to be paid for by the unsuspecting taxpayer! and union workers dues get funneled back to democrat politicians thru campaign contributions. sounds like a SCAM to me! for your information government spending does not stimulate the economy or build new technologies, FREE people do! did the government invent the light bulb, the airplane, the automobile,air conditioning, the washing machine, the personal computer the cell phone, etc,etc,etc, etc. how is it the rich/republicans saddle the middle class with bills? i don’t have to buy their products or give them my money i have a choice! but government gives you NO choice pay your taxes or else! democrats are worse than republicans because they want to take away my choices like what kind of light bulb i want to burn in my lamp. it’s got to be a compact florescent or nothing! i am not out of touch with reality you are! you are so filled with media propaganda it’s not funny! it comes out every time you type and you want to talk hatred your hatred for republicans/the rich is clear as day! it’s pretty clear you hate FREEDOM too! unless you can tell me how much i must pay in taxes what lightbulb to burn whether or not to chlorinate my water supply then the government should step in and do it for you! democrat voters are brainwashed and letting themselves be led around like sheep by the media and there leaders! if they have “free will to do whatever floats their boat” then why won’t they let me have free will and do whatever floats my boat? like burn incandescent light bulbs or drink un-chlorinated water or add onto my house or not support lazy bums thru forced taxation! it’s obama thats turning this country into a third world economy by taxing and regulating the middle class into poverty. i worked 18 hours of overtime in the last 2 weeks. would have been an extra $700.00 in my paycheck would have helped pay my skyrocketing health premiums thanks to obama care or my mandated overly expensive septic system costs! but i only saw $300.00! the government who did nothing to earn that money took $400.00 to waste it on dead beats or fund a study of duck genitals! talk about reduced wages! that really helped me ” the little guy” huh?

          11. EZ2figure August 20, 2013

            Man! You are so wrong on so many fronts, I don’t know where to start! No man is born with the innate ability to know how to handle money! it is something learned, and it takes having spare money to invest, that teaches a man how to get a return on investment! When poor people live day to day, just trying to make it to the next paycheck, and are scammed by check cashers, and rental companies, we shouldn’t blame the poor for making bad choices! We should blame those who scam them!
            I would personally say, even though I do not wager on the lottery or any other the one in a billion payouts, that I would never complain if a poor person took one dollar from his money to invest in a lottery ticket! Sorry, I just don’t judge them like you do!
            You say they are lazy! well, tell me something! If you spent a year or more looking for a job, wouldn’t you be lazy, too? There comes a time, and I have gone through it, where being lazy is the only way to get you through the day, hoping for a call, or a response to a resume’ that never comes! Out of five hundred resume’s I have sent, only two ever resulted in a job interview, and my resume is professionally crafted, as I spent thousands, working with an agency to make it the best it could be, while my actual qualifications include college, gold medals, career courses, dozens of accreditations, and past experience, including running various companies, and profit and loss, and department management, from Maine to Hawaii, with decades of experience, and the references to back it up! I got my jobs through people I knew, because that’s the way most jobs are gotten, in reality! As a tradesman, too, I filled out plenty of job applications, but being lazy was actually the saving grace, because without the willingness to be patient, there is only one solution, and that is to blame oneself for not being positive enough, wearing the wrong color tie, or appearing to be worth more than they were willing to offer, so was passed up!
            Good for you for being so successful! Not all people are as lucky as you!
            Solyndra, was not cronyism, and your charges have been refuted, but they keep coming back, just like the birthers do! Solyndra was a failure, only because the Chinese dropped the rates at which they were willing to sell their solar panels, to stifle competition! Dumping cheap products is their specialty! Solyndra could not compete with the lower prices of the technology we hadn’t invested in, giving the Chinese the edge, thanks to Republicans never funding investments into green energy here in America, making us play catch up!
            You didn’t mention Obama also saved GM, whom Republicans wanted to fail, to kill the union opposition once and for all! Can you see I have caught you laying crappy bullet points on me?
            Refusal of Republicans to fund research stifles the jobs in this nation! Lucky teens may craft new enterprise, but for the big advancements, government must fund research, and much of it is done in the Universities, with government funding! You rail against taxes! You whine about the cost that the poor, lazy man puts upon this nation while you support the folly of war! You say nothing about the greed of business, and the loopholes, and the tax breaks for the rich, that no poor man ever gets? Yet you call the poor the takers? You live in an Ayn Rand world, and watch the world crumble, unwilling to share anything to make our nation, as a whole, better, except by allowing people to starve, or die from lack of healthcare, because you might have to pay for it out of the taxes you pay! Well, that’s how it works, bucko! You say you understand economics, but you ignore the fact that with all the wealth going to the top, fewer people can afford your services! Our government was designed to be like an ecological system, recycling money in and out, in a way that benefits all men, since government is supposed to represent each of us, whether we are disabled, or a war victim, or a blind man!
            You pat yourself on the back for working hard and making your own way, but you act like everyone should be able to be just as successful, it they only apply themselves, and in that, you are sadly lacking in empathy and morale fiber!
            You paint colorful pictures of the poor wasting money on booze and lottery tickets, but fail to understand they never had the educational opportunities you did! I went to an all-black school as a child, and the curriculum was years behind, because the schools had little funding, and the students were hungry, and from extremely poor families, with sickness, and learning disabilities. In your white world, you blame them for being lazy, when they never had the opportunities to do the things you take for granted!
            Republicans want to make it even worse, by defunding the Public schools and make them into Charter schools, that the voucher will not even cover the entire cost for, with fewer teacher to help the under-privileged! Will that help these folks to grow up and learn to compete? Not hardly!
            It’s people like you, who got lucky, that refuse to share, or step on the people that made you rich, justifying it as just another part of business, that sets the stage for our eventual failure as a society, as a whole!
            The Europeans, the Japanese, the Chinese, and even Angola have better schools than we provide for! So Shut up! You are a selfish egotist, who believes in no one, claims to be great because someone trusted you, and your company did not get sold off, under new management, yet! I have gone through many corporations, like the five years I spent at MCI, to find my nest egg of hundreds of thousands of dollars of stock gone, because the company went bankrupt! I have become smarter since then, but I had time to learn, and you just got lucky and fit into a place that seems stable for now! Swell, good for you! I hope you never suffer another loss! And if you do, I wouldn’t mind sharing what I have paid in taxes, to bring you solace! But not you! You don’t believe in the American people! You are a selfish bastid, who thinks he knows everything, till you have a work accident, or get into a car wreck, and your whole life changes before your eyes! You better hope there is some government left for you then, while you do your darndest to make sure government can’t afford to provide it for you when it is your turn to be a “taker”!
            You righties are all alike, lie peas in a pod, you haven’t got empathy for others in your brains! It is something that may serve you well, but it doesn’t always serve mankind, and in the end it kicks you in your ass!

          12. jack August 20, 2013

            you are so full of it first off i am not rich second off we spend twice as much in the inner city schools as we do in the suburbs here in virginia so if funding was the solution then why are the schools that get twice as much money so horrible? and yes you have to apply yourself to be successful waiting on someone else to provide gets you nowhere. and it’s not 1 buck they are wasting on lottery tickets its 50 and how you have spare money to invest is by not blowing what you have earned. and who is it that allows themselves to be scammed? the check cashers and rental companies would go out of business if people didn’t use them. and yes you have to learn how to handle money thats what being broke should teach you but some people never learn no matter how many times they screw up. being lazy gets you nowhere who wants an employee who does not produce only takes his check?thats why when i was working construction the helper positions where i started by the way, was like a revolving door because so many people wanted a job and a paycheck but did not want to work for it. i moved up from helper very Quickly because i APPLIED myself not thru LUCK i am not complaining i am pointing out FACTS! yes china did under cut sylondra thats communism at it’s best using “state” slave labor! your right i did not mention gm and the unions being BAILED OUT by obama i mentioned ford making it without taking a government bail out! the poor don’t get tax breaks because they don’t pay taxes you fool. the idea of the all the money going to the top means people can’t afford my services ignores the fact that i make my living selling services to the rich you idiot. i do not lack in empathy and i do share and am not selfish i tip better than any rich liberal because i worked in the food service industry and know how hard that work is! i did not have anymore educational opportunity than anyone else in the public school system as i had a learning disability myself dyslexia and A.D.D and also have a skin disease. you make all kinds of generalizations about me when you don’t even know me i do believe in the American people thats why i don’t think they need the government to be their parent! i have covered myself against work place accident or car wreck thru private insurance so i won’t have to take from others if misfortune strikes thats called personal responsibility ! i don’t believe in relying on the government because by the time the bureaucrats get done wasting my tax dollars there is nothing left to help me with! they should be spending my tax dollars protecting the country securing the borders and building infrastructure instead they are paying themselves handsome salaries and benefits and bailing out the cronies in the union and corrupt corporations and supporting people who chose not to support themselves!

          13. EZ2figure August 20, 2013

            Jack, you are not Jesus! You do not need to educate the world by your lousy logic! Do you think, if you were raised in a family, where both parents were working, but suffered from mal-nutrition, that you would be able to learn as well as a well-fed student, whose parents could afford the electric bill?
            Of course, some inner city children have a rough time learning! It’s not that they are stupid, they are just put in the back of the class, to fail, or refused lunch programs, thanks to the greedy Republican zealots who think like you! These kids haven’t had the parents who had time to teach them to read, because they are working multiple jobs to pay the bills, because we have no living wage standards, or unions to protect our wages! Do you think it is easy growing up in a ghetto? Do you think kids, growing up in a ghetto, are going to be well-adjusted? Do you think cutting funds, and moving the factories that sustained their parents before it became a ghetto, to Romney Enterprise Zones, in China, will give them the leg up they need? You speak out of your ass!
            I have always had great aspirations, but sometimes aspirations must, by necessity, be put off! Sometimes we must stop along the way and smell the roses or change course!
            Forcing a woman to bear a child of rape, or incest, in Virginia, who lives in a ghetto, to have an inter-uterin probing, another rape incident, if you will, is what Governor Ultrasound has laid on your women to keep them from accessing abortions! Then you wonder why there are more poor, hungry children in the ghetto? Sounds like your governor wants to increase the population, while he cuts funding and attacks the pay for public workers, who he is stealing the prension plans from!
            Refusal to allow women to make the same pay as men, when so many women are left to take care of their single parent households, seems to me to be an attack on women’s rights, adding to the problem in the Virginia ghetto, and spreading to the rural sprawl! You refuse to see things that impact our children, and blame the parents, who are also victims, not just the same as you, with even less opportunity, because of their race, or because of the bigots, who refuse to consider their needs at all, interested only in self-gratification!
            Why waste money on them is what it seems like you are saying! The ghetto people apparently don’t seem to appreciate it enough to drag themselves out of the pit of hell the wealthy have left them in by stealing their factory jobs and their pay scales! So, why bother! Isn’t that about it? You tried, you failed, let’s move on?
            Maybe we should just use eugenics to resolve the problem eh, Jack?
            I think you are a racist bigot! I think you look down at the brown and the black people, and blame them for your lot in life! You refuse to offer solution to the governing body, except by drowning it, so really, what you seem to want is a basement, and a bible and a gun, and to be left alone, to cry in your beer, at how your life has been made miserable by everyone else, while holding yourself blameless! Well, I blame you!
            Get out of your comfort zone! Do something! Run a campaign! You seem to love people with initiative! Take some ADD pills and get to it! Go run for public office! Become all that you can be! Start at dog-catcher, if you need to! Use all of your pent up energy to write your Eugenics by Ayn Rand book! You know you want to! Don’t drag me under your car, or horsie! I won’t stop you!

          14. jack August 20, 2013

            what happens to your precious government give away programs when we all sit down and stick our hand out?

          15. EZ2figure August 20, 2013

            I want to point out your mention of “State” controlled slavery and point out that the Republican Party is the one who diverts money to the fascist elite mega-corporations, working in conjunction with them, who buy them through political contribution! Then, people like you “propagate the lie” because you are the dictator!
            Your rant against government, as a whole, is what really ticks me off! The GM “BAIL OUT” (I guess using big words is supposed to increase the likelihood of creating “bullet points” later), was an investment in people, and an icon of our nation, that was the leading manufacturer of motor vehicles in the history of this nation, and the largest corporation in the entire world! I know that because I ran Telecom projects for them, in charge of installing miles of fiber optic cabling, and multiple huge phone and data systems, with many smaller hub systems at various loan facilities! I represented Michigan Bell, and Ameritech Communications, and I presided over the meetings for rights of easement, and reports from fire departments, and all the concerns in regard to the project, including timelines and cutting over the largest system ever built in the United states, with over 144,000 phones, 24,000 phone lines, data access, for Buick, AC-Delco, Body by Fischer, Chevy truck and Bus, and many more! We had to deal with the GM unions, who wanted to do the work themselves, but really were not able to keep up with seasoned Telecom workers. So we had to work around them in some cases! But they were not at fault! They just had no idea of the scope of the operation, and from there, after a successful cutover, I headed back to California to over see the project we had for Hughes Aircraft and GM factories there, too! If you want to compare footnotes, I worked my way up from a one dollar and hour job at McDonalds, and quit after my one year anniversary, when I was offered a nickel raise by the Sociopaths that promised me fair wages! Can you see why I approve of us funding the poor, and letting the money flow up, instead of representing the rich, who never allow profits to flow down?
            Do you know, that since the Bush recession, that the upper 7% of our wealthy have made 28% more in profit, while the lower 72 per cent of our workers have dropped 4% in wages? You are the one who represents the self-congratulating of the wealthy to amass more fortune, while not allowing a fair share to dribble down! You are the one, who uses words like “I worked for it, so I deserve it, while they don’t! Really? Do you think the poor folks with two jobs don’t work as hard as you, doing a lot of tasks you would not do? You place yourself upon a pedestal, like a demi-god ,assessing his wealth and holdings, and the people he controls, like a king, with vassals in the wings, while you await your pipe, and your bowl, and your fiddlers three!
            You have been lucky enough, through hard work, and fortune, to make a profit, allowing you to buy your insurance, you “protections” which I am sure includes guns, and look down your nose at those with less, like they are a disease! You don’t know their stories! You don’t care! Your type usually doesn’t! You trot out all of your goodwill toward fellow man, only because you can afford to do it! no one wants to have to depend on anyone else to make it in this world, but no man is an island! You are dependent upon your job, your co-workers, and your wits, to make sure your success continues! Well, goody for you! I’m happy you are successful! But you don’t see it as a gift! You see it as an entitlement, giving you the right to belittle those yo know nothing about!
            Whe I got out of the military, after passing up a chance to go to West Point, I banded together with ex-military friends I met, and we pooled our resources, because Unemployment wasn’t going to pay the bills, but with 4 of us, we all had spare money! We all went to college, one went to sea World to train animals, and we all drifted in different directions. But is this not what the ghetto folk must also be doing to survive the famines thrust upon them by the greed of those who stole their factories away? They pool their resources, to be able to make it out of the Ghetto! You may see them in the stores, hoping for a chance for a lotto win, buying tickets for their “family”, but you have declassified them as useful citizens, because you refuse to understand that they are doing what they must, and hoping for the same kind of break that you got! Sure, they may not dress like you, or speak proper English to suit you, but they really didn’t have much choice, since they had to grow up in a segregated world imposed upon them by the rich, who dragged them to this country, without their permission, and continue to enslave their children, and call them lazy, and worthless, because you never realized they needed a hand, to get them out of the ghetto, to be able to achieve it! Racism and bigotry has held them in place! Our Movies did not allow them to act! They could not ride the bus! And the segregation continues!

          16. jack August 20, 2013

            so which is it did the republicans bail out gm or obama you rail against the republicans for diverting money to mega corporations then defend the gm bail out by obama you are talking out of both sides of your mouth! if i was such a racist then why do i often do free repairs and pay for parts out of my own pocket for little old black ladies i know have no money and can’t make more? again you generalize me and project your hatred for republicans and the rich at me when i am very charitable just to people i KNOW deserve it! i just don’t want to be forced thru taxation to give people i KNOW don’t ! you talk about me living in the past sound like you do if you think blacks have no opportunity. i have many successful black customers who are rich i suppose you hate them too because they are rich. they had opportunities i never had but i don’t hate them for that or blame them for my lack of wealth but it sounds like you would ! many of them pulled themselves out of the ghetto so it is escapable but clearly you don’t think so. i am not the dictator i don’t want to tell people how to live their lives progressives do ! if you want to burn a curly cue light bulb go ahead i don’t understand why i must? that sound dictatorial to me! your projection is incredible!

          17. EZ2figure August 20, 2013

            President Obama bailed out GM, by buying out their stock, as collateral for the loan! As the loan gets repaid, the government sells the stock back! It’s not a giveaway, or a subsidy, like the Farm Bill is, to guarantee profits, by using our tax dollars to give to mega-Farmers, who made less off their crops than they did the year before, making us pay the bill!
            I did not say you were a racist, I just say you have racist tendencies, because you group the poor blakcs into a big basket, and call them stupid, whilst you attack their character by saying yo9u see them spending their food stamps on lottery tickets, which can’t be legally done, by the way! At least here in California, food stamps must go for food and milk, not lottery tickets and booze! You make crap up to justify your wrath!
            We have 300+ million citizens in America! The is always going to be some thousands of jerks who ruin it for everybody! No one wants to pay for people who do not deserve the money! But that is left for the agencies to decide, just like we depend upon the government to protect our tax money and not spend for the folly of an unpaid war against a country that didn’t attack us! If I attack Republicans, it is because they display flagrant regard for rules, regulations, and tryuth, and pedal lies, while seeking to keep minorities from access to the voting booths! I am sorry if this offends you, but you mimic their exact bullet points so often, it is easy to see where you get the ideas, from rightie talk radio, and Fox News, and CNN, possibly!
            I do not hate the rich! I have stated that at least 5 times, so your reading skills, and comprehension must be lacking, or you just read the words you want to attack, instead of comparing philosophies! I hear you say you are charitable, but you hate the government!
            You and the Koch Brothers have a lot in common, in that! Just because a few escape the ghetto, doesn’t mean they all can, and with the right kind of assistance , they could!
            In Los Angeles, things are a lot better than they were, and jobs are returning, and the older areas of ghetto-dom are rebuilding, and the ghettos move to where the next city refuses to rebuild the infrastructure required to put people back to work, the biggest reason for ghettos!
            And finally, you and your beloved incandescent light bulb, the one you must replace every week, or month , or if you are lucky, every two years! They are still available, if you want them! But they are a waste of energy, as they put out very little light, for the amount of electricity it takes to power them! That means more dirty coal is needed to run the electrical generation plants to keep them lit! You know this, but you just want to argue! I hate the new florescent lights, because I do not like the spectrum of the light they put out, so I keep looking for daylight LEDs, that put out a warm light! They are priced too high, because there are only a few companies, like Philips, are able to invest in creating them, keeping the prices high! You must know that in order to get their prices down, the manufacturers must either be subsidized, or have an opportunity to compete, to bring the prices down!
            At this point, the number of hours an LED light will last is actually more cost effective than an incandescent. It’s just that we aren’t used to spending thirty bucks for a light bulb, especially if we get one that is so white that it makes our skin crawl! Incandescent lamps are just another step, we must get through, leading to LED solutions! Sorry, that is the fact you cannot get your head around! So sorry you are stuck in the 20th century!

          18. jack August 20, 2013

            wrong again, go back and read my posts i never called blacks lazy and stupid! i said the poor waste there money! you are the one that ASSUMES i mean blacks! i see plenty of poor whites wasting money on lottery, booze, cigarettes. i also did not say they spend their food stamps on lottery tickets i said their money{check your reading skills dude} but maybe if they were not spending so much money on the lottery they would not need food stamps. why does it have to be left to clueless bureaucrats to decide? why can’t i decide who deserves my charity by letting me keep my money and give it away voluntarily instead of thru FORCED TAXATION? a point you never address and if you think voter id is designed to keep black people from the voting booth then why is our government spending millions on voter id programs in other countries? voter id is just to stop the fraud perpetrated by the acorn scheme of registering people who don’t vote so they can send someone else in to vote for them! thats why democrats are so opposed to voter id it makes it harder for them to engage in vote fraud! my reading skills are just fine you say you don’t hate the rich but you attack them in every post! yes i am charitable, and don’t hate government, i just don’t think the government is the most effective way of delivering charity it eats up too much of the money with bureaucracy! if you don’t hate the rich why do you keep attacking the koch brothers and mitt romney! you say you don’t hate the rich and then attack them in the next paragraph! see i can read! i work with led’s everyday they are not as reliable as you think and under your plan everything needs subsidizing. because the fat cat democrats could not make their investment in phillips compact florescent light bulbs and led’s profitable{that they make in china by the way} they had to ban the competition the good old edison bulb that has served mankind well for a century! and was made in America economically and without having to mine heavy metals like mercury i might add! are you ever going to answer the question, what happens to your precious government give away programs when we all sit down and stick our hand out? or are you going to avoid it because it exposes the truth about government give away programs? it’s your reading skills i wonder about because every time i blow your argument out of the water you ignore my point and change the subject or attack the koch brothers or mitt romney! if bailing out GM was an investment by the government then the government is a lousy investor because so far the government has lost it’s a$$ on ever stock sale since the bail out! and i should trust them to “invest” my social security and health care dollars ? i quite frankly don’t see what was wrong with the 20th century we went from subsistence farming and horse & buggy to the computer age and air travel in 100 years without government FORCE!

          19. EZ2figure August 21, 2013

            Because your talking points are so typical, that I assume you are talking about the blacks! Hell, when I was young I spent every spare cent I had on booze, bikes, and women! Nothing much changes, when one is young! Why is it left to clueless bureaucrats? Because our system of voting for representation, requires that those we elect respond to the needs of community and nation! It’s messy, but it works! We just are in the worst stand-off I have ever seen in my lifetime! You are right, and we should have control over what is spent on, but stupid voters vote against their own best interests, in order to vote for hot button issues they deem more important than all the grief they vote into office for the wrong reasons!
            Don’t get me started on ACORN! Now I know you are a Republican! Acorn, a volunteer organization, sent people to markets, and post offices and registered Republicans and Democrats to allow them all to vote! By state law, all registration forms have to be given to the County registrars office, even if there are mistakes on them or even if they have been flagged! A few employees filled out a couple forms with Mickey Mouse, and Donald Duck on them, and a couple of names, just so they could get paid for collecting more forms! They got flagged by ACORN, but they had to pass these forms to the County registrars office anyway, by law! And when Republicans got wind of it. they blew the stories ten miles high and ten miles wide, because ACORN operated mostly in minority neighborhoods, and represented opposition to Republicans! Then the stories continued to grow, and a couple lawsuits were attempted over less than 30 flagged mistakes on registration forms! To settle the matter, Obama told them to stop because the damage created by the firestorm, created by the Republican PR machine, was not good for anyone! So ACORN folded up shop! They went out of business! They have been out of business, and did not even take part in this last election at all! Yet, the Republican rumors, started up again, to enflame the voters against voter fraud, blaming ACORN again, so Republicans can be justified to block the votes, with a new photo id for each election, to keep the poor, and the minorities, and even our students, who by federal law, should be able to vote for elections held in the state of where they go to school, but their School id’s aren’t good enough, because they are likely to vote for Democrats! But gun-owners, who typically vote for Republicans are fine! Their gun license is just fine! You were whining about gerrymandered districts! Well how’s this float your boat!
            Studies conclude that more African Americans vote before election day, and many times they take busses, after Church, on Sundays, in order to provide transportation for those who do not drive any more, or cannot afford to drive, due to economics! And what de Republicans do to make sure every citizen, in Red States, have an equal opportunity to vote? They cut back the early voting days! They decide Sunday voting is no longer available! Do you think they are not targeting the black and the minorities? We all know they are! Republicans do not represent the blacks! How many blacks hold Republican seats? Two? How many women were elected last year, as Republicans? Not one! Republicans are sexist, racist, bigots, because they cater to the off-shoots of society, by playing on fears, and convincing stories that get echoed all over the news bubble, making them believable! And you fell for the ACORN ploy! In the whole United States, in the last ten years, how many cases of voter fraud were ever tried, and got convictions? Less than thirty, and most of them were felons, who forgot they were not allowed to vote! Do you really think there is rampant voter fraud? Most of those felons were Republicans, too!
            My suspicions are that if there is voter fraud, it can be found in the Diebold machines themselves, a company giving great contributions to the Republican Party, who refuse to provide the software for inspection, calling it proprietary!
            Would you trust them to make sure every Democratic vote was counted? I wouldn’t! I wouldn’t trust any Republican, or machine they purchased, who runs for office, and hides the fact he is a Republican from the voting public, like they do in California!
            They hide their endorsements, and their identities from the voters to gain control of the cities they run for positions in, for our school boards, where they can corrupt the system, if they wish, and blame it on the Democrat, who may be mayor! They are the terrorists, from within, by their deeds, never by their word-smithed words to convince the stupid they should be trusted, when they are nothing but puppets of the money machine, that do not do what they say, but change hats, once in office!
            The Koch Brothers represent the biggest contributory effort and out spends all competition in regard to sending millions into states to push for ALEC legislation, elect Republican Tea Party members, or to kill bills they disagree with, in California,. while they hail from the East Coast! They have their fingers in every pie, to make sure their mountain top mines, and their coal mines, and their oil wells, and their tax-free gulf Coast refineries, and their royalties made on every gallon of gas that is refined goes into their pockets, with none for the tax-man, because they hire Republicans to run interference and de-regulate the laws, to allow them to add more carbon to the atmosphere!
            In New Jersey, the Koch Brothers just started building piles of Koch Ash 4 stories high, bulldozing them into piles along the banks of one of the rivers, spreading black fine tar ash into the air, where one in four kids have asthma! They were planning on selling it off, and just forgot to file for a permit! It’s just like the times they installed safety fans at the entrances of their mines to clear the air, but they installed them backwards, and fired workers who refused to go into the mines until they were installed correctly! The Koch Brothers believe in no government, and less government regulations, while funding far right organizations like the Heritage Foundation, and FreedomWorks, and the Cato institute, and Americans for Prosperity, all front names for brainwashing the public into trusting them, while they siphon our natural resources into their bank accounts, while the run-off from their mountain-top mines destroy the down-stream towns that find out the hard way that their promises are hollow! Who do you think is pushing for the XL pipeline that does nothing for America, that provides not one drop of refined fuel, until it reaches their tax-free refineries in the gulf, where it is refined, put into tankers and shipped overseas? Did you know that? Instead of refining it in Canada, or on our border, where it could be sold across our nation, it doesn’t make enough money that way, for these two brothers, worth more than 200 billion dollars! They are funding candidates all along the pipelines, to get it built, and you have heard the stories they have told about tens of thousand of workers that will build the pipeline, except it will be less than 2,000 workers, and they will be temporary positions! And the pipes will leak! All pipes leak! And the coal-tar is heavier than water, and will sink to river bottoms, killing the fish and wildlife that drink from them, like has already happened in Kalamazoo , Michigan!
            Look that spill up, from an unattended pipeline for fracking coal-tars, that was reported multiple times over ten years, and ignored by the owners, until it leaked into the Kalamazoo, and three years later, they are still using paper towels, hoping to save the river, while all the wells have been polluted! They don’t even know how to stop a spill, and they want this pipeline to cross over the Aquifer that provides the crop water, and drinking water for 18 mid-western states! You ask why I bring their names up! That’s part of the reason!
            I bring up Mitt Romney to remind Republicans who they tried to elect, as their prime representative! Mitt Romney, the man who owns Staples, Burlington Coat Factory, Lowe’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Toys-r-Us, BestBuy, and many more, who bought out the controlling interests in these stores, or crafted them from other stores they put out of business, in order to give these more market share, while the products are made in Romney Enterprise Zones, in slave labor China, or India, or Mexico, or Guatemala, or in the Honduras, or the Phillippines, to make 17 cent items, sold for 13 bucks here in the states, but Mitt’s LLC, in the Caymans, buys them first, from his enterprise factories, for 12 bucks, so he can keep all the profits untaxed, and hidden in bank vaults around the world! All we see in the U.S. is he is making only one dollar profit on items he makes for 17 cents, in reality! When you buy an Iphone Stylus at Staple’s keep that in mind! When you buy a 13 dollar plastic toy at Toys-r-Us, make sure to take a note! He taught AT&T and Dell, Apple, and many others how to do it, and he worked with Sheldon Adelson, the Casino Billionaire, who is still under investigation for bribing foreign officials, in order to build his gambling palaces in Singapore! The whole Republican Party, from top to bottom, is corrupt, and are in business to make money, and Mitt will “not represent the 47% of the voters who will not vote for him!”. He sold out our factories that made American goods, and shipped them away, to kill unions for the Republicans, to gain power with them, and to enrich himself, by kicking our workers to the curbs, left like cigarette butts to smolder and die in ditches! This is the legacy of the Republican Party and it’s scurvy under-belly of corruption! Rotten Romney left 20,000 people to fend for themselves, after promising to save the companies, like Maytag, that he was going to harvest, after the workers had been there for 45 years, and more! Any more stupid questions? Are you telling me you didn’t know this already, because you live in a bubble? Well, wake up! Don’t trust the sweet sounds of Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, whispering sweet nothings in your ear, while he was making big bucks, with his refuse company, after Katrina! Do you think he was paying living wages? Mitt thought ii was so novel that his factories in China, could have 10 working girls sharing a 4 by ten foot room, making 37 bucks a month! What a man! They only have to install nets, around the buildings,to prevent them from committing suicide from jumping out of the factory windows! Mitt “loves to fire workers!” These are your Republican donations, at work, taking all of the money we spend in the Mitt stores, and in Wal-Marts, and no one gets living wages, and we, the taxpayers, must subsidize their pay, and healthcare, because the Walton’s don’t think a few hundred billion is enough wealth, and the Republican puppets agree, because they think it’s cool, and their campaign finance checks allow them to actually enjoy their 150 days a year of vacations, without having to lift a finger, just by memorizing the Rove “Talking Points” each day!

          20. jack August 21, 2013

            dude you are so filled with white guilt, hatred for the rich and left wing propaganda your beyond hope if it was the dibold machines made by republicans that are corrupt the why did obama win the last election besides we have the dibold machines because stupid democrats could not figure out the simple punch card voting that worked for decades remember florida 2000 voter id does not suppress the vote because the states that have it will provide an id for free it just keeps the voting honest but as usual you did not even COMPREHEND my point about our democrat government spending millions in other countries for voter id as far as xl pipeline i would love to see them build refineries at the border but the EPA won’t let them and article in the ny times {see i do read other sources of news }is fining refiners for not using cellulose ethynol that is not even commercially available because it can not be produced on a large scale so instead we burn our food corn the last civilization that did that the romans collapsed! if it were up to me we would have five times the nuclear power plants we have in this country and way more hydopower. but you greenie weennies won’t allow that and even if 300 million americans all went to riding bikes instead of driving cars and stopped using electricity altogether we would not make a dimes worth of difference when 2 billion chinese and indians are burning our coal and driving buick’s keep railing against the rich but even thoug edison invented the light bulb new york would never have been lit up without jp morgans money! you can call my responses talking points but if they are they are my own! unlike yours that come from the msnbc propaganda machine !you see the reason i don’t watch msnbc is because the only thing you get there is propaganda not real news! and i love burlington coat factory i get great name brand products cheap there and most of the people who shop there are poor maybe you should visit one one day and see how it helps the poor you fool! keep using those communist talking point terms like “worker” it tells everyone what you really are!

          21. EZ2figure August 21, 2013

            Florida? Where Republicans are Republicans, and flamingos are nervous? Republican Scott Brown tried, for the second time, to wipe 180,000 additional voters, mostly poor, brown, and black, from the voting registry, who had Republican vote registrars, for weeks, checking the lists, and finding less than 18 people, who had registered in the wrong district, or misspelled an address, and recommended the flushing be stopped, and the lists denied? You ignore facts!
            Is that the massive voter fraud you are talking about?
            Florida, where the hanging chads had to be challenged, because the Republicans were behind in the count? Did you know that most of the provisional votes were tossed, and the absentee ballots did not get counted, and the Supreme Court stepped in and declared the winner, while the counting process, performed by the New York times, showed that the majority vote, ultimately, would have elected Al Gore? Is that the Florida you mean?
            And the Diebold machines did miscount, when tested, giving advantage to the Republicans, and Republicans took those back to get repaired, while they never put them back, causing people in those precincts, aqain, mostly black or brown, to have to stand in long lines because they had fewer machines to vote with now, since the funny ones had been removed from their districts? Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about, you friggin’ brainwashed skinhead!
            Your whines about the Democrat government spending too much, are the result of Republicans, in the House approving the expenditures, because Welfare, at one time, was a Republican invention, and so was ObamaCare! All of your whines about overspending stem from the fact that unpaid bills continue to rise if Republicans refuse to pay them down, which lead to the downgrading of our credit rating by Moody’s!
            Who do you think controls the purse strings of government, for the third time? It is the Republicans, in the majority in the House of Representatives, who pass bills to spend our taxes paying subsidies to oil companies, who openly admit they do not need them!
            Republicans, who want to guarantee our taxes will go to mega-farmers to guarantee their incomes, while they want to cut 20 billion from food stamps, that feed the poor kids!
            Republicans, who do nothing, Instead of taking the high road, and working together with Obama to craft a great healthcare plan, while they opposed their own plan because Obama was for it!
            Republicans, who amended the crap out of ObamaCare, with some pretty stupid stuff to protect the profits of the Pharmaceutical giants, so they can still continue to charge 175 bucks for a 4 dollar jar of hand cream!, and blame it on the Democrats and the less than 5 Republicans who actually passed the bill, making it bi-partisan, if you want to get technical!
            Why are you so worried about what our state department, and foreign aid, when your Republicans just defunded them by 440 billion dollars, and then point their fingers at Hillary, because we had to hire local security guards, and the Ambassador himself, who died, in order to save money, instructed the cost-cutting that ultimately took his own life? I guess you wouldn’t know any of that, and would just ignore it anyway, if you did?
            The EPA does approve contracts for refineries and regulations to protect our environment, D’oh! Why is that a cause to hate them? If they have regulations that can be met, but the Koch Brothers might lose their control on the spigot of oil, or the extra profits they can get by controlling each drop, and refuse to build the new designs that are environmentally better, then why are you blaming the EPA, unless yo9u aren’t a wolf, in sheep’s clothing, idiot? Come on! I have answered 10 times as many questions of yours than yhou have of mine, and you keep going back to Hitler, and Eugenics, and the history of Democrats before they changed their identities, and became better representatives of the people, rather than the lapdogs of the rich, who enslave this nation, and hold you down, because the CEO’s won’t allow wages to increase, to keep up with inflation! Do you think that is going to make more Americans able to spend more money, creating more taxes? No! Spending less money strangles commerce, slows growth, and businesses hang on to their money, rather than putting them in the system while the warehouses are stuffed to the rafters with product that no one can afford to buy!
            Republicans, in the Bush administration, increased public sector jobs, to get the money flowing, but Obama has been forced by the House of representatives, who will not allow the funding for the teachers, and the fire departments, and the policemen, to be granted, causing layoffs of the people who spent money in the communities, and is holding our economy back to this day, while they control that money flow from the House of No!

          22. jack August 21, 2013

            p.s if it were up to me we would have cut china off after tienemen square but billy boy clinton had other ideas!

          23. EZ2figure August 21, 2013

            Weren’t the Republicans in the majority when that happened? How does any President cut off the nation that owns our debt! You’re nothing but an armchair quarterback with no game plan, other than claiming to love people’s rights to tax-free living, while whining when government doesn’t support you in your hour of need! Are you bi-polar, as well as ADD?
            Or do these thoughts magically appear to you, inspired by God?

          24. jack August 22, 2013

            one last thing your screen name fits you well it is easy to figure out what you are!!!! thats a brainwashed,pinheaded,misinformed,lacking in knowledge of history,name calling,rich hating, white guilt burdened,propagandized, communist/progressive, democrat, submissive, tyrant want-a-be useful idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          25. EZ2figure August 22, 2013

            For sure! Have fun with your little toolset! Sorry you were so confrontational! We could have had fun^^. But you blame me for all the woes in the world! Kinda hard not to respond in kind! Don’t f*** too much!

          26. tax payer August 24, 2013

            I got your message Jack. I also have seen these people buying too many lottery tickets, when all I buy is one and sometimes win back the whole dollar I put down to buy just that one lottery ticket. Yes, I remember, when I was working and they would ask me; if I wanted to work extra hours. I would always refuse it since I made enough with the 40 hours I worked. I did work extra once and saw I got less than what I had earned, and that was because of the taxes, so I stopped working extra hours. My neighbor was at home in the mornings, when I left for work and he was home in the afternoons as I arrived back to my house, so I wasn’t about to pay more taxes; so he could stay home all day. When I see people like my neighbor I get mad because he was Healthy, but quite lazy, so he stayed home, while we fed his family of seven children. I never bothered to become friendly with him because I didn’t care for the life he had ( of being home all day ), while we had to work to support him and his family.

          27. jack August 19, 2013

            i used to think like you when i worked for a large corporation GE. then i went to work for a small family owned company and the observations i made doing this work and seeing close up how a company works and the reality of how a .40 cent change in the price of gasoline makes the difference between staying in business and going out of business and losing my job! to give you an example of government mandates/regulation causing more problems than they solve. i live in a community with its own private water company the EPA required them to start to chlorinate the water supply that did not need it! most people told me i had the best tasting water they ever had and i never got sick from it before chlorination because it comes from an aquifer { adding more chlorine to the environment, don’t see how thats more environmentally friendly} the unintended result! failing septic systems due to the chlorine killing the bacteria in the septic tanks! now we are forced by the tyrants at the
            EPA into new “environmentally” friendly septic systems no one in this community of 1,000 square foot homes can afford at 30,000 dollars a pop making the “environmental” company’s rich selling us overly priced septic systems. when the old systems that worked just fine and did not pollute only cost 5-8,000 dollars much more affordable! tell me how this solved a problem of any kind or helps the “little guy”?

          28. EZ2figure August 19, 2013

            The two issues you speak of are hotly contested, with the righties blaming fluoridation, and chlorination, that actually makes sure the water we drink is good for our teeth and kills microbes, like Cholera, and yellow fever, to mention a few! Sure, the water was perfectly drinkable until the first Fracking well starts leaking into it! The EPA is made up of people, who can show fealty to the environment, or to the people, or to the overall wealth of our economy, as needs dictate! We don’t always have to agree, and sometimes we have to take the hit, because the wealthy refuse to do so! Why blame that on the EPA? Why not blame the thousands of lobbyists from GE, from big Oil, from Koch Brothers mountaintop coal mining, who grease the wheels of degraded water supplies, stoppoing the EPA from having the power to enforce better rules, because the rich control the campaign financing of the Republicans, who serve them, while saving jobs at the Heritage Foundation for those who serve them well! Ask Jim Deminthe your questions and see how he responds! He will blame everything on the EPA! Of course!
            Your blaming the EPA, for water quality enforcement nationwide, is not really all that odd! But should citgies have to suffer dangerous water, just so you can have your good tasting stuff? You sound like an egotist, who just whines because he has to share the good times and the bad times with others! You want to whine about your toilets? Go buy the kind you like and install it! I promise no one from the Democratic Party will go into your house and check the model number! The purpose behind low-flow, which you apparently ignored, when I explained it to you, is to conserve water for the nation, not because they wanted to ruin your day! If we could fund the EPA to be more regionally based, then perhaps your wildest dreams of tasty water could happen! Until them get a water purification system, like I did, and replace your low-flow toilet, so you can stop your whining!
            See how easy that is! Just do it! Stop whining like a Republican, with only complaints, and no solutions!

          29. jack August 19, 2013

            your too stupid for me to waste my time debating anymore you did not address any of my points like how does adding chlorine to the environment help the environment? and how does forcing me into a septic system i can’t afford and cost more than can be justified for the small house we live in help me or anyone in our community that are all little guys? after all i only paid 34,000 for the house when i bought it 30 years ago why would i spend 30,000 on a septic system? i’ll tell you why because the tyrants at the EPA will FORCE me too and i can’t just go buy the toilet i want they can’t be made anymore because of the tyrants at the EPA. i blame the EPA because the EPA caused the problem by trying to fix a problem that other water systems may have but ours did not! if all the people you say are stopping the EPA then how come i am being impacted by EPA’s tyrannical policies? i don’t blame all the people you list because they had nothing to do with it! why can’t cities control their own water Quality why does the all powerful oz at the EPA have to do it? you make it sound like i have the choices i used to have. I DONT thanks to the EPA. you need to wake up to reality and smell the tyranny coming from the federal government! and see that there are just as many elitists in the democrat party as there are in the republican party. you sound like the elitist you like to bash! acting like i have all the money in the world to comply with every unnecessary government mandate clueless government bureaucrats can come up with to justify their overpaid government job! you sound like you are one of those government bureaucrats that make their living sucking the blood out of the taxpayer while forcing them to comply with your idea of what’s best for the “common good” a communist principle! I wish I could “just do it” if i could my house would be 1,500 square feet by now but again the EPA/government won’t let me because i live on a lake. i have solutions it’s called FREEDOM! but from the sounds of it you neither know what FREEDOM is or support it! as far as i am concerned the battle is not republican vs democrat. it’s bureaucrat and politicians from both parties vs the people! i am not opposed to PROGRESS. we just should not try to force it to happen sooner than it can be done! it took human kind thousands of years to progress to the point we are today. we are where we are today because of the FREEDOM people had in the first 150 years of this nations history to experiment and innovate something government regulations stifle! not because of MANDATES from the kings and Queens and bureaucrats in washington! you can try and force me into buying a septic system thru mandates i can’t afford but if i can’t afford it i can’t afford it! or you can mandate that airlines fly solar planes but if they can’t carry passengers yet because the technology is not ready yet what good does it do to mandate it?

          30. jack August 19, 2013

            just looked up definition of fealty in the dictionary here’s what it says ” loyalty and duty owed by a vassal to his feudal lord”so what is the environment our feudal lord now, should i bow to the earth king? have you read eugenics, American progressivism and the german idea of the state yet or are you afraid of what you might find out? or maybe you have your head so far up your a$$ that you cannot read !

          31. EZ2figure August 20, 2013

            Actually, yes! We owe fealty to this earth, and all the denizens we share it with! Only Sociopaths think the world can’t be changed by climate, or oil spill! I kind of like the idea of Deism, as did the writers of the Constitution! Maybe they had the right idea, and you were just born stupid! I grew up with hippies, so maybe I kind of believe in collectivism, which is what our nation has performed the best as. If you believe in Medicare or Social Security, aren’t those Socialism in action? If you work for a business, and derive your pay on what you produce, isn’t that collectivism? What is your fixation with Hitler? It was the Bush family who worked for the Germans, helping him to fund his murderous regime! Why would I believe in a master race? Why would I believe in purity? I don’t believe in judging people by the color of their skin! and I sure don’t have to read something I never adhered to in Eugenics, or in a hitleresque nightmare that you try to convince me I am a part of because I use the word Progressive, meaning, anti-Regressive, like you are.
            Did you ever realize labeling people is just a way to make yourself feel more secure? Maybe your sense of superiority is just a masque for your insecurities! Maybe the fact you refuse the truth is you don’t want to find out your life was a waste, and that all the intelligence in the world won’t make people like you, because you suck!

          32. jack August 20, 2013

            yes you certainly do believe in collectivism and if you had any brains you could see every country that tried it has failed look at CUBA and the SOVIET UNION their standard of living and environment is so great isn’t it. and no our nation has preformed it’s best when individuals were FREE to innovate, invent and prosper as a result! yes social security and medicare are socialism in action and thats why they are going BANKRUPT and FAILING! and now you and other progressives in congress want to STEAL the retirement money I have put away as an INDIVIDUAL to BAILOUT your failing programs! and yes i derive my pay from what, I, produce as an individual working VOLUNTARILY with others thats individualism/capitalism not collectivism you IDIOT. my fixation if i have one with hitler is it is the best example of what progressivism leads to, DON”T KNOW YOUR HISTORY YOUR BOUND TO REPEAT IT. you won’t read the article because it may force you to face the truth about your movement. i am not regressive i just don’t subscribe to the notion progress can be FORCED and i don’t judge people by the color of their skin either just the CONTENT OF THEIR CHARACTER. you are the one doing the labeling you call yourself a progressive and me a racist, bigot,regressive sociopath, you must be the one who’s insecure ! your the one with the sense of superiority thats why you are not willing to live and let live you just want to DICTATE to me how i should live! i am not the one telling everyone how they should live their lives YOU ARE so how does that make me have a sense of superiority? my life is not a waste i help people solve their problems everyday thru my work it’s the people living off the backs of others who are wasting their lives! THATS THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          33. EZ2figure August 20, 2013

            Dude! Jack! Whatever! Blaming government, because one party subverts it, allowing the Mitt Romneys to sell off companies and steal retirement pensions, or crashing our economy to buy up all of the cheap property for the carpetbaggers, can only occur when people refuse to go and vote for the best representatives, not from what they say they promise to do, but for what they actually do! The Republican Party serves the rich! Why hate me? I think today’s Republican Party sucks and only work for the sociopathic greed of the rich, and the televangelists, and the skinheads, and the revolutionaries, not for me! But I don’t take it out on you, unless you endorse them!
            By your reference to government, as a whole entity, and your inference that government is a bad thing, because it overtaxes you, and burdons you (Oh, boo hoo)!, is no reason to disband it!
            When our voters are not better informed and vote for the wrong party, who gerrymanders districts to make it impossible to get them our of our House of Representatives, why give up on government? Your folly makes no sense!
            Go outside of your comfort zone and get involved! Run for office! Be a representative and set example!
            Being satisfied you are helping people because you give them good deals on repaired goods may be all the gratification you think you need, but shouldn’t you go out, if you have complaints, and make things better, instead of just fixing little things in your shop of horrors? I will never read your article, because I have no clue exactly what article you are talking about! You did not give me a web address for it! You just drone on and on about crap that means nothing to me, because I choose to use a word that flags me as a person who needs to know your definition of “Progressive”, just so you won’t get cornfused!
            Again, my definition of Progressive is: Not Regressive, like the Republican Party! When I say Progressive, that is what I mean!
            I don’t care about the roots of the word you choose to attack me with, immersing me in dogma, designed for your self-gratification! I really could care less which definition you decide I should use! I use it the way I see fit! You are the one dictating what my words have to mean, so you can vilify me, taking your prejudice out on me! Eat my Grody Shorts!

          34. jack August 20, 2013

            i gave you the title of the article. it comes right up if you google it! that is if you know how to google? it’s called eugenics, American progressivism and the german idea of the state. just TYPE that into google and you can find it “it’s that easy”! i don’t really care what your definition of progressive is i just think you should know what and who you are supporting and aligning yourself with! it was one of your hero’s. i’m sure, hillary clinton how claimed to fashion herself as a early 20th century proggressive! i also think todays republican party sucks but so does the communist democrat party! i lived for 15 years in a gerrymandered democrat district because of a horrible supreme court decision that decided there should be majority minority districts leaving me represented by a communist bobby scott how is that treating us all equal? it was spread out from south richmond to norfolk because thats the only way they could get enough minorities to make up a district. i don’t want to disband government, just LIMIT it! thats how you preserve freedom study history! yes we need better informed voters thats why the founders gave the press the first amendment so they could be the watch dog of the government for the people to bad they have become a lap dog and propagandist for one party of our government !

          35. EZ2figure August 20, 2013

            Ok, the explanation of Eugenics and Porgressivism in that google article definition is more like foundation of the Republican fascist. racist, religious zealot, skinhead, KKK Tea party, with a little John Birch tossed in for good measure! Sortry to disappoint you, but it does not serve my definition of Progressivism at all, in the least little bit!
            Can we get past that now that I read your point and fully understand why you jumped to the cornclusion I was a Nazi sympathizer?
            Progressive, when I use it, means not only working for man, but also for the environment! In this, I believe Hillary also means that when she says it! Wasn’t Theodore Roosevelt, who started our National Park system, thought to be a great “Progressive” thinker, once he realized all the damage he had been doing in his first term? I believe that is why she said it, and I concur!
            To me the world is important, and must be acknowledged in any solutions we make upon our nation, since we control the money supply that all the other nations base their currency on! That means we should also lead in technology, and dig the deep trenches, to accept the new supertankers of the future to keep our seaports growing, providing jobs, and wealth to our seaboards, where most of humanities live! It also means our nation can print money to invest in new technology, and remove it from circulation later, after new technologies can stand alone! Government is not run like a business, because we control the money supply! It is not a profit and loss center, in the respect that we must balance the budget each year, as long as we can make up the difference I the good years, like the 1990’s proved to be!
            All the wailing about Obama running our nation into the ground is baseless, as he is cutting the amount we spend each year he is in office, as he spent the year before,l and he is spending much less than Bush ever did! ObamaCare and removal of troops from Afghanistgan should reel in more than another trillion in expenses, and allow for a lot more research into new industries, and new innovation, like air powered bullet trains operating in tube architecture! There should be enough, if we could ever get the Party of “No” to agree to fixing our bridges and schools, too, if they could just stop aiming to kill our unions for the sake of their intentional power grab!’
            Lastly, I understand what you mean about gerrymandering, but both parties are guilty of doing it! The question we must ask ourselves is: Are Democrats better for the planet than Republicans when they do it? My view is, “Yes, they are!”
            Here’s how we resolved that issue in “liberal” California! We removed the majority party from gerrymandering districts at all! We now have appointed commissions, made up of statisticians, who use demographics, to establish voting districts, with the primary idea that every person’s vote should count equally, not based on his economic rung, or race, but by making the districts true composites, so no demographic can outweigh another, allowing for the majority of the voters to speak clearly and let government know what is expected of them, by the vote counts! It makes so much more sense, and I know it may disgust you, but California has improved our economy ever since, while we still need those federal dollars to invest in “Great Works”, that makes this nation better! Democrats, holding the majority in the house, the Senate, and the governor’s mansion, have not sunk our economy! Construction jobs are back! Our home equity is rising, and the foreclosures have slowed.
            We still have the problem of consortiums, who bought up all of the foreclosures, so they could harvest the wealth after the equity returns, but at least, the equities are stable, and getting better! Now, if we can just keep the refineries from shocking the oil supply by their refusal to build new refineries, we could see a drop in fuel prices, to go along with the lower healthcare premiums we expect, when ObamaCare starts in January! Woohoo!
            Meanwhile you have to deal with Mr. Graft in your state! I am so sorry for you! Hope you all can work it out soon! Bob really needs to step down. He didn’t do anything but lower wages in your state! He didn’t create new jobs! He fired thousand of teachers, who spent money in the communities they serves in! He is just toeing the line for the Tea Party, and making as much money on the side as graft will allow him to, to enrich himself with, as he ignores the plight of the working man! Good luck!

          36. jack August 20, 2013

            somewhere along the line you missed my point in earlier replies about wilson the great democrat progressive promoting the kkk from the white house and the democrats fighting civil rights legislation in the 60’s and you must have missed the end of the article under comments where they talk about progressives adopting coercion as a means to an end and talked about progressives not wanting to make a super race but a more compliant man it describes you perfectly? and california is a bankrupt mess that you now want me to BAIL out and printing money leads to inflation! again learn your history the germans printed money after wwI and you had to have a wheel barrow full of money to buy a loaf of bread, leading the people to believe the promise of a better life that hitler offered! WAKE UP DUDE! if obama is cutting the spending then why are we approaching 17 trillion in debt. you expect lower health premiums in january? why? other than oboma and media propaganda what makes you think that? and the oil companies can’t build more refineries because of EPA regulations! check your speech dude you use communist terms like “the worker” and the “collective good” still waiting for answer to Question what happens when we all sit down and stick our hand out?

          37. EZ2figure August 21, 2013

            Did you forget the political parties did a role reversal? Or was it by design? You are the man in the bubble, who stopped learning when you read what you wanted to read, put in your own timeline, casting shadows on anyone disagreeing with your false premises, with no facts to back anything up, but an imaginary timeclock, you can spin to change who did what when, when you don’t know anything but rovian talking points, derived from a gas-bag, named Rush Limbaugh, your father, Luke, on Oxycontin and Viagra!
            Why is the debt increasing, but slower each year, while Obama is in Office, because his stimulus Plan is working! Paul Ryan’s plan would take 30 years, and he just revamped that plan to be even more aggressive by killing babies in the process, something all Republicans like, as long as they are birthed first! Do you think government operates for free, while no one is allowed to raise taxes, for fear of the Grover Norquist replacement doppleganger affect? Why don’t you tell me why the taxes have gone up, since Obama had to inject the same amount of money into our economy as the Republicans and Paul Ryan offered up, to provide stimulus, while the interest continues to grow on the Bush debt, because Republicans won’t appropriate the taxes to pay it down, and they are refusing to grow jobs fast enough to generate massive tax returns!
            Tell me which tier of government controls taxation, idiot!
            You’re just a troll! You have no values! You are like a husk, filled with false stuffing made from bullsh*t, and told it is fine padding! This isn’t Germany! But you sure have a fixation on Germany? Why is that? Sieg Heil! Ooh, I just saw you click your boots, idiot!
            No one has their hand out! The checks come in the mail, or get auto-depositied! Again, you live in the late forties of the last century! Did you enjoy “The Sound of Music” or cry when the Von Trapp family got away over the alps?
            You are the joke, who keeps on giving! Your lack of social conscience betrays your lack of empathy! Your cat-calls expose you for the craven worker you probably are! I’ll bet you sit, playing with yourself, while you make your children do the work in your shop! You are sick! You don’t know what decade this is! You bring up talking points I refute, then forgot I refuted them, while all you really want is some attention! Why? Did your dog pee on your leg? Got a minute more to ignore all I have written? Here’s one for you to remember…..

          38. EZ2figure August 20, 2013

            If anybody believes in eugenics it is you! You are the one who looks down his nose at everyone who isn’t just like you! If you had your way, we would all be clones of you, with no diversity, and I do not profess to engage in a cleansing of racial impurity, you do! You think you are the world’s perfect example of man, and your world will be rocked, when you stumble, and no one bothers to help you up! And as a eugenist, it is what you should expect!
            Progressivism, on the other hand, is the belief that government should serve the citizen, as their representive, which is what we have all been taught in every school to believe our government to be, except for the funny ones, like Heritage University, where brainwashing techniques wash all the humanity out and put indifference in, to replace reality with an omnipotent fairy, who rules the universe, and yet, is too weak to pick up a stone he has created that is so heavy he couldn’t pick it up!
            Why do you waste your time, trying to prove you are smart, when you can’t even understand what the term Progressive means. To you, you must think it ruins your purity! Since we all have DNA roots going back to Africa, I guess we really are all brothers and sisters, eh? I bet that just ruins your whole life of bigotry and racism, and your refusal to contemplate that at all! We is all Progressives….hahahahaha!
            Have a nice day, Bro!

          39. jack August 20, 2013

            your world will be rock when you get hit by a natural disaster like i did and the government is nowhere to be found like happened to me! i did stumble then and who helped me were individual friends, family and neighbors the only thing the government did was condemn my home! it was this experience that caused me to lose all faith in government! yes you were brainwashed by a school system taken over by progressives who think the government is the end all be all and yes the government should SERVE the citizen NOT DICTATE to them and BLEED them dry like a vampire! you will be in for a rude awaking when the taxpayer dies because you have bled him to death and there’s no more blood for you to suck off him so you can live on his back! and i don’t subscribe to eugenics i think it’s horrific thats why i try to get people who think they understand progressivism to read the article so they can see the roots of the movement. you are the one who thinks everyone should be a clone of you thats why you want the government to FORCE everyone to comply with your belief’s! your the one who believes in the omnipotent fairy called government who should rule the universe.i don’t have any notions of purity. just FREEDOM in fact i believe i have more humanity than you will ever have because i don’t subscribe to the notion everyone should become a slave to the “state”! i actually have more sympathy for other races than you i don’t believe my fellow man needs the government as their MASTER just the opportunity to succeed and live FREE. it is the great society programs that DESTROYED the black family by making the government the father and MASTER! i love how you project everything you believe on me typical progressive behavior! i do not believe in racial or genetic purity! i believe what the progressives think is a defect today may be what saves the human race. decades or centuries from now! YOU MAY CLAIM MY HARD EARNED WAGES BUT MY SPIRIT YOU CANNOT CLAIM !

          40. EZ2figure August 20, 2013

            Oh, so the roads you traveled on to get rebuilding materials didn’t help you. Schools are a waste of your precious money! Regulations that made your insurance provider actually fix your house didn’t matter? You live in a tunnel. You fail to look outside of the tunnel. You hover with your guns and bible in your basement, awaiting the rapture! You exist for self-gratification! You live off furry animals and road kill? You ignore the cleaner skies and water that government regulations place on businesses who pollute! You claim government is your enemy! Why don’t you just get on your horsie and leave America if this nation has been so bad for you! Nothing seems to satisfy you, except your personal convictions, and the hate you spew, with little to prove that better government would not work even better than the one that failed you in a time of need if we could just help it to pay off Reagan’s debt!!
            Get a grip! Your hate is unfounded! Should we hate a church, when we are starving, and the minister closes his doors to us, telling us that if we need help to go to skid-row for access to a meal, while the church cost a few million dollars to build, so it looks pretty, but serves no one but the greed of the Church, tax-free?
            Things can be made better, but not if all we do is whine, and that’s all you do!
            You, the self-made man, proud to be an Amerrrrrican, but against the tenets of a government, because it failed you once? Oh, boo hoo! But the unemployment check didn’t hurt, did it? Government, designed to serve the needs of an entire nation, but expected to be perfect, in all respects, or you would drown it in a bath tub!
            You are a bad joke! You ignore the good that government does, just to push your agenda of hate! You need Obama-Care! Get some soon! Tastes great! Less filling!
            Eugenics is the opposite of the Progressive government! Eugenics is the creation of a master race, by killing, or starving the impure races to achieve it! It is closely aligned with factions of today’s Republican Party!
            Progressivism is the belief that we all belong, and that government is designed to serve the individual, with representation, like ours is supposed to do, but fails when Republicans don’t want it to represent the 47% of the people who won’t vote for their “Dribble down Theory”!
            Why are you hating on me? It is not Progressivism that destroyed you! It is the lack of it!
            I don’t like Republicanism! It is today’s Republicanism that bleeds us dry, by allowing the rich to get off tax-free, while our Middle Class shoulders the biggest share of the cost! Government isn’t bad! Government can be made better!
            Just because in your little microcosm, you have been able to convince yourself you can exist without it, doesn’t mean it has lost value! You just blame it for asking something in return for the roads you travel, the dams that government built to produce the electricity you use! Sewers, telephone, interstate highways, and lots of regulations to bind us together, making it a level playing field, as long as one party doesn’t decide to hold the nation in thrall, like the Republican Party does!
            It is today’s Republican insanity, that diverts the wealth toward the rich, who refuse to pay into our system, who refuse to place one loophole on the table, to stop the Sequester! Why don’t you spend as much time opposing the ideals of the Republican Eugenics Party?
            I am not your enemy! You just need someone to belittle, because you can’t exist without whining! No one listens to you, because you live in an impenetrable bubble of hate! Read your own words! You blame government for your woes! Educating me on the definitions of Eugenics and Progressivism won’t do anything to fix you!
            You are unfixable as long as you have learned something, and effectively stopped learning! Do something productive! Stop whining!
            Carry a sign to city hall blaming a councilman, who failed you in your time of need! Why take it out on me? Place placards on lawns for the next representative who floats your boat!
            And don’t worry about me! After all my setbacks, and after my mom tossed out my 15 million dollar comic book collection, I still shall survive this planet with a smile on my face, happy to share with those of all walks of life, and not wallow in misery! I still believe in man, not sociopathic greed and not self indulgence! I put out my messages, because I believe people have a right to see that there is opposition to lousy government, but not by drowning it, but by voting the Party out that makes it bad! What are you doing? Hiding in your basement? Teaching Eugenics on the side to make us all think you are smart? You aren’t smart, or you wouldn’t take it out on those who believe we can have a better world, that does require governing, and not by hiding in basements, harassing trespassers!

          41. jack August 20, 2013

            never collect unemployment ever! sounds to me like YOU hate America why don’t you leave instead of trying to change it from a free country to a state of despotism! if you would read the article you would find i am trying to teach the dangers of eugenics you fool! i don’t blame government for my woes just for stealing my hard earned wages to waste it on b.s! and placing unnecessary hurdles in my way all in the name of helping me! i don’t mind paying taxes to defend the nation protect the borders even build infrastructure just not waste it on social programs and stupid studies! most of what i have learned has come from living life not from the lousy public education i got! government has failed me every step of the way! what would i get in return if i gave ALL my hard earned wages to the government a life like they have in CUBA. lets say i give the government 1 dollar by the time the bureaucrats take their share i would get what maybe 60 or 70 cents back in benefit how does that make thing better you keep acting like i am a republican when i am not i am a libertarian i am also not rich but it is clear YOU hate the republicans and the rich! it’s clear you did not get the education in history you clearly need wilson a good progressive/democrat promoted the kkk right from the white house but that fact escapes you it was the democrats that opposed civil rights legislation if it were not for the republicans LBJ would never have gotten the legislation passed! the founders of our nation understood the only better government was a limited one thats why they left the power in the hands of the people not the federal government!

          42. EZ2figure August 20, 2013

            I don’t hate the rich! I hate the greedy sociopaths! I rail against those who believe that public schools taught you nothing! I do not endorse people, who picked a trade, usually suited for those who went to jail, served their time, while learning how to fix broken TV sets, and appliances, and then have the gall to say everyone else is lazy! Appliance repair isn’t special! It is one of those trades too many people enter into for a quick buck, to fleece the public out of easy coin! I am not saying you are like that, but don’t hand me the BS that it is a hard trade! I fix my own toasters, and replace my own thermostats in my coffeemakers, and replace my own icemakers, and fix my PC, when it fails, and do not depend on others to sharpen my chain saws, or rebuild my Harley! I replace my furnace fans and the heating elements on my electric dryer, until I finally opted to get a gas dryer! I helped build the first dumb terminals in 1972, and have tried to stay up with PC technology ever since!
            I don’t believe wealth is happiness! I believe we are happy in spite of it!
            My best memories were as a kid, with friends, comparing spare change, and either pooling it all, or leaving some behind, so we would all have the same amount! And we always had fun! Money wasn’t happiness! We met the “Duke” of Catalina (the Mister Clean guy) and he took pictures of us on the beach, and the following year, we found he had made our pictures into postcards, sold in the Catalina curio shops, because we were willing to listen to his stories of being a lifeguard, and rubbing shoulders with movie stars, while I still see him in his bit parts in many westerns and old shows, if I pay attention to the extras at the back of the rooms, and not just to the stars, up front! Those post cards were special! They allowed us to woo the girls from the mainland who came to visit the island, too! We were celebrities, even though we were still in our teens, when the pics were taken, and the post cards were sold for decades, even after the passing of “The Duke”! He greeted us from the docks as the ships would arrive, with a bone in his nose, or a ring in his ear, and we thought of him as our friend from across the sea! Money can’t by times like that!
            So what if we have to pay into a tax system, and it is hard? Why not raise your voice and call out the rich for their greed, for not giving their fair share, because they bribed someone for a little loophole! It’s not that the rich are just greedy, and have a happy life already!
            No one should consider a lucky break, allowing a person to get rich, something to be ashamed of!
            It is the after affects, that make the rich forget their roots, and forget those who helped them to get rich, or the CEO, who would rather pad his bank account than give a raise for the workers that outperformed all year long and were told, at raise time, just before Christmas, that there isn’t enough in the till to give us a raise this year, because we had to re-invest our profits into growing bigger, so we could get screwed for two years, instead of just one!
            You hate government! I get that! You have convinced yourself government is worthless, because you judge the world on your personal convictions, awhile ignoring the great projects that America has shown to the rest of the world, what a well run government can do, when common ground can be found to agree on things to be voted on, by two willing parties!
            Except, Republicans have changed! They have become the me, me, me Party! They decide strategy based on power accumulation through public relations stunts and bullet point presentations, twisting facts, so that people, like you, believe them! They convince you all government is bad, so you will oppose all government!
            Well, all government is not bad! The choking, strangling, hanging factions of the Republicans Party, who refuse to raise up our poor, with access to wealth and jobs, to buy your services are the problem, not the solution!
            Some day, you will collect your Social Security, if Republicans are kept from turning it into a voucher program, so you can lose it in the Stock Market the next time they crash our economy!
            You just never give any credibility to the good things that President Obama would like to do for our nation, that has been thwarted by the Republicans, who refuse to pass jobs to repair our crumbling infrastructure, just so ill-informed voters like you will blame him and the Democrats for nothing getting done!
            But lots have been done because of Obama’s original Stimulus Plan that got us out of the Republican ditch! We have Obama-Care, which should lower your rates for healthcare insurance, even though you despise government!
            We have a new Consumer Protections Bureau, which may oversee your trade, to make sure you do not cheat the consumers ^^. We have pulled back on Bush’s spying on every word we speak on the phone and every letter we type on our keyboards spy program, to just call records and GPS tracking, even though it is still an invasion of our privacy and should be pulled back even more!
            Do you know government spends more on prisons, than it spends on education? Can you see how President Obama would like to restore our public school system, and not turn it into a voucher system, which really needs to be done!
            Do you understand that the voucher system was a clever plan by Mitt Romney, who had just invested 60 million dollars into for-profit Charter Schools, he would have been able to fund with the vouchers he was planning to give us our choice with? Mitt thinks 75 student per teacher is “just fine”!
            Do you know that Progressives are trying today, to make sure Social Security is fully funded, and it could be done quite easily, just by removing the 108k cap, that allows those who make more than that escape any further payments into the system? Isn’t that welfare for the rich? Isn’t that a loophole that no one who makes less than that will ever see go away from their checks? Yes! Progressives, like Paul Krugman, have a better plan! Listen to his words, as follows: What we want from a money system isn’t to make people holding money rich; we want it to facilitate transactions and make the economy, as a whole, rich!
            Maybe government is really not the problem, it is the solution! We just have to wipe the slime of the Republican Party off of it and polish it up a bit, and make it work for us again, something you should be very aware needs to be done! It doesn’t deserve to be tossed out, so you can ride your pony to town, wondering what happened to the electrical system that failed again today, because Governor Ultrasound refuses to upgrade it, and make it better than before! He would rather attack women’s rights to equal pay and access to healthcare privilege, because of religious preference, shoving his convictions down your throats, in Virginia, while collecting gifts from cronies he gets Rolex watches, and catered weddings, and expensive leatherwear for his wife, in exchange for the use of your capitol building to hawk his wares in!
            Why not go after him? Why not go after his buddy, running for offices who already spend his graft from the same guy?
            Instead, you are here, wasting my time, trying to convince me about something you refuse to contemplate, because you are pig-headed, set in your ways, refuse to see alternate solution, and are too lazy to fix your own state, while you point your boney fingers at everyone but you, like it is our fault you are being cheated! Well, Wahhhhhhh! Would you like a shoulder to cry on? Get up! Call your governor! Tell him he is a disgrace! If you hate government, then get active! Don’t mope about that which you refuse to engage with to make better!
            You fix other people’s problems every day! It should be easier for you than most, and Virginia is such a small state, with a bunch of War industry that pays to keep Republicans in power! You’re right there, on the front lines! Get out, and do something to make it better!

          43. jack August 20, 2013

            still waiting for my health care premiums to go down,i was just told they are going up again this year so much for obama care lowering them!i have no idea what you are talking about with the electrical system going down i have had power all day and it’s obama that is taking power plants off line! i will likely never collect social security because the baby boomers worth millions will bankrupt it before i am old enough because they refuse to embrace net worth means testing because they are greedy and want theirs even if it leaves younger people holding an empty bag! no net worth means testing is welfare to the rich in my book! if obama is stopping the spying then why has he not stopped the construction of the data collection center?why when i oppose abortion on moral grounds should i have to pay for it ? i personally don’t want to take away a women’s right to choose if she wants to commit a sin thats up to her. i just don’t want to pay for it! you can call it war industry if you like but my father fought in WWII and damn glad he did so i would not have to live under totalitarians! i call that national defense but if you have your way i will be living under an American totalitarian regime! obamanation NO HOPE NO CHANGE JUST MORE CORRUPTION! and by the way i am doing way more than you know to stop the progress of American communism under obama just find a copy of the richmond times dispatch from 9/4/2009 metro & business section and you will see me speaking out in the communist bobby scott’s town hall meeting on obama care where he stacked and packed the room with union thugs from the shipyards in newport news. not even in his district so why were they in the room? i’ll tell you why to shout people like me down! so much for free speech! and if you were with me last week when i ran calls covering 1,000 miles and making 60 repairs some on pretty nasty appliances and working 20 hours of overtime you might realize it is hard work! way harder than sitting at a desk! not that all that overtime will help me much in paying my bills because uncle sam will take more than i will see having done nothing to earn it! and i will see little of it back in benefit from the government because it will go to make food stamp recipients fat and then pay for their obesity related health problems making bureaucrats and cronies in the health industry rich! p.s i don’t like republican progressive gov mcdonell who raised my taxes any more than i liked democrat progressive gov TIMMY kaine who waisted my tax dollars on a stupid bike trail between richmond and williamsburg that should have been spent widening i-64. should i support terry mcaullufe who built his businesses plants in china? i see alternate solutions i quite frankly would like to see a third party to stop the CORRUPTION of BOTH parties! i would call it the FREEDOM party something we are not getting from the current 2 parties on either side !

          44. EZ2figure August 21, 2013

            Your healthcare premiums should go down, unless governor Bob refused to allow ObamaCare into Virginia. Not sure if he is one of the Red States refusing it, or not. The point about the power going out I was making, was about refusal of the Red “House of No” to pass any of the Infrastructure bills, including upgrading ojur national electrical grid, because Republicans do not want to make a black man have a good record in the presidency!
            Why else would Mitch McConnell, before Obama ever set foot in the White House, say that “the primary goal of the Republican party is to make sure Obama is a one term president” and then proceed to reverse course an anything they used to approve of, in the past, if Obama was for it now?
            That primary goal continues, and the “House of No” still refuses to do anything, like pass a budget, or pay the bills Congress ran up! President Obama just signs the bills if they get to his desk! He does not have the ability to spend, without approval of the House!
            In regards to Social Security being there when you retire, the Democrats will fight for it! Even though Obama put it on the table to negotiate with, he didn’t have much support, and I think he was just seeing what he could offer to get Republicans to budge on the Sequester, and I guess they showed they were bound and determined to strangle more jobs, in efforts to make our economy dip, to blame it on Obama when it did! We just lost another 30,000 jobs or around there, that I heard about today, because of their shenanigans!
            And here is the trick Republicans want to play with our Social Security, and all entitlement programs, so watch out for their tactic! Republicans will say they are for graduating the benefit for Social Security, based on money we already earn, which is a terrible plan, since SS doesn’t cover all the bills anyway! But the reason they want to do it is so they can say later that since the Social Security Plan now only covers the poor, is it not fair, so they can attack it some more, or abolish it altogether! Do you begin to see how devious Republicans are? They set long term plans in motion, always dragging the nation farther and farther to the right, to remove the power of unions, and keep minorities from voting! They never stop! In order to gain the televangelist votes, they embrace attacks on women’s rights to access abortion, when someday we may have too much population for the existing food supply, a sobering though to be sure, but one they are willing to carry out to get the campaign finances that keep them in power, representing the wealthy, as their surrogates!
            In regard to your belief system, and contraceptives and abortions, since they both are opposed, because of religious grounds, and they fall in between the separation of church and state as an issue!
            Democrats, on a whole, have decided to allow women to decide their family needs, not believing a board of only old white males, who have no pony in the show, will be fair, if they are pandering for religious funds, for re-election. And Republicans seem to have taken the religious approach and have gone so far to the right in their zealotry that they are willing to subjugate a woman to be nothing more than a life support system for a fetus, giving a fetus the right to life or death over the women, while Republicans, unable to change Roe Vs Wade, have instead made it impossible for abortion clinics to exist by making it impossible for them to adhere to all the regulations Republicans are requiring!
            Now, because of Rick Coathanger Perry, A victim of incest in El Paso, will have to drive 636 miles (10.5 hours, one way) to get to the nearest abortion clinic, with one or two doctors that can do the abortion services, and when she gets there she will have to compete with 13 million Texas women, who will probably be pregnant a few times in their lives, some of whom may need service, too, due to problems of disease, and malformation, or the fetus did not survive. This is government over-reach!
            My personal feeling is that no one want an abortion! But if the need arises, who am I to stand in the way of a woman, to make her own decision!
            At least that way, no one is treading on religion! If religion tells you not to use contraception, or not to have an abortion, then don’t access the services! But why should religion force their will upon a woman, who is not religious, like the zealots, who make women wear Berkas in the Middle East?
            As a president, caught in the middle, the question is how to come up with a minimum set of standards, for healthcare providers, who want to offer services on “the Exchange”. Contraception and access to abortion services, and mammograms, and cervical cancer tests are women’s reproductive services, all women should have a right to access, per Roe vs Wade and common sense! Reproductive healthcare should not be outlawed, should it? Over 90% of all women take contraception, in the form of birth control, in their lifetimes anyway! Even nuns do! So why not make all services available, but those who do not want to avail themselves of the services are not required to use them!
            The big, planned, problem happened, and the Republicans jumped in the Middle of the issue, when the Heritage University, a right wing televangelist college who preps students for Republican political aspirations, decided to sue, because they don’t want to provide contraceptions, or have to provide things they blame on their religion, for not endorsing it! Here’s the rub!
            Before the standards were ever crafted, Heritage University always provided contraception in their healthcare plan, but in order to show dismay, and outrage, they dropped the coverage, so they could make a big stink, putting Obama smack dab in the middle once again, to enflame the populace and the religious who feel they have no rights, while Obama is not blocking them from accessing contraception, but giving them their choice! Another “Hot Button” issue comes to life!
            Do you think any company owner, providing healthcare for employees should have the right to block his workers from a job or from coverage because she wants to work, rather than get pregnant! Put yourself in Obama’s shoes and you tell me what is the fairest thing to do!
            In regard to the spy center, please remember that the Spy Center contract was awarded before Obama took office, and Obama is stuck in the middle of “overreach by the government”, versus “Republicans calling him useless if an attack occurs on his watch!” Again, he is always placed in the middle of every argument, and the Republicans forget to mention Halliburton or one of the other cronies, who got the contract, and are doing the construction!
            I get complaints all the time that I just bash Republicans, but I used to be one, and so were my parents!
            It is just that Republicans have gone wacko, and the Democrats are a better choice, or at least it seems so, since they are willing to draft bills, even if the House won’t bring them to a vote! It has got to be the worst time for a person in office, for either side, since nothing much gets done! Republicans don’t have solutions, unless it is two letters long; No!
            Republicans’ with their choke hold on the purse strings, in the House,are responsible for every penny spent, and every penny collected, so when they blame Obama for spending, it is with their approval, and we should also know every penny they allow to be spent comes at a cost to our benefits, down the road! And all of our increase of debt is due to too few taxes levied, and too few jobs created, and too low wages, that all limit the amount of taxes government needs to pay down the debt for unfunded wars, and ability to create new jobs, to increase the tax base, because the corporations do not dribble the wages down, and really applaud the idea of 6 people competing for each job!

          45. jack August 22, 2013

            typical progressive/liberal/democrat tactic when you are losing the argument about an issue on facts because you don’t have any to back up your argument you attack and impugn my personal integrity and my moral character when you don’t have any factual basis to do so. first you suggest my profession is filled with criminals without a single fact to back that ASSERTION up! just for your INFORMATION i have to pass a background check and drug test to be able to do factory warranty work! then you suggest i rob my customers of their “coin” without any proof. every single one of my customers would vehemently disagree with you on that because i go out of my way to give them the best value for their dollar! i have more moral integrity than ANY democrat out there especially those that gave clinton a pass for lying to the american people about never having sex with that women! well the blue dress proved that lie wrong ! or anthony weiner who was showing girls half his age his weiner while his wife was pregnant ! then you suggest it isn’t hard work based on very LIMITED experiences. i could change a dryer heater with my eyes closed sure thats not hard! maybe you should try changing an outer tub in a front load washer or a transmission in a top load washer or a compressor heat exchanger evaporator in a refrigerator you might find it’s not easy. but again you base your opinion on limited experience and emotion instead of facts! typical liberal/progressive/democrat behavior ! as far as toasters coffeemakers and p/c’s are concerned i don’t even consider those major appliances because in todays progressive society they are throwaways unlike my regressive 1950s toaster and waffle maker that i still use because they are repairable/adjustable being CONSERVATIVE with resources and work better than the progressive crap we throw away when they fail wasting resources but you progressives would ban the 50’s built stuff because they are not safe enough because your to stupid not to touch something hot. because you believe we all need the government to protect us from ourself. i never said appliance repair was special all i said was i EARNED MY MONEY not the government! in all of your following responses you give me every propaganda point the democrats have to throw out there but you never address the real questions. i never said i wanted to stand in the way of a women having an abortion i just asked why should i have to pay for it? you go on and on with the democrat talking points about womens health,reproductive services/freedom, roe v/s wade etc,etc,etc but you never answer the question. why should i have to pay for it? why can’t they pay for it themselves? i know because they are poor! ok you can volunteer to pay for it then if you are so worried about it. why do you have to FORCE me to pay for it? i never said i support republicans but you go on and on with your msnbc talking points about mitt romney and the koch brothers and rove and republican this and republican that! i must have touched a big nerve when i asked you, what happens to your precious government give away programs when we all sit down and stick our hand out? because you never answer that. because you know the answer! they COLLAPSE! you give me crap about no one has their hand out they get checks or they get direct deposit sorry dude just because they don’t actually stick there hand out does not mean they are not sticking their hand out! if you would study just a little history you would know our founding fathers warned us that as soon as people figured out they could vote themselves a check from the treasury this experiment in FREEDOM would be over. you are right this is not germany but if you have your way we would become just like nazi germany of the 1940’s because just like the nazi’s who believed “GOOD” government was the answer to all the problems in society and if they could just get all the citizens to comply with government rules and work for the “state” for the “collective” good of the people everything would be great! you are the one clicking his boots ! because you think i should bow to the government DICTATES you call regulations! the reason i keep going back to these points is because i am trying to give you a cautionary lesson on why LIMITED government and FREEDOM of the people from government tyranny is better than UNLIMITED government CONTROL! never heard rove say anything like that! i hate rove probably as much as you because he and bush did nothing about securing our borders from a population invasion thats just as dangerous as a military one, just ask an american indian! and NO i DON”T have my children doing all the work in my shop because i don’t have children! ANOTHER BASELESS ASSUMPTION/ATTACK with no facts to back it up! typical liberal/progressive/democrat behavior. you seem to love to defend the EPA but HATE republicans do you even know who gave us the EPA it was the good progressive REPUBLICAN richard nixon. and the problem with your argument that the EPA regulations can be met is disputed by the NEW YORK TIMES that reported the story about EPA fines to refineries because they were not mixing cellulose ethanol with their gas when it can’t be produced in sufficient quantities to comply with the regulation, you want to think can be complied with! the problem with your argument about wages is, no one FORCES anyone to work at any wage in this country people do it VOLUNTARILY if someone does not want to pay me enough to fix their appliance guess what i DON’T fix it! because i am not a “WORKER” who is forced to work by the government. people VOLUNTARILY pay me what i am worth! and no the democrats had control of congress when the chinese oppressed their people in 1989 bush 1 was president but congress could have passed legislation and clinton could have cut them off when he was elected. but did he nothing but expand trade with china and at that time we were not that in debt to the chinese we could have cut them off easily. but since you are so uninformed when it comes to history you probably don’t know that! just like you don’t know and refuse to accept it is the progressive ideas of government control of the economy that led to naziism! someone other than me needs to try and teach you the concept of FREEDOM since you seem to not be able to grasp it no matter how i try to explain it to you! though you have been so brainwashed by msnbc in progresive/ communist doctrine i am not sure you could ever understand FREEDOM and that is very dangerous for our country! i wish people like you that love government control OF the people! would move to any of the countries in the world that have that system of government already. like cuba or china. and leave us who understand FREEDOM FROM THE GOVERNMENT and that our constitution does not say anything about the government providing for the needs of the people, and LIMITS government CONTROL OF the people, and leaves the people to provide for themselves and others thru VOLUNTARY charity! to prosper in FREEDOM! including those LEGAL immigrants who understand our system of government better than many of you who were born here and were miseducated by the public school system do! why can’t you leave AMERICA the only place in the world where you are FREE to prosper. instead of trying to change America into a country where you are FORCED into SUBMISSION of government CONTROL! if you succeed in bringing communism to America under the name of progressivism those who wish to be FREE have no place to go! never heard that in any republican talking points myself. maybe you have but contrary to your baseless,fact deprived, misinformed opinions and ASSERTIONS i do not spend much time listening to rush limbaugh,fox news, mitt romney,the koch brothers whoever they are? the only place i have heard the koch brothers mentioned is on msnbc when i check in on the propaganda channel to see what kind of propaganda they are spewing. i spend most of my spare time studying history,fighting American communism/progressivism{ one in the same} and working to earn a living i don’t have time for propaganda from either party because contrary to your baseless,fact deprived misinformed ASSERTIONS i am not a republican i am a libertarian who thinks the government and giant multinational corporations and both political parties who work together to oppress the people need to be reigned in! NOTICE HOW I SAID PEOPLE NOT “WORKER” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          46. EZ2figure August 22, 2013

            Finally! I had to beat the crap out of your integrity to get you to finally confess you are a Conservative Republican Libertarian! Woohoo! Why is that so embarrassing to you? It’s nothing to be ashamed of! You have a right to be anything you want to be! You should have a right to work wherever you want, doing whatever you enjoy doing, for whatever goals you wish to attain! That’s the beauty of the “American Dream” that the rich are stealing away, because it’s difficult to find a regular job that is paid well, based on experience, and work ethic! I don’t hate the rich! I hate that they forgot who made them rich, everyone else who took part in their dream!
            You make money from your work, and you spend it locally! Good for you! It boosts the local economy and generates state and federal taxes as your dollars are spent by the local businesses that you spent the money at, and does the same, but not at your favorite store, the slave Wal-Mart! They take the money you spent out of your town, and it goes to invest in more stores that do the same to other towns! Profits are spent in hedge funds, raising the prices of commodities, doing absolutely nothing but keeping our cost of living high, because they bid up the price of grain, and oil, and pork belles! Wal-Mart is a lose-lose for your town, and all of our towns, except for the fact that it draws more traffic into the local Mall, where they lease space! To me, Wal-Mart is a slap in the face of every American who would like to work in manufacturing, or get paid a living wage selling merchandise, and why shouldn’t they? Why shouldn’t a store clerk, who has to learn to deal with inventories, and restocking, and dealing with the public, and working weekends, get something for their efforts! Why is there a mindset in America that makes people think that the food, or retail industry, are not honorable professions, but being a Dentist is, who charges 750 bucks to extract a tooth, unless your insurance covers the cost! So what if a dentist had to spend a few years learning his trade! Should he be any more valuable than a man, who has learned how to fix multiple types of appliances, like you?
            I rail at the rich, not because they are special, but because they think they are!
            I spent 40 years learning the telecom trade and electronics and engineering, and worked for Disney, Rockwell, Hughes, AT&T, BellSOuth, Northern Telecom, MCI, and Telecom Hawaii, where I maintained all of the telecom systems for the Outrigger Hotels, and engineered the plans to interconnect the 22 hotels, while having to deal with the bureaucrats, who hid the department of Easements where they housed confiscated bicycles! It was crazy! I had to explore tunnels, sewers, street crossings, negotiate settlements with At&t , or Trans-Oceanic Fiber, or find alternate means of communication paths with infra-red transmission, which didn’t work because of the little droplets of humidity that dispersed a high speed signal, and tried to find a microwave frequency to use for microwave transmission, except Hawaiian Tel has reserved every frequency to keep anyone from bypassing them! And sometimes I had to settle for using copper wire, or fiber optics, but had to negotiate street crossings! The point is, there are many trades that take a lot of talent and experience that pay doodly-squat, where a living a living wage guarantee, at the least, would allow all workers to at least afford a small home, a car and support a family! None of that dream would have to cause a billionaire to become poor, because he would also be able to increase his wealth from all of the people who were now able to afford his products!
            You said yourself, that you could charge more, for your repairs, but you don’t! Well, you know you generate return business that way, and that is more important than clearing the shelves and working yourself out of a job because you got too greedy! That’s why I rail at Mitt Romney! He trashed the people and the cities and the companies he harvested for profits, like a carpet bagger, and he was selected as the figurehead for the Republican Party! What a bad joke! But, for some reason you don’t think it’s a fair assessment, or at least it seems like you disagree! You keep painting me as a “bleeding heart liberal”, while I have conservative values too, and I still take care of my 1942 Harley Davidson, and my newer one, too! I do my own lawn care! I never expected anyone to take care of me, even when I had a full leg cast on, for 11 months, due to an auto collision with a guy that hit me, going the wrong way on a one way street! But I did collect my disability pay I had contributed to, because it is an insurance policy! And while I was down, I took a DeVry training course in color TV repair, to pass the time! I was a carpenter, I was a radar technician in the army, and, after I survived that ordeal, I built the first generation computers, and do not have any fealty in believing a doctor should be paid more, because he took his training before going into practice, while my training was before, during, and after I was in one trade, jumping to another! In Europe, a Doctor’s pay is more in line with a craftsman, who may be a woodworker, or someone who repairs appliances, and to me it seems a lot more commensurate to treat craftsmen, from any trade, with the same respect and pay! If you want to call me a progressive for that, then I wear the name proudly!
            And then you trot out your attacks on my character, and claim to have more integrity that “any democrat”! What a moronic thing to say! You impugn the Clinton for his extra-marital sexual adventures, but don’t bother with the 20,000 American soldiers that died for the Bush/Cheney Halliburton profits, that make Clinton’s behavior complaint seem like a sham, by comparison! Clinton lied about an affair! Bush lied us into a war! That’s why I call you out as a Republican, because you don’t call what your party does a travesty, while making a mountain out of a molehill out of the smallest transgression the opposition party makes!
            All of your words are Republican talking points, in regard to politics! If you notice, extra-marital affairs aren’t a reason to impeach, while outing a CIA agent is! But you make the crimes equitable!
            You don’t understand what communism is! You embrace it, because communism is what your Republicanzer Party endorses, to make their ill-gotten money from slave labor! You belong to the libertarian side of their Party! You are the communist! Not me!
            I believe in the “American Dream” and the ability to pursue happiness! I believe in sharing, too. But to you, sharing is communism! You use words to twist meanings, and paint your filthy pictures of a world of labels, while people just want to live, make money, and be merry! They don’t sit and study the absolutism you immerse yourself in, and convince yourself that there are divisions, based on what one calls themself, that you refuse to accept into your little bubble world! You attack them, because they insult your supposed intelligence because you are an absolutist!
            Well, people disagree on definitions! The definition of a Democrat, or a Republican has changed over the years! They evolved!
            Of course Republicans do not believe in evolution! They don’t want to believe in climate warming, because it might justify a carbon tax, and more EPA workers, to enforce it! It would justify bigger government oversight! That cannot happen in Republican Bubble world! It is verboten!
            You accuse me of not knowing about history, while you don’t know the difference between micro and macro-economics! So what! I know more that you think I do! You just can’t stand it when some one can stand toe to toe with you and refute you, because you are a liar, who will resort to character assassination, rather than concede you have met your match, you little whiner! This is a nation of laws! You claim, because I believe in law, that somehow I am promoting Communism? What a weirdo! You claim I want government to be a daddy, when I never believed that at all! But I do believe my insurance policy, called Social Security, should be fully funded, and wish it was a living wage, too! Is there anything wrong with that , since I invested into the fund? It’s Republicans who want to distribute it, like a communist, to the people, to do with what they please! You guys are the commies by your actions! And by your actions, the Social Security fund would be no more, because it would have fallen prey to the Stock Market, that bobs like an apple in a barrel! You’re the commie, and the fascist, rolled into one, not me! You want to distribute the funds to the wealthy, to benefit business and have an handshake between the two, with the working class as the support mechanism! You claim to be a “libertarian” but belong to the Republican Party! That’s downright feudal of you! You claim my call to freedom (that you call communism) would entrap you, so you could never get away, yet yours is the party building thousand mile long electrified fences to keep us in! Get off your high horse! You know not what you speak of! And I forgive you for it! But you are so wrong about so much, you are totally exasperating! You want me to leave America so your good old boys can plunder it some more? I have news for you! Your Party is on its way down! Sadly, it will probably throw us into more recession, because it’s the way you righties are wired, trained from birth to hate the revenoooers, and all government, to shoot on sight, and hide behind your bibles, and seek solace with your own kind, while your own kind dismisses your folly, and homogenizes willingly, while you refuse to evolve! You can’t deal with change! Yours is a party bereft of a goal, other than taking the opposition down, and restoring the puberty of this nation back into the hands of the white man, with no fealty to the others whom you have stolen this nation from!
            The world is looking at your Republican party and laughing! The world found out that austerity was not the solution! The world found out that stimulus works better! That’s what President Obama pressed for, against the wishes of the Republican Party, and he was correct, and that reality will never be accepted by you commies in the Republican/Libertarian Party! And you are one of them! You call the poor “takers”, when it is the rich, who do not reinvest in the nation that allowed them to become rich that are the real “takers”!

            You use BIG WORDS, because you live for BULLET POINTS! That makes you a REPUBLICAN! You claim the CONSTITUTION does not speak of providing for THE PEOPLE! Then explain to me what “PROVIDE FOR THE COMMON WELFARE” means, It even uses the word “WELFARE”, idiot!
            You twist, you turn, you use NEO-CON TALKING POINTS! You probably read the FEDERALIST PAPERS, that are still in contention today, while your Republican/Libertarian Party holds the majority in our supreme court, and 10 out of 11 of the FISA judges are Republican appointees, too! The Federalist papers were not the basis for our Constitution, in whole, but only in part! You cannot live with a half-truth! Someone like you must have purity! So you drink the cool-aid and submit to the Right-wing dogma, whom you decide is the god you will serve, that not all Americans agree on, willing to shove it down our throats! You claim we are shoving government down your throats, but it is your party that refuses to provide the Vaseline! Monetary matters are handled by your REPUBLICAN LIBERTARIANS, in the House of Representatives these days, and are the reason for our COLLECTIVE STRIFE! You mistakenly believe the pursuit of happiness, from the Declaration of Independence means the free accumulation of wealth, yet it is not specified in the Constitution, while “providing for the common welfare” is! Why can’t you LEARN TO READ?
            And, you claim you don’t know who the Koch Brothers are, and don’t listen to Rush, or FOX, or Mitt Romney, but every word and attack is a Republican Talking Point! You can claim to be a LIBERTARIAN all day long, but you are not one, because all of your rants are attacks on my character, or attacks on the Democratic Party, and are exact parroted talking points from Carl Rove and Reince Priebus that you claim you have no knowledge of at all, except what you learned about them once, then stopped learning! You are now involved in self-gratification, and blaming the world for your woes, and openly admit you don’t fit in, like a square peg in a round hole, yet you think I should be the one to leave this nation?
            You can’t change that which you do not understand, and that which you do not seek to change, and you understand very little, my little appliance repairman! Please go back to work! I have more important things to do than to try to educate those who will not comprehend, and the unwilling, who refuse to become involved, except for playing the pity card, while you blame everyone else for your lot in life!! If you don’t like government, change it! Maybe you have some good ideas, although I doubt I would be impressed, since they include selfishness, non-reliance on fellow man, and living on an island, with no one to be responsible to, or for, except apparently your pocketbook! No mention of a family, a dog, or a belonging! Well, life doesn’t work that way! You are just mis-guided, and you have placed the roadblocks on your road to happiness ahead, not I!
            I don’t affect you at all! I didn’t expect to change your mind, or change your apoplectic demeanor, and you never let me down! It was constant, while you never showed agreement, or understanding, and just wanted a sparring partner! Well, that’s over now! Now, live with all the time you wasted that could have been so much more beneficial than having a rant-fest! Go back to beating your wife! Go back to where you came from and pretend you gave me a good thrashing! But you didn’t really! You had some good points, but they were housed in absolutism! And few things in life are absolute! Reality has many more shades of gray! Watch out for your shadow, it is still black, and it follows you everywhere!

          47. jack August 22, 2013

            here i will cut and paste your own words to show you how you you are talking out of both sides of your mouth i am the communist but you want “more EPA workers, to enforce it! It would justify bigger government oversight!” thats communism. “This is a nation of laws! “You claim, because I believe in law, that somehow I am promoting Communism?” if you believe in a nation of laws then why do you not call out the republicans and democrats for not enforcing immigration laws?” as far as you wanting a daddy.”Progressivism is the belief that we all belong, and that government is designed to serve the individual,The EPA is made up of people, who can show fealty to the environment, or to the people, or to the overall wealth of our economy, as needs dictate!When Progressives look at our future, it includes everyone, without fealty to your elitists, or your fringe, because it is designed to benefit the economy, as a whole, placing protections for the peopleProgressivism means that forests, and rivers and wildlife and humans are all part of a collective organism that must have balance” i could find other examples in your writing of you wanting a daddy but i don’t have the time to sort thru your long diatribes! “why would you think i oppose wood burning stove”” What carbon we add to the atmosphere hangs there for more than a hundred years, and we are adding mass amount to it from power generation, car exhaust, and burning wood for fires” sure sounds like you oppose wood burning stoves to me see you constantly contradict yourself! ” yet yours is the party building thousand mile long electrified fences to keep us in! ” no we are building fences to keep people out it’s communists that build fences to keep people in! “You claim the CONSTITUTION does not speak of providing for THE PEOPLE! Then explain to me what “PROVIDE FOR THE COMMON WELFARE” means, It even uses the word “WELFARE”, idiot!” go back and read the constitution you idiot it says “PROVIDE for the common DEFENSE {you know like build fences to keep people out and have a military to prevent foreign invasion} and PROMOTE the general welfare” not PROVIDE the general welfare! you dum a$$ and yes it does use the word welfare but if you go back and read other writings of the founders something you clearly have not done they did not mean that word to mean the government should give people free stuff! OH AND BY THE WAY i do not beat my wife and yes i did had a dog that died after 13 years of my CARE!

          48. EZ2figure August 22, 2013

            Jack! (of the one-tracked mind!) I do not promote Communism! I do not endorse taking the wealth out of this nation to create personal wealth, by shopping at Wal-Mart, like you do!
            I do not belong to the Republican/Libertarian Party who embraces Romneyism, and using Communist countries as a source of labor, or materials! That, again would be you!
            Look at every part you are replacing for your job! It is made by Communists! You love Communism so much, you made a career out of supporting it!
            You are the one who twists words, not by what you say, but by your actions! Your words also tell me you drink at the same lying pools as the Republicans, who say one thing, promising a better America, and actually doing the opposite, approving of government to make things worse for “the people”!
            You chide yourself for having to pay into a “daddy system” and that your taxes are too high!
            If that is the case, why do you have to use the words of Carrrrrl Rove to express yourself, while your actions betray your reality, and your love of wealth, while your love at shopping at Wal-Mart and Burlington Communist Coat factory just proves my case!
            You support Communism!
            It brings you wealth!
            It may not be great wealth! But you fix Communist made appliances! Therefore, you support communism! Communism supports you! You support the Romney Enterprise Zones every time you buy cheap products at the Wal-Mart slave store for the best deal in town! Communist lover!
            I don’t shop there, and boycott the store, and hold it as far from me, and drive to the opposite end of the mall as I can get!
            I always try to buy American Made products, while I weep that Harley-Davidsons have so many parts made overseas, in Communist countries, too! But at least some of their manufacturing and their assembly is done on American Soil, and they employ Americans to do the work!
            You, my friend, betray yourself by what you do, not by what you say you do!
            I believe in a government that does not make people holding money rich! You do!
            I believe in a government that facilitates transactions to make the economy, as a whole, rich! You call that Communism!
            That’s not Communism! That’s a full fledged ecology of how a responsible government represents all of its people, not just those who inherited wealth, whose aristocracy follows family trees, or continues long established networks of cronyism and carpet-bagging, but by distribution of wealth to grease the wheels of the economy, to grow it!
            I do not believe in the Party that does! That is the Republican/Libertarian Party that claims to be one thing, yet actually promotes the other, a Communist money system for the rich, who pretend to represent the people, just like Communist countries do, just like Mexico does, just like Russia does, yet they really promote a wealthy class of privilege, just like you do, and just like Putin!
            You, Jack, are the one who says you should have control over who you give your money to, yet, you offer lip-service to the Communist Lovers in the Republican/Libertarian Party, and to Ron and Rand Paul, your heroes of Libertarianism! You support their cause! Communism of, by, and for the wealthy!
            I like the ideals of a Bernie Sanders, who is an Independent, whose ideas create the idea of a government that works for us, not against our best interests! To me, his actions are Progressive, not in your sad definition of the word, whereby you would liken him to Hitler, or Stalin, or Mao Tse Chung, because the direction he offers, in his vision, is one whereby “the people” can thrive and attain wealth, too, by leveling the playing field, and promoting transaction!
            You, my friend are the Communist! It is your actions that make it apparent for all to see! You oppose a government because you think government ties us down! Well, yes, if you see government through the eyes of a pessimist, who calls a glass, half full of water, “half empty”!
            Do you understand what I have been trying to say, or will you continue your attacks on my belief system, calling me “labels” that you would try to demean my character with, while trying to convince yourself that you are the man of clever wit! You have no wit!
            You have no vision, except your next paycheck! And your refusal to get involved with government, with actual effort, but lock yourself in an encyclopedic bubble, proving to me you are just a whiner, blaming the world for what it keeps from you, instead of making effort to really change it through dynamic opposition!
            You call people out for being ” Progressive” because you try to fit us into the little bubble you guide your life by!
            Our use of the word “progressive” is derived from one of many definitions in the dictionary, but doesn’t match your approved, Funk And Wagnall definition, in your world of “labels”, so you paste a label over our face, refusing to accept alternative definition into your little bubble world of defeatism and denial!
            You are the one who says one thing, whose actions are bigger than life, promoting “Communism” and “Progressivism” because you support those ideals with your profits, every time you buy products from China, or Mexico, or Burlington Coat Factories, whose Hondurans work in slave shops to keep you clothed, in return for a paycheck, just like you, fixing appliance, feeding their Communist nations, with your money spent on their products!
            You are “Communist Jack”, from Smalltown, Virginia, whose actions speak much louder than words!
            I hope you see that I ignored all of your points of argument that you attacked me with on your last justification for a response to me, to prove to me you are “the superior purified man! Hahahahaha! That’s what Communists and your version of “Progressives” do!
            I ignored your point of view, just like you ignore mine, because I am giving you a taste of your own medicine!
            I ignore your whole being, because you have painted a “label” on me that does not fit with the reality I seek to serve!
            You believe in what the “Communist loving “talking points” of the Republicanzer Libertarian Fascist Progressive Racist Party feeds you every time you use their talking points to attack me!
            You ignore the truth!
            You don’t look for it, or find the truth, because you would rather accept the soothing words of the Rush, or the “Wow!, find out about this story on CNN”, where they fill your head with anti-Obama messages, just so they can get a job at FOX Entertainment News the following year!
            You have proclaimed MSNBC promotes lies!
            Well, they do, if you believe all of the things that the rich Communists supporters have brainwashed you to believe, that divide this nation, and convince you to vote against your own best interests!
            You see? They have won you over! Your words betray you!
            Because I am not like you, Jack, I will respond to your diatribe!
            President Obama and the OMG! Democrats have almost tripled the border fence, over what Bush did, to satisfy your craven Communist Progressive Party of the rich Commies desires, to divide and protect your nationalism and your race from immigration reform, as dictated by your Communist Lover Libertarian Progressive Party you deny has a hold on you, but you bleed their lies from your every pore!
            President Obama has created a Net Zero on immigration, where as many illegals get deported as are crossing our borders, for the sake of stabilizing the economy or to give ointment to the Republicans who like the idea of “apartheid”!
            The Senate passed a bi-partisan Immigration Bill, that your representative, John Boehner, refuses to bring up in the Red House of “Representing Jack”, stopping the bill in its tracks, not because the bill isn’t worthy of consideration, but because he believes, exactly like you, that his wealth will suffer, because the Tea Party wackos will take his job away if he dares to offer it up for a vote, where it would win approval from the overall majority of the House!
            Your tactic of trying to use my own words against me show how you just cannot fathom and do not understand what I was offering as my lofty goal of a nation of happy, shiny people, ecology, and wildlife stability, and transaction capability, because the lenses on your glasses do not permit the truth in!
            I said I do promote wood burning stoves, if you live in a forest, as long as you aren’t clear-cutting the forest and destroying our forest’s ability to scrub the air!
            You twist my every meaning, because your one-track mind refuses to contemplate the truth that you are from another time, set in your ways, contradictive, a whiner who blames the world for your woes, and uses a 70 year old encyclopedia to try to tarnish my name with your “Progressive” labeling system!
            You, Jack, will not accept the new definition of progressivism that means to offer solution to the world ecology through foresight, and planning, to protect our air, our water, our land, and our furry creatures, and their migration paths, and their access to a forest canopy in which to dwell and prosper, while man evolves to find his true place in the world, not as master, but as coexistent in an ecological cycle that benefits all species, not just the tawdry desires of a craven, whiny Jack, from Governor Bob Land, who promotes Wealthy Progressive Communism, but convinces himself he doesn’t, as his actions betray him, while he shops at Communist labor Wal-Mart!
            You are a flaming Tea Party Wacko, who has no ideas, except to calling people names, and twisting their visions into a mockery of self!
            Can’t you see your illusion is just a set of talking points, directing you to oppose those of us who really have a better plan by posting a label on our foreheads, or a tattoo of numbers on our arms to identify us, so you can go on and do the will of your masters, stemming from the desires of wealthy sociopathic greed of the Koch Brothers, and Sheldon Adelson, and Walton family and those who serve them, in your Republican/Libertarian/Progressive Party of liars?
            You should get a “gold star”! You are their “boy”! They should have you replace Governor Bob! You are easily manipulatable, just like they like their puppets to be!
            Why do we need a fence, Jack? We have two oceans between America and those whom we needed to defend ourselves from, who had warred with us, while Deists drafted the Constitution, when it was written! They weren’t building fences between Canada and the US! Forts were good enough, till treaties could be applied! They told us to defend our borders, not to build a fence around us! The fence can be comprised of good will! Something you claim to be full of, but you really only apply it to your accumulation of wealth by having return customers!
            America spends more than the top 15 nations on war and defense, combined!
            “Fear, Fear, Fear!” is your mantra!
            You mistake the reason for the fence, not me!
            You, seek isolation!
            You seek division!
            You seek the basement with your bible and your gun, while ignoring migration path of wild migratory animals, whose instinct to follow the water supply is defeated by your fences!
            You want to protect your wealthy-serving Communist Romneys, and enrich them within these borders, while you import the Communist goods from across the oceans you profit from, sending donations to aristocrats in them, while blaming Mexicans who just send money back to support poor families, left behind!
            These are the true facts! You just cannot evolve enough to understand that it is you promoting your distorted form of Progressive Wealthy Communism, by your actions, not me! You defeat yourself, each time you buy communist-made appliance parts! And you make a living at it! I am not the one promoting that! You are!
            You see, reality is what the actions add up to, not the clever wit of a liar, who twists word to make his point! You are pointless!
            Now, go have a beer, and understand that you are the person you are really mad at, and just taking it out on me, for exposing you!
            I just wanted to have my opinion heard! You are the one who refuses to accept the truth! You are the man who hides behind “labels”! You are the one who attacked me, and provoked me with your “bullet points” that guide your life, and every action in it!
            Spend some time with a pet! He/she will console you! You can beat this sickness, Jack! You’ve got spunk! Now leave me alone! I accept you the way you are, brainwashed! Please be respectful to what I have openly expressed as my goals!
            It would have been nice to find common ground, but you really did not allow for that! You just strike out blindly, against people, willing to discuss the universe with you, while you close your eyes to real message!
            Well, stop from being so self-serving, Jack! You are not the only one with useful opinion! You just think you are!

          49. jack August 24, 2013

            OK what you do endorse is the government taking 90% of peoples earned wealth and giving it to people who have not earned it and sham corporations like solyndra sure sounds like communism to me! you talk of taking the wealth of the nation as if all the money belongs to the government. all i want is for the American people to be free to earn and spend/give away their money as they see fit not as some government pinheaded bureaucrat sees fit that sounds like FREEDOM to me maybe you need to go back and study the definitions of communism and freedom because you seem confused!

          50. EZ2figure August 24, 2013

            Jack! Giving wealth to the rich, who do not recirculate it into the economy, or into living wage solutions, defeats the purpose of an economy, and it requires someone, or something called government, to recycle the spending power, stimulating economy, which enables the rich to become richer, no matter whether they pay 90% or not! Currently, they average 14.4% in paying taxes! So stop your whining about what they pay today! The fortune five hundred companies, like GE, have years where they get subsidies, and pay zero in taxes! They pay less in taxes than a secretary!

            Sheldon Adelson, accumulating gambling bets, then using the profits to build casinos in far off countries, while refusing to pay his workers a living wage, does nothing for America, unless you like the siphoning sounds of our dollars waving goodbye!

            NAFTA, in its present form is not balanced trade, and needs to be fixed! Even Clinton agrees, but the Communist loving Republican Libertarians won’t budge on the issue!

            Just like you, purchasing replacement parts from Chinese factories, owned by these wealthy aristocrats, they send our wealth overseas, flooding an LLC with untaxed profits, but you endorse them, making only a little profit here, as compared to what was un-taxed, left in a Swiss bank, by the Bain Capitals, and the Virgin Airway investment teams!

            Building wealth for the rich, who bet it on commodities, on Wall Street, does not provide Americans with jobs! It is not building one factory! It gets a lower tax rate of 15%, less than you pay! Those investments do not stimulate anything but a return for investment, without providing jobs!

            The rich 10% of Americans control over 90% of our wealth, yet 47% of our people work at, or below poverty wages! Why do you ignore that? How can you rationalize the fact that our money supply is not going into well paid jobs here, so it is either being held, unperforming, or slipping away to foreign lands, with no compensation to our nation, which I serve willingly, while I suspect you have decided isn’t worth your time! In order to sustain our poor, what is your solution? To let them expire on the side of a road!

            Would you call them lazy when there are no jobs to be found? What do you say to explain why almost all of today’s jo0bs pay less than they used to while the tactic in big business is to get rid of the high paid artisans who built the company reputations, and expect them to train minimum wage replacements, while taking away their pensions?

            Government has purpose! Government needs parties to work together for “the common good”! But the Republican libertarians believe government takes away wealth from the rich who pay their campaign financing dollars!

            Unfunctional Government, like TEXAS, where Rick Perry has decided no company needs to provide healthcare for the workers, has busienssses in other states running to Texas, creating the big race to the bottom in wages and in benefits for our workers, while ultimately reducing buying power, resulting in worker layoffs, and smaller demand, until the system collapses upon itself!

            You do not understand the dynamics of macro-economics! You only see micro-economics and fool yourself into thinking it works on a broad scale, but it doesn’t!
            You get access to a graduated tax system with government! Without it, how does government pay for the roads and the interstates, Jack? Your own belief system kills stimulus into the American economy because it chokes the ability of government to defend our borders with your expensive remedy that replaces good will! Don’t blame me for that!
            JACK says, “All I want is to be free to earn and spend wherever I want” could work for you if the taxes on the top 10% could allow you to do that, but you want to pretend to live in a fantasy world that cannot exist, requiring nothing from the rich either!
            Where does government get the taxes, if we all do not contribute, to each, due to his ability?
            Should we take over the Oil industry and nationalize them, so we become communists, Jack?
            YOU are the one confused, refusing to look at the big picture!
            Who will build the interstates if it is not the federal government? Will your state provide the funds? Should we ask Texans to provide the funds?
            You’re an absolute raving idiot! You talk yourself in circles, while you are the promoting communism!
            Go back to school! If all you want to do is attack me, come up with a solution that allows for everyone to work at a living wage, so we can all be happy, or you can decide to build concentration camps (our current jail system) to remove the poor from the streets the lucky get to travel upon, while putting on a pretty face for your town centers, instead of exposing the truth that you just love communist, goods, and send your money to your dream state!
            I hear your whines! But I see no solution!
            Give me solutions, then we can talk some more!
            So far, you get an “F”. Because what you want is unattainable if 47% of all of our workers suffer with rock-bottom wages!

          51. jack August 24, 2013

            OK so when the rich guy buys a sub-zero refrigerator{very expensive} and creates a demand for a product built in wisconsin employing i don’t know how many people in the plant there,making good money and he pays me to fix it and i go out to dinner and tip the waitress handsomely because i got payed well by the rich guy to fix his refrigerator, that somehow is not recycling money in the economy? the rich only hoard there money and never spend a dime. huh ? only government can do that by paying benefits to thugs without requiring them to work so they are so bored they go out and shoot someone down just for fun! i never said government has no purpose i just said it should not take my wealth small or large and give it to someone who sits on their butt. so wealthy people only invest in commodities? how do you build a factory without investors? my solution for sustaining the poor is having them work! and yes i would have them starve by the side of the road if they are too lazy to work for a living. here’s a novel idea how about having them clean the side of the road or build the road while they stand there. then they could also pay taxes thats where you get the money that could contribute to our government to pay for the road they are building but paying them to do nothing and them not paying taxes in return does not work! there are no jobs because when the government takes my money in taxes to give to someone so they can sit on their butt comfortably i have no money to hire someone to do the work i need done that i don’t have time to do or employ them making products i need or providing a service i want. then as they earn income they could pay taxes to fund the kind of things government should do like build roads and bridges and dig ditches not providing welfare to people to sit on their BUTTS see i understand economics better than you do. no we don’t nationalize the oil companies! we have people work for a living and pay taxes right now we all don’t contribute and the more people who get benefits and don’t work the fewer people you have paying taxes and contributing! maybe you should read a story i read when i was a child it’s called mr willowby’s christmas tree it explains how trickle down economics works even though i know you don’t believe it works it actually does and this great story makes it so simple to understand even a child can get it!

          52. EZ2figure August 25, 2013

            The rich, of course, have servants to fix their expensive toys, but it doesn’t do a thing for our economy as a whole, unless they plow as much money back into the system as they remove! They don’t!
            Compared to a poor man, who rolls every cent he earns back into our system, it is the rich that do not! And now, because “Ma and Pa stores” are disappearing, being replaced with “Chinese Marts” and the last remaining manufacturers are going away, there are fewer jobs, as a result! What the hell did you think happened to Detroit? 88% of the jobs went away! That’s not the result of bad labor! It is bad management, of the state, who allowed their tax-base to be shipped to China! Red State Michigan got what the Republicans allowed to happen, the robbing of the wealth of Detroit, so they could reap the campaign bonuses from the rich who just picked their pockets! How stupid was that?
            The rich are sitting on trillions of wealth they never roll back into our economy, but you are so cock-eyed, you can only blame the poor for the problems they have to endure, because of it!
            You say you are for work programs to put the lazy people, who can’t find a job, to work, fixing our roads! Well, who the hell is going to pay for that? Your taxes, zero degree mind!
            You say, “Let the lazy die by the side of the roads if they are too lazy to find a job, while there are 6 people competing for every job! So, your solution is to tell the 85% of our people out of work that didn’t get the job to bend over so people like you can berate them, starve them, ignore them, calling them lazy, because you are lucky and have a job, because you are a communist lover! Let them die, says Jack!
            Perhaps more ovens, or gas chambers, or more prisons will do for you Jack! Especially if you can get a contract to repair the appliances, eh?
            You are sick! You need assistance, and Obama Care is right around the corner! Woohoo! Go get some soon, if your Republican Libertarian Commie lovers don’t decide to shut this government down to block thirty million more folks to get some healthcare! And, your taxes are going to save them! Blame yourself! And look for some mental health assistance, for a real twofer, Jack! You can laugh and cry simultaneously, out of both sides of your face!
            You are so stupid, that you equate money spent in programs for the poor as a loss to our nation! You can’t be more wrong!
            For every dollar spent on unemployment benefits, or for welfare, or for any program distributing money to the poor, our tax system swells, because all of that investment is spent, and creates more taxes than the original investment!
            You refuse to see safety blankets as a net plus, when they are what is providing the stimulus to allow citizens to buy products they would not be able to without the assistance!
            Again, you cannot fathom macro-economics! And I give up trying to explain it to you because you think you know something that is wrong and refuse to be talked into believing the truth because it might embarrass your dignity! Well, to me, you have no dignity to lose, Commie-lover! You stopped learning, and refuse to contemplate that a “progressive” like me could ever utter something that made sense to a commie lover, like you!
            If the owner of your company only paid you minimum wages, how much would you be contributing to your community? Well, not much, but the percentage would be a greater than the percentage the owner spends in the community from his profits, considering he is purchasing parts from slaves, and supporting the slavers, who employ them, in China!
            Effectively, he is diverting money that could be spent on American Products, and buying “Chinese” is making him wealthy! And you, Jack, have dedicated your career to sucking money out of America, to derive wages, with no fealty to America’s workers, just you, because you refuse to open your eyes to the fact that Americans have to compete against you, while you are the turncoat, willing to cut their throats, by buying slave labor parts, and endorsing foreign products!
            What kind of a car do you drive? Is it American, or did you buy an import, convincing yourself it is the better car, so you can live with your conscience?
            Trickle Down economics is a pipe dream! You breath in communist profits that benefit communists!! But it is killing this nation, because the money hasn’t ever dribbled down! 47% of our fellow Americans would strongly disagree that Commie manufacturing is helping their paychecks, getting them into the Middle Class!!
            Are you going to call 47% of the people lazy? Is that what you really think? You are a craven excuse for an American! You fail to understand basic dynamics of an economic system, because of a fairytale book, called, Mr. Willowby’s Christmas tree, that is a farce! If it wasn’t, why aren’t we all rich, and have jobs?
            Of course we can always pretend like they are lazy, eh? Tell that to lazy war veterans who are still recovering in hospitals! Aren’t they just such a burden for you to have to sustain, from your taxes, you unworthy freak! Let’s let the blind expire by sides of the road! Let’s ship the mentally challenged folks out of the city to live under bridges, and then steal their temporary tents, because they don’t meet code requirements, and make your city look unclean, while we blame them for having no access to healthcare!! Let’s put them in prisons then! Will that be ok with you , Jack?
            If Dribble Down theory wasn’t a farce, then we would all be working, and there would be enough money within our economic system, that we would all have access to great amounts of it!
            You are brainwashed, Jack! ! Plain and simple! You refuse to learn! You are satisfied, blaming Democrats for what you have done to our economy, because you are the one supporting the communists, not them! You can’t stand that it is true, but you buy communist products, and brag about the great prices, and will continue to buy communist products, while it is siphoning money supply out of our nation, while increasing the national deficit! You do this, not me!
            You understand that our national deficit occurs when we buy more of their products, than they buy of ours! Blame yourself!
            Don’t blame Clinton! Clinton doesn’t make you buy your appliances from overseas! The rich, who own the companies, without fealty to American Spirit, and American Teamwork, do that, for sociopathic greed! And you follow their lead!
            You are the lapdog of the commie-lovers, valueless to this America, while you are killing jobs, and creating the environment for low wages, in order to compete with slave labor wages, like you, while pointing your greedy fat fingers at the poor, who have to compete with slave labor, if Republicans continue their belief in a “Dribble Down system” that can never work! Blame yourself!
            I shop at local farmer’s markets to get my produce! I eat at local restaurants, that recirculate money inside our communities, not McDonald’s who pay slave labor wages to their employees! I make my own Enchiritos, not the ones they no longer sell at Taco Bell! I make my own meatballs, and sometimes make my own pasta! I use LED lighting, because they cost me less in the long-run, and result in a higher electric bill, because Electric companies ore private, for profit institutions, who won’t give me break for using less electricity! They just raise the rates as I lower my usage!
            That’s why we need regulations! That’s why we need competition! That’s why we need government! But the wealthy don’t! They like to corner markets! They offer jobs to people like you who will believe their words, while they are bankrupting half of our population by their works! Thank you, Jack! You are their salvation, and the rich commies thank you!

          53. jack August 25, 2013

            you are really thick headed aren’t you i told you where you get the money for the work programs the same place you get the money for the giveaway programs you idiot! your logic about give away programs generating tax revenue makes no sense if we all went on the give away programs where does the money come from then?give away programs do not generate tax revenues i know thats the propaganda you have been fed by msnbc and idiots like nanci polosi. but its not logical someone has to work to pay taxes to generate revenue and if we are all sitting around collecting what you call “benefits” no one will be paying taxes! what is wrong with asking someone to produce something for the “benefit” you are providing them why must we give to the poor for nothing in return. your the one whose cockeyed my “rich” boss rolls most of his “profits” back into the economy buy buying new inventory for the store or buying new trucks for the service dept. creating jobs for the people who make the inventory/trucks or hiring new people to work for him how is that not rolling it back into the economy? money spent on programs IS A LOSS to the economy because we get nothing produced in return! all we get produced are bored thugs that kill people for the fun of it because they are bored! or did you miss that news story about the three thugs from the give away program projects killing the baseball player because they were bored? explain to me how give away programs swell the tax system when they don’t pay taxes on the “benefit”? wouldn’t it make more sense to give them a paycheck for working and tax that “income”?how is a giveaway program an investment? don’t you see the government would have more money for the things that would really be an” investment ” like roads, bridges,and other infrastructure if it were not giving it away to people for nothing in return the reason the government does not have the money to improve or even properly maintain our infrastructure is because we are wasting it giving it to people to sit around and do NOTHING! as far as progressives saying something that makes sense nothing you have said about give away programs makes any sense! again you are confused it is COMMUNISM when the government takes all the money and hands it out ! you even started to Quote carl marx or lennon when you say” from each according to his means to each according to his need” that is a communist philosophy! you use communist terms like “worker” instead of free market terms like “employee” and terms strait out of marx like the “common good”.” heres your words”if we all do not contribute, to each, due to his ability? i would cut and paste more of them in here for you but your responses are so long i can’t go back thru them and find them but i know i read them somewhere in you ramblings about me being the commie! tell me what does meeting mr clean have to do with the issues? fixing “the rich guys toys” WILLINGLY is NOT being a servant! i am a poor guy and i save a small portion of every paycheck to “invest” for my future does that make me a greedy rich person? i would always be poor if i did not do that so tell me why can’t the “poor” do that? i started out life making minimum wage and still managed to save some of my money by not spending every dime! i found a way to survive without spending every dime because if i did not need something like booze and cigarettes i did not buy them! is saving money for my retirement so i don’t have to rely on taxpayers greedy? does that make me a commie? for your information ALL of my cars are american made i have a pontiac grand am with 250,000 miles on it and hope to get 300,000 miles because i take care of it. my other cars are a ford and a dodge see your stereotyping ASSERTIONS are all wrong stop painting me out to be something i am not i very rarely vote republican so go stick it up your a$$! it’s liberals and progressives that drive imports or foreign cars like hondas or toyotas because the think they are saving the planet driving a prius that requires batteries made with really hazardous materials! in response to you next reply since i can’t keep up with your stupidity! i am not putting women i chains. the women make the decision to be life support for fetuses when they have unprotected sex not me! why can’t i both give breaks to little old black ladies while working on their american made appliances like whirlpool or maytag or even ge that is reinvesting in appliance park in louisville and moving their refrigeration and dishwasher and laundry production back to the usa from mexico and also work on expensive stuff like sub zero also made in america for the rich? thats what’s great about FREEDOM i am FREE to do both! i would love to go back to the day’s when ge made every part that went into their products here in america but you progressives would say thats regressive and how are we going to raise the living standard of the rest of the world if we “hoard” all the jobs in america. if it were up to me we would have cut china off a long time ago! because unlike you i am willing to admit when both sides democrats and republicans alike are wrong! it’s democrats/progressives that will never call out their own for the wrongs they commit! still waiting for obama to prosecute someone for the raiding of the treasury by the banks in 2008 but it won’t happen and dems/prog won’t demand it! it is democrats/progressives that FORCED light bulb production to be moved to china because of the ban on the edison bulb and demand we all burn compact florescent bulbs we can’t produce in America because of environmental regulations against mercury that i think make sense. see i do think some regulation is good. just like i opposed the repeal of glass/ steigal but then the democrat cronies at goldman sachs could not get rich while they saddle the taxpayer with bad loans thru the community reinvestment act and selling them to fannie and freddie mac! tell me if democrats are so concerned about america and the trade deficit why did bill clinton expand trade with china? instead of cutting them off! why is obama not demanding they stop manipulating their currency? why is obama and his pals at the fed reserve feeding money to the fat cats on wall street with QE#3? i think it’s horrible we are not taking care of our vets maybe if the government wasn’t spending so much money on fancy vehicles like the one i saw the other day for the bureaucrats to drive around they could take better care of our vets! you are real good at pointing out the failings and flaws of the republicans as if they are the only ones with wealth i have pointed out when i disagree with republicans like leaving our border open so they can have access to low wage workers driving down wages for ALL Americans and waging a war on drugs that only creates more violence. when are you going to admit democrats make BIG mistakes too? like supporting amnesty for ILLEGAL aliens that again drive down wages for American workers! one reason we have too many people competing for too few jobs is because of ILLEGAL immigration!when are the dem/prog going to call out the democrat party for supporting amnesty so they can have more democrat voters? when are democrats/progressives going to demand their buddies on wall street get off the government welfare of QE3? when are the democrats/progressives going to call for tying our trade policy with china to human rights? i could go on and on! see i am not a blind follower of republicans like you try to make me out to be and i don’t fall into the stereotype you want to paint me into i have never beaten my wife and never will! i will call out both parties republicans and dems alike when they are wrong because i look at facts not the party agenda! unlike you the lemming willing to follow the democrat party right off the cliff like a rat following the pied piper! and your electric bill is going up because we are taking coal fired power plants off line not replacing them with nuclear plants and trying to use “green” energy that cannot be produced at rates people can afford! it was your hero obama that told us before the election in o8 that our energy prices must “necessarily skyrocket under his energy plan” but thanks to the propaganda media we have you probably never saw that interview because it does not forward the agenda and might inform the American people as to what this guy was all about ! again i am a libertarian not a republican i believe both the democrat and republican parties have been corrupted by progressivism thats why progressive republicans like john mcain support amnesty killing the living wage you always want to talk about! that is what is killing this country not FREEDOM ! maybe if you stopped listening to the propaganda channels and reading the propaganda rag sheets and did some INDEPENDENT investigation of the TRUTH you might just figure out that both parties are selling out the American people. but that might take some effort it’s easier to sit around and drink msnbc kool aid!

          54. EZ2figure August 25, 2013

            If you cannot believe that a dollar, in welfare payment, doesn’t get spent many times before it is tattered and torn and removed from circulation, then I can’t help you with anything! You refute the irrefutable!

            If that dollar gets spent 20 times, it has generated more than a buck and a half in taxes, hasn’t it? Isn’t that a return on investment for the government that sent it out there to help a citizen in need while it also stimulates buying? Maybe in Virginia, you don’t charge for sales tax! But most states do! So, in most states, each dollar given in welfare aid is generating sales power to everyone who accepts it in trade for services, or commodities!

            It is the Republican/Libertarian/lovers of communist products who convince you it is not true! And you believe them! You are the stupid one, by your own merit! You have no imagination! You live on “bullet points and labels”!

            You base your views from Rush Limbaugh’s Oxycontin lies Emporium, that may sound good to a bigot, or a racist, or a skinhead, or an elitist, or an old whitey, or an isolationist, or a warmonger, or a greedy man, or a man who hates women, or a loser who needs a reason to hate everyone, so Rush will put it out there, just for you! His sponsors count on a good show so you will buy their product!
            The question is, which one of those is you, because surely, you are one of them!

          55. jack August 25, 2013

            oh yea spent many times like once by the recipient to buy drugs then by the drug dealer to buy more inventory then by the main pusher to buy his groceries is that what you mean? how are welfare benefits an “investment” if every dollar is spent ?you have a strange idea of what an “investment” is!!!!!!! p.s your the one throwing all the labels out there! like racist,bigot,skinhead,old whitey,isolationist,warmonger,sexist,gay basher when i have never mentioned gays once! your uninformed stereotypes do not fit me at all and you have no proof to back them up like how you were completely wrong about the kind of cars i drive! you throw out the accusation without the first piece of evidence to back it up! typical behavior for losers of the argument! you never counter my argument about ILLEGALS lowering the wage rates for Americans or why energy prices are skyrocketing! or your quoting of carl marx!

          56. EZ2figure August 25, 2013

            Illegals don’t lower the wage rates for Americans! The greedy wealthy do! It doesn’t matter where a worker comes from! You came from Urassistan, and got hired, didn’t you? No one stops the rich from paying higher wages! But you refuse to look at the reality, and create this fictional world that the poor corrupt, because someone made them poor! Blame God, then! It is the rich sociopaths that you endorse that pay crap wages to whomever will take them! But you refuse to open your eyes and see the truth! You would stab your eyes out before you would concede one point I have made! You would refute your mother if she told you the rich have corrupted the payscales, while you tried to blame the OMG illegals who are the enemies you must hide from in your flea infested basement of horrors! Get a clue, Sherlock!

          57. jack August 26, 2013

            you get a clue if someone from mexicrap comes accross the border and lives 4 families to a home and is willing to work for .50 cents an hour how does an American compete against that the more people you have competing for a job and the lower the wage each person is willing to work for reduces wages you numbskull!

          58. EZ2figure August 26, 2013

            Don’t hire them at any wage! Are you ignorant, as well as blind! I answered your question, unless snail mail hasn’t notified you yet! 12 Million people, mostly in the Southern States shouldn’t affect you in Hicksville, Virginia anyway! If there are Americans not working, why not ask your John Boehner to pass an Infrastructure bill! Did you ever think the Republican Party’s method of ruling by minority upsets big business, and maybe they aren’t hiring because the Tea Party is threatening to shut down government over Obama-Care that the OMB has already stated will save our government almost a trillion dollars over the first ten years! Don’t blame Obama for that!

          59. jack August 26, 2013

            in case you did not know virginia is in the south you idiot! now you need an education in geography as well as history and you tell me i have a fixation with hitler your the one with the fixations! how many times have you mentioned rove,romney,koch brothers, republicans oh and waltons in your extremely long winded ravings of a nut job. and on the OMB that was before the bill was past based on the lies of the administration the most recent report from the OMB says obamacare will cost the government 3 TRILLION dollars

          60. EZ2figure August 26, 2013

            The money government spends on people without healthcare will cost the government 4 trillion, over ten years without Obamacare! ObamaCare shaves a trillion off that! Hewalthcare is the single biggest cost to our government today, and Obama did something to save a trillion! Get your facts straight, not from a fat egotistical blowhard like you, called Rush! Why do you love that guy? Is it the way he sucks on his cigar that draws you to him?
            As far as Virginia goes, it is not on the Southern Border, so one can hardly call it a state with a huge influx of immigrant workers, just inbreds like you! SHUT UP!
            All of your rants are like a Hitler Speech!