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Why The Group Trying To Frame Planned Parenthood Is Guilty As Hell

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Why The Group Trying To Frame Planned Parenthood Is Guilty As Hell


In the transcript of an undercover “sting” video released by The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) – in which undercover anti-abortion activists pose as procurers of human tissue – there’s a line attributed to Dr. Deborah Nucatola, the Senior Director of Medical Services at Planned Parenthood Federation of America:

PP: You know, I would love to find a way to frame this, too. And maybe you guys can think about this. You know it’s all about framing.

Buyer: To frame it for affiliates or, you mean publicly.

PP: Yes, to frame this publicly.

It’s intended to shock viewers – this notion that Planned Parenthood needs to frame the issue of donating tissue from fetuses to make it palatable. And the CMP is right: The issue does need to be framed.

Right now, they’re the ones doing the framing.

The videos they’ve released – one on July 14, and then another a week later – purport to show that Planned Parenthood sells tissue from aborted fetuses for a profit, which they contend is against the law.

The videos have triggered an investigation by the House Energy and Commerce Committee; the Texas attorney general; the governors of Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, Kansas, Indiana, Arizona, and Florida. Republican presidential candidates Rand Paul and Ted Cruz have called for legislation to halt any government funding for Planned Parenthood. Republicans in Virginia, PennsylvaniaWisconsin, Ohio, and Minnesota have also declared that the organization should be investigated.

Planned Parenthood sent its own letter to the House Energy and Commerce Committee, responding to and elaborating on many of the edits made in the first video, the entirety of which is available for all to see.

But even the unedited first video doesn’t tell the whole story. It doesn’t expose anything actually illegal – though that point can get lost in all the jargon and frank discussion of the medical procedures. While the details discussed can be disconcertingly clinical and graphic – they are, after all, what the CMP wants viewers to focus on – one of the most salient details can easily get lost: Patients often ask for the service. As Dr. Nucatola recounts:

But I think every one of them is happy to know that there’s a possibility for them to do “this extra bit of good,” in what they do. And I think patients respond most to knowing the types of outcomes that it might contribute to, so for example Alzheimer’s research, Parkinson’s research. I think most of these patients have some experience with at least one of these conditions or another.

It’s a theme she repeats throughout the conversation: Patients consent to having their tissue donated.

Despite what some Republican lawmakers and the people behind the CMP want you to believe, Planned Parenthood isn’t doing anything wrong.

But the Center for Medical Progress is.

Neither Dr. Nucatola nor Dr. Mary Gatter, the president of the Medical Directors’ Council at Planned Parenthood Federation of America and the medical director of Planned Parenthood Pasadena & San Gabriel Valley who was questioned in the second video, was aware that they were being filmed. Under California law, recording a conversation that involves confidential information requires the consent of both parties. As RH Reality Check explains, not only can those who were secretly recorded sue for financial loss, “they can also sue to enjoin, or block, future releases of private recordings.” And that’s hardly the only way The Center for Medical Progress can be sued six ways to Sunday.

As Amanda Marcotte at Slate reported, the CMP is essentially a front for a notorious anti-abortion group, Live Action, and is connected to James O’Keefe, a right winger known for creating similar sting videos that attack liberal organizations and politicians. Although the CMP has been around since 2013, it hasn’t done much to make itself credible to the outside world, and its social media presence is quite nascent.

And yet, in 2013, the IRS granted the organization tax-exempt status as a 501(c)3 nonprofit, due to its stated purpose that it was a biomedical charity “concerned about contemporary bioethical issues,” as it says on its current website. Its original “about us” page, viewable via the Internet archive site Wayback Machine, said it focused on “the latest advances in regenerative medicine, cell-based therapies, and related disciplines,” and asked for donations to keep it running. But, according to the Huffington Post, groups that support criminalizing abortion have their own IRS classification code. Bruce Hopkins, an attorney who specializes in nonprofit law, told the Huffington Post that “a nonprofit misleading its donors about the nature of its work” is fraud, both civil and criminal.

“The authorities have the right to shut down the charity, and the individuals behind the fraud can go to prison or pay a substantial fine,” Hopkins said.

The CMP is actually part of a network of anti-abortion groups and politicians, many of which are known for attacking Planned Parenthood and clinics. For Republicans, the videos are a useful ruse to defund Planned Parenthood, something they tried and failed to do in 2011 – and in case anyone doubts the political intentions at work, at least two anti-choice Republicans were made aware of the videos weeks before they were publicly released.

Abortion will remain a divisive topic, but unjustified attacks and shady practices do neither side any favors.

Photo: A still from the first video in the CMP’s “sting operation” against Planned Parenthood, with Dr. Deborah Nucatola talking to an unnamed “buyer” from a front group not identified in the video. The buyer is an actor purporting to be from Biomedical Procurement Services, a fake company that would accept fetal tissue. The Center for Medical Progress/YouTube



  1. Blueberry Hill July 24, 2015

    Those dopes should be charged with fraud. Enough of the lies and fraud going on in this country.. We can do better.


  2. springerj July 24, 2015

    Why are they NOT being sued?

  3. Janice Walter July 24, 2015

    There is always more the the story!

  4. David July 24, 2015

    C’mon!!! That b–tch needs a Lamborghini!

  5. bikejedi July 26, 2015

    Planned Parent Hood was founded with the stated goal of exterminating the Black Race . It has been supported and defended tirelessly by Liberal Democrats and Progressives . The Dems have used our Tax Dollars to support this group who do about 30% of the abortions in the U S . They also do the majority of Black abortions in the US . Hillary was awarded the Margret Sanger award and said how much she admired the PP founder who’s mission was the extermination of the Black race … None of that can be disputed nor is it up for debate . PP is close to achieving their goal as 43% of Black pregnancies in NYC end in abortion . Hillary defends this group and supports this . The Dems as a Party have funded this genocide with MY Tax Dollars and against my wishes . Now they are killing babies and stealing their body parts so their Dr.s can sell livers for Lamborghini’s… You can’t say Blacl Lives Matter and support these people . It is time for Dems and Liberals to apologize to Blacks and defund their exterminators .

    1. highpckts July 26, 2015

      Oh my God that is so deranged! Do you hear yourself! You seriously need help! From anyone’s side of politics, you are one disturbed person!!

      1. bikejedi July 27, 2015

        What’s the matter ? Truth brother you ? Please enlighten everyone and make a fool out of yourself trying to find anything u have wring …I’m sure everyone would like to be entertained and everything I posted is factual ….so please do tell
        Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

    2. 788eddie July 26, 2015

      Let us get back to basics: Conservative philosophy as opposed to liberal philosophy (just in hopes of bikejedi of seeing just how “wacked out” he really is to the rest of us.

      Liberal philosophy is more accepting of differences (e.g. gay rights and
      same-sex marriage, people of different races and ethnic backgrounds).

      Conservative philosophy is be its very nature restrictive and more exclusory. People who are conservative would be happy if everybody thought like them. Accept same-sex marriage? “Not us,” they say. Use our tax dollars to pay for birth control? Not likely!

      All one has to do is to look at the positions and statements coming from high-profile Republicans to understand just what they stand for.

      1. bikejedi July 27, 2015

        That is completely crazy stereotyping and generalization based on your opinion …For instance Conservatism teaches at its core that we are all Americans and we should look at each other as such .That is why we don’t differentiate between say a White American or an African American …We call both simply American ..It is the left that plays the race card and tries to divide and differentiate …It is the left where if you don’t agree with them and their myriad hypocritical views they try to marginalize you ( see the war on Christianity the left is waging for but one example ) . While some on the right prefer traditional marriage that doesn’t mean we are exclusionary or don’t love our gay neighbors …You are guilty of a crazy generalization but why should that surprise anyone coming from the left ? You people want to stereotype people on the right to divide American against American and build hatred and resentment against fellow Americans ( Rules for Radicals right … Alinsky’s Communist manifesto right ? Didn’t Hillary right her thesis on her Communist hero ? ) … That attitude shows the intolerance and hatred of others the left has for anyone that doesn’t march in Goose step with you . I would work on your hatred and tolerance issues …Reach out to a professional .It isn’t healthy going through life like that …Peace to you
        Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

        1. 788eddie July 28, 2015

          “I know you are, but what am I…”
          Really, bikejedi, aren’t you really PeeWee Herman in disguise?

          The first part of your disassociated rant (For instance Conservatism teaches at its core that we are all Americans and we should look at each other as such .That is why we don’t differentiate between say a White American or an African American …We call both simply American), seems to have come from a liberal site (except you wrote in the word conservative, replacing liberal)

          Your words do not reflect the stuff coming from Republican candidates this time around, and it’s what’s going to end up destroying what is left of the Republican party. As a life-long registered Republican (a moderate Republican), I say let the “wing nuts” have their day. When they (and you) are done, the moderates will have a major job of re-building the party the way it used to be.

          1. bikejedi July 29, 2015

            You think I got that from a liberal site ? It is from the gospel according to Reagan almost verbatim on Conservative values …I think if you look you might find a quote .I have a question for you …Gay guy goes into a Muslim Bakery ( I know they only try that sheet in Christian Bakeries but play along ) Muslim says take your ass out of my Bakery ….Who do the Liberals side with ….what a conundrum for hypocrites ….Conservatives don’t have that problem .
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          2. 788eddie July 30, 2015

            You use Reagan as a good example to follow?!? He was responsible to the exponential growth of AIDS in our country while he was in office. He couldn’t even bring himself to say the words “sex” or “condom” he was so uptight. Meanwhile a warning from our president could have done a lot to help inform our populace that there was a grave epidemic developing. It took the brave moves of our Surgeon General, C. Everett Coop to help open everyone’s eyes to the danger out country faced.

            “St. Ronnie” should not be praised. He, arguably, could be condemned for his lack of action.

          3. bikejedi July 30, 2015

            See you need to stop lying …in doing so you are akin to Hillary and Obama. You are going to criticize Reagan and try to convince someone you are a Republican …just stop …please stop
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          4. 788eddie July 31, 2015

            Check your history.

            You are welcome to your own opinion; you are not welcome to your own facts.

          5. bikejedi July 31, 2015

            Exactly and that is why I deal in fact and logic

            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          6. bikejedi July 29, 2015

            I don’t believe you are a Republican or you would’ve known that Reagan espoused those views . Also the only people cheer leading for establishment RINO Republicans are Liberals …Also the fact you questioned where those CORE Conservative Republican values come from mark you as a Liberal .
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          7. 788eddie July 30, 2015

            Sorry; wrong as usual, bikejedi.

          8. bikejedi July 30, 2015

            Uh no

            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

          9. 788eddie July 30, 2015


          10. bikejedi July 30, 2015

            Stop lying then …
            Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

    3. Clayton July 28, 2015

      Sanger’s views on Eugenic’s, while reprehensible in hindsight, were faddish among some at the time, and were based on untreatable hereditary conditions and not race.

      1. bikejedi July 28, 2015

        Hahahahaha …You know because you were there and know what was in her heart and mind right ? …Don’t mean to laugh but that’s a good one …Also does it matter why she wanted to exterminate them ?
        Sent from my ZTE Sonata 4G, a Cricket 4G smartphone

  6. etherbunny July 27, 2015

    This is no different from an agency paying for transport of Cheney’s heart (don’t know if he’d ever had one to replace). And, far more benign.

    1. Abbie80 July 28, 2015

      The previous owner of Cheney’s heart was a willing donor. The previous owners of the organs harvested by planned parenthood were not.

      1. MikeyArmstrong July 28, 2015

        The mother carrying the fetus is a willing donor.

        1. Abbie80 July 28, 2015

          It’s not her body. She’s not donating her liver, heart or kidneys. She is taking a human life for her convenience and to donate human organs. It’s not right.

          1. @HawaiianTater July 28, 2015

            Having to live amongst stupid superstitious troglodytes in the year 2015 is what’s not right.

          2. Abbie80 July 29, 2015

            It’s superstitious to believe that the occupant of a womb is a human life? Wow – so you believe it’s not human? What is it then, a porcupine? Wolverine? Squirrel? Takes a lot of effort to believe that.

          3. @HawaiianTater July 29, 2015

            It’s easier to believe a human could give birth to squirrel than it is to believe magic sky daddy poofed everything into existence 6000 years ago.

          4. Abbie80 July 29, 2015

            Who said anything about a 6000 year old earth? I didn’t.

          5. @HawaiianTater July 30, 2015

            I just did. Look at my comment. Want me to repeat it or are you having trouble comprehending it? There have been some extremely weird things that have happened in nature but magic has never been the answer to why it happened. Belief in these stupid superstitions will eventually die out some day. Sadly, the level of stupid in the human race will not let it die easy.

  7. Robert Cruder July 27, 2015

    I saw virtually the same discussion regarding the harvesting and distribution of parts from adults who donate their bodies to science. How many donated knees did your orthopedic surgeon need to practice on BEFORE cutting you. Don’t you think that they discussed where each cut needed to be made and what would be the cost?

    Funny-mentalists argue that adult-derived stem cells are as useful as fetal ones. That is true only in special cases where investigators have grown both, determined the differences and found ways to reverse those differences. Without fetal stem cells, we would not have adult stem cells.

    This all comes down to language. We have allowed funny-mentalists to use the term “baby” and “unborn” to describe collections of cells which their own god spontaneously aborts roughly two thirds of the time.

    Especially when many praise that misuse of the language, we should allow physicians to use non-emotive terms to describe salvaged tissue.

    1. Abbie80 July 28, 2015

      Knee donors donated of their own free will, and died of natural causes or an untimely accident. NOT at someone else’s hand.

      1. MikeyArmstrong July 28, 2015

        The mother carrying the fetus donates the tissue out of her own free will.

        1. Abbie80 July 28, 2015

          Not her body. Her free will doesn’t come in to play here, at a moral level.

          1. @HawaiianTater July 28, 2015

            Until a fetus is old enough to live on it’s own outside a woman’s body, the fetus is a part of the woman’s body and choosing to donate part of your own body is the free will of the woman.

          2. Abbie80 July 29, 2015

            That “fetus” is a human life with its own beating heart and DNA. Sorry – no matter how you want to disguise the fact to make abortion a legitimate option, the act of abortion ends a human life. It’s not legal murder, but morally it is. And allowing your child to be chopped to bits for PP to turn around and profit from its tissue is reprehensible.

            That said I suspect that in most cases the mothers aren’t aware that the tissue is donated.

          3. @HawaiianTater July 29, 2015

            First of all, the anti-abortion Christian morons need to STFU up about being “pro- life” because these are the same jackasses who support war monger politicians, gun nut society and don’t give the tiniest little crap about the baby once it’s born. Republicans work constantly to cut the funding to every social program that benefits the poor and derides them all as takers. That baby could suffer and starve to death for all they care as long as a woman is forced to give birth against her will. Also, they certainly don’t mind if they send our soldiers to die in pointless war in the Middle East, so don’t give me this crap about pro-life.

            Secondly, LIFE, as it were, is the act of BEING ALIVE. An early stage fetus is no more alive than a mole growing on your neck. For all intents and purposes, an early stage fetus is basically a parasite that cannot survive without it’s host’s body. Until a fetus has developed enough to live on it’s own outside a mother’s womb, it is not an independent life. No one, not even people who are pro-choice are advocating for late stage abortions but it’s insanely stupid to think that a zygote is a human life.

            Lastly, the whole abortion outrage from the Christian right has always been just a political ploy to rile up their dumb, blind sheep followers. You know why you can’t show me where the Bible says abortion is wrong? Because it’s not in there. It’s made up. As far as that goes, the Bible doesn’t consider life to start until the baby actually takes it’s first breath. If we’re being honest here, even the pro-choice crowd is more conservative on the abortion topic than the Bible itself.

            Take some time and educate yourself. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/03/19/1285933/-Bible-Life-Begins-at-Breath-Not-Conception

            *shrugs* Or don’t. Continue sounding like an ignorant fool if you want. I don’t care what you think as long as you stop trying to force that crap on the sane people of society.

          4. Abbie80 July 29, 2015

            A zygote doesn’t have a heart, lungs, liver or kidneys. We aren’t talking about taking a pill a week after sexual activity to ensure no pregnancy. We are talking about ending human life.

            Funny how the pro-abort crowd can’t admit that an unborn child is viable at 23 weeks, and freaks out whenever a state tries to ban abortion at that point.

            Actually the Bible mentions several times that God knit is together in our mothers womb, and knew is before we were born. So you are wrong – the Bible does not consider birth as the start of human life.

            But as for me – yes, I believe abortion is barbaric and profiting from it even more so. If you are responsible enough to have sex, you are responsible enough to take steps to ensure an unwanted pregnancy doesn’t result from it. Take the morning after pill, for Pete’s sake. It’s free now. There’s no excuse.

            I also oppose the death penalty. I oppose war unless the intent is to prevent genocide, or self defense. I believe in supporting single mothers and women who are pregnant without any means of support. I believe there should be state subsidized child care. Unlike most people who claim the label, I actually AM pro-life.

            Human life is sacred. All of it.

          5. @HawaiianTater July 30, 2015

            Let’s back up for a second here…

            Do you or don’t you have a problem with early stage abortions?

            “Funny how the pro-abort crowd can’t admit that an unborn child is viable at 23 weeks, and freaks out whenever a state tries to ban abortion at that point.”

            I don’t have a problem admitting that, if that is the date science and doctors say a fetus is viable. There should be exceptions for cases of rape, incest and danger to the mother’s health. There should also be an exception for cases where they find out the fetus has abnormalities that won’t let it survive outside the womb after birth. It is exceedingly cruel to force a woman to give birth to a baby that they know will die within minutes of being born.

            Outside of what I think should be reasonable exceptions, I do not support abortions after viable development of a fetus. One of the big problem with Republicans though is the fact that they make it as difficult as possible to get abortions in the early stages too. Their goal is to make it so difficult for a woman to get an abortion that enough time passes and then they can say it’s too late. They don’t know how to compromise either. BTW, they don’t push 23 weeks. They push 20. 20 weeks is still 5 months. 5 months seems like plenty of time to me to get an abortion, if access wasn’t so restricted. I’d be willing to support a 20 week ban if and only if the exceptions were allowed and abortion access was made as easy as possible before 20 weeks.

            Based on your comments, you do sound pro-life. What you don’t sound like is a Republican, because the last thing those people are is pro-life. Yet, if you are supporting them based on the abortion topic, you are supporting war and death and famine too.

          6. Abbie80 July 30, 2015

            I’m not supporting them based on this issue. I am not a single issue voter. Never have been.

            I am personally against early stage abortion. As a woman, I feel that the ability to bring life into this world is a privilege. If I’m not prepared to deal with that life, at the very least I should be prepared to take steps to ensure there’s no pregnancy – either via birth control, or the morning after pill. There is no excuse for being “surprised” at 8 or 12 weeks by a pregnancy you’re not prepared for. If a woman is raped, God forbid, they give her the morning after pill at the hospital. Or you can get it at the pharmacy now without a prescription if you don’t want to report a rape.

            But I realize that bad things happen and people aren’t responsible. I would be okay with a ban after the first trimester (12 weeks), which is the standard some of our European allies use (France and Germany especially). But even these should be incredibly rare. There is no need for abortion to exist after the first trimester, except to save the life of a mother or if there is a life threatening abnormality with the child.

          7. @HawaiianTater July 30, 2015

            Depending on what statistics you look at, somewhere between 50-90% of rapes go unreported. I don’t claim to know what it is going through the mind of a woman after being raped but I’d imagine she is fairly traumatized. Just because she did not or was not capable of making it to the hospital or a pharmacy in time for a morning after pill does not mean she should be forced against her will to give birth to a rape baby.

            You may not support Republicans based solely on this issue but if you do support them you forfeit your right to call yourself pro-life.

          8. Abbie80 July 30, 2015

            I vote for a candidate. Not his party. I’ve voted for folks on both side of the aisle, and by the way the democrats aren’t pristine on these issues either. Drones? Crappy Middle East policy that has left Isis massacre thousands? Abortion? Ridiculous education policy? Yeah. Democrats have issues too.

          9. @HawaiianTater July 30, 2015

            I’m not pro-Democrat. I’m anti-Republican. The Democrats as a whole are generally weak and don’t get enough done. The Republicans are pure evil and a plague upon the human race. Neither one of these are good but one is infinitely more terrible than the other.

            Oh and BTW… you can thank Dubya for the rise of ISIS. It was him and Cheney lying us into Iraq that destabilized the region and caused the ISIS problem we see today. Yet, Republicans never learn. Two failed wars with Iraq and Afghanistan weren’t enough for these morons. They want to fail even harder by going into a war with Iran. These war mongering fools must be stopped before they collapse our entire country.

          10. Abbie80 July 30, 2015

            Of course – but I would have expected that this administration would have developed a coherent strategy to address the mess Bush left us, and it simply hasn’t. After a certain point, the democrats, specifically the current White House, has to accept some of the blame.

          11. @HawaiianTater July 31, 2015

            Judging Obama’s time in the WH varies greatly depending on where the bar is. Has he been the best ever? Obviously not. But, Bush set the bar so low that Obama looks like a bright, shining beacon of hope in comparison. Between the economic disaster at home and the mess in the Middle East that Dubya left Obama to clean up, I’d say he’s done reasonably well since taking over. My complaint with Obama is mainly that he hasn’t done enough for the 99%. Sure, the economy might be doing well again but all the gains are going to the top 1%. Pushing the TPP has been the biggest mistake of his tenure, because that will only increase the wealth of the rich and do nothing to help everyone else.

            The problem is, as much as I am not particularly crazy about the Democrats, I recognize that a Republican taking the WH at this stage could literally send us into the Great Depression Part 2. Income inequality is at it’s worst rates since the 20s and we all know what happened after that. When all the wealth gets concentrated at the top, the entire system collapses in on itself. Until Republicans stop pushing the disaster known as trickle down economics, they can’t be allowed anywhere near the WH. It’s a choice between not so bad but not so great and complete economic disaster.

            As far as the Middle East goes… as long as Iran can’t nuke us, I don’t particularly give a crap what they do. It should not be our responsibility to police the world. Sure, we can provide support to our allies but we should not be leading the charge. Really, what we should be doing is pulling out of the region and letting them fight it out amongst themselves. If the Middle East didn’t have so much oil, we would have never been this involved in the first place. When the day comes that we break our dependency on fossil fuels, I guarantee you we won’t be spending nearly as much time in the Middle East anymore.

          12. David August 28, 2015

            Do you seriously believe your tripe?

          13. @HawaiianTater August 28, 2015

            It’s not about belief. It’s about your gay marriage with me. I keep trying to tell you to not be embarrassed because I put my tater in your backside. No matter how much you resist, I will always be your big daddy. You know it and you love it.

          14. David August 28, 2015

            You didn’t mention our nuptials in your post. While Carbohydrates can be filling, you told me that my cream is what you live for. “Big daddy”? Don’t worry, being overweight is manageable. You’ll be alright.

          15. @HawaiianTater August 28, 2015

            My bed is lonely without you, Big Dave. I’m going to oil you up and make you my own personal slip n slide tonight.

          16. David August 28, 2015

            Think about me!

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