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Why The House GOP’s Abortion-Ban Bill Is Cruel And Crazy

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Why The House GOP’s Abortion-Ban Bill Is Cruel And Crazy


Forget that the so-called Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act that the House passed Tuesday  228-196 will never pass the Senate. Forget that the president has already said he would veto it. Forget that the Supreme Court would rule it unconstitutional.

The House Republicans’ proposed ban on all abortions after the 20th week would only affect 1.5 percent of all abortions, including women who are facing dire circumstances including “medically futile pregnancies.” If this bill became law, women could be forced to carry a fetus with no skull to a full term for no medical purpose whatsoever.

Additionally, it punishes those who do not have insurance and can’t get to a doctor in time to conduct crucial tests, even as House Republicans have voted 37 times to prevent millions from getting coverage.

The House’s futile pursuit of a 20-week ban first got national attention thanks to Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ).

Franks argued in front of an all-male panel that the “incidence” of pregnancy from rape was low, in order to justify the bill not having an exception for rape or incest. Now, he wasn’t making Todd Akin’s argument that began in Nazi death camps that it’s almost impossible to get pregnant from rape. Franks was saying that the estimated 30,000 women who get pregnant from rape is a low number. That’s about the same number of Americans who die from gunshots or automobile accidents. Do we consider either of these numbers “low?”

House Republican leadership recognized that Franks had created a big problem, so they made some changes.  They put Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) in charge of managing the bill because she’s female and not Trent Franks. And they added exceptions to the bill for rape and incest. But even those exceptions have exceptions. The rape has to have been reported to the police and the incest exception only applies to women under 18.

This is only a fantasy bill, but it gives you a chance to imagine the world Republicans imagine: abortions banned, women questioned for saying they were raped, miscarriages investigated.

So why are Republicans focusing on this issue right now when they could be focusing on all the “scandals” or repealing Obamacare again? Why are they treading into the same nonsense that cost them two Senate seats just months ago?

Is it because 15-week old male fetuses masturbate?

MSNBC’s Timothy Noah calls it “Kamikaze conservatism.”

“When all you have to worry about is appealing to people like yourself, the prospect of being unpopular outside your chosen sphere doesn’t seem all that frightening,” Noah writes.

These bans are hugely popular with Republican primary voters, typified by Red State’s Erick Erickson, especially in the wake of the Kermit Gosnell “scandal.”

What isn’t popular is what the House GOP has to do next: keep the government running, raise the debt limit, pass immigration reform or destroy their chances of winning the White House.

With the IRS scandal falling apart and House Republicans far to the right of the president on issues like indefinite detention, closing the Guantánamo Bay detention camp and likely even NSA spying, this is the kind of easy, meaningless win they’re capable of achieving.

But to do it, they have to seem both crazy and cruel — and that’s apparently just fine with the House GOP.

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  1. Lynda Groom June 18, 2013

    Just another time and money waster from the party of NO. No surprise here since putting forth bills that have no chance of ever becoming law is what they do.

  2. Siegfried Heydrich June 18, 2013

    Sigh. Yet another symbolic vote that has zero chance of passage so that they can pander to their rapidly declining base. It’s a shame that are more concerned with
    placating the religious extremists in their base than they are with the United States.

    1. Independent1 June 27, 2013

      What’s a bit unfortunate is that their pandering isn’t free – they’ve already spent more than 50 million just playing games with voting down Obamacare.

      1. lana ward June 27, 2013

        Dems want to be exempt from Ocare, that’s how good it is

  3. charleo1 June 18, 2013

    It must be the third week of the month. See, on the first, and third weeks, the
    House votes on all matters restricting abortion. Defunding Planned Parenthood,
    requiring the woman seeking an abortion to present all necessary papers. Police
    reports, doctor exams, time of fertilization, did the rapist tie her up? If so, how?
    If not, why not? Were any photos taken? Are they included? If not, why the hell
    not? Then, on the second, and forth weeks of the month, it’s all about contraception, and repealing ObamaCare. First the boys vote, and they count the vote. Then the girls. No need to count. Now, everybody votes at once! And then, the Pecker of the House, John Boehner, ties all these votes together with a big red ribbon. And at the end of a hectic month in Washington. He hand delivers all the votes to Harry Reid across the hall. Where in accordance with the Constitution, and Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes. Harry deposits the whole mess in a big red, shit can, that goes straight to the incinerator. Okay Class, next week it’s back to repealing ObamaCare, and how States can appear to turn it down, while still benefiting from the program. Then we take up the very important subject of, when is it really incest? Which will include a very informative presentation by our colleagues
    from Arkansas.

    1. Mortalc01l June 18, 2013

      You Sir, win at “The Internet” today…. Great and funny post, thanks.!

    2. The_Magic_M June 19, 2013

      > next week it’s back to repealing ObamaCare

      Or defunding (non-existing) ACORN and (also non-existing) UNICORN again.

      > Then we take up the very important subject of, when is it really incest?

      Leave that to the states, obviously the South will have a different definition than the North. 😉

    3. nana4gj June 20, 2013

      Worthy of front page NYT! Excellent. And so true. Says it all.

      1. charleo1 June 20, 2013

        Well, we have to laugh a little sometimes, to keep from crying!

        1. Independent1 June 27, 2013

          How true!! Are these people we’re describing really grown ups?? I’d swear that the House acts just like my great granddaughter’s pre-school class or even a little more juvenile (and thanks for the chuckles!!).

          1. lana ward June 27, 2013

            You mean your granddaughter wasn’t murdered while in the womb?? Too bad. You agree with others’ granddaughters being murdered while in the womb!!!!

  4. old_blu June 18, 2013

    It never fails just when I think the Democrats are in trouble those moronic Republicans do something even more stupid than before, and redeem themselves. When they’re done with this maybe they can recall Obamacare again. Jeeeez………*rolls eyes*

  5. The_Magic_M June 19, 2013

    Conspiracy mode on:

    With the apparent ignorance of what the sane majority wants, what does the GOP plan to do in 2016 that makes it a non-issue for them to appeal to voters?

    Conspiracy mode off. 😉

  6. Silver Fang June 19, 2013

    GOP: Smaller government and more liberty, unless you’re poor, a minority, young or a woman.

  7. Dominick Vila June 19, 2013

    Republicans remember and laud the Constitution when it supports their position on an issue. Otherwise, it is just an irritant to be ignored. The latest vote in the House of Representatives is likely to be rejected by the Senate, and if the Senate capitulates, it will definitely be vetoed by the President.

    Interestingly, this is the party that objects to ACA because it forces the parasites that have been taking advantage of Reagan’s socialist ER freebies to get coverage from insurance companies because it infringes on their freedoms, but don’t have a problem telling women what to do with their bodies.

  8. howa4x June 19, 2013

    Maybe they didn’t get the memo not to talk about abortion from the national GOP. The real problem for the GOP is that through gerrymandering the house districts can be far to the right of the general population. So these votes are what the constituency in the districts want. They are constantly trying to appeal to a shrinking cohort. Whether it’s rape/abortion, or climate change or background checks or immigration, or Obamacare, these GOP only districts are out of step with the rest of the country.
    The party is dying from within. If they want to ever emerge as a viable national party again they have to tell the base the truth and stop pandering.

    1. lana ward June 27, 2013

      Democrats are the party of death–the more babies murdered, the more they like it

      1. howa4x June 27, 2013

        Republicans like you don’t care about the kids after they are born. You always vote to limit the food stamp program that feeds hungry kids, or vote against head start which is pre school for children in poverty. You vote to keep tax cuts for corporate jets and to take food out of the mouth of starving kids. And you have the nerve to call yourself a Christian

        1. lana ward June 27, 2013

          Dems hate kids and want to kill them before they are born. The ones they don’t kill, they want them to depend on Government for everything instead of achieving their best so they can be self sufficient and not have to depend on Government for help when grown. Dems want everyone in this vicious cycle of needing Government instead of taking care of themselves. Dems are the party of fu**ed up logic

          1. howa4x June 27, 2013

            You live in a parallel universe of made up lies. what programs do republicans have for teenage mothers? Is food stamps one of them? What kind of support do republicans give? Housing assistance? You make these teenage kids have their babies then abandon them and call them takers. We have poverty because of this. Young unwed mothers need support and assistance but you the so called Christians scorn them for pre marital sex and punish them for it. You are the cruelest people that walk the earth with no heart

          2. lana ward June 28, 2013

            It is because of dem policies over the past 40 years that has brought America down to what it is, not Republicans policies. Dems want everyone to depend on Gov for everything, Republicans want people to have self respect and take care of themselves. Republicans- ounce of prevention, dems- pound of cure

          3. howa4x June 28, 2013

            Once again a message from the bubble. Reagan presided over the largest transfer of wealth from the middle class to the 1% in history only topped by GWB. His trickle down theory placed all the wealth at the top. Did they create jobs with it? answer is no. unemployment was 10%. They moved the money off shore. Your hero Romney set up companies in Bermuda and his wealth was in Switzerland and the Caymans. That is 250 million. The Walton family has 5 offspring all worth around 25 billion each yet they have made their workforce part time so they don’t have to pay for health benefits. Most Wal -mart workers qualify for food stamps. The government set up programs because of corporate irresponsibility. We have never had full employment and those who couldn’t work were given a subsidy. Why didn’t the republican party force corporations and business to hire everybody and give benefits? The Koch bros run around getting idiotic tea party members to try and remove environmental regulations in the name of freedom while they pump unknown chemicals into the ground for natural gas. Is that what you want, for some corporation to pollute the drinking water? if they do government will have to clean it up, do you realize that? How about the elderly? Do you want them to work till they drop? Do you want to get rid of social security and put all the takers back to work? All the red states are destroying unions. Do you realize it was unions that built the middle class. They want a country where everyone works for less so the corporations can make more. CEO’s already make 250 times what the workers make, which is the largest gap of inequality in the world. Is that what you want? Your claim that you are a Christian is laughable since you fight for the rich and scorn the poor exactly the opposite of what Jesus preached. Your ideas come from Ayn Rand, an atheist, who is vain, selfish, and loathes the poor which is the farthest thing from the message that the meek will inherit the earth, something BTW Jesus said.

          4. lana ward June 28, 2013

            Under OHitler, the middle class is disappearing. He is regulating and taxing businesses out of business. He wants all to depend on Gov for help. If he really wants to close down Gitmo, he could declare it a small business, and tax it out of existance

          5. howa4x June 28, 2013

            Once again messages from the bubble. The taxes on business are the lowest in recent history. It is the 1% and the banks that won’t loan money to small business. that is what is making it disappear. Gitmo is used as a recruiting tool for al Qaeda and serves no purpose. Most business are regulated by the states and not the feds. We only regulate big business. You really need to read some economic news and not just watch Fox

          6. lana ward June 29, 2013

            You need to watch Fox and get some truth of what’s going on

          7. howa4x June 29, 2013

            That is really funny. The disinformation network, or the republican broadcasting network. What other network helps run republican campaigns? John Bolton who was on the payroll of the Romney campaign was a faux commentator during the election, talking about Obama. Anyone running for national office in the republican party has to 1st go to Roger Ailes who is in charge of Fox news and kiss his ring. Now if that is not bias what is?

          8. kanawah June 29, 2013

            howa4x, you wrote, “Anyone running for national office in the republican party has to 1st go
            to Roger Ailes who is in charge of Fox news and kiss his ring.”

            What they have to kiss is on the other side of the body, but about the same height.

          9. howa4x June 29, 2013

            very true

          10. lana ward June 29, 2013

            The MSM censors the news, they won’t report anything bad about OHitler. And you say Fox is bias!! LOL

          11. howa4x June 29, 2013

            This is nonsense They always report what is happening good or bad. Lana this is the wrong site for you. Everyone on here including me thinks you’re an idiot

          12. lana ward June 29, 2013

            The MSM censors the news. It’s a fact. They should all be hung. It is their job to report everything and they don’t. That is why you fools on the left think OHitler is an angel. He isn’t , he’s a QUEER devil!!!

          13. howa4x June 30, 2013

            How racist of you. You are why people have a difficult time with religion. Instead of following your savior you have chosen to follow an atheist, Ayn Rand and pass her off as having Christian values. So while Jesus fed the poor, Rand preaches selfishness and calls the poor takers, a name I watched you use numerous times while describing government programs that help the children, poor, disabled, and elderly. You are a Randian to the core, and very far away from what Jesus preached and valued. You are a hypocritical Christian or a one issue Christian i.e Abortion and could give a damn once the child is born. You are immune to human suffering and concerned more about your taxes. You are what is typical of a right wing Tea party follower, selfish, mean spirited, racist and an anti science, child hater.
            You are laughable to anyone with a brain. Go back to reading Atlas Shrugged.

          14. lana ward July 1, 2013

            You’re the racist, not me. All of the MSM should be hung. They are paid to report news but they only report what they want you to hear. Watch Fox, you might learn something

          15. kanawah June 29, 2013

            If any one at Faux news (not) ever told the truth, their jaw would fall off. Faux is the propaganda arm of the far right wing of the republiCONS and the Transylvania tea bags.

          16. lana ward June 29, 2013

            The MSM won’t report all of the news. That’s why you’re so stupid. They are OHitlers little helpers, won’t report anything BAD that he does. Sucker!!!

          17. kanawah June 29, 2013

            It is the republiCONS and the Transylvania tea bags that are destroying the middle class, not the democrats. The 1% is shipping jobs off shore. They are hiring undocumented immigrant with wages that are below the minimum with no benefits. The republiCONS and the Transylvania tea bags are trying to destroy the labor unions, unfortunately with some success. As the unions go so goes the middle class. The unions built the middle class. If the republiCONS and the Transylvania tea bags destroy the unions, the middle class will be destroyed.

          18. Independent1 June 27, 2013

            Is that why 8 of the 10 states that suck the most welfare aid are all Red States Lana? is that why 21 of the 23 states with the most people living below the poverty level are all Red States Lana? Is that why all 10 of the states that pay the most taxes while getting the least federal aid are all Blue States Lana? You are without questions the biggest idiot posting on The National Memo, and also the most disgusting and worthless human being I’ve ever encountered.

          19. lana ward June 28, 2013

            It is the dems in the red states sucking from the Gov., fool. But with the job destroyer in the WH, many Republicans are having to get help too, just the way OHitler planned. Under OHitler, the middle class is disappearing. He is regulating and taxing small businesses out of business. Your a puke for voting for that America hater, freak!!!!

          20. Independent1 June 28, 2013

            Job destroyer in the WH?? What a jokle – More jobs have been created in the past 6 months than either Bush was able to create in any 3 years during their disasterous 12 years in office. Not only that but more Americans were killed during their 12 years (more than 3,500) than in any other peacetime during America’s history. The GOP is nothing but totall disaster – it’s so corrupt that it puts the Italian Mafia to shame in the way it steals money from taxpayers. And it has worthless human beings like you trying to do nothing but see more women die getting illegal abortions – you are sick just like the rest of your Republican idiots!!!

          21. lana ward June 28, 2013

            Under OHitler, the middle class is disappearing. He is taxing and regulating businesses out of business. If he really wants to close Gitmo, he could declare it a small business and tax it out of existance

          22. kanawah June 29, 2013

            lana (should be loony) ward,

            The middle class is being destroyed by therepubliCONS and the Transylvania tea bags. They are destroying the unions, which built the middle class. As the republiCONS and the Transylvania tea bags destroy the unions, they are destroying the middle class.

          23. kanawah June 29, 2013

            Lana ward, You are with out a doubt the stupidest person on the thread, and you know what they say about stupid. You just cannot help stupid, and you are a perfect example of stupid.

          24. lana ward June 29, 2013

            OHitler is destroying the middle class

  9. plc97477 June 19, 2013

    The gop”s constant harping on women’s reproductive health is making them look a lot like dirty old men. I don’t know if I would want to leave any female I liked in their presence.

  10. CrankyToo June 19, 2013

    An open message to ObozoMustGo:

    Here’s the response I owe you (to your conciliatory post of several days ago which began with the sentence, “Cranky, I’m not so sure that we are that much different.”)

    Don’t get all happy and shiny on me, Bozo. The only thing you and I have in common is a voter registration card that identifies us as Republicans (I guess it’s reasonable to assume you’re a Republican). Apart from that, you and I agree on very little because, from my perspective, the Greedy Old Pricks and their propaganda arms (Fox News and the wingnut blogosphere), are destroying our party, fouling our politics, dividing our people and denigrating our democracy with hateful, vitriolic nonsense, most of which you seem to endorse.

    But I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a Republican, because I understand that there’s a distinction to be made between Republicans, like myself, and Repugnicans, like you.

    Unlike your typical Repugnican, I believe that all men are truly created equal and deserve equal treatment under the law.

    Unlike your typical Repugnican, I believe that a woman is endowed by her creator with the inalienable right to choose what to do with her own body, without interference from any dumbass, redneck politician.

    Unlike your typical Repugnican, I believe that every human being should be accorded the right to marry whomever he or she chooses to love.

    Unlike your typical Repugnican, I understand that a true Christian is not someone who can speak the word of Jesus, but someone who can hear the word of Jesus. And if Repugnicans could hear the word, they’d be more generous toward our old, our young, our sick and our poor.

    And while I’m on that subject, unlike your typical Repugnican, I believe that religion has its places – in our churches and our mosques, our synagogues and our homes – but not in our civil institutions and certainly not in our governmental institutions.

    And unlike your typical Repugnican, I have respect for our president, despite his frailties, foibles and occasional error in judgement. And I recognize him as a great American, duly elected (and reelected) by a majority of our fellow Americans in accordance with our constitution. I might add that he’s also a man who is respected and admired around the world, unlike his Repugnican predecessor, Dubya.

    I served in the armed forces of this country under Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and Bush 41, and I’m of the opinion that Barrack Obama makes a better CinC than any of those guys did. I’m an old warrior now, but if I was still ten foot tall and bulletproof, I’d be happy and proud to serve under our current president.

    I could go on and on about the differences between us, but I’ve gotta go paint my kitchen. I’ll see you in the funny papers, Squire.

    1. charleo1 June 20, 2013

      Just had the pleasure of reading your comment. And, in the space allowed
      on this forum, I couldn’t begin to tell you how much both my wife, and I
      enjoyed reading it. My wife says, please tell him he is the type of Republican that’s mighty hard to find these days. And that he is a fair man. And those
      too, seem to be in short supply these days. And I second those sentiments. Thank you for your service to the Country. And, we wish you, and yours, Godspeed.

      1. CrankyToo June 21, 2013

        It’s gratifying to hear that you appreciate my military service, but there’s really nothing to thank. It was honor to serve – right alongside some of the absolute finest people this country has to offer.

        I completely understand your wife’s feeling that good Republicans are hard to find. It’s frustrating isn’t it? I watch and listen to the GOP so-called “leadership” and I’m stunned by what I see and hear. These people are, in the main, greedy, self-absorbed, despicable, odious characters – completely devoid of honor and completely without shame! It staggers the imagination! I’ve been yelling at my TV since Dubya and his merry band of dirtbags stole the 2000 election and plunged us into darkness.

        The good news is, the GOP is eating itself. Hopefully, it’ll continue to self-destruct and become a regional party and thus irrelevant by 2020, because it’s absolutely imperative that we give the House of Representatives back to the Democrats before districts are redrawn following the next census. Then you’ll hear the death knell for the party of Lincoln.

        I just hope the Democrats don’t blow it the next time around. If we give them an undivided Congress (and the first woman president) they need to govern wisely and be ever mindful of the dangers which attend Republican governance. In that eventuality, the demise of the GOP will mean a renaissance for America. We’ll have a resurgent democracy, and prosperity will return.

        And the GOP will have no hope of winning national elections, until or unless they abandon their hateful ideology and begin to stand up real leaders – people who’ll work to advance our society, not drag it back into the 19th century.

        See that? You got me off on another rant.

        Anyhow, thanks for the kind words. I’ll see you guys at the polls, at which time we’ll beat the snot out of the Repugnicans again. Cheers.

        1. Independent1 June 27, 2013

          I’m sure that I’m only one of many that post on The National Memo who can say “Amen” to your very last phrase (as well as to all of your other comments). All the best Cranky!!

          1. CrankyToo June 28, 2013

            Cheers, Indy. It’s always a pleasure to read what you have to say, too.

        2. kanawah June 29, 2013

          Thanks for your service.
          You can rant all you want. I go off occasionally as well.
          As I said in a response above, the republican party is already dead. The name has been stolen by the Fascist.

          What part of the country are you in?

          1. CrankyToo June 29, 2013

            I’m on Florida’s Space Coast, just inland from Cocoa Beach. I spent the last 6 years of my USAF career at Patrick AFB, then went to work for a launch base support contractor at Cape Canaveral. I’ve been unemployed for a few years now, but I’m looking forward to the Space Coast rebounding economically (if and when those rat bastard Repugnicans start pulling their weight.)
            Anyhow, keep the faith Kanawah, we’ll get ’em at the polls next year. Cheers, mate.

    2. kanawah June 29, 2013

      The republican party you describe is what it was when I joined in 1969.
      Today, the democratic party is to the right of where the republican party was in 1969.
      I have become a democrat because the republican party I joined in 1969 no longer exist.

      Today what is called the republican party is more appropriately called the American Fascist party. It is a disgrace that something like that exist in the United States.

  11. Pamby50 June 19, 2013

    I’m begining to think that everyday we should send each republicans in the house the video on youtube showing 2 guys going through simulated childbirth. It was by far the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. My husband said that if we performed that on each member, there would be abortion on demand.

  12. nana4gj June 20, 2013

    These people are the last people to be deciding health decisions for women or for anyone. Their MO is ignorance, hysteria, and “notions”. From male fetuses masturbating, to the low risk of pregnancies from “real” rapes, they have no business even discussing this issue.

    They cannot do anything else. They cannot do Immigration Reform because they do not want to, and to justify that, they insult those who seek immigration with a path to citizenship, implying that they are all “rapists, perverts, drug addicts, etc.”

    Even if there are some in the GOP who believe they should not “talk about these things”, we know that once they dupe us by not talking about it, they will certainly carry out their ignorant, hystrionic “policies” once in elected office.

    They simply cannot be trusted on managing this country; not on economics, national security, not on anything. So dogmatic about ProLife, yet against all that supports and sustains Life, with Ted Cruz even saying those on Medicaid do not deserve healthcare because they are sicker, use more resources, and have more poor outcomes. Duh. When you live on $7 an hour and have no access to healthy food or healthcare, you get sick and sicker and when you finally have no other choice but to go to an ER, your diabetes and attendant high blood pressure, heart, kidney, circulatory, and visual problems are in need of acute intervention; we are talking life-saving at that point.

    Yes, they are cruel, crazy, and ignorant. There is nothing intelligent about anything they have to offer. The House Majority think they are in a high school student council. The Senate Minority believe they run an underground crime syndicate and that everyone else is as devious and crooked as they are. And the GOP Leadership is just plain scary, as in “The Postman” and “The Handmaid’s Tale”.

    And then, we hear pundits criticize the President for not having engaged and courted Congress….in the first place, they declared him Enemy #1 on his Inauguration Day, vowing to obstruct and delegitimize him. Secondly, no one can engage crazy, cruel, and ignorant. No one. Unless you, too, are cruel, crazy, and ignorant.

    Elections are important. That House needs a real cleaning up, throwing out a lot of clutter that just gets in the way of living and makes us sick; it is so infested it is unhealthy. And the Senate needs strengthening, reinforcement. Republicans are in no position to run this country in any capacity, not even in those infamous “Red States”.

  13. kanawah June 29, 2013

    More right wing, Transylvania tea bag nonsense.


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