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Will The Ted Cruz Presidential Campaign Be All Hat, No Cattle?

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Will The Ted Cruz Presidential Campaign Be All Hat, No Cattle?

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) speaks at the 42nd annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015, in National Harbor, Md. Cruz announced his presidential bid Monday. (Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press/TNS)

A presidential campaign often poses the largest, toughest management challenge of a candidate’s life to date, and fairly or not, is often considered a proxy for whether a politician has what it takes to lead a country.

In order to be the first 2016 candidate to officially launch, Texas senator Ted Cruz skimped on a few hallmarks of a fully prepared, well-run campaign. He used stock footage of American landmarks in a midnight announcement video. He announced in a prefabricated setting before an attendance-required crowd at Liberty University. And his post-announcement tour was actually a media blitz that included Fox News, NBC, CBS, The Laura Ingraham Show and The Glenn Beck Radio Program.

Kentucky senator Rand Paul, by contrast, plans to enter the race April 7 in Louisville and spend the next four days at rallies and other events in the crucial early voting states of New Hampshire, South Carolina, Iowa and Nevada. Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are laying even more extensive groundwork.

Cruz’s choice of an evangelical Christian university for his Monday announcement certainly reinforced his identity as a religious conservative. But it also raised inauspicious questions. Start with the fact that had he not slated his event for that day in that place, the 12,000 students Cruz described as “on fire” would have been listening (albeit perhaps less enthusiastically) to Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe. A leading Democrat and Clinton family ally, he was the speaker originally scheduled for that slot.

Could Cruz have gotten his own crowd, one that did not show up under threat of university penalties, and that did not feature people wearing Rand Paul T-shirts? Does Cruz have infrastructure in early primary states? Can he raise sufficient money? In short, will the campaign be real? Or will it be an extension of Cruz’s Senate persona as a champion talker, more interested in making a point than moving the ball?

There have been many candidates who say they are running for president and even are included in primary-season debates. But their campaigns are Potemkin villages — long on facade, short on bricks and mortar.

Cruz would argue that he is all about substance. He bristled during several interviews when it was noted that both he and Obama chose to run for president at the same early point in their Senate careers. Cruz rightly pointed out that he spent more than five years as solicitor general of Texas and won big victories before the Supreme Court. “Unlike Barack Obama, I wasn’t a community organizer,” he said.

Obama was indeed a community organizer — after college for three years, two of them as director of the program. He then went to Harvard Law School, practiced law, taught law, and spent eight years in the Illinois Senate, where he was a leader in improving ethics and transparency, health and tax programs for the poor, and police practices affecting minorities.

As for the U.S. Senate, Cruz repeatedly called Obama an inconsequential backbencher. By contrast, Cruz said, he has personally led fights to uphold conservative principles “on issue after issue after issue,” including stopping Obamacare and stopping “amnesty” for immigrants in the country illegally.

Obama might well have made fewer headlines than Cruz in the U.S. Senate. He did, however, play a key role in the passage of laws and sections of laws on ethics, transparency, green energy, protecting veterans, securing nuclear materials, and prohibiting no-bid contracting in the aftermath of disasters. The fights Cruz led against Obama’s health and immigration policies, meanwhile, produced one government shutdown, one near-shutdown, and sinking GOP approval ratings. The policies he fought are still in effect.

Clearly, leading a fight is not the same as winning a fight. Winning in Congress often means laboring and sometimes compromising in obscurity — all to get your bill or provision or amendment wrapped into a huge piece of legislation with someone else’s name on it.

In his focus on battles as opposed to results, Cruz recalls former Rep. Michele Bachmann. Voters want “a fighter against the political establishment of Washington, D.C., and I have credentials there,” the Minnesota Republican said four years ago on Fox News, as she was gearing up for a 2012 presidential bid. She did express a lot of fighting views. But when she retired from Congress, her legislative record was characterized as thin.

Cruz raised a half-million dollars on his first official day as a candidate, a good start. Among his tests is whether he can sustain that pace and build a full-fledged campaign. To call on a cowboy cliché, Cruz has a lot of ground to make up if he wants to show he is not all hat, no cattle.

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Photo: U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) speaks at the 42nd annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015, in National Harbor, MD. Cruz announced his presidential bid Monday. (Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press/TNS)

Jill Lawrence

Award-winning journalist Jill Lawrence is a nationally syndicated columnist and a contributing editor to U.S. News & World Report. She also contributed to The Surge: 2014's Big GOP Win and What It Means for the Next Presidential Race (2015). Lawrence has discussed political and policy developments on television, radio, and many other media outlets. She was an adjunct professorial lecturer at American University in 2014, teaching on the relationship between politics and the media.

Lawrence has covered every presidential campaign since 1988, as well as historic events such as the Three Mile Island nuclear accident, the 1994 Republican takeover of Congress, the Clinton impeachment, the Florida recount, and the 1993 and 2009 battles over health reform.

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  1. Dominick Vila March 26, 2015

    The media’s fascination with Rafael Eduardo “Ted” Cruz reminds me of the attention that every Republican minority candidate got in the past, and I expect it to end the same way as before. His organizational skills, and his focus on using every gimmick available to overcome a challenge he cannot change, will keep him on the limelight for a few weeks…until the heavy guns enter the stage. When that happens Cruz will fade away. He is the last in a small number of ethnic minorities used routinely by the GOP to project an illusion of inclusiveness, where none exists. Cruz’s problem, as a GOP candidate, is not his ideology, his academic and political credentials, or his intelligence, but who he is and what he represents to the base of the GOP. If he thinks he has a chance to be nominated, he should add extreme naivete to his resume.

    1. Andreas Nordang Uhre March 26, 2015

      While I find myself agreeing with your overall analysis, I do have this voice inside my head persisting that Cruz has the loyalty of a (limited) segment of the GOP base. What, if anything, is known about the size of his following? And, is there really no chance that a wealthy donor or two will see fit to keep him in the race for an inordinate amount of time, like Sheldon Adelson did with Gingrich last time around?

      1. Carolyn1520 March 26, 2015

        The beauty of it is the GOP is like a can of mixed nuts. There’s one for every taste. They crowd out each other’s chances.
        This is the first nut to announce his intentions. When Carson, Perry, Paul, Bush, Walker etc declare their intentions, the right will have to decide which one fits their personal wish list. In truth none will, so they’ll vote for the one their puppet masters decide is best for them.

        1. anothertoothpick March 26, 2015

          It won’t be long until his mug joins this poster.

        2. mike March 26, 2015

          You will vote for Hillary as the democratic puppet masters have decided. Hillary has a well worn path that still follows her and which she has added new fodder. What did Obama say, “Americans want new-car smell.” New ideas for a better future which she hasn’t articulated. Her only argument “Don’;t you want to see a women president?”, is all she has. Hillary performed poorly last time around and has already started this campaign in the hole with “dead broke when we left the WH” during her book tour. Clinton foundation questions and the refusal to turn over her personal server.
          It all goes to trust and even the left leaning media is exposing her actions and motives.
          She will probably win the nomination but that doesn’t guarantee her election.
          We will wait and see. Her assumed coronation has been put into question and put on hold for now.

          1. Carolyn1520 March 26, 2015

            “She will probably win the nomination but that doesn’t guarantee her election” Really?

            Based on what the right has to offer as opposition-Larry, Moe ,Curly, Shemp and maybe the spawn of an orangutan
            there’s not a lot of competition.
            Oh I know, there’s always Plan B, rightwing assholery and chicanery, their specialities.

          2. mike March 26, 2015

            Keep trying!!!
            More no nothing from another post of yours, I see.
            Your words make for another Wonderful excuse for a chuckle,

          3. Carolyn1520 March 26, 2015

            Being the simple minded creature you are, I can well imagine you chuckling most of the time.

          4. mike March 26, 2015

            There you go again with your flawed thought process, which again gives me a moment to chuckle.
            Does the Democratic party see so few faces and careers worth pushing to the forefront?
            The Democratic “puppet masters” have told you real simpletons that Hillary, and only Hillary, can be our candidate because she is a women and nothing more. In the vast democratic party only Hillary qualifies to become the nomination. This is her time!!
            Hillary has accomplished zero politically, as first lady both in Arkansas and Washington her only accomplishment has been Bill’s enabler for his many sexual activities. As a US Senator, she accomplished very little and was unremarkable..As Secretary of State, no positive accomplishments. Russia reset was a disaster, Libya another disaster.
            If not for being a women, her husbands connections and career, she wouldn’t even be on the radar politically. The honest democrats know she is no Bill Clinton when it comes to campaigning and giving the nation the warm fuzzy feeling Bill was capable of doing.
            What you seem to forget is that the election will not be determined by the left or right, it will be the 20% of independents who will pick the winner, and that could be a bigger problem for the old girl, what will she be in 2017?, 69 years old. There goes that “new-car smell.”

          5. Carolyn1520 March 26, 2015


          6. mike March 26, 2015

            MY, MY, SSDD back at you!!!
            Is that all you got??? Too much truth for you to handle? Still laughing.

          7. bobnstuff March 26, 2015

            Much of what you say may be true but who will the Republicans put up that will be better. Non of the names being put up as of now would do any better. The republicans with brains are staying as far away as they can.

          8. mike March 26, 2015

            What I said has much more truth than most on the left want to acknowledge.
            We will wait and see how 2016 plays out. What I do know is it will be fun to watch. Worry about your own candidate!
            The expected coronation of Hillary by the left has been shown to be not as absolute as once thought.

          9. bobnstuff March 26, 2015

            If the republicans can’t find someone better the the clown car full they have right now Hillary or who ever the democrats put up will win. Yes, this bunch will give the comic a lot of good material for the next 18 months. A party divided can not win and unless the republicans find a great unifier they are sunk.

          10. mike March 26, 2015

            As I said before, worry about your own backyard and the ability to bring the majority of independents back.
            The is no division in the Republican party when it comes to defeating the progressive movement that is destroying this country.
            As I said, we will wait and see.

          11. bobnstuff March 26, 2015

            If you don’t believe there is a divide in the party you aren’t paying attention. You may not understand it but there is a moderate and a progressive wing of the party and they will never support a right wing nut job. They may not vote democrat but they won’t vote for someone who will destroy the country. If you want proof look at the Tea Party and the Chamber of Commerce, both republican but with different objectives. As a republican committee man I say is start back in the late 90’s. It has grown to a point that good hard working people have stepped back.

          12. mike March 26, 2015

            I see you can’t comprehend, I said “no division when it comes to defeating progressives.” I never said within the party!!!
            You forget the left has the Hillary supporters and the very progressive side that thinks Hillary to close to Wall Street.
            We will see in time what each party does.

          13. bobnstuff March 26, 2015

            Ted’s wife lives on Wall St.. I just wish the republicans would find a real business man to run. How about John Kasich from Ohio. He’s not crazy, was elected in a swing state and understands business.

          14. mike March 26, 2015

            I have always liked John and seeing what he is doing with the State of Ohio makes him a great candidate. His work with the disadvantage makes him even more attractive.
            He tried before but the money people weren’t with him. Personally I would work for him.
            He was strong in the house when he was Chairman of House Budget Committee.
            This country needs someone of his stature to bring make some common sense to our budget.
            Plus, he can be unconventional and that is the sign of a good leader.

          15. bobnstuff March 26, 2015

            See we can agree on things. He grow up in the same neighborhood as my wife. Good roots. Now all we have to
            do is get the republican party behind him. He’s the man who could give Hillary a run for the money. He beat her in every department.

          16. mike March 26, 2015

            Stop! Stop! Please don’t make me agree with you, it will ruin everything!!! 🙂
            The party is well aware of him and as he moves around the country his stature and name will grow. At this time, Jeb is getting the big money but we are a long way away from the nominee.
            He will need to control his tongue at times but I do believe he one very good candidate going forward.

          17. bobnstuff March 26, 2015

            Lets just hope. I haven’t work for a candidate since Bob Dole but this is a guy who is worth working for. Living in Western Pa we hear about things in Ohio but it wasn’t until I started to think on what I was looking for that his name came to mind. The NRA doesn’t like him which is fine by me.

          18. mike March 26, 2015

            NRA endorsed him last year so that shouldn’t change. Those on the left continue to believe that the right is dearth of viable candidates which I disagree. We have younger male and female , more energetic. I look at the left, who seem to be ignoring everyone and anyone for Hillary, who just doesn’t have except she is a women. It seems that they are not pushing the young and promising new faces and careers.
            Heck, lets go back to the old way where I can have fun pissing you off. 🙂
            This kumbaya is killing me. 😉 LOL!!

          19. bobnstuff March 26, 2015

            Tomorrow is an other day and I sure we will be back to the good old banter. My wife doesn’t understand why I spend time here but I’ve been doing this kind of debate most of my life with my Dad and since he’s been gone I had missed it till I started on line. Thanks for the fun, have a good night.

          20. Carolyn1520 March 26, 2015

            There you go.

          21. mike March 26, 2015

            No, delusion and denial are all yours.

          22. Carolyn1520 March 26, 2015

            “What I said has much more truth than most on the left want to acknowledge”.
            Oh pleassseee.
            Talk about delusional.
            Do not mistake no response as the left not wanting to acknowledge your “truth” It’s your opinion and they are the same day after day. It’s already been established no one on the left agrees with you. It’s called not engaging the troll.

          23. mike March 26, 2015

            More truth than you can stomach, that’s your problem.
            And yet you are engaging. Funny!!!
            I don’t expect you to agree but I won’t let you have your idea of the truth go unchallenged. Duh!!!!

          24. Carolyn1520 March 26, 2015

            Yeah right. Uh huh.
            You seem to think if no one addresses your ridiculous opinions they are either not facing “the truth” as you define it or can’t dispute your points. It’s simply pointless.
            I’m not engaging you in a discussion of your delusions, just wanted to clarify your misguided thinking as to why it doesn’t happen.

          25. mike March 26, 2015

            You haven’t even given one CONCRETE REASON why my opinions are wrong. Just more inane comments.
            What really cracks me up is your continual “engaging” which you said you wouldn’t do. You are so easy!!!

          26. Carolyn1520 March 26, 2015

            Facts are wasted on you. You’re a moron.If you were otherwise you wouldn’t still be a republican.

          27. mike March 27, 2015

            And you are one of the UN’s, Uninformed, Unintelligent, Unenlightened and definitely Unmotivated to know the truth.

          28. Carolyn1520 March 27, 2015

            That’s the definition of a republican. You’re projecting again.

          29. mike March 27, 2015

            No, the definition is all yours!!
            You keep engaging, even after saying “I’m not engaging you in discussion.” What a silly little person you are, so confused and uninformed. Sad!!!!

          30. Carolyn1520 March 27, 2015

            Oh my, here we go, with the “no you are”, So childlike. You still don’t get it. I’m not engaging in a discussion with you about your misguided opinions on the issues. However when you see fit to comment on my responses to someone else, I will gladly tell you each and every time what a moron you are. Just don’t comment on anything I say and I’ll gladly ignore you, although. I’m pretty sure negative attention is what does it for you. It’s probably the most comfortable and familiar feeling you can relate to.

          31. mike March 27, 2015

            You are so silly and confused, your mental state is so suspect.

      2. Dominick Vila March 26, 2015

        Anything is possible, but judging by the disgust that is evident in the comments made by white supremacists in this and other forums whenever the topic of Hispanics – legal or illegal – is broached, I can’t imagine that segment of the GOP voting for Cruz, Rubio, or even Jeb because of his Mexican wife. The mere thought of a Latina as First Lady, or a Hispanics in the Oval Office is enough to make their heads explode.

        1. Carolyn1520 March 26, 2015

          Yeah, for the race purists, it won’t sit well. A Mexican first lady, another one taking their job. 🙂
          There’s so many factions that make up the right, with all their many and varied dislikes, it’s impossible to get them all on the same page.

  2. Bren Frowick March 26, 2015

    His campaign peaked the moment it was announced, and has been sinking ever since.

  3. Eleanore Whitaker March 26, 2015

    Since Calgary is Cruz’s former home, his hat will be white. All Albertans wear white cowboy hats.

    Now..I ask you. What in the world has a cowboy in common with the Wall Street suits? Other than providing campaign contributions?

    It’s beginning to look like the GOP relies on TX for their puppet regimes. Now that Herr Cheney is out of the picture, there’s fat face Rove and the two slimeball Kochs doing the backroom dictating.

    When you consider the record the GOP backroom has for finding the most illegitimate puppets for president, you see how “useful” Cruz might be. Think about…Cruz becomes president, Keystone goes forward over the demand to cease and desist by taxpayers and then? The GOP backroom dicktators push Cruz’s buttons like they did with Reagan, Bush ’41 and Bush ’43.

    The joke is that Nixon was their nemesis who taught them to never again allow any GOP candidate that much voice in the presidency…Hey! Worked for them.

  4. pajamas March 26, 2015

    Will never vote for Cruise! Man has no common sense. I live in a dream world where Ben Carson Runs with Elizabeth Warren as his VP. Before anyone Bashes Carson and buys the National Memos bs about him being a tea party conservative (tea party is so hardlined they would destroy all but the one percent) watch these. Both of them or you won’t see.



    1. anothertoothpick March 26, 2015

      Wait a minute. Are you making the argument that Carson is not a right wing lunatic?

      1. pajamas March 26, 2015

        Wow lol. Have you watched him say those things. I have and none of them come off as being crazy or even wrong for that matter. Want to here a dirty joke? A horse fell in the mud. Now on my own poster we have the quote “want to hear a dirty joke” way to completely support looking at life through blinders. Obamacare and welfare both have the same function as slavery. I heard that from an African American judge. They both keep the African American society relying on the government for support. That way they never actually get out of poverty. They rely on the government for there food, education, income, and now healthcare. Way to make a society complacent and remove from them the desire to be something more. What breaks my heart is all the American potential wasted.

        1. anothertoothpick March 26, 2015

          His mother was on welfare and with that gubmint help pulled herself up.

          GET IT? Sometimes some people need help.

          Who else would have helped his mom? Wall Street?

          1. pajamas March 26, 2015

            Until this point I have really respected and enjoyed your comments. Actually providing source material and facts makes your opinions carry substantial weight. It’s nice when you know your discussing a topic with someone who has done and will do there research on it. The last statement in this comment is beneath you and you should know it. You provided nothing other than a comment that he is pulling in the life boats when facts would suggest he is trying to send out more.
            Welfare is great when given to the people who actually need it and still do what they can to work. When welfare was first established you is to show up to a government project to get your check. We should still be doing that today (of course make accommodations for the disabled and sick). Ben Carson states all the time how grateful he was for his welfare mother. All his comments with regard to this show how much he is against the one percenters and for pulling people out of poverty. Keep looking he identifies poverty as one of his greatest enemies.

          2. anothertoothpick March 26, 2015

            First off, What you think of my posts has nothing to do with the fact that Carson is not in favor of helping anyone.

            Here is what he said on “The View” to Goldberg.

            “When you rob someone of their incentive to go out there and improve themselves, you are not doing them any favors. When you take somebody and pat them on the head and say, ‘There, there, you poor little thing. … Let me give you housing subsidies, let me give you free health care because you can’t do that.’ What would be much more empowering is to use our intellect and our resources to give those people a way up and out.”

            My question to Carson would have been “Was your mother robbed of her incentives or does that only count for ‘those others'”?

            See here’s the thing, though. It turns out that for some strange reason, the evil welfare system didn’t seem to destroy the incentive for his own mother to go out and make things better for her and her family.

          3. pajamas March 26, 2015

            Oh so using your intellect and resources to try and put yourself in a better position is a bad thing? Can you point out in that comment to where he called it the evil welfare system or was that just you?

          4. pajamas March 26, 2015

            Oh and did you see my comment with the individual responses to
            Your videos?

          5. anothertoothpick March 26, 2015

            Yeah I did. And as soon as you get done viewing them get back to me.

          6. pajamas March 26, 2015

            I did already post it a long time ago. Oh that’s funny it’s gone now. I can still see it but now it has a sign above it saying this post is waiting to be cleared by the national memo. That’s funny lol

          7. pajamas March 26, 2015

            Ha no cuss words or anything either lol! Just opinions and data regarding those videos you posted on carson and now the national memo took it down that hilarious lol. There huge advocates of free speech clearly rofl! I’ll repost it for you lol

          8. pajamas March 26, 2015

            Wow it keeps getting taken back down just as fast as I post it up. I’ll have to split it into sections so there program does not recognize it. They’ve clearly marked it lol

          9. anothertoothpick March 26, 2015

            You don’t have to be a genius to see what he is driving at.

            And what exactly does “intellect and resources” mean?

            People have to eat and waiting for Carson to come up with some mysterious plan will not feed them.

            Are they going to pray their way out of starving?

          10. pajamas March 26, 2015

            Watch these two videos and then tell me has no interest in helping people. Your saying that about a person who spent his life saving people.


          11. pajamas March 26, 2015

            Oh sorry I did not realize welfare and food stamps were the exact same thing?

        2. highpckts March 26, 2015

          Again I have to laugh! How in God’s good name can you make ANY sense or hear any common sense in this guys rants is absolutely amazing!

          1. pajamas March 26, 2015

            Your right your funny to. Watch you laugh and spew out absolutely nothing. It is fun to watch the guy who has no idea what’s going on laugh because he is completely lost.

          2. highpckts March 26, 2015

            You mean like Cruz?? Yes it is funny to think he thinks he has a chance!!

          3. pajamas March 26, 2015

            Okay now that’s true. Guy is walking around with a blind fold on. Please to God don’t let him get anywhere near the whitehouse.

      2. pajamas March 26, 2015

        That’s why videos are so much more effective than copy and paste poster board images.

        1. anothertoothpick March 26, 2015

          you are so right (y)

          Let’s start with this one shall we.


          of course he back pedals here.


          then we have him lecturing obama on FUX


          but I will bet you will love this one.


          1. pajamas March 26, 2015

            My point. None of those videos are even a tenth as bad as your copy and paste sign.

          2. pajamas March 26, 2015

            3. How is providing facts about our nation a bad thing? I disagree that all of these problems are solely Obamas fault (Bush certainly had a hand in them too) many of them he is responsible of partially responsible for. There is no getting around it the numbers are bad. People that are upset about this are clearly the people who just don’t like facts. They want to believe what they want to believe and they want facts to stay out of the equation.
            4. Yes I love the prayer. He didn’t even bash Obama in it. He just points out that the government is all messed up (who knew!) His idea for a healthcare system is great! Did you know we spend almost 9,000 per citizen on healthcare a year. That’s just what the government is shelling out. He states what if we just gave that to the citizens at birth so they could put it in an HSA and then have every citizen purchase catastrophic insurance (to cover your surgeries cancers and other very expensive procedures) and just get ride of the rest. That way each citizen would have 9000 every year that accumulates just to take care of there preventative procedures! That is brilliant!

          3. pajamas March 26, 2015

            2. How awesome is it that a guy will get on and apologize for providing factually correct information just because he is concerned about the feelings of others. The CNN annalists even had to say the words “I think” because they do not know. There is a number for how much scientific evidence there is that supports the conclusion being gay is not a choice and that number is zero.

          4. pajamas March 26, 2015

            There using a language block so if I post a post with similar language it automatically blocks it. I was able to
            Put my opinions to 2 3 and 4 down but the system automatically blocks it if I put anything from one read them quick before they get these ones as well

    2. highpckts March 26, 2015

      ROFL! This guy is just plain nuts!! Couch it any language you want, the guy is looney tunes!!

    3. charleo1 March 26, 2015

      The thing about Ben Carson, besides him being a really certifiable nut. (Yes, he really did say all those things.) Even as he talks about not thinking of yourself as a victim, and the importance of education. Fail enough. But he refuses at the same time, to acknowledge just how rigged the system has become against those poor kids, from working class families, ever acquiring that first class education, and access those ladders of opportunity that were available to him. Ladders that are being eliminated one by one in this Country, to fund tax breaks for the wealthy, by the same Party which he now proposes to lead. I think Bill Clinton said it best of Republicans like Ben Carson. He said he had never met a Republican that wasn’t born in a log cabin they didn’t claim to have build all by themselves. Outside of the nuttery, which might be excused of Carson, given the base of voters that Republican candidates must appeal to. And his road to hoe being all much harder, for reasons obvious to everyone outside that same base. But the denial of the unprecedented gap growing between the rich, and everyone else. Then to blame that gap on the attitudes, or work the ethics of the poor, is inexcusable, and inexplicable, in any other way but as a lie. Especially for Ben Carson.

  5. FT66 March 26, 2015

    Ted Cruz is a spoiler. He is appealing to conservatives only of whom he mentioned don’t bother to show up to vote, if the candidate is not of their own, and that they must vote for their values. A lot of them will follow him. Fortunately, he won’t be nominated. He will then disappear together with his fellow conservatives, hence chances for 2016 GOP taking the White House will end up in smoke, as they will not show up to vote once again.

  6. anothertoothpick March 26, 2015

    Coming soon … Cruisers name added to this poster.

  7. anothertoothpick March 26, 2015

    Cruiser seems to always have this “deeply concerned” look on his face.

    Kinda like a Wall St. broker explaining to a client how it is possible for the client to lose his life savings right before the broker put new brass on his yaught.

  8. pajamas March 26, 2015

    Okay lol but I will agree with that. You can probably even find a video backing it up.

  9. 1standlastword March 26, 2015

    The main problem I have with the GOP ‘god-people’ is they are ALWAYS proving that they are bad representatives for what the historic Jesus would do.

    Even more bizarre is the fact churchy values voters don’t call them out; but instead revel with frenzied lustfulness at the opportunity to punish fellow humans.

    Am I to understand the GOP ‘god people’ have a budget scheme that promotes a permanent posture for war, while gutting social programs–in essence allowing economic harm and emotional insecurity take hold of the poor, the elderly and women and children.

    What would Jesus think, Ted? What would Jesus do Ted!?

    1. pajamas March 26, 2015

      Fully agree! Please will people just start doing there own research! Jesus would be ashamed of several of the things he claims.

      1. bobnstuff March 26, 2015

        Jesus was a liberal. The religious right seam to have forgotten a lot of what he said about how we should treat the poor, the sick and those in need. They have also forgotten what is needed to be a follower of Christ.

        1. dpaano April 15, 2015

          It’s amazing that even the Catholic Pope sees this…..he has not forgotten what is needed to be a follower of Christ!!

    2. Independent1 March 27, 2015

      Ted wouldn’t know;neither would the ‘evangelist’ students he was speaking to at Liberty University; because none of them are ‘true’ Christians. They’re CINOs: Christians in name only.

      As bobnstuff pointed out below, Jesus was no Conservative. A Conservative is just like a rich man; As Jesus said words to the effect: It will be harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven than for a camel to jump through the eye of a needle. The same applies to a conservative. Anyone with a truly conservative spirit is the antithesis to what God has asked of us: Think more of others than you do of yourself. Treat others as you would have them treat you.

      Clearly when Conservatives (Tea Party people) push for budget cuts and reductions in programs that help the elderly, poor and needy – they’re clearly not pushing for what they would wish that the government did to them – make it harder for them to just live their lives.

      1. 1standlastword March 27, 2015


        1. Independent1 March 28, 2015

          I have a hard time seeing how conservatives could be ‘agents of God.’ when they clearly represent everything God says he hates.

          Within the conservative ranks, there are those that are leading the masses of conservatives down the road to damnation: Today’s Republican politicians on the one hand; and blind misguided fake Christian leaders on the other hand- ministers, preachers, what have you.

          Both these groups have clearly been corrupted by Satan, and are leading the misguided conservative sheeple down the road to destruction.

          If you examine closely what these two groups are teaching their sheeple: it is -Love of Money, Love of Self, Bigotry, Hypocrisy, Selfishness, Narcissism, Judging others, Lying and more – virtually everything that is anti-God. I can find no redeeming quality in what today’s conservatives standfor – that is, clearly at least, those who support the GOP/Tea Party and what it/they stand for/have turned into.

          And don’t forget, what God said through the writer of the book of Hebrews, at the end of Chapter 8 about the Old Testament – it should have long since vanished:

          From Hebrews 8:

          7 For if there had been nothing wrong with that first covenant, no place would have been sought for another.

          8 But God found fault with the people and said[b]: “The days are coming, declares the Lord, when I will make a new covenant with the people of Israel and with the people of Judah.

          9 It will not be like the covenant I made with their ancestors
          when I took them by the hand to lead them out of Egypt,
          because they did not remain faithful to my covenant, and I turned away from them,declares the Lord.
          10 This is the covenant I will establish with the people of Israel after that time, declares the Lord. I will put my laws in their minds and write them on their hearts. I will be their God,
          and they will be my people.
          11 No longer will they teach their neighbor, or say to one another, ‘Know the Lord,’ because they will all know me, from the least of them to the greatest.

          12 For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more.”[c]
          13 By calling this covenant “new,” he has made the first one obsolete; and what is obsolete and outdated will soon disappear.

          Those words were written 2000 years ago; so clearly by now, True Christians should not be holding up, much if any, of the commandments that were edicted during the Old Testament; much of which, Jesus clearly changed during his missionary work; especially what is recorded for us in Matthews Gospel chapters 5-7 and in the many parables he gave during his missionary work.

          As St. Paul said numerous times – following the Law (the 10 Commandments) will bring no one to Heaven.

          Those Commandments which God gave to Moses as a means to try and bring some kind of order to a very unruly Hebrew people at the time; should not be used as a guide for us to live by today – but rather; we should be conforming to what the 10 Commandments in our efforts to live by what Jesus taught us: Love they neighbor as thyself and Judge not.

          (Conservative politicians and judges who push to have the 10 Commandments posted in government buildings, schools and elsewhere. Are misleading not only themselves but also those who look up to them by setting the wrong yardstick for living their lives.)

          1. 1standlastword March 28, 2015

            The OT and NT contrast an image of a god who is depicted as a creator/destroyer, warrior god against a NT deity of grace, forgiveness, self-sacrifice and charitableness.
            That the OT god used Israel as his hammer to exact his vengeance on his enemies whom he also made to be enemies of Israel. Modern conservatives demonstrate by their foreign policy and lust for war a dedication to the ancient Jehovah/ Hebrew covenant and by proxy have taken up the role of being gods hammer.
            Further, they revive the Levitical laws (if only in part) to undermine the human rights of others–especially LGBT folks and the natural woman.
            They emulate the OT in their psyche with a penchant for dichotomous thinking i.e., organizing the world in black and white, right and wrong bipolarizing spheres–they lack a tolerance for ambiguity.
            They’re inclined to the law of Talon: eye for and eye, tooth for a tooth.
            They have compulsive concerns for purity in all areas of life and harbor deep animosity against other tribes (even other people proclaiming Christian faith)
            As I noted, there are problems inherent the OT that necessitated the NT (a new Covenant)
            This shift in ecclesial narrative is evidence of a change in the very nature of god, not humans: as the historic Jesus is purported to have said: I know the heart of man and in him there is no good.
            The ‘god-people’ of the modern conservative party are more acolytes of the OT god than the NT Christ. Since the god myth was perfected in Christ myth then the Modern conservative as a acolyte of the OT creator/ destroyer warrior god must be by implication flawed. So the irony stands that they can be viewed agents of a lessor, smaller, inferior god.

          2. Independent1 March 29, 2015

            As you point out, the majority of Conservatives who claim, and outwardly profess to be Christians, do not, in fact in any way, practice what Jesus preached. Like a majority of fake Christians, they cherry pick verses from whatever chapters in the bible, say what will justify their actions – which they think, allows them to live their lives, as they want, not as God wants.

            And as you point out, in order to be able to justify their inward prejudices, they love to go back into the Old Testament and pick out verses which appear to justify them being able to condemn people, or ways of living, that they don’t like. In many cases, doing nothing more than judging others; which Jesus and Paul clearly said Christians shouldn’t be doing. And they also totally ignore the fact – that when Jesus came, what he preached, and is recorded for us in Matthew’s Gospel chapters 5-7, changed many things in the way we should be living – dictates that were given to the Hebrews thousands of years previosly through Moses.

            Some examples are: Moses told the people they could divorce their wives by giving them a letter of divorcement; Jesus said divorce was never an acceptable action.

            During the time of the patriarchs, God looked the other way when they had multiple wives and even children with their wives handmaidens; but Jesus said marriage should be a one-time event in our lives.

            Verses in the OT say that the people should do NO WORK on the Sabbath; but Jesus said it was OK to do good things on the Sabbath (like heal people, tend to an animal, etc).

            People have to remember, that God was a creator/inventor. And just like any inventor, when he made man, he worked trying to perfect his creation. And just like an inventor who creates an initial test model, he’s going to do whatever he can to perfect his design; so that, the end product turns out the way he wants it. With humans, that required God to sometimes eradicate strains of humans that he felt were corrupt and would end up corrupting the strain that he was working to perfect. Which I’m sure is the case in labs today that are searching for cures to diseases and in other cases. And it required him to do things in the beginning, as recorded in the OT, that he did not want in the finished product.

            So when as you point out, that the majority of Conservatives today live partially in the OT – they prove by doing so, even more, that they’re not true Christians. True Christians know that God said through the writer of Hebrews in Chapter 8, that when Jesus brought the New Testament, that it made the Old Testament OBSOLETE and therefore, the OT should ‘soon disappear’. That was said almost 2,000 years ago – what do you suppose many fake Christians don’t under stand about SOON DISAPPEAR???

            In other words, True Christians should not be reaching back into the OT (remember Lot’s Wife was turned to a pillar of salt for looking back) for virtually anything other than maybe encouragement from the example of all those who suffered so much at the hands of kings, dictators, and even the people, and yet, remained faithful to God. As Paul said, even following The Law (the 10 commandments) would get no one into Heaven.

          3. 1standlastword March 29, 2015

            Unfortunately, faith provides as much comfort to the bigoted/misguided Ted Cruz’s of the world as it does those who are more authentic examples of the Christ way of life–as you seem to exhibit by your confidence.

            The one refreshing truth for me is I don’t believe I have to be a Christian to be a good person–not that humanists are incapable of being misguided in harmful ways but that for the humanist there is no thesis hanging over him, just the results of good parenting and an ability and inspiration to self–reflect and self–correct.

            One thing I have always wondered and that is what if there was no scriptural promise of eternal bliss affixed to choosing a life in dedication to Christian faith but instead a simple guarantee that abiding in Christ-like principles would make the one life we all live more harmonious.

            That would be a prescription for heaven on Earth 😉

            But since we live in a world where ‘hell-is-other-people’, I suppose that establishes a ‘push’ to Christian faith and the promise of heaven in a spiritual realm establishes a ‘pull’ for faith and taken together this creates a strong enticement for those inclined to live by god-faith.

            Thanks for a pleasant and thoughtful exchange

          4. dpaano April 15, 2015

            The evangelical Christians are an embarrassment to REAL Christians!!!

  10. dpaano April 15, 2015

    In my opinion, he won’t last long!!!


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