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A Woman With A Plan: The Real Story Of Margaret Sanger

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  1. kurt.lorentzen November 3, 2011

    Kudos for making this politically-incorrect point despite the damage it may cause you. The truth hurts, just as much today as nearly a century ago. Where we have progressed at least to the point that such topics as sexuality and contraception can be discussed, the driving points of Sanger’s position are as taboo as ever, maybe even more so. The movie “idiocracy” points out the direction we’re taking. Black Americans (not just a fringe) cite race as the one-size-fits-all reasoning behind everything from Cain’s assertion of “preventing Blacks from having babies” to Morgan Freeman’s statement that the reason Republicans want to defeat Obama is “because he is a Black president” – Herman Cain doesn’t count as a “real” Black man because he is a corporate wolf in sheep’s clothing – and the rationalizations continue so as not to dilute the race issues. Population will soon be the greatest problem facing humanity. Our 7,000,000,000 cannot be supported without cheap, abundant energy – oil – that is already in decline. Like it or not, intelligent people are having fewer children as the population of the intellectually inferior rises. How’s that for political incorrectness? I’m not so sure about eugenics. Although it makes sense from a scientific standpoint, it’s also true that we evolved intellectually without deliberate genetic manipulation. Modern medicine has largely taken natural selection out of the equation where essentially everyone survives to reproductive age regardless of their physical or mental abilities. In that sense, if eugenics artificially simulates, or even enhances, natural selection then it may be viable, but there’s also plenty of room for shenanigans. Sanger had the guts to speak the truth as she saw it, and with all the incorrectness she’s pretty much on the money. As the years progess, I believe we’ll see just how right she was. Hopefully we’ll get it before it’s too late.


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