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Women Go Marching On Washington

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Women Go Marching On Washington

Women's Suffrage Parade in New York City, May 6, 1912.

WASHINGTON — Greetings from the bluest city in America — where Democratic melancholy runs as deep as the Potomac. The capital is reeling from the presidential election’s verdict. A near-death experience. People are swapping election night stories like Titanic survivors.

Women feel dashed, a keen loss, knowing we may not live to see the first woman president. We’re going to grief counseling. But that’s not all.

Ladies, let’s march. Plans for a Women’s March on Washington on Jan. 21, 2017 are underway. That’s the day after the presidential inauguration, so the timing is perfect.

My sister’s coming from California with her family. My mother, too. My dear friend from Michigan is flying in with her daughter, as is my mother’s girlhood friend from Wisconsin. (Two states that turned out not to be true blue.)

Slumber parties, unite. We women seek to reawaken cohesion: acting like we’re all in this together, not each rowing her own boat. We’ve made incremental progress at best in recent years. The Family and Medical Leave Act was signed by President Bill Clinton, believe it or not, ages ago. Let’s do better.

In the historic 2016 contest, Hillary Clinton won well over a million votes more than her opponent, Donald Trump. This exposes the Electoral College as hogwash. All American votes should be created equal. Lest we forget. The slaveholding era state-by-state counting discriminates against the larger, urbane states like New York and California. We’re tired of that.

Take my word, we’re desperate to know just how the new sheriff coming to town — president-elect Donald Trump — won Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, and thus carried the country by such slim margins. Washington Agonistes. As a 20-something neighbor said, she fears misogyny, racism and bigotry becoming “codified.”

Exactly. Millennials have much at stake, starting careers and families in Trump’s America.

The shame is not just that Trump won in such a rude, reckless and belittling fashion; it’s also that Clinton lost, with her brilliance and experience. They are the best and worst poles in their generation, dominant baby boomers, never to go quietly without a scene. The election went from farce to drama to tragedy, as an editor noted.

It was a damned near thing, to paraphrase the Duke of Wellington on winning the Battle of Waterloo. Depend upon it, sir, this was our Waterloo.

The Civil War-era Capitol Dome is shiny and ready for the inauguration, after a three-year restoration. The only thing is, it looks like “hard plastic,” as a leading journalist put it. It looks as faux as Trump’s dome in the autumn light.

Also on Capitol Hill is the posh townhouse where Alice Paul lived and led the suffrage movement to victory through constant street scenes. Woodrow Wilson, the Democratic president, hated seeing protests out on Pennsylvania Avenue, but he had no chance against the stunning, modern Philadelphia Quaker.

Wilson was a proper Princeton man who believed ladies and blacks should stay in place. Other than that, the professor was a great guy.

The next Senate will have two more women senators, for an all-time high of 22 out of 100. Take heart, they are almost all blue, Democrats in the minority, who will brace to hold the line against the Trump-led onslaught.

They had been looking forward to blue skies with Clinton, a former senator. Oh, it was going to be grand.

Lucy Calautti, board president of the National Woman’s Party, which brought suffrage home in 1920, issued a stoic statement from the townhouse, now the Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument.

“We’re disappointed that a woman candidate for President did not break the highest glass ceiling this time around, but we are very, very hopeful for the future. Strong, highly capable women in both political parties ran for office in 2016 … (They) illustrate to women and girls everywhere that our democratic process needs and benefits from our civic participation.”

Page Harrington, executive director, hosted a packed post-election salon at the townhouse and said the “phone is ringing off the hook” regarding the January march.

She said Paul’s seven-year campaign inspired her more than ever: “This is the long game.”

A million will mobilize. The dream shall never die.

Abraham and Martin will be expecting us at the Lincoln Memorial.

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IMAGE: Women’s Suffrage Parade in New York City, May 6, 1912. Via Wiki Commons



  1. Box November 18, 2016

    I’ll vote for a woman when there is a good one. Hillary wasnt the one, by so far it cant be measured. Geraldine Ferraro was good, a shame she didnt get it. Launch a great one and see the change of heart. No need to march for that. But dont groom a fake, a liar, a criminal, groom a great one and they are out there. As Trump was first time, so can a woman right off the street. Question is, is the world ready for a female US president? Would the world leaders respect and accept a female? Thats another matter. I know how I feel but who speaks for them?

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 18, 2016

      In the meantime, you felt it was wiser to bring in a racist, one with racist connections, a tax-cheat, and a groper of women. What manner of lunacy afflicts you, Box? Are you as hopelessly devoid of common-sense with flawed perceptions that you can’t discern wrong from far more wrong, can’t tell the difference between email mishandling and misogyny and wanton narcissism?
      Are you that consumed by hate and anger, and a personal animus against one individual, that you can’t make wise decisions anymore??
      Your comments have been motivated solely by emotion and not objective thinking and wisdom.

      1. AgLander November 18, 2016

        Please don’t beat your wive(s) today Aaron…..join us in the 21st century and shake of your 5th century interpretation of Islam and oppression of others!

        1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 18, 2016

          A very quaint and foolish impression of the world you have.

      2. planetc November 18, 2016

        You forgot suggesting twice that his opponent should be assassinated, although, of course that would interfere with her arrest for whatever email crime he thinks she’s committed. Bless Mr. Trump’s heart, he can’t think to the end of a sentence. A bullet point is all he has in him.

      3. Jon November 18, 2016

        Try submitting an article to Red Flag News. That is your only chance of getting through to him. The problem will be getting it published as Red Flag News has a strong aversion to honesty and accuracy.

    2. itsfun November 18, 2016

      The Muslims believe rape is not a crime. so what would make one believe they are going to accept a woman as a world leader. I believe Thatcher was a very good leader and I am sure there are women here in the U.S. that could be great leaders. Crooked Hillary is not one of them.
      The realities though are you are probably right about a woman being accepted by some nations. We shouldn’t let the Muslim nations keep us from electing the right woman to lead us though.

      1. JPHALL November 18, 2016

        What about Benazir Bhutto the Prime Minister of Pakistan? She was the leader of a Muslim nation.

        1. itsfun November 19, 2016

          There are exceptions to just about everything.

          1. JPHALL November 19, 2016

            Yes! Especially for misogynists!

    3. JPHALL November 18, 2016

      That is a bunch of BS and you know it. The world has accepted several women as the leaders of their respective countries. Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir, Indira Gandhi, Angela Merkel, and several others have had no problem as leaders of their countries and on the world stage. For a change just tell the truth. You and others like you have a major problem with women being in charge. I have heard it on the job, in church, in bars and barbershops.

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 18, 2016

    Several things are wrong about the electoral process: 1) It’s mechanism is perfect for accentuating differences and creating a tension in the country like no where else on the planet; 2) The Electoral College, a man-made entity created when conditions warranted an artificial method for governance has been an abject failure—witness the last two elections decided by an abstract concept that resulted in electing a man who could barely form a cogent sentence or think critically resulting in an incursion into Afghanistan and in Iraq causing casualties on both sides all based on false information, and now the same artifice has brought to prominence a racist with racialist tendencies, wanted for lechery and other offenses against women, has amassed billions at the expense of others without paying taxes, and appeals to the basest instincts of millions of Americans; 3) The electoral process attracts all sorts of “dark money” and has enabled two bothers to manipulate the system so that it reflects their own personal tastes.
    In the meantime, the same irresponsible voters who succumbed to the angry rhetoric of an unstable egomaniac are still thirsting for blood and complaining, thus widening the gap of divisiveness in America; 4) The electoral process is just a handy tool for enabling an “Old Boy” network to persist well into the 21st Century.

    “Box” below counters the story above by saying he would vote for a woman if she were qualified. In his twisted mind with its other-worldly logic, he means to tell us that Trump is more qualified. What sort of nonsense if that?

    1. AgLander November 18, 2016

      Aaron commenting on women’s rights is so “rich” when considering that he and his fellow Islamic buddies look upon women as pieces of property to serve them at their pleasure! Aaron gets angry when his wive(s) speak without permission or go to the store without first asking his permission! He is a theologically dangerous man locked in 5th century delusions and one wonders what he is capable of in his demented state!

      1. FireBaron November 18, 2016

        He isn’t Muslim. He Ba’Hai. They are significantly more egalitarian than the average Republican.

        1. Jon November 18, 2016

          Don’t make him think. You know the horrible headaches he gets when he tries that.

    2. Jon November 18, 2016

      With Trump packing the Supreme Court, Citizen’s United will remain to permit people and entities to continue using “dark money” to buy politicians, elections and votes on ballot measures. Robert and Rebekah Mercer bought their very own Trump this time. Rebekah is on his transition team as are Stephen Bannon and Kellyanne Conway, both Mercer minions who joined the Trump campaign at the same time when the Mercers wanted to see something for their money.
      The electoral college has never been used for its intended purpose. It was a fear of the majority of voters being conned into electing a demagogue that drove Alexander Hamilton and James Madison to champion its inclusion in the Constitution. The electoral college would vote for the most qualified candidate even if the majority of people in some or all of the states had not. It is ironic that the 1st time since the Constitution was adopted in 1787 that the majority got it right by over 1 million votes but it is the electoral college is going to permit a demagogue to become president. Hamilton must be spinning in his grave screaming “how could I have been so wrong?”.
      There is a movement underway to get enough states having a combined total of 270 electoral votes to pass legislation requiring the electors of the state to cast their vote in the electoral college for the candidate getting the largest number of popular votes nationwide. While it sounds good, I don’t know what it would do with renegade electors who refused to obey that law. It is still an open Constitutional question. Right now states that have laws requiring electors to cast their votes for the candidate winning the popular vote in their state impose fines on those who disobey. Nobody knows if that is constitutional as it has never been litigated.

    3. David November 19, 2016

      Guess what, DA? We are a “republic” not a “democracy”. Learn the difference.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 19, 2016

        Well David–Is it relevant what we call something? The crux of the problem that you’re missing is this—every vote must count and not according to an artificial entity called the electoral entity called the electoral college. In the republic of France, do they use such a system? Are there any sensible governments in the world that use an archaic like ours?
        Ask yourself these questions, think about the unique quality of each individual’s input then you may figure out what the issue is. Don’t get hung up on a technicality and red herring like “republic”. The concept of democracy is all important—oligarchies, plutocracies, and totalitarian systems are outdated and have no place in today’s world.

        1. David November 20, 2016

          Actually, the system the Founding Fathers enshrined is quite remarkable. Example — Wyoming has as many Senators as does New York despite the vast difference in population. We have a republic, not a democracy. The residents of New York and California can’t run the country by themselves. Please take the time to read the Federalist Papers to see what Jefferson, Madison, Monroe et al thought about having the US run by a pure democracy.

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 20, 2016

            Remarkable is relative, David. What may be remarkable compared to Putin’s Russia, is not so remarkable at all in the face of The Baha’i Administrative Order. The Federalist Papers aren’t documents direct from God, but are the products of men who had plenty of their own faults.
            Stop thinking in a balkanized way and start thinking of the country as a united whole. Your obsession with lines on a map is what the Colonial powers in Europe suffered from which led them to rigidly define parcels of land in Asia, Africa, North America, and elsewhere.
            David, you suffer from post-colonial imperious depravity. Trump, the GOP, the Left, and others suffer a similar affliction.

          2. David November 20, 2016

            Thank you for the reply. I would rather believe that I suffer from a righteous awe of the incredibly effective system of government that the Founding Fathers put into place. If you truly believe that it is not the best, then please tell us which country’s is better. Are you moving there with some of our so “politically astute” Hollywood celebrities?

      2. dtgraham November 20, 2016

        After the two million plus vote difference between Hillary and the Donald (in Hillary’s favour), I think the rest of the world is starting to get on to the idea that the U.S. is ‘not a “democracy”.’ They’re ‘learning the difference’. Don’t worry about it.

        1. David November 20, 2016

          Are you that stupid?

          1. dtgraham November 21, 2016

            Let me get this straight. You’re actually bragging about not being a democracy? Is that right?

          2. David November 22, 2016

            I am bragging about how remarkable the Founding Fathers did in setting up this republic. Hell yes I am bragging that New York and California don’t run this country.

  3. Mama Bear November 18, 2016

    While the march is a good thing, my friends and I have decided to take the money we would have spent on it and donate it to Planned Parenthood. Now there is a good idea.
    Will lump it and donate in Mike Pence’s name.

    1. dpaano November 18, 2016

      I did the same thing…….

  4. idella washington smith November 18, 2016

    American citizens should be organizing a march on D.C. for early December to convince the electoral college to do it job and save this nation from a candidate that was elected on a doctrine of hate and division. The college can cast their votes for Hillary Rodham Clinton for the 45 President of the United States of America. A petition can be found by going to Google under Electoral College Petition. Please find it and sign it. All American citizens who love American democracy and want to see it flourish instead of perish from the Earth should sign this petition and get ready to march on D.C. before the College votes on December 19th.

    1. dpaano November 18, 2016

      Unfortunately, from what I understand, if they do this, it would take a Constitutional Amendment to override Trump’s presidency, and the Republican Congress will NEVER allow that. We can all sign the petition, but I seriously doubt anything can be done….but, I still have hope!!
      If you know differently or if I am incorrect, please let me know. I read that this would have to go before Congress and that there would be little doubt that it would be overturned. Again, I may be wrong or maybe what I read was wrong.

  5. Dr. Samuel Taddesse November 18, 2016

    Women of America, you can still take back your country. Change the make up of the US Senate and congress. Also change the make up of your State and City legislatures and officials. For now you have to go along with the choice of the rigged system- the electoral college system. You know in your hearts that Hillary has won the people’s vote but that was not sufficient since this is not a direct election system. Organize and push out the senators, congressmen and women that don’t represent your values and needs. Go for it!! I love you all.

    1. dtgraham November 18, 2016

      The federal Congress is also rigged.

      1. dpaano November 18, 2016

        Is and always will be as long as the Republicans are running the show. It amazes me that the Trump followers keep saying that they’re “angry at our government,” and don’t seem to realize that it was the Congress running this country…..you know, the one that was run by Republicans? Yet, they voted the same idiots back…..hope they don’t plan on seeing many changes for the good of the nation….they’ll be hopelessly disappointed! Democrats have ALWAYS run this country better, and the only reason that President Obama didn’t get to do all that he planned and promised is due to the Republican Congress that decided on Day 1 of his first term that they were not going to let him win a second term! Because of their blockages…..things that COULD have been accomplished to make this country run better were thrown by the wayside! But, unfortunately, the Trump followers….the ones that really have NO idea how our government works…..just didn’t see the forest for the trees!!!

        1. dtgraham November 18, 2016

          Exactly right. Congress right now is a much bigger problem than the electoral college. Hopefully next decade after the census it can be fixed.

          1. dpaano November 21, 2016

            From what I understand, tho’, is that they haven’t revamped the Electoral College in years and they haven’t adjusted it for population in decades!!!

        2. David November 19, 2016

          Gee, I forgot that it was a Republican Congress that voted in ObomoCare… Right, madam attorney? Lol

          1. dtgraham November 20, 2016

            Nope. It was a Democratic controlled Congress. Don’t beat yourself up over your party helping to give health insurance to more Americans, David. Not to worry. Your Republicans are just as heartless and maniacal as they ever were.

          2. David November 20, 2016

            Congrats on your acute ability to discern sarcasm…oh wait, there it is again!

          3. dtgraham November 21, 2016

            Impossible to know with you. Congrats on wanting to deny health insurance to the extra 20 million or so who have it only because of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. At least you can admit to it. Hold on to that right wing purity David!

            By the way, I know the above stats are foreign to the fact-free right in the present era. Quick, go to http://www.Wing Nut Blowhard.org and put me in my place.

    2. dpaano November 18, 2016

      We’ve already done well in California……our State government is run by both men and women. If only other states were the same….but, then again, California is one of the few SANE states in this country!

      1. dtgraham November 18, 2016

        California is extremely progressive. I still like that map where some of the northern and coastal states form a new country with their northern neighbour called the United States of Canada. I’m likin’ it.

        My wife was telling me the other day that some California politicians are talking loosely about separating from the rest of the country. It was supposed to be some rumour. May have just been joking. Any truth to this?

        1. JPHALL November 18, 2016

          Not really. The northern and central parts of California want to form their own Con state.

          1. dtgraham November 19, 2016

            Sounds like a single payer takeover.

          2. dpaano November 22, 2016

            Actually, both Washington and Oregon are talking about joining us and making the entire West Coast a new country….maybe we can then build a wall between us and the rest of the U.S……should be interesting…

        2. dpaano November 21, 2016

          Yeah, they’ve been suggesting it and signing petitions, but I doubt it if will happen. They’re thinking of going together with Oregon, Washington, and a couple of the other Western states and becoming a separate country. If that happens, this nation will be totally screwed because California is detrimental to the nation’s wellbeing and unfortunately, Trump doesn’t realize that!! Again, you have to read the book, “The Last Days of the Late, Great State of California”….it tells you what would happen to this country if California disappeared into the ocean….very scary….and very eye opening because I didn’t realize how important California is to the rest of the country. The book was written in 1968, so it’s a little out of date, but I’m sure that things have only gotten better here and that the nation would be paralyzed if we left the U.S.A.!

  6. Jon November 18, 2016

    I hope they clean the streets after the KKK march on January 20th. Nobody should have to march in the filth they leave behind.

  7. itsfun November 18, 2016

    The goal should not be to just elect any woman to the Presidency. The goal should be to elect the best possible person to the office of President. The two bozos we had to pick from this election were a embarrassment to the United States.

  8. johninPCFL November 18, 2016

    Good idea, but Trump will be in New York on the 21st.

    1. dpaano November 18, 2016

      Doesn’t matter!! Women will be marching everywhere!

  9. dpaano November 18, 2016

    Am I the only one that has noticed that Trump’s nominees for his cabinet and transition team are ALL white males? I think the only female so far that he’s chosen is Sarah Palin, and she’s not a human much less a female! It just goes to show that he doesn’t care about the rest of the nation….you know, the Muslims, the African Americans, the American Indians, the Japanese Americans, etc.
    As for the Capitol dome…..give Trump a few months and he’ll have it covered with gaudy gold like his penthouse in New York!!!

    1. dtgraham November 18, 2016

      I’ll have to disagree here. This talk of lack of diversity in Trump’s cabinet is a little unfair. He’s got a lot covered when you think about it — Nazis, misogynists, white supremacists, Fascists, Islamaphobics, white nativists, anti-semites. They’re all there.

      1. dpaano November 21, 2016

        I agree…..he’s loaded his cabinet and transition team with the same lobbyists and Wall Street idiots that he promised he wouldn’t put in our government…..just another lie that he told his followers and has gone back on!!! Someday they’ll realize that he conned them!

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