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Worse Than Watergate? Worst Since Watergate? Trump Is Lying Again, Bigly

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Worse Than Watergate? Worst Since Watergate? Trump Is Lying Again, Bigly


When Donald Trump insists that his Democratic rival’s private email server is “the worst scandal since Watergate” or even “worse than Watergate” — slogans that he screams at every rally — he depends on his followers to believe him blindly and on the media to let him spew unchallenged absurdities. He loves the poorly educated, by which he means the utterly ignorant, because they have no idea that he is lying to them.

But to anyone who remembers Watergate, or any of the real scandals that have roiled Washington in the following decades, understands why Trump’s claims are such a vile distortion of history. Those assertions are a classic example of the “big lie” — and can only continue to spew forth in an atmosphere of historical amnesia and media compliance.

The Clinton email “scandal,” as everyone knows by now, involves the use of a private email server and raised questions about whether Clinton had used that system in a way that violated federal secrecy laws. After a lengthy investigation, the FBI found that she had committed no intentional violations, that there had been no cover-up or attempt to conceal information from law enforcement, and that there was no plausible reason to file criminal charges against Clinton. As FBI director James Comey said last summer, in explaining why he would not indict her, “It wasn’t even close.”

Many other high-level federal and military officials had done much the same (or much worse), and the issue of whether she had exposed “classified” material boiled down in many instances to an ongoing argument between the State Department and other agencies over what must be labeled top secret.

Their bureaucratic wrangling was far less dramatic than Watergate, a saga that began with the discovery of a “third-rate burglary” at the Democratic National Committee headquarters in a Washington hotel but soon exploded into a mind-blowing criminal operation at the highest levels in the White House, the Justice Department, the CIA, and the FBI itself. The term “Watergate” was journalistic shorthand for a series of criminal conspiracies based in Richard Nixon’s Oval Office, which included more burglaries, warrantless wiretaps, illegal spying, campaign dirty tricks, election tampering, money-laundering, and the use of thugs to assault antiwar demonstrators.

To conceal that vast felonious enterprise, the Nixon crew immediately implemented a cover-up scheme that relied upon still more crimes, committed by lawyers and officials who collected corporate bribes, and then handed out hush money in cash to the perpetrators. Unlike Clinton’s mundane email problems, that outbreak of presidential gangsterism represented a direct threat to the constitution, democracy, and the rule of law.

It is amusing, if your sense of humor is dark enough, to hear Trump babble about Watergate while flanked by all the grinning Nixon loyalists who have tried to excuse or erase that enormous crime against the republic over the past 40 years.

During those years, this country has seen plenty of turmoil in Washington over a wide variety of scandals, both serious and silly. In the latter category, by the way, are several controversies once expected to bring down Bill and Hillary Clinton, including a few with the “gate” suffix added for emphasis. (For a more complete treatment of all that nonsense, see The Hunting of Hillary– it’s available free here.)

Among the real scandals, however, were a series of remarkable rackets undertaken by officials of the Reagan administration that were — need I say this again? — a thousand times more troubling than anything Clinton ever imagined doing with an email server.

Consider the Iran-contra affair, if you remember the constitutional tumult that transfixed the nation for almost two years. In August 1985, Ronald Reagan authorized the first of several secret arms shipments to Iran, a lunatic deal that Republicans would have denounced as high treason if enacted by a Democratic president. The monetary proceeds from those arms sales were then used illegally to aid “contra” rebels in their attempt to overthrow the government of Nicaragua.

After a Lebanese newspaper exposed that outrageous crime, Reagan lied to the entire nation and authorized a wide-ranging cover-up. According to the final report of the special prosecutor who spent years investigating Iran-contra:

“In the Iran initiative, President Reagan chose to proceed in the utmost secrecy, disregarding the administration’s public policy prohibiting arms sales to nations supporting terrorism. He also chose to forgo congressional notification under the National Security Act and the Arms Export Control Act…

“When the Iran initiative was exposed on November 3, 1986, the president convened a series of meetings with his top national security advisers and permitted the creation of a false account of the Iran arms sales to be disseminated to members of Congress and the American people.”

Among the dozen or more figures who were indicted and/or convicted of serious crimes by the Iran-contra special prosecutor were two of Reagan’s national security advisors, top officials of the CIA, and the secretary of defense. It was a little more serious than Hillary’s damned emails.

But the scandals of the Reagan era ranged well beyond that dirty arms deal, in almost every direction. The attorney general was implicated in an influence peddling scheme at the Pentagon. The corruption uncovered at the Department of Housing and Urban Development was rampant and lucrative — as Trump could have learned from Paul Manafort, his former campaign chief, who was among the sleazy lobbyists who profited most heavily from the HUD practice of rigging multi-million-dollar contracts to favor Republican developers. Several top officials and a number of civilians were convicted of felonies including bribery, conspiracy, perjury, and obstruction of justice.

Under Reagan, several scandals erupted at the Environmental Protection Agency, where Republican officials sold policy decisions to corporate lobbyists, misused Superfund and other federal money to reward their political cronies, lied and covered up their misdeeds.

The Reagan administration also endured major corruption scandals at the Pentagon as well as in the savings and loan industry (and the subsequent crooked bailout under George H.W. Bush), which was among the largest thefts of assets in US history up to that time.

So is Hillary’s email server starting to look a bit…small? As smart as he is — or as he constantly tells us he is — Trump ought to be able to work this difference out for himself. So should any literate American with a functioning brain.

But just because Hillary’s email controversy is insignificant, don’t assume that we won’t have a scandal to rival Watergate and Iran-contra, perhaps someday soon. At this very moment, evidence is mounting of an attempt by an adversarial nation to influence an American presidential election, in possible collusion with agents of a presidential candidate whose rhetoric, campaign personnel, and business affairs enmesh him with that country’s authoritarian leadership.

A plot by a foreign power to rig an election in tandem with US political operatives? Yes, that would be worse than Watergate.

IMAGE: Richard M. Nixon resigning the presidency as he faces impeachment for Watergate crimes, August 9, 1974. File photo, Wikimedia Commons.

Joe Conason

A highly experienced journalist, author and editor, Joe Conason is the editor-in-chief of The National Memo, founded in July 2011. He was formerly the executive editor of the New York Observer, where he wrote a popular political column for many years. His columns are distributed by Creators Syndicate and his reporting and writing have appeared in many publications around the world, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, The New Yorker, The New Republic, The Nation, and Harpers.

Since November 2006, he has served as editor of The Investigative Fund, a nonprofit journalism center, where he has assigned and edited dozens of award-winning articles and broadcasts. He is also the author of two New York Times bestselling books, The Hunting of the President (St. Martins Press, 2000) and Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth (St. Martins Press, 2003).

Currently he is working on a new book about former President Bill Clinton's life and work since leaving the White House in 2001. He is a frequent guest on radio and television, including MSNBC's Morning Joe, and lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

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  1. rose.presle November 1, 2016

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    1. rose528 November 1, 2016

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      1. AgLander November 1, 2016

        Come on Rose528, don’t be catty. You can get a set like that too if you weren’t so cheap with your checkbook!

        1. rose528 November 1, 2016

          then open your checkbook

          1. Eleanore Whitaker November 1, 2016

            Well, at least now we know who pays AGGIE…some dipwad scame business. Figures. He has no time to provide proof of his accusations. Any takers Aggie is rose.presle?

          2. plc97477 November 1, 2016

            No. He might be prostituting himself but not in a honest way like rose.presle.

          3. AgLander November 1, 2016

            I’m sorry. You misunderstood. I am not in the market for a “working girl” but thanks for the offer.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker November 1, 2016

            You aren’t in the market for truth, facts or proof either, are you liar? Get the proof and you get some measure of credibility. And by proof I mean, proof from court records.

          5. AgLander November 1, 2016

            Oh, Ellie: You woke up on the crabby side of the bed this morning, but I am not surprised to witness you being in such a surly mood knowing that your precious Hillary is once again being rightfully pursued by our nations top law enforcement agency after a mother lode of evidence was discovered! But I must remind you that YOU chose to team up with the Clinton Crime Enterprise and now you are going to have to live with the painful results…..the end is near for crooked Hillary Clinton.

          6. Dan S November 1, 2016

            A mother lode of what ? The emails in question are likely the same ones the FBI has already seen. Your boy Trumpy is the one in major trouble facing charges of fraud, rape & sexual assault of at least a dozen women who have come forward so far. Just like you Trump is just plain nasty ????

          7. idamag November 4, 2016

            It’s okay for Republicans to be disgusting. They are so disgusting, if they can’t find facts against a Democrat, they make up lies and believe their own lies.

          8. dpaano November 4, 2016

            And they’ve now found out that he catered to the mob when he owned his casino in Atlantic City…..even tho’ he refuses to admit it. The mobster’s daughter has said that they partied on his yacht and rode in his helicopter on MANY occasions. And, the mob individual was banned from the casinos in New Jersey, but Trump paid the fines and allowed him to come into his casinos.
            So, if the Trump followers want to talk about conspiracies and Watergate-type problems, he needs to perhaps stop and take a look at all the things that are coming out about his doings….

          9. InformedVoter November 5, 2016

            Hello racist and bigot, All you wrote above is speculation, opinion and wishful thinking by you and your low information crowd. Many of the women who made claims against Trump have had their stories debunked and they have since recanted. That makes the work for the other accusers that much tougher.
            If you wish to make charges against a proven rapist and groper, you may wish to charge none other that Billy. Charges that he raped and groped have been proven to the extent that the Clinton’s have paid millions to these women. And yet you continue to support HilLIARy after she slandered Billy’s accusers. Recall “It’s all a vast right wing conspiracy”? She also called these women bimbos and losers. Yet you continue to support her?
            Fortunately, folks are starting to believe all the dirt about the Clintons and the polls are showing the damage being done. Almost all the independent polls now have Trump leading. The only polls that continue to show HilLIARy leading are the media tainted polls.

          10. iamproteus November 1, 2016

            Aggie, the next time you go to pick up your weekly check, please do give my regards to comrade Putin…….in the form of a middle finger in his face!

        2. Eleanore Whitaker November 5, 2016

          Your checkbook isn’t one the IRS has ever seen right rightie? You and Trump know all the “tricks of the trade” of how to avoid paying YOUR fair share of taxes the rest of us have to pay when you don’t. Crook!

  2. 一生一世套图 November 1, 2016


  3. charleo1 November 1, 2016

    Trump. The man who launched his political career on the conspiratorial lie, that the newly elected President of the United States, the most sophisticated, and technologically advanced country in the World, was not a Citizen. Now says an email issue is bigger than Watergate, bigger than Iran-Contra, bigger than the savings and loan debacle. His followers do not follow him because they believe him. But because they like to pretend what he says is true. It’s pure entertainment, and play for the vast majority. Too stupid to care about the stakes. Or care enough about their country to understand democracy is not a video game, a talent contest, or reality t.v. show.

    1. dpaano November 4, 2016

      Most of them are elderly white males….they probably are too senile to remember any of those events!! Either that, or they never read the paper or listened to valid news programs.

  4. TZToronto November 1, 2016

    Trump’s assertion that he loves the uneducated reminds me of the Twilight Zone episode To Serve Man. In that episode, aliens come to Earth and begin transporting humans to the aliens’ home planet. The goal, they claim, is to provide a better life for humans than they could possibly have on Earth. In fact, they publish what is said to be a book that outlines the aliens’ altruistic goal, and that book’s title is To Serve Man. It’s not until the end of the episode that one educated human realizes that To Serve Man is a cookbook. Trump’s statement that he loves the uneducated seemed at first to mean that he holds nothing against the uneducated, that they are people, too, that he values them, and that they deserve to be treated with respect. What we educated people now realize is Trump’s true meaning–that he can say anything and do anything, and the uneducated will fall for every lie that comes out of his orange pie hole. In other words, they’re too ignorant to figure out the con.

    1. AgLander November 1, 2016

      You funny! The Democrats depend heavily for their base support from

      1) the low information voters
      2) the outright uninformed voters
      3) the directionless and easily led voters
      4) the “victim” voters (they’ve been told they are victims by Democrats)
      Without those four groups showing up at the polls, the Democrats face an uphill battle in any election.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker November 1, 2016

        What do your call your posts if not LOW information. Got proof of what you post that come from court records? Or are you just blowing more smoke out your lazy butt? Get the proof asshat. Without proof, your posts are BS.

        1. AgLander November 1, 2016

          You’re from New Jersey, the place where IQ’s are measured in fractions, which means you meet the standards of being included in any of the 4 groups!

          1. Eleanore Whitaker November 1, 2016

            No asshat…I am from NJ…home of Princeton University, a mile long Dow Jones facilty in South Brunswick, Thomas Edison’s 1st lab. You? I flush waste like you every day.

            Kind of sad when a dirtbag like AgPhony can’t stand the idea that his state has NOTHING but hicks.

      2. Dan S November 1, 2016

        You just described Trump voters to a tee. How uncanny ????

    2. Paul Bass November 1, 2016

      “To Serve Man” Damon Knight, 1950 sci fi short story, and basis for “Twilight Zone” episode of the same name, aired 3/2/1962.
      Thanks for the memories!

    3. BDD1951 November 1, 2016

      I was only 40 years old in 1974. I remember Watergate well. It was really nasty. Hilary’s emails are just a drop in the bucket compared to Watergate. In fact, if Hilary hadn’t been running for president we probably wouldn’t even have heard of them.

      1. JPHALL November 1, 2016

        Do not forget Iran/Contra under Reagan/Bush.

  5. AgLander November 1, 2016

    For those of you who lived through the 1990’s, pause and think before you vote, because this is what life was like living with the Clintons and would be again. The Clintons are a lawless, corrupt and scandal ridden couple like never seen before in politics and if she is elected it will be 4 years of the same. And remarkably, the Clintons seem to enjoy it! The more they get away with, the more bold they get with their next act of malfeasance.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker November 1, 2016

      Awww…Aggie has nothing. His boys are in the toilet swimming around in their own “waste,” and now poor Lil Aggie and his bitchy boy men all think they got off an October Surprise.

      When Aggie EVER decides to post the proof of his accusations about Hillary or Bill Clinton, let me know. There are hundreds of posts with the great AGmouth posting BS that he can’t prove and won’t hold up in court.

      He is actually a joke. Right wingers always amuse the sane and rational when righties post BS and then you demand proof and they change the subject. Hey AGGIE….how’s it feel to be a loser?

      1. Theodora30 November 1, 2016

        Could everyone please ignore this troll?

        1. Eleanore Whitaker November 1, 2016

          If you ignore Aggie, he is like measles. He itches more and then spreads his disease.

          1. Dan S November 1, 2016

            Let’s just see how chatty Aggie is on November 9th or will he/she insist the election was rigged as Donnie keeps whining about ????

          2. JPHALL November 1, 2016

            If you notice, since the new polls, he has changed his talking points.

          3. dpaano November 4, 2016

            I can bet that, all of a sudden, all of the Trump Trolls will disappear!!! We can always hope!!!

        2. AgLander November 1, 2016

          Do you want me to get Eleanore to come to your aid so you can hide behind her dress ? I bet you were one of those delicate flowers who was afraid to go outside at recess time during your grade school days!

          1. Eleanore Whitaker November 1, 2016

            Aww..what’s the matter Ags, someone else putting down your BS posts? Where is your proof? Got none right? I thought so.

          2. AgLander November 1, 2016

            Even though you have expressed hatred towards all men, I thought you’d enjoy muscling up and protecting a weakling man…I was doing you a favor!

          3. Eleanore Whitaker November 1, 2016

            I don’t hate all men. I hate liars. You are a liar. Get the proof and I’ll judge you as you do everyone who disagrees with you. Don’t you ever get tired of being the common denominator in your own failed posts?

        3. Dan S November 1, 2016

          Sometimes I wonder if that’s little Donnie trolling as Aggie ???? Completely clueless & rants about the most outrageous lies you can imagine

          1. Theodora30 November 1, 2016

            Or Putin?

          2. Dan S November 1, 2016

            Of course the puppet master himself ????

        4. JPHALL November 1, 2016

          It is so hard to ignore this idiot Agatha!

          1. Theodora30 November 1, 2016

            Yes but that is how he wants us to react. We encourage him when we engage.

          2. dpaano November 4, 2016

            No it isn’t…..all you need to do is block them like I did. Now I don’t have to read their BS!!!

        5. idamag November 4, 2016

          Everyone should. Ever since I saw their profiles in the Time Magazine, I find them too far beneath me to acknowledge.

      2. Dan S November 1, 2016

        Nice burn ????

      3. idamag November 4, 2016

        It is possible, and I believe this, that there is something innate in the present Republican Party that makes them lie. I know I would not want to buy a used car from any one of them.

  6. Eleanore Whitaker November 1, 2016

    Anyone who lives in the NY/NJ area knows that WeinerGate is nearly 10 years old. It is NOT new news. Only hicks in the hinterlands were not aware of this. Trump put the buzz in the FBIs’ ears because Trump’s trampling grounds are NY City and its 5 boros where he has screwed over numerous business owners, had NY judges in his back pocket and never was held accountable because he always paid his way to get what he wanted.

    What I would love to know is if Comey was paid off to out emails that have nothing to do with Hillary. The ONLY connection as all of us who read the daily NY papers for months of WeinerGate know. is that Huma, wife of Weiner, was an employee of Hillary. So Trump, that dirty scumball now tries to make it appear that any emploloee of Hillary is a criminal. And, Huma, being a woman, naturally is what Trump always looks for when it is time to dump blame, is the perfect target.

    The Republican Party is toast. Comey sat on the data that proved Trump and Putin were in cahoots because Trump owes millions to the Russians. But somehow, Hillary’s connection to a lewd, lascivious man like Weiner who not only stole his wife’s laptop when the FBI, yes, the FBI, confiscated the cell phone he used for sexting that went viral, but then Trump tries now to make it appear that Hillary was responsible for Weiner’s dick out there in cyber world.

    If this is an example of American men who can’t accept losing to women, this is why it is long past time to put some of these bully males in their places. Hillary will win. She has gained, not lost votes. She will be president and the GOP just might end up disbanded for trying to frame Hillary without proof.

    There isn’t a woman in this country who doesn’t know the sleeze Trump is pulling just to win win win win win. Ryan will be gone. Issa is already losing in his state and Chaffetz just might end up in prison for coercing the FBI and Comey to release those emails when the FBI refused to release the Trump/Putin emails.

    Double standards from men? What the HELL else?

  7. Eleanore Whitaker November 1, 2016

    The reality of this mess is not at Hillary’s doorstep. Now, Comey will have to resign. Let’s remember that Comey was one of Ken Starr’s prosecutors in WhiteWater, another of the Republican boys failures to prove guilt.

    The problem for the GOP and right wing now is that their attempts to Republicanize law in the US has failed miserably. That is exactly what Gowdy and Chaffetz were trying to force Comey to do in that last EmailGate investigation when they interrogated him like they were Roy Cohn of the McCarthy era.

    Gowdy was so pissed off when Comey refused to lie under oath and say Hillary was “guilty” that Gowdy’s face went beet red and I thought his fury was such, if he had a gun, he’d have killed Comey right then and there.

    1. BDD1951 November 1, 2016

      Now, Ken Starr is involved in the rape scandal at Baylor University. He was related to a relative of mine. I say “was” because that relative of mine passed on a few years ago. But, if she was still alive, she would defend him to the death.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker November 1, 2016

        Comey was one of Ken Starr’s prosecutors in Whitewater. But, more than that? Ken Starr, Karl Rove, Grover Norquist, Eric Prince of Blackwater and more recently “XE” and the Rev. Ralph Reed, of sexual molestation fame, all were members of the same Young Republicans Club in college who made a pact to stop Bill Clinton. The minute Clinton became a Rhodes Scholar their venomous vengeance began and hasn’t stopped since.

        1. idamag November 4, 2016

          I did not know comey was a prosecutor in the Whitewater case. One of Whitewater’s prosecution team has said he is voting for Hillary. He must have had his doubts back then.

  8. Theodora30 November 1, 2016

    You forgot the part where George Bush the First repeatedly lied about his active involvement in both the Iran part of the scandal and the illegal, unconstitutional Contra operation. His right hand man Donald Gregg oversaw the Contra op. He facts finally came out when Caspar Weinberger was indicted for lying about keeping a diary of the planning meetings. (The Sainted Colin Powell also lied to the investigators about the existence of this diary.)
    “Weinberger was indicted, but the fact that the evidence behind the indictment, Weinberger’s personal notes on various White House meetings regarding the crimes of Iran-Contra, proved that George H.W. Bush had been lying his ass off on the subject for almost five years, including during his celebrated, Roger Ailes-induced scuffle with Dan Rather during the 1988 campaign.” Charles Pierce Esquire

    Bush then pardoned Weinberger, keeping all this information from coming out bigly at his trial and possibly leading to charges against Bush, himself. The media shrugged this off unlike their freak out the pardon of Marc Rich by Clinton at the request of Israel.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker November 1, 2016

      If you read the book, “American Dynasty” by Kevin Phillips, you get not just an account of how Reagan and Bush ’41 both lied about Iran Gate, but you get the bibliographies that come from government documents as proof of what he wrote.

      The October Surprise has deadly ramifications. For one thing, if Trump somehow coerced Comey into releasing those emails and Chaffetz was the first to receive it and approve it, that is a violation of the Hatch Act which states clearly that no federal employee may influence the outcome of an election.

      But, the worst for the GOP is now whether or not Trump paid Comey or any money changed hands. During the last EmailGate interrogation by Gowdy and Chaffetz, it was more than obvious that Comey was pissed off at Gowdy for trying to force him to lie under oath and say Hillary was “guilty.” I saw and heard Comey, Gowdy and Chaffetz in that hour long depostion of Comey.

      If, Trump has borrowed millions from Russia and he paid off Comey to delay releasing that information, Comey has to resign. Comey didn’t hesitate to release the WeinerGate emails but he delayed Trump’s emails to Putin about the money Trump owes Russia? That’s a violation of national security.

      1. Theodora30 November 1, 2016

        You are right about Kevin Phillip’s book. Phillips is the Republican who was a Nixon supporter. The book by Iran Contra Independent Counsel, Lawrence Walsh – also a Republican – “Firewall” is also a great source. Walsh was furious with Bush and Weinberger and Saint Colin. There has been a clear double standard on the part of the “liberal” media for reporting on wrongdoing by Republicans vs. Democrats going back at least that far.
        It seems to me that the media is much more influenced by whether they like someone rather than any objective standard. Reagan was viewed as a glamorous Hollywood star, Bush I as an elite patrician, Bush II was bizarrely admired as “just folks” and a guy who would be more fun to have a beer with. Powell is still on a pedestal despite his having destroyed all of his emails in a clear attempt to subvert the FOIA. In contrast both Gore and Kerry were despised for being too substantive which bored journalists. And Kerry committed the unpardonable sin of windsurfing which gave journalists a hissy fit. Carter and Clinton were looked down on as hicks from the boonies. Journalists and Lucius repeatedly derided Carter by calling him a peanut farmer and Clinton by calling him Bubba (Saint Tim Russert was a big offender.) I never heard any of them calling Dubya by the derisive nickname Shrub.
        If the media admires someone like Reagan, Poppy, Ken Starr, Louie Freeh, Powell, Comey, etc. they willingly downplay serious wrongdoing by them. If they don’t admire them they will gleefully crucify them for any supposed wrongdoing or just for the appearance of it. Optics, don’t cha know. They have brought untold damage to our democracy with their adolescent mentality.

        1. browninghipower November 1, 2016

          Very well said!

      2. idamag November 4, 2016

        I see people who are scared. Idaho’s senator, Mike Crapo, came out against trump when his grabbing film came out. I respected him for that. Then Sunday’s paper has him saying he endorses and will vote for trump. That looks like fear to me.

        1. dpaano November 4, 2016

          Trump probably threatened to sue him or to do whatever is necessary not to get him re-elected when the time comes.

      3. dpaano November 4, 2016

        I think Comey is more scared of these guys than their money! I seriously doubt money changed hands….it’s too easy to prove….but threatening someone with whatever works so much better since there’s no written proof of it happening unless there’s a recording or a written record somewhere.

  9. Karen November 1, 2016

    Worth repeating. …”any literate American should be able to figure this out. “

    1. BDD1951 November 1, 2016

      Most older republicans keep hoping that things will bet better. In my area, we have a lot of people of European descent and they are Catholic. Abortion is the only thing they care about. You can’t make them understand that there is more going on in this country than abortion. A lot more.

      1. johninPCFL November 1, 2016

        Ask them how they feel about granting the rape baby’s father visitation. How about child support from the rapist?
        It’s never included in any of the anti-abortion laws proposed. Ask them why the laws never do more than consider the abortion, never consider any of the issues affecting the mothers.

        1. idamag November 4, 2016

          They don’t consider the needs of children after they are born.

          1. dpaano November 4, 2016

            Definitely…..once the child is born, they disappear. They look down on the mother if she needs help and totally abandon her. They don’t even go after the father for child support…..it’s ridiculous! All they do is blame the woman for getting pregnant in the first place…..last time I heard, it takes two!

    2. AgLander November 1, 2016

      What does that say about you? You’re still working on it!

      1. Sand_Cat November 1, 2016

        You’ll obviously NEVER get it. Perhaps you should consider your own case, and how foolish you look, before attempting to make snark about others.

  10. Eleanore Whitaker November 1, 2016

    In reality, a lot of decent, honest men of integrity are being made to look like the same slimeball Trump is and has always been.

    Trump as anyone who has had 4 decades of Trump Tantrums in our NY/NJ media knows, is the most ruthless, belligerent, lawless criminal in this country.

    The only reason he gets away with his crimes is because he threatens lawsuits. Trump has sued more people in his lifetime than all of the people in the US put together.

  11. Eleanore Whitaker November 1, 2016

    Once you go back and look at the Republican President Warren Harding’s big Scandal, The TeaPot Dome, you see how far back in Republican History these men have been willing to lower themselves. The TeaPot Dome Scandal was all about Harding’s Secy of the Interior, Fall, selling off public land to oil interests for pennies on the dollar. Fall ended up in prison.

    Then you had Herbert Hoover sucking up to the Wall Street speculators and causing the Great Depression that put millions out of work and caused banks to steal money on deposit. Don’t wonder why the FDIC was created to protect your savings.

    Nixon knew all about the WaterGate burglars burglarizing DNC headquarters at the WaterGate hotel in DC. Somehow, the Republicans decided that even though they were the criminals involved in that, they were going to get even with any Democratic president from that day forward. Isn’t that why they tried to impeach Clinton? Which by the way, Clinton was acquitted and the Republicans got even more spiteful and angry.

    On to Obama and the train wreck the GOP hoped it would make of his adminstration. I’d say about now, Americans have had it with the GOP and they will be lucky to have a party left when this election is over.

    1. Blueberry Hill November 1, 2016

      Once all of Trump’s crimes come to light, his will be bigger than Watergate. They are so many that it is hard to keep up with them all, but I think the FBI and CIA are on the ball with them. It is also a crime to threaten a political opponent as he and his minions are doing.


      1. Eleanore Whitaker November 1, 2016

        I think you are so right. I have a feeling for all the years Trump has paid his way out of jail, if that rape charge in that Florida case sticks, the rest of the Trump garbage will be laid bare for him.

        My niece works for the FBI. She tells me they are furious that Comey would “dirty the credibility” of the FBI. For so many years, the FBI, after J. Edgar died, went completely unbiased and uninfluenced.

        Along came Cheney who from his back room presidency tried to Republicanize the DOJ, FBI and all law enforcement. Just imagine if they had succeeded. The only law in the US today would be Republican law.

        1. Dan S November 1, 2016

          I’m just stunned that Comey pulled this garbage out just a week before the most contentious Election of our lifetimes ???? He should’ve known better & I’m sure President Clinton will be looking to name his replacement shortly after the Inauguration. Let’s hope Trump gets his just desserts in court facing fraud charges over Trump U & charges of raping a 13yo.

          1. Blueberry Hill November 1, 2016

            I still think it was by design and fully intended to influence the election. He is too intelligent to just blunder or make a mistake.


          2. Eleanore Whitaker November 1, 2016

            Like you, I find it hard to believe that neither Trump, Comey, Gowdy or Chaffetz could not perceive the damage it would do to their party. It was political strategy that backfired big time for the GOP Hillary Haters.

          3. iamproteus November 1, 2016

            Comey does profess to be a republican, does he not?

          4. Eleanore Whitaker November 1, 2016

            Based solely on what we all have seen of Trump’s public behavior, about now, he is fuming like he never has before. I think many within the FBI are now extremely concerned about loss of public trust and how this will come down.

            This is not good and it won’t get better.

          5. idamag November 4, 2016

            She had better.

          6. dpaano November 4, 2016

            Among the many OTHER things that he’s being investigated for; i.e., the Trump Foundation, his friendship with mobsters and his casinos, his Cuban connection, and I could go on and on!!!

        2. idamag November 4, 2016

          I think he has a lot of people afraid of him, also. He could use power to hurt them.

      2. idamag November 4, 2016

        But, they will ignore that. He’s a Republican whose wife bare bottom is all over the internet. First lady material? She gave a speech last night. If you want to laugh out loud, go ahead. When she is first lady, she will teach young people how to use social media like Twitter and Facebook.

        1. dpaano November 4, 2016

          Yeah, she said she wanted to stop bullying and stop people from using the internet for hate…..maybe she should start with her husband! Talk about bullying, spreading hate and everything else….he’s the worst!!! Her speech was ridiculous….she’s as uninformed as his followers (he probably likes it that way because he can control her), and just as brainwashed!

      3. dpaano November 4, 2016

        I’m not sure about how involved the FBI is……there are so many things they should have been investigating about Trump and didn’t. I don’t really put a lot of trust in them nowadays…..certainly not after Comey’s latest BS with e-mails on Weiner’s laptop!!!

    2. Anna Maria Yoakum November 1, 2016

      True, it’s been a hate fest orchestrated by the Republicans ever since Watergate. It galled them that they were caught and got their hands slapped. It’s pathetic that they’ve allowed that bitterness to fester into such vile hatred, and even sadder that they have fanned the flames of hate to engulf their faithful constituents.

  12. Eleanore Whitaker November 1, 2016

    It takes a real coward to deflect guilt on innocent people. But that is precisely what men in the GOP do every day. They screw up the economy for 8 years and then blame Obama. They get us into endless wars to keep their states rolling in federal military industry tax subsidies and blame us for the national debt.

    Anyone else ready to kick ass and take names?

    1. Blueberry Hill November 1, 2016

      That is one reason we need to VOTE ALL DEMS ALL UP AND DOWN THE BALLOT. Retire these crooked republicans who don’t want to do their jobs, and just keep collecting big salaries from the taxpayers for nearly 8 years and not doing a single thing to earn a dime of it. Just wasting Billions on their fake investigations and 60 votes for taking away the insurance we just finally got. It needs some tweeking, but Hillary has plans to fix the one we have, or Medicare for all, which doesn’t pay for everything and only 80% of what they AGREE to.


    2. idamag November 4, 2016

      I’m ready to kick A.

      1. dpaano November 4, 2016

        Got my ass-kickin’ boots on….I’m in!!!

  13. CrankyToo November 1, 2016

    Here’s what we know for certain:

    1. Republicans are scum and the people who support them are impervious to facts;


    2. A lie will travel halfway around the Republican world before truth even gets its boots on.

    If you vote Republican in this election, you’re twisted. End of story.

    1. RED November 1, 2016

      Amen! Being a good person and being a Republican are mutually exclusive!!

      1. AgLander November 1, 2016

        And being a woman with that certain female body part as your main sales pitch is not a good enough reason to ask for our vote for the nation’s top job.

    2. AgLander November 1, 2016

      You offer an excellent example of what chronic drug use can do to the human brain…..

      1. Dan S November 1, 2016

        Of course the truth hurts & no matter how you want to deny it your boy Trump is a puppet of the Kremlin. Now there’s a good thriller for John Grisham to write. Let’s just keep it in the fictional section & vote for Hillary ????

      2. Thoughtopsy November 1, 2016

        Must be fun trying to support and distract from a candidate as horrific as Trump.
        I find it curious how one candidate handled or mishandled their email is somehow much more critical to the voters than…
        Trump’s rapes.
        Trump’s lawsuits.
        Trump’s tax returns.
        Trump’s outright and obvious lies.
        Trump’s terrible and infantile temperament.
        Trump’s suggestion to the voting public they should go and watch a sex tape (that didn’t exist).
        Trump’s rampant misogyny.
        Trump’s bigotry.
        Trump’s racism.
        Trump’s demonizing of the media.
        Trump’s bankruptcies.
        Trump’s financial ties to Russia.
        Trump’s possible political ties to Russia.
        Trump’s University con that he is actually going to court for.
        Trump’s multiple failed businesses.
        Trump’s incoherent, meandering word salad.
        Trump’s almost complete lack of policy.
        Trump’s statement that Climate Change is a hoax by the Chinese.
        Trump’s hatred of Immigrants.
        Trump’s continual HIRING of those same immigrants for his businesses.
        Trump’s lies about businesses leaving America.
        Trump’s products which he manufactures in the same countries he complains that American jobs are being lost to.

        And the list goes on…

        Yeah… Not using email correctly seems totally equivalent to the screaming dumpster fire that is your Candidate.

        I suggest you type faster.

      3. JPHALL November 1, 2016

        No, you are the premier example of brain rot. No one else comes close Agatha!

        1. idamag November 4, 2016

          I have always been proud that my great-great-grandfather was one of the first Republicans. It started out as the abolitionist party. It has been taken over by fascists. They are a danger to our Democracy. They feed off ignorant people. Hitler’s brown shirts were the thugs that worshipped him and hated government. When he was through with them, he sent them to the front and organized a better militant group. Oh, they were still haters or they wouldn’t have been in his elite troops. When Lincoln freed the slaves, the racist shts became Democrats. Especially dixiecrats. When Johnson signed civil rights into law, the racists became Republicans. The party has been rotting from the center ever since.

      4. Sand_Cat November 1, 2016

        As usual, you have nothing to say.

    3. idamag November 4, 2016

      For certain!

  14. plc97477 November 1, 2016

    After ronnie reagan’s presidency he was considered “meh”. It was after tricky dicky so completely imploded that the repugs decided to make him a saint because he didn’t actually get impeached. In their books a win I guess.

  15. RED November 1, 2016

    Personally if it’s discovered that a foreign country was attempting to control or overthrow our government, I’d be pissed! Pissed just like Iran, Cuba, Honduras, Nicaragua, Iraq, and the countless other countries that the U.S. has overthrown their governments and installed violent vicious dictators. Not gonna as all this returns to haunt us. For the last fifty years the U.S. has used its power to enslave much of the world and now we are spending more and more and losing more freedom each day because we have created an enormous amount of people who lives and families were destroyed by U.S. imperialism. And who benefited? Was it the people of the U.S.? Did we all profit from all this imperialism and controlling the wealth of other nations? Not so much, all we got was to pay for these thefts with the blood of our children. Disgusting!!!

    1. Eleanore Whitaker November 1, 2016

      Red, The Bush family owned 11 sugar plantations in Cuba for decades and also tobacco plantations in Nicaraguea and Honduras. It has always been Republicans since their founding in 1854 who push for war to keep Republican military industrialists in their states in war profits. The biggest profiteering military industrialist state is VA.

      As for Iraq, that was a done deal the minute Cheney was rejected to run as the frontrunner back in 1994 when his own party refused to put him out there. 2 years later, he became CEO of Halliburton. 2 years after that, VP of the US and 2 years after that Cheney brokered a no bid contract for his former special interest company Halliburton to supply the Iraq war.

      When you look for imperialism, it is never possible to subtract greed and profits from that. The History of the Republican Party is now as dirty as Trump’s. I am fairly certain if the truth comes out about why Comey delayed releasing Trump’s emails to Putin borrowing millions and why Comey was in an all fired hurry to release 10 year old WeinerGate emails, the Republican Party, Gowdy, Chaffetz and Issa may all end up in prison for bribery of a federal employee. Money is the ONLY reason Comey would EVER jeopardize his career.

      1. Pat November 1, 2016

        You know, Ms. whitaker, there are other people on the ballot besides Trump, maybe you have forgotten that Mr. Johnson and Ms. Stien are still on the ballot. If you are so worried about Trump, vote for a woman, but not a criminal one

        1. JPHALL November 1, 2016

          Why totally waste votes on people with a zero chance of winning?

          1. Pat November 2, 2016

            just a thought. with everyone so obsessed with Clinton and Trump both being so bad, I thought, there are others that may not be so criminal. Oh well, God is in control anyway, so it does not matter. He will choose the one He wants and that is who we will have. End of story. I would quote Scripture and verse but Ms. Whitaker still has to rant on so, I do not waste my time. Scripture also says do not caste your pearls before swine. So I say no more.

        2. Sand_Cat November 1, 2016

          I think she’s planning on it.
          Only morons like you keep repeating the “criminal” BS.
          Got desperation?
          Worse than Watergate? Do you know anything about Watergate? Or the meaning of “criminal”?

        3. idamag November 4, 2016

          I plan on voting for a woman who is not a criminal. I am planning on voting for Hillary.

        4. dpaano November 4, 2016

          Neither of them have the experience or wherewithal to run this country. They’ve only managed to run small-time political areas. They are as uninformed about our government as Trump. Not putting them down, just saying…..
          By the way, Hillary is NOT a criminal, has never been indicted for anything (unlike Trump), and has the experience and ability to run this country far better than anyone else who is in the running! She’s already gotten my vote…..mailed my ballot in last week, along with my husband’s (who, by the way, also voted for Hillary)!

    2. idamag November 4, 2016


  16. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 1, 2016

    Trump, alias “Bigly”, has become so accustomed to lying and offering wild-eyed interpretations that epitomizes a contempt for honesty and accurate assessment, that he honestly doesn’t know the difference between telling yarn embellished with half-baked ideas and misconceptions from that which is truthful and which accurately reflect reality.
    Trump’s perception of the world is now so distorted that he perceives the truth as a lie, and considers a lie to be the truth.
    Given such twisted set of values, how can anyone be duped into believing anything he says, unless they too share a similarly deformed inertial frame of reference??

    1. Blueberry Hill November 1, 2016

      It is too bad that we are having a campaign with a candidate like him that we hear nothing but garbage and lies from. Best we can do is make sure we DON’T VOTE FOR TRUMP! HE IS HIDEOUS, A LIAR AND DANGEROUS FOR US ALL.


    2. AgLander November 1, 2016

      Current temperature 81 degrees at 7:00PM in Muscat, Oman.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 1, 2016

        Thanks, just the way I liked it growing up in Mississippi.
        Now, would you please get me an egg salad sandwich. Atta good Aggie. Roll over, fetch the ball, and play dead(for a month).

        1. AgLander November 1, 2016

          Ah….you are a devious rogue of many disguises! Representing yourself as an Omani native and Sharia Law advocate, along with all the 5th century connotations that it carries, and now you are in the midst of transforming yourself to a good ‘ol boy from Mississippi with a rifle rack in your pick-up truck! Since you love to act like someone you aren’t, you should open up a one-man traveling stage show where you change your wardrobe every 15 minutes as you take on the roll of new imaginary characters!

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 2, 2016

            Agatha, just make me a sandwich. And try not to trouble yourself with trying to be influential.

          2. idamag November 4, 2016

            OMG would you dare eat anything someone like that had their hands on.

      2. pisces63 November 2, 2016

        Current temperature in Cleveland, Ohio 70 degrees, What did I miss. waiting for the 7th game of the world Series.

  17. Jon November 1, 2016

    It’s strange how Trump making wild inflammatory statements about the contents of emails I assume he has never seen is seen by his flock and other low information voters as newsworthy and repeatedly broadcast. Meanwhile news of Trump’s server connected only to a Russian bank, his thousands of lost emails including many destroyed in violation of court orders, his attempts at tax evasion amounting to millions of dollars, further evidence of illegal use of Trump Foundation funds, and Russian hacking and attempting to influence the election for their candidate and Putin admirer Trump is getting very little to no coverage. Republicans and their MSM allies do all they can to create every disadvantage they can for Democratic candidates.

    1. Blueberry Hill November 1, 2016

      Truth doesn’t matter to the Trump Trash. He just spouts his ugly mouth and makes up stuff all over the place, even threatens Hillary, that is illegal. If candidates could go to jail for lying, he wouldn’t even be able to give a campaign speech.


      1. Jon November 1, 2016

        One problem is that Trump’s nonstop lying and accusing Hillary of crimes without any evidence while calling her “Crooked Hillary” and saying he is going to lock her up has happened for so long that people get tired of talking about his banana republic antics. What was considered beyond civility has become the new normal.

      2. idamag November 4, 2016

        Libel is illegal, too. If people would start charging people for making up lies, we might put a stop to it. Any violation of a law that goes unpunished increases the crime. John Kerry should have sued the swift boater fascists.

        1. Blueberry Hill November 5, 2016

          Yes, I think they should be able to sue the liars, at least that might keep the campaigns honest.
          DID YOU SEE THIS?:



          1. idamag November 6, 2016

            I just read it. Until we stop thinking it is beneath our dignity to respond to liars, they will continue to get worse.

        2. Blueberry Hill November 7, 2016

          Oh, so true!


    2. dpaano November 4, 2016

      We should call it “Trumpgate!”

  18. AgLander November 1, 2016

    Huma Abedin must remain where she is now…..as far away from the Clintons as possible because her life is in danger. The evidence is the code words being used by the soulless Hillary Clinton who now is describing Huma as “one of my staffers”, as if she is simply one of many. Of course, up until this weekend, we all know Huma Abedin was a constant companion of Hillary Clinton, never more than 5 feet away from her and described by Hillary as “my second daughter and closest aid”. To now demote her to a faceless “staffer” is code word to Huma that “you’re dead if we get out hands on you”. It could be a Vince Foster type suicide, food poisoning, a traffic accident or a random street crime…..suffice to say, the Clintons have put out a “work order” to get rid of another Clinton confidante who has outlived her usefulness! It’s called “Clinton Rules”.

    1. Dan S November 1, 2016

      Who are you ? John Grisham trialing his latest conspiracy thriller ? ???? It won’t fly John

      1. idamag November 4, 2016

        Gosh, Dan, you know John Grisham is better educated and more articulate than the agfascist.

    2. Thoughtopsy November 1, 2016

      Haha… off your meds again I see.

    3. I Am Helpy November 1, 2016

      OK sorry your terrible candidate is losing.

    4. Sand_Cat November 1, 2016

      Got desperation?

    5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 2, 2016

      Hackers, your Agatha program is still in need of a software upgrade. It keeps reiterating the same childish behavior, repeating the same tiresome themes, and has an inferiority complex. Your Agatha program is sophisticated enough to express jealousy, contempt, bigotry, and just plain goofiness.
      Well-done!! You may get Ignoble Prize for your efforts.

      1. idamag November 4, 2016

        Goebbels repeated the same lies about the Jews often enough and long enough that most of a once civilized country believed them. He was helping hitler who said he would make Germany great again.

        1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 4, 2016

          And not only that, but he and Adolf were held in high esteem because they “told it like it was”, or because they were ‘honest’ and represented the average German’s angst over having lost WW1 and their economic clout as a result.

    6. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 4, 2016

      Dear Agatha, are you having success in your foolish and childish quest to convince people to see the world with the same twisted goggles you use??
      The Wayne Allyn Root crowd would love to hear your prattle. You might even get someone to say—“Well done, Aggie!!” You won’t get that affirmation from more sane and stable people.

    1. Dan S November 1, 2016

      That is truly a very disturbing look at Trump. He truly is a monster in every sense of the word. Thanks for sharing

    2. Anna Maria Yoakum November 1, 2016

      Impossible to believe how people can be appalled over Hillary using her private server, and how they can scream in indignation about a bunch of old emails that may simply be duplications of what has already been seen or may be absolutely nothing at all . . . and yet – they can ignore such things as Trump’s ties to Russia and the fact that Russia has been responsible for the email hacks. They refuse to acknowledge how wrong it is for a country such as Russia, to interfere with our U.S. presidential elections. What part of protecting U.S. sovereignty do they not understand ?

      1. idamag November 4, 2016

        What if trump and putin’s ties are actually mob ties?

        1. dpaano November 4, 2016

          See my post above…..he’s been tied into the mob many times….especially where it came to his casinos in Atlantic City!

  19. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 1, 2016

    “The Clinton email “scandal,” as everyone knows by now, involves the use of a private email server and raised questions about whether Clinton had used that system in a way that violated federal secrecy laws. After a lengthy investigation, the FBI found that she had committed no intentional violations, that there had been no cover-up or attempt to conceal information from law enforcement, and that there was no plausible reason to file criminal charges against Clinton. As FBI director James Comey said last summer, in explaining why he would not indict her, “It wasn’t even close.” ”

    Trump’s propensity for distorting the truth, the GOP’s insistence on comparing apples with oranges. along with the gullibility of those whose minds are so out of alignment as to think that email mishandling cancels out Trump’s long history of corruption demands that we stop, catch our collective breath, and get a better grip on what I think is happening.

    Our immersion in an America that has been so disoriented by centuries of lies, deceptions, inhumane practices of forced sterilizations with Mike Pence’ state implementing the world’s first formal application of eugenics in 1907, lack of trustworthiness as evidenced by the numerous breaking of treaties with Native American inhabitants, and the growing influence of materialism, has so clouded our
    judgement that we have difficultly with consistently using justice and common sense to tell the difference between email server usage and Trump’s countless criminal activities of the past and present.

    A brief visit to Wayne Allyn Root’s forum was enough to make me and anyone else to shudder and feel a sense of foreboding suffusing his forum. I know I’m wordy, and a long comment of mine has stirred a commotion there. I tried to be polite, spoke about the oneness of humanity and similar themes, and used measured language(I hope).
    Not to my surprise, a few of the denizens there were aroused in a negative way, wholly fixed on their hate of Hillary and the Clinton name, while blithely ignoring the crux of my message.

    Trump relies on this lethargy of the minds of his followers, their short attention span, and reliance on snappy and cute slogans. Our culture has evolved to one that relies on jingoisms, short snappy answers to intelligent questions(not like Al Jaffe’s “Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions” series in Mad Magazine), and a MacDonald’s type of information gathering—one solely dependent on quick answers to complicated questions and problems.

    Trump is the nation’s “Ronald McDonald”, dispensing short snappy responses, dishing out greasy canned explanations, and for desserts promising to make America great—all for the price of electing him to a position to add to his growing collection of things he has spent a lifetime acquiring. And he imagines that he can take it all with him into the next world upon his death—a doorway all of us must enter through to the Real World.

    This world is “The Matrix”, and, by way of what Baha’u’llah says, is transitory and is an illusion, but having analogues representing spiritual realities within it that reflect the reality of the Real World which we’re not allowed to fully visualize and to comprehend but can apprehend by virtue of striving and improving spiritual susceptibilities. This is one of the insights gained by Plato as shown in his “The Cave”, which Muhammad alluded to in the Qur’an and those legitimate Imams wrote about in their Interpretations before their lives wer snuffed out by detractors within Islam, and by Baha’u’llah in “The Seven Valleys and the Four Valleys” and numerous other Tablets.

    Spiritual “organs” will be needed beyond this realm in order to fully navigate and experience the next world(s). So far, Trump and his allies are exerting an influence that only stifles the further development of spiritual qualities needed in this realm, and which will be needed exclusively in the next.

  20. idamag November 4, 2016

    Nixon, and the Republican Party then, was involved in a break in trying to find dirt against their opponent. This was one man, one administration and one party. Now, what is happening with the Republican Party could smell more like organized crime or fascism. The Republican Party has never been so despicable and I am not a Democrat. There were those so-called Christians who were so worried about morals, in the past. Now, they accept pu**y grabbing as okay. Hillary has been called names by those hypocrites in the hopes the names will stick. None of their vile accusations were proven. Trump , on the other hand is on tape saying he can grab a woman’s crotch and because he is rich and powerful they will do nothing. That is not an allegation. We have seen and heard the tape. Trump has justified his stiffing people he owes money to, by saying the law was there to use. It was the same with him paying no taxes. I remember when so-called Christian ladies were boycotting Victoria’s Secret because their window displays were not what they wanted their sons to see. Melania Trump’s bare A all over the internet does not even bother them.

  21. InformedVoter November 5, 2016

    Leaked emails worse than Watergate? Absolutely! Watergate’s intent was to get the upper hand for the upcoming election. The leaked emails revealed that the primary was being fixed. Deb W-S resigned over the emails. The emails showed that HilLIARy was given the debate questions in advance.
    And the emails showed that Clinton used her private server to conceal the Clinton Foundation criminal actions and bribes.
    I have not touched on the fact that the emails were easily hacked and thus national security was jeopardized (we still have not seen the end of this one).

    1. Eleanore Whitaker November 5, 2016

      Where is your proof? Or are you just blowing smoke out your butt as you Hillary Haters always do?

      First of all, there was NEVER going to be anything that Hillary could be indicted for in Weiner’s emails to that 21 year old in Seattle WA. Why? Because he took his wife’s laptop without her knowledge AFTER the FBI confiscated the cell phone he used to flash his schlong that went viral..

      And once again you lie. What about the 2 million emails Bush and Cheney deleted that proved that Daddy Bush brokered the sales of arms to the Contras? Bitch about that much did you? No of course not.

      Hillary used her private server just like Colin Powell also did…and like Cheney did when he sent emails to Halliburton.

      Hillary WILL be president. And what are YOU gonna do about that? I’ll tell what US women will do to you…become a very angry mob who will lynch you and put your butts in stocks so we can beat your butts in public.

      1. InformedVoter November 5, 2016

        Once more you demonstrate why you were nothing more than a low level clerical worker. Proof of what? That HilLIARy’s actions are worse than Watergate? You can’t provide proof it wasn’t. Just opinion. If HilLIARy does win, congress will tie her up in legal proceedings about her foundation plus the use of her server.
        When Trump wins, she will be indicted.
        Comey struck a deal with HilLIARy earlier, so that he would remain FBI director if she won. Since her fax lead has disappeared, Comey realized that the 100 FBI agents who were going to turn against him so he would be indicted, decided to reopen the investigation. He did this to protect his own butt.
        HilLIARy certainly could be charged because of the information on Weiner’s laptop. Since there is classified information on that laptop, then she would be subject to criminal charges. Why do you think the Weiner’s (yes both of them) are now meeting with the FBI and turning state’s evidence? Why do you think Obama has stated that for Comey to reopen the investigation was not only proper (contrary to Harry Reid) but even necessary. Critics are now saying Obama has thrown HilLIARy under the bus. Speculation is that the emails going to be released implicate Obama too and by saying the investigation should proceed that he’s struck a deal to prevent him from being charged.
        So US women are going to turn to violence if HilLIARy wins? Your idle threats could be taken in such a way that you could be charged with a hate crime! But then again, all throughout this campaign, it’s been the HilLIARy supporters who have been violent, not the peaceful Trump supporters. Did you see the video of HilLIARy supporters beating up a homeless black women who was protecting Trump’s star? Shameful violent acts by Dems!
        I’m sure will think that beating up this defenceless black woman was justified.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker November 6, 2016

          Where is YOUR Resume? Don’t have one do you Welfare Case? Sorry scumbucket but my first employer was quite well known in politics. She was an ombudswoman to the SBA and I was her executive assistant (her choice of title, not mine). The second job I had was with the man who became more well known as Senator Lautenberg. I worked for his VPs of Operations and Marketing.

          This was after I owned 2 businesses and before I taught part-time at Rutgers. Now slimebucket ..let’s see YOUR resume.

          Or are you too ashamed to admit your only job was as a blue collar trash collector who got fired for picking through the trash and stealing and selling what you picked?

          Hillary is going to be president. Best that you face that fact. You liars can do all of the voter finagling you want. But in NJ, Hillary will win by a landslide just like she will in CT, NY, MA and DE. Now post that resume or be the chicken livered jerk you already proved you are.

          You have no proof of any one of your accusations of Hillary and refuse to post your resume. I already posted mine and you already know don’t you that I have over 35 followers on LInkedIn? Ooooooh and doesn’t that just eat your heart out?

          1. InformedVoter November 6, 2016

            It’s like I wrote, you have been nothing but an assistant to an assistant! Your bloated boasting impresses no one except small children and perhaps dogs!
            I’ve provided my resume on several occasions, and all it did was make you weep.
            Oh 35 followers! Oh my. That really impresses you, but no one else is impressed. HilLIARy has Hollywood stars backing her, but that doesn’t impress anyone except dull individuals. She gets a couple of hundred at her rallies and President Trump gets thousands.
            You are a vengeful, low information person, whose posts get regularly destroyed by anyone with even the slightest amount of knowledge. You are such a low life that you probably enjoyed watching that homeless black women get pummeled by HilLIARy supporters. Admit it! You have an anger problem and that’s why you got terminated from so many of your meanial jobs.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker November 7, 2016

            Where is YOUR Resume Coward? Too ashamed we will know you are a phony? A paid Troll who can only earn your living by bashing Hillary?

            Show us your resume. You already proved you have NOTHING Hillary and oh boy, you must be wallowing on your PITY POT now that Comey stated yesterday that there is NO PROOF that Hillary violated any laws in those emails. Ooooooh and how that bites your butt right?

            I will just keep repeating my demand to see YOUR Resume. Or are you too chicken livered to do it? Another chicken dung CON with a big mouth and no proof much less any sense of honesty.

          3. InformedVoter November 11, 2016

            The way you post betrays your background. I’ve told you before that anyone who knows how to read a resume, would spot your flaws right off. When folks change jobs every 18-24 months it shows a lack of loyalty. It also suggests that the person can’t handle the job requirements. They are usually being asked to leave or get downright fired. It’s obvious that in your case, that you were let go or forced to resign before they fired you butt.
            I’ve posted my resume at least twice. I was a professional athlete; I have a BS, MS, PhD; I taught graduate level science at two universities; I’ve moved to the private sector. I live outside the US almost 6 months a year.
            So all your name calling and bully tactics (used by HilLIARy and the media) couldn’t overcome common sense and a desire by Americans to return this country to greatness.
            I posted several times that the media polls were rigged and that Trump was up in all the independent polls. Now the media is admitting that they rigged the polls with their own bias.
            Yes, you will lamely claim that HilLIARy won the popular vote (about 300,000 out of 120 million votes), but that carries little value as she carried California by 3 million. So if you eliminate either New York or CA from the equation, HilLIARy really lost the popular vote by a couple of million.
            Here’e a map that shows county-by-county, who the American public voted for. Not much blue is there?

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