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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Those who expected the National Rifle Association to strike a conciliatory tone after the massacre in Newtown, CT that left 20 children and six school employees dead instead found NRA president Wayne LaPierre stridently blaming everything and everyone in America except guns.

LaPierre’s tactic of silence in the immediate aftermath of a mass shooting followed by rantings against the media and government doesn’t just divert the conversation away from sensible gun laws, it also helps achieve what has become the NRA’s singular goal — selling guns and ammunition. Retailers are claiming that years worth of firearms have been sold in the last few days. Meanwhile the ranks of the NRA are growing.

But not everyone is pleased with the NRA. Here are five NRA members who gave up their memberships in protest.

If you know of any more NRA members who quit or are one yourself, let us know in the comments.