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Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Here’s a scary thought: Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) could be elected president… if the election were held in an off-year, like 2010 or 2014.

The voters who come out to vote in midterm elections tend to be older, whiter and more costive than the “coalition of the ascendant” that helped Democrats win five out of the last six presidential popular votes. It’s conceivable that a majority of this constituency could vote for somebody with the invigorating demagoguery of a Ted Cruz.

And if that’s true, Cruz could have a serious chance to become the Republican nominee for president in 2016, if he can somehow disqualify Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) and become the choice of the evangelicals, observant Christians and Tea Partiers who make up 70 percent of the party.

This should terrify Republicans, and they finally seem to get that.

After Cruz forced an unnecessary vote on the debt ceiling, The Wall Street Journal, the superego of the right, called him “The Minority Maker,” noting that the vote only served to rile up the base in order to help conservatives who are primarying incumbent Republicans. And riling Republicans against Republicans may raise funds for Cruz and the outside groups that have propped him up, but it wastes money from the funders who are averse to blowing millions on a third failed attempt to win the Senate.

With the elegance of an owner forced to put a cone around a dog’s neck to prevent self-mutilation, The National Review‘s Charles C.W. Cooke felt the need to pen a column in praise of the GOP leadership against the “witless” attacks on the “establishment.” He even went so far as to suggest that there was a “touch of Occupy Wall Street” in those who rage against the wisdom of Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), which is like a liberal calling another liberal a “Koch sucher.”

But GOP leaders raised Cruz to near-deity status with the far right by not stopping his attempt to shut down the government. And they’re continuing to create an environment where Cruz’s divisiveness and self-interest will prosper, fueling his belief that he’s Ronald Reagan reincarnated, sent to decapitate a party led by Gerald Fords.

Here’s how the Republican leadership is making it easy for Ted Cruz to rebrand the GOP as the party of Ted Cruz.

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  • daniel bostdorf

    This is a very important article because Jason clearly outlines what I believe is a long term behind-the-scenes strategy of centrists GOP leaders to once and for all rid the GOP of The Teaparty, Ted Cruz and the other extreme right of the party.

    Jason states:

    “…..GOP leaders raised Cruz to near-deity status with the far right by not stopping his attempt to shut down the government. And they’re continuing to create an environment where Cruz’s divisiveness and self-interest will prosper, fueling his belief that he’s Ronald Reagan reincarnated, sent to decapitate a party led by Gerald Fords.”

    Responsible inside the beltway Republicans know that they will not win the White House because The Teaparty and its demogues like Cruz have splintered the party. The American people will not put up with anymore right wing obstructionism and outright assaults on those in poverty, LGBT etc that Jason outlines…

    Jason’s 5 dead on observations lays it all out logically. Seems to me the moderate members of GOP would welcome the demise of Cruz.

    November 2014 elections can start the momentum back to the center of the GOP only if moderate Republicans and independent voters get out an vote the Teaparty out.

    • Ed

      daniel: Worried about your chances of keeping the Senate in 2014?

      • daniel bostdorf

        Thank you for your view.

  • Guest

    Ted Cruz may have given up his Canadian citizenship but he is still a Cuban …

    • edwardw69

      He has not renounced his Canadian citizenship, and what difference should it make to a birther, anyway? If they say Mr. Obama is not a natural born American, because of a Kenyan father, then how can Mr. Cruz be one?

      • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh

        It’s easy. His dad is a Cuban refugee. Therefore no matter where he was born, he will be accepted by Republicans.

        • ELW

          I think he is accepted more because of his radical religious views and his ignorant lack of fear to speak them out loud. He is one arrogant SOB and a very dangerous man if for not other reason than he believes God has named him king, I can hardly wait to watch him as he talks himself right over a cliff to

        • stcroixcarp

          Ted Cruz is Fidel Castro’s love child.

          • Ed

            stcroix: A MORONIC statement if I ever saw one ….

        • edwardw69

          It will be interesting to watch when someone points out that the overwhelming majority of Cubans have “black blood.”

        • Grace Kelly

          Cruz’s father fought against Batista. For Castro. I think they don’t mind having dictators, as long as they are the ones that are the dictators.

        • Allan Richardson

          Right. He may be an alien, but he is THEIR alien, so that makes him a “true American” in their eyes, while the President disagrees with them (especially in his skin color), and had ONE parent who was not a citizen, so they cannot believe he is an American, no matter how many documents are produced.

          I feel that the “natural born citizen” clause has served its purpose long ago, which was to prevent a wealthy count from somewhere in Europe wining, dining and bribing the legislators in a critical number of states to appoint electors (they were originally appointed by the state legislators, and they still could be, at the risk of voter backlash) to make him President, then annex the still infant United States into his own country’s empire.

          No one except the wackiest Birthers believes that would even be POSSIBLE any more, since we are the most powerful nation on Earth (we spend twice as much on our military as ALL other nations COMBINED), and our media infrastructure would expose such a scheme before it could get started; the very EXISTENCE and PERSISTENCE of the Birther movement demonstrates that!

          It would probably be better all around to reduce the requirement for President to being just a citizen, like all the other elected and appointed offices at the federal, state and local levels (we have had TWO recent Secretaries of State, Kissinger and Albright, who, despite being next after the President Pro Tem of the Senate in the line of succession, were not eligible to take the Presidency, and both of them are at least as qualified and as loyal to America as some of our actual Presidents).

          Since Republicans would like to have at least the possibility of someday running someone like Arnold Schwarzenneger, and Democrats would like to at least consider running Ariana Huffington against him, why not amend the Constitution to require (1) citizenship, born or naturalized, (2) a minimum length of time as a citizen, say half of one’s age or 30 years, whichever is less, and (3) a minimum length of continuous residency up to the time of election, say 15 years? Then there would be NO NEED to suffer through any Birther nonsense raised against any candidate of either party.

  • ELW

    As it is said by the more realistic member of the GOP, it is all because they insist in being the Party of stupid. Far too many of them actually believe that they are on some kind of mission from God and therefore can do no wrong.

  • elw

    Wasn’t it one of their own who called them the Party of Stupid? People like Cruz are arrogant and dangerous. They believe they are on a mission for God and therefore anything they do or say will not harm them because their God will protect them. I can hardly wait to watch as they talk and do their way on the one-way road to no-where that they are traveling. The sooner they get to no-where the better off we all will be.

    • plc97477

      I think we need a few more lightning strikes.

      • elw

        Not to worry, they will come.

    • stcroixcarp

      Yes, it was Bobby Jingle who labeled then the party of stupid.

  • FT66

    I get astonished always when I hear some from the right calling Pres. Obama a dictator. Can’t they use their eyes properly and see who is a real dictator? It is Ted Cruz. For him, It is always follow and abide to whatever I say, contrary to that I will blow you up. The position he holds doesn’t allow him to blow up anythings, but he does it anyway, anyhow. Can’t he understand that there is something known as “negotiation”. Can’t he ask himself why he is send to Washington? It is all about negotiations Cruz, otherwise there is no need of going there. Why can’t he stay in Texas and decide to do whatever he wishes? People like him are pulling the country backwards and no clue at all how to move forward. They are less of use and are not needed.

    • Robert Roberto

      Ted Cruz doesn’t have the power Obama has, so why are some people calling him a traitor?

      • Allan Richardson

        He does have quite a bit of power: power to obstruct. It always takes less power in a democracy to STOP things from happening, good or bad, than it takes to MAKE things happen. And unlike President Obama, who is trying to get things done that the MAJORITY (in the nation, not necessarily in every gerrymandered district) believe are good and necessary, the GOPTP and Aynrandians like Ted, are bent on STOPPING what the majority wants. Ted is the one acting like a dictator; a petty one, to be sure, but a dictator.

  • longtail

    Look’s like the Republican Party is on Cruz control. I still say he looks, talks and acts like Joe McCarthy and, like Joe, he seems to have no decency.

    • stcroixcarp

      But it was Joe’s bad heart that got him in the end.

      • ThomasBonsell

        Think it was more the censure of him by the Senate and his alcoholism that got Joe McCarthy in the end.

        • Bucky Badger

          Booze … pure and simple … he used to come to our town all the time for r and r

      • Allan Richardson

        Not to mention LACK of heart, like Ted. But face it, Ralphie (Rafael) is the GOP’s CROSS (Cruz) to bear for now.

    • howa4x

      I totally agree is the reincarnation of tail gunner Joe

  • howa4x

    Cruz has created a spot where far right wing money can land. He sees himself in a culture war and wealthy anti tax obcessionists can’t wait to gut every program they perceive as helping the working poor. Cruz is a throwback to the 50’s, a retro senator. He wants to take this country backwards, not forwards. He wants White Christian male rule to dominate again.

    • Ed

      Hey howa! How is it going with Obamacare for you?
      Got all the improved coverage and lower rates you were expecting a few months back?

      • daniel bostdorf


        Thank you for your view.

  • Ed

    Wow ! The National Memo and this idiot Jason Sattler must be SOOO worried about the damage that Ted Cruz can cause the Republican Party.
    Oh brother.

    • daniel bostdorf

      Thank you for your view….

  • Allan Richardson

    Good article, except for the offensive comparison to Michael Dukakis. Mike may have been a poor campaigner, unlucky enough to face a very popular Republican, but he was also a good man trying to do the right thing for America. Any damage he did to his party was unintentional. Ted is the opposite: no feelings or scruples for anyone but himself, and deliberately working to wreck the GOP, AND AMERICA if that’s what it takes.

  • Angel Perea

    THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: Let’s see cruz is good at articulating
    hypocritical distortions and is an embarrassment! So as a student of US History, these republican clowns in congress and Cruz, Paul or McConnell are advocates for the same economic policies that Hebert Hoover conducted in 1928 that turned into a long economic depression. Their obstruction has sabotaged any efforts to revive our USA economy that was destroyed during 2001-2008 war creation years and the giveaway tax breaks for the wealthiest!
    This has created the same great income disparity like it did then! If you
    disagree, FACTCHECK IT! Get informed and stamp out ignorance! Many Middle Class Americans are needlessly suffering! This is not about political parties; it is about the future well being of our country.