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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

In this era of a soon-to-be President Donald Trump, my profession has a lot to answer for. Journalists who should have known better covered the email controversy that engulfed Hillary Clinton’s campaign as if it were a scandal akin to Watergate, helping to drive up her negative ratings and doom her candidacy.

Meanwhile, they devoted fleeting attention to the genuine scandals that have enmeshed Trump at every turn. He has bilked countless contractors; he defrauded students at his fake university; he has lied repeatedly. He will take office as the only president in American history whose campaign was given a leg up by a foreign power — Russia. If you didn’t know that, blame scanty press coverage.

But my fellow journalists can begin to make amends with one simple vow that ought to be standard in every newsroom: The term “alt-right” is banned. From now on, news organizations should identify Steve Bannon, chief strategist in the nascent Trump administration, and his merry band of haters as what they are: racists.

Bannon came to Trump’s campaign from his post as executive chairman of Breitbart News, a vitriolic outpost of the ultraconservative fringe. The “news” site is vehemently misogynist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic and racist.

In July 2015, for example, shortly after white supremacist Dylan Roof, a Confederate sympathizer, was accused of the mass murder of congregants at a black church in Charleston, South Carolina, Breitbart ran a story with the following headline: “Hoist It High and Proud: The Confederate Flag Proclaims a Glorious Heritage.” Bannon has called Breitbart a “platform for the alt-right.”

The appellation “alt-right” sounds trendy, like alternative rock. It severs a white supremacist ideology from its Ku Klux Klan roots. It applies a hefty coat of Wite-out (pun intended) to a dangerous and frightening appreciation for Adolf Hitler. In other words, it’s a brilliant marketing strategy to normalize beliefs with which most Americans don’t wish to be associated.

That’s why the term was coined. According to The Washington Post, the descriptor was created by a well-educated racist named Richard Bertrand Spencer, who co-founded a now-defunct website for white nationalists called Spencer is nothing if not media-savvy. He knows how to distract journalists from the truths staring them in the face.

But his so-called “alt-right” is nothing but the same old white supremacy that has oppressed minorities for centuries. It was present at the Continental Congress and enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. The KKK took up the same beliefs with great enthusiasm in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Hitler’s version was centered on his hatred for Jews, but he and the KKK, which was also anti-Semitic, could easily have made common cause. In other words, there is nothing new or trendy about this bigotry.

Many journalists and political commentators remain in denial about the racism that fueled Trump’s rise. They maintain that economic anxiety lifted him to victory, that working-class whites are increasingly anxious about job loss and wage stagnation.

There is obviously some truth there. There were counties in a few states that voted for Obama twice but which Clinton could not hold. It’s hard to see racism in those votes.

But racial resentment was easy enough to detect in the Trump voters who embraced his calls for “law and order,” who cheered when he described inner cities as dystopian nightmares, who showed up at his rallies to hurl racial epithets every time Obama’s name was mentioned. Let’s remember how Trump introduced himself to national politics: with a five-year stint as birther-in-chief, insisting that Obama was a usurper who didn’t belong in the Oval Office. It’s hard to see economic anxiety in that.

As much as anything else, Trump’s election was a backlash against cultural forces that have changed American civic and social life over the last several decades. A black president was the starkest symbol of those changes, but other cultural dynamics also played a role. Many Trump voters resent the legalization of same-sex marriage. Others could not stomach the idea of a female president.

The country is now entering a new post-Reconstruction phase, a dangerous time for those whose history has been shaped by prejudice and oppression. The least that my profession can do is to acknowledge the backward-looking forces at work.

Cynthia Tucker won the Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 2007. She can be reached at

IMAGE: A supporter for the Ku Klux Klan and the Confederate flag yells at opposing demonstrators during a rally at the statehouse in Columbia, South Carolina July 18, 2015.  REUTERS/Chris Keane   

163 Responses to Alt-Right: The Rise Of The New KKK

  1. The Alt-Left will probably never learn that all of your whining, all of your negative labeling and name calling, your constant misuse of the term racism and racist )you obviously don’t know what real racism is), and your utter ignorance of what real hard working people really think (not like you) has gotten your ideology on the brink of complete and utter destruction. The Liberal Left ideology was crushed in local, State and Federal elections, so instead of learning from this, the Alt-Left rags like The National memo double down on their failed methodology and are desperate. The write these hate filled articles, not even realizing that they are only projecting what they are on the people they claim to hate. I have an answer for this……project yourselves all you want. It isn’t working and millions of people are sick of it. Please continue so we can finally put the nail in the coffin of your Marxist, Communist psycho-bloviating ignorance. By the end 2020, you will be irrelevant except for a fringe group of self loathing, psychobabbling morons with no chance of ever doing anything good for society. Rage on losers, Rage On!

    • And, by the way, 2 million more voters voted for the Democrat in the election, so I doubt that party is going to disappear any time soon. Meanwhile folks like you continually deflect the fact that the current republican iteration is bringing forth and embracing white nationalism, you know, how trump says out in the open what everyone feels

          • You say “the left” as if there is some monolithic entity “the left” calling for a recount but that is a fiction. Jill Stein is calling for a recount and Clinton may as well. They represent the Green Party and the Democrat Party respectively. Neither is synonymous with “the left”, especially the Democrats as a whole although some are leftist but most are moderate and even to the right of center on some issues.

            So you admit there is no evidence to support your allegation?

            IMO a recount is probably futile although I think a thorough investigation into voter suppression by manipulation of the voter rolls by certain elements of the GOP would be very revealing. Greg Palast has the evidence but few in the duopoly seem willing to pursue it.

          • As Twain (almost) said,”those who do not read the newspapers are uninformed, those who watch Faux Noise or listen to Rush Limbaugh are misinformed.”

        • Yes but what about the illegal aliens from Mars that voted for Trump? What? You say that’s ridiculous? Well now you know how we all view yours and Trumps silly allegation about 3 million illegal immigrant votes in California.

    • Godzilla, your attempts at reasoning are pathetic, childish, and the product of a bitter little man who feels out of place in a world impelled to move forward. You wrote a lot of nothing, presumably to be a smokescreen—only you’re the one affected by your own smoke.
      Stop beating around the bush, hemming and hawing, and just come out and say you have proclivities and affinities for racialist and racist thinking. There’s no need for the charade of using fancy names like “alt-left”, a product of your vain imaginations. And the cumbersome and clumsy use of pseudo-complex phrases like “the coffin of your Marxist, Communist psycho-bloviating ignorance.” is just a way of puffing yourself up to sound important.
      All in all, you’re just an angry male who just can’t get any satisfaction in life anymore, aside from ranting nonsense and mumbo-jumbo political jargon.
      Your time would be better served by not trying to defend racism and Donald Trump, a failed human being who is like fecal matter attracting the “flies of humanity”.
      Reptilian responses like yours are quite befitting a Godzilla creature but are not fitting for human beings.

    • And here you are to defend the racists and other bigots, as one would expect.

      I love your talk about the “alt-left,” when anyone not totally out of touch with reality knows there is essentially NO LEFT in the US other than a few thoroughly marginalized individuals and groups. All you lunatics talk about “the Left” because most sane people are well to the left of you, though not the Center, if one remains. Hopefully the rise of ignorance and bigotry will wake up a few of the “moderates,” but it’s unlikely.

      • I have that simeon individual blocked. He used to have his picture on his avatar. There is little distance between his eyebrows and hair line. He once gave, as his credentials, he played football in high school.

    • At least the liberals are Christian in their orientation, instead of worshiping Thor, or whoever you seem to. Not that I am against religious freedom.

      • The election showed who was really Christian, didn’t it? We had a group of ladies, from Rexburg, Idaho, come to my city to protest Victoria’s Secret’s window displays. Trump’s remarks about what he can grab and get by with it, and Melania’s Hustler photos, didn’t seem to bother them. The religious community voted overwhelmingly for trump. By their fruitage shall ye know them.

          • I’m an American Veteran. So, yes, our flag has great value to me, and others just like me. Perhaps if liberals were actually Americans, they would show some pride in our country and her flag, but liberals only serve themselves, and their agenda of fundamentally transforming our country into their mother Russia.

          • Liberals “transforming our country into their mother Russia??” Trump is the one who has links to mother Russia – Putin WANTED Trump to be president so he could be manipulated and Putin may have hacked voting machines to guarantee a Trump win. The Constitution is more important than the flag – your priorities are wrong – the flag is our national golden calf.

            As to being American, your values are strictly European.

          • Both are important. I’m guessing you never served. You are either brainwashed or not American. Liberalism is a mental disorder, and you can be treated.

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      • @Aaron_of_Portsmouth, but the racists are now so tiny of a group they are insignificant. They do exist and they voted for Trump, but they are not why he got elected, and it is a huge mistake to believe racism is significant at all any more in national politics. Local maybe, but not national. Trump has never acted like a racist, and no racist could ever be elected.

        • You obviously haven’t taken the time to understand the full dimension of racism. The disease has both subtle and overt forms. The overt form is in the form of Jim Crow laws, wearing sheets openly to harass people, and firebombing places of worship. The subtle form is smiling at you, but as soon as you turn your back passing legislation and making judicial decisions to proscribe one’s freedom and abilities to move about in safety.
          Once you comprehend this, then you’ll be able to see racism manifested even when it isn’t overtly showing itself.
          Contact me for further information, especially vis-a-vis how Baha’u’llah and the other Central Figures of the Baha’i Faith describe the corrosive and pernicious effects of racism.

          • @Aaron_of_Portmouth, nonsense. The firebombing type is tiny, and even most racists are appalled by violence like that. I have racist relatives in Kansas, so I know a lot about that they are like. And in person they actually treat all races fairly well. It is only in the abstract when they become racist. And that is not unusual. Human instinctively group by race. Otherwise races would not exist, and we would have all been beige a long time ago. I am more worried about the police, as they can and do act on their racism. The solution to that is fewer police, less military arms, ending the war on drugs, and stopping police from being used as a revenue source. Racism is always something to work on, but is not a deal breaker.

          • Now, who’s talking nonsense? Race is a figment of your imagination, and you would know this if you take time to think for a change. Race is a word coined by humans who settled in Europe and has no basis in biology or in religion. The word originated in Europe by racialist philosophers. You need to read more science books and less racist tracts on the topic.

          • @Aaron_of_Portsmouth:disqus , not even remotely true. Race is hardwired in our DNA. It is better described as tribalism. Primitive tribes are the most racist of all, with the word for their tribe translating as human beings, and every one else known as less than human. I have studied North American tribes most of all, and that is a constantly recurring theme.

  3. The phenomenon and disease of the soul called racialism and racism are an interesting and troublesome mass of waste product dumped by an immoral bunch of detritus called the alt-right, and Donald Trump and his political enablers. Any objective person imbued with insight, empathy, intelligence, and a sense of nobility, will immediately recognize Trump and the rest as the offspring of depraved thoughts and character, lacking a spiritual center, and as deformed souls that no longer serve a useful purpose for assisting humanity to move forward.
    They are all just flotsam now, and deserve to be washed up on the shores of irrelevancy for microorganisms to consume and breakdown into simpler compounds to be absorbed in the soil. The problem is that bacteria in the soil may find such compounds of no nutrient value, and will render the swath of sand barren.

    • As expected, you’re here to defend the indefensible. No surprises there.

      Why don’t you be honest – for once – and double down on on the racism? It suits you so much better than the “concerned American” pretense.

    • And another thing, Box—Your childish reactionary responses to the current turmoil in America is a product of a severely constrained mind and depraved soul that affords you no opportunity to learn and expand your horizons. Your only joy in life is to whine and react rather than to reason in a calm and mature manner.
      Is this what your parents raised you to be—A non-contributor to the betterment of humanity? Your comments are an affront to the Spirit of the Age as defined by Jesus, and further expanded on by Baha’u’llah, and therefore you put yourself in direct opposition to the Will of God—it’s as simple as that.
      Partisan/racial affinity is not the solution, but is an integral part of the problem, Box. If you can’t comprehend this, then expect me to remind you whenever I come across more prattle and drivel from you.

    • You forgot BLM, the terrorist group that the liberals support. And, of course, the new Amerikan Communist Party, formerly known as the Democratic Party.

          • your discussion is so nonsensical – throw out some meme and then defend it with “I know you are but what am i?” I call you a tool, because you show as much sense as a wrench being used by the wingnuts who call your shots

          • I stopped trying to have an intelligent, meaningful discussion on these sites. Liberals will never concede anything is true that they do not hear from their regime approved propaganda. Anyone that dares to tell the truth, or show any honor are viciously attacked, being referred to as racist, bigots fascists, although none are appropriate. I’m so sick of seeing what liberal policies have done to America. I’m appalled at liberals that continously lie and try to discredit anyone that does not agree with them. I can’t believe liberals even bother to call themselves Americans. You and Emperor Obama should just admit you want to see America become another failed communist regime.

          • with the statements you make “emperor” etc, how do you expect to get anything other than derision? And it is pretty apparent that you have pretty much one view of how Americans should be. and if you can’t get any satisfaction with discussion at “sites like these” why bother coming in an talking?

          • “I stopped trying to have an intelligent, meaningful discussion on these sites.” BS, for that to be true you would have had to have posted an intelligent meaningful post. If you ever did it was well in the past because I have yet to see anything “intelligent or meaningful” from you.

            You say ” Liberals will never concede anything is true”. I understand your frustration but some us like to see some evidence and not just take your word for it. That’s particularly true with some, like you, that have such a poor track record with the “truth”. Even when there is a shred of truth in one of your rants your hyperbole and twisted interpretation discredit your statements.

          • Thanks for the compliment but no I’m not being paid. If you have information about how I can be paid to post responses to the obviously mentally challenged such as yourself please share. It would be the easiest job I’ve ever had.

          • Just contact the DNC. They have been paying thugs $1500 and an iPhone to go out to Trump rallies and start trouble. You should fit right in. Or maybe you can join BLM and help with killing police officers.

          • As usual there is no evidence to support either of your baseless claims. I can see why you favor Trump since he has no need for evidence either. No BLM members have ever killed a police officer and your other claim is too absurd for comment.

          • Veritas project. You might want to watch the tapes. And no, they aren’t altered or fake. Really? BLM has called for the killing of cops. And soon after, we have had more police officers killed than in previous years. The correlation is not chance.

          • Veritas is a thoroughly discredited propaganda project by the thoroughly discredited James O’Keefe and yes he has been caught altering his so-called expose tapes.

            ” BLM has called for the killing of cops.” That’s a blatant lie.

          • Hard to put words in the mouth of a high ranking DNC operative that had unlimited access to your Emperor Obama. Perhaps if you actually watched the tapes and would not just dismiss them as false, even you, might become enlightened? I watched them, and they were not fake.
            As far as BLM, durning marches they were chanting ” pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon” and ” what do we want? Dead cops”. That is promoting an open season on police officers. Also, I watched an interview of one of BLM leaders, saying that now all whites should be looking over their sholders from now on. That whitey would now be hunted by blacks.
            Yeah, perhaps you should stop believing everything you are told to believe by those liberal commies.

          • And maybe you should stop believing everything you are told by fascist swine. O’Keefe has been caught falsifying and doctoring his tapes. Proven as a liar once and validity as a journalist is gone and can’t be regained. Whether he doctored the ones you refer to i don’t know but it would be his style. “I watched them, and they were not fake.” How would you know if they were?

            Protesters say many things that don’t represent the group they are with. Just look at all the racism and hatred professed by some of Trump’s fans. I’m sure you’ll claim they are the exceptions.

          • I figured you would dismiss out of hand. Really too bad you are not allowed to consider a non approved source. It’s quite easy to see that the person being recorded is actually saying what is being heard. But that would shed light on the lies that you are being told, and we can’t have the mindless drones thinking they are being manipulated.
            Most of the problems you see are being caused by the DNC. Liberals project and decieve. They hire people to commit acts of sedition, then blame the other side for those acts. Need to push some gun control bill? Find some mentally unstable doup, give him a weapon (a weapon you want banned), and turn him lose in a gun free kill zone. Want to demonstrate racial divide, pay someone to burn a black church down. Liberals will do anything to push their agenda of transforming our country into a communist regime.
            You should reexamine you affiliations. You are fighting for those that want destroy America, unless of course, you want to see America in ruins.

          • “we can’t have the mindless drones thinking they are being manipulated.” Yes because then Trump would have been laughed off the stage instead of elected president. The rest of your mindless rant doesn’t deserve a response. I’ll ignore your idiocy in the future.

          • Too much truth for you to process? Is your head going to explode? Its really too bad you have lost all your free will to those commie infiltraters. Sad to see someone reduced to what you are. I really wish you somehow break the brainwashing you were subjected to, but I can not. That is up to you.

    • @Box, it was a nice speech by Jack Webb, but the reality is that the depression and diseases he referred to were the result of the wealthy deliberately over crowding and impoverishing the poor. Poverty is much superior to wealth if it means freedom and natural wilderness access instead of crowded urban slavery. It is true the police do have to clean up some awful messes, but they also cause as much as they help. Things like traffic tickets are just a regressive taxation system, and almost a million people imprisoned should not be there.

    • A new Fascist party is more likely. Don’t forget that the first target of the Third Reich were the communists, and that Hitler invaded the Soviet Union and killed millions of Russian…before losing the war.
      I suspect you are having fun, but referring to the far right as being socialists (lefties), does not make an awful lot of sense.

      • I have him blocked. He isn’t intelligent enough for any exchange of ideas. When the Nazi party, in the U.S.A/ went underground post-Germany;s declaring war on us, they came out as communist fighters. Of course, hitler hated the communists, they made up the larger base of the resistance.

        • Soviet infiltraters became liberals, bthat hijacked the Democratic Party and “fundamentally transformed” it into the new Amerikan Communist Party.

      • Dom- he said “Alt-Left” as these idiots have been throwing that around as some kind of defense/deflection against the use of “Alt-right”. Meanwhile they are sitting here defending the KKK.. is the popcorn ready yet?

  4. Is there going to be a national “Registry” of these Neo-KKK, Neo-Nazi members, when DJT administration takes over? If so, we can then send them to settle in Alaska and have their own “White Zimbabwe” with a wall Canada would build to keep them out of their country. Rest of us can then live in peace and harmony in the USA. They will also get a view of their Russian friends from Sarah Palin’s backyard.

    • DJT has expressed favor toward registering the “new enemy”: Muslims. He can only create one super agency, and that one will be larger than the TSA and be a new American SS.

          • Lol. That is hilarious. We are Americans, not communist infiltraters. We are mostly rural, growing up learning to be self sufficient by foraging off the land, growing our own food, raising our own livestock. It is liberals that would starve without us. Also, liberals believe that big government will take care of them, so those checks you refer to do not go to people like me. I’ve never received anything that I didnt work for. I know that working is a foreign concept to liberals, like truth and honor, so try to do a little less projecting, and a little more research, other than your daily dose of regime propaganda.

  5. hail the grand poop pa DONNY DUMP the KKK is sending him a white dress and a white pointed dunce cap so thy can bow to the clown

        • Without federal public assistance the “anti-federalists” would starve to death or die from the DT’s for lack of beer and cigarettes.

          • All the founders were anti-federalist compared to what the federation is now. There is ONLY one reason for allowing the expansion of the federal government, and that is because corporations have gotten so large that only a federal government, or maybe even a global government, can hold them back and regulate them. The thing a federal government should do, keep us safe, regulate fair trade, etc., the federal government has has failed at totally, and has instead brought endless wars and jobs sent overseas. The federal government brought us the war on drugs, the end of unions, and the biggest bank and mortgage fraud in history.

          • We had politicians who were run by the large corporations as their waterboys (and watergirls). With Trump in the White House we have eliminated the middleman (politicians) and the corporations themselves are in the White House. Pray for us!

        • MaatDPX, the Confederate battle flag was defeated in war and it became the flag of the Klu Klux Klan and remains so today. The KKK is a racist organization, then and now. There is no disputing that the Confederate flag is a symbol of racism.

  6. Nonsense. Trump was elected because he was not a proven war monger and tried to appeal to the majority, and that just happened to also include the tiny racist minority.
    It was not at all a cultural backlash, but an economic one where Hillary represented wars for profit, banks that evict for profit, and Wall St. offshoring for profit.
    Nice try referencing Hitler, but how many people are aware that 150,000 Jews served in the Wehrmacht during WWII and that many Jews were not deported or forced into camps? Distrust of other cultures is not the same as racial hatred necessarily. The articles broad brush attempt is the same mistake Hillary made by using the term “deplorables”, and is actually the attempt at racism and bigotry. You are NOT going to attract any “liberals” with that sort of failed divisiveness. Real liberals was justice for all people, including the poor whites whose jobs and homes have been taken away by people who control Hillary.

    • Trump won a minority of the American voting populace in selected areas. His supporters, from “No Browns” Bannon to David Duke celebrated his appeal to the former Democrats that abandoned the party after Johnson’s pivot in support of the civil rights acts.

      • Strange, that this low informed back country yokel does not know that it was Bush who started the last wars so that Halliburton and subsidiaries could make a big profit.

      • Johnson’s civil rights act was 52 years ago. Hardly any of those people are still alive even. And it is not true many democrats abandoned the party due to the civil rights act. In fact, it gained democrat voters. The David Duke supporters are almost non-existent.

        • “And it is not true many democrats abandoned the party due to the civil rights act.” Johnson famously said that his support for the act would cost Democrats the presidency for 20 years. Where did all the Democrat KKK supporters go?
          Nixon strategist Lee Atwater put together the “Southern Strategy” to go after the disaffected southern white voters who left the democratic party in droves. It was (and still is) a successful appeal to those who believe that segregation is a “states rights” issue.
          And it certainly explains why Wallace won a few states, doesn’t it?

          • @johninPCFL,
            {… Some falsely attribute the story to Johnson aide Bill Moyers, but not one writer or commentator using the quote includes a citation that tracks back to anyone who heard (or claims to have heard) LBJ say it. The quote directly contradicts earlier versions that appeared closer to the event. So it can be said with a high level of confidence that the quote is fake. There is simply no reason to believe it. …}
            (add the usual url preface)
            The reality is that Johnson pushed the civil rights act to gain Black voters, and cement future democratic presidencies.
            Did the Dixie Democrats become Republicans? No. So neither did the voters. Even Wallace remained a democrat after the failed run as in independent in 1968.

      • It’s not a secret. His whining about the popular vote and his baseless allegations, even though he won the electoral vote, are further proof.

      • So was hitler mentally unstable. He had his champions and the Nazis are still out there championing him, hoping you will be so stupid that you won’t know any different.

      • @Ammonguy, so, he is still better than Hillary, who supported every war imaginable, said she wanted to make all semi automatic firearms illegal, and stole the debate questions.

    • If he isn’t a warmonger, why then does he have investments in the US’s largest military industrialist suppliers? You really need to check his portfolio of investments before you make statements. The connection from investing in military industries in the US is that without endless wars, they make NO Profit.

      As for your anti-Semitic BS, my father-in-law’s tour of duty in the army ended in Poland where those death camps were.

      Hillary made no mistakes. You didn’t allow her to. Now, you want to skewer a dead body you already crucified?

      Wow..What the hell kind of American are you? A greedy SOB who ripped off so many people to get that “well off” “show off” BS act like Trump did?

      You elected a crook who with the RNC rigged this election. Even Snowden now stated that. He said he can prove the Russians hacked into the voting machines and can show how.

      And you know what I find amusing? You elected a tough guy Noo Yawkah. Do you really think you can just march into New York City and deported the huge numbers of nationalities who live there legally? Do you really think hicks can force their moronic drawling and swaggering on New Yorkers?

      Think again. You want to see tough? Go to New York City.

      • @eleanorewhitaker:disqus , nonsense. Trump invested in everything, and will have to divest everything, so it is false to claim he would profit from war. And no US soldiers were ever stationed in Poland.
        Hillary shot herself in the foot. She supported ever use of military force anyone suggested. She expressed a desire to make all semi automatic firearm illegal, and almost half the country owns semi automatic firearms.
        There is no evidence at all of any election rigging except for Hillary getting the debate questions ahead of time, and the DNC discriminating against Bernie. Trump is not going to deport anyone I bet.

    • And, you can prove this. I could not believe an entire country followed a mad man so I have read everything, I could get my hands on about the holocaust. You are lying. Of course, Nazis are going to lie so they can do it again.

      • @idamag, no it is well proven 150,000 Jews served in the Wehrmacht during WWII. It is also true over 5 million Jews survived the Holocaust in Europe, because that is where most of the Jewish immigrants to Palestine came from. The reality is Nazis wanted to simply deport Jews to places like Madagascar or Spain. It was David ben Gurion and Chain Weizmann who refused this solution and deliberately forced the Holocaust. And why do you think all the death camps were hidden in places like Poland? It was because the German people, even Nazis, would not have supported extermination camps if they had known.

          • @idamag, oh come on. The point is any internet search will find it from a dozen different source. It is easy for you to look up yourself because it is public knowledge. You don’t need a link from me. But you can have one if you want.
            (replace the ellipsis with the standard url preface)

  7. Lincoln was wrong. He should have let the South secede and be done with it. Instead, we fought the War of Southern Aggression at a horrible cost and are still paying for with these pathetic low-class “white” people unable and/or unwilling to compete with “brown” people of any shade.

    • We would be better off if we pulled all our government facilities out of the south and gave it to them. Think of the welfare we would save.

      • Ida that is already about to happen. You know how the southern and midwestern Republican states are always trying to get out of obeying federal law using “states’ rights?”

        Well now the shoe is on the other foot. We can all demand our states stop paying any of the Big Oil subsidies or the Agri Industry subsidies. These in no way hurt us. But these states never use the funding they get for the express purposes for which it is intended. That’s why they all have the attitude that money can be taken from SS and Medicare to spend on everything but SS and Medicare.

        It is kind of funny to think that now we get to give as good as they gave for the last 8 years. We are in no way obligated to support bigoted, racist states and all we have to do is what they’ve been doing since after the Civil War, cry, “states rights, states rights, states rights!”

        • We, can, but will we? I got an e-mail from a chris carr, this morning asking me to donate money to stop Hillary from doing recounts. I replied to him that the pu*** is not my president. I also sent him this:

          “I listened as they called my president a Muslim.
          I listened as they called him and his family a pack of monkeys.
          I listened as they said he wasn’t born here.
          I watched as they blocked every single path to progress they could.
          I saw the pictures of him as hitler.
          I watched them shut down the government and hurt the entire nation twice.
          I watched them turn their backs on every opportunity to open worthwhile dialog.
          I watched them say that they would not even listen to any choice for Supreme Court no matter who the nominee was.
          I listened as they openly said that they will oppose him at every turn.
          I watched as they did just that.
          I listened.
          I watched.
          I paid attention.
          Now, I’m being called on to be tolerant. To move forward.
          To denounce protesters.
          To “get over it.”
          To accept this….
          I will not.
          I will do my part to make sure this great American mistake becomes the embarrassing footnote of our history that it deserves to be.
          I will do this as quickly as possible every chance I get.
          I will do my part to limit the damage that this man can do to my country.
          I will watch his every move and point out every single mistake and misdeed…

          • Ida…Excellent. Women have nothing to lose these days but to fight like hell. Even if it means kicking butt and taking names. It is always Mommy who has to make sure the little boys don’t endanger others with their games. It is always Mommy who has to make sure they follow the straight and narrow.

            These hicks will never dare come anywhere above the Mason Dixon line if they know what’s good for them. They try their Confederate Stars and Bars BS in the Metro Area and they’ll end up with their mouths super glued shut.

            It is always Mommies who must remind little boys they cannot go through life lying to get what they want. It is always Mommies who are the ones who must punish the little boys who go too far astray from civility and common decency.

            Trump is their Peck’s Bad Boy. They love that he is daring to do everything NO President has ever done. Mommies are going to have to remind them that this is a government, not a billionaire tycoon’s business Empire. We are already boycotting any store with his name or products sold in them.

    • well afterwards he should have occupied the south until he got rid of all the die hards and instilled Northern values,..instead they left, and the old Racist vales got passed from generation to generation.

      • Interesting point. Perhaps also taking their kids away from them and educating them in away-from-home boarding schools as was done to Native American kids. Maybe southerners would even speak English normally instead of with a speech impediment.

      • Even as an independent country the South would have had to free slaves eventually and join the 19th century. But ending slavery was a noble achievement by itself. Unfortunately the task is still incomplete.

        • That meme has been around for the best part of 200 years. It helps Americans feel better about themselves.

          Regrettably the facts are less forgiving. From about 1820 to 1860, slavery had become more brutal, not less. Manumission had become more difficult, not less. The spread of slavery into the territories had more widespread, not less.

    • That would have been great. All you liberals in one place. You do know that those were dems you are referring to? Of course not. It doesnt fit into your propaganda.

      • And all the anti-ferderal freeloaders out of the Union. I said nothing about “dems.” History has seen the parties flip their constituencies.

        • I’m antigovernment, at least our current corrupt government. We the People are our government, and we have finally had enough. We were never designed to have politicians. We let them become our ruling class. They need be ousted just as we did King George Liberals have infiltrated our government and are trying to transform America into a communist regime. You might want to reconsider your term freeloader. Most that think as I do work hard providing your food, clothes, house, and safety. The freeloaders are those that are in power, and those that support our corrupt system. Liberalism is a scourge on the world.

  8. The media got played.. The KKK types staged a replay of hate and contempt filled with lies and innuendo that would make Hitler and Germany proud. Next up issuing numbers.

  9. Let’s call them what they are: racists. “Alt-right” is simply a word culturally designed by bigots to hide their racism behind a newly minted sterilized phase. Those people are garden variety racists, the weeds of humanity and the filthy infiltration of southern bigot into the mainstream. I haven’t a clue why people of such obvious personal insufficiencies would want to advertise their weaknesses. Look at those people and tell me you are not ashamed to have those dregs represent our country on the world stage.

  10. While I have stopped using Richard Spencer’s term “alt.right” to describe the white supremacists, neo-nazis, fascists, anti-Semites, Islamophobes, and xenophobes who fall under the umbrella of Dick’s term. Trump has brought the groups into the mainstream by exploiting their hatred and bigotry for his political purposes. Now he is bringing one of their leaders, Stephen Bannon, into the White House as his Chief Strategist and Senior Adviser.
    What is just as disturbing is the way MSM has normalized Trump. His blatant racism, constant lies, his conflicts in running his businesses with his spawn, his ignorance of how government works or the Constitution, cronyism and the ineptocracy replacing our democracy are treated as if they happen everyday. Trump and everything he represents must NEVER BE TREATED AS NORMAL.

  11. After President Obama was re-elected in 2012.
    “We can’t let this happen. We should march on Washington and stop this travesty. Our nation is totally divided”……….Donald Trump [11:29 PM, 6 November 2012]

    • Imagine that,..that says a lot that this Rotten, crooked con-man would say something like this about Obama, being that he is not nearly as capable of leading this country, as many will SOON find out. Its gonna be a hot mess,..and his presidency won’t end well.

      • He won’t be able to resist doing business with foreign leaders. The Emolument Clause in the U.S. Constitution will get him. He cannot use his presidential influence in any way or any of his family to increase his business.

        Right now, he is trying to make conflict of interest, “normal.” Right now, the Republicans knows if he does that not only do they end up before the Supreme Court for violating the Constitution they swore to protect but he goes down and because Pence was the choice of the RNC and Trump, they both go down too.

  12. These are not the disenfranchised, disaffected and disconnected. These are lazy bums with no jobs who like their great great Grand Pappy Mutton Chops and Corn Pone Kings learned early on how to game the system.

    They have lots and lots of time to open their big mouths in the streets, showing how “ignernt” they are, but they can’t find jobs. Of course not. How many people in the U.S. today heat homes with coal? How many want their back yards dug up so Big Oil and Frackers can drill for more more more more polluting fossil fuels?

    They mysteriously manage to go out and buy AK47s but they have NO jobs right?

    You know what the real joke is? They elected a tough guy Noo Yawkah. They are about to get a taste of what cosmopolitians and metropolitans are really like. They are going to get more than they bargained for. Their ignorance shows when they think they can turn New York City into Atlanta or Omaha. Think again. The number of legal American citizens from foreign countries in New York City alone outnumbers all of those in their states. Any nationality you want is found in NY City. Along with over 1 million visitors from foreign countries.

    If these jerks actually think people up north won’t beat hell out of them if they start their KKK BS, they best remember, it was Metro area people who lived through and worked together after 9/11 and Super Storm Sandy. And, they did it ALL without help from the southern and midwestern Republicans who bitched a blue streak about having to hand over some of the funds that these northern states pay for.

    I will be thrilled to fight these KKK jerks. Nothing would please me more than to kick their butts in another Civil War and then this time, leave them without a dime of war reparations.

      • awww…what’s the matter Confederate? Can’t shove that Stars and Bars toilet paper flag up your butt far enough?

          • Really? That’s a riot!!! Tell you what fukkbagger. Come North…and we will give you a specialty Metro area ass whipping. Come on up if you have the balls.

            You hicks are a real riot. You talk big like the blowjobs you are and then think you can pull your bullshit up north like you do in Dogpatch. Come on up Lil Abner. You’ll get your ass whipped back into sanity.

          • My my. So blind. So stupid. Your senility and vile hatred is even showing more than usual. And aren’t liberals supposed to be all about peace, love, and tolerance? As with all things liberal, just lies and deception. It’s liberals that start riots and wars. It’s liberals that are the racists and bigots. Hopefully, soon, pepple like you will start slinking back into the dark shadows from where you came from, along with your KKK, neonazis, and BLM. Those are your creations, even though you like to say they not, but, of course, liberals lie. When lies and deception are not enough, a liberals first reaction is VIOLENCE. Your kind will be washed away, leaving only a small footnote in history. Let’s hope, for the sake of America, it comes soon.
            You have no clue. I could live next door from you. And in reality, I do live close, but you are too stupid to realize that.

          • Here is a real shocker for catatonic nuts like you. I am not an ideologue. Unlike you, I do not need any ideology to support my thinking. I don’t need the kind of lies and corruption Trump has managed throughout his entire business career.

            As for your bashing liberals, you must have one whole hell of a lot of liberals in your hicks states. None of the states on the East Coast have ever had lynchings of black men and women, bombings of black churches or crosses burning on lawns while fat gut, cone hatted cowardly men in white robes pretend to be Americans. That happened only in your LIBERAL states. Not mine.

            As for the rest of your lunatic post, you live close to me? Then, do go across the street and tell that fine black family what you REALLY think of them…I DARE you! Tell that Muslim family up at the top of the street you plan to deport them.

            People like you have big mouths. That’s your ONLY claim to fame. be a good little liberal and act like a civilized human being. Not some Neaderthal in search of your last meal.

          • I’d be happy to talk to that black family you refer to. They should be warned about that vile, nasty catlady that lives across the street. All yourneighbors should be warned that their families are at risk. People like you should be locked up and medicated. I live in NY, and near everyone in my area are just like me, totally sick of people like YOU. Your only notoriety is in your deluded mind. You preach hate and violence. You and those like you are the REAL threats to America.

          • Really? I am well liked and respected by all my neighbors. You? Talk to the black family? I think the minute I tell them you are a racist and bigot, they’d be on the phone calling the police to alert them to you trying to burn a cross on their home.

            You can find my two published books online or in any store. I also have over 2000 readers of my short story blog. You? You spend all day wasting your life trying to convince everyone how right you are and how wrong we all are.

            Get a job bigot. Stop living on welfare I pay for. In the time you spend online chewing your bigot cud, I am busy writing tech articles I get paid for. I know who I am. You are too cowardly to tell anyone who YOU really are. Convicts in prisons do have lots to hide.

          • Yet another obvious lie from a commie liberal. No one likes a vile nasty old catlady. All you got is obscure romance novels that no one reads anyhow. Collect YOUR welfare check, and stay locked in your house with your cats. Society will be much safer.
            You’re still not grasping that I live in your area of the country. I’ve actually worked for everything I have, unlike you who just talks about all the things you once wanted to do, but were too lazy to accomplish. Now, go on and list all those things you say you were. All fabrications and lies to make you feel like a real persom. I’ll throw a party when you finally do show up in the paper under deceased.

          • Yet another BS lame excuse of a CON. NO one likes liars, thieves and bigots. When you get thee to a confessional and tell your sins to a priest, do you forget your bigot remarks?

            I don’t give a fat rat’s patoot where you live. A bigot is a bigot. Now get a job, pay your fair share of taxes and stop living in Mommy’s basement.

          • Just the kind of response I expected from a braindead liberal. NO one likes liars, thieves, and bigots. That’s why Hillary lost, and liberals are on their way out.
            You are nothing but an old, bitter, vile creature that should crawl back to the depths of hell where you belond. You have nothing of value to contribute to society apart from the hate you preach.

          • I am not the control freak here trying to make sure I get the last word maniac. Hillary didn’t lose the popular vote. She is ahead by over 2 million more than Trump. You are a lying sack of dog crap and you can’t wipe your own butt.

            People like you think if you get the last word, you’ve WON. Wrong. All it proves is how desperate you are and that you just can’t shut your mouth even when you are out of your league.

          • Illegals and dead people do not count as popular votes. And the ONLY liar here is you.
            When a piece of crap like you is out of my league, I’ll fall over dead. Get a life. Go out and find a man, something you seem to have neglected durning your long, useless life. I can understand why a bitter old hag like is alone with her cats and romance novels. You are a very sad excuse for a human.

          • Do you work hard at being an idiot or does it come by you naturally? How can ANY illegal register to vote if they have NO US birth certificate as the U.S. Constitution demands?

            You are a piece of BS that forgot to exit your anus. No. Carolina tried to claim the same BS you posted. The Supreme Court refused to allow them to make voter fraud claims without ANY proof. So they brought proof and the proof turned out to be a matter of voters with similar names or the voting district managers fault for not purging the voter rolls. The actual count of fraudulent votes in No. Carolina? 1. And it wasn’t fraud. It was a matter of the district registrar mispelling a voter’s name so it resembled that of another voter.

            As for your Trump BS sound bites that “1 million votes were illegall” that too is more of your lying sack of dog dung. The math on that number doesn’t remotely begin to add up and the FEC has already validated that it would be “impossible for 1 million votes” to be illegal. 1 million??????? More Trump lies and BS fed to you hicks who have no math skills.

            You aren’t a human. You can’t tell the truth if your life depends on it. Which now with Big Mouth in the Penthouse, is going to hit your states harder than mine. Enjoy your sharecropper paychecks Hick. You morons never learn.

            I amazes me how you managed to be a victim of Trump’s biggest scam yet.

          • Once again, you have nothing but more regime propaganda that you love sooo much. Get a life. Find a man that will have you. Sit in your dark little hole and pet your cats.

  13. This is different from the alt left how??? The National Socialists were the left fringe of the 1930’s. Now we have the alt left, which is nothing more than an extension of the People’s Party of the 1930’s through the 1980’s. The People’s Party was just a different name for the Communist Party. The socialists in Venezuela have shown us all what happens when socialism rules. 200,000 people fled Venezuela last year because they were starving to death, in the country that has the 2nd largest oil reserves in the world. This is the same situation the alt left wants to place he US in as soon as they can. So stop writing false stories about the right because you don’t know what you are talking about.

  14. Ms Haynes, your profession certainly does have a lot to answer for: glorifying every word that Trump and the Republicans said by repeating them over and over.

    And apparently you, like the Republicans, can never learn a lesson because you are writing about the alt-right as if they are an important part of the electorate where actually they are a small minority. And the ones who are radical and spew the hate speech are an even smaller minority of the small minority that is the alt-right.

    As you mention briefly in your article, some of these people have a point: They are anxious about job loss and wage stagnation. They are just blaming some of the wrong people. They are right that the trade deals have sold out the American middle class but they are wrong to blame immigrants. Immigrants both legal and illegal actually make a positive impact on the American economy.

    So why is it that those people blame who they blame? It’s because your profession does a lousy job of explaining the facts. The MSM would much rather cover how “dangerous” the alt-right is in spite of the fact that they are a small fringe group when they should be explaining the truth about the economy.

  15. A bunch of inbred, brain-dead, mythologically-hobbled morons. These kinds of “people” should be removed from the planet.

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