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White Nationalists “Hail” Trump With Nazi Salutes – And Team Trump Shrugs

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White Nationalists “Hail” Trump With Nazi Salutes – And Team Trump Shrugs

"Alt right" gathering in Washington hails Trump with Nazi salutes

In recent days, events have reignited the most disturbing speculation about the nature of the incoming Trump regime, its ideological orientation, and the political character of the president-elect himself.

Over the weekend, an organization that calls itself the National Policy Institute convened a couple of hundred white nationalists and other disreputable elements of the self-styled “alt-right” in Washington to celebrate the election of Donald Trump.

While this outfit’s leader, Richard Spencer, sought to present its racist program publicly in the most anodyne terms, a video of his closing speech — shot by a documentary team working for The Atlantic magazine — showed him shouting “Hail Trump” as followers saluted with their arms thrust out, just like old-time Nazis. Spencer’s remarks suggested that Jews are not human, and quoted the old Nazi term “luegenpresse” in “the original German,” as he put it, to lambast the “lying press.”

When that video surfaced on Monday, the deceptive branding of “alt right,” a thin scrim invented for social media, was scraped away to reveal the restless Nazi maggots underneath. Such a revolting spectacle should have upset Trump, still trying to stabilize his awkward transition to power, because the president-elect’s “chief strategist” Steve Bannon has boasted of transforming his media company, Breitbart.com, into “a platform for the alt right.” And the “alt right” Nazis welcomed Bannon’s appointment when it was announced last week.

But just as Trump himself hesitated to renounce an endorsement from former KKK leader David Duke earlier this year, his team’s official response to the uproar over the Spencer video was unspecific and pathetically weak:

President-elect Trump has continued to denounce racism of any kind and he was elected because he will be a leader for every American. To think otherwise is a complete misrepresentation of the movement that united Americans from all backgrounds.

Considering how jealously Trump seeks to protect his image, his silence about the neo-Nazi appropriation of his trademarked name is strange. Rather than blast the sieg-heiling creeps on Twitter, he let his spokesperson’s tepid statement stand.

Now contrast that bland reaction to Trump’s weekend Twitter rage over the Hamilton incident, where Vice President-elect Mike Pence listened to a brief and cordial plea for fairness and decency from Brandon Victor Dixon, who plays Aaron Burr in the hit Broadway musical.

“Apologize!” shrieked Trump in a series of furious tweets that went on for two days — even though Pence denied he had been offended at all, and urged everyone to see the play (which is indeed brilliant and beautiful, inspiring renewed fascination with the nation’s revolutionary history and founders among Americans of all ages).

No, the neo-Nazi salutes didn’t seem to bother Trump nearly as much as that sassy multiracial musical cast.

Perhaps his inappropriate reaction to these incidents is merely another symptom of his profound insecurity and bloated vanity. But the longer he allows white nationalists to decorate their propaganda with his name, while refusing to denounce them directly, the more suspicion he provokes about his own ideology and intentions.


Joe Conason

A highly experienced journalist, author and editor, Joe Conason is the editor-in-chief of The National Memo, founded in July 2011. He was formerly the executive editor of the New York Observer, where he wrote a popular political column for many years. His columns are distributed by Creators Syndicate and his reporting and writing have appeared in many publications around the world, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, The New Yorker, The New Republic, The Nation, and Harpers.

Since November 2006, he has served as editor of The Investigative Fund, a nonprofit journalism center, where he has assigned and edited dozens of award-winning articles and broadcasts. He is also the author of two New York Times bestselling books, The Hunting of the President (St. Martins Press, 2000) and Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth (St. Martins Press, 2003).

Currently he is working on a new book about former President Bill Clinton's life and work since leaving the White House in 2001. He is a frequent guest on radio and television, including MSNBC's Morning Joe, and lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

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  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 22, 2016

    Yes, this open adoration of Trump by the cesspool called the alt-right should by now be causing the few GOP who still have a conscience to start to squirm a little more than usual. If the so-called GOP mainstream has any vestige of morality left, they should be seeing the huge gulf between what they purport to believe in and the fairy-tale nonsense of the satanic notion of racial supremacy.
    Such a philosophy has no connection with the intent of God’s Messengers, including Jesus, and can only be explained as a reflection of spiritually dead men and women who worship a transitory thing called skin color, and have a childish and ludicrous affection for a myth called “race supremacy”, and a steadfast belief in an artificial notion called “race”, which has no biological basis.

    So, it is a boon that racists are coming out in droves to salute the best friend a Nazi or white supremacist could ever wish for in this era in the person of Donald Trump. Let’s hope the racists will be more fervent in days to come in their display of adoration for Trump. The GOP and Trump deserve to be made to feel as uncomfortable and vulnerable as possible, and be placed in the spotlight of world attention.

    1. dbtheonly November 22, 2016

      We’ve got Otto spewing the same manure here. Either it’s more widespread than I’d feared, or Trump and electronic media in general, are giving them a wider platform.

      As for the Republicans in general, I see them making their peace with Trump. The Republican economic policies have looked like National Socialiam for some time.

      1. Carl Sdano November 22, 2016

        “First they came for the socialists & I said nothing, because I was not one of them. Then they came for the trade unionists & I said nothing….”

        1. dbtheonly November 22, 2016

          Which is why I am so heartened by the head of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League announcing that he’ll be registering as a Muslim if the start the lists.

          We really are all in this together.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker November 22, 2016

            db..Herr Trumpf is a terrible, awful anti-Semite. When he and Leona Helmsley and the former Mayor Ed Koch duked it out over Trumpf dirty dealings, he went straight for his anti-Semite card.

          2. dbtheonly November 22, 2016

            Ms. Elenore,

            It would be futile to debate whether Trump is more anti-Semitic or anti-Muslim. Or gay, or Black, or Liberal for that matter. Carl’s point is that we are all in this together.

            Trump is releasing hate which I’d prayed had been buried for some 60 years.

          3. plc97477 November 23, 2016

            It is not all doofusdon’s work. It started with the gotp allowing the sitting president to be treated in the horrible way they treated him, gave doofus the power to be himself and gave him the following to put us where we are.

          4. dbtheonly November 23, 2016

            It goes back further than that. President Clinton got it bad too.

            Trump is only the face on the hate that the RWMO has released on the world. I suspect that even Trump is astounded at its vehemence.

            Still, I’ve said before, the djinn will not go easily back into its bottle.

          5. idamag November 25, 2016

            As I have pointed out, there were 30,000 registered Nazis in the U.S. in 1941. When Germany declared war on us, they went underground. But, they called themselves something else, patriotic sounding and they spawned. As a nation, we paid no attention when the presidential candidates’ governor brother, had his AG, Harris, purge thousands of names from the voting register. Then the supreme court packed by the candidates father, decided who would be president when the purged, franchised voters objected. This is the beginning of the end of democracy in this country. At that time congress was pleading with us to put it behind us and move on.

          6. plc97477 November 25, 2016

            They can plead all they want. #notmypresident

          7. idamag November 25, 2016

            Not mine either.

          8. Otto T. Goat November 22, 2016

            Even though Muslims hate jews, jews side with them against whites. Predictable.

          9. dbtheonly November 22, 2016

            The “against” is only in your fevered imagination.

            Can you really fool yourself into believing that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob would be happy with you exterminating His people?

      2. idamag November 23, 2016

        I would guess that Otto I s Nazi whom trump has brought from the slime of the underground sewer system. His parents were probably some of those rabid Nazis we let into this country when they were trying to escape communist Russia in East Germany. Russia had every right to treat those Nazis like they did. They went into Russian villages and had the residents dig a huge pit. Then they stripped them naked and shot every one of them. They herded a bunch of people, in Russia, into a church, locked the doors and burned the church down. I never felt sorry for East Germany and I certainly did not agree with letting those Nazis into our country. They are who Otto is.

        1. dbtheonly November 23, 2016

          You don’t have to convince me of Nazi atrocities.

          It’s what Otto sees in the Nazi philosophy that is so puzzling. Or perhaps not, small people, dreaming of being big and important. Finding someone to blame one’s problems on. Asserting their superiority, not on any measurable basis, but one’s blood, race, religion, or skin color. Accidents of birth.

  2. Dominick Vila November 22, 2016

    In my opinion, the white supremacist, neo-Nazi, support that Trump enjoys does not constitute the majority of his supporters, but denying that it exists, and that ethnic and cultural prejudice is on the rise in the USA and Europe is denying the obvious.
    Considering what has happened throughout the course of history, emulating what led to some of the worst acts of genocide and human misery is disturbing, to put it mildly. I really can’t say that I am surprised. Our own history, from the way we have treated Native Americans since the day the first European set foot in what we now know as the USA, to the way African Americans have been treated, and the way Latinos are now being treated, racism has been present, or latent under the surface, since we became a nation. Why has it shown its ugly head in such an obvious manner? Because the election of our first African American President convinced millions of white Americans that unless they did something dramatic and very effective their days of cultural dominance were numbered. Their fight has more to do with the preservation of an era that ought to be confined to the annals of history, than a slight shift to the right, as some people believe.

    1. charleo1 November 22, 2016

      “Because the election of our first African American President convinced millions of white Americans that unless they did something dramatic and very effective, their days of cultural dominance were numbered.” You nailed it perfectly! And there’s a lot of my fellow Americans for exactly this reason I don’t like very much right now. Don’t have the respect I once carried for them. Can’t talk myself into believing that all Americans today are by their character and tradition, inherently fair, and decent people regardless of their political bent. I truly miss that.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker November 22, 2016

        I have southern and midwestern relatives. One of my elderly southern relatives once told me that the reason some Southern whites are such racists is because once free black slave labor was banned, they had to do the work of slaves. From that day on, they knew all they would ever be is poor white sharecroppers.

        1. charleo1 November 22, 2016

          Some crappy, rat hole attitude to have, eh? I may be ignorant, and poor, but at least I have someone I can still look down on..

          1. Eleanore Whitaker November 22, 2016

            My southern grandmother-in-law picked cotton on Georgia plantations. But, she was considered an “outsider” because she was a “half breed” according to the poor white sharecroppers. She was part Seminole Indian.

            She hate the attitudes of the poor white sharecroppers in the early 1900s. She told me they were “poor excuses for manhood” because they were not used to actually working hard. Once the black slaves were gone, Grandma told me that these poor whites resent like hell having to work for dirt wages.

            Yet, they never once blamed the real culprits: the rich men who owned the cotton, sugar and tobacco plantations.

          2. charleo1 November 22, 2016

            Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Wasn’t it Willian Faulkner that pointed out how in the South the past is never dead? That the past in the South was never in fact really the past?

          3. idamag November 23, 2016


          4. Dominick Vila November 22, 2016

            They are also the same ones who depend on welfare, MEDICAID, and every government handout they can get their hands on to make ends meet.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker November 23, 2016

            Dominick…You are so right. When I visited those relatives in the Florida Panhandle, I was absolutely floored at how many of them live either on phony SSDI or welfare. If ever there was an icon for single moms who game the system, these southern and midwestern women are. It’s almost as if they mindlessly get pregnant so they never have to keep a job.

          6. Eleanore Whitaker November 23, 2016

            Go whistle Dixie to your rebel and corn pones. I am a born and bred Yankee. I have never needed welfare, have always been self supporting and never needed ANY man to support me.

            It’s called “BRAINS.” Get some.

          7. charleo1 November 23, 2016

            Ditto as to this misfire.

          8. 1standlastword November 23, 2016

            I wonder why that happens so much????!

          9. charleo1 November 23, 2016

            My theory is that whatever is in there is going to come out, and so she just picks a spot in the middle, and commences immediately.

          10. 1standlastword November 23, 2016

            The hair-trigger evinces something more severe is developing or has developed.

          11. charleo1 November 23, 2016

            That’s what I say. Always look for the positive!

        2. idamag November 23, 2016

          My theory: When England was hot to colonize and have more territory in the new world, they emptied the prisons. Some of those prisoners became plantation owners. And since their may that some violent criminals have innate tendencies, those are the ancestors of the present hate groups.

      2. Dominick Vila November 22, 2016

        One of the funniest things I have read since Trump won the election are the demands by right wingers that we should refrain from calling Trump an arrogant narcissist, unpredictable, reckless, and other such names…after calling President Obama every name in the book for 8 years, claiming that he is Kenyan or Indonesian, that he is a Muslim, a socialist, and that he is about to destroy America, among the most benign terms used by the right to describe him.

        1. charleo1 November 23, 2016

          Exactly! I found their response to the Obama Presidency not only fundamentally racist, but extremely harmful to the Office itself. (If anyone is wondering how a moral deviant like Trump came to be viewed as qualified.) Thus demonstrating, at least in my eyes, their hate, born out of their racial animus eclipsed their loyalty, and sworn responsibility above all else. The notion that we the collective GOP. must make him fail at all cost. Even if it means the entire Nation also fails. And, as a result, millions of Americans were harmed. Many really hard working and decent people lost everything it had taken them years to accumulate. In no small part due to the Republican’s blanket obstruction, and purposeful intent to inflict economic pain on millions of their Countrymen. Praying for Obama’s failure, betting the people would blame their losses on President Obama. And so would come to hate him as much as they. The word traitorous comes to my mind. And so now, now they cry bitter tears over how divided the Nation has become under a black Obama. And muse as to how a race baiting, scapegoating, White Nationalist is just the President to unite us.

        2. plc97477 November 23, 2016

          I have been telling people who tell me to give the rump a chance that I will give him every chance they gave Obama.

      3. Eleanore Whitaker November 23, 2016

        Your bigotry is showing big time. Who the hell cares what color a president’s face is? You do because in your hick DogPatch enclaves, you hate the idea that you are equal to anyone else. That southern and midwestern superiority act lasts only until the data comes out that it is your Republican states all in the toilet.

        Why are states like KS, IA, OK, WI and MI all your Republican states whining and complaining because their states are in economic trouble? When you can face those facts and act like a real man and not some specious and obligatory hick, then your opinion will actually matter.

        If you can’t keep up with the busy, hard working Yankees up north and can’t shut your bigot mouth, maybe it is time for our states to stop feeding your states OUR tax dollars?

        1. charleo1 November 23, 2016

          I’m going to ignore that post. And suggest first you read, and then follow the tread of conversation prior to making your remarks.

    2. idamag November 23, 2016

      I belong to The Southern Poverty Law Center. Great organization! When Obama was elected President, neo Nazi white supremacist groups doubled. Actually, we should stop calling them neo Nazi. They are the same old, same old. There were 30,000 registered Nazis prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor. When Germany declared war on the United States, they went underground. Now, with very little resistance, they are emerging as a virulent cancer on our society.

      1. charleo1 November 23, 2016

        Excellent! I believe one of the things we could do, is push back on the tendencies we’re seeing in the press, and other places to normalize Trump.
        As if he is just another Republican President. As if he doesn’t present an affront to everything this Country and its Constitution is supposed to stand for. That this is not the time to rally around the flag, so to speak. As if supporting the views of this moral cripple is in any way patriotic. Or being a so called, “loyal American,” involves shutting up, and standing down. I think we’ve got to do what we know is right, and stick to our principles.

        1. idamag November 23, 2016

          Dan Rather is calling for people not to sit and be silent. Since the Nazis haven’t replaced our flag as of yet, and are using it, no it is not the time to rally. Since the wound is still festering and dangerous to the body, we are not going to come together for “healing.”

          1. Dominick Vila November 23, 2016

            What Republicans consider “healing” and becoming one, involves us abandoning our values and goals, and embracing theirs. In other words, total surrender.
            I believe that what we need to do now is reflect on what just happened, and what happened in the last couple of elections, when the GOP seized control of the House, the Senate, most Governorships, and most State legislatures.
            If we continue to rely on West Coast and Northeastern states, and continue to ignore what is between

            them, we will be a minority party forever. We must also reconsider our strict focus on the truth and facts, and take a close look at what the GOP has been doing to control all branches of government. From gerrymandering, to cute slogans, simplistic proposals, exploitation of prejudice and fear, and manipulating masses more interested in simplistic, often unrealistic, proposals than complex solutions like the ones Hillary proposed with little to show for it. As a minimum, we should denounce the policy proposals and statements made by Republican candidates whenever they make them. Hillary relied on the wisdom of the electorate…and ended up losing an election she should have won by a landslide.

          2. idamag November 24, 2016

            Their propaganda machine has been so busy, that the first and insurmountable task we have, is to let people know the truth. It is scary where we will be going from here unless we speak out. Oh, for the wonderful sixties generation that propelled this nation forward, where are the young idealists now? I will fight. This is my country.

  3. CrankyToo November 22, 2016

    The term “maggots” is apropos in describing this particular gaggle of lowlifes, not to mention the millions of other like-minded fascists who inhabit the cesspool of deplorables.

    It staggers the imagination to think that, not only are there people ignorant, bigoted, misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic, racist, and/or just plain stupid enough to VOTE for a dirtbag the likes of Donald Trump, but that they exist in sufficient numbers to actually ELECT him to the highest office of the world’s greatest democracy.

    But what’s even more mind-boggling is that Hillary Clinton fumbled what should have been a slam-dunk. I’ve always thought the Democrats were inept, but who knew they could be SO inept as to lose a race against a political cripple? Incredible!

    1. Michael Allen November 22, 2016

      There were many factors leading up to the Hillary loss; to attribute it solely to “Hillary fumbled” is naive.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker November 22, 2016

        You bet. Comey said that releasing those DNC emails hacked by the Russians “might influence the outcome of the election so soon before Election Day.” But, he had NO problem 11 days before the final elections releasing “new” emails he “found,” right?

        Wow…If Americans are this stupid as to believe this load of BS from the GOP, you are going to get exactly what you asked for with Trump.

      2. CrankyToo November 22, 2016

        Gee, Mr. Politics! Thanks for the insightful analysis.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker November 22, 2016

          I notice YOU don’t seem to be able to provide unbiased facts or truth that is not filtered through your ideology. Do you realize that the Charmin you use is handled by liberal cheap laborers? Better not try wiping then.

          1. idamag November 23, 2016

            Besides it turns to cement in the sewage system and you eventually have to hire a plumber to clean out your pipes.

    2. charleo1 November 22, 2016

      To be fair. Hillary did not resort to the lies, and demagoguery of a Fascist. But called on her fellow American to find their better angels. Forty-six percent of them could not be bothered to show up. So we’ll never know if they were ever inspired to look for them or not. The majority that did, that voted for Hillary were crushed by onerous RW papers please voting laws in gerrymandered districts. The people spoke, and sanity lost by a ten of a percent.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker November 22, 2016

        Charles…Isn’t it barely possible that since Comey is refusing to release all of those hacked DNC emails that the reason is the Russians through assistance from Wikileaks deleted and altered a lot of votes?

        Why were the new Hillary emails important enough to release but a potential threat of election rigging by Russian hackers is not?

        1. charleo1 November 22, 2016

          Well there is the partisan mucking about the hacked material out of the FBI, which is concerning. And the voter suppression that’s taken place over the last few election cycles. And much about our voting system, paperless voting machines, and even the electoral college itself, that needs reforming. But before any of that can be addressed, we as a people are going to need to start giving a crap again about our obligation as citizens to inform ourselves, and to participate in this vaunted democracy of ours, if we want to keep it. Or the fact is, those that do not care for democracy at all, will show up, and are going to control it. And that more than anything contributed to Trump’s victory. And now, to our horror, and dismay, we suddenly see the Neo-Nazis, White Nationalists, and the KKK goose stepping and spewing their Fascist hate.

          1. sigrid28 November 22, 2016

            And they are doing it in Washington, D.C., virtually steps from the capitol.

          2. charleo1 November 22, 2016

            I believe there is coming very quickly a time where each of will be asked by history’s circumstance, to make a choice. I hope, and pray for the sake of everything we hold dear, we heed that call. That we realize our silence is tantamount to acquiesce.

          3. sigrid28 November 22, 2016

            That moment is past: It was the election. I cannot believe how much time is being wasted on the need to shake up the Democratic party and the search for new leadership and why Democrats lost. Democrats won the popular vote. The focus has to be on the rise of xenophobia worldwide and not these nonessentials. Those of us who can see this will have to leave the partisans fighting it out over distinctions that have no more meaning. We must go from the opposition to the Resistance, I’m sorry to say.

          4. charleo1 November 22, 2016

            Yes, the time for the best opportunity was the election past. I’ve stopped crying, and started girding myself for the resistance that must happen, if we are to keep our democracy as something we will recognize post Trump. I have started making my donations as much as I can reasonably afford, with more to come to the ACLU, The Southern Poverty Law Center, along with the Anti Defamation League. The goods news is all report seeing their donations going up at historic, and unprecedented levels. But I have to believe the problem is now, as with the past election, more attributable to apathy, than to ignorance. Too many Americans not paying enough attention to appreciate what is taking place in their Country right now. Than not caring, or not strongly opposing it, if they were made aware. Otherwise, we’re done as a democracy. And we might as well all learn Mandarin and join the Chinese Communist. As opposed to the mandatory adherence we will face with the American Fascist Party of Trump.

          5. sigrid28 November 22, 2016

            When Trump appeals to the White Supremacists as he is doing now, it makes me feel very worried and overheated about stopping him. Then I have to remind myself (snap that rubber-band on my wrist) that Steve Bannon and his like, these people with their hands in the Hitler salute, are truly a minority, though a vocal one. It is possible that Trump seeks the luster of their notoriety more than he actually shares their beliefs.

            The second hope that I hold out is that once he is in office his inappropriate behaviors will be curtailed by a highly sophisticated opposition within the government, one he is too poorly educated to understand and one that is priming itself right now to take him down piece by piece. They just cannot act until he is in office.

            For example, that emolument clause in the constitution may exclude him from accepting the police protection accorded his properties outside the United States. He is likely to have to divest himself of them or step down. I do not see his desire to be a public servant (which I think he knows he is terrible at) meaning as much to him as being a billionaire celebrity (which he does very well).

          6. idamag November 23, 2016

            This is one hope I do not have. Look at Congress. They don’t even hesitate to violate The Constitution of the United States of America by refusing to honor presidential appointments or even hold hearings. Trump is who they are.

          7. charleo1 November 23, 2016

            You make some good point as is usual for you, sigrid. But, let’s not underestimate the lure, and sparkle, of which therein lies the power of Fascism. That at its height had some 250 million Europeans either under its boot, or loyally goose-stepping to its calls to the very worst proclivities of human kind. Eventually causing the deaths of more than 60 million souls, before it was finally put back in its proverbial cage. Today it seems many people, especially the radicalized with unlearned minds, now poisoned by clever propagandist. Are failing to take heed of the dangers and ignore the warnings of those who know, and remember its horrors. Or recognize the innately evil place in the minds of those from which it emerges. Being a lifelong student of this history. My first question as a boy on the subject of Fascism after learning of its evil, being how? How did Hitler, and Mussolini before him convince their people to support it? The answer was both complicated, and frighteningly simple. They essentially lied to their people, and told them what they wanted to hear. The led them into oblivion.

          8. sigrid28 November 23, 2016

            It is as you say. For forty years, I have known intimately several families of survivors living in the U.S. and in France, where I lived for five years. I entered their stories thirty years after the war, a family of extremely wealthy secular Jews in the U.S., who adopted a German Jewish child and saved him, and Polish refugees working in the garment industry in France after escaping the Nazis, who joined the middle class Jewish community in Boston eight years later. Yet I have known several generations of these survivors and so can follow their fates and the fate of their children and their children’s children, one of whom is my son. No amount of wealth could insulate the U.S. family from the indignities of xenophobia, where they had to build their own country club because the Christians wouldn’t let them join theirs. The same with a rod and gun club they started and a Chinese restaurant, just to have a place to go on Christmas Day in the rural Midwest, as far as I can tell. In Paris and later in Boston, it was a struggle against almost inconceivable odds: a husband take from the street by the Germans and never seen again by his wife and daughter, a son never circumcised to protect him from detection in the public schools in France, a professor at the top of his medical field succumbs to addiction because of back pain from service in the U.S. military during the war, dropped by parachute behind enemy lines because he spoke German with native fluency and two other European languages. Even so, the survivor’s remorse exacted a steep price on their families, their marriages, and their children.
            I saw this, I witnessed it, but I was only truly schooled by these harsh lessons when I encountered the same kind of virulent xenophobia attached to children with autism and their families, both here and in France. Then I fought, like William Wallace, played by Mel Gibson in “Braveheart,” to get my son the right medications, treatments, and interventions in school. To his credit largely, for working incredibly hard and overcoming anxiety and discomfort of the highest degree, he finished grade school and high school (with only three years of home schooling), graduated from college (a trilingual history major), learned to drive and take care of his own car, and became underemployed like so many in his generation. However, people treat him better if they don’t recognize that he is on the spectrum than they do if they know that he is. My good Christian family has rejected us and doesn’t even call on Thanksgiving. His father has remarried and lives in France with a new family. We are penniless, and Ihave only the two friends I left after my lonely, high-stakes struggle, though I thank the Lord every day that my son and I are able to live happily and very compatibly together. How many families can say that?
            I know I cannot find friends here in the Midwest because our unique situation disqualifies us, even though I might have helped children in other families like ours accomplish more. Here is where I can see how xenophobia hurts those who will not divest themselves of it. I see families that would rather reject my expert help rather than see a child on the autism spectrum manage like skills a bit better. Why? Because I am well educated and experienced? Perhaps that is it, in an era of anti-intellectualism. Local families like ours actually resent my son’s accomplishments rather than seeing in them the hope that their own child on the spectrum might have a similar kind of success. If they go to a dentist, they want to go to a dentist who is the son and daughter of the dentist their family has seen all of their lives. The first to be hired, even at Target or Pet Smart, are those who have lived in the community all of their lives. They have no interest in meeting anyone new or different from themselves, is what it all boils down to. Tribalism, in its most anodyne and everyday form.
            I cannot tell if their apathy will be cured or increase if things get worse. These are the people who stand to lose their health insurance and therefore health care, who could lose their Medicare and Social Security through the extravagance of the stock market under Trump, who could see their college grads hounded to their grave and beyond by the IRS now that the Republicans under a Trump administration are in charge. I hold out a small bit of hope for the millennials in this college town, but I feel less sanguine about it when I remember that none of the students my son knew in college ever did call him or text him, and certainly don’t do so now. They are missing out, I can tell you.

          9. idamag November 23, 2016

            We need to stop crying and do something.

          10. idamag November 23, 2016

            What we are seeing happen is well organized. The electoral college makes it easier for us to become a fascist nation. This has been calculated for a long time. With the coming of cable television and the loss of real journalism, there has been a general dumbing down of the people. The armor of decency has been pierced. We cannot have a real democracy without real journalism. It has been instrumental in the strength of the nation since the inception of the nation. When the bush white house, caused the loss of Dan Rather and Mary Mape’s careers, it was the beginning of the end.

        2. idamag November 23, 2016

          Scary, isn’t it? And a possibility.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker November 23, 2016

            CrowdStrike said that the hackers had not just the ability but the access to delete votes and alter them. It is scary because it means that we may never again have fair and honest elections…only elections won by Republicans.

  4. Eleanore Whitaker November 22, 2016

    First of all, do the math. The righties keep preaching how 45% of women didn’t vote for Hillary. That make any sense to you when the U.S. Census Bureau for the past half decade has numbered women at 52% of the population? That 45% who voted for Trump means only 7% voted for Hillary. Really? How does that fly with the fact that she has more than 1.7 million MORE votes than Trump?

    What the GOP boys did was use all those Benghazi investigations as a distraction. Then, when Comey refused to put her in “prison,” Gowdy and the GOP went berserk. They had NO options left but to use Trump’s association with Putin to hack into the DNC emails. As CrowdStrike who investigated the hacking stated, the Russian hackers were not after finding out what the DNC was up to. They were collecting millions of names of voters so they could ALTER the votes or delete them entirely.

    Once again, the desperation of right wing Republican men allow them to rig an election and hope no one will do the math.

    1. Godzilla November 22, 2016

      It’s OVER…now go choke on your crow!

      1. Eleanore Whitaker November 22, 2016

        You are so over dirt bag. Why don’t you have a job? Too stupid? Too lazy? Too much the freeloader hater boy? Let me guess. You once had an employer but you lied to him so much and tried to bully your fellow employees that now no one will hire a dirt bag like you.

        1. Godzilla November 22, 2016

          Just like a Liberal, can’t tell the truth, knows nothing except what the Alt-Left media tells you. Your a pig in lipstick. Your ideology is DEAD, you should just pull your head from your rectum and join the winning team.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker November 22, 2016

            Just like CONnazi…Ach Tung! Heil Trumpf….shouldn’t you be putting on your Brown Shirt about now slimebucket?

            You are a dirty bum who can’t hold down a job. Get an education that fits the hi tech world of 2016.

          2. timmfr30 November 22, 2016

            differing views make the world go around… you just don’t get it

          3. Budjob November 22, 2016

            In the intelligence department,you probably started out with nothing,and,have most of it left!

          4. Budjob November 22, 2016

            You probably could warm up to a lot of people,if,you were cremated with them!

          5. timmfr30 November 22, 2016

            by the way…what lipstick is big enough to hold a pig?

  5. Godzilla November 22, 2016

    The ONLY racism occurring is coming from the Liberal Left, period. The Alt-Left media is blowing smoke up your butts and your breathing the farts as fast as you can. Your weak minded twits if you believe this utter nonsense.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker November 22, 2016

      Hey racist mouth. You bet we will take all of you up now on our 2nd Amendment rights. You never know when we might need to defend ourselves from the puke your mouths flush out.

      You can’t stand the truth scumboy…can you? Post facts or stop posting. You won’t bully anyone but yourself.

      1. itsfun November 22, 2016

        Why don’t you tell the folks about how you want a terrorist attack on other states and want to see thousands of innocents murdered? You said you want others to feel the ashes of human remains falling on them. Why don’t you tell everyone on here about your wanting thousands murdered to satisfy your ego?

        1. iamproteus November 22, 2016

          Well, “it”sfun, I see your spin machine is working just fine. Fool!

          1. Bill P November 22, 2016

            Saying “itsfun” is a spin machine is a waste of words, you could have just used your last word to accurately describe him.

          2. iamproteus November 22, 2016

            Sometimes, I just can’t help myself!

          3. itsfun November 22, 2016

            I cut and pasted her exact words saying she wanted a terrorist attack so we could feel the ashes of human remains falling on us. If you call that spinning then you are a fool.

    2. timmfr30 November 22, 2016

      my goodness, you are just full of “wisdumb”

    3. charleo1 November 22, 2016

      You of course are democracy hating useful idiot. So who cares what you think?

    4. dbtheonly November 22, 2016

      Like the film of the guys giving the Nazi salute and shouting “Hail Trump, Hail Victory”?

    5. Jon November 22, 2016

      Hey monkey mouth you are pretty clever for a nazi. You made up your own meaningless term with “Alt-Left.” Your hero white supremacist Richard Spencer came up with alt.right in an attempt to bring white supremacy into the mainstream. You must have some nefarious reason for your clever term too.

    6. Zengo November 22, 2016

      wtf is the Alt-Left? I for one am not going to use a politically correct term like “Alt-Right” and I will call them like I see them, Nazis and racists, the same folks my grandfather put down over in Germany!

      1. idamag November 22, 2016

        Godzilla used to have his picture on his avatar. There is very little space between his eyebrows and his hairline. Not much brain room there. He also use as credentials that he played football in high school.

  6. Eleanore Whitaker November 22, 2016

    I listened to several Pro and Con panels on why there is this attraction by the White Supremacists and bigots to Trump. The one thing that one panelist said seems to fit the picture: “These are people who saw the anger and hate in Trump’s speech and since their entire basis of organizational existence relies on anger and hate, they began to see an “inroad” to getting center stage.

    You want to know what the real problem is now? Trump could cause any Constitutional crisis he wants. His chief counsel is a Nazi sympathizer as are two other members of his planned cabinet. So anything Herr Trumpf does will be forced on Americans because no independent counsel exists to tell Trumpf when he is wrong.

    For me, the scariest part of this is that the AG he picks will side with anything and everything he says. That is NOT the duty of the AG. It is to be unbiased and uninfluenced when it comes to what is right and what is wrong for the people of this country.

    1. latebloomingrandma November 22, 2016

      I truly hope Sessions is not confirmed. Seems unlikely, though. I just hope the hearings bring out his racist side. AS for Trump, he showed us who he really is for his one and half years on the campaign trail..I don’t expect anything different from him. Do you suppose he knows who Hamilton is?

      1. sigrid28 November 22, 2016

        Donald Trump may himself be disabled. He shows symptoms of both ADHD and dyslexia. As a teacher, I worked with students with learning disabilities at a college level, some of whom could not write their own name and address without making a spelling error but were practically bilingual in terms of speaking and understanding. You see students at every level who are very bright but unable to read or actually unable to sit still long enough to finish reading anything to the end. The sinking feeling I have about Donald Trump is that he has ADHD and possibly some form of dyslexia, making him too impatient to read effectively and possibly unable to read well enough to tolerate getting understanding out of what he reads.

        We have a disability culture in which we encourage those with neurological deficits to do their best, sometimes even saying to people with disabilities, “You can do anything.” The disability community, rightly, feels overwhelmed by this mantra. They wonder why they should have so much more fortitude than anyone else or be expected to leap over those steps going into the capitol rather than taking the wheelchair up a ramp.

        From this perspective, I say that if Donald Trump cannot read effectively and cannot sit still to fulfill some of the obligations of the office of president, he might still be able to function were he surrounded by those capable of bringing him up to speed. His basic psychological and intellectual incapacities make his staff even more integral to his job as president than, say, Obama’s. That is why, from my point of view, it is so dangerous to have the post of principal adviser to this president with multiple challenges filled by an alt-right apologist with an agenda.

        1. Jon November 22, 2016

          I do not have the knowledge or education that you have in this area. I was just wondering why Trump can’t stay away from Twitter. Perhaps Trump likes Twitter so much because there he is limited to 140 characters and it is less challenging than writing a document that would require critical thinking and explanation of his reasoning. Maybe.

          1. sigrid28 November 22, 2016

            People with ADHD have weak impulse control (so do lots of other people with other disorders, I might add: Like the disorder that takes over when people lapse into road rage). Twitter is ideal for Trump: It allows him to vent immediately. People with ADHD do this because the filter, which people who are neuro-typical depend on to keep them from flying off the handle at every little thing, is not always or readily available to people with untreated ADHD.

          2. Jon November 22, 2016

            Thank you for explaining it.

          3. sigrid28 November 22, 2016

            Only a person with medical expertise can correctly diagnose ADHD, I might add. In schools, there are interventions for children who have been diagnosed with ADHD (some of which even help neuro-typical children) and teachers are REQUIRED to use them by law. There are effective medications and therapies available to parents and individuals. That we should have a president who MAY have had this disorder all his life and goes untreated seems inexcusable to me–and dangerous.

          4. idamag November 22, 2016

            Didn’t the person who ghost wrote his book say that trump had a vocabulary of 250 words?

          5. Jon November 22, 2016

            Tony Schwartz, who actually wrote the “Art Of The Deal” has said that Trump appears to have a vocabulary of about 200 words, the equivalent of a 3rd grader. He also said Trump has an incredibly short attention span being unable to concentrate or focus on one thing for more than 10 or 15 minutes. Trump now claims that he personally wrote the book.Tony Schwartz says Trump is lying again.

        2. charleo1 November 22, 2016

          Your expertise gives you special insight. My instincts tells me Trump is very much a part of the lazy self entitled elite. That are basically unwilling, or incapable of putting in the hours of hard work necessary to fulfill the duties of what is one of, if not the toughest job in the World. That he has not the patience, nor temperament to deal with the constant back and forth with Congress necessary in a democratic government to implement his radical agenda. At least in ways that are in compliance with the present Constitutional restrictions of his office. So his tenure I believe will be marked by a President out of his depth, his adm. overtaken by ideologically radical insiders in a perpetual battle with fully half the Country, and a Democratic Senate minority to increase the power of his office by its presently set Constitutional bounds. The wild card here being the Supreme Court, of which he will be able to appoint a frightening number, perhaps 3. That will ultimately determine what those Presidential limitations are to be.

          1. sigrid28 November 22, 2016

            Trump’s resort to violent outbursts on Twitter and in speeches during the campaign, his taste for setting up photo ops like the parade of contestants for posts in his cabinet, and his insistence on telephoning the morning talk shows suggest to me a lack of impulse control typical of individuals with ADHD. In my view, he is not lazy but incapable of concentrating and therefore hyper-frustrated, maybe all of the time. This is the most troubling aspect, to me, of Trump’s access when he is president to the nuclear codes. I hope that he will be required to have a thorough medical examination so he doesn’t just shoot off a nuclear weapon because he has untreated ADHD.

      2. itsfun November 22, 2016

        A example of a post by elenore:
        She actually wants another 9/11

        Eleanore Whitaker itsfun • a day ago
        I want you to go through just what we here in the NY NJ region went through. Breathing in fly ash from human remains, the reeking odor of gasoline across Raritan Bay into our homes for over three months. I want you to go through the same thing your president Bush put us through…the 11 families in my town who have members killed in Tower 1 and Tower 2 for no reason. Or that accountant who worked in the office across from mine who managed to barely escape Tower 1 and was like a zombie?
        You hicks think you will always escaped the really bad stuff? Trump’s big mouth is going to incinerate you and you deserve every bit of it.
        The truth is the ball is ALL in your court. You voted for a liar, a thief and a sexual deviant. So, please..spare me your phonyass attempts to make yourself holier than thou.

      3. The lucky one November 22, 2016

        ” I just hope the hearings bring out his racist side.” His racist side is well known and is a big part of why he was chosen by Trump. Trouble is the majority of those who voted for him, didn’t vote at all and even some that voted for Clinton are totally fine with that.

        1. tbs November 22, 2016

          Why in heaven name would you wish Trump ill and not do his job?
          The problem is your thinking not Trumps!

          1. Stoney Brook November 22, 2016

            I wish well for my country, not Trump, as those seem opposing concepts.

          2. The lucky one November 22, 2016

            As I posted elsewhere quoting Mark Twain “Loyalty to my country always, loyalty to the government when it deserves it” I can’t be loyal to my country and also support Trump because one precludes the other. Of course I hope some good things come out of Trump’s term but based on his character, personal history and the gang he is assembling I see very small chance of that.

          3. charleo1 November 23, 2016

            As to Trump, I see FUBAR in the future.

    2. charleo1 November 22, 2016

      And a weak, scared, and politically bankrupt Republican Congress, will be very hesitant to oppose him on anything. Lest they garner the wrath of their rat hole base, who consider Trump as their savior. I read a sign at one of Trump’s hate rallies that thanked Trump for giving up his wonderful lifestyle to help the poor working class. And I thought, for God so loved the World. It makes me sick!

      1. itsfun November 22, 2016

        Want to talk about love check out this post from ew:
        How can any human want more people murdered by terrorists

        Eleanore Whitaker itsfun • a day ago
        I want you to go through just what we here in the NY NJ region went through. Breathing in fly ash from human remains, the reeking odor of gasoline across Raritan Bay into our homes for over three months. I want you to go through the same thing your president Bush put us through…the 11 families in my town who have members killed in Tower 1 and Tower 2 for no reason. Or that accountant who worked in the office across from mine who managed to barely escape Tower 1 and was like a zombie?
        You hicks think you will always escaped the really bad stuff? Trump’s big mouth is going to incinerate you and you deserve every bit of it.
        The truth is the ball is ALL in your court. You voted for a liar, a thief and a sexual deviant. So, please..spare me your phonyass attempts to make yourself holier than thou.

    3. CPANY November 22, 2016

      What drivel. You have no idea why Trump won. It’s the votes of the disaffected (pissed off) that put him into the Presidency.

      It’s the same people who are turned off by foul mouthed clowns like you who use this website to vent your hatred of men.

      I voted for Clinton, but I understand the frustration of those whose jobs were sent overseas, whose pensions were terminated by hedge fund managers like Mitt Romney and who see their country overrun by pieces of third world crap who are here illegally.

      1. The lucky one November 22, 2016

        I agree with some of that but it’s pieces of first world crap that are ruining our country. It’s people like Trump & Clinton and the big money people behind them pulling their strings that have ruined our society not the poor people just trying to scrape out a living.

    4. itsfun November 22, 2016

      This is a example of what Eleanore wants for our country:

      Eleanore Whitaker itsfun • a day ago
      I want you to go through just what we here in the NY NJ region went through. Breathing in fly ash from human remains, the reeking odor of gasoline across Raritan Bay into our homes for over three months. I want you to go through the same thing your president Bush put us through…the 11 families in my town who have members killed in Tower 1 and Tower 2 for no reason. Or that accountant who worked in the office across from mine who managed to barely escape Tower 1 and was like a zombie?
      You hicks think you will always escaped the really bad stuff? Trump’s big mouth is going to incinerate you and you deserve every bit of it.
      The truth is the ball is ALL in your court. You voted for a liar, a thief and a sexual deviant. So, please..spare me your phonyass attempts to make yourself holier than thou.

      1. Zengo November 22, 2016

        That offends you, but Trump doesn’t?

        1. itsfun November 23, 2016

          Someone calling for the murder of thousands of innocent men, women, and children does offend me. It doesn’t offend you? What would respecting President – Elect Trump or not respecting him have to do with asking for another 9/11 terrorists attack?

  7. FT66 November 22, 2016

    This madness need to stop immediately and Trump must denounce this kind of behavior and Steve Bannon must go. If the situation will be left unattended, am afraid the country will be descending to a point of no return. It is really very scary.

    1. dbtheonly November 22, 2016

      Don’t hold your breath.

    2. CPANY November 22, 2016

      You’ve got a lot of “musts” in your message, but i don’t think that anyone cares.

      1. charleo1 November 22, 2016

        Well, they’d better start caring then! Because Trump as President elect didn’t happen because the Republican Party was strong, or full of ideas. Just as evil Fascism doesn’t happen because democracies are strong. Fascism happens when democratic institutions break down and become weak. Trump therefore is a living symbol of America’s dying democracy.

        1. idamag November 22, 2016

          One of the first institutions to break down and cause this mess, is the media. When it is acceptable for congress to violate the Constitution for political reasons is another. Once a person is elected to congress that person should become the voice for all the people who pay taxes. That includes the opposite party, Black people, Hispanic People, Jewish people and people who don’t even belong to a party. It should focus on those whose labors made this country great in the first place. Money should have no voice in the government.

          1. charleo1 November 23, 2016

            I think public faith in the media was very much undermined by its error filled, and irresponsible lack of coverage in the lead up to the Iraq War. Here we had Bush, and his team telling us about all these WMDs Saddam surely had. And how he was certainly going to give them to Bin Laden, or other terrorist, and kill millions of us, or our Allies overseas, if we didn’t launch this huge military invasion, and destroy them, and him.
            The National press for its part, instead of doing its job, questioning the evidence being presented, the obvious holes in what were clearly lies. Were making sure their star reporters had rides on the leading tanks when they got to Bagdad.

    3. Jon November 22, 2016

      It will never happen. Trump is who they are. There is no time to denounce them when the threat to fascism presented by the exercise of free speech by the multiracial cast of “Hamilton” must be stopped. If anyone was still wondering if Trump was going to act on his white supremacist and fascist beliefs, they can stop wondering.

    4. tbs November 22, 2016

      Trump does not have “to must stop” anything you have to say! He is the President Elect and you are?????

      1. I Am Helpy November 22, 2016

        “Racism is OK because President”.

        Got it.

    5. Otto T. Goat November 22, 2016

      Go suck Hillary’s saggy tits.

      1. I Am Helpy November 23, 2016

        ^ reminder that this guy is the most blatant closet case you will ever see.

      2. Budjob November 23, 2016

        Her tits are a lot nicer than yo Momma’s!

      3. charleo1 November 23, 2016

        It would beat what you’re sucking on! “Goat.”

  8. latebloomingrandma November 22, 2016

    What scares me the most about the election of Trump and the majority Republican Congress, is that our great American experiment with self-government may be coming to a close. After all, Trump is setting up a monarchy with his family “helping” him to run the country and for- profit businesses all over the world, including hostile countries. And the regular people who voted for him think he’s on their side?
    I feel as though I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole that even Lewis Carroll could not have imagined.

    1. tbs November 22, 2016

      Sorry you fell down a rabbit hole! How does it feel?
      You all better let the President Elect, do his job, and wait and see what the outcome will be! Maybe, you will be happy with the outcome, then what will your negative back talk be! Sorry? No you liberal’s do not know what the word sorry means!
      How about channeling your negativism to something useful
      Instead of inciting protesting and rioting that destroys businesses, faith, property and America!

      1. Stoney Brook November 22, 2016

        We, the People, don’t have to acknowledge a facist as our leader. Our Constitution – the one Trump never read or comprehends – gives us the right to disagree.

        May I also note many of the Trump and GOP didn’t acknowledge or support Obama as president. Can we say “double-standard’ and ‘hypocrisy’, boys & girls?

      2. I Am Helpy November 22, 2016

        Yeah let’s just wait and see how bad the racism gets! What’s the worst that could happen?

      3. Zengo November 22, 2016

        That’s right, we all have to sit down and be good Germans!

        1. Budjob November 23, 2016

          I understand that Turnip is looking at different sites in Texass for his first concentration camp.

          1. Zengo November 23, 2016

            Didn’t you get the tweet? He is going to put a giant wall around Mexico and South America, get China to pay for it and put all of the nasty and unfair people in there

      4. charleo1 November 23, 2016

        It feels like she fell down a rabbit hole, idiot. How do you think it feels? How do think you’re going to feel, after realizing you’ve been stupid enough to jump down one?

    2. idamag November 22, 2016

      I think you are right. Every vote should be sacrosanct. The only way for that to happen is to do away with the electoral college. This gives too much voting power to the backward states with the lowest quality of education.

  9. TMZ1928 November 22, 2016

    National Memo = Fake News.

    1. The lucky one November 22, 2016

      Trump supporter = Gullible fool
      FYI this is an opinion site, not a news site.

      1. Jon November 22, 2016

        Trump supporter = Gullible fool
        For them: Opinion = News
        Feelings = Facts
        Opinions + Feelings =Facts

      2. tbs November 22, 2016

        Opinions that are not open minded nor American! You all need to get pacifiers and calm down to face reality, that Trump is our President Elect and try and unite, as we all did, when Obama was elected! You are the real racists over the Trump supporters or Trump!
        Get over it!

        1. The lucky one November 22, 2016

          Opinions by definition are not open minded but some people are open about explaining or discussing their opinions and some are not. Increasingly in our society many are not and Trump sure didn’t do anything to diminish that.

          ” try and unite, as we all did, when Obama was elected!” LOL, really? Maybe you did but the GOP had an agenda of stopping Obama period, no matter the effect on our society. They couldn’t even put it aside to perform their constitutional duty of considering Obama’s nomination to SCOTUS. Not approving mind you, which would be their right but they refused to even consider a man that many Repubs were on record as endorsing as a competent and objective jurist. Was it his competence or his objectivity that they objected to or just their continued attempt to stymie a president they detested?

        2. I Am Helpy November 22, 2016

          “You need to accept neo-Nazi traitors”.

          No thanks.

          1. idamag November 24, 2016

            If more people, in pre-Nazi Germany had spoken out, we would not have had hitler.

        3. Thoughtopsy November 23, 2016

          You can’t hit the reset button on racist rhetoric and incitement to violence. He gets to own everything that came boiling out of his fat orange hole.

          You’re right. He will be the President. Because that’s Democracy.

          But there will be no uniting. Because he demonized, insulted, belittled almost half the American people, and normalized sexual abuse of women, racism, and hate crimes in order to win power.

          No peace.
          Not ever.

        4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 23, 2016

          You need to read up on what racism is because you talk as an ignoramus. It’s cowardly to beat around the bush on this, tbs.
          Admit you have the same satanic instincts as Steve Bannon and Trump.

      3. idamag November 22, 2016

        Don’t waste your brain power on those who have none.

    2. I Am Helpy November 22, 2016

      What’s fake about it?

    3. Budjob November 23, 2016

      Hey numbnuts,Go find another fascist to blow

    4. Thoughtopsy November 23, 2016

      You miss the multi-layered irony of a moron who watches right wing media calling any other news “fake”.
      You people are consistently the worst informed of any group as shown by research and polls. Every. Single. Year.

      Worse… The stories that are put out of Fox, Breitbart and Infowars are almost too stupid for words, and usually easily disprovable with about 5 seconds of rational thought, or 10 seconds of research.

      Do you and your half-witted cohort bother to think or check what you are spoon-fed?
      Because you prefer to be willfully ignorant and exquisitely lazy.
      In fact you’re PROUD of it.

      Don’t worry. Reality is coming.
      As President-Elect F**kstick Von Clownface reneges on every promise, fills the swamp to the brim, makes all his angry rural white voters a complete laughingstock, and comes apart in a glorious sh!tshow… you and your moronic friends get to own every last bit of it.

      In about 12 months you will be on this forum claiming you never actually voted for him… or believed him.
      And we’ll laugh.

      1. idamag November 24, 2016

        If it is fake news, then he should avoid it. I don’t watch or listen to fox or any right wind radio stations.

  10. Jon November 22, 2016

    “Normalize” has been used more in the past 12 to 18 months more times than I can remember. There is a good reason for it. Trump has taken white supremacy and misogyny mainstream. Beliefs and attitudes once thought to exist only by those on the fringes of society have found a voice in Trump and a platform in the Republican Party. Trump is making the abnormal appear normal by constantly repeating their message and by modeling behavior for the neophytes in the movement. He is not going to denounce Richard Spencer, Stephen Bannon or any white supremacist. Their ideology and Trump’s are the same. What’s important to them is trying to inhibit the exercise of free speech by the multiracial cast of “Hamilton.” Trump has his priorities.

  11. pisces63 November 22, 2016

    Doesn’t anyone get it? He is an ignoramus. I’ll lay you dollars to donuts he hasn’t a clue as to what or who Hamilton is or was. None. Most of his followers do not. If they did, why would they rant against politicizing a play. HUH!! REALLY!! The play is pure politics, Period. I love it to death(sound track) Cannot wait to see it here in Cleveland, Ohio. I can just see the Donald in a head to head with that feisty Hamilton. WOW!! Want to be in the room where that happed.

    1. The lucky one November 22, 2016

      ” I’ll lay you dollars to donuts he hasn’t a clue as to what or who Hamilton is or was. None. Most of his followers do not.”

      No doubt at all that you are correct.

      1. dtgraham November 23, 2016

        Did you see the Rachel Maddow show broadcast from Monday night, where Trump supporters are protesting the Hamilton Theatre in the city of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. They’re actually mistaking that for the “Hamilton” smackdown of Pence.

        1. I Am Helpy November 23, 2016

          wait what

          1. Thoughtopsy November 23, 2016


            “If they only had looked at our profile, it says Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, several times. That just goes to show something about hate-mongering on the Internet and the lack of effort people put forward.”

          2. I Am Helpy November 23, 2016


        2. Thoughtopsy November 23, 2016


        3. The lucky one November 23, 2016

          They say that Trump’s administration will be a heyday for comedians but what can they make up that will top the hilarity of the Trump circus. I know it’s gallows humor but I will still enjoy the chuckles I get out of watching these buffoons.

          1. dtgraham November 23, 2016

            We may as well laugh. Better than sobbing uncontrollably. Like you said before, the comedy writes itself now.

  12. yabbed November 22, 2016

    There is no question that Donald Trump is a know nothing. A complete moron. The joke about Trump going bankrupt on casinos isn’t actually funny. This doofus seriously suggested that the US default on its debt. No wonder the world has decided Angela Merkle of Germany is the leader of the world now.

    Germany was named #1 country in the world a couple of seeks ago, with Canada #2 , Great Britain #3. Amazing how quickly the world responded to the election of DoofusDon. 🙂

  13. 1standlastword November 22, 2016

    Trump…denounce the Alt-Right and white nationalists! As long as his massive narcissism gets fed he’ll accept and tacitly approve of ‘any’ and ‘all’ supporters no matter their odious nature: Point of fact, if the metaphoric Lucifer ascended from the hot-smelly sulfuric-bowels of Hell, singing praises to Trump; DJT would offer Lucifer a cabinet position:

    You’ve been a GREAT supporter of mine for a long time Sir…since the beginning, after your great fall from glory!!!

    You name it Mr. Satan, any appointment you want…it’s yours!

    1. idamag November 22, 2016

      And the so-called Christians would approve.

      1. dbtheonly November 22, 2016

        No, Christians played a big role in resisting the Nazis as well. Those same Christians who serve at the local soup kitchen or homeless shelter will continue to honor the command to love one another.

        1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 23, 2016

          You’re absolutely right. Christians have played a magnificent role in resisting bigots and the likes of Nazis, as well as Jews and Muslims in various capacities, offering their lives.

        2. idamag November 24, 2016

          Note: I said “so called.” I know a lot of people who claim to be Christians, who don’t seem to know who Christ is.

  14. idamag November 22, 2016

    I know I am going to sound like an alarmist, but our democracy (what is left of it) is in the same kind of danger Germany’s democracy was in the late 20’s and 30’s.

    1. dbtheonly November 22, 2016

      Don’t mean to pick on you, Old Boy, but haven’t several of us been saying that for months?

      Glad to have you along.

  15. 1Zoe55 November 22, 2016

    What does Trump expect to gain from these Nazi members and their salutes? Does Trump realize that his beloved son-in-law is Jewish and therefore tainted in Nazi eyes? And Trump’s beloved (scary tactics on his part) Ivanka who married a Jew and now has Jewish children? Given the history of Germany and the Holocaust, Trump should loudly and repeatedly criticize these Nazi groups. Never appoint these Nazis to your Cabinet or give them a position where they would get the opportunity to put their evil ideas into our government. I dare ask this: is Trump that ignorant and stupid that he thinks his family would not become victims?

    1. dbtheonly November 22, 2016

      Consistency has never been the RW’s long suit.

    2. plc97477 November 23, 2016

      trump thinks he is a super hero and will be able to handle anything that comes along. He has not matured beyond 10 when little boys like to pretend to be superman.

      1. dbtheonly November 23, 2016

        That’s extremely insulting.

        Any boy who ever admired Superman, or wanted to emulate him, would never act the way Trump does. Superman calls us to be better than that.

    3. sigrid28 November 23, 2016

      I am worried, too, about what seems to be a great deal of magical th

    4. 1standlastword November 23, 2016

      Nice observation. If high ranking Nazi Dick Cheney can convert and embrace the Gay lifestyle to support his daughter’s coming out Trump might have to take a side in public.

      BTW: Where is the Dark One? I wonder if he’s feeling his soul on fire?!

  16. Otto T. Goat November 22, 2016

    The Nazis include that guy from Rushmore and Tila Tequila.


    1. I Am Helpy November 22, 2016

      Nobody cares what you think and nobody can see your dumb stormfront memes.

      1. Thoughtopsy November 23, 2016

        I’ve had him blocked since the first week I set up an account. It’s amusing he thinks anyone cares what he says. LOL
        Definition of futility.

        1. BDD1951 November 23, 2016

          So how do you block someone?

          1. Thoughtopsy November 23, 2016

            Move your mouse cursor over the post you want to block.
            Look for a little grey bar and down arrow in the top right of the text of the post itself. (i.e. Draw a imaginary box around the text of the post, and look in the top right corner of that box when you are hovering over the post with your cursor. It’s hard to see but it’s there)
            Click the down arrow and you should get two options:
            “Flag as Inappropriate”
            “Block User”
            Click on Block User and you’re done.

          2. BDD1951 November 23, 2016

            thank you.

          3. idamag November 24, 2016

            I think everyone one of us, civilized persons, should block these users. They are members of the Nazi groups.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker November 23, 2016

      Why not dig yourself a grave and make sure you pull a ton of dirt over your head? You are not an American. How much taxes DIDN’T YOU pay?

      1. dbtheonly November 23, 2016

        That or they’re hailing a cab.

      2. David November 24, 2016

        Eleanore!!!! Which are you? Stupid or a liar?

  17. Budjob November 23, 2016

    This wasn’t a true Nazi salute.They didn’t have their Nazi armbands on!

  18. bernicemowrey November 23, 2016

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  19. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 23, 2016

    The longer Trump and the GOP give respect to Steve Bannon and his ignoble racist brethren and pretend they don’t see the obvious concerning the anti-Christian they’ve chosen to embrace, the more they immerse themselves in a shame that will be a drag on them throughout this lifetime—and perhaps into perpetuity in the next worlds, if they refuse to do an about-face.


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