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Sunday, October 23, 2016

In the annals of literary atrocity, few political biographies in recent years have ranked as low as Edward Klein’s The Truth About Hillary, a thinly sourced, seemingly fabricated book-length screed that inspired revulsion even among people who dislike the Clintons. The most memorable review of that book appeared in the New York Post, where John Podhoretz described it as “one of the most sordid volumes I’ve ever waded through.”  (Sadly, the Post appears to have taken down Podhoretz’s column, possibly the best essay he ever wrote.)

Like many other conservatives, Podhoretz was particularly revolted by Klein’s invention of a “rape” perpetrated by Bill Clinton on his “lesbian” wife to impregnate her, which he attributed to a pair of anonymous sources.

Now this same author has resurfaced with a similarly dubious biography of Barack and Michelle Obama, titled The Amateur and replete with sensational charges designed to entice the dimmest Obama-hating boobs into bookstores. Klein’s most recent book was a “novel,” promoted as veiled fact, that regurgitated favorite far-right myths about the president in the “birther” vein.

That Klein would disgrace himself yet again is hardly shocking, given the long bibliography of junk journalism under his byline. What is more troubling is to see new organs that have expressed deep skepticism about Klein– notably including the New York Post – are nevertheless promoting his Obama book, along with the usual suspects at the Drudge Report, Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, and Fox News. It is possible that the 2012 campaign is scraping bottom early, or it may be a sign of desperation that portends even worse.

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  • SaneJane

    I can feel the excitement of the Foxbots. This might get them to actually read a book. The spittle will fly.

    • Safronia11

      SaneJane..None of them at Fox have an attention span long enough. They read only the parts they like…just like they do with the Bible. They are busy trying to be the victims of all us lefties/Liberals. Funny how they have to give names to people they don’t want to hear. They even deliberately mispronounced the college students name as FLUCK after Rush made it popular. Her name is spelled FLUKE now what do you think the correct pronunciation for her name would be? Maybe FLUTE/FLOOT just like the instrument Flute? Only one way of saying it. These folk still can’t pronounce Nevada correctly . The incessant rantings of the Right is just tiring now. I watch Fox to know the enemy. They are just so over the top schizo now I can’t stand any of them for more than a couple minutes.

      • SaneJane

        Exactly the way I feel. I too watch for as long as I can take it but when I start to feel blood rushing in my ears I have to switch. The victim strategy is so well documented I wonder how anyone can believe it but they lap it up like cream. They tout their Christianity but live by Leviticus. Do they even know that Christ was not around back then.

    • maxcat07

      You’re assuming that they can read. The books are generally bought in bulk by the Heritage Foundation, or Fox New themselves. Then, if they reach the NY Times bestseller
      list, it’s indicated as a bulk sales.

  • ObozoMustGo

    Another attempted hit piece on anyone critical of Obozo, huh Joe? The unfortunate truth for all of you leftist nutjobs that are carrying Obozo’s water is that you dont even have to read Klein’s book to know what an outright liar that Obozo is. NOTHING that comes from this president’s mouth is factual. Especially when it comes to stories about his life, which has been nothing but one made up fantasy after another.

    Here’s an example:

    His speech in Selma, AL where he cited the “march across the bridge” as inspiration to his mother and sire to get together and create Barack Obozo, Jr. Problem is, Obozo was born in 1961. The Selma march was in 1965.

    There are tons of these examples. Lie after lie after lie. I dont think Obozo even knows who he is. He constantly contradicts himself, sometimes in the same speech.

    Plain and simple, the liar in chief has got to go!

    Have a nice day!

    • you are certainly retarded idiot racist liar and mentally derenged

    • mtooey

      You really can’t fix stupid! You can’t make up meanings for someone else’s words just to ridicule them. OH but you are a right wing idiot – that what they do!

      • ObozoMustGo

        mt… those arent my words, those are Obozo’s words. You leftist nutjobs either don’t want to know the truth, or you don’t get the truth from your state-controlled and leftist media sources that give Oboze complete passes on all of his lies. Everything you think you know about him is most likely fantasy and fiction. He does sound good when he lies to you, though, and that’s what I think most of you useful idiots like about him. He makes you feel good, regardless of what he says.

        Have a nice day!

    • D.

      Are you for real? Only nitwits nitpick more than you do!

      • ObozoMustGo

        D, I’m just the messenger. Nearly everything Obozo has said about his past has been a carefully calculated lie he made up and read off the teleprompter for some percieved political advantage or gain. The “Selma Lie” was even shown to be a lie by left leaning FactChecker dot org. Check it out. He said that his parents “got together because of something that was stirring across the country because some folks were willing to walk across a bridge”…. Those are NOT my words, they are his. He was born in 1961. The Selma march was in 1965.

        Another example: Even the way he says that his father BHO Sr. arrived in America for school is completely false. In a public speech, March 4, 2007, Obozo said that the Kennedy’s sent an airlift to Africa to go get African school kids and bring them back to America to show them how great America is. BHO Sr. got one of the tickets. NOT TRUE. John F. Kennedy wasnt even President when BHO Sr. arrived to enroll in the University of Hawaii in 1959. The program BHS Sr. took advantage of was sponsored by Jackie Robinson and Harry Belafonte. Kennedy’s had nothing to do with it. Why would he lie?

        By the way, it was during the same speech on March 4, 2007, that he told the “Selma lie” from my prior post.

        There are literally hundreds of these lies that he has spoken over the years.

        Sorry to be the messenger, but someone has to do it.

        Have a nice day!

    • Hello ! Obama has shown leadership under extreme conditions. – congress that vowed to crush him at all cots. Check out the long Bush record Lies about Iraq death and wasted trillions= unfunded Corp cuts – jobs sent overseas w big / Bush cuts- 2008 worst crash in 80 yrs-
      W gave up looking for bin laden- Obama did NOT- Bush tried to give control of US ports to DUBAI !

      • ObozoMustGo

        Di… you have a very specious argument is it is based upon someone else’s lies making it OK for your guy to also be a liar.

        Have a nice day!

    • Where you born an idiot or do you just get on here and practice?

      • ObozoMustGo

        Hey Willy… you leftist nutjobs dont like the truth, do you? Everything you think you know about Obozo’s life is just a made up story. It’s all lies.

        Dont hate on me. I’m just the messenger.

        Have a nice day!

  • jerder

    Just another sordid, disgusting, fictional tale by the King of sleaze. All the bio’s this man has written are lean on facts, chock full of unfounded innuendos and false truths, and thinly veiled soap operas. Another case of a greedy author using any platform he can to make lots of money, regardless of who he hurts.

  • D.

    Not really worthy of comment…anyone who reads his stuff must truly be brain dead!

  • We have the Tea Party to thank for this political atmosphere. Because they were willing to buy into any excuse in order to justify their hatred for Obama, and because they were willing to applaud and pretend to buy into any B.S. artist that was railing against Obama, the G.O.P. establishment now believes they are master manipulators who can manufacture any “facts” that they want, can do so in spite of the mountains of evidence to the contrary, and still have us all believe it.

    You get the party you deserve tea-baggers. Now we REALLY need to throw all the bums out.

    • peteserb

      Please list the mountains of evidence to the contrary. Where’s the real birth certificate? Where are his college records? His college speeches. His college papers?His friendship and sponsorship by the terrorist Bill Ayers. Where did his social security number come from? His selective service documentation? Where is his passport to pakistan when travel was forbidden in the eighties? Why was his wife given a $300,000 a year job with no experience in a hospital who never again filled the vacant position/ Ad Nauseum. Please tell me where the mountain of evidence is!

      • joyscarbo

        The originial birth certificate is viewable online. It lists his mother as being from Kansas and his father being from Africa. He was born in Hawaii…really!? His wife got a legit job for a hospital and she gets paid more than you and she’s black- is that a crime? He has records at the schools he attended…I’ve LONG since accepted that Barrack Hussein Obama is an American- he’s president and a damned good one, given the shithole that W left with us. Why is W not being charged with war crimes and being sent away to prison with the rest of his cronies ??!! It is BEYOND me!!! And guess what??!! There are other Americans with names like Al Jazari, Mohammed, Hussein..etc.
        REALLY…who the hell wants to go over all this bs again with the likes of you–ADNAUSEUM?!! Even if Jesus H. Christ himself came down from heaven and told you the truth, you’d still believe in some crazy ass conspiracy theory!!

        • peteserb

          One can only wonder about the people who support this fraud as president. Naturally you had to bring up the race thing, a true liberal is lost without it. If Ms Obama was so valuable to the hospital, why was her vacancy not filled when she left. The actual birth certificate is not to be found anywhere on line. You have no idea what the likes of me is. Yet you are the first to call names. I’m a decorated veteran of 24 years service, raised as a democrat college educated supporter of our nation. Not some ignorant individual who cannot think for themselves.

          • joyscarbo

            You’re very wrong….I said that Barrack Hussein Obama is great president- I did not say anything about his race. The fact that he’s a black man is incidental. YOU are most certainly preoccupied with his origin, his race, his religion, his wife’s occupation adnauseum, DESPITE there being a virtual MOUNTAIN of evidence that has conclusively proved that he and his wife are highly educated, good, decent individuals, parents and Americans. Wingnuts keep thinking that if they say Obama is Satan long enough it’ll become true. Where is YOUR evidence that they are anything else but decent, hardworking Americans????!!! YOU HAVE NONE.
            Many people in my family are veterans, including my husband and father. Don’t use veteran’s status as an excuse for your rant.
            And Barrack Obama’s birth certificate IS online. “Snopes” is a website debunks commonly held “urban legands.” It’s known as a non-partisan website. They report what the belief is, and research it to find the truth on a litany of subjects. There you will SEE with your own eyes, Barrach Obama’s birthcertificate. You will read exactly what it says. Many founded their disbelief that Obama is “American,” based on the fact that his birth certificate identified his father as “African, instead, “Negro,” which was the common annotation for blacks in 1960. Obama’s father was from Kenya, Africa, and was therefore listed as an African, NOT a Negro. The authenticity has been verified a million times over. The fact that you’re STILL bringing this crap up says ALL I NEED TO KNOW about you and your character.
            I have been an RN for 17 years. With the mess in healthcare that republican politics have created, hospitals have pared down their staff- from the bottom, all the way to the top- in effort to trim costs. The hospital I worked for had 2 CEO’s and multiple higher and mid-level vice-presidents. Those positions were ended in about 2006 and 2007. Restructuring has occured all over in healthcare.
            I’m still waiting for a shred of compelling evidence that anyone should STILL be wondering about the questions you bring up.

          • peteserb

            Perhaps you should read your own entries. You are the one who brought race inti it. When talking about Moochelle, If your still wondering about the items I brought up, it should tell you something. No one including your Messiah has dared broach these questions.

          • joyscarbo

            Still no evidence from your side of the issue…just name calling. You have no validity to any arguement at all. I can only assume from you mud sliing, ignorant comments about Obama that you’ll be rootin for Mitty! Ha! He doesn’t have any chance against Obama, who is keenly intellegent, highly articulate and can cogently and skillfully run old Mittens into the ground in the upcoming debates. Mitty has NOTHING. No platform and not a single, genuine bone in his body that can identify with anyone making less than his $21 million dollars. He can’t form a thought that isn’t a flip-flop or a gaffe. Obama will decimate Mitt where he stands and Mitty will just stand there stuttering. Good luck with that, Pete.
            Have a nice day!!!

          • Joy I have been waiting 3 1/2 years for proof of just one accusation, and yet there has been none. OBAMA IN 2012!

          • joyscarbo

            I’ve never taken any accusation about Obama at face value. I’ve reserached it, checked it with what is on the record and based in reality. I don’t live in delluded world of the ultra-conservative, right wing republicans. This isn’t 1950, the cold war is over and wealthy people shouldn’t be paying less taxes than us that make less than $100,000 per year. Their stance on virtually every issue to so far from what is decent, humane, ethical or moral. The repube trolls that cruise this site will get no mercy from me. And they had better bring some common sense and facts with them.

          • I too am a decorated Vietnam Veteran. If you can think for yourself, why don’t you?

        • You are so right, Joy! It is sickening to listen to all the hatred being spewed by the tea party crowd. All of these trumped-up charges simply because they cannot stand it that a black man is finally in the white house. They’re afraid to come out and say it, so they invent all this hokum that Obama is not American, not a Christian, on and on and on. The hatred and bigotry are so thick you can cut them with a knife.

          • joyscarbo

            Thank you, Linda…”peteserb” can’t seem to bring any compelling arguement or evidence to light about Obama. He’s got Fox Newitis!

      • REALLY? 3 1/2 years of accusations and not one shred of truth. You would think in that amount of time you could come up with at least one. Pete take you racism and carry it to your nearest college and get an education.

      • ticklemonster

        Where are YOUR college records? Oh, that’s right, you get all of your education from FOX news …. UNfair and UNbalanced!

  • JackieAllen

    It seems that people who push the conservative “thought” agendas will never learn about
    how reckless and “old” their message has become. In November, we will see how all
    of this hate has faired.

  • fredtwobit

    It seems to me that if all of his quotes are reported as fact, that he should be held accountable in a court of law. I know that it would be to late to use as a counter before the campaign, but a man must be held responsible for spreading untruths. It is fine to give opinion but to make unsubstantiated facts is criminal.

  • Barryschreiber

    I shall make an assumption, that if there are any lies, falsehoods or libelous allegations in the book, The Amateur, the author and the publisher will be appropriately sued. Unlike, the mainstream media who can make it all up, say what they wish and run behind the First Amendment and laugh.

  • erikbrown

    fox ” News? ” aren’t they the TV station joined at the hip with the British tabloid now closed and under criminal investigation?
    If another more TV station preached the lies that Sean Hannity does he’d be calling for their arrest.

  • dljones

    It is what it is. Buck up demos, its a long way to the reelection of a new President.

  • The only people who will take this book seriously are the ones who already believe he is not an American citizen, is a muslim and a Socialist. The very same people who would never vote for him anyway. Nevertheless, it will fill hours of cable news time (especially on FOX) and the numnut who wrote it will make money.

  • Ah the tea party at work again. Gosh I wonder if I could become a member of the TEA PARTY. I have no meaningful education, no scruples, no sense of morality, low self esteem, and I’m functionally illiterate. I like to disrespect anyone who doesn’t believe in creationism or who thinks mankind is contributing to the global warming myth. I believe that all non-white or mixed race people are inferior to me and that only poor people should pay taxes. So am I qualified to join?

  • Could anyone with respect for himself/herself read this . It is all jejenum material., hype for the right wing. The underlings will have a field day , who never read a book before will now. Gutter information compiled in book form a sad reflection of the author .

  • Safronia11

    The real liars have not been treated like Obama. One reason, I believe, is that he is black. Racism is alive & thriving on the Right/Wrong side. The more religious the group or people, the more they hate Obama. Hannity calls Obama the “anointed one.” Tea Party had signs showing him as a witch doctor?? Not too racist?? No one would have put whitey George W on a sign like that. The Republican Party & those in it are an embarrassment to this entire country. Terrified of losing their guns, talking succession & revolution. Talking about arming everybody and don’t forget, also big talk about God or Jesus & the Bible. What the Bible says?? What God wants…I am pretty sure if GOD wants something he can get it without the help of these crazies carrying signs & screaming like lunatics. Questioning every word and every action Obama takes. They are so wrapped in hate & ignorance they don’t get that what he is trying to do is take us into reality for solutions. WHY would he want to destroy his own Country. IT IS HIS Country too. Like it or not. And there are millions the same color as he is. Do these people really think that they can turn them against him? Do they really think that the mindless actions they promote are going to get them to their goal? I hope they just keep talking, shouting over everyone & each other. They are just a group of sophomoric school yard bullies. No wonder there is so much bullying in schools. They get it from the adults. Where do they think this hatred & racism is going to take us??? Cause I, for one, don’t want to have these people choose any path for me

    • ObozoMustGo

      Safro…Please tell me what Obozo meant when he said that he wanted to “fundamentally transform America”? Can any of you explain that, please?

      Have a nice day!

  • Safronia11

    My grandmother used to say “Believe nothing of what you hear & only half of what you see.”

  • And the GOP slime machine continue ……..Yes false I mean fake I mean fox news will lay these lie….you they will say, some people are you will repeat the lies over and over and over.

  • mtooey

    I must hear differently than you. You should probably seek professional help.

  • Fox News is such a laughing stock that Saturday Night Live spoofed them by showing what hilarious liars the Fox News ‘journalists’ are. It was a scream — and soooo true.

  • Edward Klein is just another bottom feeder who has managed to gain a radical right wing audience!

  • “…….designed to entice the dimmest Obama-hating boobs……….” And yet, here it is being given publicity by the Review.

  • Magic McCormick

    I am a Democrat and yet I do not agree with this administration. And that goes for Rahm Emmanuel in Chitown as Mayor. We were not suppose to be a cumglomerant of corrupt structures when we elect an individual to office. Yes he/she should have their own teams but to be as plastic as these people are they are very transparent, and I wish we had a JFK, or a Thomas Jefferson. Be cuz we are not going anywhere this is a joke.