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Friday, June 22, 2018

Remember that big prayer rally in Texas Rick Perry held with controversial Evangelical leaders right before he announced his candidacy? Apparently, as Max Blumenthal writes, one of those leaders, Kansas City-based pastor Mike Bickle, thinks Jews will face a Second Holocaust before the Rapture (which is close, by the way):

This week, expert researcher Bruce Wilson compiled footage of Bickle’s remarks on Jews, Israel, and the End Times. The video revealed Perry’s close political ally predicting that in Israel, “before Jesus returns, not every Jew, but many [will be in] prison camps.” “A significant portion of Jewish people will be in work camps, prison camps, or death camps,” Bickle said on another occasion. While two thirds of Israel’s population will be wiped out, according to Bickle, “one third of Israel is gonna get radically saved and become lovesick worshippers of Jesus.” Addressing Jews directly, Bickle said, “You’re under the discipline of God because of your perversion and sin.”