Friday, November 27, 2015

Trump Denies Mocking ‘New York Times’ Reporter’s Disability

By Steve Gorman

(Reuters) — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump denied on Thursday he was mocking the physical disability of a New York Times reporter during a campaign speech in which he flailed his arms and distorted his speech in an imitation of the journalist.

The latest uproar over Trump’s behavior on the campaign trail was ignited by remarks the billionaire real-estate tycoon and former reality-TV star made during a South Carolina rally on Tuesday about the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on New York’s World Trade Center.

Trump, front-runner for his party’s nomination for the November, 2016 election, was defending his unsubstantiated assertions that thousands of Muslims were seen in New Jersey cheering the collapse of the Twin Towers.…

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Trump: Watch Who Moves Into Your Neighborhood — Then Call The Police!

All suspicious Muslims, beware: Big Donald Is Watching You.

Donald Trump has rolled out his latest proposal for homeland security, which can be summarized as: You should keep a close eye on Muslims moving into your neighborhoods, and immediately call the local police on them — even though you’ll probably be wrong, but that’s okay.

At his rally Tuesday night in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Trump slammed President Obama for allegedly not calling out extremism in Muslim communities: “I don’t know what’s wrong with Obama — he wants to close his eyes and pretend it’s not happening. Why is he so emphatic on not solving the problem?”

The Donald then hearkened back to his old pre-candidacy activism, when he advocated for conspiracy theories about the president’s background.…

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Bromance On The Rocks: Surging Ted Cruz Begins To Poke Donald Trump

By Sahil Kapur, Bloomberg News (TNS)

WASHINGTON — Ted Cruz’s moment has arrived.

Less than 10 weeks before Iowa voters cast the first votes of the presidential campaign season in Feb. 1 caucuses, a new Quinnipiac poll shows the Texas senator statistically tied with Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump for the lead in the state. Perhaps not so coincidentally, Cruz is tentatively beginning to take on the brash New York billionaire after months of cozying up.

Twice in recent days, the Texan has seized opportunities to distance himself from Trump’s policies and rhetoric.

First, Cruz disagreed with Trump after the New Yorker expressed openness to setting up a registry of Muslim Americans in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks.…

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