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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sanders Delegates Are Not Going Away Quietly at the DNC

Published with permission from AlterNet,

Hundreds of Bernie Sanders delegates and their supporters met for several hours on Monday morning to orchestrate their protests on the floor of the Democratic Convention and to hound members of Congress who are rejecting their issues—starting with the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal and a Medicare-for-all health care system.

“If you are against the TPP and are delegates and can be whips for us, I need names,” yelled California Sanders delegate, Susan George, from the podium as activists unfurled a yellow and black banner with three-feet-tall letters reading TPP = BETRAYAL. “This is for tonight,” she continued.…

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The Democrats Are Actually Unified

 “To the Bernie or bust people,” Sarah Silverman said, “you’re being ridiculous.” The comedian, a Bernie Sanders supporter, had taken the stage at the Democratic National Convention. She and Senator Al Franken, the former comedian and longstanding Hillary Clinton booster, were doing a shtick about bringing the party together. As the Bernie chants rose, a frustrated……

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Sarah Silverman, To DNC 2016 ‘Bernie Or Bust’ Crowd: ‘You’re Being Ridiculous’

She may be known for her ardent support of Bernie Sanders, but comedian and actress Sarah Silverman made waves when she addressed a loud band of Sanders supporters at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia Monday night. The Bernie-loyal had been chanting their support for the Vermont senator as a series of speakers, including Silverman, pledged……

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