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Monday, February 18, 2019

For young voters still frustrated, even depressed by the outcome of the Democratic primaries, who may be wondering whether to cast a protest vote on Election Day, Funny or Die offers a cure in three distinct doses — “Jill Stein” or “Gary Johnson” or “Write In.” Carrying its satire of medical advertising and millennial angst to an inevitable conclusion, however, this upbeat message warns starkly of the potential side effects. Which are indeed darkly amusing as well as instructive — in a potentially very painful way.

Just click.



Protestavote – watch more funny videos
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7 responses to “#EndorseThis: Still Depressed and Berned Out? Try Funny Or Die’s New Medication”

  1. Dan S says:

    A not so subtle but accurate account of what could happen if people vote 3rd party or not vote. Granted if your in a solid blue state like California then take protestavote if it makes you feel better. Otherwise vote for the Democratic ticket or say goodbye to the country you know. I wouldn’t be too fond of living under a dictatorship ????

    • dbtheonly says:

      Funny or Die is always good for a laugh, but did you listen to the side effects disclaimer at the end? Best part. Bigly.

      • Barbaradcaudle3 says:

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  2. oldlion says:

    Wha, wha!! My candidate didn’t win. I don’t like not getting my way, boo hoo, boo hoo. I’ll just hold by breath until I get my way. Don’t care what happens to everyone else or this STUPID country. Honest to Christ, these clueless nitwits need to grow up in a hurry. If they’re looking for fair, they’re on the wrong planet. Bring back the draft and maybe these selfish children might get involved if their worthless butts are on the line.

    • Jost1 says:

      Or maybe they know that one lost battle don’t mean that they have lost the war..

      • oldlion says:

        Please, they know nothing about battles or wars. When you are coddled your entire life and told that you are special and exceptional, they believe it. Their idea of suffering is when they reach their data limit. Give them a trophy for participating.

        • Jost1 says:

          I guess you, who apparently are old, are very trained in such behavior. Too bad for you that you don’t have much life left to be cuddled within. They are going to take over the world, while they are cuddling each other.

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