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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

WASHINGTON — Progressives have yearned for President Obama to follow Harry Truman’s strategy from the 1948 campaign by giving his Republican opponents hell. Now that Obama is doing just that, his critics say he’s not looking presidential.

As a longtime advocate of the Truman approach (and a fan of Give ‘Em Hell Harry and his way of doing politics), I think Obama is doing the right thing. Critics of the battling style miss what Obama needs to get done in this campaign and also ignore the extent to which so many of his foes refuse to treat him in a presidential way. Far better for him to be a fully engaged fighter with passion for what he’s saying than a distant, regal figure pretending that the other side is playing by a dainty set of rules.

But if 1948 is to be the model, what can we learn from Truman’s experience, and how does that election relate the one we’re having in 2012?

The similarities are important. Truman in 1946, like Obama in 2010 (and, for that matter, Bill Clinton in 1994), suffered a severe setback in midterm elections that substantially strengthened the hands of his congressional adversaries. Truman’s opponent, Thomas E. Dewey, was a Northeastern Republican governor who, like Mitt Romney, was not a favorite of the most conservative wing of his party. But unlike Romney, Dewey was a genuine moderate trying hard not be ensnared in the agenda of the GOP Congress.

  • oldtack

    Yes – Give em Hell Barry!!

  • Good points.
    I too believe that the only problem with the campaign is that Obama’s been pulling his punches.
    The Republicans have repeatedly voted against his job bills, and then complain that he’s not creating jobs.
    It’s absolutely essential to hold these elitists responsible for their actions. When Romney buys companies, and guts them, I can not see any value-added.
    If Romney thinks that he can continue down the GB era of tax cuts for the rich, deregulation… which led directly into the middle-class home defaults, and the wealthiest people being bailed out… This needs to be discussed until people understand the full implications of what GB did to the country, and how much worse Willard Mitt Romney intends to make things.

    • clarenceswinney

      Thnks Stone. Made my day.

    • His Shadow

      It’s also been apparent for a few years that Republicans, even top party members, will do, say or back anything or any crazy concept if it makes Obama look bad. And they are not going away, and as much as

  • People in this country do not have the understanding that a democracy the size of the USA, reaches a point of what we have experienced the last few years was put into play during the Bush years, It takes time, rewarding the rich, turning your back on the middle and lower pay working class, denying jobs bills that produce instant jobs for thousands of people, plus training people who have lost there jobs at no fault of there own shows you the true heart beat of Republicans, Republicans fighting what the people voted for in, for Affordable insurance for all, its constant fight on women s rights, all men panels, we drive all over this country as a trucker, and it is sad that all of the thousands and thousands of homes and barren farms are just rotting away, our high way system is redlicous and dangerous, plants that closed down and moved over sees, Its time that Americans took care of there self and spend the money hear before sending it over sees and making the mighty lobbies t stronger

    • clarenceswinney

      Excellent. My town has so many old old homes that need rebuilding.
      Minimum wage to $10.
      Tis sad that top 50% take 87% income and paid 13.5% Tax Rate
      Tis sad Top 10% own 73% Net Wealth–83% Financial Wealth and get 50% of Income
      Tis sad exemptions in tax book total $1100B or almost as much as Deficit
      Tis Sad Democrats wil not hurl this disaster for America in the face of Republicans
      Who Dug the Deep Hole? Who Fumbled the ball?
      Numbers rounded

      Clinton left Bush an 1800B Budget
      Bush Left Obama a 3500 Budget

      Clinton left Bush a 240B Surplus as far as the eye can see
      Bush left Obama a 1400B Deficit as far as the eye can see

      Clinton left Bush 5,700B of Debt
      Bush left Obama 11,800B of Debt

      Clinton left Bush a 237,000 net new jobs created per month
      Bush left Obama a 31,000 lowest number since Hoover.

      Clinton left Bush 17 Million Manufacturing Jobs
      Bush left Obama 11 Million Manufacturing Jobs

      Clinton left Bush a 10,800 Dow
      Bush left Obama an 8028 Dow

      Clinton left Bush Peace on Earth Good Will From Most Men
      Bush left Obama Hell on Earth Two disastrous wars. Enmity of 1500 Million Muslims

      Clinton left Bush a President most highly rated of any peacetime President in Asia, Africa, Europe.
      Bush left Obama the most hated President in history
      Bush left Obama an Housing Tsunami and Financial Volcano
      Bush left Obama, in 2008, an 8500B Bail out commitment Yes! 8500 not just 700
      Bush left Obama his Takeover of Fannie/Freddie, AIG, and first bailout of Chrysler
      Bush increased maximum loan by Fannie/Freddie from $153,000 in 2000 to $300,000 then to $729,000
      That is how F&F got stuck with so many toxic mortgages. Bush gift to Big Bank pals.
      Bush increased FDIC maximum deposit coverage from $100,000 to $250,000. Help the rich.
       clarence swinney–political historian–lifeaholics of america burlington nc
      author-Lifeaholic–Life story of Workaholic failure to Lifeaholic success
      Best seller list in haw river nc population 200 and growing
      comments welcom facts -numbers not opinion

    • clarenceswinney

      May it survive Corpocracy and go back to Democracy
      My Solutions—-
      A. People repeal Corp is a man

      B. Fed Fund Election-Stop two yr campaigns waste of money/ time
      6 months–3 for Primary Campaign–3 For General Campaign
      free equal tv time-provided by “our” tv airwaves
      One Debate a week. That is 12 And is adequate to evaluate candidates,
      This stops need to raise campaign funds. Congress and White House can stay on the job instead of constant traveling to raise funds. Restrict outside campaign funds.

      C. Since there is no need for campaign funds BAN members of the government from receiving anything with a financial value current or future promises. Stop the bribing by Lobbyists.

      D. Progressive Flat Tax By Group-we have a $14,000 income a 3800B budget yet rank #2 in oecd nations as lowest taxed. We refuse to tax wealth enough to pay our way. They have the money.
      Top 50% get 87% (agi) of Income and pay 13.5% Tax Rate.
      Bottom 50% or 70,000,000 workers get 13% not enough to pay much in taxes.
      They pay a greater percent of that Income in payroll- state-local taxes than many top incomes.
      It has been a disgrace that top ceos can get enormous increases in pay and many of 70,000,000 cannot get an increase in the minimum wage to better their standard of living.
      In A Christian nation I often wonder what Jesus Christ would say to us?

      E. Tax Book–burn that sucker. start anew. Any request for an exemption be televised so the public can watch attempts at bribery. It is so sad that in 2011 corporations with record profits paid 12.1% Tax Rate for second lowest in oecd nations. It is sad when we borrow $1300B with $14,000B income.
      because we tax only $2300B or 16.4% Tax Rate yet top incomes had huge pay increases.
      Job Creators=lowest since Hoover =while rich got ultra rich and masses borrowed from those rich to keep a decent standard of living. While top 10% gained to 73% of Net Wealth–to 83% of Financial Wealth and got 50% of individual income. While 70,000,000 got 13% of income.

      F. Tight audits and cut spending on Defense and Medicare the too biggies on unnecessary spending.
      Example—In San Francisco, colon exam is $7500 and $1500 in southern calif. hospitals.
      This per Head of public employee health care for calif. Example:elevated blood pressure. Two tests. Nitro patch on chest in bed nine hours. $6,000. Yes! $6,000.

    • Edsanjuan

      Oh God, Phyllis, learn your grammar first and THEN write your platitudes (look it up, dear !) here (after getting your facts straight, of course !)

  • clarenceswinney

    Obama has the Great Democratic record of achievements but no one uses them!!!!
    History of Job Creation Modern era–Stock Market Growth–Debt–Deficits-Avoidance of foreign conflicts–Home ownership–Crime Prevention–Care for Poor–Fight for minimum ge for Lower class
    Get me a platform I can tell them.

    • montanabill

      You are absolutely right! Obama should run on his record!

      • joyscarbo

        Bill…you’re mighty silent and usually have A LOT to say when someone starts throwing around numbers and compaisons. Why so quiet?

        Perhaps too much truth for you right-wing sensibilities? Just asking…

        Have a nice day…have a good Memorial Day.

  • clarenceswinney

    Why not tell them this sorry record?
    Who Dug the Deep Hole? Who Fumbled the ball?
    Numbers rounded

    Clinton left Bush an 1800B Budget
    Bush Left Obama a 3500 Budget

    Clinton left Bush a 240B Surplus as far as the eye can see
    Bush left Obama a 1400B Deficit as far as the eye can see

    Clinton left Bush 5,700B of Debt
    Bush left Obama 11,800B of Debt

    Clinton left Bush a 237,000 net new jobs created per month
    Bush left Obama a 31,000 lowest number since Hoover.

    Clinton left Bush 17 Million Manufacturing Jobs
    Bush left Obama 11 Million Manufacturing Jobs

    Clinton left Bush a 10,800 Dow
    Bush left Obama an 8028 Dow

    Clinton left Bush Peace on Earth Good Will From Most Men
    Bush left Obama Hell on Earth Two disastrous wars. Enmity of 1500 Million Muslims

    Clinton left Bush a President most highly rated of any peacetime President in Asia, Africa, Europe.
    Bush left Obama the most hated President in history
    Bush left Obama an Housing Tsunami and Financial Volcano
    Bush left Obama, in 2008, an 8500B Bail out commitment Yes! 8500 not just 700
    Bush left Obama his Takeover of Fannie/Freddie, AIG, and first bailout of Chrysler
    Bush increased maximum loan by Fannie/Freddie from $153,000 in 2000 to $300,000 then to $729,000
    That is how F&F got stuck with so many toxic mortgages. Bush gift to Big Bank pals.
    Bush increased FDIC maximum deposit coverage from $100,000 to $250,000. Help the rich.
     clarence swinney–political historian–lifeaholics of america burlington nc
    author-Lifeaholic–Life story of Workaholic failure to Lifeaholic success
    Best seller list in haw river nc population 200 and growing
    comments welcom facts -numbers not opinion

    • fredtwobit

      What a great simple outline of the past. I love it and it should be published in all of the national newspapers.

      • montanabill

        It might be simple, but its not exactly factual. It has been published in most papers, except for those that get uncomfortable with fudging.

        • fredtwobit

          But I do not believe that it was written as simply as the outline. Most people, unfortunately do not read in depth and if it is to long or detailed they simply skip it.

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          montanabill wrote, in response to fredtwobit:
          It might be simple, but its not exactly factual. It has been published in most papers, except for those that get uncomfortable with fudging. Link to comment

        • William Deutschlander

          montanabill – is trying with lies to change the narative, he will not accept facts. His great, great grandfather was a republican and by God despite all of the facts that every republican administration has reduced GDP and slowed the economy of our country, he ain’t never gonna learn from their failures to govern!

          • BDD1951


        • Two_Six

          Then publish your own facts, MB!

        • If it’s “not exactly factual” he said he would welcome those facts NOT OPINIONS! Give us your facts and how you obtained them so that we can also read and fact check your sources. Dubya was a businessman before becoming Gov. of Texas. The businesses he was involved in ither failed miserably or failed miserably and under questionable circumstances. Truman was also a businessman before becoming president and that didn’t work out so well either for middle-class americans! Is there a lesson to be learned from electing businessmen as president? I think so, unfortunately some americans have amnesia or don’t know american history!!!!!

          • montanabill

            Bush’s oil business wasn’t the best, but hardly failed miserably. He is best known for his work with the Texas Rangers. The ball field he helped get built and the team are much admired in Texas. Truman was like many of us who start businesses. His first attempts at small business didn’t go well, but the learning experience served him well. “He ran for a judgeship in Jackson County, and by 1926, he served as presiding judge, managing the county’s finances as it entered the Great Depression. His head for business, his leadership experience during the war and his reputation for honesty garnered the respect of his constituency, and he held the same office for eight years.”…Success Magazine. Upon his election over Dewey, he set about raising the minimum wage and expanding Social Security and lead a period of economic expansion in the 1950’s. So I have no idea why you don’t think that worked out well for the middle class. I remember those years as not bad and we were lower middle class.

            I’ll get to refuting Mr. Swinney very soon. In the meantime, remember that Clinton had a Republican Congress lead by Newt Gingrich. Together, not singly, they were responsible for the economy. Clinton did not have to deal with 9/11. In fact, his mistakes allowed it to happen. Bush’s economic numbers have to be viewed through the prism of the economic havoc created by 9/11. Democrats supported getting into both of those conflicts and they have developed amnesia. Democrats got control of the Congress for the last two years of Bush’s Presidency, generated most of the spending and created the disaster we are still trying to dig our way out of, the Affordable Housing Act.

          • BDD1951

            Bush should have been in prison for Insider Trading before he even became president. Note that Martha Stewart went to prison, but then she didn’t have political power like the Bush. When you have the power that the Bush’s do then you can get away with anything.

          • montanabill

            Yeah, and Obama should be sharing a cell with Rezko.

        • BDD1951

          You just don’t won’t to admit to the truth.

    • The clearest, most concise, honest, easy to read and follow synopsis of ‘true facts’ I have ever read about how the last 12 years came down. My argument has always been Clinton left country in good condition, Bush tore it down with stupidity, Obama got stuck with it while the Republicans blame him for everything and credit nothing. What I didn’t have was the above to back up my arguments. This should definitely be published in every newspaper, telecast and computercast. I certainly hope someone in the national news media has a brain will do so. Oh, and thanks Clarence, for the info.

      • I agree with you 100% on this one, people in this country still living happily depite of the scandal take place at clinton oval office. Those times they do not really care that much about what you do in your bedroom, what they care about is the economy. After President Clinton, just like mitt romney, it is all about personal gain and is not about us people in this country. If he become president, how much debt do you think would left the next president after him?

    • You are a smart man hope the rest of america read this info to gain some knowledge. You couldn’t have said it any better….

      • Edsanjuan

        What ALL of you guys are not seeing because you are so enamored of our first Black President is that he is a Socialist and a Muslim…

        • Two_Six

          If he were a Muslim, why would that be a problem for YOU?

          • Edsanjuan

            That’s not the question, Two_Six. The question should be, where did Obama get all the money required to attend Columbia and Harvard? And, with the salary of a “community organizer”, where did he get the money to buy a $1.65 million home in an exclusive neighborhood in Chicago ?? But, of course, you dummies out there cannot even bring yourselves to ask the correct and relevant questions about this “mysterious” guy from nowhere !!
            You are pathetic …

          • joyscarbo

            Have you ever heard of scholarships and loans? He and Michelle just finished paying their student loans, totaling more than $80K. He reported them and stated they’ve just finished paying them off. Obama is keenly intellegent and probably qualified for scholarships. He did graduate Magna Cum Laude (the highest acedemic honors) from Harvard Law School and was the elected (elected by the student body) president of the Harvard Law Review. Many of his classmates from Harvard still hold Obama in the highest regard and have went on record to substantiate that.
            Barrack Hussein Obama is anything but mysterious, you jackass. His birth certificate has been verified again and again. He is an American citizen and there is no evidence that he has ever been a muslim. Even if he WAS a muslim it wouldn’t make any difference. Separation of church and states commands that no person must pass a test of religious faith to hold public office. For an idiot like you, let me tell you what that means: No one can be barred from holding public office based on what religion they are. Religious freedom is what our country was founded on. The earliest Americans were citizens of foreign countries who came to America, seeking the freedom to practice their religion. America isn’t just a christian country whether you like it or not!!! These are simple ideas that most reasonable, decent human beings understand…except people like you!

          • Edsanjuan

            Ha, ha, ha !!!! “….have WENT on record”???!!!! “… have WENT on record”?? !!!! Sorry, YOU are the jackass and the idiot!!! You pathetic people cannot write 2 (consecutive) grammatically correct sentences ! And you dare call people “jackasses” and “idiots”? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha !!!!

            Now, if we can remove ourselves from insults for a moment to put forth an argument full of substance, tell me this: Can you point out to me a previous President of the USA about whose life we knew (both before and after his election) LESS than we know about Barrack Obama ??
            Answer the question, please !!

          • joyscarbo

            Are you kidding? What about Barrack Obama’s life are you questioning?! He wasn’t hatched from an egg. Seriously…what mysteries are you talking about? Can you tell me of any other US President that has been less scrutinized than Barrack Obama? I can hardly put forth any arguement if you don’t explain what the big questions are about? What question do you have that hasn’t been answered?
            You’ve mentioned his education…but that’s been established. His birth certificate isn’t an issue either because it’s been verified.
            Where is Mitt’s tax returns? Why is he filing extensions? What does he have to hide, except that he really isn’t a neo-conservative, right wing republican? How do explain Mitt’s liberal past?!!

          • Edsanjuan

            There you go again: “…LESS scrutinized” ???!!! You must mean “MORE scrutinized”!!!!
            If you are completely unable to put forth a reasonably structured argument as this, how can anybody of your ilk be expected to come up with a plausible argument in favor of your socialist hero?!! ha, ha, ha, ha !!!!

          • joyscarbo

            And still, you have not put forth any “mysteries” about Barrack Obama…the MOST scrutinzed president in American history. You aren’t answering MY question and I’ll ask it only ONE more time:
            WHAT IS THE MYSTERY ABOUT BARRACK OBAMA?!!! What are you questioning? Do you even know?

          • Edsanjuan

            Oh man, there isn’t ONE mystery about Obummer; there are DOZENS of MYSTERIES about him (that you simple-minded liberals don’t understand or dismiss, of course !)
            Just for starters:
            1) While paying (as you so naively claim) for his Columbia and Harvard student loans, and while earning the grand amount of $12,000 a year as a (supposedly) “community organizer”, how in the WORLD was he able to afford a $1,650,000 home in an exclusive Chicago neighborhood ?? ANSWER: NOBODY knows and he is not talking !! (HINT: his CRONIES, including the convicted Mr. Rezko)
            2) Why did he have to go to several Middle East countries to apologize for the great country that naively elected him as President?? What was there to apologize for ? Why make a reverential bow to Arab sheiks??!! ANSWER: NOBODY knows but seems that he felt that he needed to apologize for (and I KNOW you won’t agree with me, again, here) the MOST DECENT NATION IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD !!
            3) Why did he attend the USA-hater “Reverend” Wright’s congregation for 20 years and all of a sudden, in 2008, decided that he was NOT in agreement with this hate-monger? ANSWER: NOBODY knows !! But I think the real answer is that Obummer is an opportunistic HYPOCRITE !!!
            There are MANY, MANY others, but please answer (to the best of your meager abilities) these 3 !!!!

          • joyscarbo

            Wow…there is no other way than to put it very bluntly to you: You’re a first-class dumbshit. I don’t like to resort to cursing, but you just fit the bill in this case. Your “Obama Mysteries,” have been debunked from LONG ago. Pay attention but it’s fairly straightfowardBut let me break it down to you in terms that your ignorant ass can comprehend…
            1. In 2000 the Obama’s experienced a jump in their salaries, largely due to a combination of Michelle Obama’s income from her hospital administation job ($316,962) and Barrack’s book sales. While you may not have read, “Dreams From My Father,” a great many did, and it was a best seller, making $1.2 million in royalties. In 2005, they purchased their $1.6 million dollar home. It turns out that hard work and doing good deeds really DO pay off. Just in case you want to go down the road about Michelle Obama’s hospital administration job: Her salary isn’t extrodinary for a hospital VP administrator. I worked for a 350 bed hospital with a CEO that made $1.5 million per year and that was in 2001. Vice President adminstrators can easily make excellent bank, especially when you factor in that Michelle Obama was given both a sign-on bonus and a performance bonus. These are also common pay practices in hospitals. This is NO mystery and the Obama’s tax returns- that can be found online- show adjusted gross income 2004: $208K, 2005: $1.66 million, and 2006: $984K. (I rounded up to the nearest thousand to dumb it down for a simpleton like you.)

            2. General Collin Powell was interviewed by one of your idols, Sean Hannity, on May 22, 2012. When Hannity tried that same old song…”Obama apologizes for America…” General Powell stopped him in his tracks and told him that his comment was inappropriate and not representative of how his administration has executed foreign policies. If anything, Obama used diplomacy (look it up- you and W don’t seem to know what this is, and Mitty doesn’t seem too knowledeable either) to regain some of our moral standing in the world again.
            Don’t forget, dimwit, Georgy W. thought of Osama Bin Laden as a non-issue and our country shouldn’t focus on him. George was focused alright, on Saddam Hussein, who didn’t have anything to do with the 9/11 attacks!! Don’t forget W’s administration helped the Bin Laden family leave the US on 9/11/2001, without so much as a question about Osama or his whereabouts.

            3. As for the Trinity United Church and Reverand Wright…. Obama has the right as an American to go to any church he wishes and to practice any religion he wishes. You wingnuts claim Obama is really a muslim. So what if he was? But he’s not. He attended a christian church. It may not a church YOU would go to, but it does teach christianity from the Holy Bible. I was raised in the church and there are many things that may be preached from the pulpit that I don’t agree with. I went to a pentecostal church and they dictate that unless you speak in tongues, you’re going to hell. I don’t believe that to be true. I don’t call that pastor wrong or bad, I just believe differently. There are ministers who handle snakes as a test of faith. I’m not into that but I’m not going to stop this minister from doing that or put down people who handle venomous snakes as a show of their faith in God. What our ministers, pastors, reverends, priests, ect espouse doesn’t necessarily mean it’s accepted by the entire congregation.
            Having said that, you’ve never walked a step in a black man’s shoes not one day of your sorry life. The civil rights movement was BORN in the black churches of America. You don’t have any idea what it’s like to be a black American and feel the sting of racism. And don’t fool yourself into thinking it ended with the civil rights legislation in the 1960’s. My husband grew up in the 1970’s in the deep south. He came from a very impoverished black family who had to work from a very early age for even the simplest things like food, shoes and clothing. He picked weeds from the soy and cotton fields of Alabama for white farmers as a 3rd grade child. When he gave a white girl a ride home from a high school basketball game because it was raining, he was shot at by her family for his trouble and that was in 1982! If Rev Wright had some fire and brimestone directed toward the predominately white government, that anger was produced by REAL injustices that he and other black people suffered. And have some respect- Rev. Wright served honorably in the US Marine Corps and US Navy.
            But nevermind the history lesson, jerk. Rev Wright isn’t the one on trial here- it’s Pres. Obama. No matter what religion he is, the 1st Amendment, Article IV of the Constitution provides for separation of church and state: “..NO religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.” Using this article of the constitution, you have no arguement. Using this constitutional article, you violating Obama’s constiutional rights to practice the religion of his choice, and it NOT to be used as test of his qualifications to hold the public office of the President of the United States.

            IN YOUR FACE, DUMBASS!!!

          • Edsanjuan

            Ha, ha, ha !!! YOU are the dumbass if you believe all that crap !!!
            ….. and NOW I know why you are an Obummer “unconditional” for whom Obummer can do NOTHING wrong: it is a black against white and poor against rich thing !! Wow !! Tsk, tsk …

          • Neither of you are winning anyone over to your side with the name-calling, the insults, the gaffaws.
            I wish y’all would give it a rest if you can’t show a minimum of respect for each other.
            Where are the National Memo people? Why aren’t they doing anything about this??

          • joyscarbo

            No hope for this level of stupidity.

          • Edsanjuan

            You just perfectly described MY opinion of you and the MINDLESS people that could not care less if OBUMMER takes us towards the extreme Left …
            Get lost.

          • joyscarbo

            You get lost, ass! You’re not exactly welcome here. Take your racist crap with you too!

          • Edsanjuan

            Voting for Obummer JUST because he is Black IS the best proof that YOU are the pathetic racist !!

          • joyscarbo

            I didn’t vote for Obama because he is black. I voted for him because his values and his political positions are most like mine. But what is the reason you DIDN”T vote for Obama…yeah…that’s what I thought…because he’s black.

            Racists….you can’t do anything with them…you’re a non-issue.

          • Edsanjuan

            Listen up (I won’t call you what you call me): If you are with Obummer no matter where he is leading this country, if you CANNOT see beyond your nose, if you (and so many others) vote for Obummer in a completely MINDLESS way, just because he is the first Black President, then it is YOU who are RACIST!!
            The mere fact that I am able to see right through Obummer’s machinations does not make me a racist, and you can repeat that lie many, many, many, many, many, many, many times …. and it will STILL NOT BE TRUE.
            I know you won’t believe this (and I could not care LESS), but I have many Black friends and acquaintances, some of them Democrats and some of them Republicans, ALL of them decent people, and even the Dems admit to me (in private) that the Liberal Left considers Black Conservatives as the WRONG kind of Black people. NOW, if THAT is not RACIST, I don’t know what is !!!!
            So here’s to you and to your (really) RACIST crap !!!!!

          • joyscarbo

            If you could care less, why are you still talking?

            You gave me your “conspiracy theories,” which have been conclusively DEBUNKED. Your bullcrap has been debunked for YEARS. Come out of your doomsday bunker and do some fact checking of your own!

            FACT: You can see the Obama’s tax returns online that proves the source of their incomes. Unlike Mitt Romeny, Obama wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his pie hole. He actually had to work for a living.
            FACT: Every American has the right to attend the church of their choosing. It doesn’t matter that you don’t like what Rev. Wright says. He has the right to say it and just because Obama HEARD it, doesn’t mean he embraces all of Rev. Wright’s teachings. Romney belongs to a religion that still practices polygamy (which has been illegals for decades) and he comes from a family of polygamists. That doesn’t mean he embraces it nor practices it. In fact, I don’t know what Mitt thinks about polygamy. I don’t care. It’s his right to think any way he wants about polygamy.
            FACT: Obama hasn’t “apologized” for America. He’s strengthened America’s moral standing in the world. There are good people and bad people of all races. You just choose to demonize one, with NO FACTS TO SUPPORT IT.

            Why don’t you explain Mitt Romney? He’s made MANY “left-leaning” statements and now claims the opposite.
            Is Mitt really for or against abortion and birth control??? He’s publically claimed both.
            Is Mitt really for or against gay marriage? Once again, he’s said both.
            Is Mitt the same guy who said, “I ran to the LEFT of Sen. Ted Kennedy or is he really the “severe conservative” he declares himself to be now?
            FACT: Mitt created “Romneycare,” which was used to design “Obamacare.” It was okay for Mitt to “socialize” medicine in Massachusetts? But now he says it’s BAD for America! What does he REALLY think? No one really knows, do they?
            The only political office Mitt has ever held is something he won’t talk about. Funny, isn’t it?
            So the question for YOU, Ed, is how can you possibly know what Mitt Romney REALLY stands for? Other than big business greed, how do you explain away the LEFTIST ways that Mitty was sooo proud of in Massachusetts????!!!! Why doesn’t he talk about his REAL political experience? It’s gotta make you just a little crazy, doesn’t it? Are you worried he’s pull the old bait and switch? Run on a “severely conservative” stance and then leap back to the left once he takes office???!!!! It could happen, he has a history of being quite the lefty!!
            Can you use some facts to disprove that Mitt is really just a LEFTY in RIGHTY’S clothing?
            Oooooo…very scarey…isn’t it?….vvvvveeeerrrrryyyy scarey!!!

          • Edsanjuan

            Very scary (NOT ” scarey”, Joy!)?? I’ll tell you what’s very SCARY:
            1) Obama and his lackeys celebrate abortion on demand as a fundamental human right.
            2) Obama and his minions advocate euthanasia, and work energetically for embryo-killing research.
            3) Obama and his Justice Department (Mr. Eric Holdup) explicitly deny that all human beings are equal in having a right to life, and unblushingly propose the creation of a category of “human non-persons” who can be treated as expendable.
            4) In line with that, many Liberal Lefties have already begun calling for the killing of sick infants — for their own good, of course.
            5) The modern Democratic Party has become, under the influence of far-Left elements, the party of death.
            THAT, to me, is very SCARY, Joy !!!
            The bullcrap is all yours, Joy !!
            P.S. – Since you felt free to call me Ed, I feel free to call you Joy …

          • joyscarbo

            You didn’t even read nor answer my questions, ED!!! Quit getting distracted by your own paranoia.

            My questions had to do with WILLARD MITT ROMNEY and not about abortion, except to say what Romney has publically stated on camera.

            Answer my questions. I answered your’s about Obama and supported those answers with facts. Now YOU get to explain the disparities in YOUR candidate, Mitt Romney. Go ahead, unless of course, you can’t because you KNOW that what I’ve said is compeletely true.
            The desparate nature of your last post shows that you really don’t trust Mitt. Do you even trusth your own party? Is Fox News confusing you?

            But since you brought it up, I do believe in WOMEN having the legal right to choose their own reproductive destiny. I believe that we could reduce the need for abortion through comprehensive education and easy, free access to birth control. If you MEN started demanding the use of condoms, that would help immensely.
            As for embryonic stemcell research, I fully support the effort to cure devastating diseases and conditions. To not do so is just utterly stupid. No one is “harvesting” anything or anyone. You’re even more weird and paranoid than I first thought. You sound like you’re one of those crazy vigillantes who are bombing womens’ clinics.

          • Two_Six

            And because he’s Black you automatically assume that, unlike the other twenty thousand Harvard graduate students, his sources of income are nefarious.

          • Edsanjuan

            Unlike the other (as you call them) “20,000 Harvard graduates”, Obama ran and is running for President of the United States of America. The question remains the same: Where did Obama get all the money required to attend Columbia and Harvard? And, with the salary of a “community organizer”, where did he get the money to buy a $1.65 million home in an exclusive neighborhood in Chicago ??
            You have to admit that nobody (except Obama and some of his “cronies”), and much less YOU, know the answer to this enigmatic question.

          • Two_Six

            Your tendency toward personal denigration and insult indicates an unreasonable hostility and a lack of self discipline that’s quite distasteful and, indeed, fatal to a multicultural society. Have no fear. I have fought enough wars for this country to understand that you cannot be rehabilitated. However I would be quite happy to purge you and your compatriots from our day, were I able to reliably identify which bodies you’ve infected.

          • Edsanjuan

            ANSWER THE QUESTION, Two_Six !!
            The question is: where did Obama get all the money required to attend Columbia and Harvard? And, with the salary of a “community organizer”, where did he get the money to buy a $1.65 million home in an exclusive neighborhood in Chicago ??
            Answer it !!!

    • Walter624

      Who in this country could not like this man…..The greatest President this county every had baring non…..God Bless President Obama.

    • wow, so much detail. Are you employed by Obama’s campaign manager?

      • If not , he should be.

    • Very clear and concise. Keep it up.

    • suskopo

      I”ll send your creatively composed political ambush on the Republicans, will not give ’em in one swoop but in small portions becuase you see, the Republican die-hards can only comprehend one-liner slogans and diatribes being sent by their email-brigades.

    • 1AmericanHoney27

      clarencesweeney…. It’s a knock out & You Are The Winner………… Thanks for the facts.. I as well as all intelligent American voters appreciate you taking the time to tell it like it is and was. Come November we will be able to give a sigh of relief in knowing President Obama will maintain office with another 4 yr chance to right the wrongs he was handed… Thank you for your time & effort….
      To everyone::::::: Vote Vote Vote Obama/ Biden. 2012.

    • Great piece, thank you. Facts do not lie.

    • Derek Schneider

      It took Obama only four years to spend what Bush did in eight…NOT a Bush fan by any means…but if you are going to spew “facts” lets be sure they are being weighed on the same scale.

      • Two_Six

        Produce the numbers or wear the label of “charlatan” that I know you to be.

    • Edsanjuan

      Yeah, yeah, yeah ! … and the Tooth Fairy and Mickey Mouse exist and will show themselves to you if you just close your eyes and wish hard enough ….
      The problem with you crazy Liberals of the Left is that you sincerely believe that if you repeat a (several) lie many, many, many, many, many times, people will start believing those lies. It does NOT work, except with people like the previous two, simpletons that believe anything the Obummer campaign spoon feeds them (like the “fact” that Obummer is spending LESS than anybody before him …) (… and that, since things are sooo bad, it’s Bush’s fault, AND that if things were much better, however, it would DEFINITELY be because of Obummer). Sorry guys, you can’t have it BOTH ways !!!!

    • Edsanjuan

      I answered you yesterday saying nice things about you and offering a symbolic “olive branch” but the website, either because of your complaint or because of someone else’s request, indicated to me that it would have to “review” (read “censor”) my very tempered message before showing it. No response since then. Apparently, they have decided to ban my kind of reasoning from the site so that I don’t “contaminate” all of you people.
      Too bad.

  • Two_Six


    We have to recognize that some people who claim to be “Americans” do not now nor have they ever embraced the principles of the Declaration of Independence. They do not want equality!

    They want superiority. That means an oligarchy with them as the privileged class and the rest of us as their servants. They will tell any lie, deny every truth to achieve that ends. They will show a Black president NO respect, unless he acquiesces to being a spineless lackey on every issue.

    By any definition, those are domestic enemies not fellow countrymen of differing perspective. If you don’t think that is worth our president railing against that, then you deserve that subjugation they will impose should they come to power.

  • montanabill

    One very key difference. Truman was an honest man. People, left and right, respected that.

    • joyscarbo

      Barrack Hussein Obama IS an honest man and there is NO proof that he isn’t, Bill.
      Mitty on the other hand, doesn’t know how he feels about anything!

      • montanabill

        No proof unless you listen to all that he has said. No proof until you look at what he has done versus what he has said. The man has a real problem telling the whole truth and it is there for everyone to see. I’d be glad to fill up a big long reply with examples if, for some reason, you can’t find any.

        • joyscarbo

          I’ve listened to Obama and I know what he’s been able to do and what he hasn’t, thanks to your party. He’s violated no law and comitted no crime. I’ve heard the the republican dogma and I’m tired of it. I don’t cruise republican, neo-conservative, right-wing websites because there is no intellegent discourse going on…just a lot of conspiracy theorists, birthers, tea party paranoia, homophobia and racism. I don’t get why you want to come here to this site. Just to piss people off? Besides your going back and forth with Murphy, you’ve said nothing that is compelling or make me think twice about my political views.

          • montanabill

            ‘violated no law’…You might first look into his GM dealings. I might be irritating people when I challenge their preconceived notions, but I don’t call them names. If they can provide facts that disprove my posts, I will happily agree with them. If all they offer is, ‘everyone knows’ or personal opinion based on hearsay, they will be challenged. If all they want to do is spew vitriol, they will be ignored.
            By the way, I do visit right wing sites. I’m an equal opportunity poster.

          • joyscarbo

            It’s interesting (and insulting) that you think that a person who has a differing view from your own has “preconceived notions.” As if none of us on this website could possible have facts to base our opinions on.

    • Two_Six

      I challenge YOUR veracity! Qualify that accusation with facts.

      • montanabill

        I’m presuming you are not challenging my contention that Truman was an honest man. In that case, it would mean you are one of those who would like me post a recitation of the current President’s prevarications for your enlightenment. I would much rather you do a little research on your own (leave your prejudices at home) than to have write a very lengthy post that most would stop reading after the first line regarding lobbyists.

        • This comment doesn’t convey any information.
          If there’s any facts to back up your allegation, it’s up to you to produce them or stop trolling.
          Telling us to “look them up” isn’t conveying information.
          We all are all well-read, we pay attention to current events, and there is nothing to “look up”.

          Claiming other-wise and then failing to produce the information doesn’t convince anyone of anything, except that you don’t know what you are talking about.

        • Two_Six

          I denounce you Montanabill as a liar, a thief, a charlatan and a parasite. You do the rest of us disservice with these baseless accusations. You are clearly my enemy. I hope you are not my countryman.

  • clarenceswinney

    Bush Tax Cuts–Republicans should be whomped for protecting Top 2 %.Obama should tell them this over and over.
    We borrow so rich 2% can pay less tax is dumb
    They own 23% of wealth and get 30% of income
    They include these incomes in millions
    4000-3000-2000-1000-500—100– 50—10
    They are hurting ?????? This is dumb to allow such a rip off.
    We borrow so they can have that tax break.

  • clarenceswinney

    2007—Net Wealth
    1% —-35%
    2007—Financial Wealth
    2007—Investment Assets
    2007—Median net worth by race
    Wealth History
    1945—1% = 30%
    1976—-1%= 20%
    1983 —2004– 42% of financial wealth increase went to 1%–90% went to 20%—80% received 6%
    Wealth is a “resource” that is very useful in exercising power.
    Just think of donations to political parties, payments to lobbyists, grants to experts who are employed to think up new policies beneficial to the wealthy.
    Wealth, such As stock ownership, can be used to control corporations which have a major effect on how our society functions. How many jobs did the rich ship to China?
    Try 2,300,000 under Bush era of DE-regulate.
    Wall Street rich created millions of jobs in China but Hoover low of 31,000 per month in America.
    Stock ownership
    Wealth can also be used to feather the nest of the rich. Those who control government
    can use their position for favorable land deals, tax breaks, favoritism to companies in which they have major ownership as such as defense industries. Some religious leaders use their position to acquire wealth.
    The United States has the most highly concentrated wealth distribution of all western countries except Switzerland. Studies have shown ,consistently, that strong trade unions and successful social democratic parties correlated with greater equality in income distribution a high level of welfare spending and a greater degree of happiness in it’s population.
    The likely reason that the concentration has been increasing can be seen by examining the distribution of “capital income”. In 2003, just 1% of all households received 57% of all capital income, up from 40% in early 1990’s. The bottom 80% received only 12.6% of capital income down from 23.5% in 1983. source—G. William Domhoff 9-05-09 article Wealth, Income and Power.
    Author footnote—Since 2000 DE-regulate derivatives America was blessed with a new Casino. Casino Derivative. The wealthy rushed to invest in new Gambling. That took away investments in stock to build new industries , expand current businesses and create jobs.
    Proof—31,00 new new jobs under Bush. Dow is now below it’s 2000 number.
    Total value of stock market is about 40,000 Billion. Derivative world market investments has jumped to 600,000 Billion since 2000.
    It is all hush hush. Political leaders of both parties say keep it quiet do not upset populace.
    Clarenceswinneyolduglymeanhonest mad mad mad

  • clarenceswinney

    14,000 National Income–3600 budget–borrow 1300
    50% get 87% individual income
    70,000,000 workers get 13%
    10% get 50%
    OECD rankings–#2 Least taxed–#2 Least Taxed Corporations-#3 inequality
    Tax Book=Chirstmas Tree for goodies for Rich and Corporations
    Public fund election–6 months-3 primary 3 general-debate  week=12-adequate to evaluate candidates—no $$  none
    Since members of Congress and White House would have no need for campaign funds
    ban acceptance of anything with a financial value.. This closes K Street Bribery
    Will we change to protect the Middle Class?
    Christian Nation? Care For The Least Amongst thee.
    POOR= most used word by Jesus Christ
    clarence swinney Lifeaholics of America
    Work For a LIFE not just a LIVING($$$$$$)

  • shut the hell up.

    • oldtack

      Have you got PMS?
      Other than that – try to have a nice day.

  • quasm

    Mr. Dionne;

    If you don’t have a positive record to run on, the best policy is to demonize your opponents. Using the politics of envy seem to work well in combination. It worked for Truman in 1948 and FDR in 1936 and may yet get Pres. Obama another term.

    Dik Thurston
    Colorado Springs

    • Just to clarify. exactly what is Mittey’s positive record? That he made himself and others very rich at the workers expense? Taking their pensions funds and leaving the Federal Government to fund them? Thanks for the debt the rest of us don’t need. No one I know envies any ones wealth. It seems to be something the rest of will be unable to pursue because all the laws are stacked against us so we just try to get by day by day. Envy is a luxury we don’t have time for. Demonize your opponents, oh I get it you mean like call President Obama un-american, a socialist, a communist, a Kenyan, an Indonesian, a Muslim, etc, etc. Anything except President. Your side is very skilled and adapt at doing this as I am sure you are too. I have read your posts before and you never stop with the demeaning chatter. Were you looking in the mirror when you thought up and posted this?

  • Sorry, but you certainly are a quasm if you don’t have the intellignce to read and understand what went on for 8 years before President Obama. And, if everyone with your positive attitude (NOT) could turn on their brain and truly pay attention to what both candidates are saying and weigh them properly, yes, we will indeed get President Obama for another term to lead us out of this mess which neither he nor any of us created.

  • The post “sorry but you certainly are a quasm’ was meant for you ‘quasm’ not an indictment of anyone else. Just want to make the record clear.

  • Now their smokin’ up the junk bonds
    And then they go get stiff
    And they’re dancin’ in the yacht club
    With Muff and Uncle Biff
    But there’s one good thing that happens
    When you toss your pearls aside
    Their attitudes may taste like shit
    But go real good with wine

    Eat the Rich: there’s only one thing they’re good for
    Eat the Rich: take one bite now – come back for more
    Eat the Rich: don’t stop me now I’m goin’ crazy
    Eat the Rich: that’s my idea of a good time baby

    **** Aerosmith lyrics

  • Really sad you Loony Liberals can’t see the real truth. Obadma is an admitted Muslim. The Koran/Sharia laws say very plain;;;;If we do not join them, worship Allah ang live , promote and go by their rules then–KILL US-CUT OFF OUR HEADS. Get your books and read them. Those who want something for nothing want socialism which when complete is Communism which means no freedom or any possesions After that there is Islam which means you just lost your heads., Little girls raped and killed, wives beat and killed. Honor killings of rape victims, kill all homosexuals and the list goes on and on… Obadma hates the USA and white people.. Ask his pastor?? Continue on your path and yopu’ll realize I’m telling it like it is

    • citizenmb

      Jcarroll…I think even Fox News would suggest that you have your head examined! You epitomize the essence of the Faaaar Right and remind us “loony liberals” just how totally loony our opponents are…to the point of being dangerous to our president, our country, our Constitution.


      I can’t believe you’re really serious…Can anyone really be that stupid???
      You’ve got to be jocking..if not …you’re one pathetic nut case!!!

    • joyscarbo

      Wow, Jcarroll…I don’t understand what you wingnuts do here? You can get your daily dose of bullcrap from many other websites. Or are you here because you’re just not sure?!

      First, you should find out what the Koran says. It’s values are very similar to christianity. The only difference is the meaning of words- jihad= war, Allah= God. Mohammed is their prophet and christianity has many, many prophets. There are decent American christians and American muslims. Christians and muslims largely condemn homosexuality, premarital sex, adultry, idoltry, abortion, murder, rape, stealing, lying, etc. You need to get your facts straight. You CLEARLY have no idea what being a muslim really is. If you haven’t actually read the Koran, you can’t speak on what it says.

      Last time I read the Bible, Matthew 7:2-5 2
      “For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.
      3 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4 How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

      Have you applied this biblical scriptures to your own hateful words?

      Obama has only claimed to be a christian. There is no evidence that he is now, nor ever been a muslim. But it wouldn’t matter if he was a muslim. The Constitution’s 1st Amendmenty states, “….no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.” In this case, the fittness of the president isn’t decided by his/her religious beliefs.

      Do you respect and honor the Constitution of the United States of American?

      • Two_Six

        Joy, they seem to work in shifts. I think they’re getting paid to conduct a campaign of confusion and misinformation on the blogs of every significant article.

    • Two_Six

      Qualify your accusation. I have seen nowhere that Obama has declared being a Muslim. Even more important, what difference would it make to the execution of his duties as president?

      If you suggest that Islam has been engaged in a holy war against the West, I would counter that Conservatives have been at war with democracy’s most basic tenet (equality) from the beginning and that their true objective is to replace this democratic republic with a quasi-religious oligarchy.

  • Brilliant! Should be required reading for every registered voter in America.

  • Barnie, Where is your evidence for these implications? Make me a believer!

  • EJ Dionne, it’s obvious that you are a democrat and unable to report without bias. I will pay no attention to your writing.


      Yeah Dave …IGNORANCE IS BLISS…Right??? God help America from fools like you!!

    • joyscarbo

      Just saw the man in an interview the afew evenings ago. He’s not anyone but someone who it telling the truth and you can’t handle it, Dave

    • Two_Six

      Dave, to you I bid a very blessed “good bye.”

  • Walter624

    Love the Man Love our President Obama. No one can or have did better.

  • you’re all crazy

  • IdaBill

    Very clear as to what is really happening. The Republicans refuse to give credit where credit is due. The Obama Administration is doing a great job even with the obstruction daily from those who put politics over country! They would rather see our country go down the tube, rather than cooperate with the President to move forward!

    Keep up the good work, The American people are aware of WHO is for the best interest of our country! OBAMA /BIDEN ALL THE WAY TO VICTORY!!

  • If he doesn’t do it more often, the GOP are and will continue doing a great job of giving him, HELL!

  • If President, Barack H. Obama, can’t figure out by now that the haters on the GOP, his own party and the other party politicians, are doing all they can to make sure he is not only seen as the worst president in the history of this nation’s all Anglo-American legacy, but in the words of the liar, Marco Rubio, saying that President, Barack H Obama, is the most ‘divisive figure’ in our political system. Presient, Barack H. Obama, once said that he wasn’t concerned with simply assuring a second term but doing what is best for America, so do it and ignore the right.

  • suskopo

    By this time we already have a good profile of who President Obama’s adversaries are. So, GIVE ‘EM HELL, BARRY! a la-Truman. Thanks, Dione. You did it again.

  • Obama should definately ‘out’ Romney for what he is, the candidate who only favors the rich, and who pretty much distorts, lies or ‘forgets’ about facts that he does not like.

  • karinursula

    I’m tired of reading that the President said this and that. Today I read that he admitted
    of being a Muslim. But no one ever tells me when he said that or where I can find it.
    I do not remember the President ever saying that he was a Muslim. Romney likes to
    tell the lie that Pres Obama has spend more money than any other President. The sad
    part is, there are people in this country who believe this crap.

  • howa4x

    He should take a page out of the Truman-bush strategy book, definately run against a right wing congress and harp on the cuts the Ryan budget will make. Luckily Romney endorsed them so no trouble tying him to them, Now in a 2 sided atttack Obama and surrogates need to pound Romney on his filips and flops, and like Bush did use his wealth against him by saying he has snob appeal. finally through surrogates lay out exactly how the economic meltdwn happen on the Bush watch and that Paulson his sec of treasury gave out the Tarp with no accountability, and how Obama had his administration added the rules to reign in the gambling casino called Wall st. Finally harp on the 7 billion loss at JP Morgan and how we could end up back where we were when the villiage idiot was president

  • I agree, Barry shold give them hell. I just hope he carries this fighting spirit post election, specially if he has to face Republican majorities in Congress.

  • Edsanjuan

    Walter: First LEARN to write !! It’s country, not county; it’s ever had, not every had; it’s barring none, not baring non !!!!
    Nincompoops like you always fall for Obummer !! No wonder, you cannot even write ONE correct sentence !!!! PATHETIC !!!!!

    • Two_Six

      Let me guess. Working class, no college, no military service?

  • peteserb

    How dare the Memo try to compare the impostor in the White House to Harry S Truman? The marxist in chief couldn’t make a patch on “Give hell Harry’s ” Underware.

    • take a history lesson, let me guess, you never went to college.

      • peteserb

        Gebby, I have more college degrees than you will ever have. I’m also a decorated veteran of our armed forces and have studied politics for many years. I’m not racist, never collected unemployment or welfare and am a hell of a lot smarter than any Obama worshipper. It’s sad to see the moochers take over this nation. However I’m old enough not to suffer the consequences.

  • William Deutschlander

    Looking at the past 33.5 years, the Reagan, H W Bush & G W Bush presidencies presented the USA citizens with approximately 9 trillion dollars of national debt, the Clinton presidency about 1.5 trillion dollars of national debt.

    In January 2009 the leaders of the USA noted that we would be forced to borrow approximately 5 trillion dollars to bail the usa and the world out of the HOLE that G W Bush & Admin had stuck us with. That raises the republican national debt to 14 trillion dollars.

    Our national debt is now approaching 17 trillion dollars, this means that we can blame the democratic administrations for 3 trillion dollars of national debt in 33.5 years, and the republicans are responsible for 14 trillion dollars of the national debt.

    In very SIMPLE TERMS, the spend and spend conservatives have CREATED 82.3 % of the NATIONAL DEBT, while the tax and spend liberals have CREATED 17.7% of the NATIONAL DEBT.

    IN SIMPLE TERMS, the republicans ran a debt per year in office of 7 billion dollars.

    IN SIMPLE TERMS the democrats ran a debt per year in office of 2.6 billion dollars.


    THE PLAIN TRUTH, the REPUBLICANS TAX the WEALTHY LESS, TAX the MIDDLE CLASS and POOR MORE, “do not raise adequate revenue”, and place more debt.

    NOW LETS JUST PUT A REPUBLICAN PREDATOR IN OFFICE????????????????????? SOUNDS LIKE SUICIDE TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dtgraham

      Romney has actually proposed policies that would cut taxes further on the super wealthy by another 10% while increasing taxes on those making roughly $19,000.00-$20,000.00 a year, and less, by a whopping 60%. That’s right; the problem with the poor is that they have too much disposable income. Walker in Wisconsin and Brownback in Kansas have done pretty much the same thing. It’s almost impossible to believe. They may say that they love America, but they seem to despise a lot of the people that live in it.

  • listening to Liberals try to ustify the total epic failure of a Train wreck Obama’s regime has been is Comical . No wonder that Pew Res study showed Conservatives as being the far better informed group over Democrats , er Socialists ,er Communists , Occupiers , Liberals er Progressives ( just what are we supposed to call you that doesn’t have a negative connotation ?) . Listeneing to you try to convince one another is a Hoot . I see having comedians as Pundits is working …I mean look at who you get your news info and talking points from . Whoopie Goldberg , Rosie Oddonnell , Jon Stewart , Joy Behar , Misogynist Moron and Liar Bill Maher , Steven Colbert , oh and race baters Al , and Jesse ..these people you listen too aren’t Pundits , they’re failed Comics

    • Two_Six

      My, my. So many disparaging monikers, so few facts.

  • “I don’t give them Hell, I just tell the truth about them and they think it’s Hell.” — Harry Truman

  • joceandre

    All I know is that when Mr Bush came in office , there went my 403B. I lost most of my money that I worked so hard for. Until now I have never fully recovered my principal never mind interest. And that goes for millions of Americans. Now that I have retired I m still paying high rate of taxes while Mr Romney only pays 10% and so are his cronies, so if we elect him he is going to fire the office of social security, destroy every union, steal all our pension money, close all the schools so you get the picture. That man lies so much even if he says good morning you better check the clock to see what time it is.

  • 1223

  • So he is PRESIDENTIAL MATERIAL? IS good to know, no body told me before.

  • joyscarbo

    Anyone who wonders about Mitt? He was very much a LIBERAL republican when he was Govenor of Mass….but now he’s suddenly RIGHTY??
    Do you all think there is some chance that Mitt can get into the white house on his “severely conservative” stance AND THEN leap back to his LEFT????? 🙂
    Sorta fun to think he could….we do know he was a liberal repub.