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Friday, March 22, 2019

The Republican Party’s “outreach” initiative is still struggling to gain traction, as major party figures can’t seem to stop themselves from offending the party’s target audience at every available opportunity.

Soon after the Republican National Committee suggested that the party expand its tent, Congressman Don Young (R-AK) fondly reminisced about the “wetbacks” who used to work on his father’s ranch, while the chairwoman of the Georgia GOP explained that gay marriage is just an Adam Sandler movie come to life.

This week, two major party figures are making the problem worse. First, there’s RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. On Wednesday, Priebus took a break from “developing a forward-leaning vision for voting Republican that appeals to women” — as his own GOP “autopsy” prescribed — to lecture women about killing babies.

In an op-ed for Erick Erickson’s right-wing RedState blog, Priebus railed against the media’s apparent coverup of the “Democrat-Backed Planned Parenthood’s Support for Infanticide.”

The op-ed recounted the testimony of Alisa LaPolt Snow, a Planned Parenthood lobbyist, before the Florida state legislature. Snow, who is not a medical professional, was unable to answer several hypothetical questions about botched abortions to the satisfaction of her Republican inquisitors. To Priebus, this represents a high crime — and the fact that the media doesn’t share his outrage represents a coordinated coverup.

“The president, the Senate Majority Leader, the House Democratic Leader, and the Chair of the Democratic National Committee (in whose home state this hearing occurred) made funding Planned Parenthood an issue in the 2012 campaign. They should now all be held to account for that outspoken support,” Priebus wrote. “If the media won’t, then voters must ask the pressing questions: Do these Democrats also believe a newborn has no rights? Do they also endorse infanticide?”

Of course, Planned Parenthood’s primary goal is not infanticide — in reality, 97 percent of its services are preventive care such as breast exams, STI screenings, and providing contraceptives. But hey, surely accusing the millions of women who rely on the organization for their basic health care needs of being accessories to child murder will turn them Republican in no time.

Priebus isn’t alone in botching the GOP’s charm offensive. On Wednesday, it was reported that Virginia attorney general and gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli had filed a petition with the 4th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, hoping to reinstate Virginia’s sodomy law. The law, which was ruled unconstitutional in March, made it a felony for consenting adults to engage in oral or anal sex.

While this type of moral crusade is nothing new for Cuccinelli — who famously fought to cover up the exposed breast on Virginia’s state seal — it seems unlikely to help the GOP expand its base. After all, as Mother Jones points out, if Virginia’s sodomy law were applied nationwide, 90 percent of men and women between the age of 25 and 44 would suddenly become felons.

Priebus, Cuccinelli, Young, and all of the other Republicans who can’t seem to contain their extremism demonstrate why the GOP’s rebranding was doomed from the start. The Republican National Committee can talk about improving its messaging all it wants, but until further notice, the GOP still seems more like the party of Rick Santorum than a party that can win a national election.

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54 responses to “GOP Still Struggling With Outreach Initiative”

  1. Haters gotta hate, losers gotta lose.

  2. The dilemma for the GOP is that their so-called outreach initiative to Hispanics, Latinos, African-Americans and women is likely to cost them votes in Confederate states and the Bible Belt. As a result, they must make bizarre statements designed to please and/or distract their base which, by default, makes their outreach efforts what they really are, an ineffective attempt to con minorities and women to vote for their nemesis.

    • Jim Myers says:

      Hopefully, all of this will be recorded and brought to light often.

      Future generations need to see the true sentiments of the GOP leadership.

      • lana ward says:

        Getting everything free is hard to beat

        • OakenTruncheon says:

          We still pay more to watch TV, then TV spends to rent our attention to advertisers.

          • lana ward says:

            More people want free stuff than having to work for it–that means more dem voters

          • ralphkr says:

            In that case, lana, why aren’t the Koch brothers backing the Democrats? They epitomize wanting free stuff without working for it.According to your theory my mother’s family would have been Democrats instead of rock solid Republicans. After all, they spent all their time with their hands out for the gov’t largess CCC, WPA, & every other thing they could scam along with all the other solid Republicans in their town. They got a free courthouse, schools, hospital & even a new bridge to replace the one that was collapsing paid for by the Democrats’ Federal programs and all the while complaining that they should get more. They were one of the many towns that shut down for a huge celebration when FDR died. I figure the Republicans are just like France: France hates Americans because we keep bailing them out and Republicans hate Democrats for the same reason.

          • lana ward says:

            Dems are NOT for the people anymore. They want control over all of us. All that is going on is being done on purpose, Obama is deliberately destroying America!!

          • ralphkr says:

            Well, lana, the Dems are definitely MORE for the people than the Republicans who have been intent upon destroying all hope for any American with an income of less than a million per annum. In comparison to all that the Republican presidents have done in the last 90 years to destroy America Obama is a knight in shining armor.

          • lana ward says:

            OMG!! Obama is Satan from the bottomless pit!!

          • ralphkr says:

            Thank you, lana, that is the funniest thing I’ve read all day.

          • lostintheswamp says:

            why so bitter? did you never get anything for free??

          • OakenTruncheon says:

            “Why do most food stamps go to southern rural republican areas? Are all republicans on food stamps?
            The New York Times spent 2 years analyzing food stamp data and developed an interactive map. If you look at the map, the highest food stamp usage areas is almost identical to the solid Republican counties.

            For example, the highest food stamp usage in the USA is Owsley County, Kentucky which is 99.22% white and 90% Republican. All the other top food stamp users are all rural Republican areas in the south.

            Now consider the hundreds of billions in corporate welfare, in the form of subsidies and tax breaks, that Republicans have openly given to Enron, Haliburton, General Electric, Bank of America, Exxon-Mobil, Goldman-Sachs, Monsanto, Etc.

            Aren’t you tired of the welfare republicans sucking taxpayers dry with their welfare?”

          • lana ward says:

            Republicans voted for that smart, VERY sucessful, decent businessman who knows how to create jobs. The dems( food stamp lazies0 voted for that job killer again, and more jobs will be lost under him too!!! He’s doing this on purpose

          • english_teacher says:

            Right, that same businessman who created all those jobs in China after having destroyed jobs in the US.

          • lana ward says:

            Not true!! Obama and the dems are the ones who have created jobs in China and they certainly have destroyed half the jobs in America with so many stupid regulations. And just look what Ocare is already doing and it hasn’t even completely kicked in yet!! Dems are even backing away from it now!

        • ralphkr says:

          So true, lana, but there is always hope that someday we shall be able to oust all those free-loading Republicans and their corporate sponsors who only exist because they are sucking on the public teat and become more like the US in the past with consideration for all citizens and not just for the super rich.

          • lana ward says:

            The dems are the free-loaders,who is the job killing, food stamp President??

          • ralphkr says:

            No, lana, the Republicans and their corporate backers are the true free-loaders with all of their ways to not pay taxes while collecting huge subsidies from the Feds.

            No question about it: The greatest job killing presidents were Republicans (Hoover & Bush). For that matter Republican presidents are also best at piling up deficits.

          • lana ward says:

            Yes Ralphy, Obama is a job killer and the food stamp President. This country has never been in this sad of shape. Never!

          • ralphkr says:

            Well, lana, you have made it obvious that you are completely unfamiliar with the United States of America or you would never have made such an ignorant statement. If food stamps had been in available at that time then Hoover would have been the all time greatest food stamp President just as he was the best at destroying jobs in the US with G.W.Bush running a close second for the worst president during my lifetime.

          • lana ward says:

            The dems caused the disaster by forcing banks to give sub prime mortgages to those who couldn’t pay it back, NOT Bush!!!! On YouTube , ” How the Democrats caused the financial crisis ” shows a young Obama, an Acorn Attorney SUING banks to give sub prime mortgages to those who couldn’t pay it back. He’s at the end of the clip—-And now he wants to do it again!!! So get your facts straight!

          • ralphkr says:

            Oh, lana, I am so sad that you are so naive and ignorant as to believe that fairy tale about forcing banks to loan to people who could not qualify. The law that those liars spout all the lies about merely made it illegal to red-line entire neighborhoods and forced banks to issue mortgage to QUALIFIED applicants. Before this law was passed a person could have impeccable credit and an income in excess of $200K but would be unable to get a mortgage if he wanted to buy property in the “wrong” zip code. “Wrong” meaning Hispanic or black. And the law suits were to force banks to obey the law.

            The crash was caused by Bankers and Brokers who realized that they could hand out sub-prime mortgages and unload them on someone else so they could pocket all the profits and someone else would have take the loss (such as nearly bankrupting ALL the banks in Iceland). If you had paid attention you would have heard testimony from those “too rich to jail” bankers admitting to forging signatures and paperwork in order to make the scheme work.

            There were many law suits for fraud committed by such sterling entities as Bank of America ($1 Billion), CitiGroup ($158 Million), Deutsche ($200 Million), and many other financial entities. Those many lawsuits all have one thing in common, bank officers admitted to using forged documents to validate mortgages so they could be sold to FHA or other entities.

          • lana ward says:

            Then why do the dems blame Bush?? The dems told him things were fine–they were not.

          • ralphkr says:

            Well, lana, you are always good for a laugh…or at least a chuckle. A Republican President with a Republican Congress and it is all the fault of the Democrats that the Republicans screwed up America, again. Yuk, yuk, yuk. If you ever looked at history instead of listening to fairy tales you would know that Republican presidents have an extremely poor economic record while business and employment booms with Democratic presidents.

          • lana ward says:

            The dems reap the benefits from the Republican policies. The dems policies have all but destroyed our country

          • ralphkr says:

            Oh, lana, why, oh why must you continually prove your utter ignorance of the politics of the USA? If it had not been for a Democratic president (FDR) turning this country around and undoing all the harm done by the preceding Republican presidents this country would have become a Communist country by 1940 at the latest. There was also a slim chance that it would have become a country of Republican dreams by that time and become a Fascist country just like Italy but there was no chance we would have continued with a 2 party country without a dictator. Yes, I realize that today the Republicans are still doing all they can to turn this country into a Fascist paradise and they have succeeded to a certain extent.

          • lana ward says:

            FDR was a communist!! He was the problem!!

          • ralphkr says:

            Truly, lana, you have less knowledge of American history than a newborn Mongolian mouse. FDR was definitely the solution. He was able to cut unemployment by half and double our GDP by 1939 and would have done even better except he listened to the Republican morons and cut back on Government spending which threw us into a recession in 1937. Just as so many jackasses today call for austerity govt spending while ignoring the often proven fact that cutting government spending during hard times makes the economy dive even further.

            Of course, I was surrounded by rock-solid Republicans when I was growing up (I now realize that “rock-solid” refers to what resides between Republican ears) and the majority of them greatly admired Hitler as a man of great ideas that the US should adopt. They did not think so highly of Mussolini because he was just an Italian. Of course those patriotic freedom loving Americans thought that FDR was a Communist (just as you do, lana) and they also believed that Goldwater was a wannabe Communist many decades later. If you actually studied American history you would know that the most Communist of American Presidents was Abraham Lincoln (a great believer in Karl Marx’s writings) and that is why Communist schools in USSR taught that he was the greatest American president. To be exact, the ONLY great American leader. Come to think of it, according to current conservative thinking EVERY president we ever had was a leftist.

          • lana ward says:

            Government spending during hard times should be cut as much as possible. We cut back, we will never be in recovery if Government doesn’t. Everything I believe is complete opposite of what you believe!!! Obama is a communist. Raised by communists and mentored by them. David Axelrod was too.

          • Lana? The country managed to pull out of its economic freefall completely before the sequester hit. The Great Depression was FAR worse than this.
            And the Corporate Czars trying to take over the entire Political/economic complex for this nation are the ones that keep killing jobs or refusing to hire more.
            Stop denying facts. please, and Have A Nice Day.

          • George W. Bush.
            If the poor end up poorer, more people end up on food stamps.

          • lana ward says:

            And the poor are ending up poorer because of Obamas’ policies and regulations on businesses. This is his plan. He even said his plan is working as we go further down the drain. Wake up!!! This country should be thriving again by now. Instead everything gets worse and worse. This is Obamas plan!!!!!

        • lostintheswamp says:

          is that an original thought???

    • charleo1 says:

      It would take a generation, from the day they stopped, saying what they’re
      saying, and doing what they’re doing. The problem is, their coalition is worse,
      and louder, than their politicians. Who are, after all running for office, for Pete’s
      sake! During the GOP Presidential debates, their enthusiastic audiences, booed
      a soldier, serving his Country on the battle front, for being Gay. Shouted, “Let
      him die!” When a candidate was ask about how we, as a Country, should deal
      with a young injured Father, without insurance to pay his bill. I could just hear
      people all across the Country thinking, “What a nice group of people.” “Harold,
      we should join the GOP tomorrow!” And, I was inspired by the High Schoolers
      that rallied in support of of their classmate, who through no fault of her own,
      was facing deportation from the only Country she had ever known. While debate
      crowds booed, and dismissed completely, TX. Governor Rick Perry, their favorite,
      I think, when the night began. Because he, and his heavily Republican TX.
      Legislature, had unbeknownst, before now, been betraying everything American,
      by allowing the children of the undocumented, born here, living in TX. American
      Citizens, to receive favorable, in State, tuition rates. At a time when about half
      of the kids in some regions are dropping out of school, this crowd was incensed,
      that, what they call, “anchor babies,” were getting a break on their college tuition.
      Again, “Harold, where do we sign up?”

      • Children born in the USA are Americans by birth according to the 14th Amendment. It doesn’t matter if their parents entered the country illegally or was Jack the Ripper. The Constitution is clear in that regard. In fact, I would go as far as saying that small children brought to this country illegally by their parents should be entitled to a path to citizenship. Children are not responsible for “crimes” committed by their parents and, therefore, should not be punished for those crimes.

        • charleo1 says:

          As you live in Florida, I’m sure you’re aware of this discrimination,
          enacted by our magnanimous Republicans. That have actually
          gone out of their way, to backhand the children of undocumented
          parents. It seems the GOP is suffering under the delusion, that all
          that’s required to bring the Latino into the Conservative tent, is to
          change the way they talk about such issues as immigration. Rather
          than, heaven forbid, change any of their hate filled laws. If I were
          Latino, I’d consider such talk as insult, on top of injurious law.

      • rustacus21 says:

        YIKES!!! Now that’s outreach!!! What I like best are the female & non-White people used as props when doing news conferences. Then, they turn around & HAMMER women & non-Whites, children, the elderly, etc., w/their draconian policies & expect to get… smiles & open arms?! Today they rejected Obama’s overture to slash SS benefits as a ‘spending cuts’ deal, b/c they want the cuts to go… DEEPER?!?! Like I said… outreach…

  3. Erin Argast says:

    The trouble is that the GOP is the party of stupid, racist, sexist, classist, males who are mostly secretly gay, and afraid of women…and voters know it.

    • lana ward says:

      The dems are the party of deception, lies, racist, sexist, classist, bigots, especially when it comes to black conservatives!! BTY, bangs Obama said during an interview she is a single mother–then backtracked LOL!! Their whole lives are a lie

      • charleo1 says:

        Yes, Lana! As a Liberal, I’m outraged by all 3, Black Conservatives!
        Especially the one on the Supreme Court.

        • lana ward says:

          Watch CNN and MSNBC, see how they talk about black conservatives!!! A bunch of SOB racists!! And they have the nerve to say others are racist!!

          • ralphkr says:

            Really, lana, it is not racist to expose stupidity and, face it, both black and white conservatives are superb at stupidity.

          • lana ward says:

            No, the Republicans just aren’t sneaky and under handed like the dems. The dems have perfected deceit

    • republiCONsanddemsarebothsuck says:

      They have not cornered the market on stupid. Just read some of the posts here.

  4. elw says:

    The biggest problem with their outreach effort is they do not feel what they are trying to do. You cannot hide what is in your heart. People know the difference between someone who respects them and is making an honest effort to understand them and someone who is just showing up and saying look I am here so buy my product. The Republicans are making fools of themselves. But they don’t get that either.

  5. republiCONsanddemsarebothsuck says:

    They confuse “reach around” with “outreach”.

  6. Rayg813 says:

    Repugnant-Cans have been spewing their mean-spirited, bigoted, racist, Miscreant diatribe for more than 50 years, and never been held accountable. Now society is holding them accountable for their many years of Rancid, despicable, Mendacity about Americans who are not Pale, Stale, Stuffy Repugnant-Can old white guys with red ties.As long as it took them to acquire this REPUGNANT-CAN image of “All the People” the Repugnat-Can meaning… “All of one kind of people,” it will take many generations of Americans to accept, if ever, the REPUGNANT-CANS degrading statement “Repugnant-cans don’t care about 47% of America. That is the most bigoted, racist, mean-spirited Neanderthal statement by any political party in the history of the great country of America. And the REPUGNANT-Cans are and will pay, for a LONG, LONG TIME, for that Ignorant statement by a Repugnant-Can Presidential candidate….Mythical Romney,. Romney certainly was a MYTH as a candidate for the Office of President of the UNITED STATES of America..Can you imagine what the REPUGNANT-CANS are going to have as their next candidate for President, if this was their best choice in 2012… Another Crushing Defeat as usual, for the NARROW MINDED Neanderthal Pale, Stale Repugnant-Can Stuffy Old White Guys with the Red Ties….Right ALL AMERICANS???

  7. OakenTruncheon says:

    Imagine convicted sodomist’s parole hearings.

    • dtgraham says:

      LOL. Their law covers both consensual anal and oral too. Imagine the parole hearing for the latter. “Ladies and gentlemen of the parole board.” “I intend to change my life”. “Please, allow me to reveal the fullness of my desires and give you all a taste of what’s to come.”

  8. JDavidS says:

    A strong argument for gun control. The Republicans keep shooting themselves in the foot.

  9. Pamby50 says:

    Republicans will never learn. I can see an ad saying, “Come to Virgina where we can tell you who to have sex with and how to have sex. If not, will charge you with a felony.” All this from the party that keeps on telling us they are for limited government. You already have Governor Ultrasound.

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