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Thursday, January 17, 2019

DENVER — The path to the White House passes through the blue-collar communities in Ohio where President Obama campaigned last week — and the middle-class suburbs of Colorado where he did well four years ago.
The two states illustrate the imperative for both parties to assemble coalitions that cross class lines. Obama did precisely this in 2008. In Colorado, 58 percent of the state’s voters had college or postgraduate degrees — and Obama built his nine-point margin over John McCain largely within this highly educated group. In Ohio, where 39 percent of voters had college or advanced degrees, Obama scored a five-point victory. He edged McCain across all educational groups.

Typically, Democrats tie themselves up in strategic knots debating whether their future lies in the center or on the left. Should they concentrate primarily on upscale voters, who usually combine liberal social views with moderate-to-conservative economic views? Or should they focus instead on working-class voters, often social moderates or conservatives who respond to appeals rooted in economic populism?

Two moderate Colorado Democrats who won in the face of the 2010 Republican tide see a way out of this dilemma. The key to a philosophically coherent cross-class coalition, they suggest, can be found in widespread unease over the loss of American jobs to overseas enterprises and the need to restore traditional American advantages in education and innovation. An Ohio Democrat with a rather different ideological profile, Sen. Sherrod Brown, broadly shares their view.

Sen. Michael Bennet and Gov. John Hickenlooper are middle-of-the-road former Colorado businessmen who fare well with moderates and independents. In separate telephone interviews, they suggested that voters in working-class precincts in Ohio and middle-class enclaves in Colorado may have more in common than political punditry normally allows.

Bennet sees one overriding question in American politics: “How do we re-couple economic growth with job growth and wage growth?” Note that Bennet focuses not just on growth in general or even job growth. He adds the essential component of wage growth, as important in Ohio’s blue-collar neighborhoods as it is in Colorado’s suburban office parks.

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34 responses to “How Obama Can Make Americans Feel Pride About The Economy”

  1. William Deutschlander says:

    The GOP, the Republicraps, will continue to produce goods in countries that have minimal wages, no benefits for workers, no safety standards and no environmental standards!

    The Republicraps business leaders can make a pair of sneakers offshore for $4.00 and sell that pair of sneakers in the U S A for $64.00, and we are ignorant enough to buy them!

    If we insist on a “made in the U S A” label, then and only then, will we get quality products from U S A manufacturers with U S A employment!

    • onedonewong says:

      Hmmm then why are we subsidizing the Toyoda Prius and the Nissan Leaf to the tune of $6000 each and they aren’t made in this country???

    • BDD1951 says:

      There are web sites that sell only goods made in USA. If enough of us start buying from these sites it may begin to turn the economy around. After all if businesses get enough business then they will have to hire more workers.

    • ralphkr says:

      Even insisting upon “made in the USA” may not help. There are stores here in the Pacific NorthWest whose claim to fame is that they only carry products originating in PNW. I bought 2 pairs of cargo shorts in one of the PNW stores and was rather surprised to discover upon reading the fine print on the sown in care label that Thailand is part of the PNW. Admittedly, the printed paper hang tags on the shorts stating “made in PNW” were printed in Portland, OR. At least the shorts were of far better quality than the shorts “made in America” (Guatemala) that I bought at Target.

  2. My Plans Is Buying American Made And Giving Our POTUS Four More Years Obama Is For All The American People!! Romney Mr. Strip And Ship And His American Taliban Is Only For The Wealthy 1%!!!

    • onedonewong says:

      You might want t let barak know to buy American his cabinet secretaries don’t believe in it

      • Don’t Start Your Damn Trolling Behind Me Go Back To Kissing Koch Brothers Butts Like You Been Doing !! Cause I’m Not The One You Want To SCREW WITH!!

        • BDD1951 says:

          Way to go Fern!!!!

        • onedonewong says:

          Sorry fernny time you start looking behind your Messiah’s robes because he’s a crook and his amateur hour is coming to a close in Nov. It must hurt to be so obtuse doesn’t it

          • Fuck You Ass Kissing ReThug!! What Part Of Don’t Talk To Me Don’t Your Stupid Ass Don’t Understand Asshole!!

          • Try Looking Beyond Your Mother’s Bath Robe And Stop Kissing The Koch Brothers Asses!!

          • onedonewong says:

            sorry fernney time to stop sucking baraks joint its un be cuming

          • Sound Like Mr Strip And Ship To Me What President In Years Only Give One Tax Return?? Hiding Money In Offshore Bank Accounts Stop Talking To Me You Brainwashed IDIOT!!!

          • onedonewong says:

            We know LESS about Barak after 6 years in the lime light then we know about Romney in just 9 Months. Barak was prosecuted for taking $$ from Razuka, he wasn’t prosecuted for the no show job that his wife had, he wasn’t prosecuted for giving his aunt citizenship, he wasn’t prosecuted for taking campaign contributions from China and the Saudis.
            And you want to criticize Romney???? PLEEEEASE

          • James70094 says:

            #57 from the professional spammer.

          • rustacus21 says:

            U know, it’s so awesome to me that U hold President Barack Obama in such hi esteem to consider him a messiah!!! To those of us who support him, he’s just an ordinary, average guy, but lifting him up like U do, to the level of the great prophets of Democracy, Bush, Reagan, Nixon, Hoover (I much rather prefer Clinton, Carter, Eisenhower or FDR myself) is quite admirable of U & shows U DO HAVE some redeeming qualities afterall (LOL)!!!!!!!

          • onedonewong says:

            the State run media and the NAACP that claim he’s their Messiah so I know he’s yours as well. Yea thank goodness for Carter he was the worst president ever until barak took the title from him

        • cabadas says:

          YOU GO GIRL!!!!

      • rustacus21 says:

        It’s PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA to U who don’t “socialize” enuff, respectfully… But if U prefer the Supreme Court majority choice re-run from 2000, U have U’r chance. An American majority however, don’t & can’t allow recurring nitemares or socio/economic/political catastrophes again, so looks like U’r going to see this nation get better after all – whether U like it or not…

        • onedonewong says:

          No its barak to his betters. with barak as president the country has gotten worse. He and his fellow Dems managed to take 4-8% unemployment and a deficit that was averaging $200B a year deficits to a 12% unemployment and $10 Trillion in new debt. So that every new born is now facing a debt of $150K the day they draw their 1st breath

    • ctruskey says:

      Fern, look aroud your home and list the number of items in your house you use everyday that aren’t made in America. You think all those GE appliances are made in America?

  3. bcarreiro says:

    Obama maybe the” so called ” gambling mogul could put 100 mil into your campaign and see the best man win. If he is a true gambler……double down

  4. joujou228 says:

    Obama bets on the American auto industries and won. Mitt Romney bets on the banks overseeas, he won. The difference is Obama won for the american people and Mitt Romney won for himself and his family.

    • ctruskey says:

      I’m just hoping we get our money back. Remember the President didn’t use his money to bail out the bankrupt GM and Chrysler. He used our money. Chrysler is now part of Fiat so a foreign auto company now owns Chrysler but that’s not uncommon for Chrysler. Ford needed no bail out and secured loans on it’s own. Plus the share holders (Americans that invested in GM) lost their shirts on this bailout and the Union which was the biggest factor in GM going bankrupt made out big time on President Obama’s bail out. Oh here is a tidbit for you from the Orlando Sentinel:

      What?! Camry tops list of U.S.-made vehicles

      “For the past five years, the Ford F-150 pickup, perennially the best-selling vehicle in America, has also topped the list. This year, it dropped to second. The winner: The Toyota Camry.


  5. Pride is having a president keep his promises to the people. This is where the wealth WAS until this tax and spend administration decided it better to nurtures it’s egos and pockets.

  6. howa4x says:

    Isn’t it interesting that the 1% is for Romney who they feel is their man. You know the ones that are trying to break the unions, assualt the enviornmental laws, pay as little taxes as possible, have no use for the poor, will search the world for the cheapest labor, have no qualms about exporting jobs, like the 2.9 million they did under Bush, pay scientists to say that climate change is a hoax, want bailouts if they make mistakes. You know who they are.
    Ever wonder why none of them is for Obama?

  7. onedonewong says:

    N0 jobs can be created without a direct subsidy of taxpayer $$…barak huass Obama

  8. tokoloshi27 says:

    Ok, just some thoughts about the piece. “Education reform” it sounds good but without some actual meat this doesn’t tell me what roles the teachers unions are going to play in this ‘reform’. What is the culture of public schools, has no one told them that schools are actually run and funded at the local level, or that mandating a national ‘culture’ from Washington could be a recipe for real deadlock. Or is this intended simply as a reference to buying someones college loans? Who are we going to throw money at?

    The “Great American Jobs Machine” phrase that he uses in the piece, tied in with the word “protectionist” is either a buzzword for something or disinformation. The point is that we have empirical data that job-creation may not be a function of Government policy – except as a means for job-losses. The key here, as quoted in the piece is a (desperate) need for leadership; and since President Obama is running as the incumbent, this is a hard sell.

    Lets also talk about the comprehensive energy policy of the incumbent. It sounds like it means something in speeches, but the reality of Solyndra and the legacy of Macondo tell the American people a different story. As a nation we’ve had policy pointed at other sources of energy since the Carter administration; part of the economic woes of Spain stem from their heavy spending on windfarms.

    Ending “wage stagnation”, sounds great, matching inflation (which we don’t officially have) would be great, but what powers does the President bring to bear on wages? He can raise minimum wages (again) stifling more small businesses that operate close to the margins, but wait doesn’t Congress actually do that? Who would at this time buy the line that he controls Congress?

    “Progressive” economics versus “conservative” economics; is someone actually proposing to experiment (somehow) with the economy, more? The more legerdemain they try to use, the less sense comes out.

  9. Davekzy1 says:

    Mitt wins, America Loses! Wake up fool republican sheep. You really amaze me, always voting against your own interest. You just fall right in line like good brainwashed sheeple!

  10. idagw says:

    what is this voter ID that will make or hamper young voters and elderly from exercising their right to vote. How do we grass roots progressive citizens help to make sure everyone know what this could mean to 2012 elections.

  11. If we want to be able to buy products made in America at a reasonable price, then there has to be a shift towards a favorable business environment that would motivate manufacturers to want to bring their factories back home to America! Slave wages paid to workers in China, Malaysia, Thailand, Mexico and other poor countries is one reason American workers can’t compete. If workers from these other countries were paid a fair living wage, well above poverty standards, there would be a huge motivation to bring some of these plants back home. Namely, that big profit margin, that everyone likes to blame on the Republicans, wouldn’t be such a motivation to outsource. Secondly, businesses in America are taxed to the hilt and the only way they can earn a fair profit is to pass the cost of the tax on to consumers. Which makes it seem that big businesses are greedy monsters when it is actually the tax hungry Federal Government that is responsible for the rising costs of doing business. It is not just Republicans, but our whole “entitlement” culture that is responsible for the poor business climate in America. More entitlement programs and “freebie give aways” is not the answer. A favorable business mentality towards easing gov’t restrictions on businesses is the answer!

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