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Monday, October 24, 2016

LaPierre Flip-Flops On Background Checks During Contentious Hearing

LaPierre Flip-Flops On Background Checks During Contentious Hearing

NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre strenuously opposed new gun laws — including expanding the background check system — during a contentious Wednesday morning hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

When committee chairman Pat Leahy (D-VT) pressed LaPierre on his opposition to the universal background check, LaPierre repeatedly placed blame on the law currently in place that fails to prosecute individuals who are denied to purchase and own guns. “None of it makes any sense in the real world!” LaPierre said of background checks, after arguing that they would only impact “the little guy,” while criminals continue to buy guns illegally.

LaPierre’s reasoning drew a sharp rebuke from Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), who heatedly told LaPierre, “criminals won’t go to purchase the guns, because there will be a background check! We’ll stop them from the original purchase,” adding, “You missed that point completely!”

LaPierre’s position is a complete reversal from his 1999 testimony, when he told the House Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on Crime, “We think it’s reasonable to provide mandatory instant criminal background checks for every sale at every gun show. No loopholes anywhere for anyone.”

Despite LaPierre’s bluster, a majority of gun owners actually disagree with him on  background checks. According to a Johns Hopkins Center For Gun Policy and Research survey conducted in October 2012, “82 percent favored mandatory background checks for all firearms sales, not just for those by licensed dealers.”

Under the current laws, the federal government has prosecuted 44 individuals out of the 80,000-plus who have lied about their criminal histories in an effort to obtain a gun. Despite the fact that the federal government has prosecuted few, there is no doubt that it has in fact kept guns out of the wrong hands.

Testimonies also came from Captain Mark Kelly, husband of former representative Gabrielle Giffords, victim of Jared Loughner’s Tucson, AZ shooting rampage in 2011, Adjunct Professor of Advanced Constitutional Law at Denver University and policy analyst for the Cato Institute David Kopel, Police Chief James Johnson of the Baltimore Police Department, and Gayle Trotter, attorney and Senior Fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum.

The hearing began with an emotional appeal from Giffords, who still struggles with her speech as a result of her injuries. “Too many children are dying. We must do something,” Giffords said. “It will be hard, but the time is now. You must act. Be bold, be courageous. Americans are counting on you.”

Kelly maintained that as a gun owner, that “right demands responsibility,” a responsibility that the U.S. is failing to uphold in allowing dangerous individuals to obtain dangerous weapons.

Like Kelly, Chief Johnson — who has over 30 years of experience in law enforcement — spoke out in full support of expanding background checks to private gun sellers and gun shows, declaring, “The best way to stop a bad guy from getting a gun in the first place is a good background check.”

Other individuals on the panel, like David Kopel and Gayle Trotter, chose to focus on the proposal to place armed guards in every school and guns in the hands of teachers, rather than amending the law to assure that the wrong individuals can’t obtain guns in the first place. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), agreed with them, warning that because of America’s fiscal situation, “there will be less police officers, not more, in the next decade.” For Graham — who has received contributions from the NRA — the solution to this problem is not increasing funding for trained professionals like Chief Johnson, but having more Americans to arm themselves (a goal that universal background checks would hinder).

Although he largely opposes gun control, Kopel did argue that gun control does not violate the Second Amendment, so long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of responsible Americans. This raised the question of why he opposes the proposed reform efforts; after all, common-sense restrictions on unnecessary guns and magazines and a repair to the current federal background check system would pose no discernible threat to any responsible gun owners.

Even as the senators were debating gun violence on Capitol Hill, another mass shooting was taking place in Phoenix, Arizona.

Photo credit: AP/Susan Walsh

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  • highpckts

    That’s what liars do – flip flop!!

  • The problem with background checks, while commendable, is that they would not have prevented most of the tragedies that have taken place in the USA during the past several decades. The guns used to slaughter fellow Americans, including children, belonged to the parents or friends of the people that carried out the crime.
    The problem is not background checks or improvements in mental care, which we all support, but the availability of guns, and those guns being accessible to everyone. The problem is exacerbated by our insistence to own assault rifles and high capacity magazines to defend ourselves against potential burglars, rapists or anyone we perceive to be a threat. The name for that irrational fear is paranoia-schizophrenia, and it can be treated. What is not so easy to treat is multiple gun shots.

    • DEFENDER88

      I agree – most of the “Mass” killings were done by Young White Men who got their parents or friends guns and used them.

      I am 65 and when I was growing up this was not a big problem.

      So, a big question for me is why are they doing this now and not years ago?
      ps here – there have always been a lot of “assault rifles” in this country.

      Another common link is most of them(the young killers) were on one of the new designer anti-depressant drugs. Young people who needed to be drugged used to be put in institutions and controlled.

      When that was mostly stopped and the institutions emptyied, the following started:
      Now the parents are sent home with them to self medicate them. They go crazy, kill the parents then head to school or church or mall, etc.
      Prozac(Virginia Tech), Effexer(Columbine), Zoloft, Ritalin, Livox, etc.

      You dont see this as a primary root problem?

      And if you dis-agree
      Just so I will know you are not biased – Tell me you dont work for a Drug Co.

      • leadvillexp

        You are right! Could it be society is broken? Guns have been around a long time and this mass killing is new. I have a son that has fought for custody of his child. The mother doctor shops for drugs her children and gets SSI. She has the state pay for her lawyer while my son has to pay himself. Needless to say he can’t win, he’s not rich. The best he can do is to fight to keep her off drugs and in school.

    • 40% of all gun sales are through gun shows, which doesn’t require a background check. That loophole must be closed.

      • bealente

        And any gun seller whom does not comply will automatically be complicit if the gun they sold is used by the buyer in a criminal act. That would make them think twice.

    • Dominick….you and your solutions are not acceptable…you people always come to the gun fight with a stick….Background checks are what is needed, People cannot Drive Cars OR own Homes, have credit cards and many more…WITHOUT BACKGROUND CHECKS…the FAT LADY IS SINGING…

  • ChristoD

    Why would ANYONE, other than NRA die hard members, listen to a GUY who spends every waking moment thinking of ways to INCREASE gun ownership, facts and figures and deaths be damned. The man doesn’t have shred of compassion in hihead since he belives that the only way to protect yourself is to outgun the other guy.

  • Who said that school officials, including teachers, are the RIGHT person to have a gun?
    The fact that Wayne LaPierre would fight to the easy access in the hands of mentally deranged shows that he is cold and irresponsibl. He should not be the spokesperson for such an organization. Surely there are more reasonable people in the ranks of this organization.

    • You Are So Right!! We Need Our Teacher To Teach Carry A Gun Is Not Their Job!!!

  • enoughfromtx

    “after all, common-sense restrictions on unnecessary guns and magazines and a repair to the current federal background check system would pose no discernible threat to any responsible gun owners.” really? and who decides what is “unnecessary”???? The “second” has already been trampled upon… it is time for gun owners to draw a hard line. an extended magazine will not make any difference to the public safety in a law abiding citizens’ hands… a pistol grip on a long gun does not make it an assault weapon… a semi automatic rifle is not an assault weapon… no branch of the service considers an AR15 as an acceptable weapon for use in combat… save more lives right now, put an end to smoking if you want to do something which will save 40,000 lives a year from second had smoke and 100’s of millions in medical expenses being paid out of the insurance system… tell you what, let’s just exempt insurance companies from providing insurance to those who smoke.. want to bet my rates go down??… don’t see anyone screaming for outlawing beer, wine and whiskey except in single one ounce equilivent servings with limits on how many you can buy at a time…. its not necessary to buy a 24 pack of Bud is it? Smokers are committing suicide one smoke at a time… isn’t it time we did something to save them and the people who have to endure their drug addiction???

    • enoughisright

      Every citizen with who owns a firearm is law abiding until they decide to walk into a public building and shoot innocent people. How do you control a legally owned firearm from getting into the hands of someone like the shooter at Newtown? His mother had no valid reason for having that type of weapon in the house. If you don’t have a valid reason for needing a high capacity magazine that shoots at a high rate of fire then why do you own it? You probably like your AR15 because when the zombie apocalypse happens you get to be the movie hero. Knock knock! hey its reality here, just letting you know that is never going to happen. Also, your next argument about stopping some large militaristic force from entering your home is not nearly as unrealistic but fairly close. Remove the “Assault Rifle” from the situation could be the difference of 30 people being shot vs 10 people being shot. Restricting types of gun ownership is not going to stop violence, but what if it was your child in that classroom and because the shooter didn’t have a high capacity weapon he/she lived? I’ll even respond to your red herring comments about smoking and alcohol; society has a lot of changes to make in the near future in order to become a better place, including personal health habits. We have tight restrictions in place around how much can be served to one individual and where someone can smoke so it doesn’t affect others, why not apply restrictions to weapons as well to protect ourselves from those who are not responsible enough to not hurt their peers.

    • Replying to enoughfromtx

      If you have never encountered Road Rage.

      If you have never encountered a heated argument between friends, family members, co-workers or even complete strangers.


      However, if you have ever seen any of these take place, you should have the mental capacity to understand that nearly EVERYONE is capable of doing things that under normal conditions would SEEM irrational.

      Why is there so much debate over limiting semi-automatic and fully automatic rifles, 30 round, (or more), magazines, etc.


  • as strange as it might sound the only way Wayne LaPierre or the NRA will get and understand thing to a point where thy do the right thing may only be when its there love ones that are murdered and shot down and die . like the innocent ppl. that are already murdered or the ones that get murdered every day . maybe it only will sink in to their simple minds is for whats happen to the other innocent ppl. . if it was their innocent love ones murdered maybe then thy will see things the way thy should be .

  • leadvillexp

    There is far to much name calling and no middle of the road. We need to get the emotions out of this and sit down and write good commonsense legislation. I have suggested licensing all firearms owners and users with five year background checks. It could be done the same way that Hazmat is done on CDLs and put on the drivers license. No problem with the Second Amendment as there would be no registration. You would also have a uniform set of laws in all 50 states. Like driving. Banning won’t work, just look at Prohibition or The War on Drugs. They were a success. You have taken the weapons out of lawful hands and allowed the criminals to have them. What a great black market that would create.

    • HistoRet

      I’m never entirely comfortable with the term “common sense” when someone else is using it. After all, it is common sense that tells us the earth is flat and is the center of the universe, with the sun revolving around it. What we really need is UNcommon sense.
      And when you say “We need to get the emotions out of this,” it suggests we cease to be human ~ just let the computers write our laws. We need to KNOW more and we need to THINK more, but we don’t need to FEEL less.
      People glibly dismiss all attempts at regulating dangerous substances by asserting that Prohibition was a total failure. Are you sure? Have you ever looked into the matter of how much domestic violence was reduced by Prohibition? Don’t lie ~ you know you didn’t. You just read stories about bootleggers gunning down other bootleggers in Chicago. If you really study the matter of the ‘failure’ of Prohibition, you may conclude, as I did, that the more basic problem was the Volstead Act which implemented the 18th Amendment and which defined any beverage with one half of one per cent alcohol as an intoxicating beverage! What if it had made that 3% instead, and allowed light beer and wine?
      Don’t misunderstand ~ I am NOT a proponent of Prohibition. I am a proponent of knowing what one is talking about before opening one’s mouth.
      Regarding emotions ~ let us now praise a truly brave and gallant Hero. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ~ Dear Gabby Giffords! We will be forever in your debt.

      • leadvillexp

        I never said you should not feel for the sick and injured. Logic must be used when writing laws and logic goes out the window when you through in emotions. Prohibition and The War on Drugs are both failures. Look at Mexico today. Run by the Cartels. As for domestic violence I don’t know of any records of before and after but I would think it would have made little differance as the alcohol just went underground. Yes Gabby is brave and gallant and so was the Principal in Conn. that charged a gunman unarmed.

  • dslocum

    The NRA should have NO say when it comes to gun control. Why? Because they are a small organization, only 1.4% of the US population, and a very, very small portion of the nation’s gun owners. Congress is kowtowing to them because of the campaign donations that come through the NRA from the gun manufacturers and dealers. Congress, DO YOUR JOB ! WE elect you – YOU are supposed to represent US !!!!!!!

    • You Got That Right My Friend!! And The Ones With The NRA Money In Their Pockets Shouldn’t Be Allow To Have No Say In Passing The Gun Control Polices Cause It’s Called Conflict Of Interest!!

      • Gabby Looks Good She’s Come A Long Way And She Spoke Very Clear About These Guns, The People That They Are Killing And The Background Checks!!! Gabby And Her Husband Gun Owners Like A Lot Of American And Myself Included, This Is Not About Taking People Guns Away, Its About Keeping As Many As Possible Out Of Bad People Hands!!!

        • jvaljon1

          What I’ve always said, Fern. I’m a strong believer in treating guns and ammo like cars are treated—-you got to SHOW that you can use your gun. Then you got to REGISTER your gun (so if a whacko gets into your house while you’re away, you can prove that it wasn’t you who did whatever). I don’t understand all the fuss—-just treat guns like CARS GODDAMMIT!

          I don’t see anyone screaming SECOND AMENDMENT IF the STATE and the INSURANCE COMPANIES DEMAND 1) PROOF OF PROFICIENCY and 2) $$$$$$$ to charge you for INSURANCE for your gun! You REGISTER A CAR (a DEFINITELY deadly weapon—at least here in TX, LOL!) SO, why not a GUN ?????

          • leadvillexp

            Just read your comment. You need to understand driving is a privilege granted by the government. Gun ownership is a right granted by the Bill of Rights. That said I have no objection to licensing, like Hazmat on CDLs with a 5 year background check. It could be added to the drivers license. I say no to registration as it defeats the Second Amendment. I also disagree with banning any type of weapon. Remember when the Second Amendment was written muzzle loaders were state of the art, like todays M16s. It was written to protect you from your government.

    • Vazir Mukhtar

      You may not like Mr LaPierre’s arguments, but he has as much right to advance them as those transferring in a knee-jerk fashion their reaction to the slaughter of those in Newtown to an all-encompassing solution.

      My point? Where was the outrage and cry for a legislative remedy when people were killed in Aurora, CO, Columbine, CO, at Virginia Tech, or elsewhere?

      One might easily infer from Gabrielle Gifford’s statement to the Senate committee today: “Too many children are dying” that all lives are valuable but the lives of children are more valuable than those of others.

      Of course measures should be taken to prevent as many mass slayings by firearms as possible, just as we take measures to prevent damage and deaths from instances of force majeure (e.g., floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, wild fires). Nevertheless, we know that though we may reduce damage in the one case and deaths in both cases, it is impossible to eliminate deaths altogether. Still it’s human nature to do all that is reasonably possible to delay dying.

      What some of us find galling is the pontificating by members of Congress whose remarks may easily be interpreted as showing that they have done little, if any, research into the matter of mass slayings, but who are determined to do something, almost anything, whether it be in the best interests of the populace or not. Congress does not have a monopoly on wisdom nor does it have the best record of foreseeing unintended consequences.

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        Mr. La Pierre is a liar. Lying isn’t opinion. It’s an attempt to use “MY way or the highway” tactics on the rest of the taxpaying public. Sorry, we don’t pay taxes for unregulated militias like the big babies of the NRA always at the ready for another Gunfight at OK Corral.

    • RobertCHastings

      The NRA and the gun lobby are no different from Big Oil, the banking industry,the auto industry, the unions, and any other relativelysmall group of individuals who are financed by big money to promote a specific agenda. None of this will change or improve until our political system changes, especially the influence of money upon it. The Campaign Finance Reform Law (the McCain Feingold Act) was a feeble attempt, that was largely negated when the Supreme Court stated that corporations are people, allowing huge amounts of money into political campaigns in the name of “free speech”. To clear up this huge problem requires but a few simple items, among them REAL campaign finance reform, term limits, strict adherence to the one-man-one-vote rule, an end to the Electoral College, and the total outlawing of gerrymandering. I am sure some of you may come up with others, but we all know it just ain’t going to happen. WalMart is under fire for corruptly trying to create favorable market conditions in Mexico through bribery – what freaking hypocrisy! We criticize the government of Hamid Karzai in Afdghanistan for being corrupt – what freaking hypocrisy! Let’s clean up our own act before we get too critical of others.

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        So…We should let the NRA do whatever it pleases? None of the industries manufacture lethal weapons that kill men, women and children EVERY day in the US. Let’s clean up gun owners acts before we try to clean up a single other issue…Why? Because the US body count from gun deaths keeps growing and all to kiss up to gun addicts.

        The day the sight of guns plastered on every street in every town becomes the rule of the day, is the day the US government no longer exists. But, that IS what these gun addict anarchists are after aren’t they?

        • RobertCHastings

          Cigarettes are not a deadly weapon that kill people every day? Then what are they? I have known, dearly,two people who died of lung cancer, and another who died while waiting for a lung transplant. Believe me, they aren’t exactly joysticks! What I said, and I thought it was fairly obvious, was that those things that NEED to be done, for the betterment of all in this country (including the gun freakazoids) will only get done when the rules change, and we actually have a government in which one man has one vote, and no amount of money can either buy or influence a vote. There is too much money involved in the bribery and corruption of our own government for us to think that Washington will pursue the moral course, even though, God bless them, there are some who actually see that course as valid. Of course we must push those who will act for the good of all to defeat those who only pursue self-interest. Look at what is going on with two different battles in Congress now – birth control mandate and immigration. Through compromise, Obama is getting a W for birth control. Through the bully pulpit, he is likely to get a W for immigration. How does he get a W for gun control? We ALL know someone who owns a gun, someone who every year comes home carrying a deer, someone who remembers with great pride the first dear he shot – these are real people, who don’t need to be demonized. But the problem of gun control is much more complex, and those millions of gun owners who understand the issues and concerns need to be our allies,not our adversaries. Wayne LaPierre, who represents something over 4 1/2 million gun owners and ALL of those who make money off guns and ammunition sales, does not speak for those millions of gun owners who are legitimately concerned about gun violence. Recent polls clearly show that, since Newtown, more than half of the country supports legislation once again banning assault weapons and large-volume magazines. With over 300 million weapons in this country, it is only reasonable to assume (with a population of 320 million) that large numbers of gun owners support regulation, both of the weapons in question and in background checks. Once again, these people MUST be our allies if we are to be successful. LaPierre and the NRA and other gun lobby groups DO NOT represent the majority of gun owners, it is just that they have tons of money to throw around, and, speaking candidly, too many Congressmen are afraid of not being reelected. If that is allowable under our Constitution, then maybe the Constitution needs to be changed, especially when the will of the majority is so easily over-ridden by the noise of the minority. At least, a political system that permits such a violation of our national will MUST be changed to better reflect the public will.

    • Your logic is utter nonsense. Ok, so if every gun owner joins NRA, 110 million owners, then NRA is allowed to have a voice? 110 million owners, more than 30% of the population, IS a voice already by virtue of ownership, with or without NRA. Ok, hush the NRA and open the voice of 110 million gun owners, you prefer that and now you’ll listen? Fine! Its very interesting that you think the majority rules until youre the one with the problem, suddenly you make the argument that though small and alone, why shouldnt you be heard? You play both sides depending what side youre on at the time. Sorry, cant!

      • hilandar1000

        According to ALL the recent polls, LaPierre does NOT speak for members of the NRA. Over 80 percent of the membership of NRA supports added measures for gun control. News flash — none of us feels alone in demanding effective gun control measures. The majority of people are demanding it!

    • neeceoooo

      You’re right, I didn’t see any of the names from the NRA on the ballot in November.

  • leadvillexp

    The idea of teachers being trained much like air marshalls would work. It would have to be volunteers, well trained and tightly controled. Security Guards would be first targets. No one except the Principal would know which teacher was armed. This would not stop all attacks but it might help. If the Principal in Conn. had been trained and armed the outcome may have been different. She was brave enough to charge a gunman unarmed but the outcome was set.

    • djc84

      Because when some guy kicks in your door with an AR-15 that teacher will be ready and take him out. This is just categorically stupid. They had 4 armed guards in Colombine and it got them no where. The bottom line is if youre attacked by surprise and are able to get the gunmen before he gets you then you are VERY lucky and that’s it. This is just an incredibly stupid point. Im sorry.

      • Replying to djc84 –

        You have no reason to be sorry.

        Your comments were spot on.

        The testosterone filled chest thumpers think they will be the “Heros” when they start spraying bullets in the direction of an attacker. God help anyone who gets in the way.

        The reality is that in the vast majority of cases where there were armed people in the vicinity of a mass shooter, the most common responses were fear, confusion, indecision, etc.


        I do not recall any cases that ended in that manner.

        • hilandar1000

          How right you are, Jim — and djc, too! What an utterly stupid idea to suggest that teachers carry guns. Loaded guns in schools around hundreds of children? Does anyone really think that some of those “classroom guns” would not find their way into the hands of a kid who might think it was a funny joke to scare their classmates with the teacher’s gun? I suppose the next suggestion would be that the teachers carry the guns around in their pockets — or would they be expected to leave the gun in a locked drawer of their desk? How likely is it that a crazed gunman would be polite enough to hold his fire while the teacher finds the key and unlocks the drawer? Then the teacher would be able to retrieve the gun, take perfect aim in a tense situation, and shoot the crazed gunman with the first bullet? — Police studies have shown that a trained policeman, who is usually required to have regular target practice about once per week, only hits the target about 1/3 of the time. How could any sane person think this would provide a safer environment for our children?

    • Your comments are not well thought out:
      1- Who would be training, monitoring these volunteers?
      2- You do realize that it’s a world of difference between knowing how to handle and shoot
      a gun and being in a real life shooting situation.
      3- If noone except the principal knows which teacher is armed, what happens when the
      principal is not there?
      4- If only 1 teacher is armed what happens in a large school building if the armed teacher is
      at the other end or out of the building at the time?
      5- There is a lot of maybes or couldbes to this shooting situation.

      Arming teachers, I’m willing to bet that most teachers would not choose to carry a weapon in school. Where would this weapon ge kept, in a locked drawer or closet? Or would they wear it on their person – holster, shoulder holster, waistband?

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  • “Dick Durbin (D-IL), who heatedly told LaPierre, “criminals won’t go to purchase the guns, because there will be a background check! We’ll stop them from the original purchase,” adding, “You missed that point completely!””

    No, it is Durbin who missed the point COMPLETELY! What a retarded dumbass. Criminals DO NOT buy guns legally. They buy them ILLEGALLY. And THAT is the freaking point HE is missing. Where in the hell does he think he is going to stop an illegal gun purchase. HE CAN’T!

    Hell, yo’ boy Obama sells guns illegally every freaking day! Let’s see now. There was the OBAMA sanctioned Fast and Furious and lemme see…BENGHAZI. Those are only the ones we KNOW about. Yep, your illegal alien messiah is a GUN RUNNER!

    Did I mention he is an ILLEGAL ALIEN? You guys already KNOW this, but you’re too busy getting your freebie handouts to care! It won’t last. One day your checks will be CUT OFF because this is not sustainable. Then what will you do? Eventually OPM (other people’s money) will run out and WE THE PEOPLE will REFUSE to support your lazy asses.

    GO GET A JOB AND GET OFF THE TAXPAYER TEAT. MacDonald’s is hiring everyday. Get off your lazy asses and get a J. O. B.

    • stcroixcarp

      Didn’t pass the background check? Too bad, you can just buy a gun illegally. By the way, what planet are you from?

    • What a moron.

    • Mikey7a

      Holy Cow, YOU are one of the crazed individuals we are ALL afraid of! We need to revisit the laws that let mentally disturbed people stay undiagnosed, and untreated. Personally, if I had a son that was showing signs of mental duress, no way would my home be full of easily accessible weapons!

      Anyway, my President was born in Hawaii, which I believe is a State, and part of The USA! Not sure who you are talking about, but really Betta, go get some help please!

    • oldtack

      No – you miss the point entirely. Criminals can get weapons on the Street but they get their modern good weapons from shoddy operated “gun shows”. Ostensibly Gun Show sellers are supposed to check a buyer but they don’t. I have purchased five weapons at these places and have yet to even show my ID. I have three more that I have bought from individuals and have never been checked for anything. I will, however, gladly register these weapons if directed.

      There is no way under the sun anyone can control the sale of guns on the street or from individuals but, what can be done is to enact background checks on all purchases from dealers (gun shows etc,). Any weapon retrieved from a Criminal (arrest etc.) should be checked for original ownership and if purchased from an individual without a background check then that individual should face charges. A Gun dealership selling without a background check should have all merchandise confiscated and their Business should be permanently closed.

      Let us gun owners keep and enjoy our guns and gun collections but make it damned difficult for a loony tune or a felon to purchase weapons anywhere.

      Teachers with Guns? Guards at every school? Bullshit! You’re all in a panic mode. It’s a wonder that you all don’t have a concealed gun permit and start shooting one another while in your paranoid delusional state of fantasy land.

      You started your post in a direct manner addressing the matter at hand and then you diverged and began ranting about the President and all Democrats in general and made yourself into a total ass. Next time stick to the subject or don’t say anything at all.

    • Replying to Betta –

      You need to stop smoking that stuff. It has already screwed up your mind.

      • bealente

        Their not smoking nothing…they are simply an unhinged, crazy person.

  • leadvillexp

    Not stupid. Guards are a target and no surprise to the gunman. When you have TRAINED teachers no one knows which one is armed. Teachers first obligation is to protect their students by locking doors etc. This takes time during the attack. The weapons are used next. No one is ever ready for this but your chances are better. Also you have the jump on the gunman and he is the one caught off guard. Most gunman aren’t well trained and it would take only one shot to put him away.

    • Oh, please! I am a retired teacher. I worked with many teacher’s I wouldn’t want to be standing next to with a gun! As a teacher, I had no desire to kill anyone. If you moron’s had your way every single citizen would be packin’. No thanks. Too many hair-trigger crazy people who aren’t diagnosed as such. Plenty of them right on here.

      • leadvillexp

        That gun the person next to you has is nothing but a tool and only works when needed. It won’t jump out and bite you. As you say many people like you could not kill even a bad person, they shouldn’t have a gun. It would only make matters worse. I said trained teachers and that should include a psychological exaimination as to their ability to handle the situation.

        • hilandar1000

          Let me get this straight — you’re saying it is wrong to expect a person buying a gun to have to pass a background or psychological screening, but teachers should have to pass a psychological test — when they don’t even want to carry a gun in the first place? You guys better give it up — the more you talk, the less sense you make.

          • leadvillexp

            I would like you to get it straight. I never said it was wrong to get background checks for those buying weapons. I believe all persons owning or useing a weapon should be licensed and have a background check every five years. The same way CDL drivers with Hazmat are. It should only be volunteer teachers that want to carry a gun. If they have second thoughts they should not be armed.

          • hilandar1000

            The main fact is that access to guns provide more risk than they provide protection for children. Although you will never get this fact from the NRA leadership, the evidence is clear in study after study by neutral researchers. “When 34 experts in injury prevention were asked to rank home health hazards for children, access to firearms in the home was rated as the most significant. Moreover, according to a study published in the Journal of Trauma, guns in the home are eleven times more likely to be used in attempted or completed suicides than to be used to injure or kill in self-defense. Access to guns makes a huge, and tragic, difference when a young person attempts suicide. A study of firearm suicides among youths found that 82 percent used a firearm belonging to a family member, usually a parent.” Do we really want to add this kind of risk to children in schools?

          • leadvillexp

            The world is full of risks when you walk out the front door in the morning. I fail to see how this adds more risk to the children in school if the teacher has the weapon hidden on their person. It is not like a home weapon stored in a nightstand or dresser where there is easy access for the child. Let’s look at the fact that we have an unarmed Principal gunned down while charging an armed gunman in Conn. and an unarmed bus driver killed in Alabama trying to stop an armed gunman by sticking out his hand. While both performed heroic acts they didn’t stand a chance in stopping what would be the outcome. If they had been armed they may have changed the outcome. Notice I said may have. There is no assurance of the outcome when crazy people are bent on killing others.

    • You assume that the shooter would not be wearing a protective vest as some have done when they attacked at a movie or school. You also think that a teacher trainerd or not is going to be able to shoot once and take down the attacker. That is ridiculous at best considering that most teachers have never been in any type of real shooting situation.

      • leadvillexp

        That could be and one shot is a best case situation. It might take more. Even many Police Officers have never fired a gun at a subject in the line of duty. Look at the brave Principal of the Conn. school. She had time to charge the armed gunman. If she had been trained and had a firearm the outcome may have been different.

  • LaPerre is a tool using every definition in the dictionary.

  • daryl johnson

    let’s carry this foolishness to, their logical conclusion. if they believe we here in the states have a right to bear arms for our protection and we like to export ourbeliefs around the world then the palestinians should have the same acess to high tech weapons as the isrealis

  • I wonder how the police will feel when every single American has a gun? We will all be vigilantes, if LaPierre and the NRA have their way. I guess they are encouraging us to shoot at our own troops as well (the ones they supposedly ‘support’), since they want to be a ‘militia’ that will protect us from our own government. So convoluted and crazy, I can’t stand it.

  • daryl johnson

    it’s the guns stupid. more guns, more killing, more heartache. what american citizen needs the same access to military assualt weapons as our soldiers?

  • leadvillexp

    I said well TRAINED, like police. You trust police so what is the differance. Maybe you could not pull the trigger so you shouldn’t be armed. The teachers would be volunteers and the training would sort them out. At least as well as it works with police.

    • Mikey7a

      Most teachers I’ve ever known were gentle, intelligent, caring souls. Can’t think of one teacher in High School, that would have wanted to carry a gun. Times have changed more than I ever realized, I suppose.

      Then again, you Rethugs could always have TED NUGENT teach your kids! LOL

      • Mikey7a

        My reply was for leadvillexp not Daryl Johnson.

    • Replying to leadvillexp –

      You may not have the capacity to understand this, but the police are TRAINED AND PAID to be in harms way. That is their choice.

      Teachers are TRAINED AND PAID to TEACH!!!

      Another thing. Some of the loudest voices advocating for ARMED AND TRAINED teachers are the same legislators who are advocating for removal of union rights for teachers, WHILE THE POLICE ARE LEFT TO ORGANIZE AT WILL.


      While at the same time, demonizing teachers as overpaid, under qualified, unionized misfits who should be looked down upon.

      SO, WHICH IS IT? Are we going to place the “unionized misfits” in combat situations, or find a sane approach to the prevention of mass killings?

  • rpg1408

    The same tired arguments( bluster is a good description) by Wayne LaPierre and his ilk pale before the testimony of Gabby Giffords. Her appearance before the Committee illustrates the cost to this nation of the policies promulgated by the NRA and those who cling to their misguided interpretation of the Second Amendment. What will it take to end the carnage?

  • This guy is a piece of work! It is obvious that the NRA and gun dealers LOVE these shootings! They generate more sicko members and sell more guns! It is a shame this awful organization is not responsible and does not get it!

    I am a teacher and I know there are a lot of teachers I WOULD NEVER TRUST WITH A GUN! AND – schools are not the only places in peril! How about movie theaters, malls, and public streets? This guy carries his brains between his legs!

  • HistoRet

    As I said: We need to KNOW more and THINK more. With your quick reply I doubt you had time to think about WHY Prohibition failed. Was it because it sought to REGULATE alcoholic beverages or because it sought to FORBID them by defining them out of existence? If one immediately turns to Prohibition as a universally recognized metaphor to oppose any attempt to regulate dangerous substances or practices, it would seem you would want to understand it at some level deeper than a bumper sticker slogan. Prohibition had essentially no similarity to firearms regulation efforts.

  • adriancrutch

    I wonder if Wayne ever wanted to be a senator? He’d fit right in!

    • Replying to adriancrutch –

      Actually, his mind(?)set fits that of a Representative more than that of a Senator.

  • Exactly…Teacher’s are trained to teach NOT TO BABYSIT AND NOT TO BE A SHARPSHOOTER…for Pete’s sake are these people nuts or what…Oh yeah they are disllusional…at best.

  • Johnnie Green

    This goes to show that this guy been paid BIG by the NRA. And he is all about the money. Why enforce his second amendment right when he can’t agree on his enforcement.

  • Lovefacts

    OMG, color me shocked! LaPierre lied.

  • alumahead

    Wayne LaPierre is responsible for more American deaths than the 9/11 terrorists. I’m not against gun ownership, but it should be incredibly difficult and proof of responsibility via background and pysch evaluations should be mandatory for any semiautomatic weapons.

  • Lee

    Excellent remarks by dslocum and factually accurate. Congressional members, many, not all, are political whores to the NRA and Gun Manufacturers who supply campaign contributions from the Gun makers thru the NRA or thru PACs so that all monies donated can’t be traced. Don’t forget, the MC’s number one job is to get re-elected. In fact, I am now convinced to continue with organizing a group to oppose anyone and anything which is supported by the Tea Party Republicans, they’re an embarrassment to American Democracy. And the NRA has the exact same ideology as the Tea Party Republicans. We need to defeat every single one of them in 2014, they’re unAmerican, not because they want to, they’re just ignorant people.

  • Obiejuan

    Regardless of where you stand on gun control, we still live in a Democracy where the will of the majority rules (or is supposed to.) That means, to those who have trouble adding, 300 Million + to 5 million who think that background checks are a good place to start.

    • ronaldhyams

      While you are correct about Majority rules, you forgot the rest of the sentence, which is we must also PROTECT the RIGHT OF THE MINORITY !!

  • Most criminals get their weapons Illegally from the black market, NOT gun shows or reputable dealers, and many murders in the hood are by cheap Saturday Night Specials, not on the banned list. The NRA & the American Gun Manufacturers do NOT make money off of these Illegal weapons, most of them are from foreign countries. The knee-jerk, uninformed opinions and hate of most of the people on these discussions, and the blaming on money, and the wealthy, just shows their ignorance of the facts and how gullible they are to the Liberal Media.

    p.s. Once again NBC has been caught editing news to influence opinion to their liberal liking. Now that is where the lies are and it is outrageous.

    • ExPAVIC

      Think About This

      What if your children or grandchildren were present at the next school shoot em up? Tell me what your reaction would be to proposed gun controls offered now?

  • balloyd53

    tighter registration wont help. that kid shooter wasnt registered, he never bought a gun, his mother was registered , alot of good that did, when the gunOWNERS, aren’t responsible….try selling a gun LOCK with every gun,,, someone owns 3 0r more guns make them buy a safe…..that kid wasn’t a crook, he was just a punk kid….columbine..not crooks.. just punks….

  • penable

    We can learn that Wayne LaPierre has no idea what to do about gun violence. Don’t ask him for advice; he has none. Its not a subject he thinks about.

    The NRA used to treat gun safety as one of its priorities. Why they put up with Wayne LaPierre is unfathomable.

  • LaPierre is without a doubt one of the most blastantly uninformed, shoot from the hip before serious thought, and in genral not a very forceful voice of the shoot-em-up crowd. He was nicely dressed, however.

  • bealente

    Crazy is the key word. I’m sure there are millions of responsible gun owners as well I am sure there are unstable gun owners out there. Maybe as well as a background check, a mental health screening should be required.

  • I support Obama & the Dems this pass election, not gun controll.

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  • joeham1

    The whole debate is a joke. Drunk drivers kill 100 times more poeple then Assualt rifles! Where is the freakin outrage against Drinking?

    Unless violence in movies, games, and mental health, are part of the conversation and solutions, it’s just another Obama power grab! As Rahm Emanuel said…never let s good crisis go to waste! Sick!

    • ExPAVIC

      Horse Crap

      People do not shoot bullets, guns do. Ban certain guns and their equipment, and you address the major portion of the problem.

      Is this not clear to you? Are you retarded maybe?

      • joeham1

        Are you cracked? Guns don’t shoot people unless people pull the trigger! They tried banning assualt weapons in 1994, it didn’t work. THERE WAS NO DIFFERENCE!!!! NONE , 0, Zip! Your statement of People do not shoot bullets people, guns do, is a completely moronic statement!

        Wake up to the fact that this is more governement over reach. If they include legislation on violence in movies, video games and mental health, that would prove they are serious about the violence issue!

        Banning guns alone does nothing!!

    • billbear1961

      Rare is the maniac who deliberately sets out to kill others with his car. Cars weren’t designed as weapons, but they ARE regulated and registered.

      These semi-automatic weapons are meant to MOW PEOPLE DOWN—and they have NO PLACE on the streets of a CIVILIZED SOCIETY.

      • joeham1

        My point exactly… The car alone is not going to hurt you. The gun alone won’t either.
        If a nut or a drunk drive the car or pick up the gun then it becomes very dangerous!

        Banning assault rifle does not work! They did it in 1994. There was no difference at all in violent crime!

        What you uneducated people don’t realize if you ban assault rifle the BAD guys will still get them…You do realize that don’t you?

        Again, include real reform of violence in movies, video games a deal with the mental health issue and you have a real solution to the problem. Banning guns you hate won’t work!

        Amazing how thick headed some of you are!

        • billbear1961

          What is amazing, Joe, is how well gun-control laws work for our allies! (Are we the helpless giant, yet AGAIN? Our friends can have gun safety and universal healthcare, but we can’t? WHY??)

          TRY IT—if they don’t work, they aren’t written in STONE, you know!

          What you can’t get through YOUR head is that people aren’t going to put up with monthly massacres, especially of little kids.

          It’s getting totally ridiculous, not to mention OBSCENE.

          And the answer is NOT to arm everyone so we can have weekly—or daily!—SHOOTOUTS AT THE O.K. CORRAL across the country!!

          We’ll start with registrations and background checks—and the banning of semi-automatic weapons and multi-round magazines, of ALL military-style assault weapons.

          (Yes, I say in another post that we must teach civilized contempt for the perverted glorification of guns and violence. There’s got to be a major change in attitudes. And we should make it clear to the SAVAGES who HECKLE a man who’s lost a child to gun violence, and who wants stricter gun-control laws as a result, that their behaviour is OUTRAGEOUS and utterly UNACCEPTABLE! Don’t you agree??)

          • joeham1

            There is no excuse for a sick person to heckle someone who has been through such an ordeal.

            We are different country from our allies. We have millions of guns because of the second amendment. In 1994 they banned assualt rifles. It didn’t work. NO RESULTS AT ALL! The mental illness, violent Video games and Violent Movies with an assualt rifle ban. NOW that may be an answer! Otherwise it’s just a political move for the President!

            My point is, we have a MUCH bigger problem with drunk drivers killing. It’s 5o times the problem. The political will because of the alcohol companies isn’t there!

          • billbear1961

            Gun psychos and those who profit from gun sales—more sick bastards—pervert the Second Amendment!

            Read it: it’s very clear they’re talking about a need for militias to protect the country early in our history BEFORE we had a standing, professional army to do that.

            “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

            The slobbering gun-worshippers never talk about the part that speaks of militias—they only quote the second half of the amendment.

            They fool no one, man, except crackpots who WANT to be fooled!

          • joeham1

            If someone wants a gun, they have a right to have one. Just because YOU don’t like Guns or Profit that doesn’t mean calling them names diminished the second amendment

          • billbear1961

            You PERVERT the Second Amendment, and you know EXACTLY what I mean! Stop pretending otherwise, and stop HIDING BEHIND IT to defend the INDEFENSIBLE!

            When someone owns a device that places the entire community around him in deadly danger, it is my business–and my DUTY–to see to it that it is closely monitored and, when deemed appropriate for the safety of society, REMOVED FROM HIS POSSESSION.

            No gang of BARBARIANS will prevent CIVILIZATION from defending itself.

            I’m so SICK of these twisted GUN PSYCHOS—who force us all to live in such fear—that if someone who has lost a child to these evil weapons were to exact revenge on those who sell them or on those—like LaPierre—who loudly advocate for their availability, I would LOOK THE OTHER WAY.

            It is long since TIME to put a wooden stake through the pus-filled heart of America’s reeking GUN GOD!

            NO MORE SACRIFICES—unless it be the drooling SWINE who worship at its stinking, blood-soaked shrine!!

            I hope you never lose anyone to a mass shooting, Joe—because, if you do, it will be a TERRIBLE AWAKENING for you! It’s a great shame—a national disgrace—that, for many people, that’s what it takes to make them OPEN THEIR EYES.

            Shame on you, Joe! You should know better.

            Maybe, one sad day, you will!

          • joeham1

            Bill bear dont’ give me your false outrage you f n hypocite. What a dramatic joke you are! Where is your freakin outrage at the 50,000,000 Dead babies since 1973! Shouldn’t we outlaw all those needless deaths?

            Where is your dramatic statements about the 18,000 drunk driving deaths a year!

            Shame on YOU for being a liar and a total hypocrite!

          • billbear1961

            There is nothing false about my outrage, pal!

            There are many issues in the U.S. that deeply disgust me, but the ready availability of fucking GUNS tops the list.

            It is depravity, sir, nothing short of the most evil, sick, perverted and inexcusable DEPRAVITY—and all because people like YOU twist and distort the Second Amendment past anything it was ever meant to represent.

            And I tell you this: a society that doesn’t have the SPINE to stand up to the SICK SHITS who worship guns, placing them and PROFITS from their sale even above the lives of little children, is a society that deserves any misfortune that comes its way.

            I despise alcohol and have never been drunk or high for one moment in my almost 52 years on this planet. Great strides have been made in combating drunk driving since I was a kid in the 60s and 70s. People guilty of driving while drunk should lose their right to drive. People who kill while in that state deserve to go to prison for manslaughter, if not murder.

            As for a woman’s RIGHT to control her own body, spare me your concern for FERTILIZED EGGS!

            Your party shows concern for what goes on in the womb for one reason and one reason only: to deny women a right to equality and independence.

            And your concern for life usually stops the moment a child is born.

            It’s hungry? It’s poor? It needs our help?

            Too bad—Republicans vote to cut FOOD STAMPS to so much as give them enough to EAT!

            And before Mr. Obama signed legislation to give the children of the working poor healthcare insurance, conservatives voted against it and were content to watch desperate kids BEG for medical help on TELETHONS!! More fucking DEPRAVITY!!

            So spare me your concern for an aborted egg!

            Pro-life, my ass!

            Yours is—in countless ways—the party of DEATH!!

          • joeham1

            Your a disgusting hypocrite! Calling a baby an egg makes it easier for you to KILL! Ask any kid under 12 if Killing a baby in mommys stomach is ok. NOT ONE WILL SAY YES!!!!

            Your an asshole if you think my concern for the 50 million murdered babies is because I want to control a women. That’s a left talking point, cram it!

            Your outrage is as phony as it can be! MR Obama has increased poverty 6% in the last 4 years. DONT call the repubs my party! I don’t have one. The reason I don’t is to prevent becoming an idiot puppet like you!

            And last, I’m 53. Not a damn thing has been done to slow the 18,000 deaths a year caused by drunk drivers! Guns are people right! Profit helps pay people and keeps the economy going.

            If your only talking about the evil guns and not the violence in games and movie, and mental health, Your a phony!

            People kill guns don’t. It’s like blaming your spoon for you being fat!

          • billbear1961

            You might as well be a Republican. You seem to agree with most of their evil policies.

            Fertilized eggs and embryos are NOT babies.

            After the massive damage done to the economy by Bush and his robber baron policies, it’s amazing poverty hasn’t increased by a lot more than 6%. The world didn’t start in 2009, and 30 years of the Conservative “Revolution”—i.e. BETRAYAL—can’t be corrected in 4.

            Those who profit from the sale of these vile weapons have blood on their hands.

            And so do those who support them!

            “People kill guns don’t.” What is THAT but a rightwing talking point? Gee, Joe! Why don’t we let people buy BAZOOKAS?

            Without firearms, murder is much harder to accomplish, and the victim has a much better chance of surviving.

            Attacking my character does NOT refute ANY of the points I’ve made, nor does constantly changing the subject.

          • joeham1

            First of all your either a crazy nut or completely naive to think that the last 30 years is the Repubs fault. I’m not sure what hope there is with that mind set.

            Up until 1994 the dems controlled the house and senate. From 1955 until 1994 the dems ran the house AND senate. (except 4 years the repubs had the house) There goes your lie right there! Next try reading about Bill Clinton’s 1999 bill called “The American Homeownership and Economic Opportunity Act” That started the housing issue. Bush of course continued the policy like an idiot and millions got home loans that shouldn’t have.

            Now I knowyour probably ignoarant enough to continue the Bush lied about WMD’s. If you are that stupid. Go to youtube and listen to Al Gores, Bill Cintons and John Kerrys speeches about the the fact that they say there are for SURE WMD’s in Iraq.

            You see all you have to do is to stop your partison hate and research. I can’t imagine why people like you post the things you do.

            Finally: The most kids ever killed at any school was in the 1930’s. It was done with a bomb! Your outrage against guns and people who sell them is puzzling. You of course know that they banned assault rifles in 1994. After the ban was lifted the research (theres that word again) showed NO DIFFERENCE!!!! NONE! So again unless your outrage seems to be an MSNBC thing or something. Banning guns without addressing mental health and violence in movies and video games, is like pissing in the wind!

          • billbear1961

            The endless LIES of corporate-fascist propaganda have been in the ascendant in the USA since Reagan, who began the systematic looting of the Common Good—for the sake of the filthy rich—almost from the moment he first stepped into the Oval Office.

            But, FINALLY, thanks to the 2008 Meltdown, and the raving lunacy of the TeaParty madmen and bigots, Americans are starting to wake up to conservative BIG MONEY lies, and have begun returning, somewhat, to the legacy of FDR—the GREATEST PRESIDENT we’ve ever had (with the possible exception of Lincoln).

            But Big Money isn’t done!!

            Its GOP servants are STILL busy trying to suppress the vote and to stop all the reforms necessary to prevent another meltdown and to move this country forward towards equality and, at long last, SOCIAL JUSTICE.

            Its servants on the SCOTUS have given it the rights of the individual citizen!!

            Corporatist Democrats—yet more Wall Street WHORES—are also a BIG part of the problem—witness their failure to achieve real filibuster reform in the Senate, thus aiding and abetting GOP obstructionism!!

            Without truly progressive taxation—which Republican Teddy Roosevelt realized was an absolute necessity over a CENTURY ago—there can be no equal access to quality healthcare and a good education for ALL. Without them, there is no fair playing field. And without THAT, no TRUE democracy—only an oligarchy where we are the helpless wage-slaves of the One Percent.

            The antidote to this ruthless curse??

            The sterling BEAUTY of the Scandinavian social democratic model, Joe!

            No one has done better!

            No one has delivered a higher degree of civilized EXCELLENCE to any society anywhere else in this unhappy world!

            Google “Forget Japan! Why can’t the U.S. be like Sweden?”

            And listen to Nobel Prize-winning economist PAUL KRUGMAN suggest we follow the SWEDISH model—to produce and maintain a prosperous middle-class society here in the USA!

            Down with the corporate-fascist SELLOUTS in the traitorous GOP (who seek to destroy effective government and enslave us, forever, to the corporations)!

            Put a leash on Wall Street! Jail the CROOKS who caused the MELTDOWN!

            Regulate the banks—before they destroy us all!!

          • joeham1

            Ahhh, I get it. You can’t see the forest through the tree! Why don’t you take your socialist ass to sweden! The highest taxed country in the world is perfect for a dumb ass like you!

          • billbear1961

            High taxes that produce one of the highest living standards (for the entire population) that the world has EVER seen!

            You’d rather millions of your countrymen—many of them children—suffer for no good reason, just so the super rich can live like gods.

            Now tell me, Joe. Who’s the dumbass, the ruthless dumbass?

            You are a brainwashed fool—and willing slave of the One Percent.

          • joeham1

            Your assertions just aren’t true. I’m not brain washed by anyone. Your 1% crap isn’t true. There is the filthy rich in Sweden too!!!! Don’t be a fool, you can’t compare Sweden to us. The population, demographics, Governments and economy are completely different.

            There aren’t any children suffering here. That’s a progressive bull shit talking point! Our poor are the richest poor in the world. It has been proven time and time again that redistribution always fails. There simply aren’t enough rich and it kills innovation and especially productivity!
            Read about Sweden! if your still convinced by your own bias. MOVE THERE!!!

          • billbear1961

            I will believe statistics and Paul Krugman before I believe you, you foolish sap!

            The Swedes, the Danes, the Norwegians, the Dutch—to name but the most glowing examples—have produced the most advanced societies on EARTH, through their SOCIAL DEMOCRACIES, through—among other things—a modest, reasonable and fair redistribution of wealth.

            Go tell THEM it doesn’t work! (lol)

            The majority of the nation’s desperately poor are CHILDREN.

            It has been estimated that 17,000 at least died without proper healthcare under George W. Bush, because their employed working-class parents couldn’t afford private healthcare insurance. (At least President Obama—a DECENT man—has given them insurance, at long last!)

            A majority of the nation’s homeless are CHILDREN.

            Don’t you tell ME children in this country don’t suffer—and for NO GOOD REASON!

            But because of ruthless fools like you, my man, who vote for politicians who cut FOOD STAMPS, rather than raise taxes ONE CENT on the VAMPIRES AT THE TOP!!

            I remember hearing of a little boy a few years ago who died of an infected rotting tooth because his parents couldn’t afford dental services—and they managed too late to get emergency care for him.

            Open your goddamned eyes, and stop listening to lying MONSTERS like Limbaugh and the FILTH on Fox!!

            People shouldn’t have to IMMIGRATE to find a DECENT SOCIETY in which to live!!

          • joeham1

            You win the brainwashed man of the year award!! In little countries like sweden, denmark and so on your dream may work. You should study what your talkking about. Socialism doesn’t work and will never work! Look and England, Greece, France! What you won’t tell the truth about for instance is the kid with the bad tooth wasn’t brought in because of his parents, not because of the system.

            What I still don’t understand is why don’t you move to one of those awesome countries you love so much!

          • jvaljon1

            When did we go from guns to fertilized eggs to babies???? Wow…what’d I miss over the weekend?!!

          • joeham1

            Ya had to be there! lol

  • ridemybroom

    Maybe if this man was shot a few times and lived to tell about it and just maybe a few republicans such as boehner and mcconnell was shot as well a few times maybe then they would appreciate what people are saying about these high powered weapons…again America…..get rid of the ammo and maybe we can rid of the guns…and anyone caught trying to buy ammo…put em on trial, found guilty, hang em…its a good way to start 2014 off to a new year…..

  • It is all about greed with LaPierre! It is about as nasty and irresponsible as it can get! Making money on the back of tragedies! It has nothing to do with protecting the constitution, as well as keeping children and their families safe!



    Go to a local gun show, and listen and watch the people who feel they need an assault weapon to enjoy shooting sports.

    If that doesn’t scare you, just think about your children or grandchildren being present at the next school shoot em up. Are you scared yet? You should be.

  • billbear1961

    For how much LONGER will reforms and progress towards a saner and safer society—like those enjoyed by our more civilized democratic allies around the world—be held up by immoral and hateful GUN PSYCHOTICS, who WILFULLY PERVERT the Second Amendment and place guns—and the PROFITS from their sale—over and above even the lives of our CHILDREN??

    For how much LONGER will rational analysis and movement towards practical solutions to make things BETTER in this country be thwarted by a rightwing agenda that seems always to dominate and BROWBEAT this nation into submission—no matter HOW MANY TIMES it loses elections, and is shown to be ruthless, delusional and just plain WRONG??

    It’s time for DECENT AMERICANS to tell those who HECKLE a man who has lost a child to death by gunfire, and who calls for sane gun-control laws as a result, that they are SAVAGES and that we REPUDIATE THEM and ALL THEY STAND FOR—UTTERLY!!

    It’s time to make a stand for CIVILIZATION in this country, once and for all!!

  • First of all the statistics are a lie. Gun owners overwhelmingly do not support background checks. Ask in any firearms forum in the country, not even 10% support the checks. And why is that? Put yourself in the same position–would you support background checks before you could own a car, be a parent, use a toaster, anything? How about dating? Would you submit to background checks before your date agreed to dinner and a movie? You may think a gun is different but to even law-abiding gun owners the background checks are another step of invasive government. Personally, i think there are lots of people who shouldnt be driving, dating, marrying or owning a gun or even using a toaster but what i would rather see is harsh use of laws we already have to cover misuse and abuse. Use a gun in aggression or any crime? That person should immediately go to the electric chair. Give everyone a gun, then destroy the person if they misuse the right. Let everyone drive but hurt someone in drunk driving? Straight to the gas chamber. Dont take anything in life away, let there be abundance, but teach the consequences that come with the responsibility.

    • billbear1961

      Thank you, NO!

      Most of us don’t want to live in a society where shootouts at the O.K. Corral are a common occurrence across the country.

      Whether one is shot by a maniac, a hoodlum or in a crossfire, a bullet is still a bullet.

      It’s 2013, and this isn’t the wild, wild west!!

      There is no reason on EARTH that, with sane gun-control laws and a healthy change in national attitudes towards firearms that teaches contempt for their perverted glorification, we cannot achieve the same success in gun safety that our CIVILIZED allies have.

      (And don’t talk about “invasive government,” man, and then suggest it be given the right to KILL PEOPLE.)

  • Well my friend .So what you beleaveis democracy is only for people in the majority ! I don’t get a say because…! Oh Fren Shoud people say ” Sig Hile ” ! and stick out their right arms when you come into a room or walk by ? Tell me Fern , tell us all ! What good is it keeping law abiding people from owening firearms when the ones who break laws are going to be the only people with firearms ! go ahead think of somethin that will read as stupid as this last comment you made !
    Why not hire trained arme guards like the ones who guard the presidents kids ! ? Why not ask yourself why does presedent Obama want to disarm the citizens of the U.S. ?

  • leadvillexp

    About my capacity to understand I would add that I am a Republican, a Life member of the NRA and voted for President Obama in both elections. I stand in the middle as I agree with some of the Democratic proposals and I disagree with the NRA at times. I am against banning but for licensing. I am also pro union. As I said well TRAINED VOLUNTEERS. If you are in the way of a madman the only thing you can do is try to defend yourself and others or run. Madmen use any weapon available. If not guns than bombs. Don’t depend on the authorities to save you it takes time for them to arrive.

  • Quit right the NRA has no place in Washington; Mr.LaPierre has the blood of all those victims on his hands and his pockets. Any elected official who receives support from the NRA should be made public.

  • The NRA and LaPierre have no place in Washington DC. The NRA and LaPierre have the blood of all victims of gun violence. They should be sued by the victims and their familes for billions of dollars. Any congressman or senator that supports the NRA should be recalled and fired by the people of their state.

    • billbear1961

      Money is the one thing ghouls like LaPierre really care about!

      Sue the sh*t out of ‘em!!

  • leadvillexp

    1- Local Police or Sheriffs. They have training sessions all the time. Peace Officers often have to train with them.
    2- No one will know how they handle it till it happens.
    3- That is why the teacher is trained. To take control of the situation. Each situation is different.
    4- If only one is armed that is all you have. One or even 10 people cannot make it always come out right. How long will it take the Police to get there if you have none.
    5- Yes you are right there are a lot of maybes or couldbes. There always is.

  • duadeban

    Forget about the NRA . we should be mounting a massive Demonstrations at the factories where these child-killers manufacture these deadly military style weapons of Mass Destruction ,we should also line the streets near the residential areas of the major manufacturers homes with caskets of all the victims of gun violence and see how they like that.

  • One more shooting in Texas,The criminals are selecting the targets,Ass. District Attorney,Some day La Pierre of NRA,Maybe after that says OK Gun Control is Necessary,Stupid French.

  • bchrista

    I have read the posts here today andI find some good and some to be ridiculous, like the one about smokers, yes second hand smoke is harmful but that problem has been partly solved by making it illegal to smoke indoors everywhere except in your own home, now drinking that is another problem people are constantly condeming Marijuana and yet alcohol is 10 times worse for your health , people that smoke weed are not violent people, they just want to relax and do nothing except to enjoy their high, now we examine alcohol and I say this from experience, My wife God rest her soul, she passed away two years ago, however, getting back to my analysis of alcohol my wife was the sweetist person you would want to meet, she’ll do anything for anyone if she could be of help (she was Irish-American) ,however, let her have a couple of drinks and she was like Dr. jeckle and Mr. hyde, she became violent wanted to fight, became abusive, cursed like a Sailor, and any thing but a nice person to be around, I surely believe if she had owned a weapon she would have used it. What I’m getting to here is all the back ground checks will not show who should own guns and who shouldn’t most everyone that owns a gun is also a drinker and it dosen’t make a difference whether you drink beer or hard liquor the end result is the same, some people can drink until they pass out and then just want to lay down and go to sleep, while other people after a few drinks become boisterous, violent and easily agitated seems likealcohol brings the innerself out and releases the devil in them and they seem to recall any confrontation they may have had with someone and figure it’s the right time to settle the past dispute and know of no better way than to grab a gun and get their point across and this usually ends up with someone getting shot, so much for background checks, you have to know the person for years and then there are other situations that would take a lot of explaining, like someone being shot in the spur of the moment. now we come to Criminals and gun, to start with the have several ways of arming themselves they have some one else buy the weapon for them, get it through the underground channel, and break into a home and find guns while searching the premises,for crooks or crimnals the preferrred gun is a throw away no serial number or anything that can be traced back to it’s owner. and last but not least guns owned by law abiding citizens these are the ones that are screaming so loud about not wanting anyone taking away their right to own a gun unless they have had a fatally in their home involving a gun, then they don’t have to be convinced of the dangers of owning a gun, the other half need to attend classes on gun control and these classes need to stress how to keep the guns in the home away from anyone in the home that’s not a responsible adult, an everybody else are not allowed excess to the weapons at any time unless there is an emergency and these weapons should be locked up in an area that is safe from accessability to anybody that is considered a risk and have trigger locks on all guns, now in the last part of this post I have provided a means for keeping a gun safe in the home, away from any person that may use the weapon for any reason other than for personal protection in the home and that is the only reason for keeping a weapon in the home, how do you lock up a gun and still have it available for instant protection, well if anyone can figure that one out please step forward and elaberate because you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t people there is one way to rid ourselves of guns on the street and it involves punishment if you get busted commiting a crime with a gun issue a real severe sentence and make the punishment fit the crime I mean as severe as possible, next most guns on the streets are black market guns so intergrate the street gangs and find the source of their supplies and shut them down, I have heard of some guns that were confiscated and not distroyed by the police and somehow got back on the street, find out how that happened, police the gun shows and make sure they follow the law and register the weapons they sell to anyone, and that appropiate amount of waiting period has been followed, and last but not least find out where the weapon that was used to commit a crime came from and punish that person that allowed their weapon to fall into the wrong hands, you can charge them a really heavy fine and a certain amount of jail time as a warning to protect their weapon against theft, remember a gun lock can be picked. If anybody has a better solution please lets hear it. the bottom line iswe have to start somewheres.

  • bchrista

    I hastened to ask where in the hell do people keep getting the idea that arming the teachers will solve the problem, from what I know about the use of guns the last thing you want in a school is an armed teacher, to start with the idea of taking a life is a great responsibility, and not everyone is equipted and prepaired to do so if you have ever talked to anyone that has been in the military they can tell you the first kill is not so easy, you can practice all you want but when the time comes most people freeze and think about what they are doing and that split second is the difference between life and death, here you have been trained to use a weapen usually a revolver or an automatic hand gun and unless you are experience fast draw shooter remember the person training you has been teaching you to point and aim the person with the UZI, or the AK47 or the AR15 will cut you in half before you can get your first round off and lord knows how many children or other people will be cut down in his first burst and those of you who are thinking that he won’t be prepared for armed resistance after all the conversation and broadcasting advocating armed responce, in his shoes I would come in shooting anything that moves, I notice that all the people giving advice have not stated whether they ever lost anyone in a mass shootings or just someone close getting shot and killed the father that lost a son to the Lanza mass shooter now that is what it’s like to lose a loved one. He went before a commitee investigating the shooting and he was interrupted by a pair of assholes yelling that they wouldn’t surrender their guns it’s a good thing I wasn’t there ‘m afraid I would have to have gone upside their heads for their stupid disrespect I am sorry I don’t own guns but I don’t deny anyone the right to own guns, however, there is a proper place for everything and that was not the time or place to be yelling their love for guns, but that’s what turns people against gun owners when they show insensitivities and disrespect to others problem. If you want to own a gun or a closet full of them that is your right and I wish you no bad luck but remember if one of your kids get a hold of one of your guns and hurts himself or a playmate then it’s to late to be sorry or should some thief break into and steals yur weapons and hurts or kills someone then all I can say is I hope you get what’s coming to you. because theres no law in the world that forces you to possess weapons and then allow them to fall into someones hands and get someone killed may the Lord have mercy on you.

  • bchrista

    Leadvillsxp, I don’t know what planet you com from or you haven’t being paying attention to what is being said these nutballs that are doing the shooting aren’t not posing before shooting what you described that a teacher will do before they shoot the proposed shooter won’t fly, these people come in shooting first and loading after, there is a good possibility that he had probablitythat he killed at least before he had to reload, from reprts I’v read thechildren had several bullet wounds on their bodies that means a raking back and forth so anything standing didn’t survive.

  • bchrista

    Plznnn, here you are once again with your misinformation and lies the NRA and the American Gun Manufactor get their money from the American public that they have scared into buying their products and then using part of their profits to buy the Representatives into not passing laws to prohibit the sales of guns no one can tell where the gun shows get their weapons, not all guns possessed by these nuts are illegal some come from their homes some they buy from dealers some but from individuals that sell it to them, whe it comes to guns they’re like ants you can find them everyw here.

  • bchrista

    What people like Joe Ham1 and Plznnn refuse to admit is that the public is not responsible for the spread of guns, the responsibility lies with the NRA and the legislature they day they say enough that’s the day the flow of weapons will stop, right now they are making billions of dollars off of the flow of weapons floating around anytime they want to get together with reponsible people they will stop the endless flow of weapons there are so many ways to eliminate guns it’s unreal but you just can’t pray them away, you have to want to get rid of them. In previous posts I have written a road map to ridding ourselves of weapons the government could follow them or come up with their own but why get rid of something that is making you a ton of money and guns are not hurting you and your family. Remember the Republicans don’t guns eradicated, they serve a purpose they keep peoples mind occupyed so that can pull their bullshit while you are consentrating on something else it’s a tactic as old the world while you are concentrating on one thing they were gerry mandering another time they drew your attention so they could kill the Union in Michigan and passed a law that their law could not be overturned and becaused they know that the public is tired of their bullshit they are making it almost impossible to be voted out, I can’t see how that can be legal how can an outfit that is suppose to be working for you tell you, you can’t fire them, only in America, now they maybeable to get the Supreme Court to rule in their favor but still don’t make it right. You know I have always thought that to make any body of government permanent was a bad mistake because based on our system of justice any president can pack the court and wreck havic on our judicial system as has been evident in their decision in claiming that a corporation is a person to allow the Republican to flood the election with un told piles of cash numbering in the millions in order to to sway the election . People keep saying it may take a revolution in order to correct the corrupt Congress and Senate and throw them bastards out in order to get country back from these people.

  • bchrista

    I just to know who gave people like Grover Norquist, and Wayne Lapierre the power they wield over our government.?

  • bchrista

    Billbear1961 I whole heartly agree with you people have forever been applying the Second Amendent to their liking, I wrote a post a while back regarding the interpretation of the meaning of the Second Amendment where it mentions about a well regulated militia and the rest of the paragraph that states the part about the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed what everybody forgets is that militia and the national guard are one and the same and the part of the people to bear arms meant that these arms were to be used as a group to repel invaiders and not each individual to stand a corner and fight by themselves, however, the people have turned the meaning to stand as their ability to keep arms at home and the second amendment never said that, it was written the way it was because the people were so far apart that there was no wat that they could form an army in quick enough time so the Fathers chose to word the amendment as they did. but an intelligent person or a person trained in law knows the true meaning .

  • The nra is a money making operation. A long time ago they had a different goal. Now the gun makers give them a kick back on every gun sold. Wayne la pee er gets a million dollars a year. he cares nothing for those twenty precious little six year old children who were massacred with the assault weapon he loves to fight for. Why he was on that stage with the victims of gun violence I cannot say. He had nothing of value to say.

  • If there were no bullets in the gun then no one would be killed. If there were no assault weapons then they couldn’t kill twenty small precious children in a minute. It is a combination of the gun, the bullets and a person to enable someone to kill. Ban assault weapons and the high capacity magazines. you can still have your hunting rifle and your hand gun for your home if you are always afraid. No one is advocating a ban on guns alone, it is a comprehensive plan that we need. But the guns need to be taken off the streets first so a angry or unstable person can’t get their hands on them.

  • His mother should never have had an assault weapon in the house in the first place.

  • bchrista

    In reply to Thomas and Charles Williams , you people never cease to amaze me, where do you get your information for instance people are talking about gun violence and Thomas comes off the wall once again equating the president’s children and their protection which is ordered by the Constitution of the United States of America as has been provided for all Forty plus presidents before him oh I forgot since he’s a black man he doesn’t get the same rights that his predessors got, I think you need to read the Constitution and The Second Amendment in their entirely and Charles I expected as much from you. Why do you always try to muddle a post, the evidence is before you the people are tired of the useless slaughter of American citizen and no one is proposing that the government go in your home and take your gun away, they are simply advocating that guns be registered to whom they belong legally and that those who own them legally keep them secure so that some nut cannot get their hands on them and to those that have guns illegaly beware will find you and take them from you, I have no idea what a toaster,being married, driving a car, or anything else have to do with controll, if you have a gun or more and they are yours legally no one I know wants to take them from you, however, keep them in safe place, so far all the killings at schools has been done by people who’s family own them legally, not a saturday night special in the hands of a criminal, not a gun brought illegally on the Black market, the guns used in the slaughter of school children and teachers in Newtown, Columbine, VA Tech other locations were obtained from homes that had legally purchased them and it’s amazing that every time there is a mass shooting it’s done with guns that are legally purchased yet criminals get the blame, there must be some kind of conspiracy to veer the blame for thes,e crimes on someone other than the actual perpertraters of the crime what’s going on do these people get together and deside to blame for instant , Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck ,or Pluto rather than face the fact that these heinious crimes are being commited by people using legally bought guns come on people we’re better than that it’s time we get handle on this mess and get some kind of sanity going gain control of this problem we can’t depend on the government to solve all our problems.

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