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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

On Saturday evening, Joe Conason discussed Benghazi, impeachment, Hillary Clinton, President Obama, and the Republican yearning for a Democratic “Watergate” on KGO 810 AM‘s Pat Thurston Show. Listen to the full podcast here.

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  • Lynda Groom

    Over the years there have been a great many resolutions to impeach somebody and most have gone for naught. Today we are witnessing yet another frivolous and weak attempt to gin up the courage to impeach the President. The Constitution states the criteria for impeachment of a President, and I just don’t see the connection to todays hyperbole coming from some on the right. What is the basis for their move? I don’t see any act of Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors in Obama’s record. Strong dislike does not seem to be a qualifier for impeachment, even in todays poisoned Washington DC.

    • Siegfried Heydrich

      It’s called ‘desperation’. Sort of like vote #40 to repeal the ACA. It’s what they do when they’ve got nothing.

    • stcroixcarp

      Remember how Nancy Pelosi put an end to talk of impeachment for George W and Cheney? If any two guys needed impeaching, it was those two.

    • plc97477

      Certainly not just because a racist doesn’t like the color of the president.

  • Great idea! SHow US what a bunch of losers the RepubliKKKlan Party really is (as if everyone except them knows it).
    Get over it, a Black Man is in the White House…hardy har har.

    • Allan Richardson

      And they think that 60+ percent of the voters are communist or stupid for re-electing him. That’s why the Congressional Republicans and those in the states are punishing US the People; they thing WE deserve it!

      • angelsinca

        You deserve it alright

  • rhallnj

    If you have a two party system and one of the parties has demonstrated that it is unfit to participate, you are rather screwed. That fact is the biggest threat to our future. I think the election of 2016 is going to bring all this to a head.

    (This is such a great site, with all my favorite people featured).

    • angelsinca

      “one of the parties has demonstrated that it is unfit to participate”

      The tyranny of one party sounds like a good idea. For the fascist.

      • rhallnj

        Obviously what we want is a responsible second party. I’m assuming something like that is going to emerge from the slime of the current Republican party.

        • angelsinca

          ” I’m assuming something like that is going to emerge from the slime of the current Republican party.”

          I was hoping something useful would emerge from the Democrat Party. That was 1973 when Nixon got caught. Stiill waiting.

  • Considering the fact that there is not an iota of evidence suggesting that President Obama was aware of or participated in any coverups, the idea of impeachment is nothing short of bizarre and, indeed, unconstitutional. In hindsight, there are things that could have probably been done better before, during and after the Benghazi tragedy, but none are impeachable offenses or compare to what what transpired before, during and immediately after 9/11/01…and nobody called for George W. Bush’s impeachment then or during the long list of terrorist attacks against our diplomatic missions after that tragic event. In fact, the GOP transformed W into a hero of sorts, and the Dems did not challenge it.
    Lacking positive socio-economic ideas, or viable foreign policy proposals to help solve problems worldwide, the only recourse left for the GOP is to demonize the man whose policies and actions restored our international credibility, reduced the incidence of terrorist attacks against our facilities and interests, turned around an economy that was on the verge of collapse, and tackled social problems that should have been solved decades ago.
    GOP politicians are feeding their base the garbage they need to satisfy the anger and frustration they feel, and are laying the groundwork to derail a Clinton candidacy in 2016. What we are seeing goes well beyond political bickering, this is an inquisitorial attempt fueled by intense hatred, intolerance, greed, and an overt example of unmitigated fear.

    • ORAXX

      Congressional Republicans have behaved like petulant adolescents since the day Obama took office. This is just more of the same. Anyone who has paid attention knows that today’s GOP is utterly incapable of actual governance.

    • angelsinca

      Didn’t even have to wait for the Bush barometer to measure BO’s trifecta of ooops. Maybe one day your president might be a leader independent of his predecessor. Nah.

  • Allan Richardson

    Aren’t they still working on impeaching Earl Warren? Sure, he’s been dead for years, but that never stopped the wackos!

    (For the younger readers: racists and the John Birch Society, a precursor of the Tea Party, had billboards on barns all over the South in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s to “IMPEACH EARL WARREN”, the Supreme Court Chief Justice who wrote the “Brown v Topeka Board of Education” opinion that reversed the 1895 “Plessy v Ferguson” case allowing “separate but equal” education. They couldn’t believe that a Republican President would appoint a Republican Chief Justice who turned out to be a Communist in their eyes.)

  • howa4x

    The Republican party is so bankrupt of ideas that they have to feed along the bottom of culture. Impeachment takes the spot light off of the futility of the House, that has only been able to vote to repeal Obama care 33 times but not to vote on any jobs bill, environmental bill or educational one. They will go down as one of the least productive house of representatives in history. Republicans always rely on distraction as central part of their playbook. Think of health care reform where republicans were invited to the table and offer ideas. Chuck Grassley (R Iowa) came out of those meetings and started to use the term death panels, and say the government was setting them up. This was false and he knew that since he was in the meetings. The effect was to distract people from actually what was in the Bill. This is what fired up the tea party and where this whole idea of tyranny started. Republicans are using Benghazi and trying to fire up the idiotic base into thinking Obama has done something wrong, which for them is not hard to believe, and to throw enough dirt to try to slow down the Hillary express.
    They realize that if they have to depend solely on their ideas they are finished as a national party.

    • angelsinca

      Truth is an effective distraction when everyone is lying.

      • howa4x

        True, lying is the engine of our modern culture